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Chapter 2

Max roamed his hand above the rock to trigger the entrance to the pod chamber. Slowly everyone followed Max into the pod chamber. All of them gather in the room where the granilith stood magnificently. Maria steps in to the room where the graniltih was and she shivered, feeling cold and all sorts. Michael noticed Maria rubbing herself.

“Are you okay?” asks Michael with concern.

“Yeah, it just that this place makes me feel like I’m being chased after a stalker or killer” Maria mutters.

“Don’t worry. They are no match for an alien,” Alex chided from behind.

“Right, aliens overpower stalker” Maria muttered.

Michael pulled her into an embrace. The glassy casement caught both Serena and Liz’s eyes.

“Impressive huh?” Liz asks.

Serena looked at Liz then back to the Granilith.

“Yea, I couldn’t imagine anything so glassy,” says Serena.

“I too never imagine that a thing so glassy could cause a girl a broken heart,” Liz mumbles.

“He loves you very much you know” Serena says.

“I know but I don’t want both of us to feel that our love had to survive by causing so much deaths including our love ones” Liz sigh softly.

“It heart shattering. I think William Shakespeare should had seen you and Max love before even writing Romeo and Juliet” Serena comment.

“Well at least both of them get to died together” Liz says wryly.

“Serena why are you here?” asks Max.

Serena turned around to look at Max and answer, “I’m here because I came looking for you. I think I need to stop waiting for you guys to come get me eventually.”

“You knew about us?” Isabel question.

“I was told that I there are the equivalent kind of beings like me in Roswell cause the 1947 crash landed here in Roswell,” says Serena.

“Why did you find Liz?” asks Maria protectively.

“Because I feel among each and every one of you all, Liz is the one that I could trust me” says Serena.

“Why?” asks Michael who is suddenly protective over Liz.

“You guys don’t have any memory don’t you?” asks Serena with bolt from the blue.

“Reminiscences of our past?” Tess asked in a more clear-cut way.

Serena nod.

“Yes, things that happen in our past lives” Serena exclaims.

“We don’t. We can’t remember a thing,” Michael growl in aggravation.

“My God! Didn’t your protector tell you anything?” asks Serena.

“Hmpph, their protector only knew how to kill innocent earthlings. If Max didn’t save Liz, she might have been dead already” Maria smirk.

“But I was informed that there are 2 protectors. Your 2 other protector,” Serena says.


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I'm sorry I somehow seperated my first chapter and second.*sad*

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I'm so sorry.....I really do so what do you think it sounds bad or it really is bad?
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Chapter 3

“What do you mean we have two protectors?” asks Isabel involuntarily.

Suddenly footsteps were heard behind them. They turned around to see its Milton and Brody walking into the chamber.

“Hello kiddies, I think I should be able to answer that” Milton greets them gleefully.

Brody who just walked in glumly just rolled his eyes pathetically at Milton cheeriness while the others look at them both with jaw sagged.

“You two are our other protectors?” asks Michael with disbelief looking at Brody with more suspicion.

“Technically he is and I’m not. don’t worry I’m not Brody, I’m possessing him so I could be able to talk you properly” says Larek

“Well I’m your missing protector. I was actually running away from Nasedo for my safety. He was the betrayer in the group.Meanwhile for the other protector you should have heard they are dead” Milton implies.

“So which one of you are going to explain to us all the details and stuffs?” asks Tess out of curiosity.

“Alex, Liz” Maria hollered as she start to feel a little faintish. Liz and Alex look at Maria weirdly.

“I don’t feel well” Maria drop-dead into Alex arms.

“Great” Alex says as he readily catches Maria.

' Liz and Alex out side the pod chamber talking'
'A mysterious guy holding Liz hostage with a knife on her neck'

“Liz” Maria shouted. Maria bounces up.

“Maria, what the hell happened to you?” asks Michael.

“I belief she have just receive her first premonition” Milton explain.

“What?” everyone ask in shock.

“Okay, let me explain. It will be much better than hearing it from Milton. Max, you know that you are the King of Antar, Zan. The brother to Vilandra and which is you, Isabel. Michael was Rath the second in command, brother to Rory. Tess was Ava and her brother was Lexion. And your friends Leia and Gunn” Brody explain.

