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Authors Note: Okay im going to try this again. I posted the first few parts of this a few months ago, but I had too much going on with school to really concentrate on writing. Hopefully, now, since it’s summer, I’ll have better luck. This my first fic…actually my first time writing anything that wasn’t a school essay… so let me know what ya think.


It’s December 19th, I’m Liz Parker and it’s been six months since I graduated from Harvard University. Yes you heard right Harvard University. I can hardly even believe it myself. For the last six months I’ve been back in Roswell, NM helping out my parents at the infamous crashdown café. They were having some problems with some of the staff and since I had nothing better to do I decided to waitress for a few months. It was nice to get away from the atmosphere of Harvard. I’ve been studying for so long that I had forgotten how nice it was to just relax, although the shifts at the crashdown aren’t exactly relaxing.
Which is why I decided to get away. It’s time for something new. And since while I was at Harvard I picked up hiking, just to get away from all the Boston commerce I decided to take this job in New Hampshire. It’s a three-month shift up at a hut in the mountains. I’m assigned to Zealand Falls Hut. Basically me and one other person take care of the cabin and watch over the guests, fellow hikers, who pass through and/or stay the night in the cabin. Two other caretakers come up on the holiday weekends to help with the abundance of guests. It really sounds like fun. I just hope that it will help me to relax and learn to have fun. I’ve been working way too much lately…

Liz Parker stepped off the airplane at Boston international. It was a clear day, a rare occurrence at this time of year. The air was frigid and Liz quickly made her way through the airport. She knew the airport by heart now considering that she had to travel back to Roswell three times a year, during the holidays and summer vacation. She picked up her luggage and called a taxi. Her shift at the hut started tomorrow and she needed to get to her hotel and rest before she started her 6-mile cross-country ski into the cabin. ‘This is going to be a long trip’ Liz thought to herself as she saw the cab approaching. She hated cab rides. The cabs almost always smelled of smoke or sweat, but today she was lucky. The cab smelt moderately good and the driver was nice.

“Where to miss,” The driver asked.

“Plymouth, New Hampshire,” Liz replied and got comfortable, for the ride to Plymouth was two hours and the roads weren’t known for their smoothness.

One hundred miles away Max Evans was in his last leg of his journey up to his Zealand Hut. Two weeks ago he had finished the fall shift up here and gone home, but then two days ago he had gotten a phone call saying that he was needed for the winter shift because one of the new caretakers had cancelled at the last minute. After much argument and excuses he grudgingly agreed on the condition that he would get to use the wood stove two extra hrs a week. It always got extremely cold up in the caretaker loft on the weekends because of the constant opening and shutting of the doors, letting all the cold air in.

“Damn,” Max cursed as his boot slipped on the hill leading up to this lodge. He hated this part of the journey. The trail is relatively flat for the first 5.9 miles, but then all of a sudden it gets really steep, around a 70-degree angle on the last 300 yards. ‘Its like they all of a sudden decided that they need to make the journey even mare difficult, like it wasn’t hard in the first place,’ Max ranted to himself. Three minutes and two hundred calories later he finally reached the top.

Deciding he was more hungry than tired Max cooked himself some dinner and talked with the few guests that there were. He knew that there wouldn’t be many this time of year because many people opted to stay home with their families. Only the extreme backpackers and those doing the Appalachian Trail would be coming around this time of year.

After finishing dinner and seeing the guests off to bed he finally retired to his loft and wondered what the season would bring…

It’s December 20th, I’m Liz Parker and today is the day I start my shift at Zealand Falls Hut. It’s 6:30 in the morning here and it’s almost time for me to start. I’m in the cab that is taking me to the trailhead and I just needed to get my thoughts on paper. I’m a little afraid of the second caretaker. I mean what if he/she isn’t a nice person? What if he/she doesn’t like me? I’m just being silly, but you should always be careful. I had to learn that the hard way in college when…oh we’re here…I’ve got to go.

