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I know some of you have already read this but I decided that I was going to change a few things, I didn't like where it was going. Most of it is still the same but please give it a fair chance you won't be dissappointed.

Here is the first three parts (they haven't changed) the next few parts will be posted tomorrow.

Title: Calling All Angels
Author: Meredith
Category: M/L with a little of everyone else.
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Rating: PG-13 now (will become NC-17 later)
Summery: Read and find out.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with Roswell nor do I own any of the characters mention in this story. The title was taken from the song Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry that aired in the episode a Roswell Christmas Carol
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Author’s Note: I have about 30 pages of this fic written so I will much likely post a part every other day. Everything has happened up to Meet The Dupes. Alex is very much alive and Tess is good. Ava is in this story but she is a little different from the show for instance she doesn’t have a New York accent mainly because I don’t know how to write like that

Calling All Angels

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part One

August 12, 2008

I'm Liz Parker and nine years ago today I died but then the most amazing thing happened I came to life. Max Evans, what can I say about him other then he was the love of my life and always would be. The day I left Roswell (September 8, 2001) was the day my world came crashing down around me. I remember everything about that day. I was so excited because it was Max's 18th birthday and I had found him the prefect present. I had everything worked out I was going to kidnap him and take him to my parent's cabin in the woods. I was going to tell him that I never slept with Kyle and about Future Max then I was going to seduce him. But I never got the chance because when I got to his house he was making love to someone else and that someone else was...

TESS: "Liz I'm home."

Liz looked up from her writing place to watch her best friend for the last six years come though the door of their apartment. It still amazed her that out of everyone Tess was the only one she kept in touch with. She hadn't been back since that night. No one knew where she was or why she left not even her parents. They had tried to find her in the beginning but having spent the last two years of her life with aliens taught her a thing or two about covering her tracks. They finally gave up. She didn't want to be found and until she did there was nothing anyone could do.
The night she left she wasn't thinking clearly, she wanted to get away from everyone and everything, especially Max. So she packed everything she could fit in a suitcase, emptied her back account and brought a one-way bus ticket to Texas. She got her GED and was taking courses at the local college when she ran into Tess. Liz was surprised that her and Tess got along so well but once they got pass the whole destiny thing they became really good friends. The girls were there for each other and always would be.
Liz had made Tess promise not to tell the gang where she was and because she thought she was doing the right thing she never did but lately she wondered if she had made the right choice after all. Liz and her had talked about that night and she had told her repeatedly that she must have made a mistake because Max loved her and would never sleep with someone else. She never told her who the other girl was and Tess never asked.

LIZ: "Oh, hi Tess."

TESS: "Hey what are you doing?"

LIZ: "Just thinking, so how was work?"

TESS: "Same oh, same oh. There something we need to talk about."

LIZ: "Okay, what's up?"

TESS: "Liz I think it's time to go back."

LIZ: "Go back where?"

TESS: "Roswell"

LIZ: "You're kidding right? I mean you of all people should know why I can't go back."
I wonder what she would say if she knew who the other girl was. Would she be surprise to know that it was Maria who was having sex with Max that night? Or would she have guessed?

TESS: "It's been seven years. Its time to go back home."

LIZ: "What makes you think they want to see me and why after all this time are you bring this up?"

TESS: "Liz, just trust me."

LIZ: "You know I would do anything for you but I can't do this."

TESS: "But you have too, please."

LIZ: "Not until you tell me why."

TESS: "I can't. Not now but I swear to you once we get to Roswell I'll tell you everything."

LIZ: "I don't know if I can. I'm not brave enough."

TESS: "Liz you're the bravest person I know. You can do this, I know you can."

LIZ: "I never told you this but Maria was the girl."
It felt so good to finally be able to tell someone.

TESS: "You mean she was the one with Max?"
How could that be? As far as she knew Max and Maria were just friends nothing more, nothing less.

LIZ: "Yes."

TESS: "Oh Liz, honey that must have been horrible for you."

LIZ: "It was."

TESS: "I just can't believe it. Max and Maria it doesn't make sense."

LIZ: "I still can't believe it."

TESS: "But Maria..."

LIZ: "I know what I saw. I just can't figure out why? Maria and I were best friends and had been since we were babies and Max, Max and I were in love or at least I thought we were. When I saw them together, I lost a part of myself that I can't get back and if I go it'll happen all over again and this time I won't make it."

TESS: "Running away won't change what happen. Don't you think it's time to forgive them? Don't you think they’ve suffered enough?"

LIZ: "It was never about them suffering. I left because I didn't have a choice. It was leave or pretend that it never happen and that was something I refused to do. You have no idea what I went through."

Tess's heart went out to her friend but there was no other way. If she was going to keep Liz safe she needed the help of the other aliens. She didn't know how she knew that there was an evil alien looking for Liz or that if he found her, he would unlock pure evil from deep within her soul and everyone would powerless to stop it…

TESS: "You're right I don't know what you went through but you'll never be able to go on with your life unless you forgive them. I'm not saying forget it happened but at least try to get pass it. Otherwise you'll be running for the rest of your life and you deserve better then that."

LIZ: "I know but I really don't think I can do it alone."

TESS: "You won't be alone, you'll have me."

LIZ: "I'm just so scared."

TESS: "I know."

LIZ: "But your right. If I want a life then I have to go back and face them.

TESS: "So you'll come home with me."

LIZ: "Yes, I'll come to Roswell with you."
She knew she would regret it later but maybe it was for the best. Besides what's the worst that could happen.

TESS: "Good girl, now go get packed. We leave tomorrow."

LIZ: "Tomorrow, you're joking right?"

TESS: "No. We leave tomorrow."

LIZ: "But why?"

TESS: "Cause it has to be soon."

LIZ: "There's nothing wrong with Max is there?"

TESS: "No nothing’s wrong with Max."

Knowing that Max was safe; relief flooded through out her body only to be replaced with something she hadn't felt in years. FEAR. Fear of seeing her friends, fear of seeing her parents, but mostly fear of seeing Max. After all this time the thought of Max brought tears to her eyes but she refused to give in. She hadn't cried over Max in years and she wasn't going to start now. Max and her were finished and they had been for along time and going back wouldn't change that. She would go back see her family, face her friends, and get over Max once and for all…

Tess went in her room and dialed the number she knew by heart.

TESS: "Hey Isabel its Tess."

ISABEL: "Oh hi. How you doing?"

TESS: "I don't have a lot of time. I called because I need a favor."

ISABEL: "Sure okay."

TESS: "I need you to tell everyone to meet me at Kyle’s house say around five tomorrow. Can you do it?"

ISABEL: "Yeah but I don't know if I can get all of them to come on this short of notice."

TESS: "Just tell them that it is real important."

ISABEL: "Okay I'll tell them. Tess is something wrong?"

TESS: "I can’t explain right now. Look I have to go. Don't forget to tell them, ok."

ISABEL: "I won't...bye."

TESS: "bye"
With that taken care of all she had to worry about was getting Liz to tell them about Future Max and the whole "sleeping with Kyle" thing. She didn't even know about it until a few years ago when Liz got drunk and blurted it out. She was so shocked to know that Liz had satisfied everything for Max, Michael, and Isabel's lives and that it was her entire fault. That her leaving brought upon the end of the world and it was then that she realized that she never loved Max Evans, she was only in love with being in love and that she had strong feelings for Kyle. She made a promise to herself from that moment forward she would do anything in her power to keep Liz safe as she know Liz would do for her.


ISABEL: "Well that was weird."

ALEX: "Isabel, honey who was that?"

ISABEL: "It was Tess. She's coming home and called to tell me to make sure everyone was at Kyle’s house tomorrow at five."

ALEX: "Really, why?"

ISABEL: "She wouldn't say."

ALEX: "Do you think something's wrong?"

ISABEL: "I don't know but I have a bad feeling about it."

ALEX: "You better call Max."

ISABEL: "Yeah Okay."
God please let nothing be wrong. I really don't think Max can take another disaster not when he is just starting to get over Liz. As far as I'm concern it's a good thing we haven’t heard from her in years cause if I ever saw that "bitch" again I would be tempted to seriously harm her in more ways then one. How dare her leave my brother like that. He didn't deserve it, neither did Alex or Maria. Maria and I have gotten really close over the years. We tell each other everything. More then once I've been there when she cries over her and it takes so much of my will power not to say anything. Max on the other hand refuses to talk about her and every time I bring her up, he changes the subject.

ISABEL: "Max its Iz."

MAX: "Oh hey. What's up?"

ISABEL: "Well, Tess just called and she coming home and has called an emergency meeting tomorrow at five."

MAX: "Why would she do that?"

ISABEL: "I don't know, she wouldn't tell me. She told to make sure everyone was at Kyle’s house tomorrow at five and that it's real important so not to be late."

MAX: "She didn't say anything else?"

ISABEL: "No. Do you think it has something to do with us being aliens and all?"

MAX: "No we haven't had any problems since...well since Liz left and that was seven years ago."

ISABEL: "Yeah but Max what if..."

MAX: "Look Isabel I'm sure everything is fine don't worry about it. Besides we'll know soon enough."

ISABEL: "Okay then...Oh could you call everyone for me? I'm late for my doctor's... I mean my hair appointment."
I have got to be more careful. If Alex found out that I told Max I was pregnant first he would be so hurt.

MAX: "Iz are you ok. I could have sworn you said doctor's appointment a minute ago."

ISABEL: "Max don't be silly. Why would I have a doctor's appointment? Its not like I'm pregnant or anything."

MAX: "Uh okay."