“Who is Rory, Lexion, Leia and Gunn?” asks Isabel.

“That would be Liz, Alex, Maria and Kyle” Milton says.

“It’s impossible. Before Max healed us. We were humans. Kyle and me are all fully human like Maria and Alex” Liz says.

“Well that is because you 4 were brought into this world differently. We implanted you 4 into the 4 different females wombs when the human baby was an embryo. It will take at least 17 to 18 years for your power to materialize. Liz and Kyle are still in the developing process because Max had somehow awakened their alien sides. Alex powers might have been already trigger while Maria powers had just kick off” Brody explain.

“What powers do we have?” Alex asks calmly.

“Well, Alex you have the power to decipher almost every language with computers modifying plus inventing stuff and like Michael you can blast but differently, Maria’s are premonitions and the powers to freeze things. Kyle, you have the power to orb and empathy. Liz you are the strongest of them all, your powers are telekinesis, astral projection, and levitating” Brody says.

“You 8 shared a telepathy link if you start to practiced it” Milton says gleefully.

“Why are telepathy shared between all of us?” asks Kyle.

“Because in war, you need to communicate in mind when you all are separate” says Milton.

“Max have another power too that he’s able to use those power to whom he bonded in future” Brody enlightens.

“Okay so who’s older than whom and who is are our pair?” asks Isabel who take a sneak peak at Alex.

“Isabel, Michael, Alex and Maria are the oldest in siblings pair. Max and Liz goes into one pair, Alex and Isabel, Maria and Michael and Kyle and Tess,” says Milton.

Liz walk unsteadily back slowly after hearing Milton.

~Oh God this isn’t happening. Why did Future Max lied? Why would he lied to me~

Maria looks at Liz. Her face didn’t show a sign of emotions. Maria tried to send a message to Alex in her mind.

'Alex, can you hear me? ' Maria looked at Alex.

'Alex? ' Maria tried again.

'Yeah I heard you DeLuca. What’s up? '

'Liz is'

Alex and Maria looked at Liz, who is trying to mask her expressions as fast as possible

'Maria tried and concentrate to freeze everyone then unfreeze me and Liz ' Maria nodded.

Maria suddenly threw her hands up into the air and beckoned it around. Then she waved at Liz and Alex.

“Liz are you okay?” asks Maria.

“I don’t know everything seems so messy,” says Liz.

Alex pulled Liz into a hug.

“Come let’s go out and take some pleasant fresh air” Alex tempts.

Liz nod. Maria too followed. Alex stops her.

“You aren’t coming. You need to unfreeze them” Alex point at the others.

“Aww man” Maria shrieks.

“I tell you later ok” Alex soothes.

Maria nods and make sure that Alex and Liz were out of the chamber before unfreezing them.

“So was Max and Liz married?” asks Kyle.

“Yeah, they were married” Brody answer.

“Where’s Liz?” Max asks.

“Where’s Alex?” asks Isabel.

“I think someone have unfreeze time,” says Milton.

Maria shot Milton a defiant stare.

“Both of them are fine. They just went for a stroll okay,” Maria says.

“Maria, where is my sister going?” ask Michael.

“Look here, you insensitive lug. She needs some breathing space and Alex took her out to get some,” says Maria.

“Kyle” Maria turned Kyle.

Kyle looks at Maria. Maria takes his hand

“Think of Liz and Alex and pool you concentration on them and orb there,” says Maria. “But I don’t know how to orb” says Kyle.

“Neither did I knew how to freeze” Maria retort.

Kyle pools his energy and a bright blue light envelops both Maria and Kyle before orbing out of the cave.

“Alex, I’m so confused I don’t know what to do?” Liz sits down beside Alex.

“Don’t worry, everything will be alright” Alex assures.

“I wish I could believe in that,” Liz says bluntly.

“All the time you believe in me. Why are you doubting me now?” asks Alex.

“Perhaps I’m not such a believer anymore” Liz sighs. “Liz, you can’t say that. That’s not true” Alex comfort Liz.

“What I know so far are all fakes and I think I’m going to have a nervous breakdown” Liz admitted.

