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Title: "Promises to Keep"
Author: 2crzy4roswell (Ari)
Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Roswell or any one associated with it. Because if I did then everything that happened in S2 and S3 never would have existed!
Category: I am A VERY BIG dreamer so my couples have to be: M/L, Mi/M, A/I.
Rating: PG-13 for now.
Summary: Post Graduation. I don’t want to give away too much so please read the prologue and if you still like what you read, tell me and I will give you more of a summary and write more. This is MY FIRST FIC EVER! Many of you already know me as one of your loyal readers who can’t get enough of your wonderful stories.

This story has been in my head for quite some time. With my daughters' help and others from this wonderful site, who have tolerated listening to me, I have finally written it. I would love to hear feedback from you but I must tell you that I am very nervous and my ego is very fragile so please be kind. But I also want honest feedback. I want to know if I need to fix something in my story, loose ends, details, etc.

Before I begin, I have to tell you now ~ there will be some sad parts in my story, heartbreaking as a matter of fact, but in the world Roswell I need a happy ending okay? So all you dreamers, Candy lovers, Stargazers & others that I don’t know all the names to…..Don’t panick! I too am all the above!!! I couldn’t sleep at night if it didn’t have a happy ending! SO I’m issuing Dreamer Insurance and this fic will have a Happy Ending. So please sit down and I hope you enjoy it as much as I wrote it.

Note: When you see italic writing like this, it represents what that person is thinking.



New Mexico Desert about 40 miles south of Roswell ~ Midnight Sunday, July 15, 2012.

The summer night is warm as she runs. The sound of fabric rubbing against itself is the only thing that can be heard except for her heavy gasping. Her chest hurts from breathing too hard and her ears throb from the pounding of her heart. She begins to run faster ignoring that fact that every muscle in her body is screaming in protest of the pain but she didn’t stop, she couldn’t. She stumbles over a small rock, falling to the ground, seconds later she is back on her feet and running again.


A thunderous explosion in the background of the desert night causes the earth to shake and a blinding blast comes moments later as she turns to see three figures frantically running towards her before the brightness causes her to flinch closing her eyes and looking away.

*End of flashback*

She blinks and hot tears run down her face as her head pounds. She desperately fights for control as her mind races. Can’t stop. Focus. Tears begin to form in her eyes again and her vision becomes blurry. She falls again, with a heavy thud, on the desert floor and there is a stinging sensation coming from her knees. Her breathing comes in rasping wheezes and she frowns as she examines her injuries. How many times have I fallen? A distant sound breaks the eerie silence and she turns her face to search the desert horizon and sky where she thought she heard the sound. Her eyes squint in deep concentration looking for any evidence that would support her suspicions. Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve fallen. All that matters is that I keep going. Can’t stop. She gets up and continues to run as she whips her head to look behind her.


Sounds of gunshots and car windows breaking are all around her. She ducks, huddling over, protecting herself from flying glass. Smoke begins to cover the cloudless night sky and it begins to sting her nostrils. It hurts and she tries to inhale short breaths. She returns her focus back to the figures that are coming towards her. Her body trembles involuntarily and voices are heard in the distance and on the walkie-talkie in the car she is sitting in but all she can do is stare at the figures that are coming closer to her, becoming larger.

Then she hears a voice yelling at her “Go! Go!! Go!!!”

*End of flashback*

Her tangled hair screens part of her face and with a dirt-caked palm she pushes the strands away. The rest of her body is covered with dirt as well and her dark long-sleeve shirt, which is unkempt and torn. Her jeans are ragged and ripped at the knees where dried blood has now formed. Her eyes stare in the direction ahead of her, concentrating willing every ounce of strength she has to continue her trek.

The stars from the night sky twinkle, as they seem to silently guide her to her intended destination. Finally, she slows her pace. I’m close. I have to be. I can feel it. She approaches and begins to climb up a very large rock, just like many others all around her that seem to form a crevice, wincing slightly when her knees come in contact with the jagged surface. Reaching the top, crouching, she again slowly scans the desert horizon in the direction she came from. Suddenly, the sound of rattling close beside her catches her attention. Too close. She turns her head carefully to see a rattler no more than a foot from her. It’s scaly, slender body tightly coiled as its tail vibrates to make the menacing sound. Its lidless eyes fix on her as its forked tongue appears and disappears from its mouth. Cautiously, slowly, she raises her arm toward the viper. Fear, anger, hatred and determination fill her thoughts and a blasting light comes from the palm of her hand, striking her target. A black scorch mark and the smell of burned meat are now all that remains of the threat toward her life. She takes one last look around as she slides down the other side of the boulder, landing on her feet. She walks a few feet further to an area of another boulder that looked similar to all the others and begins moving the palms of her hands over it, searching. She stops her search and stares at the slab of rock. Perspiration covers her entire body and she rubs her palms against her jeans leaving streaks of crimson on them. Concentrate. She brings her hand back up to the boulder and waves it. An iridescent handprint begins to materialize from the rock and she places her palm on it. The entrance slowly opens. “C’mon…. hurry!” She whispers impatiently.

The chamber is dark and cool and it seems like a long time since she or the others had been here. She tries to control her breathing. She would be of no use if she lost consciousness now and all would be lost. Slowly her eyes begin to adjust to the darkness as her breathing slows. A faint light can be seen from the back of the room and carefully she walks toward it, leaning her hand on the stone wall for support. She crouches down and begins to crawl through the small passage. Exiting from the other end, she struggles to stand and her eyes set on the object she came here for. “The granilith.”

She roughly wipes the tears from her face and eyes so she could see more clearly. Her tired features could now be seen with the dim light that is in the chamber. Sleeplessness and tribulation has taken its toll on her and she feels older than twenty-eight. She walks over and begins to examine the piece of alien machinery, quickly looking over the console and searching for the symbols they taught her. Found them. She begins to press various symbols on the keypad and a faint hum starts to sound. She bends down under the granilith console to a wall of metal and waves her hand over it. The wall dissolves and within it’s confides is a long, white crystal. She removes and inserts it into the chasm on the panel. The clear color of the crystal changes to an iridescent ruby and the hum becomes louder.

Liz chokes a laugh. “It’s working…thank god….” Lights begin to glow from the symbols on the console as Liz walks toward the black backpack that is lying against one of the far walls of the room. She reaches for it and slings it over her shoulder. “Can’t leave this behind” and returns to the place in front of the console. Seconds later, a brilliant light envelops the room and she is then transported into the granilith. All of a sudden, she hears noises just outside the chamber and their voices getting closer. Liz wonders. Maybe…..No. I can’t sense him…...he’s....they’re all…. Not wanting to finish the thought, she struggles not to breakdown, to stay strong. Two menacing figures enter with weapons searching the chamber for their prey. Astonishment and fear spread across their faces of what is about to happen but it’s too late. She gives them a wicked smile. “It’s too late boys, and it’s too bad.” They turn and run for the exit hoping to reach it in time yet moments later a striking light shoots into the night sky and what is left behind bursts into flames. An explosion from the remaining pieces launches them against the wall, knocking them unconscious. The chamber begins to shake and crumble as heavy pieces of rocks from the surrounding wall begin to fall and it collapses. Destroyed, now becoming a tomb for the two unfortunate men.

End of Prologue

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I will post another part tomorrow if you would like?

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This is my 1st fic. And as you know I just posted it!!!

Thank you Eccentric One for fixing my problem!!!

You guys really like my prologue? *gushing with pride*

I will post a new part tomorrow!*big*

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I can’t believe this! When I read all the wonderful fics on this site and when you writers say you don’t know how great it feels to get fb. I had no idea until you guys did it!!!!

My family thinks that I finally flipped out because I am jumping up and down in my living room yelling. “They read my fic. People actually read my fic!”

You have no idea how hard it is to type right now. My hands are shaking and my heart is pounding right out of my chest!

Thank you Pathos for being my 1st person to post. You will never know how surprised I was to see fb so soon. I love you.

Talena, Lullaby, tamira, Alexandra86, Kim_56Emotion, Bordersinsanity, mrsjbehr – Thank you too!

OMG!!!! SansuCry, Wench On A Leash, Breathless – You can’t believe how moved I am right now that you took the time to read my prologue! I love your fics. You guys are what inspired me to write.

And Wrench on a Leash ~ Thank you for the poem, thank you!

ILYMEFOREVER – Hi! I’m so glad you’re here. I missed you Chica! Thank you for reading and helping me! B-mail me when you can!

Lucky Star – I finally wrote it! Yeah! Thank you so much for your help. I hope you enjoy it as much as I wrote it.

Geesh!!! You think I won an academy award or something!

I think this note is longer than the chapter I wrote.

Okay Everyone, I will post every two days and hopefully at the same time so that you can look for it. I thought about every other day but I need to read your fics too!!! I hope to get into a system so that it is consistent. Remember I am one of your biggest fans on this site so I know how it feels waiting for a new part. So I want to extend the same courtesy to you.

So enough of my babbling and here is chapter one….


Okay, if you have read the prologue and would now like a summary here it is. If you don’t just skip this part and start reading.

This story begins briefly 10 years in the future. The gang are faced with the same problem that Future Max encountered only instead of 15 years, it happens in 10.

In the show and in my story Tess dies making the original plan that Future Max had to keep Tess from leaving fails because she died. Duh! Which brings "our enemies" to attack earlier.

This time Liz goes back determined to make sure that her present timeline does not happen which is (was) worse than when Future Max came to her.

Liz returns right at the summer of 2000 “Destiny” when her past self leaves for Florida for the summer. Future Liz enlists Maria and others in helping her change the future.

Her objective: Alex and Tess MUST LIVE and their enemies must be defeated. And with that here is the next part.

(Opening credits)

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have the song “Here with me” by Dido. Please play now. I would put a link here so that you could hear the opening credits of the song but alas I don’t know how to do that.*sad*

For those of you who don’t have the song, here is my written version.*happy*

Piano keys begin to play that familiar tune as the backdrop of a New Mexico desert flashes with menacing clouds in its sky. Quick glimpses of old newspaper clippings are shown framed to a wall, SAUCER and the word “ROSWELL” appears in the center of your screen.

An unfocused silhouette of Max, three figures of Max, Isabel and Michael walking in the desert with a radiant red sunset behind them, Liz wiping down a table at the crashDown in her uniform as Max walks up to stand behind her from outside. She feels his presence and she turns to look at him. From Max’s view Liz walks towards him with the wall of glass between them and we see Liz’s adoring face and Max’s handsome reflection off the glass.

Oh I am what I am
I do what I want
But I can’t hide

Staring Liz Parker, Max Evans….

I won’t go
I won’t sleep
And I can not breath until you’re here resting with me.

…….Isabel Evans, Maria Deluca, Michael Guerin….

I won’t to leave
I can’t hide
I can not breathe until you’re resting here with me.

…….Alex Whitman, Kyle Valenti and Jim Valenti as sheriff.

The same haunting tune fades as we see our beloved couples in the desert as the camera pulls out and up.

Chapter One

“Back to the past”

Roswell ~ Friday, July 7, 2000, 11:30 p.m.

“Ohhh…I’m sorry Chica. I keep forgetting you’re two hours ahead of me. I just got home and I needed to talk to you.”

“It’s okay Maria. I was waiting for you to call me.” Liz said suppressing a yawn. “How was work today? Did Agnes come in to help?”

“Yes but you know how Agnes is. I might as well have been working alone but your dad just hired some new bitchy girl named Courtney Something. I don’t like her. She keeps giving Michael those ‘I so want you’ looks.”

“How is Michael?”

“Michael continues to be as stubborn as ever. You know he’s avoiding me and he won’t answer any of my phone calls.” Maria said into the telephone receiver. She was painting her toes as she sat on her bed. Her head was at an angle as she tried to balance the phone between her ear and shoulder. “You know Michael doesn’t like to just sit around doing nothing and it’s been real quiet around here since….” Maria stopped realizing where she was going in the conversation. “You’ve been gone two weeks already, did I already tell you I had to go to the 4th of July picnic with my mom. Since you weren’t here she thought it would be a good time to have a mother/daughter bonding day.”

“Yes, Maria you did. And I already said I was sorry. Anyway, you mom’s not that bad. You had a good time admit it.”

“Well as much fun as you can have with a mother around.” Maria admitted. “I really wished you were here for that then I would have really enjoyed myself. You know it feels weird not having you here with Alex and me. We miss you. I miss you.”

“I miss you guys too.” Liz said honestly.

“You know he keeps asking me about you. Everyday he asks the same questions. Maria did her best imitation of a whiny Max-voice and did her finest impression of a melancholy Max-face. “Have you heard from Liz today? Did Liz call?”

“Maria-” Liz began before Maria cut her off.

“He misses you too Liz. He wants to know if you’re okay. You are okay, aren’t you?” Maria questioned.

“Were you okay when you found out that Michael was destined to be with Isabel?”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. Did I already tell you how much I miss you? You know I would have gone with you if I could. You know that don’t you?”

“Yes, Maria. I know that but….” Liz said as her voice filtered out from the other end of the phone. “You heard the message from Max’s real mother…Max and Tess are meant to be together. I can’t get in the way of Max’s destiny.” Maria’s face wrinkled in disgust. She was really beginning to hate that word. “I just needed some time…” Her voice drifted off slowly. “…And besides you know my dad wouldn’t be able to run the restaurant if the both of us were gone.”

“I know. You’re right. It’s just….” Maria started. “Liz, sweetie. Max has been avoiding Tess like two weeks worth of trash since you left. You know I see him now more than I see Michael and Alex.” As she recalled Max day after day sitting in the restaurant in hopes that maybe this day Maria would give him some news about Liz. After which she silently blew on her wet painted toes. “Liz?”

“Yes, Maria?”

“How long are you going to stay in Florida?” Maria questioned.

There was an uncomfortable silence as she waited for Liz’s answer. “I’ll be here with my auntie for two months. I’ll be back in August.”

Maria let out an unhappy sigh. What was she going to do without her best friend for two whole months while Max tormented her everyday for new information about Liz? “What am I suppose to tell Max?” She questioned.

“Tell him…” Liz thought. “…tell him the truth that I’ll be back in August.”


Maria placed her phone back so that it could be charged. She was always forgetting to put it back that’s why she had to get off the phone with Liz so soon because the phone kept beeping its warning at her that the battery was low.

Maria slid to the edge of her bed. She placed her feet on the ground and pointed her toes upward. Inserted between her toes were cushiony foam that spread her toes apart awkwardly. This time I’m not going to smudge my polish. She thought as she delicately waddled to her open window. The summer breeze was welcoming. It was really hot today. She was grateful that she worked because Mr. Parker had finally got a brand new air-conditioner and had it installed at the CrashDown. The only problem was that it seemed like everyone in Roswell was at the restaurant eating and trying to stay out of the heat.

Maria debated whether or not she should close her window. Her house didn’t have air-conditioning; only precisely positioned fans throughout the house. She stared out in the night sky and wondered on what she was going to tell Max tomorrow when he asks her those same questions again. She felt bad for him. Should she tell Max what Liz told her? She sighed and then felt sadness for herself. How was she going to endure two months of Max when all she wanted was Michael? Michael. Just the thought of his name made her heart beat faster as she eyed the new moon as it slowly ascended up into the night sky. Her heart ached for him and she knew he felt the same. He had told her so. How could he just say that he loved her and then leave? Her feelings of insecurity began again. What was the matter with her and loving men that were always leaving her?
First her father, and now Michael. She went over and took the top off of one of the many small bottles that that adorned her dresser and began to inhale the scent, desperately hoping to calm her anxiety. The curtains fluttered slightly as more of the summer night air made its way into her bedroom.

A distant flash appeared and disappeared from the window almost like lighting. But there wasn’t a cloud in the sky tonight and the sudden sound of rustling coming from nearby her window caught Maria’s attention. What was that? Is there a flash summer thunderstorm on its way? I’ve gotta start watching the news. The noise continued and she wondered if the breeze was actually strong enough to make the shrubs on the side of her house move like that. Maybe one of the neighborhood cats is slinking about searching for some food. Then she though. It could be Michael. Maybe he came to apologize for being such an ass. “Hey, it could happen.” She whispered to herself. A smug smile formed on her lips. She leaned slightly out of her window to get a better glimpse, ready to play it cool and calm. Thinking of how she would take her time at accepting his pathetic apology after she made him sweat a little. Maria focused on where the sound was coming from. It was coming closer. Why would Michael be hiding in the bushes? She thought. Did he forget where my window was and got lost? “Figures.” She muttered out loud. “Michael?” Maria sung out into the night. Suddenly fear set into Maria as she thought. What if it isn’t Michael and I just told some psycho that I am home! Oh god.

“Maria?….” Came a voice that shook her out of her fright. It was a woman’s voice. A voice that sounded very familiar but weak. For a moment Maria thought that maybe she just imagined the voice. Did I hang up the phone? She thought. Maria frowned slightly in concentration and turned around to look at her phone. No. There was the phone resting on its cradle charging just where she had placed it minutes before. Maria turned around again to look out the window, instantly Maria’s eyes widened and all the color drained from her face as a hand covered her mouth.

End of chapter one


My apologizes on the short version of my credits but might I suggest popping in one of your favorite episodes and watching the real thing. Mine pales by comparison.

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Okay everyone I didn't realize that chapter one was so short so here is chapter 2!*sad**sad*


I didn’t realize how sad this part was until I began to proofread it. Geesh, where did I put my box of tissues? Please don’t hate me!

~ Chapter 2 ~

In Max’s voice: Previously on Promises to Keep……

A distant flash appeared and disappeared from the window almost like lighting. But there wasn’t a cloud in the sky tonight and the sudden sound of rustling coming from nearby her window caught Maria’s attention. What was that? Is there a flash summer thunderstorm on its way? I should watch the news more. The noise continued and she wondered if the breeze was actually strong enough to make the shrubs on the side of her house move like that. Maybe one of the neighborhood cats is slinking about searching for some food. Then she thought. It could be Michael. Maybe he came to apologize for being such an ass. “Hey, it could happen.” She whispered to herself. A smug smile formed on her lips. She leaned slightly out of her window to get a better glimpse, ready to play it cool and calm. Thinking of how she would take her time at accepting his pathetic apology after she made him sweat a little. Maria focused on where the sound was coming from. It was coming closer. Why would Michael be hiding in the bushes? She thought. Did he forget where my window was and got lost? “Figures.” She muttered out loud. “Michael?” Maria spoke in a loud whisper into the night. Fear set into Maria as she suddenly thought. What if it isn’t Michael and I just told some psycho that I am home! Oh god.

“Maria?….” Came a voice that shook her out of her fright. It was a woman’s voice. A voice that sounded very familiar but weak. For a moment Maria thought that maybe she just imagined the voice. Did I hang up the phone? She thought. Maria frowned slightly in concentration and turned around to look at her phone. No. There was the phone resting on its cradle charging just where she had placed it minutes before.

Maria turned around again to look out the window, instantly Maria’s eyes widened and all the color drained from her face as a hand covered her mouth.

“The scaring game”

Maria’s first instinct was to scream when the small hand covered her mouth. Then she heard. “Ssshhh, ‘Ria, please don’t scream.” The voice pleaded.

Maria froze in place. Shock had consumed her entire body as she realized that she was staring face to face with Liz albeit a disheveled and dirty-looking Liz.

“Umm? Iz ug umm?” Maria muttered from behind Liz’s hand.

Liz pleaded as she looked into Maria’s eyes wildly. “Ria, promise me you won’t scream when I remove my hand okay?” Maria nodded. Liz cautiously removed her palm away with the expectation that she might have to return it any second. Liz breathed out the breath she had been holding when Maria made no attempt to scream but continued staring at her in shock. “Thank you. I suppose I wasn’t as quiet as I thought I was and I didn’t mean to scare you. I just didn’t want to wake the neighbors or your mom.”

Maria shot Liz a disapproving glare. "What did you expect me to do when you go sneaking about in the middle of the night?”

“You’re right..…I’m sorry.” Liz said apologetically. Liz’s face made a questioning look and turned to Maria “What were you trying to say when I had my hand over your mouth?”

“I said Liz? Is that you?” Maria said sarcastically as she tried to collect herself.

“Oh…..Yeah, it’s me….”

“Duh!” Maria answered as Liz climbed through the window. Liz softly laid down her backpack she had been carrying on the floor then sat on the bed as she watched Maria begin to pace back and forth in front of her. The light in Maria’s room was dim causing the room to seem tranquil. Maria was anything but tranquil and she was babbling again. Liz’s lips curved into a small smile.

“Okay. What’s going on? How did you get here? Didn’t I just finish talking to you on the phone? Aren’t you supposed to be in Florida? I called you at your aunt’s house. I’m sure of it!” Maria began with a whisper but with each question her voice got a little louder. Then Maria stopped pacing. She stood facing the woman sitting on her bed and took a closer look at her. She walked over and sat beside her best friend. “What happened to you chica? You look horrible.”


“Isabel! Where’s Maria? Where’s Michael?" Liz yelled as
debris began crashing down all around them as they ran towards the car. She saw Isabel was sobbing as Kyle had his arm wrapped around her waist supporting her if he were to let go she would fall. Their clothes were tattered and Isabel appeared to have cuts and bruises on her face and arms.

They ran towards the car. Liz then turned to look at Max who was only a step behind them. His appearance mirrored Kyle and Isabel’s and she noticed large patches of what seemed like blood on his face and arms. Her eyes focused on the motionless body he was carrying.


*End of Flashback*

“Liz? Liz! ” Maria waved her hands in front of Liz’s face breaking her out of her daze.

“Hello? Liz? Did you hear anything I said?” Maria questioned. She looked over the features of her best friend. Dark circles under her red blotchy eyes showed signs of endless crying and there were deep worry wrinkles throughout her face. Her hair had evidence of a few strands of gray and it came to her shoulders. Maria’s heart broke looking at her. She looked like hell. She was frightened at her appearance. “Liz. You cut your hair!” Maria exclaimed gently trying to suppress her inner turmoil. “You know with your hair shorter you look a lot older.” Maria voiced as she tucked a few stray strands from Liz’s face to behind her ear after which Maria hugged her.

“I feel a lot older too.” Liz calmly spoke against Maria’s shoulder. Liz was almost scared in how calm she had made that statement. Had she come to that point where she felt nothing? Nothing but numbness. Had she changed that much? Was she going to be able to have what it takes to relate everything that needed to be done to a group of teenagers? She had to. So much had happened to her in the ten days. So much pain…so much suffering. Horrible things that she would not allow to happen again. Things she would make sure were made right this time. Liz spoke again. “Ria? “What day is it?”

Maria gave a confused look at the question that was just given to her. “Well…it’s…” She turned to look at the digital clock that sat on her nightstand. “…12:30 AM…so technically it’s Saturday morning” Maria answered.

“What is the date? I need to know what month this is and what year.” Liz sighed reprimanding herself for not being specific when she asked the first time. Fatigue was finally catching up with her. She couldn’t remember when she had slept or eaten for that matter. It wasn’t important but Liz’s body was now beginning to feel the exhaustion.

“It’s Saturday, July 8th the year 2000.” Maria stated.

“ Good. That’s what I thought.” said Liz. “I was just making sure.”

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on Liz?" Maria spoke pulling Liz away from her so that she could look at her face. “Sweetie, does this have something to do with Max?”


“You know what you have to do. We have promises to keep remember?”

“But…” Max placed his blood stained finger over her lips.

“Do you remember when I told you that whether I died tomorrow or fifty years from now, that my destiny is the same? Do you?”

Liz choked out. “Yes.”

“It hasn’t changed. You are still the owner of my heart.” Max’s amber eyes stared deeply into Liz’s soft chocolate ones.

“And you are the keeper of mine.” She returned.

“You are my life, the reason why I still draw breath.” He closed his eyes and concentrated on his connection with her.

“And I thank God everyday that you chose me.” As she let the connection become stronger.

“How could I not? It was you. You were my destiny, Liz. You still are.” He returned his gazed back to sweep over her face as if needing to memorize it. His handsome features could still be seen through the blood and grime. He delicately traced her soft lips with his thumb and Liz closed her eyes as two new tears rolled down her cheeks.

His breathing came in low ragged gasps as he tried to speak. “I won’t say good-bye….I promised remember? This isn’t the end… Just the beginning, right?” Max’s tears came streaming down his cheeks leaving clean streaks of skin as they slid. “You’ll make it right….this time…Make sure that…..this…this doesn’t happen so that we can be together again…all of us?” Liz slowly nodded her head.

“Good.” He took his hand and wrapped it around the back of her head gently pulling her to him. He grazed his lips softly across hers. “I love you Liz Evans. Nothing will ever make me stop loving you. Nothing.” He tenderly kissed her. With every last fiber of his being, he poured the last of his strength, his undying love, and hope into that kiss. Liz momentarily lost herself within the sweet salty taste forgetting everything around her as there was only Max until he pulled away. He lightly began weaving his fingers through her soft locks as he gazed at her. “Like silk. I never get tired...”

“Max?” Liz’s voice quaked waiting for him to respond as she stared at his still form. His soft amber eyes gazed quietly at her but the light in them had faded away. Suddenly her body began to tremble as a void came crashing down on her, hollow, empty, alone. The silence was deafening.

“No…..Max!…nnnnooooooo. ” Despair claimed her as she began rocking back and forth as she clutched his body to hers, placing her forehead to his. “You promised Max…I promise…”

*End of Flashback*

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.” Liz answered in the same steely tone as she vacantly stared into Maria’s eyes.

“Please tell me why your clothes are torn and why there is so much blood on your clothes? Maria’s voice wavered as she spoke. Liz looked down to examine herself as if for the first time then returned her gaze to Maria.

“You’re trying to slowly drive me insane aren’t you Liz?” Maria said as she continued to silently inspect her best friend’s face.

“’Ria, Do I have any extra clothes here?”

Maria frowned. “Of course. You always keep some clothes here. Just like I have some at your place.”

Liz’s mouth broke into a weak smile. “Can I hop in the shower? I’m really tired…and apparently very filthy. I promise to explain everything to you in the morning, okay?”

“Okay.” Maria said hesitantly. She then walked over to her dresser and pulled out some clothes from one of her drawers. She walked back and held them out for Liz to take. When Liz didn’t reach for them, she set them on her lap and knelt down in front of her. “You do remember where the bathroom is, don’t you Liz?” She spoke softly.

“Yeah.” Shaking herself out of her thoughts Liz nodded and then began to stand.

“I probably don’t have to say this but please shower quietly ‘cause there is no way I want to try to explain to my mom how and why you’re here.”

Liz had stopped at the door and looked at Maria. “You’re right and I’m too tired to think of an excuse as to why I am here.” With that she silently walked down the hall and into the bathroom.

End of Chapter two

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~ Chapter three ~


Liz allowed the hot water to pound her tired body. The water beaded down her face, down her neck, sliding down her torso to her legs then to her feet as it slid silently to the tiled floor and down the shower drain. She went through the details of her plan in her mind. It was important that she went over every detail. Timing was everything. If she missed something then she would have set things in motion that would most likely be worse than what she experienced. She couldn’t imagine going through this again and again, continuously go back to the past to keep fixing things. That image gave her a headache. And even if she wanted to she couldn’t. She had wanted to come sooner before the Special Unit had taken Max but there had been no time to change the date. She only had one shot at this and she had to make it right this time. The pounding in her head became stronger. Was it because of the images she had conjured in her head or was it because of her physical injuries? It could be both. She thought.

She looked over her left arm that had several minor cuts on it and placed her right palm over the worst. She closed her eyes and concentrated and a slow, soft green glow began to spread across her arm closing the wounds but scars remained. She opened her eyes and surveyed her work. She could heal some of her superficial wounds but not very well. Exhaustion had made her weak and her real 'gift' was not healing. That was Max’s. Liz reached for the shampoo and worked it into her scalp. The fragrance of peach began to permeate into the air and Liz inhaled the scent and allowed some of the tension to leave her body. Liz had always liked showering at Maria’s because Maria would love to experiment with different scented shampoos. She had always said it was an extension of her aromatherapy. She decided that she would let all troubling thoughts to go down the drain like the all the filth she was washing off her body. Just for tonight. She needed sleep, to be ready for what she had to face tomorrow. I might as well try and rest. She thought as she stepped back into the stream of water to rinse the suds off.

The stinging sensation in her knees returned and Liz bent down to access the damage. Both knees were scraped up pretty bad with minor cuts up and down both of her legs. Liz bent down and put the palms of her hands on each knee. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes again and concentrated and began the same procedure on her legs as she did her left arm. When she was finished her body was shaking. It was just too much. It had taken just about everything she had to just close the wounds. She put the palms of her both hands on the shower wall in front of her. She was dizzy and she wanted to just sit down right there in the shower stall but she couldn’t. The longer she stayed in the bathroom the bigger the chance was Maria’s mother would hear the water running and wake up.

She turned off the water and waited for the world to stop spinning. As quickly as her body would allow her to move, she wrapped a large towel around her and sat down on the closed toilet seat. There she dried her body and put on the T-shirt and shorts Maria had handed her. She wearily stood up and went to stand in front of the fogged up mirror over the sink and with the palm of her hand, she swiped part of the mirror so that she could take a look at herself. She cringed. She didn’t recognize the woman staring back at her. Was that really her?

Her head began to pound again and she opened the medicine cabinet in hopes of finding some an aspirin. She sighed. She should have remembered Maria and her mom didn’t keep pharmaceuticals, only homeopathic ingredients. God, how she wished for a couple of Extra Strength Tylenol’s at this very moment or better yet Max’s soothing fingers gently massaging at her temples and removing her pain. She smiled feeling the imagined sensation of Max’s magical fingers near her temples. At that moment her body stiffened and anguish threatened to overcome her again. No. She said to herself. She had no more tears to cry. She had to stay strong, stay focused. She was here for a purpose and she intended to accomplish it.

Liz ran her hands through her hair and it began to dry. Never again would she need a hair dryer thanks to Max Evans and a little help from Isabel on perfecting it. She decided to leave it slightly damp. She didn’t want to give any ammunition to Maria on how her hair was now clean and dry without the use of a loud piece of appliance. Liz grabbed the pile of clothes that littered the bathroom floor and returned to Maria’s room.

When entering Liz found Maria over Liz’s backpack that she had left on the floor. “Damn.” Liz muttered under her breath. “Maria? What are you doing?”

“What is all this stuff, Liz?” Maria questioned.

Liz quickly walked over to where Maria was and picked up the few articles that Maria held and returned them to the backpack. After zipping it up, Liz closed her palm over the adjoining zippers. Her hand glowed with a same green tint for the briefest of seconds melting the zippers together, making it impossible to open the bag.

This didn’t escape Maria’s eyes and she pulled away at what she had just witnessed. Maria could not hide the fright that was coursing through her body at that very moment. Who was this person in front of her? This couldn’t be Liz. Liz couldn’t do things like that. Only aliens could do that. “Oh my god! You’re not Liz! Who are you?” Maria’s voice came out as a rasped whisper. “Liz can’t do things like that.” Tears began to spring from Maria’s eyes. “Oh my god…you’re….gonna…kill me…aren’t you?” Maria’s mind was frantically trying to process everything she just saw and what was going to happen to her.

“Ria, it’s okay. Really it’s me, Lizzie.” Liz attempted to calm Maria’s fear by trying to reach out and hold her but Maria pulled away before she could even move toward her. Liz stopped her motion and dropped her hand.

“No….no, it’s not okay. I want to know….before you…. kill me. Who are you? What do you want from me?” Maria choked out.

Liz took a deep breath. She hadn’t intended on telling this story twice. Wasn’t it enough that she was going have to tell a group of overly paranoid, extremely fearful, half-alien, half-human teenagers tomorrow? She was not looking forward to it. Sure, Sheriff Valenti and Alex would be there too but she didn’t think that would make the situation any better. And now she would have to explain to Maria before she panicked and did something rash. It would only complicate matters. She’s gonna flip out just like the night she found out the truth about Max, Michael and Isabel. She thought then reassured herself. Have you forgotten already? She’s strong, remember? Just tell her. That’s why you came to her first before anyone else.

Liz took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Ria, remember when I got shot at the CrashDown?” Maria nodded slightly. “Well….after that day, things began changing….my body started changing…It had something to do with Max healing me. I can do a few things they can do plus a little extra that they can’t. Maria tried to hide the look of disbelief. Her eyes darted to the door and then back to Liz's. Sensing Maria mistrust and obvious plot for escape, Liz slumped onto the floor and spoke in a defeated tone. “Look. Ask me something that only Liz would know about, okay?” Maria’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the woman she had believed was her best friend.

“Anything?” She questioned apprehensively.

“Yes, anything.”

“Okay.” Still up against the wall with her arms cradling her knees in a fetal position, she began to think. “Okay……what's….the square root of 49?....What is the symbol for gold?....What are the three primary colors?"

"7...AU... red, blue and yellow....Maria these are suppose to be questions that you know the answers to and how do those questions prove that I'm really Liz?" She responded with obvious confusion on her face.

Maria clearly looked agitated. "Give me a break, I don't work well under pressure."

"Come on Ria, why don't you ask me what your locker combination was." Maria gave Liz an annoyed look. "Everyone knew my locker combination remember?! Everyone but me…stupid numbers." She muttered under her breath.

"Then what about asking me what day our friend George came to visit you for the first time?" Liz suggested.

"God Liz, you of all people should know that everyone in our 9th grade biology class knew when I got my first visit from our friend George." Maria shot Liz an accusatory glare.

"Oh yeah……of all days to be wearing white pants." Liz mused thoughtfully.

“I know!” Maria spoke up excitedly as her body bounced up and down with the same emotion. “What was the one secret that we were suppose to take to our graves?”

Liz thought for a second. “You mean other than the fact that aliens do exist?”

“No, no. The other secret.” Maria emphasized. “With Alex……6th grade?….”

Seconds passed and suddenly Liz’s face lit up and for the first time in weeks Liz truly smiled. “You know we were sworn never to even mention it amongst ourselves remember?” Giggling began to emanate from Maria as the thoughts began to resurface from the archives of her mind. “Yeah….mama’s boy…”

“How did we ever convince Alex to let us dress him up like a girl?” Liz said. She couldn’t help smiling as she thought of that day. “Remember, my mom let me have all of her old make-up to play with so we told him I wanted to become a beautician and that I had already practiced on you and that it was now his turn?” Maria continued with a gleam in her eye. “He really did enjoy all the pampering we did on him remember? We gave him a mud pack facial, deep-conditioned his hair and….and ..”

“And then we put periwinkle eye shadow to bring out his eyes and racy red lipstick to make him all sexy…” Liz proceeded. “He was having so much fun and then you got the idea of putting him in one of his mom’s dresses…”

Both girls looked at each other, smiled and began to sing in unison. “I so pretty….I so pretty and happy and gay!” Seeing Alex in their mind’s eye dancing about the room reciting the song from West Side Story.

Fits of soft laughter began to fill the room. Maria held on to her sides with one hand and her mouth with the other as new tears sprang from her eyes only this time they were from laughter as she fell to her side on the floor. Liz too couldn’t help feeling happy from her nostalgia. It felt good to laugh again.

“But…then…he finally…he finally realized the last word he said in that song …and …and he made us…swear on our unborn children that we were to never, EVER mention that day again.” Maria said gasping for air between each chuckle.

At the mention of the word “children” Liz’s face became solemn again and she was brought back to her reality. A reality her heart couldn’t forget. One she was determined to change. Maria was finally beginning to breathe normally again when she noticed Liz’s change in demeanor and wondered what had happened that now gave her such a haunted look. “Liz? What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” Liz lied. She didn’t want to bring down the air of happiness she had just shared with Maria. It had brought her an escape if only for a few minutes and she would secretly treasure it in her heart. How could she tell her what was on her mind after the delight she had just given her moments before? Why would she burden her best friend with things that she was here to prevent? No. She would enjoy this brief moment of happiness. She didn’t know if she would experience it again while she was here so she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind. “Why don’t we just go to bed? There’s so much that has to be done tomorrow okay?”

“Sure, Liz.” Maria had conveniently shrugged off the sudden shock of what had happened a few minutes before. The secret they shared had told her without a doubt that this was Liz. Liz was always true to her word. Maria knew no one else knew that secret other than Alex. It was something they wouldn’t have told anyone because of their love and respect for him no matter how silly it was. She resigned to talk about what she saw Liz do in the morning. Things would be a lot clearer in the morning and she was getting very tired.

Maria leaped from the floor to the bed as Liz slowly rose watching as Maria took her usual spot where she liked to sleep. She made her way to the other side and lay down above the covers. It was just too hot to be under sheets tonight. The bed was soft as both girls got comfortable.

Maria went and turned off the light and the room went dark and silent. Liz lay staring at the ceiling as her eyes became accustomed to the blackness. Forcing herself to relax maybe even possibly sleep as Maria adjusted her pillow from under head. Slowly both of their eyelids started to become heavy.

“Good night Petunia.”

“Night Ria.”

End of chapter 3

Okay Everyone! Now the girls will sleep. I jumped the gun when I told you before saying they went to sleep when in reality (yeah, that’s a good one!) Liz went to the bathroom. Liz and Maria will wake up on Saturday.

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Chapter four is long enough that I have cut it into three parts so here is the first part of Chapter four.

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Here we go….

~ Chapter Four ~

"The Meeting"

Liz jolted upright from her nightmare. Her body trembled and she was drenched in sweat. Nausea threatened to overtake her and she gasped for air. She closed her eyes as she tried to regain her bearings. Slowly her breathing began to even out and she opened her eyes to see the slight beginnings of light in the horizon from the window and knew it was almost sunrise. Her fitful repose did little to help her. Her body was exhausted so when she finally did succumb to sleep, her nightmares returned. Physically she did get some rest but emotionally she was drained. She supposed she wouldn't be getting peace while she was here anyway. She had a mission to complete. She looked over at Maria's sleeping form next to her and she envied her. How she wished she could rest without having the same images haunt her when she closed her eyes. They're what keep you focused. They keep you from being distracted. "....miles to go before I sleep....miles to go...She softly whispered under her breath. She slid off the bed, picked up her backpack and headed for the closet. She decided she would get dressed and begin the day. The sooner she started the sooner this would all be over. Liz reached the closet just as a knock came from the door. "Maria sweetie. I'm coming in....." Came Amy Deluca's voice just as she opened the door and entered.

Liz stealthily hid in the closet behind the small wall and nestled between several hanging pieces of clothing and a pile of shoes. Maria's closet was never organized and there were many things scattered all over the floor. One could hide easily without detection in here.

"Maria!" Mrs. Deluca sat on the edge of the bed beside her daughter and gave her a nudge. "Maria sweetheart!"

"Huh! What? Mom..... I don't need to work until this afternoon...okay?" Maria's voice was thick with sleep as she turned her back on her mom.

"I didn't come in here to wake you up for work. I just wanted to tell you I've got to go to Albuquerque and pick up some more glow-in-the-dark alien key chains and inflatable green aliens. I think I’ll get some blue ones too while I'm there so I'll need to take the car. But first I have to go to the market. We don't have anything to eat. Is there something you want me to pick up while I'm there?"

Rubbing her eyes, Maria tried to process what her mother was telling her. " some shaving cream and some razors. I've got to shave my legs today."

"Okay. Can you get Alex to take you to work this afternoon?" Amy questioned.


"How did you sleep last night? Did you get to talk to Liz?"

Maria sat up suddenly and looked about the room. Was it just a dream she had last night? Did Liz really come through her window? Her eyes scanned her bedroom for signs that would help her decide if it was imagined or not. "Uh, yeah...Liz says she's not coming back until August and… I had the strangest dream..."

Amy rose from the bed and casually made her way toward the door. "Oh really? I'd love to hear it sweet pea but I've got to go now before it gets any later. I want to be back by this evening. I don't like to leave you in the house alone. Okay?"

"Kay." Maria said as she lay back down, working her way back to sleep.

"Why don't you get up and take a shower. Enjoy the morning before you have to go to work. Call Alex and do something. You shouldn't sleep your summer away." Amy said not waiting for a response from her daughter and left the room closing the door behind her.

Maria lay on her bed wondering if she had eaten something that didn't agree with her last night. She was told that was what usually triggered strange dreams. Well whatever it was she decided she would avoid it the next time around. She really did miss Liz but man did her dream seem real. No matter, sixty-thirty in the morning was just too early for her to get up and she still felt very tired. She'd call Alex later, much later, maybe in a couple of hours or so as she drifted back to sleep.

Liz stayed in the closet listening to Maria and her mother talk. Liz hadn't considered Maria's mom taking the car. This posed a problem. How were she and Maria supposed to get to Michael's place now? She couldn't ask Alex to come pick her up right after picking up Isabel. They would have too many questions and would want answers before getting to Michael's. She had no intention of telling this story twice. They couldn't take the bus. She didn't want to bring any more attention to herself than necessary. No matter how much of a disguise she wore, there was always a chance that someone would recognize her. She couldn't allow that. No. She would have to figure out something and something soon. Liz then heard the Jetta backing out of the driveway and then driving down the street. She slipped out quietly from her hiding place and peeked out to find Maria was still laying in bed with her back to her. Liz sighed and began to make her way back to Maria's bed, sitting at the edge just where Amy was a few minutes ago.

Liz nudged Maria. "Maria? Oh Maria."

"Mom...I'll get up in just a little bit okay?" Maria said annoyed thinking that her mother was bothering her again. Did she forget to tell me something or is she just trying to annoy me?

"Ria, please get up." Liz said again.

Maria recognized Liz's voice this time and for the second time this morning she shot up in her bed. "Oh my god! It wasn't a dream was it? That really happened last night!" She stared at Liz beside her.

"Yes, Maria. Last night really happened. Listen, we don't have much time. We need to get Alex, Isabel and Sheriff Valenti to Michael's place and we've got to do this without Max, Kyle and Tess knowing about it. Now your mom is going to be taking the Jetta out of town which leaves us with no car to get to Michael's."

Maria listened and tried to once again process everything that was being told to her by Liz in her sleep-induced mind. It just seemed to be too early to be thinking, just too early, especially on summer vacation. "Am I ever going to get some sleep?" Maria said mainly to herself.

"Plenty of time to sleep later" Liz unthinking answered with the same tone. "Maria. Why don't you go jump in the shower and I'll get dressed. Then maybe by the time your mom comes back we would have figured a way to get to Michael's."

Maria nodded and figured she wasn't going to be getting anymore sleep this morning. Shock of what had happened last night, that indeed it was a reality was starting to sink in. She hopped off her bed and casually sauntered over to the dresser to get what she needed as Liz stood up and headed back to the closet to pick out an outfit. Maria turned to head out of her room towards the bathroom and when she reached the door, she turned around to look at Liz. "You're going to explain all of this when we get to Michael's right?"

Liz turned to Maria. "Yes, I'll explain everything when we get to Michael's."


After Maria's shower, Liz had her call Alex and convince him to call Isabel. He needed to get her out of the house and to Michael's place in an hour without Max being suspicious. Then Liz had her do the same with Sheriff Valenti. It was important that Kyle not suspect anything.

As Maria set the phone down, she looked at Liz. "Okay. Sheriff Valenti said that Kyle won't suspect a thing. He's putting his uniform on so if he wakes up he'll think he's heading for work."

Liz stood in front of Maria wearing a tie-dye top. The colors aqua, pink, yellow, orange and green swirled around from the center on out. She wore faded blue jeans that were cut at the calf and the matching psychedelic pattern from her shirt adorned the bottom edges of the pants. She wore high heel leather strap sandals as Maria looked at her and smiled. "I never would have thought you to wear that outfit. My Liz, aren't we being adventuresome!"

"That's just it Maria. No one would suspect me, Liz Parker, to be wearing an outfit like this."

"That's just it Liz. You still look like-" Maria's voice cut off when Liz took both palms of her hands and placed them on the top of her forehead where her hairline began and swept her fingers all the way through her hair instantly becoming a platinum blonde. She did the same to her eyebrows by placing her two index fingers on the bridge of her nose where her eyebrows began and made an outward sweeping motion. She then placed the palms her hands over her closed eyelids therewith removing them revealing to Maria her once chocolate brown eyes were now hazel. Maria sat on her bed with her mouth agape, unable to speak, she just continued staring at the newly transformed Liz.

"What do you think Maria? Will anybody recognize me now?" Maria's head shook and no sound came from her mouth. She couldn't believe it! She finally had nothing to say. Moments past and Maria finally shook herself out of her stupor and found her voice. "How did you do that Liz?"

"I'll explain everything when we get to Michael's. I promise. Now we've got to figure out how we are going to get there without a car?"

"We can still use the car. I'll just ask my mom to borrow it really quick telling her that I need to get something at your place before she heads out, instead I'll take you to Michael's. I'll have her drop me off at the park that's near his place and tell her I'm meeting Alex there for a picnic. She already mentioned before she went to the market that I should do something with Alex today. It won't be a lie. I'll still be seeing him." Maria offered.

"Okay. Let's do it."


Standing in front of Michael's place Liz stood near his front doorway wearing dark sunglasses waiting for Maria to arrive. She had slipped out Maria's bedroom window when Mrs. Deluca returned from the market. Maria helped her mom with the groceries and gave her cover story they spoke of earlier as Liz slipped silently into the back seat of the Jetta with her black backpack slung securely on her back. She slumped to the floor and waited for Maria to return with the keys. The less of her that was seen around town the better.

It was still early as Liz stood there looking around the apartment complex. The sun was starting to beat down and it was going to be another hot day. She tried to knock at the door but hesitated. She knew she should just do it and wait for the others to arrive inside but facing Michael alone right now hurt too much. The nightmare was still too fresh in her mind and the pain in her stomach caused her to wrap her arms around herself. If she was having trouble with Michael what was she going to do when she saw Max? She stood there trying to calm the despondency that was threatening her when she saw Maria walking in her direction.

"Why aren't you inside?" Maria asked in a whispered tone when she reached Liz.

"I didn't want to go in until you came." Liz didn't want explain more so she left it at that.

"Liz, Michael is not going to be happy when he sees me. I was hoping you were already in there talking to him, you know, maybe helping him realize what an ass he is for the way he's been treating me lately."

"Michael loves you." Liz said matter-of-factly.

"That's what he said but he has a strange way of showing it."


"He wouldn't leave Liz. I tried to do pull him up, tried to get him to come with us but he wouldn't leave her. I couldn't carry him and…” Max's eyes were filled with unshed tears as he spoke. His body was ridged and the haunted expression on his face was telling her he was reliving that night all over again in his mind.

"Max...” Liz began.

Max turned to hold her in his arms. He held her tightly like a man who was lost, trembling. "He couldn't leave her....” He got hurt real bad and Kyle had Isabel and I had...” He choked down the tight lump in his throat. "He loved her Liz. He love her so much...More than his own life."

*End of Flashback*

Maria stared at Liz as she had faded out again. It scared her when she did that remembering last night. She wondered what Liz was thinking that would make her simply fade away. She had never seen Liz do it before. Well except when she thought of Max but usually when she did that she had that daydreamer look on her face. She could always tell when she was thinking of Max. But the look on Liz's face was one that alarmed her. She only hoped it still wasn't because of Max that was making her have that expression. It broke her heart and she wished she could help her best friend.

"Come on, Lizzie. Let's go inside." Maria wrapped her arm around Liz and guided her closer to the door.

They were the first to arrive at Michael's place. Maria began banging at his front door when Michael angrily answered it. He found Maria standing there sulking with her arms crossed in front of her. Michael's face flashed of annoyance. He had been sleeping when she began knocking and awoke abruptly to hear the pounding at his door. He was about to make a comment when Liz appeared from behind Maria. He was shocked but managed to speak. " blonde, huh?" Liz stared at him, gave him a weak smile and entered his apartment heading toward the kitchen.

"Can it, Spaceboy. We're here on official business." Maria said as she passed him to enter his apartment. She walked into Michael's small living room and sat down on the couch.

"What?!" Michael said irritably as he rubbed his face and hair with the palm of his hand. He wondered if maybe he was still sleeping and this was just a dream. If I'm still sleeping then this is definitely a nightmare.

"Better not close that door yet, Guerin. Alex and Isabel will be here any minute."

"What the-" Michael's sentence was cut short when Isabel and Alex came walking into his apartment.

"Alright, what's going on here?" Isabel said looking around the room and placing her purse on the coffee table then sitting on Michael's recliner. "Alex calls me up and says we should have breakfast together and talk. Then tells me in the car that we've got to go to Michael's....” Isabel stopped and spied the back of a blonde in the kitchen who is preparing coffee. "And who is the surfer girl in the kitchen?" At that Sheriff Valenti strolled in holding a bright pink box containing donuts.

"Morning everyone. What's going on here that has everyone up this early on a Saturday morning?" He said as he took his sunglasses off and looked at everyone in the living room.

"Hell, if I know" Michael ranted as he began to close the door then stopped suddenly. "Is that it? Or is Max, Tess and Kyle on their way here too?" He said sarcastically as he directed his question at Maria.

"Nope. That's it. You can close the door now." Maria answered.

Jim was walking into the small living space with the rest of the group and placed the pink box on the coffee table when he asked. "Why aren’t Max and Tess coming? What's going on?" He then stood next to the recliner that Isabel sat in. Alex had found a seat next to Maria on the couch.

"Because right now Max, Kyle and Tess can't know about this." Liz said calmly. Looking briefly at everyone who had gathered around Michael's small living room before going to the cupboard to remove coffee mugs.

"Liz? Is that you?" Alex said with apparent shock written all over his face when he recognized her voice. Everyone in the room but Maria and Michael stood still dumbfounded when Alex realized who was in the kitchen. They were all staring at a blonde Liz casually making coffee.

"Yes. Alex that's Liz and yeah she's blonde." Maria informed her other best friend. Liz set the coffee mugs on the counter and began walking into the living room as Michael closed the door and followed behind her.

She stood in the center of the room and looked at each one before she began to talk. Split second expressions bounced off of Liz's face each time she turned to look at each individual in the room - Jim, Isabel, Maria, Michael, and then Alex. Liz's eyes became misty when her eyes set upon Alex then her body hardened and she steeled herself again. No one said a word as they stared intently at her.

"By now, all of you have many questions and I'll try to answer them all as much as I can. The first question you guys probably have is what am I doing here when I suppose to be in Florida right?”

"Well that's one question." Alex said still staring. "That and why you're a blonde in what is apparently Maria's clothes. Are you wearing contacts?"

Liz smirked. "That's easy enough to answer. I didn't want anyone to know who I was. As far as everyone is concerned I'm still in Florida and I want to keep it that way. And no, Alex I'm not wearing contacts."

"When did you get back and why don't you want anyone to know?" Alex shot another question at her. "What do you mean you're not wearing contacts? I know that's not you're real eye color."

Liz desperately tried to restrain herself. She was having a conversation with Alex. A real conversation, unlike the one-sided ones she had had over the years in her mind. She wanted to reach out and hug him. Tell him she missed him all of these years and not a day went by that she didn't think of him. How she was sorry for not being able to save him. But how could she? No one in this room knew of what had happened to Alex except for her. She was the only one who knew the future; she was from the future. This was one of the reasons why she was here. She knew it was going to be difficult but it was a small price she was willing to pay to make sure that history would not repeat itself.

"I got back yesterday. And only the people in this room can know I'm back. Nobody. Not Kyle, not Tess. Especially not Max." Liz wanted to tell Alex everything. It was torture for her. She just wanted to blurt it all out and tell him everything but she knew that by the end of this meeting he and the others would have all the answers to their questions. She would tell them everything even if it took all day.

"Why? Why can't Max know?" Isabel spoke. She looked at Liz wondering. She didn't like keeping secrets especially from Max. Their secret they shared together from their parents was already eating at her soul. She wanted so desperately to tell them. In her heart she knew they would accept her but her mind said otherwise. Her life was one lie after another. She wondered if she even wanted to know the truth anymore. After so many years of telling lies, would the truth seem more alien than her?

"Because...I don't think they're ready to know about this yet." Liz lied. It was just an excuse. It was her that wasn't ready. She didn't think she could function if she saw Kyle, Tess and Max here. She needed to be thinking clearly and it was too much too soon for her fragile heart. She would need time to recoup then she would meet with them. Then she would have the strength to face them again. "Soon, Iz. Just not yet." As she met Isabel's questioning eyes.

Liz stood with her arms crossed at her chest. She brought one arm down and with her other hand began rubbing her opposite forearm protectively braced herself for what she was about to say. "I know this may be hard to believe but right now the 16-year-old me is in Florida. I am 28 years old and I've come back from the year 2012."

With that comment she received strange and bewildered looks from all in the room as she continued. "I've come back to set things right. To make sure that what happened in my timeline does not happen again. I asked you to come here because I can't do this alone. I'll need your help. There are certain things that need to be done and timing is of the essence. If this plan works, then we will have changed the future...all of our futures...allowing us to have the future we deserved." Liz looked around at everyone.

Michael had been listening intently and pacing part of the floor behind his couch when he stopped. "And why should we believe you?" Michael said accusingly. "You may not even be Liz! You could be like one of our enemies, some sort of shapeshifter or something to look like Liz." By this time he had walked right up in her face. His hot breath puffed as he towered over her in an attempt of intimidation. Liz looked up into his eyes and they began a staring war.

Maria suddenly broke the tension when she began giggling remembering last night in her head. "Oh boy, this is going to be fun." She said way too loud. Liz smiled. She too remembered last night as she and everyone else in the room turned to look at Maria after her comment.

"Michael's right." Liz said as she looked around at everyone's face. "Why should you believe me? I just gave you some crazy story about being from the future." Liz's eyes glazed slightly as she went back to look at Michael, her mind involuntarily slipping into the past. "Always in protector mode...Always wanting to know about your enemies before they know you... Realizing that she was regressing, Liz shook herself out of her self-induced daze and continued. "What kind of proof do you want?"

End of Chapter four

Okay everyone. I’ll post Chapter 4A tomorrow.

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There’s a point here, a method to my madness (Buddha! I hope there’s a method), a reason for my babbling (I hope).

What I was trying to get at is ‘IN THE END – THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING’

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Here’s the next part….

~ Chapter 4A ~

“The Meeting Too”

Liz’s reaction threw Michael off and he froze staring at her unable to speak.

“She’s been doing that since last night. You’d think I’d have gotten used to it by now.” Maria said from her spot on the couch as she stared at Liz. Michael turned his head to look at Maria with a questioned look on his face then returned his gaze back to Liz. He didn’t know what to think. He was trying to process everything that had just happened since he was abruptly awoken from his slumber. His mind was going in a hundred different directions and they were all screaming at him that this didn’t sound right. It smelled like a set up. Of all the people to be coming back from the future, why Liz, and was future time travel possible? And if it was then why didn’t he come back or Max? She could be one of their enemies that Max’s mom spoke of that day at the pod chamber. But why would they shape shift into Liz? Was she here to split them up? Divide and conquer?

A voice interrupted his thoughts. “She really is Liz - Michael. She proved it to me last night.”

“How?” Michael's head whipped to look at her. Maria’s eyes twinkled and a goofy smile appeared on her face as she looked at Alex then at Liz and returned her focus back to Michael.

“It’s a secret. Just another one I have to take to my grave.” She answered sarcastically.

“Huh?” Michael was more confused and irritated than ever. Was he ever going to get an answer that he would understand? Alex listened to the conversation that was going on around him and when Maria shot a glance at him and then back at Liz with that look on her face and that comment, Alex turned a thousand shades of red. He knew what they were talking about.

“I believe Liz is who she says she is. If Maria believes she’s Liz then I believe her.” Alex said.

“Why? Because Maria said so?” Isabel shot back.

“Yes.” Alex looked at Isabel with compassion in his eyes.

“Our mother said that we would know-” Isabel began.

“Our enemies from the evil within.” Liz finished the sentence as she looked at Isabel and then back to Michael.

Isabel froze. Would their enemies know what her mother had said? Liz was in the pod chamber that day when they heard her speak to them. Could she really be Liz?

“Liz, let Isabel and Michael touch you, give them a flash or something to show that you really are who you say you are.” Maria offered.

Both Isabel and Michael stiffened. What would they see when they touch her? What kind of flashes would they get? Fear spread across Isabel and Michael’s face but then Michael straighten his shoulders back and gave his best impression of ‘I can do this’ and steadied himself.

“Is that the only way for her to prove that she is Liz?” The sheriff spoke for the first time since Liz began her speech about the future. He wasn’t sure if the woman he was looking at was really Liz. So much had happened to him in the last several weeks including a second chance with his son. And now a woman who resembled, only slightly, like an older version of Liz was standing in front of him. There stood a blonde haired woman with hazel eyes in a very teenager looking outfit but she didn’t look like a teenager. Her figure gave shape of a woman with full hips, possibly a woman who had given birth to children? There were multiple scars on her legs and he gathered that there might be more under that long sleeve shirt she was wearing. It seemed too hot to be wearing long sleeves. He noticed other things too. As a sheriff he was trained to see all of these things that John Q. Public wouldn’t look for. Her disguise was very good, one that came from years of practice. His mind tried desperately to make sense of it all. Could this person really be Liz from the future? What had happened there that incited Liz to return? “There has to be another way, right?” He questioned hoping to gather more information before making his decision.

Liz looked at the sheriff then Isabel then Michael. “Yes there is.”

She then turned and went to retrieve her backpack she had left near the kitchen and returned to the living room setting it on the coffee table. Everyone watched warily. She used her powers to reverse what she did to the zipper tags the night before and began to unzip her bag as everyone gasped except Maria.

“Liz can’t do what you just did.” Alex pointed at the bag as he exclaimed from his spot on the couch. “Can she?” He looked at Maria questioningly.

“It had something to do with Max healing her” Maria reassured him. “Right Liz?”

“Yes.” As she took out an old faded black journal from her bag.

Michael’s eyes locked on the book. It looked like the one he took from Liz months ago from her room but this one looked old and dull.

Liz began to recite her words. “September 23rd. Journal entry one. I’m Liz Parker and five days ago I died. After that, things really got weird…It wasn’t smart for me to write all those things down, was it?” She stared at Michael trying to gauge his body language.

“You know that now.” Michael said as he looked from the book to Liz.

“I put you guys in an awful spot. Roswell’s not exactly the town you want to be unique in, if you know what I mean. You have to know who your friends are.”

“It’s nice to know we have at least one friend in this town.” Michael paused remembering that night when he confronted Liz about her journal at the CrashDown. No one else was there but the two of them. They became closer that night. It was the beginning of a friendship, one with trust. They shared a secret. He had told no one, not even Maria. Michael knew Liz also had told no one, not even Max. He then looked back at Liz and snorted. “Thanks for giving me one more reason to envy Max Evans.”

Liz smiled. She could see he believed her. At least for the moment. She would gain his complete trust eventually. She needed a friend in this town. And gaining Michael’s was the first step. She knew she had Maria’s trust and to a degree, she had Alex’s. Now she needed to gain Isabel’s. It had taken her years to get close to Isabel. They finally did become close and she was after all her sister-in-law. Well, at least not yet in this timeline. But Liz had hope that she would be again. She clung to that hope. It was all she had right now. Hope she could convince the people in this room to help her. She knew once she gained Isabel’s confidence Jim hopefully would soon follow.

Maria, Alex, Jim and Isabel watched the exchange between Michael and Liz. “What was that all about?” Isabel asked confused as she stared at her brother’s friend and the girl he loved.

Michael took his attention off of Liz and gave it to Isabel. “I believe her.” He sighed heavily. “For now.”

“Okay. Let’s assume we do believe that you’re Liz. Is time travel even possible?” Isabel questioned.

“All right. We’re told that there really are aliens ‘Among Us’ and you question time travel?” Maria shot back her remark to Isabel.

“She’s got a point there.” Alex chimed in.

“Fine then.” Isabel backed off slightly.

“How did you get here?” Jim wanted to know taking his cowboy hat off his head and placing it on headrest of the recliner.


“What?” Everyone asked in unison.

