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Maria was sitting on her bed when there was a knock on her window

“Hey girlfriend” she said knowing it was Max cause Michael wasn’t talking to her

“Hey” said Max

“What’s up” asked Maria

“I need your help with something” he said sitting on the end of her bed

“Ok what do you need me to do” she said

“Um ok well you know how Liz is not really talking to me, well not really she talks but not like she used to, but that’s ok because she’s talking, and....” he said but Maria cute him off

“Max just tell me, I’m here for you” she said not wanting to laugh because she could tell he has been spending time with her the way he has been blabbing

“Ok well I want Liz back and I don’t want to sound like a jerk when I go to talk to her and I was wondering if you know..” he said looking at the floor

“You want me to act like I’m Liz and say it to me that way when you talk to her you want be nervous” she said

“You would do that” he asked looking at her

“Yeah Max I’m your friend that’s what we do” she said coming to sit next to him on the bed

“Ok Um” he said taking a deep breath and reaching out to hole her hand he began

“Liz I know I messed up and I’m sorry, I wish I could go back and make it all better but I can’t. I love you and I don’t think I will ever stop loving you. I know you said you wanted to be friends and I can understand that but I miss you and I want to try again. What I told you in the cave I meant it. You are my destiny, not Tess. I know what she said but I not in love with her I’m in love with you. Please believe me when I say I can’t live with out you in my Life. I will understand if all you want is a friendship but I love you and I will do anything for you to love me to” he said looking into her eyes

“Oh Max I love you to of course I’ll take you back” she said

“Do you thing she will” he asked looking at there hand intertwine together

“I know she will she loves you she was just hurt give her some time she’ll come around believe me” she said giving his hand a squeeze

“What about you and Michael, anything yet” he asked changing the subject off of him

“Not yet but I’m getting there he actualy talk to me the other day” she said looking at him

“Ok, ok not really talked but when I said Hi he said it back” she said

“Don’t worry spaceboy will be mine” she said with an eivl smile

“What are you doing tonight” she asked going into her bathroom

“Nothing, why what do you have planed” he asked laying down on her bed

“Let’s go get something to eat and watch a moive at your place” she said coming out of the bathroom brushing her hair

“Sound good to me” he said

About ten minutes later they walk into the CD and grab a booth in the back. The first thing she saw was Michael looking really pissed off. She wanted to go and see what was wrong but they weren’t talking, well he wasn’t talking to her. When they made eye contact he turned away and you could here something brake.

“Michael what’s the matter” asked Liz walking into the back to see what the noise was

“Nothing” he said

“Don’t nothing me, what’s wrong” she asked going to help him pick up the food that was on the floor

“Nothing” he said

“Michael” she said knowing something was bothering him

“Fine, I think she’s in love with someone else” he said

“Who is in love with someone else” she asked going to dump the trash

When she didn’t get an answer she turns around to she him looking out the window. She goes over and looks and has to turn around

“You think Maria is in love with someone else, why what happen” she asked

Not wanting to hurt Liz with what he knew he lied and said

“I just have this felling, that’s all” he said turning to finish cooking

“Don’t worry Michael she loves you” she said before leaving

“Yeah but is that enough” he said to himself

Have you talked to Michael lately” Maria asked

“Not today why” asked Max looking up to look at her

“Just wanted to know” she said looking back in the window to see Liz and Michael turn away when she looked at them

“So what movie do you want to watch” he asked trying to change the subject, he didn’t want her being sad over Michael

“I don’t care I just don’t want to be by myself tonight” she said

“Amy’s gone again” he asked

“Yep” she said

“How long this time” he asked felling sorry for Maria she was always by herself

“Two weeks I think, she left this morning” she said

“Hey guys what can I get you” said Liz looking mostly at Maria

“Just some space fries and a coke thanks” said Maria

“I’ll have the same but cherry coke” he said

“How have you been Liz” he asked

“I’m good” she said still not looking at him

“I’ll be right back with your drinks” she said turning on her heels

“Well that went well” he said

“Don’t worry she still love you” she said looking back to see Michael looking at her trough the window but turn we he sees her looking

Max not really felling like being here looking at Liz and not have her he wanted to live

“You know what lets eat it back at my place” he said with a pleading look in his eyes

“Ok” she said not wanting to be there either

Liz walked back to there table with there drinks

“Here you go, your food will be right out” she said leaving the table

“Liz” Max said before she had a chance to leave

Not wanting to get into it with him she just turned around to face him

“Um could we...” he said but was cute off

“Max I’m working, I can’t talk right now” she said about to leave again

“Ok, but can we get are order to go, if it’s not to much trouble” he asked

“Oh , yeah, sure” she said leaving to the back

Max and Maria were sitting on the his bed watching HardBall when Maria was laughing so hard that she spilled coke on her top

“Damn it” she said trying to catch the liquid before it went down her top

She gets up and goes into the bathroom to clean up and yells to Max

“Hey girlfriend can I borrow a shirt, I would ask Izzy but she’s not here” she said from the bathroom

“Yeah hold on” she said

Getting up he goes to get her a shirt from he’s closet and knocks on the door

“Here” he said

“Thanks” she said

“Not a problem” he said

When she came out Max took a quick intake of air

“Damn she looked good in my close” he thought to himself

“Shit where did that come from this is Maria, Michael’s Maria, you can’t think like that about her” he told himself

Maria came to lay down on the bed again to watch the movie. Max trying to get her off his mine. thinking he needs air he gets up and moves to the door

“Where are you going” she asked turning to look at him

“Um to get a drink, you want one” he asked

“Um yeah thanks” she said turning back to watch the movie not knowing that the shirt moved a little to show off her butt

Shaking his head Max ran from the room

“What are you doing you love Liz” he said to himself

On the way back from the kitchen the door bell rang. Max goes to answer it

“Michael” he says way to high pitched

“Maxwell” Michael says walking into the house

“What are you doing here, and coming through the door” Max asked shutting the door

“We need to talk” he said

“Ok” Max said

“Max do you have any ice cream” said Maria walking into the living room to see Michael and Max looking at each other

“Oh hey Michael” she said

Michael was shocked to say the lease. He came over to ask if there was something going on between Max and his Maria. Looks like he got his answer.

“How could you” he asked Maria

“How could I what” she asked not understand what he was talking about

“I thought you loved me” he said his anger growing

“I do love you, what are you talking about, you broke up with me bubby” she said with her hands on her hip

“And you” he said looking at Max

“He was suppose to be his best friend” he thought

“Did you tell Liz” he asked coming to stand in front of Max

“There’s nothing to tell Liz” Max said not knowing what Michael was talking about tell Liz what

“You bastard” Michael said unable to keep his anger in anymore hits Max in the face

“Don’t come near me again, I knew I shouldn’t have mess with you” he said

And with that he leaves slamming the door close behind him

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Isabel walked into the house to find Max on the floor with Maria practically sitting in his lap holding his face in her hands

“Ok, I don’t even want to know” said Isabel closing the door

Max and Maria turn to look at her

“Oh my god Max what happen to your face” said Izzy coming to sit on the floor with them taking Max face in her hands to look at it

“Michael happen” said Maria turning Max’s face to look at it again

“What do you mean Michael happen” she asked

“I don’t know, I came out here to see if you guys had any ice cream and Michael was here, then he goes off. The next thing I know he’s hitting Max” Maria said all in one breath

“Michael could never hit anyone” said Isabel not really believing that he would hit someone knowing how he was hit growing up

“Well he had and he did” said Max moving to get up off the floor

“How can that be, what happen to make him want to hit someone” she asked looking between the two

“I have know idea” said Maria with a little shrug

“I don’t know, he came, he said he wanted to talk, them Maria came out and he went crazy and hit me” Max said walking to the bathroom to see what his face looked like

“I still don’t understand, why would he hit you. Your his best friend. What exactly did he say” she asked walking into Max’s room and sitting on the bed

Max and Maria walked in after her and told what happen to the best of there knowledge

“We were watching a movie and I went to get a drink, on the way back to the room the door bell rang, it was Michael” he said but was cute off by Izzy

“You mean to tell me Michael came to the door” she asked shocked

“Yeah that’s what I said. Anyway then he walks in and tells me we have to talk. I said ok and then that’s when Maria came and asked for some ice cream. She said hi to him and he does crazy. Saying I thought you loved me, and I know I should have messed with you. Then he asked me if I told Liz yet. I didn’t know what he was talking about, so I told him no I didn’t. Then he calls me a bastard and hits me. He said something else but I really wasn’t listening then, you know with the pain and all” he said touching his face

“And that’s all that happen” Izzy asked again looking between them

They both looked at each other then back to her and shook there heads yes


“How could he, he’s my best friend, my bother. And her, I thought she loved me, I thought I finally found someone that understood me. How stupid can I be to think someone would love me, they always love Max, Max the King, the leader, number one. And what an I second not first, second. I have always come second when it came to Max, well not this time” he was saying to himself walking around Roswell not really knowing where he was going

“Hey Michael what are you going here. Oh wait Maria didn’t work tonight” said Liz taking the trash out the back door of the CD

Michael looks up when he here’s his name be called.
Liz turned to look at him and had to take a step back what she saw in his eyes scared her.

