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After Departure – What’s Next

Title- After Departure – What’s Next
Author- SciFiNut111
Disclaimer- I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show . If I did own a piece of the show Michael and Isabelle would have joined Tess on her ride home and Sean would be managing a bowling alley in Nome.
Who: Max and Liz. The other characters are here in supporting rolls, minor supporting rolls. Oops, sorry, except Maria, she’s important.
Summary- Post Departure fic. – What happens next.
Rating- R for language
Authors Notes – I know, I know. Post Departure fics are so last summer. Sorry, I write slow, very slow. This is my first try at this. If you’ve seen the show there are no spoilers. I just cover the few months after Departure and what may have happened if I was on staff. Oh, and unlike the writers of Roswell, I believe that Maria and Liz are actually very good friends and would be there for each other no matter what. Also, I know this is a complete departure (yuk, yuk) from the show, but I’m going to treat Isabelle like Max’s sister. You know, the kind of sister that actually cares for him, and maybe even loves him a little.

Special Thanks: I have to thank Jennifer (BordersInsanity) for her help with this story and the push to actually post it.


“I have to save my son.”

The words hung in the air like a dense, poisonous cloud. Casting a shadow over everyone there.

The words shook Liz out of the daze she had been in since she realized that Max was safe. That Max wouldn’t be leaving earth. The feel of his arms around her forgotten as it reminded her of the terrible revelations Max had made over the preceding 24 hours, Max had sex with Tess, Tess was pregnant with Max’s son. Max was willing to abandon her knowing that there was a killer out there that could attack her, Maria or Kyle.

Liz walked past Max, heading for Maria’s Jetta. She was numb. She just wanted to get away from all things alien. Max tried to grab her arm as she went by but Liz flinched away trying to avoid his touch but Max wouldn’t give up and grabbed her arm. “Liz, we have to talk, I have to explain…..” Liz just pulled her arm loose and turned away, saying nothing. Max looked liked he had been physically struck.

Still not accepting the fact that Liz didn’t want to talk, and remembering the last time he had just let Liz walk away from him on these same rocks, he ran after her and tried to get her to stop and talk to him, Liz turned on him and said, “Max, friends talk, we’re not friends anymore, remember? Anyway, trust me, you don’t want to talk to me right now. You really don’t. You wouldn’t like what I would say to you. Hell, I don’t like what I would be forced to say to you right now. So, please, just leave me alone. I need a lot of time away from you to think.”

Looking up the hill to where Maria still stood in Michael’s arms she asked, “Maria, can you give me a ride home? I think we’re done here. I know I am.”

Getting to the Jetta, Liz took command, “Aliens in the back, humans in front. Maria, you drive, I’ll sit on Kyle’s lap.” When Michael looked like he was about to protest the seating arrangements, Liz snapped, “If you don’t like where you’re sitting there’s always the trunk, or you can walk back to town.”

Maria looked at her friend and realized that she had never seen Liz like this before. It was a combination of pain and anger, with anger the stronger of the two emotions.

As they started to drive away Max leaned forward and tried to talk to Liz, “Liz, can we talk when…. “ He started to say and as if in response Liz leaned over and turned the radio up as loud as she could stand it, drowning out any sort of conversation. As if by magic, Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” came on the air. Liz smirked and shouted over to Maria, “Talk about great mood music.” Max heard her comment and dropped his head into his hands.

They drove back to Roswell drowning in the music. Every time Maria would reach over towards the radio to turn it down Liz would snap her head around, giving her a look that just dared her to touch the knob. Maria respected Liz’s wishes and the ride continued each one lost in their own thoughts.


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Title- After Departure – What’s Next
Author- SciFiNut111
Disclaimer- I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show.

Who: Max and Liz.

I would like to thank everybody for the great feedback.

Part 1

The first person to be dropped off was Liz. As she got out of the car she turned and said “Maria, Kyle, Thanks for all your help, thanks for being there when I needed you, I appreciate it. I’ll talk to you later.” Max heard what she was saying to Maria and Kyle and knew that in a way she was saying it for his benefit. Condemning him. After completely ignoring the occupants of the back seat Liz turned and went into the Crashdown.

As he saw Liz turn to leave Max started to move to get out of the Jetta. Isabelle grabbed his arm and told him, “Max, give her some space. She needs a little time right now.” Max turned to Isabelle and realizing that she was right settled back in the seat a look of sadness mixed with deep pain on his face.

As they were dropped off at their house, Max turned to Isabelle, “So, what do you suggest? I can’t just stay away from her. I have to talk to her. I have to get her back into my life.”

Isabelle responded, “Max, think about it. Think about everything you dumped on her the last 24 hours. You’re leaving earth, probably for good. You had sex with Tess. And oh, by the way, I’m gonna be a daddy, Geez Max, give her time to absorb all that. She has to have some time to decide how she feels about everything.”

“But Isabelle, the last time I stayed away from her it was the wrong thing to do. I don’t want to make that mistake again.”

“Max, I’m telling you. Stay away from her. Let her cool off.”

After dropping off Kyle Maria and Michael drove over to Michael’s apartment. After parking the car Maria turned to Michael and asked, “I’m just going to leave? I’m really worried about Liz. She was just too quiet. I have to go see how she is.”

Reaching over and running his hand through her hair Michael agreed, “Yeah, she didn’t look so good. She’s trying to hold everything in. She needs to let it out or it will kill her. Hey, I don’t plan on going anywhere today. I’m off at the Crash, so when you’re done, stop back by.” And with that he leaned over and gave Maria a tender kiss.

“I don’t know about stopping back. Liz and I are scheduled to work until close tonight. I don’t know what shape Liz will be in so I may have to serve the masses alone.”

Maria drove over to the Crashdown and decided to take the fire escape to Liz’s balcony. Peering into Liz’s window she saw her laying on her bed. Her wide-open eyes, staring at the ceiling and the occasional shudder that wracked her body put any thoughts of Liz being asleep aside. Tapping on the glass Maria got Liz’s attention. Liz looked to see who was tapping on her window. ‘If It’s Max I will absolutely kill him.’ She thought. As she sat up she noticed that it wasn’t Max but Maria. She rolled over slowly and got off the bed, when she reached the window and opened it she said, “Hi Maria, could we do this some other time? I really don’t want to talk right now.” As Liz turned back to her bed Maria climbed into the window after her. Liz laid back down on the bed and started saying, “I just don’t want to talk about or think about the last 24 hours. I just want to be numb. I don’t want to feel anything.”

Maria, while laying down next to Liz, answered, “I know, I didn’t come here to talk. I just came to make sure you’re okay. You don’t have to say a thing.”

The girls stayed in that position, watching the shadows change as the sun headed up into the sky. Maria would almost think that Liz was asleep if it weren’t for the occasional sob that escaped her.

Eventually Liz reached over and grabbed Maria’s hand in a bone-breaking grip. Maria winched, but said nothing as she looked over to see tears pouring out of Liz’s eyes and running down the sides of her face into her hair. After a minute or so the grip on Maria’s hand relaxed a bit as Liz asked, “This is killing you isn’t it? The silence? Not being able to talk? Not knowing what to say?”

“No, it’s not. I just want to be here for you Liz. If you don’t want to talk, that’s fine. We don’t have to talk. But I just want to be here in case you need me.” Maria answered.

“Thank you, I appreciate it. Even if Max is lost to me for good, at least I still have my best friend.” Glancing over at the clock Liz quickly sat up and exclaimed, “Crap! We have to be at work in an hour. God, how can things be so screwed up and we still have to go on pretending everything’s normal?”

“Liz, you don’t have to work today. I’ll take care of it. Stay up here and try to get some rest.”

“No, I wouldn’t get any rest anyway. I’d just lay here wallowing in self-pity. I have to go to work to try to get my mind off of what happened. Come on, let’s get ready. You want to use the shower first or should I?” And with that Liz climbed out of the bed.

The day at work had gone without incident. Maria closely watched Liz to make sure that she was handling everything all right. She seemed to be doing fine, a few incorrect orders, a few spilled drinks, a smile that looked way too forced, tears glistening in her eyes at times, but nothing too bad.

After closing, the two girls collapsed on the couch in the back room of the Crashdown. Liz turned to Maria and said, “Well, one day down, only a lifetime to go.”

“Yeah, we’ll just have to take things one day at a time.” Maria responded. “Go up and get some sleep. I’ll be here to pick you up for school tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that. See you tomorrow.” Liz said as she got up. Turning back to Maria, Liz said, “And Maria? Thank you for today. I did need someone with me. Thank you for being there.”

All Maria could think of to say was, “Good night Liz, See you tomorrow.”

Later that night Liz was sitting on her balcony with her journal open on her lap trying to decide how to put her feelings into words. On top of the open pages lay the pendant Max had given her. The only thing she would have had left of Max Evans. She looked at the pendant and then the blank white sheet of paper. Her journal had always acted as a sort of therapy for her, a way to condense her feelings into some sort of order. Tonight that was impossible. Her feelings for Max, Tess, and the baby, swirled in her brain making it impossible for her to write a coherent sentence. Every time she thought of what Max and Tess had done her pain and anger peaked.

Out of the night she heard a soft call, “Liz”. She recognized the voice instantly. It brought back a storm of conflicting emotions, anger, betrayal, and pain. At first she was tempted to ignore the call but knew that Max would just climb to the balcony and try her window so she got up and went over to the edge of her sanctuary and looked down at Max.

“Can I come up Liz?” Max asked, “We really need to talk.”

“No Max. Like I said earlier today, I need time to get my thoughts and feelings in order. I don’t want to make any life altering decisions right now. Just give me time Max.”

As she turned away from the edge of the balcony she heard footsteps on the ladder. Turning back she saw Max’s head appear above the edge. “I thought I told you that I don’t want to talk right now? Get out of here Max!”

“No Liz, the last time I let you walk away from me it was the worse thing that I ever did.”

“Gee Max, you topped yourself. It’s not the worse thing you ever did anymore. So just get out of here, NOW! I really don’t want to talk to you. Just leave.”

“But Liz, we really need to talk. I have to explain what….”

“MAX get the HELL out of here! What do you want to explain? You calling me crazy and walking out on me when I tried to tell you that Alex didn’t commit suicide? Yeah, 24 hours earlier you said you would always be there for me. I guess “always” only lasts 24 hours on your home planet. Oh, I know. You’re going to explain why I’m not your friend anymore. I wanted to find out the truth and I’m not your friend anymore? I got in that cab Max to try to find a killer that was after all of us and for that I’m not your friend anymore. You made that decision Max, not me! NOW JUST LEAVE!”

But Max tried one last time to calm Liz down, “I just want to talk to you Liz. Give me a chance to explain, please?”

Looking at Max Liz said, “What’s there to explain Max? You screwed Tess, not only is she pregnant but she murdered my best friend and is on her way home, end of story. I don’t need any further explanation. What? Have you brought pictures in case I didn’t quite understand what you told me yesterday?”

“No Liz, no. I just need a chance to talk to you.” Max asked again his face full of pain as he listened to what Liz was saying.

“Okay, lets see if I need any explanations. Did you fuck Tess?”

Max flinched at the question and started to answer, “Yes, but…”

“Fine!” Liz cut him off. “Is she pregnant?”

“Yes, but Liz…” Max again tried to start.

“So, I have everything correct so far?” Liz again shot at Max, she waited a heartbeat then continued, “Tess is using the granalith to go back to Antar?”

“Liz, will you just stop. Just stop it. I know you’re mad, but give me a chance…” Max again pleaded.

Liz shook her head and shot at Max, “Hold that thought, I’ll be back in a minute.” Going into her room Liz returned with her phone, while dialing a number from memory, she looked at Max and asked, “Do you really want to talk Max?” She put the phone to her ear and said, “Can I speak to your dad, please.” And glanced over to Max, “Good evening Sheriff, I have a problem here. Someone is on my balcony and refuses to leave. I don’t want to get my parents involved. Could you say something to him?”

As she handed the phone to Max she told him, “You wanted to talk, so talk.” Max slowly put the phone to his ear and asked. “Hello? Sheriff? I’m just trying to…” “But, I have to try…” “Okay, I’ll leave right now.” With that he handed the phone back to Liz and turned to leave. As he started to climb down the ladder he looked at her and said, “I won’t give up Liz. I have to try to talk to you.” And with that he was gone.

She turned back to go to her room so she could try to get a respite from her thoughts in sleep.

As Max walked home he thought about what had just occurred. He had never seen Liz being so unreasonable. Refusing to even talk about what had happened. He then realized just how deeply he had hurt the girl he loved. As he continued walking he tried to think about how he could have made things come out differently. Were there signs that he had missed that showed that Tess wasn’t what she claimed to be? Should he have seen through her treachery?

He remembered their sessions in his room where she helped him remember his past. Then little things started to eat at his thoughts. Why were his memories of Tess so clear and everyone else just shapes and shadows? Why, if he loved Tess, was he so uncomfortable when he touched her? Why did he have to force himself to show her any affection?

He remembered their kiss on prom night. How he felt drawn to kiss her, as if someone was pushing him towards her. Then he remembered another time that he had felt that way. It was last year, and it was raining. And it dawned on him just how much of a fool he had been. He should have known that he couldn’t trust any emotions that he felt towards Tess.

As he continued his walk home, his mind continued to wrestle with what happened over the last few weeks and how he could explain his actions to Liz. But how could he explain sleeping with Tess? How could he explain getting her pregnant? Having sex with Tess was the last thing he wanted to do after Liz left for the airport. Yes, he was mad at her. Yes, he was confused, but he never thought of sleeping with Tess. God, if he could only remember what happened, maybe he could make some sense out of it. How was he supposed to explain to Liz why he had sex with Tess when he had no memory of doing it?

He remembered talking to Michael about it the next day. When Michael asked how it was he remembers his answer, “Other then the hour long orgasm, or some bullshit like that.” Where did that come from? How did he come up with that response? Why would he say something like that to Michael, if it was one of the most private experiences of his life? It was like his mouth had a mind of it’s own.

As he arrived at home and climbed into his window, his thoughts were still in complete turmoil. Tess, his son, Liz, Isabelle, Michael, each caused his thoughts to be pulled in different directions. But his thoughts always returned to one thing; Liz was the most important thing in his life. The only peace and happiness he had ever known was when they were together. As he brushed his teeth, he remembered those times together, Liz had always been so sure that they should be together; she never seemed to have any doubts. Their first kiss, their first date, Liz helping them with River Dog, Liz helping with… His thoughts kept churning. As he looked at himself in the mirror it all came crashing down on him, he had totally destroyed their relationship. How could Liz ever trust him again after everything that had occurred? Max turned away, not able to look at himself.

As he climbed in to bed another thought jumped to the front, Liz was still a virgin, she hadn’t slept with Kyle. Why had she lied about it? Why did she keep lying about it? Did she really want to stop his chasing her that bad? Did she really want to return to normal that much? If she didn’t want anything to do with them why did she keep helping us?

And the biggest question of all. If she didn’t love me anymore, why was she so upset that I slept with Tess? Why is she so hurt? Why does she hate me now?

So many questions and no damn answers. The only one that could answer these questions was Liz herself and she wouldn’t talk to him. Was Isabelle right? Should I just back off? Should I just wait? I can’t do that. I can’t stay away from her. No way.

The thoughts kept churning in his mind as he tossed and turned all night.


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After Departure – What’s Next - Part 2

Author- SciFiNut111
Disclaimer- I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show . If I did own a piece of the show Michael and Isabelle would have joined Tess on her ride home and Sean would be managing a bowling alley in Nome.
Who: Max and Liz. The other characters are here in supporting rolls, minor supporting rolls. Oops, sorry, except Maria, she’s important.
Summary- Post Departure fic. – What happens next.
Rating- R for language

I want to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

Part 2

Monday morning, back to school. Liz didn’t know how she was going to concentrate on school with all the thoughts swirling in her head. How was she going to react, seeing Max off and on through the day? Maria picked her up and drove her to school and as she got in the car she cut Maria off with, “No talk about aliens. Nothing. Not a thing. I’m not in the mood.”

“Okay by me. But we’ll have to talk about it eventually.”

They rode in silence for a while before Liz turned to Maria, “Try this one then, I had a visitor last night. He refused to leave. It was either call my dad or the Sheriff. I figured the Sheriff is in on what we’ve been doing so I called him. Max agreed to leave after talking to him.”

“God Liz, that was harsh. Did you really call Valenti?” Liz shook her head and Maria continued. “Wow, you really are pissed off. I really don’t blame you but Max was under a lot of pressure too. I think you’ll have to clear the air and talk to him sometime.”

“Why? Why would I have to talk to Max? He made the decision that we weren’t friends anymore. I’ve decided that I’m going to take some giant steps back from the whole alien thing. For the last two years I’ve given up a normal existence. I’ve given up my happiness. I’ve given up my love. I think its time I thought about what’s best for Liz Parker. I hate to put you in the middle of this, with your relationship with Michael and all, but I need a vacation from weird. Wait, I said no talking about aliens.”

When they got out of the Jetta at school they saw Michael, Isabelle and Max waiting near the front entrance for their arrival. With no other option Liz decided to just walk past them and go in to school. As she approached them she set her lips in a grim line, gave them a nod and continued into the school. Maria stopped next to Michael and gave him a quick kiss. Max however, when seeing Liz walking past started to follow her. Isabelle grabbed his arm, stopping him. “Max, she obviously doesn’t want to talk right now. You have to give her time. Just leave her alone. Didn’t you learn your lesson last night?” At that Max stopped, remembering that he had lunch and AP Biology with Liz later in the day.

As Liz approached her locker she saw that someone had slid a single white rose into the lock. She pulled it out and saw that it was perfect. As she held the rose up to her nose to smell it’s sweet fragrance she felt her heart melt a bit at the realization that it had to be from Max. ‘He’s pulling out all the stops’ she thought. ‘He knows white roses are my favorite.’ And then the memories of the past weekend flooded back. And she turned and threw the rose at Max’s locker across the hall. As the rose hit the locker, the flower came apart and the petals showered down ending in a pile on the floor. ‘I’m not Maria she thought. Its going to take more than some stupid flower for me to talk to Max.’

Max observed the scene from the hallway intersection. ‘Not the reaction I was looking for.’ He thought.

At lunch Liz walked in to the Quad and looked for a place to sit. She saw Maria wave as she sat with Michael, Max and Isabelle at their usual table. Liz kept scanning the quad and saw Kyle sitting with his usual crowd of jocks and went over and joined him.

“Hey Liz, you get lost? Your table is over there.” Kyle pointed over his shoulder to where she usually sat and then he noticed her face. He bent his head low so only she could hear, “You must really be mad at the king and his court.” At that Liz nodded her head in agreement and started to dig out her lunch.

“I’ve decided on a new approach to life Kyle. Normal. Completely normal.”

“Hey, you and me both. I’m done with all the Martian crap too.” He whispered to Liz.

Last period of the day was AP Biology. One of Liz’s favorites. But now she dreaded the class because she had it with Max and he was her lab partner. Well, we only have two more weeks Liz thought as she walked into class and sat at her lab station. Max walked in just before the bell, sat down and gave Liz a sad look.

Liz turned away and tried to concentrate on the beginning of class.

“So, Liz, you don’t sit with your friends at lunch anymore? You could have come and sat down with us.” Max started to say.

“I was sitting with a friend Max. A good friend.” Liz shot back not looking at him.

As they started to work on the day’s lab assignment Max leaned over and said, “Liz, you have to talk to me. You have to let me explain.”

“Max, just pay attention to the lab. We only have 40 minutes. Let’s just get this done.”

“Okay, if you promise to talk to me later.”

“NO! Just work on the assignment. Let’s get this done.” Liz said a little louder then she meant to.

“Ms Parker, Mr. Evans? Do we have a problem here? Is there a problem with the assignment?” Ms Hardy the Bio teacher asked.

Liz and Max both snapped their heads towards the teacher, “No.” They answered, “Everything is fine.”

After class Liz waited for Max to leave class before going up to the teacher. “Ms Hardy, can I get my seat changed. I know there’s only 2 weeks left of school but I would like a different partner for personal reasons.”

“Okay Liz, I’ll see what I can do. Jen Reilly and Trish Connors haven’t been doing too well together. You could probably help Jen and Max could probably help Trish. You can change places tomorrow.”

Later that day Isabelle walked towards her room planning on getting a little studying done. She may try to project an image of complete indifference to all things related to education, but that was far from the case. As she approached her room she noticed that the door to Max’s room was shut and the sounds of Max’s CD player could be heard. ‘God’ She thought, ‘Max has been in that room since the end of school. I can’t let him just crawl into a hole and hide.’ Isabelle walked over and rapped on Max’s door. When she got no response she knocked harder and called out, “Max, I know you’re in there.” When she still didn’t get a response she used her powers to unlock the door and enter. The room was in darkness, the blinds having been drawn and the CD player seemed a lot louder now that she was in the room. She walked over to the blinds and opened them letting the afternoon sunlight stream into the room. She then walked over to the CD player and shut it off. “God, Max can’t you listen to anything else besides the Counting Crows? Come on, get off that bed. Let’s do something.”

“Leave me alone Iz.” Max said as he dragged a pillow over his head. “I am doing something, I’m thinking about how I totally destroyed my life.” Max mumbled from under the pillow.

Isabelle walked over and pulled the pillow off of Max’s head. “You are not going to lay there and wallow in misery. Come on, we have to do something about a set of wheels. Mom won’t let us use her car forever.”

“I really don’t care Iz. Whatever you do is fine with me.” Max replied as he rolled over and pulled his other pillow over his head.

Ripping the other pillow away from Max, Isabelle asked, “Max, what do I know about cars? Any way, you have to pay half and I get to pay the other half. Mom and dad are really mad about the jeep getting “stolen” and won’t help us buy another car. They mumbled something about teaching us responsibility.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll go with you. But you have to promise to leave me alone when we get back.” Max said as he slowly got off the bed.

Isabelle drove over to the biggest used car lot in Roswell. Jim’s Classic Used Car Boutique. Max and Isabelle got out of their mother’s car and started to walk around the lot. Max showing absolutely no interest in what they were doing. Isabelle kept trying to get Max interested in various cars. “Hey, look Max, how about this one?” Isabelle said while walking up to a VW Cabrio.