“The granilith. Oh, That’s right you haven’t found it yet.” Liz said as she opened her old, faded journal and leafed through the pages. “Isabel doesn’t find it until her birthday surp……” Liz stopped and looked up from her journal to look at the people in the room. “Sorry. I’m jumping ahead here. The granilith belongs to the Royal Four or those wanting to rule Antar. It has an enormous amount of power, and we were able to modify it to artificially create a tear in time space.”

“When you say ‘we’ you mean….” Isabel inquired.

“You, me, Max, Michael, Kyle but mostly Serena. She’s the one that did most of the work.” Liz said looking at Isabel then at the others.

“Who Serena?” Alex asked.

“Um, she’s a friend. We’ll meet her soon enough.” Liz said vaguely. There was so much to be told but there was so little time.

“You said Kyle helps. How is that possible?” Jim wanted to know about his son’s involvement in all of this.

“Kyle will start developing powers too.” Liz said looking at the sheriff gauging his reaction to her response. “The powers we possess are actually things that the human mind can do. Remember what Nasedo said Michael? That our brains are incredible machines that we haven’t begun to use?

Michael nodded.

“Michael, Isabel, Max and Tess were engineered and given the capacity to do everything that the human mind is capable of. You were just programmed to be several thousand years ahead of mankind so when Max healed me and Kyle, he kind of jump started the evolutionary process in our brains. So there are some things we are better at than others because of our personalities traits.”

“Huh?” Maria was confused. “What do you mean because of your personalities traits?”

“Well, ” Liz said looking at Michael. “Michael here tends to get frustrated easily so he’s really good at blowing things up and being second in command has something to do with it too. Don’t worry Michael, in the future you become a pro at controlling your powers.”

She turned to glance at Isabel. “Max is always trying to fix things so he’s the healer. The Royal Seal gives him other gifts too, him being king and all.”

“And me?” Isabel asked not sure if she wanted Liz to really answer.

Liz sighed heavily. “You dream walk because you need insight into people’s minds. You’re scared because you’re different. You don’t want to be different. Getting into people’s dreams helps you cope with your insecurities, so do speak.” Liz looked at Isabel apologetically. She shouldn’t have said what she said. She knew Isabel hated feeling vulnerable and she did just that. She just gave Isabel one more reason for keeping her distance. Nice going Liz.

“And Kyle?” Jim said ignoring Isabel’s look on her face. He was curious about his son.

“Well. Jim you have to know your son’s personality.” Liz smirked and said no more.

“You’re not going to tell us are you?” Alex said narrowing his eyes at Liz.

~ End of Chapter 4A ~

Chapter 4B will be posted on Sunday.

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SarahWhitman – You will get your wish on Wednesday! *tongue*

But that doesn't mean you won't make me cry about a billion tears in the meantime!!! Especially if Liz and Max had a baby and lost it or it was killed!!!
*Shifting comfortably, finding the floor extremely fascinating* You will get your last question answered in this part.*happy*

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Wench On A Leash – WOW! Loved your long fb! I’m dancing on air! We’re getting there, little by little. It won’t be too long before Liz will tell us what happened!

Okay Everyone, I don’t know if this part warrants a tissue warning. You read it. Tell me and I will put one up!

I still need a picture of what Jason looked like in the ‘Shipping News’ Does anyone have a suggestion?

On with the show…..

~ Chapter 4B ~

“The Meeting Continues”

Liz gave a wicked grin. “That’s not what’s important right now. I need you guys to help me change the future. What we need here has to be precise and surgical.” Liz commanded.

“What happened in the future Liz? What happened that was so bad that you needed to come back?” Jim voiced.

“And why you Liz? Of all the people to return, why you? Why wasn’t it me or Isabel or even Max who came back?” Michael threw out.

“Why didn’t you come before you got shot or even before Max was captured? You of all people know what they did to him Liz. Why didn’t you come before they took him?” Isabel’s voice wavered slightly as she looked at Liz with much hurt in her eyes.

Liz tried with every cell in her body to keep from breaking down. With each question it felt like she was being punched in the gut and all the air left her lungs. Isabel’s question was the final blow and her heart broke again. How is it possible for my heart to be broken again when there isn’t anymore left to break? She struggled within herself to keep from retreating back to her nightmare she called her life. Reliving it would only make her feel the hurt, the pain, and the suffering again and she had enough regret to last two lifetimes. She didn’t have time for that right now. She had to concentrate on the task at hand.

With new resolve Liz turned to look at Isabel, fresh unshed tears threatened to fall as she desperately tried to blink them away. “I wanted to….” She gave a chuckle. “I just didn’t have…time…to change the date. It happened so fast. I just didn’t have time to change the date.” It sounded funny saying she didn’t have time. She paused letting what she said sink in as everyone in the room sat in silence.

Maria watched as the barrage of questions were thrown at Liz mercilessly and saw how each one affected her. With each question it seemed to inflict more and more pain on her, and she couldn’t take it anymore. She rose from the couch and went to stand by her friend. “You guys are asking too many questions too fast. Can’t you see what you’re doing to her? Can’t you imagine what she must have gone through to get here? You guys didn’t see how she looked last night so back off a little, okay?” Maria said defensively then hugged Liz. “It’s okay Lizzie. I’m here. I’ve got your back.”

Alex watched Maria stand by Liz and say those words to the group. Alex had known Liz since the fifth grade and they had been the best of friends. They had been through a lot together especially within the last few months. He trusted Liz with his life and she always came to him when she needed help, now she needed his support. There were still so many questions but right now all he knew was that his friend needed him and he would be there for her. Alex stood and walked toward his two childhood friends.

Maria pulled away from Liz as Alex came toward them and she gave him a small smile. Alex stopped and stood in front of Liz. He looked at Maria, smiled back at her and then looked at Liz. “Lizzie, I’m here too. I’ve got your back too.” He hugged her. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Liz had seen Maria get up, heard her words and felt Maria’s hug. Through her numbness that she was feeling, a spark of gratitude surfaced and she was glad she still had Maria’s trust but when Alex stood and started walking toward her, time slowed. She watched him as he got up from his seat and as if frame-by-frame she watched him begin to close the distance between them, as her eyes got wider.


Valenti’s voice: “There's been an accident. Alex is dead.” ……………

……………“I think you should all go home now.”

“Oh my God!”

“Come on, I'll take you home.”

Liz focuses on Max’s hand that is now covered in Alex’s blood. Through her haze she sees him looking helplessly at his hand.

“Max. Go after her.”


“Yeah. Go after her, Max.”

*End of flashback*

All of a sudden he was standing in front of her and Maria. There stood Alex, just arms length from her. His eyes shining with tenderness.


Maria’s voice: “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. That saved a wrench like me….” Her voice cracks as she stifles a sob.

One after another they lay a red rose on Alex’s coffin. Slowly they begin to lower it into the ground and handfuls of dirt are tossed on the top of his casket.

*End of flashback*

And then he hugged her. His long arms wrapped around her and she could smell him. Fresh, clean Alex. Then she heard his words. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Liz broke down. How could she stay strong while Alex hugged her? She swung her arms around him and held on. “He’s not dead. He’s NOT dead He’s NOT DEAD.” Her mind kept chanting over and over. She hugged him tighter as if he would simply vanish just like in her dreams. How many times had she wished, over the years, that she could have hugged him one last time but now, now her wish had come true. Here she was hugging him and he was hugging her back. He was solid, no illusion this time. He was really here with her and she swore that this time, fates be damned, she would NOT allow harm to come to Alex. Her very real, very alive Alex. Her body shook with the intensity of her cries and tears she thought she no longer had, were streaming down her face soaking Alex’s soft grey shirt. Alex held her. He didn’t understand what had made her so upset but he continued to hold her. Softly whispering reassures in her ear, soothingly rubbing his hands up and down her back until Maria came to his assistance and the both of them guided her to the couch.

Michael stood there feeling uncomfortable on how the situation had become. Liz fell apart in Alex’s arms. Had he did that? Did he and Isabel really make Liz cry? He looked at Isabel who was frozen at what was happening in front of her. She didn’t even notice Michael’s questioning look. Michael felt compelled to do something. He couldn’t just stand here and watch her cry. But do what? Then suddenly he stalked out of the living room and down the hall. He appeared moments later with a towel in his hand as he walked toward the threesome on his couch. He stood in front of them and threw his arm out that contained the towel he retrieved from his bathroom. “Here use this.”

Liz’s cries slowed somewhat and she lifted her face to see what Michael had handed her. Tear streaked cheeks; a red runny nose and swollen blood-shot eyes greeted Michael.

“Thank you.” She whispered as she took the large velvety towel in one hand while her other arm still firmly wrapped around Alex’s waist. She had no intention of letting go of Alex anytime soon, if ever. She wiped her face as one last sniffle escaped.

Liz moved closer to Alex just short of sitting on his lap then looked up at Michael. No one knew why she had crumbled. She was embarrassed that she had made such a scene. She was able to keep her emotions in check when Alex was sitting on the couch and she stayed a good distance from him but when he hugged her and spoke those words to her, she could no longer keep them bottled up and she lost control and she didn’t like losing control. Liz didn’t even know how long she’d been crying; she had lost track of time. Slowly she left her self-deprecating thoughts and decided to return to the questions that were left unanswered, due to her emotional outburst.

“Max did come to me from 14 years from my future, Michael. He came in October of this year from my timeline. In his timeline our enemies took over Earth. He came to me for help. He trusted me to help him but it didn’t work. I did what future Max wanted me to do, and we were rewarded by having our enemies attack sooner. This time we’re going to do this right. The reason why I came back was it was my name that was picked. My name was the one that got pulled out of the hat. Luck of the draw.” Liz said as she stared at Michael.

Michael looked at Liz’s face. It seemed like she was holding something back. He could tell by the look on her face. She was trying to hide something. He waited hoping she would continue but then realized. “Brown eyes.”

“What?” Maria questioned looking at Michael.

“Brown eyes. You had hazel eyes when you arrived here.”

Maria looked at Liz’s eyes. “He’s right Liz. Your eyes are brown again.”

“Oh” was all Liz said.

“What happened?” Isabel wanted to know as she came closer to the couch and sat on the coffee table. “Why did your eyes change back to brown?” Liz breaking down in front of her, in front of everyone, had Isabel wondering what had just happened. She felt a tinge of guilt believing she was an accomplice to Liz’s present state and when she saw Michael storm out of the room, Isabel thought he finally had enough. But when he went down the hall and not the door, she became confused. Where was Michael going? “God, he’s going to the bathroom! Of all the times to decide he has to pee!” Her thoughts were squashed when seconds later as he reappeared with a large hunter green towel balled up in his hand. It was one of a whole set she had bought him as a house warming present and there he was offering it to Liz. Isabel was torn between newfound respect and utter annoyance for Michael not having at least one box of tissues in his place. “I guess I should be glad he didn’t bring a roll of toilet paper to Liz instead of the towel.”

Liz looked at the group that was now tightly circled around her. Even Jim had gotten closer and was looking apologetically at her next to Michael in a squatting position with his left forearm resting on his thigh and his other outstretched on the cushion of the couch near Maria to be eye level with the group.

“It takes a lot of energy to keep the changes. I’m just tired that’s all. I haven’t slept very well in a while. I can’t remember when I ate last, not that I have been hungry.” Liz said as she sat playing with towel with her free hand that lay on her lap.

“Well then it’s a good thing I bought those donuts on my way here.” The sheriff replied. “How about some coffee with them, huh?” He said as he stood up and made his way to the kitchen where the smell of fresh brew coffee was starting to fill the air.

Isabel reached for the pink box and opened it offering an assortment of pastries to Liz. Liz grabbed one and slowly took a small bite as everyone else took a donut for himself or herself.

“Do you want anything in your coffee Liz? Milk? Sugar?” Jim asked from the kitchen.

“I don’t have any sugar and I ran out of milk yesterday.” Michael informed the sheriff.

“Well then I guess it’ll just have to be black then.” Jim responded as he poured the dark aromatic liquid into two cups of the many that were on the counter.

“Jim?” Liz looked up at the handsome sheriff with bright blue eyes serving coffee. “Could you bring the Tabasco sauce when you bring the coffee, please?”

Everyone motion stilled at Liz’s comment and they all sat and stared at her.

“What?” Liz said looking at the people who were staring at her.

“You want Tabasco sauce?… In your coffee?” Isabel questioned with visible confusion and interest on her face.

“I said I was from the future not from another planet. I been living with you guys for the last ten years, don’t you think some things would have rubbed off on me after awhile?” Liz said sarcastically as Jim brought a cup of coffee and a half-emptied bottle of the requested sauce and handed it to Liz.

“Thanks.” Liz said as she placed her doughnut on the towel on her lap and took the contents from Jim’s hands. “Michael could you please remove the top for me… please?”

Michael dumbly did as he was told and then watched Liz give the bottle three good downward shakes into her coffee. Jim returned with a coffee mug of his own and a spoon he found in a drawer and handed it to Liz. Liz took the spoon, stirred her coffee and took a small sip and swallowed the hot liquid giving a satisfied look on her face. “I can’t take it as strong as you guys like it but nevertheless it’s still good.”

“Alright, that is just too freaky for me.” Maria commented as she took the sauce away from Liz and placed in on the small table in front of her.

Liz picked up her donut and took another small bite. “Thanks again for the towel Michael.”

“No problem. I would have brought you a roll of toilet paper but I’m out of that too.”

“Oh god! It figures!” Isabel said as she rolled her eyes and stood up, heading to the kitchen to get some coffee of her own.

Everyone ate silently lost in their own thought when Alex spoke. “So what happens now Liz?”

Four pair of eyes looked at Liz searching for answers that only she could give.

End of Chapter 4B

Come back on Wednesday for Chapter five folks! I’ll have a nice long one for you.

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mandyhanford - Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy BIRTH-DAY DEAR Mandy!!! Happy birthday to YOU!!! Hope you like this new chapter. I posted this in two parts because of length. My gift to you!*happy*

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Tabasco Liz - Welcome! – You found my fic! I made you cry? Sorry.*sad*

Breathless – Poor Liz couldn’t keep her defensive walls up for too long, not with Alex. I don’t know what Liz is going to say to anybody, she hasn’t told me yet!*happy* I’m really enjoying writing Michael, he’s blast to write! And thank you about the powers/personality reassurance! * sigh *

RoswellLady – I guess I didn’t realize how sad that flashback was.*sad* Sorry. Thank you for your praises!*happy*

Okay everyone, I’ve cranked up the intensity up a notch on this chapter. Let me know what guys think.

~ Chapter Five ~

“Close Encounters of the Max Kind”

The Evans’ house ~ Saturday, July 7, 2000

Max stood in front of his closet finishing the last button on his navy blue shirt. He reached for his work vest from the UFO Center and began the same ritual. He stared at himself in the mirror absent-mindedly not really looking at himself. He was thinking of Liz again. His mind kept playing that same scene over and over in his head like a broken record of what happened that day at the pod chamber when he, Isabel, Michael and Tess finally got the message from their real mother. The hurt look on Liz’s face was like being stabbed in the heart with a knife. He had told her that everything he said before when they were hiding in the abandon van was still true. Her voice echoed in his mind. “Max, you have a destiny. You just heard it. I can’t stand in the way of it.” He wanted to convince her that it didn’t matter what was just said, that his feelings didn’t just change because of a woman he couldn’t remember told him he was married to Tess. “But you mean everything to me.” He could still feel her soft, warm lips press against his when she kissed him. “Good-bye Max.” And then she was walking away. He saw her turn and take one last look at him and the imaginary knife twisted. The pain was unbearable. She turned around and ran out of the pod chamber and into the desert. He followed her, calling her. “Liz, Liz, wait.” He needed to go after her but then he felt an arm restraining him. “You gotta let her go.”

He thought she just needed time. He decided to wait a day to finally go to talk to her only to be told that she left for Florida. He cursed himself for waiting. He should have gone to her that same night but he didn’t. Now he would have to wait until she got back. He tried to convince Maria to give him the number of Liz’s aunt but she refused, telling him that Liz just needed time away to think things through. He wanted to talk to her. He wanted to tell her he missed her and that he would be waiting for her when she came back. He would head to the CrashDown later after work and ask Maria again if she had heard anything from Liz today. He knew he was probably getting on Maria’s nerves but he couldn’t help it.

Max reached for his keys on his desk and made his way out of his bedroom to the kitchen where his dad was sitting in a chair reading the newspaper in one hand and holding a cup of coffee in the other as it rested on the dining table. His mom was whipping up pancake batter in a bowl and Max could hear crackling of bacon. He inhaled and smiled. He loved his mother and breakfast was the only meal she couldn’t butcher. How hard was it to cook bacon and eggs? He thought to himself. Now pancakes that was different story. He went over and pick up a strip of bacon from a plate near his mother then went to the refrigerator to get himself some orange juice.

“Morning mom.”

“Morning sweetheart. How did you sleep?”

“Fine.” Max fibbed. He hadn’t slept well since they rescued him from the FBI’s white room where their special unit, ran by Pierce, had taken him weeks ago. He relived his greatest nightmare every night when he slept. He closed his eyes willing his heart to stop pounding in his chest. He couldn’t have a panic attack in front of his parents. It was bad enough he had overheard them talking about sending him to a therapist. He was supposed to be acting normal but how could he act normal with Liz gone. His body simply couldn’t rest. Being near Liz, just sitting at the booth, watching her go about her duties at the CrashDown would calm his anxieties. His heart, body and soul told him that. Although she made his heartbeat fast, it was in a good way. Not seeing her, not being able to talk to her, see her smile, hear her laugh for the last two weeks only made his nightmares intensify.

“Morning son.” Phillip looked up at his son then returned his attention back to the paper. “Off to work?”

“Morning dad. Yeah. Milton needed some help so I offered to work extra hours.” Max explained as he looked around the kitchen. “Where’s Isabel?”

“She went to have breakfast with that boy.” Diane informed her son.

“What boy?” Max questioned.

“You know the one you two are friends with, Alex. That’s his name right?

“Isabel went out to eat with Alex?” Max’s interest peaked slightly as he took a bite of the bacon he held in his hand and washed it down with a swig of juice.

“He’s a nice boy. He’s respectful. He has manners, which seems to be a rarity for that age group.”

“You mean teenagers, Diane. Doesn’t he wear pants that are two sizes too big for him and carry a long chain that dangles to his feet?” Phillip inquired.

“I didn’t say he was perfect dear, just that he had manners. I like him.” She emphasized as she told her husband. She removed the last of the bacon from the hot skillet with the spatula and placed it on the plate where Max just minutes ago had taken one.

Max laughed at his parents talking about Alex. He wondered if Alex took Isabel to the CrashDown for breakfast. He knew Alex liked Isabel and he thought Isabel might like Alex. He would have to talk to her later about that. He had been so engrossed in what was happening with him and Liz he didn’t really notice what his sister was up to. He only knew what was going on with Michael and Maria because if he really wanted to know more about Liz he would have to endure listening to Maria talk about Michael’s shortcomings.

“Do you have time to eat, dear?” His mother wanted to know.

Max thought. If he sat down and had breakfast, he might not have time to run over to Michael’s. It seemed that when Michael and Maria were having trouble in their relationship that tended to make Michael focus on wanting to know more about their alien side. Tess wasn’t helping; at least, he didn’t thing she was helping by encouraging him. They needed to keep acting normal, normal like in average Earth teenager normal. ‘Not normal alien let’s see how we can focus on blowing up rocks and find out more about our past lives normal.’

“No, sorry mom. I think I’ll stop by Michael’s place before I head off to work.”

“Okay, sweetie. Drive carefully.” Diane said as she leaned slightly forward and gave her son a quick peck on his cheek.

Max returned the kiss. “Okay. Bye mom, dad.”

“Bye.” Phillip said, his eyes never leaving the paper.

“Bye.” Diane said then returned to her pancakes.

Max drove automatically to Michael’s apartment. He shifted gears and his hands turned the steering wheel to make a turn without thinking. It was a good thing because Max’s mind wasn’t on driving. He was glad he was working more hours at the UFO Center. There his mind could focus on other things. If he kept himself busy enough he wouldn’t think about Liz, much. He didn’t know what he would have done if he weren’t working. Oh yeah, that’s right he would have gone insane waiting for Liz and would have hopped the first plane to Florida to find her. He didn’t know where exactly in Florida but that was a minor technicality. He would feel her, sense her until he found her. That was another thing he and Liz had that he and Tess didn’t. They connected. They were connected. He believed it was because he had saved Liz but he didn’t know that for sure and he didn’t care. He liked it. He liked being able to know when she was near. It made him feel good to know that even his body recognized Liz, kind of like an alien Loc-Jack system he chuckled to himself. Except she wasn’t a car and he belonged to her rather than she belonged him.

He slowed the Jeep when got near searching for a parking space when he spotted two familiar vehicles nearby. Why is Alex and Sheriff Valenti’s squad car here? Max didn’t like the feeling he was getting. Did something happen? And if so why didn’t anyone call him? Max parked his Jeep, killed the engine and hopped out of it. He paused just a moment when his stomach started to rumble slightly, like butterflies fluttering and his heart began to race. These were the feelings he got when Liz was around but he knew Liz was in Florida. Was she? That’s what the Parkers and Maria said but here his body was telling him otherwise. He felt something just at the edge of his mind and panic set in. What if this was actually some new power he was developing instead? All this time he thought it was a connection with Liz and it could have been a new power emerging. It’s almost like my spider’s senses are tingling except I’m not Spiderman. He tried to make joke of it to ease his tension. He took another step and slowly made his way toward the front door. He would soon find out. His heart sped up. He hoped with all his being Liz was really in Michael’s apartment. He stopped short at the front door to pull himself together.


~ Back in Michael’s apartment ~

Liz picked up her donut and took another small bite. “Thanks again for the towel Michael.”

“No problem. I would have brought you a roll of toilet paper but I’m out of that too.”

“Oh god! It figures!” Isabel said as she rolled her eyes and stood up, heading to the kitchen to get some coffee of her own.

Everyone ate silently lost in their own thoughts when Alex spoke. “So what happens now Liz?”

Four pair of eyes looked at Liz searching for answers that only she could give

Suddenly Liz shot up from her seat on the couch. Her face scrunched in concentration as the towel and donut fell to her feet on the floor. “Max” She whispered.

“What?” Maria questioned, as she looked at Liz confused.

“Max. He’s coming here…to…Michael’s” Liz spoke as her heart hammered in her chest so hard she thought her ribs would break. “He’s here now.”

“How do you know that?” Alex asked growing concerned at how Liz was reacting.

“I don’t know. I can just feel him and he’s getting closer” As the adrenalin coursed through her veins.

Isabel quickly went over to the window, pulled the curtains slightly and peered out.

“Jesus, she right. Max is getting out of his Jeep right now.” Isabel said as she spun her head to look at Liz whose face lost all pallor.

“He can’t find me here. Oh god I’m not ready.” Liz muttered to herself. All of a sudden Liz’s hair began to change back. Starting from her roots and slowly flowing down to the ends of where they met her shoulders. Everyone stood shocked as they witnessed Liz’s hair transformation. Liz looked questioningly at the stunned faces around her? “What?”

“Your hair. It’s brown again.” Alex’s voice said softly as he continued to gape at her.

“Even your eyebrows.” Maria said.

“Will I ever catch break? Have I not suffered enough?” Liz spat out venomously as she looked upward at the ceiling but her comments were directed at the heavens. “Why?” She regained her composure. “Fine. We’ll play this game”. Liz’s demeanor changed and she began spouting out orders to everyone in the room.

“Isabel go outside and distract Max until Alex comes out. Tell him you left something here…your lipstick and you came to get it. Alex - make sure you have your keys in hand when you go out there. Try to convince him to go with you to eat breakfast.”

Isabel nodded, exited the door with just enough for her body to go through then shut the door quickly behind her. “Maria. Michael. You’re having another lovers’ spat.” Liz commanded.

“We are?” Bewilderment plastered on her face.

“If Max doesn’t go with Alex and Isabel, you are. That’s your cover story. That’s why you’re here.” Liz instructed.

“Oh” Maria mouthed the letter ‘O’ as she nodded her head up and down slowly.

“Sheriff. You just came by to see how Michael’s doing and brought some doughnuts.”

Jim stood astounded with what he had just witnessed on how Liz switched gears instantly. He marveled on how she went from panic stricken to drill sergeant in a matter of seconds. She was a woman with determination. “Yes ma’am.” He smiled, lifted his cup and took a sip.

“I’ll hide in Michael’s room until he leaves. Remember it’s important that Max think nothing is wrong. Just act normal, remember? Our futures depend on it. Liz looked at everyone as they hustled about from her instructions. She then turned and hurried down the hall.

Alex made his way to the front door as the entire group heard Michael’s bedroom door shut.


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~ Chapter Five continued ~


~ Outside Michael’s door ~

Max stood in the doorway, took a deep breath, held it for a second and went to reach for the doorknob when it was whisked away from him and Isabel came out.


“Isabel?” Max jumped back slightly. “What are you doing here?”

“I left something here…lipstick…I came to get it. Alex is taking me to breakfast, want to come?” Isabel tried to act as nonchalant as possible but she felt her cheeks beginning to flush. “What are you doing here? I thought you had to work today?”

“I just came to see Michael before I went in. What’s going on?”

“Nothing. Why?” Isabel said as she began pulling up her hair into a neat ponytail. She reached into her front pocket of her jeans, withdrew an elastic band and proceeded to wrap it around her long blonde mane.

Before Max could respond Alex opened and shut the door quickly behind him.

“Max!” Alex said with a slightly higher pitch in his voice than he’d wished.

“Alex.” Max was growing concerned.

“What’s going on in there? Max voiced. “Why is the sheriff here? Did something happen?”

Isabel willed her heartbeat to slow and put on the ‘everything is normal’ facade she had become so good at. She did this all the time with her parents. She could do it to Max. “He just came to check on how Michael was doing. That’s all.”

“He brought doughnuts.” Alex added.

Max looked from his sister then to Liz’s best friend as they stood shoulder to shoulder. They formed a human barricade between him and the door and Max wondered what was happening on the other side that they seemed so intent on keeping him from.

“So Max do you want to come with us. I was going to take Isabel to the CrashDown. You know they have a breakfast special-”

“No thanks. I think I’ll just go inside.” He raised one eyebrow and gave a quizzical look. “Maybe even say hi to the sheriff while I’m in there.”

“He brought doughnuts.” Alex repeated.

Max had heard enough. He wanted to get into Michael’s apartment now! “Can I-?”
Max said as he pointed to the door. “Are you going to move so I can I go in?”

Isabel and Alex simultaneously turned their heads to look at each other. “Can he go in?” Isabel asked.

“He can go in.” Alex answered. Max stood there staring at the two people in front of him and suddenly the image of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum came to his mind. But which one is Tweedle Dee and who is Tweedle Dum? Isabel moved away from the door and Alex stepped back and added. “Maria and Michael are having a lover’s spat.” As Max reached for the knob and swung the door open. He entered taking two large strides into the apartment as Alex and Isabel followed behind. Max’s eyes scanned the apartment quickly.

In the living room stood Maria and Michael standing face to face with Sheriff Valenti leaning against the counter top near the kitchen with an amused look on his face. His blue eyes sparkled as he watched the scene unfold before him.

“Morning Maxwell.” Michael said flatly.

“Morning Max.” Maria said with a nervous smile as she shifted uncomfortably.

“Max.” Jim said lifting his head slightly then took another sip from his mug.

“What’s going on?” Max stared at the people he called his friends. The way they stood, Max likened it as if they were actors filming on a TV show, standing on their marks waiting for the director to yell ‘Action’.

“They’re having a lovers spat” Jim smirked this time biting off a generous portion of his glazed doughnut. “I brought doughnuts, want one?” As he pushed the half chewed morsel to one side of his mouth to speak.

Max’s eyes narrowed as he scrutinized their behavior. Was that really what was going on? A lovers’ spat? Max took in an exasperated breath, held it then exhaled. They were definitely uncomfortable, that is except for the sheriff. He continued to sport a huge grin, and Max then imagined the Cheshire cat. I must still be asleep just like Alice? Wonder if the Queen of Hearts is here too. Suddenly Max’s stomach began to flutter again and that feeling in the back of his mind returned.

“What happened now?” Max reluctantly ask.

Maria’s heart was beating faster than a hummingbird and she was desperately thinking of something to say when all of sudden her mouth started to move. “I think Michael has got the hots for that new girl Courtney at the CrashDown. I saw him flirting with her when she was coming on to him the other day.”

Michael stood there shocked. “I did not!”

“Oh yes you did!”

“Saying ‘Your orders ready’ is not considered flirting Maria.” Michael scowled.

“It’s the way you said it,” Maria threw back.

Max stood there listening while the two went at it. Maybe that’s all it was. Isabel and Alex probably came in and got caught in the middle of round one and the Sheriff just happened to be passing by to check up on Michael like he was doing.

Everyone knew Michael was still taking it hard about killing Pierce. Max cried no tears for Pierce. He had ordered all those horrifying experiments to be done on him. He shuddered thinking what would have happened to him if Michael and Nasedo had not come for him in time. He knew Michael only wanted to protect the sheriff. It had been an accident but Michael was not convinced. Max also knew this was the reason why he broke off with Maria. Michael still wasn’t very good at controlling his powers and he was afraid he would accidentally hurt her. If anything had happened to Maria, Michael would never forgive himself. So who was this Courtney girl Maria was talking about? Max dropped his head, took his right hand and placed it in front of his forehead, with his thumb and middle finger he began to massage his temples in a circular motion. Oh, Courtney, the new girl. The one Mr. Parker just hired a few days ago. He tried to concentrate as the adrenalin he felt coursed through his body.


~ In Michael’s bedroom ~

Liz stood with her back against the door and slid down onto the carpet. Why was she able to feel him? She wasn’t connected to this Max yet here she was getting those same feelings she got whenever he got near. She wasn’t ready for this yet. She just couldn’t see him. Look how she was acting now and she hadn’t even laid eyes on him yet. If the way she reacted with Alex were any indication then it would be a thousand times worse when she saw Max. All those memories would come flooding back to her and she couldn’t allow that. NO. There were too many things she needed to fix and seeing him would only distract her. She knew if she saw him, she would be drawn to him like a moth to a flame. She would want to be near him. If got near him then she would have to look into his eyes. Those beautiful amber eyes that saw straight into her soul and she would become lost in them forgetting everything she was suppose to change, to make right. And she couldn’t forget. Her breath caught as she imagined Max beside her, holding her, comforting her, consoling her and she could swear she could smell his scent. She felt it surround her as she sat on the floor. She wanted him beside her again. She wanted it to be real. But she knew it couldn’t be for her. She was here to make sure that her younger self would never suffer what she went through. Even if it cost her, her life. She put her hands in front of her and watched as they shook furiously from her nervousness. God Liz. Get a grip. She closed her eyes and clasped her hands together, rubbing them as if she could erase the shakes. Once again she lifted her head to the ceiling. Her voice wavered unsteadily. “Why? Why are doing this to me?” She pulled her knees to her chest and hugged them tightly as her body began to tremble.


~ Back in Michael’s living room ~

“What time do you have to start work Max?” Isabel asked grasping at straws to get her brother out of Michael’s place.”

“Huh?” Max said as he lifted his head back up to look at Isabel.

“What time do you have to be at work?” She questioned again.

Max looked at his watch to see it was 10:40. “I have to be at work at 11:00”

“Oh my gosh! Is that really the time? Max can you give me a lift to the CrashDown?” Maria said not realizing how late it was and it was a perfect excuse to get Max out. “I’m suppose to help out with the lunch rush today.”

“Sure.” Max said. Maybe he would ask Maria if she had heard anything new regarding Liz on the way to the restaurant. He was about to turn around when he spied the black backpack Liz left behind in her rush. “What’s that?”

“What?” Michael said as he followed Max’s gazed to the backpack on the coffee table. Michael thought quickly. “Oh I got myself a bag to put books in, you know for school?” Max gave an amused look at Michael’s comment.

Michael reached down to pick up the old journal Liz had left beside the bag, stuff it back in the knapsack and when lifting it off the table he inadventedly knocked over a coffee mug spilling its contents. Michael went to place the bag near the sheriff as Maria rushed to the kitchen to get some paper towels. Max went over to the table and picked up the spilled mug up.


“Hmmm, Max you taste so good” Liz says as she licks her lips then returns to get another taste. Her arms wrap around Max’s neck and she stretches slowly upward onto her tiptoes, sedectively brushing her body up against his in her upward ascent, capturing Max’s mouth again. She hungrily devours his lips as her tongue searchs for more of that flavor she craves. “Hmmm…coffee with Tabasco and….Max. That’s how I like to start my mornings.” Liz said as she pulled away and whispered huskily into his ear. Deep within Max’s throat a low growl escapes and his arms reach for Liz, his right arm snakes around her back pressing her to his bare chest. Her perked breasts rub against him and the silkly nightgown she wears only helps in stimulating him more His left arm finds her firm buttucks pressing her closer to his already straining arousal and Max gasps when contact is made, feeling her heat and the longing for him through their connection.

“Liz-” Max’s voice is thick with desire. His eyes dark from the passion he feels for her. Conscious thought is now a distant memory as all he could think of was he wanted more, needed more, more of his Liz. Blindly he steps forward pushing himself still closer to her as his mouth plants wet, hot kisses at the nape of her neck, his tongue swirling, tasting her skin. She steps back trying to keep her balance as she continues her onslaught of nibbling and suckling at Max’s throat, working her way down to his well sculptured chest. Liz’s backward steps stop when her legs feel the edge of the bed and clinging to Max she falls backwards taking him with her. His weight on top of her sets her breathing to become ragged with anticipation and she wraps her legs around his waist.

Max moves himself and Liz more to the middle of the bed all the while never letting go as he grinds his manhood at Liz’s heat. “Max…oh Max.”

*End of flash*

“Max. Oh Max?” Maria asks as she takes the mug from his hand.

Max looks at her and then at everyone who is staring intently at him. His face is flushed and his breathing is eratic. Max then realizes the discomfort in his pants and desperately searches for something to hide his embarrasement. He reaches for the towel lying on the ground.


An image of a blonde hair woman in a psychedeletic long sleeve shirt is crying. His heart breaks for this woman but why? He longs to hold her to console her. His soul aches to comfort her.

She uses the towel to wipe her tear stained face. Feelings of relief, love, hope, determination hit Max in waves.

She looks up. “Thank you.” She whispers. Her eyes are sad. Large, soft, chocolate eyes.


Suddenly other images begin to flash by. They come so fast Max can’t disguistish one from another. Emotions begin washing over him, again and again…too many, it hurts…it hurts!

*End of flash*

Maria tries tugging at the towel Max is clenching in his hand. His fingers are white from the intensity of his grip on the towel as his face contorts in pain.

“Michael help me here. He won’t let go!”

Michael rushs over to Maria side to help her remove the towel from Max’s death grip as Isabel, Alex and Jim also come to her aid. Seeing Max’s face scares Isabel and she reachs for his forearm hoping he will let go. Michael finally wrenchs the towel from Max and he falls sitting on the couch.

“Max? Are you all right?” Isabel stares intently at her brother as she now sits beside him searching his face for some reassurance that he’s okay. Alex stands behind Isabel and places his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. He feels helpless looking at Max with how he looks and knowing that it is upseting Isabel.

“Max! Are you’re okay?” Michael asks.

Max looks up at the group surrounding him. His mind trying desperately to figured what had just happened. He had gotten two flashes. The first one was too damn hot! He and Liz were doing things he only dreamt about. But that wasn’t a dream. He was positive it was a memory. But whose? Definitely not his. He would have remembered something like that! Hell, he never would have forgotten doing something like that with Liz! He would forget everything else in his life first before he forgot that! The feelings he got from that first flash was what got him to get to the second. When he reached for that towel to conceal the apparent bulge at the front of his pants. He thought he would die from the total embarrassment of how his body reacted. Right in front of Maria and Isabel. Two people he definitely didn’t want to see what his body had just done. His sister and the best friend to the girl he loved. He hoped that Maria didn’t see it or think he was a pervert or something. He wasn’t too proud that Michael, Alex and the sheriff were there to witness it too but he hoped they would understand better than the girls.

The second flash threw him into total confusion. Why would he be seeing a blonde Liz? That is what he saw right? Why was she crying? Why was she wearing Maria’s silly outfit? Then came the images. Imagines that went past him so fast they were just a blur. There were too many coming at him too fast and the invasion of emotions he got from that towel still had him trying to catch his breath.

What was he going to say to everyone that was looking at him? That he got flashes having nookie with the girl he loved as Maria would so appropriately say? That the towel gave him flashes of a blonde Liz crying in one of her ouragous suits? Yeah. He could just hear Michael’s snide remark now. “So Liz is a blonde huh? Trying to get a little Tess with your Liz, Maximillian?” No. He wouldn’t say anything. Not right now. He needed to sort it out in his head first before he went voicing his flashes to everyone. He had to get to work. He couldn’t be late, not after asking for more time. He didn’t want Milton to think he turned into a slacker. He needed this job to help keep his mind off Liz and maybe find some more answers about their lives. Isabel thought it was degrating but he did what he thought was necessary to find some answers until Nasedo came back.

“Yeah.” Max finally responded. “I’m just a little disoriented that’s all.”

“Is that all? You looked out of it?” Alex said looking Max over as Max tried to regain some composure.

Isabel kept looking at Max in concern. “Did you get a flash Max?” She wanted to know if that’s what made her brother react that way.

“I don’t know.” Max said knowing it was half true. He really didn’t know.

“Hey Max, I’m sorry but will you still be able to take me to work? Maybe I should just have Alex and-” Maria said before being cut off by Max.

“No. I’m fine. I don’t want to be late for work.” He breathed heavily one last time before standing up from the couch. “I’m fine really. Come on, let’s go.” Max started to make his way to the door. “Michael? You working today?”

“Yeah, I go in at 2:00.”

“We should go too, right Isabel?” Alex spoke up.

“Yeah. Let’s go get something eat.” Isabel said continuing to look concerned. “Are you sure you’re all right Max?”

“Isabel. I’m fine. Maria are you coming?” Max opened the door and Isabel and Alex walked past him and out the door while Maria gave Michael a questioned look.

Michael looked at the beautiful girl that held his heart and gave her a nod. “Go. I’ll be at the CrashDown soon.”

Maria mouth made a small smile, turned to pick up her purse and walk out. “Sheriff?” Max said.

“I’ll be leaving in just a bit. I just want to talk to Michael a little before I head off. Take it easy Max.” The sheriff said.

“Okay. Bye” and with that Max shut the door.

Michael and Jim stood there for a moment absorbed in what had all transpired this morning in this room. They heard the Jeep start up and Alex’s car drive away and then there was silence.

“That went well.” Jim commented as Michael slumped onto his couch.

~ End of chapter five ~

Chapter 6 will hopefully be here Friday. Ya’ll come back now!

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Here we go…

~ Chapter Six ~

“Talk of time travel, destiny, and Deja vu”

~ In Michael’s bedroom ~

Liz paced back and forth in front of Michael’s bedroom door. She wished she knew what had happened out there. She heard muffled voices through the door and tried to distinguish each muffle to their owner. Her heart sped up with one muffled voice letting her know that one was Max. I thought apartment walls were suppose to be paper-thin? Then panic hit Liz suddenly when she realized she hadn’t brought her black backpack. She had left it there on the coffee table in the living room. Just great! What else are you going to forget Liz? What if Max touches it. There’s no way he’s NOT going to get flashes from that bag! That bag has been through a lot and how were Michael and the rest going to explain that? Soon she heard the door shut and the muffled voices ceased. Michael’s bedroom window faced the back of the complex so Liz couldn’t see who had left. She thought she heard the Jeep’s engine start up and drive down the street and the sound of another car also driving away, then silence. Who was still here? She heard the sound of footsteps and Liz wondered who was coming. Was it Michael? Maybe Maria? The only thing she knew for sure was that it wasn’t Max. Her fluttering in her stomach was fading telling her he was moving away not toward her but she decided she would take no chances and hid in the closet. I’ve got to start finding new places to hide. She thought to herself as she rummaged her way into the small space.

Michael opened the door slowly and scanned the room. He figured she would be hiding but where? Under the bed? In his bathroom? “Liz?” Michael announced. “He’s gone. You can come out now.”

With that Liz slowly made her way out, peering about just to make sure. She walked over and sat at the edge of Michael’s unmade bed. The morning’s events had taken its toll on her and she felt heavy. “How did it go?” She asked wondering if she should begin to worry again.

“It went.” He stated simply.

“Does he suspect anything?”

“Probably.” Michael shot her a glance. “We didn’t do a good job at covering our tracks.”

“I see. That bad, huh?”

“Nah. But we’re going to need to be more careful from now on if we’re not letting Max in on this little secret yours.” Michael stood uncomfortably for a moment as he thought about what he was going to say next. “Look everyone’s gone and I should probably get ready for work and…”

“Okay.” Liz answered but made no attempt to get up from the Michael’s rumpled bed.

“Uh, Liz, like I know that we bonded and all this morning, but I’m not quite ready to show the bod just yet.”

Suddenly Liz’ mind registered what Michael just said and becomes flustered. “Oh. Sorry…I’ll…just…leave.”

“No prob.” Michael shrugs his shoulders suggesting he didn’t give it a second thought as Liz heads out of the room and down the hall to the living room where the sheriff is still. Behind, she hears the bedroom door softly close. She watches Jim wipe the last of the spilled coffee off the table.

“What happened?” Liz asked as he goes to the kitchen to discard the soiled towel.

“Michael knocked over your mug when he took your bag off of the table.” Said the handsome older man as he returned and sat in the recliner.


The sheriff’s steely blue eyes fixated on the small woman who now sat on the couch across from him. “Max picked up the mug.” He stated plainly.

Surprised Liz looks at Jim and tries to read his expression. “Did he get a flash?”

Jim settled in more comfortably into the recliner before he spoke. “I don’t know. Something happened. His face became flustered and he was breathing heavily. If I had to guess I would say that he had experienced something very libidinous.

Liz catches on to what Jim is trying to convey without embarrassing her completely but finds that it’s too late. Her cheeks burn from the rush of blood to her face.

Jim smiled knowing she understood and felt empathy for her, well not as much as he did for Max. He too had the auspicious misfortune to have experienced it once or twice in his adolescence. Who was he kidding? He still suffered from it occasionally, especially around Amy DeLuca.

Liz’s blush becomes more apparent when she remembered what she was thinking when she was drinking that coffee.

Jim continued. “And then Max reached for the towel Michael had given you.”

Liz was becoming more uncomfortable with each new comment the sheriff made. Too much had happened in this room due to her. If she continued to fumble so carelessly than she might have just as well let well enough alone!

“Care to tell me what he might have seen?” Jim inquired curious to know.

“Not really.” She answered back. Knowing also what she was feeling when she had that towel in her possession.

“Well, Whatever it was, it was pretty bad. All the color from his face drained. He looked like a ghost and Maria couldn’t yank the towel from his hands. Michael had to help her. We were sure we were all going to have to pry it from him. He spoke calmly.

“Oh.” Frustrated she shifts uncomfortably under his gaze.

“Liz, why don’t you tell me what happened.” He leaned forward resting his forearms on his knees trying to get closer so his voice was soft. “It’s just you and me here right now. Why don’t you tell me what happened in the future that you made you come back?”


“Max. Liz. Once again, it’s been an honor.”

Max pulls Jim into a firm embrace. “Same here. You’ve been like a second father to me. You know that, right? I owe you my life.”

“You gave me mine. I’m just returning the favor.”

Max turns, and leaves, running to the driver’s side of the car and starts the engine.

Liz looks at the man who took a bullet for her and tears pool in her eyes. “You saved my life just now.”

“That’s my job. To ‘Protect and Serve’.”

Liz looks from the ground to the wounded man in front of her as her voice comes out low. “Thank you.”

“You would have done the same for me.”


“Go Liz. They’ll be here soon.”

Liz reaches for Jim and throws her arms around him, hugging him tightly. “I’ll fix this Jim. I swear it!”

“There’s no doubt in my mind.” Jim chuckles and hugs her back and then winces from the pain of his wound. “Don’t forget to look me up as soon as you get there.”

Liz chokes down another sob. “I promise.” She pulls away and places the palm of her right hand over Jim’s wound and a soft green glow emanates from her hand. The wound stops bleeding. “Thanks.”

Liz steps back a little from the strain. “It’s not much but you would have done the same for me.” Shakily she leans forward and places a gentle kiss on Jim’s cheek as tears flow at a steady rate down her face. “Thank you.” She whispers.

Jim smiles. “You better get going before that husband of yours gets jealous. I don’t want to be the object of his wrath.” Liz lets out a subdued laugh and with that she turns around and runs to the car, opening the passenger’s front door and gets in. Liz looks into Max’s somber amber eyes as he gazes into hers. The corner of his mouth curls up into a sad smile. He then turns his head forward to look out of the cracked front windshield. Max floors the accelerator, the back wheels of the car spins spraying gravel in its wake. Liz looks out her broken window and watches Jim stand with a pistol in hand. He reaches for a new clip as he watches them drive away.

She continues to watch as his figure gets smaller with distance and the sounds to their enemies can be heard getting closer and closer to him.

*End of flashback*

Liz sighs heavily letting out all the air from her lungs. “I promise to tell you everything but I need something from you. It’s also a promise and I need to tell you before it’s too late because I don’t know how much time I have.”

Jim furrows his brow in concern. “What do mean?”

Liz takes a deep breath. “In my timeline I did not come back from the future, Max did. So when I arrived here last night, things that happened from my timeline will soon begin to erase. I’ve already changed part of my past just by showing up. Going to Maria, coming here, talking to you, Michael, Isabel and Alex. I’ve already started a chain reaction. One that from now on things will be different and how we play it will depend on the outcome.”

Liz stands and walks over to where her bag is and returns to the couch, setting it at her feet. She opens the bag and once again takes out her journal and holds it in her lap. Her fingertips begin to trace the frayed edges. “I wrote in a journal everything that happened to me from the day I got shot until ‘Graduation Day’. For three years I wrote down my thoughts and feelings in this book. I brought that journal with me. It’s the one you saw me with earlier when I was trying to convince Michael that I really was who I said I was. Now I need you to read it. Read my journal.” She takes the book and opens it to the spot where she wants him to begin and hands it to him.

Jim takes it and briefly glances at the written words in front of him as he places it on his lap. “Why Liz?”

The seriousness on Liz’s face is also conveyed in her voice. “I need you to read it, to commit it to memory as much as you can. I need someone else, other than me, to know what had transpired. A back up if you will, if I’m no longer here to make the changes do you understand?”

With obvious confusion written on his face as well as his voice, “Liz why do I need to memorize it?”

Liz continues, “Because as we begin to change the past so will the future change. By tomorrow what I originally wrote in my journal will no longer exist. A new future will be written in that journal do you understand?” She pauses momentarily allowing the sheriff to take in what she has said so far.

“It’s also possible that I may not even be here tomorrow because of those actions. And I need someone here in this time that knew how it originally began. I can’t ask this of any of the others. It’s too much. But I’m asking you.” Liz searches his eyes for recognition of what she is saying.

“If what you’re saying is true then all I have to do is continue to look in this journal to find out what had happened and what will happen.” Jim spoke as he thought about what Liz just said.

“That’s just it Jim, that journal may no longer exist tomorrow too. Something later in this time may trigger me to stop writing in this journal or it gets destroyed. There are just too many variables. And I’m trying to cover all my bases. Please promise me you’ll commit it to memory, please?” Liz continued to stare at the man she also considered as a second father.

Her determined look touches his heart and he knows that he can not say ‘No’. He would do anything to help her. Knowing that her journal would be very personal, he felt honored that she chose him to come to with such a request. “Yes Liz, I promise.”

“Good.” Liz let out a breath and leaned back on the couch.

“This time travel business is very confusing isn’t it?” Jim mentions with wry smile.

Liz returns the smile. “Yes. Yes it is. For every action, there is a reaction. With every decision, there is an outcome. I know everything that went wrong from the day I got back from Florida when I was 16 until I got here last night. Liz’s face grimaces as her mind goes over the errors that brought her to where she is now. “Hind site is so clear. It’s foresight that isn’t. Well, at least for others it isn’t.

Liz pauses and looks back at Jim. “Um, Jim, remember when I was talking about developing powers?”

“Yeah.” Jim casts her a knowing look.

“Well, I haven’t told you what mine is.” Her eyes shift from side-to-side and then back to the sheriff.

“And?” He urged her to continue.

She sounds out a bitter laugh. “I can see the future.”

Jim just studies her for a second; unaffected and then turns his head slightly as he takes a deep breath. Liz begins to wonder if he actually heard what she said.

“Jim, did you hear me?” She expected more of a reaction than what he gave.

“Yes I heard you.” Jim informed her as he lifted the palm of his hand and rubbed his chin with it. “I was just thinking about what you said about powers and personalities. I’m not surprised Liz. You’re smart. I think I recall Kyle mentioning once that you wanted to become a scientist at Stanford.

“Molecular biologist at Harvard.” Liz said. “Or my dream, dream, dream job would have been head of molecular biology research at Harvard.” Liz recited feeling the sense of deja vu.

Jim laughs. “You made a lot of plans didn’t you?”

“You’ve got to have a plan.” Liz grinned remembering Topolsky. “Someone once told me because I like science, that with science, there are answers to everything. When you’re conducting an experiment, you’re in control of everything.”

“Everyone wants to be in control Liz. Nobody in this world or any other for that matter likes to feel like someone else is running the show. It makes us feel vulnerable.”

Liz then countered. “But isn’t that what destiny is? Some higher power in control telling you how to run the show of your life? A pre-ordained path in which we are unable to escape?” She asks looking for insight.

His luminous blue eyes fixate on her questioning chocolate ones. “Do you believe in destiny Liz?”

Liz sits silently for a long moment contemplating the question given to her. She took an inhalation of air through her nose and letting go out the same way. "Destiny is overrated. The future is what you make of it."

She paused for another moment searching for her words. “We all have to make choices. They may not be good choices but nevertheless we have them. I can see the future before it happens and many times I was able to change it. Some people change their minds when they discover what the outcome is while others don’t. It’s the choices we make in our lives everyday, whether it is good or bad, that we have to live with. We decide how to react to the things in our lives. We’re the ones that decide whether or not to accept them. Some people want things more, while others are content with someone telling them what to do with their lives.” Liz stopped her speech and eyed the sheriff. “What about you? Do you believe in destiny?” She inquired.

Jim gave a sly smile as his elbow sat on the arm of the recliner and the palm of hand cupped his chin. “I haven’t decided yet.”

Liz gave him a weak smile and then the expression on her face became murky again. “Look Jim, I’m not the same Liz Parker you know. She was…” Liz corrected. “…I was so young, so naïve. A lot can happen in tens years, you know that! I thought love could conquer all but you know what it doesn’t. It doesn’t pay the rent. It doesn’t put food on the table, and it definitely doesn’t end in happily ever after.”

Jim looks at the bitter woman that is sitting in front him. “If that were true then you wouldn’t be here. You and I both know that. I’m still a lot older and wiser than you are missy. I’ve got a lot more life experience than you have.”

Liz laughs harshly. “Oh I don’t know Jim. I think I’ve got you beat.”

Jim gives Liz a pointed look. “Why don’t you give me a try?”

Liz considers his request. “Okay, I will but you have to do what you promised me first. Read it now and I’ll lie down here on the couch until you finish.” Liz tries to stifle a yawn by putting her hand over her mouth. “I’m really tired and I just need to rest, just for a little bit.” Liz reaches for the small throw pillow that lay beside her and places her head on top of it, moving about and trying to get comfortable.

“Okay. I’ll read this and when I’m finished. I’ll wake you.” Jim declares.

“Deal.” Liz closes her eyes and lets sleep overtake her.


Michael walks into the living room after showering and getting dressed to head off for his shift at the CrashDown. He sees Liz lying at the edge of his couch tightly balled up, asleep. As he enters further into the room, he eyes Valenti intently reading Liz’s faded journal.

“Hey.” Michael approaches and Valenti looks up with a deep frown on his face. He had been reading Liz’s words for about 25 minutes.

“What are you doing?” Michael says knowing already exactly what Valenti is doing but suddenly felt the need to protect Liz’s thoughts from prying eyes.

Seeing Michael’s look of concern, Jim tries to set him at ease. He spoke truthfully. “She asked me to read it.”

“Oh.” Michael relaxes slightly. “Why?”

Jim returns his attention back to the book. “Long story. I’ll tell you later.”

Michael says nothing satisfied with the sheriff’s answer and walks over to the couch where Liz’s small body sleeps. He reaches for the soft afghan that Maria bought him as a gift and covers her petite frame. He looks at the seemingly fragile woman who appears to be peacefully sleeping and wonders what kind of dreams she has. Were they anything like his dreams? Or are hers far worse than a 17-year-old boy can comprehend? He imagined that in his previous life he had seen much but he couldn’t remember. Did he want to remember? The torment he felt when he killed Pierce was overwhelming. He killed a man. It didn’t matter that that man was the same man who abducted and tortured the very person he considered to be like a brother to him. He KILLED a man. His thoughts kept repeating to what had happened was just the tip of the iceberg. He’d been trying to prepare himself for what would go down, but in reality he had no idea what to do. No clue who or what they’re up against. And he’d been so pissed off at Max for not leading, but something told him that Max didn’t know any more than he did. None of them did. They were all in the dark waiting to be attacked, and all he could think about was what if he wasn’t strong enough? What if he couldn’t protect them? What if he couldn’t protect Maria? Michael continued to stare at Liz. Maybe just maybe, this tiny lady was their angel of light, their deliverer from evil. He only hoped.

Jim lifts his head up for the second time since he began reading Liz’s journal and let out an exasperated breath. In what he had read so far, he couldn’t believe on how so much went wrong. Some geologist by the name of Grant Sorenson comes into town digs ups Pierce’s bones and Michael gets arrested for murder. Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker leads an investigation of Pierce’s skeleton for some substance named cadmium-X, and a new enemy kills Nasedo called the skins. There was more but Jim’s mind was already trying to assess damage control. He knew that when he finished reading the journal in its entirety, he and the help of this future Liz would begin to make amends for the mistakes they had made. It would have to be tonight. They would make sure that once and for all no one would ever find Pierce’s remains. He made a mental note to find out if this Sorenson had already come to town and if so find out where else he had been. The sooner they took care of this situation the better

~ End of Chapter six ~

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~ Chapter Seven ~

~ Michael’s living room ~


Jim Valenti closed the old faded journal that Liz gave him to read. It had taken him longer than he thought it would. It was almost five o’clock.

Michael had long gone hours ago. Both decided that Jim would let Liz sleep until she woke up on her own. The sheriff briefly told Michael to return home after his shift tonight and that they would be taking a trip out to the desert. Michael had asked why and Jim vaguely answered, “to fix some of our mistakes.”

Michael didn’t like the sheriff’s answer. It was too vague and it made him wonder what was all the cryptic mumbo jumbo about. He said, “Fine.” And was out the door. Leaving Jim to continue his reading and Liz to her sleeping.

He closed his eyes and took in a shaky deep breath and held it as his mind went through everything that would happen in the next two years. Correction, what would have happened. He would keep his promise to this future Liz by committing what he had read to memory.

Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker and this new girl Courtney are Skins. A Future Max comes to this Liz and tells her that she has to help him fall out of love with her because if he doesn’t it will be the end of the world. Some pimple–faced teenage boy, who is anything but by the name of Nicholas wreaks havoc on this town. There’s a duplicate set of Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess that live in the subway tunnels beneath New York. He loses his job. Tess kills Alex; who then becomes pregnant from Max.


It read like a mid-day soap opera and he just couldn’t think anymore. His mind was reeling and his stomach was on the verge of ejecting the doughnut and coffee he had eaten hours ago. He had seen a lot in his many years of being a sheriff, not that Roswell was some sin city where murder and corruption occurred everyday but this was just too much. And the worse thing was there was more. Jim reluctantly opens his eyes to peer at Liz’s still form on the couch.

He could see frantic movement under her closed eyelids and every once in a while he would hear a whimper or a cry come from her. The journal only went to when they graduated and nothing is written afterward except for a brief note to Liz’s father asking him to read this same journal and then burn it out in the desert where her husband was born.

This Liz had married Max. After all they had been through, and she still married him. He wondered why Jeff Parker had not honored her request and to some extent was grateful that he didn’t. Jim got a glimpse of the once young girl he knew as Liz Parker. The 16-year-old that still existed in Florida. The things she went through and endured made him have an even greater respect for her. And still there are 10 years unaccounted for. What had happened in those 10 years? What trials had she gone through that brought her here today? He would know soon enough. She had given him her word and he trusted her.

“NO!” Screaming, Liz jerks, sitting upright, with panic flashing across her face. Her body shakes violently as she is still between sleep and wakefulness, and she tries to determine where she is and when.

Valenti leaps from his seat and rushes to her side. “Hey there, it’s okay.” His arms circle her. “ssshhh, it’s okay.” Liz is still confused. She asks, “Where am I?”

“You’re here at Michael’s, remember? You went to Maria’s last night and then you came here this morning.”

Comprehension begins to dawn on her face as she stares at Valenti and then her arms encompass him, clinging tightly as she curls up close like a scared child who runs to her father for protection and shelter. She cries. They’re cries of sorrow and relief as she remembers, soaking the sheriff’s uniform. Jim holds her like an experienced parent and allows her to cry, rocking her back and forth.


~ At the CrashDown ~

Michael is standing over the hot grill flipping burgers as his mind goes over this morning’s events. Valenti had given him a vague answer, one in which Michael didn’t like but deciding that instead of fighting him, he would wait. He would obviously find out tonight. At least he was being included in this newest caper, unlike what Max was telling him to do. Michael was never one for sitting on his laurels but Michael still had so many questions for this future Liz. He tossed the top and bottom of a hamburger bun onto the grill as he took the spatula that was in his hand and turned over two meat patties. Would she tell him what happened in the future? Would she help them to defeat their enemies? Who were their enemies? She had said that in the future he became a pro at controlling his powers. Would she be able to help him with those powers? Could she? He was expecting a lot from this person he just met this morning. He only hoped it wasn’t a mistake.

Outside in the dining area, Maria and Courtney walked about the tables filling glasses of ice water and plates of food as the dinner rush was beginning to come in. Maria and Michael had talked only briefly throughout the day, it was yet another scorcher and the restaurant was busy with people who were hungry and wanted to stay cool. With the constant hustle and bustle Maria was too busy to worry too much about her future friend at her estranged boyfriend’s place with the sheriff.

It was now 5:30 pm and Max pushed open the glass door of the CrashDown and found the last remaining stool at the counter. “Hey Maria. How’s it going?” Max asked, as he looked at all the patrons in the restaurant.

“Busy.” Maria says placing a glass of ice-cold cherry cola and a straw in its protective wrapper in front of him.

“I was just wondering if you’ve heard from Liz yet?” He quickly reaches for a bottle of Tabasco sauce and looks at her expectantly.

“Not since I’ve started my shift here,” she walks away to attend to another customer at a table. She didn’t want to get cornered by him and end up telling him something that she shouldn’t have told him in the first place.

Once again the glass door is pushed inward and Tess saunters in wearing a red spaghetti-strap top and cut-off jeans that are cut just a little too short. Her blonde hair is twisted into a hair clip as she surveys the crowd. Tess’s sapphire eyes catch sight of Max sitting at his stool and she makes her way toward him. She stands beside him where the counter ends and the waitresses walk back and forth from between the gap of counters. She leans forward with her arms onto the counter.

“Hi Max. How are you doing?” Tess says sweetly, hoping to engage in some friendly conversation with the undeniably handsome man she knows was her husband in her past life.

Max turns his head slightly in her direction any further and his face would be embedded in her chest and he just didn’t feel like being subjected to that this evening. “Hi Tess.” He says politely but guarded.

Courtney briskly passes by, “Wassup Tess?” As she picks up a plate that Michael just finished preparing and takes it to one of the customers.