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Hey Everybody! Thanks for the feedback. Its nice to know that people read this story. One question though: What exactly is a kiwi?

Chapter One:

It was 4:00 and the sun was just starting to set when Liz finally made it to the ski rack. It was the designated place for leaving your skis before hiking up the hill to the hut.
She had taken a wrong turn about half way through and it had been an hour before she had realized that she wasn’t going the right way. So she had turned around and skied back, luckily it was downhill and it only took her half an hour, but she still had lost an hour an a half of day light. She had cursed herself for forty-five minutes afterward before she realized it wasn’t worth the effort.
Plus the scenery was beautiful. Little spruce trees paralleled the path with a light dusting of snow on each branch. The air was crystal clean and it smelled of pine. She really had to suck in her breath at the site. So she had carefully followed the trail from then on checking the map every two minutes just to make sure she didn’t get lost while admiring the scenery.
The temperatures outside were in the teens and she couldn’t afford to get lost again because once in got dark they would drop below zero. Only with a winter tent and a lot of luck could she survive that cold. Unfortunately, she had decided that she wouldn’t need that tent and had opted not to bring it. She had wanted to lighten the weight of her pack, now she wasn’t so sure it was the right choice.
So here she was at the bottom of the hill. “Goddamn I have to climb THAT, it’s like 90 degrees,” Liz said to herself. She loved hiking. She really did, but hills like these were not her favorite thing in the world. She’d much rather have a calmer slope, not a slope that was liable to either suffocate you or give you a heart attack. On the other hand, she was almost there. ‘Just another 700 feet,’ Liz estimated. And so she started her journey up.
Upon reaching the top Liz was about ready to faint. The hill was bad enough by itself but add in the snow covering it and Liz’s lack of grip on her cross-country boots…well lets just say she would have rather hit herself in the head with a sledgehammer. For every two steps she had taken she had slid down one. The going was a lot tougher than she had foreseen.
Sitting outside to catch her breath Liz tried to push the bad memories into the back of her mind and tried to only remember the beauty and grace of this wondrous place. After partially completing the task she got up and opened the door to the hut…

That very same day Max Evans was also having a bad day. First off when he awoke early that morning he had hit his head on the roof while going down the stairs from the loft. Then one of the solar generators had broken and he had had to go all the way to the roof to fix it. By the end of the day he was not in the best of moods. ‘Well, once you’ve hit bottom you can only go up,’ Max thought to himself, trying to cheer up. ‘The new caretaker should be here soon, I just hope it’s not like last time…’He shuddered at the thought. Max picked up the reservations booklet and looked through it. ‘Not many people tonight,’ Max thought, ‘ Not many for the next week.’ Then something caught his eye. It read like this:

Scheduled caretakers: M. Evans
E. Parker

‘Could it be…No way…not even a possibility…I haven’t seen Liz since high school…She wouldn’t be doing this, she was never the athletic type…. how would you know? You never let yourself get to know her…You were always to chicken to even say hi…the only girl you ever loved and you let her get away…Shut up.’ Max snapped himself out of his trance. No need for his dark thoughts to get him into an even worse mood. The chances of actually having his Liz as his caretaker companion were practically zero.
Max looked up as the cabin door opened. Normally he would just ignore it because most of the guests knew what they were doing and would only come to him if they needed help of some kind, but something was drawing his eyes to the door. Something tangible. He got a feeling, something he hadn’t felt in four long years…

As Liz entered the hut she couldn’t help but notice it’s elegant interior. There were two racks about fifteen feet above her head, possibly for drying clothes, on pulleys that you could lower by unhooking a rope. There were three tables in the hut made of oak, one on either side of the room and one pushed against the wall next to her. There were also two doors, one on either side of her. ‘Guest bedrooms,’ she thought to herself. Towards the back was the kitchen, but a little before that on the left was a wood burning stove, the only heat source for the cabin, other than body heat. To the right was a desk, with a man sitting at it. A man who looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t place him. There was something about his eyes…
Then it hit her. There was only one person in this world with eyes as beautiful and golden as those. The one person she never knew, but could never forget. “MAX!” Liz exclaimed and fainted. It had been a long a stressful day and Liz just couldn’t take any more surprises.