“Nope, its just a Jetta without a roof. Let’s keep looking.” Max replied as he started to show some interest in his surroundings.

As the kept looking, Max couldn’t find anything that he liked. Isabelle kept pointing to different cars but Max kept shaking his head. ‘No’. As they came around the end of another line of cars Max came to a stop and looked at the car sitting there before him. For some reason he decided that it was the one he wanted. It was blue with a black convertible top. It was pretty old. At least 20 years but it just looked powerful. As he walked around the car a salesman appeared as if by magic. “That’s a real classic you’re looking at. A 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle. It has a 396 cubic inch engine and auto trans. It needs a little work so we’re selling it as is.”

“It needs work? What kind of work?” Max asked. It was time to start the buying process. Of course he and Isabelle didn’t have a whole lot of buying power.

“Well, a little of this and a little of that. Why don’t you give it a spin and we’ll talk when you get back?” With that the salesman turned and went back in the office to get the key.

“Max, you have to be kidding. It needs work? Do you really think you’ll be able to fix what’s wrong with it? If he telling us there’s problems, you know they have to be big. Look at the roof Max, its more duct tape then top.” Isabelle said to Max.

As the salesman returned he went to hand the key to Max but Isabelle grabbed it from his hand and turned to get in the car. Max just shrugged his shoulders at the salesman and went around the car and climbed in.

As Isabelle started the car there was a belch of blue smoke from the back of the car but as the car idled the smoke disappeared. “Great, Max. I love this car already. Dad will kill us if we bring this thing home.”

She reached over to turn the radio on and noticed that it only had an AM band and a large slot in the front. “What kind of radio is that? Where’s the FM stations? Now I know we can’t buy this. What are we supposed to listen to?”

The salesman leaned in to the car and looked at the radio. “Oh, that’s an old 8 track tape deck, radio combination. I told you it was a real classic.”

Leaning away from the salesman Isabelle asked, “Didn’t they have FM back then? And what the heck is an 8 track tape?”

Before the salesman could respond to Isabelle’s questions Max cut in with, “Just drive Iz. Lets see how it runs. Who cares what kind of radio it has. Lets see if this thing will fly.”

As they turned out on to the highway Isabelle carefully accelerated to the speed limit. The car seemed to run all right even if there were some strange sounds coming from under the hood.

“Seems to run all right. About as good as the Jeep. And I love the automatic transmission.” Isabelle finally conceded to Max.

“See, it’s not as bad as it looks. I bet I could fix a lot of the problems. Besides, why worry about the radio, you don’t use the car stereo anyway. Why should it matter? We’ll use the radio as a bargaining chip when we get back to the lot. Come on, let’s head back.”

As they drove back to the car lot, they passed the Crashdown. Max looked over and saw that Sean’s Bug was sitting in front. Isabelle noticed the look of pain that flashed across Max’s face as he saw the Crashdown and Isabelle cursed herself for taking this route through town. When Max noticed Sean’s car the look of jealousy was obvious as Max started to go back into his shell. “Max, it could be nothing. He has to eat somewhere.”

“Yeah, I guess so. By why not Taco Bell or McDonalds?” Max responded as he let his head fall back on the headrest.

“Max, if we can work out a deal for this car, why don’t we take mom’s car home and go get Michael and we’ll eat at the Crash? That way we can show Michael and Maria the car.” Isabelle said trying to lighten the mood.

“Whatever you want to do Iz.” Max responded. He was thinking that even if he had lost Liz, at least he could go and watch her like he used to.

Later that day Max, Isabelle and Michael walked into the Crashdown and sat in their regular booth. Max noticed Liz talking to Sean in another booth and felt the pang of jealousy return. She seemed happy, smiling and joking with Sean, until she turned and noticed the new arrivals and the smile faded from her face. Liz turned back to Sean and said something to him before she walked away into the back.

Walking through the doors, Liz grabbed Maria and said, “Maria, we’re switching tables. You get table 4 right now. I don’t want to deal with Czechoslovakians. Anyway, it will give you a chance to talk to Michael.”

“Chica, you’re going to have to deal with Max sooner or later. You live in the same town, go to the same school, you’re even lab partners.”

“I know Maria, but just not right now, okay? And anyway. We won’t be lab partners anymore.”

Maria started to turn to go into the restaurant and then what Liz had said hit her, she turned back asking, “What do you mean you’re not lab partners anymore? There’s two weeks of school left. What happened?”

“In lab today, Max wouldn’t stop bugging me. He wanted to talk, I wanted to do the lab. Ms Hardy heard us arguing and yelled at us. After class I asked to be switched with someone else. Max should be real happy with his new partner.” Liz let a small smile escape her lips.

“Who will he be working with Liz?”

“Nope, Maria, I want it to be a surprise for Max. A gift from me.” With that Maria went into the restaurant.

As Maria arrived at the table Max gave her a sad look, and asked, “I thought this was Liz’s section?”

After giving Michael a brief kiss Maria turns to Max and says, “What, aren’t I good enough for you? I’ll have you know that I’m a professional, with years of experience in dishing alien themed, greasy food. Anyway, until further notice, we’ve instituted a redistricting plan for the restaurant, wherever you sit is my section.” Flashing her best “Waitress” smile Maria continued, “So, what can I get you?”

“Not much, Iz and I just wanted to show you our new car. Its out in front.” Max said.

Maria walked over to the front window and scanned the row of cars parked there. “Which one is yours? Don’t tell me it’s that blue convertible.”

“Yeah, it is. What’s wrong with? It’s a classic.” Max responded.

“Well, besides the fact that it looks about 20 years old, has a peeling paint job, the tires look bald, and the top has duct tape all over it, I would say it’s a great car? And why is there smoke or something still coming out from under the hood?” Maria replied with a little lift of one eyebrow. “Isabelle, you agreed to ride in that thing?”

“All that from a person driving the first Jetta off of the assembly line. The guy at the Jim’s Classic Used Car Boutique said it was a collector’s item. It’s 30 years old, and it runs. I figure Michael and I can work a little “magic” and fix it up.” Max shot back.

“You’re actually going to let Michael try to help you fix it? Good Luck! I hope you have a lot of insurance on it.” Maria countered while laughing.

“Hey, I can be some help. I’m learning some control.” Michael shot at Maria.

As they were discussing the “new” car, Liz came out of the back and walked over to Sean’s booth with his check. As he got up to leave, he made a point of leaning down and giving Liz a kiss. As he walked past the booth where Max sat, he turned back to Liz and called out, “We’re still on for Friday, right?” Liz looked over at Max and then turned to Sean, “Yeah, Sean. I’m looking forward to it.”

As Max saw the kiss and witnessed the whole exchange between Liz and Sean he felt a felt a sharp stabbing pain in his heart. He hoped he hadn’t completely lost her.

Seeing the smile fade from Max’s face Maria turned to look at Sean and Liz shook her head and offered, “I’ll just go and get your drinks now.”

He walked into the office of Sheriff Hanson. The sheriff viewed Smith as a non-descript person that would get lost in a crowd of one. Smith had no distinguishing characteristics, none. His eyes were brown, his hair was brown. He was medium height, medium build. He walked to the sheriff’s desk and showed him a wallet that contained the credentials of a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

After examining the credentials the Sheriff asked, “What can we do for you Agent Smith?”

“I’m here to check on an incident that occurred two years ago here in Roswell. There was a shooting at a local café.”

“Yes, that would be the Crashdown Café.” Hanson offered.

Smith continued, “We’re just checking on open cases. It was never explained to our satisfaction.”

“Why would the FBI be looking into a 2 year old shooting? Nobody was shot, no hostages were taken, no bank was robbed. Why would the FBI be looking into a local non-crime?” The sheriff continued his curiosity aroused.

“You’ve heard of the X-Files haven’t you?” After Hanson nodded, Agent “Smith” continued, “Officially, there’s no such thing in the FBI, but we do trace unexplained phenomena. It’s a pain in the ass but we have to update these files every two years.”

“They assign a Special Agent and have you come all the way to Roswell just to check on something like this? Why not just use the phone? That file was considered closed by us. We haven’t even opened it for at least 18 months.” Hanson continued, his curiosity clearly at an all time high.

“We normally would just call, but I, uh, I had a little problem in DC and I was told to get out of town for a while. This is sort of a punishment for my mistake. Senators wield a lot of power in that town and when you accuse….. Well, you don’t want to know my problems.” The Agent replied.

“Okay, I’ll have the file brought in, but I’m warning you there’s nothing new that you don’t already have.” And turning to his intercom he ordered the file to be brought in.

When it arrived he handed it to the Agent and watched as he carefully read through the entire file. “You’re right, there doesn’t appear to be anything new. I just have a question. It says here that two witnesses saw two teenage boys flee the café after the shooting. One of them had gone up to this girl Elizabeth Parker after she apparently fell to the floor. Yet the Parker girl and the other waitress, a,” Smith stammered as he scanned the report to look for the other waitress’s name. Then he found it, “uh, Maria DeLuca both swear nobody ran up to Ms Parker. Did anybody look into the identity of the two teens?”

“I wasn’t assigned to the case but I remember the old sheriff did a full investigation. The two witnesses that claimed to see the teen approach Liz were alien nuts. So he didn’t take their testimony too seriously. Nobody appeared to be hurt, no bullet was found so the investigation was dropped.” Hanson explained.

“Well, thank you for your help sheriff. Another page of nothing added to the file. I wish they would just let me close the damn file already. I hate New Mexico heat, No offense Sheriff.” Agent “Smith” said as he reached for the Sheriff’s hand.

Leaving the office Agent “Smith” got in his car and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed a number from memory and when the phone was picked up he said, “Its definitely the Parker girl. I just checked the file and it agrees with what I remember, all creditable witnesses say she went down but got up again. Nobody saw any teens approach her while she was down.” After listening for a minute he replied, “Look, she was shot and went down. The only explanation that she is still alive is that she healed herself.” He again listened for a minute then continued, “We’ll have to run tests. We’ll have to bring her in without anybody finding out about us. I think we have to bring in Mr. Jones.” He listened for a moment before saying, “I don’t care. Just arrange it.” And with that he snapped the cell phone closed.

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After Departure – What’s Next

Part 3

Author: SciFiNut111
Disclaimer: I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show. If I did own a piece of the show Michael and Isabelle would have joined Tess on her ride home and Sean would be managing a bowling alley in Nome.
Who: Max and Liz. The other characters are here in supporting rolls, minor supporting rolls. Oops, sorry, except Maria, she’s important.
Summary: Post Departure fic. – What happens next.
Rating: R for language

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it. Keep it coming.

Part 3

The next day went a lot better for Liz. She was able to avoid Max for most of the day, eating lunch with Kyle again. When AP Biology rolled around she went into class and up to Trish and told her about the change in lab partners. Trish was thrilled. She had been interested in Max for years and now she had a good excuse to be close to him. That he was good in Biology didn’t hurt either, maybe some late night study sessions would be in order to cram for finals. Jen walked up to the lab table and saw Liz sitting there and asked about Trish, “Why did Trish move?”

“Ms. Hardy thought that there were a few people that needed additional help before finals and she requested that Max and I split up. Nothing major?” Liz answered. She didn’t see the need to elaborate on the situation between her and Max, even though anyone with eyes could see that a rift between the two was definitely there. ‘Let them make their own hypothesis’ Liz thought to herself when Jen finally sat down beside Liz.

When Max walked in to class he noticed his new lab partner and searched the room for Liz. He noticed her at a table close to the front of the room and again realized just how mad and hurt she was. He sat down at his usual seat and Trish launched into a greeting, “Hi, Max, It’s going to be great having you as a lab partner, maybe you could……..” Max tuned her out just nodding every now and then so that she would think that he wasn’t ignoring her. But the only thing Max was thinking about was how to get through to Liz. This was just getting way out-of-hand.

Suddenly something Trish said caught his attention and he fought to remember what she had been saying, “Max, Max, could you help me. I’ve fallen behind a bit and would appreciate a little study help. How about after school at my house?”

“Uh, Uh , yeah. Maybe we can get together later this week. Um, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

The bell rang and Max didn’t move his eyes were locked on Liz. He didn’t want to do anything that would cause another drastic change. When she left he bowed his head in defeat. ‘She no longer can stand to be my lab partner.’ Max walked up to Ms. Hardy.

“Yes, Max.” She looked up from her papers that she was going through.

“Um. I was just wondering why Liz and I are no longer lab partners. We’ve been lab partners for the last three years.”

“I understand what you are going through. It’s difficult to get adjusted to someone else’s work ethics but Liz had expressed that there were personal reasons behind her request. You’ll do fine Max, besides Trish needs to keep her focus. If she doesn’t get the hang of what we’ve covered this semester then I’m afraid to see what will happen. If she passes I will see if I can’t give you something for your tutelage. Focus on class and whatever is going on between Miss Parker and yourself will work its way out.” Ms. Hardy smiled at Max. She had heard the rumors in the teacher’s lounge and her heart went out to two of her favorite students but she knew when to take a step back and this was it.

“Thanks Ms. Hardy.” Max turned shaking his head from side to side. He hadn’t really expected to change her mind but just hearing the reason behind the change in lab partners had confirmed to him exactly how mad Liz was at him.

Max walked to his locker and placed his books that he didn’t need for that night into his locker and grabbed the two that he would need to study for into his book bag. The halls weren’t quite empty yet and he had just seen Liz walk towards the exit. He hurried with what he had to do at his locker and then followed Liz out to the student parking lot. He knew he had just heard from Ms. Hardy the reason for the seating arrangements but he just couldn’t accept it until he heard it from her.

Max had reached the front of Maria’s car just as Liz was attempting to get in. He was close enough to ask and needed to ask before she shut him out again. “Liz, why did you get your seat changed? You can’t stand to sit next to me? Two weeks of school left? Why Liz?”

With one leg in the car Liz responded to Max’s question. “Gee Max, I thought I was doing you a favor. Trish is like the girl of your dreams. Blond, blue eyed, plenty of cleavage. What are you complaining about?” She held her eyes wide open in feigned innocence. And with that she flashed Max a dazzling, fake smile, got into the car and slammed the door shut.

Maria had witnessed the whole scene from the driver’s side of the car and just shrugged when Max looked at her for some sign of support. She opened her door and got in and while she was rolling down her window she leaned out and said, “You got your work cut out for you Max. Don’t look to me to get you out of this one. See you later.” Last summer her and Max had really gotten close and she couldn’t believe how nine months had changed all of that. ‘Come to think about it’s only been since October since everything started to fall apart.’

Maria turned to Liz saying, “Remind me never to get you pissed off at me, okay?” She started the car and left Max standing in front of an empty slot.

Realizing that nothing had been accomplished he walked over to his car and got in. Isabelle had been watching the scene between Max and Liz from across the parking lot and just had to ask Max, “What was that about?” She paused to see if he would answer. He didn’t so she continued, “At least you got a smile out of her.”

“That wasn’t a smile Isabelle. Liz had her seat changed in Biology to get away from me. She just told me that she did me a favor by getting me a lab partner that was blond and blue eyed.” With that Max pounded the steering wheel and said, “God, can things get any worse? I completely screwed up my life and don’t know how to get it back on track.”

“Let her cool off Max. Right now she’s really mad and hurt. She’s trying to deal with everything that happened. She’s been all alone for the last few weeks and is having trouble letting anybody back in.” With that Isabelle thought, ‘I have talk to Liz soon. This can’t go on forever.’

On Thursday night, Max came into the Crashdown and called over Maria and Liz and led them into the back. “We’re going to have a meeting at Michael’s tomorrow night to discuss what to do. Be there at 8:00, all right?”

“Okay, Max, I’d be there anyway.” Maria said. Liz shook her head and said, “Sorry Max, I already have plans. Maybe some other time.”

As she turned to go back to work Max stopped her by saying, “Liz, you’re one of us, one of the group. We need your help, I need your help.”

Liz turned back to Max and told him, “Max, I’ve thought about it. I’d really like my life to go back to normal. You can understand that.”

“But Liz, I could really use your help. Please.”

Relenting a little bit, Liz responded, “Okay Max, I’ll help you but I’m not going to completely rearrange my life anymore for you. I told you, I have other plans for tomorrow, so maybe next time.”

“Is it Sean, are you going out with Sean again?” Max asked as feelings of jealousy flared.

“Max, don’t go there.” Liz replied with a sigh, “It’s really none of your business what I do with my time.”

“I know that Liz, but I really don’t like seeing you with Sean. I don’t trust him.”

At hearing that Liz’s eyes flashed with sudden anger, “Sean? YOU, don’t trust SEAN? Don’t you say anything about Sean. Sean was there for me when I needed a friend, Max. He was there for me, unlike the rest of you. He broke his parole just because I asked him to. He didn’t hide behind bullshit excuses. He helped me when I needed his help.” With every point she made Liz had jabbed Max in the chest forcing him to back up.

Max had finally been cornered, his back pressed up against the lockers as Liz continued her assault, “Where were you the last six weeks Max? Where were you when I was risking my life to find Alex’s killer? Hiding under a rock! Hoping that I would find nothing! Trying to convince me that I was crazy. What’s this “I’m part of the group” bullshit. You cut me out of the group weeks ago! Remember? We’re not friends?” she yelled at him. Liz took a deep breath trying to calm herself, and continued quietly, “I needed your help Max and didn’t get it. I needed a friend Max and you weren’t there. For the last two years Max I was there for you. Whenever you needed my help, no matter how dangerous, I was there for you.”

Looking into Max’s eyes Liz continued, “I told you to give me time, to leave me alone. I told you that you wouldn’t like what I have to say to you. I’ll help you Max, but on my terms. Be happy with that. That’s all I can offer you right now.”

Max was stunned by the vehemence of her outburst. He could think of nothing to say or do except turn and walk out of the restaurant. He wanted to stop and take one more look at her but he knew that he wouldn’t like what he saw. She hated him. That was one look that he never thought he would see on Liz Parker’s face.

Liz watched as Max turned and left the Crashdown. Maria turned to her and said: “Liz, I know you’re still hurt about what happened but they really will need your help. They can’t rub two ideas together and come up with an intelligent thought. And you’re going to have to tell them about Future Max. With Tess gone they have to figure out a way to prepare for what’s coming.”

“I know Maria. It just hurts to look at Max right now. I was supposed to be the first person Max made love with not Tess, I was supposed to carry Max’s child, not Tess. It just hurts to realize how messed up everything is. How much Tess ripped our group apart. I can’t stop thinking that if I hadn’t changed the future Alex would be alive and Max and I would be together. When I look at Max I feel, I don’t know, pain, disgust, pity, anger, compassion, pick an emotion Maria.”

“How about love? Is there any love still there?” Maria asked softly.

“Don’t go there Maria. I don’t even want to think about it. I loved Max and I gave up a lot for him. You go ask Max about love Maria. The last few weeks have been hell for me. You don’t know what it feels like to love someone and have them treat you as if you were his worst enemy. I don’t know how he can even use the word love and my name in the same sentence after the way he treated me.”

Liz took a ragged breath and continued, “But yeah, there’s still love there and I have to find some way to bury it. I told Kyle the other day that I’m done with all things Czechoslovakian. I need normal right now. Plain normal. And I go and agree to help Max find his son. I don’t know how I’ll handle that.”

Liz had started to pace the width of the employee break room and then continued with, “As for Future Max? I know they have to be told. It shouldn’t be a secret anymore. But what good will it do? They’ll take it like I’m trying to defend my actions and it will only give Max a reason for why I had pushed him away. I’m not sure if I want to give him hope of there ever being an us.” She looked at Maria for support and was hoping that she would understand what she was really going through. The consequences of telling them. She didn’t want their pity. She was beyond that and she didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her. ’Oh, poor Liz. Gave up the love of her life to save the world.’ Then it dawned on her, the real reason why she didn’t want to tell them. Alex.

Maria thought for a moment and said, “You have to talk about it. You can’t just hold it all in. You’re not Michael, you’re not a stone wall. Did it feel good to unload on Max just now? You did it very well I might add.”

“No, now I feel guilty. Max has a lot on his mind without worrying about what Sean and I are up to.”

“Liz, stop. Think of yourself for once. Don’t worry about Max’s feelings think of your own. Did you feel good unloading on Max? Did it make you feel better letting Max know what you were thinking? It was great seeing you mad for once. Liz Parker is just too controlled. The old you never would have told Max how hurt you were that he didn’t help you.”

“Okay Maria. Yeah, it felt good. I do feel a little better.”

Seeing a semi smile form on Liz’s face Maria had to see if she could get the reason behind her relationship with Sean. “Uh, Liz, just what are you and my loser cousin up to? You are spending a lot of time with him.” Maria asked.

“Don’t call him a loser Maria. He really came through for me. He was really there for me when I needed a friend.” Liz said to Maria.

“Liz, in his own inimitable way, my cousin was just trying to get in your pants. Nothing more, nothing less. He’s my cousin, I know how he operates.”

“Nope, I can’t agree with you Maria. If getting in my pants was all Sean was after, he would have succeeded. I threw myself at him. I attacked him, but when I said stop, he stopped. If he had pushed the issue I would have given in. But he stopped. He just held me until I felt better. You may think he’s slime Maria, but he deserves better than that. Maybe you should think about lightening up on him a little.” Liz said in Sean’s defense.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll have to cut him some slack from now on. I didn’t realize just how close you and Sean had gotten. Maybe a trip to Juvie did him some good.” Maria replied with a look of surprise on her face.

“I don’t know if you’d call it close Maria. Sean lets me be myself, I don’t have to worry about what I say or who might be listening. I don’t have to worry about the FBI or Skins or rebellions on far off worlds.” Liz looked at Maria to she if she understood where she was coming from. It's been a long time since either one of them were able to really relax and be normal teenagers. Maria was indifferent so Liz continued, "Well we better get back to work. Let's get together on Saturday and have another rant session and then you can tell me what happened at the meeting." Maria smiled and nodded her head in agreement. "Thanks Maria, it's been great to be able to talk to you like we used to."

"I'm there for you babe.”

Max walked into his house in a daze. His thoughts again a maelstrom of swirling thoughts.
‘Was I really that bad towards Liz the last few weeks? Did I really treat her like an enemy?’

