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Title: Like a Rose
Summary: Read and find out.,
Disclaimer. None of these characters belong to me. Damn!

Dear Hal,

Hey it s me again. I miss you and Mom a lot. I really wish I could come home. This town is a joke. Roswell, New Mexico, is nothing but a tourist trap. I can t believe they give into the alien crap. You wouldn t believe all the nerds that I ve come across in this town, actually taking analysis of the sand in the dessert, to see if the mutations are still in the dirt from when the aliens crashed. They actually believe in all this rubbish. I wish I could see you again. I wish my father never came back. If he would have just stayed in the rain forest I wouldn t have to worry about living with him. And tell Derika that I miss her. She was the best friend a girl could ever have. She was the best. Can t wait to see you again.

Love Your loving and goddess like sister,
Liz P.

As Liz finished with the last letter she let out a deep sigh and put down the pen. It was starting to really get to her being here in Roswell. She folded up the paper as the dim light coming in from her window grew brighter. She slipped the letter in the envelope already addressed to Hal Donald, West Grand Dr., California, L.A.

God I miss you guy s. she sighed as she dropped the envelope onto the dresser across fro her. getting up she slipped on her shoes, and slipped on her black jacket. She then walked to the mirror and looked at herself. The dark outlining around her eyes, made the light colors in her dark brown eyes come out, giving a chill down most peoples spines. And her dark brown lip stick was as dark as possible, making her tan skin look lighter. She liked to be pale. But she was born with an olive skin tone. Damn her father. She had his dark hair as well. She changed that when she dyed it pure BLACK two years ago.
Liz wasn t your normal child. She was different. She was so in touch with death, because she had lived it many times. She wasn t in a so good group a few years back. They beat people for no reason. But Liz wasn t with that type of stuff. But she did stand back and watch, and never spoke a word. That s just as bad. She wasn t skinny and she wasn t all that pretty. She had braces, and ad an inner tube. You know that tube of fat around your stomach that keeps you from warring normal pants. So she wore really baggy pants. that hung to her waist so that inner tube was hardly ever noticed. She was very cut off from the world, and caring at all. She was like a stone wall, nothing hurt her.

Liz. Jeff Parker(Her Dad) said as he opened the door to her room. She whipped around and came up to the door as if to shut it in his face, and she looked into his eyes for a second. She thin opened the door slowly and took a step back.

Learn to knock? she asked. Her eyes darkened as the deep depression inside her became even more.

Yeah, sorry. I haven t had a girl in the house in a while. he said nervously. He wasn t used to this. He hadn t seen Liz for years. And now he was different. She was scary. The way her eyes burned with red fire scared him.

Why am I not surprised? she said as she slowly walked to her window and looked out he window. Her voice was so dull so angry.

Jeff looked at her hurt, pain filling his eyes. She looked at him not at all effected and looked back out the window.

School starts in an hour. I suggest you start to get ready. he said as he made his way to the door As it shut Liz whipped her head towards the door, and knife was suddenly sticking into the wood. Then for the first time her eyes softened. A tear slowly slipped down her cheek as she again looked out the window. School was waiting for her. Damn her father.

TBC!!! Tons of F4eedback Please. Should I continue?????


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Ok, youguys, I am going to continue. Miss_Roswell, thank you for the advice, I'll take it. And Sara_Helen, thanx for mailing me, and giving me some inspiration. I will continue, the next part wil be out some time tonight. Thank you guys Bunches

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Title: Like a Rose
Summary: Read and find out.,
Disclaimer. None of these characters belong to me. Damn!

heres the next part I hope you like it!

Part Two A

Sitting inside the truck she stared at the school, the prison for teenagers all around the world. She then opened the door with her hand which had a cut still resting upon it from the previous fight that she got into with the so called friends she hung out with. She slowly opened the door and stepped onto the side walk in front of the school. As soon as she shut the door the truck went squealing down the street. Liz lifted an eyebrow than turned back towards the school. As she walked up the stone steps of the entrance, girls pointed and snickered at her. Then they would pick up their things and run inside. they were most likely about to spread that the freak of the year just walked in.
But was Liz bothered by this? Hell no! She stopped caring what people thought of her a long time ago. Well that’s what she trained herself to think. As she got the her locker she pulled out a piece of paper that had the number scribbled down on it. She slowly dialed the number and the locker popped open. As she started to place her school book’s in she heard someone behind her whisper as they passed by “ She is such a freak. What a Loser!”. Liz bent her head down and looked at her clothes and looked confused. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with her clothes. Fuck them.
She continued to set things in her locker when suddenly felt as if someone was staring a hole into the back of her head. She slowly turned her head, and saw who the beholder of the eyes were. he had dark hair, and was extremely skinny. He was good looking she had to admit. He mouthed “ Hi” to her and started to walk over. she returned her attention back to her locker. He leaned against the locker next to hers and she turned towards him and looked at him with annoyance.

“ My name is Alex, what’s your?” He introduced. He was hitting on her. And today she wasn’t exactly up to playing Cat and Mouse.
“ Piss off.” she simply said then slammed her locker shut. She started towards her first class in a hurry.

“ Whoa! I’m not hitting on you or anything, Jesus!” he yelled. He ran over to her and blocked her from going any further. Liz was getting really pissed off at this point. “ I just want to be friends.”

Liz looked up at him confused. He wanted to be friends? With her? Why? She was a freak. A “loser”. She was touched but not effected by his kindness. But the idea of a friend sounded like a good one.

So she put on a fake smile and said, “ Ok, friends.”

“ Good.” he smiled. “ So whats your first class?”

“ Biology.” she answered quickly.

He started to laugh and bent over as if in pain for laughing so hard. He looked at her with a side way’s grin. “ Well in that case, Biology is in the other direction.”

