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Title: Life After Destiny
Author: UruzBerkana
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: My take on what should have happened after the episode Destiny
Disclaimer: I do not have the honor of owning Roswell or any of its characters

Part I

"Liz, it's Max, please call me," Max voiced pleaded from the answering maching for the 20th time. Liz didn't know why she kept listening to the messages, except that she still loved the sound of his voice no matter how much pain it caused. She was really glad she had stayed at Maria's the night before, she wasn't ready to face him yet. Waking away was one thing, staying away would be another.


Liz looked aroun her room at all the flowers as she put on her uniform for work. "I guess I shouldn't keep them," she thought, "it was only encourage him more." It had been two months since the day she had walked away from them in the desert and they hadn't had so much as a converstation in that time. With Maria's help she had even managed to aviod him in the Crashdown.

As Liz slowly walked down the stairs she put on her "customer face", the cheery smile she reserved for work, when she had to pretend that her life didn't suck. "I wonder if this will ever get any easier," she thought aloud as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Nope, it won't becuase I think your being stupid." Maria replied from behind her locker door.

"Thanks for the support Maria"

"You know I got your back but how many times have I told you, this having your destiny written by your parents or anyone else for that that matter is shit"

"At least two hundred" Liz answered with a sigh as she pushed her way through the door to the dining room. Sometimes she wished she looked at it like Maria but how could she when the fate of an entire world could rest on the plans Max's people had made. Not like it had gotten Maria anywhere. Micheal had been so excited by a message from "home" that he had taken to chasing after Isabel. And that's just was it was, chasing, becuase Isabel was running.

As the dinner rush began, Liz tore herself away from her thougths to her focus waitressing. It was almost the end of her shift and Liz was about the sneak to the back to quit a litte early when she saw him. He couldn't have been more than a couple years older than her, with dirty blonde hair and grey eyes that held something in them that would give her nightmares for weeks. Maria was heading towards him to seat him but Liz stopped and said "Call it a night Maria I'll get this one" Maria gave her a strange look but hurried to back before Liz changed her mind.

"Welcome to the Crashdown, would you like a table or a booth?"

"A booth would be fine" he replied solemnly.

After he sat down she handed him a menu and left him alone to pursue it while she collected the money from the one other person still in the restuarant. When she returned to his table he quickly ordered a Will Smith burger and a coke.

"Would you like any Saturn Rings with that?"

His voice sounded sad as he replied, "No, just the burger and the coke."

After should brought his food she watched him from the kitchen as he slowly ate, trying to figure out was it was about this customer that bothered her so much.

After he finished the food he had ordered Liz approached his booth with a plate holding piece of chocalate cake. "This is on the house", she said as she handed it to him, "It's the last piece of the night and we're about the close so it will just go into the trash" she insisted as he started to refuse it. She didn't know why she was drawn to bring him that cake but she was. But as she handed the plate she understoood. Their hands briefly touched under the plate as he reached for it. She stopped dead in tracks for a second as her mind suddenly flashed with dark images of a stormy night sky, strange faces she had never seen, and an indiscriable object plummeting to the ground.

"Something wrong" the stranger asked as he noticed her pause.

She quickly replied, "Nothing, it's been a long day I'm tired...." She couldn't wait for him to leave now, she just wanted to go upstairs and think to try and make sense of what had just happened.

When he finally did leave she locked the doors and rushed upstairs realized she didn't know who should could share this with. If she went to Max he would just look at it as an oppurtunity to get her back, and Maria would just tell her to go to Max. Isabell wants to pretend they're not aliens, that just left Micheal or Tess. Liz knew Tess would just shrug her off, so she decided it would have to be Micheal.

A few minuted later Liz was climbing down the ladder from her balancy and begin the walk to Micheal's apartment. When Micheal opened the door he was more than suprised to see Liz standing there, the only time he had seen her in the last two months was during his shifts at the crashdown.

"Come on in" he replied in his usual curt manner.