“Liz, what ever the future Max told you apparently didn’t happen to them. Tess left and so far Tess hasn’t and she is sticking to Kyle like glue” Alex snickers.

“I know but I can’t afford to risk the end of the world Alex” Liz sighed softly.

“You are always thinking of people’s need but never yours. Sometimes I wonder whether you have any needs at all. Max loves you and you love him. He needs you but all you seem to be doing is pushing him to Tess and that isn’t right. Max would died for you in a heartbeat” Alex words triggers something locked down in her brain.

Slowly Liz zoned out of reality.

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note: this might get a little messy. so if you don't understand shoot the question because I still improving on this aprt.. but if without his aprt you will probaly get side tracked


There’s a dark hair girl standing in between a scrawny guy with dark hair and a blonde girl. 2 blonde little girls draw closer in the company of 3 dark hair guys. They were all laughing and smiling.

“Rory, watch out”

Rory slips and tumbled and almost fell down the rock face. A dark haired boy quickly went and tried to save her.

“Rory, give me your hand” the boy shouted at her with protectiveness.

“Zan, be careful” one of the blonde girls cried out.

Rory looks into Zan’s dark brown eyes. Rory knew she could trust him with anything. She handed him her hand for him to heave her up. Zan slowly haul her up before the rock beneath her gives way. 3 other dark haired guys came and help Zan out.

“Rory hold on to us” the other guy shouted protectively.

“Rath, quick the rock is slipping” Rory looks down at the rock she is standing on.

A shiny glimmer from beneath caught her attention. It’s a mirror being hold by a boy who is around their age. Rory sees that He seems to be raising his hands.

“Rath” Rory screamed.

“Zan” Rory screamed.

“Rory no” Zan saw Rory slipped.

The rock didn’t manage to hold Rory any longer. Rory fell down.

“Zan, we need to go down there,” Rath says.

“Wait. Ava, Leia, Lonnie rush back and inform our parents that Rory and fall down into the gauge,” Zan orders.

“And she’s facing a trouble right now” the other unnamed guy point.

“Gunn, Lex c’mon we had to get to her” Rath urge.

“Her powers won’t outdo them. She will died in his hands” Rath urged.

“I know an easy way down” Lex informs.

“Hold on to me guys. We are gonna orb there” Gunn explained.

They appeared down there. They saw Rory being cornered by a little boy. Rath saw Rory’s eye filled with fear and disgust.

“Come with me and I will give you the luxuries you deserve,” said the little boy.

“No, Kivar NO” Rory screamed.

The small rocks lying on the floor flew up and raced towards Kivar. Rath have enough he cannot stand there idly and watched his sister in fear and fighting the bad guys away.

“Hey jerk face” Rath addressed.

“You want my sister to go with you think again” Rath blasted at Kivar foot.

“What the hell?” Kivar asks.

Without wasting a moment Liz grabbed the sword and point it at his chest.

“Stop tormenting me. Stop your dreams walking. I don’t like you and I won’t go off and betray my planet for the live of riches with you” Rory said.

Zan who heard it come forward and grew angry every waking minute.

“Get out of my territory Kivar” Zan growls.

“Ah the petty Prince Zan” Kivar noted.

That really hit a nerve in Zan. Zan raised his hand and try to aim a blast at him but Rory stop him right before he was able to.

“No, don’t he still part Antarian. Spare him this time please Zan” Rory dark black eyes almost drown him.

“Fine, remember my dear Rory I’ll get you” Kivar warns before leaving.

“Your highness,” a soldier called from behind.

“Oh my baby” Zan mother rushing towards him.

Lexus, Gunn and Rath snicker. Then another female approached.

“Oh my goodness Rory “ cried the woman.

“Rath, I told you to take care her” their mother scolded.

“I…failed” Rath says.

“It not his fault. I was being pull down there. Mum really it’s not Rath fault” Raven pleas.

“I don’t know but I do know that your father is very angry. He came to a decision to send you off to school until you come out of age, Rory,” Their mother informs them.

“Oh NO” Rath shout.