Isabelle watched him walk to his room and slam the door after he entered. She shook her head and wondered just what Liz had said to Max this time. She really had to talk to Liz. She knew Liz had every reason to act the way she was, but she knew that she didn’t know the whole story. It was killing Max that Liz had completely shut him out, that she wouldn’t even let him talk to her. Maybe if she got Liz to at least listen to Max, he’d be able to get past Liz and move on.

After closing his door Max went through what was fast becoming a ritual with him. He went over and turned on his CD player, the sound of Counting Crows filled the room. He then went and shut the blinds, closing out the sun. Darkness had become his friend. He then collapsed on the bed, staring into the darkness.

‘Everything Liz said was true.’ Max thought, ‘She needed me and I was worried about myself. She was in pain because of Alex’s death and I was suspicious of her. God, how could I be suspicious of Liz Parker? Sean was there for her and I wasn’t? How much greater condemnation could there be? Liz was always there for me, without question. It all seemed so reasonable at the time. She was endangering us. She was saying that aliens killed Alex. Wasn’t that putting us in danger? She broke into the school looking for clues and was caught. She was talking to a foreign embassy for god’s sake. Asking the computer geeks about binary codes? What was she thinking? She was going to Sweden! I was right to be upset wasn’t I? We had to keep a low profile, didn’t we?’

Max rolled over on the bed and buried his head in his pillow as the thoughts continued to assault him. ‘The binary code was incriminating, wasn’t it? Or was it? It was just a scrap of info. I guess it wouldn’t really point to aliens amongst us. But the break-in. That was definitely wrong. Even the sheriff thought to call me about that. But then he knows. There really are aliens and Liz is in the midst of it all. Did it really look suspicious to Hanson? Nothing ever came of it. No new alien hunters showed up. But contacting the Swedish embassy? What the hell was she thinking? They had to see something was wrong with her? Didn’t they? But then it was only a picture, a doctored picture.’

God, his head was starting to hurt. The thoughts were causing a dull throbbing to start just behind his eyes. ‘I was reasonable with her wasn’t I? Didn’t I offer to consider Alex’s death was not a suicide? Yeah, if she stopped looking for clues to his death. I was right in trying to stop her trip to Sweden, wasn’t I? About stopping her calling the embassy?’

‘Maybe I’ll just wake-up and find that this entire year was just a nightmare. That it never happened. That Liz and I can just sit down and laugh over what a terrible dream it was.’ Thoughts continued to churn through Max’s head as the sound of music played in the background.

After closing that night Liz heard a tapping on the front door as she and Maria were cleaning up. Turning to the door she recognized Isabelle and groaned “What now?” as she walked over to see what she wanted. Opening the door, Liz asked, “Isabelle, why are you here so late? What happened, anything wrong with Max?”

“Can I talk to you Liz? I won’t be too long.” Isabelle asked. Isabelle had noticed the concern in Liz’s voice but hid the small smile that came to her lips. ‘Yeah, she really hates him.’

Gees, Liz thought, can’t they just leave me in peace for a while? But she answered Isabelle with a nod and “Okay, Maria and I will only take a minute or so to finish up then we can talk.”

After Liz and Isabelle said goodnight to Maria and locked the door behind her, Liz turned to Isabelle and said, “Your dime, what do you want to talk about, as if I didn’t know.”

“Look, Liz, I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye. And I know I haven’t always been the best of friends to you. But could you please hear me out concerning my brother? All of this that’s happening is killing him. He’s carrying around this mountain of guilt and I’m worried that he won’t be able to handle it all. He really needs his friends right now, all of his friends.”

“Isabelle, let me tell you where I’m coming from and you decide whether I’m right or wrong.” She waited for Isabelle to nod then continued, “After Max saved my life I’ve done everything I can to help you. I’ve never asked for anything in return. I’ve tried with all my heart to be a good friend to you all. I gave up Max because he was destined to be with someone else. I gave up my happiness for your brother. I love him, uh, er, loved him with all my heart. Then I needed him. And what did I get? He treated me like his worst enemy. Yeah Isabelle I’m mad at him. But I think I earned the right to be mad at him.”

Isabelle slowly nodded her head and replied, “Its true, everything that you’re saying is true. But Max has been under a lot of stress too. Max loves you Liz. He always has and always will. He still won’t tell me why the two of you broke up but it almost killed him. He didn’t sleep for a week. And all I heard 24/7 was Counting friggin’ Crows. He hasn’t been the same since October. The only time he seems to really smile is when you’re around. I know, I know. Tess. Liz, that was all our faults. Max was completely abandoned by all the people that he was closest to. Me, Michael, you. He had no one else to turn to. Michael has been this testosterone fueled jerk, questioning each and every decision that Max has made. I haven’t helped matters. In trying to keep Max and Michael from killing each other I’ve sided with Michael when trying to calm Max down.”

Isabelle looked up at Liz and continued, “You haven’t been around for some of the worst of it. Did you hear about the whole Vilondra fiasco? I couldn’t bring myself to tell Max about Vilondra and how she betrayed her family back home. He had to hear it from someone else. He lost a lot of his trust in me over that. Add to that Michael not telling him about the Skins Cult that wanted Michael to be their leader, again, Max found out from someone else. Another big hit on his trust to one of the people closest to him.”

Tilting her head to the side questioningly Isabelle asked Liz, “Why did you and Max break up? He still won’t tell me about it. I heard some rumors in school, but they have to be totally wrong. It’s so not something you would do. What happened Liz?”

Liz dropped her eyes from Isabelle’s gaze and whispered, “He saw me in bed with Kyle. It wasn’t what it appeared to be. But Max didn’t know that.”

“Oh my God! No wonder he was so devastated.” Isabelle shook her head and continued, “He lost everyone. He had no one left to turn to but Tess.”

Liz nodded her head agreeing with Isabelle but still couldn’t forget about the sex and the pregnancy, “I’m sorry Isabelle but that still doesn’t explain his sleeping with her. Yes, he was alone. Yes, she always seemed to be there for him. But I always thought sex would mean more to Max. That he would have to love someone before sleeping with them. That’s why it hurt so much when I found out. I had this version of a perfect Max and he shattered that image.”

“Yeah, we all found out that Max isn’t perfect. That he can make mistakes. It’s just that his mistakes affect more people. Well, I said everything I came here to say. I just hope that you can eventually let Max talk to you. It would mean a lot to him.” Isabelle replied as she got up to leave. “Thank you for letting me explain things. I know that you’re hurting too.”

As Isabelle got up to leave she turned to Liz, “I know we’ve never been like real friends or anything. But if you need anyone to talk to, about…. well, about anything… I’d….. “

“Thank you for the offer Isabelle. I just may take you up on it.” Liz responded as they walked to the front door.

Liz let Isabelle out of the restaurant, locked up and went up to her room thinking of everything that Isabelle had revealed during their talk.


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After Departure – What’s Next - Part 4A

Author: SciFiNut111
Disclaimer: I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show. If I did own a piece of the show Michael and Isabelle would have joined Tess on her ride home and Sean would be managing a bowling alley in Nome.
Who: Max and Liz. The other characters are here in supporting rolls, minor supporting rolls. Oops, sorry, except Maria, she’s important.
Summary: Post Departure fic. – What happens next.
Rating: R for language

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

This part got a little long so I’m posting it in two parts.

Part 4A

Kyle was the last to arrive Friday night and before he was even through the front door of Michael’s apartment he said to Max, “I don’t know why I’m here, what kind of help can I be.” Kyle continued not even paying any attention to Max and to no one in particular he continued. “I’m not really into the whole Martian thing anymore. I don’t really want to be dragged back into it so if you can make it quick I would appreciate it.” Kyle sat down in a huff next to Isabel. Isabel just stared at him and he shrugged his shoulders at her.

Turning to the others Max started the meeting. “I guess I have to thank you for being willing to help me. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out where to start. Nothing comes to mind.” Max was still standing and everyone’s eyes were on him as he paced slowly in front of everyone. It seemed that he was moving just to keep his thought going in the right direction.

Kyle, noticing that Liz hadn’t arrived, interrupted Max by asking, “Shouldn’t we wait for Liz? We could really use her help. We really need all the brains we can get. And she has most of them.” Kyle looked around to the rest of the group for agreement. As he went around everyone seemed to look somewhere else. They were avoiding eye contact with him. “What? Am I missing something here?”

Not wanting to hear anything more about Liz from Kyle he told him what was going on with her. “Liz didn’t want to come tonight. She couldn’t fit us into her schedule.” Max replied with just a hint of sarcasm in his voice. “I guess I’ll have to check what Miss Parker has scheduled before I plan any future meetings. I would hate to have you worried about where she is and not focusing on what we are here for.”

“Stop right there Max!” Maria said jumping to Liz’s defense. “This is not what we came here to discuss. At least I hope not.” Maria was now standing in front of Max. “Liz said that she was willing to help but she already had other plans. Don’t make it sound like she didn’t want to come, or that she wasn’t willing to help. She would do anything to help.” Max didn’t back down from her and seeing that she wasn’t going to get any response from him she turned around and sat down but not before adding, “You asked her at the last minute to be here, give her a break. We all have a life and we can’t damn one of us just because she has the strength to move on.” Maria’s head was bowed down. Liz was her friend, her best friend at that and sometimes like this she hated the alien stuff just as much as Kyle did. ‘What is wrong with us?’

“Yeah Evans. I don’t remember you giving her too much help when she was looking for Alex’s killer. Just lay off of her for now.” Kyle added his two cents in to get a small smile of appreciation from Maria. ‘We humans have to stick together.’ He thought to himself.

Well the humans had definitely done it. They had Max on the defensive end of it now. “I didn’t ask her to spend the whole evening here. I just needed an hour of her time. Just an hour. She wouldn’t give up an hour of her time.” Max trailed of sitting on one of the bar stools that Michael had pulled out for the meeting.

Wanting things to be the way they used to be Maria couldn’t stand it anymore. She stood up once again trying not to let her anger show. “Max you don’t realize how much this whole “Save my son” thing is hurting her. But even though it does, she’s still willing to help you.” Max had a blank look on his face, which made Maria’s anger flair. Her voice began to elevate showing just how much anger she had been holding back. There was definitely no holding her back now. She was going to let them hear exactly what Liz had been going through and they were the ones that were going to feel bad once she was done with them. “Give up an hour of her time? She’s given up a life of love and happiness for you. She gave up a future she was dreaming about for you. You have no idea about the sacrifice she has made for YOU! No idea!” Maria stopped in mid-rant realizing that she had said too much. It wasn’t up to her to tell Max and the others about Future Max, but the next words out of Max’s mouth changed all that.

“Maria I wasn’t the one that faked sleeping with Kyle. I wasn’t the one that kept on pushing her away. I loved her Maria. I still do. I was doing everything I could think of to get her back. You know that. She didn’t want to be with me anymore. She’s the one that was pushing me away and she is the one that doesn’t love me anymore. She’s not the only one that lost a future.” Max had to stop what he was saying and fight back the tears that were threatening to fill his eyes.

Maria looked at Max and made a decision. ‘Here goes nothing.’ She thought to herself as she let out a deep breath to calm herself. “Max, did you ever wonder why she faked that scene? Did you even realize that it was faked until she told you?” Maria waited for him to answer seeing him just standing there she decided to go on. “No, huh. Well she did it for you Max. She did it because you asked her to. Max, she would do anything for you, that’s how much she loves you.”

“Maria, you’re making no sense. I never asked her to fake that scene. Why would I do such a stupid thing like that? I loved her. I wouldn’t want her to do that.” Max couldn’t believe what Maria was saying so he had to ask again. “Is that what she said? She said that? That I asked her to fake that scene with Kyle? Me? Why would I do something like that? Why?”

“I know, I know, I’m not making any sense.” Maria began pacing. ‘What have I done? I can’t tell them. It’s not my place.’ She looked up at Max with a sympathetic look on her face and said the toughest thing she had to say. “I’ve said too much. You’ll have to get the rest of the story from Liz.”

“Well since you’ve already said too much Maria I think you need to tell us the rest of it. Please tell me why Liz is saying that I’m the one that made her sleep with Kyle?” Max looked at Kyle to see if he knew.

“Don’t look at me. I just did what she asked me to do and I hate to say it now but I was glad to be apart of her plan. I just thought you wouldn’t take no as an answer and that she was really over you but the look on her face when she saw you see us told me that I didn’t even know the half of it. Her heart broke just as much as yours did man.” Kyle was glad that he could at least add that much but he was probably just as curious as the others to hear what Maria some how knew.

“No. I’m not telling you. It’s not my place. If she wanted to save you guys and the rest of the world then she’s the one that’s going to have to tell her reasons behind it. Not me.” Maria sat down and folded her arms across her chest and swung one leg over the other. She was not budging one bit. No way.

Seeing Maria take her firm position on the couch next to Kyle Michael knew that she was done. Going over what she said he realized that Liz’s actions just didn’t focus on Max it had focused on them all. “Uh, uh, Maria. What do you mean ‘save us guys?’ We weren’t talking about all of us we were talking about Max and Liz. If it is something that affects us, you have to let us know.” Michael jumped in he was now standing in front of her. Glaring down. He had a lot of experience with her stubbornness and he wasn’t about to let her get away with dropping a bomb and then sitting on it. No way. “Liz doesn’t seem to want to be with us right now so she’s not her to tell us. So you’ll have to tell us.”

“No, Michael I don’t have to tell you. Deal with it.”

“Maria if you don’t tell us. I will hunt Liz Parker down where ever she may be and drag her ass back here to make her tell us. Is that what you want to do?”

Maria didn’t answer him. There was no way that Michael would leave to go find Liz. He just wouldn’t do it. Michael seeing that Maria wasn’t going to budge headed for the door. He knew what to do to make her talk.

“Okay, okay.” Maria said as she saw Michael’s hand reach the doorknob. “Okay. Liz said it shouldn’t be a secret any more so I guess that I can start at the beginning.” Michael released the knob and walked back to the chair he had been sitting on. “God Michael.” She was mad at him for making her do this. She didn’t want to do this but as she looked around the room full of friends she had to. She had to let them see that Liz did the only thing that she could do at the time. There was no doubt about that.

“Okay, from the top. Last year Liz got an unexpected visitor.” That sounded good. Looking at Max she continued. “It was you Max,” Max began to protest so Maria hurried it up a little “but not really you. It was you from 14 years into the future.” Maria began walking for she thought better on the go. She was remembering everything that Liz had told her so long ago. “Things had gotten really bad and future you and future Liz thought the only way to correct things was to change the past or our future. Anyway, the future you and future Liz thought that the world had ended because they were together. Happily I might add very happy.” Seeing no expression on any of their faces she continued. “In the old timeline that Liz changed, you and she ‘bonded’, I mean really ‘bonded’” Maria looked at Michael to see if he knew what she meant. He did and so she continued. “You had gotten married in Vegas, and were inseparable for the next 14 years. That part was good but the problem was that bitch Tess. God, she screwed things up in both lifetimes.”

“Wait. We got married in Vegas?” Max remembered the one time him and Liz were in Vegas and were dancing while Maria sang. He told Liz that he had seen them in their wedding clothes. She had asked him if it was like a flash and he had said no, it was more like a memory. She could have told him then. She could have told him then.

“If you are going to keep interrupting me I’m not going to finish.” She spat out to Max.

“Maria.” One word from Michael and she was continuing.

“Okay, where was I.” She gave Michael an evil look and then continued. “As you and Liz got closer and finally married, Tess couldn’t get beyond the whole Destiny thing and eventually left Roswell. At this point in the story I would normally say Good Riddance, but the problem was that the four of you were designed as a unit. When one of you left you lost part of your strength. You weren’t strong enough to fight your enemies and lost. Future Max told Liz that Isabelle had died 2 weeks before he returned, and that Michael had died in his arms just before he came back.” Maria’s last words came out almost too quiet. ‘Liz should be here. It’s not fair. None of this is fair.’ She thought to herself.

She continued anyway. “So Future Max’s brilliant plan was to change the future. To have you fall out of love with Liz and to have Liz push you to Tess. That way everything would be ok. Michael and Isabelle would be alive and Tess would stay so when the evil aliens came to take over the world you guys could kick butt.”

It was Isabelle that interrupted Maria this time. “He told her that we were dead. We died and she did what she did for us. She gave everything up for us?” Maria nodded her head and Isabelle sank even lower into the couch.

Maria looked at Max and with solemn eyes said what she had to say next. “Max, Liz didn’t want to do it. She begged him to go to someone else. Go to Michael or even Isabelle, anybody but her to help him, but he wouldn’t do it. He said that she was the only one that he trusted to do it. So she did it. She did it for you and she gave up 14 years of wedded bliss to save Michael, Isabelle and the world.”

Maria was angry with them all for being so selfish and for making her be the one to tell them. “Now you know what Liz has been going through the last year. And to top that off she also has to live with the fact that by changing the future she caused Alex’s death.”

“She didn’t kill Alex. She shouldn’t think that.” Isabelle scooted forward from where she was sitting.

Maria held up her hand to the solemn looking blond, not wanting to rehash what has taken everyone so long to get over and continued. “They got married when they were 19 and we were all there to dance at the wedding. We were all there at the age of 19 Isabelle. I’ve always known that Liz was a strong person, but to realize what she has had to carry around this past year just staggers me.”

Maria looked around the assembled friends trying to gage their reactions to the story before continuing, “So, not only are you guys gonna have to worry about the search for Max, Jr. But you also have to come up with a game plan to replace Tess. And by the old timeline you have 14 years to do it. I don’t have any idea how much time we’ll have with this new future.” Maria sat back down on the couch next to Kyle. The look on his face told her that he had no idea how big Liz’s plan was to break it off with Max.

He got up and said, “I’ve got to go.” He walked out of the room with no arguments from anyone else.

“Kyle wait. Can you take me home too?” Isabelle got off the couch and followed. The room still remained silent.

“If you don’t mind I’m going to go too.” She got up and walked over to Michael and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“You should have told us sooner. We could have dealt with it Maria.”

“We all make mistakes Michael. None of us are perfect. I’m going. See ya tomorrow at work.”

Maria shut the door behind her and Max finally stood up from the stool. “I’ve gotta go see Liz.”

“That’s ok. I need to think about a few things too. See ya later.” Max shut the door and ran after Maria leaving Michael by himself to think of how anyone could be so giving even though he never deserved it from her. ‘Liz was full of surprises.’ He thought to himself. He got up and turned all the lights out and then plopped on the couch. He was going to sit in the dark and take a good look at Liz Parker. He had underestimated her.

Seeing Maria fumbling with the keys to the Jetta, Max hollered at her. “Maria.” She looked up to see him coming down the front steps. “I’ve got to know how Liz is Maria? How is she really handling everything?”

“All things considered? She’s doing pretty well. She’s just really confused and hurt right now Max. She did everything she thought was right, and it all turned out so wrong.” Maria responded.

“She really hates me doesn’t she? She won’t even let me talk to her.”

“She doesn’t hate you Max. She wants to, but she doesn’t. She’s just really confused. As soon as she gets over the fact that you slept with Tess, she remembers that there is now a baby. As soon as she figures she may be able to accept the baby, she remembers the way you treated her while she hunted for Alex’s killer. Everything is just swirling around in her head. She has so much confusion and so much pain and probably most of all guilt. She’s had to carry it for a long time on her own and she’s taken a beating for it as well.”

As he watched Maria pull away in her Jetta Max decided to make another attempt to talk to Liz. He just had to talk to her about what Maria just told them all. He decided to walk over to the Crashdown a little fresh air would do him some good he would come back by later and pick up the car.

As he neared the Crash he noticed that there were no lights coming from her balcony. He called up to her balcony and when there was no answer he climbed up to check her room. No one was there. He then remembered, Liz and Sean had a date. He looked at his watch and saw it was nearing midnight and the pangs of jealousy and hurt began again. Climbing back down he decided to wait until she got home.

About a half hour later Max saw Liz and Sean drive up in his VW. Max was hoping that he wouldn’t be noticed so he leaned flat against the brick wall in the shadows of the restaurant. He watched Sean give Liz a good night kiss, running his hand through her hair.

At the sight of Sean kissing Liz, Max’s resolve almost broke. ‘I can’t do this now. ‘ he thought. ‘I have to wait for a better time. She’s obviously moving on.’ With a heavy heart, Max turned to leave.


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Here's the rest of Part 4

Part 4B

Taking one last look back Max remembered that there was a time that he was the one running his fingers through her silky hair. It was one of the things he loved about her. Just how soft her hair felt. Although he was tempted to just give up and go home, he noticed they appeared to be having a conversation while sitting in Sean’s car. He watched Sean reach over and again he ran his fingers through Liz’s hair again causing a searing pang of jealousy to shoot through Max. He wished that he could hear what they were saying.

He remembered in the past when he just sat and talked to Liz. How great that was. Even when Liz would start talking about some topic in science like fungus, her eyes would just light up, her whole face animated until she would realize that she was being a dork and she would drop her eyes in shyness. ‘God, was there anything about Liz that he didn’t love?’ Max thought.

But now it wasn’t him in the car with Liz. It was Sean. And it was killing him wondering what they were talking about.

“Sean, you’ve been a great friend when I needed one, but this can’t go any further than just friends. I …we…” Liz started to stammer.

“Evans, huh? Still hung up on him? After everything he’s done, you still won’t let go and move on? What kind of hold does he have on you Liz?”

“Sean, it’s really complicated.” Liz said, pleading for understanding, “I fell in love with him Sean. It was the most intense relationship of my life. I’m still trying to get over it. The Max Evans that you see has changed a lot from the one I originally loved. I helped force some of those changes by things that I did. I don’t know if the original Max can be resurrected, I don’t know if I want to try right now. I just know that I’ll probably never feel that way again and it isn’t fair to you or any other guy. I’m sorry Sean.” With that she gave Sean a quick kiss, jumped out of Sean’s car and ran into the Crashdown. Sean sat there for a moment watching the closed door then drove away.

Max witnessed the kiss from the shadows and felt a stab of pain, but decided that he had to talk to Liz no matter what.