“Michael, what’s wrong” she asked

He just kept on looking at her not wanting to answer, not wanting to hurt her like he was hurting

“Michael, is it Maria, Max, what’s wrong” she asked again coming to stand in front on him

“She lied to me” he said in a small voice

“What” she asked not really hearing what he said

“She lied to me, to us” he said looking into her eyes

“Why am I telling her, just shut up and go home, wow she has pretty eyes not as pretty as Maria’s but, there pretty” he thought

“Who lied to you Michael” she asked

“Come on let’s go inside, it’s cold out here” she said taking his hand and walking back into the CD

Sitting down on the couch in the brake room Liz turns to face Michael. Still having his hand in hers she asked again

“Ok Who lied to you Michael” she said

“Man she has soft hands, not as soft as Maria’s but there soft” he thought until she cute his thoughts off with a question

“She lied, I thought she loved me, I thought I finally found someone who knew me, understood me. But I was wrong, know one will ever love me” he said lost in his own thoughts

“Michael, you have people how love you” she said

“Max and Isabel love..” she said but was cute off

“They have to I’m one of them” he said

“Maria loves..” she tried again and again she was cute off

“She lied to me, she doesn’t love me, she loves him” he said getting mad again

“What are you talking about Michael, Maria loves you” she said trying to look him in the eyes

“She lied, she never loved me” he said putting his head in his hands

Not knowing what happen thinking that maybe they had another fight, she tried to reassure him that there were people how loved him

“Michael I’m sure she just needs time, you know she will come around. But until then you can’t go around felling sorry for yourself, because even if you don’t think so there are people who love you. And I know Max and Isabel love you your they family. And I know we never got along but I love you” she said rubbing his back the hole time she was talking trying to make him fell better

Michael knew if he wasn’t like Max and Isabel that they wouldn’t have anything to do with him, who would he was worthless, trash, isn’t that what Hank always told him. But for some reason what she was saying made sense. Maria told him he was worth something, that people loved him. But every time he thought about Maria all that he can see is her and Max together. Love know one loved him.

“I love you” did he here that correctly, did she just say that

Michael lifted up his head to look at Liz to see if he was going crazy or not

“What did you just say” he asked

“What” she asked not know what she said that he wanted to here again

“What was the last thing you just said” he asked

“That I know Max and Isabel love you, your they family” she said

“No, not that” he said looking at her

Looking at him trying to think of what she said, she wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying she just wanted to make him fell better, then it hit her

“Oh that I know we’re not friends” she asked

“After that” he said

“after that, what did I say after that” she thought to herself

“Oh” she thought

“That I love you” she said

“You do” he asked

“Well yeah, I know we disagree but I know if I needed someone, I know you would help me, and I love you for that” she said but something deep down inside was saying something else

“Man she’s pretty” he thought

“Wow where did that come from, this is Liz, Max’s Liz. I can’t think about her like this, but her lips are just to kissable right now. Stop that Michael this is Liz, what would Maria say” he thought

At the thought of Maria he got mad again and looked away from Liz

“I have to go” he said getting up to leave

“Michael wait” said Liz but was to late

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It had been a few days sense Maria has talked to Michael. She was still mad at him for hitting Max. But unlike her, Max wanted to talk to Michael but Michael refuse to talk to Max, telling him that he wanted nothing to do with him. And that just made Max want to talk even more, wanting to know what he did wrong.

Maria was walking to her class when an arm came out of nowhere and pulled her into a classroom

“What the..” she said shocked as to why she was getting pulled into a classroom

“Michael” she said

“We need to talk” he said running his hand through his hair

“Until you apologize to Max, I have nothing to say to you” she said turning to leave the room

“What is wrong with you. Max this and Max that, you know what ⊕#%$ Max” Michael said

“What’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with you, your the one that’s acting all crazy, what did he do that was so bad, what did he do that would make you act this way” she asked with one hand on her hip

“He took what’s mine” Michael said through clenched teeth

“What did he take” she asked not really wanting to get into it with him, but wanting to know what’s going on

“Why are you on his side” he asked throwing his hands up in the air

“Look Michael, I can’t do this, I can’t, I’m to tired to play your little game with you, first you brake up with me saying you can’t get intense. But that’s all you have put me through. I don’t get you, what do you want Michael” she asked

“What difference does it make you gave it to him” he said walking out the room

“What did I give away, Michael, MICHAEL” she said but was to late he was gone

Max was walking to his locker when he heard a noise, looking around to see where it was coming from he walked into a classroom to see Maria crying

“Hey what’s wrong” he asked coming closer to her

scared by his voice she jumps

“Oh hey girlfriend” she said wiping her eyes

“What’s wrong Maria” he asked again sitting next to her and putting on arm around her

“Why do I let him do this to me Max” she asked

“OK who are we talking about” he asked knowing who they were talking about

“Michael” she said drying her eyes again

“Aww yes Michael” he said handing her a tissue

“Why do I keep letting him hurt me” she asked wiping her face with the tissue

“I don’t think he meant to hurt you, you just have to give him some time, he’ll come around” he said rubbing her back trying to reassure her

“I don’t know Max, I’m tried of waiting, I’m tried of hurting” she said

“Michael loves you, he’s just not use to having someone else know him, just give him time” he asked lifting her face to look in her eyes

“I guess, but this is the last time, If he hurts me again it’s over” she said

“Come on, lets go get something to eat” he said moving to stand and pulling her up to

“Thanks Max, I don’t know what I would’ve done with out you” she said

“Hey that’s what I’m here for, to love and protect” he said with a big grin on his face

“And I love you for that, Thanks” she said giving him a big huge

“Your welcome” he said hugging her back

“Come on let’s go” he said walking out of the room with his arm around her shoulder

Walking out of the room they didn’t see Liz standing at her locker

“They sure look close” Pam Troy said to Liz while walking by with her friends

Liz just looked at her then at Max and Maria.

“There just friends” she told herself

Later on that night Max was sitting in the CD booth with Isabel and Alex.

“So you still haven’t talk to him” Isabel asked

“Every time I try he will avoid me” he said shaking his head

“What about Maria” she asked

“What about” he asked

“Has he talked to her” she said reaching into his plate and eating his fries

“I don’t know about talking but I think they had another fight at school, I found her in a classroom crying” he said

“I don’t get it” said Alex

“Don’t get what” Izzy asked

“Why would he talk to Maria and not Max, when he said he wanting nothing to do with them” he asked

“That is what we’re trying to get” she said

“Hey guys what’s up” said Maria sliding into the booth next to Max and stilling a fry

“Hey Maria” said Alex

“I was waiting to see what you wanted to do tonight” asked Max

“And why is that” she asked taking another fry

“Izzy and Alex were going to the movies and I wanted to see if you wanted to go” he said

“Yeah, what are we going to see” she said but was interrupted by Liz

“Hey you guys” she said

“Hey Liz” Alex said

“Hey Lizzie” said Maria

“Hey Liz” said Max

“What are you guys doing” Liz asked

“Going to the movies” Max said looking at her

“You and Maria” she asked

“Uh yeah Max just asked me” said Maria looking up at her

“Oh” was all she said

“I would ask you to come with use but I know you don’t like action movies” said Max

“No it’s ok I still have to close anyway, so yeah I’ll see you guys later” she said and left before anyone could say anything

Liz walked into the back room and started crying

“Why am I crying, we’re not together anymore he can go out with anyone he wants. But why dose it have to be my best friend. Don’t be stupid Liz there not dating there friends just going to the movies” she told herself

“Then why do I fell this way” she asked herself

Michael walked into the break room to find Liz sitting on the couch crying. not knowing what to do or say he just walked to his locker to put his apron and headband in it so that he could go home. Hearing the noise Liz looks up to see Michael closing his locker
“Oh you finished already” she asked

“Yep” Michael said

“Oh ok then” she said still looking at him

Michael took a long deep breath and turned around walking over to the couch and sitting down he looked at Liz

“What’s wrong” he asked

She looked at him for a minute surprised that he asked.

“Can I asked you a question” she said

“I don’t know can you” he said

“Michael” she said

“Ok fine what” he said

“Do you think I made the right choice” she asked

“Right choice about what” he asked knowing about what he just wanted her to tell him

“By leaving Max so he can do his destiny” she asked

“I don’t know, do you think you made the right choice” he asked

“At first I did, but I’m not sure anymore” she said looking at the wall in front of them

“Do you think you made the right choice” she asked

“What” he said

“Maria told me” she said turning to look at him
“Told you what exactly” he said not wanting to here

“That you love her to much to see her hurt” she said

Michael just sat there not knowing what to say. He did love Maria, but was that enough

“What made you change your mind” he asked

“I thought I loved Max enough to let him go, but I don’t no now” she said

“Dose that make me selfish” she asked

“I don’t know” he said, because he really didn’t know. Was he been selfish with Maria. She was right he broke up with her who is he to tell her who she can be with, but damn dose it have to be Max

“Why are you asking these question to me anyways where’s Maria” he asked

“She went to the movies with Max” she said

“What” he said jumping up from the couch and starting to pace

He moved so fast it scared her for a minute there

“What” she asked

“How could he, I’m going to kill him, just because he’s king doesn’t mean he can have anything he wants. She belongs to me” he was saying to himself

“No she doesn’t she loves him” a voice said to him

Liz was getting scared now, Michael was starting to make things move

“Michael you need to clam down” she said moving to stand in front of him reaching up to touch his shoulders the connection was made instantly