Liz got angry. First he laughs at her and show’s the whole world of how much of a moron she was. She just for some reason couldn’t bring herself to hit him. He was to funny, to cute. He might actually be worth while. He smiled and grabbed her hand, pulling her in the direction of class. She looked at his hand in hers. Is he doing what she thought he was doing? But some reason she couldn’t bring herself to rip her hand away. But once they got to the classroom she did, and wiped his germs from her hand. She still had a reputation to maintain, to hate everyone. But she could be some what descent, that was just an extended rule. But only to those who deserve it.
As she was walking to a seat in the far back where no one else sat, a football jock was smiling at her with an evil grin on his face.

“ Should I?” he asked his girlfriend next to him.

“ Do it. I heard freaks don’t have feelings.” she said as she started to smile.

So then the Jock slipped his foot out quietly out into the aisle. No one saw, that was a good thing. And just as Liz came up to it with a flash of an eye she kicked his shoe back under his lab table where it belonged. And her hands slammed onto the Lab table, and her eyes turned dark.

“ Don’t screw with those you don’t know.” she hissed as she looked to the frog sitting at the table, “ You never know when you may get jumped. And believe me, the effect isn’t pretty.”

The jock looked at her with anger in his eyes filling with rage. He was just
shown to the whole school, that a girl just beat him. He stood up ready to throw some punches. but before his fist got even near Liz’s face, someone grabbed his arm. and the thing that surprised everyone the most was that Liz never even flinched. The hand gripping the jock’s arm was then followed by a muscular arm and then a skinny face, followed by strange spiky hair.

“ Come on man, she’s a girl.” he said, as he let go of his friends arm slowly. “ Don’t waist your time.”

“ Bitch.” he whispered under his breath as she started to walk to the seat in the back.

She sat in her seat and took her book out and opened to the current page. As she started to read, she heard the chair next to her squeak as it was being pulled out from under the desk. Then as they sat down, she felt their body heat. How could that be. You don’t feel people’s body heat like that. This wasn’t normal. She turned to see who was intruding her space, and saw the most beautiful pair of eyes staring back at her. And to add to the beautiful eyes, was the strong jaw line and the perfect facial structure. Her eyes darkened again, in her depression, and sadness. She didn’t want him to sit here. She would never get close to someone. The last person that she felt like that about was killed, from a beating when trying to get out of this so called club that she was in. she looked away and listened to the teacher’s instructions. This was going to be a long period.

TBC. Feedback Please! Tons! Is it good. Or bad.

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classyroswellchick : Nice to know you like my story so much and I hope you continue reading it. Thanx!
kittens : Yeah this is meant to be a very gothic story, and if you take a look at my icon, you can see Im kinda like that. hah ha.
roswellluver : Thanx happy you think so.

~^ Authors Note^~

Keep the feedback coming, Im still continueing,

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Title: Like a Rose
Summary: Read and find out.,
Disclaimer. None of these characters belong to me. Damn!

Part Three

In Biology the next day Liz sat at her lab as she pulled out a few folders, and books, getting ready for class. She sat there calmly and she took a look at her hand, seeing the cut. She looked away. Sometimes she really wondered why the hell she was still with them. Then a back pack slammed onto the lab in front of her. She looked up to see a angry Max.

“ Listen Liz, and listen good. I will not fail this damn class because of you!” he shouted angry and his eyes beginning to dark even more, than they already were. Liz sat back and crossed her arms. Waiting to be scolded by her partner. “ So will you put the attitude that you have aside and just get with the damn PROGRAM!!”

Liz kept herself from laughing seeing ho red his cheeks were getting, but his ears, his strangely shaped ears, were even redder.

“ So, where do you want to meet?” she asked as she uncrossed her arms and put on a fake smile. Well, not really so fake. He let out a deep breath and smiled.

Liz cocked her head side way’s as she took in how great his smile was. It might have even brightened the room, more than it was already. Wake up Parker! She yelled at herself. You are not interested in a prep like him!

Sitting at the Crashdown Cafe, she looked around at all the goofy settings of the place. They had spaceships and Aliens all over the walls. Looking at the menu freaked her out even more. She saw a Alien Blast, Men in Black something or other. Then out of the blue a blond came up to her table in a tacky as hell dress, and antennas on her head.

“ Aren’t the antenna’s a bit much?” Liz asked as she looked up. The blond looked down at her in a grimace.

“ Take that up with my jack ass boss why don’t ya?” she said as she pulled a pen a paper pad out. “ So what do you want?”

Liz liked this girls attitude they were going to be great friends, she could tell already.

“ Anything that doesn’t have alien organs in it.” Liz said as she mad a face of disgust at the menu.

“ Yeah, the names kind of sound that way.” she laughed as she wrote something down. “ You want a Cheese Hamburger? I promise there are 0 alien organs.” she said with a smile.

“ Sound’s good.” Liz said as she handed her he menu. “ A coke with that, and some tabasco sauce with that please.”

Then as she finished her sentence The blond dropped her pen and paper pad and gasped. Liz looked up at her confused. “ Are you okay?”

“ Do you put the sauce in your drink?” she asked as she breathed deeply.

“ Oh, everything I can digest actually, otherwise the food seems plain. Why?” she answers as Maria’s eyes bulge larger than they already were. She snaps down to pick up her note pad and pen, and runs off.

Liz becoming extremely confused as she watches her run away, she seemed disturbed or frightened. Liz looked at her reflection in the napkin tray. Well, she did look kind of scary, but not that scary!

“ Hey Liz!” Max greets as he sits down across from her. Liz doesn’t notice at first and continues to stare in the direction that Maria ran of to. “ Liz?”

Liz whips her head around and sees Max sitting across from her and shakes her head. She hadn’t even noticed tat he had came. she wipes her face with her hand, being so tired. She hadn’t slept at all the night before.

“ Hello. Max.” she said as if she was a robot, her voice still bare of any emotion.

“ So you want to order anything?” he asked as he removed his back pack.

