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Title: Love is eternal
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Rating: the same
Pairing: m/l
Summary: set in the kinda future. Max goes back to the past to fix things.
AN: this and my other story will be the only ones I’ll be updating.


They had found out their secret.

The government found their secret. Their carefully hidden secret. They had found out by a default. A mistake.

And the mistake was on Antar rite now, living a life of royalty, while the real royal court ran for their lives.

The close circle of friends were torn apart by the government.

The government hid camera’s in their clothes, locators on their coats

And the group was slowly ever so slowly, torn apart.

Alex was first. Died from an enormous mindwarp. The default did this.

Maria was next. It was said that Maria was walking home alone one night, and a car hit her. But the friends knew better. They knew what was wrong with the picture. The truck was a government car. They knew what happened.

Micheal was next. He… its so horrifying. He was at Maria’s grave crying. And that’s when they got him. When he was vulnerable. They beat him, slashed him. And killed him. And he welcomed it. he wanted to be with her.

Isabel was the last one: Publicly, they said that she had committed suicide. But the last of them knew that her neck was broken before she was hanged.

It was only Max and Liz left.

But they were gonna change it. They would have a chance at a new life. A healthy one. They were all too young to die. So they would change it.

They were gonna let Liz Parker die.

Part One

They were running hand in hand.
The government close behind them. Gunshots flew around them, the bullets mere millimeters away.

They ran together hand in hand, flying over the rocks and the familiar terrain, as the government was tripping and falling.

The bullets were still whizzing past them.

But there was one stray one. One that didn’t go in the right direction. And it hit Liz Parker in the chest.

Max heard it first.

He locked his eyes with hers, and time was going slow. He remembered her falling, her head banging on a rock.

Time went slow. Max remembered himself stopping, stopping cuz he wanted to save her, but he couldn’t there was no time. So he picked her fragile body and ran. Ran, while Blood gushed out of her chest and trickled down her forehead. He placed his hand on the rock and crept inside.

“ Liz! Oh god.”

He tried to heal her. He wanted to. But right when he was going to lay his life saving hand on her chest and forehead.

She stopped him. She had lifted her fragile hand and stopped him. And said the most unselfish words.

“ Max, don’t worry about me. Save the others.”

Max choked up, tears welling up in his eyes. She then lifted her hand and touched his face and said her final words, and then took her last and final breath.

“ Max, I love you.”

Then she died, just the way she wanted.

In his arms.

“ Liz!!! LIZ!! NOO!!!”

And he wept.

Wept till more tears couldn’t be made.

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Part two

Max had to get on with it.

He had to for Liz. For his sister. For his family.

He needed to save the grief. For all of them.

Max picked himself off the cold rocky floor, laying his Liz softly on the floor.

He stood up, shaking off all the dust and such, and walked toward the grandlith, punching in codes that he memorized by heart. Max stepped in the shiny machine, and looked out at his beautiful face, and memorized it.

And he was off, without one look back.

And that was when all he saw was darkness.

And when he regained all of his focus, he found himself where he left Liz dead. But there was something wrong with this. There was no Liz, so he figured he was in the past.

And he didn’t wear a smile on his face. Because in both worlds, she was dead.

But he had to save the rest of them. Liz wanted him too.

So he would.

Just thinking of her, his heart broke once again.

And he left for the Evan’s house.

And he would find Isabel. And then Maria. And then finally Liz herself.

Part 3

He approached his old home, remembering all his times there. He climbed up the trees that intertwined around his sister’s window and climbed in.

And came face to face with Isabel’s hand, and it was flashing green.

“ Get out. Get out before u die.”

Max felt himself begin to chuckle. And then laugh.

But he stopped himself. There were more serious matters.
“ Is, I noe this may be hard to explain, but I’m from the future.”

It was Isabel’s turn to laugh.

“ You are crazy!!”

Then she took a good look at me.

“ Max??”

“ Yes Liz, and I have a favor to ask you. And ill tell you all about our histor, our planet, a and what happened ion our life before.”

She nodded.

Max told her of Antar, and the shooting, and Alex. About Micheal and Maria, and Tess. All about the deaths of there loved ones. And of all the government.

And she listened and believed.

She sighed, with tears crawling down her cheeks.

“ What do u want me to do?”

Now I was crying.

“I want you to distract Max from the Crashdown tomorrow, and let Liz die.”

Max heard her gasp, more tears streaming down her cheeks.

“ But I thought you loved her! You can’t let her die-“

Max interrupted her.

“ Liz wants her friends to be safe.” Max says sharply, and gets up to go to Micheals.

“ And Isabel, After the shooting, come to the tree outside your room, and there will be something that I will leave.”

“ But Max-“

But Max was already gone.

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Part 4

On the way to Michael’s trailer, he had passed her house. The Crashdown.

And he broke down.

Max took one look at her, and noticed how happy she looked. So carefree. But it would all end tomorrow. All tomorrow.

He made his way to Micheal’s.

And backed out of it.

He would get Isabel to tell him everything.

But he couldn’t tell Micheal that he had family. A wife.

That would break his heart.

So he hurried back to his old house, and took something out of his coat pocket.

He pulled out Liz’s journal. The leather was so soft now, he heart was poured out in this book.

Liz had given him this book years ago, when she ran out of room.

And he was gonna give it to Isabel. For her to read and share it. After the shooting. Right when Liz died or the future was changed he would be gone with Liz. With her he found peace. And he couldn’t wait for that day.

Sorry its sooo short!!!!!

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