It’s been 10 years Rory had ever step into the city. Leia, Lexion, Gunn and her were sent to the same school. Despite Lonnie, Ava, Rath and Zan please. They still were sent to school.

“Well we are back but we are much more mature” Gunn grinned.

“Oh Gunn stop that grin” Leia said. Leia was holding Rory’s hand tightly.

“Gunn, weren’t we suppose to head to the palace. Our father will killed us if they knew we are out here,” Rory said feeling a little bit of timid.

“Well, let’s have fun before we get locked up again” Gunn ran off to Lex’s side.

Accidentally they bump into 2 guys of their own age.

“Watch where you are going Blondie” the guy scolded.

“Oh shut up spiky” Leia retort. Rory gives a giggle.

Lex came back and hid behind her.

“Rory move away I’m going to kill him,” Gunn said.

“Now, Gunn you know perfectly well that if you killed my cousin I’ll had to kill you” Rory giggles.

“Then I’ll killed you both” Gunn said.

Lex and Rory duck his grab and run off.

“Wait a minute did he said those 2 were Rory and Lex” The spiky hair asks his companion with shock.

“I think he just did” his companion replies.

“Are you Leia?” asks the pointed hair guy.

Leia looks at him closely and suddenly seems to find him familiar.

“Oh gosh you are Rath and you’re Zan, the prince” Those 2 nod.

“Guys we are in trouble” Leia shout.

Rory, Lex and Gunn stop running.

“We have been spotted” Leia cried out.

Leia rushed to Rory and checked the time “and now we are going to get grounded”

“Okay calm down, probably they aren’t sent here to get us back, they weren’t expecting us” Gunn said cleverly.

“Well, I assume now they do” Lex point at their father’s walking behind them with angry faces.


“Oh Rory, Leia you guys are back” Lonnie flies towards them.

“Nice welcome back greeting” Leia note.

“Your highness, my ladies you are expected in the throne room” says the officer.

“Isn’t he handsome? His name is Kivar” Lonnie said.

Rory who was holding a vase gave the vase a slipped. It definitely made a loud crash sound and Leia caught the emotions running in Rory’s eyes.

“What did you said his name was?’ asks Rory.

“Kivar” Lonnie replied.

“Rory, are you okay? You look like you had seen a ghost” Ava commented.

“Probably she did when she met your brother, Lonnie” Leia joked to conceal the real truth behind it.

The 4 of them walk in to the throne room.

“Zan as you know you are old enough to have a wife. So choose between Leia, Ava and Rory,” the king orders. Rory took a seat between Lex and Gunn.

“Lex, I heard there’s an officer called Kivar working inside the palace” Rory whisper.

“What?” Lex shouted.

“Lex what is it you shouting at?” The King asks.

Lex blinks his eyes in oblivious look.

“Uh well I was err… shouting about what Rory had just said” gulps Lex.

“Rory and what did you said just now?” asks the Queen.

Rory frown at Lex and said “Well, your majesties I was just informing that the lady who capture Lexion’s heart has grown more beautiful” Rory curtsied and smile.

Lex gave a stifle groan.

“Who might that be?” ask Rory’s father.

“Well there’s no need to embarrass Lexxy here” Rory shot a smile to Lex.

“I think I could answer that sir” Leia responded.

“It’s Princess Vilandra that capture our beloved Lexxy heart” Leia informed.

“Hey you said it like I’m dead or something which I eventually will be because of all this embarrassment” Lexion groan.

“Told ya, don’t fall in love with the princess but ya wouldn’t listen don’t ya Lexxy?” Gunn grinnedlike a girl.

“Well at least I’m not the one who pester dear Rory for information about Ava didn’t I?” Lexus grin.

“Lexion you swore on oath you wouldn’t tell her” Gunn blame.

“I did but I didn’t said I wouldn’t tell the King did I?” asks Lex.

Suddenly there’s knock.

“Come in” the king permitted.

“Ah yes Kivar, come here” said Rory’s father, Kaleb.

“Rory c’mon here” Rory tags along her father instructions.

“Rory meet Kivar, he one of your brother’s best helper. Kivar this is the precious sister of Rath and my daughter” Kaleb hoot with proud expressions.