“ Already done.” she said looking back into the direction that the blond waitress just ran off to. “ But I’m not so sure I’ll be getting what I had ordered.”

“ Okay.” Max said confused.

Sitting there in silence couldn’t have been any better for Liz. She starred off at outside the glass window’s where she stayed the hell away from Max. He was nice yes, but she wasn’t interested to speak to any life form what so ever at the moment. Then the blond came up once again setting down Liz’s coke and burger. She looked at Liz with wide eyes and then at Max.

“ What would you like Max?” she asked as her hand shook. Before he could answer she grabbed his arm and ripped in away from his seat into the back room.

~*In the Backroom~*

“ Maria!” Max yelled at her as he ripped his arm away from her fingers. He looked at his arm to see nail marks dug into his skin.

“ She’s an Alien!” she whispered loudly.

“ are you kidding me Maria! What? Did she have antenna’s or something?” he asked her as he walked over to the swinging door’s on his way out.

“ Maaaaxxxx!” Maria whined as she scurried after him, stopping him before he got to the swinging doors she said “ Max, you know you can trust me. Come on I love you!”

Max looked at Maria sympathetically, and he leaned in to touch her arm “ Maria..” he began.

Maria looked down at her feet as she stopped him. “ No, I shouldn’t have brought it up. But I still can’t push aside the way that I feel about you Max. For one minute, just one. Could we, go back.. Go back to what we used to be.”

“ No.” he whispered. He took a hold of her chin and tilted her face up to look at him, and he slowly leaned in and her kissed cheek. “ I can’t go back, I never felt the same, Maria. Ever.”

But Maria couldn’t take No as an answer and she tilted her head p and kissed him hard on the lips. Max, did nothing, just stood there, not doing anything. Maria’s tongue snaked past his lips, and still he didn’t respond.


Liz had been waiting for what it seemed an decade, for max to come back. Looking at her watch she walked over to the swinging door to see what was taking so long. and with one glimpse she knew. She wasn’t jealous or angry, just so annoyed with the fact, the she was actually wasting her time, on him, when he was in the back room making out. She wasn’t going to waist her time. So she walked back to her booth and grabbed her black leather jacket and pulled it on as she walked outside, taking the glass with her.

“ Um, miss you can’t take that with you.” the waitress said just before Liz was about to walk out. So Liz listened and threw the glass back inside, letting it shatter upon the floor. Everyone gasped when hearing the noise. And some screamed not knowing what had happened.

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Title: Like a Rose
Summary: Read and find out.,
Disclaimer. None of these characters belong to me. Damn!

Part Three B

In the Back Room Maria and Max heard the smash and came running out of the back room. Max looked at the glass shattered upon the orange floor, then his eye’s darted to wear Liz USE TO BE seated. He rolled his ey6es then started for the door.

“ Max!” Maria yelled after her him.
Max stopped and quickly turned around, just as he opened the door. Looking at her he shook his head.

“ Just remember what I said okay?” she said, with a worried expression on her face. Max nodded then raced out the door.

Twenty minutes later, he found himself in the park, still no sign of Liz. So taking a breather he sat onto the bench and leaned back, closing his eyes tightly as he let out a deep sigh, finally being able to rest. He sat and let his thoughts run through his mind. He wondered why she ran off like she did. Had she seen him and Maria? Had she become jealous? Even though it was a good thought, he really doubted it. A hard core girl like her wouldn’t be interested in an outcast like him. For some reason she made his stomach growl. But not in a way when your hungry. But nervous. Nervous about what to say, what to do. But surprisingly he didn’t find her attractive at all! She had braces, and her skin was so pale, and her hair was PURE black. She looked like a teenage Vampire. She didn’t seem like she was living. She seemed like she was just so EMPTY. It was strange. But kind of interesting at the same time.

“ What’s up stranger?” someone said, standing in front of him. He looked up to see Liz standing in front of him. With her army boots and her black leather jacket. He smiled.

“ Where were you?” He asked as he patted the seat next to him, indicating her to come sit next to him.

“ Walking.” she answered. He looked at her and saw that her hair was back in a sloppy bun, it showed more of her face, and it was beautiful. Then seing her ears he saw she had two piercing’ s at the top and three on her ear lobe. It was strangely, kind of sexy.

“ Why did you leave?” he asked as he became memorized with her face.

“ Truth?” she asked before she would answer. Max nodded his head. “ I saw you and that blond, and I felt that I was wasting my time.”

“ You weren’t jealous?” Max asked disappointed.

“Jealous!” She yelped as if it were a ridiculous question. “ Are you serious? Max, sorry to brake it to you but, your not my type.” she laughed, showing him a large grin full of metal.

“ You smiling.” he said as he smiled back at her. “ I think that is the first time I’ve seen you smile.”

“ Yeah, I don’t do much of it.” she continued to smile, Then as she tried to stop she start to life hysterically. “ I just can’t stop now.”

“ I’m happy that I entertain you so well.” he laughed trying to act hurt. Making Liz laugh even harder.

After Liz finally stopped laughing, she stared at Max hard. “ You know you are he only person who could have made me laugh in a rally long time.”

“ Wow. I’m honored.” he said as he brought his hand to his heart. Making Liz laugh a little more. Then a thought came to his mind. “ Would you like to go get a bite to eat, I know that I’m starving.”

“ Nah, no thanks. I already did. I think it’s time for me to jet.” Liz said as she stood up.

“ Well, would you mind if I walked you home?” Max asked as he stood from the bench as well.

“ Oh that there, would be a problem.” she said starring at the stars, feeling the moon light caressing her skin. “ I’m not going home.”

“ Your not?” Max asked a little intrigued by this rebel of a girl. “ Then you mind If I not go home with you?” he asked nervously. Why was he so nervous around her. His hands were starting to sweat and that growl in his stomach was getting worse. And he didn’t know whether or not it was the lack of food, or just her.

