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Summery: Liz, Tess, Courtney, Isabell and Maria are sisters. Max is the King of Antar. Alex his brother and Michael his best friend/confident.
Autor's note: I'm from the Netherlands so my English sucks. This is my first fic. Be gentle.

Antar. One of the most beautifull and powerfull planet of the universe. It was ruled by Queen Diane Evans and her husband prince Philip for years. Diane was a cold-hearted ruler. She married her husband because of political connection and not for love. They have two sons Maxwell (16), the crown prince, and Alexander(15).
Alexander, or Alex was a kind and simple man. He took after his father. They both wanted an simple and normal existence. And didn't care about politics.
Maxwell on the other hand was greatly influenced by his mother and he valued her opinion. He knew he was going to king by the time he was 18. (In Antar a woman only ruled untill their first born son becomes 18.) He was passionate and wanted to be a fair and good ruler. He was more serious than Alex because he knows he will have a lot of duty when he becomes the king of Antar.
The only people Maxwell interacted with was with his brother and their best friend Michael (16). Michael was the son of a prominent advisor of qeeun Diane who died during a war and Michael lived in the palace with Max from that moment on.

In a small provence in Antar lives Jeff Parker. He was married with Lady Nancy Parker. Nancy was a well educated Lady and friend of the qeeun. Jeff on the other hand was a simple farmer. Despite their difference they fell in love. They have five daughters. Isabell was the oldest, then came Tess, Courtney, Maria and Elizabeth. They were well educated because of their mother and the loved each other very much.
Isabell was the oldest and her mother's confident. Courtney and Maria were twins.
Elizabeth took after her father and she was his father's favourite. She was the youngest and the most naive one. She loved horse riding and hunting with her father (though she would never kill and animal and sabotage her father's attempts). She was never interested in learning to be a 'proper' lady. She just wanted to be just like his father free and not ruled by her future husband.
Tess was the most serious of the five sister. She took great interest on learning decorum and how to be a proper lady and obedient wife. She was polite and almost statue like.

When Maxwell was only 12. Diane and Nancy had agreed that Tess would become his future wife and qeeun. They were the same age. And Diane saw even then that Tess would be the perfect qeeun. Beautifull, obedient and easy to influence. She needed Maxwell to mary an easy to influence girl because she did'nt wanted to loose influence on state affairs. She knew Maxwell will become King but he was her son and with a wife who listened to her. She would have a great deal of power.

Authors'note: Keep in mind this is my first fic and I know my english sucks. Should I continue?
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