I wish I could go back and make it all better but I can’t. I love you and I don’t think I will ever stop loving you. I know you said you wanted to be friends and I can understand that, but I miss you and I want to try again. What I told you in the cave I meant it. You are my destiny, not Tess. I know what she said but I’m not in love with her I’m in love with you. Please believe me when I say I can’t live with out you in my Life. I will understand if all you want is a friendship, but I love you and I will do anything for you to love me to” he said looking into her eyes

“Oh Max I love you to of course I’ll take you back” she said

End of flash

Liz pulled back and just stared at him with tears running down her checks

“Liz” Michael said reaching out to her

Liz just shook her head and backed up

“Liz” he tried again

“How long” she asked

“What” he said not understanding what she was talking about

“How long have you known ” she asked

“About a week I guess” he said

“And you didn’t tell me” she asked

“I thought you were me friend” she said her voice getting higher with each word coming out her month

“I am” he said

“Then you should have told me” she was now screaming

“I didn’t want to get you hurt” he told her

“I didn’t want to believe it” he said in a low voice

“I need to go” she said leaving him there she turns and run out the back door

The next day at school Maria was at her locker when she felt someone looking at her, but when she turned to look no one was there. She turns back to her locker and gets the rest of her books

“Hey” he said

“Hey grilfriend ” Maria said

“Today is the day” Max said

“The day for what” she asked turning to look at him

“I’m going to get Liz back” he said with a small smile on his face

“That’s great Max” Maria said with a big smile happy that someone would be happy

“What do you think of this” he said reaching into his bookbag and pulling out a small box

Handing it to Maria he stood back and waiting to see what she thinks

“I got it for her” he said

In side was a silver link bracelet with charms of stars and moons hanging from it.

“Oh Max, it’s beautiful” she said

“Do you like it” he asked with a big smile on his face

“Yes I love it” she said

“Love what” asked Isabel as she walked up to them with Alex and Kyle behind her

Turning to see them walking up Maria handed the box out for her to see

“Max bought it. Isn’t beautiful” Maria said really happy cause she just knew Liz would love it

“Wow, it is” said Isabel looking at the bracelet then at Max

“Yeah Max I didn’t know you guys had that kind of a relationship” said Kyle

“Me either” said Michael coming from nowhere

She was standing there looking at them from the end of the hall but she couldn’t take it anymore, not only are they together and didn’t tell anyone, He was buying her gifts.

“The jerk never bought me anything” she said to herself

Before either one had a chance to reply to the question Liz came out of nowhere

“You bitch” Liz said while slapping Maria across the face

“LIZ” Max said moving to stand between them

“How could you, you, you slut” she said

“Liz” Michael said coming to pull her back and try to clam her down

“No” she said pulling her arm free from him

“I thought you were my best friend” she was saying to Maria

Maria was in shock to respond. One she was in shock because little lizzie was using profanity and two she actually hit her. It would be funny in an other situation

“You know I could dell with tess I mean she was a hoe anyways but you, you were a sister to me” Liz was saying

“Liz that’s enough” Max said getting really mad

“Oh yeah I forgot we have to listen to the all mighty King” she said

“LIZ” Max said taking a step toward her

“No Max I’m tried of listening to you, all you do is ⊕#%$ up my life” she said in his face

“Liz I think that’s enough” Alex said coming to stand next to her

“No Alex see it’s not enough until they hurt like I did” she said moving to stand infront of Maria

“What’s wrong Maria, cat’s got your tough” she said

“That would be a first, cause god only knows you can’t stop talking” she said

“What Michael stops talking to you so you move to the next best thing” she asked

“Well like mother like daughter, you both can’t hold a man can you. You know as seeing you father left and now Michael, I’ll give it two mouth until Max leave” she said

Buy now that had a crowd of people watching and Maria had silent tears running down her face

“What is this all about” asked Isabel

“Why are you acting like a bitch Liz” she asked

“What only you get the privilege Isabel” Liz said turning her attention on her

“What” Izzy said shocked that Liz was talking this way

“You want to know what this is all about I’ll tell you. This trash that I used to call my best friend went behind my back and got with Max” she said

“WHAT” they all said looking between Max and Maria

“Max” Isabel asked

“I don’t know what your talking about” Max said

“Don’t play dump Max, Michael heard you in her room telling her that you love her and want to be with her, now you go and buy her gifts” Liz said

“Liz that’s not what happen” Max said

“You know what Max I don’t care anymore, I’m through with you and that trash, you to belong with each other” she said moving to run away but was stopped by someone’s hand on her arm

Liz turned around to see Maria place a box in her hand and walk off

“Maria” Max yelled after her but she keep walking

Max looked back at Liz with hatred in his eyes

“I hope your happy Liz cause you just lost your best friend” he said turning to run after Maria

Liz looked in the box to find a silver link bracelet with charms of stars and moons hanging from it. In the corner if the box was a card, opening it she read it and started crying.

“Oh my god what have I done” she said looking up from the card to see Michael, Isabel Alex, and Kyle looking at her

She drops the box and card and run out of the school leaving four people behind confused

Alex picks up the box and card and reads it

“Guys” he said passing the card around


I know we said we would take it slow and be friends first but I love you even if I have to give you the stars and moon to show you

Love Max


Max ran after Maria to see if she was ok. He stopped when he reached the parking lot to catch his breath. Looking around he saw that the Jetta was still there but no Maria in site. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath he tried to think of where she could’ve gone. Getting this warm sensation in his body he opens his eyes to see a streak of blonde across the street under a tree. Walking over to the tree he sees her with her head in her hands and her knees to her chest crying softly. Not wanting to disturb her he just sits down next to her. Not looking up Maria leans into him and continues to cry. They sat there for about and ten minutes until she stops crying.

“Why do people hate me so much” she asked after they sat in silence for ten minutes?

Shocked to here her voice like that Max jumps a little, but he’s even more shocked to here what she said

“What” he asked turning to look at her

Turning to look into his eyes she asked again

“Why do people hate me” she asked a tear runs down her cheek?

“People don’t hate you, why would you ask a dump question like that” he said hating the why she looked, he wanted to take her pain away

“Is there something wrong with me, do I give off some vibe I don’t know about that makes people hate me” she asked in a low voice looking down at her hands

Mad because she has been hurt so many times, angry at the people who has done this to her and overwhelmed that she would think this, Max turn to look at her

“Look at me” he asked

Not wanting to see pity in his eyes she didn’t move

“Look at me Maria” he said in a determined voice

Still refusing to look at him, Max takes a deep breath and reaches down and cups her face in his hands and lifts her head until he can see her eyes

“There is nothing wrong with you and you’ve done nothing wrong” he said but was cut off

“Then why do they leave me” she asked tears still running?

“Maria” he said not really knowing what to do to take her pain away

“No Max, she’s right, they all leave me, My dad, My mom is never around, Michael, and now Liz. Every one I love leaves me” she said looking at him then turning away not wanting him to see her like this

“That’s not true, Alex loves you and he’s still here, Kyle loves you, hell you guys will be bother and sister in a minute.” He said turning her to look at him whipping at her tears away with his thumb

“Just give them time they’ll leave to” she said looking down at her hands

“Well, I don’t think they will and even if they do you have me” he said with one eyebrows raised

“That’s until you find your way home and then I’ll be alone” she said

“That wont happen, I won’t leave you” he said

“How can you be so sure, one day they may come and you’ll leave” she said more tears running

“I don’t think I will, but even if I do, I won’t leave you. I’m afraid you’re stuck with me” he said pulling her into his arm and holding her really tight

“Yeah well Michael said that to and look where he is” she said from his chest

“Well I’m not Michael” he said

Moving her head to look into his eyes and wanted to just get lost in them they where so full of love for her she shook her head

“Your right, you’re not Michael” she said with a small smile

“Look I have an idea” Max said moving to let her sit up

“And that would be” Maria asked whipping at her eyes again

“How about we have a FORGET ABOUT THEM WEEK” he said with a big smile at his idea

“FORGET ABOUT THEM WEEK” she asked kind of liken the sound of that

“Yeah, you and I will have a week to forget Michael and Liz and have fun” he said with a little hope in his eyes that she will say yes

“And how are we going to do this” she asked

“Well your mom’s gone for the week right” he said

“Yeah” she said not knowing where he was going with this

“And mine will be gone for the week as well so we have the house to ourselves. You can come over and stay with us so you wont have to be at home by yourself and we can make a week of it, come on it’ll be fun” he said with a smile

“Ok” she said loving the way he keep smiling at her

“Ok” he asked getting happy she said yes

“Hey, like you said I don’t want to stay home and I was going to stay at Liz’s but I don’t think I will, considering what happen today so I’m in” she said with a smile

“Good let’s go” he said getting up and helping her up they walked back to the parking lot to see the others coming out of the school

Tess was walking into school when she sees Maria running out crying and Max running after her. Not knowing what was going on she walked up to the others standing in the middle of the hall

“What just happen to Maria” she asked looking around at the group

“Liz” said Kyle coming out of his shock at what just happen passing the note back to Isabel

“Do you think they’re ok” asked Isabel?

