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Summary: Alt. Unv. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Liz are the aliens . . Max, Isabel, and Michael were all picked up by the Evans. Liz was found by the mean, nasty Parkers (who don’t give a shit about her). Maria and Alex are still her best friends, they know her secret. That’s all.

Prologue -1990 - Second Grade class of Mr. Temple.
- Class includes Max, Isabel, and Michael along with Maria and Alex.
- Liz.

“Class would you please welcome our new student, Elizabeth Parker.” Twenty pairs of eyes turned on me. I wondered if they only saw my dark hair and eyes or if they saw the monster that my parents knew I was. “Why don’t you tell us about yourself? Like where your from?”
“I’m Liz Parker. I’m seven. I’m not from around here.”

10 years later.

“Chapter 15 for homework.” The bell has finally rung. “You’re free to go. Oh, Miss Parker stay a minute would you? Mr. Evans, don’t skip our meeting.” Damn. It was the third week of school, what did Mr. Hardy want already? Thank you for your time Miss Parker. I know from hallway conversations that you’re a well liked student. I know from your grades that you’re a smart student. I would like to know if you’d consider being a tutor for another student?”
I didn’t want to. I never wanted to. However a good school wanted good things from teachers and being a tutor was always a good thing. I said yes. “He should be arriving in just a minute. He doesn’t have to take a tutor but I thought if he saw that one was already in line to help him he’d be a little more inclined to give it a shot. Ah, here he is.” I turned and wished to any god he really didn’t want a tutor.
Max Evans was mean. He was nasty. He was a jerk. He was a bad boy. He was hot.
“Max, Liz has agreed to be your tutor. How about it?” I half prayed he’d say no. I half prayed he’d say yes. “No.” “Max, you need help-” “No. I don’t want help. I don’t need help. And I don’t like the help you’ve got picked out.” The slamming of the door was his exit. While Mr. Hardy tried to make explanations, I tried to distance myself from his rejection. Rejection always hurt whether it was for my facade or who I really was.
“Mr. Hardy, it’s OK. But I do need to get home for work so I’ll see you tomorrow.” I left.

* * * * *

“Why do they here?” Maria hissed in my ear. I smile wryly knowing who she was talking about she was talking about the aloof trio of Evans in the corner booth. “They’re ungrateful, unsocial, unmannered and to top it all off they’re just plain a-” “Hungry.” I cut off Maria’s tirade. “Hungry. Everybody is hungry for their food and we get paid to serve them.” I gently pushed from out behind the counter.
“You want me to work, then you go give them their order. They hate me.” “They hate everybody.” I sighed the last word. Alex, who was sitting at the counter, looked at me sympathetically. “Don’t take it personal. I think it’s the prune juice their mommy makes them drink every morning.” I laughed. Alex could always make me feel better.
“Took you long enough.” I took Michael's grip when I set down the food the same way I took Isabel’s glare and Max’s look of indifference. I said nothing as I set down the rest of the food because I was just plain tired of their bad attitude and no longer cared if they thought I was nice enough for a tip or not. All seemed to notice by their questioning faces but none cared enough to comment.
The door jangled open and Agnes walked in relieving me from duty. I waved to her and turned back to the trio. “When you want your check just ask Agnes. Have a good night.” I gave Agnes my order pad and went upstairs to change.
When I came back 15 minutes later with my shaded map and notebook, Maria and Alex were sharing his fries waiting for me. “I’m ready.” They stood up and we left. I never gave a single thought to anyone seeing the map I carried.


She’d freaked us out. Why in any universe would calm, rational, scientific, Miss-Perfect-Parker have a map that was shaded over the crash sight. Our crash sight.
“She’s probably just a Dana Scully wannabe.” Isabel’s voice had a sneer that even the bitchest of bitches would have envied. “She’s done this before. We just didn’t know what they were doing. We always assumed they were doing some tree hugging shit. They go out every Friday.” Isabel and I stared at Michael in shock.
“What?! The only reason I notice is cause we’ve never left a tip. She’s always gone before we get our check. We stared at each other in disbelief but it was true and the whole time we’d never noticed. I broke the silence. “It’s fine. We’ll just follow her next Friday and make sure she doesn’t find anything.” My voice was clipped as I thought what we were all thinking. What if she already had?

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