Max had almost had a heart attack when he saw Liz come through the door. He just stood there in shock as she looked around and admired the cabin. Only when she looked straight at him with her doe eyes filled with shock did he realize that it really was Liz. And only when she started to fall did he resume some semblance of control over himself as he jumped over the desk to catch her as she fell. His reaction to her had been instinctual, it always had been. Max, not knowing what to do, carried Liz up the ‘stairs’ to the loft. This was not an easy feat because the ceiling was very low and the stairs, if you could call them that, were very awkward. Once up the stairs he gently laid Liz down on his bed.
“Liz…Liz…Wakeup…come on sweetheart…it’s going to be okay…just wake up,” Max said in a soft, gentle voice near her ear. His mother had fainted on occasion because of the heat in Roswell, where he grew up, so he knew it wasn’t serious. Probably just from stress.
“Liz…” Max said again and kissed her forehead. Had she been awake Max would never have been this bold, but with her unconscious from fainting he knew it was okay to comfort her in this way. Plus he might never get the chance again.
Max just sat like that with her like that for about fifteen minutes, just enjoying being near her again, until she started sweating. Max cursed himself for forgetting that she was still wearing her snowsuit in a room that was 70 degrees. He slowly pealed away her hat and let her hair fall away. ‘As soft as silk,’ Max thought as he ran his fingers through her long, thick hair. “Concentrate,” Max, said to himself. Slowly, Max brought his hand down to the zipper on her snowsuit. He pulled down the zipper and started to remove her gloves and glove liners. ‘Beautiful hands.’ It was a stray thought. Next came the shoes and socks.
Max gently removed her snowsuit, he was hesitant to disturb her. She looked like she could use some sleep. He blushed when he realized that all she had on under it was a pair of long underwear. Skin tight long underwear to be exact. Feeling like a voyeur he quickly lifted her up. She was amazingly light and tiny. He was surprised that she could have carried that heavy pack all the way up to the hut. But then again, he had learned from being her lab partner never to underestimate Liz parker. She was amazing. He quickly slid her into his bed, leaving the comforter off and just the sheet for warmth. It was warm enough in the loft for just the sheet.
Max took a quick trip downstairs to see how the guests were doing. All of them had checked in already because there were only four tonight and were busy cooking dinner. He decided that Liz would be hungry soon so he made some soup and got some cool water and a washrag and went back up stairs. He found Liz still asleep in his bed. He knew that he had to wake Liz up soon to check for any after shocks of the fainting episode, but he was hesitant to disturb such a rare beauty. Liz was curled up on he side hugging Max’s pillow. Her face was flushed from sleep and she had the sheet all tangled around her legs, molding it to her body.
Max took a hesitant step forward and had to stop himself from kissing her awake. He barely even knew her and she probably wouldn’t appreciate being kissed awake by a stranger. ‘Well, we’ll just have to change that fact, won’t we,’ he thought to himself. He had let his only love get away from him in high school and he’d be damned if he’d let it happen again. Especially since he chose to stay on Earth for the rest of his life, instead of going back to Antar. He had finally come to the conclusion years ago that he didn’t have to hide from humanity. He could live his life without hiding. He could merely choose to show humanity only the human part of him and not the alien. Just because he was part alien didn’t mean he had to stop living. Unfortunately, he had come to this conclusion too late to start a relationship with Liz. She had already left for Harvard and he was headed to Oxford to get his English degree. But now that fate had thrown them back together he was going to make sure it stayed that way. Starting right now by waking Liz up and getting to know her.
Max gently traced the contours of Liz’s face and softly started to call her name again, “Liz…Liz, sweetheart, you have to wake up.” Max heard a faint murmur from Liz as she turned her head more into the pillow and went back to sleep. “Liz…” He said a little louder. Liz turned towards him and slowly opened her eyes.
“Max…” Liz murmured and slowly opened her eyes only to look into the most gorgeous eyes she had ever seen. “Where am I…Aren’t you at Oxford?” Liz said confused.
Max was a little surprised that Liz knew where he had gone to college. His surprise turned into elation that she had cared. “You’re in Zealand Falls Hut in New Hampshire Liz.”
The last few hours of events hit her like a ton of bricks and she shot up in bed. That was when she realized her state of undress and turned beet red and lay back down, pulling the covers over her. She turned even redder when she remembered how she had screamed out his name and fainted. There was an awkward silence between the two until Liz said, “Thank you Max.”
“For what,” Max replied, truly confused. Everything he had did in the last hour he had done on instinct because it was just natural for him to be like that with Liz. Whether she realized it or not he thought about her everyday.
“For taking care of me while I was unconscious. Not everyone would have done what you did.” Liz said with a smile. She really was grateful for everything he did. She didn’t know if she would have felt as well as she did now if it hadn’t been for Max.