ISABEL: "Thanks Max. I'll see you tomorrow, bye."

MAX: "Bye"
That was the first in a long time he said her name aloud. He missed her so much it hurt. He was beginning to think he would always miss her. No one really knew what happen that night. It was like she was there one day and gone the next. I remember everything about that day. It was my birthday and we had a party at the Crashdown. Everyone was there including Liz and she never let on that anything was wrong. That's why it was so surprising to wake up the next morning and her not be there. If only I wasn't with Maria that night maybe I could have stop her. The police thought she had been kidnapped but when they found out that half of her closet was missing and her bank account had been emptied they declared her a runaway but I knew that Liz would never leave me or her family. So I started thinking that maybe the skins had taken her to get to me but when I never heard from them I had no choice but to accept that she had runaway and she was never coming back. The hardest part was knowing that she had left and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. There wasn't a day that went by when I didn't ask myself "why did she leave" and "why didn't she ever call". It was a long time till I realized that I might never know the answer.
I hope what ever Tess has to say isn't too serious. Everything was just starting to get back to normal. Michael and Maria have been married for a year and Isabel and Alex just six months. He didn't need this right now. They didn't need this right now.

August 14, 2008
Outside Kyle’s House 5:00pm

TESS: "Liz get out of the car. We're going to be late."

LIZ: "No, no I can't do this. I'm sorry but I can't go in there, it's too soon."

TESS: "You can do this and you will and what do you mean too soon, it's been seven years. It's long over due."

LIZ: "What...what if Max and Maria are together."
How could I have been so stupid to agree to this? Some things are better left alone.

TESS: "Liz, Max and Maria aren't together. Michael and her are married and so are Isabel and Alex."

LIZ: "WHAT? They got married! When I left Michael still had Maria at arm's length and Isabel and Alex weren't even going out."
Up until now I never wanted to know what went on in their lives. When Tess and I first moved in together she would sometimes mention them but every time she did I would always change the subject or get up and go to room. After awhile she got the idea and stopped bring them up.

TESS: "Well things change, people change. Michael stopped pushing Maria away and Isabel and Alex fell in love."

LIZ: "Are they happy?"

TESS: "Why don't you ask them yourself? Now come on."

LIZ: "Tess I'm scared, real scared."

TESS: "I know you are sweetie but sometimes you just don't have a choice."

LIZ: "But I have a choice. I can turn this car around and go back to Dallas and forget that this day ever happened."

TESS: "I am only going to tell you one time. GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW!"
Tess moved to get out of the passenger seat when Liz reached over and stopped her.

LIZ: "I'm sorry Tess. Please don't be mad at me. I can't do this without you."
The thought of going in there by herself made her sick to her stomach.

TESS: "Liz, I'm not mad at you. I'm with you every step of the way and always will be."

The girls reached across the seats and hugged each other. Each thankful that they had found one another. Tess thankful because she finally had a family and Liz thankful because she found a friend in the one person she least expected.

TESS: "I love you, Liz."

LIZ: "I love you too. Best friends?"

TESS: " Best friends."

A few seconds later the girls got out of the car and looked around and what they saw, to most people, would have been a small town but to Liz and Tess it was home and they were just starting to realize that it always would be. Each taking a deep breath they walked up to the front of the house and rang the doorbell not knowing what was in store for them but that it would change their lives forever.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part Two

Inside Kyle’s House 5:00pm

MAX: "Isabel where is she?"

ISABEL: "How should I know?"

ALEX: "Max calm down. I'm sure she'll be here any minute now."

MARIA: "Did she say what she wanted to talk about?"

ISABEL: "Maria I already told you. She just said for us to meet her here at 5:00."

MICHAEL: "Guys its just now 5:00 lets give her until 5:15 and then we can start worrying."

The next few minutes went by in total silence. They all stood up when they heard the doorbell rang but Kyle was the first to say, "I'll get it."

It's been so long since I last saw Tess; I wondered what she looks like. Before she left he thought things were going pretty good for them and that she was finally starting to get over Max. Boy had he been wrong. The day she left was also the day he realized that she was never going to love him the way he loved her. He remembered it so clearly. It was the Fourth of July and he had taken her to a party in the next town. She had been down all week so he thought it would do her good. They had a great time and not wanting it to end he took her to a place where they could be alone and talk. Well one thing lead to another and they ended up having sex. When it was over he wanted so badly to tell her how he felt but before he could she started crying saying that things were never going to work out between her and Max and that she didn't belong here. Before the night was over she told him that she applied to University Of Texas at Dallas and that if she got in she was moving. Later that week her acceptance letter came and it was decided that at the end of the summer Tess would move to Dallas. Her last day in Roswell they threw her a party and that was the last time he every saw her. That was a little over six years ago. He knew that Isabel and her talked on the phone ever now and then and once Isabel had given him her number but he never called her. He was too afraid that if he did she would just break his heart all over again.

Opening the door, Kyle was surprise to see that the girl he let get away so many years ago was now a woman and that the lady to right of her was Liz Parker, the girl he thought was lost to them forever.

KYLE: “Li…Liz is that you?”

LIZ: “Hi Kyle. It’s been a long time.”

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Here was the girl who they all thought was died. She was standing in front of him and all she could say is it’s been a long time.

KYLE: “If you think not knowing whether or not your friend was died or alive for the last seven years a long time than yes it has been a long time.”

LIZ: “Look Kyle there’s a lot you don’t know…”

KYLE: “Save it because frankly there’s nothing you can say that will make it alright.”

TESS: “Kyle please…”

KYLE: “Please what? Please say it’s all right, that the last seven years never happened. Well they did Tess so don’t please me.”

Not knowing what to say Tess closed mouth wishing to God that she had listen to Liz and just gone back to Dallas. Anywhere would be better then here.

LIZ: “Kyle, can we come in?”

KYLE: “Why?”

LIZ: “You know Kyle this is hard for me too and you’re not making it any easier.”

MICHAEL: “Kyle, who’s at the door?” yelled Michael from the living room.

KYLE: “Come on in. I don’t know happy they’re gonna be to see you. Especially since they were just starting to get over you.”

LIZ: “Kyle please don’t be mad at me.”

KYLE: “If I were you I wouldn’t worry about whether or not I was mad. You have bigger problems than that.”
With that said Kyle turned his back on the girls and walked away.

Liz looked to Tess for support but saw that Tess was just as scared as she was.
LIZ: “Come on Tess it will be okay.”

TESS: “I know.”

The girls followed Kyle but Liz stayed behind the wall while Tess went into to living room. Five faces looked up when Tess walked into the room. Each face asking the same question “Why is are you here?”

MICHAEL: “Tess you’re here we were starting to get worry.”

MAX: “Tess, why did you call this meeting?”


Was that Max? Oh God this is going to be hard. Why did I agree to this? Sometimes I can be so stupid. What if he moved on? What if he was married? Tess would have told her, right? What did it matter, I moved on a long time go. Yea right, Liz. If you moved on how come you haven’t been on a date since you left? It doesn’t matter I’m over Max and nothing he does can hurt me.

TESS: “Look guys it’s a real long story. Just let me gather my thoughts.”

ISABEL: “Would you like so water?”

Liz was behind the wall. If Isabel saw her before she could explain all hell would break loose.

ISABEL: “I was just trying to be nice. You didn’t have to yell at me.”

TESS: “Sorry Isabel. I’m okay now, thanks.”

Tess sat now in the chair across from everyone and held her head in her lap for a few minutes.

I have to do this. If I don’t Liz will die and I’m not about to lose the only friend I’ve ever had. Liz needed her and she was going to be there for her.

TESS: “First thing I need to tell you is that a lot of this is gonna sound ridiculous but before you say anything let me finish, okay?

MAX: “ok”


MARIA: “ok”

ISABEL: “ok”

ALEX: “ok”

KYLE: “whatever”

TESS: “Where to began. Okay lets see about a month after I left I ran into to someone that we all know. Anyways we became really good friends and a few weeks later we moved in together and for the last six years we’ve been roommates…”

MICHAEL: “What does this have to with us?”

Glaring at Michael, Tess continued her story.
TESS: “As I was saying, a couple of weeks ago I started having these nightmares about our past lives. I found out a few things. Max in our past lives I was your…”

MAX: “My queen, we already know that.”

TESS: “Max if you would let me finsh. As I was saying in our past lives we won’t husband and wife. You were my sister’s husband and I was your sister in-law. My twin sister was your wife not me. I was the stand-in for the Queen. Whenever it was too dangerous for the Queen to go somewhere I went for her. Not many people know about me, only you, my sister, your mother and father, and Rath. Because Vilandra didn’t know about us, she wasn’t able to tell Khivar, but somehow he knows now and he’s looking for her. If he finds her he will unleash pure evil from deep within her soul and we will be powerless to stop it.”

MAX: “What you can’t be serious. You were my wife and you don’t have a sister.”

MICHAEL: “ What about what Nasedo told us and Max’s and Isabel’s mother. Plus there was only four pods not five.”

TESS: “When we created, the royal council decided that we would be the ones in the pods, but to kept the Queen safe they placed her in the womb of a human.”

MARIA: “ Are you saying that some poor girl who thinks she is human is really an alien.”

TESS: “Yes”

ISABEL: “ You’re not making any senses. I mean why would Nasedo tell us something so different?”

TESS: “He told us that because he didn’t know about my sister.”

ALEX: “Lets just say that we believe you. Does she have any powers?”

TESS: “No, she will never be truly alien until her King’s seed is inside her.”


ISABEL: “Does…does that mean that Max has to have sex with this girl?”