“Don’t worry Max will take care of her” said Alex walking to the Parking lot to find Maria. Kyle, Isabel and Tess following him

“I can’t get over what Liz did” said Kyle

“I know” said Alex

“What did she do” Tess asked

“Ruined there friendship” said Alex looking around to see if he could see where they went

“How, what could back them up” she asked

“Liz accused Maria and Max of being together, in front of the hole school” said Kyle

“Look there they are” said Isabel pointing to Max and Maria coming to them

Alex walked over and put his arm around Maria

“How are you doing you man stealing hussy” he said with a big smile on his face and giving her a huge

Hitting him on the arm playfully with a smile on her face she said

“I’m ok now” she said returning the huge

“I’m sorry” said Isabel giving her a huge to

“Why” asked Maria shocked that Isabel was giving her a huge

“I don’t know, I’m just sorry, I wanted to do something but I didn’t know how to react to Liz like that, and Michael, well anyways, I’m sorry” she said

“Thanks” she said

“So what are you going to do now” asked Kyle?

“I for one liked the show but I really don’t want to be around those two right about now because I would have to do something’s I would regret later” he said

“Awe thank you Kyle” said Maria giving him a huge for what he said

“Kyle just told me what happen I’m sorry to” said Tess coming to give Maria a huge

Surprised at what she just said and shocked that Tess was giving her a huge Maria didn’t know what to say at first. She liked Tess. Over the summer she got to know Tess a little and they became friends, but she still had to get use to her

“Uh thanks Tess” Maria said after a minute

“So what are you up for” asked Alex

“Well Max had and idea” said Maria looking back to Max

Hearing his name he turned from looking at the entrance of the school to the group

“What” he said looking at them

“That’s funny, Maria said YOU had an idea” said Kyle and they all laughed

“Shut up Kyle” Maria said hitting him in the arm still laughing

Turing to look back at Max she nodded her head to let him know it was ok to tell

“Maria and I are going to have a FORGET THEM WEEK” he said

“FORGET THEM WEEK” asked Alex looking form Maria to Max

“Yeah, we are going to have fun all week, no alien issues, no ex issues, just fun for the week, Right” Maria said turning to smile at Max

“Right” he said smiling back

“That sounds like fun” said Kyle

“You want to come long” asked Maria looking at the group

“I’m in” said Alex putting one arm around Maria

“Me to” said Isabel smiling more when Alex put his other arm around her

“Ok, ok you talked me into it” said Kyle and they all laugh again

“Ok we’ll meet at Max’s house in and hour” said Maria looking through her things for her keys to the Jetta

“Why they’re” asked Kyle

“Because that’s where the fun will be” she said wiggling her car keys with big smile on her face

“Really” Isabel asked looking at Max for and explanation

“Well dad is out of town and mom’s leaving today to go up there with him and Maria’s mom is gone and I didn’t want her to be by herself so I said she could stay with us” he said trying to defend his self

“It’s ok Max” Isabel said with a knowing smile on her face

“Ok well sense that’s settled I’m going home and getting my thing” Maria said

“Max can you come with me” asked Maria turning to look at him

“Uh yeah” he said

“Give me the keys Max and we will meet you guys at home in a hour” said Isabel

Max handed her the keys and walked to Maria car. He looked back at the school entrance before getting into the car

Michael waited until there were all gone before he came out of his hiding spot

“So she’s going to be at Max’s all week, we’ll see about that” he said to himself before walking away


“So what do we have on the agenda tonight” asked Alex looking around at the people at the table?

“How about moves and pizza” said Maria looking around at the others to see if they agreed

“Ok” said Isabel with a little shrug

“Cool with me” Alex said with a shake of his head

“It’s ok with me too” said Max

“Ok moves and pizza it is” Maria said getting up to go get her money for it

“Where are you going” asked Max?

“To get the money for the food” she said looking at him like (duh)

“It’s ok I got it” he said getting up from the table

“It’s ok Max I can pay” she said putting one hand on her hip

“I know, but you’re a guess” he said coming to stand in front of her

“Just let him pay Maria, you know how cheap he is” said Isabel with a big smile on her face

“Hey, I’m not cheap” he said turning to give her a dirty look

“Ok, yeah, whatever” she said rolling her eyes

“Whatever, come on Alex” said Max moving to go to the front door

“And where are we going” said Alex moving to go with Max

“To get the moves” he said turning back to look at him

“Don’t get anything with killing, blood, violence, or scary” said Maria coming to stand in front of Max with her hands on her hips

“That just leaves Chick flicks” said Max looking at Maria with a little pout

“I know” she said with a big smile

“Come on, at else one with some killing” Max said with a pleading look

“Ok fine ONE” said Maria with one finger raised pointing it at him like he was a child getting a cookie

“Yes” Max and Alex said at once with a little jump and leaving through the door

“Boys” Maria said shaking her head with a little laugh

“You are good for him” said Isabel from behind her with a big smile on her face

“What” asked Maria turning to look at her?

“Max, your good for him” she said still smiling

Not really understanding what she was talking about Maria just nods her head

“Ok, I guess if you say so” she says

“I miss this Max” Isabel said looking out the window at them getting into the jeep and leaving

“What are you talking about, his the same ole Max” Maria said coming to sit at the counter

“No, when he was with Liz, he wasn’t like this” she said moving to go sit next to Maria

“Don’t get me wrong, I like Liz, well I did until today but, I liked her, but when they where together, he never smile or just played around like he dose with you. He was always serious; always trying to do whatever Liz would like, and not be himself” she said

“But with you, he’s happy all the time and I miss that. You make him happy and I like that too. That first time I heard him laugh with you a really laugh, I just wanted to cry, I haven't heard Max laugh a really laugh in years, but when he is with you he laughs all the time” she said looking at Maria

“Ok, I don’t understand Isabel, why are you telling me this” asked Maria

“Because I think Max has feeling for you” she said

“Ok, were friends he’s going to have feelings for me” said Maria not knowing where she was going with this?

“No Maria, they’re more the friend feelings” she said looking in her eyes

“What, that can’t be Max is in love with Liz” said Maria not believing her

“I didn’t say he didn’t love Liz, I just know that he has feelings for you to” Isabel said

“Why are you telling me this” Maria asked getting up and pacing the room?

“Because I don’t want me brother hurt again” she said

“I would never hurt Max” Maria said coming to a stop in front of Isabel starting to get mad

“I know you wouldn’t on purpose, but if you got back with Michael after all that he has done for you, that will hurt him” Isabel said

But before Maria had a chance to say anything the doorbell rang. Isabel gets up to answer the door

“So where’s the party” said Kyle walking in the house with Tess right behind him?

“And hello to you to Kyle” she said rolling her eyes

“Hey Isabel” Tess said coming in after Kyle

“Hey” she said shutting the door

“Where is every one” asked Kyle walking into the Kitchen to see Maria standing there looking into space?

“Are you ok” he asked her

Coming out of her thoughts she looks at him and smiles a little

“Yeah I’m good” she said

“Hey Tess” Maria said to the blonde hiding in the corner

“Hi Maria” Tess said coming into the kitchen to stand next to Maria

Just then Max and Alex walks in with the videos, and pizza.

“Hey now the party can begin” said Kyle walking into the den to watch the movies

Alex, Isabel and Tess, and Max followed him into the den. Noticing that Maria didn’t move Max stops and turns around, and comes back in to the kitchen

“You ok” he asked

“Yeah” Maria said looking at him to see if she can see what Isabel was talking about

“You sure” he said coming to stand in front of her

Giving him a small smile she shook her head “yes”

“Hey you guys coming” asked Isabel coming back into the room

“Yeah” they said together and smiled

“Come on” Max said taking her hand in his and walking into the den

“So what did you get” asked Izzy when she walked back into the room, getting some pizza and sitting on the little couch

“Ok we have JOHN Q., THE ONE, and the MATRIX” said Alex

“Hey that’s two” said Maria sit on the couch next to Max giving him a dirty look

“Two what” asked Tess from the floor

“Two guy movies, there were only suppose to get one” Isabel said looking at Alex

“Hey I told him” Alex said pointing at Max

“What, don’t balm it on me, you wanted to see THE ONE” he said

“Yeah, only because we’ve seen THE MATRIX like a million times” Alex said

“So which do we watch first” asked Kyle sitting next to Tess with a piece of pizza in his hands

“THE ONE” Alex, and Tess said at once

Looking around the room to see if everyone agrees, Alex puts in the video

“THE ONE it is” he said putting it in and moving to sit next to Izzy on the couch with his pizza

“Are you sure your ok” Max asked turning to look Maria

“Yeah why” she asked

“Your quiet” he said one eyebrow raised
“Cause the moves on” she said not wanted him to know what she was really thinking

“Do you want some pizza” he asked her

“No I’m not hungry” she said

“You have to eat something you didn’t eat today” he said

“What are you her mother, she said she’s not hungry, now be quiet and watch the move” said Kyle

Through the hole move Maria was thinking about what Isabel said. Could Max have feelings for her. No he can’t have feelings for her, he loves her best friend. He has loved her for like forever. They had that hole soul mate thing going on, and still she loved Michael. Wait “loved” when did she start to think in the past tense. But what scared her the most is when did she stop loving him.

Maria looked at Max while he watched the move. Really looked at him. And what she say made her stomach feel funny. Max was hansom, nice profile, strong jaw bonds, nice lips, a lick able neck.