Kivar took Rory’s hands kissed her knuckles slightly. Leia couldn’t take any of it so she freezes the time then she unfreezes Rory, Lexus and Gunn. By accident she unfreeze Lonnie, Ava, Zan and Rath, But neither of them knew.

“What was your brother thinking?” asks Leia,

“He is a threat” Gunn point.

“I think I saw him grinned when he kissed your hand, Rory” Lexion inform with an ill look.

“Hello, a still fearful Rory here” Rory wave like an idiotic.

“Look I don’t feel too comfortable having him around,” says Rory.

“I know the last time he was around you had nightmare every night and screamed the whole place down. If Rath ever found out those dreams he made you have. I’m sure he’s smashed pudding now” Lex said.

“Lexion how could you think of your tummy in a moment like this” Rory and Leia groan.

“Rory, what dreams are you talking about?” asks a familiar voice.

“Who asked that? It’s impossible for you 3 to ask cause you 3 knew it” Rory said as she look at Lex, Leia and Gunn.

“I did” Zan came forward.

“He was the same Kivar that I wanted blasted did I when we were children?” Zan asked.

“He’s evil? How mean?” Lonnie cried out.

“Unfreeze the time pixie. I’m going to kill him” Rath blows

“This is bad" Lex groan.

“No one is killing anybody okay” Rory put a stop to Rath.

Rath and Rory share a glaring moment.

“Rory is right. Who knows he might be more powerful than you spiky” Leia sniff.

“We can’t act illogically and this is not logical to the eyes of people” Lex helps Rory in stopping Rath.

“Rath, we leave him aside for now” Zan says calmly.

“Oh Lord, now I start to realized that you all have gone crazy” says Rath in anger.


“I missed you Rory. Those times you weren’t gone I spent most of my time wondering when you would come back. Ten years is very long and cold dreading year” says Zan as he caress Rory’s hands.

“I missed you too Zan despite the heavy assignments given. I was looking forward to meet up with my handsome prince” Rory look up at Zan.

Slowly, they moved nearer, bringing their lips closer. Zan press his lips against her and kissed her hastily, thoroughly his mouth covering hers making he open it to him. His tongue feathering the roof of her mouth before withdrawing. His teeth her gently nipped her lower lip.

Zan envelope Rory in his arms and enjoyed the moon and stars above them. Unknowing both of their parents has witness the little display of their affections.


“You know what Rory I’ll have mindwarp Lonnie’s mind to think I'm Lexion and then she'll help to make sure to kill that husband of yours. If your brother still won’t be in my service he will be dead too” Kivar laugh.

“Zan will find me Kivar. When he does he’ll killed you. Lonnie will fight the mind warp you planted she knows Lexion wouldn't asked her do ” Rory struggle out the chains that bind her to the wall.

“I forgot to tell you one important detail my dear, that is I already had orders for Lexion and Gunn to be kill. For those 2 won’t want to give me any help in taking over the throne” Kivar laughed.

“By the way that cousin of yours is weaseling her way into Zan’s pant right now because I'm controlling her” Kivar laugh as he walk out of the cell.


HOpe you like it..but please tell me waht you think...these are bits and pieces of Liz's memory as Rory. All of their memories will be something like this
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chapter 4

The 2 of them froze when they heard footsteps. Liz and Alex turn around.

“Well, well look what we have here?” asks the guy in a devious grin.

“You know Liz you were always in the spirit to fight. Has your mood suddenly got killed?” asks a guy. Lonnie, Rath and an identify guy stood behind him.

Suddenly a blue light appeared behind Liz and Alex.

“Oh gosh” Kyle mutters. Maria surveyed the place.

“Who are you?” asks Kyle protectively.

“The name’s Kelon and I’m here to take Kivar’s future bride here to him” Kelon smirk at him.

“Kelon have you gone crazy?” asks Liz who is not realizing she has remembered her past life.

'Michael can you hear me? ' Michael look around as he hears Maria’s rich voice.

'Maria' Michael responded in mind.