TESS: “Yes and soon too before Khivar finds her.”

KYLE: “Why?”

TESS: “Max is pure good so when his seed is inside her she will become good and help us defeat Khivar. Khivar on the other hand is pure evil and if he finds her and they mate she become like him, evil.”

MICHAEL: “Well changes are she won’t want to have sex with Khivar so that gives us so time to find her”

TESS: “Michael, she doesn’t have to want to. Khivar doesn’t care about right and wrong. If he has to rape her to get want he wants he will.”

MARIA: “Oh my gosh. We have to find her before he does…unless you know who she is.”

TESS: “Umm…”

MAX: “Do you know who is she?”

TESS: “Well see that’s the hard part. I know who she is but she doesn’t.”

ALEX: “Well tell us who it is”

TESS: “I will but promise not to freak out.”

ISABEL: “Just tell us all ready.”


What is Tess talking about? Of course she’s the Queen and what nightmares. I never knew she was having nightmares. Who is this girl she is talking about and why does she have to sleep with Max? Why did Tess bring me I can’t just stand here and watch Max sleep with some other girl? God why did I agree to this?

TESS: “Liz is the one. She is my sister, your wife, and the true Queen of Antar.”

LIZ: “WHAT! Tess I’m not ever alien.”

Everyone turns to look at the sound of the voice only to have the biggest shock of their life. They couldn’t believe that after all these years Liz Parker was standing in Kyle’s living room.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Part Three

LIZ: “Hi guys.”

MICHAEL: “That’s all you can say, after seven years is hi guys?”

LIZ: “Well what do you want me to say?”

MARIA: “Liz is that you?”

LIZ: “Hello Maria.”

ALEX: “Liz, sweetie I’ve missed you so much.”

LIZ: “I’ve missed you too, Alex.”

ISABEL: “What brings you back to Roswell after all these years? Just woke up one morning and decided it was time to let your friends and family know you were alive and well.”

LIZ: “Look Isabel you have no idea why I left so don’t judge me. In fact you know nothing about me or my life.”
Liz’s eyes went to every face in the room they finally rested on Max. He wasn’t moving, just sating there like nothing important happened. Well two could play at that game.

MARIA: “Chica I still can’t believe it’s you.”

Chica! Did she just call me Chica? How dare her call me that after what she did, she has no right to ever call me that again.
LIZ: “My name is Liz not Chica.”

MARIA: “I always call you Chica or at least I did.”

LIZ: “Well, you don’t now.”

Annoyed at her tone of voice Alex asked the question everyone wanted to know.
ALEX: “Where have you been?”

Liz looked at Alex the exact moment Max got up. She didn’t even know he moved until he was right in front of her. She knew that if she looked him in the eye she would break down and that was something she refused to do. But as she looked him up and down she couldn’t resist the desire to look him in the eyes. Once they made eye contact the connection starting and they both saw flashes. Liz saw flashes as max when he was a child, when they shared their first kiss, when he walked across the stage at graduation, and then she saw the night she ran away Max and Maria where in his room sating on the bed.
No, No she couldn’t take anymore. She turned away so no one would see the tears in her eyes. Only to feel strong arms around her and Max whispering words of love in her ear. God this can’t be happening. Max slept with Maria; she wasn’t supposed to be in Max’s arms. But it felt so good to be in them again. Oh it felt. It make her want to forget about that night, act like it didn’t happen but it did happen and no matter what he did, he couldn’t take it back. Stepping out of Max’s arms she took a moment to get control of her emotions and then looked him straight in the face and said,

LIZ: “Don’t touch me.”
When she saw the heartbroken look on his face she wished she hadn’t said it but he hurt her so much.

LIZ: “I’m sorry, Max. Please everyone sit down and I will explain everything.”

Once everyone was sitting Liz looked around the room at all their faces and knew that she had made the right choice by coming. It was going to hard but it was the right thing to do.

LIZ: “For the last seven years I have been living in Dallas and for the last six years Tess and I have been roommates.”

MICHAEL: “What?”

LIZ: “For the last six…”

MICHAEL: “I know what you said I just can’t believe it. How could you do that Max?”

ISABEL: “Tess, how could you not tell us?”

TESS: “Isabel it’s not that easy.”

LIZ: “She’s right Isabel I made her promise not to tell any of you.”

MARIA: “Why would you do that? You know how much we love you. My gosh Liz when we couldn’t find you Max with insane with worry and all I did was cry.”

LIZ: “Frankly Maria I don’t care what you and Max went though.”

When Liz said that something in Isabel snapped. She stood up and get right in Liz’s face.
ISABEL: “How dare you come in here after all these years and make light of what Max, Maria, and everyone went though when you left.”

TESS: “Isabel calm down.”

ISABEL: “Don’t tell me to calm down and you; you knew the whole time where she was and you never said anything. Even where they declared her dead.”

ALEX: “Liz how could you just get up and leave and not tell anyone. I mean I understand why you wouldn’t tell you parents but we’re your friends. Maria and I have been your friends since we were kids we tell each other everything.”

LIZ: “Alex you don’t know the whole story… I didn’t mean to hurt you or anyone but I had to leave. I didn’t have a choice.”

KYLE: “Liz you should have called to let us know that you were ok.”

MAX: “I thought you were dead. That the skins had come after me and took you instead. I searched for you for years because I knew that you had to be alive and all this time you were living with Tess in Dallas. How could you do that me?”

LIZ: “How could I do that to you? What about what you and Maria did to me?”

MAX: “What are you talking about?”

Everyone had a confused look on their faces and that’s when Liz realized that Max and Maria never told them about that night.

LIZ: “I see you and Maria decided not tell them anyone about that night.”

MARIA: “What night are you talking about?”

LIZ: “You mean it’s happen more then once.”

MAX: “What’s happened more then once? We have no idea what you’re talking about.”

LIZ: “Fine, you want to play dump. Let me see if I can refresh you’re memory. If you remember Max it was your birthday and I decided I would give you the one thing you wanted, the truth. I didn’t want to do it in front of everyone so I went to your house. I was going to tell you that I still loved you and that I was sorry about everything. Then I was going to take you to my parent’s cabin in the woods and give you all of myself but I never got the chance because when I got there you and Maria were having sex on your bed.”

ISABEL: “What? You can’t be serious.”

LIZ: “Very. At first I couldn’t tell that it was Maria so I watch just to be sure. I never saw her face but I saw her hair and heard Max call out her name when… well you know what I mean.”

MAX: “Liz I have never slept with Maria.”

MARIA: “We never slept together. Michael is the only person I have slept with.”

LIZ: “My gosh, how can you sit there and lie straight to my face. I saw you with my own two eyes and then a minute ago when Max hugged me I got a flash of you and him together on his bed.”

MICHAEL: “Maria is it true? Did you sleep with Max?”

MARIA: “No I did not sleep with Max.”

ALEX: “Are you sure it was them and not someone else?”

LIZ: “Alex, who else would be in Max’s bed having sex but him and if it wasn’t Maria why would he call out her name?”

MAX: “I did not sleep with Maria.”

ISABEL: “Why would my brother sleep with Maria when he loves you?”

LIZ: “I’ve asked myself that question more times then I can remember and so far I haven’t come up with an answer.”

MAX: “For the last time I did not sleep with Maria. I have never wanted to sleep with anyone but you Liz.”

MARIA: “Chica I would never do that to you.”

LIZ: “Don’t call me Chica.”

ALEX: “Look we can clear this up real quite. Max and Maria where did you go after the party?”

MAX: “I was at home in my room reading.”

ALEX: “Okay so where were you Maria?”

MARIA: “I don’t see why…”

LIZ: “Just answer the question.”
She saw how Maria glanced at Max and he gave her a nod.

MAX: “Its okay you can tell them.”

MICHAEL: “Tell us what?”
Maria looked from Michael to Max and back to Michael.

MARIA: “I was at Max’s house in his room but we were just talking I swear it. Nothing happened.”

ALEX: “What!”

All Michael saw was red.

MARIA: “Michael no.”

MAX: “Its okay Maria I can handled it. Michael I not going to fight you nothing happen that night or any other night.”

LIZ: “I thought you were reading Max.”
By now everyone was standing up

MAX: “I was until Maria showed up. All we did was talk.”

KYLE: “I saw them too.”
When he said that everyone turn to look at him.

MARIA: “God, no. Michael I swear to you I never slept with Max.”

MICHAEL: “Why haven’t you ever said anything?”

KYLE: “Because it wasn’t my place.”

Tess couldn’t believe they actually slept together. She thought Liz had imagined it but Kyle saw them too.

ALEX: “I can’t believe you Maria you were suppose to be her best friend. You knew how much she loved him.”

MAX: “We did not sleep together.”

KYLE: “Man, give it up. Liz saw you I saw you.”

MAX: “Liz you have to believe me I would never hurt you like that. I love you and always will.”
She couldn’t take anymore. Everything she wanted to hear he was saying but he didn’t mean it. She would have run out of the room if Tess hadn’t stopped her.

LIZ: “Let me pass.”


LIZ: “Please, I can’t take anymore.”

TESS: “I’m sorry Liz but I can’t.”

Tess wasn’t going to let her pass. She turned around and saw all faces on her. She fell to the ground tears coming down her face, sobs going though her body. Max moved to comfort her but Kyle stop him.

KYLE: “I think you’ve done enough.”

LIZ: “Why did you do it… why did you sleep with her? God I loved you so much. I wanted to marry you. I wanted your kids. Why didn’t you love me?”