Walking around to the ladder of Liz’s balcony, Max heard Liz moving around and called up to her. “Liz”

Liz’s shoulders sagged upon hearing Max’s voice. She walked over to the edge of the balcony and said, “Hi Max, why are you here?”

“Liz, we have to talk. Can I come up for a few minutes? I promise I won’t stay long. …. Please.”

Liz relented and nodded her head in response.

After climbing up and noticing that Liz had moved as far from the ladder as she could Max had trouble deciding what to say. He had been practicing a speech during all the long, sleepless nights but now that he was actually here with Liz Max was at a loss as to where to start.

“So are you with Sean now?” Max said while shoving his hands into his front pockets. He was steeling himself to be prepared for what he didn’t want to hear. “You seem to be spending a lot of time with him.”

Liz rolled her eyes as she closed them. “No Max. Sean is a friend, just a friend. We have fun together. He lets me forget about all the abnormal things in my life and just lets me be normal. He even taught me how to bowl.” Liz let out a small smile when she saw the look of relief escape Max’s posture.

Max took a seat on the wall surrounding the balcony but before he was able to start talking, Liz started, “Look at me Max.” She waited for him to look at her. To really look at her and when she was satisfied she continued. “When you look at me what do you see?” Once again she paused but not as long as the first time. “Someone a little unhinged, someone who can’t be trusted with your secret? Someone out to expose you?” Max flinched at the harshness in her tone but didn’t say anything. She deserved to get this out in the open and if what Maria had said earlier tonight was true, it was the least he could do for her.

“I didn’t realize that you didn’t love me anymore.” She continued. She had started to slowly pace the width of the balcony while she continued talking. All the while Max’s eyes never left her. “Deep in my heart I thought that you still might love me. I guess I believed what you said about always loving me, but I guess I was wrong. I never realized just how much you didn’t trust me anymore. When did I become your enemy?” She finished standing in front of him with her eyes pleading with him to tell her when she had failed him. When did she become the enemy? Max stood up so that she wouldn’t have to look down. He wanted nothing more than to wrap her up in his arms and to feel her body next to his.

“Liz, I still do love you, I’ve always loved you.”

“Then why were you leaving Max?” She took a step back and swiped at a runaway tear sliding down her cheek. “You love me, but not the way you loved Tess?!? You were willing to go to certain death with her and you would have left me here with an alien killer on the loose. God, how could I have believed you when you told me that you could never love Tess. Damn-it, I was such an idiot!” Liz spun away from Max and looked out over the town, arms tightly folded across her chest.

“But I never did loved Tess. I don’t….”

“What, Max!?” Liz said, cutting Max off as she spun around to face him. “You never loved Tess? But you slept with her Max. Don’t you remember what you told me the night before you were supposed to leave? When I asked you if you loved her?” Max took a step towards Liz and once again she stepped back.

“Not the way I love you.” Liz said sarcastically. “What kind of bullshit answer was that Max? If you’re not willing to tell the truth Max then get the hell off my balcony.” Liz stopped for a second to gather her thoughts, “Why are we here Max?” Liz asked as she threw her hands wide, indicating the balcony as well as this particular point in their lives. “Lies and half truths got us where we are now. No More Lies! If you can’t agree to that then this is all a waste of time and you should just go.” Although she fought it she couldn’t stop the tears from running down her face. She swiped at the tears not wanting to cry in front of Max. Tears meant that she cared, and she didn’t want Max to know that she felt anything anymore.

After hearing those words and seeing her tear stained face Max realized just how deeply he had hurt her. Liz, whom he swore he would never hurt. He realized just how much his actions of the last few months must have devastated the girl he loved. Feeling that he had to say something to fill the silence that was between them, Max decided he had to bare his soul, no holding back. He had to let Liz know just what he was feeling and thinking over the last few weeks. He didn’t want to bring up Future Max right now. The pain Liz was feeling had nothing to do with that. It had to do with his actions over the last few weeks and he had to address that now.

Looking down at his hands Max replied, “Liz, since the prom, when you told me that it was over… that I had been causing you tremendous pain this past year, I felt I had to let you go, I had to give up on us. I couldn’t bear the thought of you in pain because of me. I thought that was what you wanted, to move on with your life. As much as it hurt, I felt that I had to let you go.”

Max stopped, trying to gage her reactions to his words. Liz just stood there, saying nothing. So Max took a breath and continued, “When you left me and walked over to Maria at the prom, I wanted to tell you then how much I still loved you, that Kyle or no, I would always love you. But I couldn’t. You have been pushing me away and I thought that was what you wanted. And I couldn’t bear to hurt you even more.”

Max stopped, feeling the tears start to fall. He just hoped that he was getting through to her. That she could understand what he was trying to say.

“Liz, since our breakup last fall, I’ve been in hell.” Max began to slowly pace the width of the balcony. “I feel like I’m addicted to Liz Parker.” He stopped to see her reaction to what he had just said. When she didn’t flinch he continued. “When you’re not with me I feel like there’s this piece of me that’s missing. I have this huge craving. I have trouble focusing on things. My mind keeps wandering. Where is she? What is she doing? When can I see her next? I know it’s selfish of me. I know that you deserve a normal life. You of all people deserve to have the college education, the house with a white picket fence, and most of all…” Max hesitated. “babies. You deserve all of it, but I just can’t stop wishing that we could be together.” Max was now standing beside Liz who had wandered to stand by the edge of her balcony looking out over the sleeping town.

“My whole day used to revolve around last period. I would get to sit with you, hear your voice, smell you, and touch you. Do you know what it’s like to have your whole world revolve around something you can’t have?”

Liz heard the tremor in Max’s voice and turned back to him and he could barely hear her voice as she answered, “Yeah, I do.” After a pause, she asked in a louder voice, “So Max, how did it happen? How did you sleep with Tess? If you still loved me, why did you have sex with Tess?”

“Liz, I don’t really know how it happened. I remember watching you get in that cab heading for the airport. I remember telling you that our friendship was over.” Max was once again pacing as he went through the events of that night. “God, I can’t believe I said that. I remember wishing that I could take that back, I didn’t know how I could have said that to you. After you drove away, I was in shock; you had always been there for me, for us. I know I drove around for a few hours trying to figure out how things had gotten so bad between us, between everybody and me. There was nobody I could talk to. I ended up at the observatory. I wanted somewhere to go where I could be alone to think. That’s where Tess found me. The rest is just a blur, I don’t remember much of what happened, the next clear thought I have is waking up with Tess in my arms.” Max looked up to where Liz was standing.

“I’m so sorry Liz, I wish I could go back and change everything. I never wanted to hurt you.” Max waited for Liz to say something. It had been too long since they had been this close and he was having a hard time reading her expression. He couldn’t meet her gaze any longer so he looked down.

“No, Max we can’t go back and change anything. It would probably just make things worse. I know. Changing the future, or past doesn’t help. I totally fucked up this lifetime, I can’t deal with messing up another.”

The shock of hearing Liz curse brought his head up sharply. He noticed that she was standing by the ledge of her balcony looking out at the town once again. He walked over to her and gently put his hands on her shoulders. After everything that had been said and all the emotions exchanged between the two of them, he desperately needed some form of contact with her. Seeing that Liz didn’t flinch away from his touch, he began to move his hands down her arms afraid that any moment she would jump away from him but she seemed lost in her own thoughts.

He quietly said, “Liz, I know about what you did. I know about Future Max. Maria told us all tonight.” As if in slow motion Liz started to relax and lean back against Max. Once he realized that she wasn’t going anywhere he continued, “I can’t believe you carried that around inside you for so long. I can’t believe that you were so strong.” He turned her around so that he could look her in the eyes. “God, knowing me has caused you so much heartache. I’m so sorry Liz. I’m so sorry.”

Not knowing what to say Liz turned around once again to look across the world that once again was changing. Nothing was ever going to be the same again. Nothing. Liz again relaxed into his arms. She had missed the warmth of his hands on her. She had missed his touch. This felt like it was always meant to be, Max and her, together. Liz slowly crossed her arms and took one of his hands in each of hers. Max realized what she was doing and took it upon himself to make sure that he poured every ounce of love he could into the embrace. They stood like that for what seemed like hours, both of them afraid to breath for fear of breaking the spell.

Eventually Max had to ask the question that had been plaguing him since he heard Maria tell the story of Future Max, “Liz, why didn’t you come to me? Why didn’t you tell me about Future Max? We could have worked out a solution together.” Liz pulled away and turned around to look into his face. He had to see the determination that it took to make sure that that wouldn’t happen.

“No Max, it wasn’t that simple. I didn’t trust myself. Future Max gave me the plan he and the future me had come up with. I was scared to change it. Too many lives depended on it. I kept thinking that if I went to you it would be out of selfishness. That I was putting my own wants, my own needs ahead of the lives of Michael and Isabelle. I didn’t want the responsibility, this way it was someone else’s plan. Not mine.”

And then it dawned on her, fear of responsibility, fear of having responsibility for the lives of others had caused both she and Max to cause each other tremendous pain. She remembered the scene at Alex’s funeral. She accused Max of not wanting responsibility for Alex’s death.

Liz slowly looked directly into Max’s eyes and continued, “I wanted to tell you so much. So much.” Her shoulder began to shake as sobs started to wrack her body, “I missed you so much. I wanted to be with you so much.” Max reached over and pulled Liz into his arms and held her until she regained control of her emotions.

She stepped away from Max and said, “Max we’ve caused each other a lot of heart ache. But we also gave each other some of the happiest times of our lives. I don’t want to throw that away. But everything is just too confusing.” she waved her hand in the air and continued, “The pain still too fresh in my mind. I still need more time to deal with everything that’s happened. Can you understand that? Can you give me some time, some space?”

“Liz, just hearing that there’s a possibility of us working things out eventually is all I wanted to hear tonight. I’ll wait for you until you’re ready.”

He traced the outline of her cheek with his finger and then turned to go realizing that they had gone as far as Liz was willing to go for now.

Reaching the top of the ladder he turned to Liz and said, “Thank you Liz for the chance to talk. It meant a lot to me.” And then he climbed down the ladder and went home.

Liz climbed back into her room realizing that a small step had been taken in rebuilding a relationship that she thought had been destroyed beyond salvation. She didn’t know how to feel about that. On one hand she was still in love with Max Evans. She couldn’t deny that, but on the other hand she still couldn’t just forget the last few weeks and the fact that Max had a son out there somewhere.

Feeling sleepy, but knowing she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep right away, Liz decided to do something to get her mind off of Max and all things alien. She grabbed Grandma Claudia’s book off of her shelf and started to thumb through the pages, skimming the pages and looking at the pictures. She was still doing this when sleep finally found her.

As Max tried to sneak back into his room that night he heard someone clear their throat so he whipped around to find Isabelle waiting for him. “Where the hell were you Max? I’ve been worried. What was left to talk about once Kyle and I left the meeting?”

“uh, um, I went to see Liz, I had to …”

“What! God, Max, why don’t you ever listen to me? I told you to give her some space Max! What are you trying to do!?” She started, then came to a halt in mid-rant as she noticed the look on his face. It wasn’t the look of pain and hurt that she had been getting used to over the last few weeks. It was a look of …hope?..


I have to extend my thanks to Jenn (Bordersoninsanity)for her help, corrections, additions, comments, etc. Her help is greatly appreciated.

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To everyone enjoying this story, Part 5 will be delayed a bit. I have to play with it a bit. Some additions have to be made.

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After Departure – What’s Next - Part 5A

Author: SciFiNut111
Disclaimer: I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show. If I did own a piece of the show Michael and Isabelle would have joined Tess on her ride home and Sean would be managing a bowling alley in Nome.
Who: Max and Liz. The other characters are here in supporting rolls, minor supporting rolls. Oops, sorry, except Maria, she’s important.
Summary: Post Departure fic. – What happens next.
Rating: R for language

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

Part 5A

Liz woke the following morning and realized that it was the first night of uninterrupted sleep she had in weeks. She recalled Max’s visit last night and everything they had said to each other. No secrets, no holding back. Things had been said that started the healing process between them. She tried to decide just how she felt about that but couldn’t.

Starting to get out of bed, Liz almost stepped on the book she had been reading the night before. She noticed that it had fallen open to a picture of cave drawing that Grandma Claudia had studied at one of the nearby Indian Reservations. Liz was shocked to see that the drawing was almost identical to the symbol on the pendant Max had given her. Picking up the book Liz discovered that the symbol meant marriage. How could the pendant symbol and old Indian cave markings be so alike she thought?

Hearing the doorbell ring, Liz remembered that Maria was coming over this morning. Since her mom and dad were probably down in the Crashdown working, Liz went to let Maria in. “Hi, Maria. Come on in. I’m sorry but I just woke up. Max was here last night and we talked pretty late.”

“Max was here? You talked? Late?” Maria asked, hoping that it was a good thing that Max had come. “Umm, uh, did he mention anything about last night’s meeting?”

“Yeah, Maria. That’s not why he was here but he did tell me that the cat’s out of the bag; that he knows about Future Max. Don’t worry Maria. You did me a favor telling them. I know I should have been the one to tell them but I’m glad I didn’t have to. No, Max came here to have the ‘Talk”. You know, the one I didn’t think I wanted to have right now.”

“What did you do?” Maria asked worriedly. If Max and Liz never made up because she spilt the beans, which made Max come and talk to Liz, it would kill her.

“I unloaded on him again. He stood there and took it and then started to try to explain what happened. The more he talked the more I realized how screwed up every thing had become. Grandma Claudia always told me to follow my heart and I didn’t. I was afraid to. I should have gone to Max about Future Max; but I was afraid to. I kept pushing Max towards Tess, thinking that I was helping to save the world. I was being sooo noble. God, he did exactly what I pushed him to do and I hate him for it.” Liz looked up at Maria trying to see if she understood what she was saying. “I know I’m rambling Maria, but its helping me get my thoughts in order.”

“Go ahead, I understand. This last year has been hell for all of us. Everyone kept watching you and Max and wishing there was something that we could do to help. The two of you were obviously suffering.”

“Yeah, we were. Max, at least, tried to follow his heart. Even after seeing me with Kyle, he wouldn’t believe what he saw. I had to keep telling him that I had slept with Kyle. And even then, even after I convinced him that I had betrayed him, he still wanted to be friends. I know he was hoping that it would lead back to more.”

Taking a deep breath and looking at Maria, Liz continued, “You know, I almost told him about Future Max while we were in Las Vegas? Can you believe it, Max had a flash of our wedding. He said he saw the two of us in our wedding clothes. It was why he came back to the dinner. I should have said something then.. If I had…. If I had….”

Maria noticed the tears starting to seep out of Liz’s eyes, “Stop Liz. You had no idea what was going to happen. The damage had already been done. Tess had already mindwarped Alex. Stop blaming yourself for everything.”

“I keep trying to figure out when everything started to go so wrong. Should we have noticed anything strange happening? I keep coming back to the night Brody held us all hostage. Max says that Larek remembered he and Tess in the past. That it awakened some memories in him. Remember, after that night Max started having Tess help him remember his past.”

“What do you think Maria? “

“Liz, like I said. We can’t change what happened. Stop beating yourself up about it. We have to move on. We have to look to the future. We’re going to have enough problems there.”

“I know Maria. But I can’t stop thinking that there’s something we missed. Something important. So much went on and we just went with it. We just reacted to what was going on. We never really stopped to think about what was happening, or why. There’s something out there, I know there is.”

Maria nodded her head and continued, “You’re probably right. Your hunches usually are. Maybe it would be better if we get everyone in a room and go over the last few weeks. Try to see the last few weeks through everyone’s eyes.”

“So, back to the main question. You and Max. Where do you think that’s going?”

“I don’t know. I told you I want to bury any love I have inside me. But something inside me wants to try again. Being with Max just feels right. When we’re standing together I just feel like the puzzle is complete. Having his arms around….” Liz shook herself and continued, “The question is, can I take more heartache? I know life with an alien king will never be normal and I can accept that, but I don’t want to be hurt again. I don’t know if I can survive it again and then there’s the baby. What’s going to happen if Max can find his son? What if he has to leave me and go “home”?” Liz started to pace again. She had to make Maria see it from her point of view.

“Think of you and Michael. What if Courtney was out there somewhere carrying Michael’s child? How would you handle it? What would you do?”

“What Michael and I have wasn’t the same as what you and Max have, or had, whatever. What you and Max have is almost, …um, see I should have taken Honors English, what ‘s the word I’m looking for? Oh, that’s it mystical.”

“Mystical, Maria, I really have to start checking on the things you’re sniffing.“ Liz said laughing.

“No, Chica, I’m not kidding. Do you know that Max can sense when you’re near? He hasn’t said anything about it, but there have been times when I’ve seen him perk up and look around and then you come walking through a door or come around a corner. Its scary.” As she was talking Maria noticed this shocked look come into Liz’s eyes and she asked, “What’s wrong? Is it scaring you? I thought you knew?”

“No Maria. I didn’t know. But there are times when I think I can sense Max. I’ve been telling myself that it’s just coincidence. I’ll get a strange feeling in the back of my head. I can’t really describe it. A buzzing? No that’s not right. Like I said, I can’t really describe it. It’s been almost gone lately, but it’s still there.”

Now it was Maria’s turn to look surprised. “You’ve had this weird ability to sense Max and you never told me? How long has this been going on? Weaker? But you can still do it? We got to try this out. Can you sense him now? Where is he?”

“Maria, Maria, calm down. You’re rambling. First, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think it was real. I thought it was just coincidence. Second, since that night we spent in the desert. We just seemed to have connected that night, we seemed to open up to each other. Third, its weak but sometimes I still can feel him. And last, no I don’t know where he is. It’s not like radar. I either feel it or I don’t. Does that answer all of your questions?”

“Nope. I still have the main question. You and Max, Yes or No?”

Liz looked at Maria and said, “I just think that right now I’m too afraid of getting hurt again Maria. I couldn’t survive another six months like I just had. It would kill me. As much as I still love Max, as good as it felt to have him hold me, I’m just too scared to open up again. I just can’t get past Max having sex with Tess. I can’t believe he would do that. Maybe we can be friends again, but nothing more.”

Maria looked at the tears in her friend’s eyes and remembered the broken looks on the people at the meeting last night and started to get mad. Hearing her best friend tell her that she couldn’t open her heart to the man she loved caused something to snap inside. She slammed her fist down on the bed and said out of gritted teeth, “Then that Bitch wins doesn’t she. That Bitch wins.”

“What bitch? What do you mean Maria?” Liz asked in surprise at Maria’s outburst.

“Tess, who the hell do you think I mean. That bitch destroyed my family, our family. She hurt everyone I love. She killed one of my friends. And I don’t want her to win. We have to fight her Liz. We just have to. You weren’t at the meeting last night. You didn’t see their faces.”

Cutting Maria off, Liz said in a resigned voice, “She won already Maria. She won. And there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Maria snapped her head around and moved to get right in Liz’s face, “Do you really believe that!” Maria threw her hands up in the air and began pacing in front of Liz who was still sitting on the bed. “There’s nothing we can do!? Are you just going to let her win without a fight? Damn-it Liz we have to do something! I don’t know about you, but we have to get our family back together. We’re stronger when we’re together, we proved that often enough. We have to rebuild what we lost. What that bitch destroyed.”

“Maria she won! She’s on her way home with Max’s son. She is carrying Max’s son!!! And they don’t have her here to complete their group. It’s over Maria, get used to that fact.”

“So, we just lay down and die? We just go on like nothing happened until Kivar comes after us? I can’t believe you’ll just give up Liz. That’s so not like you. Liz, please, we have to fight back. And we need your help!”

“I don’t know if I can do it Maria.” Liz replied shaking her head. “Anyway, you still have the rest of you. You can do it without me. I’ll do what I can to help. But you should be able to work on a plan with out me.”

“Again, you weren’t there last night. Max has one focus now, his son. Trying to save his son. Even after I told him about Future Max his only interest was in finding a way to get to Antar. Michael and Isabelle just seem to be happy to let Max take charge right now. They’re afraid he’ll freak out again if they argue with him.”

“Oh, God, why me.” Liz said as she flopped back on the bed, arms flung out wide.

“Why you?” Maria sat down beside Liz and then she laid back just like she was. She turned her head and then continued. “Because, you’re the glue that holds us all together. We can’t do this without you. Max Evans fell in love with you. You’re the only one that Max really listens too. He trusts you. If anybody can convince Max to start worrying about anything other than his son it will have to be you. If Michael or Isabelle try he’ll take it as criticism and just argue with them or shut down. And he wouldn’t even listen to Kyle or me.”

Rubbing her face with her hands as she sat back up Liz moaned, “Trust me? How can you say Max trusts me? Where have you been the last few weeks?” Liz asked. Seeing that Maria was going to continue arguing, Liz shot up her hand and continued, “I have to think about it Maria. Just give me some time to think about it, okay?”

Maria looked at Liz and slowly nodded her head.

“Okay, enough of that!” Liz said clapping her hands together. “What else happened at the meeting last night? Anybody come up with a plan of attack?”

“No, nothing. Oh, Except they think that they might be able to get somewhere by contacting Larek. They have to wait for Brody to come back to town. Isabelle and Max are both worried that it might hurt Brody but it’s the only thing they can think of.”

“You know Maria. There’s a few other things that we should be looking into. This whole thing just doesn’t seem right. There’s something that we’re missing here. Off of the top of my head I have a few questions that we should be asking ourselves, Why did Tess have to mind warp Alex to translate the book? You know Alex, he would have done it as a challenge if Tess asked him to. How about the translation, have you read it? I scanned it as it was being printed out. One part about the granalith and then useless stuff about abductions and testing? Why? There was nothing about Destiny, or the enemy or anything useful. There are pictures of Max, Iz, Michael and Tess but nothing in the translation referring to them. And then the main point. Future Max told me that the granalith was powerful, gees, he used it to travel through time. The translation says it’s a one shot space ship. It just doesn’t add up.”

“Liz, it sounds like you’ve been giving this a lot of thought for someone that just gave up. I knew you have to be part of our search.” Maria said, rolling her eyes at the word “search”. “Everyone took the translation at face value. Nobody is questioning it. I tried to read it once. After the first paragraph it just starts to go on about abductions and cloning. It doesn’t really say anything about their purpose for being here. It doesn’t really mention anything about Royal Fours, Four Squares, anything like that. And the translation is about 100 pages long. I thought the Destiny Book was about 10 or 12 pages long. I think you’re right. Someone should look into it. The only question is, why fake a translation?”