“Your welcome, Liz,” Max replied with a blush. “How are you feeling now? Any light headedness or pain?” He asked. He wanted his Liz to be in good health. He couldn’t stand to have her in any pain or discomfort.
“No, not really,” Liz said as she tried to get up. As she was getting up she started to feel a little lightheaded.
Max, who was continuously aware of her, sensed this as pushed her back down on the bed. Liz tried to argue but Max just placed his finger over her lips, stopping any protest. He caressed her face as he said “Shhh, Liz, just rest, ill get you something to drink, you probably dehydrated from your long trip up here. I made you some soup earlier, here I’ll get it.” Max turned and walked over to the desk where he had left the soup earlier.
Liz just sat in the bed, awed at how naturally sweet and caring Max was. She barely knew him, and yet she felt like she had known him for her entire life. When he had touched her lips to stop her from arguing she had felt this jolt fly through her. It was as if the room crackled with tangible emotions and energy. After all the years of sitting next to Max Evans during science lab and it took a hut out in the middle of nowhere to bring them together. Ironic. When he had caressed her face and looked into his eyes she had seen a glimpse of the amazing person that Max was. He had such emotional eyes. You could see his every thought through them.
When Max turned towards the desk to get the soup Liz couldn’t help but notice how strikingly handsome he was. Through his skintight long underwear shirt she could see his muscles flex. ‘He’s an Adonis,’ Liz thought to herself with a sigh, ‘My Adonis…wow where did that come from. Getting mighty possessive of a guy you just saw for the first time in four years aren’t you Liz?’ Liz shook off the thought.
While his back was turned Max couldn’t help but feel her eyes on him. It made him feel good to know that she was looking at him and yet he felt strangely naked. He was starting to respond to her constant appraisal of him and cursed his lack of control as he held his hand over the now cold soup. He used his powers to warm it while blocking Liz from seeing anything with his back. Satisfied that the soup was now sufficiently warm he turned and walked back to the bed.
He froze at the heated look he got from Liz but then shook it off as his imagination and continued towards the bed. He gently helped Liz sit up knowing that she was still a little woozy and held the bowl for her as she ate. ‘She’s even sexy when she eats,’ Max thought to himself and realized he was now truly whipped. He was her slave and she was his master. “Do you want anything to drink Liz?”
“No thank you Max, I’m feeling much better now, could you show me around the cabin now?”
“Sure, but tell me if your feeling faint again,” Max said. He would never want to be the cause of her harm. Liz just nodded silently while looking into his eyes. Max helped her up and took out her clothes from her bag so that she wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable. Liz slipped on a pair of sweats and listened as he explained the cabin.
“Well…um this is the caretaker loft. There are six beds up here because in the summer there are six caretakers because in the summer the cabin provides breakfast and dinner. Over here,” he said turned around, “is the desk. These instruments,” pointing to three metal electric boxes on the wall, “Show solar power intake, temperature, and battery capacity. Down stairs we have the store. That’s the desk I was sitting at when you came in. The lounge, kitchen and stoves fueled by propane, wood burning stove for heat, the guest bedrooms, one on either side of the lounge, and the bathrooms, one through each bedroom. All our water comes from a well up the hill, which guests and caretakers transport manually and I think that’s it.”
“Wow, so this entire facility is run by two people?” Liz asked amazed. Max just nodded. “Cool. So…you want to go down stairs?” Liz asked. It was way past dinnertime by now, but Liz had only had one bowl of soup since lunch so she was hoping to cook something to eat. She was told that the Appalachian Mountain Club or AMC provided the caretakers with food, so she wanted to check out the food stores and see what there was to eat.
“Yeah sure, just watch your step. The stairs are very awkward and take some getting used to,” Max replied. His first shift up here this fall he had fallen down the stairs three times, the first time breaking his ankle. Had he not been able to heal himself he would have been in serious trouble.
Liz slowly mad her way down the stairs, being careful not to trip. Max was right when he said that the stairs would take some getting used to. They were practically vertical each step was barely big enough for one foot. If you missed a step you were likely to fall down a long ways.
After arriving in the kitchen Max showed Liz the food stores an offered to make her some dinner. Tired, she graciously accepted. As Max was making dinner Liz sat with some of the guest talking to them about various things until Max came with the dinner. He had made spaghetti with meat sauce since he knew it would raise Liz’s blood sugar, he didn’t want her fainting on him again. Through dinner Max and Liz made light small talk about their lives during the last four years, but they both knew the other was hiding something. Not knowing what the other was hiding and not wanting to get in too deep them selves they just let it be.
During dessert they just sat comfortably in each other’s company enjoying each other’s presence. And for the first time in a long time they both felt at peace. And they both thought at the same time that this day way getting better and better…