Tess reluctantly takes her attention away from Max. “Hi Courtney. Hey Michael.”

“Tess.” Michael grunts his eyes never leaving the grill.

“Hot today wasn’t it?” Tess directs her question back to Max along with her gaze.

Maria’s eyes stare at the obvious attempt of Tess trying to entice Max with her all too revealing top. She rolls her eyes. “Oh brother.” She mumbles.

Max looks up at Maria and gives an apologetic look to her. He in no way wanted Maria ‘the blabber mouth’ to tell Liz about seeing him and Tess in the same room, not without thousands of witnesses to prove nothing happened. He was going to do everything in his power to convince Liz that they should be together and he would finally talk to Tess and set her straight. He didn’t care what destiny had in store for him. He would create his own and that included Liz and him and no one else.

He couldn’t deny that there was something between them before but he didn’t feel that way for her anymore. Not the way he felt for Liz. Max couldn’t believe anyone in this world or this universe could make him feel as strongly for them as he did for Liz. It was like he needed her just to breathe. Since she’s been gone, he has been slowly suffocating, gasping for air. The only time he felt like he had taken an intake of oxygen was this morning at Michael’s. His body had told him that Liz was near and he wondered why he didn’t go searching every room just to make sure he was wrong. Yet again another regret, next time he wouldn’t ignore it. And if she were here, why would she be avoiding him? Was she still too hurt to see him?

At the thought of him hurting her he felt like a hand had gripped his heart and was squeezing the very life out of it. If she was here he needed to see her. If she was here that meant that Michael, Maria, Isabel, Alex and the sheriff also knew she was here too.

What were they hiding? He was going to find out. Maria! She was his best bet. He knew he could get her to cave. She couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it. Wait! She could! He remembered. She had told no one about them. She had given her word and had kept it. I guess she can keep a secret. He thought.

Then Isabel. His thoughts went to his sister. They were close and she had never kept secrets from him, secrets from their parents yes, but not amongst themselves. She had been with him when they came out of their pods and had never left his side. He always knew he could trust his sister even when he couldn’t trust himself. He would confront her tonight when he got home but first he’d question Maria more about Liz hoping maybe he would somehow get lucky and she might slip in a clue or two about Liz’s whereabouts.

Then he would have ‘that talk’ with Tess, here, in one of these booths, with Maria and Michael and the rest of the customers of the CrashDown to lay witness that nothing was going on with them. Could Tess mindwarp an entire diner? How many people could she mindwarp at one time? Would he need more customers in the diner before he started? Maybe he should tell Michael what he was going to do so he could keep an eye on them. He was pulled out of his thoughts by her voice again.

“Do you have any plans for tonight, Max? I was wondering if you wanted to do any memory retrieval exercises… if you’re interested?” Tess looked at Max’s amber eyes as he had this faraway look in them and hoped that he would say yes. She wanted to become closer to him the way she had remembered they used to be in their past lives. She wanted to teach Max the memory retrieval techniques that Nasedo had shown her so that he would understand what they had had before. Nasedo had shown her so many memories of her and Max and Michael and Isabel together. She wanted them to be able to see and feel those same things that she felt and maybe, just maybe they would have that once again.

It had been so hard for her living with Nasedo. He was a man who gave no love or affection, telling her those were only emotions that he could use to bring a human to their demise. It had made her strong. She needed that to be with Nasedo. He had no tolerance for the showing of insecurities and she did well to guard herself from showing that around him. It was difficult when he would help her remember because in those memories she felt friendship, a sense of belonging, kindness, devotion and she felt loved. Love from Isabel, Michael and Max. She wanted them to feel that again for her, she longed for it desperately that it would have made Nasedo sick if he knew. She feared him when he was near but she still wanted him around knowing he would protect her at all costs for she feared the FBI’s Special Unit more. They had been after her and Nasedo for as long as she could remember and when they had taken Max, all the nightmares that Nasedo had told her were substantiated.

“No.” Max stated a little too abruptly. He saw Tess’s hurt look as soon as it left his mouth and then a second later it quickly changed to become a look as if it did not affect her.

“Oh well, when you’re ready.” And she turned to Michael. “Michael, are you interested in opening up your ’gifts?’” She said in code since there was a crowd of people around them. Michael was receptive to her. He always was displaying interest in wanting to know more about their alien side than Max and Isabel.

“Sorry not tonight, got plans.” Michael continued to cook and ring the bell letting the waitresses know that an order was ready and listen to the conversation at the same time.

“It’s your birthday!” Exclaimed Courtney a little to over joyous for Maria’s taste. She stopped as she went to pick up the dinner platter. “I would have gotten you a gift of my own if I knew.” She threw Michael a suggestive look.

“He’s not opening any gifts that come from you, Courtney.” Maria spat out as her little green-eyed monster reared its head. She watched the object that triggered it, pass her to take the plates of food to their owners. She looked at Courtney’s backside. Her eyes went up and down her body; she was sizing her up. When she was done she turned to look at Michael and to her surprise he was looking at her, he cocked one eyebrow upward and then went back to his duties. Maria picked up the other plates that were waiting for her and with all her heart she wished she had the power to read Michael’s mind.


~ In Alex’s car ~

Isabel and Alex were on their way back to Michael’s after Alex had finally convinced her to go to the movies with him. He had told her they were supposed to be acting like normal teenagers. Doing things, that normal teenagers would do on a summer Saturday afternoon and that by going right back to Michael’s right away after just leaving would probably look suspicious. Isabel reluctantly agreed. He thought he would try to impress her by suggesting they go see One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nestat the Revival Theatre and Isabel asked if they could go see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. instead. She had heard Max and Michael talking about it a while ago had wanted to see it but she didn’t want to go by herself.

“Thank you Alex for taking me to the movies. I didn’t want to go after this morning but I’m glad we did.” As she gave Alex a side-glance from her seat next to him.

“No… thank you.” He emphasized each word individually to get his meaning across. “I had seen it before but there was so much I didn’t get. Actually I think I enjoyed it more the second time around, I can’t believe there was so much I missed.” Alex was telling the truth when he spoke. He did actually enjoy seeing the show the second time around but it probably had more to do with the company he kept this time. Probably? Please, of course it was the company; it was Isabel.

Alex rounded the corner and saw that the sheriff’s car was still in the same spot he had seen it in when he left this morning. Alex then found a space to park his car. After pulling in, he shut off the engine and quickly went to the passenger side and opened the door for Isabel.

“Thanks Alex. You didn’t have to do that.” Isabel smiled as he held the door for her. She liked Alex. He had proven to be a good friend and by the way he acted he obviously wanted more from their relationship. Isabel just didn’t know if she could give him that. There were just so many things happening. She didn’t even know if she had those kinds of feelings for Alex. Alex wasn’t the type of guy she was used to dating. Most of the guys she had been out with were jocks; either in football, basketball or some other type of athletic sport. She might have even dated Kyle if he had not been dating Liz and was the sheriff’s son. Alex was the kind of guy you could tell him everything just like a girlfriend and he could tell you things you wanted to know from a guy’s perspective.

Isabel could tell why Liz and Maria cared for him so. He was so comfortable to be around and she never had to try to be something she wasn’t around him. His sense of humor made her laugh. There weren’t many guys that could make her laugh. Come to think of it, there wasn’t a guy so far that has done that, Max and Michael didn’t count. Wait! Even they didn’t make you laugh as often as she wanted.

“It’s no biggie. Anyway I like doing it. A gentleman should always open a door for a lady.” Alex closed the door and did his best gallant knight impression.

Isabel laughed and they continued to talk as they made their way to Michael’s front door. “Now it’s my turn to open the door for such a gentleman.” Isabel said trying to impersonate Alex’s previous performance. She gave a quick knock and opened the door. Alex and Isabel stopped short at the hallway when they caught Valenti hugging Liz. Her crying had calmed some since she first began, what seemed like a lifetime ago. But they could tell by how red her eyes were and by how wet Jim’s shirt was that she had been crying for some time.

Liz looked up to see Isabel staring at her while Jim still had his arms around her when her eyes caught sight of Alex. She pulled away from the sheriff’s embrace and shakily stood up. She slowly walked up to Alex, her eyes never deviating from him as if he was the only person in the room. Her soft chocolate eyes were sad but a glint of contentment could be seen in them as she stared at him. She moved closer then encased him in her arms. “Alex…you’re here…Alex…you’re really here.” She probably would have kept on repeating herself if Alex didn’t interrupt her with his reassurances.

Alex put his arms around his best friend again for the second time today. “Hey, Lizzie girl, it’s all right. I’m here.” This time he rocked her from side to side as he spoke softly to her.

Isabel watched Liz get up from the couch and hug Alex and suddenly felt a pang of jealousy smack her right in the chest. What was it with Liz Parker that had all the men Isabel cared about always coming to her aid?

First it was Max, Isabel was sure she lost her brother to this little bit of a woman right in front of her own eyes. Then Michael came to her defense only this morning, which surprised her because Michael was always a firm believer in keep Liz Parker at arms length at all times. She and Alex had just walked in to find Sheriff Valenti holding her and NOW here was Alex hugging her AGAIN! God… All we need now is Kyle over here and we can have a love fest. Was Isabel Evans jealous? Of Liz with Alex? Could it possibly be that maybe she did truly have feelings for Alex? A rumbling noise took her attention away from her thoughts as she and everyone else in the room looked at the source of the noise.

Liz pulled away slightly and looked at her stomach. She looked up at Isabel then at Alex. She was ashamed of what her body just did. “Sorry about that, I didn’t realize I was hungry.”

Alex laughed his chestnut eyes flashed with merriment. “Hey you know what? I’m kinda hungry too. How about we order up some pizza and rent some movies.” He looked around for everyone for they’re response. “You can never watch enough movies or eat enough pizza, whadda say, huh?”

Jim stood up and smiled. “That sounds like a great idea. I’m starved too. All I’ve had today was that coffee and doughnut from this morning.” He made his way toward the phone. “What do you guys want on your pizza? My treat.”

“Okay, then I’ll pick up the movies. I want pepperoni, how about you Isabel?” Alex turned to look at her.

“Vegetarian, please.” She said meekly.

“You and Maria are going to get along real well.” Liz commented with a lopsided grin on her face.

“That’s right, Maria likes vegetarian too.” Alex chimed in.

Liz hesitantly walked over to Isabel. “You better go with him to pick out the videos if you want something decent worth watching.” She turned to look at Alex who was listening to their conversation and she gave him a goofy grin. “ ‘Cause if not he’ll pick something corny like Notting Hill or West Side Story.

“I WOULD NOT!” Alex said indignantly, as his face began to turn red. “I was planning on picking some that were very manly!” He puffed out his chest and curled his arms slightly trying to act like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The girls giggled watching Alex strike the pose. Liz turned to look at Isabel and her face became serious. Isabel’s heart stopped and she wonder what horrible revelation Liz was about to bestow on her. “Isabel... Could you do me a favor?”

“Do you kids want drinks and chicken wings too?” The sheriff cut in, holding his hand over the receiver of the phone.

Alex turned his attention to Jim and took a step toward him. “Yeah, tell them not to forget the ranch dressing.”

Isabel held her breath for a moment. “Sure, what’s it?” Bracing herself.

Liz looked around as the sheriff went back to talking on the phone and Alex listened to the older man give his order. “I would do it myself but I really don’t want anyone seeing me… well… you know… and I know you always take care of Michael… so… anyway… what I was wondering is… if you could run to the market and pick up some stuff for him. You know… milk, eggs… toilet paper.” She gave Isabel a pleading look.

“Oh… OH. Sure Liz. I was on planning doing that today but with everything that happened this morning, I simply forgot.”

Liz gave a relieved look at Isabel. “I figured. My appearance has thrown a lot of people into loop including myself for that matter. I really appreciate it. I promise to make it up to you really. Poor Michael what would he do without you and Maria?”

“Starve and use towels.” Isabel said matter-of-factly as another smile threatened to spread across her face.


~ Back at the CrashDown ~

Max sat at one of the booths that had finally been unoccupied and cleared. Tess sat staring intently, directly in front of him. She had a confused look on her face. She wondered what was on Max’s mind when he asked her to sit down and that he wanted to talk to her after he had shot her down after she offered to help him with the memory retrievals. She had a feeling it wasn’t what she wanted to hear but she was willing to listen to find out.

Max looked around the CrashDown as the dinner rush continued. He saw Michael glance up every once and awhile to check and see what he and Tess were up to. He wanted to tell Michael but it was so busy, he hoped Michael would catch on. He hoped. Maria, Courtney, and a bus boy named Jesus, Juan’s the cook’s nephew, worked the area as patrons noisily ate. You’re such a wimp Max. And they call you a king! Max berated himself before he began to talk. “Tess.” His eyes became soft and sincere. “I’ve made no secret that I care for Liz-”

Tess cut in, with a soft tone. “Care isn’t the word I would have used.” She pinned him with her gaze and Max shifted on his side of the booth.

Max paused for a moment and released his breath he had been holding. “I have feelings for her that I can’t ignore. Look, what I’m trying to say is… that when she returns…” He looks down at the enamel on the table then returns his gaze back up to Tess. “…I’m gonna…I’m hoping she’ll…”

Tess finished his sentence. “You’re going to try to win her back.”

“Yeah. I’m sorry…but whatever we had together before…I just don’t feel that way for you. I mean I do have feelings for you but they’re not the same as the way I feel for Liz.”

“I see. You’re giving me the ‘can we just be friends’ speech aren’t you?”

“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I seem to be good at doing that…with everyone.” He said sadly as he looks at her apologetically.

Somehow the tune from No Doubt can be heard playing in the background floating through all the noise in the diner.

Don’t speak,
I know what you’re thinking
And I don’t need your reasons
Don’t tell me ‘cause it hurts

Our memories…..

Tess hears the words being sung and she feels the singer’s pain. Was that song put on deliberately just to make this conversation she was having with Max hurt more?

You and me
I see us dying
Are we?

Don’t speak
I know what you’re saying
So stop your explaining
Don’t tell me ‘cause it hurts.

Max doesn’t seem to hear the song and looks at her hurt expression.

“I’m sorry…” The words he says just don’t seem to be enough.

“Max, I’m not going to say that what you’re telling me doesn’t hurt me. It does. I remember things about you and me…us…that I wish we could have again. But I don’t want to lose you…I mean…I don’t want to lose your friendship because of this, if that’s what you’re calling what we have now. I don’t want to lose what I have with Michael and Isabel too.” She takes in a deep breath. “You know, maybe starting out fresh is a good idea. Being just friends, is probably what I need. I’ve never had real friends unless you count Nasedo and it’s not like he’s Ward Cleaver when he’s here.”

Max’s turns up his mouth slightly to give a genuine grin. “Tess you’ll always have our friendship. Mine, Isabel’s, Michael’s…the four of us are in this together. Never forget that.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”


~ Michael’s place ~

“So what kind of movies did you get?” Liz asked as she took a box of sugar out of the plastic grocery bag.

“Most of the good ones were gone when we got there.” Isabel said placing the half-gallon of milk in the refrigerator.

“That’s what happens when you get to the video store too late on a Saturday night in Roswell.” Alex said as he went to place the cassette tapes near the TV set.

Jim Valenti placed the two cardboard boxes of pizza on the counter along with the Buffalo wings and two bottles of Coke. “So what did you get?”

“Well I got one scary Valentine” Alex said holding the video box up in the air.

“Alex picked that one. I wanted The Thirteenth Floor.” Isabel commented.

“The girl they kill at the very beginning is really cute!” Alex smiled as he said that.

“And then I picked out That Thing You Do. It was either that or Pleasantville which I didn’t care for.” Isabel said to Liz.

Jim walked over to where Alex was standing. “I see you got three movies so what’s the other one?” As he picked it up and read the title.

“I wanted to get a comedy-”

“Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey?!” Jim exclaimed. “You mean to tell me there was nothing else in the store but these movies?”

“Well it was either that or Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th. Which is just too stupid even for my taste!” Alex said as he turned toward where the pizza was.

“Oh well. I guess it’s better than nothing.” Liz voiced as she picked up the package of bathroom tissue.

“Well I think Xena is on in just a bit. I like that show.” Alex said as he picked up a slice of pepperoni pizza and took a large bite.

“No!” Liz blurts out. “The movies you picked are fine.”

“Well guys, I better get going. I want to spend a little time with Kyle before he gets all packed up to go to the football camp for three weeks. He leaves tomorrow morning at 7 am.”

“Jim. Kyle can’t go to that football camp tomorrow.” Liz had stopped what she was doing. She had forgotten about that.

“Why?” Valenti got concerned. “Nothing happens to him while he’s there, does it? I mean you didn’t write down that he-”

“No, nothing bad happens while he’s there. At least I don’t remember. Anyway the reason he can’t go Jim is I’ll need him here to help us with what we need to change.”

“Liz-” Jim wanted to protect his son.

“Jim, please.” Liz said softly as she got a far away look. “I think it’s time we bring him in on this. I think I am ready to face him now.”

~ End of Chapter Seven ~

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~*~ Banner by Borderinsanity ~*~

“A calling of a meeting of great minds”

“Hello. Thank you for coming. Please have a seat.”

I put my hand out in front of me and wave it around indicating you can sit anywhere you’d like in the room. The chairs on are in a circle so that everyone’s face can be seen when they talk. There are others already sitting, conversing quietly.

“I apologize for asking you to come on such short notice, I know how busy your lives are so I will get straight to the point.”

I hold in my hand a pencil and a legal notepad rests across my chest as my other arm is wrapped in front of it.

“Many of you here know I’m writing a fic called ‘Promises to Keep’. I see many familiar faces here but some I see are new so for you that are unfamiliar with my story, please take the time to quickly go through it.”

I walk to one of the seats and sit down.

“I’ve come to some obstacles in my story and I need the bouncing off of ideas. This is why I asked for you to come. My other consultants (my kids) have gone on strike (they’re too busy trying to get the last of their summer vacation fun in before I ship them off to school come next Tuesday.) As you know my story is about fixing the mess that our beloved characters got into in Season 1 and 2. My Liz has returned from the future and is in the process of cleaning up the “crap.” Pardon my French.”

“I have some questions I would like to ask since most of you are long-time fans and are familiar with the characteristics of our adored cast from Season 1. Time travel is a very delicate matter and I want to foresee any obstacles that may hinder their progress.”

I place my notepad on the desk and look at everyone as I speak.

“Here are my questions: My 1st question is . . . In my next chapter Future Liz and Jim Valenti are about to take care of Pierce’s bones and the Gandierum threat. Jim Valenti has asked Michael to go. Should he be able to go? Liz doesn’t want him to. She wants to protect him. But should he go with them? And if so someone else should go with them I want either just two - Liz & Jim or four to go. So then if you believe Michael should go then who should the fourth person? And why? Tess or Max are not an option.”

I pause for a second as I look down for the 2nd question.

“My 2nd question is . . .once those two deeds are done, what kind of changes do you believe will occur? And why? Should Future Liz change after it happens? The changes that occur are not enough for her to completely disappear. There will still be some other things she has to deal with before she completely fades away but should she change with the alternating of the past or should she simply remember the changes? Why?”

I slump down and with my mouth I blow upward making a strand of my hair fly.

“Here is my 3rd question and last . . . How would you imagine Liz would get rid of the Gandierum threat because at this moment she really has no idea on how to go about it so she asked me to ask you wonderful writers for some insight.”

I sit up straight again in my seat.

“These are the only questions I have right now. I need them before I can proceed with the next chapter. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I know many of you would like to see the next part post soon. So the sooner I get some feedback the sooner it can be posted.”

I smile, stand up and walk to the door opening it for you.

“Thank you again for coming. I hope to hear from you very soon. Good-bye.”

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Hi Everyone!!

Thank you, thank you so much!!! *As I run to each of you individually and give you a great big behr hug*{{H-U-G}}*happy*

Your ideas were all wonderful!!! You really helped me get my creative juices flowing again and I’ve been typing away frantically.

Mandyhandford, ILYMEFOREVER, Clueless, RoswellLady, Twilighteyes1974, Marteloise, BelevnDreamsToo, SarahWhitman, Wrench on a leash, Sansucry, Breathless, frenchkiss70 – I love you!!! You will never know how much it means to me when you leave fb or bump me!!!

Cermel?! – What?! What do you mean it’s not your car? *Rubbing my hands over my eyes and focuses on the print on your pic* Not good & I just had my eyes examined!!! BTW – I love you too!!!

Every single one of your suggestions from you fantastic people I have saved & am keeping for references. I think I’m going to start a journal of my own.

I was going to show you a pic of my ‘consultants’ but darn it! I tried scanning it & pasting it but it didn’t work! *pout* I best stick to writing instead of computer wizardry.

I could give you all my excuses of why this part was not posted on Friday but instead how about I just post and let you read it now? Deal? Anywhoo ~ Here is Chapter eight. Please tell me what you think.

For Disclaimer & Summary please see Page one.

~ Chapter Eight ~

"Revisiting demons"

~ Michael’s place 10:30 pm ~

"He can’t come!" She says emphatically.

"What?! Why not?!" Michael stepped in between the sheriff and Liz and stood facing her with his hands on his hips.

"No. End of discussion." She shook her head and stepped around him so she could finish her conversation with the sheriff.

"Liz. I told him he could come." The sheriff didn't think that she would have minded. After all it was too much work for just the two of them. They needed help.

"I don’t care. He can’t come." Everything that they did had to be precise and accurate and in order to do that Michael just wasn't in the plans for tonight.

"He can’t or you won’t let him?" Jim questioned, his gentle blue eyes looked at Liz as she fought with Michael.

"I’ll just follow you guys." Michael spoke like the defiant teenager that he was. "It’s not like you can stop me."

The determined gleam in Liz’s eyes flashed as she stood in a fighting stance. Her defensive poise showed she was not in the least intimidated. Her arms hung at her sides as she clenched her hands into a fist and relaxed and clenched again. "Oh Mickey G, have you forgotten? I can stop you. I’ve been perfecting my powers for the last 10 years. Don’t test me on what I can do. I don’t want you involved in this."

"I’m already involved." Michael proclaimed.

"That’s why I don’t want you there. I don’t want anyone or anything linking you to this."
She wanted to protect all of them from gaining the eye of any unwanted attention.

"To what? You won’t even tell me where you’re going or what you’re going to do!" Michael’s anger was quickly rising as he paced back and forth in frustration. "God Liz you sound just like Max! You know I just can’t sit here and do nothing!"

"Liz. I think he should come." Jim felt like a referee in a wrestling match as he watched the two go at each other and he was trying to make sure that no one got hurt.

"Not you too Jim." She felt like the two men were ganging up on her.

"You had me read the journal right?" Jim reminded Liz.

"Yes? So?" Liz answered wondering where Jim was going.

"You trusted me to read it then, trust me when I say I think Michael should go."

"Huh?" Both Liz and Michael said in unison.

"Do you remember Laurie Dupree? And why she was so important?" He hoped saying the name would jog her memory.

"Oh god." Liz said, as her eyes grew wide. "No. I won’t use Michael as bait!"

"Whoa. What are you talking about?" Michael said turning his head side to side as he listened to the dialogue between future Liz and the Sheriff. "What do mean bait? For what?"

"It’s too dangerous Jim. Michael could get hurt."

"How will I get hurt? What’s too dangerous?" Michael was frustrated beyond belief and he wanted answers. "Liz you better tell me what’s going on or. . . ." Michael stopped. His mind frantically racing to think of what kind of threat he could use against Liz. Hell Maria would know how to do this. This wasn’t usually his department. Think Guerin what would Blondie say? ". . .or I’ll. . .I’ll tell Max you’re here." He said smugly, crossing his arms, feeling rather proud of himself.

Liz’s eyes narrowed at his threat and she wondered when he had become so good at parroting Maria. "You wouldn’t dare." She thought for at moment. Would he? Liz’s eyes softened and her shoulders slumped slightly. "You wouldn’t do that would you Michael?" Liz acted like all the fight had gone out of her. "I’m just not. . . ready…" She whispered, her eyes staring vacantly at the floor and then back at Michael. Her eyes were large and sad.

Michael was taken aback. He hadn’t realized what an effect his words had on Liz and tried to lower his voice. "Look Liz. I just can’t sit here while you and the sheriff go off. . . I just can’t."

"Liz, let him come. Anyway, there’s going to be a whole lot of digging to be done tonight and I don’t fancy on doing it all by myself." Jim said remembering as he rubbed the back of his neck with the palm of his hand. "I just don’t understand how this Grant guy was able to recover the body. I could have sworn we dug a hole deep enough, thought we were halfway to China…" He trailed off, wincing slightly as he shot a glance at Michael.

Michael’s face flashed of utter shock when he realized what the sheriff just said and the color from his face drained. "You’re talking about Pierce’s. . .Wh..what happened with Pierce?" He turned to look at Liz, his questioning eyes felt like they were burning her skin.

Liz sat down on the couch wondering when she had lost control of this situation. Now she would have to tell him but she wanted to word it right. She didn’t want him to jump the gun. She was here to spare them the pain of what had happened not relive it.

"Tell him Liz. I think he has the right to know." Jim spoke calmly while he made his way closer to the couch.

Michael said nothing as he sat on the recliner across from Liz. She was now wearing stretch black slacks, a black long-sleeve shirt and her short dark locks were French braided into a tail all courtesy of one Isabel Evans. He had fleetingly wondered why she wasn’t able to do it herself. He had seen her change her appearance then why did she need Isabel’s help? He hunched over; placing his elbows on his knees with his hands clasped together and tried to wait patiently. His right leg bounced up and down nervously as he hoped she would change her mind and take Valenti’s advice.

Liz shot Jim a glare. She had thought that after reading the journal he would help but so far he was making it hard for her. Didn’t he realize she was trying to protect him and the others? She looked across the coffee table watching Michael’s leg go up and down like electricity was being shot through his system and she blew out a sigh of frustration.

Isabel and Alex had asked more questions regarding details of the future. She could tell they were anxious but were trying to be polite as well and to not push too hard. She finally promised she would tell them sometime tomorrow when Jim came over with Kyle and she secretly hoped she wouldn’t be around tomorrow to tell them.

Serena had told her that once she had began changing her future she would become weaker and eventually when it was completely accomplished she would no longer exist but simply fade away. She longed for that. She wanted to just disappear and spare them all the hurt she went through. Only Jim would know and only the last two years. She wanted the last 10 days before she came back to be just a bad dream that she would wake up suddenly in her bed safe but she knew that what she would do tonight wouldn’t be changing that. What she and Jim and now supposedly Michael would be doing is just removing some minor inconveniences that had gotten in their way.

"Liz-" Michael’s voice interrupted her thoughts and she raised her eyes to look at him.

And before he could say other word, her disciplined steely voice rang out, "We need to get rid of Pierce’s bones tonight once and for all."


~ DeLuca Residence ~

Maria paced back and forth in her room as she wondered what was happening at Michael’s. Her mother had picked her up at the CrashDown on her way back from her little trip in Albuquerque. She had very little time to say anything but good-bye to Michael or even Max when her mother arrived. Mrs. DeLuca was tired and wanted to go home. Maria made small talk with her mom in the car on their way home and when they arrived, she went about her ‘normal’ routine. She took a shower, changed into some comfort clothes, and even ate a light dinner with her all in the hopes that her mother wouldn’t notice how restless and anxious she was.

"So you going to be calling Liz tonight? I bet you really miss her." Amy distractedly asked her daughter.

Maria froze almost forgetting that her real Liz was still in Florida. "Yeah, but not until later." She muttered. Her mother didn’t seem to mind the answer so she decided to go to her room to make sure that she wouldn't have to answer anymore questions.

Maria began to pace the length of her bedroom. How am I going to talk to Liz in Florida tonight? She would definitely know that something was wrong. She couldn’t hide things from Liz. She was horrible at it and Liz always knew. What if I didn’t talk to her tonight? No. Then that would just make Liz wonder too. She decided should would call future Liz and ask her what to do. She walked over to her nightstand and picked up the phone. Yes, future Liz would know how to handle it.

She was about to dial but hesitated for a moment. Why didn’t she just go there instead? Michael should be there by now so she could kill two birds with one stone, talk to Liz and see Michael. Sure she saw Michael all day today but they were working. It wasn’t like they had a chance to talk. Between her keeping her eye on Max talking to Tess about god-knows-what, and on Courtney and bussing tables there really wasn’t much time for talk except for a few comments here and there but now there wouldn’t be anything to stop them, well at least she hoped not. Maria put the telephone back on its cradle, reached for her purse and began thinking of what she was going to tell her mom in order to get the keys for the Jetta.


~ The Valenti’s house ~

Kyle was all packed and ready for tomorrow. He was glad he was leaving Roswell for three weeks. Away from everything. . .alien. He had been suspicious of Max Evans ever since the shooting incident with Liz at the CrashDown in September. And when Liz broke off their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship he was hurt and blamed Max for it. Kyle cared for Liz. She was sweet, funny, and a great kisser, smart and not to mention had a hot little package to go with it. How many girls could you find that were both smart and beautiful?

He was sure that Max and that Michael guy were up to no good and that they were trying to use his darling naïve Liz to help them get drugs. Oh why couldn’t it have been drugs? It would have been easier to deal with, but no, it couldn’t have been that simple. He had tried to watch out for her even following her to that porno-version of Aladdin motel where he intended on bringing her home away from the bad influences of one Max Evans. Kyle put the palm of his hand on his face and rubbed it hard like he was trying to erase the memory.

Kyle tried to keep his thoughts on his trip but his mind kept going back to the day that he was healed by Max Evans. . .Max Evans. . . the alien. The alien who healed Liz from a gunshot wound and then turned around and did the very same thing to him.

He could still see it in his head as he closed his eyes. He remembered untying the ropes from the chair that the new deputy named Fisher was bound to that day. He remembered handing the gun to him and then running to hide behind the curtains of the UFO Museum. The sound of gunshots echoed in his head and his body flinched. Next came the feeling of intense burning pain in his chest spreading outwardly to the rest of his body. He heard a voice scream "NO!" but it sounded so far away and then there was nothing.

He took in a ragged breath and opened his eyes still recalling what he saw when he had opened them sometime later. His father crying as he lay in his arms. He heard his own words sound in his mind "What the hell just happened to me?" then his father’s voice as he turned to look at someone, his eyes focused on that someone. It was Max Evans.

"I don't care who you are, or what you are. I'll be here for you. I need a moment alone with my son." And felt his father hug him.

Kyle’s body shuddered. The whole town was filled with them! God. Aliens! Max, Isabel, Michael, and even that new girl that had come to town, Tess. This was the reason why his grandfather was branded crazy and locked up. And now he found out that they were real, that they really did exist. Did he mention that he was really looking forward to leaving Roswell?

The phone rang startling Kyle, making him jump. "Jesus." He caught his breath and went to answer it. "Hello?"


"Hey dad. When are you coming home?" Kyle raked the palm of his hand through his hair mussing it up.

"That’s why I’m calling. I’m running a little late here at the station, so I was just calling you to let you know not to wait up for me." Said the voice on the other end.

"Sure, okay." He was used to his dad working late and he didn't think anything of him calling and letting him know that he would be running late either. They had been closer than ever since he had been saved. At least he had one thing to be grateful for the presence of the aliens.

"All right, good night son." Kyle heard the click of the connection being severed.
Shit. I forgot to ask him if he was going to take me to bus station tomorrow. Kyle thought to himself and shut the phone off and then turned it back on dialing the sheriff’s station. He heard it ring, once, twice, three times "Roswell Sheriff’s Station, Deputy Hanson. How may I help you?"

"Hey there, Hanson. It’s Kyle. How are you doing tonight?" There had been a time that he talked to Hanson more than he had talked to his father. In fact it had been a long time since he had talked to the deputy.

"Hey Kyle. I’m doing fine. What can I do for you?" Hanson sounded like his usual self.

"I just called to talk to my dad, can you put me through to his office?" Kyle saw something that he had forgotten to pack and was in the process of bending over to pick it up when Hanson answered.

"He’s not here. Today was his day off and he hasn’t been in all day." Kyle stood up and stared into nothingness.

"He just…" Kyle stopped.

"What’d you say?" Hanson asked not catching the whole sentence.

"You said he didn’t come in at all today?" Kyle questioned again hoping to confirm what he thought he heard.

"Yeah. Is there anything wrong?" His voice spoke sounding worried.

"Huh? No. I just forgot that’s all." Kyle stumbled trying to recover from his blunder.

"Are you sure, now? I could give him a call on the CB in the squad car and see if he’s out in the field."

"No. No, it’s okay. I just remembered he went to the store, uh, you know, well with all the packing and stuff and going off to camp tomorrow I just forgot…"

"Oh yeah! That’s right. Already packed and ready to go?" His voice became cheerful again, letting Kyle know he bought his excuse.

"Yup, all packed and ready to go. Well gotta go. Talk to you later." He hurried along trying to get off the phone.

"Sure. Break a leg."

"Uh Hanson. I’m going to football camp not theatre." Kyle informed the man.

"Oh. So what do they say when you go to football camp?"

"They say good luck and good-bye." Kyle stated flatly.

"Okay then, good luck and good-bye."

Kyle rolled his eyes and hung up the phone. He had often wondered how it was that
Deputy Hanson was allowed to carry a handgun.

It didn't take Kyle long to figure out where his father was. Ever since Michael had killed agent Pierce his father had been going by almost everyday to make sure that Michael had been doing alright. His father had told Kyle that he wouldn't wish knowing what it was like to kill on his worst enemy. It would take Michael a long time to get over the events of Pierce's death.

Was that where his dad was now? Over at Michael’s? Why did he lie to him? He already knew the truth about them. What could have made his father not tell him what he was really doing? Kyle didn’t like all the questions that were bombarding him and he wondered if he should go on over there and see if his suspicions were true. Kyle picked up his keys from the coffee table that sat in front of the couch. He gave them a quick toss in the air and then swiped them back into his hand, clutching them tightly. He reached for his denim jacket out of habit and threw it over his shoulder. He walked out the door, locked it and then headed to his car, his mind set on going to Michael’s apartment.


~ Michael’s place 11:15 pm ~

"Okay. Let’s go." Jim Valenti said as he hung up the phone. Michael was now in dark jeans and a black short sleeve V-neck T-shirt as he waited for Valenti to finish his short conversation with his son. Liz stood nearby with her black knapsack on her back.

"We’ll change the color of your clothes and the appearance of the squad car when we get further out in the desert, that way no one will recognize you or the vehicle." Liz ordered as she walked to the front door and Michael shut off all the lights. They made their way to the car peering about to see if anyone was around or watching. Valenti walked to the driver’s side as Liz and Michael sat in the back. Jim started the engine and pulled away from the curb onto the street heading northeast toward old Clovis Highway.

Maria was slowly rounding the bend toward Michael’s apartment complex when she noticed the sheriff’s car pulling out with two figures in the back seat. She surmised that they were probably Liz and Michael and decided that she would follow them but not too close. She had a feeling that if Michael and Liz knew she was tailing them they would make her go home and she just didn't want to do that.

Unknowingly to everyone else Kyle had made the turn onto the usually quiet street where Michael lived from a different direction and spied Maria’s Jetta driving away slowly. Kyle’s eyes drifted further up the road and saw his father’s squad car at the end of the long block making a right and turning onto the street near the small park. Kyle wondered where in the hell was this covert parade heading and decided he might as well be a part of it too. He kept his distance knowing that if his father knew he was following Maria who was in turn following him, he would be sent home and Kyle’s curiosity had peaked. He wondered if this latest adventure would turn out the same way as the night he went to that raunchy motel to rescue Liz.

The ride in the squad car was silent. All three individuals were lost in their own thoughts of what Liz had said and what they needed to do tonight. The sound of the engine and the thumping of the tires whenever it came upon an occasional bump on the road seem to emphasize the wordlessness. Liz looked out her side of the window and stared into the dark New Mexico sky as the stars twinkled. This night almost looked like the same as when she was running through the desert just the other night and she closed her eyes forcing herself to push it aside back into the dark cervices of her mind. Drawing in a shuddering breath, she opened her eyes and turned to look at Michael. His head was turned toward his side of the window and she wondered if she should even speak or just keep silent until they arrived at Pierce’s gravesite.

Jim pulled off the main road and took a small dirt path for about five minutes and then stopped. Everyone sat quietly for a moment. Liz opened her side of the door and got out. Michael and Jim followed suit. Liz placed her hands on the bar where the flashing lights were positioned as Michael did the same on the other side. A soft glow came from the palms of their hands and they detached it. Jim reached over and took the heavy piece from Liz and he and Michael walked along the car taking the bar that held the flashing lights and placed it in the trunk, shutting it.

The first word was finally spoken, "Michael you need to change the color of the car. I can’t do it. It’s too much for me." Liz said softly walking toward the back of the vehicle where they stood.

"I can’t. I don’t know how." Michael stated simply and harshly, angry with himself that he wasn’t able to control his powers.

Liz stood in front of him and took his hand. She looked up at Michael whose eyes were swimming with so many emotions one which was frustration. "Yes you can." Her voice came out soft. "I’ll help you."

"Put your other hand on the trunk of the car." With his free hand, Michael placed it on top of the vehicle. "Now look at me." Michael looked down and stared at Liz’s face, her soft mahogany eyes were kind. "Close your eyes…and take a deep breath…" Liz paused and watched Michael do the things she asked. "Now I want you to concentrate on Maria…."

Instantaneously Michael’s eyes flew open and he scowled at Liz.

"Don’t argue with me on this Michael. Just do as I say." Liz commanded. Michael shot Liz one last glare at her before closing them again and taking another deep breath.

"Imagine her turning around and she sees you, her face lights ups and her eyes sparkle. She smiles and you hear her laugh." Michael’s mind envisioned what Liz said and suddenly felt a surge of energy flow through him.

"Do you see her?"


"Now visualize the car and imagine the color darkening, as dark as a moonless night."

In Michael’s mind he saw the white color of the car change much in the way he saw Liz’s hair change. It began from the palm of his hand and spilled out, spreading across the sides, removing the blue stripes as it swept all the way to the front.

"Now imagine changing the license plate. Make it dark too so it will be hard to see and switch around the numbers."

Once again Michael saw the license plate in his head and he imagined it deepen in color. He saw letters and numbers of the plate shuffle like a deck of cards.

Liz then pulled Michael away from the car using the hand she still held and turned him toward the vehicle so that he could see it. "Look Michael." She pulled her hand away from his and outstretched it in front of her. "You did it."

Michael stared at a car that no longer resembled the sheriff’s. It looked exactly like what he had seen in his mind down to the very last detail.

Michael just let out an aggravated sigh "You did most of the work Liz. I felt the power, the control and a surge energy you gave me." Michael said pointing to the car. "I only visualized doing this in my mind."

"Michael I didn’t give you any power or energy." Liz said as she shook her head. "I don’t have any power or energy to give you what you need Michael. Everything you need, you already have and it’s inside you. Besides if I did give you any surge of energy I wouldn’t be conscious right now, let alone standing.”

"But you held my hand Liz. I felt it." Michael said pointedly.

"Yeah Michael, that’s all I did was hold your hand. Nothing more." Liz explained. "Everything else was you. When you concentrate on something that you love... someone who you care about…." She stared expressionless into the desert night as she continued. "…it grounds you, keeps you balanced and you’re able to focus better. That’s all it is…concentration and focus."


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Chapter Eight continued….


~ In the Jetta ~

Maria sat quietly in her car at the side of the road with her headlights off looking in the direction that the sheriff’s car detoured 15 minutes ago. Though she sat quietly her mind was racing.

It was a good thing she told her mother she wanted to talk to Liz over at Alex’s place that way if her mother called Alex, he could cover for her even though he knew nothing about her whereabouts. In just a short time, they all had learned to do the ‘round robin’ very convincingly.

She debated whether she should have followed them or just stay where she was. She lifted her hand to the ignition and held it there for a moment before dropping it down to her lap. She let out an exasperated sigh. Turning her head around for what seemed like the hundredth time to get a better look at where she was, all she could see was dirt and desert for miles.

After finally deciding she would follow the path that Valenti’s car went, she returned her hand back to the keys on the ignition when she saw a dark colored car emerge from the same place Valenti’s car had gone. It slowly turned onto the highway. It was the same shape as the sheriff’s car but it was a completely different color. She strained her eyes trying to see the license plate. "M5D28…M5D28…M5…Oh. My. God." Maria exclaimed fumbling to start the engine. She cautiously made her way back onto the road following them with her headlights still off wondering where they were going now.


~ 30 miles northeast off of old Clovis Highway ~

The car slowed to a stop to where the two men remembered all too well the last time they had been out here. Their eyes stared out to a spot in the desert some distance away. The air was thick with silence and the only sound that could be heard were the opening of car doors and the popping sound of the trunk lock being released. Liz shut her door and made her way to the rear of the car. She bent down and retrieved three shovels. The clanking noise rung out as metal banged against metal and she turned to give one to Jim who was still wearing his uniform but with Liz’s help and Michael’s powers were now black. Liz handed the other shovel to Michael and waited for them to lead her to where they needed to start excavating.

Michael’s legs began walking of their own volition to a place that looked no different from the rest of the desert. Light from the headlights of the squad car gave harsh brightness to the eerie darkness and his eyes fixated at a patch of dirt in front of him. Liz quietly stood beside him and followed his gaze.

"Is this it?" She turned her head up to look at Michael with questioning eyes.

"Yes." He didn't take his eyes off of the dark patch of dirt.

"It looks undisturbed." She turned her head around surveying the rest of the area. "Are you sure? It looks-"

"This is it." Jim interrupted as he stood next to Liz sandwiching her between him and Michael. She peered at Valenti seeing the same troubled expression on his face as was on Michael’s and once again there was silence.

Liz then took two steps forward and drove the blade of her shovel into the ground. She lifted her right leg and placed her foot on the flat edge of the metal, putting all her weight on it making it sink deeper into the earth. Moments passed and Jim was now beside her as he began to help her dig. It took 30 very long seconds for Michael to move. He walked to stand near the two individuals already tossing dirt off to their sides and yet another 30 for him to start digging.


Five minutes of intense digging, Liz stopped. She was out of breath and beads of sweat were forming on her forehead. She wiped the perspiration off her brow with her long dark sleeve. She dropped her shovel as she was about to rolled them up, she almost didn’t care if the men saw the scars on her arms. Without warning Liz’s head spun and she stared into the darkness. "What was that?"

The two men immediately quit digging and stood still, listening for what had caught their female friend’s attention.

Michael looked questioningly at Liz and then whispered. "What did you hear?" He then followed her gaze out into the dark. His eyes looked about at the several cacti and boulders scattered about that were large enough for someone who might hide. He questioned if he had overlooked not seeing someone follow them. But who?

A faint sound of rustling was heard again and Jim reached for the gun on his holster. Keeping his hand on the cold metal Jim deliberately made his way toward the sound.

Michael had heard the same sound and the hair on the back of his neck stood. He let the shovel fall to the ground from his hand and lifted it preparing to strike at their unknown foe.

Jim eyed Michael cocking his head to the side signaling him that he heard the sound from a boulder that was just a few feet from them. Silently they stalked toward either side of the rock encircling it.

Liz stood transfixed. Her eyes narrowed, her ears straining to listen for the slightest sound, her muscles ached from digging and intensity of the situation they were in. She stood watching the scene before her as lightning flashes of green flickered across her hands.

The sheriff took the gun out and with his left thumb cocked it, raising his forearm perpendicular to the side of his face. With his right hand he put up three fingers. Michael nodded in acknowledgment as they crept closer. One finger came down leaving only two, one….

In unison, the two men sprang to the back of the boulder, Jim held his gun with both hands out in front of him, "freeze, don’t move!"

Michael held his palm out ready to blast the thing that held the potential of harming him or his companions adrenalin pumping frantically through his body.

"Please don’t shoot me." Came the small panicked voice.

Michael blinked, he couldn't believe his eyes. There crouched behind the boulder was Maria. All balled up with the palms of her hands out protectively trying to shield her wincing face, her eyes tightly shut.

"Maria?!" shouted Michael.

At hearing Michael cry out Maria’s name, Liz burst out running the short distance to where he was standing to see if what he said was true.

Maria opened her eyes cautiously, "Uh…hi." she said meekly.

"Oh My God, Maria!" Liz’s feet were rooted to the ground staring at her best friend as she stood up and dusted off the dirt from her pants. "What are you doing here?"

Sheepishly Maria quickly eyed Liz then Michael, "following you."

"Ouch!" Came another voice from behind a large cactus. "damn!" came next.

Three heads turned in response to the whispered words that came from the other direction of them.

"Okay, Maria who’d you come with?" Michael’s shock quickly became anger. "Alex? Is that who's hiding?"

Maria’s frightened expression went unnoticed but not her voice. "I didn’t bring Alex." She croaked out, "I have no idea who’s over there."

Terror coursed through everyone when they realized there was a second stalker amongst them one that had not accompanied Maria. Liz spun and turned cautiously walking toward the great cactus the green flickering from her hands flashed faster and brighter like a strobe light. Jim followed her backing her up as Michael put Maria behind him using himself as a shield. She clung tightly to Michael’s back peering over his broad shoulders to see what would happen next.

"All right. We all know you’re here." Liz announced to the perpetrator hiding behind the desert plant.

"Come out slowly and with your hands up." The sheriff added authoritatively.

"All right, all right. Just don’t shoot." Kyle said. His hands were in the air when he appeared from the prickly shrub. "I don’t want to be shot again in less than a month."

"Kyle!" Everyone cried out in unison.



All rational thought left Liz and what stayed behind was pure unadulterated emotion. With only one surfacing to the top. Anger. "That’s it!" She shouted. "Okay, who the hell else is out here in the friggin desert where supposedly nobody knows that we’re here? Is Max here too?" She shot her question to Kyle who stood in shock as he watched her lose it in front of him. Liz turned toward Michael and Maria. "Maybe the FBI! The military too?! Why don’t I just shoot a flare into the air and shout at the top of my lungs ‘HEY GUYS WE’RE OVER HERE!! COME AND GET US!!’ "

Kyle, Jim, Michael and Maria watched Liz go ballistic. Their eyes followed her as she paced back and forth kicking dirt up with her feet. She stopped beside a small tumbleweed and suddenly it burst into flames.

"Holy cow" breathed Kyle still with his hands in the air.

Michael ran to the burning bush with Maria holding on to his coattails like a child. Michael waved his hand and the flames lowered and Jim kicked dirt at it with his boot.

"Did…did you just do that?" Kyle looked at the now smoldering ashes beside Liz.

Liz’s chest heaved with the heavy gasps she took. She twisted her body slightly to look down at what her anger had ignited. Her eyes glistened with tears when she raised her head to behold frighten and startle faces gaping at her. She looked at each one’s eyes quickly then down at the ground, "I’m….I’m sorry" she stammered.

After putting out the fire, Michael had turned Maria into his arms, holding her he became vividly aware that he could have hurt her or even worse killed her. He tried to will his heartbeat to slow but to no avail. He tightened his grip on Maria and breathed her scent in as he rested his cheek on her head and tried to think coherently. Maria buried her face in his chest and listened to the rapid pounding of his heart, feeling secure in his embrace.

Jim put his gun back in his holster and walked to his son. "Are you okay?" He asked placing his hand on Kyle’s arm giving him the once over to see if there were any physical injuries.

Kyle’s still continued to look at the burned, blacken ash that was once tumbleweed. He lower his left hand and pointed to Liz. "You…you did that…didn’t you?"

Not looking up from the ground, Liz nodded her head.

"Since when could you make things spontaneously combust?! Huh?" A mix of panic, fear and astonishment laced Kyle’s question.

"Long story son. We’ll tell you all about it, right after we take care of what we came out here for." Jim Valenti said to Kyle then turn his determined face to the others around him. "C’mon, let’s take care of this and get the hell out of here."

~ End of Chapter Eight ~

Do you ever wonder why you never see in the news "Psychic wins lottery"?

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~ Chapter Nine ~

“Death to the Gandarium and its queen”

After discovering Maria and Kyle, the group returned to the place where they had begun digging. Jim had given Liz’s shovel to Kyle, wanting him to take her place. Kyle still shaken from what he had seen earlier and looked confused. He was about to question their actions but his father had given him such a look that he said nothing and continued where the three had stopped.

Maria stood hugging Liz quietly with her head on her shoulder. It felt like the right thing to do. It didn’t bother either one of them that they were from different timelines. Their friendship was seamless. They both watched the hole become deeper by the minute. Maria had wanted to know what they were digging for but was afraid to ask, so she continued to be silent.

It had only taken another ten minutes when Kyle had hit something solid. “Hey I found something.” He bent down but before he could retrieve it, Jim had grabbed his arm and pulled him away.

Liz stepped forward in front of Kyle and with a voice void of emotion she spoke. “Kyle, you and Maria take the shovels back now and wait in the car.” Her eyes held Kyle’s and he felt a sense of dread come over him. Something about her was different. What had happened to her in Florida that had made her change so? Liz then turned to the sheriff. “Jim, why don’t you go and help them?”

Jim’s desolate repose made everything seem definite and without discussion, they quietly made their way to the sheriff’s car a short distance away.

Michael had stayed behind. Liz had not requested for him to leave and he fought the urge to turn and run. His eyes fixated on the white round curve that was now exposed and believed it was the skull of man he had killed. Michael’s stomach began to feel sick and he was sure that bile was rising up his throat but he just remained there.

Liz walked over to Michael and positioned herself in front of him obstructing his view from the horrid cadaver, and with the same tone said. “Michael, look at me.”

Michael complied. “I need you to give me all of your pent up emotions. What you’re feeling right now, everything you felt, bring it up and out and as soon as you feel you’re at the breaking point where you can no longer take it, grasp my hand and send it to me, do you understand?”

Michael frowned and for an instant Liz saw a flash of pain in his eyes and then it was gone. He nodded ever so slightly that Liz wasn’t sure so she repeated. “Do you understand?”

Michael then croaked out a hoarse “yes.”

Liz stood patiently next to Michael and then began to see tremors in his body. His eyelids closed tightly and tears began to spring forth. Slowly the tremors became full onslaught shaking and she wondered how much more of it he would take before grabbing her hand. She steadied herself for the bombardment of emotions she was about to endure. Emotions she felt she knew all too well.

Suddenly Michael reached for her arm and Liz jerked violently. Her face contorted in pain. Hatred, anger, disgust, worthlessness, self-loathing, shame, fear, helplessness, loneliness came barreling down on her.

Then flashes of what Michael had endured as a child came whipping past her. Nightmares of what he experienced when he slept slapped across her like a hand across her face as the dead Pierce came back to haunt him, taunting him. Visions of Michael transforming into an alien monster with long slimy tentacles reaching for Maria’s throat swept past her and determination to keep the ones he loved protected swam through her veins like fire and finally the acceptance of being alone and never feeling complete happiness again.

Liz said nothing as tears streamed down her face, flinching as each new image slammed into her. And then suddenly they were thrown apart like two opposite magnets as a bright burst of light flashed between them, sending them back falling to the ground on their backs hard.

Liz’s head was spinning. She was adamant on getting to Pierce’s remains. Painfully she rolled on her stomach and began to crawl toward the hole that was made, dragging her legs behind her as dirt flew about. All the desperate emotions were pulling her fast into depression as she struggled to make her way to the bones.

As she reached for the vile remnants that had caused such pain to Max and Michael she let out a small, strangled cry. Before even touching it, it began to glow red with heat and when contact was made it became brilliant white as she sent every repulsive feeling through it. The skeleton crumbled but she still held on as her hand sunk into the dirt. And then it was over. Exhausted she let out a shuddering breath and opened her eyes. She lifted her clenched hand from where it had sunk, holding it in front of her so that she could see as she opened her hand watching as fine dust sifted through her fingers. She strained as she sat up on her knees and with her arms and hands began scooping up the dirt and lifting it up in a makeshift shovel making sure there was nothing left behind. More fine dust began to float about in the summer breeze as she muttered “ashes to ashes…dust to dust.”

Michael lay on the ground unable to move. He was sure every muscle in his body hurt, even his tongue. How in the heck did his tongue ache? If his hair had nerves they too would be in pain right now. It felt like he had ran a 26-mile marathon but strangely he felt lighter. Was that possible? Not physically lighter but emotionally lighter. He still had those feelings but they weren’t as intense as they had been since that fateful day like he had somehow been purged from them. Michael lifted his head up to see if he could see where Liz went. He had opened his eyes just at the moment when he had seen Liz thrown from him. He strained his eyes only to see what seemed like dust rise into the air like mist and the soft muttering of Liz’s voice.

Painstakingly he tried to rise to his feet. He attempted to walk taking two wobbling steps before stumbling to his knees. He looked up focusing his blurry eyes on Liz, his head bobbled slightly. Again he tried to stand on his weakened legs just to only get two more steps before falling.

“Liz” His voice cracked, his mouth and throat felt like the desert he was crawling on and he tried to swallow.

Liz turned her weary head toward Michael. “Are you all right?” she questioned softly.

“Yeah.” He looked at her trying to assess if she was harmed in anyway. “How about you?”

Liz was covered in dust and dirt, “Yeah. I guess ‘cause my heart is still beating.” She painfully made her way closer to Michael, “I feel like road kill, but this seems to be a daily occurrence for me now.” She chuckled slightly before wincing in pain. Liz stared at the object in her hand rubbing it with her thumbs. She turned and lifted her head back up. “Hey Michael?”

“Yeah?” looking back up at Liz.


With one hand Michael caught the object that was thrown at him. He laid his palm flat to stare at his pocketknife that he had lost. He had wondered where it had gone.

Michael tentatively came closer looking at her. “Liz-” He battled with what he wanted to say. There was just so much to say…so many things he was feeling. But there was one overpowering emotion, gratitude, “thanks.”

Liz looked at him with eyes of compassion and understanding, “you’re welcome.” Haggardly she rose up coated in filth. She reached out to give her hand to Michael and he turned his head up to look at it and her. He let out a small snort of a laugh thinking how was this little bit of a woman going to help him stand up but he took it.

She leaned back and he staggered up clumsily to his feet. Liz then wrapped her arm around Michael’s waist for support, “Hey I think I’m going to need you to help me to the car.” Liz said looking up into Michael’s face.

He returned his gaze to her; Michael took his arm and then wrapped it around her waist as their arms overlapped. “I think we are going to need each other’s help at getting to the car. Okay?”

A small tired smile crossed her lips. “Okay.”

As they walked toward the car leaning on each other Liz mentally recorded that the discovery of Pierce’s remains were finally taken care of. One down, three to go.


~ In Kyle’s car ~

“So tell me again where we’re going?” Kyle asked looking out at the front windshield as he drove.

“Pohlman Ranch.” Liz repeated.

“And why are we going there?” Kyle questions were starting to sound like a two-year-old.

“To kill the Gandarium queen.”

“Oh.” Silence. “What’s a Gandarium again?”

“The Gandarium are a genetically engineered life form, designed to bridge the DNA and RNA sequencing during third-stage amino synthesis.

“Oh.” Again silence. “So what does that mean in English?”

Liz took in a deep breath. “Alright. Uh, let’s say you want to create an alien-human hybrid. First, you get some alien cells, and then you get some human cells. Normally they don’t mix very well. You need something to help bridge the differences. That’s where the Gandarium come in.” Liz paused a second as she recited what Larek had told her, Max, Isabel and Tess at the CrashDown so many years ago. “In a controlled environment like a spaceship, they’re harmless, but released into an eco-system, the Gandarium will perform the only role they know: infect human cells.”

“Oh.” Kyle continued to drive with his eyes on the road ahead of him. His face scrunched in concentration. “Sorta like what they did in Jurassic Park except they did it with frogs right?”

Liz thought for a moment trying to remember the old movie, “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.”

Kyle continued with his thought, “Well in the movie, they had this special spray that was released and it would kill the dinosaurs. Do we have any stuff like that, that is equivalent to alien bug spray?”


A questioning look spread across his face as his eyes darted quickly to look out his rearview mirror and then back on the road. “Then how are we gonna kill it?”

“Simple.” Liz said still staring intently at the dark road that was being lighted by Kyle’s headlights. “We find the water table, lure the queen out with Michael who’s gonna run like hell out into the open and I’m gonna set the bitch on fire.”

Kyle gave Liz a quick side-glance and then returned his gaze back to the front. “A little too ‘Sigoureny Weaver’ don’t you think?”

Liz took in a deep breath before answering. “As long as it gets the job done. That’s what counts isn’t it?”

“I suppose.”

Liz hesitantly turned to look at Kyle. “Do you have a better plan?”

Kyle let out a sigh, “Well, my plan was to use the can of alien bug spray but since you say we don’t have any then I guess we go with what you said.”


~ In the Jetta ~

“So how did you know to follow us when we changed the color of the car?” Michael’s curiosity could no longer be contained as he sat in the passenger seat of the Jetta.

Maria followed Kyle’s car. She drove keeping her eyes glued to the two silhouette forms in front of her. “The license plate.” She said almost distractedly.

Michael was confused. He didn’t understand how the license plate would have given them away. He had mixed them up; so how was it that she was able to know it was them? “I changed the numbers and letters on the license plate Maria. You couldn’t have known it was the same car.”

“Well then next time, when you mix up the letters and numbers, make sure their not my initials and my birth date alright?” She said calmly. “That way it won’t be that obvious to me.”

Michael couldn’t believe it. Did he really change the license plate to Maria’s initials and birth date? He frowned and then twisted in his seat to look out the back window. He focused on the sheriff’s car that followed behind. Sure enough there it was. M5D28…sonof- He did do that didn’t he? He hadn’t realized that when Liz had told him to think of Maria that it would project it onto the car he was working on changing. M and D her initials, of course, and 5/28 the month and day she was born. He rotated his body back to face the front again. He sat there stunned, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable about how his thoughts of Maria were displayed.


continued on next page

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Chapter Nine continued...


~ Back in Kyle’s car ~

The uncomfortable silence between Kyle and Liz was sickening. She felt miserable as she sat alone with Kyle. She tried to force herself to stop thinking about it. She closed her eyes willing the dreadful memory away. This was Kyle. Stop it Liz! Breathe. It’s Kyle, remember? Yes! I remember! I remember exactly what happened the last time I saw him! NO! Concentrate. You’re strong. You can do this. You have to do this. Focus! Liz waged a war within herself as she sat beside him quietly.

Kyle couldn’t fathom the battle Liz was having as he continued down the road. He was having his own. What he had seen Liz do had shaken him. As far as he knew Liz could never do what she did. Of course, this probably is alien related. Which only made him even more scared. If Liz was doing that alien magic stuff it probably had to do with Max and since Max healed him, would that mean that he would be next? Wonder what I’ll be able to do? He thought.

Just then the worn out sign with the words ‘Pohlman Ranch’ branded on it came in view. “Here Kyle, we’re here.” Liz said grateful to have something else to think about now.

Kyle eyes were drawn to the fluorescent light in the distance. “Hey look. What’s going on out there?”

She followed his gaze, “With luck, just the person we’re looking for.” Liz searched her surroundings and said. “Kyle, find a place to park where your car can’t be easily seen.”


Liz, Jim who was now sporting his original sheriff’s uniform again, Kyle, Michael and Maria strolled casually toward a figure doing research on the ground. The figure had heard noise and turned his attention to it. He stood up watching as four shapes came into view.

“Evening,” said Jim Valenti..

“Evening sheriff,” said the man.

“Hi,” Liz said plastering a fake smile across her face.

“What brings you out here this evening?”

“Well a little bit of personal business and work, you might say.” Said the older handsome man. “Got a call from a girl’s aunt that she was out past her curfew.” Jim pointed to Liz and Maria respectively. “This here is my son, Kyle.”

Kyle walked up and shook the man’s hand. “Nice to meet you sir.”

The man returned his handshake. “Likewise, Grant Sorenson.”

Jim continued, “Anyway my son is a friend of Maria, the girl we came looking for. She and Michael…” He pointed to the annoyed youth that gave a disgruntled wave. “Hey.”