"I know this is kinda weird but I need your help" Liz explained as she sat on his couch. "Something happened at work today and I don't know who else to go to"

"Slow down, and start at the beggining"

"This guy came in just before we closed...." Liz told him about the way she felt looking at a his eyes and the visions she had when their hands touched. "It was just like the flashes I had when I kissed Nasedo, when he looked like Max, she added quickly in response to his raised eyebrow. "Except I know this wasn't Nasedo, Micheal, I think your enemies had finally arrived."

"Liz, it isn't like you to jump to conclusions", then he added with a smirk, "That's my job"

"I'm serious, I can't explain it but I think that's who he was"

"Okay, I'll talk to Nasedo, I'll try and I make sure that he wasn't just trying to mess with you. If not I'll talk to Max...

Liz interupted him, "No you can't tell Max about what happened, that's why I came to you. He doesn't need me hanging around the group, keeping him from his destiny" The last word came out so quiet it was almost inaudable.

"I respect you for letting him do that Liz, if I need to, I'll find a way to tell him what's up with out telling him that your involved."

"Thanks Micheal, I better get home before my parents notice I'm missing"

As he opened the door Micheal added "Look Liz, I know what's it like to be alone, I won't let you go through this alone."

"That means a lot to me" and she gave him a hug before turning toward the street for the walk home.

What neither of them saw was Maria sitting across the street in her Mom's Jetta with the tears running down her face.

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I promise there will be more. I've got a lot going on so I can't promise how quick it will be but I'm very exicited by all the respose I got so I will get to work on it asap.

Thanks so much, for reading everyone!
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Life After Destiny by UruzBerkana

Part II

"So what is the all about," Max inquired. The annoyance in his voice was unmistakable but it wasn't because Michael had called the meeting but because Tess was sitting so close him she was practically on his lap. Max got up and paced the room as he looked around. Michael, Isabel, Tess, Nascedo, and Alex sat in the Harding living room. It seemed so out of place to him that Liz and even Maria wasn't there, "and where's Maria?"

"I don't know, I don't keep track these days and I don't remember inviting him either," as he offered a hard glance in Alex's direction and Isabel returned the glare. "Anyways, sit down so I can explain."

"The other night I was in the Crashdown and this strange guy walked in. Something about his eyes bothered the hell out of me, then I my way out I bumped into him and I had these flashes," and Michael preceded to describe them exactly as Liz had two days before. "I think this may be one the enemies that Nascedo and your mother warned us about."

Before Max had time to chastise Michael for being paranoid Nascedo jumped in, "Michael and I have already discussed some for this," actually Nascedo knew the entire story, Michael believed that of all people Nascedo would keep Liz's secret for same reasons she wanted the truth kept secret. "And I'm afraid he's probably right. I didn't make it clear when you activated the orbs, why we know your enemies are on Earth. They've been her all along. Why do you think the ship crashed? It was crawling with Kivar's spies only we didn't know it until we had almost reached earth, that he knew all about the plan to bring back Antar's true royalty. They sabotaged the ship, If they had succeeded we would have died and Max never would have returned to the throne. Those that survived have spent all their time since then trying to find the you, never expecting you’ would be in the most obvious place."

"Why didn't you tell of this then," Max snapped in frustration.

"Would you have really listened any more than you did to the warning I did give that day?"

"Stop arguing you two, none of that matter anymore" Isabel interjected.

"She's right," Alex added, "The question is what we do now?"

"WE don't do anything, you can go...."

"Tess now is not the time," Nascedo interrupted before she could finish her sentence. "The important this is that we are aware that Kivar's mean are among us and the rest of you are to act normal while I try to find out more about this stranger."


Several hours later at Micheals arrangement Nascedo, and Liz sat on the couch gathered in the very same room the others had met earlier. Liz was relaying the details of her second encouter with the stranger. "He came in really late again and order the same stuff but this time I tried to make conversation, tried to find out something about him. It's a really good thing I've spent the last two months praticing my "customer smile" becuase for as much as that guy creeps me out I managed to play the cheery, outgoing waitress."

"Please get to the details about what you learned," Nascedo demanded.

"He said he was in town trying to find some 'old friends' he had lost track of. When I told him that I've lived in Rowell my whole life he asked if I could help him. I somehow managed to sound excited about the idea of it. So now you've got someone of the inside..."