“What where did that come from” she told herself shaking her head a little to get that picture out of her head

“You ok” Max asked her

“What oh uh yeah” she said not wanting to look at him, she turned back to looking at the move

“Ok stop thinking like that Maria, this is Max, dorky ole Max, this is girlfriend we’re talking about here. Max is my friend, he has helped me out with my Michael issues and I helped him with some of his Liz ones” she told herself

“Then why do I want to just kiss him so much” she told herself

“Because Isabel said he had feelings more than friendship towards me, and I’m just felling lonely because Michael left me and I want someone to love me like Max loves Liz, like Alex loves Isabel, and How Tess is staring at Kyle like he is her favorite ice cream” she thought to herself with a little smile on her face

“Interesting I’m going to have to see what I can do about this” she said to herself

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Later That Night

“Ok I’m guess I’ll see you at school tomorrow” Alex asked Maria on his way out the door

“Yeah, bye Alex” she said giving him a huge good night

“Bye” he said walking out the door

Turning to close the door she walked back into the den to see Max cleaning

“Do you need some help” asked Maria coming into the room?

“It’s ok I got it” he said picking up the last bit of trash

“Ok then I’m going to get really for bed then” she said to him

“Ok” he said looking at her

“Do you mind if I take a shower” she asked

“No” he said with a crack in his voice

“Are you ok” she asked him

“Yeah” he said clearing his throat and turning a little red at that

“Ok” she said again looking at him a little closely before turning and leaving the room

Taking a deep breath Max shakes his head to clear it of the thoughts that potted into it when she asked to take a shower.

“That’s Maria, your friend, stop having those thoughts about her” he tells himself leaving the den to walk into the kitchen to see Isabel whipping down the counters

“Hey” he said walking to the trash to throw away the trash he had in his hand

“Hey” she said walking to the sink to put the rag away

“Where’s Maria” asked Isabel?

“In the shower” Max said getting ready to take the trash out

“So when are you going to tell her” Isabel ask?

“Tell who what” he asked turning to look at her wondering what she’s talking about

“Maria” Isabel said coming to stand in front of him

“Ok, what are you talking about, tell Maria what” he asked not understanding

“Don’t play dumb with me Max” she said

“Sadly to say I’m not playing, what are you talking about” he said moving to walk to the back door to take out the trash

“That you love her” she said with a little smile at Max’s reaction

Max froze. What did she just say “Love Maria” Max thought to himself?

Turning to look at her he says

“What are you talking about Isabel” he asked?

“Max, it’s me” she said to him

“What, me and Maria are friends” he said looking down

“Max it’s all over your face, whenever she’s in the room you light up” she says with a smile. She liked seeing him this way it was cut

With a deep sigh Max turned a throw the trash away and walked to sit down the counter and up his head in his hands. Isabel walked over to stand next to him and reached an arm and rubbed his back in a comforting way

“It’s ok to have feelings for her Max” Isabel says

“Its” Max says raising his head to look into her eyes with sad ones

“Yes Max, it is” Isabel said

“She’s my best friends girlfriend, My girlfriends best friend” he said

“Ex girlfriend” Isabel said with a hatred look

“It doesn't matter, she’s my best friend, you don’t go around liking your best friend” he said

“Can I ask you a question” she asked?

“What” he said not really wanting to but..

“How goes Liz make you fell” she asked

“What do you mean” he asked

“When you see Liz walk into a room what do you fell” she asked

“I don’t know” he asked not knowing what he felt

“Do you love Liz” she asked?

“Yes” he said not know where that came from he has loved Liz forever and she knows this

“Why would you ask me that you know I love Liz” he said?

“When Maria walks into a room how so you fell” she asked

“Why are you asking me these questions” he said getting irritated

“Just answer the question, it shouldn’t be that hard Max, just think. How do you fell when Liz walks into a room and when Maria walks into a room” she asked knowing the answer she just wanted Max to see?

Patting him on the back Isabel begins to leave.

“Just think about it Max it’s not that hard” she said

With a big sigh Max thinks about what she just asked. How do I fell when they walk into a room? Think hard Max just a flash


Max was sitting at a booth at the crash down waiting on the others to get there. He looks up to see Liz walk in from the back. She gives him a small smile and a little wave walking over to the table

“Hi Max” she said sliding into the opposite side of the booth

“Hey Liz” Max says with the same small smile on his face

Turning his eyes when he here’s the bell over the door ring Max has a big smile on his face

“Hey girlfriend, Liz what’s up” said Maria sitting next to Max in the booth

“Hey Maria” Liz says

“Hey Maria” Max says still with the big smile

“So what’s the Alien life crisis now” she said looking between


“Max you are the leader they look up to you, what are you going to do” said Liz

“I don’t know” he said

“Well you need to think of something” she said


“But Maria you don’t understand I’m the leader, I’m suppose to have the answers” Max said

“ Max your a seventeen year old, you can’t have all the answer and know one expects you to, and don’t worry so much you have us here to help you answer those question when the time comes” she says with a little smile

Looking up when he here’s someone coming into the kitchen

“Just wanted something to drink” Maria said walking to the cupboard to get a glass

“Maria can I ask you a question” he said

“Shoot” she said opening the icebox and getting some juice

“What is love” he asked?

Putting the juice back into the icebox and closing the door Maria turned to look at him

“I don’t think I understand the question” she said looking at him

“Ok let me put it this way what do you think love is” he said titling his head to the side

“Where is this coming from Max” she said with a little concern in her eyes?

“Because if it’s about this morning I’m ok now I know you guys love me, I was just a little upset” she said

“What, oh no I was just thinking” he said looking at her with a small smile

“Never mind, good night” he said getting up to leave

“Max” she said

“Yeah” he said turning to look at her

“I really don’t know what love is, but to me love it safe” she said

“Safe” he asked looking into her eyes

“Knowing that no matter what that person will always be there to catch you when you fall, safe” she said looking at him

“Thanks” he said turning to leave

“Your welcome and Max” she said

Turning to look at her

“She loves you” she said thinking about Liz

Giving her a small smile he leaves the kitchen

When Maria, Max and Isabel arrived at school there was student talking about what happen yesterday? Not wanting to give into the talk Maria walked into the school head held high and walked to her locker

“Good morning ladies” Alex said coming up to them kissing Maria on the cheek and smiling at Isabel

“Max” he said

“Morning” Max said

“So are we meeting for lunch” Max asked looking between the two?

“Yeah” Isabel said leaning on the locker next to Maria

Maria opened her locker to take her things out and saw a piece of paper taped to the inside

Please meet me in the eraser room after first period I need to talk to you

Maria closed her locker and put the note in her pocket. Turning to the others with a smile on her face she said

“Ready” she looked at Max with a smile

“Yeah” Max said looking down at his feet. He saw the letter

The said there goodbyes to the others and Maria and Max walk to there first class

“Are you ok Max” she asked

“Yeah why” he said

“I don’t know you seem kind of quieter then normal” she said looking at him

“Oh sorry just thinking” he said

“About last night” she said turning to look at him

“What, oh yeah and something else” he said

“Want to talk about it” she said tilting her head to one side

“Um not really” he said looking down again

“Ok well when you’re ready I’m here” she said

“I know, thanks” he said starting to walk again

The whole class he couldn’t stop thinking about what he talked about with Izzy last night. He had stayed up half the night and still didn’t really come up with anything. “How did he feel about them” he thought that was the million-dollar question? He felt differently about them both but he loved them both two. He has love Liz for like forever, he has felt this connection for her that he can’t describe, and after he healed her it has gotten stronger. But sense he has healed Kyle he has that sense of connection to. Not as strong but it’s there. But after Liz left him and he got to know Maria better he has a connection with her to but on a different level. Maria makes him feel like no one has, it’s like he can be normal if that was even possible. Ever time he was with Liz it was like he was alien always feeling like he wasn’t good enough like he would do something she want like. She was always serious and never made him feel like he was good enough. But with Maria he could make a fool out of himself and all she would do was laugh and tell him it was ok. The more he spent time with Maria the more he like himself and her. He didn’t like Liz any less but not more, if that made sense. Max was jerked out of his thoughts when Maria touched his arm

“Are you ok, you look a million miles away” she asked

“Uh yeah, yeah I’m ok” he said

“Ok then are you going to help with the assignment” she said?

“What” Max said now fully noticing his surrounding?

“The assignment” she said holing the paper in her hands

“Yeah I’m sorry just...” he said but Maria cut him off

“Thinking yeah you told me” she said looking at him again then turning to start their assignment

The bell rang and there left the classroom

“Do you need to go to your locker” Max asked?

“Uh no I’m good” she said

“Ok” he said wanting her to tell him that she was going to talk to Michael

Starting to walk her to her next class Max turned around when she didn’t move

“What’s wrong” he asked?

“I’m not going to class” she said

“Why are you ok” he asked

“Yeah but uh Michael wants to talk” she said looking down at the floor

“Oh” was all he said not really knowing what to say he didn’t know she was going to tell him

“Yeah so I will see you in thread ok” she said looking at him now

“You want me to come with” he said

“No it’s ok” she said

“You sure” he said

“Yeah thanks” she said moving to give him a small kiss on the cheek and walking away

Max watched her goes and when and when she was out of site he touched his cheek and smiled turning and walking to class

Walking into the eraser room Maria closed the door and locked it not wanting someone to come in on them talking. Turning see comes face to face with the last person she thought see would see

“What are you doing here” she asked

“I needed to talk to you” Liz said

“So you wrote the note” Maria asked

“Yeah” Liz said

“Talk about what, you didn’t get it all out yesterday” Maria said a little coldly

“I wanted to say I’m sorry” she said looking down at the floor then at Maria
“Is that it” Maria asked with hate in her voice? She didn’t know how made she was until she saw her standing there

Hearing Maria voice Liz was taking back she has never hear her like this

“I wanted to know if we could still be friends” Liz asked

With a low laugh almost like a growl Maria just shook her head at the girl she thought was her best friend

“I don’t believe you” she said trying her best not the hit something she was that mad

“Will I shouldn’t be surprised” Maria said looking Liz right in the eyes?