“I don’t know Maria. But I think we’ve all learned not to trust anything that has to do with Tess. Anything. I’m beginning to doubt that we found the translation. I think we were led to it. Tess needed the instruction for the granalith to get home but she couldn’t just show up with the translation. People would have wondered where she got it, how she got it. And if she lead us to the translation, then she obviously didn’t want the contents of the rest of the book known so she had Alex put in filler text. That’s probably why she had to mind-warp him into doing the translation. She wanted control over what we saw.”

“We have to try to figure out the true translation Maria. What was Tess hiding?”

“Yeah, you’re right. Someone should look into it. But how do we go about it. It took Alex 3 months at Las Cruces, working on a super computer designed to break codes to come up with the translation. I don’t think we’d get too far with a laptop. We can’t really go to anybody else. What do we say? Can you help us decipher some alien Hieroglyphics? I have some alien friends that are having trouble understanding the instruction manual for the weapon they’re supposed to use to conquer the world. I know some computer geeks that would jump at the chance, but I don’t think Max, Isabelle and Michael would let them in on their secret.” Maria responded with a laugh.

“Nope, I think we have our computer geek right here.” Liz replied to Maria. Then looking straight at her she said, “You”

Part 5B will be posted soon. This whole part got real long.

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After Departure – What’s Next - Part 5B

Author: SciFiNut111
Disclaimer: I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show. If I did own a piece of the show Michael and Isabelle would have joined Tess on her ride home and Sean would be managing a bowling alley in Nome.
Who: Max and Liz. The other characters are here in supporting rolls, minor supporting rolls. Oops, sorry, except Maria, she’s important.
Summary: Post Departure fic. – What happens next.
Rating: R for language

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

Part 5B

Max’s eyes slowly opened as he came awake. He looked around his room for the reason it seemed brighter. He glanced over at his clock and realized that he had had the first uninterrupted night of sleep that he could remember. He had been asleep for 7 hours. No nightmares, no tossing and turning. He had this sense that today was going to be a good day.

Then he thought back to the night before. It had started out so bad and ended so good. Max rolled onto his back and placed his arms behind his head and went back over what had exactly happened last night.

Liz had gone on her date with Sean. She hadn’t come to the meeting. Although she had said that she wouldn’t change her plans and attend, he had been hoping that she would change her mind and show up anyway. He tried to just ignore the fact that she wasn’t there but when Kyle asked about her, he had just lost it. Of course Kyle had been right. He didn’t deserve Liz’s help. He didn’t deserve Liz.

Then Maria had made the startling revelation about Future Max. How I had come back from the future. Me. I had used the Granalith to travel through time. God, how could I come up with a plan like that? How could I want Liz to fall out of love with me? Didn’t I know the terrible pain I would cause her? Didn’t Liz in the future know it? Why didn’t they know about Tess and her treachery? There were a few questions that he still had to ask Liz but not just yet. He promised to give her some time and that was what he was going to do.

And then there’s Liz. Liz let me talk to her last night. She actually let me talk and she listened. What did she mean she missed me? Was it she missed seeing me? Or was it that she missed our friendship? But she talked to me!

Well, this is getting me nowhere. I wonder if Liz is working at the Crashdown today? Maybe I’ll stop over later. But right now its time for a shower and breakfast. He rolled off his bed and walked to the bathroom.

After taking his shower and getting dressed Max made his way down to the kitchen for breakfast. As he walked in his parents almost ran him over.

“Oh, good morning Max. I didn’t hear you get up.” Diane said as she noticed her son’s appearance. He hadn’t looked this well in quite sometime. To be honest she was getting really worried that there was something seriously wrong. “Your dad and I are on the way out. We’re driving over to Albuquerque for the day to go shopping. Do you want to come along?”

“No, I have some homework I have to get done and Izzy and I were gonna hang out together later.”

“Well, have a good day Max.” Diane said as she reached up and gave Max a kiss on the cheek. Diane’s shoulders released their tension when he hugged her back.

Max watched his parents leave and then returned to the kitchen for breakfast. He sat down at the table bowl of cereal in hand and began reading the comics when Isabelle came walking into the room. “Good morning brother of mine. Get a good night’s sleep for once?” Max looked up and just smiled.

“What? You can tell?” He said.

“Yeah, I didn’t hear that god-awful music you listen to blaring last night.” She was smiling from ear to ear. A slight spring in her step and she looked pleasantly perfect.

“Yeah Iz, I had a great nights sleep. Didn’t wake up once. It felt great.” He smiled back at her. Things were getting back to normal. He just knew today was going to be the day everything got back to normal.

“Whoa, one talk with Liz and you’re in a halfway decent mood? What did you guys talk about?” Max shook his head. He wasn’t going to answer that. It was personal. “Come on. I want to know?” Isabelle asked as she got a bowl and spoon for herself.

Deciding that she wasn’t going to let him get by with not answering he decided to. “We talked about a lot. This last year. Sean. Kyle. Future Max. God it was great just talking to her. The fog surrounding this last year just seemed to thin out. I can’t explain it. Everything just seems clearer.” Max answered as he played around with the cereal remaining in his bowl. He pushed the bowl to the center of the table and looked up at Isabelle.

“I wonder what happened to make her agree to talk to me? I know I went over there to talk, but I expected her to put up a fight, you know, like she’s been doing. I thought I’d have to beg for a few minutes, but she just said okay.”

Isabelle froze feeling Max’s eyes on her back. She realized that Max didn’t know about her visit to Liz and turned around and started for the table.

Noticing Isabelle’s slight hesitation Max panicked, “What did you do Iz. You didn’t screw around in her dreams did you? You know I don’t want you messing around with her dreams.”

“No, Max, no. Nothing alien related at all. I just went over to the Crashdown and had a talk with her. She was out of the loop for awhile. I just let her know about everything that had been going on. Maybe it helped calm her down a bit.” Isabelle replied nervously. Maybe she shouldn’t have interfered.

After a brief moment of silence where the two siblings exchanged understanding looks, Isabelle continued, “So, what did you talk about? You mentioned a lot of things, but I want details.” She rested her chin on the palm of her hand and gave Max her undivided attention…

“Yeah, well. I asked about Sean. I was really afraid of her answer but I just had to know about the two of them. Liz said they’re just friends. That they have fun together. God, I could almost feel my heart start beating again when she told me that.” Max said with a relieved sigh. Isabelle sat up straighter Max’s excitement coming across the table in waves.

“That’s great, Max. I’m glad. I never could see why Liz hung out with him.”

“She said he made her feel normal, that they just had fun together.” Max continued with a hint of the old pain in his voice.

Trying to get Max off the subject of normal and Sean Isabelle switched gears, “So, what else did she say to make the change in your mood?”

Max looked over to Isabelle and quietly said, “She said she missed me, Iz.” Then looking down at his hands with his voice cracking, “She said she missed me.”

Isabelle scooted over next to Max and rubbing her hand on his back replied, “That’s a good thing isn’t it Max? She missed you, you missed her. That means there’s hope. Right?”

“Yeah, Yeah it is. Liz still wants some time to think. Everything that happened still hurts. So I’ll just back off for awhile.” Glancing at Isabelle Max asked, “Do you think that’s right? Stay away for now?”

“Yep, I do Max. Just be around in case she wants to make the first move. She still loves you Max. It’s only a matter of time before she realizes that.”

As Max returned to his room he noticed that the window was open. As he looked around the room he spotted Michael sitting at his computer playing a game of solitaire.

“Can’t you ever use a door like normal people?” Max inquired.

“I’m not normal. You of all people should realize that.” Michael retorted.

“So, why are you here so early? I figured you still be sleeping?”

“You said that we were going to try to do something about Larek today. So here I am.”

“Oh, fine. I thought we’d do that later but now is fine. Just let me go get Isabelle.”

As Max turned to leave the room, Michael stopped him, “Max, before you get Isabelle I have to talk to you alone.”

Max, not liking the tone of Michael’s voice, slowly turned back and guardedly asked, “What about Michael?”

“Uh, well. Liz actually.” Michael looked at Max sheepishly. He then blurted out, “Max, we have to talk to her. We have to make her tell us everything she knows about Future Max, the granalith, everything.” Taking a breath he continued in a calmer voice, “I spent all last night thinking about this Max. I can’t believe she didn’t tell us about this. It affects us. It’s stuff we needed to know and she kept it secret.”

Looking at the shocked expression on Max’s face he continued, “I always thought we could trust her Max. That she would help us no matter what. But now I’m not so sure. She may have information we need to keep ourselves alive.”

Finally Max found his voice and replied, “What the hell are you talking about? She gave up her happiness so that you and Isabelle have a chance to live! Are you crazy? How can you doubt her? She would do anything for us.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too, Max. But these secrets were about us. She should have told us. Don’t let your feelings for her get in the way of logical thought Max.”

“Uh, Uh. No! Don’t even go there.” Max retorted. “Liz did what she thought was right. It may not have turned out like she thought but that wasn’t her fault. Nobody knew about Nesedo’s deal with Khivar. She was trying to make me face my Destiny.”

“Look, I’m only trying to make you look at this logically. Use your damn head Max!” Michael didn’t want to be the bad guy in this but he had to at least tell Max about his misgivings.

“That’s enough Michael. I would trust Liz Parker with my life. So that’s it. End of discussion.”

As Michael started to say something else, Isabelle popped her head in the room, “Oh, it’s Michael. I thought you were talking to yourself.” Looking between Max and Michael she could see the tension between the two guys. “What’s wrong? What happened? Why do the two of you look so upset?”

“Nothing Iz. It’s between Michael and I.” Max responded.

Knowing that something was wrong, but realizing that they didn’t want to talk about it now, Isabelle changed the subject, “Okay. Nothings wrong. Uh, How about trying to contact Larek then?”

Welcoming the change in subject Max walked over to Isabelle and asked, “How is this supposed to work now?”

Looking between Max and Michael and seeing the tension still there she began to explain, “Remember when we were trying to figure out what the gandarium was? We contacted Larek through Brody. What if we try to contact Larek without Brody? If we combine all of our energy maybe I can dreamwalk him.”

“Okay, it’s worth a try. How do we do this,” Max asked.

“Lets go down to the living room. We’ll be more comfortable there.” As they walked through the house Isabelle explained to Michael, “Our parents went shopping. They’ll be gone all day. We have the house to ourselves.”

“Now, let’s use the couch. I’ll take the middle, I have to hold each of your hands. Try to relax and feed me your power.” As they settled onto the couch Michael and Max each grabbed one of Isabelle’s hands and tried to blank out their minds and concentrate on providing power to Isabelle.

After about a half hour of trying Isabelle finally gave up and said, “Damn, it isn’t working. I can’t even figure out where on the dream plane to go. I thought that I would be able to sense him or at least make him sense us. But it isn’t working.”

“What do we do now, Max?” Michael asked.

“I don’t know? Wait for Brody I guess.” Max responded.

As Michael and Max were talking Isabelle got a thoughtful expression on her face. “Max, how about Liz? Maybe we can get her to try that astral projection thing? You know, they thing she used to contact you in New York.”

Max thought for a moment and answered, “I don’t know Iz. I want to give her some space for a while. I know she said she’d help us find my son, but it’s too soon. And anyway, she doesn’t have the control or power to do it. We’re talking a lot of distance.”

“That’s where you’re wrong Max. When she contacted you in New York I could feel the power coming off of her. Liz thought that I used my powers to make the projection but I only held her hand and gave her moral support. The whole projection thing was all her.”

“No, I still don’t think so.” Max replied while looking directly at Isabelle. “You know what we were talking about before? That things are at a delicate point right now? I don’t want to do anything to mess that up.”

“What are you talking about Max? Get Liz. We’ll ask her to help. You said she’d do anything for us. So ask her.” Michael said.

“Nope, Michael. We’ll wait for Brody. Let’s keep Liz out of this for now.” Max replied.

“But Brody won’t be back for a few weeks. What do we do in the mean time?”

“We wait. I’ll wait.” Max answered.

Isabelle looked at Max and realized that he wasn’t just talking about Brody.


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After Departure – What’s Next - Part 6

Author: SciFiNut111
Disclaimer: I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show. If I did own a piece of the show Michael and Isabelle would have joined Tess on her ride home and Sean would be managing a bowling alley in Nome.
Who: Max and Liz. The other characters are here in supporting rolls, minor supporting rolls. Oops, sorry, except Maria, she’s important.
Summary: Post Departure fic. – What happens next?
Rating: R for language

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

From Part 5A

“We have to try to figure out the true translation Maria. What was Tess hiding?”

“Yeah, you’re right. Someone should look into it. But how do we go about it. It took Alex 3 months at Las Cruces, working on a super computer designed to break codes to come up with the translation. I don’t think we’d get too far with a laptop. We can’t really go to anybody else. What do we say? Can you help us decipher some alien Hieroglyphics? I have some alien friends that are having trouble understanding the instruction manual for the weapon they’re supposed to use to conquer the world. I know some computer geeks that would jump at the chance, but I don’t think Max, Isabelle and Michael would let them in on their secret.” Maria responded with a laugh.

“Nope, I think we have our computer geek right here.” Liz replied to Maria. Then looking straight at her she said, “You”

Part 6

“What!!! How could I possibly help Ms. Science Geek?” Maria asked.

“Come on Maria, you’re the one that found some of the clues we needed on the computers. I think Alex rubbed off on you. You seem to be able to tease stuff out of a computer and that’s what I’m trying to do. I may be a Science Nerd, but computers are not that kind to me.” Liz responded.

Digging out the computer they had found at Las Cruces, Liz started it up. As the computer went through its startup Liz said to Maria, “Alex put the entire source code and translation for the Destiny book on this laptop. We have the part of the translation that is correct. Maybe that would be a good starting point. We use the symbol translations we know are correct in the rest of the book and see what we get. Also, I’ve noticed that some of the symbols in the book are similar to Native American cave symbols. I’ll try to find matches from the book with symbols in Grandma Claudia’s book. Maybe we can come up with some additional matches that way.” Glancing at Maria and seeing the expression on her face Liz continued, “I know; it’s a long shot. But we have to try.”

Maria looked at the laptop and back at the book before saying, “Liz, that will take forever. We need a better plan. We need some additional help doing this.”

“Yeah, I know. But there isn’t anybody else right now.”

“There’s Max.” Maria offered with a smile and in return got an evil look from Liz.

“I’m not ready to spend that much time with Max right now… We’re at . . . let’s say a comfortable medium. Anyway, you’re the one that wanted my help so suck it up DeLuca and let’s get started. If we can’t make any progress, then we’ll try to think of something else.”

“Like Max?” Maria moved her eyebrows up and down as if that would entice Liz into agreeing that Max would be able to help.

“Maria. Enough already.” Liz was beginning to get annoyed with Maria right about now and sensing Liz’s hostility Maria decided to back off of the subject for the time being. Liz had settled down in front of her grandmother’s book as well as a print-out of the Destiny book. “Now, come on, let’s try the first page.” And with that Liz grabbed Grandma Claudia’s book and the print-out while Maria opened the translation file on the laptop.

After an hour or so of work without making much headway. Well, to be honest, no headway. Maria turned to Liz and said, “We’ll be here for years at this rate.” Tilting her head over the back of the computer chair and swinging her arms as if she were trying to get some circulation back in them. “We have to come up with a better plan.”

Rolling over on her back and looking up at the ceiling Liz agreed. “Yeah, you’re right. It sounded better while I was talking about it.” Looking at her watch she continued, “We start our shift in an hour. Let’s quit for now.” Then remembering that school was almost over Liz said to Maria, “This is the last week of school before finals. I have a lot of work to do.”

“You’re not the only one.” Maria said turning her head sideways so that she could look at Liz lying on the floor.

“We won’t be able to work on this for a while. During that time maybe we can try to think up a better way to translate the book.”

Sunday the two girls worked in the Crashdown neither one bringing up the translation of the book. During breaks they took turns of taking over the booth that held their schoolwork. They both had yet to come close to completing anything that was due for the next day. Maria still had a term paper that she had been putting off for the last three weeks and Liz had a school project of her own to work on so no work was done on the translation, a situation that would continue for the rest of the week.

Monday arrived which meant that it was back to school. Only one week left before Finals week. At least Liz felt a little better going to school now. Her talks with Max and Maria over the weekend had given her a lot to think about and she no longer felt the pain she had when she saw Max.

As she and Maria made their way in to the school from the parking lot they passed Max, Isabelle and Michael who were standing at their normal spot outside the school doors. Maria walked up to Michael who wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss. Liz just smiled at Max and Isabelle as she went by, even adding a “Good morning.” as she passed by them.

Max’s hope rising he turned to Isabelle and said, “It’s a start.” And walked in to the school after her leaving Isabelle cursing her brother under breath to not to do anything stupid.

As Michael saw Max walk in to the school after Liz, Maria could feel his body tense. “What’s wrong Michael? What happened?”

“Nothing, nothing happened.” Michael bit out. He couldn’t believe that Max was going to follow after Liz like a puppy.

“Michael! I know something’s wrong. I can feel it. So you better come clean and tell me what’s going on or,..”

Glancing around to make sure that they weren’t being overheard, Michael blurted out, “Okay, okay. It’s about Liz. It’s about Liz and that whole Future Max, granalith thing you told us about. She should have told us about it. She shouldn’t have kept it a secret. We needed to know what she found out. I’m beginning to wonder what else she hasn’t told us. What other secrets she’s holding back.”

Leaning closer to Michael, Maria answered him, “But, Max told her not to. He said it was too dangerous for you to find out about him.”

“But she should…” Michael tried to respond but Maria cut him off. “You’re not listening to me. MAX told her not to tell you.” Maria said, enunciating each word slowly, “MAX, Michael. She did it for Max.” Leaning back a little Maria continued to try to explain, “Liz would do anything for Max. That’s how much she loves him. And really, what did she know? The granalith could be used for time travel? That Tess was important and had to be kept a part of your group?”

Looking to see if Michael was beginning to understand what she was trying to explain Maria glanced around, “Think of what she’s done the past few months. She told Max that the granalith was powerful and that he had to keep it at all costs. Didn’t she?” Michael nodded and began to respond but Maria cut him off and continued, “And look at what she tried to do for Max and,…and that lying, murdering, conniving…” Maria stopped and took a deep calming breath and continued, “Bitch. It was killing her but she tried to make her welcome. To make her feel a part of the group.”

“See what I mean. She helped Tess become a part of the group.” Michael responded triumphantly, finally being able to show Maria that Liz had been wrong.

Exasperated, Maria bit out, “Because…….Max……..told……..her………to! She and Max had no idea that Tess and Nesedo had a deal cooking with Khivar.”

Michael still didn’t look completely convinced. And just stood, saying nothing.

It finally struck Maria why Michael was taking the whole Future Max thing so hard and she confronted Michael with her suspicions. “This really doesn’t have anything to do with Liz keeping everything a secret does it? You’re pissed off because Future Max went to Liz and not you. You’re pissed off because Future Max said that Liz was the only one he could trust to do this. That’s it, isn’t it Michael?”

“No, this isn’t about me. It’s about keeping secrets.” Michael tried to explain.

Maria cut him off again. “Michael, before you go any further, Liz is the best friend you, Max, Isabelle, me, that any of us could have. She proved that to you often enough. That’s why this conversation is so weird. I thought you had realized just how good a friend she is. God, Michael, after the way that Max, Isabelle and you treated her she still saved your freaking lives!”

“Yeah, I know. She did save us didn’t she?” Michael looking away from Maria he sheepishly continued, “Maybe it is about Future Max going to Liz instead of me. I don’t know, I just felt so…. I don’t know. I can’t decide how I feel now.”

Looking back at Maria, Michael whined out, “Damn, Maria, can’t you let me be right sometime? Can I win at least one argument?”

“Michael it’s your tough luck that you just happened to fall in love with Ms Right.”

As Michael turned away Maria was just able to here him say under his breath, “But does her first name have to be Always?”

As the week went on Liz noticed that Max was at his locker every time she stopped between 2nd and 3rd periods to change her books. She knew that Max had all his classes on the other side of the school and realized why he was there. To see her. Should she feel scared that he was stalking her or happy that he just wanted to see her?

During Biology on Wednesday Trish had finally worked up enough courage to ask Max for help after school. She looked up and noticed once again that he was staring at Liz Parker who was now sitting in her old lab station. She began to ask him for help but he paid no attention to her. She nudged him to break him out of his reverie. “Ow.” He said giving her a what-was-that-for look.

“Well, now that I have your attention, I’ve been meaning to ask you, can you give me some help Max? I don’t understand these last two chapters too well.” Trish asked while batting her baby blues at him.

Max turned away from staring at Liz and answered, “Sure, when would you like to get together? I’m pretty much caught up in everything so I’ll be free the next few days.”

“How about after school today? We could meet in the quad?” Trish asked.

“Sure, after last period, in the quad, I’ll be there.”

He walked in to the office, the banner for the organization spanning the front wall. He looked at the banner, Earth For Humans, and wondered how many others in the general population realized that they were being invaded from space. Their organization was one of the few on the front lines, trying to insure that earth remained safe for his species. He remembered when they had closed down the Special Unit. Destroying all the files. He had been able to save his personal files, thus not all evidence of aliens on earth was lost.

He had tried to fight to try to save the Unit. By his arguments had become too strident. His fear of aliens made him a laughing stock among other agents. It had gotten to the point that he was forced to take early retirement or face dismissal. Thus he had gravitated to this organization in order to carry on his quest; Eradication of the threat imposed by aliens.

As he approached, the man sitting behind the desk looked up from his paper work, “How did it go with the new sheriff? Did you get any additional information? he asked.

“No, no problem with the sheriff. FBI credentials will always open doors and file cabinets in these hick towns. I think I have more in my files than they do. Have you made contact with Mr. Jones yet?” Agent “Smith” answered.

“He’s been contacted. We are to provide him with preliminary surveillance reports, pictures of the target, then back off. He wants us to provide basic information concerning schedule, habits, and friends. You know the drill. He will take it from there. Once he arrives he wants all of our people to be removed.” Agent “Smith” was informed.