“…He’s Maria’s boyfriend. They had mentioned they wanted to go stargazing up here so when they didn’t show up. We came up to find them.”

“I’m Maria’s aunt, Liz. I insisted on coming up with them. I’m responsible for her and all. I didn’t want my sister to get angry with me since I promised to watch her tonight.” She said as she reached out and shook Mr. Sorenson’s hand.

“Well we found the kids. They had gotten a flat tire and were fixing it when we arrived and then we saw your lights and were curious.” Said the sheriff.

Grant laughed. “Roswell is sure a small quiet town to have the sheriff looking out for some late teenagers on a summer evening.”

Laughing, “Well we like to keep tabs on our youths. Just want to make sure they don’t get into any trouble that’s all.” Said Jim. “You’re out in a pretty isolated place to be digging around. What were you doing up here? And at this time of night?”

“Geological survey.”

“Geology huh? Fascinating.” Said Liz coyly. “But why so late?”

“Heat.” Said Grant. “It’s been just too hot these past couple of days. So I’ve been doing my tests when the sun goes down. It’s cooler.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. “So what type of tests are you conducting?” Liz asked again, sounding interested.

“Actually radioactivity but I’ve come across some unusual crystals that I was about to examine when you showed up.”

Kyle had walked up closer to take a look. “Are those the crystals you found?”


“Cool” Kyle eyed the cluster of bluish colored objects then looked at the geologist. “So what’d you suppose crystals like these are going for on e-Bay?”

As Kyle had Sorenson’s attention Liz gave Jim an expected look and mouthed ‘Bingo.’

“Hey! Look, somethings happening with those crystals of yours.” Kyle pointed, as one of the crystals seemed to blossom.

“Alright everybody it’s show time!” Liz shouted out sardonically.

“Sorry dude” Kyle said as he cocked his head slightly and then slammed his fist into Sorenson’s face having him fall down unconscious. Kyle shook his hand in pain and hissed. “Damn, I’ve always wanted to do that but crap does it hurt!”

The crystals fell to the ground and a shape began to emerge from the clusters.

“Sweet Jesus, what is that?” Kyle exclaimed, as his eyes grew wide.

“Gandarium queen, Kyle!” Liz yelled. “Gandarium queen!”

“That’s the Gandarium?!” He hollered back pointing to it as he backed further away.

Suddenly the queen was fully emerged displaying all of her translucent glory while she hovered in the air.

Kyle and Jim had backed away slowly as Jim put himself in front to protect his son. His gun raised and pointed at the queen ready to shoot if it made any attempt to attack. “Will it die if I shoot it?” Valenti asked never taking his eyes off it.

Liz said nothing, as she stood frozen in place. She stared at the parasite with a fixed gaze. The Gandarium queen began to float toward the unconscious Grant Sorenson on the ground and Liz took two steps toward it making the creature halt its action. With lightening speed it came bolting towards her and Valenti fired two bullets at it. It bounded backwards as incandescence liquid poured from its body. It swayed slightly then suddenly came charging toward Jim.

Maria cried out from behind Michael. “Okay, whatever you’re gonna do, do it quick! That alien jellyfish looks pissed!”

“Alright! Everybody run as fast as you can to the car! NOW! NOW!” Michael shouted.

Everyone scrambled for the car except Liz. The queen was gaining on the three humans and an alien that were frantically racing for the car when Maria slipped and fell.

“Maria!” Michael screamed as he turned around to collect his damsel in distress. Jim and Kyle then too stopped their dash and turned back to help Michael with Maria. The queen was gaining speed with every second as the men bent down to help her. They all looked up to see the queen barreling toward them.

Liz could see they were never going to make it to the car and she broke out running as fast as her legs could carry her.

Michael jumped to his feet and once again made himself the shield between the threat that came at him and the three people he chose to protect. He heightened himself like the warrior he was and raised up his arm waiting to blast it at just the right moment or die trying.

“NNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” Liz shrieked willing herself to run faster.

* Flashback *

Sobbing, “Damn you Kyle!! You can’t leave me!!! ” Liz shook his shoulders violently.

Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth and his eyes were sad and apologetic. A single tear rolled down his cheek. “I’m sorry Lizzie…”

“Not you too!! There’s no one left Kyle…no one…but…me…and…you.” Panic and hysteria laced her words.

He coughed and more dark red liquid spilled from his lips when he whispered. “Please forgive me?”

No!” Shouting at him. “Please Kyle…don’t…please…you can’t leave me.”

“Liz?” Kyle’s voice shook slightly. “I can’t see you.”

“Yes, Kyle I’m here. I’m not going to leave you. You’re all I have left….”

* End of Flashback *

Abruptly, the Gandarium queen ceased it motion, it quaked, pulsated and then exploded into a pulpy mess, splattering in every direction.

“Eeewwww. Yuck!” Maria said flicking pieces of squishy flesh off her blouse. “I sure hope this stuff washes off.”

“Gross man!” Kyle chimed in. “Forget about washing. I’m burning my clothes!”

Michael stood silent as he surveyed the mess on his body with an irritated look on his face. Maria sprang to her feet, hugging him. She planted a gentle kiss on his right cheek. “Brave…” then his left cheek, “…handsome…” and then his lips. “…hero.”

Michael flinched in embarrassment when Maria withdrew her lips away from his. “Slimed and dungy hero. I’m with Kyle. I say we burn these rags!”

“Whatever you say, spaceboy.” Smiled Maria.

“Liz-” Kyle breathed when he saw her slumped on her knees. He went to her. “Hey Liz…” His voice was soft when he spoke and his eyes looked at her with tenderness and concern. “Are you okay?”

The small group huddled around Liz watching and waiting for her to answer. “Sure…. I’m fine.” Kyle gave her a look like he wasn’t convinced but said nothing. “So what are we going to do with the geologist?” Kyle leaned his head in the direction where Grant Sorenson still lay.

“I say we leave him there.” Said Michael.

“And what happens when he wakes up?” Maria asked.

“Why don’t we tell him that he was abducted by aliens or something?” Kyle smirked. “It wouldn’t be that far off.”

“Jim, I think we should take him to the hospital.” Liz sympathically suggested.

The sheriff got on his feet and walked over to the sprawled man some distance away. He bent down and lightly smacked his face. “Mr. Sorenson, are you okay?” A slight sly smile flickered over Jim’s face as he studied the swelling and what would soon be a huge bruise on Grant’s once handsome face from the punch his son inflicted. That’s my boy! Just as Sorenson began stirring.

“What happened?….”

“You hit your face on one of your floodlights when you weren’t watching where you were going then you fell and hit your head.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. Here let me help you.” Jim stretched out his hand in front of him and Grant grabbed it using it as leverage to stand. “I think we better check you into an E.R. at our local hospital just to make sure you’re okay.” Jim placed his arm around him to support him as they slowly walked toward the car.

“Kyle, let me have swig of your little drink you carry with you” Liz said as the sheriff was over helping Grant.

“What?” Kyle acted shocked at Liz’s remark. “I have no idea what you’re talking about?”

“Oh give it up.” Liz said as she reached for the flask Kyle always kept inside his coat pocket. “I need a drink okay.” She twisted the top off and brought it to her lips then tipping it upward to swallow. As the harsh liquid washed down her throat burning, she wrenched her face in displeasure. “bbleehhh”

“Whoa since when does lil’ miss Parker drink?” Kyle asked raising one eyebrow up in curiosity.

Maria stood up, giggled and wrapped her arm around Michael’s waist. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Even Michael gave out a small snort as he watched Kyle help Liz to her feet. Liz enfolded her arm around Kyle’s shoulder while Kyle wrapped his arm around her waist. And they turned to walk slowly back to the car.

Michael and Maria still with their arms around each other’s waist, walked slightly up front with Kyle and Liz in the middle. Jim continued supporting Grant bringing up the rear of the small band of kinsman as they headed back to their vehicles.

There was quietness as the group made their way in the desert night. Then a singing voice broke the stillness. “February made me shiver…With ever paper I'd deliver…” Kyle’s words floated into Liz’s ears and she smiled.

Jim heard Kyle’s song and he continued. “...Bad news on the doorstep…I couldn't take one more step…”

Liz then chimed in; “…I can’t remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride….”

Maria’s melodious voice added. “But something touched me deep inside the day the music died...”

In unison, Kyle, Liz, Jim, Maria and, yes even Michael, sang out loud. “So bye, bye Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry! Them good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye. Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die… Yes, this will be the day that I die...”

Grant stared at the singing choir as they made their trek with puzzlement etched on his face. And for the second time that night Liz mentally thought. Two down, two to go.

~ End of Chapter Nine ~

Chapter Ten “Wussie!”

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Are they going to tell Kyle the truth? And what about Max? And Tess
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Opps!! A warning or caution. What my characters do in this chapter I do not condone. It is dangerous. But since I’m writing, no harm will come to them. But you know the drill. No drinking and driving.

Disclaimer & Summary: Page one.

~ Chapter Ten ~


The dark sedan slowed to the familiar scenery out in the New Mexico Desert. The summer night was cool as Liz looked about seeing the jagged shaped rocks nearby.
Jim opened his door and got out of the car. He shut the driver’s side door with the push of his hand then went to the back seat window, leaned in and retrieved two items. The gravel crunched underneath the weight of his boots as he made his way to the front of the car. He turned and looked at Liz who sat in the passenger side just staring.

“Are you coming?” His friendly eyes asking and his lips curved into a smile. Under his arm was a brown paper bag and small transistor radio.

Liz took in a deep breath, “Why did you bring me here?” she asked.

“You promised to tell me the whole story remember?” Jim’s kindly face looked at the woman in the car.

Liz opened the door and slowly got out. She shut her door and mimicked Jim by going to the back seat window of her side of the car and removed her black backpack, slinging it over her shoulder. Jim turned and made his way up to one of the rocks and began to climb up a little. He found a spot near a ledge, sat, and placed the bag and radio down waiting for Liz to join him. Liz quietly followed and soon was sitting beside him. She removed the strap from her shoulder and placed her bag up against the rock behind her.

“So what did you buy at that liquor store when you changed into your civilian clothes, huh?” Liz eyed the upright sack between her and Jim.

Valenti pulled out a bottle of Tequila in one hand and with the other reached in and brought out a lemon. “Tequila and a lemon, they didn’t have lime so I got the next best thing.” He smiled.

“What makes you think I drink?” Liz arched an eyebrow questioningly.

“You keep forgetting that I’m the sheriff here. There’s a lot more I see then you realize.”

Liz said nothing. She brought her knees up to her chest and encircled her arms around them, inhaling the fresh night air.

“So it’s a good thing you altered Grant’s little injury so that it didn’t quite look like someone punched his lights out.” Jim’s voice broke the silence. “We don’t need anyone becoming suspicious on how Mr. Sorenson really got his shiner.”

Liz continued to say nothing but nodded her head. She lifted her eyes up into the dark sky to gaze at the thousand of twinkling lights above, more than she could count.

“You care to tell me on what really killed that alien parasite?”

Still staring up into the sky. “I think it was a combination of you shooting, Michael blasting and me doing what I did to that tumbleweed earlier…” Her voice was soft and she paused for a moment then continued. “…it just goes to show what ‘team work’ can do…” Liz finally turned her head from looking at the sky to look at her companion beside her. “…I just have to remember that’s why I came to you…to Maria…to everyone this morning. I can’t do this alone. I vaguely remember telling Max years ago that his problem was that he always put everything on himself, on his own shoulders and that he should have some faith in the people around him. So as much as I want to protect them from the future so that they don’t make the same mistakes twice, I have to include them in my plans.”

Jim handed the small radio to Liz. She unraveled her arms from her legs and took it as he twisted the top off the bottle. Liz fiddled with the knobs of the radio trying to find a station with some music she would like to hear that matched her mood.

Jim picked up the lemon, “Can you slice the lemon with your powers?” He asked.

“I could try but I think I would only make it explode.” Liz eyed the tart fruit. Her voice was flat, almost tired sounding.

“Well no more exploding for tonight. I have a one explosion per night policy.” He reached into his back pocket and took out a Swiss Army Knife. “We’ll just do it the ‘human’ way this time.” He grinned charmingly as he flashed his pearly whites. Liz smiled back enjoying the light banter between them.

While Jim pulled on several of the metal utensils, he continued to speak. “So I think Kyle took it rather well don’t you think?” Finding the one he was searching for, he flattened the bag down, put the lemon on top and began to slice it into neat small wedges.

“What? You mean about not being able to leave Roswell to go to football camp or that he almost died again? Twice as a matter of fact.” After finding a tune she halfway liked, she placed the radio down next to her. “Only after I promised on telling him everything when we get back to your place, just like I promised the rest of the gang, did he finally stop his protesting and went home. Not happy but at least he went home.”

“Don’t worry Liz. He’ll be fine.” Jim reassured.

Jim handed the bottle to Liz in one hand and a slice of lemon with the other. “Have you ever had Tequila?”


“Do you drink?”

“Not until recently.” Liz said staring at the ornamental shaped bottle.

“Well then just take a swallow and then suck on the lemon.” Jim informed.

Liz followed Jim directions, letting the distasteful elixir flow down her throat then bit down on the lemon. Her lips puckered at the sourness of it. All the while making contorted expressions. “bblaahhh.”

Jim chuckled before taking the bottle from her and took a swig himself.

“My Maria from my timeline said that before Michael killed the queen, it killed Grant. It exploded out of his chest like some cheesy version of a monster on a sci-fi movie, something similar to that old movie called ‘Aliens’ no less.”

Jim laughed. “See it just goes to show that movies do really imitate real life.”

“Whatever.” Softly in the background, Liz heard the words of a song waft through the air. ‘You know I wish that I had Jesse’s girl…Where can I find a woman like that?’

Liz thought that before she began telling the events of what happened in her future, on how her life pretty much went down the tubes, she would take another swallow of ‘courage’ from the bottle and she did. She sucked her slice of lemon, let out a long shuddering breath and allowed the alcohol to take effect. “Well…it started ten days ago…in my timeline…”

~ Evans’ Residence ~

Max was lying on his bed in his shorts thinking about the days’ events. Maria had given him nothing today, no clues, no news. It was just too busy at the CrashDown today. Frustration didn’t come close to what he felt. He wanted answers and he wasn’t getting any. He sighed. He wondered if this is how Michael felt every time he shot down his ideas. His hands rested behind his head as he stared at the ceiling. His mind then went to his talk with Tess. He wasn’t sure if she took it well or not. According to Isabel, he was horrible at gauging emotions especially emotions of the opposite sex. Maybe he should have said more. Maybe he should have written it all down before he spoke to her. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Why worry about the past Max? You can’t change it. Do what you can in the present and hope it will be the future you want. He would ask Isabel’s opinion about it when he saw her. And as if on cue, Max heard a knocking at his door and before he could answer Isabel was walking in.

Isabel eyed him lying in bed staring at the ceiling again. The music of the Counting Crows was on in the background and she knew immediately what was on Max’s mind. She walked over and sat at the edge of the bed and turned to look at him.

She was sure that what happened at Michael’s this morning was what had him this way. She didn’t pretend to know what her brother and Liz had. Their connection to each other was something she couldn’t comprehend. Max always knew when Liz was around and she knew it was the same for Liz. Isabel would only watch in fascination when it would happen but that was only one of the emotions she felt. Another one was jealously, much to her chagrin. That fact that she, his own sister, didn’t have that ability to know where he or Michael was made her feel left out. Max was her brother first before he was Liz’s boyfriend and besides she was human. If anything shouldn’t she, Michael and Max have that ability? Isabel fought that feeling wanting very much to relinquish it. She knew Max and Liz were soul mates. She could see in the way they looked at each other. Heck, a blind man could see it. She just didn’t want to lose her brother. I shouldn’t think like that! I haven’t lost a brother I’ve gained a friend. The other emotion she had was being scared. Scared that she would never have what Max and Liz had. Scared she was doomed to be alone and unloved but then again what if she did find that kind of closeness? That also frightened her. “Hey. How are you doing?”

Max let out another sigh, stopped his staring at the ceiling and sat up on the bed. “I’m okay.”

“Liar. You’re so lousy at it, I wonder why mom and dad haven’t been more suspicious. C’mon, tell me what’s on your mind?” Isabel could see right through him. He was trying to be strong like her front as Ice Princess. It was just a defense mechanism like Michael’s stonewalling.

Max sat crossed legged and looked at Isabel. The soft light reflected the gold in his melancholy eyes. “I talked to Tess today.”

Isabel stared at her brother’s face intently. “What did you talk about?” Curiosity began to build inside her.

“I told her that whatever we had before…that I just didn’t have those feelings for her and that I just wanted to be friends. That I still care about Liz…” He went back to looking down as he picked at a loose thread on his bedspread. “I told her that I was going to try to win Liz back when she returns from Florida…” His voice trailed off.

“So you gave the ‘can we just be friends’ speech.” Isabel sighed heavily. “Nobody likes to hear those dreaded words Max. It’s like a slap in the face. How did she react?” Isabel’s curiosity mounted higher.

“I think she took it well. I’m still alive and I don’t think she mind-warped me.” Max let out a small chuckle trying to ease the strain in the room.

“What did she say exactly?”

“She said she didn’t want to lose my friendship…our friendship. She said that maybe what I said was a good idea and that maybe starting out with a clean slate was for the best.” Max paused for a moment before continuing. “I told her that she would always have our friendship, mine, yours and Michael’s.” And then he waited for her reaction.

Isabel sat silent for a moment before she responded. “I don’t know Max. I don’t think I would have taken it that well. She’s made it no secret that she wants to be more than just friends. And now that we’ve found out that she was your bride…”

Max interrupted. “That doesn’t matter, Iz. Do you still have those feeling for Michael?”

“God No. He’s like a brother to me. You know that.”

“Well it’s the same way for me. I don’t have those feeling for Tess either.”

“All I’m saying Max is…just be careful. Love is a very strong emotion. I don’t have to tell you that. How would you feel if Liz told you all she wanted was to be just friends?”

Max winced at the words Isabel said as if being stung by something painful.

“I just don’t want see you hurt that’s all.” Isabel confessed.

“Speaking of love…” Max wanted to change the attention from him to his sister. “How was breakfast with Alex?” He shot her a sly boyish grin.

“It was nice.” Isabel let her mind go back to when she was with Alex today. She turned to look at the closed bedroom door. “He took me to the movies and we saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. He insisted on buying me popcorn and a soda. He even brought a small bottle of Tabasco sauce with him and then he made funny special effect noises during the show and almost got us thrown out. Then later we had pizza.” Isabel unconsciously smiled.

“And?” Max prodded.

“And what? I had a good time. What else do you want?” Isabel asked knowing where Max was leading.

“That’s all? You just had a good time?” Max continued to grin. “I mean, is there anything else that I should know about?”

Isabel stood up. “No.” She paced a little. “Just because I went to the movies with Alex doesn’t mean I love him.”

“I didn’t say that.” Max’s eyes followed his sister as she paced, his grin broadening.

“I mean, he’s really sweet. He makes me laugh and I feel like I don’t have to pretend who I really am when I am around him…” Isabel stopped her pacing and gave a stern look at her brother. “Max, you better wipe that grin off your face before I take it off myself.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Max said trying with great difficulty to erase the smug smile off his face. “I like Alex, Iz. He’s Liz and Maria’s friend and he’s proven to us that we can trust him.”

“Max, even if I was interested in Alex, and I’m not. Just because you’re my brother and some king from a distant planet doesn’t give you the right to tell me whom I can or cannot date. I don’t need your seal of approval. I’m the one who decides whether or not if I want to see more of Alex.”

“You’re right Iz.” Max brought his hands up in a sign of surrender and gave his sister a compassionate look. He paused letting the silence come between them for a moment or two then he went in for the kill. “Izzie? Is Liz back? Was she at Michael’s this morning?”

Isabel stood there frozen. He had turned the tables on her and had gotten her all flustered about Alex and while her guard was down he threw her a sucker punch. She knew he was trying to make a point with her and Alex and him and Liz but she should have been more prepared. She knew he was going to ask her about this, about what happened this morning. Isabel wanted to tell him but she had promised Liz that she wouldn’t. It saddened and pained her. The added weight of yet another secret was beginning to take its toll on her. Not being able to tell Max what she knew was eating at her. He was always the one she would confide in; talk to, lean on and she wondered how long she would be able to keep this secret from him.

Max watched as a myriad of emotions washed over her face. By now he was sure she knew something but why wasn’t she telling him? They had always confided in each other so why was she holding back now? “If she’s here Iz why won’t you just tell me?” The look on his face and the tone in his voice broke Isabel’s heart.

“Max…” Isabel began, her voice low, “your Liz is still in Florida.”

There was no denying that the look on Max’s face was confusion. “What’s that suppose to mean?”

Isabel mustered up her strength as she continued. “Just what I said. Liz is still in Florida.” She blinked. Her eyes glistened with unshed tears threatening to spill through her long blonde lashes.

“I don’t understand? What do you mean my Liz is still in Florida? What does that mean Isabel?”

Isabel thought for a moment. Her eyes shifted back and forth, her mind racing on what he just told her. Did she really say his Liz? She thought frantically on what to say next. Deciding she had said enough, she just shook her head slowly.

“Did something happen to her? Is she all right? If something happened to her Isabel, you have to tell me!” Max’s voice was almost panicked with all the thoughts going through his mind.

Isabel saw Max’s state and spoke in hopes that he would take her reassurances. “I’m sure she’s fine Max. Nothing bad has happened to her. You know Maria would be the first to tell you…us if anything was wrong, right?”

Max’s fear lessened slightly. He knew what Isabel said was true. If there was anything at all that concerned Liz and she was in trouble Maria would have come busting through the doors to tell him. He stared at his door for a moment wondering if it was going to happen any second. “Yeah, you’re right.” Max willed his erratic heart to slow some. “You know what, I can’t sleep. I think I’ll take a drive and see if I can clear my head.” Max got up and went to his closet.

Isabel watched him put his jeans over his shorts and pull a grey shirt over his head. She rubbed the back of her hand over her eyes to stop the tears from falling as she watched Max put on his socks and shoes. Max reached for his keys on his desk when Isabel finally was able speak again. “Be careful.”

~ New Mexico Desert on the ledge of a rock near the pod chamber ~

“And that’s when I arrived at Maria’s…” Liz finished almost robotically. Fresh tears tracked her face while unshed ones were threatening to fall. The look on her face was vacant and dazed as she turned to stare at the now empty bottle in her hand.

Jim sat silent staring out into the desert night. His blue eyes moist with tears of his own. He wanted to say something to ease her pain. But what? What could he possibly say to her? Nothing. There was nothing he could say that would make her feel better. Nothing he could say that would change her memories of what she went through. All he could do was sit beside her and just let her know he was here. That she was no longer alone and that there was still time to change the future.

Liz shook Jim from his silent vigilance; “You ever wonder why everyone in Roswell seems to have only one child? Her speech slurred slightly. “ I mean does it have something to do with the blasting they did out here in the desert and the radioactivity or did people just decide, HEY! Let’s just have only one kid!” Liz’s arms waved about in front of her when she spoke.

Jim’s mind was a tad inebriated too from his drinking fest with Liz so he thought nothing of the subject change. “There’s Max and Isabel.” He said drunkenly.

“They don’t count. They’re friggin’ aliens remember?”

“Oh yeah.” Jim pondered thoughtfully.


“Well I think I would have had more kids if my wife hadn’t left me.” Jim stuttered slightly with a hint of regret in his voice. “I would have liked to have had a daughter.” Jim turned to look at Liz. “I would have loved to have had a daughter just like you, Liz.” Jim swung his arm around Liz’s waist and brought her into a hug.

“Awww, you sound like a country song.” Liz said as she laid her head on his shoulder. Another tune caught Liz’s ears and she began to sing and not very well. Thankfully Jim was a little hammered to care. “Red, red wine….Stay close mmmmeeeee…don’t let me be in love……I was wrong, now you’re goooonnnneee…just one thing helps me forrrrrrgeeeettttt…Red, red wine!”

“Hey! We’re not drinking red wine!” Jim said as he took the empty bottle from Liz to look at the label. “We’re drinking Tequila.” Jim shoved the bottle in front of Liz so she could see.

“That’s because I don’t know the words to Tequila.” Liz said. Her vision went in and out of focus as she looked at the bottle then at Jim.

“I think there’s only one word in that song.” Jim said as he thought.

“And what word would that be?” Liz questioned.

“Tequila” Jim answered.

“Oh.” Liz blinked. The song ended and a new one began. Both Jim and Liz began to smile when they heard the laughter from the radio followed by “WIPE OUT!” The drums beat and the electric guitar strummed and Liz lay back on to the rock where she was sitting. “I think that’s what we are Jim. Wiped out.”

“You’re probably right. Don’t you think we best be heading back now. Whadda ya think?” Jim said reaching for the bottle, brown bag and radio.

Liz sat up abruptly. “I got a better idea! Let’s race to the car and the first one there gets to decide where we go next. Okay?”

Jim thought about it for, oh about a second, then smiled “Sure.”

Liz stood up and suddenly her legs felt like wet noodles. She swayed a bit and leaned against the rock where she left her bag waiting for the world to stop spinning.
She had to admit the liquor had made her relax but she was now realizing the side effects as she tried to maneuver her limbs.

Jim watched Liz as she tried to bend down and try to lift the black bag. “Hey. I’ll take that. You carry this.” Jim shoved the empty bottle into bag and handed it to her along with the radio.

“Fine with me.” Liz took them from Valenti and stepped back unsteadily.

She watched him pick up her bag and swing it over his shoulders. He had miscalculated the weight of the bag and it sent him backing up and hitting Liz as both of them smacked their backs on the supporting granite behind him.

Liz pushed him forward with both of her arms. She stared at them as if surprised they actually moved when she had commanded them. “You’re sucha a wussie.” She laughed.

Jim had straightened up and had regained his balance. He turned and looked at his sloshed buddy, his blue eyes twinkling. “Did you just call me a wussie?”

“I believe I did.” Liz smiled back.

“You can’t call me wussie!” He exclaimed.

“And why not?”

“Because…I get to carry a gu…hey where’s my gun?” He reached for his pistol on his holster but he wasn’t wearing his belt. He looked around as if it disappeared.

“Did you leave it in the car when you changed?”

Jim’s eyebrows knitted as if in deep concentration. His face relaxed again as he remembered like a light bulb lit up above him. “Oh yeah.”

“Okay…okay are you ready to get your butt whooped when I beatcha to the car?” Liz taunted.

“Yeah right, Parker.” Jim sneered.

“Okay…on your mark…GO!” And Liz was off stumbling down the ridge toward the car below.

“You skipped "get set!" Parker! You cheater!” Jim hurried down the same path Liz had made.

He made it to the car, as Liz lay sprawled out on the hood of the car. “Slow poke!” She stated as she popped her head up to look him.

“You cheated!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“NOT!” Liz sat upright still sitting in the center of the hood.

“Fine, whatever…so where are we going?” Jim wobbled slightly when he swung the bag and threw it back in the back seat. “What do you have in this bag, rocks?”

“Toys…and we’re going to Max’s.” Liz answered as she slid off the hood.

“We are? Why?”

“Because I have finally decided that I have to see him and tell him that I love him and I miss him and we should run away together.”

“I see.” Valenti said as he took out his keys looking for the right one to start the car. “What about the other Liz? The one in Florida?”

“Let her find another guy…she can have Kyle.” She proposed.

“Okay…to the Evans’ as fast as lightening!” Jim unsteadily put the keys in the ignition and started the car.


Chapter Ten continued on next page…

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Chapter Ten continued…


~ Max’s Jeep ~

Max drove on the dark highway; he was headed toward the pod chamber. He had no idea why but instinctively he seemed to be drawn to it. The air tossed his hair about while his thoughts went to what Isabel said. My Liz is still in Florida. What did she mean by that? He just couldn’t fathom what she was trying to tell him. Why the cryptic answer in the first place? His mind kept wondering if Liz was all right.

Max’s eyes saw two headlights coming towards him on the opposite side of the road. As it approached he felt slightly disoriented and then the car passed him quickly. He felt the sudden gush of air that comes after a car passes. As the car passed so did the disorientation. The way the car drove, it seemed like the driver was either falling asleep or drunk. He wondered if the sheriff was out tonight and hoped he stopped him before there was an accident.

~ In the changed sedan with Sheriff Valenti and Liz ~

Liz sat staring at the dark road ahead of her as she unconsciously twisted her wedding ring around her finger. “Max…I’m coming baby…I’m coming…” The gold band slipped from her fingers falling to the floorboard of the car. “My ring!” Liz bent down to search for her ring.

“What did ya drop?” Jim asked as he turned his attention away from the road to look at what Liz was doing. Suddenly a car passed him and he felt the car sway slightly. “Whoa! Where did that car come from?”

Liz sat back up holding the golden ring between her thumb and index finger. “I found it!” She cried joyously.


Jim parked a little down the street from the Evans’ house and both of them exited the car. They crept quietly to the back of the house as Jim followed Liz’s lead. Liz stopped suddenly and Valenti almost bumped into her. “Why did you stop?” He asked.

Liz stared at Max’s window. “Mecca…” she muttered under her breath.

“Huh?” Jim didn’t catch what she had said.

Liz gave out a drunken giggle. “You know Max and Kyle got drunk once…”

“I know.”

“You do? How?”

“Journal remember?”

Liz smiled as her alcohol-induced mind remembered when she caught them in her room when she and Doug Shellow were trying to hide from the radio DJ. She giggled.

Liz stepped closer to the window and peered inside. The room was dark and even though she was drunk, she knew Max was not in his room. Her body had told her so. She placed her hand over the lock. A slight green tinted glow lit up and Liz opened the window. She and Jim stumbled in clumsily as they entered, knocking over some pictures.

“Honey, I’m home!” Liz whispered into the dark bedroom. She slowly weaved over to Max’s bed and picked up his pillow. She placed it over her face inhaling in his scent. She closed her eyes and sang softly. “I can not breathe…until you’re resting here with me…” She pulled the pillow away. “I miss you Max…” She said out loud. “…I miss you so much it hurts.” She clutched the pillow against her chest.

“Liz? Are you sure we should be here?” Valenti bent down to recover the pictures they knocked over.

“We’ll leave in just a minute.” as she rocked to and fro.

“Okay,” Jim went and sat on the edge of the bed the alcohol in his system was making him woozy. Narrator: “I said woozy not wussie!” *giggle*

Max’s bedroom door flung open and Isabel burst into the room. “Max, I thought you said…” Isabel beheld the two figures in her brother’s bedroom. Liz clutching Max’s pillow to her as Jim sat on the bed looking at some pictures.

“What are you doing?” Isabel cried out.

Liz stood frozen like a mannequin in a display window and said out loud. “Jim. Don’t. Move. Maybe. She. Didn’t. See. Us.”

“OH. MY. GOD. You’re drunk!” Isabel exclaimed as Liz put her hands on Jim’s shoulders to make sure that he wasn’t going to move.

Jim stood up heavily, “Now Isabel before you jump to any conclusions, I think you ought to know that we are really...really drunk.”

“Isn’t that what I just said! Oh god! You’re BOTH drunk!” Isabel shouted.

“We’re not drunk. We’re intoxicated.” Liz protested indignantly.

“Isn’t that the same thing?” Isabel pinned the sheriff with her gaze. “Sheriff, what did you do to her?”

“Now Jim, don't you go and tell her anything that I've been talking about tonight. It's private.”

Jim leaned in a little “Oh, your secret's safe with me, girl.”

Isabel kept looking at the two drunken intruders in Max’s room with her mouth open still somewhat in shock. Liz then placed the pillow back on the bed and walked over to Max’s dresser and stared at the top drawer. “Dare I?” She looked at Jim and Isabel. She opened the drawer and pulled out one of Max’s boxers. She dangled it up with her two hands when Isabel finally snapped out of it.

She stormed across the room snatching the boxers and placing them back in the drawer, closing it. “I can’t believe this! I so don’t want to see you play with my brother’s boxers.”

Jim placed the pictures back where he thought they went and didn’t see what Liz was doing. He then went to sit on the bed. It was comfortable and he wanted to lie back down on it.

~ Back to Max ~

Max sat in his Jeep his hands on the steering wheel. He thought he would be able to think more clearly when he arrived but now he was even more confused. His sense of wanting to be here was replaced with wanting to go home. I’m a total wreck! I don’t know where I should be! Tired, he turned the ignition and began his drive home.


Max turned the corner of his block where his house was, as his heart began to pound in his chest. The rumble in his stomach started when he pulled his car into the driveway and his hands trembled when he fought to take the keys out of the ignition. He stood on shaky legs as he exited the Jeep and made his way to the front.

~ In Max’s room ~

Isabel had heard the Jeep pull up as Liz breathed, “Max.”

Liz stumbled slowly toward Max’s door as Isabel frantically looked about. This was not how she wanted Max to know about Future Liz and she wondered what would happened if they met right now.

“Jim! Max is coming! Take Liz and get out of here!”

Valenti heard Isabel and watched as Liz made her way toward Max like a moth to a flame. He rubbed his hand over his face like he was trying to wipe away the stupor he was in. He then stood up and reached for Liz. “Come sweetie, let’s go home.”

“But I am home…” Liz began.

“No, let’s go back home to Kyle okay?”

“No…I want to see Max…” she pleaded as Jim tugged at her.

“Hurry he’ll be here any minute. He probably already senses she’s here which will mean he’ll start running…” Isabel interrupted with a hint of panic in her voice as she kept the window open and backed up to let Jim climb out the window.


Max opened the front door and slammed it shut not caring that it made a lot of noise. He leaned up against it and took a deep breath. She’s here! Liz is here. Max burst into a run toward his room and her presence became stronger. When Max hit the hallway disorientation hit him. The same fleeting sensation he felt when he had passed that car earlier. He slowed slightly, as his eyes became out of focus and his mind seem to fog up. “Liz?” He shouted not caring if everyone in the house heard him.


“Max!” Liz slurred and smiled.

Isabel’s head whipped toward the bedroom door and brought her hand up. With her powers she locked the door. She knew that wouldn’t keep Max out but she was just trying to gain some extra precious moments before he came bursting in after Liz. She turned and gently pushed Liz out the window where Jim was waiting. Jim slung Liz over his shoulder and turned to leave when they heard Max at the door turning the knob.

Max twisted his knob to his bedroom but it wouldn’t turn. “Liz?” He spoke out again hoping she would open the door for him. “Liz please…” He willed his hand to the lock and concentrated. His face scrunched and then he heard the lock turn. He twisted the knob and the door swung open along with him falling to the ground. He went to stand but his feet wobbled and he stumbled onto his bed. He looked around and he blinked. Isabel stood near his opened window. “Where is she, Iz? Where’s Liz?” He cried out the pain evident in his voice.

Isabel ran to him and knelt beside Max and put her hands on his face. “Max? What’s the matter with you?” Max grabbed Isabel’s arms. “She was here wasn’t she Isabel? Where is she? I need to talk to her.”

“Not until you tell me what happened.” Isabel frantically searched her brother for any injuries.

“I-I don’t know what happened Iz. It began when I entered the house and that’s when I started to feel Liz again.” He hedged on his knees groping along his bed to reach the window.

Isabel watched as Max tried to make his way to the window. He’s acting as if he was drugged…drunk?…no. It couldn’t be. Could it? Could Max be experiencing Liz being drunk?

“Max…Max. Come here.” Isabel crawled over to her brother who was desperately trying to stand. She reached out for him.

“Iz, I’ve got to talk to her…please help me.” Max whispered and his unfocused eyes pleaded with his sister and she hugged him.

“Yes Max, I’ll help you.” Isabel gave him a sad smile. “Come on.”

“Thank you…Iz…thank you” Max swung his uncoordinated arm heavily over his sister.

Isabel lifted him up and directed him toward his bed. She sat him down then sat next to him. She cupped her hands around his face. Max looked at Isabel with such a look that she was sure her heart would never recover. “Sleep, Max…Sleep.” She whispered and she closed her eyes and concentrated.

Max’s eyes grew too heavy for him to keep them open. The vision of his sister began to go grey and then faded to black.

Isabel set Max’s sleeping form down. She made sure that he rested his head on the pillow as she sat beside him. She began to unlace his tennis shoes slipping them off. She choked down a sob as she lightly brushed some stray strands of hair from his forehead. Two tears ran down her cheeks when she heard Max take in a deep breath and murmur out loud. “Liz.”

“Max.” Liz’s outstretch hand was in front of her. She bobbled up and down as Valenti carried her out of the Evans’ yard and back to the car.

When they reached the vehicle Jim bent to put her down. “Stay!” He pointed his finger at her before opening the passenger door. “Now hop in Miss Parker. We have to get home and get some sleep. We’re going to have one hell of hang over in the morning.”

Liz slipped into the seat offered to her and waited for Jim to walk around the car and get in. He started the engine and slowly drove to his house.

“You know what?” Valenti said as he instinctively made his way home. “You never said what kind of powers Kyle developed.” Darting his eyes quickly at Liz before returning them to the road.

“I didn’t?” Liz asked questioningly.

“No. I was just kind of wondering what to expect that’s all.”

Liz stared vacantly out the window. “He becomes Superman.” A side of her mouth twisted upward.

Jim’s eye became wide and shock was apparent on his face. “He can fly?”


"He doesn't go around in his underwear and a big "S" on his chest with a cape and red tights does he?" Jim frowned with the image.

Liz's eyebrows went up and she was quiet for a moment, her face showed she was deep in thought before she answered. "Nope."

“He has x-rays eyes?”

Liz giggled and sloppily shook her head from side to side. “Nope. Good thing too. The girl’s locker room would never be safe again.”

“Then what?” Jim’s curiosity was getting the best of him.

Liz leaned over and brought her mouth up to Jim’s ear. She whispered “He can….”

Jim listened intently waiting for her to continue when she didn’t he frowned and turned his head slightly only to see her sleeping and already softly snoring. “Liz? Dang it woman!” He cursed, pulling the car up his driveway. Jim got out of the car allowing Liz to fall all the way down onto the seat. Kyle stood at the doorway with his hands in his pockets waiting for them to arrive. Jim swaggered over to him and slapped him on his chest. “Hey Clark Kent, go rescue Lois. She's passed out in the front seat okay? I’m going to bed.” Jim walked into his house with Kyle staring at his back.

He made it to the living room when he heard Kyle shout. “Oh my god dad. You’re wasted. Is Liz drunk too?”

Jim waved his arm up. “Just bring her in Buddha boy.”


“Never mind.” Jim continued his way to his room and poured himself onto his bed. He knew Kyle would bring Liz in and he knew he was close to passing out himself. “One hellofa hangover.” He muttered before it all went black.

~ End of Chapter Ten ~

Songs mentioned in the story were: “Jessie’s girl” by Rick Springfield. “Wipe Out” by the Surfaris, “Red, red wine” by UB40 and of course “Here with me” by Dido.

*Author's note: It has come to my attention that I made a boo boo. Tess does not live with the Valenti's. Tess didn't come to live with them until after Nacedo was killed. So for everyone whose has been reading, I'm letting you know I'm going back and changing it.

**Yet another Author's note: One of my 'consultants' (my oldest ~ Danielle) told me I forgot to put in the comment she suggested for this chapter. So any of you who have read and want to know the two extra lines that were put in...go back to when Valenti asks Liz about Kyle. Once again, I thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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For Disclaimer & Summary: You know where to go.*happy* see Page one.

~ Chapter Eleven ~

“The Morning After”

~ Sunday morning, July 8, 2000, Valenti’s house ~

“Good Morning sunshine.”

Liz tried to open her eyes when she heard a voice above her. The harsh brightness of daylight caused her to shut them again tightly. She flung her arm protectively over her face to shield her eyes even more. Her mouth was so dry that she thought. ‘What happened to all of my spit? Did someone shove a box of cotton balls in my mouth while I was sleeping?’ Then it hit her and it hit her hard. Her head began to pound. She swore Thor himself was beating his hammer on her head as her world spun about. “Where am I?” She croaked out.

“You don’t remember babe?” Kyle teased. “You spent the night in my bed.” He sat beside Liz staring down at her hung over form.

“I what?” Liz reacted and tried to sit when a wave of nausea whacked her with full force and she laid back down. “Oh god, what happen?” She groaned.

An amused looked flitted over Kyle’s face and he couldn’t keep the grin from forming on his lips. “You got smashed with my dad last night, came home at an ungodly hour and then you ended up in my bed.”

Liz lifted her arm away from her face and held her head up so she could see Kyle at a different view. ‘When did Kyle’s voice turn into an ear-piercing whistle?’ She opened one eyelid halfway to look at him. Deep worry lines creased her brow as the throbbing pain continued in her head. “Kyle?” She whispered. “Did I. . . Did we. . .”

“Did we do something last night that we would regret in the morning?” Kyle smiled. He cocked an eyebrow up.

Liz timidly turned and looked up at him. Still holding her head in her hands, she slowly, and carefully nodded.

“Yes, as a matter of fact we did.” His voice was serious.

Liz moaned and slumped back down onto the pillow. The quick motion sent shooting veins of pain throughout her head. ‘What have I done? Oh god what have I done?

Kyle chuckled. “Here drink this.” In his hand he held a cup of coffee. He bent down and scooped her up, helping her to sit. Liz clutched Kyle like a girl who was hanging on for dear life. “Oh Kyle make them stop…” She pleaded in what seemed to her in a yelling voice but in all reality was barely above a whisper.

“Stop what?” Kyle questioned. His eyebrows knitted with concern.

“The roller coaster ride we’re on. Please can we get off?” Liz groaned. She felt the first signs of queasiness in her stomach as it twisted and churned, and the acid from it threatened to rise up her throat. “What are you giving me?”

Kyle held the mug to her lips. “It’s coffee.” And she took a hesitant sip.

“Ugh. Did anybody get the number of the Mac truck that hit me?” Jim Valenti leaned against the doorway. He looked as bad as Liz did. She sat up taking tiny sips of the black brew Kyle was offering her much to her surprise feeling a little bit better by having something in her stomach.

“Well there’s the honorable sheriff, my dad, the role model that I look up to so.” Kyle spat out sarcastically.

“Oh shut up, Kyle.” Jim’s hand guarded his head in the same manner as Liz’s did.

The phone rang and Liz and Jim cried out in pain placing their hands over their ears as if the banshee was at their side. Kyle reached over and picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Is Liz there with you?” The gruff voice on the other side of the phone demanded.

“And a good morning to you too Michael.” Kyle responded cheerily.

“Well is she there or not?”

“Yes Guerin, she’s here.” Kyle glanced at Liz. “As a matter of fact she’s lying right next to me on my bed.”

“WHAT?” Michael shouted. Kyle had to pull the phone away from his ears.

Liz groaned again. “Must he shout so loud?” Liz moaned as both she and Kyle could hear voices arguing. What sounded liked struggles for the possession of the phone on the other end of the receiver.

“Give me the phone- Hello Kyle?” said the female’s voice. “Liz?”

“Morning Maria.” Kyle chimed again sweetly.

“Where’s Liz, Kyle? All Michael does is shout and he won’t tell us anything…” She grumbled. “Is she all right?”

“Us?” Kyle asked.

“Us, as in me and Alex. We came here to Michael’s to give her some extra clothes and to see how she was doing. Then Michael says that she didn’t stay here last night. So is she with you?”

“Yes. She’s here.” Kyle grinned.

“Well let me talk to her.” Maria demanded.

“Miss DeLuca didn’t your mother ever teach you any manners? Jeez… And you complain that Michael’s rude and crude.” Kyle badgered.

“Look, Valenti if you want to live a long and happy life don’t toy with me.” More sounds of rustling could be heard in the background with incoherent comments. “And that goes for Michael too get it?” Maria informed Kyle.

“Got it.” Kyle said.

“Good, now be a good little boy and hand the phone to Liz.”

He handed the phone to Liz as instructed and said, “It’s for you.”

Liz held the phone cautiously as she tenderly brought to her ear. “Hello.”

“Liz… Mija. Are you all right? How come you didn’t come back? When I took Michael home, I figured you were going to stay at his place. I brought extra clothes for you. You had us all worried.” Maria voice gave credence to her words.

“I’m sorry.” Liz whispered. She flinched with each syllable Maria spoke and her voice was no better.

“Where did you go?” Maria wanted to know.

“Jim and I went out. . . drinking. . .” Liz trailed, regretting already the words as they spilled from her lips.

“YOU WHAT?!” Maria screamed and Liz yelped, letting the phone fall. She cradled her head protectively and leaned against Kyle whimpering.

Kyle continued to hold Liz as he reached for the phone. “Maria, Liz is hung over right now so you and Michael’s shouting isn’t helping things.”

“I can’t believe this!” Maria ranted. “Is your father hung over too?”

Kyle glanced at his dad who was now sitting on the floor against the doorframe. Kyle wondered if it was Maria’s shrilly cry that had brought his father down or if it was something else. “Yeah, he’s hung over too.”

“Look Kyle, we’re on our way over there okay? So don’t go anywhere.” Maria told him and then hung up.

Kyle pressed the off button and tossed the phone onto his bed. He tried to talk as softly as he could. He knew he was going to have to play nursemaid until the others showed up and he wasn’t looking forward to it. Well he didn’t mind playing nursemaid with Liz but he didn’t think Max was going to be all that happy about it so he shoved that thought to the back of his mind. “Maria says she, Michael and Alex are on their way over here so I think you should get dressed.”

“Oh god. Am I not wearing any clothes?” Liz frantically reached and touched her chest, wondering if she was exposing herself. Terrible images of what she might have done during her drunken stupor raced across her mind. Could she really have done such an act? With Kyle no less. ‘No not Kyle. Oh god please I can’t go through this again. This time it’s even worse because this time would mean I really did sleep with him. Kyle wouldn’t have taken advantage of me in my condition, would he?’ She felt fabric between her hand and chest but tentatively lowered her head just to make sure. As her chin came down closer to her chest, Liz was positive her head was going to detach and roll right down her lap and to the feet of Jim Valenti on the other side of the room. She eyed the same black shirt she had on the previous day and let out a small sigh of relief. Liz looked up at Kyle. Her eyes narrowing, questioningly. Liz then reached out and pulled the blanket that covered her lower half and saw she still had the same dirty black pants on. Again she lifted her gaze at Kyle, now with her eyebrow cocked upward. “I thought you said we had done something that we would’ve regretted this morning?”

Kyle grinned. “Yup that’s what I said. You slept in my bed but without little ‘ol me and I had to sleep on the couch while you slept in my bed. Therefore we both have regrets don’t we?” His eyebrows waggled up and down.

“Kyle, give it rest alright?” Jim glowered at his son.

Liz extended her left hand over the right side of Kyle’s face, leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on his left cheek. Kyle straightened up. “What was that for?” He asked in surprise, completely shocked.

“For just being you.” Liz turned away from him so that all Kyle could see was her back. “How did I ever let you slip through my fingers? I must have been out of my mind.” She spoke to the wall in front of her. “How could I have been so stupid as to break up with you and pursue Max? What a fool I was.” Liz sniffed.

Jim Valenti lifted his wary head from his hands to look up at the two sitting on Kyle’s bed from across the room. He tried to focus on the crying woman who sat beside his son.

Kyle sat motionless. He was taken aback, speechless. He couldn’t believe the words that had come out of Liz’s mouth. He watched as her body shook from her sobbing.

“Oh god Kyle could you. . .could you ever forgive me?” Liz’s voice came out shaking. Her posture was slumped over and she sounded defeated. “How could I have loved any other man but you? If only Max was half the man you are.” She hesitated. “Could you . . . out of the kindness of your heart . . . take me back?” She paused again. “I-I’d understand if you won’t . . .I don’t deserve . . . you . . .”

Kyle grabbed Liz’s shoulders and twisted her about so that she was forced to face him. She leaned forward into his chest, her hands bent in front of her as she cried more. Kyle hugged her tightly. His face was full of confusion and disbelief, as he turned and looked at his father. Jim returned the same expression. What had Max done to her? He thought. The bastard! I’ll kill him! Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and pulled her away from him. Her head hung low, her hair curtained around her face, shielding it from his view.

He had to look into her eyes. He had to see if what she had said was true. “Liz, look at me.” Liz sounded off another sniffle when she took in another breath of air. He took his hand and gently lifted her head up so that he could look into her eyes. Her dark lashes looked down and then she lifted them up and stared into his questioning ones.

“Gotcha.” Kyle gazed into two sparkling pools of darkness as they beamed with amusement. Her smile behrly contained as it forced its way to her lips and her body shook from the laughter she tried so desperately to suppress.

Kyle frowned as he stared at her. Astonishment, shock, bewilderment, gullibility all meshed together to form the expression on his face and in his thoughts. Liz covered her mouth trying to stop the giggles from escaping her until she could no longer hold them. “Oww….owww……oww…..oww” Liz clutched her head as her giggling turned into full fledge laughter.

Jim began to chuckle just as loudly too, along with cries of pain that accompanied his mirth and hung over-ness. Liz had got Kyle back good for his little remark he had made to her and this had only made Jim laugh even more.

Kyle lifted his hand and pointed his finger at her accusingly then at his father. His mouth hung open and then shut and then opened again. “You. . .and. . . you. You two think you’re so clever don’t you? Well you are going to have to fend for yourself then sister. You almost had me there.” Kyle was feeling very deceived.

“I’m sorry Kyle but you know you were asking for it when you gave me that ‘regret in the morning’ statement.” Liz said looking smug despite feeling like crap. Kyle was about to counteract with another comment when Liz interrupted him.

“You know you’ll always be my first.” Liz stated as she planted a kiss on his forehead. “Now how about helping me to the bathroom so that I can take a shower please?” Liz batted her soulful eyes at Kyle.

Kyle stared at her again wondering if he should make another comment but decided to scoop her up into his arms. “Fine Lizzie. Just as long as Max knows I was your first.”

“First what?” Jim shot up frowning at the two before him wondering if there was a double meaning to their words.

Kyle and Liz looked at each other smiling letting poor Jim Valenti simmer on that thought for a moment before answering. “First kiss.” Liz finally said as Kyle walked over his dad with Liz in his arms to get to the hallway and headed toward the bathroom.


“Knock. Knock. We’re here!” Maria yelled as she opened the front door to the Valenti's. Michael and Alex trailed close behind. Liz padded out from the kitchen wearing one of Kyle’s jerseys and gym shorts. Her hair was still wet. On top of her head she held a frozen package of peas. Her other arm swung protectively over her stomach.

“Oh my god!” Maria announced, looking Liz up and down. “Tell me you didn’t do what I’m thinking you did. You couldn’t have done what I think you did, oh god Liz tell me that you didn’t. Did you?” Maria babbled on as she rushed over to her best friend’s side.

Liz gave a quick hug to Maria and smiled. “I didn’t. So just get your head out of the gutter okay?”

“It’s just . . .well we’ve seen too many movies where people get drunk and do stupid things.” Maria waved her hands about while she talked. “We’re always watching something like that on the Lifetime Channel.”

“Oh you mean the chick channel?” Michael huffed as Liz went and hugged Alex. She held on to him for longer than she should have but she couldn’t help it. She didn’t think she would ever stop convincing herself he was still here with her. When she pulled away she grabbed his face with both hands and then moved them down his arms and then finally stopped with his hands. She smiled at him. Alex gave Michael a shrug to his questioning eyes. He had no idea why Liz was so touchy-feely around him. It was new to him. The silent conversation went unnoticed by Liz. She was in her own little world. And it was almost perfect. Alex was alive and well, Kyle was here. And Maria and Michael were bickering. Max and Isabel were the only ones missing.

“Oh this comes from the man who claims he watches Oprah and The View.” Maria huffed back.

Liz turned around to watch the two bicker at each other while she still held on to Alex. Her arm instinctively held him as if she let go he would suddenly disappear.
She leaned in and questioned Alex. She let her head lean into his shoulder. She wrapped her arm around his tighter. “Have they been doing this all the way here?”

“Pretty much.” Alex let out a sigh. Something was off and it had something to do with him. He wasn’t a fool.

“What started it?” She began to question. “You know what? Never mind. I really don’t want to know.” Finally Liz wrenched herself away from Alex and discreetly walked in front of Michael and looked up. “Uh. . .would you mind. . . um, if I give you a hug too?” Liz threw the question at Michael knowing he would be uncomfortable but having all of them around her seemed to help her feel just a little better.

Michael stood looking uncomfortable and annoyed at her statement then swiftly swung his arm around her giving her a quick hug and a fast two pats on her back with his hand before pushing her away and stepping back. Liz grinned and said in a low voice. “Thank you.”

“My, my. That must have been an accomplishment.” Alex joked.

Michael turned and looked at Alex. “Looks like you found me... now I know why I felt like shit when I woke up this morning.” He bounced his head to the music that he heard and sang the last few lines of a Nickelback song.

Everyone in the room stopped and stared at Michael with a befuddled look on their face. Michael then turned and looked at Liz. “Why in the hell did I just sing that song? All of a sudden it’s like it got stuck and it’s playing over and over in my head!”

Liz stared at him for she was just as surprised as the rest of the group when he started to sing the song she had in her head. She had remembered that particular chorus because of how she felt this morning and it had stuck with her until Maria, Michael and Alex had arrived. “That’s the song I’ve been singing in my head since you guys got here.” Liz voiced. “You must have somehow picked up on it from me when I hugged you.” She said feeling rather embarrassed and shaking her head from side to side.

“See that’s why I don’t do the hug thing. This is all your fault. Next time keep your grubby little hands to yourself, Parker.” Michael stated. “I don’t even like NickelBack.”

“Oh yes you do Michael. You just don’t admit it that’s all.” Liz said softly. She had given up on why she could sense the Max here in the past and now with what had just happened with Michael. Liz’s head still hurt and thinking just made it worse. Her eyes shifted from side to side looking for something. “Where’s my backpack?”

“In the car.” Kyle said from behind her. He stood watching the group talking from the entrance between the kitchen and living room. “I put the car in the garage. I didn’t think you wanted people to see what you did to the squad car.” He crossed his arms across his chest.

Liz turned to look at Kyle. “Thanks.” Then delicately sat on the couch.

“So are we going to get some answers this morning?” Kyle continued as he made his way now to the living room. Alex sat on one side of Liz as Maria protectively took the other while Michael continued standing.

Liz met everyone’s questioning gazes. She had made promises. So many promises for me to keep . . .So many miles before I can sleep. Liz began her silent mantra again. She took in a deep breath and held it for a moment then let it all out, forcing what seemed like every last air molecule out of her lungs. “What do you want to hear first?” She asked looking at Kyle then glancing at Michael as they stood nearby.

“We can start with last night and why you’re able to do things that I thought only Michael, Max, Isabel and Tess could do.” Kyle went on. “And when my dad made that little comment to that geologist guy last night. You know, about you being Maria’s aunt and all that’s when I realized what was so different about you. You’re a lot older than when you left for Florida. Can you please tell me why?”

Liz looked down at her lap solemnly. “Liz you haven’t told Kyle yet?” Alex questioned bending his head down so that he could look at Liz’s eyes. Liz shook her head.

“This Liz that you’re looking at is from the future alright?” Michael said waving his hand in Liz’s direction. “The Liz from our timeline is still in Florida.”

Kyle couldn’t believe he heard right from Michael. “Come again?”

“He’s right Kyle. What Michael said is true.” Maria said wondering if they were going to do a repeat of what happened the day before.

“You’re trying to tell me there are two Lizs?”

“Yes. Our 16-year-old Liz is still in Florida with her aunt and we have the enchanting more mature 28-year-old Liz here with us in Roswell.” Alex spoke.

Liz lifted her head to look at Alex. She placed her hand over his, touching him once again, as she gave him a sweet appreciative smile.

“So what you’re trying to tell me is that time travel is possible . . .” Kyle’s mind somehow must have pressed the paused button because he sat there for a second before starting again. “. . .and we’re here with the future version of what Liz is going to be like right?” Everyone nodded. “Liz was healed by Max. Is that why she has powers?” Everyone nodded again. “So if she was healed by Max and has powers in the future that means. . .”

“Yeah, you’re going to develop powers too Sherlock.” Michael blurted out getting impatient with what he already knew. He wanted to get to the stuff he didn’t know. “I thought you were going to tell him last night?” Michael shot his question at Liz.

“I sort of got side tracked.” Liz said. “So what do you want to know Michael?” Liz was pretty sure she knew what he wanted to hear. She just wasn’t going to offer anymore than what they asked for.

“I want to know who our enemies are? What they can do and what our plan is on taking them out.” Michael was never really one to beat around the bush. He wanted to know answers and he wanted them now.

Liz squared her shoulders and sat up a little straighter with a determined resolve. She looked at Michael with coldness and hatred in her eyes. “There’s One and there are many.”

Michael didn’t like that answer and began to pace. “What the hell is that suppose to mean Liz? Don’t give me any cryptic answers here. I want it straight and to the point.”

Jim Valenti entered the room as the discussion continued. He had finished taking a shower, gotten dressed and took what seemed like not enough aspirin to help his head when he finally join the group in his living room. He walked up to Michael. “Hey Michael, calm down. Let Liz finish okay?” His steely blue eyes told Michael not to push it and Michael let out an exasperated sigh.

Jim turned back around to look at Liz and spoke softly. “Whenever you’re ready Liz. Not before, only when you’re ready.”

Liz glanced at Jim and gave him a small barely seen smile then returned her gaze back to Michael. “It’s a lot more complicated than that Michael. I’m going to try to explain as much as I can without confusing everyone.”

“Why is it so complicated? Just tell me who the bad guys are and we can go from there.” Michael said.

“Shouldn’t Isabel be here too to hear this?” Alex spoke up. “I think she should be included in all of this.”

“Call her on her cellphone and she can listen.” Michael ordered.

* * * * * * *

~ Max’s Bedroom ~

Max’s eyes fluttered before opening and a contented smile shone on his face as he was still waking from his dream. He had slept all through the night without a single nightmare jolting him from his sleep. Instead he had dreamt of Liz and they were together. She was with him and in his arms, singing. He loved the sound of her voice. To him her voice was as beautiful as she was and he could listen to her for hours on end. He had felt her soft body against his and thought he never felt more complete. Max hugged his pillow tighter against him, inhaled deeply and he was then hit with what he knew was the scent of Liz as it filled his nostrils.


Liz stood in Max’s darkened bedroom holding his pillow and then placing it in front of her face. She breathed in his scent and closed her eyes. The tortured look of sadness could be seen even in the shadows and she began to sing softly. “I can not breathe…until you’re resting here with me…I miss you Max…I miss you so much it hurts.” Liz clutched the pillow against her chest and began rocking to and fro.

*End of flash*

Max’s eyes flew open wide and he sat up on his bed.

* * * * * *

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Chapter Eleven continued...

* * * * * *

~ Back at the Valenti’s ~

“So what are my powers going to be?” Kyle blurted out again.

“Oh so help me Kyle if you ask one more time, you’ll never live to find out.” Maria threatened. “So why are they called the Skins?”

“They’re called the ‘Skins’ because you can literally peel some of their skin off.”

“So they’re an alien race of snakes?” Alex mused, “Do they eat rats like in that old TV series called ‘V’?”

Liz smiled “No. They can’t exist here on earth in their natural state; their DNA is incompatible with our environment. The husks are a life-form technology that they can genetically manipulate to resemble human bodies. Their relationship is basically parasitic.”

“What is it and alien parasites in Roswell? Why doesn’t this happen in L.A. or in Kansas?” Kyle complained.

Liz looked at Kyle for a moment then went back to explaining, “Their husks are good for maybe 50 years and they’re time is about up, they’re slowing dying.” Liz clarified.

“So if they’re the bad guys. . .” Michael said thinking about what Liz was saying. “then all we have to do is wait them out. Their husks die, and we’re home free.’

Maria looked at Liz, “What are you not telling us?”

“Their not all bad.” Liz countered.