“What are you talking about” Liz said

“I’m talking about you. Ever sense I’ve none you it has always been you, all about you well not this time, this time Lizzie I’m going to be selfish, this time it’s about me” she said

“But I’m sorry I didn’t mean it” Liz said

“But see Liz you did, you meant every word that came out of your mouth. You said it yourself. You wanted me to hurt just like you were hurting. You said that thing knowing that it would hurt me. Me Liz, not Max, Me. Why, for what, Max someone you dumped, some one how you left, not only him Liz you left me, did you even think how you leaving would effect me. No you didn’t did you. See that hurts me Liz your suppose to be my best friend” she said but Liz cut her off

I am your best friend” she said crying

“BEST FRIENDS DONT TREAT BEST FRIENDS THAT WAY LIZ” Maria said yelling now she was mad and hurt. She wanted to forgive her but she was hurt because she knows that Liz was only apologizing because she felt bad, not because she hurt Maria

“I’m sorry Maria I really am” Liz said crying harder now

“Are you Liz or do you just want to get the guilt off your chest for the way you acted” Maria said

“Maria” Liz said

“Don’t, just don’t I can’t look at you right now” Maria said turning to leave

“I don’t want are friendship to end, can we work it out” said Liz

“You know Liz” she said turning to look at Liz one last time

“You got what you wanted, you wanted to hurt me and you did” Maria said walking out the door and closing it

Walking to the bathroom to wash her face she runs into Tess

“Maria are you ok” she asked

Maria just shakes her head and walks to the sink and runs the water and splashes her face. Flitting up she looked at her self in the mirror

“Do you want to talk about it” asked Tess?

Looking at her through the mirror she shook her head and turned around to look at her

“I just want to be by myself for a minute” she said

“Ok, well you know where to find me if you need anything” she said

“Thanks” Maria said watching her walk out the door
Hearing the bell ring Maria walks out the bath in search of one person

“Hey” she said when she walked up


“Are you busy” she asked?

Taking one good look at her knowing something was wrong


“Can we get out of here” she asked


They walked out the school and walk to her Jette and got in

“Where to”

“Surprise me” she said and laid she head back and closed her eyes she didn’t want to cry, not in front of him, not yet

“Thanks Max” she said

“Your welcome” he said still looking at the road



Liz was mad, she thought that she would pull the sad sorry girl on Maria and every thing would be back to normal.

“That bitch, well that didn‘t work” Liz thought to herself.

Liz was walking down the hall when she sees Max and Maria walking out the doors to the parking lot. If looks could kill Maria would be one die blonde.

“Those two are like inseparable” Pam Troy said coming to stand next to Liz

“Shut up” Liz said not turning to look at her

“Hey I’m just saying, it’s like someone would have to die for those two to notice that there are others here” she said with a surge of her shoulders and walked off

“Hmm” Liz said to herself with a little smile on her face walking out the door to the parking lot


They were driving for about twenty minutes until Max couldn’t take it anymore he needed to know what happen between Michael and Maria. By the looks of it they’re not back together but that doesn’t mean they wont, it just means that at the moment there not.

“So” Max said wanting to know what had happen that had Maria so upset

“If Michael did this to her again I’m going to...” he thought before Maria cute in

“Max” she said trying really hard not to cry (cause god knows I’ve cry enough already)

“Yeah” he said looking at her with her eyes looking like she was about to brake down any minute

Taking a deep breath trying to get his anger under control Max pulled the car over on the road and cute the engine

“Come here” he said opening his arms for her

Maria wasted no time falling into his arms. Max held her thigh rocking her back and forth and rubbing her back in small circles.

“It’s ok I’m here” he said to her

“I’m sorry” she said

“No it’s ok just let it out” he said still rocking her

About ten minutes went by and Maria stopped crying some

“Do you want to talk about it” he asked wanting to know what Michael did this time

“I don’t know what came over me” she began to say

“What do you mean” he asked her when she pulled back to sit up

“I just got so mad, at first I was going to just listen, but then when I looked at her, it just all came back to me, you know..” She said

“Whoa wait who are we talking about here” he asked not understanding what just happen didn’t she talk to Michael

“Liz” she said looking at him to see what he would think

“Liz” he said looking at her

“Yes Liz” she said

“But I thought you said you were going to talk to Michael” he said not getting how Liz came into the picture

“Yeah I thought so too, but when I got their guess who was there instead” she said

“Why would Liz be in the eraser room when you went to talk to Michael” he asked?

“Ok catch up here Max” she said

“Liz wrote the note saying to meet Michael on the ER because she figure that I would go if she had asked me” she told him

“Oh so you didn’t talk to Michael” he asked

“No, what is up with the Michael questions” she said looking at him

“Nothing I just thought he was the one that made you upset” he said looking at his hands in his lap

“Yeah right you just wanted an accuse to show that Michael isn’t good for her that you are” he thought to himself

When she didn’t say anything he looked up at her to see a smile on her face

“What” he said

“Nothing” she said still smiling at him

“So what did she do again that made you mad” he said and the moment he wished he didn’t cause she smile was done and she eyes lost that shine they have when she’s happy

“She asked me and we be friends again” she told him

“Ok” he said waiting for her to tell him what made her mad

“That it” she said

“What do you mean that’s it” he asked

“That, that right there, what you did that is what made me mad” she said crossing her arm over her chest

“What did I do” he asked thinking hard on what he did that made her mad

“That, you think I should forgive her” she said

“What, no I don’t, while, I don’t know what I think” he said

“When I was in the first grade this one girl came up to me and said that I was poor and that my mom was stupid because she sold alien stuff. At first I just ignored her but then when she talked about me mom I hit her, anyway she told all the other girl not to play with me, but Liz did” she said looking at him

“We have been friends ever sense. But after yesterday I’ve been thinking about that friendship” she said

“No matter what happen to Liz I’m there for her, anything she wants I try my best to get or do because she’s my friend. I have never done anything to hurt her, when others would talk about her I would defend her, because they didn’t know the Liz I knew” she told him

“But she’s not the Liz I thought she is. I always looked up to Liz; I envied her when you two started dating. Don’t get me wrong I love Michael, it’s just that Liz had guys like her all the time, I mean she pretty and smart, I’m mean damn you saved her life and put your in danger for her and I’m just her side kick” she said

“Maria” he said but she kept talking like she didn’t hear him

“But yesterday when she.. When she did that she hurt me” she said crying again

“And I don’t know if I want to be friends with her again” she said leaning into him when he pulled her to him

“Do you think I’m selfish” she asked?

“No” he said

“You are a good friend she just took advantage of your friendship” he said

“I don’t know it’s just....” She was saying but her phone ringing cute her off

Looking at the caller ID it said Alex.

“He probably wants to know what happen can you I don’t fell like talking right now” she said handing him the phone

“Yeah” he said taking the phone

“Hello” he said

“Oh thank god Max, where are you, never mine look you need to get to the hospital now” he said

“What why” Max asked moving to sit up right

“It’s Liz” he said and hung up the phone
Max and Maria quickly walked into the hospital to see Michael, Isabel and Kyle sitting in the waiting room. Walking up to them Max asked

“What happen, is she ok” he asked them

“We don’t know yet, Alex is in there right now, but she was hit by a car” said Kyle

“Oh god” Maria said falling into the chair next to her in tears

Max moved to her side to comforted her whispering in her ear that everything will be ok. The others in the room was looking at them all hurting in there own way. Not knowing what to do. Kyle looked up when he caught site of Alex walking into the room

“How is she” he asked

“Not good. She has three broking ribs, and broking leg and arm, and a lot of bruising. They don’t think she will...will make it through the night” he said tears coming from his eyes

Isabel walked up to him and took him in her arms and let him cry. After a few minute of silence Kyle asked what was on his mine sense he heard what happen

“How did this happen” he asked

“All I know is she was hit by a car” Isabel said

“Michael found her first” she said

Ten pair of eyes looked to him wanting to know what happen

“I don’t know exactly, I was about to leave when some kids came running back into the school saying someone just got hit by a car. When I went to see who I saw Liz and freaked, and went to find you to help but I found Izzy first” he said
“By the time we got back they had her in the Ambulance on the way here. That’s when we called you guys” Isabel said looking at Max with Maria in his arms crying

“Her parents” Maria said standing up really fast almost knocking Max over

“I tried calling, know one knows where there are” Isabel said

“Albuquerque” she said moving to call them

“Where are you going” Max asked her

“To call them” she said looking at him with understanding

“Want me to come” he asked

“It’s ok” she said leaving to call her parents

“Ok so what are we going to do” Kyle asked them

“When are you going in there and doing your thing” he asked Max

“Kyle I can’t” Max said

“What why not” Kyle said not getting it, all he had to do was heal her, he did it before right

“I can’t just go and heal her just like that someone could see” he said

“So what you’re you going to let her die” he asked

“What no” he said

“When I don’t get it” Kyle said

“Kyle I...” Max was saying but was cute off when they heard Liz name being called
“Elizabeth Parker” the Doctor called

“Yes” Alex said standing up

“Parker” he said coming into the room with the others

“Yes she’s my sister” Alex said knowing it’s not true but if your not family they wont tell you anything

“Ok she’s stable the swelling has done down and she vitals are normal” he said

“Ok so what dose that mean will she wake up” he asked

“Well with the medication we gave her not anytime soon but yes, she is out of the danger zone” the doctor said

“Can we see her” Alex asked

“Their taking her to ICU right now” he said

“Thank you” Alex said to him shaking his hand

Michael was walking down the halls looking for Maria. He knew this was hard on her and he wanted to be there for her.
Seeing her sitting in a corner of a waiting room with her knees pulled to her chest and her head in her hands crying. Walking into the room Michael sat on the floor next to her and pulled her to him and let her cry it out.