“That will be no problem. I’ve already begun watching the subject. She’s predictable. School, work, home. She hasn’t done anything else. When she leaves her house she’s usually with a friend.” Agent Smith ran down what he had observed in the last few days.

“Has Dr. Alpha completed securing and setting up the laboratory? I promised him all of the support he would need. Equipment, assistants, all of that. Has it been arranged?” Agent “Smith” asked.

“Everything is ready. We can have everything operational within 72 hours. Some of the more expensive test equipment is being rented and will take time to arrive. All we have to wait for now is the subject. We have a state of the art facility courtesy of the downsizing at the CIA. It’s amazing what the government is getting rid of these days. Once we’re done, we’ll know everything there is to know about them. We’ll be able to totally eradicate this threat to humanity.” The man responded.

Max met Trish in the quad after school. They sat down at a table, opened their books and Max began to go over the chapters Trish had trouble with. The time went quickly, the chapters were something that interested Max and Trish wasn’t as completely clueless as she let on. Yeah, she did need help, but not that much. As they finished reviewing the first chapter, Max looked up and saw Liz coming out of the school. She must have had something to do after school he thought to himself. He watched her look around then go over to where Maria and Michael were sitting while studying together. Well, to be completely honest, Maria was trying to study, and Michael was being a major distraction.

Max watched her sit down and spread her books and notebooks out in front of her. She said a few things to Maria and Michael and then started to look at her books. As they continued to study, he would look up every now and then and catch Liz looking at him. She would quickly turn back to her books a small smile well hidden behind the curtain of hair running across her face.

Michael and Maria watched the continuing soap opera that was Max and Liz from the end of the table where Liz was sitting. Michael turned to Maria and said, “Well, how long until they’re back together?”

Maria responded, “I don’t know if Liz will let him back in. She’s really scared of being hurt again. And I can’t blame her. I keep thinking about what I should tell her. What would be the best for Liz, and I don’t know what to say.”

Michael looked at Maria with a smirk on his face, “And you call yourself a friend. I’ll bet you a dinner at any restaurant you name, I’ll even go so far as to wear a jacket and tie, all the romantic crap you like, that Max and Liz are playing tonsil hockey by the end of the summer.”

Maria looked at her friend and then over to Max, she asked, “And what if I lose? What do I have to do?”

Michael cocked an eyebrow at Maria, “I’ll come up with something. Don’t worry.” He said as he held out his hand for Maria to shake.

“So, you’re not suspicious of Liz? You’re not mad at her anymore?” Maria asked.

“No, I guess not. A real pain in my butt made me look at the whole thing from a different point of view and it made me realize that she was cornered. There really wasn’t anything else she could do….” Seeing the look on Maria’s face Michael continued, “Damn I hate it when you’re right! Now I have to live with that look you have for the rest of the week.”

Trish had finished with what they were going over when she looked across to Max only to find him once again staring at Liz. Clearing her throat she began, “Max, uh, I just have to ask you. You like never take your eyes off of Liz. You obviously want to be with her, and she obviously wants to be with you. What the heck is the problem? You guys used to seem so right for each other.” Trish asked after catching Max staring at Liz for what seemed like the umpteenth time.

“It’s really complicated, all right? Its just something that happened.”

“Don’t tell me the rumors were true? They couldn’t be. They had to be false. Even I know that when a girl has sex with a guy, they at least hold hands or are together for a while after. After you and Liz broke up last year she was with no one.”

“No, no, the rumors were wrong. Liz wouldn’t do something like that. I would really like to know who started those rumors.” Max replied.

Trish looked at Max thoughtfully and said, “You know Max, when I saw you and Liz at the prom I thought you were working out your problems. You and Liz were like the hottest couple in school last year. The two of you really looked like you had something that would last forever.”

“But then I saw why the two of you weren’t together anymore. Wow, Max how could you do it?”

“What?” Max asked.

“Kiss Tess with Liz standing right there; watching. It really seemed to destroy her.” Trish answered.

“What are you talking about? What kiss?”

“Max, at the prom. I was coming out of the restroom and saw you and Tess practically eating each other’s faces. You were all over her Max. And Liz was standing there watching it! Gees, I’m not a good friend of Liz’s but even I felt really sorry for her after seeing the look on her face. She looked completely destroyed before ripping her corsage off and running out the doors.”

“Oh, God. I never realized that she saw that.” Max said while dropping his head into his hands.

“What did you think happened Max? Did you miss the fact that you didn’t have a date to drive home? Boy Tess must really be something. She must have worked some magic over you.”

The week went fast, school all day, work in the afternoon, then studying at night. Liz had a lot of ground to make up after ignoring a lot of her studies the last few weeks. Liz’s dad even went so far as to have he and his wife take care of closing the Crashdown at night so that the kids could leave work early to study. It helped Liz take her mind off of things alien and return to normal.

On Friday as Maria and Liz walked towards the school, they saw Max, Iz and Michael waiting by the front door. As they approached Iz asked how their finals week had gone. Liz answered, “Fine, it was a lot of hard work but I think I did fine. How did you guys do?”

“Uh, great, Pre-Calculus was really tough, but then it always is?” Max answered. As Liz walked past into the school Max turned and walked with her continuing to talk about the weeks tests until they reached Liz’s locker. “Uh, mm, Uh, Liz, how about sitting with us at lunch today. We’ve, uh, well , Maria and, Iz have missed you.”

“I don’t know about that Max. You’re asking me to give up the world of armpit farts, dirty jokes and male chauvinist leering at the jock table with Kyle. Mmmmm tough, decision. Did you know that Kyle’s friend Jeff can burp the national anthem? Or that uh, well, I won’t go there, it’s pretty gross. You want me to miss all that? I’ll have to give that some hard thought.” Liz replied smiling.

Remembering that the had a class in a few minutes Liz looked up at Max and asked, “So, are you ready for the Biology final? Come-on, we don’t want to be late for class.” With that Liz grabbed Max’s hand and started to drag him to class.

Max almost forgot to move his feet, shocked that Liz had grabbed his hand. And he stumbled as he turned to follow her. The shock was apparent in his face and Liz just gave him a smile as she led him down the hall.

As they got to the classroom, Max made a production out of looking at the hand that Liz had held and jokingly said, “I’ll never wash it again.”

Liz laughed as she walked into the classroom. As Max turned to follow her in to the classroom, he was struck by how much he missed hearing her laugh. He noted how beautiful it was and he swore that he would make sure he heard it more often.

Later that day at the Crashdown, Maria, Michael and Liz were working the closing shift together when Max and Isabelle came in and sat at their usual booth. Before Maria could make a move to go and serve her friends, she saw Liz go over to the table.

“Hi, Isabelle, Max. What can I get you?” Liz asked.

“Uh, cherry cokes for both of us and uh an order of Saturn rings and an order of space fries.” Max answered.

As Liz went to get the drinks and drop the order off at the kitchen, Maria walked over to her and asked, “So, I guess that’s not my section anymore?

“No Maria. I guess if I’m going to convince Max that we have to save the world, I should at least be able to talk to him. ”

“So, you’re in? You’re going to help us?” Maria asked excitedly.

“Yeah, I’m in. Your right, I don’t want Tess to win. I owe her a lot of payback.” Liz replied.

Later as she delivered their orders to Isabelle and Max, Liz lingered at the table and talked for a minute. This didn’t go unnoticed by her friends. Maria was standing next to the kitchen pass-through watching Liz talk to their friends when Michael leaned out and asked, “Like a moth to a flame. I thought that you knew your friend? Ha! So, how long now til they’re together? I am so going to enjoy winning this bet.”

He met Him in an alley off of Main Street. The place was chosen by Him. It was a warm summer night but as he progressed down the alley the air developed a definite chill. Out of nowhere the word “Stop” came. The voice was deep and penetrating and froze him to the core. He turned on shaky legs and saw him. He was standing in deep shadow, his face completely enveloped in darkness. It appeared as if all light was absorbed by him. “Hold your hands out away from your body and slowly move forward.” Came the command.

He responded by lifting his arms away from his body while saying, “We’re on the same side. I came here with the information you need and the down payment.”

“I’m on no side. Money is my side. Is that all the information you have? Pictures, schedule, everything?” He said while looking at the envelope in the man’s hand.

“Yes” was the reply.

“Okay, put it on that garbage can, turn around and walk away. Do not turn around, do not wait in this area. I require that all of your personnel be withdrawn. If I see anybody suspicious in the area that might compromise the mission I will remove them. Be warned.” The man instructed.

After the courier left he walked to the garbage can and retrieved the envelope. Carefully opening it he removed the contents. As he rifled through the papers and money he came to a picture of the target.

God, she’s beautiful. I wonder what they want her for?

Next day at school Max was at his usual place at his locker watching Liz. This time Liz decided to walk over and talk to him. “What are you doing here Max? Aren’t all your classes on the other side of the school?” She leaned a little closer and whispered, “Am I going to have to worry about being stalked?”

Max was stunned at how close she was standing and he stuttered out, “Uh, no, I needed some books. I don’t like to carry all my books at one time. I like to break them up. You know so I don’t have to carry so much. They’re heavy and I……”

“Yeah Max, you don’t like to carry too many books. Right. Well, you’re going to be late for class if you don’t leave now. See you around.” And with that Liz turned to head to class.

As Liz turned to leave, Max caught the fragrance of her hair. Strawberries, he closed his eyes and just stood there remembering how close she had been. “Well, at least she’s talking to me.” Max was shaken from his thoughts by the late bell as he turned in the other direction and started to run to his next class.

As school ended Max hung around his locker hoping to get a glimpse of Liz. She had left immediately after Biology and he didn’t see where she had gone. She appeared, walking down the hall from the direction of the library and stopped at her locker. She didn’t appear to notice Max watching her from the other side of the hallway. She retrieved the books she would need for the weekend and turned to leave the school.

Max started to follow behind her and deciding to press his luck quickened his pace and came up beside her. “Hey, how was your day? What did you think about the Bio final?” He asked.

Liz turned her head to him as she continued to walk and gave him a smile answering, “Great, I think I did fine on it. It was nice to just sit there and concentrate on something I love. Even if it was a major test.”

They continued like that out into the parking lot. Their conversation was light; touching on subjects that both knew wouldn’t raise any bad memories. Their pace slowed as they approached the lot almost as if they wanted to extend this time together. As they came to a standstill in the parking lot, Liz heard a car horn and Isabelle shouted out to Max, “Hey, Max, get moving!! I got places to go, people to see!!”

Max’s ears turned a bright shade of red as he gave Liz an apologetic smile for his sister’s antics and asked, “So, are you working later? Maybe I’ll see you there.”

“Yeah, I am. That would be nice Max.” And with that she turned and walked to Maria’s car.

As she walked away Max let out a breath that he didn’t know he was holding. His eyes didn’t leave her until she had gotten in the car and Maria had driven away. His thoughts were interrupted by another series of honks. He shook his head and headed over to his car.

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posted on 27-Nov-2001 4:35:13 PM by SciFiNut111
After Departure – What’s Next - Part 7

Author: SciFiNut111
Disclaimer: I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show. If I did own a piece of the show Michael and Isabelle would have joined Tess on her ride home and Sean would be managing a bowling alley in Nome.
Who: Max and Liz. The other characters are here in supporting rolls, minor supporting rolls. Oops, sorry, except Maria, she’s important.
Summary: Post Departure fic. – What happens next?
Rating: R for language

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

Part 7

Saturday morning found Liz and Maria back in front of the laptop trying to decide what their next step should be. Last Saturday showed them how futile it would be to try and decipher the book by comparing symbols in Grandma Claudia’s book. Maria and Liz sat there staring at each other. Neither coming up with a solution.

“Do you think Alex kept a copy of the translation for himself? Do you think it may be over at his house?” Maria asked Liz.

“That’s a thought. Alex may have kept a copy but I went through his room after he died and didn’t find anything. Maybe we should go over and try again.” Liz responded.

“I’ll call and see if the Whitman’s are home.” Maria said.

Pulling up to the Whitman’s a short time later, Liz and Maria had an intense feeling of loss come over them. They both remembered the loss of their best friend. It was going to be hard to go through his room looking for the translation.

Glancing at Maria, Liz asked, “What kind of cover story should we use? Why are we going through Alex’s things? We used the memorial page excuse last time.”

“How about we want some of the things we gave Alex as keepsakes to remember him by? Its at least mostly the truth.” Maria responded while opening the door of the car.

Walking into Alex’s room after talking to the Whitman’s, the first thing that Maria zeroed in to was Alex’s laptop. Maria turned to Liz and said, “Liz, Alex’s laptop, we never really studied it. We found a few files then stopped looking.”

“Yeah, let’s take that with us. We see if you can get anything else off of it.” They both continued to search the room. After a half hour they had found several boxes of floppy disks but not much else of interest. They stopped and decided that they had looked just about everywhere.

“Nothing.” Maria said. “The only thing that might help us is the laptop and these disks.” Then looking around the room she stopped and grabbed Liz’s arm and asked. “Do you notice anything strange?”

“No, should I?” Liz answered.

Maria walked over to Alex’s guitar that was precariously sitting on top of his bookcase. “Why would Alex put his guitar up here and not in the stand? Alex was paranoid about taking care of his instruments.” Maria picked up the guitar and gave it a slight shake. She was rewarded with the sound of something rolling around inside. She turned the guitar over and tried to see what was inside and found a plastic container. She fished it out of the guitar and turned to show it to Liz.

“Lookie what I found? I wonder what it is?” Maria said as she tried to open it.

As it popped open a small piece of paper fluttered to the floor. Picking it up Maria looked at it with a questioning look on her face. On the paper in Alex’s printing was pwl=God_Revir and nothing else.

“What the heck is that?” Liz asked Maria. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’ve seen something like this before. I think it was something to do with a computer.” Looking at her watch Maria said, “We’ve been up here for a while. The Whitman’s are going to start wondering what we’re doing. Why don’t we take the laptop and disks and go back to your place?”

“Sounds like a plan, let’s go.” Liz responded.

Walking downstairs Liz went to talk to the Whitman’s asking permission to take the laptop and the floppies, “Could we borrow the laptop for a few days, there are lyrics that Alex wrote that we want to make copies of. We’ll return everything after we find what we want.”

“Sure, I’m sure that Alex would have wanted you to keep copies of his work, a lot of what he wrote had to do with his friends.” Alex’s father replied.

Both girls again expressed their condolences and thanked the Whitman’s for letting them borrow Alex’s things.

As they were driving to the Crashdown Maria excitedly turned to Liz almost running the Jetta off the road. “I got it! I know what pwl is. It’s a password file on a computer. The other part is a user name.”

Running up to Liz’s room the girls closed the door then started the laptop, willing the thing to bootup faster. “Come on, come on” was Maria’s mantra.

The login screen popped up and Maria entered god_revir as the user and then was stumped. Turning to Liz she said, “We need a password for this. I’ll try Alex’s tried and true “I the Stud” and see what happens.” After typing in the password the machine return an error, invalid password. Maria tried a few additional passwords that she knew Alex had used and came up empty. “Damn. What could it be? Come on Alex, what would you use?”

Liz had been watch Maria’s vain attempts at guessing the correct password and said , “Try Native American, Maria”

Maria typed in the words and the computer continued the startup process. Maria looked at Liz and asked, “Where did that come from?”

“The user name is River Dog backwards. Why does he keep popping up?” Liz responded.

“We’ll find out soon enough.” Maria said.

Maria started to search the computer for any file names that looked suspicious or strange, opening directory after directory. Finally they opened a directory that contained a file labeled “Indian Artifacts”. When trying to open it they got a request for a password. “Must be important if Alex put a password on it.” Maria said. “Now we have to figure out what it is.” On her third try Maria was able to open the file. What came up didn’t provide much information. It was a document that read:

River Dog
Book = Key
The One

“God, Alex, what are you trying to tell us?” Liz whispered. “Crap, another roadblock.”

“It must mean something if Alex went to all the trouble of protecting the file.” Maria commented.

“Yeah, but what Maria? What does any of this mean? What book, and it’s the key to what? What does River Dog have to do with the granalith? Damn, all I want is a translation of the Destiny Book. Not another mystery.” Liz said while rubbing her eyes in frustration. “There has to be something somewhere! We just aren’t looking in the right places.”

“Damn it. Its almost 12:30. We have to start our shift soon. This will have to wait until tomorrow.” Liz continued.

“I’ll guess I’ll be here bright and early tomorrow morning then. This is getting ridiculous. Its summer vacation! I’m supposed to sleep til noon or later, not get up at the crack of dawn.” Maria groused.

“9 am is hardly the crack of dawn Maria. And you were the one that begged me to get involved. So quit griping and be here. Come on lets get ready, my parents hate it when we’re late.” Liz responded.

Liz and Maria had a busy day at work. They were constantly on the go with only short breaks. The destiny book and all things alien were forgotten.

As the dinner rush was ending Liz noticed Max and Isabelle take their usual booth. She went to the soda machine and made their drinks. Cherry Coke, it was all they ordered. As she walked over and set the drinks down, she asked, “Hi, how is everything? What do you want tonight?”

“We’re both starving. I’ll take a Will Smith Burger.” Isabelle replied and then looked at Max to see what he wanted. Max tore his eyes away from Liz, glanced at the menu that he had memorized and after a moment added, “I’ll have the same and a side of Saturn rings.”

“Martha Stewart night at the Evans’, huh? What did your mother try this time? Liz asked jokingly.

“That’s just it Liz, we never can tell. We think it started off as something with chopped meat and mushrooms, but when my mother’s done with it you never know.” Isabelle responded.

The dinner rush was over and the Crashdown settled down to an occasional couple coming in, ordering something light then leaving. Maria and Liz took turns serving the scattered customers and in between they would go over to sit and talk to Max and Isabelle. Liz always seemed to sit across from Max, next to Isabelle. Something Max noticed. But at least she was talking to the two of them and seemed relaxed. Not completely back to herself, but happier then they had seen her in a long time.

During one of the times that Liz was busy serving customers, Isabelle just had to break in to Max’s concentration on Liz. His eyes had not left Liz since they had arrived. “Max, Max! Blink sometime will you? She won’t disappear.”

“Huh? Oh, I know. It’s just great to see her happy again. It’s great being able to talk to her. I just hope we can be friends again.”

“Friends? Yeah, right. You and Liz, just friends. I’ll let you in on a secret Max. We have a pool going on how soon Liz and you are back together. You better not cost me money Max.”

“Liz and I together again Iz? Like that will happen any time soon. I caused her a little too much heartache. All I can hope for now is friendship.” Max responded to Isabelle while thinking about what she just said. A smile planted itself on Max’s lips and Isabelle gave an exasperated sigh when she realized that he was in a daze again.

When it came time to close the Crashdown, Max chipped in to help. When everyone looked at Isabelle to see if she’d help she held up her hands and showed them her new Manicure. “Sorry, just had my nails done this morning. Don’t want to ruin the polish.”

As Liz walked Max to door at end of night she decided to ask about any progress he was making on the search for info on his son. “So Max how is the UFO museum these days? Keeping you busy?”

“Yeah, without Brody there, I’m more or less the Manager. It keeps me busy during my shifts. Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering if you had checked Brody’s computer databases to see if the Granalith’s leaving caused any increased UFO activity, or other abnormal things. I know he taps into a lot of data sources. You know, like last year when you activated the orbs and there was an increase in activity.”

Max could see that the topic was something that made Liz uncomfortable. Suggesting ways to find his son probably rates up there with a root canal on Liz’s “things I want to do” list. He couldn’t believe that she was trying to help him.

“I’ll have to check that out the next time I go into work. I didn’t think of Brody’s computer systems.”

As Liz opened the door for Max to leave Michael and Maria arrived at the door on their way out. “Good night Max, Liz. See ya” Michael said as they walked by.

“Good night Max, Liz I’ll see you tomorrow.” Maria said as she walked out with Michael.

“Well, I gotta go too, Isabelle will kill me, she’s been sitting in the car waiting for the last 5 minutes.

“Good night Max.” Liz responded as she closed and locked the door.

As she turned and went through the restaurant, she reflected on the night. She and Max had finally felt comfortable again. She didn’t feel the tension she had the last few weeks. Maybe things could get better between them.

Maria showed up at Liz’s the following morning and immediately started to complain, “Working closing then waking up early is going to kill me. I need my rest. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest Ms Legree.”

“Its not early Maria its ….. gees, its 10:15. You were supposed to be here at 9:00. So you already got extra sleep.” Liz told her after looking at her clock.

“Yeah but Michael and I went out after work, and one thing lead to another… I didn’t get home til real late.” Maria responded while yawning.

“Well lets get started. It seems that everything we try leads to a roadblock. We know its somewhere out there, we just have to find it.” Liz started.

“You know, this may be a long shot, but a few nights ago I found something strange on the laptop.” Maria mentioned to Liz. “Here, look at this.” She said opening up one of the folders. “The folder is supposed to contain about 700 megabytes of information, but look, there are 27 files and they only total about 90 megabytes. It was late, and I had an English final first thing in the morning so I decided to leave it for this weekend.”

“So, what do you think is in there?” Liz asked.

“I think Alex hid the files in this folder somehow. We found the translation because Alex left a record of his sending the translation and source code to Jennifer. But that was the “false” translation. What if Alex sent the true translation to himself and somehow deleted the record of the e-mail transaction? This may be the true translation. I’ll have to ask someone about hidden files and such to try to see what’s there. But on a Sunday morning, I don’t know who to call. Sorry, Liz, I never ran into anything like this.”

“So, its back to comparisons? Ugh! I really don’t want to keep doing that if we won’t get any answers.” Liz replied.

The two girls stared at the laptop for a few minutes, trying to decide their next move.

“Wait, I think I may know a person that can help us.” Liz said. “When you want to decipher Native American pictographs, you go to a Native American. I think I should pay River Dog another visit. Every time we see him he tells us that he has no more information for us, but then we run into a problem and he has additional answers.”

“So, are you going to call Max or should I?” Maria asked. “You know he’ll freak out if you go to the reservation alone. They should all be a part of this.”

