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Title: Islayer
Author: chica
Category: A/U, M/L, M/M, I/A
Rating: PG - 13
Disclaimer: Don't own Roswell don't own Buffy.
Author's Note: Read it and critise. Don't mind me say what you please along the lines of the story.


Isabel Summers was a typical seventeen year old girl. She loved fashion, dances, shopping and dare she say it... boys.

But the normalness stopped right there. Hardly anyone knew she was a black-belt in karate and stabbed more... more things then an ALIEN PRINCESS yes alien princess should EVER see. Her brother, Max, was the alien king her friend, Michael, was the alien prince.

But she was also a vampire slayer. One in every genaration. She was the chosen one. But that saying wasn't right because she had died and her friend Liz Morgan was now the slayer. Her other friend Maria was a wicca. Wicca was their slang term for witch.

Would these unlikely allies not turn on each other? I'm not even sure....

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Yep but Alex revided her so they're both the slayer.
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Oh and thanks Sarah!
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First Question s an easy answer: Everyone one but mostly Liz and Isabel as they're the slayers.
Second Question: Depends on when I have enough to type which probaly means some time in 10mins!
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Part 1a: A Slayer Does What?

*Two Years Previously*

"I repeat a slayer does what?" Max spoke not a quiver in his voice but he couldn't look both his sister or his girlfriend in the eyes
"A slayer stakes vampires in the heart with bits of wood, correct?" Isabel's boyfriend Alex quizzed her. "Yes, Max look at me. I don't hurt humans only vamps and demons," Liz Evans struggled to keep the tension out of her voice. "I'm only practising cos I become the vamp slayer when she d..."

"Your a what?" Michael started to question his girlfriend about her true identity. "A witch who heals and who kills, again I right?" Alex again perferctly answered and then asked.
"Alex," Liz spoke lifting a stake (wooden stick) "You're getting on my nerves!"

Alex screamed, "AM I THE ONLY NORMAL IN HERE?!?!?!?!"
He bolted and with him left Liz Evans, Isabel Summers and Maria Rosenburg.

I'm not so sure they won't turn......

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Sorry way to short but I'll make part 2 Xtra long promise.
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Well James (cos your usernames to hard to spell!) I ain't sure so please keep reading!!!!

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thanks for fb!

Part 1b:

So Alex sees them all as freaks. Doesn't he? But today we're a year on from when we left off but we're still in the past.

"Izzy!! Isabel!!! Where are you?!? Come on I'm sorry!! I didn't mean it!! Isab...." Alex stopped mid - sentence he'd found Isabel but DEAD!!!!!

"Alex revive her!" he heard a soft woman's voice say. "But h..." Before he finished he was doing mouth to mouth. Isabel's eye lids flickered and it was soon changed into a kiss. "You saved but why? I'm just a...." she didn't bother finishing because someone who was as pretty as Isabel and as popular as Izzy was walking through the woods. With a, a, a STAKE!!!!!

"MMMMAAAARRRRIIIIAAAA!!!!" Somebody screeched. "My ear - drums are exploding!" Maria thought. But it suddenly stopped. "Oh No not again!" Maria let out a soft growl of frustion. "You deserved that! Mysterious yeller!" She didn't know she'd knocked.....

"mm a rr iii uuuu," A soft hurt voice cried. Michael's voice. "Oh I'm coming Michael!!!" She yelped as she juped the stairs and opened the door. "hh ee p," He groaned again. Maria's hands glowed Blue as blueberries as she immedately healed him.

"Max stay close and use this to protect yourself," Liz Evans threw him a stake. "Thanks. Can this give me splinters?" Max asked. "Of course not!" Liz replied. "Lets get staking," Liz said fighting about 3 vamps.

The allies are residing with each other is it a good sign or bad?

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Here are the answers Dream Lover MerJ:
Alex saved her but we never find out how she died so I'll say the Master.

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Liz don't become the slayer till part 2 Izzy taught Liz + Maria how to fight.
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Can you give surnames for Maria, Alex and Michael, please?
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Thanks for fb, I agree Max is a dork but it's cos he doesn't know how to fight.

Part 2

As we flip forward to our time today I warn that alot has changed, but I must not name what.

Our 14 year olds are now in are now in high school and are friends with the librarian, Jim Giles (weird name, huh?) whom they just call Giles.
Back to the story...

"Why am I supposed to look? Can't werewolf boy look?" Max moaned.
"Don't call me that, Max, I'm a werewolf but I do have feelings and I'm helping Maria! You lazy git, Maxwell!" Michael spat angrily.

Maria and Giles both calmed them down and Giles started to get equipment like stakes and crossbows the sort to fight demons and vamps.

"We have to go help Liz and Isabel, Maria," Giles spoke between arguments. "Max, Michael you possess no great fighting skills so take the crossbows and Maria and I will take the stakes, okay? Oh and any aguments in a sticky situation and you'll recieve NO HELP, understand?"
The both understood.

"Alex, why did you follow us?" Isabel asked storking through the gaveyard.
"I don't know I just did, okay?" Alex replied starting to fight and stake some vamps.
"Enough talk more vamp slaying after we've killed these few we are to ret..." beep beep "Return to the library? Now? Okay we'll be there." Liz finished the call and finished the sentence without knowing.

They seem to be friends, don't they? Come back soon for the next part.

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Part 2 only just went up!?!?!?!
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The Alien Prince is also a Werewolf was a funny thought.
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It'll be tonight english time before the next part's up
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Part 3a

Now as we start once more I must tell you the allies are different. Isabel, Liz, Maria, Michael and Giles are now the allies. Alex and Max flunked high school and are serving a 1-month service for not paying car fines. What weaklings! I do not know if they will return to Roswell or not.

As Isabel and Liz patrolled around the cemitary fighting the occasional vamp they wondered why there was a lack of challenges.
"A god, done, the master, done, whole load of drunkens, maybe," Liz Evans flicked through the list of what usally occupied vampires. They were never occupied by the same thing twice. Especially not in a row.
"Must be," Isabel Summers replied knowing Liz's heart was not in the job. She wanted to know were her brother, Max Summers was. No one knew where he or Alex Harris her boyfriend were but their hearts were with them.
"We'd better report back to Jim Giles" *giggle* *giggle* Liz tried to hide the laughter with Isabel snorting.

They seem happy, but who do you want to be the first to return Max or Alex?

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Feedback please!

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Part 3b:

I don't know were Max went. I guess to Calafornia to try and find his son but happy gazer moment! Alex is back man!

"ALEX!!!! My main man!!!! Where have been?!?!?!?" Michael yelled over the screeches and squeals of the girls. Michael wasn't gay but was looking HOT!
"I don't know but was is it with those wolf whistles? Has the School's high guy standards gone dorks or nerds?" Alex answered a little worried.
"I don't care cos you're mine!" He heard Isabel's voice say. "Oh, Am I? Cos I weren't before I left. This is freaky I haven't changed and I'm on the top 5 cutest boy at Wood End!"Alex souned dazed. (Wood End is their school.)

"Where is she?" Max moaned as he waited for the Chica. She was an alien like him who knew his son. He wanted to know where he was and if he was okay. She had already said his answer lies in Roswell but he didn't understand. So she was taking him to Roswell.

This Max story will be continued in the next part.

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Alex has come back to school and no-one knew he's come popular with the ladies because Isabel wants to be with him.

Oh and for the next few parts it'll jump to another person's story but it'll be Dreamer's say for one part.
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