Max was getting worried when Maria didn’t come right back. He had told the others to go ahead and he would tell Maria when she got back, but that was twenty minutes ago. He got up to go look for her. He was walking down one hall when something caught his eye. Looking into the waiting room what he saw hurt him a little. Maria was sitting in Michaels lap her head on his shoulder crying while he rubbed her back and kissed her forehead. Not wanting to interfere Max left them alone.


Max walked into a dark house. Thinking that Isabel went to bed early he walked to his room. Laying on his bed he thought about what happen today. After he left Maria and Michael he went to see Liz. When he walked into the room he saw Alex sitting in the chair next to her bed. Kyle standing on the other side with Isabel at the end of the bed. Looking back on it he noticed how small she looked lying in the bed with all those tubs coming from her. He wanted to just heal her and there all just walk out of there. But he couldn’t, and now he they all sit waiting for her to wake up. After a while Maria and Michael came into the room. She was so hurt that her friend was hurt and there was nothing that he could do about it. He just wanted to hold her let her know that it will be ok, but she was in his arms.

Max thoughts were interrupted by a tap at the window. Not really wanting to be bother anyone right now he didn’t move hoping they would go away. But that little voice he head made him move to open the window

“Max” she said

opening the window Max looked into the eyes of the one person he wanted most but couldn’t have.

“Can I come in” she asked in a small voice

Max helped her in then closed and locked the window. Turning to look at her he was shocked when she throw herself at him crying. Not knowing what to do at first he stood there, then he pulled her to him, and let her cry. After a few minutes she pulled away.

“God I think I’ve cry in the last few days then I have my hole life” she said whipping her eyes

“You must think I’m a big baby” she said looking at him

“No it’s ok” he said standing there looking at her

Moving to sit on his bed Max turned to her to ask

“So uh what are you doing here” he asked

Noticing the flinch she did at his words he had to correct himself

“You don’t want me here” she asked before he could say anything

“No no it’s not that I just thought you were going to stay with Liz” he said

“Oh I was but the Parkers said they will call if anything changes” she said moving to his drawers

“What are you doing” he asked her

“I didn’t bring anything with me can I barrow a shirt” she said taking it before getting an answer and going to change in the bathroom

When she came back out Max was still sitting in the same place with his head in his hands. Looking up he took a quick intake of breath. standing in front of him was Maria just in his shirt and god she looked sexy as hell.

“Um what..” he said but couldn’t get it out

“Your not going to sleep in that are you” she said moving to sit next to him on the bed

“Um no” he said really slow looking at her not know what was going on

“I don’t want to wake Isabel she’s sleep already, do you mine if I sleep in here with you” she asked him

“Um no” he said

“Takes” she said moving to get up

“Where are you going” he asked

“To brush my teeth and get some water” she said leaving the room

When Maria was done Max went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Coming out only in his jeans Max stopped in his tracks. There lying in his bed was Maria Deluca in only his shirt.

“Man this is going to be a long night” he thought to himself

“Um do you need the light” he asked not wanting to get undress in front of her

“No” she said looking at him

Moving to get the sleeping bag that Michael used to use Max was stopped by her voice

“What are you doing” she asked him sitting up in bed

“Um getting the sleeping bag” he said

“Why” she asked him

“Um so I can sleep in it” he said

“We can share the bed Max” she said patting the spot next to her

“Um you sure” he said wanting to jump up and down and do a happy dance

“Yeah come on” she said

Moving to cut off the light Max took off his jeans and pulled the covers back and got into the bed. Moving to one side so that she had room. thinking she would just go to sleep he was shocked when she started talking

“Are you mad at me Max” she asked him turning to look at him

“What no why” he asked her

“Because you have been avoiding me ever sense we went to the hospital” she said

“Have I been avoiding her, no I was just giving her space” he said to himself

“I haven’t been avoiding you” he said

“Ok” she said moving to put her head on his chest and her arms went around his

“Good night Max” she said

Max was shock again by this woman. Max rapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head and said

“Good night”

Max was lying there with his eyes closed for a while just thinking. He was almost asleep when Maria moved a little and mumbled something he couldn’t quit hear. Thinking she was still awake

“Hmm” he said

“I love you Max” she said

Max’s opened his eyes and looked down to a sleeping Maria in his arms

*bounce**bounce**bounce*WHAT DO YOU THINK
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Ring* Ring* Ring*

“Hello” he said into the phone

“Um I’m looking for Maria I was told I could fine her here” the man said into the phone

“Um yeah hold on” Max said into the phone

Turning to look at Maria lying next to him he pushed her on the arm to wake her

“Maria phone” he said when she looked at him

Taking the phone from him she licked her dry lips and spoke to the person on the phone

“Yes” she said

“Maria she’s awake” he said to her

“What, when” she asked

“About an hour ago, the doctor did some test and they said she looks fine” he said

“Did you call Alex” she asked him?

“Uh no I called you first” he said

“Ok I’m on my way” she said to him

“Ok we’ll be here” he said

“Thanks Mr. P” she said to him and hanging the phone up

“What’s wrong” Max asked when she hung up and pick the phone back up to call someone

“Liz woke up; I’m calling Alex to tell him” she said

“Oh ok” he said getting out the bed

“Where are you going” she asked him?

“To get dress so we can go see Liz” he said looking in his closet for something to wear

“Oh” she said dialing Alex

“Hello” a female said into the phone

“Isabel” Maria asked into the phone with a shocked look on her face

“Yes” Izzy said

“What are you doing at Alex’s” she asked her?

“You know what I don’t want to know I’m just calling to tell him that Liz is awake and that I will meet him there Ok” she told Izzy

“Yeah we’ll meet you there” she said to Maria

“Ok bye” Maria told her

“Bye” Izzy said and hung up the phone

Turning to look at Alex lying next to her she smiled at him looking at her

“Morning” he said to her kissing her on the lips

“Morning” she said

“Who was that” he asked her

“It was Maria she said that Liz is awake and to meet her at the hospital” she told him moving to get up and get dressed

“Oh ok” he said still not moving

“Are you going to get dressed” she asked him turning from putting her top on

“Yeah” he said still not moving

“As much as I like you looking at me you have to get dressed Alex” she told him leaning in to give him one last kiss and going to the bathroom to finish getting ready

Thirty minutes later Alex and Isabel came walking into the waiting room to see Max sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee in his hand staring at the wall on the other side of the room

“Max” Isabel said moving to sit next to him

“Where’s Maria” Alex asked him looking around for her?

“She went to see Liz’s parents, she said to come to the room when you got here” he said still not looking at them

“Oh ok well I’ll be right back” he said leaning in to kiss Izzy on the cheek and walking away

“What’s wrong Max” she asked him as soon as Alex was gone

“Nothing” he said to her

“Max” she said

Taking a deep breath knowing he couldn’t get out of this he told her

“Last night Maria said she loves me” he said to her

“Oh god Max that’s great” she said hugging him

“Not really” he said

“What, I don’t understand, don’t you love her” she asked thinking she was wrong, she thought that Max was in love with Maria

“I do” he said

“Then what’s the problem” she asked not getting it?

“She said it when she was asleep” he said

“Ooh, Oh Max I’m sorry” she said putting one arm around his shoulder understanding now

Alex walked down the hall to Liz’s room. In front of the door stood Maria biting her lip and raising her hand to knock then pulling it away. She did that a couple of times before he reached her.

“Having a hard time I see” he said to her

Jumping at the sound of his voice Maria turned to look at him

“Alex” she said

“The one and only, well not only but, yeah it’s me” he said with a small smile

“”What are you doing here” she asked him not really knowing what to say at the moment

“Ok, I’m here to see Liz” he said looking at her more closely

“Are you ok” he asked her

“Oh yeah yeah I’m fine” she said waving her hand in the air dismissing him

“Can we go in” he asked pointing at the door

“Uh yeah” she said looking back to the door

“You want me to go first” he said looking at her understanding that she still didn’t know where her and Liz stood but wanting to be here for a friend

Giving him a small smile thanks for understanding her she nodded her head and stepped back from the door. Alex knocked on the door and walked in.

Liz turned to look at the door when she heard someone knock

“Alex” she said with a smile

“Hey babe, how you feeling” he asked her walking to sit in the chair net to the bed

“Like a car hit me” she said with a little laugh, Alex joining in

“How long do you have” he asked her

“They said I could go home tomorrow if all my test come back ok” she told him

“That’s good” he said

“Are you the only one” she asked him in a low voice?