Liz turned to Maria, “We’ll have to bring them into this. But not right now. I want a little more information before I talk to him. I’m only going to ask some questions, not do anything dumb. But you’re right, I shouldn’t go alone. Turning to Maria she continued, “So, you’re elected. I guess you can come with me. But before we go we need the original book. Do you know who has it, where it is?” She looked thoughtfully around her room. “I guess we could bring the Laptop out to the reservation, but I would prefer the original book.”

Reaching for the phone, Maria responded, “I guess Isabelle or Max. Here, call them.”

“Hello, can I help you?” Mrs. Evans said into the phone.

“Hi, Mrs. Evans, It’s Liz Parker. Can I speak to Isabelle or Max, please?”

“Oh, hi Liz. How are you?” Mrs. Evans asked, and after Liz said she was fine she continued, “They’re both home, I’ll call them” with that Diane turned and called out, “Isabelle, Max, Liz Parker is on the phone.” Before she could get the entire sentence out she heard a nervous “Hi, Liz? Its Max.” as she hung up the extension.

‘Hmm, Liz Parker. She hasn’t called in a long time.’ Diane thought. ‘“In fact I haven’t heard Max or Isabelle mention her for months. She used to bring Max out of his shell. He seemed so happy when they were together. I wonder what happened? Lately, its all been Tess.. I wonder what that relationship was about? Max always seemed so uncomfortable around her even when he tried to show some affection. Well, at least she hadn’t been around lately. But, Liz calling again? I have to talk to Isabelle about this.’

“Hi, Max, I want to know if you have the Destiny Book? I want to look at it. I have some questions that keep bugging me. Can I borrow it for a few days?” Liz asked.

“Yeah. I think Isabelle has it. I could let you see it. How about I give it to you over lunch?”

“How about Maria and I stop by and pick it up in say, 20 minutes? We can discuss the possibility of lunch next week some time.” Liz replied to the offer.

“Okay, so, what do you need the book for? We have the translation. What other use can it be?” Max asked.

Liz thought for a minute before replying, she didn’t want to lie to Max but she didn’t want to get him involved right now either, “Something doesn’t seem right about the translation to me Max. I just want to have another look at it. I really don’t know what I’m looking for but I want to take a second look at the book. I feel like I should be looking at the original for answers.”

“Well, we’ll be around all day. I don’t have to work today and Isabelle is recuperating from all the brain exertion of the last week.” Max replied.

“Okay, we’ll be by in about 20 minutes. See you then. Bye.”

Hanging up the phone, Liz turned to Maria saying, “Max and Iz are there so we’ll go pick up the book. Just in case, lets grab some snacks, water and some flashlights. I want to be prepared for anything when we meet River Dog.”

“Whoa, Chica. You said nothing dumb. What do we need food, water and flashlights for? Remember, we’re just going to the reservation to ask some kindly old native American for some help in translating a book.”

“Yeah, but maybe we’ll have to go compare the wall markings in the healing cave or something. I just want to be prepared.” Liz tried to reassure Maria.

“Liz, promise me, anything weird and we leave, right? We go get Max and Michael? Discretion is the better part of valor? Right??” Maria continued.

“Yeah, Maria, anything weird and we’re out of there. Okay?”

As Liz and Maria walked out of the Crashdown towards the Jetta carrying there supplies, a chill ran down Liz’s spine. It was as if a breath of arctic air had hit her. The girls put their things in the trunk of the car and Liz calmly glanced around looking for anything out of the ordinary. Everything seemed perfectly normal but the chill stayed with her. It stayed with her until they turned the corner heading towards Max’s house.

He was watching from across the street. They looked like two normal high school girls. Why would anybody want to capture the dark haired one? She looked normal and unexceptional. But he had made a decision years ago, he didn’t question people’s reasons for hiring him. For the money they were willing to pay for this job, he would do the job. Some of the contract stipulations were odd. They seemed paranoid that there was to be no trace of how she disappeared. As if he would leave clues. It was insulting really, thinking that they had to actually add that clause to his instructions.

As they pulled up in front of the Evans’ home, Liz realized that the last time she was here was the night after Alex died. Max had been great that night, worrying about her and feeding her macaroni and cheese. Then her thoughts shifted to the next day, Alex’s funeral. God, what had happened over night to make him change so much? Then she shook herself, trying to push those memories to the back of her mind.

As she got out of the car to go up to the house, Max opened the door and came out holding a paper bag in his hand. He met her halfway up the walk and showed her the bag saying, “Here it is. You can have it under one condition. You have to go to dinner with me one night next week. Deal?”

“Dinner, as in a date?” Liz asked eyebrows raised.

“No, no, not a date. Just a dinner. Sort of a thank you for saving our lives thing. Okay?” Max stuttered, hoping he didn’t push Liz too far.

“Oh, in that case I guess Isabelle will be with us?” Liz asked with a gleam in her eye.

Feeling trapped, Max answered, “Well, I was hoping that Isabelle wouldn’t be there. Uh, she can thank you on her own.”

Hearing Max stammering and seeing him turning red Liz decided to let him off the hook, “Okay Max, dinner. One dinner.” She answered holding up one finger. “Not a date, a thank you dinner. Pick a night and I’ll try to get off work.” Max finally noticed the smile on Liz’s face and realized that she had been teasing him and smiled back.

Liz stepped closer to Max and said, “Max, thank you for not giving up on me.” And she leaned up and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Before Max could react, it was over, and Liz stepped back.

“Uh, uh, Great then, uh” Max stammered while reaching up to touch his lips. He then handed Liz the book and continued, “Here’s the book. You’re not going to try anything dumb with this are you? Uh, you already have the translation.”

“No, Max, nothing stupid. It’s just a book Max, what could happen with a book? I’m just trying to answer some questions that keep swirling around in my head. If anything strange happens or if we come up with anything new, we’ll call you.”

As he started to turn to go back in the house Max noticed a pendant around Liz’s neck. He stopped and reached out and ran his finger on the design. “Hey, I see your wearing the pendant. Thank you.”

“Huh, oh, the pendant. Uh, a close friend gave it to me and I thought I’d wear it. You know I’m into alien jewelry.” Liz replied as she turned and jogged back to the Jetta.

After pulling away Maria looked at Liz and asked, “So, you caved huh? Dinner next week?”

“Gees, Maria! You could hear us from the car? Come on, I have to let him thank me for saving his life. Don’t I? It’s only something that a friend would do, right? Just friends, talking, eating. I have to eat anyway.”

“Yeah, right, got it, you’re friends again? And you’re wearing that pendant. Is that supposed to mean anything? And the kiss? Was that just a friendly kiss?” Maria continued with a smirk on her face.

“Yeah, Maria, just two friends having dinner. We have a long way to go. And for your information I’m wearing the pendant because we’re going to see River Dog. It seems to mean something to him.”

“Yeah, River Dog. And I have some lush, green farm land just outside of town that I’m willing to sell, cheap.” Maria said under her breath as she accelerated out of town.

Returning to the house, Max ran in to Isabelle, who had been watching the little drama on their front lawn.

“What was that about, Max? Why was Liz here?” Isabelle asked as soon as he entered the house.

“Liz wanted to borrow the Destiny Book. I just gave it to her.”

“Uh, yeah. And she thanked you with a kiss? What else was going on Max?” Isabelle asked as she made a come on gesture with her hands.

“I, uh, I’m really not sure Iz. She thanked me for not giving up on her. That’s a good thing, right?” Max asked with a questioning expression on his face.

“Yeah, Max, that’s a good thing, a really good thing.” Isabelle said over her shoulder as she turned to go into the livingroom.

Pulling in next to the store on the reservation, the two girls got out of the car and began to look for River Dog. About 10 minutes later they spotted Eddy walking by and stopped him to ask where River Dog was.

“Hi, Eddy. We’re looking for River Dog. Do you know where we can find him? Liz asked.

“Does River Dog know you’re coming? He doesn’t usually like surprise visitors.” Eddy replied.

“No, we didn’t call ahead but we think he’ll talk to us. It’s about this.” Liz said while showing Eddy the pendant.

“Uh, well, he might be out at the cave. He’s been acting strange the last week or so. He’s almost living in the cave. It’s almost like he’s waiting for something to happen.” Eddy told the two girls. “Do you remember how to get there?”

“Yeah, I think so.” Liz replied. “We just have to get a few things out of the car and then we’ll walk up there. Thanks, Eddy.”

River Dog watched the approach of the two young girls and noticed one was wearing the Pendant. Seeming to appear out of nowhere, he stepped in front of the girls scaring them.

Maria jumped back in alarm and screeched out, “Damn, you scared the crap out of us! Couldn’t you warn us or something?”

Ignoring Maria, he turned to Liz and asked, “Did he give you the pendant?” And when Liz slowly nodded her head he continued, “So, you were the one he chose?” And then he continued, “You are here for answers.”

With that Liz pulled the Destiny Book out of the bag she had it in and began to ask, “I don’t know about being chosen but we do need some answers, we need help in translating this book. We noticed that some of the symbols are the same as those you use on your jewelry and other art work.”

River Dog looked book and said, “So you have it. Nacedo said that it would be the last piece to the puzzle. That all would be revealed through the book.” And turning, he started to walk away.


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After Departure – What’s Next - Part 8

Author: SciFiNut111
Disclaimer: I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy this part.

Part 8

“Hey, where are you going? Liz called to River Dog as she and Maria started to run to catch up with him.

“Follow me. You will get the answers you’re searching for. You’ve been there before, but didn’t have the key.”

While following River Dog, Liz started bombarding River Dog with questions, “Where are we going? What do you mean the key? What key?” River Dog just kept walking towards the cave seeming to ignore the questions. As he neared the entrance to the cave River Dog picked up 3 torches that had been lying just inside the entrance to the cave. He lit one and then without waiting for the girls he entered the cave.

Upon entering the cave River Dog stopped and wedged his torch in a small crevice, lit the other two torches and wedged them in similar slots around the cave. This caused the cave to be bathed in an eerie, flickering light. He finally turned to Liz. He stood there looking at her, saying nothing.

Liz glanced around the cave. Memories of past visits assaulted her senses. The first one to be visited was of Max and her talking to River Dog about the cave symbols. When they were leaving she remembered looking back to River Dog when he told her to be careful about trusting Max. The second memory was of Michael being brought to the cave to be healed. With that memory came Liz’s fear of not knowing what was going on and her realization that there could come a time when she couldn’t help Max.

Liz’s mind snapped back to the present as the three of them stood there looking at each other. No one said a thing. Liz and Maria were waiting for River Dog to say something and River Dog, who was calmly standing and watching Liz, waited for her to say something. Finally, Maria couldn’t stand the silence any longer and asked, “So, what happens now? Do you start giving us the answers?”

“No, I am simply a guide and protector. I am here to protect the cave from unwanted visitors.”

“So, what do we do now? Liz asked.

“If you are truly the One, you will know what to do. Let your heart open, concentrate on your feelings and follow them.”

“Gees, why can’t you give us a straight answer? What are we supposed to do?” complained Maria.

“You will do nothing. It’s up to her.” Indicating Liz. “She will decide what is required.”

Liz looked around, nervous and confused. “What do you mean I’ll know what to do? How am I supposed to decide what’s required? I don’t know anything about this.”

“If he chose you, then you are the One. You have to do this on your own. I can not guide you from here. It is the final test. The test of the true mate.” River Dog replied to Liz.

Liz was astonished at River Dogs response, “Mate, what do you mean mate? I’m nobody’s mate.”

“If you have the Pendant then he chose you for Love. He can never choose another. You are the One.” River Dog replied. “The one you were here with before changed you. I sensed it the last time you were here, but you were unaware of the changes. You were frightened and unsure of your feelings. Now you have captured his heart. He has chosen you. Concentrate on your feelings. Forget about anything else. Just follow your heart.”

Liz looked back at Maria and shrugged. “I’ll give it a try. Don’t go anywhere Maria. I need to know you’re here with me.”

Maria hefted the flashlight in her hand while glancing around and answered, “I have your back, you know that Liz.”

With that Liz started to try to clear her mind, but had a hard time doing it. Her mind was filled with racing thoughts, “What the heck am I getting my self into? Why didn’t I bring Max here? What if I fail? What does he mean ‘mate’, Max and I are just friends, good friends. What was the atomic weight of Frankensteinium? I hope I get a 5 on the AP Bio Test. It felt great kissing Max today. I wonder what the cologne he was wearing is called. Who invented liquid soap and why?”

Liz shook herself in frustration; this was getting her nowhere. She took a deep breath and tried to concentrate again. Her mind began to clear of her racing thoughts.

Maria was watching Liz as she tried to concentrate. At first she could almost hear her racing thoughts as she stood there with brow knitted and her eyes scrunched closed. After Liz took a deep breath she seemed to relax and her face took on a calm look. As Maria looked on she noted that the Destiny Book in Liz’s hand started to glow, but Liz seemed unaware of the fact.

“Uh, Liz, look at the book.” Maria said, afraid to break her out of the trance but scared the book might burn her friend.

Liz looked down at the Destiny Book and saw it glowing in her hand. Dropping the book like it had burned her she jumped back letting out a little yelp of surprise. As the book hit the ground it stopped glowing.

“What the hell was that? Maria gasped.

“I have no idea.” Liz replied. She bent down and felt the book and noticed that it gave off no heat. Picking up the book she again tried to concentrate. “Let me try that again.”

“Liz? Max is just a phone call away! You told him you wouldn’t do anything dumb. I’m feeling really dumb right about now.” Maria started to babble.

“Sssh! Quiet Maria. I have to try this. Something just tells me we won’t get hurt.” Liz tried to calm her friend.

“Liz, this is really weird alien stuff. We should really have some aliens here with us. I never saw that book glow before. No matter who held it, it never glowed before.”

“Something tells me that I should do this Maria. That I won’t get hurt.” She again turned away from Maria and tried to clear her mind.

The book again started to glow. Liz tried to ignore the book and concentrate on her feelings. Slowly she was drawn to the wall with the map Michael had discovered on their last visit to the cave. ‘Had it really been a year and a half since that night? She remembered how afraid she was that something would happen to Max.’ She thought as she was drawn to a particular spot on the wall and slowly raised her hand and waved it over the spot on the wall. A glowing handprint appeared. Liz and Maria both gasped at the sight. “Oh, My God!”, Maria exclaimed.

Stepping back for a second Liz looked at the handprint in surprise. Taking a quick glance back at River Dog she noticed he was just standing and watching. No expression on his face. Like he saw shining handprints every day. “What do I do now?” She asked him. “That’s up to you to decide. Just follow you heart.” he told her.

Looking over at Maria, she saw her slowly mouthing the word ‘Max’ and miming the motions of dialing a cell phone. Ignoring her friend’s silent plea, she stepped back to the wall, placed her palm over the handprint and jumped when an opening began to appear in the wall.

“Okay, that’s it we’re out of here!” Maria said as she walked over to grab Liz’s arm. “You agreed, anything weird and we leave! You doing Czechoslovakian crap is definitely high on my weird meter.”

“No, Maria. It’s just another cave. Let’s just check it out see where it goes.” Liz responded while trying to free her arm from Maria’s grasp.

“Uh, uh. No! Haven’t you ever seen any Indiana Jones movies? Don’t you remember what happens when he walks into strange caves? They always have hidden snares and traps, DEADLY, snares and traps. It’s definitely time to call in the calvary.” Maria replied as she refused to let go of Liz’s arm.

“That’s the movies Maria. This is real life.”

“Real life Liz? Real life? Real life doesn’t have aliens living on earth; real life doesn’t have aliens with peeling skin trying to kill you. Liz, wake up and smell the coffee, our ‘real life’ is a science fiction movie.”

“Maria, I’m going into that cave. It feels safe. Nothing bad will happen to us.” Liz replied while finally getting her arm free.

Liz tried to look into the opening but couldn’t see much, turning back to Maria and receiving a nod of resignation, she went into the opening.

“Why does the word dumb keep going around in my head?” Maria groused as she followed Liz through the opening. “If we run into Injun Joe and get lost in some endless cavern, I’ll never forgive you Liz. Never. You hear me? Never.”

“First we’re Indiana Jones, and now we’re Huck Finn? They both survived Maria, we’ll be fine.”

They edged into a larger cave. Liz may have made fun of Maria’s fear but you could never be too cautious. The walls seemed to glow, casting an eerie light over the contents of the cave. Liz and Maria both gasped when they realized what took up the center of the cave. It was the granalith. The two girls stood there in silent awe of the device.

“What the hell is this doing here? Did Tess land it here? Does that mean she’s still on earth? This is great paybacks can be a bitch.” Maria quietly started to babble.

“Sssh, Maria. I don’t think so. This one looks unused. I just feel that this isn’t the same thing. There can’t be two. I don’t know what to think.” But as she walked around the object, she was again drawn to wave her hand over the smooth panel at the base of the machine. Again a handprint appeared where she waved her hand. But this time a slot appeared next to the hand print.

“Liz, maybe we should go get Max and Michael now. We don’t know what this is going to do and….” Maria started to stutter. “…and I think we should just get them. Now.” Maria said while she grabbed Liz’s hand and tried to pull her away from the object. “That thing creeps me out. It feels like it’s a person just sitting there, staring at us.” Maria started to back away towards the opening pulling Liz with her.

“No, Maria I don’t think we have to be afraid of it.”

“If we don’t have to be afraid of it, why are we whispering? I think we should have some reinforcements.” Maria mentioned again to Liz.

“No, Maria, we’ve come this far, I don’t want to stop now.” Liz replied in her normal speaking voice.

“We don’t know what that thing can do Liz. You said it was powerful, maybe it’s only for aliens to use. Maybe it likes its humans well done.” Maria continued, still whispering.

“No, it seemed to recognize me. I have to try it.” Liz answered with determination. And with that she dropped Maria’s hand and turned to face the panel. Maria started to back away from the machine. Taking a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure Maria was at a safe distance, Liz placed her hand on the panel.

As Liz reached out and placed her hand over the handprint, nothing happened. Looking back at Maria she shrugged her shoulders as if to ask, ‘What now’.

“Maybe the batteries are dead?” Maria said. Maria once again grabbed Liz’s hand and turned to the cave entrance saying, “Well, we tried and it didn’t work. Now we can go get some reinforcements, as in MAX and MICHAEL, and come back some other day. See, you gave it your best shot, everything’s fine, lets go.” Maria continued to try and tug Liz out through the entrance of the cave.

Liz shook off Maria’s hand and turned back to the granalith. She walked back to the machine and ran her hand over the slot thinking about what could possibly fit in it. Some thought in the back of her mind was fighting to surface. ‘Think Liz, what would fit in there.’ She glanced back at River Dog hoping for some hint, some additional information, but his face was a blank. “It’s almost like it needs a key to start.” Liz thought out loud. Then it dawned on her, “You have the key” River Dog had said. Could it be the pendant? No, The slot was too big. And anyway, I had the pendant the last time I was here and he didn’t say anything about keys. Wait, a minute, how about…. As she looked down at the Destiny Book and remembered Alex’s file, book=key.

The book obviously wouldn’t fit into the slot, so it can’t be the book, but something made her flip through the book. In amazement Liz realized that one of the pages had strange perforations that went entirely through the metal of the page. The rest of the pages were solid. Liz took the perforated page and held it so that the rest of the pages of the book fell away from it.

She looked over at Maria and said, “I think I found our key.” And with that she placed the page as far as it would go into the slot.

Taking a deep breath she again reached for the handprint. “Stop!” Maria shouted. “Liz, we really shouldn’t be messing with this. I’m getting a really bad feeling about all of this. I mean really, really, really bad.”

“Maria, I don’t know why, but I have to do this. It’s as if there is something that won’t let me stop.” And she again turned to the granalith and nervously placed her shaking hand on the handprint.

Upon placing her hand down Liz jerked bolt upright as if she had been shocked. Her hand began to glow where it contacted the object. And the entire machine appeared to come to life. The glass cone filled with swirling, iridescent colors. As Liz appeared to be frozen in place, her eyes wide open, but unseeing.

“LIZ!!” screamed Maria but before she could go to help Liz Maria felt River Dog grab her arm.

“No, stay back. She isn’t with us right now.” River Dog told her. “She must complete the cycle. We can not interfere.”

Maria collapsed to her knees moaning, “Oh God, Liz, please be all right.”


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After Departure – What’s Next - Part 9

Author: SciFiNut111
Disclaimer: I’m just a fan of Roswell and own nothing related to the show. If I did own a piece of the show Michael and Isabelle would have joined Tess on her ride home and Sean would be managing a bowling alley in Nome.
Who: Max and Liz. The other characters are here in supporting rolls, minor supporting rolls. Oops, sorry, except Maria, she’s important.
Summary: Post Departure fic. – What happens next?
Rating: R for language

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

Enough of that, on to the story:

Part 9

“LIZ!!” screamed Maria but before she could go to help Liz, Maria felt River Dog grab her arm.

“No, stay back. She isn’t with us right now.” River Dog told her in his know all but reveal nothing tone. “She must complete the cycle. We can not interfere.”

* * * * *
As soon as her hand came in contact with the Granalith, yes, she now knew this was the true granalith, Liz felt a surge of energy flow into her body. Thoughts, words, visions flashed through her mind. She at first tried to make some sense of what she was seeing. But it was all flying by too fast for her to comprehend.


A planet with red seas and two suns. One large and red the other yellow and smaller.


A glistening, white palace. So white that it was hard to look at it.


A stream of mathematical symbols. Some recognized, most not.


Page after page of data flying past.


A pyramid, identical to one she had seen in a book on ancient Mexico. A spaceship appearing to land at the top.

The data and images kept assaulting her mind.

Then as fast as it had begun it stopped. Liz’s felt entirely drained as everything went black and she collapsed to the ground.

* * *

Max and Isabelle were in the kitchen at home preparing lunch. Max had been talking to Isabelle about Liz’s theory that the translation that they had was wrong.

“Liz seems to think that the translation that she found in Las Cruces wasn’t entirely correct. That a lot of it was wrong, just planted for us to find it.” Max explained to Isabelle.

“But why? What reas….? Oh, then it means…” Isabelle tried to understand why a fake translation was supplied.

“Yeah, why? If all that book had in it was a way home, and explained our four square, our destiny.” Max spit out the word. “Why fake a translation?”

