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Summary: Takes place after ITLITB, Spoilers from after that eppie too.
Couple: M/L, M/T...Usual
Rating: unknown yet

At the observatory. Max is there looking at the stars when Tess walks up.

TESS: I thought I'd find you here.

MAX: My whole life I've wanted to be this person, this normal person. Human. My whole life I've been thinking that this alien side of me was this bad thing. This thing that made me a freak. This monster. I realize that I haven't just been hiding from the government and the law all this time. I've been hiding from myself. I don't know what's going on anymore. I thought I knew but I don't. I've lost everyone.

TESS: I'll be here for eternity. (They kiss.)

MAX: I'm ready to wake up now. (They kiss again.)

The scene is then mixed with another scene of Liz running to make her plane on time and Max and Tess making love in the observatory. Liz is about to get on the plane when she receives a phone call from the Swedish Embassy. MR STOCKMAN: Ms. Parker? Mr. Stockman from the embassy. We found your building. There's just one curiosity-- that structure was torn down in 1994. 3 people in my office have confirmed it. That building is gone.

LIZ: to herself He never went to Sweden.

Sherriff Valenti's House:

"I'm coming hang on." Valenti said coming out in his robe. Its was close to 4 in the morning. "Liz what's wrong?"

She looks up crying. "I had no where else to go. Alex, never went to Sweeden, Max I...I..., Maria is totally at me and..."

"Come on Liz get inside and we'll talk." Just as the door shut Max's jeep pulled up.

It was an awkard silence and Tess was the first to speak, "So I'll see you at school then?" Max nodded.

"I'll walk you in." He smiled and walked her to the door. The walked inside and bothe Liz and the Sherriff looked up and saw Tess lean in for the kill. Liz's eyes bulged and she got up and ran to Kyle's room and slammed the door, which made Kyle jump up, the Sherriff to look her way, and Max and Tess jump apart.

"What the hell...." Kyle asked still slightly asleep.

"Go check on Liz Kyle will you I have to talk to Max and Tess." Valenti said looking at the two. Kyle nodded and went into the room.

"Where the hell have you been? It's 4 in the morning?" Valenti is pacing the room. "Is this all you two can think of is you lousy relationship, while one of your friends is dead and another one is thinking of running away?"

"Isn't she suppose to be in Sweeden already?" Max asked slightly confused yet slightly relieved.

"Young man, your on thin ice already. I don't care if your some almighty king on some planet but on earth you better treat people with respect. But if you must know Alex never went to Sweeden. She came here. She was looking for you to apologize to. But you were to busy...." Valenti shook his head. Max just look down at his feet. Kyle stepped out.

"Dad..She wants to leave, but she wants Max and Tess to go into a different room." Kyle said starring at the two. Valenti nodded. Tess went into Valentis room and Max stepped outside. "Liz you can come out now."

"Thanks, I'm just going to head home now and um, rest." Liz said before heading out the back door and going to the front of the house. Max saw her cutting through the yards. He looked at her a minute and ran up to her. "Kyle really I don....Max, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" With that she slapped him.

"Liz please wait, let me explain myself. I swear if you don't like what I have to say you can hate me forever." Max said pleading for a chance.

"Why should I give you the time of day when you didn't even treat like a human being? You slept with Tess for christ sake." Liz said through gritted teeth.

"I, which I phrase I didn't sleep with her." Max stated.

"What!" Liz asked jerking her head back. "What kind of sick joke is this?"

"Liz, I know the truth, about you, Kyle, and what is going to happen now is up to you so are willing to listen or are you going to run?" Max stated looking her in the eyes.

To Be Continued
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