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Hey guys, sorry I took so long. I was away on vacation. Thankyou for all your wonderful feedback. Anyway, heres the next part.

Chapter Two:

Upon awaking the next morning Max decided to let Liz get some more sleep. She had had a hard day yesterday and there were only a few guests that stayed at the hut last night, so he didn’t need any help supervising breakfast.
After cooking and eating some eggs that he had graciously accepted from a guest that didn’t want to pack them out (leaving some for Liz when she woke up), he went on water run. All the guests had left while he was still eating and no more were coming today so he thought he had time.
While on the water run he couldn’t help but start to have doubts. ‘What if she has a boyfriend…or doesn’t want to be with me,’ he kept thinking. He couldn’t stand to lose her again. Even though he had never really had her in high school, sitting at that lab table and staring into her eyes everyday is the only time he had truly lived. ‘I’ll make her mine,’ he concluded determined and continued on his way up to the well pump.
Meanwhile in the Hut:

Liz had woken up with Max nowhere to be seen. After looking around the cabin she found a note:

I woke up and you were a sleep. You looked so beautiful lying there and I didn’t have the heart to wake you. There are some eggs out on the counter and some pancake mix in the cupboard. Feel free to make yourself some breakfast. I went out on a water run and will be back around nine. Till then take care.

Liz blushed as she read the note. Obliging Max, she cooked herself some breakfast and carefully made her way up to the loft. Checking her watch she realized she had fifteen minutes until Max was to return. Liz, being Liz decided to use this time to her advantage and sat down to write in her journal.