“What do you mean? Not all bad? Didn’t you just say they were our enemies?” Michael rolled his eyes as he complained, pacing about.

“Shit Michael, will you let me finish a complete sentence before you go and start your griping?” Liz was irritated and angry. Michael’s impatience was getting on her nerves fast. He wanted everything now and it wasn’t that simple.

Michael tried to curb his impatience and took a deep breath before saying, “Sorry. Go on.”

Liz continued. “There are actually two factions of ‘Skins.’ One faction follows the rule of Khivar while the other faction follows the rule of you Michael.”

“Me?” Michael asked shocked at Liz’s announcement. “Why me?”

“They’re loyal to Rath. That’s you, Michael because they believe you should have been ruling Antar, not Max. It’s a long story.” Liz said letting out a long breath and a sigh.

“Why does the name Khivar sound familiar?” Michael shot out the next question. He wanted to know everything now and there stood Liz with all the answers. He just couldn’t stop himself.

Liz continued to quench Michael’s thirst for the truth. Something Nasedo would have never done. “You know the name Khivar because he is the one that led the invasion which ultimately killed you, Max, Isabel, and Tess.”

Michael sat down in a nearby chair soaking up everything Liz had told him. Everyone in the room watched as his head nodded up and down like those bobbing figurines you would see in the back window of a car. Somewhere deep inside of Michael told him that everything Liz was telling him was true. “So what kind of powers do they have?” Michael wanted more.

“They can do many things you are capable of doing like blasting someone across the room, manipulate molecular structure . . .you know.” Liz continued on educating Michael.

“And you’re telling us there are also duplicates of Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess in New York?” Alex asked this time.

“Hence the name we call them, ‘the dupes,’ ” Liz said watching Alex contemplate the idea. “Their names are Zan, Rath, Lonnie and Ava. Zan is Max’s dupe. They kept the names they had in their or your previous lives. Rath of course is Michael’s dupe. Lonnie is short for Vilandra who is Isabel’s dupe and then there is Ava who is Tess’ dupe.”

“Then I’m guessing we’re planning on taking a trip to New York?” Kyle pitched in his thought.

“No.” Liz stated simply.

“You’re not planning on going alone are you Liz?” Maria said worry shadowed her face.

“No.” Liz eyes met Michael’s and there was a silent acknowledgment.

Maria caught the gaze between her best friend and the man that held her heart.

“Liz I don’t like this. I think Max should go too. I mean from what you said their powers are stronger than our Czechoslovaians.” Maria continued to give Liz a worried look.

“No. I don’t want him coming okay, Maria? Max is not an option.” Liz said. “Besides Michael, Max, Isabel and Tess’ powers are getting stronger everyday. And new ones will be emerging soon if they haven’t already.” Liz was trying to remember.

“So it’s just going to be the two of us Liz?” Michael questioned.

“No. There’s one more.” Liz said back.

“Isabel?” Alex voiced his thought on who the other person was going to be.

Liz came back with “no.”

* * * * * *

Max sat on his bed holding his pillow in his arms. He had gotten a flash from it. So last night was not a dream. It was real. Liz was in his room last night. But everything was so hazy.

He could remember talking to Isabel and then needing to go for a drive. He could remember returning home and then began to sense Liz. After that everything else became fuzzy, blurry.

He’d seen her face in the flash. She was so sad, so tired she looked older. She had sang to him and said she had missed him and his heart cried out in pain for he was feeling the same for her.

His mind tried to unravel what had actually happened. It was like he was drugged but not drugged. He had the unfortunate experience of what it felt like to be drugged when he was in the white room and he shook off the anxiety he was beginning to feel. He concentrated harder. It was almost like he was drunk again but not drunk. ’That doesn’t make any sense!’ Max ran his hand over his face and then through his hair trying to come up with something that remotely made sense.

Through the fog he thought he remembered Isabel being in his room and him pleading with her to help him. ’Was she really in my room or had I imagined it?’ Finally he stood up and decided he was going to talk to Isabel again. This time he was going to get some answers. He opened his bedroom door and made his way toward her room. He was about to knock when he heard Isabel talking on the other side of door. The sound of her voice moved about like she might be pacing and Max stopped to see if he could hear what she was saying.

“I don’t like it….I think we should tell Max….I don’t care what Liz said….Tell them I’m on my way over.”

Max’s ears honed in when Isabel mentioned Liz’s name. So she was back! Why was Isabel keeping it from him? Max decided he shouldn’t be found standing in front of her bedroom door when she opened it and hurried back to his bedroom and waited. He thought he would give Isabel the benefit of the doubt and ask her again when he confronted her. If she refused to tell him then he would just have to follow her. He needed to talk to Liz even if it was just for a few minutes.

Isabel reached for her purse and tossed her cellphone back in. She was asleep when she heard her it ring. When she answered it, Alex was on the other side saying they were at the Valenti’s. Liz was telling them about their enemies and that she might want to come over and take a listen. While he spoke to her she could hear Liz, Michael, Maria and Kyle’s voices in the background. She heard something about dupes in New York and Liz going with Michael. She heard Maria protest that Max should go. Then she heard Alex say her name along with Liz saying no. She had finally had enough of just listening and decided she was going over there and become an active participant in that discussion. ’No time for a shower.’ She thought. She threw on a pair of jeans and a powder blue T-shirt. She slipped on some sandals, grabbed her purse and walked out her of her bedroom.

Isabel padded quietly down the hall. She didn’t want to wake Max. When she reached his door she hesitated for a moment contemplating whether or not what she was doing was right. It was her mistake for Max opened the door and she was now face to face staring at her brother’s questioning eyes.

* * * * * * *

“I think we should wait until Isabel shows before we continue and make any final decisions.” Alex said.

“Liz who is the other person that’s going to go to New York with you and Michael?” Maria had to know. It was killing her. “If it’s not Max or Isabel then who?”

“It can’t possibly be Tess?” Alex said knowing full well what Tess meant to Liz.

“No.” Liz said quickly. Tess may have been dead for ten years but what she did, why Liz was here to prevent was still a very sore subject for her. No one else in the room except for Jim Valenti actually knew the extent of it.

“Well who then?” Kyle was getting tired of the ‘guess who’s going to New York with Liz game’. “For pete’s sake. You said it’s not me, or Max, or Isabel, definitely not Tess. You can’t possibly be thinking Alex or Maria?”


“My dad?”


“Then who?” Maria said. She was exasperated.

Liz met Alex, Kyle, Michael and then Maria’s gaze. “Courtney.”

* * * * * *

“Max.” Isabel said. She stood in the hallway with her purse in hand. She scolded herself for hesitating and now she would have to come up with a cover story for where she was going.

“Morning Isabel.” Max stared at his sister from his doorway. She looked uncomfortable. He wished she would tell him what was going on. Why was she keeping this information from him? “Where are you going?”

Isabel knew he was going to ask still she didn’t know what to say. “Alex”

“Alex?” Max repeated. He wasn’t sure whether he should have been amused or angry.

Isabel had panicked and the only word that came to mind was Alex’s name. She questioned if he recalled their conversation they had last night. “Yes, I’m going over to see Alex. Is there a problem with that?” She asked defensively.

Max watched how Isabel demeanor changed. “No. No there isn’t.” He said honestly.

They stood uncomfortably staring at each other. Isabel wondered if she should just tell Max the truth and have him come with her to the Valenti’s or not. But if she did then she would have broken her promise to Liz. She couldn’t do that. Not after everything that Liz had done for Max, for her and Michael. It wasn’t her secret to tell. She decided she would ask Liz one more time. Try to convince her that it would be better for Max to know.

Max wondered if he just asked her for the truth if she would tell him. They had never had secrets amongst themselves and now here he stood wondering what other things she might have kept from him. What could it possibly be that she wouldn’t or couldn’t tell him? “Isabel? I trust you. I trust you with my life so if I ask you something would you be honest with me?”

Isabel’s heart began to twist along with her stomach and she forced herself to keep the tears from forming in her eyes. Would she be able to lie to him? She never wanted to know that answer. “What do you want to know, Max?”

* * * * * * *

“Courtney!” Maria shouted. “Why in the hell would you want Courtney to go?”

Alex, Kyle, Michael and Maria stared at Liz like she had lost her mind especially Maria. Liz hadn’t forgotten how Maria had felt about Courtney but she didn’t have any other choice.

She needed Isabel and Kyle to protect Alex from Tess while she went to New York. She didn’t want anything to happen to Alex. ’If anything happen to Alex again. . .’ Liz couldn’t even finish that thought. She would have wanted him by her side just to make sure he would stay safe if she knew the trip to New York wasn’t going to be dangerous.

Liz also knew Isabel would be the next best thing to her in protecting him and Kyle was just a back up. She didn’t know when Tess decided that she needed to decipher that alien book and she wasn’t going to take any chances. Not with Alex’s life.

She also needed Isabel, Maria and Jim to take care of some ‘Michael’ business while they were away. Something that Michael would have protested if he knew what she had planned so having him go with her to New York served two purposes.

Liz looked at Michael and Maria’s questioning eyes and thought of how she could word what she had to say without Maria blowing her top.

Jim sat quietly and drank his cup of coffee. He listened to the group as they learned who and what they were up against. He already knew most of what was going on because of last night. There just wasn’t enough liquor for him to forget what she had told him.

“She’s an alien isn’t she?” Alex blurted out before Liz could come up with an answer of her own.

Liz sighed. ’Oh well so much for trying to defuse Maria on this.’ “Yes. A ‘Skin’ to be specific.” Liz watched for Maria’s reaction.

Maria’s eyes searched Liz’s for an explanation and her eyes grew wide when she finally realized what Courtney was. “OH MY GOD. She’s one of those ‘Skins’ that follow Michael isn’t she?” Maria’s arms went up and then down emphasizing her statement. “That’s why she’s always hanging all over him and giving him those ‘I want you’ looks. She’s, like, some alien stalker. . .like . . .like some obsessed Elvis fan or something.” Maria babbled on.

Michael grinned, thinking about being a leader of an army of alien warriors where he was put on a pedestal and being worshipped.

“Michael?! If you can hear me now over the sound of your rapidly inflating ego, hear me now. GET OVER IT!” Maria saw the stupid look on Michael’s face and felt it was her duty to bring him back to earth so do speak.

Alex, Kyle, and Jim all laughed at Maria’s comment. Liz on the other hand just watched.

* * * * * * *

~ Back at the Evans House ~

Isabel’s heart began to twist along with her stomach and she forced herself to keep the tears from forming in her eyes. Would she be able to lie to him? She never wanted to know that answer. “What do you want to know, Max?”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Max and Isabel looked at each other. “Is Alex picking you up?” Max questioned.

“No. I was going to meet him. Who could it be?” Isabel was just as curious.

“Well there’s only one way to find out.” They both slowly walked down the hall and toward the front door. They warily stood in front of it for a moment and Max opened up the small peephole to see who was standing on their front porch.

The person on the other side lifted her head up and gave a sweet nervous smile. “Hi Max, Is Isabel in?”

“Yeah sure hold on.” Max shut the peephole again as he reached for the knob.

Isabel recognized the voice and waited for Max to open the door. “Tess, Hi.”

~ End of Chapter Eleven ~

The song Michael sung in the part was “woke up this morning” by NickelBack.

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I also hope I didn’t anger any Michael fans with my NickelBack comment. I really like them and they just seem like the music Michael would listen to.

Their songs just seem to scream “Michael” or “Roswell”
(I guess I shouldn’t write my story while listening to my CDs b’cuz they somehow end up in my fic*tongue*)

If I have offended any Michael fans, please let me know and I apologize in advance.

Quote of the day:
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Guess what everyone? I got a new part!!

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Here it is....

Disclaimer & Summary: I’m borrowing our beloved characters and when I’m finished, I will reluctantly relinquish them back to whomever they belong. *Under my breath* “They’re mine! You didn’t know what to do with them but I do!” *Stomping away like a child.*

~ Chapter 11A ~

In Kyle’s Voice: Previously on Promises to Keep. . .

Michael grinned, thinking about being a leader of an army of alien warriors where he was on a pedestal and being worshipped.

“Michael?! If you can hear me now over the sound of your rapidly inflating ego, hear me now. GET OVER IT!” Maria saw the stupid look on Michael’s face and felt it was her duty to bring him back to earth so do speak.

Alex, Kyle, and Jim all laughed at Maria’s comment. Liz on the other hand just watched.

“The Morning after continues”

Liz turned to look at Michael. “Michael why don’t you go and change the squad car back to what it looked like originally okay?” Liz shot him a knowing glance. She hoped he would remember how to concentrate and focus like she has taught him the night before. She then turned to Kyle. “Kyle why don’t you help Michael with replacing the lights back on the car.” It was a statement not a question. Both men nodded and left the room heading toward the garage.

“Alex you and Jim need to purchase three tickets to New York as soon as possible. Do it online or by phone but we’ll need them by the time we get back with Courtney.” Liz grounded out the orders and the two men nodded and were headed toward the study where the computer was kept.

Liz and Maria stood silently facing each other. Maria watched as Liz barked out orders to all the men. She was now alone with her. She wondered what would happen next when Liz spoke softly to her. “Maria, I know you don’t like Courtney and I know you don’t like the idea of her coming with me and Michael but please trust me. I won’t let anything happen to him. I’ll die first. And I will make sure Courtney knows to lay off Michael okay? Do you understand?” Liz stared intently at Maria trying to convey the seriousness of her words. “I need you and Isabel to do something for me.” Liz shook her head correcting herself. “Not for me. It’s for Michael. He can’t know about this. You, Isabel, Alex, Kyle and Jim need to do this while we’re gone. I plan on only being in New York for two days. No more so you will need to act quickly. Jim knows and you will know. You and him will have to tell Isabel and the rest when we gone.”

Maria didn’t know what Liz wanted only that it had something to do with Michael. What did Liz want her to do? “What is it, Liz? Tell me.” She pleaded.

“It would take too long to explain. Please take my hand and I’ll show you.” Liz had so much to tell and saying it would take too long. She knew Michael and Kyle would be back soon and she didn’t want Michael accidentally eavesdropping on the conversation. He would just get angry. Liz lifted her arms in hopes Maria would reach for them. She didn’t want to show Maria if she didn’t want to see it. She would only show her if she volunteered. Only if she opened up to her.

Maria stared at Liz’s outstretched arms. She was scared of what she might see from the flashes. They were going to be flashes, right? Would it be horrible? Would she be able to understand them? Would she even get any? Maria looked into Liz’s eyes. They were still the same eyes she remembered. The same large, soft and compassionate ones she had seen practically seen everyday since the third grade. Maria took a deep breath. She reached out to her friend and let her faith guide her.


Michael and Maria are on a rooftop. Maria is holding binoculars in her hands. Michael stands beside her overlooking the rooftop. “Yeah, that's pretty weird, huh?”

“Pretty weird, huh? Michael, have you ever even thought of the possibility that this guy more than just looks like you? Like he is you. Like your donor. Like your human side is him. Which means in some weird and twisted way, that he and his relatives are like your family.”

“Like Laurie Dupree.”


“It figures. I finally find a family member, and she's a complete whack job.”*

Another flash hits Maria.

*She, Michael and Laurie Dupree are in Tucson, Arizona. They stand in a grand foyer of the Estate of Charles Dupree.

A well dress man stands beside a snooty debutante woman “Spooky. I mean, it's just spooky.”

She stares at Michael. “Oh. Typical is more like it. Daddy always did have that wandering eye. Looks like he just wandered off the marital reservation and left us all a little surprise, hmm?”*

Maria takes in a jagged breath as another flash hit her.

*Maria sees Michael speak to Meredith. “Why don't Laurie's hospital records list you as the next of kin?”

“What hospital?”

“The Pinecrest Psychiatric Institute. Brownfield, Texas. Where Laurie's been living for the past, I don't know, what... three... three years?”*

Maria flinches with the coming of another.

*She and Michael are outside standing beside a grand pool. A man approaches them. They now know him as Robert “Bobby” Dupree. He stops and hands a package to Michael.

“This is yours.”

Michael stares at what Bobby has given him. “What's this?”


Maria is shocked. “What?”

Bobby continues. “And that's all you're going to get. You may look like our father, but we'll fight any further paternity and inheritance claims every step of the way.”

“I'm not here to make an inheritance claim.”

Maria’s curiosity peaks and she asks, “Wait. How big of an inheritance claim are you talking about here?”

Bobby directs his words to some guards nearby. “Please escort Mr. Guerin and his friend off the property.”

As they escort Michael and Maria to the gate, Michael yells. “No. Wait. Wait a minute. What about Laurie?”

Bobby casually walks away. “We'll take care of her now.”*

Maria’s face tightens with concentration as an added flash strikes her.

*She and Michael are at the Hall of Records checking out a file. Michael is clearly impatient.

“This is a STUPID idea.”

“Think about it, Guerin. What do you think Laurie meant when she said that her aunt and uncle needed her to be crazy?”

“Who knows?”

“Well, I do. At least I have a hunch.”

A staff person successfully finds the deed from his cabinet and hands it to Maria. “Deed of record for...11, Osborne Road?

Maria takes the folder from his hand. “Thank you.”

“Sign here please.”

Maria signs the form and turns around. “ ‘Kay. Here you go.” She opens the file and scans it quickly. She begins to laugh as she finds what she's looking for.

“Okay. Just start applauding right now.” And Michael begins to sarcastically clap as Maria explains. “The Dupree estate is in Laurie’s name, left to her by her grandfather.”

“So what does that give us?”

“Hmmm...a little thing called leverage.”*

Maria’s expression softens when she is collided with a further flash.

*“Greetings. It’s the team of Guerin and DeLuca again.” Maria is speaking into an intercom.

The voice on the intercom responds. “Wait right where you are. The police should be by to scoop you up in approximately ten minutes.”

Maria smiles. “Right, of course. Um, are Bobby and Meredith around? If they are could you just have them come outside that way they could take a look at this." Maria holds a deed of record up to the camera.

The voice on the intercom comes on again. “One moment.”

Maria coyly says. “Charmed, I’m sure.”

“If it was me, I’d tell us to get screwed and call the cops anyways.”

“That’s 'cause you don’t have any money Michael. People who do tend to get a little nervous when it’s threatened.”*

Visions fade to a soft gray and become focused again.

*Maria and Meredith are at the Dupree estate having drinks poolside. Meredith pours herself some wine. “You do know that we have power of attorney over Laurie? I love that girl like a daughter.”

Maria listens intently. “Mm...”

“But, the girl is certifiable. And the doctors agree. So we could have you and the beatnik kicked out of here anytime we like.”

“Then why haven’t you?” Maria pulls out a big, leather bound checkbook from her bag. “Maybe it’s...uh, I don’t know, because of the...” She flips the book to a particular page. “One million dollars you donated to the Pinecrest Psychiatric Institute to get them to say that Laurie was crazy?” She smiles knowingly.

Meredith smiles nervously knowing she’s caught. “Where did you get that?”

“Oh, Laurie told me that I could go anywhere in the house that I pleased. So I looked at your desk.”*

Maria’s hands clutch to Liz’s arms tightly. Her eyes are closed but there is rapid movement from behind them.

*Maria and Michael lounge at the poolside. Michael looks at Laurie as she swims in the pool. He directs his question to Maria who is sitting beside him in a matching poolside lounge chair. “What do you think I should call her? Grand-daughter? DNA clone?”

“I’d go with sister. The whole grand-daughter thing really creeps me out. . . . . .Oh! By the way, Meredith and Bobby are EVIL. They’re EE-VIL!! They PAID Pinecrest to keep Laurie out of their hair. Can you believe they would ruin her life so that they could live here like rich bastards?”

Michael shakes his head. “Shallow, shallow people.”*

Maria feels the strain and begins to feel dizzy as the last two flashes crash toward her with surprising speed.

*Robert, Laurie and Meredith are seated facing a lawyer while Michael and Maria stand by the fireplace watching the proceedings in the Dupree’s living room. The lawyer hands out documents for Robert and Meredith to sign. Michael and Maria leave hand in hand.

Michael reaches for a photo in his apartment so that he could get a better look. Michael and Maria share a hug while looking at Laurie’s photo.

End of flash*

Liz let go of Maria as she stood absorbing all the flashes that had whizzed past her. Maria felt her legs giving out and she slowly started sinking to the ground when Liz guided her to a nearby chair. Maria sat for a moment saying nothing. Her face pale and expressionless. Liz looked to her face searching for any telltale signs of what Maria was thinking. When what seemed like an eternity Maria looked up at Liz. Her expression never changing.

“Where did you get these flashes from?” Maria questioned still reeling from everything she saw.

“You gave them to me.” Liz spoke softly looking at her tenderly.

“What did he do with the money?”

Liz’s seriousness softened some. “Two words. Las Vegas.”


“Maria. I need you guys to take care of this, okay? I don’t want Michael working two jobs and going to school. He deserves better than that. You all deserve better. . .” Liz held onto Maria’s hands as she knelt in front of her. “. . .Michael can learn about her afterwards.”

Maria nodded her head. All the information was still swimming fresh in her mind. Kyle and Michael returned from the garage.

“All done.” Kyle said as he and Michael walked back into the living room. “What now?”

Liz stood up and quickly glanced at Kyle, Michael. She then looked back at Maria. “Courtney’s working at the CrashDown this morning?”

Maria nodded.

“Then Michael will use his charms and lure Courtney for a nice little drive. Maria, you’ll be taking Courtney’s place so that my father won’t suspect anything and they won’t be short for the after-church Sunday crowd.”

Maria was about to protest when Liz gave her a knowing glare. Maria closed her mouth and said nothing.

“Kyle. We’ll be using your car.” Liz told Kyle out loud.

“Hey nobody drives my baby but me.” Kyle spoke firmly. He reached for the keys as Liz spoke as she followed Kyle to the door.

“Fine with me.” She turned her head to Michael. “Michael, you’ll sit shotgun while Maria and I sit in the back.” Everyone hopped in, putting their seatbelts on. As Kyle drove around his semi-circular driveway heading toward the CrashDown Café, Liz sported herself a new hair color.

* * * * * * * * * * *

~ Back at the Evans House ~

Isabel’s heart began to twist along with her stomach and she forced herself to keep the tears from forming in her eyes. Would she be able to lie to him? She never wanted to know that answer. “What do you want to know, Max?”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Max and Isabel looked at each other.

“Is Alex picking you up?” Max questioned.

“No. I was going to meet him. Who could it be?” Isabel was just as curious.

“Well there’s only one way to find out.”

They both slowly walked down the hall and toward the front door. They warily stood in front of it for a moment and Max opened up the small peephole to see who was standing on their front porch. The person on the other side lifted her head up and gave a sweet nervous smile.

“Hi Max, Is Isabel in?”

“Yeah sure hold on.” Max shut the peephole again as he reached for the knob.

Isabel recognized the voice and waited for Max to open the door. “Tess, hi.”

Max and Isabel stood with unease at their doorway staring at their visitor.

Tess looked questioningly at the two siblings. “I’m sorry I didn’t call before coming over but I just wanted to talk to Isabel if that’s okay?” Her eyes went from Isabel to Max and then back to Isabel again. “If this is a bad time, I’ll just leave.” Tess turned slowly to walk away.

“No. No, Tess. It’s all right.” Isabel spoke up. “Please come in.” Tess’ arrival was unexpected but Isabel was grateful. She was saved by the doorbell well sort of. As awkward as it was, it was better than confronting Max at the moment and Isabel would take any distraction even if it was Tess.

Tess searched for any indication that it wouldn’t be okay to enter. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Come on in.” Isabel glared at Max.

Max felt the weight of his sister’s glare and reluctantly spoke up. “Yeah, sure come in.”

Tess hesitantly made her way inside. Max and Isabel stepped back to let her enter. They followed her to the living room. The tension was thick in the air and everyone in the room felt it. Everyone eyed each other for a moment when Tess broke the silence. “Where are your parents?”

“Clovis. They’ll be back either tomorrow or Tuesday.” Isabel said simply. She rubbed her hands up and down her jeans nervously.

Max was trying to think of a way on how to get himself out from the uncomfortable situation he was in and looked down to see he was in his boxers and white t-shirt. His face began to blush when he realized he pretty much was indecently dressed in front of his sister and the girl he just gave the day before the ‘I-just-want-to-be-friends’ talk. Max placed his spread palm over his chest like it would somehow protect him from the gawking eyes in the room. He backed away slowly as his ears turned a brilliant shade of red. “I think I better….I should just go….get dressed.”

The two girls caught Max’s embarrassment. Tess giggled and Isabel blurted out a laugh she couldn’t contain. She shook her head and gave him an apologetic look.

Tess looked up and let her eyes admire Max’s strong legs. Her eyes drank up the sight of his powerful thighs as her gaze continued upward to his manhood. Her face flushed slightly and she tried to turn away but her eyes seemed to have a mind of their own and they continued to fixate on the object of her desire.

Max felt the weight of Tess’ stare on a certain part of his body and instinctively reached for a small toss pillow that rested on the couch and placed it protectively over this area once again thinking this would somehow shield him from her prying eyes. Why was he always getting himself into such embarrassing situations? The action only caused more attention to him and Isabel turned her head to see what he had done.

“Oh god, Max get out of here.” Isabel turned her head around again mortified. Max scurried toward his room, his safe haven. She and Max hadn’t realized that he was still wearing what he usually wore to sleep at night when Tess had arrived. She had waved her hand over him and changed his clothes. She had hoped that when he awoke, he would think that the incident that happened with Liz in his room would have been a dream. None of the two had taken any serious thought to what he was wearing when they went to answer the door. “I’m sorry about that Tess.”

“Hey don’t apologize if Max wants to put on a show. I’m not going to complain.” Tess was amused and aroused by Max’s shyness. Unfortunately it only made her want him more. She tried to shake the thought from her mind. It was no use. It was stuck there.

The tension was broken at Max’s expense and the air was now lighter then it was before. Isabel rolled her eyes. She saw how Tess looked at her brother. Isabel knew that Max was good looking from a female’s point of view. She was told so just about everyday by some girl that seemed to be lusting after him either at school or on the street. But she just couldn’t think of him that way. The image of Liz going through Max’s drawer last night made her shudder. ‘Ewwwww’ She thought.

Isabel thought she then needed to explain. “Max and I were kind of surprised when you showed up here. He didn’t have a chance to get dressed yet.”

Tess took a look at Isabel. “But you’re dressed. I guess you were already on your way out?”

“Yeah.” Isabel looked around the room thinking about Alex. She was supposed to be on her way to the Valenti’s. “Anyway, what did you want to see me about?” She hoped it was nothing serious. “Is there something wrong?” ‘Yeah, that’s all I need is for more things to go wrong. Or even worse for her to complain about the tension between her and Max and how Max just basically dumped her.’ She thought.

Tess shook her head. Her blond curls bounced at the movement. “No. Nothing’s wrong. I was just. . .well I’ve been living alone for two weeks now. . . in that big house and all.” Tess looked up at Isabel hoping she didn’t have to say anymore. She thought if she said it out loud then she would have to believe she was nothing but weak and she didn’t want anyone to know especially Nasedo on how she felt. “I went by Michael’s this morning to see if he wanted to maybe practice his powers but. . .he wasn’t there. So I came by to see if you had any plans, you know, maybe breakfast. . .the mall?”

Isabel studied Tess. Was she lonely? Isabel’s forehead creased slightly. She thought back to when they were trying to rescue Max from the Special Unit. Nasedo arrived but they didn’t know it was him until he threw Michael across the room. Tess was clearly upset.


“Don’t ever leave me alone like that again.”

End of flashback

Isabel thought about asking her if she was afraid of being alone in that great big house but decided against it. She felt a pang of guilt. She hadn’t realized how alone Tess must be feeling with Nasedo gone in Washington. Not that Nasedo was any Ward Cleaver but at least she had someone. Isabel also recalled Max telling her about ‘the talk’ and again she felt another prick of sadness. Tess had no one. ‘I have Max, Michael and Alex. Max has Michael, Liz and me and Michael has us and Maria. She has no one.’ Isabel shook her head. What was she going to do? She needed to get to the Valenti’s but she couldn’t take Tess.

“I’m sorry Tess. I already have plans but we can do something tomorrow if you would like?”

“Oh.” Tess shrugged it off like it was no big deal. “May I ask who you’re going with? I mean, I get the idea that it’s not with Max since he wasn’t dressed and all.” Tess’ face felt hot again thinking of Max in his boxers. “It’s not Michael is it?”

“No. I think Michael is with Maria. I have a feeling they’re probably patching things up, you know relationship wise.”

When Isabel didn’t continue Tess prodded. “And. . .”

“And what?”

“So where are you going? Are you going alone?”

“Oh.” Isabel didn’t realize she didn’t completely answer Tess. “I’m going to eat at the CrashDown with Alex.”

Tess turned out a grin and her eyes gave a mischievous glint. “So Alex huh?”

Isabel caught the innuendo and was starting to get annoyed by everyone suggesting things about her and Alex. “What?! Can’t a girl and guy just go out and eat as friends?”

Tess stepped back a little. She was surprised by Isabel’s reaction to her teasing. “I’m sorry Isabel, I was just teasing that’s all. I didn’t mean for you to get upset.”

Isabel looked back at Tess. Had she come on that strong? And why was she so defensive about her and Alex anyway? “I’m sorry. Listen why don’t you stay here and see if Max is doing anything today. I mean, you guys can go miniature golfing or to the movies or something.”

Isabel was drawing at straws. She wanted to get going but she didn’t want to leave Tess alone and she didn’t want to leave Max alone either. She thought about what she had told Max last night but right now, right at this moment she didn’t see anything wrong. ‘Maybe they could just keep each other company until I get back. Then maybe I’ll be able to tell Max everything about Liz being here. And I won’t have lie to him.’

Once again, there was a knock at the front door. Tess and Isabel turned to face the foyer. “When did this place become so busy?” Isabel said out loud. She walked to the door and opened it.

“Isabel. Hi. I came by to see if everything was okay. You said you were going to meet me and I got worried when you didn’t show.” Alex stood on her front porch with relief etched on his face but concern was still dripping in his voice.

“Alex! No everything is fine. Tess just came over and I was about to leave.” Isabel reached for Alex’s hand and gently pulled him in so that he could see Tess.

“Hi Tess.” Alex said.

“Hi Al.”

“It’s not Al. It’s Alex.” He corrected her again.


Alex turned to Isabel. “Why don’t I just take you in my car since I’m here and all. We don’t want to miss anymore of the specials they’re having today.” Alex said cryptically.

“Specials?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah. I heard the ‘specials’ having something to do with New York. . .steak.”

“Okay. Alex I don’t want you to miss out on the ‘specials.’ Tess you stay here. Max will be out any minute.”

Isabel pulled Alex toward the door not waiting for an answer, shutting it behind her. Tess was left standing alone in the living room listening to Alex’s car doors open and shut and hearing the car drive down the street.

* * * * * * *

Please don’t hurt me. This part was difficult to write for obvious reasons. If you don’t know then I won’t tell.

Okay chapter 11B will be here tomorrow then. . .unless you really want to read it later. It's all up to you.*happy*

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So, is Max going to be attracted to "someone like him?" Tess and Max alone?
*Giving you the most shocked expression I have* Say what? You're the only one who feels confident about Max & Tess being alone in the house *giggle*

Michael hasn't rebelled YET because so far he's getting to do something other than sitting on his rumbus pretending everything is normal. What you said about Liz running into people is so true. I keep telling her to be more careful but there are so many things that can happen that are beyond her control.

You think the "Ice Princess" is unable to feels sorry for Tess? Why? Remember this 'summer of S1'

Stacybehr – You just want things to get more complicated don’t you?! You realize Future Liz has only been in the ‘past’ for less than two days right? *happy*

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Hey I told you this was very hard part for me to write. Well here is the rest of what I wrote.

Disclaimer & Summary: I’m not telling you anymore. You know where to go.

~ Chapter 11B ~

Kyle’s Mustang slowed as he parked in the alley behind the CrashDown. He turned the engine off and watched Michael hop out of his car. Michael then reached over and helped Maria out. "Hey! Don’t you people know how to use doors?” Kyle grounded out.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Michael rebuffed.

“Now you know what to do right?” Liz addressed Michael and Maria.

“I go in the CrashDown, use the ol’ Guerin charm on Courtney, get her to come out, then we all go for a nice drive while Maria takes Courtney’s place in the CrashDown.”

“Okay. Kyle and I will wait out of view until you get to the car. Make it quick Michael. The longer it takes the more complicated it gets. I don’t want anyone recognizing me while I’m here.”

“Got it.”

Everyone began to go to their designated positions. Michael and Maria walked into the backdoor of the CrashDown as Kyle and Liz found a place to hide behind a corner of one of the buildings.

* * * * * * *

Max walked out into his living room to find Tess sitting on the couch alone. He looked around for Isabel.

“She not here. She left with Alex just a couple of minutes ago.”

Damn. Max was sure that Tess was going to be able to keep Isabel from leaving until he took a quick shower and got dressed. He thought wrong. Now he was home alone with Tess. This was not good. Not good at all. Why was he always being stuck with Tess? Max started to panic slightly when Tess stopped his destructive thinking.

“Isabel told me to stay to see if you wanted to do something.” She stood up and began making her way to the door. “Look you and I both know we’re not going to do anything today or any other day so since Isabel is gone now, I’ll just leave.”

“Did she say where she was going?” Max asked quietly. He did want her to leave but not before she could give him some information on Isabel. He wasn’t going to give up that easily.

“Alex babbled something about a ‘special’ like a New York steak . . .I think I remember them saying the CrashDown.” Tess answered. She made her way to the door.

Against his better judgment, he spoke out. “You hungry?”

Tess stopped. “Yeah. A little bit.”

“Interested in having breakfast with a friend and if we happen to meet a couple of other friends maybe we can join them?”

Tess thought about it for a second. Max was asking her to go eat with him. Considering he had been avoiding her for the last two weeks and then ‘the talk’ just last night, this was the most contact she had with him. She contemplated on going home and being alone again or going with Max to spy on his sister and possibly getting free breakfast. What a difficult decision.

“Sure but let’s take my car that way Isabel and Alex won’t recognize us until it’s too late.” She gave him a knowing smile.

Max smile nervously at his partner in crime. She thought he wanted to spy on Alex and Isabel and that was only half-true. He let her think that. Isabel wasn’t going to leave him hanging like she did, not when it came to Liz. “Okay let’s go.”

* * * * * * * *

Tess parked her white Honda in the empty space in front of the CrashDown. She and Max had only forced conversation during the drive to the restaurant. Tess was glad that the drive was short and wondered if it was really worth it to come and feel this way. Tess looked around at the other cars and then through the large glass windows of the café. “I don’t see Alex’s car anywhere. Can you see them in the restaurant?”

“Are you sure they were coming here to eat?” Max asked looking hard to see if he could find Alex or Isabel in the restaurant.

“The only other place is Denny’s on Citrus Ave.”

“Let’s get out and take a better look maybe they’re at one of the back booths.”

They got out of the car and made their way closer to the glass window.

Tess saw Michael over by Courtney. He was leaning in and whispered something in her ear. “Isn’t that Michael over there? It looks like he’s flirting with Courtney.”

Max searched for Michael through the window when he finally saw them Courtney was smiling. He saw Michael touch Courtney’s forearm and let it slide on down to her hand.

“I thought Michael is with Maria?” Tess said. “Isabel said she thought they were getting back together. It sure doesn’t look like that to me?”

Max had to close his eyes and then open them again. He was sure Michael was coming on to Courtney. But that couldn’t be. Michael loved Maria. He knew it, heck everyone knew it. He shook his head not really believing his eyes. He watched as Michael pull on a willing Courtney to the back. “Come on let’s go in and find out what’s going on.” Max said putting his hand out to push the door in.

“Wait Max!” Tess halted Max’s movement. “Somethings not right?”

“Of course somethings not right. Michael is making the moves on Courtney. That’s what’s not right.”

Tess looked around. “Besides that.” She turned to look at Max. “I’ve been with Nasedo long enough to know something up. Let’s wait one minute okay?”

Max was going to protest when a few moments later Maria came out from the back where Michael and Courtney had disappeared to just a minute before. She began working the tables.

“Is Maria scheduled to be working right now?” Tess asked.

“No. I think she was supposed to have the day off today.” Max answered.

“And why isn’t Maria upset? She had to have seen Michael with Courtney together unless. . .”

Max and Tess watched as Maria walked over to Mr. Parker and say something to him. His forehead creased with concern with what she said. He then smiled and patted Maria’s shoulder. “ . . .unless she knows. Now I don’t claim to know Maria that well but I don’t think she would be acting that way if she had seen Michael with Courtney the way we just saw them.”

Tess tossed her head in the direction of Maria. “I’d figure Courtney would be in the hospital about now with some heavy wounds and the sheriff would have had to come out and arrest her for assault.”

Max only nodded in agreement. It was true. He would have had to heal Courtney after the injuries Maria would have inflicted on her. “So now what?” He asked.

“I say we get back in the car and drive around to the alley and see if there’s anything suspicious.” Tess backed away slowly from the window so she wouldn’t bring attention to herself. Max followed her lead and they got back in the car heading to the alley.

* * * * * * * * *

Tess slowly turned the corner of the alley and saw Kyle’s noticeably red Mustang. “Isn’t that Kyle's car up ahead?”

“It looks like it. How many other red Convertible Mustangs are there in Roswell? It’s not like we live in L.A or something.”

“Who’s in the car?” Tess asked straining to see if she could recognize anyone.

“I can’t tell. We’re too far away but there seems to be three maybe four people in the car. Can’t you get any closer?” Max was anxious to know if Kyle’s car had anything to do with Michael and Courtney. It just seemed like too much of a coincidence.

“No. If I get too close we might get spotted. Let’s just follow them and see if it leads us anywhere.” The awkward tension between them was finally gone. Their minds now preoccupied with other matters.

Tess followed Kyle back to his place, parking a few houses back. The one good thing about a Honda is everyone had one and no one ever thinks to look twice at one. Max and Tess watched Kyle drive his car up the driveway. They were not prepared for what they saw next.

Kyle got out of his car along with Courtney and Michael. Michael roughly pulled Courtney along as if she were a prisoner. Her stance was ridged as a petite woman with short strawberry blonde hair came up from the rear to walk behind her. She turned around to cautiously survey up and down the street to see if they were followed. Her attention stopped to look at the white Honda they were in and Max and Tess bent down quickly.

Max lifted his head so that his eyes peered over the dashboard. They gravitated back to the woman. He narrowed his eyes straining to focus on her. His pulse quickened. He knew this woman. She looked familiar. Finally seemingly satisfied she turned back to the group and entered the house.

Max sat up straight from his seat in Tess’ car. His eyes continued to stare at the place where the strawberry blonde stood minutes before. He was still trying to put his finger on who that woman was. It seemed to be just at the tip of his tongue, just at the edge of his mind. Why couldn’t he remember?

Tess straightened up as well. She eyed the other vehicle parked near Kyle’s house. “Isn’t that Alex’s car?” She pointed her finger in its direction.

He turned to Tess. “Do you know what’s going on?”

Tess shook her head. It seemed like the only two people who didn’t know what was on the program were seated in her car. “I guess we weren’t invited to this little get together.” She said caustically.

“Why do they have Courtney with them?” Max voiced his question out loud. Was there something about Courtney they didn’t know about?

Max couldn’t understand what had happened. It had been quiet since Nasedo left. Maybe that was it. Maybe something happened to Nasedo. Maybe Michael, Isabel, Alex, and Kyle discovered that Courtney was working for the FBI. “Maybe she’s Tolopsky’s replacement.” Max again spoke his thought out loud.

Tess turned her attention to him. “Do you think Courtney is FBI and Tolopsky’s replacement?” That thought sent Tess into a near panic. If this was true, that meant something had happened to Nasedo. Had he been discovered and captured? Was he somewhere in a white room like they had Max? Could he be dead, again? Or worse, was he alive and were they cutting him open, taking the insides of him out to see how different he was and studying him? Her questions gave her no comfort. They only added fuel to an already raging flame of fear.

The more Max thought the more questions he had. His ever-increasing list of questions was getting longer by the second and still he was nowhere close to getting any answers. He shook his head. “This is no good. I need answers and I need them now.” His frustration was hitting an all time high and for the briefest of seconds he thought he sounded like Michael. He paused for a moment then shook it off. He reached for the handle on the door.

“Max, we can’t go in there.” Tess threw her arm out to halt Max as he began to exit the car. “If we go in there, they’re not going to tell us anything. Think about it Max. They obviously don’t want us to know what’s going on because we’re out here. What makes you think that just because we go in there they’re going to tell us the truth? Huh? Let’s get some more information before we go charging in there.”

Max weighed Tess’ words. Should he wait? Was he over-reacting? He was acting a lot like Michael. He had never been in a situation like this before. Michael and Isabel usually turned to him for leadership even before they knew he was king. Was he being irrational? Yet this was the second time in two days where he had located everyone in what seemed like a secretive meeting. Yesterday at Michael’s and today here at the Valenti’s. Yesterday. . . yesterday, the day he had sensed Liz at Michael’s. Did Liz have something to do with this?

“Max! Get in the car!” Tess shouted. “They’re coming out of the house!”

Max whipped his head back to look at the Valenti residence and saw Michael emerging from the front door. He quickly got back in the car to watch what was going to happen next. Courtney followed behind closely. Max could tell she was no longer wearing the green CrashDown uniform. Even though they were too far away to see her face Max could tell by her body language she was being held against her will. The strawberry blonde walked authoritatively behind Courtney. Her strides were strong and confidence seemed to flow from every movement she made. Max tried with all his might to focus more on this woman. He knew her, she looked so familiar but from where? Then following behind the mystery girl was his sister Isabel followed by Alex as they made their way to Alex’s car.

“I guess we’re going to find out where this party’s moving to.” Tess whispered to Max as if the people they were spying on could hear.

They watched as the car backed up and drove down the street. Tess put the car in drive and followed.

* * * * * * *

Tess took the ticket that the parking machine spit out at her and the long bar lifted. She drove underneath the parking garage searching for an empty space.

“There’s an opening over there.” Max pointed. His words finally broke the long silence. Neither had said a word since they began to follow Alex’s car over an hour ago to the Albuquerque Airport.

Tess pulled into the space and got out of the car. She hurried over to Max who had gotten out just as quickly and ran through the parking area stopping behind one of the large structural pillars throughout the subdivision.

Tess crept up close to Max “What are they doing?” She whispered.

“They’re getting out of the car.” Max answered still staring intently as one by one climbed out from Alex’s car.

“So what do you think?” Tess peered over at the group.

“About what?” Max’s eyes never deviated from the direction of his sister and the others. His eyes had drawn again to the strawberry blonde. He couldn’t help but think there was something about her. His body was telling him that Liz was close. So very close and he took a moment to look around for her.

“Are they picking up or are they dropping off?” Max finally took his eyes off of the group across the way and looked at Tess. He didn’t know so he shrugged his shoulders and turned his attention back to the group across the parking lot.

Max’s curious amber eyes watched the mystery woman as she walked towards the airport terminal. He never noticed how close Tess was standing to him. He didn’t see Alex wrap his arm around Isabel’s waist or how Isabel placed her head on his shoulder. He didn’t see how Michael gruffly held on to Courtney’s arm and he vaguely registered the echoing muffled voices as they talked from across the parking lot. His eyes continued to follow her body as she walked across the lot.

“Who is she?” Max breathed out not sure if he should trust his instincts or not.

“Don’t know. Let’s see if we can get closer without them seeing us.” Tess suggested. She watched Alex, Isabel, Courtney, Michael and the small woman, she didn’t recognize, enter the building through the automatic sliding doors. “Nobody’s carrying any luggage except that woman with the black backpack on her back.”

Max stood up and began running to where the group had just left. He knew that there was something about that girl. The black backpack. It was the same one that was at Michael’s yesterday.

“Max!” Tess called after him.

When he didn’t answer her she followed him. Max stopped in front of the automatic doors and waited for them to open. He bounced from foot to foot when finally the doors opened up. He was going to lose them. He had no idea which way they were heading. “Do you see them?” He asked when Tess pulled up beside him.

“No, I’m not for sure which way they were headed.” Just as she finished her sentence a woman’s voice came over the intercom system announcing Flight 529 for New York was now boarding.

They looked to each other and said in unison. “New York steak…” and headed for the gate that the flight was taking off.

~ End of Chapter 11B ~

Gosh Dang it! Are we ever going to get to New York?

Here’s my next question is. . .

Do you want to read about Maria and the gang taking care of the ‘Michael’ business or can we just assume everything went well in that area and concentrate on Liz, Michael and Courtney in New York? Please let me know.

I’m still working on my technical difficulty. *sad*

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Honesty, I didn't do this on purpose, the thread went loopy*sad*

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CCRSWLL- My extreme apologizes. My head doesn't seem to be screwed on right today! I'm going to fix it right away!!

So you guys think Max should reach Liz before she gets on the plane?

I mean, if he does, there's going to be a BIG scene, you would think, right? Especially if Liz sees Tess with Max.

And what about Future Liz? How is she going to react when she feels & sees Max. It's a little too public of a place for her to go to pieces, don't you think?

But it's up to you guys b/c honestly I have no idea what is going to happen next. What do you think should happen next & how would they react?

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* * * * * * * *

The black screen becomes lighter and the picture becomes clear. I’m in a room sitting on a brown couch. It’s an ugly brown, the couch. The kind you wish you could steam clean away. My grey sweatpants are soft against my skin and I have one leg bent up in front of me as my other foot dangles down the side of the nasty colored sofa. My green knit sweater I’m wearing is just as soft as my sweatpants are. The weather has gotten cold all of a sudden. You can never really tell what the weather will be like here is Los Angeles.

A voice from across the room draws my attention and I turn to look at him.

“Your family and readers are concerned about you. . . .deeply concerned. I want you to know that, however, unique you think your problems may be, there are millions of others out there going through exactly what you’re going through right now. Let me assure you, this is all normal life stuff. Can you try and tell me what’s been going on?

I look at him narrowing my eyes, trying to make out his features but I can’t see him. All I really hear is his voice. I’m a bit disoriented as I try to gather my thoughts.

I’ve taken a breath then sigh, “Well, I guess the natural place to start is . . .that I started writing a fic, actually a ‘Roswell’ fic. I think it’s a really good story but it is my very first time writing such tale.”


Liz stood with her arms crossed at her chest. She brought one arm down and with her other hand began rubbing her opposite forearm protectively bracing herself for what she was about to say. "I know this may be hard to believe but right now the 16-year-old me is in Florida. I am 28 years old and I've come back from the year 2012."

With that comment she received strange and bewildered looks from all in the room as she continued. "I've come back to set things right. To make sure that what happened in my timeline does not happen again. I asked you to come here because I can't do this alone. I'll need your help. There are certain things that need to be done and timing is of the essence. If this plan works, then we will have changed the future...all of our futures...allowing us to have the future we deserved." Liz looked around at everyone.


I turn my attention to the large bay window in front of me. The clouds are as grey as my sweatpants and the sun is finally making an appearance although it’s sunset and I can see the bright orange ball descending in the horizon, slowly disappearing behind one of the great mountains surrounding the valley.

“You see I’m a ‘Roswell’ fanatic, my board name is called ‘2crzy4roswell’ that should pretty much tell you how much I love ‘Roswell.’ I live in the world of fanfic. That is where I am the happiest. Reading all the wonderful stories that people, from all walks of life and all over the world, write about our beloved characters.” I smile thinking about several of those fics.

“Well recently ‘RL’, I dare not say the whole word for then I must acknowledge its presence., has found me and I’ve been forced to return to that cruel place.


Ring, ring.

I reach for the phone and pressed the talk button. “Hello?”

“Hey.” Said the voice on the other end of the phone.

“Oh hey Dave, what’s up?”

There’s a long moment of silence and a shiver courses up my spine. A terrible feeling washes over me. Something is wrong.

The silence is broken when the voice is heard again. “I just got a phone call that my sister killed herself.” The voice is low and sad.

I stand there gripping the phone in my hands but I cannot feel them. I stare ahead looking at nothing and I can’t believe the words I heard. I stand there in silence for what seems like an eternity and I imagine David is doing the same on the other side. I feel like my knees can no longer support me so I slowly fall to the ground. There I sit on the carpeted floor and I cannot speak. I say nothing. No more words are spoken. What else is there to say?


“The memorial is tomorrow. I guess it’s like a viewing but it will be a closed casket and the funeral will be held on Thursday. I let out a breath of obvious frustration.
“She left behind children . . .the youngest 18 months old.” I try to stay unemotional as I speak but it’s hard.

I close my eyes tightly, taking in another breath and hold it. I finally let it out after a few seconds tick on by. “And now I don’t seem to have the energy to type anything. I have still been reading some of my favorite fics but even that has been a struggle. I’m tired and I just want to sleep.”

I open my eyes again. “Along with that, I have been experiencing severe writer’s block but I’m getting help with that.”

I turn my attention to the unfocused presence that accompanies me in the room. “Do you know that Nacedo and Grant Sorenson didn’t really die?” I question the invisible being that shares the room with me. “They moved to someplace called Push, Nevada and Isabel seems to be trapped in the Twilight Zone.” I frown, and my forehead creases as I think about my last statement.

The voice from across the room shouts to get my attention. “Ari? Ari! Ari, don't you have anything to say? Anything at all?” His voice begs for me to answer.

I look out the large window again. I hesitate slightly but recover. “It's like you said, just...normal adult stuff.”

The screen becomes unfocused and the pictures fades finally turning black again.

* * * * * * * *

I began writing this a scene a couple of days ago and finished it today.

I didn't write it to bring any pity or sympathy upon me. I wrote it because I felt I needed to express what I was feeling. To help me cope with the sudden turn of events that has occurred in my and my family's life.

I wrote in the beginning that writing this fic was therapy for me and that hasn't changed. It only has been enforced now.

I haven't given up on this story and with the help and support of Sansucry, Borderinsanity and Breathless, I now have direction again. I've even written a new part. It's not completely finished though.

I just wanted you to know I'm okay, considering. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth and definitely haven't forgotten my story and the people who have taken their valuable time in reading it. I will survive. *A determined smile appears on my face* And we will become stronger because of it.

My hope is that I will have something for you by Sunday. . .Monday the latest.

And 'thank you' everyone for the bumps.

Edited once b/c I can't seem to edit that "⊕#$%" smiley face at the top of my message.

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Um, hello everyone. {{waves}}

Well, I finally took a shower much to the relief my family. Mopping around in the same clothes for two days seems to have branded me “stinky.” And I even got dressed and went out on Sunday. yippe.

So Anyway ~ I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone that left FB and didn’t forget about me and this fic.

BelevnDreamsToo, Lilac Stardust, Frenchkiss70, Clueless, SarahWhitman, CCrswll, RosWool,, SciFiNut111 - Thank you!

Sansucry - “Thank you again for just being there and being a good listener.”

RoswellLady ~ First off – Thank you so much for sharing with me. It hurts to know that there wasn’t something we could have done for them and that they are actually gone. And I’m now realizing that I should be more grateful for everything that I have and should enjoy life more.

And one of those things is writing this story.

So just to let everyone know, I have a new part coming in just a little bit.

BTW ~ Also a great big "Thank you" to BorderInsanity who beta's my story and w/o the help of her there wouldn't have been this new part.*happy*

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~*~ Banner by Borderinsanity ~*~

A Rose Is True Blue – Thank you for asking. David says he’s okay. It’s still to fresh a hurt so that’s all he’s saying for now.

* * * * * *

Screen brightens and becomes focused again. We see Maria standing in front of a green chalkboard. She smiles at us as she holds in her hand a piece of pink chalk. She begins to pace.

“Just because you haven’t read a new part of ‘Promises to Keep’ doesn’t mean that life in Roswell has stopped. Au contraire. It’s been quite busy around here. Let’s review. Does everyone remember that Liz came from the future?”


Liz stood with her arms crossed at her chest. "I know this may be hard to believe but right now the 16-year-old me is in Florida. I am 28 years old and I've come back from the year 2012." . . . .

"I've come back to set things right. To make sure that what happened in my timeline does not happen again. . . . If this plan works, then we will have changed the future...all of our futures...allowing us to have the future we deserved."


Maria continues. “In the meantime, our Max, you know, the Max from our timeline has figured out that something isn’t right and that the people he trusted are keeping secrets from him.”


Max entered Michael’s apartment in two large strides. His eyes scanned the apartment quickly.

In the living room stood Maria and Michael standing face to face with Sheriff Valenti leaning against the counter top near the kitchen with an amused look on his face. His blue eyes sparkled as he watched the scene unfold before him.

“Morning Maxwell.” Michael said flatly.

“Morning Max.” Maria said with a nervous smile as she shifted uncomfortably.

“Max.” Jim said lifting his head slightly then took another sip from his mug.

“What’s going on?” Max stared at the people he called his friends.


When padding quietly past Max’s bedroom, Isabel’s hesitance was a mistake for it opened and she was now face to face staring at her brother’s questioning eyes. . . .

Max wondered if he just asked her for the truth if she would tell him. . . What could it possibly be that she wouldn’t or couldn’t tell him?

“Isabel? I trust you. I trust you with my life so if I ask you something would you be honest with me?”

Isabel’s heart began to twist along with her stomach and she forced herself to keep the tears from forming in her eyes. Would she be able to lie to him? She never wanted to know that answer. “What do you want to know, Max?”


Maria stopped pacing to look at us again. “While Future Liz, Michael and Courtney are on they way to New York to meet up the dupes.”


Courtney exclaims. “New York! Now why in the hell would I want to be going to New York?”


Maria becomes embarrassed. “Opps. Sorry, I think I went a little too far ahead. Anyway. Here’s Chapter 12, “New York, New York”

Maria places the chalk on the little shelf just below the chalkboard and looks around as she walks off. She shouts to someone from behind the scene, grumbling. “Now why was I suppose to stand in front the this chalkboard again? I didn’t write anything so what’s the point?”

Disclaimer & Summary: I’m not telling you anymore. You know where to go.

~ Chapter Twelve ~

~ Sunday morning, July 8, 2000, Albuquerque Airport ~

Max stopped in front of the automatic doors and waited for them to open. He bounced from foot to foot when finally the doors opened up. He was going to lose them. He had no idea, which way they were heading. “Do you see them?” He asked when Tess pulled up beside him.

“No, I’m not for sure which way they were headed.” Just as she finished her sentence a woman’s voice came over the intercom system announcing Flight 529 for New York was now boarding at gate D-23.

They looked to each other and said in unison. “New York steak…” and headed for the gate that the flight was taking off.

* * * * *

Liz knew he was there. She didn’t need to see him to know he was near. When they returned to Jim Valenti’s place, Liz spied up and down the block, out of habit, when she saw the white Honda parked a few houses down the street. She smiled inwardly. ‘Oh Max, I should have known you wouldn’t have stayed away. So you got Tess helping you out on this. I should have known. You’re slumming again.’ She made one more sweep up and down the street, satisfied it was only them who were watching when she then turned and walked into the house.

“Look you don’t need to be shoving me around.” Courtney said, pulling her arm away from Michael’s grip. She rubbed her hand over the sore area where Michael had had it moments ago.

“Just making sure you don’t get any ideas about leaving.” Michael said, walking over to the wall, leaning against it and crossing his arms.

“You think you’re some big man, don’t you?” Courtney eyed Michael up and down. “Care to tell me why I was dragged here.”

“We know who you are.” Michael stared her down.

Courtney’s anger was apparent in her voice when she came back at him. “What? What are you talking about?”

Liz stalked over to Courtney, circling around her, examining her face, neck, arms, and legs. Courtney didn’t like the way Liz encompassed her, sizing her up like a predator who had just found its wounded or defenseless prey when her eyes stopped wandering. Liz reached for the same arm that Michael had wrapped his hand around, she gripped it tightly and twisted it hard.

“Hey, that hurts!” Courtney shouted, yanking her arm away yet again.

Liz held out a large piece of skin that came off when Courtney pulled away and with her fingers she held it up, having it suddenly disintegrate before everyone’s eyes. “You’re going to need more moisturizer Court, you’re starting to shed.” Liz smiled menacingly.

“What the hell?” Michael said pushing himself off the wall when he saw what Liz did and then what happened. Liz had told them all about the skins but now seeing it with his own two eyes, he still couldn’t believe it.

“Oh my god.” Isabel exclaimed. She and Alex arrived just a few minutes before Liz, Kyle, Michael and Courtney came walking in. Alex had tried to get her up to speed but Isabel was still processing everything when the interrogation began.

“We don’t have time for the usual 20 questions here Court. You need to change your clothes and if you don’t then I’ll just get Iz or Michael here to do it for you. We have a plane to catch.” Liz said calmly but there was an underlying hardness in her speech. She walked over to Alex and her voice completely changed. “Were you able to get the tickets?” Her voice was soft and affectionate.

“Yeah. Three tickets from Albuquerque to New York, Flight 529 at 1:40 p.m. If we leave now we’ll have about 15 minutes to spare.” Alex handed the paper with the confirmation number they would need to show when they arrive.

“New York! Now why in the hell would I want to be going to New York?”

“Like I said Court, no time for the Q & A session. We can do all that on our ride to the airport. Now are you going to get changed or what?” Liz’s voice came out cold again when she addressed her captive.

Courtney stood defiantly tall and ridged with her arms crossed over her chest. She didn’t like the attitude Liz was giving her and her mind was reeling from how they had found her out. She had been compromised and she wanted to know when and how. The mission was too important for her to have slipped up and she needed to find out some answers. She narrowed her eyes at Liz showing she wasn’t the least bit intimated. “I thought you were supposed to be in Florida with your aunt. Intel told me you were a teenager like the rest of them so what’s with the tacky dye job?”

What last bit of patience Liz had, left and she a shot a command at Michael. “Michael. Blue jeans and white T.”

Michael came to attention at Liz’s order and strode over to stand next to Courtney.

“Now Court, Michael here is still learning how to control his powers so you might want to reconsider. . .unless you don’t mind what you might end up with.” Liz warned as one eyebrow shot up, informing Courtney before Michael had the chance to put his palm up. Michael turned his head to give Liz a questioning death glare.

Courtney weighed her options as she stood beside Michael. She looked at him quizzically then at Liz, and sneered. “Fine . . . and it’s Court-ney.” She emphasized before taking a step back and placing one palm on her chest and the other on the bottom half of her skirt changing them into the jeans and shirt Liz had dictated Michael to give her.

Everyone, but Liz, stood motionless as they watched Courtney perform her ‘changing of clothes’ act. The reality of what was really happening started to finally sink in.

“Michael–door. You go out first & I’ll follow behind Court just to make sure she decides she no longer wants to stay with us. Iz, Alex, C’mon let’s go.”

Liz gave a side-glance to Jim and Kyle who had been standing on the outskirts of the room quietly listening. She gave a small, sad smile “I’ll see you in a couple of days.” Not really sure if it was true but hoping that it would be. She still had one other matter to take care of when she returned from New York, IF she returned from New York. She then turned, walking out with Courtney in front of her and Isabel following her close behind.

Outside Liz could see from the corner of her eye that the white Honda was still parked down the street as she watched Michael get in the back seat of Alex’s car followed by Courtney and then herself. Isabel then sat in the passenger’s seat beside Alex. No one said anything as he started the car, backed out of the driveway and onto the street headed in the direction of Albuquerque.

* * * * * * *

Alex pressed the red button eliciting a rectangular strip of paper to come out from the automated parking attendant. The hour drive from Kyle’s place to the airport had been somewhat informative and tense.

Courtney played twenty questions and to everyone’s surprise Liz answered as best as she could. Not wanting to give Courtney the upper hand she left some things left unknown.

After a while she spoke again. “Listen Parker, I’m curious how you found me out? I’ve only been in town for a week and just got the job at the CrashDown a couple of days ago. What tipped you off?”

“Nothing tipped me off. I found out about you a long time ago.” Liz said flatly, her voice low.

“Excuse me?”