MAX: “Liz I did love you, I never stopped. You have to believe me I did not sleep with Maria.”

LIZ: “Just stop lying, please. Just tell me the truth.”

MAX: “Liz, I am. Please believe me. I’ve never slept with anyone.”

LIZ: “Then how do you explain what I saw?”

MAX: “I can’t…but I will.”

LIZ: “How?”

MAX: “I don’t know…yet.”

AVA: “Maybe we can help.”


-Roswell Dream Girl*angel*

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Hoped everyone enjoyed the first three parts here is the next part...

Title: Calling All Angels
Author: Meredith
Category: M/L with a little of everyone else.
E-mail: mbrown214⊕ or sweetie121382⊕
Rating: PG-13 now (will become NC-17 later)
Summery: Read and find out.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with Roswell nor do I own any of the characters mention in this story. The title was taken from the song Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry that aired in the episode a Roswell Christmas Carol
Feedback: Yes, please.
Author’s Note: I have about 30 pages of this fic written so I will much likely post a part every other day. Everything has happened up to Meet The Dupes. Alex is very much alive and Tess is good. Ava is in this story but she is a little different from the show for instance she doesn’t have a New York accent mainly because I don’t know how to write like that

Calling All Angels

PART FOUR-------

Everyone turned to see who it was and standing in the doorway was Tess’s dupe, Ava and she was with a man that they had never seen before.

LIZ: “Ava what are you doing here?”

ATHAS: “Queen Elizabeth we have come to take you home.”
He moves toward Liz but is block by Max.

MAX: “You are taking her no where.”
He didn’t know who this man was but he wasn’t going to let him take his Liz anyway.

Pushing Max out of the way, she says,
LIZ: “I can speak for myself, thank you. Look I don’t know who you are and frankly I don’t care, but I do know that I am not your Queen or anyone else’s.”
I wish they would stop saying that I mean I’m human there’s no way I could be an alien but what about what Tess said “the royal council placed her in the womb of an human.” No, no it isn’t possible I’m a normal girl. A normal girl who came home to lay the pass to rest and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

ATHAS: “Your Majesty, please forgive me but we don’t have a lot of time, Khivar knows you are here.”
I hope this works, it has too millions of lives are in danger.

TESS: “Khivar knows she’s here?”
All my God I thought we were have time to figure out what to do before we ran into Khivar or before he ran into us.

ATHAS: “Yes, Princess.”

MARIA: “Will someone please explain what is going on.”

AVA: “Like Athas said we don’t have a lot of time. I will explain later. First we must get the King and Queen to safety.”

MAX: “Ava who is this man?”
Max didn’t recognize the man but he looked oddly familiar.

ATHAS: “Your Highness, you must trust me when I say that you and Queen Elizabeth are in danger.”

ISABEL: “Why do you keep saying that? Liz is human.”

Athas hadn’t noticed that there were other people in the room until the Princess spoke.
ATHAS: “Princess Vilandra is that you?” looking around the room he noticed that everyone was here. Including Prince Alexander, Prince Kylene, Prince Rath, and Princess Marian. “I am so happy you have all found one another. It will give us an advantage over Khivar.”

ALEX: “What do you mean found one another? And what advantage are you talking about?”
Alex didn’t know what this man wanted with Liz but she clearly didn’t want anything to do with him.

ATHAS: “You mean…you mean you don’t know.”
How can they not know about their part lives? If they have found one another then they have to know, something wasn’t right.

AVA: “Athas they know nothing of their past lives. Only that Max is the King, Tess his Queen, Isabel his sister, and Michael his second in command.”

ATHAS: “But how can that be?”
Oh lord it was worst then he thought if they didn’t know by now who they truly were than it was going to be hell-defeating Khivar. Unless…unless he formed the circles but then that would let Khivar know exactly where they were.

AVA: “I’m guessing they haven’t all mated with one another.”
She felt so stupid saying that but try explaining to a fifty-year-old man that mating was now called fucking and sometimes people did it without even knowing the person’s name.

LIZ: “Mated. Oh there’s been enough mating”, said Liz making sure she looked straight at Max and Maria. For as long as she lived she would never forgive either of them they had betrayed her in the worst possible way.

MARIA: “Liz nothing happened. We just talked that’s all, I swear.”
God please let her trust me.

LIZ: “I don’t believe you.”

MAX: “Liz please…”

LIZ: “Don’t you dare please me Max Evans!”

MAX: “Liz, I…”

LIZ: “You what? You broke my heart? You hurt me more then anyone ever has? Is that what you were going to say?”
Gosh why did I say that now he knows I still care?

AVA: “What are ya’ll talking about?”

TESS: “Liz saw Max and Maria having sex seven years ago and that’s why she left.”

AVA: “No shit! So Max fucked Maria?”
Wow that was something I never thought would happen. When she left Max was so in love with Liz that she thought they would be together forever. I guess even good people can make mistakes.

MICHAEL: “Now look Ava I don’t know where you found this guy or why you decided to come here with this…this story, but I’ve had just about enough of it.”
If people didn’t stop saying that Maria and Max fucked he was seriously going to hurt someone.

AVA: “Look I know this all sounds a little weird but you have to trust Athas and I.”

MAX: “We trust you Ava.”
Making sure to leave Athas out. He didn’t trust anyone who posed a treat to Liz.

LIZ: “I have to go.”
She didn’t care anymore, she just wanted out.

TESS: “No! Liz you can’t.”
If Liz left then they couldn’t protect her.

AVA: “Liz I know that you have had it rough, but all will be revealed in due time.”

LIZ: “Look I gave up all the alien shit when I left seven years ago and I have no desirer to get involved with it or them again.”

TESS: “Please listen to Ava and Athas. They know what they’re talking about.”

KYLE: “Liz I think you better listen.”

MAX: “Liz please…”

LIZ: “Don’t please me Max. I want nothing to do with you.”

MAX: “Don’t you think I know that, but like it or not you’re involved in it.”

ALEX: “Ava where exactly do you want us to go?”

ATHAS: “I can answer that Prince Alexander. We must go to the cave when it all began.”

ALEX: “The cave where it all began? Oh you mean the pod chamber? Did…did you call me Prince Alexander?”

AVA: “We must go now. All of us.”

TESS: “Liz and I will follow you in the Nissan.”

MAX: “The rest of us will follow you in Isabel’s van. Is that okay, Isabel?”

ISABEL: “Yea, sure. No problem.”

AVA: “Good lets go.”


(Inside the Nissan)

TESS: “Liz, honey are you okay?”

LIZ: “No.”

TESS: “I’m sorry about Max and Maria and about not telling you about the dreams.”

LIZ: “Don’t ever do that to me again, Tess. You’re my best friend we’re suppose to tell each other everything.”

TESS: “I know but I was afraid if I told you then you wouldn’t have come back with me.”

LIZ: “You right I wouldn’t have but I stilled deserved to know.”

TESS: “I know I’m really am sorry Liz.”

LIZ: “Why did you tell them that I was the real Queen?”

TESS: “Because you are.”

LIZ: “Are you nuts…I’m human.”

TESS: “You’re body is human but your heart is alien.”

LIZ: “Just stop it okay. I’m not Max’s Queen and I’m not your sister.”

TESS: “Look I know that you don’t want to be my sister or the Queen but you are.”

LIZ: “That’s not what I meant and you know it. We already are sisters or as close as they can be.”

TESS: “Look why don’t we just stop talking about it until we get to the pod chamber.”

LIZ: “What? I’m not going to the pod chamber.”

TESS: “Yes you are.”

LIZ: “No I’m not. This is crazy I don’t have anything to do with it.”

TESS: “You have everything to do with it.”

LIZ: “Tess please I’m begging you. I really can’t face Max again.”
God please let her understand.

Tess just sat there not saying a word.

LIZ: “Tess! Please!”

TESS: “I’m sorry Liz but it’s for your own good.”



MAX: “Ava I think its time for some answer.”

AVA: “Look we can’t answer any questions until…”

MICHAEL: “Until what.”

AVA: “Well until…the King and the Queen mate.”

ISABEL: “What! You can’t be serious.”

MAX: “I refuse to sleep with Tess. When you seem to already know the answers.”

ATHAS: “Your Highness, Tess is not you Queen Liz is.”

LIZ: “Look I have had just about enough of that. I am not Max’s Queen.”

MAX: “As much as I would like her to be my Queen she’s not, Tess is.”

AVA: “You’re wrong Max. Liz is and has always been your Queen.”

LIZ: “But how can that be, I’m human.”

AVA: “You body is human, but your heart is alien.”

ISABEL: “She doesn’t have any powers.”

ATHAS: “Princess, she has more powers then all of you put together. She is the key to our planets survival.”

MICHAEL: “She has more power then all of us?”

AVA: “She is more powerful then we ever intended her to be.”

LIZ: “Would you please stop talking like I’m not in the room.”

ATHAS: “Sorry your Majesty.”

LIZ: “And stop calling me that. My name is Liz.”

ATHAS: “Yes of course, your Majesty.”

KYLE: “If she’s so powerful how come she has to have sex with Max to gain them?”

AVA: “Simply he is the key to her survival like she is the key to ours.”

LIZ: “I am not the key and I refuse to sleep with Max after what he did.”

MAX: “Liz I didn’t sleep with Maria. Why won’t you believe me?”

ATHAS: “Your Majesty, why are you refusing to see what is in your heart?”

LIZ: “Because it lied once, it can lie again.”

AVA: “Max if you and Liz don’t mate and soon then the world is doomed.”

LIZ: “Goodbye world.”

