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Disclaimer: Do I look like someone who would come up with these characters?? I'm not THAT smart...sheesh
Summary: AU M/L (and some M/M) I kinda suck ass at these, but I'll try and I know I'll probably end up telling you the whole story here so why read it right? -sighs- Here it goes. Liz(a romance novel freak) and Maria(a free spirit) had always been best friends, Maria leaves freshmen year then comes back Senior year with her step brother Max. He wants to be with Liz, but it is forbidden by "them" the mysterious peple who have controll over Max and Maria.~~ Okay I hope that didn't sound TOO corny. Wouldn't want to scare you away!

~Just a little note~ It's 4 in the morning and my spelling ,grammer, and punctuation part of my brain is most likely asleep right now so if your wondering what some word is, just keep sounding it out and it will eventually come to you lol~

Liz sat on her candle lit balcony reading one of her hundreds of romance novels. She was fasinated by them and the way the characters were so perfect for each other. How the man was always so caring and gentle. How everything turned out to be happily ever after. She wished her life was like that. Infact she didn't even have someone she could think about after reading one of her books. There was no one special at Roswell High for Liz. She had dated many guys, but none as sincere as the one's in her books. They only wanted her for a popularity boost. None of those relationships lasted of course. Everyone knew they wouldn't. Liz Parker was the romantic type who prefered to find flowers in her locker and lay under the stars with a special someone. Not the type who wanted to make out in the backs of cars after a keg party like some girls. Liz wanted more.
She woke up the next morning. More like the next afternoon. It was the first day of school and it took her a while to realise where she was and what time it was. She had fallen asleep on her balcony the night before with her book lying on top of her stomach. She jumped up out of her lawn chair and raced through the window and inside to her room. Running to the closet, she grabbed her outfit for the day. "Good thing I planned what to wear last night" She said with a smile. She quickly changed, brushed her teeth, and put her hair up in a pony tail. Not the hair style she had planned for, but it would do. Who did she need to impress anyways? She had been going to school with the same kids everyday for the past three years. Not like anyone new ever came to Roswell. Sometimes she wished she didn't live ontop of a resturant. It would be much easier to get out of the house.This way she had to go down stairs and and pass all the employees who tried to make chit chat with her. She was almost out the door, almost to the safe point when someone stopped her. It was the cook, Ralph. 'Of all people it had to be the one with the biggest mouth' she thought to herself. Not that she didn't like him or anything, but she was on the run.

"Liz, shouldn't you be at school right now?"

"Yeah I wa-"Ralph cut her off. "You know, todays the first day of school. Did you sleep in again? It was one of your books again huh Liz? What did I tell you? Those books bring you nothing!" She wasn't in the mood to argue. She didn't have the time for another one of these conversations with the cook.

"Yeah, I guess your right. I'll quit reading them just for you. In the meantime I'm gonna go to school becuase I am extremly late so bye" Liz ran out the door to her car
Ralph walked back to the kitchen shaking his head "Kids these days"
When Liz arrived at school the bell for lunch rang. Students going off campus were sneaking behind bushes trying to hide from the teachers. 'Must be Freshmen' She figured. In a strange way it was good to be back at school. She remembered when she was a freshmen. That when Maria was there. Her best friend in the whole wide world. Well beside Alex, but Alex was still here so she didn't need to miss him. Maria left with her mom for California. All she said was something about going to live with her moms husband and his children. Not a word from Maria since she left. Liz entered the school with her head raised. It didn't matter if she was late. She was still one of the most popular girls in school. She couldn't just walk in like she was nobody could she? There were new faces. Most likely Freshmen. Around the corner she saw a familiar face. It was Alex. She didn't know why she got so excited to see him. It was where his locker was and all. Maybe the fact that he had been gone for most of the sunmer. Liz ran behind him and covered his eyes with her petite hands.

"Ahh. Oh no. Please someone help me. I'm being molested." Alex said in a dull voice.
Still covering his eyes she whispered in his ear ,

"No one can save you now" He turned around with a look of shock on his face.

"Oh wow Liz. Good thing it was you. Or my kung -fu would have come out." Liz laughed and gave Alex an enormous hug.

"Oh Alex I know you don't know kung -fu" she said still hugging him.

"True, but I have a nasty bite. Roarr!" Liz let go of Alex and backed away.

"Okay now your getting a little weird on me"

"Weird? Oh come on Liz. Your calling ME weird? This coming from a girl who I'm guessing was late becuase she was up late last night reading her little X rated books." Liz smacked him in the arm. It always was his weak spot.

"Oh shut up! They are not X rated! They are romance novels and they are beautiful okay?" Alex turned to his locker and grabbed a book out. The book looked familier to Liz. She had given it to him before he left for the summer hoping he would read it. Alex flipped through a few pages and finally landed on the right one.