“ I wouldn’t mind.” she said. Max looked up at her shocked. Did she just say he could actually join her. He found himself staring into her eyes, which by the way, didn’t seem so dark anymore. They were bright, looking more bright, than they usually are, almost black. “ There’s something about you Max, you just make me, I don’t know.” she said taking a couple steps toward the path, then turned around again. “ Almost Human.”

He took a couple steps towards her and said “ I feel like that a lot sometimes. You know I was adopted a long time ago when I was six. My parents found me on the side of the road, with my sister Isabel, out in the dessert. No one knew how long we had been out there. Hell we didn’t even know. So they all just guessed that we were dumped out in the dessert, that we just weren’t wanted any more. So I my self feel like an Alien sometimes to.” Max said. Only she had no idea how much so. To the point when you find you actually are! He looked at her and found her looking at him, actually intrigued.

“ Maybe you aren’t that Golden Boy, that I thought you to be.” she said, looking at him still in shock.

“ Maybe,” Max started as he took a step out onto the path, and they began to walk, “ You should take a deeper look in thing’s before you judge.”

“ I wish I could.” Liz said. And in her eye’s the depression and sadness and anger began to settle there again. And a light bulb behind them went out. She had to admit Max did something to her, He really did. But not even he could help her out of the grave she dug for herself. No one could.

TBC................FEEDBACK PLEASE>>>>

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=Title: Like a Rose
Summary: Read and find out.,
Disclaimer. None of these characters belong to me. Damn!


The day was dry and sunny. He found himself in a field full of flowers and grass, so bright and beautiful, an in the center of it all sat a little girl, Brunette, with bright brown eyes. She looked to be about six or seven. She wore a blue sundress, that flowed with an un explainable grace. She was staring at a grave. H didn’t know who’s but it was new, and fresh soil stood before it, which the little girl stood upon. He walked closer to see the name, and knelt down in front of the little girl, to see the name. And what he saw gave him a jolt of fear.

“ Elizabeth Anne Parker
Loving Daughter
Who Feared nothing
January 3, 2002”

He gasped and fell back onto his rear, staring at the name. It repeating over and over again in his head. That was this month. He looked up at the little girl, and saw how her eye’s darkened, just like Liz’s. She screamed. A scream so loud it shook the earth. But he couldn’t hear it. Then in a second’s time she was the Liz that he knew. Dressed in all dark, the ground turned to pavement, and a store stood in front of him, and Liz was at his side. A group of people dragged a man out of the store and began to beat him with large baseball bat’s. Max turned away not being able to watch anymore.
Then the scene around him changed again. Liz was standing in the middle of an alley, where the group of people surrounded her, circling her as if she were their prey.
Max searched for help, and saw that the street name, it was the same as the one next to the Crashdown. Max spun around back to Liz.

“ Liz!!” he screamed with all his might. Then she was hit, right in the stomach.

“ LIZ!” he screamed as he awoke back into reality. He sprung up in bed to a sitting position with sweat dripping down his bare chest, his abs rippling as his chest and stomach tightened as he took each breath.

“ Liz.” he whispered as he looked around. Looking around he saw that he was back into his bed room, nothing had happened it was only a dream. A knock at his window brought him out of his daze, and he slipped out of bed and started towards the window.

“ Michael, what in the hell do you want!” he scolded before even looking out the window.

When he finally opened the window he found Maria staring at him. He leaned against the window and sighed.

“ Maria, what do you want?” he asked tired.

“ I need to talk to you.”

“About what?”

“ Liz.”

Max’s eyes widened and bulged out of his head by this and helped Maria inside. If it had anything to do with Liz he had to know. Then her name and what was carved into the grave stone repeated over and over in his head. He was worried. These type of dream’s he had always had some what of a meaning behind them.

“ What is it that you know?” he asked as he sat on his bed and waited for Maria to explain.

“ Today in the cafe. She ordered her food with Tabasco sauce. But before you say anything, I asked. She said that anything that she could digest, she ate it with that. Only because if she didn’t it tasted plain.” Maria explained as she sat down onto the chair in front of him. “ Max, that is the same thing you said about your food. That’s what gave me the hint.”

Max shook his head and rubbed his eyes, “ Maria, some people just like the taste of it.”

“ Max, not in their drinks, Coke. Just like YOU.” Maria explained once again. Max still shook his head and gave her a fake angry grin.

“ Maria, she is NOT and alien. I would KNOW. Member when I got those vibes from Tess?” Max told Maria. Maria then looked away in pain. He had forgotten, how Tess had ruined their relationship. “ Listen Maria. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” Max apologized.

“ No Max.” she told him as she turned towards him. “ Nothing to worry about. We aren’t a couple anymore. We are just friends.” A tear slipped down her eye as she explained this.

“ But Maria,” he said as he extended his thumb out towards her a swept the tear from her cheek, “ That doesn’t mea I don’t have to care. You know how I hate to see you cry.”

Maria let out a little laugh as she grabbed onto Max’s hand and held it in her own. “ I know.” she nodded.

“ But I did have a dream tonight.” Max started as he slowly took his hand from hers. He knew what she was trying to do. Slowly seduce him. Wasn’t going to work though.
“ A flash dream?” Maria asked as she sniffed her tears, and stood from where she was to sit onto the bean bag. Max looked at her strangely. Something about her and that bean bag, she would ALWAYS sit on it.

“ No, it was kind of like a premonition.” Max stated as he sat Indian style on his bed resting his hand’s behind him.

“ Oh.” Maria said. “ And about whom?”

“ Liz..” he said a little guilty. She looked out the window and then turned back towards him.

“ It took you four MONTHS to actually start getting all love dove with me! And it only take TWO day’s for her. For goodness sake’s! She has BRACES Max!” Maria yelled.