ATHAS: “Your majesty did I tell you that I knew you in our past lives I was your servant. I remember the day you met the King. Your parents were the owners of the best café on Antar. You never waitresses a day in your life, but you were so kind to cover for a waitress who was getting married that night. The royal family was dinning there and everyone was on their best behavior. You didn’t have their table, but Prince Zan never took his eyes off you. There were two man having argument one of them had a gun, it went off accidentally and shoot you in the stomach. Zan jump up from his sit to make sure you were okay. I’ve never seen a man look so scared when he saw you lying on the floor not moving. He moved to go and help you but Prince Rath stopped him saying that you were nothing but a peasant. He didn’t care. He healed you that night, saved your life. I’ll never forget it that was the night it all began.”

LIZ: “You’re…you’re lying. Who told you?”

ISABEL: “Oh my gosh.”

KYLE: “It can’t be.”

ATHAS: “Who told me what?”

LIZ: “That story.”

ATHAS: “You did your Majesty.”

LIZ: “I…I did.”

ATHAS: “Have I said something to upset you, your Majesty?”

LIZ: “No…no. I just can’t believe it that’s all.”

ATHAS: “Why, your majesty?”

LIZ: “Because that’s how I met Max in this lifetime. He healed me after being shot in the stomach in my parent’s restaurant.”
This was too much. The more Athas said that she was the Queen the more Liz started to believe him.

MAX: “Guys can you give Liz and I a few minutes, please?”

ALEX: “Sure no problem.”

MAX: “Liz, I…”

LIZ: “I need some time.”

MAX: “I know. I just wanted to tell you that no matter what happens I’m here for you, always.”

LIZ: “Thanks Max. Look I’m sorry about the way I acted before I shouldn’t have just blunted it all in front of everyone, but I was just so hurt when I saw you two.”

MAX: “Liz I know you don’t believe me but I have never slept with Maria or anyone else.”

LIZ: “You’re right I don’t believe you.”


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Title: Calling All Angels
Author: Meredith
Category: M/L with a little of everyone else.
E-mail: mbrown214⊕ or sweetie121382⊕
Rating: PG-13 now (will become NC-17 later)
Summery: Read and find out.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with Roswell nor do I own any of the characters mention in this story. The title was taken from the song Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry that aired in the episode a Roswell Christmas Carol
Feedback: Yes, please.
Author’s Note: I have about 30 pages of this fic written so I will much likely post a part every other day. Everything has happened up to Meet The Dupes. Alex is very much alive and Tess is good. Ava is in this story but she is a little different from the show for instance she doesn’t have a New York accent mainly because I don’t know how to write like that

Calling All Angels


TESS: “Athas, are we safe here?”

ATHAS: “Safe as we can be, my lady.”

ISABEL: “What will happen if Liz decides to leave?”

ATHAS: “You are unsure in your heart, you do not trust the Queen. Why is that?”

ISABEL: “She hurt the people I care most about.”

ATHAS: “And they hurt her, but all we be revealed in due time.”

MARIA: “You keep saying that, what do you mean?”

ATHAS: “Once the Queen and the King mate all will be revealed.”

KYLE: “I don’t know want makes you think Liz will sleep with Max after what he and Maria did.”

ISABEL: “Kyle I know my brother and I know Maria neither one would ever betrayal her in that way.”

ALEX: “Yet they did.”

MARIA: “You actually believe that I slept with Max?”

ALEX: “I don’t not believe you but I believe that Liz believes you two slept together. I don’t know what happened that night, however I do know that two people I trust most in the world saw you and Max having sex.”

MARIA: “What about me Alex? Don’t you trust me?”

ALEX: “I don’t know.”

ISABEL: “ALEX! Don’t say that to her.”

ALEX: “Isabel I know that you don’t like Liz, but she hurting and she needs her family. Whether you like it or not I’m a part of that family and I have no intention of bailing out on her now.”

ISABEL: “You not telling me something I don’t already know.”

MARIA: “Alex I have always been there for you, more so in the last seven years. I was kind of hoping you would back me up on this.”

ALEX: “No Maria. You don’t want me to back you up, you want me to choose and I refuse to do that.”

MARIA: “Looks like you already did… Michael do you believe me?”

MICHAEL: “I want to believe that you would never do something like that to me or to Liz, but we weren’t on the best of terms at that time and I can’t help but think that you did.”

MARIA: “Michael, I know that it looks bad, but please believe me I did not sleep with Max then or any other time.”

MICHAEL: “Look I can’t deal with this right now.”

MARIA: “Michael, honey I…”

MICHAEL: “Just give me some time.”
Why did Liz have to come back? Things we just starting to get normal now I have to deal with the fact that my wife may have slept with my best friend.

MARIA: “How much time?”
She really believed that Michael would back her up on this and trust her when she said that she didn’t sleep with Max that night or any other night.

MICHAEL: “Until I figure out whether or not I believe you.”

MARIA: “Until you figure out…you mean you don’t know?”
Could things get any worse?

MICHAEL: “I don’t know what to believe.”

MARIA: “Then there’s nothing left to say.” she turns to leave but Ava stopped her.

AVA: “Where are you going?”

MARIA: “Anywhere but here. You don’t need me.”
She walks out of the Pod Chamber but is stopped by Athas.

ATHAS: “Princess Marian of course we need you. You are the chosen mate of Prince Rath.”

MARIA: “My name is Maria. I’m not a Princess and I don’t think I’m the chosen mate of Michael…anymore.”

ATHAS: “Why would you think that, my lady?”

MARIA: “Because he thinks I slept with Max.”

ATHAS: “Is it so horrible to sleep with someone?”

MARIA: “Yes, but I didn’t sleep with him.”

ATHAS: “Explain what is meant by sleeping together.”

MARIA: “Look I don’t think…ok, ok sleeping together is making love, having sex, mating.”

ATHAS: “My lady, why would you want to sleep with your brother?”

MARIA: “Exactly why would I want to sleep with…did you just say brother?”

ATHAS: “My lady, the King is your brother.”

MARIA: “Are you saying that Max is my brother but…but how can that be I’m human.”

ATHAS: “You of all people should know nothing is ever what it seems.”

MARIA: “So Isabel is my sister, then?”

ATHAS: “Yes Princess Vilandra is your sister. You are the baby.”

MARIA: “The baby…oh gosh I think I need to sit down.”

ATHAS: “My lady should I call for Prince Rath?”

MARIA: “NO! No, please I’ll be alright just give me a minute.”

ATHAS: “As you wish, my lady.”


ISABEL: “You shouldn’t have said that to her.”

MICHAEL: “Oh really. What should I have said?”

ISABEL: “I don’t know, but not that.”

MICHAEL: “Do…do you think she slept with Max?”


MICHAEL: “How can you be so sure?”

ISABEL: “I know Maria, I thought you did too.”

MICHAEL: “I did…I mean I do. But what if she did?”

ISABEL: “There are no ifs about it. If you really knew her then you would know that she would never do something like that to you or to Liz.”

(Leaves the room)

MICHAEL: “What do you think Ava?”

AVA: “I don’t know much about emotions and I know less about love, but one thing I’ve learned is that nothing is ever what it seems.”

MICHAEL: “Could you cut that out please and tell me what you mean?”

AVA: “I mean listen to your heart cause in the end it’s the only true thing we have.”


AVA: “What is your heart telling you?”

MICHAEL: “That…that she didn’t sleep with him.”

AVA: “It seems to me you already know to the answer to the question.”


MAX: “What do we do now?”

LIZ: “How should I know you’re the king.”

MAX: “And you’re the Queen.”

LIZ: “You don’t honestly believe that do you?”

MAX: “Yes…I do.”

LIZ: “How can you be so sure he is telling the truth?”

MAX: “Because if he wasn’t then I would have to accept that I was meant to be with some else and I know in my heart that I was meant to be with you.”

LIZ: “God that is just like you! You can’t say things like that to me.”

MAX: “Things like what?”

LIZ: “Like that! It’s not fair! I don’t want to care about you Max Evans…not after what you did.”

MAX: “Well that’s just to damn bad because I care about you.”

LIZ: “But I don’t want you to.”

MAX: “We don’t always get what we want.”

LIZ: “Is that so…tell me Max what haven’t you got that you wanted.”

MAX: “You. I’ve always wanted you.”

LIZ: “Have you always wanted Maria too?”


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Thanks for the feedback you guys, it means alot...the next part will be out sometime to tomorrow!!!

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Title: Calling All Angels
Author: Meredith
Category: M/L with a little of everyone else.
E-mail: mbrown214⊕ or sweetie121382⊕
Rating: PG-13 now (will become NC-17 later)
Summery: Read and find out.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with Roswell nor do I own any of the characters mention in this story. The title was taken from the song Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry that aired in the episode a Roswell Christmas Carol
Feedback: Yes, please.
Author’s Note: I have about 30 pages of this fic written so I will much likely post a part every other day. Everything has happened up to Meet The Dupes. Alex is very much alive and Tess is good. Ava is in this story but she is a little different from the show for instance she doesn’t have a New York accent mainly because I don’t know how to write like that

Calling All Angels


TESS: “Kyle I think we should talk.”

KYLE: “About what?”

TESS: “About us.”

KYLE: “I didn’t know there was a us.”

TESS: “What if I told you I wanted there to be?”

KYLE: “I would say so did I…seven years ago.”

TESS: “Oh.”

KYLE: “You really hurt me, Tess.”

TESS: “What can I say…I’m sorry, more sorry then you’ll ever know.”

KYLE: “Well that’s a start.”