“What not happy to see me” he said bringing his hand to his chest to fake like he was hurt by her words

“No. No I’m glad that you came” she told him taking his hand in hers and giving it a squeezes

“No the others are here” he told her with a smile

Just then Kyle came walking through the door with Tess hot on his heels

“Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Kyle master is here, now the cheering up can begin” Kyle said walking into Liz’s room

“Hey Kyle” she said after laughing at him

“Hey, how you feel” he asked

“I’m ok” she said

“Good cause you had us worried there” he said

“Yeah sorry about that” she said

“So how did it happen” he asked

“I wasn’t watching where I was going” she said

“Yeah we kind of figured that, what were you doing out of school in the first place” Alex said

“Maria must not have told them what happen in the ER” she thought to herself

“I just needed to get away” she said looking to her hand that were in her lap

Just then Isabel walked into the room with flowers in hand

“Hey” she said walking up to Liz and giving her that flowers

“Thanks” Liz said taking the flowers and smelling them

Michael walked into the hospital to see Isabel and Max talking

“You need to talk to her let her know how you feel” Isabel was telling Max

“I don’t know if I can. What if I mess things up again” he said to her

“So he wanted to get back with Liz” Michael thought to himself walking into the room to let them know he was there

Isabel was about to tell Max that he would never know until he tried but Michael walked in

“Hey Michael” she said

“Hey” he said sitting in the chair across from them

“Hey” Max said to him

“Yeah” Michael said

“So how is she” he asked after a minute of silence?

“We don’t know yet, we haven’t been in to see her” Isabel said

“I think I’m going to see what’s up” she said leaving them to talk

After a few minute Max couldn’t take it any more

“Look Michael I....” He said but Michael cut him off

“Look Maxwell don’t ok” he said

“Look I know I messed up but...“ he said looking at his hands

“Max knowing Michael not good with words helped him out

“I understand” he said looking at him

“Yeah” Michael said looking back at Max

A silent understanding between them

Max walked to Liz’s room to see Maria sitting on the floor in front of the door

“What’s wrong” he asked her coming to stand in front of her?

“I can’t” she said still looking at the closed door

“What” he asked moving to sit next to her

“I tried, but every time, I can’t” she said shaking her head

Max wrapped one arm around her and pulled her to him.


“So um” Liz said not really wanting to say it out loud but wanting to know

“He’s he to, him and Michael are talking” Isabel said knowing she wanted Max

Still not liking her from what she did to Maria and Max Isabel looked around the room trying to think of something to talk about

“Well you must be tried so I’m just going to go” Isabel said

“Alex” she said looking at him with a knowing look

“Yeah um you get some rest and I’ll try to some see you tomorrow ok” he told Liz getting up from the chair and walking out with Isabel

“Thanks bye” she said

“Ok I guess that’s are cur to Tess” Kyle said looking at her standing near the door

Liz following his eyes looked at her for the first time sense she walked in

“See you Liz” he said walking out the door with Tess

“Yeah bye” she said


Isabel, Alex, Kyle, and Tess was in the hall with Max and Maria

“So who was she” Maria asked them

“She said she was fine but I have the feeling that she really just wanted Max” Isabel said not to nicely

“But she’s not hurt to badly is she” she asked needed to know

“No just a couple of broken bonds, She will be out tomorrow” Alex said

“Good, good” she said to herself

“Are you going to be ok” Kyle asked her?

“Yeah I’m fine” she said giving Max’s hand a little squeeze

“Ok well if you need anything give me a call” Isabel said taking Alex’s hand and pulling him with her

“Yeah see you guys” he said but turned around

“Call me if you need anything Maria, I mean it” he said looking at her

“I will” she said giving him a smile

“Ok well we’ll be seeing you guys later right” Kyle said

“Yeah I’ll be at Max’s later” she told them

“Ok we’ll see you then” he said

“You ready” he asked Tess

“Yeah” she said

“I’ll see you later Maria” she said bending down to give her a hug and kiss on the check

“Bye” Maria said to them as they walked away

“They make a cute couple” she said when they were gone

Max just laugh, only Maria

Turning to look at her

“Do you think you can go in now” he asked her?

“Yeah” she said getting off the floor

Max opened the door to Liz’s room and walked in

Liz hearing the door open looked up. When she saw who it was she had a big smile on her face

“He came” she thought

But when she say who else was with him it left her face.

“That bitch, not only did he come but he came with her holding her hand” she thought

“Hey” he said

“Hey” she said

Maria didn’t trust her voice so she just waved her hand that wasn’t in Max’s

“How are you feeling” he asked?

“I‘ll be ok if everyone stop asking that” she said looking between them

“Sorry” he said looking from Maria to Liz

Just then a nurse came in to check her vitals

“I’m sorry but visiting hours are over” the nurse said to them

“Ok” Max said

“I hope you feel better Liz” he said

“Thanks” she said not to nicely

“Bye” he said

Maria still not trusting her voice just gave a little wave and left with Max


Maria, Isabel and Tess was sitting in the Evens living room talking and doing the nails and toes

“So what happen yesterday with you and Max” asked Tess

“What do you mean” asked Maria

“He told me you were upset” she said blowing her nails

“I got a letter from Michael yesterday in my locker” she said

“Go on” she said after a moment when she didn’t start again

“I told Max that I was going to see him, I think he was a little upset that I would but, I don’t know I just had to see, you know” she said

“Anyway when I don’t there he wasn’t there” she said

“So that pissed you off” she asked

“No, not that the fact that Liz was is what pissed me off” she said

“What why was she there” asked Izzy

“I guess to apologize” she said looking at her toes

“I take it you didn’t excepted” she said

“I was but then I got to thinking, you know ever sense I’ve known Liz she has been that way. that selfish spoiled way. At first it didn’t matter because she was my friend and I would do anything for my friends but that's just it she knew this and she would use it to get things. Once when we were nine and she liked this one boy Matt something anyway she had asked me to talk to him cause we all know the girl was shy. I really couldn't stand him myself but hey. Anyways I’m talking to the guy for her and comes to find out that he likes me, well some how it gets back to her and she blame me and wouldn’t talk to me for weeks, until Alex told her that I didn’t like him that I had a crush on someone else” she said

“I remember that” Isabel said

“Michael and Max wouldn’t stop talking about it” she said

“What” Maria said

“What did that say” she asked

“That week you sat by yourself eating lunch, yeah I remember Michael would said that you looked like you lost your best friend and Max he would just star at you” she said with a little laugh

“I guess Michael was right huh” she said

“Speaking of Max” she said with one eyebrow raised looking at Maria

“I don’t know what your talking about” she said

“What” Tess said not knowing what was going on

“Don’t play dump with me” she said

“How’s playing” she said looking at her with a smile

“Ok are you going to tell me or what I want to know too” Tess whined

“Yeah Isabel tell Tess where you were last night” she said smiling wider now

“I will tell if you will” she said

“Fine” said Maria

“What are you taking about” asked Tess?

“I’m talking about why Ms. Evens wasn’t in her bed last night” she asked

“Oh my god, are you serious” she asked

“As a heart attack” she said with a smile

Isabel just sat there with the biggest smile on her face

“Oh my god, look at her” Maria said laughing with Tess

“So what happen” Tess asked her

“I don’t know, one minute we’re talking about how he first met Liz and Maria and then we talked about the future and one thing lead to another...” she said still smiling

“Oh my god, you didn’ did” Maria said covering her mouth with her hand

“No no we didn’t, but” she said

“But what” asked Tess moving to the edge of the chair

“We did everything else you can do” she said

Maria and Tess looked at each other and bust out laughing. Isabel looked at them and had to laugh too

“Oh my... so how was is” Tess asked she ever done much, she wanted to know

“It was.... It was I don’t know I can’t explain it” Isabel said

“Out of this world by the looks of it” said Maria and them started laughing again

For the next hour and a half they sat there while Isabel told them about her night

“So you didn’t get and flashes” asked Maria

“No, but I did see stars” she said and they all laughed

“What about you” Izzy asked

“What about me” Maria said

“Have you ever gotten any” she asked?

“Well Michael was my first BF and we never went past making out even when I tried to take it farther” she said

Laughing a little and shaking her head Isabel said

“No no I meant have you ever had flashes” she said

“Oh.. No” she said laughing with them

“What about you Tess” she asked the girl waving her hand over her toes to change the color

“Huh” Tess said hearing her name

“Have you ever had any” Isabel asked

“No” she said a little sadly

“I really don’t remember if we got them before, and I never really kissed anyone before so...” she said

“What, what do you mean you never kissed some one before” Maria asked

“You kissed Max” she said

“Well actual I didn’t” she said looking at the floor

“What” Maria and Isabel said?

“I kind of mind warped him to think I did” she said

Isabel looked at Maria then back to Tess

“Really” she asked the other alien

“Yeah well I never kissed someone before what if he didn’t like it” she said to them

Isabel looked back to Maria with a big smile on her face then they both looked to Tess and busted up laughing

“What” she asked them?

“You never kissed him” Maria said to her

Tess looked between to two laughing friends not getting it

“I don’t get it” she said

“Max told us after, that it was good, that he saw things” Izzy told her still laughing

Still not getting what was so funny. Maria stopped laughing long enough to explain

“According to him that none kiss was really good, so you should have no problem in the kissing department” she said still laughing a little

“Really he liked it” she asked

They just shook their heads yes, just then Max, Alex and Kyle walked in the living room to see Three girls turn and bust out laughing

“Why do I have the feeling they were talking about us” asked Kyle looking back at the guys