'You know the four of us do appreciate you guys come and save us'

'What are you talking about? '

'I’m telling you to get your Czechs butts over here. Kelon is making a move to Liz and if Liz say no. I’m afraid we are going to deal with them'

'Okay I’ll get them there but where are you? '

'Just behind the chamber'

“Guys we have some trouble. Maria messages me that some guy named Kelon is just behind the chamber and trying to capture Liz. She said if Liz denies him they are to be in war,” Michaels says jumpily.

Max pales at the definition of what Michael had just said.

“Maxwell. It’s not time to go drooling over Liz Parker right now. She’s in trouble, ring any bells?” Michael snaps at Max angrily. Max runs after Michael.

“Look here Kelon you can take that idea of yours and toss it somewhere. I wouldn’t take Kivar as my husband whether you killed me or drag me there” Liz isn’t backing down.

“Well apparently Kivar will be sad for he now revert his feelings from Vilandra to you” Rath laugh.

“Kivar sent me here to bring you personally to Antar. Might as well say goodbye to your King Zan or Max. So let’s go dear” Kelon murmur.

Liz moved the nearest rock and battered Kelon with it.

“Over my dead body” Liz spit out.

“Kyle, Maria, Alex go take cover,” says Liz.

Liz projected another her to bamboozle them just to buy time for the rest to get there to help them. Lonnie flung a blast at Liz. Prior to Liz may perhaps get hurt. Max rushed in the direction of Liz and held up his hand. A green color shield covers both Liz and Max from Lonnie’s blast. Liz looks into Max eyes. Liz is pull into Max deep lovingly gaze while Max is pull into Liz fearful gaze. Together their connection flares up. Max’s shield is getting powerful instead of absorbing the blast and weakening Max. It is deflecting the blast back to where it came from like a mirror.

“What was that?” asks Rath.

“Apparently when Max and Liz are connected, thus as a result their powers triple and that’s why Max is able to shield and deflect your blast as easy as killing an ant” explain Brody.

Max lowered his shield and aimed for Kelon, Lonnie, and Rath. Max and Liz’s connection is discharged so Max figures this will wiped them both out. Max hurled a blast at them. Before they could cover themselves with their shield nevertheless it was too late. The blast expanded another meter.

Max pulled Liz closer to him when the blast exploded.

“Liz, are you okay?” Maria rushes to Liz pulling her away from Max. Liz nodded.

“Milton I’m afraid you forget that if Liz and I are connected our powers triple” Max says.

“I’m sorry I thought it was a minor detail” Milton apologizes.

“Wait a minute, Max did you blast 3 to death?” asks Liz.

“Yeah, Kelon, Lonnie and Rath. Why?” Max looks at Liz puzzle.

“This is why” a guy appears behind Liz who has a blade at Liz neckline.

The guy cackles as he began to moved and he still have the blade situated at her neck. The rest just looked stiffly scared and are trying hard to think of a pan to defeat this jerk.


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chapter 5

“Let her go” Isabel ordered as she raised his hand.

“Stand back. You can blast me but your beloved queen is in my hands,” The guy warned.

“Iz don’t” Max voice came out so harsh everyone winced at it.

“Who are you?” asks Serena.

“Well I’m have been promoted as Kivar’s second in command now the moment you killed Nikolos for me. I doubt why Rory’s beauty always charmed us all. Well her suitors right now would be Kivar and King Zan. Likely I am not handling her to you. I have to follow my duty and hand her over to Kivar. So they would perform Kivar nuptials to this petite dark haired thing. Pity I wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy you my dear” growl the tall blond guy.

“You haven’t tell us your name” Michael challenged.

“The name is Lukas,” laughed the man.

“Well Lukas darling you might want to let me go before I present you to Kivar myself in a let say ashes type of way” Liz threatened.

“Tsk, tsk fiery beauty turns me on,” says Lukas.

“Really? But pity… evil, cold-blooded insane and mad man doesn’t turn me on” with that Liz trudged on his foot hardly. Lukas let go of his blade. Liz managed to flip him from behind and threw him onto the ground.

“Oh since I’m born the human way I was taught self-protection and let say I haven’t hurt you badly with my proficiency” Liz taunts.

“And go tell Kivar this, if he ever comes near me again like he did in the past life. I’ll torture him. I’ll kill him.” Liz says.