TESS: “I’m not asking for much just your friendship.”

KYLE: “But I don’t want you as a friend, Tess.”

TESS: “What do you want me as then?”

KYLE: “I don’t know.”


MAX: “I think its time we rejoin the others.”

LIZ: “Max, I’m sorry.”

MAX: “Don’t ever be sorry for telling the truth. I’m just sorry that you have so little faith in me.”

LIZ: “Everyone makes mistakes Max. Sleeping with Maria happens to be yours.”

MAX: “I make a lot of mistakes in the past, but none of them was ever sleeping with Maria.”

LIZ: “What does that mean?”

MAX: “It means that I’m not going to say I’m sorry for something I didn’t do.”

LIZ: “Why do you keep denying it?”

MAX: “Maybe because I didn’t do it.”

LIZ: “But I saw you.”

MAX: “I know.”

LIZ: “You know that I saw you yet you won’t admit it.”

MAX: “What I know is that you think you saw us together.”

LIZ: “Think…I know what I saw Max. If you don’t believe me then see for yourself.”

MAX: “How?”
LIZ: “You know how.”

MAX: “I’m gonna have to kiss you.”

LIZ: “I know.”


Max walks over to when she is standing and takes her in his arms. It felt so good to have her next to him he missed her so much. He looks in her eyes asking for permission. He slowly bends down to her mouth. Kissing her softly at first remembering how felt to be kissed by the woman he loved more than live itself. He gently takes his tongue and rubs it up against her lips asking for entrance. She opens her mouth and he dives in with his tongue. He runs his tongue on the roof of mouth remembering how she liked it. They stayed like that for a while both just content kissing the one they loved.


I can’t believe I’m letting him kiss me like this but it felt so good. He is playing with the roof of my mouth he must have remembered how much I liked that. All of sudden the flashes started but this time I didn’t get flashes of that night but instead flashes of his life after I left and the weird thing was I could feel what he was feeling. I felt everything he felt and I couldn’t help but think that maybe I made a mistake. He couldn’t have slept with Maria not when the only person he ever wanted to sleep with was me.

ATHAS: “Excuse me your Majesty, but we have a problem.”

When she heard Athas voice Liz pushed Max away from her.

Damnit he was just starting to get somewhere with Liz and then Athas had to interpreted them and he could tell from the fact that she pushed him away that it would be a while before she let him kiss her again
MAX: “Yes?”

ATHAS: “It seems that Princess Marian wants to leave.”

MAX: “Princess Marian oh you mean Maria.”

ATHAS: “Yes, your highness.”

MAX: “Ok I’ll be right there.”
He turns and looks at Liz asking her to understand and for once trust him.

LIZ: “Go.”

MAX: “Liz I’m…”

LIZ: “Go.”
Max walks toward her but she turns around before he can see the tears in her eyes.
God why am I’m crying over him? He obviously loved Maria more than me. I am so stupid; you think I would have learned my lesson seven years ago. When am I going to except the fact that Maria would always be the most important person in Max’s life.


MAX: “Maria?”

MARIA: “Max…oh god it’s so horrible Michael doesn’t believe me.”
She hugs Max desperately needing the comfort of his arms.

MAX: “Liz doesn’t believe me either.”

MARIA: “What are we going to do.”

MAX: “I don’t know, but what ever it is we can’t tell them the truth.”

MICHAEL: “What truth would that be, Maxwell?”
They jump up at the sound of Michael’s voice.

MARIA: “Michael.”
Holly shit! That was close.

MAX: “We were just…”
He needed to think of something and fast before things got out of control.

MICHAEL: “You were just what?”

MAX: “All we were doing was talking.”

MICHAEL: “Oh really, so what can’t you tell us?”

MARIA: “Honey its nothing important.”

MICHAEL: “Why don’t you let me be the judge of that.”

MAX: “Like she said its nothing important.”
Michael moves toward Max ready to punch his lights out when Maria jumps in front of him.

MARIA: “Michael did you need something?”

MICHAEL: “Actually I was coming to apologize, but I can see that I was wrong.”

MARIA: “Wrong about what?”

MICHAEL: “Believing you. A few minutes ago it was pointed out to me that I already knew in my heart that you didn’t sleep with Max. All I had to do was listen.”

MARIA: “So you believe me then?”

MICHAEL: “I thought I did.”

MARIA: “Michael…

MICHAEL: “Save it for someone who cares.”

MAX: “Don’t speak to her that way!”

Everyone jumps up at the sound of Max screaming
Tess was the first to walk in the room.

TESS: “What’s going on?”

Everyone was in the room now and Liz couldn’t help but notice that Maria was in Max’s arm. She turns around but not before Max sees the hurt in her eyes.

MICHAEL: “It seems that Max and Maria have something that they’re keeping from the group.”

KYLE: “What is he talking about?”

MAX: “Nothing important.”

MICHAEL: “Bullshit. When I came in here Maria was in Max’s arms like she is now and I overheard them say that they couldn’t let us found out what really happened that night.”

LIZ: “What!”
She turns around when she hears that.

MAX: “Liz it’s not what you think.”

MICHAEL: “Yes it is.”

MAX: “Shut-up Michael. Liz I swear it’s not what you think.”

LIZ: “Then explain to me what it is?”
If he would just stop lying to her then maybe she could believe him.

Max looks at Maria and knows that he can’t tell her the truth.

MAX: “I can’t.”

LIZ: “Then I can’t believe you.”

ISABEL: “Max did you really say that you couldn’t let us found out the truth?”

Liz was hoping with all her heart that Michael had mistaken. She prayed that Max’s answer wouldn’t break her heart again.

MAX: “Isabel I…”

ISABEL: “Max you’ve never lied to me before don’t make this the first.”

MAX: “Yes.”

ISABEL: “Oh my god…I’ve been so stupid. I actually believe both of you and all this time you were lying.”

MARIA: “Isabel no we are telling the truth we didn’t sleep together.”

ISABEL: “Then what can’t you tell us?”

MARIA: “Isabel please we can’t…

ISABEL: “You’re not gonna tell us are you?”
She looks at Maria waiting for an answer but all she does is nod her head no. Then she looks at Max hoping that he will tell her the truth.

MAX: “No I’m sorry we can’t.”

Deciding that it was time to put the cards on the table she asked,
LIZ: “Can’t or won’t?”

MAX: “Won’t.”
Said Max with his head down.

Liz walks up to him and he looks up they stare in each other eyes and then Liz slaps him on the cheek and says,
LIZ: “I hate you Max Evans.”
And she meant it and it scared her.

He looks at her and says,
MAX: “I know.” then turns and walks out.


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Thanks for the part will be posted sometime tomorrow or later on tonight.

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What's up with the feedback??? You guys please I need more feedback, its what keeps me writing...

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Title: Calling All Angels
Author: Meredith
Category: M/L with a little of everyone else.
E-mail: mbrown214⊕ or sweetie121382⊕
Rating: PG-13 now (will become NC-17 later)
Summery: Read and find out.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with Roswell nor do I own any of the characters mention in this story. The title was taken from the song Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry that aired in the episode a Roswell Christmas Carol
Feedback: Yes, please.
Author’s Note: I have about 30 pages of this fic written so I will much likely post a part every other day. Everything has happened up to Meet The Dupes. Alex is very much alive and Tess is good. Ava is in this story but she is a little different from the show for instance she doesn’t have a New York accent mainly because I don’t know how to write like that

Calling All Angels


MARIA: “Liz we…”

LIZ: “Don’t…just don’t.”
She turns and walks away

TESS: “Ava I think its time you told them the truth.”

AVA: “Tess you know the rules. We can’t just…”

TESS: “We can and we will.”

AVA: “But what if…”

TESS: “Tell them or I will.”

AVA: “Look I know that…”

TESS: “No, you look things are getting worst by the minute and I’m not sure how much more Liz will take before I can’t even stop her from leaving.”

AVA: “Maybe you’re right. I’ll get Athas and Liz then we can begin.”

TESS: “I’ll get Max.”

(Outside Pod Chamber)

TESS: “Max are you out here?”

MAX: “Over here Tess.”

TESS: “Hey I was just checking to see if you were alright.”

MAX: “Do I look alright?”

TESS: “No…no I guess not.”

MAX: “Look I’m sorry…I’m just in a bad mood I guess. Did you need something?”

TESS: “I just wanted to tell you that Ava and Athas need you inside and that…”

MAX: “And what?”

TESS: “Don’t give up on her Max. She needs you, she just doesn’t know it.”

MAX: “She doesn’t need me, she can’t even stand to be in the same room with me.”

TESS: “That’s not true, she just hurting.”

MAX: “I know but…”

TESS: “She still loves you she never stopped. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t let you go.”

MAX: “I could never let her go either.”

TESS: “Then don’t now.”

MAX: “Can I ask you something?”

TESS: “Sure.”

MAX: “Did…did she ever ask about me?”

TESS: “No not really but…”

MAX: “It’s okay I understand.”
He turns his back to Tess so she couldn’t see how much her answer had hurt him.

Putting her hand gently on his shoulder Tess said, “Max…it was to hard for her I think deep down she thought you and Maria were together.”

MAX: “I know you won’t believe this but Maria and I were never together. I only want Liz, she’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

TESS: “Then go and get her.”

MAX: “Thanks, Tess. Thanks for everything.”

TESS: “Hey no need to thank me I really didn’t do anything.”

MAX: “You kept her safe. I don’t think I could ever repay you for that.”

TESS: “She’s my best friend. All the family I have.”

MAX: “That’s not true. All of us are you’re family. We’ve missed you while you were gone.”