Dear Journal,
It’s December 21st, I’m Liz Parker and I just met the sweetest, kindest, gentlest guy: Max Evans. I mean really met. In high school Max Evans was just my lab partner, the shy guy that sat next to me during science lab. The guy with the most beautiful eyes, eyes specked with gold. Eyes I stared into everyday as we worked, stealing shy glances at each other as we worked on our assignments.
Now Max is so much more. Aside from having a build to die for, he has just opened up to me in a way he never did before. He used to be so shy, almost as if he was hiding from the world. Now it’s like he’s finally opening up, letting me se the true him. Just being himself. And let me tell you it’s amazing. He’s so caring and gentle. Last night, when I fainted, he carried me up to the loft and just sat there with me until I woke up. He just whispered comforting words in my ears. Letting me know that all was right with the world, holding my hand and stroking my face. He has the most soothing, deep voice and the gentlest hands. Although calloused and rough, his hands running gently over my skin feel like they are the most familiar in the world to me. Almost as if they had always been there, though I know that could never be true. Max Evans has put a force on me. A force as gentle as the wind, but slowly and surely is pushing me towards him. Telling me to open my heart to him even though I swore never to again. Telling me that he is the one…


Max walked through the door of the hut and was rewarded with the sight of Liz, sprawled out on a table reading a book. Her hair was showered over her face like a chocolate waterfall. She looked so beautiful to him. She always had.
“So…what are you reading?” Max asked casually.
“I’m just reading these journals. You know some of the stories that people wrote in here are pretty interesting.”
“Yeah, I know. I used to take a journal out to this waterfall about a mile and just read and read on the days when no one was coming up to the hut.”
“Wow, so is the waterfall open in the winter?”
“Yeah…yeah it is…so…do you want to go there on a day trip today?” Max asked hopefully.
“That would be great,” Liz said enthusiastically and jumped off the table and started to go up to the loft to get ready. Max just smiled and stared after her. Eventually he got up and followed her, deciding he had given her enough time to change.


The trail up to the waterfall was steep and slippery, but Max and Liz manage to make it up without incident. When they got to the top the view was spectacular.
“Max, this is amazing! I could stay here forever.” She could see the lake and the mountains surrounding it. As well as the small hut they had left just one hour before. To their right was the waterfall itself, seemingly frozen in time. It’s billows of water stopped just seconds before hitting the lake.
“Well, you might get a little cold and hungry if you tried to stay her forever, Liz”
“Ha ha,” Liz said, exasperated. They hadn’t seen each other in years and yet they were joking like old friends. Liz had never felt more comfortable with someone in her entire life. While Liz was admiring the view Max spread out the blanket and lunch they had packed up to their private haven.
“You going to eat something Liz?”
“Yeah,” Liz said turning around, “Wow theirs a lot of food here.”
“Yeah…well I always say better be safe than sorry.”
“That’s a good motto.”
“Well, it has always served me well.”
Max and Liz proceeded to devour their lunch. “So Max, I’ve been meaning to ask you. How in the world did you manage to get me all the way up to the loft? That must have taken you quite a lot of muscle,” Liz said affectionately squeezing his bicep.
Max blushed. “I…I guess.” Max watched as she just smiled at him. Time went in slow motion as a piece of hair fell out of her ponytail. Max reached up and tucked it behind her ear. “ You’re so beautiful Liz.”
Now it was Liz’s turn to blush. “Thank you Max.” They had unconsciously drifted closer to each other on the blanket. ‘His lips…” She daydreamed and started to lean closer to him.
‘She’s going to kiss me,’ Max thought. Years ago max may not have gone through with the kiss, but now he had no hesitation because he realized that it was now or never. He might never get another chance like this. Max leaned forward, his eyes drifting closed and prayed that he didn’t miss. Their first kiss was brief, but sweet, the electric jolt that passed through them startling them. They both pulled back and smiled. Then they leaned back in again needing the contact once more. ‘So soft, so sweet’ Max couldn’t get enough.
“Wow,” Liz managed to puff out, breathing hard.
“Yeah,” he replied with a dazed but pleased expression on his face. “I’ve wanted to do that forever, Liz”
“Me too Max…me too.”
The rest of the day was spent in each other’s arms reading the hut journals that Max had brought with them. They laughed at the funny tales that the hikers had written and just generally enjoyed each other’s company, occasionally stealing kisses. Finally around four they hiked back to the hut and just sat on the front porch watching the sunset.

Hope you Like it....