“ Oh god!” Max groaned as he fell back onto his bed, as she continued to rant. There was No way he was going to be able to talk to HER about this. He was going to have to keep it to himself. For now.

TBC. FEEDBACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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=Title: Like a Rose
Summary: Read and find out.,
Disclaimer. None of these characters belong to me. Damn!

Four A

School, came to fast, it wasn’t something that he actually was looking forward to. He hated it. It was so boring, so blah. And then there was Maria. She was NOT going to give up. She had been doing this since they broke up, TWO months ago. But her feeling went deeper then his could EVER go. She was in love with him. For a while they were going out he had thought the same, but he thought it, he didn’t feel it. He looked down on the floor to find Maria sleeping. She wouldn’t go home last night. Then Max’s heart gave a big jump. Liz. They had a good time last night. They went around walking, and he showed her everything that was surprisingly interesting in Roswell. She smiled, so much, it shocked him. He was REALLY honored by the fact that he was the only person who could really make her laugh and smile. It was a nice feeling to have. A smile plastered onto his face at the thought.

“ Ah. Max, Morning.” Maria greeted as she sat up from her bean bag. What was up with that Bean bag!

Max’s smile quickly vanished. “ Morning Maria.”

*~At School~*

The hall was decorated, with decorations for the up coming dance, for Juniors. Everyone was running around spreading gossip, and nervously asking for dates. Max saw one guy, a good friend of his, Pete Johanson, walking up to the most Popular girl in the Junior year, Barbie. He was nervously rubbing his hand’s together, before walking up to her, and took a deep breath. And after asking, she looked at her friends and laughed, and put her finger and thumb on her forehead, spelling the letter L. L, for loser. Max grimaced at this as Pete looked down at his feet sadly, and depressed once again. But then out of the corner of his eye, he saw Barbie and her group of friends stop in their tracks, and stopped laughing almost immediately. Max saw why. It was Liz.

“ That was wrong.” Liz said sadly as she shook her head. “ Turn around and tell him nicely.” she said. Barbie stood there frozen. “ Now!”

Barbie spun around and ran to Pete and told him nicely, that she was going with the guy on the football team. Pete smiled and then said ok. He turned around and started down the hall. Standing next to his locker Max, saw the whole thing, and was impressed, by how Liz took care of the situation, WITHOUT, violence. He was proud. He started to walk towards her locker when seeing she was getting her thing’s ready for class.

“ Hey.” he said leaning against the locker next to hers.

Not looking up at him she said. “ Hi.”

he saw that she was holding her stomach as she winced in pain, and the memory from his dream flashed across his mind again. In the alley, she stood with a group of people circling her, as if she were prey, then they began to beat her with bat’s and other items. Now, Max’s concern went on Auto Pilot.

“ Liz, what happened to your stomach?” he asked awkwardly. He was nervous of asking, maybe asking will make her think something.

“ It’s nothing.” she said again as if she were a robot. She winced again as a slice of pain ripped through her body. “ Oh.” she moaned as she tightened her grip on her stomach.

“ Tell you what, we can skip today and go out for a while.” Max suggested. He needed to get Liz out of there. if anyone saw her like this she would be sent to the hospital.

“ I think that has been the smarting thing you’ve said yet.” she smiled. She slammed her locker and threw her back pack on her back as she waited for Max to take the lead. He grabbed her hand and started to lead the way. Max was surprised when he grabbed her hand, but he had to admit, it felt nice, like there was a electric vibe searching down his spine. Then they reached the exit sign and found their way to the jeep and drove off into town.

“ So where to?” Liz asked as she finally found a comfortable spot to sit in.
“ I was thinking we could some place for food. I didn’t get breakfast.” Max said. Then looking at Liz he thought “ Well, that is if you don’t mind.”

“ No, I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all.” she smiled. Then looking to the side of the road she saw as the dessert passed before her, the wind, brushing her hair from her face. She felt, free, almost, able to do anything. Then turning around she looked at Max, and caught him looking at her. She laughed. Then looking back to the dessert she had the urge to look at him again. Looking at him, she saw he was looking at her as well. They both laughed.

Once they reached the Crashdown, Max hopped out of the seat to come help Liz out of the jeep. The ting was she already had gotten out by herself. He looked disappointed, but shoved his hand’s into his pockets nervously. Once they were seated, Max, occasionally looked at Liz, just to look at her. He caught himself doing so and mentally kicked himself. Liz set her Menu down and stared at him. Max noticing this looked at her strangely.

“ What?” he asked a little uncomfortably.

“ You keep looking at me.” she stated folding her hand’s in front of her. “ Why?” she asked as her eyebrow’s lifted.

“ I wasn’t looking at you.” he said looking at his menu and shaking his head. Trying his best to not look at her, he knew she could tell if he was lying.

“ Yes you were.” She defended. “ I practically have a hole in my forehead.” she said pointing her finger at her head. Then resting her hand down she patiently awaited an answer.

“ So what if I was?” Max answered with a question. And he set his menu down and folded his hands in front of him like her.

“ Why were you?” Liz asked. She really did want to know. She kind of liked him, she just was hoping he was feeling things for her because she wasn’t there for the taking. Who ever tried would end up a dead man.

“ Your pretty! Ok! Do you have a problem with that! I think your pretty! OK? Ok good.” Max burst. He couldn’t take it. And when he said it he soon regret it. His cheeks started to burn. But not burning nearly as much as his ears were.

“ Thank you.” Liz said as she looked away. She felt really special right then. No one had called her pretty ever since her freshman year of high school.

“ No problem.” Max said embarrassed.

“ Miss, sir.” the waitress said trying to get their attention.

Shifting there attention towards the waitress, they found a young woman, about Twenty six standing there. Blond straight hair, with dark green eyes. She was very slim, and was wearing the tacky outfit, that all waitresses were required to wear.

“ What is it that you lovely couple would like today?” the waitress asked nicely.