TESS: “Thanks.”

MAX: “We better go back inside before the others come and look for us.”


AVA: “Liz it’s time.”

LIZ: “Time for what?”

AVA: “To let go.”

LIZ: “Ava you making no sense let go of what?”

AVA: “Your hate for King Zan.”

LIZ: “I might not like Max but I could never hate him even know I really wish I could.”
God hating him would be so much easier then loving him. At least hating him I would be able to get over him.

AVA: “Things between you two is not good but soon it will be.”

LIZ: “Maybe…maybe not.”

AVA: “We really must go inside they are waiting for us.”

LIZ: “Why?”

AVA: “Because its time you knew the truth.”


ATHAS: “ Your Highness, are you ready to began?”

MAX: “Yes.”

ATHAS: “Before we began you should all know that if we do this Khivar will know exactly where we are.”

ALEX: “What?”

ISABEL: “We can’t do it then.”

TESS: “If we don’t nothing will be resolved.”

ATHAS: “Your Highness, it is your decision.”

MAX: “If we do this what will happen?”

ATHAS: “All of you will remember your past lives.”

MAX: “Even the humans?”

ATHAS: “Yes even them. They are as much a part of this as you are.”

ALEX: “Are you saying that Maria, Kyle and me are aliens?”

ATHAS: “Prince Alexander your body is human but your mind and soul are alien.”

ALEX: “But…but”

AVA: “We really must begin. Max?”

MAX: “Lets do it.”
If there was any chance Liz was going to believe he had to take it even if it meant putting all their lives in danger.

MICHAEL: “What! Are you crazy? Khivar will know where we are.”

MAX: “You heard me lets do it.”

ATHAS: “Yes, your Highness. In order for this to work King Zan, Princess Marian, Prince Kylene, and Princess Vilandra must form a circle and link hands. Queen Elizabeth you must form a circle with Prince Rath, Princess Ava, and Prince Alexander.”

(Circle One) MAX --- MARIA --- KYLE --- ISABEL
(Circle Two) LIZ --- MICHAEL --- TESS --- ALEX

Liz couldn’t help but notice that Max was holding Maria’s hand. She started crying softly hoping that no one would hear her. But Max could hear her and feel everything that she was and it killed him knowing that he had caused those tears on her beautiful face. He looked down hoping that no one would see the tears welling up in his eyes.

ATHAS: “Now I want you to think of the one person that means the most to you and concrete on that person. Imagine their face in your mind.”

All Liz could think about was Max and how he would be thinking of his beloved, Maria. The tears wouldn’t stop coming and she didn’t try to stop them. They went though her body until she could barely stand anymore. Starting to fall she felt strong arms around her, comforting her, telling her to let it all out and that everything was going to be okay. Nothing was ever going to be all right again, it couldn’t be. Max didn’t love her he loved Maria. Liz cried and cried until there was nothing left but the knowledge that never again would she love someone as much as she loved Max. Life for her was over and all that was left was a heartless shell of a body waiting for the time when God would have mercy on her soul and let her die. She looked up into Max’s eyes and felt nothing. She didn’t feel the pain of catching him with Maria not once but twice or the love that she used to feel for him. She was dead and she liked it.

All of a sudden there was a blinding blue light that covered Liz’s body.

MAX: “What is happening? Liz? Liz can you hear me?”

Everyone formed a circle around Liz.

ATHAS: “Your Highness she is going to be okay. Just give her a minute.”

Liz felt weird. It was like being in a movie theater. She could see what was going on but she didn’t have any control over it. Someone kept calling her name telling her to let go and let Miculka take over but she didn’t know who that was. The pain started in her stomach and as it went up it got stronger and sharper until it reached her brain then it just stopped. She was no longer Liz Parker she was Miculka the badness bitch in the galaxy.

MAX: “Liz…Liz wake up. Please Liz open your eyes.”

MICULKA: “I’m awake.”

MAX: “Oh god Liz I thought you were dead.”

MICULKA: “Well obviously you thought wrong and my name’s Miculka not Liz.”

MAX: “What are you talking about? Your name is Liz.”

MICULKA: “No its not.”

TESS: “Liz sweetie are you alright?”

MICULKA: “I would be if ya’ll would stop calling me Liz.”

ALEX: “But your name is Liz.”

MICULKA: “Wrong. Its Miculka”

ISABEL: “Athas what is wrong? Why does she think her name is Miculka?”

ATHAS: “Because she choose the other side.”

TESS: “No…no she didn’t. She wouldn’t do that, would you Liz?”

MICULKA: “Actually my sweet I would.”

MICHAEL: “But…but why?”

MICULKA: “Why not? Besides Khivar’s great in bed.”

MARIA: “What!”

MAX: “No…no you wouldn’t do that to me.”

MICULKA: “What’s the matter Maxie Pooh? Did you think I would remain a virgin after you went around my fucking my friends? Oh you did, didn’t you? Awww how cute. ”


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Title: Calling All Angels
Author: Meredith
Category: M/L with a little of everyone else.
E-mail: mbrown214⊕ or sweetie121382⊕
Rating: PG-13 now (will become NC-17 later)
Summery: Read and find out.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with Roswell nor do I own any of the characters mention in this story. The title was taken from the song Calling All Angels by Jane Siberry that aired in the episode a Roswell Christmas Carol
Feedback: Yes, please.
Author’s Note: I have about 30 pages of this fic written so I will much likely post a part every other day. Everything has happened up to Meet The Dupes. Alex is very much alive and Tess is good. Ava is in this story but she is a little different from the show for instance she doesn’t have a New York accent mainly because I don’t know how to write like that

Calling All Angels


ISABEL: “You bitch!”

MICULKA: “Excuse me what did you say?”

ISABEL: “I said you bit…”

KHIVAR: “Careful what you say to my future wife Isabel.”

Everyone turns around to see Khivar calming standing in the entrance of the cave looking like a man who came to get his prize.

MICULKA: “Khivar do you mean it? Am I to be your future wife?”

TESS: “Future…wife?”

MAX: “NO!”
He raises his hand intending to throw Khivar across the room but stops when he sees Liz running toward him blocking his way.

He couldn’t believe his eyes Liz, his Liz was all over Khivar. She was making out with him right in front of him.

ATHAS: “Your highness, don’t.”

MAX: “Don’t? He has Liz.”

AVA: “Max that’s no longer Liz.”

KYLE: “No longer Liz?”

MICHAEL: “Is this some kind of joke?”

ALEX: “If this is a joke it isn’t funny.”

Miculka turns around and see seven pairs of eyes on her.

MICULKA: “Alex this isn’t a joke. I love Khivar.”

TESS: “No…no you love Max.”

MICULKA: “Liz loved Max. Not me, never me!”

KHIVAR: “Should we let them in on the secret?”

MARIA: “What secret?”

MICULKA: “The only one that matters of course.”

MAX: “Liz please stop this. I know you, you wouldn’t do this. You love me.”
God please let this be some kind of joke I don’t think I could let Liz walk away from me again. I almost lost it the first time. I won’t make it this time.

“You love me” oh please could he be anymore pathetic? It really was funny, I mean Liz actually thinks Max slept with Maria. It was so easy planting that image in her mind making sure she saw it every time she thought of him. The plan had worked at first but then stupid Tess had to come to Texas and mess everything up. If she hadn’t of come I would have been in control a long time ago but either way it worked out. I’m in control and little miss prefect is dead and to top it off Max and Maria really are hiding something which makes them look even more guilty. You know I thought I was good but not that good. The only thing I can’t figure out is how Kyle saw them. Wait a minute didn’t Kyle date Liz for a while before Max even came into the picture? That’s it! Kyle must be connected to Liz but how. Oh well it doesn’t really matter; the way things were going they would never know what really happen that night.

KHIVAR: “King Zan what a pleasure. I see you still ruling with your heart instead of your brain. Some things never change.”

MAX: “Leave! Now!”

KHIVAR: “Is that any way to talk to man who has taken every thing from you even your woman.”

MICHAEL: “Fuck You!”

MICULKA: “Now, now Michael don’t get mad. Last time you let your temper get in the way you were killed now we wouldn’t want that to happen especially since you’re my brother and all.”

ISABEL: “What! Michael’s your brother?”

TESS: “Yes. Michael is our brother so is Alex.”

ALEX: “Wait a minute I’m human. No…no I’m not your brother.”

MICULKA: “Sweet old Alex. You were my favorite I could get you do anything I wanted you to until Vilandra came along. After that no one existed for you but her.”

ALEX: “Oh my gosh. Liz and Tess are my sisters.”

ISABEL: “Alex sweetie don’t listen to her it can’t be true. You’re human.”

ALEX: “If they’re my sisters that means that Michael is my brother.”

MICULKA: “You catch on fast.”

TESS: “Isabel, Alex is just as much alien as any of us.”

KHIVAR: “You know she’s right. All of you are aliens but the only two that matter are Miculka and Zan. I have Miculka, Zan.”

MAX: “You may have her body but that’s it. You will never have her heart or her mind.”

KHIVAR: “And what a wonderful body it is. To bad you didn’t get a taste of it but I’ll get enough for the both of us.”

Oh god if he had bunched him it would have hurt less. The thought of Liz with anyone other than him make him sick to his stomach. He knew that there was nothing he could do at the moment his Liz was gone but not forever. Until he could figure out how to get her back he had no choice but to let her go with Khivar and that meant them being together. He just had to remember that it wasn’t her it was Miculka. It wasn’t Liz, he could do this he had to.