“I’m so tired. This getting memories back ain’t easy at all,” Liz, mumbled before fainting.

Max catches Liz before she hit the floor.

“Her memory is returning. And I bet that she didn’t like it at all” Brody said.

“Max, let’s get her to a place much more comfy than out here in the desert” Alex pushed for.

Max and the rest of them dashed to their vehicles while Milton sealed up the Chamber.

“Whose house are we going?” asks Max.

“Kyle’s” Tess answers. Max nod and let Isabel to drive the jeep.

They arrived back at Kyle’s house moments later

“What happen out there?” Michael question Alex.

“Look you aren’t the only one worried about Liz. I’m too you know. If the past life makes me her cousin that I’m” answer Alex.

“Stop fighting” Izzy came in between.

“Look, Liz remembered something but be warn that she might not shared it cause your past life compare to now wasn’t as happier as now” Milton forewarned.

“Liz is feeling guilty so please make it easy for her” Brody said.

“I’ll go make us teas. Kyle would lend me a hand, please?” Tess says thoughtfully.

Max laid Liz onto the soft big bed. Max tucks her hair behind her ear.

“Max” Liz whispered. “Shh, sweetheart you’re safe” Max cooed.

Liz opened her eyes to see Max’s looking at her. Liz reached out for him.

“Max, it was terrible back there. There are enemies who are wearing a good face manipulating our feelings to hurt us,” Liz cries.

“Shh, Liz please don’t cry. We are, who we are now, nothing will ever change that. Your not Raven, your Liz Parker who had just found out that you were Zan’s love and queen in the past life” Max comforts.

Maria knocked on the door and peek in. She saw Liz in Max arms talking.

“Chica, do you want anything to eat. I vaguely remember you had eaten anything during lunch time” Maria asks.

Max looked at Liz then said,

“Ask Michael to whipped up some food for everyone. I’m sure they are starving. Maria could you please bring something back for Liz to drink” Maria nods.

“You want to talk about what you saw?” asks Max.

“Well firstly I saw us all as kids. There was this time I fell into the cliff. You tried to pull me up with Michael, Kyle and Alex help. It wasn’t succeeding cause there was this kid who blast the surface I was standing. He was Kivar. He’s half skin and Antarian. I saw me saying that he was feeding me dreams that I don’t want. He said he wanted me to follow so he could give the luxuries I should deserve. After that Michael blasted him and we didn’t even catch up with him until ten years later. He disguise him self as good person and helper to Michael. After we got married, your father, the King passed away. You took his throne as King while I became your Queen. It was peaceful. Until, Alex and I got abducted. You, Michael and Isabel weren’t there. You 3 went on a diplomat discussion in another planet that has to do with the v constellation I think. Kyle managed to catch up with us but instead he got capture too. Kivar tried to make Alex to cooperate with him. You know Alex, he was loyal and trustworthy till end. Kivar killed him and hanged him on the town square. That was when the palace begins to taste like fear. You 3 came back and Isabel noticed Alex hung on the town square killed mercifully. Isabel and Alex were to be wed as soon as she came back from the diplomat meeting. She cried and vows for revenge. You and Michael were outrage with guards for failing to protect me, Alex and Kyle. Maria I wasn’t sure” Liz says.

“What about Tess?” Max asked.

“I’m not sure. Last thing I saw and heard was Kivar saying that Tess was trying to get you in bed with her” Liz struggled to say it out.

There was a crash heard outside. Max strolled over and saw Tess face fill with horror and tears.

“I’m sorry” Tess apologized.

“Whatever for Tess?” asked Max, doesn’t comprehend why Tess is apologizing to them.

“Liz… just said that…” Tess stumbled of her usage if words

“For what Liz had said just now. It wasn’t you it was Ava” said Max.

“Probably Kivar mind warp you to do that,” Liz said.

Tess pushed Max aside and hugged Liz. Liz returned the comforting hug.

“You know since you accidentally break the plates and stuff that means the food isn’t going to be eaten and I’m very hungry because that memory takes a lot of energy” Liz revealed.

“Don’t worry I go find that chef and asks him to cook again” says Tess as she rushed out of the room.