"I still don't understand why your seeing this flashes but I don't see why we shouldn't take advantage of this oppurtunity, but I just don't understand what motivation you have to do this?"

"Becuase I may not be able to love him they way I want to but I have been given a chance to help him and be damned if I won't take it."

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I went to a conference to San Antonio this weekend so I haven't had a chance to work on the story. I promise to try and get a new part up in the weekend.
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Life After Destiny by UruzBerkana

Part III

“I ought to get an Oscar for this” Liz thought to herself as she reflected on the past two weeks . Liz hadn’t had much time to herself between the her extra summer hours at the Crashdown, helping Nicolas find his “friends”, and making regular reports to Nasedo and Michael. Most of her reports were made to Michael in the kitchen after her shifts, they would wait for everyone to leave and she would tell him everything that happened with Nicolas.

Nicolas Whitaker, that’s what he said his name was, he also claimed to be from a small town in Arizona. As far as Liz could tell no one else had come with him, at least there was no sign of anyone else at his hotel room the couple of times she had met him there. The first day Liz had met with him he “admitted” the people he was looking for weren’t really his friends but the children of a family friend who had been given up for adoption many years ago. So far Liz has kept him from suspecting Max and Isabel were the two his was looking for.

Now he was here in the Crashdown, again, waiting for her. Liz walked over to him and asked with a flirtatious grin, “Hey, Nic what’s up?”

“Great news, it looks like a have a lead on Mark and Judy’s kids.” Liz feigned excitement and fought the revulsion as she gave him a hug and told him how happy she was for him. “Why don’t you come meet me at my hotel room after your shift tonight, I think could use your help”

“Sure no problem”

“We’ll I just stop by to ask you that, I’ve got some other stuff to do, I’ll see you then.

Maria stood behind the breakroom door watching the entire exchange between Liz and the new guy in town. “I’m gonna be sick” she thought to herself. Maria was convinced this whole destiny thing had destroyed her best friend, not to mention stole her boyfriend. He was chasing his former alien wife and doing who knows what with her so called best friend.

“Ouch!” Maria yelled as Liz came rushing in the door and added, “Watch where your going” when she saw who it was.

“Sorry Maria,” Liz replied bashfully.


“Oh Maria please don’t…” with that comment Liz began to weep as the strength left her body and she fell to her knees. The charade she had put on for everyone for so long finally caught up with her, “I know I haven’t had much time for you lately, but you don’t understand”

“Your right I don’t understand, who are you lately? You’ve been hanging all over that new guy and going to his hotel, not to mention meeting with Michael at all hours of the night. What happened to leaving them to their destiny”

Between her sobs Liz managed to say, “Your don’t really think that I’m screwing around with do you”

“Well when you way it that way it does sound kinda silly”

“Because it is silly. Please let me explain what’s really going” She explained who they thought the stranger really was and the role she was playing in the whole thing.

“I am so stupid.”

“Your not stupid, Maria, just a little silly. Which is understandable considering everything that’s been going on. Look can you cover for me tonight, I’ve got to go meet Nicolas later I really don’t think I can put on the charm if I’ve got to put to keep it on for an entire shift too.”

“I don’t think going over there a good idea? What could news could he possible have that doesn’t mean bad news to us, how do you know it’s not a trap.” and after a pause added “But you know I’ll cover your shift. You don’t look like you’re in any shape to be working right now in any case”

“Thanks Maria, you a lifesaver. And your probably right, but I have to follow through on this. For some reason I just can’t let it go, right now this is the only thing that I can do for Max…” Her voice trailed off as tears threaten to emerge again.

Several hours later Maria from the front windows of the Crashdown as Liz left for her meeting with Nicolas and couldn’t shake the feeling of the dread that overcame her.

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Sorry, I haven't work on the story for a little while... I just found Breathless's story "Captive Hearts" which is amazing and amazingly long.

I'm not real happy with the last part but I'm gonna try to do better on the next, but it might be a little while with school starting on Monday (GRADUATE SCHOOL - AHHHH!!).

Roswool - thanks for you support and the convention was a lot of fun, it's for a finacial professions fratnity that I'm an officer for but we goofed of a lot while we weren't in meeting so that was nice....

Be back soon!!