“ Um no, Were not a-” Liz started. Then the thing that stopped her was Max’s hand slipping it’s way across the table, and grabbing hers. She looked towards him and saw him looking at the waitress smiling.

“ Newly weds actually.” Max corrected. But he wasn’t exactly correct, AT ALL.

“ What! Oh my you two!” the waitress clapped. “ You to love birds should get the special.” The waitress smiled at them adoring them at the same time. Then just to spice it up a little more, Max surprised himself when doing so.

He brought her soft hand to his lips and gave it a simple kiss. Liz’s eyes widened. Was she actually letting him do this. It felt so good though. His hand being in hers made these, volts of electricity just swim upon her veins, ending at her heart and giving it a little jump. She repeated over and over in her head “ Don’t get attached, DON’T GET ATTACHED!!!”

“ Oh you two are just darling! You know what you get everything for free!” she said, her eyes so bright. And in Liz’s opinion, kinda scary. “ What is it that you would like?”

“ Alien Blast.” Liz and Max said at the same time. They both looked at each other strangely then back at the waitress, who was already skipping towards the kitchen.

“ What was up with that!” Liz whispered angrily.

“ Did you hear that. We’re getting everything for free.” Max reminded her. Liz nodded remembering.

“ But Max?” she asked. He looked towards her and she continued “ Could you let go of my hand now?”

Max looked back at his hand which was still holding tightly onto hers. He slowly, kind of reluctantly let go. He looked down at his lap and blushed. That was REALLY embarrassing.

“ Oops I kin of forgot.” he said a little awkwardly.

“ You and me both.” Liz said. Just as she said it her hand’s flew to her mouth, noticing what she had just said. “ Oh shit!” she mumbled.

TBC>...................Feedback Please!!!!!!1

And also, could you please, get some other people to read my story, Im starting to lose hope in this story. Thank you!
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Its your choice its your coice. And your right it is my choice! So, I WILL continue the fic. THANX~~
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REMINDER: This is going to be extremely short, but the good part is coming soon. AND LONGER!!!!!

=Title: Like a Rose
Summary: Read and find out.,
Disclaimer. None of these characters belong to me. Damn!

The phone started to ring, echoing through out the whole condo.
It sat on a large Black marble desk, shaking so much it started to dance lightly upon the table. Then a young man with light brown hair came rushing through the door, his key’s rattling in his hands. His eyes were almost pure black. His skin was tan showing the muscles rippling through his arm’s with every move. Hearing the phone his head popped up his vision targeting the phone. Just as he was about to cross over into the desk area he tripped and fell flat on his face. He turned his head to see what he had tripped over and found a shoe lying in the entrance. Looking at it he rolled his eye’s and quickly stood up running to the phone.

“ Hello?” he answered as he picked up.

“ Hal?” the person on the other line asked. Their breathing was heavy, as if they had just ran fie blocks without a break.

“ Yes.” Hal answered as his eyebrow twitched.

“ It’s me, Liz.” Liz said.

“ Liz!” Hal exclaimed as he smiled brightly being over turned with joy. Then his smile turned to a frown and his instincts went blazing. “ Liz, it’s not such a good idea to be talking like this.”

“ I know. But,” she said, In the back ground you could hear rain starting to pour. “ I needed to hear you voice.

“ Liz.” Hal said. His concern started to go on over lode. “ Is everything ok, Did something happen?”

“ No, everything is ok, but something happened.” Liz said. He started to get angry hen he started to hear her cry.

“ Liz what happened. Did someone hurt you?” he shouted as his fists clenched.

“ Yeah, Hal, I think I’m falling in love.” Liz told him as he heard her starting to shiver.

“ Liz, remember no connections. They will only get hurt.” Hal reminded her feeling pain in his heart as he said this. “ If Ben were to ever find out, he would kill them. He wants YOU Liz, only you!”

“ I know, but I could never be with him, I would never be happy.” Liz sobbed.

“ I don’t think that’s what he wants. “ He smiled in pain. “ I’m coming to Roswell Liz, You need me, and I need you.”

“ What will Ben do when he finds out?” Liz asked.

“ He’s not going to. I don’t think. I hope not.” Hal said uncertainly. “ I’ll be there soon. Just hold tight Liz.” Hal told her trying to comfort her, then he ended it with “ I love you.” and hung up.

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=Title: Like a Rose
Summary: Read and find out.,
Disclaimer. None of these characters belong to me. Damn!


A phone smashed down onto its cradle, and cracked right down the center, from the hard impact. A hand lay, resting on top of the phone gripping the handle. And attached to the hand was a strong, and lean arm, connected by a strong broad shoulder. Then further up a face, dark brown eyes almost black, and tan skin, with a strong jaw line. He wore a long trench coat, and underneath lay a button down black shirt, and with that, he wore black baggy pants, that dragged upon the ground. His hair, stood on end’s and was jet black. And anger played across his face, but rage flew through his veins.
Around him stood three woman, four men, and ten teenagers, just like him. They stood there their head bowed down, and hands behind their backs. Just by looking at then, you knew that he ruled them, that they not dare go against him.

“ It looks like, were going to Roswell kids..” the man said enraged, standing in the center of the squared and dimmed room. He looked around at his minions, here and there. He smiled. he would always have them. He grabbed the phone in its cradle, and threw across the room, laughing as he saw it crash into a million pieces.

Then the whole room went wild. The youngest one, maybe only fourteen, went to the stolen stereo system. Hitting the button play, he threw the volume knob on full blast. The song “ Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed, to its highest point, making every ones ear drums throb in excitement. Then the man walked over to a girl standing at the wall, and grabbed her by the coat, pulling her into the hallway. He took her by the shoulders ramming her into the wall. She whimpered as she was frightened.

“ I have a special assignment for you Sky.” he said, with a sneer on his face. “ I want you to get Liz Parker for me, and have Greg, to get Hal.”

