Part 1

Five years later

Max had been ruling Antar about three years now. He took his position very serious. He worked hard and did hardly have any time for himself. Especially now. Antar was far from perfect. Some rebels lead by Kivar have shown interest to become independent. Max wanted a peacefull and rational approach were he could talk with Kivar and come to a sollution. His mother insist to show them who has the power and would want to use force if need rises.

It was like any other day. Max was working in his office in the palace when his mother came in.
"Max, can I speak with you for a moment?"
"Yes, Mother"
"As you know, You'll be turning 21 over about 2 weeks. I think we should make it a double celebration and announce your engagement.."
"My engagement!?", Max asked startled.
"Yes, Max dear, your 21. You need an wife and queen. It's your duty as the king to produce a hire."
"But mother I'm not involve let alone in love with anyone." Max tried to protest.
"Well, I have the perfect candidate. Tess Parker. She's beautifull, smart and well educated. She's the daughter of my good friend Lady Nancy Parker."
"But mother I can't marry somebody I don't know and love", he knew his plea was a lost cause. He knew his mother. Once she wants something she will think of a way to let him give in.
"Well Tess and her mother is coming next week to come and celebrate your birthday. You can get to know her then. I know you will love her once you get to know her."
"But..", Max tried
"Give her chance. You'll see she'll be a perfect queen and wife".
"I'll meet her, but I'm not promising anything" he said defeated.
"I knew you'll see it my way. Well I'll leave you back to your work. Their are a lot arrangement to be made for your birthday and I have to attend that everything will go correctly"
"Ok mother" He kissed his mother's cheek and she left the room.

For the rest of the day Max couldn't concentrate. He knew he's going to be engaged in about 2weeks to someone he bearly knows. And knowing the taste of his mother he was sure Tess was not the kind of woman he'll love. Frustrated he called his friend and his head of security to join him hunting. Hunting and horse riding is the only time when Max fellt free, like he could be himself. Away from duty and work.
The whole way to the forest Max didn't say a word. "What's bugging your ass", Michael broke the silence. He was the only one dared to talk to Max that way. Max didn't answer. A moment later. " Ok what did your mother want now" He knew only a few things could get to Max and his mother is one of them. " I'm going to be engaged in two weeks." " What!? Congratulations. Do I know the unlucky woman? Trying to lite the mood a little." " I don't even know the unl.. the woman" he corrected himself. " Her name is Tess Parker. Daughter of Nancy Parker. Have you heard of them?" Max asked his friend. " Well, interesting. I know lady Nancy a noblewoman. But her husband is farmer who hates politics. He is freespirited and doesn't like 'proper' court etiqeutte. They have five daughters. Isabell, Tess or should I start calling her queen.." Max glanced at him 'ok, sorry bad joke, Elizabeth, Courtney and Maria or spitfire. She hates my guts somehow. I don't have a clue why. With my looks and wits." For the first time that day Max smiled. He knew his friend met someone during his travel . He knew this Maria made an impact on his friend. But his smile disappeared quickly. He too wanted to meet someone and fall in love. But being the king that was almost impossible. Michael saw the change in his friend. "Maybe you'll fall in love with Tess." he offered knowing what his friend was thinking. " Highly unlickly, My mother choose her and we all know what kind a wife she wants for me. Obidient, beautifull, easy to manipulate and probebly without a lot of emotions." "I just want a wife who's compassionate and has a mind of her own. Who can carry a conversation and wont agry on everthing me or my mother says... Who am I kidding I never will meet or marry someone like that. I should just accept it. And maybe your right . Maybe I learn to love Tess.' He sighed.

In the home of the Parkers.
"Liz!" , her mother called. "Where is Liz? Maria have you seen Liz?" " I think she went horse riding with dad." " Again ,her mother sighed. " I swear she's never getting married. No proper man will marry someone who's freespririted as her. And her father is just encouraging her.' Nancy knew how much Jeff loves her daughter . Liz was beatifull. But also a bit naive. She has never left the house. She adored her father and wanted to be as freespirited and didn't want to marry and lead her husbands life. And Nancy knew she would never be happy if she was in a marriage without her freedom. " Alright they better be back. Dinner is in half an hour". She said breaking her reverie.

In the forest near the Parker's residence.
"Lizzie slow down! Give your old man a break. Im not as quick as I use to. My old bones can't keep up with you", He joked. "Daddy your not old and your bones are just fine" Liz answered but slowed down. " Well we have to go back. Your mom is going to have a fit. She already thinks I corrupt you to much and that because of me you'll never get married." "But dad I don't want to get married" Liz countered. " You don't mean that Lizzie" "But dad I do, I want to be free and I don't want to live by my husbands law." " Lizzie," Jeff was now totally serious and it pained him a little to have this conversation with his daughter . He to wanted her to live home forever and stay his little girl. But he knew that would be to selfish and he wanted what was best for her daughter. "..I know you think that now. But me and your mom isn't going to be here forever. I know you'll get married and have kids that I will spoill. You'll be a teriffic mother. And I know in my heart that your husband will love and respect your free spirit.Well if he doesn't I will break every bone in his body ofcourse'' he tried to lighten the conversation. Liz smiled and knew her father right but she still didnt like the prospect. "But whatever happens or doesn't happen I know you will follow your heart and that will guide you and lead you to happiness. Because you deserve to be as happy as I'm as with your mom." He finished. He hugged his daughter and both of them were a little tearjerked. They know how important this conversation is. It was emission for Jeff that his daughter will not be with him forever and Liz knew she will not be with her parents forever.
"Well we really need to go back. I'm hungry and If we don't your mom will kill me.'' He stated and lighten the mood a little. They rode back in silence. Liz contemplating her father's words. She just hope she'll find the same happiness as her parents. Who despite their different background and charakter love each other very much.

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