Liz leaned in closer and whispered, “Look, you’ve already figured out I’m not a teenager and your Intel was not wrong when they said I was one. They brought you in because they heard there was a shooting at the local café and that a Liz Parker had been mysteriously healed. You and I both know that it was Max that healed me and then all the red flags began to wave some weeks ago when the FBI activity came in on a all time high.” Liz scanned around briefly just to make sure that there were no other vehicles hanging around that could lead to trouble. “So let’s just cut to the chase alright? I’m from the future that’s why I know who you are. I know about Nicholas and wanting the granolith. I also know about Khivar and I also know why you follow Rath.”

Courtney’s eyes widened in shock. She had heard there was always the possibility of time travel but in all her years alive she had never seen or heard of anyone who experienced it. Only someone with special abilities could modify the granolith. “Who?” She wanted to know.


If it was possible Courtney’s eye widened even more. She shot a glance at Michael to see if he was listening but he had his eyes closed and she figured he was taking a nap. “Does he know? Have you told him?”

Liz turned to glance at Michael before turning back. “He knows a little but not everything. I thought I would tell them when we get back with the others.”

“How much do you know?” Courtney said. Her excitement couldn’t be contained.

“I believe I know everything.”

“You met Serena?” She searched Liz’s eyes for confirmation.


“So you know about. . .”


“Oh my god.” Courtney leaned up against the seat. “And what’s in New York?” She turned her head back to face Liz.

“The second set of pods. They ended up in New York.”

Courtney shook her head. “There were rumors that there were two sets of the Royal four but we were unable to substantiate it. We have been looking for years. We have been trying to locate the other protector too but we were never able to get a fix on her.”

Liz was confused. “What do you mean her?” Liz questioned. As far as she knew the only protectors were males. Liz shook her head. “The only protectors of the royal four we ever knew and came in contact with were Nasedo and Cal Langley and as far as I know they were males.”

Courtney explained, “There were four protectors, we assumed two for each four square.”

Liz nodded her head. “Yes Serena told us that but when Max was kidnapped by the Special Unit the first time, he remembered Pierce telling him there were four protectors. One died in the crash. One that was captured and then escaped which was Nasedo and then there was Cal Langley. We never knew what happened to the fourth alien.”

Courtney said, “There were two females and two males. They were to pose as their parents as well as protect the royal four until the coming of age. We know the whereabouts of Cal Langley. His real name is Odem. The one you call Nasedo, his real name is Jirob. The other two were called Talie and Keyala. We have yet to confirm whether they are dead or alive.”

Liz said, “Do you think there was any correlation with the two missing protectors and the second set of pods being thrown down the sewer in New York?”

Courtney said, “Hey you’re from the future you tell me!”

Liz said, “Look the only thing we ever learned was that every protector we came in contact with were traitors. So when Max found Langley and that went bust, we didn’t spend any more of our time looking for others.”

Courtney said, “So from how far in the future are you from?”

“As of today, twelve years. I’ve come back from the year 2012.”

“So what have you been doing for the past twelve years before you showed up here?”



“The Alliance, you know, basically everyone.”

“The Alliance? I haven’t heard of them.” Courtney said thinking about all the players in this chessboard of war.

“They haven’t been formed yet. And I’m here to make sure they don’t.”

“How do the second set of Royals come into this?” Courtney was curious to know.

“They’re the key.” Liz said.

“Why did you pick me to come with you instead of Isabel, Tess or even Max?” Courtney was curious.

“Because I trust you. Because of what you did for us in our timeline.”

Continued in next post

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Chapter twelve continued . . .

Courtney studied Liz for a moment wondering what she could have done that had invoked such trust and loyalty in her from this woman. Yes she was loyal to Rath. This was one of the reasons she left her world to help the cause but she was loyal to Rath not Zan.

“I know where you’re loyalties lie Courtney.” Liz said as if she could read her thoughts. “And I understand why now because of what Serena told us but that doesn’t change what you did for us, I know you are loyal and that is why I chose you.”

Courtney was taken aback for a moment as her mind tried to wrap around her future actions. She took a deep breath and sat drained in her seat. “So you know where the second set of Royals are in New York? That city is pretty big for us to be wandering around?

“Yeah, I know where they are.”

So what are their names and are they identical to these Royal four?”

“They took their past lives names and as for them being identical, well, they’re from New York, what else can I say.”

“So Max’s . . .” Courtney started.

“dupe is Zan, Isabel’s dupe is Lonnie, short for. . .” Liz counteracted.

“Vilandra. . .Tess’s dupe is Ava and then there’s. . .” Courtney supplied.

“Rath, Michael.” Liz finished. Liz turned in the seat and looked out the back window. She was just checking to see if Max and Tess were still behind them. When she spotted the little white Honda two cars back she turned around.

Michael finally swung his arm around the back of the seat and Courtney stiffened a little. He had listened to the whole thing and now that she was done talking he tried to get Liz’s attention but she never looked over at him. Something was off and he just had this feeling that things were going to go bad rather quickly.

Throughout the long drive Alex looked in his rearview mirror to peek at Liz who seemed to be deep in thought. He had even tried to lighten the mood by sticking his tongue out at her. It did no good. Liz looked up and gave him a forced melancholy smile and then returned to looking out her passenger window. He had taken numerous glances himself in his side and rearview mirror to see what she could be looking at but saw nothing behind him. He considered just asking her but in the end he didn’t.

“I think I see an empty space up there.” Isabel’s voice pulled Alex out of his thoughts.

Alex parked the car in the empty spot Isabel had found and turned the car off. One by one everyone began to pile out of the car. Liz stretched trying to relieve the stiffness from sitting too long. She knew Max and Tess had followed them here and she only hoped that her plan would work. She hadn’t told anyone yet. It only would have served to upset them more and they would find out eventually anyway. Why give them more to worry about. She threw the black backpack she brought with her over her shoulder.

Michael still wasn’t sure about Courtney so he continued to forcefully tug at her arm to keep her in line. They began their walk across the parking lot to one of the small islands between the busy lanes making their way to the terminal. Alex and Isabel led the way with Michael, Courtney and Liz following close behind.

When they had passed through the automatic sliding doors, Liz placed her palm on the metal frame letting her hand linger over it for a moment before allowing it to fall back down to her side as the doors slid shut.

Casually she quickened her pace glancing at the gift shop displays before turning her attention to the group. “All right everyone I didn’t mention this on our way here but Max and Tess have been following us since we picked up Courtney.”

Michael was pissed when he heard this. The fact that Liz decided to finally mention this vital information now only served to raise his agitation and it was transparent in his voice. “So now what? Are we suppose to try to make a run for it?”

“No.” Liz said coolly ignoring Michael’s sarcastic remark. “But we could walk just a little bit faster, not too much, I don’t want to draw attention to ourselves.” Her strides became wider.

“How close are they?” Isabel wanted to know, she turned her head around to see if she could catch sight of either Max or Tess, her anxiety rising as well. “Did you sense him?”

Liz made her way to the security check. “I rigged the automated sliding doors to reset buying us a few minutes nothing more.” Liz beckoned for Michael and Courtney to go through the security arches first while she let her eyes scan the public hallway.

“No, I haven’t sensed him yet. I saw Tess’ car parked down the street from Jim’s house. I can put two and two together. You keep forgetting I’ve been doing this for a lot longer than you have. They’ll be hot on our heels soon. I’m assuming he can sense me the same way I do so it won’t be long.”

Liz came up closer to Alex and Isabel leaning in close to talk. “Iz, I need you to divert that security guard’s attention from my bag. There are a few things in it I just don’t feel like explaining to them. Isabel nodded slightly and went on placing her watch and necklace in the basket before passing through the security panel without a hitch. She reached for her belongings and walked toward the guard as Liz placed her bag on the conveyer belt.

“Opps. Clumsy me.” Isabel said in her sweetest voice as her watch and necklace fell to the ground next to the feet of the middle-aged guard who had been watching the x-ray monitor. The man glanced over at Isabel, his eyes ran over her curvatus figure then finally settling on her well-developed chest, smiling. The bag slowly passed through and out the other side.

“Here let me get that for you.” He bent down to pick up the two items Isabel had purposefully dropped and Liz lifted her bag up and slung it over her shoulder again. She turned around to see Alex already through, picking up his wallet and keys when the voice of a woman came over the intercom announcing the boarding of Flight 529 to New York.

Liz walked over to where Michael and Courtney stood nearby and waited for Alex to join the group.

“That’s your flight guys.” Alex stated when Isabel had joined them. Courtney had decided to be a good girl through the little parlor game that had just been played out as they all now gathered together. Liz couldn’t help but let out a mischievous smirk “Good thing the guard was straight or Mr. Guerin here would have to be accidentally dropping his watch on the floor.”

Everyone let out a laugh except Michael who shot Liz another death glare offended that his masculinity had been questioned he huffed. “Yeah right! What about Alex?”

“What do you mean? What about Alex? I’m as straight as they come.”

“Yeah, right. Your best friends are girls that’s the first signs of someone batting for the other side.”

Liz’s smile faded and her stance stiffened. She felt her heart quicken again as it pounded in her chest making the blood course faster through her veins. She knew she really didn’t have to turn around to know he was there but did so anyway. She thought she had been fully prepared for this but when her eyes met his, her breath caught in her throat. There he stood no more than ten feet away from her on the other side of the security tables.

She closed her eyes hoping his image would disappear like some phantom as her heart fought with her mind. Her mind wanted him to be as far away from her as possible while her heart begged for her to go to him and hold him in her arms just one more time.

“He’s so young.” She whispered. ‘I don’t remember him being so young.’ She felt the sting of tears begin as they started to well up in her eyes. ‘God why does he have this power over me? Damn you for having this effect on me. Damn me for loving you so much.’ Liz willed away the tears and shook her head defiantly. She straightened her shoulders and determinately walked to one of the guards that stood near the security arch.

“Excuse me sir,” Liz approached the man in uniform. “I’m sorry to bother you but I believe I overheard a couple talking about trying to sneak some drugs through.”

“Could you identify them ma’am?” The guard questioned looking at Liz intently.

Liz nodded her head, turning her face to look upon Max again. Their eyes locked and Max stopped in his tracks when he finally recognized her. The look in his eyes made Liz’s heart beat even faster. She lifted her arm and pointed at him. “That’s him over there with the blonde. I believe I heard something about stuffing the pouches in her bra.”

The guard followed Liz’s finger in the direction she pointed and saw Max rooted to the spot he was standing as he stared back at them as Tess finally caught up with him to stand by his side.

“I hope I’m wrong sir but I just wanted you to know, just in case.” Liz heard her words come out of her mouth but she couldn’t feel her lips.

Liz raised her head upward when she heard the woman’s voice from the intercom system come on again announcing the final boarding of Flight 529 for New York. She brought her head back down and gazed back into Max’s confused and questioning face.

“That’s my plane, may I go sir?” She couldn’t tear her eyes away. The confusion on Max’s face was piercing. She needed to turn but his gaze had fixed her to her spot.

“Yes ma’am, we’ll take it from here. Thank you.” The security guard reassured her.

Liz took a stepped back, still staring at Max. If she had the ability to rip her heart out of her chest she would have done so at that very moment for the way he looked at her, she wanted to die. She didn’t want to feel the pain that was striking her down anymore. She fought desperately for it to go away but she had to do this. She couldn’t let him follow her. She couldn’t let him interfere with what she was doing. Didn’t he realize she was doing this all for him, for her, for all of them?

She took another step back and slowly began to turn away. This time her eyes betrayed her by welling up again and her vision of him became blurry. She took another step back. “Forgive me.” She whispered too soft for anyone to really hear but herself. Her face slowly turned but she continued to stare at him through water-filled eyes. Finally turning all together, she lowered her head, the guilt of what she just did was weighing on her chest and she thought she was suffocating. She began to walk faster hoping the hurt would lessen the further she got.

Isabel’s eyes were filled with tears as she watched Liz talk to the security guard. She couldn’t hear what they were saying and the next thing she knew Liz was quickly walking away as four airport security guards approached Max and Tess.

Michael frowned and began walking fast as he and the rest of the group tried to catch up with Liz. “What do you think she said to the guard?”

Alex shook his head. “I don’t know but it looks like after you guys take off for New York, me and Isabel are going to need to bail Max and Tess out of airport jail.”

When the group finally caught up with Liz she was standing by an attendant near the doors for boarding the plane.

Michael and Courtney said nothing when Liz told them to go ahead and board.
After witnessing the near incident just minutes ago, observing the look that passed between Max and Liz’s face, they had no words and quietly walked toward the doors that led to the plane. They knew Liz was going to briefly say goodbye.

Liz walked over to Isabel and Alex. Her militant air was gone. “After we take off, you two go rescue Max and Tess.” She looked between the two as she spoke. And Isabel could see the devastation in Liz’s face.

Secretly Liz hoped that by the time they came to rescue them, they would have already done a complete strip search and cavity check on Tess. She shook her head scolding herself to stop thinking of such things. As much as she hated, no disliked Tess, she too was one of the reasons why she came back. Then suddenly she groaned, wincing at the thought of some female guard doing the same to Max. She fought hard, holding herself back so that she didn’t go bolting after him trying to rescue him from some middle-aged, overheated, romance novel reading woman from manhandling her man.

“Liz. . .” Isabel pleaded. The images of the guards surrounding Max as they walked away felt like a brick in her stomach. She felt she had betrayed and abandoned her brother and it was killing her.

Liz cut her off. “Tell him everything, okay. No more lies. When we take off. . . tell him. Hopefully his anger will have subsided some by the time we get back. It will give him some time to let things sink in.” Liz’s voice was low and there was pain when she spoke her words. “This will be over soon.” She reached for Isabel and hugged her tight. She brought her mouth near Isabel’s ear and whispered. “Keep Alex safe.” She pulled away from her and let her eyes bore into Isabel’s.

Isabel stood there, her voice lost. She then weakly let her head go down and she had to struggle to lift it back up again.

Liz then turned and hugged Alex. Closing her eyes tightly as her chin rested on his shoulder. She took a deep breath letting herself enjoy the experience of holding him so close. She would be back soon so she had to be strong. She had to believe that Isabel would protect him and keep him from harm. “Don’t go breaking any hearts while I’m away, okay?” Liz said pulling away. Her voice cracked and a single tear ran down her cheek. She swiped it away quickly with the back of her hand.

Alex’s nodded his head. “Yeah. Sure. Liz. . .”

For the second time Liz interrupted by shaking her head. “No. I’ll explain when I get back.” She took a few steps backwards, not wanting to turn around. She kept looking at Alex then Isabel then back at Alex again. Finally, reluctantly, she turned around to walk forward and boarded the plane.

~ End of Chapter Twelve ~

* * * * * * *

Tomorrow Chapter 12B

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* * * * * *

We see the green chalkboard in front of us again and Maria saunters in from the side and to the center of our screen.

“Well I’m back! You thought me and the rest of my crew disappeared again? Did you?” She lifts the corners of her lips to give us a knowing smile. “Do any of you remember where we left off?” She looks around to see if there are any lost or confused looks in the audience.

She sighs heavily, “Alrighty, Maxie boy along with Tess…” She shutters when saying the name, “. . . followed Isabel, Alex, Michael, Courtney and future Liz to the Albuquerque Airport where Max and Liz finally saw each other . . .”


Liz’s smile faded and her stance stiffened. She felt her heart quicken again as it pounded in her chest making the blood course faster through her veins. She knew she really didn’t have to turn around to know he was there but did so anyway. She thought she had been fully prepared for this but when her eyes met his, her breath caught in her throat. . . . “He’s so young.” She whispered. ‘I don’t remember him being so young.’ She felt the sting of tears begin as they started to well up in her eyes. ‘God why does he have this power over me? Damn you for having this effect on me. Damn me for loving you so much.’


Maria places her hand over her mouth, she has a pained look on her face as she tries to continue. Michael comes in from the same side Maria came minutes ago, and hugs her to him protectively. Maria welcomes the comfort and Michael looks up at us and continues.

“So then Liz had to do something so she had Max and Tess detained, telling security that they were smuggling drugs. . . “


. . . “Excuse me sir,” Liz approached the man in uniform. “I’m sorry to bother you but I believe I overheard a couple talking about trying to sneak some drugs through.”

“Could you identify them ma’am?” The guard questioned looking at Liz intently.

Liz nodded her head, turning her face to look upon Max again. Their eyes locked and Max stopped in his tracks when he finally recognized her. The look in his eyes made Liz’s heart beat even faster. She lifted her arm and pointed at him. “That’s him over there with the blonde. I believe I heard something about stuffing the pouches in her bra.”

The guard followed Liz’s finger in the direction she pointed and saw Max rooted to the spot he was standing as he stared back at them as Tess finally caught up with him to stand by his side.

“I hope I’m wrong sir but I just wanted you to know, just in case.” Liz heard her words come out of her mouth but she couldn’t feel her lips.


Maria looks up at Michael with her eyes shining from unshed tears. Michael looks at her and gives her a reassuring smile, letting her know he is here for her. Maria finds strength in the arms of Michael, finding her voice again.

“So now that Max and Tess are being held by airport security, Michael and Courtney are able to board the plane while future Liz give Alex and Isabel a quick good-bye.”


“Liz. . .” Isabel pleaded. The images of the guards surrounding Max as they walked away felt like a brick in her stomach. She felt she had betrayed and abandoned her brother and it was killing her.

Liz cut her off. “Tell him everything, okay. No more lies. When we take off. . . tell him. Hopefully his anger will have subsided some by the time we get back. It will give him some time to let things sink in.” Liz’s voice was low and there was pain when she spoke her words. “This will be over soon.” She reached for Isabel and hugged her tight. She brought her mouth near Isabel’s ear and whispered. “Keep Alex safe.” She pulled away from her and let her eyes bore into Isabel’s.

Isabel stood there, her voice lost. She then weakly let her head go down and she had to struggle to lift it back up again.

Liz then turned and hugged Alex. Closing her eyes tightly as her chin rested on his shoulder. She took a deep breath letting herself enjoy the experience of holding him so close. She would be back soon so she had to be strong. She had to believe that Isabel would protect him and keep him from harm. “Don’t go breaking any hearts while I’m away, okay?” Liz said pulling away. Her voice cracked and a single tear ran down her cheek. She swiped it away quickly with the back of her hand.

Alex’s nodded his head. “Yeah. Sure. Liz. . .”

For the second time Liz interrupted by shaking her head. “No. I’ll explain when I get back.” She took a few steps backwards, not wanting to turn around. She kept looking at Alex then Isabel then back at Alex again. Finally, reluctantly, she turned around to walk forward and boarded the plane.


Michael finishes. “So here is chapter twelve B. New York, York.”

Disclaimer & Summary: On page one.

* * * * * * *

Liz walked down the aisle in the plane looking for Michael and Courtney. She caught sight of them sitting a few rows down. Courtney’s blank expression gave no clue of what she was thinking as she stared out the small window from where she sat and when Michael caught sight of her from his seat on the aisle, he stood up. Waiting until she got to him, he stepped back slightly allowing her to get in. Liz then sat down with Michael doing the same. He turned and studied Liz for a moment, concern on his face when he spoke softly. “Hey, are you okay?”

Liz turned and faced him and he knew how she felt without her needing to say a word. He could see it in her face that she wasn’t okay. Michael was uncomfortable again. He wanted to console her but he didn’t know how. That was Maria’s department. Liz was Maria’s best friend not his. Liz was Max’s girlfriend or whatever. But what was he to her? Nothing. So why was he always the one who ended up being stuck with a devastated Liz?

His world had been turned upside-down again. And he knew it was just the beginning, for today he was on a plane bound for New York with two female companions. Courtney, a ‘skin’ and Liz, a woman twelve years from the future. Destination? Sewers of New York City in search of the duplicates, twins, clones or whatever the hell they were suppose to be and have them return with them to Roswell. Why? Hell if he knew. Liz hadn’t told him yet and it was killing him not knowing. And what were they going to do with them once they got back to Roswell? Where were they going to stay? Shit! He had a sinking feeling he was going to have four new house guests in his tiny apartment. And how were they going to explain to people when they started seeing doubles of themselves? It was almost comical. Michael would have laughed if it wasn’t so serious and it being his life he was looking at. He realize that he still had more questions than answers but then there was Liz sitting beside him with the same expression she had on yesterday when he felt compelled to get her that damn towel for her. So again he felt he had to do or say something and all he could come up with was “Hey, are you okay?”


Not knowing what else to do, Michael awkwardly lifted his hand and patted Liz’s arm and from the corners of his mouth crept a forced smiled.

Liz returned the smile but not as forced. They sat silently while the flight attendants demonstrated the emergency procedure and said nothing, lost in their own thoughts, as the plane wheeled its way toward the runway and no words were spoken when the plane picked up speed and finally lifted off the ground up and into the sky.

Courtney brought the silence to an end when the airplane leveled off. “So what did you tell the airport security?” She said finally taking her attention away from the window, where it had been since she sat down.

Liz replied emptily. “I told them that Max and Tess were trying to smuggle drugs and that they should check Tess’ bra.”

Courtney couldn’t help but let out a laugh as she pictured Tess getting stripped searched. It almost made up for the inconvenience she had been put through this morning. Almost.

* * * * * *

Liz pushed her way through the crowd of people exiting the plane that had finally touched down at La Guardia Airport. After three hours from Albuquerque to Chicago and then another three hours on the connecting flight from there to New York, Liz was anxious to get out. She felt she was becoming claustrophobic in the plane with nothing to keep her mind from plaguing her with the imagine of a sixteen year old Max staring at her as she fled from him in Albuquerque. She tried to keep her mind on her plan of what they would do when they arrived in New York, making sure Michael and Courtney knew what they needed to do, and sleep came fitfully when she tried only to see his face again when she closed her eyes. Liz quickened her pace. She was half way across the country and the pain still had not lessened.

Close behind her flanked Michael and Courtney, side by side they shuffled through the mass of people trying to keep up with Liz who had started walking faster. The fluorescent lights blared it’s harsh light down at the multitude below and the large windows adorning the majority of the buildings were dark indicating the sun had gone down quite some time ago. One would never know what time it was by the looks of all people making their way throughout the airport.

Liz continued her way down the large expanse of the building toward the exits. With no luggage to retrieve except for the black backpack she brought as a carry-on, there was nothing delaying them from leaving. She stepped on the soft plastic mat that triggered the automated sliding doors to open and walked out into the July humidity of summer in New York. Liz felt like she had walked into a wet sauna, grimacing as her cool clothes from the air conditioning in the plane and in the airport were slowing becoming moist from perspiration and clinging to her body. She stopped and stared at a parade of yellow cabs with waiting drivers either standing outside their designated cabs or sitting in the driver’s seat waiting for the next patron to come to take them where ever they wanted to go. Liz waited for Michael and Courtney before she would hail a cab. She turned to watch them walk through the same automated doors she came out of a few minutes before, watching them have the same reaction she must have had when she felt the heat.

“God, it’s hot.” Courtney stated the obvious as if no one knew.

“You think?” Michael shot back. “What time is it?”

Liz glanced at her watch. “Well, my watch says it’s 9:50…but I haven’t set it ahead yet.”

“So what time is it?” Michael repeated; clearly irritated that he didn’t get his answer the first time he had asked.

“That would mean it’s 12:50 am.” Liz said as she unlatched the strap of her watch to make the change.

“No way. Look at all these people.” Michael said as he looked about all the people coming and going. “Don’t these people sleep?”

“Welcome to New York.” Courtney said sarcastically with a very thick Brooklyn accent. “They don’t call it ‘the city that never sleeps’ for nothing.”

* * * * * * * *

~ Albuquerque Airport, 1:55 pm ~

Isabel stood frozen from the flash she received from Liz. It haunted her. It was fleeting but the sorrow and pain was debilitating. A flash of a tombstone with Alex’s name on it and the grieving faces of her, Max, Liz, Maria, Michael and Kyle made her shudder and somehow her knees felt weak. She turned quickly hugging Alex.

Alex gently held Isabel then led her to the window as they watched the plane leave down the runway. They stared quietly as the plane rose off the ground and flew out of sight.

“Come on, we need to go save Max and Tess.” Alex held his hand out and Isabel snatched it up. They hurried down the concourse and asked the information booth where security was.

With destination known, the two of them quickly made their way. Neither one of them liking what they were going to have to do once Max had been sprung. They pushed through the glass doors of the security station. “May I help you?”

“Yes, I’m looking for my brother. His ex-girlfriend played a mean joke on him saying that he was trying to smuggle drugs just so he couldn’t try and stop her from leaving. I really would hate for him to have to go through being stripped searched and all for nothing.”

“And your brother’s name?”

“Max… Max Evans. He’s about 5’11 about 140 pounds. Dark hair…”

“With a curly-haired blonde?” The forty-something, overweight desk clerk asked.

“Yeah, that’s him.”

“And what’s his relationship to the blonde because that’s who was said to be the one smuggling the drugs. Not your brother.”

“She’s a friend of the family along for moral support.” Isabel couldn’t believe the lie that she was trying to pass on. She was glad Alex hadn’t said anything in hopes of helping. At that moment, she could do without it. Just having him near was all the reassurance and strength she needed for right now.

“They’re in there. Go on in and I’ll send someone in to release them.”

“Thanks.” Isabel grabbed hold of Alex’s hand and walked into the waiting room. She instantly saw Max. He had his head in his hands and his shoulders were slumped forward.

“Isabel! Who was that woman?” Tess stood up and Max looked on.

* * * *

~ Albuquerque Airport, 2:55 pm ~

Max paced back and forth in front of Isabel. The worried and overwhelmed look on his face was just as painful to look at as when she had seen him finally recognized Liz.

“She shouldn’t be doing this.” Max said. His stomach clenched tight. The pain and anger mixed with the acid in his stomach and his fingers rubbed across his abdomen soothingly as he tried to comprehend the things Isabel and Alex had told him.

“Max will you stop pacing, please. You’re giving me headache.” Isabel closed her eyes trying to stop the beginnings of the impending throbbing in her head.

Max halted, standing directly in front of Isabel, looking down at his sitting sister. “How could you let her and Michael go?”

“It’s not like I could have stopped her, Max.” Isabel defended. “She may be Liz but she’s an older Liz. . .” Isabel looked around the almost deserted waiting area to see if anyone was paying any attention to them, where Liz, Michael and Courtney took off about a little over an hour ago. She lowered her voice, “. . . she has gifts like us.”

Max felt that his legs no longer could support him with Isabel’s last statement and he bent down on his knees becoming eye level with his sister. “How is that possible?” His voice but a whisper, his concern for Liz growing deeper by the second.

“It had something to do with you healing her. She said Kyle will start to develop them too eventually.” Isabel’s voice also low as her eyes continued to watch, making sure no one overheard their conversation.

It was just too much and Max slumped heavily to the ground, just a short distance from where he had been kneeling. Frantically, his mind sifted through all the news he was given. Liz had come to Maria two nights ago, a future Liz from the year 2012. Max shook his head unbelievingly. Isabel said that Liz had told them that the end of the world would happen then and that she had returned to make sure it wouldn’t happen this time. When Max had questioned what she meant by this time, Isabel’s expression showed she seemed afraid to tell him but continued. “Liz said that in her timeline you from her future came and told her the end of the world would come in 2014 but instead of preventing it, it came earlier.”

It just seemed like too much. He had failed them in the future. What had happened? Isabel didn’t know but knew that Liz had powers and that eventually Kyle would have them too. It seemed that what they had been through in less than a year somehow changed the course of history. He nervously ran his hands through his hair and wondered about all the consequences his actions had affected the people around him. ‘What have I done?’ He just couldn’t believe this was happening. He took a deep breath trying to assess what he should do next but he already knew what he needed to do, what he was going to do. He was going to go to New York. He would take the next plane out.

“You’re going after them aren’t you?” Tess spoke out as if she had been reading his mind. She sat beside Isabel in one of many chairs that lined the waiting area, listening to the tale unfold. She had finally settled down some after being incarcerated then released. And to think she was almost stripped searched. Sheer humiliation and anger coursed through her and she thought of what she would do once she got her hands on this Future Liz Parker. It didn’t matter from where or when Liz was from, she was always somehow a thorn in her side and Max’s priority. She could see it in his face. He could never hide his feelings for Liz and she felt the tinges of jealousy spark again. “You’re not going to let her do this on her own and I wanna go with you.”

“No, no you’re not.” Max protested shaking his head as he spoke.

Back in the distance, near one of the large windows overlooking the runway, Alex stood with Isabel’s cellphone near his ear. Isabel watched his head bob up and down and it looked like Alex was trying to get a word or two in before being cut off and then he was listening again. Isabel’s phone had rung about a half and hour ago with Maria on the other end wanting to talk to Alex and he had been by the window ever since.

Isabel wondered how long her battery was going to hold out before it would go completely dead, probably being a good thing for Alex. ‘Maria is so going to owe me for all the time she’s using up on my cell.’ Isabel could only wonder what Maria was ranting to Alex about. She returned her attention back to Max when he and Tess began arguing about who was and was not going to accompany him to New York. “Max, I don’t know where in New York Liz is. She never told us.”

“But I do.” Came the voice from behind Isabel and Tess.

Max turned his attention to the familiar voice to see Jim Valenti and Kyle standing in front of him, he frowned, worry becoming more prominent in his features, fearing some else might have gone happened. “What are you doing here?”

“To see if you were still here.” Kyle informed the threesome in front of him. “I had to listen to Maria cry and whine and finally threaten me with my very manhood about me going to New York to keep an eye on Courtney and Michael.”

Alex walked up to the group not surprised to see the sheriff and Kyle. He looked sympathically at Isabel. “I’m sorry but the battery is dead. Thank god but not before I had an earful from Maria. She said she had a feeling, “a vibe,” Alex lifted both arms up and with his index and middle fingers and made the quote gesture, “that Max would find out and would be heading to New York and that Kyle should go with him.”

“You’re kidding right?” Max stated. “Kyle’s not coming with me.” There was no way Kyle was coming with him. Max may have healed him from a gunshot wound but that didn’t mean they were best friends. He couldn’t even say they were just friends, acquaintances at best, Liz’s ex. The man he longed to be when Kyle was seeing Liz. Max’s greatest fear and insecurity was that Liz would choose to rekindle that relationship with Kyle again. To have a normal relationship with a normal boyfriend without the fear of looking over one’s shoulders wondering who would be coming after them next. Max shook his head trying to dislodge the hurtful thoughts in his mind. He didn’t and wouldn’t play baby sitter to Kyle while he went tracking Liz and Michael.

“Look, you wanna tell Maria I can’t go because I’m not going to. You explain to Hurricane DeLuca that I can’t go, got it?” Kyle stated exasperated, shoving both hands roughly into his loose fitting jeans. “Look, she even convinced my dad.” He cocked his head in the direction of his father. “He’s the one who drove….on the way here, he told me where they were going.”

Max sat there staring at Kyle in disbelief and knowing full well there was no way to tell Maria “No” once she had made up her mind. And as much chaos that was going on in his life, he valued it. That much he had learned from his newfound friendship over the last couple of weeks with her. He didn’t like it; he didn’t this at all. But what was he supposed to do? “Sheriff I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Max started to protest.

“I don’t think you should go alone Max.” Jim’s eyes went to Tess. “I think the three of you should go. It will be safer that way.” Jim wasn’t as comfort with Kyle going to New York with Max as he was portraying. But if Tess went then there would be two aliens to protect his son. Tess being in New York would keep her safely away from Alex while as he, Maria, Isabel and Alex could take care of the Michael business and maybe he could figure out when and why Tess decided she needed that book to be deciphered. Even though Liz already had the book translations with her.

Max let out a defeated sight, “fine.” He muttered, grudgingly. If he wanted to know where Liz and Michael were in New York then he was going to have to take Kyle and Tess with him. It was either that or wait for Liz and Michael to return and he really didn’t see that one as an option.

Max got off the floor still with weaken legs and attempted to gain some authority again. “Iz how much money do you have?”

Isabel opened up her purse, pulling out her wallet. “I’ve got fifty dollars.” Handing two twenties and a ten dollar bill to her brother. Max had his wallet in hand, removed two twenties.

“That’s not going to be enough for a ticket to New York.” Kyle eyed the small bills in Max’s hand.

“Buying tickets at the last minute are expensive.” Alex told the group. “It’s going to cost about a thousand bucks a person. I used a little computer wizardry in getting Liz’s, Michael’s and Courtney’s tickets.”

“You mean you hacked them.” Jim Valenti inquired, suspecting as much.

“Do you really want to know?” Alex crossed his arm across his chest.


“Oh well, there’s no computer here and we definitely don’t have three thousand dollars among all of us to go so I guess we’re not going.” Kyle concluded with mock sadness.

“Oh we’ll have enough, won’t we Isabel.” Tess said sweet as saccharin, reaching into her purse and giving Isabel five twenty dollar bills.

Isabel simply nodded, taking the bills from Max. She held the currency in her hand and with the finesse of a Las Vegas magician; she now held a sizable pile of cash. “Three thousand dollars, sir.” Isabel beamed, proud of her little parlor trick as she handed the money back to her brother.

“Wow!” Alex’s eyes grew wide.

“No kidding,” Kyle said. “Explains why you’re always at the mall.” Tess and Isabel both glared at him.

Alex chuckled. “That’s not the reason she’s always at the mall. She’s always there because she’s a girl. It’s a girl thing to be at the mall.”

Alex was then the next victim of being shot with death glares by Isabel and Tess.

Max scowled. He didn’t like using their powers for things like this but there was no way they would have enough money to pay for tickets to New York nor would they have been able to use the credit card their parents gave them as an emergency. How were they going to explain a three thousand-dollar charge for airline tickets to New York? It may have been an emergency but this was easier.

“You better buy your tickets separately and wait a few minutes between purchases. That kind of cash being dropped by three teenagers will set out red warning flags.” Jim informed the group.

Max handed the cash to Jim. “You go and purchase the ticket with Kyle. A father buying a ticket for his son shouldn’t draw any attention.”

Jim nodded and headed back with Kyle to the front while Max gave Tess the other thousand.

Max’s thoughts continued to plague him. He had no idea what was going to happen when he got to New York. All that was important right now was that he find Liz, future Liz. He needed to see her face again, talk to her. He needed more information of what happened in the future if he was going to protect her. It didn’t matter if Michael was there. Liz could be in danger and he just couldn’t stay here and wait. So the sooner they got to New York the sooner and found Liz the better.

~ End of chapter 12B ~

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~ Chapter 13 ~

“The good, the bad & the hottie!”

In Alex’s voice: Previously on “Promises to Keep”

Max’s thoughts continued to plague him. He had no idea what was going to happen when he got to New York. All that was important right now was that he find Liz, future Liz. He needed to see her face again, talk to her. He needed more information of what happened in the future if he was going to protect her. It didn’t matter if Michael was there. Liz could be in danger and he just couldn’t stay here and wait. So the sooner they got to New York the sooner and found Liz the better.

* * * *

Max sat silently watching the soft white clouds that surrounded the plane he, Kyle and Tess were in. He marveled at their appearances, the clouds with their bellowing shades of white, looking like soft cotton balls, serene, tranquil until they flew into one then it just appeared they were in fog. He inwardly smiled thinking if Liz were here, she would explain it all in science terminology and he would happily listen to her explain it even though he already knew. Her mind wasn’t the only thing he loved about her. He loved her voice. The way her eyes would light up when she came up with an idea. Her warm candied lips. Her soft hair. Max shook his head trying to suppress his less-than-virtuous thoughts of Liz. He couldn’t think of her like that right now.

Mentally, he pushed them back into the deep pockets of his mind and went back to looking out the window. The sky began to show streaked hues of reds and oranges as the sun set and he watched as little by little the sky darkened and tiny lights appeared below. From up here, their problems didn’t seem so big as he looked downward at the tiny landscape but he knew the closer they got to the ground and to New York the bigger their troubles would be.

Max closed his eyes and rested his head back on his seat and took a deep breath. What was he going to do once he found Michael and Liz, future Liz? He was angry, he was scared and hurt all at the same time. Yet he couldn’t be angry with her. Michael maybe but not her, not Liz. He had no right. He tried to imagine what kind of future she came from. How she risked her life to come and save their future. An ugly, doomed future he obviously wasn’t able to prevent. His chest constricted tightly and he felt the pressure mount on his chest knowing he was responsible for it. What little Isabel had told him was too horrible to imagine. Their enemies invaded Earth and from future Liz’s account two years earlier than what originally happened.

Liz was ten years from the future and shamelessly his heart leaped thinking Liz was still in his life ten years from now. Were they still just friends? His heart beat a little faster thinking. . . were they married? Did they have children? Max imagined what their children would like. A beautiful daughter, a carbon copy of her mother. He imagined a little girl much like when he saw Liz the first time he walked off the yellow school bus on his first day of school. In his mind’s eye, he saw her petite frame dancing around in circles in a pink leotard and making tutu. Her satin soft hair fanning up in the air as she spun. Or maybe she’s a tomboy and loves to play basketball with her dad shooting hoops. Maybe a son? The image of a daughter morphored to a boy with chocolate brown hair and large, soulful eyes. Did he have the same love of science like his mother? Would he have his ears? And Max unconsciously scratched the back of his. Did they have one of each? What were their names?

The chiming of a bell went off and the voice of a female flight attendant announcing they were now approaching Chicago, Illinois brought Max out of his reverie. The bright red light above him lit indicating to now fasten his seatbelt. Once there, they would catch a connecting flight to New York. He searched for the strap to pull over his lap then turned to Tess and Kyle who were doing the same.

Max eyed Kyle who looked concerned. His forehead creased and his eyebrows furrowed closed together. Max wondered if Kyle was still thinking about the fact that there were actually real aliens in Roswell. And the man who he believed broke him and Liz up had also healed him causing him to acquire powers in the future. Max then brought his gaze to Tess who sat beside him. She looked a little paler than usual. He hadn’t realized she would have been so afraid of flying.

Of all the people to be here with him, helping him find Liz, never in all his life, past or present, would he have imagined Kyle and Tess. Max shook his head in disbelief. ‘I can’t believe I’m on a plane on with Liz’s ex and my past ex. What is it with me and ex’s?’

The plane dropped slightly in its descend and suddenly Tess’ hands grip both Kyle and Max’s simultaneously. Kyle and Max turned their heads, their eyes met briefly as pain reflected in them from Tess’ death grip. They then turned to watch her let out a small high-pitched moan as her face scrunched in fear, eyes shut tightly. Both men silently endured as the knuckles of her hands turned white as she violently clutched their hands, turning them into tiny-balled fists of agony, taking it like men that they were.

* * * * * *

~ Monday, July 9, 2000, La Guardia Airport, 1:05 am ~

“So what now?” Michael asked.

“We catch a cab to Greenwich Village, Zan and the others don’t live too far from there.” Liz’s eyes went back to looking for a cab. “Once there we can walk, hopefully we’ll catch a break and spot them on the street instead of below in the sewers.”

“With this heat, I’m betting you’re right.” Courtney replied.

“While we’re there, can we find something to eat?” Michael grumbled. “That stuff they called food on the plane wasn’t.”

“Sure,” Liz replied. Feeling she could probably eat something herself. They made their way closer to the taxicabs when an Indian cab driver started to approach them. He wore a red head wrap on the top of his head. “Need a ride?”

Coming from behind, a shapely woman intercepted him, shouting. “Hey, Raj – those are my customers – back off!” She moved assuredly shoving her face in his.

Raj was not about to let a job go so easily and he bellowed back, “Hey if you’re not watching for customers that’s not my fault.”

“Distracting me by telling me some punks are stealing my hubcaps doesn’t constitute NOT watching for customers. You’re pissing me off Raj and it’s too early for me to be pissed off.”

Liz and Michael watched the exchange of bad mouthing wondering if this was a daily occurrence or just a show for the tourists.

“Roxanne?” Courtney spoke up, making Michael and Liz turn to look at her questioningly. “Hey, Rox is that you?” She said again as she recognized the woman.

Roxanne looked up from her shouting match with Raj to see who called her name. “Holy shit, Courtney?” She brought her attention back to Raj. “Beat it. These are friends of mine.”

Raj had lost interest when he realized he wasn’t going to win this match and eyed another group of people exiting from the sliding automated doors and toward the cabs. He gave her a glare and one last huff before walking away.

“So what the hell are you doing here?” Roxanne smiled, giving Courtney a friendly punch in the arm. She looked at the two that appeared to be with her friend. She eyed Michael, licking her lips. Her eyes roamed appreciatively over his form. ‘Cute. Bet he’s got nice buns.’ Reluctantly, she tore her eyes away from him and looked at the petite woman who appeared to be pissed as hell, possibly because of the way she was looking at the hunk. ‘Heh, She ain’t all that. I could take her if I needed to.’ “Sooo who’s the hottie and his motha?”

Michael and Courtney laughed but Liz didn’t like this Roxanne. She glared at the well-endowed woman in tight fitting jeans and blue Tee shirt. She had promised Maria she would take care of Michael, make sure he didn’t get into any trouble, no matter what shape it came in. “Back off Mrs. Robinson. He’s jailbait.”

Michael’s grin continued to stretch out, flattered with the admiration he got from the very attractive woman. The brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty was really something to look at. She had curves in all the right places and with the fire in her eyes Michael thought she could actually give Maria a run for her money but was grateful as hell she wasn’t here because he knew he would never hear the end of it.

After trying to stifle her laugh, Courtney spoke. “Roxanne, this is Liz and she isn’t Michael’s mother.”

“Hey.” Michael said with a nod of his head.

“Hey.” Roxanne continued to look interested. “So Michael, how old are ya?”

“That’s it! Lay off now!” Liz threatened, standing to her full statue, getting in between Michael and Roxanne. Liz was still a good six inches shorter than Roxanne as she stood at a fight stance but Liz wasn’t bothered by her height.

“Cool it Roxanne, just back off alright?” Courtney warned her friend, grabbing at her forearm, just in case Roxanne decided she wanted a little action.

Roxanne turned to look at Courtney when she grabbed her arm and saw the seriousness in her face. Roxanne softened some. “Okay sure. Sorry, I didn’t mean to get ya pissed off and all. I’m sorry okay?”

Liz looked at Roxanne for a moment, not entirely convinced but made an effort. “Yeah. Okay.”

“Good.” Roxanne became cheerful again. “So tell me again whatcha you doing here? I thought you were s’pose to be in Arizona?”

“Change in plans.” Courtney stated. “Got business here in New York.”

“Is that so?” Roxanne was curious. “Anything that I should know about?”

Liz shot a look at Courtney asking who was this woman. “Hey Roxanne why don’t you give us a lift to Chinatown and we can talk in cab.” Courtney answered.

Something was up. Roxanne could tell. “Sure.” She didn’t like the feeling she was getting but figured she’d get the scoop from Courtney in the car. She swaggered to one of the taxicabs and opened the back passenger door for them. “Got any luggage?”

“No. This trip was kind of sudden.” Courtney said watching Michael and Liz get in.

“I see.” Roxanne’s curiosity piqued. After shutting the door, she opened the front passenger door and Courtney hopped in. Roxanne shut the door loudly and walked around the front of the cab and got in.

“Hey does this box with wheels have air conditioning?” Michael complained. He wasn’t used to the humidity. Dry desert heat, yes; sweltering steam bath, no.

“Sugar thang, hot stuff.” Roxanne turned the ignition on, then air conditioning. She put the car in drive and turned on the meter. She took one last look around at the passengers in her cab, “So the Village, right?”

“24 Fifth Avenue.” Liz stated while Michael and Courtney nodded.

“Like I said Greenwich Village.” Roxanne smirked as she pulled out from what appeared to be a too small a space to get out without denting a fender or scratching some paint. To her amazement Roxanne pulled with ease and entered the mass of traffic leaving the airport weaving her way through traffic in the direction of Chinatown.

“So you goin’ tell me what’s going on?” Roxanne asked taking a fast glance at Courtney. “Last time we spoke, you were talking about moving to New Mexico.”

Courtney twisted in her seat to faced Roxanne. “Yeah, well that’s where I was this morning. Roxanne. . .you see Michael, well. . .he’s. . .”

“Courtney?! What are you doing?” Liz leaned forward from her place in the back to interrupt her. She feared she might have made a mistake in confiding in her.

“Michael’s what?” Roxanne coaxed.

Courtney turned to look at Liz. “It’s okay Liz, Roxanne is also with the Resistance.”

“Shit Courtney! What the hell are you doing?” Roxanne was mad. She couldn’t understand why Courtney would have said that in front of these two strangers. Her cover had just been blown and that was a very dangerous thing, something that might end up costing her her life. “What’s gotten into you?”

“I don’t know her, I don’t like her and I definitely don’t trust her!” Liz said upfront. She didn’t care if Roxanne heard her.

“I do, Liz.” Courtney continued. “Look Roxanne, Michael’s. . .Rath.”

Roxanne made a lane change and a smile crept up. She thought Courtney was joking. “Yeah, okay.” She gave a quick laugh when she spoke and shot a fast glanced at her waiting to see that she was the butt of some joke. All she got in return were two very dead-set serious eyes looking back at her. “Holy shit! No friggin’ way!” Her eyes then shot to the rearview mirror to look at Michael. He gave her a quick smile before it instantly disappeared. “Holy shit!” She repeated.

“Red light. Red light. RED LIGHT!” Shouted Michael from the back.

Roxanne brought her eyes to the front of the car to see the light had turned red. She slammed her brakes causing the tires to screech. Everybody lunged forward from the force of the car stopping so quickly.

“Crap, Roxanne. Are you trying to get us killed?”

“What’d ya expect? When you go telling me Rath is in my taxicab, huh?”

“I didn’t expect you to kill him in a car wreck!”

“You expect me to be casual about it? Have you forgotten how long we’ve been lookin’?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Well then you should know better then to say something that important while I’m driving a friggin’ car in New York traffic.”

Roxanne continued to stare at Michael through the rearview mirror. The shocked expression, at least he thought that was what she saw in her face. Or was it disbelief, possibly awe? He just wasn’t sure.

“Hey you know the light is green now. You can go.” Liz said when the honking of the horns from the cars behind them didn’t seem to register in Roxanne. She finally snap out of her trance when Courtney smacked her across her shoulder. “Hey drive will ya!”

Roxanne pushed her foot down on the accelerator and the car was back in motion. “When did you find out where he was? Are you sure he’s really Rath? I mean how long have you known, Courtney?” Roxanne seemed nervous forgetting she wasn’t alone in the car.

“What do you mean, are you sure?” Michael said sounding offended. “Don’t I look like him?”

“I’m sorry sir. We actually had no idea what you looked like and it’s just we’ve been looking for you for a long time now. We were beginning to wonder if you actually survived.” Roxanne’s attitude became humbled.

“So how were you thinking on finding me? Is there some tattoo or sign to prove who I am?”

“Michael!” Liz reprimanded.

“What Liz? These people we call the ‘Skins’ how were they going to know who we were?”

“You’re right sir. It’s just we don’t have the technology we had on Antar to track you.”

“Hey? By the way, who are you?” Roxanne said directing her question to Liz.

“Get this Rox, Liz is from the future!” Courtney said excitedly.

“No shit? How?”

“Wait a minute! Stop! I think you should just shut your mouth. I still don’t know Roxanne and she hasn’t given me anything to prove we should trust her.” Liz said.

“I trust her. We joined the resistance together. She’s as close to a sister as I’m going to get. I trust her with mine and Rath’s life.” Courtney reassured.

“Thanks for backing me up Courtney. Wait! This all has to do with the signal we all received about two weeks ago isn’t it?” Roxanne said.

“Signal?” Liz questioned.

“Yeah. We all received a signal on our tracking systems about two weeks ago indicating a message was being broadcasted. We weren’t able to tell whether it was incoming or outgoing all we knew was that communication had been established.” Roxanne said.

Michael remembered. “That’s when we got the message from Max and Isabel’s mom through the orbs.”

Liz cursed under breath. She should have known that was how they had found them before.

“I assumed you knew.” Courtney said looking at Liz. “That was another reason why I showed up in Roswell. The signal came from somewhere in New Mexico. I was sent to investigate. Everyone has been put on alert when it happened.”

Liz cursed again.

Michael spoke, “Nasedo warned us about using the orbs. He said that would happen. He knew.” He was becoming angry again though he wasn’t sure if it was at Nasedo or at themselves for using the orbs, knowing now that their enemies were closing in on them.

“Nasedo?” Roxanne questioned.

“Jirob.” Courtney answered.

“No kinding? Figures. The bastard! Good thing Vanessa is watching him.” Roxanne said.

“You don’t mean Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker do you?” Liz was curious.

“Yeah, why?” Roxanne said.

Liz hesitated a moment. Did she want to tell this stranger about what happened in her timeline? Courtney said that she could trust her something she gave up on strangers a long time ago. Years of always watching your back was ingrained into her. She wondered if it really would make a difference one way or another so she took chance.

“In my timeline Congresswoman Whitaker kills Nasedo by the end of the October. What we do here and now has to be precise and to the letter. There is no room for mistakes. There is no room for friendships to get in my way. I’m here for one thing and one thing only and there will be no one that will stop me.

The car filled with silence as Roxanne stared at Liz through the rear view mirror. She had definitely underestimated the small petite woman and it would not happen again. Quickly turning her attention to the road, Roxanne made a turn into the busy street with eclectic shops. The signs lit up with names of various coffee shops, bookstores and souvenir boutiques. The people that walked about and the traffic that drove up and down the streets gave no indication that of what time it really was.

Roxanne saw a car pulling out and quickly took it’s place. She turned off the car along with the meter and got out. Michael, Liz and Courtney climbed out and onto the sidewalk.

“How much do we owe you?” Liz asked about the fare.

“Are you kidding? Rath, my leader, the reason why I’m on this god forsaken planet…”

“Hey, I like this god forsaken planet.” Liz interrupted protesting.

“Sorry. No charge.” Roxanne said, realized she had insulted Liz again. She was going to have to work on that. “So is it true you’re really from the future?” She whispered playfully. She was hoping to lighten the mood a little at the same time satisfy her curiosity.

Liz looked at her warily. “Yeah.”

“So got any hot tips on I could use in the future?” Roxanne teased smiling sweetly.

Liz looked at her for a moment and smiled. “Sure. In 2002, the Anaheim Angels win the World Series against the San Francisco Giants”

“No way!” Exclaimed Michael. “The Angels suck. You’re kidding, right?”

Liz’s eyes beamed and she let gave a little smile. She said nothing let them ponder whether it was true or not. Only time would tell if she was telling the truth.

Courtney laughed along with Roxanne. “Do you guys have a place to stay while you’re here? ‘Cuz you’re welcome to stay at my place and crash.”

“Thanks.” Courtney was glad her friend had offered. A shower and change of clothes was starting to sound good after everything she had gone through today.

“Look, I’m still hungry. Is there a place we can eat where we can get decent burger and fries?” Michael said feeling the hollowness in his middle listening to his stomach growl.

“There’s this great all-night diner just down the corner. Great burgers, fries and shakes.”

“Hey I’m game.” Courtney said noticing she could go for some food too.

“Okay, we could get back in the cab or we can walk. It’s about two blocks away.” Roxanne swung her keys on her finger then tilted her head in the direction of the place she mentioned.

Despite the heat, Liz was tired of sitting. She had been either in a car or plane for the entire day. She had sat long enough and stretching her legs sounded like a good idea so she agreed with Courtney.

They followed Roxanne, walking to the end of the block. When suddenly, Roxanne stopped in her tracks. “Damn. I didn’t know he was in New York?”

“Who?” Liz inquired and followed Roxanne’s gaze.

Liz’s heart stopped when she saw who was across the street. The rush of cars passing by made their frames disappear and reappear instantaneously flickering in and out. All the air from her lungs blew out from her as if someone punched her in her stomach when she heard the words confirming what she saw. “Nicholas.”

Liz didn’t expect Nicholas to be in New York and wondered if it was a blessing or an omen. Either way this meant she would have to modify her plan. Liz said nothing and continued to stare at Nicholas with vengeance in her eyes.

“How come I wasn’t notified that he was here? Usually, he has us all at attention when he arrives.” Roxanne spoke softly saying it more to herself than for the benefit of the others. “Napoleon syndrome much.” She said sarcastically.

Liz grabbed Michael’s forearm and back away from the sidewalk, and hid in a shadow where the light didn’t quite seem to reach.

“Somehow Nicholas found out about the dupes. He’s here in New York and apparently he’s found Lonnie and Rath.” Liz said. She watched intensely at Nicholas. He appeared to be saying something to Lonnie and Rath in the distance. She watched their body movements, wishing she could either hear what they were saying or had taken the time to learn to read lips.

“So you mean to tell me that little snot nose boy, is what we’re afraid of?” Michael whispered as he looked over at a boy that looked no older than 14 years old. He definitely was on the geeky side. He recalled seeing boys that looked just like this Nicholas being bullied at school. They were either being thrown in the garbage cans in the quad or having their heads flushed down the toilets.

“Never underestimate your opponent, Michael. It leaves you at a disadvantage.” Liz said, her gaze never leaving the adolescent looking boy.

“Nicholas is more powerful than he appears Michael. That is why he’s Khivar’s right hand man.” Courtney informed him.

“Remember Michael what we see is only a husk. What he really is, his true being lies within that husk. And him looking like a mere boy is just a deception.” Liz’s gaze seemed to penetrate right into Nicholas as if they were poisonous darts. She didn’t want to take her eyes away from him even for a moment. Illogical as it seemed she felt if she looked away, he would disappear. Right now, she knew she had the upper hand and she wanted to keep it that way.

Michael saw the heated gaze Liz gave Nicholas. He could actually feel the hate coming from Liz and her words. He looked at her hard as her eyes continued to stare at Nicholas as if she was in a trance. Michael was almost scared at what he saw in her eyes and wondered what this Nicholas was capable of that made Liz look this way.

“I think the first thing we need to agree upon is that we should stick together. None of us should go anywhere alone. Is that clear?” Liz instructed. Her voice dripped with hatred.

“Liz? What are you not telling me?” Michael was becoming anxious and edgy. He couldn’t shake the feeling Liz was giving off. He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her so she had to look at him. “What’s up with you?”

“Nothing’s up with me. Liz said flatly. Her agitation rising. She wasn’t going to let Nicholas get out of her sight.

“The hell there’s not.” Michael whispered hoarsely. “I get that this Nicholas is dangerous but what I’m feeling from you is pure hatred. What are you not telling me!”

Liz tore her arm away from Michael and with shimmering of tears that she refused to spill, stared up at him “Wanna know Michael? Do you?”

“Yes. I do.” Michael shot back.

“Nicholas killed Maria, Michael. In my timeline Nicholas killed Maria.” Liz didn’t wait to see Michael reaction and returned her gaze back to the man that she knew was a killer.

* * * * *

You think Brendan Fehr would be interested in a mature woman 10 years his senior? *wink* No, I'm not talking about Liz! *frowning**sad*

**It came to my attention that the Giants are not from Seattle by from San Francisco. Thank you everyone for pointing this out to me. It has now been corrected. Gee, can you tell I'm not a baseball fan. *sad*

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Welcome SilverDreams!!!

So instead of yabbering away, I just get to it. Here it is . . .:

~ Chapter 14 ~

“Which Way Do I Go!”

In Alex’s voice: Previously on “Promises to Keep”

Michael saw the heated gaze Liz gave Nicholas. He could actually feel the hate coming from Liz and her words. He looked at her hard as her eyes continued to stare at Nicholas as if she were in a trance. Michael was almost scared at what he saw in her eyes and wondered what this Nicholas was capable of; that made Liz look this way.

“I think the first thing we need to agree upon is that we should stick together. None of us should go anywhere alone. Is that clear?” Liz instructed. Her voice dripped with hatred.

“Liz? What are you not telling me?” Michael was becoming anxious and edgy. He couldn’t shake the feeling Liz was giving off. He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her so she had to look at him. “What’s up with you?”

“Nothing’s up with me.” Liz said flatly. Her agitation rising. She wasn’t going to let Nicholas get out of her sight.

“The hell there’s not.” Michael whispered hoarsely. “I get that this Nicholas is dangerous but what I’m feeling from you is pure hatred. What are you not telling me!”

Liz tore her arm away from Michael and with shimmering of tears that she refused to spill, stared up at him “Wanna know Michael? Do you?”

“Yes. I do.” Michael shot back.

“Nicholas killed Maria, Michael. In my timeline Nicholas killed Maria.” Liz didn’t wait to see Michael’s reaction and returned her gaze back to the man that she knew was a killer.

And now an all new “Promises to Keep” . . .

Michael couldn’t believe what Liz had just said. He stood standing there just staring at Liz. Paralyzed, unfocused and mind racing. Shock held him so tight he couldn’t move. His mind just couldn’t wrap around the concept of what Liz had said.

Suddenly he couldn’t breathe. Was there someone squeezing his heart? Because he could swear it wasn’t pumping anymore. It had simply stopped. He knew that Liz had come back from the future to change what had gone wrong. He understood things had gone bad. He understood that Earth was invaded. He understood there would be people hurt even causalities but hearing the name of one of those causalities. The name of Maria being spoken as one of them was his worst nightmare come true. Maria had died. Killed, murdered by this. . .Nicholas. Somehow in the future Michael failed Maria. He failed everyone. He couldn’t protect them. He couldn’t protect them and Maria had died.

Liz thought nothing of Michael’s grief and pain in which she inflicted. She could not see past her own. She was in hell again, hell relived by the sight of the very person who had inflicted it. Because of him and the Alliance everything she knew, everyone that she loved was gone. Determination of what she needed to do burned stronger than ever before. Had she actually heard herself, she would have registered the destructive words she had spoken. Had she not been so consumed by her own grief, she wouldn’t have said what she said. But it seemed that old adage was true. Misery did enjoy company.

Courtney stood shocked at Liz’s outburst at Michael. She knew Nicholas was capable of murder. She had seen it first hand. Courtney had seen more than her share but she knew that when she joined the resistance. She was a soldier and knew the consequences of what could happen and had accepted them. But looking at Michael she became aware that he was merely a boy. Scared, angry and confused. She could see these emotions sweeping through his face as Liz ignored everything but Nicholas from across the street. He had not seen death the way she or Liz had.

Courtney knew the look of someone who had seen much death and Liz wore it on her face like a mask. She had been looking for Rath for fifty years not realizing he was not brought up by the appropriate people who would have taught him to lead, to be strong, to be a warrior. He was merely a boy. A boy she had entrusted would lead her people to victory. She decided she would be one of those to help him.

The heat seemed to become more incessant, suffocating the four that stood in the shadows of the busy New York street. Roxanne watched the combustible scene between Rath, her leader who now called himself Michael and Liz. Roxanne saw determination in the eyes of Liz. She and Courtney had been through a lot and she knew what she was looking at. She was in the thick of it now and she accepted it willingly. Roxanne turned her attention back to Nicholas across the street. She didn’t recognize the woman but the man… the man looked almost identical to Michael. “Who are the two juvenile delinquents Nicholas is talking to?” She questioned.

Courtney tore her gaze away from Michael. “Remember the rumors of two sets of pods?”


“Well, it turns out to be true. One set of Royals are in Roswell and the second are here in New York.”

“Shit!” Roxanne cursed quietly. “All this time, I’ve been this close and never knew it. So who’s the chick with Nicholas?” She asked again.

“Lonnie and Rath.” Liz answered. Roxanne gave a perplexed look at Liz then turned to Courtney for clarification.

“The dupes,” Courtney informed. “is what we’re calling them. They kept their given names. Lonnie is short for Vilandra.” Understanding lit Roxanne’s face.

“Ahh, so we have the mighty Nicholas with our second Rath and Vilandra, how dangerous is that?!” Roxanne murmured.

“Very.” Liz stated, still riveted almost hypnotically in the direction across the street. “If we don’t stop them, more will die.”

Still stunned by Liz’s outburst Michael clutched Liz’s forearm again, his voice thick with pain, “Liz!” Michael’s body stiffened as the flash hit him hard.