Then without a mention Greg came into the hallway, falling from the ceiling. He looked up his bright green eyes, showing rage, and the taste of blood urging him on. Greg, was just a act to get Liz, back to Ben, he pretended he wanted out. He pretended, to actually care about other people. But he didn’t. He didn’t even care about Liz, even though she thought so.

“ What!” Sky gasped. “ She’ll kill me. You know the way she fights. She’ll Kill ME!”

“ She won’t kill you, not with this.” Ben said as he brought a needle out of his pocket. Handing it to sky she looked at him with fear and confusion in her eyes.

“ Ben this could kill her. People die because of this. She has taken to much over the years.” Sky said shaking her head, and handing him back the needle. He grabbed her wrist violently and shoved her against the wall.

“ Your going to do it, or your gone. Get it?” he said with disgust rage filling ever piece of him.

She looked at him with sympathy and then ripped her wrist from his hand and put the needle in her pocket. She bowed her head then walked back into the room full of teens and woman and Men, dancing, and even some having orgy’s in the back corners. This place disgusted her, she could see why Liz wanted out so bad. She used do all these things. She did include herself in the orgy’s. But not Liz. Furthest that Sky knew, Liz was still a virgin. But the things that happened between her and Ben, were always a mystery. But Sky still couldn’t bring herself to do to Liz, what had been done to her so many times. Looking at her arm, she saw needle punctures all around her inner arm. She looked away. She couldn’t believe that she gave herself into this stuff. But Liz, Liz had been in it even longer. But now they found out where she was, and Ben was ready to destroy her life even more than it was already forever scared.


*******AUTHORS NOTE*************: This fic, will be longer next part. And um, thank all of you for the GREAT FEEDBACK. The next part will be up shortly........... *bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*
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=Title: Like a Rose
Summary: Read and find out.,
Disclaimer. None of these characters belong to me. Damn!


Why? That’s all I’ve been able to ask myself for the past two hours. Sitting in the cold rain, making just about every frozen bone in my body shiver. My lips are blue by now. I can feel them shivering terribly. Sobs rack my entire body as I try and control myself. I can’t be falling for the leader of the prep squad. I can’t!!! It’s not right. Nothing is. I hate it here! Why did my father have to come back! Why!
The light across from her blows up in sparks as she felt the anger soar through her. There were so many things that created her to do this. So many things from her past.
When she and Hal were born, their mom was only sixteen, just like their Dad. They got drunk, they never loved each other. Never since the night. It was a one night stand, or it was supposed to be. When her father found out, he left as soon as possible. Leaving her mom, Hal, and her all alone. Why? Because he’s a ass hole. She hated him so much. Not an ounce of love went towards him from her heart, not even a little. He left her to the streets. Where she and her brother ventured until they were seven, and their mom, found a man, with a lot of money, and he took them in. Then her mo got divorced when her and Hal, were only ten, and she took money with her, having a job as a nurse, after the years of college, that her ex-husband paid for. They lived in a bad area of town, where Liz and Hal got into. Yes, Hal was in the same boat as Liz. But he had already gotten out, but he was constantly running from them. That was the only reason she was with her father really, so she would be safe. Ben wanted her. He wanted her, and only her. It was because of her gift. Liz got the gift, from all the heart ache, all the deaths that she watched play out. She was there. And that excited Ben. She shared her secret with him, and now he wanted to use her, to get money, to kill people. And that made Liz sick.
There was this saying he always used to say “ After your first kill, you want more.”
The thing was Liz, and Ben, had known each other since the day they were born. They were both born with gifts. Ben had this trength, just as she did. a strength that no normal human being would want to go up against. Ben, Hal, and Liz had this gift. They could move things, but Liz was more powerful. She thought that it was because what she went through over the years. But then she found that Ben, and Hal had this GIFT. A gift. She and Ben researched it after a while and found that, they weren’t really her mothers and fathers. Her mom was drugged one night, and brought to a facility. Where they injected a sperm, a created sperm into her. Hal and Liz were then created. But this wasn’t any regular sperm. It was genetics from an alien. That’s how they got their gifts. From an alien. Who was their father.
They had come in contact with a man that went by the name Fredrick Robinson, who was an ex cop. He had found out what projects and operations that the CIA was doing, and was soon fired. He told them as they sat in the the cafe that they were taking aliens which they found from the crash site in Roswell, and they were taking normal innocent people from all around the world and doing experiments on them, seeing how the half alien, half human’s would live. But something had went wrong. The aliens which they had experimented on, had a disease which they carried with them, and scientists started to drop dead, or their hearts exploding. So for all Liz knew she was a ticking bomb, with the chance of going at any time.


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Hey everyone, I don't think you'll be getting the next part any time soon. I'm going through a delema right now. My Mom and Dad, are getting a divorce, and I just found out that my Dad has ben cheating on my Mom, and that he lied to me, many more times then once. So Im sorry, but I have to stop writing for the time being, thank you, for understanding.*sad**sad**sad**sad**sad*
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I am extremley sorry for the inconvenience, BUT now I PROMISE you with a new part, so stay tuned...he he he...I promise I wont leave you hangin.
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Dont Worry I will, its just taking me a little bit longer than I expected, but IT WILL be posted soon, no worries ok?
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Title: Like a Rose
Summary: Read and find out will you?
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The Roswell characters do not belong to me. I just have an extremely wild imagination that I have to show, and I have to express of course.


