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Disclaimer:obviously not mine

summary:crossover between dark angel and roswell. this happened during the episode in DA where Max Killed Ben.only he did it in Roswell. the pod squad caught him and brought him to the pod chamber only they transform it to look like a safe house.they then discover liz's past.

Rating:pg-13 I guess......I'm mnot sure

The Secret
Part 1

the gang not including liz was pummering the transgenic with questions.he ignored them and looked at liz instead who was sitting at one side of the room.

transgenic guy:Aren't you going to say anything max?

the pod squad,maria,kyle and alex stooped their interrogation and stare at him.

michael:(sarcastically)he's talking to ypu

transgenic guy:I'm not talking about the guy.I'm talking about the girl there

he nodded his head to liz.

maria:(snapping)her neme's liz

transgenic guy:liz is just a cover.well max? aren't you going to say anything?


well? wat do you think? it's my first attempt at this so play nice *tongue*..and give feedback!!!!!
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yes,liz is max.I saw that max(DA) look a bit like liz that's how I got the idea.liz is ben's 'sister'.
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this story is set after Destiny but liz didn't go to wherever it is she went.
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Liz sigh and look at them.
Liz:what do you expect me to say huh ben? ok how bout this, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?!
the gang look at her,shock.Liz had never shouted before.
Ben wince.
Liz:why ben? why didi you do it?
Ben:You know why Maxi
Liz:the blue lady?
he nodded.
liz:come on ben we made her up
ben:no we didn't.she protect us
liz:if she did then why didn't she protect jack?
ben:because we were careless
liz:or eva?
ben:because we weren't strong enough
liz:like hell we weren't...we got out didn't we?
she turn away,leaving the gang looking at her and ben,confusion filled their faces.
Tess:got out? from where? who are jack and eva?
the rest:we don't know.
they jump when they heard a loud bang.they turn and saw liz standing,looking angry and saw a chair on the floor.Liz turn and walk to ben and started pacing.
liz:you know what ben?you jeopardize everything!just when I'm having a normal life or at least as normal as I wish it is,you do's her isn't it?its rachel isn't?you cant protect her before she was killed and now you kill have to stop blaming didn't know it's gonna happen.
ben:I know.I'm sorry.
liz:Sorry? you're SORRY?!
everyone wince when she shout.
liz:don't you get it ben? what am I going to do?people is going to ask.
ben:what are you going to do?
liz:what I'm going to do? I don't know.when you found out your brother's a murderer;would you want anyone to know?
gasp were heard but the two siblings didn't hear
liz:you know what? I'll turn you in
ben:you can't do that.I'll kill them
liz:or I could turn you in to lydecker
ben:you wouldmn't do that.nt to your own brother.
liz:I'd do it if it means them finding out what's wrong with you.
ben:nothing's wrong with me maxie.come on,don't tell me you forgotten that day?
liz:(squatting down in front of him)believe me I've tried
ben:but you can't can you?that feeling of killing.
liz:shut up
ben:the taste of blood in your mouth
liz:I said shut up(punching him in the face;resulting in his mouth bleeding)
maria:oh my god!
ben:(smirking while touching the wound)see maxie,that instinct is still'r just a cover in the face of liz parker.but in actual fact,you're a hunter,a predator,a killer
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LIZ: The barcodes. Why the barcodes?
BEN: They're soldiers. Worthy opponents.
: But you're not giving them just any barcode. You're giving them yours.
BEN: War is art, remember? So what if I sign my work?
LIZ: No. It's more than that. You give them your barcode, then you hunt them down and kill them. Don't you get it? You're killing yourself over and over again.
(Ben laughs.)
LIZ: Do you hate yourself that much? Hate what you're doing that much?
BEN: I know what my mission is. I have faith in her.
LIZ: Is that why you give her your victims' teeth? To make her heart stronger to fight the Nomlies?
BEN: Shut up.
LIZ: You're the Nomlie.
BEN: No.
LIZ: The genetic mistake.
BEN: No.
LIZ: The monster in the basement. Ben, you know what you're doing is wrong. Some part of you wants it to end. So end it
Your mission's over. You can't keep trying to recreate Manticore.
BEN: We never should've left. Everything made sense there.
LIZ: No. Nothing made sense there.
(Ben begins crying.)
BEN: I'm a good soldier. I try so hard.
LIZ:let's go
liz brought him out and they went down the slope,ben not even asking where he's at.The gang follow closely.
Max kicks Ben to the ground. Ben leaps to his feet. He and LIZ circle each other, glaring, and begin to fight. Each lands several kicks and punches on the other. We see Manticore snipers walking through the desert. Ben kicks LIZ against a tree. He goes to kick her again and she breaks his leg. He falls to the ground, gasping, and tries unsuccessfully to sit up. LIZ kneels and starts to help him up, but they both hear Manticore helicopters approaching.)
BEN (gasping): Don't leave me here. Don't let them take me.
LIZ: Ben, I can't carry you. We'll both get caught.
BEN: I know.
(He looks at her pointedly and her face falls.)
LIZ: Ben, I can't.
BEN: Please. You know what they'll do to me. They'll put me down there with them...the Nomlies. Please.

Should Ben die or should he live?