Title: Nothings like home sweet home
Disclaimer: I don’t own it.
Rating: same as always
Pairing: first its L/s then it will be L/M
Summary: This is an AU fic. Liz is a successful designer, and her boyfriends asked her too marry him. But there is one problem. She is already married.
AN: Came from the upcoming movie, Home Sweet Alabama

Part One

“ Liz your line is fabulous!!!”

“ Smile for the camera!!”

“ Liz, how does it feel to be the most successful designer in fashion history!!?”

“ Your better than Gucci!!!”

“ We love you!!!”

Liz Parker walked down the red carpet to enter her fashion show. Cameras were snapping away at the brunette beauty who’s success in fashion got her over 3 million every 2 of her dresses.

She smiled her megawatt smile at the paparazzi, and she then disappeared through the doors of the studio.

Liz Parker had long brown hair, big doe eyes, and a megawatt smile. Actresses such as Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Aniston, Gywneth Paltrow, and Julia Stiles bought her dresses. She had appeared in 50 most pretty people.

As Liz entered the changing area, where all the dressing would be held. Her models weren’t pale like Gucci’s, but vibrant. They smiled, or even waved at the crowd when on the catwalk.

She passed the models, who were changing into the exquisite dresses, and went into her personal trailer.

As she entered..

“ Liz!! Where were you?? I was worried sick honey.”

Liz turned around to be wrapped around strong arms.

“ Hey Sean”