Liz hated this quaint little town. How did her father stand it? All the little preps, and football jock pricks. It was intoxicating....In a good way. It was something she wasn’t used to. Back home she was surrounded by hate, gloom, and a depressing state that had eventually driven her to those needles, powder, and weed. And eventually Ben as well. She did not know why in the world she had made such a not so understandable and such a stupid decision to make such a choice. As confusing at it may sound it was true.
After phoning her brother, she had taken a long walk finding herself at a corner cafe. Not the Crashdown thank god. It was a simple coffee shop. Nothing fancy, nothing fake, and alien related. It was normal unlike many of the places around here. Another thing that this place had in common with home. Nothing normal to turn to. But she was fooled. This place was normal unlike the rest. She took a seat at the counter, hitting the silver bell that lay in front of her.
A young boy popped up from underneath the counter. His hair was shaggy, long and curled at its tips. His nose slightly large, and long. His eyes were a gray blue. His body was well toned, but not by much. And his height was undeniably alarming. He looked at her as he continued to dry the red cup.

“ How may I help you?’ he said dully. His voice very down and low. He was obviously pissed about something, and had no intention of really being at work, but had no choice. Obviously, he wasn’t old enough to own the place, so he was an employee. It was easy for Liz to do this. To analyze someone and find out their inner secrets. Emotions.

“ A coffee. Mocha.” she stated firmly as she place a couple of dollars on the table. She looked at him her face still facing the counter. “ That's if you have any.”

“ Yeah we got some.” he said as he grabbed the dollars from her hand. Noticing the tattoo that was on her thumb. A barcode. He looked at her and nodded as he walked into the back room.

Liz looked out the window seeing an old torn up van turn the corner. A little girl on the corner with her mother delicately holding her hand. As they waiting to cross the street. The little girl turned to Liz and smiled. Before she winked and she turned her hand, her barcode showing. She was another one of them. The child would grow up. To be a freak. Not understanding who she really is, not knowing why things always blew up when she got mad, or why she was told day in and day out by people in the police service tell her to be careful and watch her back.


“ So I’m what an alien?” Liz asked shakily before she closed her hand over her other, seeing them as they began to frighteningly shake. Her bracelet rattling on the marble table.

“ Partly.” the ex cop said as the sweat still poured down his head. “ Your human and alien. Listen, these guys are crazy. They, they’ll try and kill you off.”

“ What? What are you talking about?” Ben asked as he watched the ex cop began to stand up looking all around him. His body trembling in horror, his face gone pale.

“ These guys. When things don’t go their way they’ll get rid of any evidence. First the parents, then the kids. If word gets out. And it will. They’ll be after you and you mother.”

“ But why mom?”

“ Because!” he shouted. “ Because they had you inside of them, making the plasma stick to them as well as you. If anyone get hold of the records, they will find your folks. Their evidence just like you.” he said as tears began to set in his eyes.

As Ben started to ask another question, a gun shot rang out, and the ex cop collapsed in front of them, the blood pouring from his mouth, and his chest. A art of blood on the wall behind him. Ben and Liz hurriedly stood from their seats running in the direction of the back room, making sure their faces were not seen, as they jumped out of the second story window.


“ Hey lady.” the boy said rudely as he touched her shoulder.

Liz looked away from the now empty corner towards the boy in front of her, who was obviously annoyed at her ignoring him. She smiled slightly, even though her own eyes shared a glint of annoyance as well. She grabbed the cup and sipped. When she opened her eyes she saw the reflection of a man in the silver oven. The reflection of Ben. She shrieked as she dropped the blue coffee cup from her hands. The cup shattering into thousands of pieces on the floor. She spun around on the chair towards the door to be confronted with a two twin doors, the curtains drawn and clean glass.

“ Oh Fuck!” the boy said behind her as he walked towards the other side of the counter taking a look at the mess that had been created for him to clean. Did he ever mention how much he hated his job? “ Great. Another cup broken. There goes my job.” he mumbled as he dropped to his knees picking up the remaining pieces with his hands.

Liz stared at the doors, remembering the flash of fear she felt rip through the linings of her stomach. And the adrenaline shooting through her. She was ready to kill. A feeling she hadn’t ever felt. She brought a shaky hand to her heart and another to her face, later bringing the other to the same. She sobbed in her hands. Never wanting to feel that need to kill again. But she did.

When hearing the woman sobbing above him, he stood and said, “ Maim it’s no big deal really. I never really liked this job.” he said softly touching her shoulder hesitantly. He wasn’t good at comforting. Never been.

“ I’m sorry.” Liz said as she smiled. “ I didn’t mean to.”

“ Hey that’s ok. I was going to lose this job sooner or later.” he said as he pulled his apron of throwing it to a empty table, which was like the rest in the cafe. He sat down in a stool beside her and relaxed against the counter. “ My name is Michael. What about you?”

“ Liz.” she said without hesitation. He wasn’t half that bad.

“ Never seen you around. You new in town?”

“ Yeah. I wont be here for long though.” she said darkly as she looked back at the doors where she was confronted with her imagination gone wild a moment ago.

“ Why is that?”

“ In two days, maybe shorter, I’ll be fond in the bottom of a lake. Dead.”

“ Word.” Michael said as he looked at her sticking his hand out to her. She shook her gently and gave him a lopsided grin. “ I’ll probably be in a trashed car with five bullets to the chest. With the government claiming it was a freak accident, and I shot myself while drunk and high.”

“ Hell yeah.”

“ So what's your deal? Drug dealer? Prostitute? Not saying you look like one of course.” Michael asked as he pulled out a box of cigarettes, and a lighter, putting one between his lips, and lighting it with the lighter, which had a naked woman on it. Men were pigs.

“ Nope. Just another juvenile delinquent .” Liz answered. It wasn’t a complete Lie now was it? “ You?”

“ A battered child gone bad.”

“ Ah I see. So you steal drug deal, and you fuck people up real bad.”

“ Yeah, pretty much.” Michael lied. If only she knew exactly why the government was after him. Being alien and all. “ Hey, I’m closing in a couple. Want a ride?”

“ Didn’t I just tell you I wasn’t a prostitute?”

“ I’m not asking for donkey sex ok...I just asked like any gentleman would.”

“ Alright. Yeah I’ll like a ride.”


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