“Hey there.” Liz smiled as she walked over to Maria and gave her a quick hug. “How’s my momma-to-be doing?” As she rubbed her tummy.

Returning Liz’s hug Maria stated. “Hungry. Very hungry.” As she walked over to one of Liz’s cabinets where she knew there would be food.

“I ran out of Tabasco sauce again. Can you believe it? Got to have it on everything or I just gag…but you already know that don’t you?” Maria turned to look at Liz as she raised one eyebrow.

“I told you that would happen. When I was pregnant, we couldn’t keep enough bottles in the place remember? Between Max and me someone was always going to the market to buy more. Thank goodness it only lasts during the pregnancy. You’ll go back to normal once you have that little one. Although, I can handle having more now than I did before I got pregnant.”

“Ah ha. Here it is and with two other bottles. Can I take one home with me, please?” Maria gave her best sad puppy-dog face.

Laughing Liz said “Yes, ‘Ria. One bottle is for you and Michael and the other one is for Isabel. I always buy three bottles now just in case. I’m so glad that they now come in larger bottles so now I make fewer trips to the store.”

“Thank you Lizzie. You’re a lifesaver and the reason why you and Max are going to be lil’ Matthew’s godparents.” As she patted her tummy.

End of the Flash*

Confused and unable to speak Michael stood helpless as another flash struck him.


“Tell me Max! What happened?” Liz clutched Max’s shirt into a ball. Her fingers began to turn white with the intensity of her grip, pleading. “What did they do to Maria?”

“He killed her.” Max said through clenched teeth. “Nicholas killed Maria. . . .the bastard shot her in the back.”

Liz couldn’t believe her ears. She shook her head disbelieving but knew it was true. Maria was dead and Nicholas killed her.

End of the Flash*

Liz froze when she felt Michael’s fear course through her body. It surged through her like a lightening bolt, stabbing her with intense pain. “Michael. . .” She whispered raggedly. She felt light-headed and then her world went black.

* * *

~ In Florida ~

Liz shot up from her bed with a start. “Oh my god.”

* * *

~ In an airplane bound for New York ~

“Liz.” Max breathed, startled out of his sleep.

* * *

~ In Florida ~

Liz awoke out of sleep breathless. Panic filled her as she tried to gulp in lungs full of air. Did she have a nightmare? But why couldn’t she remember it? All she was left with was a feeling of foreboding and dread. She couldn’t shake it.

She shivered with the cold sweat that covered her body as she sat in the dark in her aunt’s guestroom seeing nothing but the faint light from the moon and distant stars as it shown through her open window. A hot, humid breeze drifted in giving little relief from the stifling heat they were experiencing.

Liz slipped out of bed and quietly padded down the hall to the bathroom. Switching on the light, she turned on the cold water. She cupped her hands and splashed its contents onto her face. The cool droplets trailed down her neck instantly becoming warm from the heat of her body. She glanced unappreciatively at herself in the mirror. Her hair was in disarray and tiredly she smoothed some of the dark locks down and brushed a few strands away from her face to behind her ear.

‘It’s just my imagination right?’ She thought to herself. She had called Maria only to get her answering machine. She waited and fell asleep. That was probably it. She fell asleep waiting for Maria to return her phone call but she never did. Strange. She talked to Maria or Alex everyday since she arrived in Florida.

‘Had something gone wrong? Had something happened to Maria, Alex. . .Max?’ Liz turned off the light in the bathroom, returned to her room and sunk onto her bed. The clock showed two thirty in the morning. Liz rubbed her face thinking, ‘It’s only eleven thirty in Roswell.’

She picked up the phoned and dialed Alex’s number. She heard it ring twice. “Hello?”

“Mrs. Whitman? I’m sorry to wake you. I thought Alex would still be awake.”

The sound of a yawn being stifled could be heard from the woman on the other side of the phone. “Liz? No that’s okay. Alex is not here. He’s spending the night over at his friend’s house.” The voice became distant like as if the phone was pulled away. “-honey? What’s Alex’s friend’s name again? The sheriff’s boy.”

Liz frowned as she heard in the background Mr. Whitman voice. “Kyle.”

“That’s it. Liz, you know him, right? I believe I heard Alex mention that Kyle and you were a couple?”

“Yes. Mrs. Whitman. But we’re just friends now.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Alex said Kyle and a few other boys were having a guy’s night. It’s good to know that Alex has other boys to interact with.”

“What other boys Mrs. Whitman? Do you remember their names?”

“You know them sweetie. Kyle, and two other boys, the one’s you and Maria have befriended. The Evans’ boy. . .”


“Yes, him and his friend with the spikey hair. . .”


“Uh huh. He works with you at your parent’s restaurant, yes?”

“Yes, he does.”

“Lizzie, sweetie? Is everything okay?”

“Uh yes, Mrs. Whitman. Everything is fine. I just don’t remember Alex mentioning it to me that’s all.”

“Oh it was one of those spur of the moment things. The boys just thought of it this afternoon. The sheriff agreed to have it at his place. You know, Lizzie, the boys are just trying to have as much summer fun as they can. Why don’t you give them a call over there? I’m sure they would all love to hear from you.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Whitman. I will. Good night. Again I’m sorry for calling so late.”

“No problem sweetheart. You can call anytime. Good night.”

Liz hung up the phone still holding it in her lap. ‘This was not good.’ Liz willed herself not to panic. She rubbed at her frown. Something was wrong. She knew this routine. Alex would never be spending the night at Kyle’s with Max and Michael. What was she going to do now? She was here in Florida and her friends were in Roswell. Liz picked up the phone and began dialing Kyle’s number.

* * * * * *

~ In an airplane bound for New York ~

Max looked about anxiously. A middle-aged, businesswoman slept to the right of him with eye covers over her eyes so that the light would not disturb her while on his left a 65 year old man with hair swept to his side to conceal the thinning hair in the middle snored.

A few aisles away, Tess slept with Kyle two rows behind her. They weren’t able to get seats together this time. Max studied his two companions in the distance as they slept. Both of them were unaware that he was on the verge of despair and panic. “Liz.” He laid his head back and closed his eyes. Liz’s face appeared to him again. Soft, faint, transparent. She was crying. She held the same saddened look when he received a flash from his pillow. She was crying. She opened her eyes and looked at him and his breath caught in his throat. Her lips slowly moved and he strained to listen but no noise could be heard. He tore his gaze from her bottomless pools of chocolate to concentrate on her lips. He studied the fullness of her mouth, centralizing on what she was trying to say. ‘m-a-x’ It came softer than a whisper, almost like a soft breeze rustling through the trees and he wasn’t sure if he had heard it or just imagined it. Extreme agitation was setting his heart racing.

Something must have happened. ‘Oh god!’ But which Liz? Was it the one he was pursuing in New York? Or did something happen to Liz in Florida? This was horrible. How would he know? Had something actually happened? Or was his imagination running away with him? Max was torn. There were two Liz’s. Two Liz’s that could be in potential trouble and there was only one of him. What if he was going to the wrong Liz? What if Liz in Florida was the one that needed him and he was going to New York. “I’m coming Liz. Hang on baby. I’m coming.” Max whispered out. Max was in hell and there wasn’t a thing he could do until he got back on the ground, off this blasted plane and in New York.

In Liz’s voice: Stay tuned for scenes of all new Promises to Keep. . . .

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*Clearing throat*

Hello there. It’s me. The long lost writer of this fic. Yeah. I’m still here and alive. *looking about nervously waiting to be tackled or to be thrown a rotten vegetable my way.*

I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to respond. It’s my own fault really. Originally, my fic was not supposed to have the dupes in it.

Originally, they were either insignificant or couldn’t be found, killed, whatever. You give me a reason and I’ll accept it B-U-T as you can see that is not what happened.

My characters have taken a life of their own and gosh dang it, I’ve been fighting with them ever since. They do what they want. They don’t listen to me. Sometimes I’m able to convince them or sweet talk them into doing what I ask but lately they have been very stubborn.

Anyway, I was not comfortable writing 'the Dupes' so off I went to find out all I could about them and needless to say, I got sucked in (happily of course) – into the world of dupes. It took me a long while to write what I did. (The dupes part – Took longer than I should have, IMO)

So I will most likely have a new part for you tomorrow (Tuesday)

In the meantime, I thought I would give you a spoiler (A sneak peek at what is going to happen – That’s a spoiler right? Maybe it’s more of a teaser.)

Oh! And before I go. . .I just wanted to say. . .






I think it’s more than a coincidence that they share birthdays don’t you think? I think it was written in the stars – Yes!!! Stargazers unite!!!!!

Okay - Liz take it away. . .

In Liz’s voice: Here are some scenes of the next all new “Promises to Keep” . . .

. . .From one of the dark recessed corners a hand immersed. Swiftly it came behind Kyle and covered his mouth and he let out a muffled cry.

“Kyle?!” Tess turned when she heard a struggle and fought hard to conceal her scream.

Max pivoted around; his arm outstretched and from his hand sprang forth a green light. Glowing, it spread out shielding, protecting him and Tess between Kyle and his abductor.

“Ssshhh or they’ll hear you.” Whispered the voice from the shadows.

Max strained to see who held Kyle captive when he heard the voice come from the blackness. All Max could see were Kyle’s eyes. They were as wide as saucers and the whites of his eyes glimmered with the reflection of the shimmering green wall Max’s hand had erected.

“Let go of him!” commanded Tess as fear coursed through her. . . .

“What the hell are you doing here?” The voice hissed from the darkness.

* * * * *

“Yo, they want the Royal four, Duke.” Rath’s voice bellowed excitedly.

“Is that right?” Zan rolled out. His voice rang out cool and confident. . . .

Rath walked to the cooler beside the couch. He lifted the lid to inspect its contents. “Check this out Lon, we’re celebrating tonight! Zan jacked some good stuff.” Rath lifted a can of beer to show Lonnie and tossed her one. “Dude, Zan you da man!”

“Nevah forget it.” Zan murmured, handing Ava the second slice of pizza in his hand. Ava eagerly accepted it and took a bite. She shivered when she lifted her gaze up only to be caught in Zan’s eyes.

Rath howled, popping the tab on the beer can and taking a sip. He sauntered over and reached for Lonnie. “You hot babe?”

“Always.” Lonnie accepted Rath’s hand . . .

* * * * *

. . .“So, how much did you see?” Liz distractedly stared at her hands. She kept her head down. She didn’t want to look at Michael right now.

“Were you ever going to tell me. . .Max?”

“I hadn’t planned on it. . .no.”

Michael spun around, “You didn’t think I had the right to know?”

Liz looked up at him. “I didn’t think you would need to know. Why would I tell you about something that I was here to prevent?” The ache in her head was getting worse. “It was my own fucking fault for letting my emotions get in the way and now I may have jeopardized everything.”

“Damn it Liz! I asked you a simple question and you turn around and tell me that Nicholas killed Maria! How the hell do you think I’m going to react?” Michael’s body shook as he yelled. . . .

He looked up at Liz with disbelief in his face and sadness in his eyes. “I saw the flashes. . .”

* * * * *

“Shhh. . . .I think I hear footsteps.”

“Damn.” Kyle cursed pressing himself further against the wall. The last thing he wanted was to be discovered spying on a bunch of rogue aliens.

“Tess, can you make it so they won’t be able to see us?” Max asked anxiously.

“I can try.” They held their breaths as the footsteps got closer and then heard a female voice.

“Wheres we goin’ Zan?” . . . .

Ava’s eyes adjusted and then she saw the face of Zan but not Zan. A boy that would look like Zan if he was all clean cut. Then she saw her face but with long braided hair, her face contorted with focusing on her illusion. Then another boy good looking but scared shitless. And lastly another girl. Someone she didn’t recognize. She brought her eyes back to the clean cut Zan, her face, clean cut Zan. Ava found herself staring into fear-struck amber eyes. Their gentleness overwhelmed her and they pleaded for her help. Pleaded for her not to be discovered. Ava had never seen that look on Zan before. She didn’t think he was capable of expressing it.

* * * * *

Thank you everyone for being so patient. I will get back to saying thank you to everyone right before or after I post.

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Hey everyone! ~ Here’s the part I promised. It’s really late . . .or early whichever way you want to see it. So here is part of chapter 15. I have to go to bed I’m beat. The other half I will post later today. {Damn, I’m such a tease}

I hope you like. Let me know what you think of the dupes. Or anything else for that matter. See later. . .

Rated: R for language.

~ Chapter 15 ~

“Fight the Future”

~ Monday, July 9, 2000, La Guardia Airport, 6:22 am ~

“Thank god.” Tess exclaimed as they walked down the concourse. “That’s the longest flight I’ve ever been on.”

“You act like it was your first time flying.” Kyle shook his head; glad he was no longer cooped up in a plane with panicky Max and a crash-crazed Tess. “Aliens,” he muttered.

“I don’t like flying. Too many things can go wrong.” Tess informed Kyle.

“Oh, yeah. I guess you’ve already crashed once in this lifetime haven’t you?”

Tess slapped him on the arm, “Max. Max! Wait up?” And ran after Max. Kyle followed after her. Finally, they caught him just as he had passed through the automated sliding doors to outside.

“Holy shit! It’s Satan’s sauna.” Kyle protested. Tess joined in by allowing a moan to escape her lips when the heat hit her as well.

“This is going to be hell on my make-up. How do people live in this heat?”

“Kyle? Where is it that we have to go?” Max ignored his companions whining about the heat. The heat and humidity he could handle, it was the fear of not knowing that was killing him. He only hoped that he had made the right choice. That he was following the right Liz. What if he was too late? What if he didn’t get here in time and she was injured-captured-or worse? His mind was set to racing again and he felt another panic attack threatening him. He forced the terrible memories back. He couldn’t think of Liz being in a white room. ‘NO!’ He needed to find Liz. He just hoped she was where Kyle was taking them. Anything else was secondary until he found Liz. He would be okay once he could see her. That she was safe in his arms protecting her. He would be safe once he found Liz again.

“My dad said we need to go to 8th Street. There’s supposed to be a train stop ‘N’ and from there we go down.”

“Then let’s go.” Max wasted no time and walked up to one of the many yellow cabs waiting at the curbside. He bent down, and addressed a man in his forty’s wearing an ‘I LUV NY’ baseball cap in the driver’s side reading the morning paper. “Can you take us to 8th Street?”

“Sure. Hop in kid.” The cabby rolled his newspaper up and settled into his seat so that he would be able to drive them where ever they wanted to go.

The three teens piled into the back of the cab and watched as the sun slowly rose up into the sky. Tall skyscrapers could be seen in the distance reflecting the sun’s light. Kyle reached for his dark sunglasses and placed them over his eyes, leaned back into his seat. “Fortunately for me, A Valenti never leaves home without shades.”

An hour later. . .“Here we are 8th Street.” The cab driver announced as he double-parked on the busy street.

Kyle and Tess got out of the car as Max paid the driver. The man took the money, said his thanks and drove away.

Kyle and Tess took a minute to look around at all the hustle and bustle coursing through the sidewalks and small businesses along the street. Beads of perspiration were forming on their foreheads. It was going to be a scorcher.

“There it is.” Max said pointing to the sign on the wall that said ‘Canal Street Station’ and below it ‘Lafayette Street’. “Let’s go.” And began to descend the subway steps with Tess and Kyle following close behind.

Twenty minutes later. . . .“Which way now?” Max whispered over his shoulder as he waited for Kyle to instruct him, Max was in the lead.

“Another hundred yards and we should be there.” Kyle answered from behind Tess who was between him and Max.

“At least it’s cooler down here. Dark, dank and filthy but definitely cooler.” Tess commented to the two men she was with. She was careful to watch where she was stepping because she didn’t want anything to happen to her shoes.

“Wait!” Max stopped, lifting his hand, motioning for Tess and Kyle to stop. “Listen. Do you hear music?”

Faintly, in the distance, a sound could be heard echoing through the tunnels. A subway car passing in the background drowned out the noise, faded and the faint music returned.

Tess shook her head, the braids in her hair trembled. “I think its music. . .” She frowned, straining to listen. “. . .but I can’t make it out.”

From one of the dark recessed corners a hand immersed. Swiftly it came behind Kyle and covered his mouth and he let out a muffled cry.

“Kyle?!” Tess turned when she heard a struggle and fought hard to conceal her scream when she saw Kyle being held by a hand.

Max pivoted around; his arm outstretched and from his hand sprang forth a green light. Glowing, it spread out shielding, protecting him and Tess between Kyle and his abductor.

“Ssshhh or they’ll hear you.” Whispered the voice from the shadows.

Max strained to see who held Kyle captive when he heard the voice come from the blackness. All he could see were Kyle’s eyes. They were as wide as saucers and the whites of his eyes glimmered with the reflection of the shimmering green wall Max’s hand had erected.

“Let go of him!” commanded Tess as fear coursed through her.

“What the hell are you doing here?” The voice hissed from the darkness.

Max strained to see if he could recognize the voice for some reason it sounded really familiar. “Courtney?”

Max lowered his hand, the shield dissipated and dissolved. He looked at Courtney who still held Kyle close against her, to Tess and then to his hand. He had never been able to do that before. Kyle’s cry had instilled fear in him pumping adrenaline through his body letting loose the buried images of the white room. Terror rushing out at him screaming of what they did to him-Liz’s vacant lifeless face, pale with blood trickling from her mouth-dead when Pierce had put that virtual helmet on his head. He had thrown his hand up for protection and before his very eyes a force field had become visible in front of him and Tess.

“When did you learn to do that?” Tess whispered amazed and looking just as surprised as Max.

“Just right now.” Max stared at his hand in wonderment.

Courtney let go of Kyle, “thank you” Kyle muttered as he dusted himself off. He couldn’t help but sound a bit disappointed as he moved away from his captor. While struggling he had discovered his back was pressed up against two large, soft mounds and thoughts of being kidnapped by a woman had conjured endless scenarios in his overactive mind.

“How did you get here?” Courtney still stood half hidden in the shadows.

“Plane.” Tess answered after recognizing Courtney’s voice. “You didn’t think you’d stop us from coming just because you had us detained, did you?” Her fear quickly turned to anger and it began to flare almost out of control. “Where is she?” Tess took a step forward toward Courtney looking for the woman in question.

“Who?” Courtney knew but couldn’t help but to play dumb anyway.

“The bitch from the future. The one who’s responsible for having Max and I arrested at the airport. The hag that almost got me stripped searched?” Tess spat out bitterly.

“You mean they didn’t do a cavity search on you? Damn! And I was really looking forward to hearing that story.” Courtney acted disappointed while crossing her arms.

“That’s enough!” Max gritted his teeth, angry by Tess’ words. He took two steps forward so he was in between Courtney and Tess and stared Tess down. “You said you were here to help me. If you think for one minute you’re going to get to pay Liz back for what she did to us then know this… I’ll put you and Kyle on the next plane back to Roswell right now. You will not seek revenge for what was done to us at the airport. Nor will you continuously call her names. You hear me?”

Tess looked up into Max’s stern face and began to answer when Kyle interrupted her. “Hey why do I have to go back with Tess?” Kyle complained. “Who’s getting punished here? Liz is my friend and if she needs help then I’m going to be there to help her. It doesn’t matter which timeline she’s from.”

“But Max. . .” Tess whined like a small child.

Max gave Kyle an indignant glare and returned his gaze back to Tess. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” Tess said painfully. She backed away from his stare and kicked at a rock that was in her way. If she couldn’t take her anger out on the future Liz then the rock would just have to do.

Max’s eyes searched the darkness trying to sense Liz. He couldn’t feel her but she had to be near, she just had to be. “Where’s Liz? Where is she?”

“She’s not here.” Courtney didn’t think Max needed to know what happened. After what she had witnessed at the airport, she figured Liz wouldn’t be too happy when she woke up to see Max and the others here in New York. Besides, her job was to keep an eye on the dupes. Find out all she could on them and their involvement with Nicholas. She simply said. “She’s with Michael,” and left it at that.

“Then what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be with Michael and Liz?” Kyle was starting to feel some concern for why they wouldn’t be all together?

Max’s heart rate was slowing some from the rush of fear induced by Courtney’s attack on Kyle and the wonderment for discovering a new power. A power to shield, to protect but his heart sank when he realized Liz was nowhere near. Liz was not here. Liz was with Michael. The anticipation of seeing Liz made him nervous and jittery. Courtney hadn’t said anything was wrong with Liz here in New York. ‘Would she say if there was?’ Max thought. He didn’t know Courtney very well and up until yesterday, he thought she was just some new girl Mr. Parker had hired while Liz was away. ‘If this Liz was okay, did that mean Liz in Florida was in trouble? One thing at a time Max, one thing at a time.’ Max was brought out of the struggle going on in his mind when Courtney spoke again.

“I’m following the carbon copies.” Courtney deadpanned. “They’ve been up roaming the streets ‘til sunrise. Lonnie mugged some delivery boy and made out with a large pizza and Rath jacked some brotha’s boom box with a CD in it. I guess they like Linkin Park ‘cuz they’ve been playing it loud all the way back here.” Courtney yawned and muttered to herself. “Damn. Wish I could have some of that pizza. It smelled good but anyway I was about to get closer to hear what they were saying before you three showed up.”

“Pizza?” Kyle’s eyes grew with interest. “What kind was it? Pepperoni?”

“Is that all you can think about is food, Kyle?” Tess questioned as she elbowed him in his ribs. She couldn’t believe Kyle could be hungry at this moment.

“At this moment yeah, that’s all I can think of right now.” Well, besides being pressed up against Courtney’s boobs but he didn’t think that was something that he should voice to everyone.

“So who is all in there?” Max asked Courtney ignoring Kyle and Tess’ bickering.

“I’m not sure. I was only following Rath and Lonnie.”

Max furrowed his brow. “Michael and Isabel’s dupes, right?” Max recalled the conversation he had with his sister.

“Yeah. That’s right.”

“And Zan and Ava?” Max questioned getting Tess’ attention when he mentioned Ava’s name.

“So you’re saying they’re all in there right now?” Tess asked.

“I don’t know. Haven’t you been listening or is the peroxide you’re using starting to seep into your little brain?” Courtney said curtly.

“Ha. Ha. You’re so funny.”

“Are we going to see a cat fight ‘cuz I didn’t bring a camera.” Kyle said moving his finger back and forth between Courtney and Tess.

“Enough!” Max grounded out causing Tess and Kyle to stop their actions. “Let’s see if we can get in closer and hear what they’re saying.”

Courtney agreed, nodding her head. “Stay up against the wall where the shadows are. That way if someone decides to walk out they’re less likely to spot us. When we’re done here then we can go back and check on Liz and Michael.”

Max along with Kyle and Tess nodded their heads in acknowledgment. The sooner they got some information on these dupes the sooner they could leave. Kyle thought hotel, pizza, sleep, bed. Tess thought hotel, air-conditioner, clean clothes. Max thought Liz.

They followed Max’s lead cautiously walking toward where the music was coming from as it grew louder along with the voices.

* * *

~ Inside the dupes’ crib ~

“Yo, They want the Royal four, Duke.” Rath’s voice bellowed excitedly.

“Is that right?” Zan rolled out. His voice rang out cool and confident.

“Seems so bro. We’ve been contacted.” Lonnie sauntered over to the couch.

“This mean we going home, Zan?” Ava’s voice wobbled a little as she looked on to Zan waiting for his reply.

Zan stood rubbing his goatee in thought. His strong biceps flexed making the tattoos on his arms dance. He cocked one eyebrow up making the ring pierced over his eyebrow glisten. “Don’t know.” His hard amber eyes were piercing when he answered Ava.

“Whatcha mean, yous don’t know?” Rath asked angrily. “We’ve been expecting someones or somthang to contact us ever since we’s all got that vision ‘member?”

“How’s we going to forget wit yous always reminding us?” Ava bit back.

“Yo, yous best be watching your mouth bitch!” Rath said malevolently.

“Best you chill, Rath.” Zan’s voice was calm and cold. “Nobodys says that to Ava includings yous.” Zan walked purposefully toward Rath. His slow strides gave off waves of confidence and Rath backed up a little as Zan’s overpowering presence neared.

“I’m just saying, she best be careful, that’s all.” Rath said under his breath.

Zan stood in front of Rath peering into his eyes challenging and Rath shifted uncomfortably with his gaze.

“Hows they find you?” Zan spoke softly, cocking his head to one side, still keeping Rath under his gaze for several long seconds. When Rath turned to look at Lonnie for help, Zan then turned to acknowledge Lonnie interrogatively.

Lonnie sat back comfortably against the dilapidated couch in their living space. Her arms rested casually over the top of the beat up old sofa and her feet were planted widely, sitting in a very unladylike manner. Her dirty blonde hair was cut short and the thick dark eyeliner she wore made her brown eyes even more intense at she stared at her brother. A slow smile crept over her lips and she tilted her head down slightly as she continued to stare at Zan. “Theys caught us using our tricks when we’s betting where they put the ball unda the shell.”

Rath’s chuckle boomed out loudly, echoing throughout the room. “Dude, easy money.”

“But. . .” Lonnie went on. “Seems the homey working the shells recognized our tricks and told his boss. He’s the one we talked to.”

Zan scowled fiercely at Lonnie’s admission they had used their powers and were discovered but continued to listen without moving. All eyes were on Zan as if his presence commanded their undivided attention. “How’s you know they legit?”

Rath laughed again. He jumped excitedly cutting Lonnie off and eagerly began telling what happened next. “Yo, get this! The head honcho, is some bratty ass kid who looks like he’s what 12 years old but he’s carryin’ this smooth rock wit the symbol we’s seen in our vision. You knows, the one we kept hearing that nasty beepin’ repeatin’ ovah and ovah and that symbol? It glowed.” Rath was proud of himself for describing the orb and decided to reward himself with pizza. The pizza box sat on what they had decided was a table for the moment.

“That don’t mean nothin’” Ava said. “How’s you know it wasn’t some kinda trick?”

Lonnie stood slowly and Ava coward some when she saw Lonnie’s eyes. “Yous don’t believe us?” Lonnie asked threateningly.

“That’s not whats I sayin’. . .” Ava stammered looking at Lonnie then Zan trying to explain. “All I’s sayin’ is . . .could be a set up.” She lowered her eyes letting Lonnie know she was backing down. Ava looked up to see if Zan was angry. She hoped not. Zan took care of her. Zan took care of all of them. Ava respected Zan and she loved him as much as she knew what love was. She knew Zan didn’t return those feelings for her but never did he treat her wrong. He never hit her, never bad-mouthed her like Rath and Lonnie did and he listened or at least he pretended to listen. Ava always knew she was safe when she was with Zan. That’s when she was at her boldest. Zan treated her like a member of their group. She was always watching his back. She wanted him to respect her like she did him.

The left side of Zan’s lip curved upward, giving Ava a small mischievously smile and she relaxed. Her heart began to beat a little faster when she saw a glint in his honey colored eyes. She liked it when Zan looked at her that way.

Lonnie watched the exchanged between her brother and Ava and decided she wasn’t going to win any battles if she put Zan on the defensive. She wasn’t going to challenge Zan. She knew better. He was leader for one reason. His powers were stronger than theirs. She took a deep breath and plopped herself back on the battered couch. She had to work her brother and coming after his mate wasn’t going score any points. “All ya have’ta do is listen. Make no decisions ‘till ya hear whats they hafta say.”

Rath watched his lover and leader go head to head and added. “She’s right, Zan. No promises. All you haveta do is listen.” By now he had opened the top of the pizza box and took a slice. He waved his hand over it, heating it nice and hot. He bit into it and moaned with delight. The cheese stretched out as he pulled away from it then using his tongue to catch the stray strand of cheese that fell down his chin.

Lonnie watched Rath with his pizza and was suddenly feeling hungry herself. She lean over and took a slice, heated her piece and took a bite staring seductively at Rath.

Zan listened to everything, his mind processing what his family was saying as his expression gave nothing away. All of a sudden, Zan broke out in a smile and everyone waited with bated breath to see what he’d say. “I make no promises. I’s sleeps on it and decide laters.” Zan eyes sparkled roguish at Ava. He was hungry. He strode over to the pizza and picked up two slices, heating them up with his palm.

Everyone let out their breaths, the one’s they didn’t know they were holding. It wasn’t a ‘yes’ and it wasn’t a ‘no’ either but it was something.

“That’s cool. Sleep on it, over it, or under it I don’t care how you do it.” Rath growled.

Ava watched Zan and took a few tentative steps toward him trying to gauge if she was to be sleeping alone or with her supposed mate. She hoped for the latter.

Lonnie’s gaze went from Zan back to Rath as he finished off his piece of pizza then wiped his hands on his pants. He made his way back for another piece. “Hey, Zan where are the drinks?”

“Where they always are.” Ava shot out. She wondered if it was the summer heat that was making her have such a short fuse with Rath today or what it was Zan’s attention that was making her feel so brave. Zan seemed to be in a good mood and if he was in a good mood then she was happy.

Rath walked to the cooler beside the couch. He lifted the lid to inspect its contents. “Check this out Lon, we’re celebrating tonight! Zan jacked some good stuff.” Rath lifted a can of beer to show Lonnie and tossed her one. “Dude, Zan you da man!”

“Nevah forget it.” Zan murmured, handing Ava the second slice of pizza in his hand. Ava eagerly accepted it and took a bite. She shivered when she lifted her gaze up only to be caught in Zan’s eyes.

Rath howled, popping the tab on the beer can and taking a sip. He sauntered over and reached for Lonnie. “You hot babe?”

“Always.” Lonnie accepted Rath’s hand after she took a sip of her drink. Rath pulled her into a tight embraced, bent his head down and attacked her lips, tasting her and the beer they were consuming. After a moment of passionate groping, Lonnie pulled away to take a breath and turned to Zan. “So, you’ll sleep on it, yeah?”

Zan brought his attention to Lonnie. “Sure. I’ll sleep on it.” He turned his back on the couple, waved his hand for them to go. “Go now! Turn the music up so’s me and Ava won’t have’ta listen to you both moanin’ and groanin.”

The music grew louder as it mixed with the sound of passionate cries that echoed throughout the tunnels and the group outside was suddenly becoming uncomfortable.

“Oh god they’re doing it in there!” Kyle said stating the obvious. He wasn’t sure he was ready to sit in the dark with three other people and listen to four aliens do the wild thang.

“Wonder how long hot alien sex lasts?” Courtney grinned at what they were listening to knowing the other three were getting a little hot and bothered themselves.

“Are we going to stay here to find out?” Tess questioned. “Cause I think I’m going to be sick.”

* * * * *

Good night. . .or Good morning. . .see you all in a little bit. . ..

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Happy Gobble Gobble Day to everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving!!! (for tomorrow of course.)


Happy Birthday to my daughter! She is fourteen today!

Sorry about the delay everyone, I’m having trouble with the site. Is it just me? Hope this works.

Anyway ~ Here is the second part of chapter 15A. . .as I promised.

~ New York, Roxanne’s apartment ~

Roxanne walked into her apartment holding a bag in her hand. She walked through the living room and pushed her bedroom door slowly and quietly opened it, poking her head in to make sure it was okay and then entered. “How’s she doing?” She asked Michael who was pacing her small bedroom.

Michael stopped and stared at Roxanne with worried eyes. “She’s opened her eyes a couple of times. She keeps mumbling some things but I can’t understand her.”

“Oh.” She walked in further into her room, stepping closer to look at Liz lying unconscious on her bed. She then looked at Michael. “I brought you a burger and fries from the diner around the corner.” She offered the bag to Michael.

Michael shook his head. “I’m not hungry.”

“Has she been awake long enough for you to give her anything?” Roxanne questioned.

“Some water. . . .but every time I touch her I . . . ” Michael shifted legs shifted back and forth nervously and rubbed his palms on his jeans.

“I see.” Roxanne said sympathetically. “You should eat something. When was the last time you ate? I don’t want another unconscious person in my apartment. I’m going to run out of places to put you guys.” She joked hoping to lighten the mood some.

Michael shot his head up from looking at the ground and glared at Roxanne.

A moan came from the bed and Michael quickly came and stood beside Liz while Roxanne stood nearby.

Liz’s eyes fluttered and then opened. Throbbing pain began to register in her head and she went to raise her arm to her forehead and was rewarded with every nerve in her body spasming. . “ow.” .

“Liz?” Came Michael’s voice. It sounded wary. She shifted her body slightly, wincing when more pain shot through her. Liz’s eyes came into focus and saw Michael standing over her. “Where am I?” Her voice was thick and scratchy.

“My place.” Roxanne said from behind Michael.

Liz decided to sit up and felt Michael’s arms helping her. He grabbed and threw another pillow behind her for support. “Thanks.”

He nodded and the look on his face was making her nauseous or was it the excruciating pain in her head? She sat up a little more to get a better look around at the tiny room she was in.

“Where’s Courtney?” She moved her mouth and couldn’t help but feel that some water would really be nice right about now.

“Trailing Isabel’s and my dupe.” Michael offered.

“Oh.” Liz’s eyes started to adjust and could see sunlight trying to escape through one of the closed blinds.

“So how ya feeling?” Roxanne asked feeling somewhat uncomfortable even though it was her place. “Want some water?”

“Yes please.” Liz’s mouth was parched.

“I’ll get it.” Roxanne said before Michael could respond. She left her room to retrieve a fresh bottle of water from her kitchen.

“Hungry?” Michael offered. Liz was now awake and he was feeling awkward. He didn’t know how to approach the subject of what had happened, didn’t know if he really wanted to either.

Liz looked at the bag Michael held in his hand. “What do you have?”

Michael opened the bag and stuck his face down into it. “Burger, fries.”

“Maybe a couple of fries. I think I’m hungry.”

“Yeah. You should eat something. . .” Michael hesitated. Angry at himself for feeling so awkward, he began to say “. . .Liz?”

“Here we go, bottle of New York’s finest.” Roxanne said when she re-entered the room. “It’s cold too.”

Liz took the bottle of water offered to her. “Thank you.” She twisted the top off and swallowed a small sip. Her throat burned when the cold liquid went down her throat. After the initial pain, it felt better and she took another sip.

“You must be dying in those clothes you’re wearing. You’re making me sweat just looking at you.” Roxanne offered. When she got nervous, she got fidgety. “How ‘bout I change those long sleeves and jeans to a T-shirt and some shorts?”

“No. I’m all right.” Liz declined politely. She was hot but she knew what she was hiding underneath her clothes and she didn’t want to have to explain. She was already in a mess for letting her emotions go unchecked and now she was sure Michael knew more than she wanted him to know and he wasn’t one to keep things bottled up too long.

“Look it’s no trouble.” Roxanne ignored Liz refusal and quickly walked over to Liz placing her palm on her arm.

“No really I’m fine.” Liz protested and tried to remove Roxanne’s hand before she could change her clothes but Roxanne was fast and instantly changed her long sleeve shirt to a Tee and Liz’s jeans became cutoffs.

“Oh.” Roxanne was immediately stunned by what she saw and began to stumble with her words. “I didn’t realize you were. . .” She trailed averting her eyes from the many scars on Liz arms and legs.

“Jesus Liz!” Michael gasped when he finally took a good look at Liz.

Liz was ashamed but she was too weak to change her clothing back and the one french fry she ate was weighing heavily in her stomach right about now.

“I have to go. . .check on something in the other room. . .” Roxanne said hastily, feeling once again awkward. She wasn’t good at situations like these. Combat training she knew and give her a weapon and she was in her element. Besides she just met these two. They seemed to have issues. She suddenly felt the need to leave, and she backed up consciously reaching for the door and scurried out, closing the door behind her.

Liz watched Roxanne leave, being left alone with Michael. She fought the shame that enveloped her. She hadn’t wanted anyone to see her scars. She hadn’t wanted anyone to see the future either but here it was. Now she needed to know just how much he knew. She needed to know how bad it was. “How long have I been out?” She whispered.

“You’ve been slipping in and out all day.” Michael shook his head then rubbed his palms on his jeans.

Uncomfortable silence then filled the small space like a heavy curtain. Liz took in a breath, it hurt and the silence and tension was making her sick. She finally decided to bite the bullet. “So how much did you see?” She distractedly stared at her hands. She kept her head down. She didn’t want to look at Michael right now.

“Were you ever going to tell me. . .Max?”

“I hadn’t planned on it. . .no.”

Michael spun around, “You didn’t think I had the right to know?”

Liz looked up at him. “I didn’t think you would need to know. Why would I tell you about something that I was here to prevent?” The ache in her head was getting worse. “It was my own fucking fault for letting my emotions get in the way and now I may have jeopardized everything.”

“Damn it Liz! I asked you a simple question and you turn around and tell me that Nicholas killed Maria! How the hell do you think I’m going to react?” Michael’s body shook as he yelled. His legs became unsteady and he sat on the bed beside Liz. His head fell heavy into the palms of his hands and he rubbed his face with them then ran them through his hair. He looked up at Liz with disbelief in his face and sadness in his eyes.

“I saw the flashes. God Liz, Maria was. . . . We had. . . .We got. . .” He just couldn’t seem to finish a sentence. Michael knew he cared for Maria and the fact that their status as a couple was basically nonexistent at the moment bothered him tremendously. Then to receive imagines of Maria smiling happy, pregnant with his child was beyond his capabilities. Her laughter rang through his ears like music and for a few brief moments he felt happiness like he was home, he had a family and Maria was the center of it.

“Married.” Liz filled in the blank on the word of the last attempt of his sentence. She lifted her eyes to look at him. She didn’t want to but he deserved to be looked at when she answered him. “Yeah. Things got bad. . .” Liz cleared her throat as she remembered. “. . .Tess got pregnant, she took off back to Antar then came back which only brought us more attention from the military. Then they attempted to assassinate us during graduation which is pretty much when we became fugitives.” Liz knew she was rambling. She figured she would make it fast and quick; maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much. Like ripping a bandage off a wound, the quicker you did it the less pain there was. Nope. It still hurt. She could see it written all across his expression.

Michael sat dumbfounded at Liz. What the hell was she talking about? Tess got pregnant? From whom? And she went back to Antar? How? And she came back? Why? “Hold it! What?!” He shook his head to try and clear the confusion that filled his thoughts.

Liz knew she needed to fill in the blanks, she took a deep breath and sighed. “Tess got pregnant with Max’s son. She was sent back to Antar in the granilith supposedly because their son couldn’t survive here on Earth. She returned because she found out Khivar was a worse bastard than Nasedo. And when she came back apparently she felt the need to smack into a military aircraft putting us all in the spotlight again.” Liz said it all in one breath.

Michael’s anger grew with his frustration and he stood up in front of her. He reached out for her to grab hold of her and quickly stopped himself as if he were to touch her, he would have been burned. Liz pushed herself back up against the headboard and tried to occupy as little space as she could. She felt like a leper and she hugged herself.

Liz’s words tumbled in Michael’s mind. Tess had a kid from Max? But in his flashes he had seen Max and Liz together. What had happened to Tess? What happened to their son? ‘Did Liz just mention Nasedo in the same sentence as Khivar? The same Khivar that was trying to kill them? Their enemy Khivar?’ And Michael remembered the car ride to the airport and Liz’s conversation with Courtney but all that came out of his mouth was, “We had a family. . .Me and Maria. You and Max.”

“Yeah, you finally grew a brain and married Maria.” Liz said hollowly. She lifted her eyes to look at him. “Vegas.” She chuckled at the irony of it. They ended up marrying where she and Max were supposed to have been hitched in Future Max’s timeline.

Michael failed to see Liz’s humor. He didn’t understand what Liz found so funny and he glared at her angrily. He was about to give her some crude remark when Liz’s headache began to get worse and she rubbed her temples trying to relieve some of the pain. It was starting to upset her stomach and she felt the bile begin to rise in her throat. She turned abruptly, getting out of be and rushed toward one of the doors. She hoped she didn’t pick a closet. Relief came over her when she discovered she had made the right choice and had found the bathroom. She rushed in meeting her new best friend named John.

* * * * *

~ Back in the tunnels ~

Max, Courtney, Tess and Kyle leaned up against the dark, dingy walls. They hadn’t heard anything but music for the past twenty minutes and Kyle spoke up. “What now?”

“I think they finally went to sleep. I say we head back to Michael and Liz and come back later." Max said.

“But what if they left?” Tess wondered if there was possibly another way to get in and out from their place and maybe they were no longer there. “What if there’s a back door and nobody’s in there and we’re just sitting here like dorks?”

“What do you suggest we do?” Courtney questioned.

“I say we take a peek. If they’re not in there maybe we can take a look around.”

“And what if they are in there? I’m going to get my lil’ ol’ human ass kicked, no way thank you.” Kyle said shaking his head.

“They won’t see us if I don’t let them.”

Max understood what Tess was saying. “I don’t like it.” He frowned. “We don’t know a whole lot about our doubles.”

The sound from the CD playing echoed in the underground passage grew considerably louder and four heads turned their attention to the music. Max heard the sound of piano keys being pounded and he heard the words.

It starts with one thing
I don’t know why
It doesn’t even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind
I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time
All I know

* * * * *

Liz trembled as she finished throwing up what little was in her stomach. She wiped her mouth with the back of her shaky hand and lifted herself up on wobbly legs to stand in front of the small bathroom sink. Turning on the faucet, she splashed cold water on her face and rinsed her mouth out. The after taste of acid continued to linger as the saltiness from the drops of perspiration mixed with the water rolled on her lips. She reached for a towel hanging nearby on towel rack and wiped on her face. Liz lifted her head up when she thought she heard music in the background.

Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
It so unreal
Didn’t look out below
Watch the time go right out the window
Trying to hold on, but didn’t even know
Wasted it all just to watch you go
I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

* * * * * *

“Shhh.” Whispered Courtney. “I think I hear footsteps.”

“Damn.” Kyle cursed pressing himself further against the wall. The last thing he wanted was to be discovered spying on a bunch of rogue aliens.

“Tess can you make it so they won’t be able to see us?” Max asked anxiously.

“I can try.” They held their breaths as the footsteps got closer and then heard a female voice.

“Wheres we goin’ Zan?”

“Out. I’m hungry and I’s don’t want pizza.” It didn’t matter that he had scarfed down a slice already. He just felt the need to get out for awhile and that sounded like the best solution to get out of Rath and Lonnie’s eyesight with not a whole lot of questions.

Ava rushed up to be beside Zan. He threw his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him. “Yous want pancakes babe? My treat.”

Tess closed her eyes and concentrated. She sent out the image of nothing but the dim, dank underground from where she sat.

One thing I don’t know why
It doesn’t even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind
I designed this rhyme, to remind myself how
I tried so hard
In spite of the way you were mocking me
Acting like I was part of your property
Remembering all the times you fought with me
I’m surprised it got so (far)

Ava gave a wide smile when she heard Zan was treating her to pancakes. He wasn’t always this generous. Also it would just be her and Zan, another phenomenon that didn’t happen often. He must be in a good mood and Ava was happy until she felt something. A pull. A tug and she turned around to search for the source.

* * * * *

Liz stared at her reflection. She turned to Michael who stood at the entrance of the tiny bathroom. “Do you hear that?” She asked frowning, straining to hear the words.

“Hear what?” Michael questioned straining to listen.

“Music. I hear music.” Liz turned again to stare at herself in the mirror.

Things aren’t the way they were before
You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore
Not that you knew me back then
But it all comes back to me (in the end)
You kept everything inside and even though I tired, it all fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when I

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

* * * * *

“What?” Zan frowned, he wanted to know why Ava had stopped. “Yous hear somethun’?” He turned to scan the area Ava was facing.

“Don’t know.” Ava slowly crept a step closer in the direction of three very apprehensive watchers.

“Concentrate harder Tess.” Kyle grounded out in a hiss. He felt his heart beat faster with the thought of being discovered.

Tess squished her eyelids tighter in concentration sending out the message that the tunnels were darker than they really were.

Ava felt the tug strengthen and stopped. Her eyes adjusted and the face of Zan but not Zan. A boy that would look like Zan if he was all clean cut. Then her face but with long braided hair, her face contorted with focusing on her illusion. Then another boy, good looking, but scared shitless. And lastly another girl. Someone she didn’t recognize. She brought her eyes back to the clean cut Zan, her face, clean cut Zan. Ava found herself staring into fear-struck amber eyes. Their gentleness overwhelmed her and they pleaded for her help. Pleaded for her not to be discovered. Ava had never seen that look on Zan before. She didn’t think he was capable of expressing it.

I put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
For all this
There’s only one thing you should know

* * * * * *

Liz stared at her images in the mirror. She could hear the angry words blaming her for not shielding the pain from Michael. Allowing him to see the glimpses of what should have never happened, what she was here to prevent. They berated her for not keeping a level head when she had seen Nicholas, for not being strong enough. Liz shook her head, trying to rid herself of the onslaught of verbal punishment she heard in her head. She lifted her unsteady hand to her forehead and gasped when she saw its transparency. “oh no. God no. . .I’m not finished yet.” Liz muttered with mixed anger and fear. She held her arm protectively against her chest.

* * * * *

I put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
For all this
There’s only one thing you should know

“Just some sewer rats.” Ava finally spoke out loud relaxing just a bit. Her and Zan’s counterpart had finally found them. They didn’t want to be seen and Ava oddly felt no fear toward them. She gave a small shrug. “No big deal. Just some fat ass rats.”

Zan chuckled. “C’mon forget the rats. Let’s go eat.” He tightened his embrace on Ava and pulled her along. Ava smiled. Zan was in a good mood. She was going to get pancakes and not even the doubles of her and Zan were going to ruin it. Who knew when Zan would be this generous again and they strolled happily towards the direction of the subway terminal.

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

* * * * *

Liz looked at her hand. It had become flesh again. She wiggled her fingers and touched them with her other hand to make sure it was solid again. She turned her head to look at Michael again. ‘Did he see it?’ She wondered frantically. Suddenly the room seemed to become too small. There just didn’t seem to be enough air for her to breathe. Quickly, she strode past Michael as the blood pounded in her ears. Lying on the bed was a long denim coat with three-quarter inch sleeves, Liz scooped it up throwing it over her to hide her obvious disfigurements. The jacket belonged to Roxanne and it was too big. It swallowed Liz completely making her look even smaller than she was. She heard Michael call out her name but it sounded distant. Her pace quickened and she was out of the bedroom and walking across the small living room. From the corner of her eye she could see Roxanne stand up in surprise when she rushed passed her heading for the front door.

She faintly heard her name again but it didn’t matter, she needed to get air. She needed to think. She couldn’t think here. Not here. She went for the door. Locked. Liz’s palm glowed and seconds later was out the front door, down the steps and into the streets. She didn’t know where she was going. She didn’t know where she was. All she knew was that she needed to get away. If she ran fast enough it would all go away.

She ran trying to escape the sound of the pounding piano keys and faster as it slowly began to fade in the distance.

* * * *

I had a difficult time deciding which Linkin Park song to play, but in the end. . . I choose ‘In the end’. That whole CD is great! Every song on the Hybrid Theory CD I love!

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Good news! I have a part, I just need to have it beta’d so when you readers get it, you can understand it.

I give all credit to BorderInsanity! Without her, who knows what my overactive insomniac words would read like. Plus all that cold medicine I’m taking probably doesn’t help.*sad*

I’m hoping to post tomorrow in celebration to Shiri Appleby’s birthday! AKA our beloved Liz Parker.

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Seems like I’m not the only one who has been “Taken” by Steven Speilberg’s show on the SciFi Channel. {giggling} I’m sooo bad everything that is happening on that epic and everyone on it gets compared to Roswell!

I’m so excited!

Why you ask?

Well, you see I’ve been watching the Scifi Channel (but I already told you that right?) this past week and I saw the promo, commercial or trailer whatever you want to call it announcing the arrival of Roswell on January 13th. . .I got really excited!!! You’d thought the entire cast of my beloved show walked into my house, that’s how excited I was!!! *bounce*

It could also be the cold medicine too kicking in.

Okay before I go I've have to tell you this, there are these promos or little scenes for the SciFi channel if anyone who is watching that channel will know what I’m talking about. (I hope)

One is with a little boy (at least I think it’s a little boy) with huge eyes and wings of a fly. His fingers and toes are round and they are like suction cups. He flies about and says something ‘alien’ (I think) and then we get to see the emblem of the SciFi Channel.

Another one is of a baby boy (again I think it’s a boy). He looks about a 1½ years old. He’s actually kind of cute, that is until he opens his mouth and fire comes out burning some kind of, what looks like, embryotic membranes then he laughs.

What’s my point you ask?

Well {chuckling} every time I see that promo it reminds me of little Zan. Tess’ kid. {looking around at everyone groaning out loud}

What? Did I not mention I’m taking cold medication?

Anyway ~ I promise to have something for you tomorrow even if it is a little part.

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Hey there. I know I had promised to have a new part for you on when was that? *rubbing my face with my hand* Saturday?

And now *looking at my watch* it’s 2:30 in the morning so I guess it’s technically Monday. I suppose what I have now are broken promises. *thinking* Hmmm. Could that be a sequel. *shaking head* Nah. Don’t listen to the ranting of a woman whose on cold medicine at three in the morning.

My only defense is that my cold medicine seems to be working. Not only does it get rid of my drippy nose, it knocks me out cold. Ha! Out COLD and I got a COLD. . .well the medicine doesn’t seem to be helping my sense of humor.

Though I bring a peace offering.

I hope you like it. I’m posting it before I decide I completely hate it and scrap it all together. I would call this part a transition part. You can call it whatever you want as long as you leave f/b. Tell me what you think.

This part is for a friend of mine who made a request some time ago. The timing just seemed to be perfect so I added it in. I hope she is still reading my fic.

For those of you have the CD of Lifehouse - No Name Face. I would recommend you take it out and go to song number eleven (11). “Somewhere in between” and listen to it while you read. Also “Butterfly” by Crazy Town.

For some reason these next few parts are jammed with songs. I guess when you’re sick and don’t sleep, you listen to music and type.

Anywho ~ Here ya go. . .

~ Chapter 16 ~

“Somewhere in between”

In Courtney’s voice: Previously on “Promises to Keep” . . .

“Wheres we goin’ Zan?”

“Out. I’m hungry and I’s don’t want pizza.”

Zan must be in a good mood and if Zan was in a good mood than Ava was happy until she felt something.

A pull. A tug and she turned around to search for the source.

“What?” Zan frowned, he wanted to know why Ava had stopped. “Yous hear somethun’?” He turned to scan the area Ava was facing.

“Don’t know.” Ava slowly crept a step closer in the direction of three very apprehensive watchers.

Ava felt the tug strengthen and stopped.

Her eyes adjusted and focused on the face of Zan but not Zan. A boy that would look like Zan if he was all clean cut. Then her face but with long braided hair, her face contorted with focusing on her illusion. Then another boy, good looking, but scared shitless. And lastly another girl. Someone she didn’t recognize. She brought her eyes back to the clean cut Zan, her face, clean cut Zan.

Ava found herself staring into fear-struck amber eyes. Their gentleness overwhelmed her and they pleaded for her help. Pleaded for her not to be discovered. Ava had never seen that look on Zan before. She didn’t think he was capable of expressing it.

“Just some sewer rats.” Ava finally spoke out loud relaxing just a bit.

Her and Zan’s counterpart had finally found them. They didn’t want to be seen and Ava oddly felt no fear toward them. She gave a small shrug.

“No big deal. Just some fat ass rats.”

Zan chuckled. “C’mon forget the rats. Let’s go eat.” He tightened his embrace on Ava and pulled her along.

* * * * * *

Liz lifted her unsteady hand to her forehead and gasped when she saw its transparency.

“oh no. God no. . .I’m not finished yet.” Liz muttered with mixed anger and fear. She held her arm protectively against her chest.

Quickly, Liz strode past Michael as the blood pounded in her ears. Lying on the bed was a long denim coat with three-quarter inch sleeves, Liz scooped it up throwing it over her to hide her obvious disfigurements.

She heard Michael call out her name but it sounded distant. Her pace quickened and she was out of the bedroom and walking across the small living room. From the corner of her eye she could see Roxanne stand up in surprise when she rushed passed her heading for the front door.

She faintly heard her name again but it didn’t matter, she needed to get air. She needed to think. She couldn’t think here.

Not here.

Liz didn’t know where she was going. She didn’t know where she was. All she knew was that she needed to get away. If she ran fast enough it would all go away.

In Courtney’s voice: And now a new part of “Promises to Keep” . . .

Max, Kyle and Courtney let out a great big sigh of relief once Zan and Ava were out of sight.

Tess collapsed onto Max’s lap exhausted. Kyle’s face clouded with concern and his brow furrowed over as he leaned over her to see if she was all right. “Hey are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Tess whispered as she nodded slightly. It had taken a lot out of her. It took every ounce of concentration Tess had to send out an image of the tunnels being too dark for Zan to see very far. Tess had tried sending that same image to Ava but kept getting an echoing effect. It just kept bouncing back or reflected off of her, returning. She was grateful when they turned and walked away though Tess knew it was not because of her.

“That was too damn close.” Courtney slumped down against the wall beside Kyle.

“Yeah.” Max closed his eyes and let out a breath. He was sure she saw him. She had stared straight into his eyes. It was un-nerving to watch what looked like his alter ego decked out in leather, tattoos and hair that spiked up that seemed to defy gravity standing no more than five feet away from him along with the punked out petite version of Tess. A shiver went up Max’s spine and he needed to stand.

He needed to get his bearing straight and assess the situation that had just transpired. Realizing Tess was lying in his lap; pangs of uncomfortability came over him. A sense of betrayal to Liz washed over him and he began raising himself off the ground, lifting and nudging Tess in Kyle’s direction who with a surprise expression on his face accepted.

Courtney let a beat go by and recovered, standing also, looking down at Tess in Kyle’s embrace then at Max who was a few steps away.

“I think one of us should follow them.” Courtney turned to look in the direction Zan and Ava left moments earlier.

“Na-uh. Not me.” Kyle shook his head.

“Max. You should follow them.” Courtney instructed.

Max’s head popped up from looking at the ground to look at Courtney and frowned.

“Tess and Kyle should stay here and watch to see if Rath and Lonnie go anywhere.”

“And you?” Max asked wondering when did they start taking orders from Courtney.

“In the meantime, I’ll go back and check with the others. Here take these.” Courtney handed Max then Kyle a sleek and slender walkie-talkie.

“I had planned on giving one to Michael and Liz but you guys are going to need it more right now. We’ll keep in contact with each other through these. Put them on channel 3. I’ll be back in one hour. If those two,” Courtney brought her eyes up in the direction of where Rath and Lonnie were at. “start their prowling again before I get back just call me.” She held up a walkie-talkie of her own.

Max and Kyle nodded while Tess took a deep breath trying to recover.

“Max, I’ll go up with you and then we’ll split off. I’ll go back to get Michael and you’ll continue to follow Zan and Ava.”

“What about Liz?” Max’s concern grew when Courtney didn’t mention Liz’s name.

Courtney contemplated for a moment whether she should enlighten them on the latest turn of events or not but decided against it. Why tell them anything if Liz was already possibly awake and better. Besides it would have taken too long to explain and the longer they stood here in the dark tunnels the farther Zan and Ava were getting. “Yeah, you’re right. Liz too.”

Satisfied Max relaxed some with Courtney’s saying she would return with Liz, he nodded.

I can’t be losing sleep over this
No, I can’t
And I cannot stop pacing
Give me a few hours and I’ll have this all sorted out
If my mind would just stop racing

Courtney turned to leave with Max when she stopped suddenly. She turned. “Oh. And do I have to be redundant and say ‘don’t let them see you’?”

Everyone shook their heads knowing after this little drama they experienced, they weren’t wanting a sequel.

* * * * *

I cannot stand still
I can’t be this unsturdy
This cannot be happening
This is over my head but underneath my feet

Liz finally slowed. She was sweating and her lungs burned from the excretion. Now walking she began to focus on her surroundings. She realized she had no clue as to where she was. She was lost.

Because by tomorrow morning I’ll have this thing beat
And everything will be back to the way that it was
I wish that it was just that easy

I’m waiting for tonight then waiting for tomorrow
And I am somewhere in between

“Great, just great.”

She may have not known where she was but she definitely could tell she was on the wrong side of town. The local establishments consisted of liquor stores, strip bars and hourly rundown hotels.

What is real and just a dream
What is real and just a dream
What is real and just a dream

Would you catch if I fall if I fall out of what I fell in

The passerby’s expressions reflected indifference and the school of hard knocks. Faces of girls painted with too much make-up and heavy scented perfumed strolled up and down the sidewalk. The men’s eyes either never acknowledged her presence or simply undressed her.

Don’t be surprised if I collapse down at your feet again
I don’t want to run away from this
I know that I just don’t need this

‘Cuz I cannot stand still
I can’t be this unsturdy
This cannot be happening

Somehow she had gotten herself lost in the red light district.

I’m waiting for tonight then waiting for tomorrow
And I am somewhere in between

What is real and just a dream
What is real and just a dream
What is real and just a dream

Liz scanned briefly at the many businesses when suddenly one name in particular caught her attention.

The blinking lights flashed on and off “LA FLAMINGO DELUXE” Liz mouthed. Something about this place looked strangely familiar. She frowned, concentrating on where she might have seen this place before as she heard the beating music pounding coming from within the strip joint.

Butterflies in her eyes and looks to kill. Time is passing and I’m asking ‘could this be real? ’cause I can’t sleep, I can’t hold still; the only thing I really know is she’s got sex appeal I can feel.

Too much is never enough. You’re always there to lift me up when these times get rough. I was lost; now I’m found ever since you been around. You’re the woman that I want so yo, I’m putting it down.

She eyed the muscular man at the front entrance with his massive arms crossed across his chest. The man was definitely a bouncer. His form-fitting black shirt stretched taunt outlining washboard abs over his broad chest. His muscles bulged and rippled whenever he twisted and moved and he noticed Liz standing off to the side of the walkway staring at the place then at him. His dark eyes lit up with interest and he flashed his pearly whites at her.

Liz’s body tensed when the man slowly sauntered in her direction, ready to run. He was too damn big for her to take him on, with her powers maybe but she wasn’t at full strength and she seemed to having the running away routine down pat.

“Hey there beautiful.” The man cooed.

Come my lady. Come, come my lady. You my butterfly, sugar baby.
Come my lady. Come, come my lady. I’ll make your legs shake; you make me go crazy.

Liz arched an eyebrow at the man and turned around to see if he was addressing someone else. He had to be because it sure as hell couldn’t be her. She knew she must look as bad as she felt, like crap, probably smelled like it too considering the heat and humidity.

Hey sugar momma come and dance with me. The smartest thing you ever did was take a chance with me. Whatever tickles your fancy; girl, it’s me and you like Sid and Nancy. ~

So sexy almost evil, talking bout butterflies in my head. I used to think happy endings were only in the books I read. But you made me feel alive when I was almost dead.

The bodybuilder let out a laugh when Liz reacted by looking around. “Yeah, I’m talking to you hot mama.”

Come my lady. Come, come my lady. You my butterfly, sugar baby.
Come my lady. Come, come my lady. I’ll make your legs shake; you make me go crazy

Liz’s eyes grew wide with shock. ‘Did he just call me hot mama?’

The man’s eyes roved over Liz’s body, up and down appreciatively. “Just wondering if you eva’h thought about dancing. . .professionally I mean.”

“You’re kidding right?” Liz gave out a huffed laugh of disbelief.

The man magically produced a card between his fingers and cleverly flipped it toward Liz. “If you eva’h change your mind. Give me call.”

Liz warily took the card from the man holding it at a distance from her then went back to stare bewilderingly up at him.

He turned around and walked back to his post, gave her another winning flash of his teeth and went back to his duty of closely eyeing the patrons who were entering his employment as the song continued to blare at incredible decibels.

After shaking herself from the sheer amazement, Liz lifted her gaze back at the man, still stunned somewhat that she, even looking like death two days in, had been propositioned.

A smile slowly formed on her lips and she shot it at the man then turned to walk away down the street still shaking her head.