KHIVAR: “I’ll leave when I good and ready.”

KYLE: “Who the hell do you think you are?”

KHIVAR: “Your worst nightmare.”

ISABEL: “What is it that you want?”

KHIVAR: “You will soon find out but until then remember Zan that I have everything and you have nothing.”



Zan had changed and not for the better. He used to be a shell of a boy never standing up to anyone or anything well of course until Queen Elizabeth came into the picture. Stupid bitch I always did hate her. She was beautiful and smart but she never had eyes for anyone but Zan. What did Zan have that he didn’t. Yea he had Miculka but she wasn’t Queen Elizabeth no matter how hard he tried to make her Elizabeth she would never been her. Queen Elizabeth was special and all he ever wanted was her.

KHIVAR: “Remember when we get back to Antar you’re Queen Elizabeth not Miculka, understand?”

MICULKA: “Yes but why do I have to be Elizabeth I hate that name.”

KHIVAR: “You do what I tell you or live to regret it.”

MICULKA: “Yes Khivar.”
If he thought that she was going to do what he wanted her to then he had another thing coming. She was her own person with her own connections and the only person that was going to live to regret it was him. Of course she was going to play it safe for now but the first chance she got he was dead and she would rule Antar like she always wanted too. This was going to be so much fun.


AVA: “Max what do we do?”

MAX: “First you and Athas tell us everything then we figure out a way to get her back.”

ATHAS: “Your highness we can’t just tell you. You have to…”

MAX: “You can and you will. That’s an order.”

ALEX: “What if she has sex with h…”

MAX: “I can’t think about that right now.”

ALEX: “But…”

MAX: “But nothing it was either risk out lives for someone who doesn’t want to be here or let her go and try to get her back later.”

ISABEL: “We understand Max you didn’t have a choice.”

MAX: “I know none of you understand why I can’t tell you what happened that night with Maria but please trust me when I say that we did not sleep together.”

MICHAEL: “I can’t do that.”

MARIA: “Michael please.”

TESS: “Look this isn’t the time or the place. Lets just put it on the back burner until we get Liz back. Agreed?”

EVERYONE: “Agreed.”


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ok guys, I'm back!!! next part will be out tonight or tomorrow. I'm so sorry that it has taken me so long to update but I have two other stories that I'm writing so things are just a little complicated. this is my first fic so I will finish before I do the others...anyways thanks for reading *happy*

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KHIVAR: “We must attack!”

MICULKA: “Khivar is right Nicholas, if we wanna win we must act now.”

NICHOLAS: “Listen here Miculka when I want your opinion I’ll ask for it.”

MICULKA: “Good to know but for now you’re stuck with it.”
How dare he try to rule me after all I am to be the Queen and with that title comes respect. He will soon learn that Miculka takes nothing from no one.

NICHOLAS: “Now look here…”

MICULKA: “No you look here…”

KHIVAR: “Stop it both of you. Nicholas how dare you speak that way to my wife and your future Queen.”

NICHOLAS: “Forgive me Khivar. My deepest apologies Miculka, I mean Queen Elizabeth I assure you it won’t happen again.”

KHIVAR: “See that it doesn’t.”

NICHOLAS: “It won’t”

MICULKA: “Good you may leave now.”

NICHOLAS: “As you wish.”
That stupid bitch! She will soon get want she deserves.


MICULKA: “Khivar I fear that in my absence Nicholas has become a problem that must be dealt with.”

KHIVAR: “Perhaps you are right.”

MICULKA: “What do you plan to do?”

KHIVAR: “What I plan to do is no concern of yours.”

MICULKA: “Yes but I think…”

KHIVAR: “Nicholas was right when I want to know what your opinion is I will ask for it until then keep your mouth shut and your nose out of my business!”
Miculka was starting to be more of a problem than she was worth. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to bring her here.

MICULKA: “Yes Khivar.”

KHIVAR: “Now that’s better. Go entrain yourself until I call for you.”

MICULKA: “Yes Khivar.”
If he thought for one moment that I was going to jump at his every command then he had another thing coming. I am my own woman and I don’t need him telling me what to do or any other man for that matter. It will be fun to see Khivar’s face when he realizes that I am not behind him or his quest to rule Antar. I have my own plans for Antar and they don’t include him but for now I will play the role of “little miss perfect” and gain the stupid man’s trust. Life is good and it’s only gonna get better.

(Safe House, 50 miles out of Roswell)

MARIA: “Max I’m sorry I got you involved.”

MAX: “Don’t be sorry. You didn’t cause this.”

MARIA: “I know I just feel so bad. I mean none of this would have happened if I hadn’t come to you that night.”

MAX: “Maria don’t you ever be sorry about that night, I’m not. I just sorry that my helping didn’t do you any good.”

MARIA: “Don’t say that. I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for you. I wouldn’t even be here.”

MAX: “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to save your daughter.”

MARIA: “I know Max it wasn’t your fault. It was mine.”

MAX: “What are you talking about?”

MARIA: “I think about that night all the time. If I had done something different then maybe our daughter wouldn’t have died. If I taken better care of myself then she wouldn’t have died. Don’t you get it Max it’s my fault that Michael’s daughter is dead.”

MAX: “Maria, listen good because I’m only going to say this once. Your daughter dying had nothing to do with you. It was no ones fault. It just happened.”

MARIA: “Oh god, Max I wish she was alive so much. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish that.”

MAX: “Me too. Just remember that she’s in a better place and is watching over all of us.”

MARIA: “You think?”

MAX: “I know.”

MARIA: “You want to know what her name would have been?”

MAX: “Of course.”

MARIA: “It was going to be Elizabeth. I was going to name my daughter after Liz and she hates me. My best friend hates me.”

MAX: “Liz doesn’t hate you, she hates me.”

MARIA: “No Max, I looked in her eyes. I don’t even exist for her anymore.”

MAX: “You’re wrong, Maria.”

MARIA: “Michael hates me too.”

MAX: “You know Maria, there’s away we can fix this. All we have to do is tell them what happened that night.”

MARIA: “I can’t.”

MAX: “Why not?”

MARIA: “Because what Michael doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

MAX: “But…”

MARIA: “No, it’s my choice and I won’t put him through that. He always wanted kids and when he finds out that I had a miscarriage, he’ll blame himself and eventually he’ll blame me. I don’t think I’m strong enough to go thought the whole thing again.”

MAX: “Michael doesn’t deserve you.”

MARIA: “I love you, Max.”

MAX: “I love you, too.”

ISABEL: “Alex I’m sorry about before. It just that you…”

ALEX: “I just what?”

ISABEL: “You love her more than me. Why can’t I be that important to you?”
She hadn’t meant to say all that but she wasn’t saying anything that she didn’t believe. She honestly felt that Alex loved Liz more than her.

ALEX: “Isabel sweetie what give you that idea?”
God didn’t she know what she meant to me without her there would be no me. She was my wife, my lover, my soul mate forever.

ISABEL: “You did. When ever I try to talk about her you always leave the room and than a moment ago when I tried to defend Max and Maria you told me that you wouldn’t choose between me and her.”

ALEX: “Oh god. Isabel, Liz is my best friend and I love her but I love you too. You’re everything to me I wouldn’t be complete without you.”

ISABEL: “Do you mean it?”

ALEX: “With all my heart.”

ISABEL: “Alex honey I’m so sorry. I love you too, forever.”

Isabel moves towards her husband, the father of her soon to be child, her soul mate. They just hold each other for a while. Isabel didn’t know what was in store for her in the future but she knew that wherever this man was it was home. She would never again doubt his love for her. At the moment she felt her unborn child move within her and it was the greatest feeling in the world.

ALEX: “Isabel sweetie what was that?”

ISABEL: “Alex I’m pregnant!”

ALEX: “Pregnant but how? When? You mean it you’re really pregnant?”

ISABEL: “Yes my love I am.”

ALEX: “I’m gonna be a father. Oh god Isabel I’m so happy. Thank you so much.”

ISABEL: “What are you thanking me for?”

ALEX: “For making me the happiest I’ve ever been.”

ISAEBL: “Well in that case you’re welcome.”
Everything was going to work out for them she knew it.


MAX: “Athas how do we get her back?”

ATHAS: “Your highness it’s not that simple. In order to get her back she must first die. Upon her death she will go through a series of flashes of her past and present life. Then she must make a choice.”

MAX: “A choice? Between what?”

ATHAS: “Between living and dying.”

MAX: “She has to choose to live or to die?”

ATHAS: “Yes your highness.”

MAX: “You said she had to die. Like a normal death?”

ATHAS: “No, you have…you have to kill her.”

MAX: “What? I have to…have to kill her?”
Oh god he thought getting Liz back was going to be hard it was going to be damn near impossible. There was no way he could kill her even if it really wasn’t her.

ATHAS: “Yes. She has to be killed by the one who loves her the most.”

MAX: “But…but what if she chooses death?”

ATHAS: “Then she dies…forever.”

MAX: “Oh god. How do you except me to do this? Maybe if there was some guarantee that she would choose life I could possible do it.”

ATHAS: “I’m sorry your highness but its her choice.”

MAX: “What about me? Don’t I have a say in it since I’m the one that is going to have to kill her?”

ATHAS: “No. What good would she be if she came back but didn’t really want to be here?”

MAX: “What good! She would be a hell of lot better than if she was dead.”

ATHAS: “Your highness there is nothing we can do. That’s the way it is.”

MAX: “So if she chooses death than I have to live with the knowledge that I killed her. That I killed the one woman I love more than life itself.”

ATHAS: “Yes your highness.”


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