M/L, some of the other cast members but no other couples.

Elizabeth is an American mail order bride in the late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds. Maxwell is a wealthy coffee plantation owner along with his friend Kyle in Spain. When she arrived he wasn't expecting love and was surprised when he felt it. Little did he know the beautiful American wasn't who she claimed to be.

I don't own the characters from Roswell or the basic plot of the movie I'm using.


He wrung his hands and looked around the now empty Launch, she was nowhere in sight. Maxwell Evans glance at the rising sun and sighed deeply as he picked up the flowers he’d brought for her and began his trek back home.


“Maxwell Evans?”

He turned around slowly to meet the face that belonged to that melody of a voice. She smiled and reached out to him for a handshake, “I’m Elizabeth, the woman you ordered.”
He smiled and gazed upon her long mahogany locks and big brown eyes the color of chocolate.

“You look nothing like your photo.”

She smiled shyly and glanced away.

“I didn’t want you to pick me just because of my looks. I wanted someone who would marry an not so attractive woman as long as they had things in common and they would be able to get along.”

She looked up at him from under her lashes and smiled coyly.

“Now you know the truth. If you are dissatisfied I can always be sent back.”

He looked at the soft satin light pink dress she wore and the parasol she was now nervously twirling between her fingers and smiled.

“You, Madame, are not the only one to……..stretch the truth a bit on your profile.”

She looked at him then with a confused look. He thought she was possibly the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen.

“I said that I worked on a coffee plantation as a clerk, that’s not so. I own the plantation.”

Her eyes went wide as saucers for a moment before she smiled a one sided smile and looked out onto the ocean. There was quiet for a moment before he continued.

“If you are dissatisfied for any reason that I am actually a very wealthy man, I can always send you back.”

He looked at the bright smile she gave him and marveled at how it made the sun look dim.

“No, I think I can live with a rich man.”

They laughed together and she continued.

“Now we have one more thing in common.”

He smiled, cocked his head to the side, and asked, “What would that be?”

She smiled again before answering.

“That neither one of us can be trusted”

A.N- I know it’s short but I wanna see who’s interested before I really get into the story.

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