* * * * *

Zan and Ava sat in a booth eating the food spread out in front of them. The train car now converted into a little café with a crashed spaceship on display on its roof flashed its blinking lights in a rhythmic pattern.

Ava smiled from across the table from where Zan sat. She eagerly stuffed her mouth with pancakes and whipped cream as it got all over her mouth. She was trying to recall when she had ever seen Zan in such a good mood.

Zan speared a forkful of the flapjacks that were on his plate. He quickly eyed Ava and then returned his attention back to his food.

“I know yous lying ‘bout not seeing our dupes and those othas in the tunnel.” Zan said matter-of-factly as he shoved his food into in his mouth.

Ava quit chewing all of the sudden and her smile quickly left her face, replaced by utter shock then fear.

“Chill. I ain’t mad at ya.” He spoke through the side of his mouth.

Ava sat stunned, cautiously placing her fork down in her plate and unsteadily took a drink of her ice cold milk that was generously doused with Tabasco sauce.

Ava’s eyes never left Zan, she was watching and gauging whether she was in trouble or not. ‘Whys he ain’t pissed wit me and reaching for my throat?’ She thought, wondering if maybe this was her last meal. “Ya saw them huh?”

“Ya I saw ‘em. Whateva’h that little dupe of yours was doing don’t seem to have an effect on us two.” He said calmly. He shifted slightly in the booth bringing one hand up to play with the goatee on his chin. “What I want to know is, whys you didn’t say anything?”

Ava sat perfectly still, gathering her thoughts, picking and choosing her words carefully. Finally, she lowered her eyelids down to look at her now forgotten pancakes that were getting cold. “Don’t know.” She said truthfully raising her gaze back to Zan. “How bout you? How come you didn’t call me on it?”

Zan continued stroking his chin and Ava stared at his cool amber eyes that seemed to be deep in thought. His pierced eyebrow arched and he stopped his stroking.

“Can’t give you an answer ‘cuz I don’t have one.” His voice never faltering as it flowed effortlessly from his lips.

“Somehow I know they just checking us out. Somethin’ we’d been doing if we’s found them first. Same way I knows my dupe is following us.”

Ava tensed again and let her eyes sweep the café. “Is he here now?”

“Yeah, he’s here. He’s near.”

Ava scooted out to the edge of the booth. She didn’t want to be caught in the middle of whatever he was planning on doing. She had made a mistake and even though he said that he probably would be doing the same thing she had known him for too long that not telling Zan about something that major didn’t lead to certain circumstances.

Zan dropped his fork onto his plate and leaned back in the booth. He sighed. “What’s up wit you? Huh? Ya acting like this your last meal. Have I eva’h treated ya bad?”

Ava shook her head making her multicolored hair bounce from side to side.

“Have I smacked ya?”

Ava blushed slightly and a wicked grin curved over one side of her lips.

Zan leaned forward with an equally wicked glint in his eyes. “Apart from ya wanting me too. I didn’t hear ya complaining.”

Ava smiled back seductively; she scooped up a dollop of whipped cream with her finger and placed it in her mouth sucking it suggestively.

Zan arched an eyebrow expectedly and Ava scooped up another fingerful this time and dipped it into Zan’s mouth.

Zan languidly sucked at Ava’s finger until there was nothing left. He took Ava’s hand that had her finger in his mouth and laid it on the table with his hand over hers caressing. He brought his other hand to her cheek and stroked it, studying her face and then said. “Come my lady. Come, come my lady. I’ll make your legs shake; you make me go crazy.”

Ava’s eyes shined as she smiled. “Since when do ya start singin’ to me?” She let out a small laugh. “Not that I’m complaining.” She leaned in teasingly.

Zan frowned at Ava’s comment.

“What?” Ava asked at Zan’s disapproving face.

“Strange. I heard it in my head. It kept playing ova’h and ova’h. Then you go and say I said it out loud.” Zan didn’t know what to make of it.

Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, he got up. “C’mon. Let’s go for a walk. Maybe this dupe of mine knows somethin’. Why don’t we let him follows us to somewheres more out in the open.”

“I hear there’s a concert going on at Central Park.” Ava suggested. “That’s nice and open.”

Zan smiled and reached his arm out for Ava who let not a moment pass before taking it. Zan pulled a wad of cash out of his pants and tossed it on the table. He swung his arm around Ava’s shoulders, pulling her closer to him. “Central Park it is.”

* * * *

I’ll have the next part for you tomorrow. Tuesday. Really I promise.

I'm going to bed now. If there are any mistakes, let me know and I'll fix it when I wake up. nightie-night.

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Little_Mermie22 – Ah yes, it is Tuesday isn’t it! I have to do shopping first then as soon as I come back I’ll post. I’d do it now but my daughter is now pushing me out the door!!!

Thank you for all the great f/b and I’m feeling much better - thank you. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that the temperature has warmed up some here. Yeah, I know, I’m soo spoiled!!

If you haven’t already noticed, things are moving at a faster pace. So many things to accomplish and Liz looks to be running out of gas and fading away fast.

There are three scenes that are coming up soon that are very emotionally draining for me to write so please Behr with me!

And of course one of them is Max and Future Liz finally meeting {place mock surprise here!!}

ccrswll – You liked it? Thank you. So . . .Max&Liz? Zan&Liz? Max/Liz/Zan? Wait. I’m in the Dreamer thread here! Naughty, naughty!

SciFiNut111- So you liked it too? Thank you. Regarding the Dupes, our favorite Roswellians and their powers. . .well there’s a perfectly logical explanation for it.(At least its logical in my own little mind) As for Zan having a connection with Liz and not Max . . .well, all I’ll say is it will be explained but not very soon unfortunately.

Got other important matters that need to be taken care of first. . .although I will give a clue or hint If you guys seem to remember, there WAS a scene that was similar before this one. . .maybe that might help or it could just confuse you more. *wink*

A Rose Is True Blue – I rock? I feel so cool!! To the connection thing, read what I wrote to SciFiNut111. . .and Central Park huh? Now why would you think that? *big*

BelevnDreamsToo – Thank you!! Regarding your questions, they will be answered soon. *big*

Clueless, Roswellluver, Lattegirl – Thank you!

RoswellLady – I feel so relieved that I am forgiven and that I am feeling much, much better!

miji17 – {Tee hee} So many questions. {I whisper} It’s coming.

SarahWhitman – {chuckling} Why does that that sound familiar you say? Just a request that I finally was able to grant. An alternate universe for Liz you might say. *big*

frenchkiss70 – All questions will eventually be answered. *big*

BE BACK IN A BIT. . .*happy**happy**happy*

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Alrighty folks ~

Once again if you have the CD of Creed - Weathered, I would suggest you pull it out, put on song number five ‘One last breath’.

Eventually I will figure out how to put a link for you to hear the songs when you read them but for the meantime this is all I can offer you.

I hope you like it. . .if you don’t. . .lie to me.

~ Here we go. . .

~ Chapter 17 ~

“Road to somewhere”

In Michael’s voice: Previously on “Promises to Keep” . . .

“Hey there beautiful.” The man cooed.

Liz arched an eyebrow at the man and turned around to see if he was addressing someone else. He had to be because it sure as hell couldn’t be her. She knew she must look as bad as she felt, like crap, probably smelled like it too considering the heat and humidity.

The bodybuilder let out a laugh when Liz reacted by looking around. “Yeah, I’m talking to you hot mama.”

Liz’s eyes grew wide with shock. ‘Did he just call me hot mama?’

The man’s eyes roved over Liz’s body, up and down appreciatively. “Just wondering if you eva’h thought about dancing. . .professionally I mean.”

“You’re kidding right?” Liz gave out a huffed laugh of disbelief.

The man magically produced a card between his fingers and cleverly flipped it toward Liz. “If you eva’h change your mind. Give me call.”

Liz warily took the card from the man holding it at a distance from her then went back to stare bewilderingly up at him.

He turned around and walked back to his post, gave her another winning flash of his teeth and went back to his duty of closely eyeing the patrons who were entering his employment as the song continued to blare at incredible decibels.

After shaking herself from the sheer amazement, Liz lifted her gaze back at the man, still stunned somewhat that she, even looking like death two days in, had been propositioned.

A smile slowly formed on her lips and she shot it at the man then turned to walk away down the street still shaking her head.

In Michael’s voice: Now back to “Promises to Keep” . . .

That’s the one thing about neighborhoods, you don’t have to go very far for the scenery to change at least it didn’t seemed too far, how long had she been walking?

Hard to tell.

Her legs led her to a place she knew not where, of their own volition they took her to the last place she would never have thought or gone.

A park.

Liz stopped staring at them.


She was drawn to their laughter, their giggles of joy, their shrieks of glee as one child chase another from part of the playground to the other. Liz found a bench and sat. Her eyes found a smiling faced little girl with long brown hair as she swung on a swing. There was another a little boy with blonde curly hair jumping on a plastic and chained bridge that connected one jungle gym to another while another little boy with red hair played quietly in the sand.

She continued to silently stare at one child then another. ‘Why am I here?’ Must I continue to torture myself so? Have I not felt enough pain for two lifetimes? A thousand lifetimes? Liz took in a ragged breath and closed her eyes.

“Mommy! Daddy! Look at me!”


“Mommy! Daddy! Look at me!”

“Maxwell, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Barked Michael.

Liz sat on a picnic blanket leaning against Max. Isabel sat beside him.

“Michael. That’s why you’re here. We’ll be fine. Go over there with Kyle. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. He doesn’t want to be the only uncle to go down the slide.” Max said to Michael who kept looking around the park suspiciously then back at the small child with Kyle.

“Mommy! Daddy! Look at me!”

Liz laughed as she turned to the child who was demanding her attention. “I see you sweetie. Be careful. Don’t hurt your Uncle Kyle!”

“Uncle Michael! Who-wee up! Catch me when I side down!”

“Yes Uncle Michael. You better who-wee up!” Maria teased before popping open a Peach Snapple and taking a sip. Michael scowled at Maria before trotting toward the small child who sat on the top of the slide with Kyle at the highest step supporting the toddler with his arms.

Liz leaned over toward Maria when Michael was out of earshot. “So when are you two going to have one?” She poked Maria with her finger.

“Yeah. Maria.” Max chimed in. “I’d like to have my child back thank you very much.”

Maria’s smile broadened and her cheeks blushed slightly. “Well. . .We’re trying.” She muttered softly.

“oooooohhhhhh” Came from everyone sitting on the red checkered blanket.

“So that explains the strange noises I’ve been hearing at night when I pass your guys’ place.” Isabel taunted.

“Shut up! Isabel!” Maria’s blush deepened. “All I’m saying is we’re trying.”

The group let out a collected laugh as they began to eat the food set out before them.

Liz snuggled closer to Max hugging him. “Thank you.” She whispered in Max’s ear.

“For what?” Max twisted pulling Liz closer to him. Liz scooted to where she sat between his legs. His legs encircled her and his arms lovingly wrapped around her waist.

“For this. Today. The picnic. For them.” Liz looked back at Kyle at the top of the slide hugging securely her baby in his arms while Michael stood at the bottom side of the slide threatening Kyle to be careful and not to let go yet of the child. She turned her head up to look up at Max. “For everything.”

Max chuckled softly in Liz’s ear. “Your Welcome. Will l get another ‘thank you’ tonight too?” Max nuzzled gently behind Liz’s ear.

“Excuse me. Other people still sitting here!” Maria waved her hand in the air.

“Can you not do that in public or when I’m here.” Isabel groaned. “God. You’d think after all these years, you’d learn to control yourselves.”

“I see.” Liz said leaning more onto Max’s chest. “Like you and Kyle?”

Maria laughed knowing it was Isabel’s turned to be embarrassed. “Yeah. God, there’s not enough therapy in the world for the things I’ve accidentally walked in on.”

“Shut up Maria!”

“Mommy! Look at me!”

*End of Flash*

Liz’s eyes opened and refocused as she watched a young mother call to her child from the down end of the slide. “C’mon sweetie. I’ll catch you.”

Liz roughly wiped the tears that fell from her face, using the sleeve of her jacket she brush it across her nose.

She rose from the bench tiredly looking around yet not really seeing anything. Her arms hung defeatedly down her sides, her stride slow, she took one numbing step after another.

Where would she go now?

She hadn’t paid attention to where Roxanne lived. There was no way she could find her way back. Knowing there was only one place to go she headed toward in the direction of the subways.

* * * * * * *

Courtney knocked once and then entered Roxanne’s apartment.

It was quiet. Upon entering, she was there was no one in the small, modest living room. Was she expecting to see someone there?

Maybe Michael, hopefully Liz?

Quietly she made her way to the bedroom, knocking on the door softly.

No answer. No come in. Nothing.

Courtney silently pushed the bedroom door open and peered into the darkened room. The small lamp beside the bed gave off a soft glow. It was almost pink in color.

Sitting in the middle of the bed was Roxanne. Courtney swept through the tiny room searching for the two people she came for and saw no one else. She set her eyes back on Roxanne. “Where’s Liz?”


Courtney’s stomach tightened on Roxanne’s comment. She narrowed her eyes at the woman sitting on the bed. “What do you mean gone?”

Roxanne lifted her eyes from the object in her hand and brought her full attention to Courtney. “I mean, Liz woke up. She and Michael got into an argument. She ran off and Michael went off to find her.”

“What?” Courtney said. “You let Michael run off by himself to chase after her? Damn it Roxanne! What the hell were you thinking? Michael’s sixteen years old and from Roswell Roxanne. ROSWELL! Some little hick town in the middle of the fucking desert and you let him run off into the streets of New York?” Courtney ranted off wondering how she was going to contain this. What if something happened to Michael? Sure, he had powers but from the short time she had been in Roswell, she had observed that he had yet to master his abilities like Isabel or Max.

She had two teenagers in the sewers of New York staking out two other alien teenagers. One alien against two, she didn’t like the numbers.

And Max, she sighed. She had planned on at least delivering Michael to him. Leaving him alone to follow Zan and Ava was a difficult decision but she concluded that she was just going to pick up Michael and hightail it back to Max and send Roxanne to help Kyle and Tess.

Now, what the hell was she supposed to do?

“Courtney.” Roxanne’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts. “Look, it wasn’t like that. She split. Michael followed. I followed Michael. We swept the neighborhood and couldn’t find her. The girl can run.”

Courtney scowled at her friend. “Why didn’t you just say that? Then where the hell is he then?” She let some of her tension subside.

“Would’ve if you hadn’t cut me off before I could finish. After twenty minutes of wandering. I remembered I had some walkie-talkies in my apartment. Ya neva’h know when ya might need them.”

Courtney let a small smile creep onto her lips, nodding. ‘Yeah, okay. Good idea, since I had the same thought.’

Roxanne continued. “So I sent him to get batteries ‘cuz I don’t think I have any here. He’s at that little market right here on the corner. Probably just missed him as you made your way up here. Anyway, I came back up to look for them and was going to meet him back down there.”

“And?” Courtney prodded. “So did you find the walkie-talkies?”

“No. But I found this.” Courtney pointed to Liz’s black backpack.

“That’s Liz’s.”

“I know that.”

“What were you doing with Liz’s bag?”

“She left it behind when she took off. I got curious. Do I need to say more?” Roxanne said cooly.

“Damn it Roxanne. There’s no time right now for you to be snooping through Liz’s underwear. We’ve got to. . .”

Roxanne interrupted. “This is not underwear. Does this look like panties to you?” Roxanne said lifting a black object in her hand for Courtney to see.

Courtney took a good look at what Roxanne held in her hand. “Is that what I think it is?” She walked closer to get a better look.

“If I’m not mistaken, it sure the hell is. That’s not all. There’s more in the bag. I just want to know why Liz is carrying all this stuff.”

Courtney sat on the edge of the bed beside Roxanne still staring at the black object. Courtney then took it from her.

Roxanne scooted closer. “I think we should activate it.” She said in a low and even tone.

Courtney turned to look at Roxanne. Her expression indicating she was seriously contemplating Roxanne’s words. Nodding slowly she began to press various symbols in a sequence. “Let’s hope this works.” Courtney said looking back at Roxanne. “Activate.”

A soft green light glowed brightly from the small LED screen on the black object then softened. “Where’s Liz?” Came the voice.

* * * *

It was still hot after the sun went down but there was a cool breeze. It floated softly across Liz’s face as she continued through the park.

In the distance Liz could hear music. The roar of a large crowd caught Liz’s attention and she made her way toward the large mass of people.

The deep voice of the announcer came over the loud speakers and Liz lifted her head, straining to see the stage in the distance. “I want everyone to put their hands together and give a warm welcome for . . .Creed.”

Thunderous applauds filled the air as the handsome men walked up to center stage.

They waited for the cheers and screaming to lower before continuing “Hey everyone. We thought you would like to hear ‘One last breath’.”

Mark Tremonti began playing the electric guitar and the melody filtered out from the speakers and into the surrounding crowd. Moments later Scott Stapp’s began to sing and his voice filled the air.

Please come now I think I’m falling
I’m holding on to all I think is safe

Liz knew she needed to get to the subway. She needed to find Zan and the other dupes but. . .

It seems I found the road to nowhere
And I’m trying to escape
I yelled back when I heard thunder – thunder (echo)
But I’m down to one last breath
And with it let me say
Let me say

She lingered into the mass of people. The many bodies huddled together made the night warmer and the cool summer breeze rewarded its occupants miserly.

Slowly she drifted about through the people, bumping into one and then another then allowing herself to finally stop. Liz felt like she was in a sea of people bobbing about. She closed her eyes and listen to the beautiful yet melancholy melody.

Hold me now
I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking
Maybe six feet
Ain’t so far down

Liz was surrounded. Surrounded by people but she never felt so alone. She was tired. So tired. She just couldn’t find the strength to continue. She wanted to sink, let the people engulf her, swallow her whole. She felt her knees weaken and wondered how much longer she could stand. What if she just sat right down on the hard concrete, just let herself fall and fade away.

She lifted her head up wearily to the sky and whispered “Max.” She missed him so much it hurt. She wanted him back. She wanted her baby back. They were what kept her strong. They were gone and she had nothing left. She brought her head back down and a single tear slipped down her cheek.

I’m looking down now that it’s over
Reflecting on all of my mistakes
I thought I found the road to somewhere
Somewhere in His grace
I cried out heaven save me – save (echo)
But I’m down to one last breath
And with it let me say
Let me say

Max followed Zan and Ava through Central Park. He kept his distance, hiding in the shadows as much as possible as they seem to be headed toward an outdoor concert. The people multiplied the closer they came adding to Max’s advantage of not being seen but also harder to keep an eye on his attendants.

A soft current of air caressed his cheeks and he smelled fresh strawberries. Max inhaled deeply thinking instinctively of Liz. “Max.” Whispered the wind.

Abruptly, he stopped in his tracks and looked around at the people around him trying to see if he recognized anyone. He turned back to see his charges slipping away from him. He stepped up his pace trying to close the distance between him and them.

Then he felt it. That familiar sensation whenever Liz was near.

Liz was here.

‘Oh god! She’s here.’ Max frantically searched the throngs of people while trying not to lose sight of Zan and Ava.

Hold me now
I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking
Maybe six feet
Ain’t so far down

He strode forward a few feet keeping up with his twin feeling the sensation getting stronger.

Liz must be ahead of him.

Ahead of him where his counterparts.

Ahead of him was Liz.

Max’s steps became more urgent as he rushed further hoping he would find Liz before his clones did.

Hold me now
I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking
Maybe six feet
Ain’t so far down

Liz felt the flutter form in her stomach as her mind told her Max was near.

“How can this be?” Liz whipped her head up. Her eyes searching unbelieving but her heart told her otherwise.

He was here.

Max was here.

Frantically, she combed the area, twisting from one side to the other, pushing her way out of the crowd so that she was not so disoriented. A hard bump knocked her to one side causing her to lose balance. Desperately she fought to keep her equilibrium when two strong arms steadied her.

I’m so far down

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled lifting her eyes up to see who held their hands securely on her shoulders. Her breath caught in her throat when her eyes fell upon two honey-amber ones.

Sad eyes follow me
But I still believe there’s something left for me
So please come stay with me
‘Cause I still believe there’s something left for you and me
For you and me
For you and me

Liz’s heart pounded in her chest so fiercely that it felt like she was standing near one of the large stage speakers. It reverberated against her chest and throughout her body. She forced herself to take a deep breath, frowning slightly, she whispered softly incredulously. “Max?”

Hold me now
I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking
Maybe six feet
Ain’t so far down

Hold me now
I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking
Maybe six feet
Ain’t so far down

Please come now I think I’m falling
I’m holding on to all I think is safe

“One last breath” by Creed

* * * * *

I know, I know. . .go ahead say it. I deserve it.*sad*

Doh! *slapping my hand over my face, giving my best impression of Homer Simpson* Edited so many times 'cuz apparently I can't write or spell.*sad*

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Hey everyone ~

I'm sorry it's taking so long. I'm writing as fast as I can. The part I'm writing is a tad emotionally draining. Plus the holidays seem to be taking a chunk out of when I would usually spend here reading & writing.

I'm hoping to have the next part for you in a couple of days. If it comes sooner you will definitely know!

Plus, I've been planning a little surprise for you guys to read. Crossing my fingers in hopes I will have it ready for you guys on time.

Rushing off now, *waving* Will be back soon


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It’s two in the morning so instead of talking, we’re just going to cut to the chase. . .

WARNING: There is a spoiler in this part. If you have not seen the last episode of Roswell “Graduation” and do not wish to be spoiled then please skip the first flash.

~ Here we go. . .

~ Chapter 18 ~


In Roxanne’s voice: Previously on “Promises to Keep” . . .

Max followed Zan and Ava through Central Park. He kept his distance, hiding in the shadows as much as possible as they seem to be headed toward an outdoor concert. The people multiplied the closer they came, adding to Max’s advantage of not being seen but also harder to keep an eye on his attendants.

A soft fresh current of air caressed his cheeks and he smelled strawberries. Max inhaled deeply thinking instinctively of Liz. “Max.” Whispered the wind.

Abruptly, he stopped and looked around at the people around him seeing if he recognized anyone. He turned back to see his charges slipping away from him. He stepped up his pace trying to close the distance between him and them.

Then he felt it. That familiar sensation whenever Liz was near.

Liz was here.

‘Oh god! She’s here.’ Max frantically searched the throngs of people while trying not to lose sight of Zan and Ava.

He strode forward a few feet keeping up with his twin feeling the sensation getting stronger.

Liz must be ahead of him.

Ahead of him where his counterparts were.

Ahead of him was Liz.

Max’s steps became more urgent as he rushed further hoping he would find Liz before his clone did.

Liz felt the flutter form in her stomach as her mind told her Max was near.

“How can this be?” Liz whipped her head up. Her eyes searching unbelieving but her heart told her otherwise.

He was here.

Max was here.

Frantically, she combed the area, twisting from one side to the other, pushing her way out of the crowd so that she was not so disoriented. A hard bump knocked her to one side causing her to lose balance. Desperately she fought to keep her equilibrium when two strong arms steadied her.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled lifting her eyes up to see whose hands held her shoulders securely. Her breath caught in her throat when her eyes fell upon two honey-amber ones.

Liz’s heart pounded in her chest so fiercely that it felt like she was standing near one of the large stage speakers. It reverberated against her chest and throughout her body. She forced herself to take a deep breath, frowning slightly, she whispered softly incredulously. “Max?”

In Roxanne’s voice: Now back to “Promises to Keep” . . .

“Max?” Liz stared at the face that held two amber-colored eyes, concentrating on all the distinct colored flecks of gold in them. His two strong hands held her firmly at her shoulders keeping her in her place.

“Sorry, wrong guy.” A husky voice answered from the lips of the face that held those eyes.

Liz frowned. Those were Max’s eyes she was looking at but they were different. They were a little harder, a littler edgier, a little colder, so was his voice. It was Max’s voice yet it wasn’t. “Zan?” She whispered questioningly.

“Da one and only.” Zan responded smiling mischievously when Liz said his name. “And who might you be?”

“How does she know yer name, Zan?” Came the small voice beside Zan.

Liz turned her head toward who spoke the question. “Ava?” Liz continued to whisper. She just couldn’t seem to find her voice. There was too much happening. She was so glad to see Ava. Even though she resembled Tess, she acted nothing like her. It was good to see Ava again. Liz gave Ava a sincere sad smile. “Ava, it’s so good to see you again.”

Ava gave a shocked expression. She had never seen this woman before in her entire life and here she was saying ‘good to see you again?’ Ava shook her head. “I’ve nevah seen ya before tonight? I don’t know what she talking about.” Ava looked at Zan pleading for him to believe her.

“Yeah, that’s right. You haven’t met me yet, have you.” Liz stated matter-of-factly. She then turned back to Zan. “And we never got to meet because. . .” Liz trailed remembering what Ava had told her many years ago.

Then realization hit her. ‘Oh god! Was it Zan I was feeling all this time? Am I able to feel Zan like I can feel Max? Liz didn’t want to think that. She couldn’t think that. What she and Max had, what they shared, how they loved and sensed each other was special. And if she could sense Zan then somehow what she had been experiencing made it less. “No.” She shook her head violently, not wanting to believe those distasteful thoughts she had. “No. I can only sense Max. . .and. . .my baby. . .”

Max frantically pushed his way through the crowd, moving and shoving one person after another to clear his way out of the throngs of people that were everywhere and then he saw her. He froze, unable to move. His heart pounded against his chest as he tried to catch his breath. There in front of him was Liz standing face to face with Max’s other. Max’s twin. Zan. She looked so small, so lost, almost frightened.

Max could no longer think, he reacted and he began to run toward the only person he wanted to be with. She needed him, he could feel it. Her fear swept through him. She needed him. He was rushing toward her. Toward his love, toward his world, toward his life. He needed her. She was his home, his peace, his peace of mind. “Liz!”

Liz turned in the direction she heard her name and there he was running toward her. One look at him and she knew. He had followed her. He had followed her to New York. Even after everything she did to him at the airport, he followed her. She should've been angry but she wasn’t. She should be telling him to go home but she couldn’t. Her heart leaped with joy that her attempts to keep him away were futile as she watched him running toward her and all she wanted to be was in his arms. “Max.”

Their eyes met and Max once again stopped in his tracks. He was closer now. Just a few steps away from her he stood. Now he noticed Liz’s hair. It was shorter. She looked so tired, so sad, so beautiful. She was older but he expected that. He didn’t care. She was Liz. She was beautiful no matter what time she came from, she was Liz.

Max took a step forward. His eyes began roaming over her face, her eyes, her lips, the slight graying in her hair, the deep laughter lines around her lips. Tentatively, he took another step closer. He wanted to rush up and wrap himself around her tightly, securely like a blanket. To kiss her breathlessly until she felt no more pain until there was no one else in the world but her and him but he didn’t want to frighten her. He didn’t want her to run away again so he came to her slowly hoping she would not turn and run.

Liz turned away, tearing herself away from Zan, making his grip on her shoulders falter and fall. Liz couldn’t contain herself anymore and the tears that had welled up in her eyes fell. They tickled her lashes and she blinked so that Max’s image could be clearer.

Another small step. Quickly Max shot a glance at Zan and Ava then his eyes returned to Liz. They always returned to Liz. His starving eyes drank her beauty and he ached for her to reach out to touch him.

As if by command, Liz brought her trembling hand up and tenderly cupped his cheek. Max leaned in, closing his eyes at her touch.


“I would do anything if it means being with you.” Liz said from her balcony.

Max looked lovingly at Liz, then turned around to remove the lid from the barbecue grill that was stored in the corner. The lid clanked noisily when he set it aside to remove a single piece of coal. Closing the palm of his outstretched hand with the coal in it, Max turned his gaze back to Liz. “A trick I learned from Superman.” He said jokingly as Liz watched with curiosity. “See if it really works.”

Max clutched his palm tightly into a fist and a brilliant white light began to emanate. He stared at his hand with complete concentration soon his breathing became ragged as his arm shook from the strain.

Liz stood quietly watching Max from behind. He agonized for another moment or two while the beads of sweat formed on his face when the glow softened and faded. He struggled to keep his arm steady as he brought it down in front of him. He opened the palm of his hand and with his other hand he reached for the hem of his chocolate brown shirt using it to gently rub at the object in his hand.

Liz held her breath, she couldn’t see what Max was doing for he continued to keep his back to her. He turned slowly staring longingly into her eyes and without breaking his gaze, he walked toward her, lowering himself down to one knee.

Max allowed a small faint smile to play on his lips, then lifted his hand to reveal a perfect diamond onto one of his fingertips. The facets shined and glistened in the flickering candlelight.

Liz gasped. “Oh my g…g…” The words refused to come from her mouth.

Max kindly tilted his head upward to speak. “Liz, they’re taking our homes from us. They want to kill us. . . and they might. But when I look in your eyes. I don’t feel angry or deprived. I feel like the luckiest half human on the planet.”

Liz smiled at his ‘half human’ comment as he continued. “You’re pure. You. . .you’re true. . .and. . .” Max took a deep breath and Liz felt such love from his eyes, it took her breath away. “you’re real and right now that seems like the only thing that’s important. . .” Liz’s eyes shined with the tears in her eyes.

“. . .I want to be with you Liz. . . forever.”

“Forever may only be twelve days.” She answered back softly.

“Then we’ll take those twelve days. . .” Max gently placed the diamond in the palm of Liz’s left hand. With Max’s gentle nudging, Liz encircled her fingers around the stone as Max wrapped his hand around hers. “. . .and we’ll live twelve lifetimes. . .Liz Parker will you marry me?”

Liz stared down at the man who had healed her from a gunshot wound then ran off and stole her heart. She had been his since that day and knew she could not and would not love another. She knelt before him and breathed “yes.”

Max let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and a slight sigh of relief as overwhelming love flowed through his body. She had said yes. He let out a small chuckle then his face became serious again. He leaned forward and gave her a quick delicate kiss on her lips. He loved her so much. He wanted her so much so with great restrained and every ounce of control he could gather, he pulled back to look into her eyes. “After graduation.” He whispered.

He wanted to kiss her again, this woman in front of him whom he loved more than this world or any other, his fiancé, his soon to be wife.

Liz smiled nodding her head. “okay.” Liz would have said anything just so that Max would kiss her again. She just wanted him kissing her again. Then as if he could hear her thoughts, his head slowly gravitated back to her. His eyes focusing on her lips and closing slightly with expectation for when that moment came.

Seconds later, his lips met her again. Feeling the warmth of her lips, tasting her and feeling like the luckiest man alive.


Max gasped and in one fluid motion his left hand sank deep into the softness of her hair weaving his fingers further, deeper while his right arm went around her waist pulling her to him. He drew her closer to him, to his chest breathing her in, placing chaise kisses on her head. With each stroke of Max’s hand, Liz’s hair was slowly regaining its normal softness and luster. Millimeter by millimeter her hair length grew.


Max stood facing Liz. His hand tenderly holding hers. Liz felt her knees shake when she stared into Max’s eyes. “Is this really happening?” Max’s voice shook when he spoke. “I keep thinking that this is all a dream and I’ll wake up on Michael’s couch. Alone and in the dark.” Max let out a heavy sigh. He closed his eyes of a moment to gain some control of his emotions.

“After all that we have been through, you’re still here with me, loving me, encouraging me and I promise you that I will spend the rest of my life loving you and making sure you feel that love. You have my heart, you have my soul. Elizabeth Parker, will you take me, Maxwell Evans as your husband?”

“Yes. I do.” Liz said as she tried to keep her lower lip from trembling.

Max slipped the gold band onto Liz’s finger. “It doesn’t matter now where I go because as long as you’re with me I’m home. You’ve made me whole, Liz. I am now complete.” He lifted her hand and placed a soft kiss on hand.

Liz took Max’s hand in hers. She gazed up into his eyes and she struggled to keep the tears from falling. She loved him so much and she wanted him to know just how much. “Max. . .that day at the CrashDown. . .” She trailed. “You gave me the greatest gift I could ever imagine and because of that day I’m a different person, a better person. . .because of you. You opened the world to me and you know what? You are my world. Your dreams are my dreams. Your sorrows are my sorrows. Your happiness is my happiness. You have my heart, you have my soul. Maxwell Evans, will you take me, Elizabeth Parker, as your wife?”

Max stared intently, hanging on every word Liz said. Try as he might the lump in his throat would not go down no matter how hard he swallowed. Not wanting her to think he wouldn’t say yes. He nodded finally choking the words out. “Yes. I do.”

Liz slipped the gold band onto Max’s finger. “As I slip this ring on your finger, I want you to know that from now on, you are my family Max. You’ve made me whole. I am now complete.” Liz lifted her hand and placed a soft kiss on Max’s hand near his wedding band, mimicking what Max had done.

The minister raised his voice so that the people in the chapel could here him. “With the power that is invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”


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~ Chapter Eighteen continued ~

Liz’s arms held on tightly to Max. She was in his arms again. His hand was softly caressing her back. She felt his rapid heart beat against his chest and she breathed in his scent, Liz sighed thinking this is how it should be. Unnoticed went the fine lines and tiny scars on her face, the dark circle under her eyes, the dullness of her complexion.


“Max. I need to talk to you.” Liz said apprehensively as she stood in their bedroom getting ready for bed.

Max frowned as he watched Liz nervously fidget with the hem of her pajama top. “What’s wrong Liz? Did something happen today?”

Liz wouldn’t look up at him. She didn’t know how she was going to tell him. She didn’t know how he was going to react. This wasn’t the best time to be telling him this. Not with them being so close. Any day now she suspected they would need to pack up and leave again. This just wasn’t the right time. “No, nothing happened really. Not like that.” Her voice was low.

Max took Liz’s hand and led her the edge of their bed, sitting down beside her. He held her hands stroking them softly and silently urging her to tell him what was wrong. “Then what?”

Liz bit her lower lip wondering how she was going to start. She lifted her eyes and met his as he gazed at her intently. They flashed with concern and Liz watched as his pupils grew larger questioning her, willing her to talk to him. “Liz.” Max began encouragingly. “Please tell me what’s upsetting you.”

She shifted her gaze away from him. ‘How am I going to tell him?’ Her eyes searched the room, looking everywhere but his face.

Max lifted his hand and cupped her cheek, gently nudging for her to look back at him. “Please tell me what’s the matter.”

His eyes explored her face. “Are you not feeling well?”

“Why?” She asked.

“You look tired. Did you not sleep well last night? I know that with everything that is going on right now. I should have let you sleep but. . .” He leaned closer caressing his cheek with hers, he whispered in her ear. “I can’t help it when you’re near me. . .”

“No.” Liz interrupted pulling away so that she could face him. “I would have been disappointed if you had not woken me up.” A smile crept up on Liz’s lips.

“Then please tell me what’s the matter.” He let his hand trail down her face, her neck, her shoulder. Then Max saw it. A streak of fading marks from where his fingers had trailed down on Liz’s skin.

Max let his hand travel down her arm and watched as the glowing followed behind then faded away softly.

Liz watched his expression as he stared at his hand on her. “What?”

“You’re glowing. . .again.” Max smiled remembering the first time he had touched Liz and she began to glow.

“What?” Liz repeated with an octave a little higher, she too was remembering as she watched him smile.

Max leaned in and kissed her letting her know once again how much he loved her and Liz placed her hand on his cheek. He pulled back and let out a breath. “So what is it that you need to tell me?”

Liz dropped her hand down and gasped when she saw his face. “Y…you’re glowing too.” Max’s lips and cheek where Liz had placed her hand was slowly fading to a dull glow then moments later disappearing completely. “Max. Take off your shirt.”

Max stared at her dumbstruck for a second but recovered doing what was told of him. When the shirt lay on the bed, Liz took her fingers and let them trail down Max’s chest. Her eyes wide with amazement that she was able to make him glow.

“I can make you glow too.” Liz said with excitement, tracing the shape of a heart on his chest as Max watched in fascination. Max took Liz’s hand that was tracing his chest and held it in his. “What does this mean?” Max questioned.

Liz wondered if what she had to tell him had anything to do with it. “Maybe. . .” She began. “. . .maybe this has something to do with me being pregnant.”

Max froze and Liz could feel his heartbeat quicken against her hand that still rested against his chest.

Time seemed frozen as he stared at her unmoving. “I’m sorry.” She said, her voice low. She could only think that his silence was because he was disappointed.

Max whispered. “Why?”

“Because the timing is all wrong, because this is the last thing you need to worry about, because. . .”

Max silenced her with his lips. He kissed her passionately, drawing her close to him, pulling her into his lap. His arms cradled her tightly. “Liz.” Max said as he reigned gentle kisses all over her face. He couldn’t contain his excitement and he stood up and swung the two of them around and around.

Liz looked down into his happy face and relaxed, letting her shoulders sag, reveling in Max’s touch. “So you’re not angry or disappointed?”

Max stopped twirling the two of them and leaned back so that he could look at Liz. “I could never be angry or disappointed. I was beginning to think that I could never give. . .that we were unable to . . .” Max reached for Liz again, hugging her close.

Again Max leaned back to look at Liz. “How are you feeling? How long have you known? Do you know how far along you are?”

Liz smiled. She couldn’t help how she felt when Max acted like this. She felt special, she felt loved. “I’m fine. Just a little morning sickness, that’s all. I was two weeks late so I took a home pregnancy test which only confirmed that I was pregnant.”

“So the glowing. It’s a side-effect of the pregnancy?” Max questioned.

“I don’t know Max. We in uncharted territory here.”

“Liz? Can I?” Max asked softly. “Can I feel?”

Liz lifted her pajama top up and pushed her drawstring pants down slightly. She took Max’s hand and placed it over her abdomen. Immediately the skin between Max palm, Liz’s fingers and her abdomen began to glow. Max smiled. His face shining. Liz couldn’t contain her joy with Max’s expression and they both celebrated the life that was now growing in her.


Max couldn’t move from the onslaught of imagines he kept receiving from Liz. Events that had past. Things that were to come. Her past. His future. He held on tight to Liz as another one came.


“Okay baby breathe for me.” Max sat behind Liz as he wiped the sweat off her brow.

“You need to push Liz.” Isabel lifted her head up from the other side of the sheet draped over Liz’s legs. “You’re dilated 10 centimeters and I can see the head. You’re crowning Liz. You’re going to need to push really hard when the next contraction comes.”

Liz shook her head in defeat. “I can’t.” She cried. “I’m too tired. Can’t we just stop and try again tomorrow?” Her eyes pleaded with Max as he smoothed her sweat-drenched hair back away from her face and placing light kisses on her forehead.

“There’s no turning back now.” Isabel spoke before disappearing from view as she checked on the baby’s condition.

Max’s gaze went to his sister “Let me help her Iz. She’s too tired and I can’t stand to see her in any more pain.” Max stretched his arm out, reaching to place his hand on Liz’s swollen belly.

Isabel’s hand clasped over Max’s wrist, stopping him. “Max we already talked about this, remember? It’s Liz’s first pregnancy. We knew it was bound to be long and hard besides she needs to do the rest herself.”

“God Isabel, you just wait until you’re pregnant and in labor then you’ll . . .” Liz grounded out as another contraction swept over her.

“Alright Liz. Push.”

Liz’s face contorted as she bared down pushing. “You’re doing great sweetheart. I’m so proud of you.” Max murmured encouragingly as he took the brunt of Liz crushing his hand.

“You know if it weren’t for you, she wouldn’t be in this condition.” Maria muttered as she went about the bedroom making sure everything was in place for when the baby arrived.

“Keep it up Maria and I’ll send you out and you’ll have wait outside with Kyle and Michael.” Isabel warned.

“Forgive me Liz?” Max begged.

“For what?” Liz asked tiredly. Relaxing some as the contraction faded away.

“For being responsible once again for you being in pain. I promised that I would never cause you anymore pain.”

“Max, this is not your fault.” Liz began.

“Yes it is.” Maria muttered.

Liz glared at her best friend from the middle of her bed. “You’re not helping Maria.”

“Okay. No more Max bashing. I promise. It’s just I know this is how it’s supposed to be but I hate to see you like this, chica.” Maria gently padded Liz’s face with a cool, clean towel.

Liz felt the pangs of another contraction coming and her body tensed.

“This is it Liz. Push.” Isabel instructed.

Liz squeezed her eyes tightly trying to breathe as she pushed.

“Oh my god here comes the head. Wow look at all that dark hair. . . almost there…”

Maria rushed over to retrieve the swaddling cloths to give to Isabel for when the baby arrived.

“It’s a boy.” Isabel announced.


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~ Chapter 19 ~

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas . . .in Roswell”

Maria makes her entrance to the center of our room again but in the background a beautiful lush green Christmas tree is decorated with many colored blinking lights. On a table opposite it sits a menorah and the other one for Kwansha.

“Happy Holidays everyone! We hope we got all the holidays.” Maria says as she turns about looking at all the various items behind her. “I don’t want to make anyone feel like they’re left out.”

“Anyway, this next part is a entirely a fluff piece that was put together for your enjoyment and was finally finished just hours ago so please be merciful. It’s kind of a spoiler. . .well actually it is a spoiler .” Maria says as she cocks her head to the side.

“We’re going to fast forward five months into the future which will make it December 24, 2000. Our future, your past.” Maria’s says first pointing to herself then to her audience. It’s a Christmas Special. After this part we will resume our regularly scheduled fic.” She smiles sweetly “Which will be after the New Year.”

“Now I will be reciting a different version of Twas the Night Before Christmas. . .Roswell Style. . .” She smiles then begins.

'Twas the night before Christmas in Roswell at the CrashDown
Three couples awaited, not making a sound.
The diner was quiet, the diner was dark
then Kyle’s car they saw as he parked.

The ‘CLOSED’ sign faced outward at the front door of the CrashDown café. It was Christmas Eve and the lights were dim and shadows cast over the booths and tables in the quiet diner. Christmas trimmings and Santa’s hats donned many of the aliens’ heads that occupied the place.

Max relaxed with his back against the wall in the corner booth as Liz reclined against his chest. His arms wrapped protectively around her waist and his chin softly sat on her shoulder.

A few feet away, Alex stood leaning against a wall with Isabel safely tucked in
front of him. His arms hung loosely around her with her hands covering his and her head tilted back onto Alex’s shoulder as he whispered softly in her ear.

Over by the counter Michael sat on one of the stools, with Maria leaning comfortably
into him. He unconsciously played with Maria’s hand, stroking her fingers and the back of her palm as he stared out the window.

All three couples waited for the arrival of Jim and Kyle Valenti. They were going to do it tonight. They had all agreed. The plans were laid out and everyone knew what they had to do.

Bright headlights broke the still darkness of the café, its light shining onto the large window then all together disappearing plunging the restaurant back into obscurity. Michael instinctively jumped to his feet and Maria stepped aside, allowing him to make his way to the front door, letting Jim and Kyle in.

The group then huddled all together
Making sure of their plans at the restaurant’s center.
Questions and answers were then toss about
After which they made their way out.

All the couples rose from their waiting perches and met the Valenti’s half way. All eight individuals stood in the middle of the café as they looked around the room at each other.

“Everything’s in place.” Jim Valenti’s voice cut through the silence, giving everyone a questioning look to see if anyone was unsure. “Do you have it?”

Liz nodded and slipped her fingers into her front pocket and removed a tiny box that resembled a container of tic tacs. “Nasedo won’t be needing these anymore.” Liz spoke softly as she rattled the box.

“Glad they’ll be put to good use.” Jim said.

“Are we ready?” Michael asked looking at everyone for confirmation.

“Yup.” Kyle bobbed his head up and down slightly.

“As I’ll ever be.” Alex responded.

“Are you sure it’s gonna work?” Maria questioned.

“Its what we were told.” Max said looking at Liz then the others. He didn’t like the uncertainty of his voice but it was how he felt. They hadn’t had the chance to test it yet but he had to believe because he trusted the source that told them. It had to work. He really hoped that it would.

“That doesn’t sound encouraging.” Isabel said to her brother but she somehow knew it would. She couldn’t describe it but her heart told her. She believed what she felt was faith and of all nights tonight was the best time for it.

“Well I guess then all we need is a little faith.” Alex gave Isabel’s hand a squeeze and a tender smile that Isabel returned.

“Tonight’s the night for miracles.” Maria said smiling.

“Well then let’s go test out this miracle.” Kyle answered taking in a deep breath and then letting it out.

“Alright. Let’s go.” Max commanded.

The group broke from their huddle and began pairing off.

With Max in his Jeep and Michael on his bike
Kyle in is red Mustang followed into the night
The street light shone on the fast red Mustang
To the hospital they drove as we follow the gang.

Max and Liz followed Alex and Isabel to the Jeep as they hopped into the back then watched as Liz and Max get in. Max put the keys into the ignition and started the car. He shifted the gears and guided the car onto the quiet street.

Michael handed Maria a helmet before he jumped on his bike. Maria then sat behind him as they quickly put on their helmets. He kicked started the bike and the cycle roared to life interrupting the tranquil surroundings. Maria held herself closer to Michael letting his body heat warm her from the cold New Mexico air. She held on tight to Michael as he followed the Jeep.

Jim and Kyle brought up the rear in the red mustang as they made their way in the direction of the hospital where Sydney, Brody’s daughter was hospitalized.

The ride was silent as Max drove the Jeep toward Roswell Memorial Hospital. The air was charged with anticipation as everyone mentally went through what they needed to do tonight. Max was deep in thought when he felt Liz’s hand cover his own on the gearshift. He gave a sideway glance to the brown-haired beauty that sat beside him and she smiled at him. Max returned her smile. ‘I love you.’ Then turned his attention back to the road.

Max heard her response in his head. love you too.’ And his heart beat a little faster feeling the validation of it.

Max pulled up first at the parking lot and Kyle parked beside him and Michael found a spot closer to the entrance.

Everyone hurried to the hospital lobby. It was truly a cold night as the puffs of air left everyone’s mouth as they breathed.

Once in the warmth of the lobby, the group looked around. It was quiet as a janitor pushed his dust mop distractedly down the hall, even the information desk was dark. They made their way to the elevators. Eight people piled in as Maria pushed the button that would lead them to the pediatric floor.

They traveled to a place where children laid ill
As they held in their hands Nasedo’s magical pill
As the group huddled closer to keep warm from the cold
The King and his aliens were becoming more bold.

They made their way to the children’s ward
Curing them would be their reward
From the hospital’s parking lot to the large elevator
My rhyming really sucks ‘cuz all I can think is alligator.

Once in the warmth of the lobby, the group looked around. It was quiet as a janitor pushed his dust mop distractedly down the hall, even the information desk was dark. They made their way to the elevators. Eight people piled as Maria pushed the button that would lead them to the pediatric floor.

Maria rubbed her gloved hands together still trying to rid herself of the harsh bite of cold that held on when she felt Michael’s hands rub up and down her arms. Maria tilted her head, whispered “thank you” and kissed his cheek leaving a fushia colored imprint of her puckered lips behind. Michael looked at Maria’s beautiful face and smiled. He heard some chuckling and snickering, and he looked up to see why everyone was laughing. He glanced at Max who held Liz in his embrace from behind. Liz had one hand over her mouth as she tried to conceal her giggle and Max gave him a dopey grin and acted clueless.

Michael then looked at Jim who held his arms crossed on his chest and faced the elevator doors trying desperately to keep a straight face but the corners of his lips involuntarily would lift up. Kyle had his hands shoved in the front pockets of his jeans and seemed fascinated by his shoes.

“What?” He asked curious as to what was making everyone laugh.

He looked at Isabel and Alex who too had looks of amusement on their faces but gave no information.

“Don’t pay any attention to these silly people.” Maria’s candy-coated voice said to Michael as she batted her eyes at him.

The smirks and giggles continued until the elevator dinged, letting them know they finally arrived.

When the doors opened, one by one they filed out making their way to the nurse’s station where a petite blonde with short hair greeted them with a smile.

The quietness was interrupted with sound of distant beeping of monitors and the seconds ticking from the large clock on the wall facing the nurses’ station.

There was only a skeleton crew at this late hour and Max was grateful for that. It would make their job a little easier. He hoped.

“Welcome to the Children’s Cancer Ward doctors, nurses and interns.” Ava said as she stood professionally in her nurse’s uniform. She spoke teasingly swinging her arms to accentuate her words. "Please step into your designated rooms and change into your more appropriate attire."

Liz, Maria and Isabel walked to the back room followed by Ava. Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle stepped into a room that occupied no patients while Jim stood out in the hall making sure that all was clear.

Upon entering Ava shut the door securely and walked over to a coat rack and brought back lab coats, handing one to Liz, Isabel and then Maria. She then gave each of them stethoscopes. Liz, Isabel and Maria put on the white coats and slung their instrument around their necks.

The ladies were doctors the men were their nurses
The only other word that I can think that rhymes is ‘purses’

Our beloved Pod Squad went about making their rounds
All the while making our Dreamer hearts pound.

Our Stargazers weren’t also left out.
Don’t forget our Candy cane lovers someone said with a shout.
And what do we call ourselves that like Ava and Kyle?
Something real catchy, something with style.

“Doctors your charts are at the nurses’ station along with your nurse that will be accompanying you to make your rounds tonight.” Ava said sweetly as she swung the door wide allowing the three girls to go out first before her.

Liz couldn’t help smiling when she and Isabel and Maria got to the nurse’s station. There in front of them stood three uncomfortable yet handsome male nurses and a security guard.

Ava picked up a couple of charts and handed one to Liz. “Doctor. . .” Ava peered at Liz’s name tag. “Appleby.” Ava shook her head. “No. No. No. That doesn’t sound like a name of a doctor. That sounds more like a name of a restaurant. Nobody’s going to believe you’re a doctor with that name. . .geesh.”

Ava waved her hand over Liz’s name tag changing it. “Ortecho. That sounds better. You and nurse. . .” She stared at Max’s tag. “. . .Behr. ..” She giggled after she read the tag. “Cute.” She cleared her throat going back to her professional voice. “You will take the South Wing. That’s the critical care unit.”

Ava handed Isabel a chart “And Doctor . . . Heigl, will have Nurse. . .Manes assisting you in the North Wing.”

Ava gave the last chart to Maria. “And Doctor . . . Delfino, you will have Nurse. . .Fehr.” Ava giggled again when saying Fehr. “What silly names. Anyway like I was saying you and Nurse Fehr will take the East Wing while this nice security guard. . .Mr. Wechsler escorts me to check on the children in the West Wing.”

“I thought this was a hospital not the White House.” Alex joked. Everyone groaned. “What? I thought that was funny.”

“I don’t understand why we have to be nurses while the girls get to be doctors.” Michael huffed in his white scrubs.

“Welcome to the twenty-first century.” Maria scoffed.

Jim laughed as he watched each couple make their way in different directions then sat down at one of the seats in the small waiting area near the nurse’s station where he could see the elevators. It would only be a matter of time before the nurse and intern on call realized that no one really called them down to the emergency room.

Max walked beside Liz with a small smile on his lips. “So Doctor Ortecho, after rounds wantta hook up and give me a physical?” Max wiggled his eyebrows up and down suggestively.

“Max!” Liz blushed slightly then realized she felt very important wearing the doctor’s coat and chart in her hand. “Now, now Nurse Behr duty first; fraternizing later.” Sending her into fit of giggles.

“Yes ma’am” Max said. “I love a woman who takes charge and knows what she wants. . .plus what do they said about a woman in uniform?”

Liz laughed. “I thought it was a man uniform.”

“Well to quote our infamous Maria. . .Welcome to the twenty-first century.” Both Max and Liz laughed before entering their first room.

In the direction of the North Wing. . . .

“So Miss. . .” Alex began.

“Doctor.” Isabel corrected.

“Oh I’m so sorry. . .Doctor Heigl, I was wondering how you’re holding up with all the things that we’re changing here. I mean for us we don’t see the difference but we are changing our futures.”

Isabel thought for a moment then stopped to answer making Alex halt too. “To be honest, from what we learned what would happen and what we’ve been through, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Alex’s eyes shined as he gazed at the woman beside him making him smile. ‘Have I told you yet that I love you?’

Isabel smiled back. ‘Only twice today but I wouldn’t mind hearing it again.’

Alex leaned in purposefully and kissed Isabel’s lips tenderly. Isabel returned his kiss then they pulled back. “love you.” He whispered. “Let’s make our Touch By An Angel visit quick so that I could really get touched by an angel.”

Isabel’s smile widened and they entered their first room.

In the direction of the East Wing. . . .

“I feel like I need to say something doctor-ish like on ‘ER’. Quick nurse give me a kiss on the lips STAT.” Maria bounced energetically.

Maria bounced excitedly waiting for him to respond to her order. “Maria whatever you’ve been drinking, you’ve gotta cut down ‘cuz I swear you’re literally bouncing off the walls.”

“Ah, C’mon baby, give me kiss.” Maria said puckering up her lips out.

Michael let out a sigh. “Fine. Just stop bouncing for a sec.”

Maria ceased her movements only to shake nervously in place. She was excited. She was nervous. She was. . .happy. Michael reached out with his large hands and placed them on the sides of her face stilling her. He tilted his head to the side and placed a long, hot passionate kiss on her lips. He then leaned back and walked away.

Maria stood perfectly still for many long moments and then sighed. “God, I love being a doctor.” And followed Michael into their first room.

In the direction of the West Wing. . . .

“Of all things, I end up as the security guard.” Kyle quipped.

Ava glanced at Kyle in his uniform. “Would you have preferred being sheriff instead? Maybe an orderly or a patient in a wheelchair?”

“No.” Kyle responded. “But I wouldn’t have mind being a doctor.”

Ava laughed. “You seem to have forgotten what happened the last time you saw blood. I’m not taking the chance in someone mistaking you for a doctor and then have to find a gurney for you.”

“Ha. Ha. You’re a regular comedian aren’t you?”

“Admit it. You haven’t thought of the possibilities of needing to frisk me later?”

Kyle stopped dead in his tracks with Ava’s comments. A huge grin broke out on his face and he began walking again. “Hey, did I ever tell you that I thought nurses are hot?” As he followed Ava into the first room.

“Now, Max!, now Isabel! Now Michael and ‘Ria!
On, Liz! On Alex! On Kyle, and our own Ava Maria!
To the end of the corridors to the far reaches of the halls
Our own Sheriff Valenti the staff he does stalls (Maria cringes when saying these lines. “God who wrote this, it stinks!” “Big deal!” I shout. “at least it rhymes!)

Back at the nurse’s station. . .

Jim heard the elevator ding as the doors opened. ‘Oh well. Guess its show time.’ Jim waited as the small entourage made their way toward him and the nurse’s station. “Oh there you are. I came to visit my niece and there was no one here.”

“I’m sorry sir but visiting hours are over. It’s very late and you’ll need to come back tomorrow.” The nurse said.

“But its Christmas Eve and I just wanted to see my niece and wish her a Merry Christmas. I won’t be in town tomorrow.” Jim said sadly taking his hat off as he spoke.

“I’m sorry but all the children are sleeping now and I’m going to have to ask you to leave now.” The intern said sternly.

“I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. . . .”

After finishing with the last child, Max and Liz slowly made their way back to Valenti when they heard Jim talking to the staff so they hid and waited for the coast to be clear.

Jim heard the elevator ding as the doors opened. ‘Oh well. Guess it’s show time.’ Jim waited as the small entourage made their way toward him and the nurse’s station. “Oh there you are. I came to visit my niece and there was no one here.”

“I sorry sir but visiting hours are over. It’s very late and you’ll need to come back tomorrow.” The irate nurse said.

“But it’s Christmas Eve and I just wanted to see my niece and wish her a Merry Christmas. I won’t be in town tomorrow.” Jim said sadly taking his hat off as he spoke.

“I’m sorry but all the children are sleeping now and I’m going to have to ask you to leave now.” The intern said sternly.

“I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. . . .”

After finishing with the last child, Max and Liz made their way back to Valenti when they heard Jim talking to the staff and hid.

“I guess it’s time to make our escape.” Max said smiling at Liz as she nodded. They held hands and closed their eyes.

Simulateously in the North, East and West wings. . .

‘Hey guys. The real hospital staff is back. Finished your rounds?’ Came the sound of Max’s voice.

Michael, Isabel and Ava stopped and closed their eyes.

‘Just finished. On our way out now.’ Responded Michael’s voice.

“Us too, Max. We’ll meet you at the Jeep.’ Came Isabel’s voice.

‘Kyle and me are done too. We’re going to the security office now.’ Ava’s voice said.

Max and Liz opened their eyes and looked at each other with smiles on their faces. Max leaned in and kissed Liz. “Guess it’s time to lose the doctors suits.” He whispered. Liz took off her white coat and tossed it on a nearby chair. Max waved his hand over his front making his white scrubs his navy blue sweater and jeans again.

Liz took a deep breath, squeezed Max’s hand and began walking toward Jim.

“Excuse me. You’re not suppose to be here.” The nurse said to Max and Liz when they approached.

“I’m sorry I needed to find a restroom and then we got lost.” Liz said innocently.

“We were just leaving.” Max said shyly.

“Mind sharing the elevator with me?” Jim asked the couple.

“No. Not at all.” Liz said sweetly.

Max, Liz and Jim Valenti walked to the elevators and pressed the down button and the elevator doors sprang open. Entering the trio turned around to the stunned staff staring at them. “Merry Christmas.” They waved as the doors closed.

On with my story even though it is short
I really hope you like it, please be a good sport.

We’re almost done so please behr with me
They were all there to heal children including Sydney.

It time now for them to make their escape
Their only goal now is to get the security tape.

As the last of our Czechoslovakians ran to the cars
The sky twinkled above with millions of bright stars

Kyle and Ava ran down the fire exit steps two at a time finally pushing the door open and running outside. Laughing and out of breath they continued until they saw the cars and the rest of the group waiting for them and slowed their pace.

When they got to the group, Michael looked at them anxiously as he sat on his motorcycle that he pushed near the Jeep and Mustang while waiting for their final couple to return. “So did you switch the tape?”

Kyle’s breath puffed out steadily, his face broke into grin when his hand lifted up into the air producing a VHS tape in his hand. “Yup. If someone decides to see the security tape of the Pediatric Ward tonight they will be enjoying a Christmas Classic. . .It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The plan went without a hitch
Good thing too ‘cuz sometimes real life’s a bitch
Enough now let’s finish this plot
Because our Roswell woman are starting to get hot.

Laughter ensued in the group. “Indeed it is.” Max worded to his friends and family softly.

“And everything went well tree shopping?” Max questioned nervously asking Jim.

“Some scratched paint, a couple of now bent Christmas trees and few rattled nerves but nothing else.” Jim smiled lighting up his face.

“Well then a little celebration for tonight’s miracles. Let us get our cold buns back to the CrashDown and celebrate with gifts and merriment.” Everyone nodded agreeing with Maria’s comment.

“Good plan!” Alex shouted.

“Hot chocolate and hamburgers for me!” Kyle spoke out.

“Free food?” Michael said now interested.

“And hot kisses.” Maria added.

So now the group turns to the readers who come to this site
Wishing everyone Happy Holidays to all on this night
Sending out vibes on this thread of good cheer
Merry Christmas from Roswell
And a Happy New Year!

“Happy Holidays lattegirl! RoswellLady! frenchkiss70! BelevnDreamstoo! Little_Mermie22!” Max waved.

“Happy Holidays Lporter! Alien614! Angel85! Katrina! MoonADT!” Liz waved as Max hugged her close from behind.

“Happy Holidays SarahWhitman! Kzinti_Killer! Craig Beatty! SciFiNut111! BorderInsanity! Isis7777!” Alex and Isabel waved while holding each other close.

“Happy Holidays AussieDreamer! Miji17! Cglenn! CCRSWLL!! Ava and Kyle waved as she shouted.

“Feliz Navidad Clueless! Twilighteyes1974! y a todos.” Maria winked and snuggled closer in Michael’s waiting arms.

“And a Happy New Year!” Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Kyle, Ava and Jim sang out. “From all of us on Roswell in . . .‘Promises to Keep.”

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