"What are you doing?" She asked with her hands on her hips. Alex started reciting a line from the book.

"Her naked body was intwined with his. They were one. He gradually brung his hand up to-"

"Okay! Okay!" She said laughing. "Maybe they are a bit... umm... graphic, but your missing the whole point! It's about love, and-"

"Sex?" She turned around to see who had been listening in on their conversation.

"No-oh my god! Maria?? Is that you?" Liz was practically jumping.
Maria smiled one of her amazing smiles. Thats what Liz remembered about her the most.

"Yep it's me. In the flesh! Give me some sugar!" The two girls bodies collided into each other.

"Oh Maria why didn't you call? Or write?? I missed you so much! I was going crazy without you!" By then people passing were looking at them.

"Damn rubber necks" Maria said quietly. Liz heard and giggled into Maria's shoulder."I'm sorry Liz I'll explain everything later!"

"So Maria didn't you have another friend?? I think his name was Alan.. or Adam Oh! Alex!" Maria let go of Liz and threw her arms around Alex.

"You know I would never forget you Alex!!"

"Hey Ria where were you? I thought we were going to eat lunch together? I was looking for you."The three teens turned to where the voice was coming from.

"Oh! Max! I'm soooo sorry to leave you hanging like that, but I was looking for these guys"Maria introduced everyone.

"Max this is Liz Parker and Alex Whitman. Alex, Liz, this is Max Evans. My step brother." She said with a smile

"Your step brother? See now Maria if you ever called me I would know about this now wouldn't I?" Liz said jokingly to her friend. Maria didn't laugh. Her face grew serious. A few seconds later she was back to being good ol'e Maria.

"Well we still have time to eat. Lets go outside!" As the four of them walked outside, no one noticed the mesmorizing glare Max had on Liz. The group had eaten their lunches, suprisingly Liz saw farely few people she knew. 'How odd.' She wondered what happened to everyone. She was so caught up in the dissapearence of her fellow classmates that she didn't notice Alex and Maria get up and leave she and Max alone. She snapped out of her daze once Max snapped his fingers a few times.

"Geez. I was trying to get a hold of you for like an hour Parker." Liz turned her focus to him

"It's Liz. Please don't call me Parker." Max smiled.

"Naa I think I'll stick with Parker." Liz sighed

"I asked you nicely. Please don't call me that." Max seemed to be very amused by her reaction.

"Chill out Parker. Whats the big deal?" Liz was getting angry now. Where did this guy come off acting like this to her? He didn't even know her. What was his damn problem?

"The big deal here is that I really don't appriciate people calling me by that name. Where the hell did Maria and Alex go?" Liz crossed her arms and looked around for them.

"Who knows where they wen't. They are probably making out somewhere. You never know what Maria will do next huh?" Max laughed at that, but it made Liz even more angry at him than she already was.

"Where do you get off talking about your sister like that? You know even if you are going to talk about her like that you should be smarter then to say it to one of her best friends MAX. What kind of name is that anyway?? No one names there kid MAX. I mean sure...if your a little boy it would be perfectly fine, but come on...were Seniors in high school!" 'Wow I'm really on a role' she thought to herself. 'No one messes with my friends' Max stood up from his seat.

"You don't know anything about me. On the other hand, I know EVERYTHING about you. I've heard storys of how you go out with guys and just drop them. Pretty sad since this is my first day and I've heard more than I want to about you." Liz stood up across from him

"Oh get over yourself. Your nobody to me. Don't think you can just come into this school ond rule it. Dream on." Liz grabbed her books off the table and walked away. Max looked down and the table and noticed a book. The cover was plane. He opened it not expecting to see what was there. It looked like her diary. He thought about reading it, but his heart said no. Needless to say he turned to her latest entry

August 19 , 2002
Dear Diary,
School starts soon. I'm going to be a senior this year. How fast can time fly? I mean really! I havn't even had a steady boyfriend since...well since ever. No guy is right for me. I'm beggining to think that they are all the same. I give them chances though.
Not once have I gotten a rose in my locker. Not once have I lyed under the stars with someone other than Alex or Maria. I miss Maria so much. Everyday I wish she would come back. Things would go perfect. I bet if she was here these past few years I would have had a steady boyfriend. I know exactly what she would say too. "You have to suck it up Liz. He will learn to change." Since she isn't here though, I have no one to enforce that rule. Maybe I'll never find anyone. I guess it will be me and my romance novels for the rest of my life.

"So she wants Mr. Perfect huh? I guess she will get what she wished for after all." Max closed the diary and placed it in his back pack. He knew just the way to give it back to her and maybe make up for what he said earlier.

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