“But the granalith worked just like the book said it would. We inserted the crystal and 24 hours later, good-bye granalith. That part was correct.” Isabelle countered. She thought for a minute then continued, “But Tess was responsible for the translation so we can’t trust the whole thing.”

“Liz’s point entirely.” Max finished pouring a glass of juice while thinking, then exclaimed. “Damn, why would they leave us on this planet with a book that we can’t read? What possible use could it be?”

He put the orange juice container back in the refrigerator while Isabelle speculated, “Well, either Nacedo was supposed to teach us to read it, or somewhere inside of us is the memory.”

“Don’t go there, Izzy. I’ve had my fill of trying to bring up memories of our past life. I can’t believe I was so gullible, ‘Nacedo taught me these memory retrieval techniques, I’ll teach you.” Max mimicked Tess voice.

“Max, don’t be so hard on yourself. We all trusted her.”

Before she could continue Max jumped in with, “NO! We didn’t ‘all’ trust her. Liz never trusted her. And because of that I didn’t trust Liz.”

As Max turned from the counter, lunch in one hand and a glass of juice in the other, he staggered and both lunch and juice clattered to the floor. He reached up and grabbed his head with both hands as he sagged to the floor.

Isabelle jumped out of her seat and raced over to her brother asking, “What’s wrong Max. What happened?”

Max just stayed like he was, holding his head. Isabelle knelt next to Max wrapping her arms around him wondering what to do next.

Just about when Isabelle was going to leave Max to get the phone and call Michael, Max appeared to break out of the trance he had been in. As he turned slowly to Isabelle, she began to ask him questions, “What happened Max? Are you all right? Talk to me Max!”

“I don’t know Iz. I just got really dizzy and these images started to flash by.” Max replied still in a daze.

“What kind of images Max?”

“I don’t know.” Replied Max. “They all flashed by too fast. I didn’t have time to understand them. There were pictures, and math symbols, I don’t know what it was. I … I just get a sense that it has something to do with Liz.”

“Liz, why would it have anything to do with Liz? Is she in danger? Where was she going?” Isabelle shot out the questions.

“She wouldn’t tell me. She came over to borrow the Destiny Book and didn’t say where she and Maria were going. Damn! I told her not to do anything stupid. Shit, where could she be?” Max’s head then snapped up and he looked at Isabelle saying, “The cave Iz, the healing cave. I get the feeling that something important is going on there and it involves Liz. I think we better get over there right now.” Max answered as he got up and started running for the door.

Isabelle started after Max yelling, “Max, wait. Max! …. Max, shouldn’t we call Michael?, Stop, Max.”

“No time Izzie, we have to get there now!” Max said as he put the car in gear. Isabelle, seeing that Max wasn’t going to stop and wait for her, jumped into the passenger side of the car. Max immediately started to back the car down the driveway. “Why don’t you call Michael on the cell, have him meet us at the cave.” Max added as he accelerated down the street.

Isabelle reached for her purse to retrieve the cell phone and realized that her purse was sitting on the dresser in her room. “I don’t have my purse Max, so no phone. What should we do now.”

“Michael is going to kill us for this, but we just have to forget about calling him and get to the cave.” As Max hit the open highway he floored the accelerator.

Maria watched for what she thought was hours but was really just minutes. She saw Liz collapsed on the ground and she broke away from River Dog and went to cradle Liz in her arms.

“Lizzie, Lizzie, God Liz, wake up.” She moaned. “I knew we should have had Max here. Damn this alien crap.”

Maria kept rocking Liz back and forth in her arms, hugging her tightly. She watched Liz’s face and noticed that her eyes were in constant motion under their closed lids. It was as if Liz was having very vivid dreams. Maria kept rocking Liz back and forth torn between not wanting to leave her but thinking that she may have to to get additional help. She didn’t notice Liz’s eyes begin to flutter open.

“I, uh, I’m all right Maria” Liz said as if in a daze. “It didn’t hurt me.”

“MAX! Slow down! We can’t help Liz if you kill us!” Isabelle yelled at Max over the sound of the wind rushing by the speeding car.

“Something’s happening Iz, we have to get there.” Max answered but he eased up on the accelerator all the same.

“But we’ll get there faster if you don’t get stopped for speeding.” Isabelle answered.

Neither spoke any more as they continued down the road. Isabelle was watching the passing desert as she noticed the car start to drift to the center of the road. Whipping her head around to look at Max she noticed that he had a blank expression in his eyes just as she heard the air horn of the truck bearing down on them. She grabbed at the wheel as she tried to get Max’s attention, “MAX! Wake up. MAX!”

“This is the granalith, Maria. This is the real one. The other one was a decoy. It was something else.“ Liz continued as she started to stand up. Liz swayed a bit and Maria grabbed her arm to steady her, “Maybe you should just sit down for a minute. You don’t appear to be too steady on your feet.”

“No, I’ll be alright. Maybe some water would help.” As she started to walk around the granalith, looking at it in awe she continued, “No wonder Kivar wanted Max’s heir so bad. He needs him to access the granalith. Only members of Max’s family can do it.”

As Maria handed Liz a bottle of water she asked, “How did you get the granalith to work? As much as Max might want you to be, you’re not related to him.”

Liz took a sip of the water before answering, “The pendant Maria. Max gave me the pendant. Like River Dog said, I’m his mate chosen for love. I guess as far as the granalith is concerned, I am a family member.” After thinking for a moment, Liz shook her head as if to clear it and continued, “God, can things get any more complicated?” She shook her head again, gritted her teeth and bit out, “We’re friends, just friends.”

Liz absently took the Destiny Book out of the slot and suddenly felt dizzy. She grabbed Maria’s arm for support and Maria lead her to the side of the cave where she sat with her back against the wall. She stared back at the granalith trying to make sense out of what just happened.

Isabelle grabbed at the steering wheel and was able to steer the car back to their own side of the road just as the truck sped by. With one hand on the steering wheel she used the other to release her seat belt so that she could slide over next to Max. She knocked his foot away from the accelerator just as he seemed to come out of the trance. He took control of the car again just as Isabelle yelled, “Pull over Max. There’s something wrong with you.”

Max pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned to Isabelle, “What happened? I seemed to have blacked out.”

“Yeah, you scared the crap out of me. If we plan on getting to the reservation in one piece, I better drive. Now move. Let’s get going.” With that Max climbed out of the car and went around to the passenger’s side of the car. As he jumped in Isabelle hit the accelerator and the car raced down the highway.

Maria squatted down in front of Liz and looked into her face, “Liz, Are you sure you’re all right? I think I should call for some help.”

“No, Maria, I’m fine really. We’re done for the day. Let me just rest a minute and we’ll leave. It was just a lot of stuff to absorb. It was like my brain was being pelted with new information but it didn’t give me a chance to try to understand what I was seeing.” She took a deep breath, “I’m feeling better every minute.” Liz then held up the Destiny Book, “The reason we came out here was to find something out about this book. I still want a translation. I still want answers.”

“One thing at a time, Chica. What did the granalith do to you? You say it bombarded you with information? What about?”

“Everything, I think it was trying to teach me. I don’t know how to describe it.” Liz answered as she absent-mindedly started to flip through the pages of the book. Her eyes widened in shock. “Maria, come here, I, I can understand this.’ She stammered out to Maria. “I can read it! This page here is about the granalith, uh, I mean the other one.” She flipped a few more pages as her excitement grew and pointed, “And this is about Max and children.” She started to flip to another page and stopped. Turning back to the page her eyes widened in surprise.

Maria, seeing her excitement reached over to stop her flipping pages and asked, “What, how can that be? Don’t tell me it had something to do with the granalith?”

“It must have taught me to read the book. That’s what some of the information was.” Liz answered in awe.

“So, wait a minute. Let’s go back up a few steps. Just what is the granalith? A big teaching machine? And you’re also trying to tell me that you, Max and his son are the only one’s that can get the thing to work?” Maria continued to ask Liz questions.

Turning from the book to Maria with a puzzled look on her face, Liz answered, “There is no son Maria. There couldn’t be.”


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I have to thank Jenn for her suggestions that made this part better.,

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Thank you for all of the feedback. Part 10 will be out tonight. Definitely.
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After Departure – What’s Next - Part 10

Author: SciFiNut111

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

Part 10

Isabelle pulled into the reservation and came to a stop. The cloud of dust dissipated as the two jumped out of the convertible. “How are you feeling Max?” Isabelle asked as she came around the convertible. “Any more dizzy spells?”

“No, not since that last one I had before you took over the driving.” Max looked around in search of the right direction to the healing cave. “Come on it’s this way.” He said to Isabelle as the two began to run to their destination.

After running for about five minutes Isabelle stopped running. Her shoes that she had put on this morning weren’t made for running cross-country. “Max, wait up. I can’t keep running like this.” Max stopped and turned around to see his sister waving her hands over her fashionable sandals and changing their molecular structure into a pair of color coordinated nikes that matched her outfit to a tee.

“Come on Isabelle. It doesn’t have to be perfect just comfortable.” Max couldn’t wait any longer and started for the mouth of the cave. It was now in sight and he didn’t have the feeling that he needed to run any longer so he walked on ahead of Isabelle. A minute later she had caught up with him just in time to hear him ask, “What do you mean there’s no son?” Max asked from the entrance to the chamber as he looked in at the two girls who were facing each other.

Liz turned to see who had asked the question but the sudden movement had made her dizzy again. Max raced over to Liz as she stumbled to her feet and grabbed her into a crushing embrace. After a minute he held her at arms length and closely examined her, looking for any sign of injuries. “Are you hurt? What happened to you?” He again held her close, “I couldn’t live if anything happened to you.” “I told you not to do anything stupid. How could you go off and do something like this by yourself?”

“I told you… Didn’t I tell you that we should call for back up? Thank you Max, for telling her what I’ve been telling her since we got here. Thank you.” Maria couldn’t help it. Max was upset and she didn’t want to be blamed for the situation that Liz was now in. The look on Max’s face was enough for her to know that he didn’t blame her.

Realizing that she was okay, Max pushed her back to arms length again, losing his temper, “Damn it, Liz! You told me you weren’t going to do anything stupid! What the hell happened! You could have been killed!” Giving her slight shakes to emphasize his words.

Maria jumped in with, “I told her that too. But she wouldn’t listen.”

Both Liz and Max turned their heads towards Maria and both said, “Shut up, Maria.”

Shaking free of his grasp Liz replied to him. “Max, calm down. Nothing was going to happen to me. I’m fine. Everything’s fine.” Liz said, trying to calm Max.

“Liz, do you have any idea how much you mean to me? Don’t take any stupid risks; I told you and what did you say? Oh, I’m not going to do anything dumb.” Max whined in an attempt at mimicking her voice. “I thought we were done lying to each other? Huh?” Max demanded.

“I wasn’t lying Max. I didn’t plan any of this. I just wanted River Dog to help translate the book.”

Max cut her off, “Screw the book! It’s not worth losing you. Nothing is worth losing you.” and he again pulled her back into an embrace and started stroking her hair.

Liz basked in the feeling of his arms wrapped around her body listening to his heart pounding in his chest before calmly pushing herself back from Max’s embrace and reaching up to cup his cheek in her hand saying, “Max, calm down. I wasn’t in danger. River Dog said that I would know what to do. And I did. I don’t understand how, but I did. The granalith won’t hurt a member of your family.”

River Dog glanced around the chamber and decided that his work there was finished. He quietly turned and slipped out of the cave. As he left he couldn’t help thinking how perfect his king’s choice of a queen had been. It had taken intelligence and well as a great deal of courage to accomplish all that she had done that afternoon. He made his way into a fold in the hills and concentrating, began the process of changing into another person.

A Hispanic man left the hills and walked to a pick-up truck that was parked on the reservation. As he walked up to the pick-up, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box of TicTacs and ate a few. He then got into the truck. ‘From complete disaster, his king had been able to salvage his mission on earth. He had found a queen that would be able to help him in whatever battles the future held. Sometimes it was better to be lucky than good, it had been luck, pure dumb luck that had forced them to crash near Roswell. Who knows what would have happened if they had crashed somewhere else.’

Max slowly began to notice his surroundings and gasped when he saw the granalith. “Another one? There are two?”

“No, Max, not another one. The other one that Tess used was a decoy. It was exactly what the translation we have said it was. A one shot rocket. This is the true granalith. It has power we can only dream about.” Liz replied with excitement in her voice.

“Remember when Larek said that you had to get off of earth’s surface, when there was the chance that the gandarium would infect the world? You couldn’t figure out how to get off the surface of the planet. Well the false granalith was the way. It’s only a small rocket. It isn’t built for inter-stellar travel. It’s probably still orbiting earth, that’s all it was designed for. To act as a sort of shuttle.”

“So, you mean that Tess never made it home? That she’s …”

“Yeah, Max, she’s trapped in orbit. No food, no water.”

“Oh, God, what a way to die.” Maria mumbled and then, with her tone hardening, continued, “But fitting, after what she did to Alex.”

“I agree,” said Isabelle as she walked further into the cave to be with the others. Maria laced her arms around Isabelle’s waist and was hugged back by her.

“But wait, the translation said that it was a way to get home. How is it just a shuttle?” Max asked.

“Max, the translation just told you how to operate the false granalith, it never said what it was for, or how far it would travel. Tess just assumed it would take you home.” Liz explained.

“So, my son is dead too? He died with her?” Max asked in a choked voice.

“No Max, there was no son. It was all a trick by Tess to get you to go home.” Liz told Max.

“But I felt him. I connected to him. He was real.” Max exclaimed.

“No Max. It must have been a mind warp by Tess. Tess used the only thing that she could think of to get you to go home. She used the person that you are, the kind of person that wouldn’t deny his responsibilities. Even if it meant going to your possible death.” Liz looked into Max’s eyes and stepping away started to pace and as she continued Ms Scientist took over to explain to Max, “Think about it Max. Why would your son not be able to survive on earth? You’re designed to survive here. Tess can survive here. It doesn’t make sense when you stop to think about it.” She glanced at Max to see if he understood what she was trying to explain. Then stooping she picked up the Destiny Book from where she had dropped it on the floor and waved it at Max saying, “Besides, there’s something in your alien side that makes it impossible for you to impregnate someone you’re not mated to. I don’t really understand the whole thing, it’s right here in the book, look.”

Max gave Liz a condescending look and explained, “Liz, we can’t read that.”

“I can. The granalith gave me the ability to read it.” Liz replied. Thinking a little more, Liz continued, “Max, what made you come to the cave? Why are you here?”

“I felt something Liz. All of a sudden I started to get these flashes and I just knew that they had something to do with you. I had a strong feeling that you were here.”

“Max, I want to try something. Come here a minute.” Liz said while opening the book to a random page. “Look at this, see if any of this looks familiar.”

Max took the open book from Liz’s hand and a shocked expression crossed his face. Looking up at Liz he stammered, “How is this possible? I, I uh I can understand it.”

Isabelle had moved away from Maria and was now looking over her brother’s shoulder. She was curious to see if she would be able to read the book as well. Max looked up over his shoulder and then back to Liz. Isabelle took a step back.

He had forgotten that Isabelle had come along for the ride but before he could say something to her, Liz took his hand in hers and answered his earlier question. “I don’t know either Max. It seems that we’re connected somehow. I don’t know if it was you healing me, or the pendant, or my accessing the granalith. But whatever the reason, we seem to be connected. When I connected to the granalith I connected to you too. You learned everything that I did. You should be able to access this information too.”

“Wait a minute, what did you say about the granalith not hurting a member of my family? You’re not a member of my family. How did you know you’d be safe? How did you get it to work?” Max asked Liz.

Looking down shyly, Liz quietly said, “River Dog said that I’m, uh..I’m….” but she couldn’t continue, her face turning a beautiful shade of crimson.

“River Dog said something about Liz being your mate.” Maria jumped in seeing how uncomfortable Liz appeared. “Maybe he’ll explain what he meant.” And they all turned to talk to River Dog and found that he had left.

“Damn, where did he go?” Maria continued. “When we got here he was babbling about the pendant, and being chosen for love, and the One, and mating. He didn’t explain much. He never explains anything. Maybe there’s something in the book about it.”

Reaching over, Max pushed a lose strand of hair behind Liz’s ear and continued caressing her cheek, “I don’t need the book Maria. I know what’s in my heart. I know what I feel.” Max said quietly with a smile from ear to ear.

Liz looked up into Max’s eyes and whispered, “Yeah, I guess we’ve always known it.” As she reached up and placed her hand over his.

“Oh God, not again. I think I’m going to be sick.” Isabelle exclaimed as she watched Liz and Max. “You have two impressionable teens here watching you.”

Liz and Max both turned to look at Isabelle with sheepish grins on their faces. “I think we’ve earned a little time together, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but do we have to watch?” Maria chimed in.

“Hey, anyway, you said the granalith will work for Max’s family? Why wasn’t I affected when it started to teach you Liz?” Isabelle said, changing the subject.

“I don’t know.” Turning to Max Liz added, “Maybe Isabelle should try to see what happens.”

“No way. Being scared to death once today was enough. If we want to do anymore testing, we can come back another day.” Max said putting his foot down. He turned back to Liz and started to lose himself in her eyes again.

Fearing that Max and Liz were going into one of their patented trances Maria clapped her hands and jumped in with, “So, anyway, moving on, where’s Michael? Isn’t he with you?”

Isabelle, understanding what Maria was doing answered, “Fat chance! When Max thought that Liz was in danger he dropped everything and sprinted out to the car. It was all I could do to catch him before he left me behind. I almost had to dive into the car head first. I didn’t even have time to get my purse so we didn’t have a cell phone to call Michael. And look at my hair!! I don’t even have a comb to fix it!!” Isabelle explained.

Both Max and Liz turned to Isabelle with smiles on their faces as Isabelle continued, “But I have to tell you, that car may look like a piece of crap, but it can really move. We were flying low for most of the trip here. I’ve never seen a speedometer buried before. If we went that fast in the old jeep somebody could have followed the trail of parts we left behind.”

Looking directly at Liz, Isabelle continued jokingly, “Next time you try something like this, would you give us some warning. You wouldn’t believe how many times my life, both of my lives, flashed before my eyes on the trip out here. Max was driving like a mad man.”


Thank you, Jenn for your help in making this part a lot better.

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After Departure – What’s Next - Part 11

Author: SciFiNut111

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

Part 11 or Epilogue:

Later that night:

June 9, 2001. This morning when I woke up I was Liz Parker, smallest of small town girls. Tonight as I sit under the stars on my balcony, I know I am still the same girl that I was this morning but now I have the weight of two worlds on my shoulders. An alien device of incalculable power thinks I’m mated to an alien prince. I’m not totally against the idea and after thinking about it for a few hours, it just feels right. I, Liz Parker, smallest of small town girls is going to grow up and marry her alien prince and become queen of a planet far, far away. That sounds so Star Wars. But as Maria said, our life is a sci fi movie.

Married to an Alien Prince, no, let me rephrase that, married to Max. Who would have thought that? Three short weeks ago I wouldn’t have. But then again I didn’t know the truth. None of us did. Not even them. We aren’t as strong as what we could have been. Alex is gone because of Tess. Tess is gone because of Alex. Looking back now I can see that he somehow knew what was going to happen to him and so he took care of her for us. I guess he somehow knew that Isabelle, Max and Michael wouldn’t get in the thing with her. He loved us and even when he was dead he helped us. I will always love you Alex. He will forever reside in all our hearts.

Everything is going to be ok. Max doesn’t have a son. Michael practically killed Maria when he heard what we did this morning but I’m sure he’ll get over it when Maria pays off her part of the bet. Isabelle is hanging in there. The reality that normality may be just around the corner for her is more and more enticing. She’s excited about the new possibilities of learning more about her alien side. We all are.

It’s funny how things have a way of happening that you might not understand at the time and you feel it necessary to fight it when it is happening. The one thing I learned today in the cave is that we have to follow our hearts and trust our instincts. And most of all we need to believe in one another. We are a unit and more than anything we have to stick together. We are so much stronger when we do. I still don’t know how much of the future I had changed, how much time we have until all hell breaks loose but I’m going to take the first step to make sure we all stick together. Tomorrow in our meeting, the first of many yet to come, I’m going to tell the group that I’m not going to Harvard. I’m staying right here. I’m sending my application to UNM. It’s hard telling what the future is, all I know is what I’m hoping for.

“Liz”, the sound of Max’s voice comes up from the street below.

Liz carefully closed her journal before stepping over to the edge of the balcony to look down.

“Can I come up for a minute?” Max asked.

“Sure, but only for a minute. My parents are still wandering around.”

As Max made his way on to the balcony Liz greeted him, “Hi, I thought you’d be asleep by now. Why are you here, Max?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I just had to come over and see how you were handling everything. Too much happened today and I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” He stepped closer and put a hand on each of her arms while looking deep into her eyes.

Liz put her arms around Max’s waist, wanting to feel the warmth that his body emits for only her before replying, “I’m still a little dazed by it all. It’s not everyday that an alien machine recognizes you.”

“But are you okay with it? After everything that’s happened to you, after everything that I did, I would understand if you wanted to step back for a while.”

“Max, we were apart too long. It’s not my feelings for you that are in doubt. It’s all the other things, reading the book, having this new connection with you, and you know the other things. I’ll be fine. You don’t have to worry. These are good things to try to figure out. Not bad things.” Liz tried to explain.

“Well, if you’re all right, I better go, its getting pretty late.” Max wanted her to stop him and hoped that the sound of his pleading voice would do the trick.

“Why do you have to leave?” Liz asked. Max found himself thanking a God that he didn’t believe in that his prayer was answered. He really wondered if he shouldn’t really change his feelings about that.

Looking Liz in the eyes, “Because if I don’t leave right now things are going to happen? Things are going to change again.”

“What things, Max?” Liz asked breathlessly.

Max reached up and began running his fingers through her hair and replied, “I’d have to do this because it looks so soft.”

“And then?” Liz says with a smile on her face.

As Max leaned towards her he continued, “And then I’d have to do this” And he continued to lean closer to her.

Just before his lips came into contact with hers, she jokingly said, “Haven’t I heard this line before?”

Max looked down into her twinkling eyes and replied sheepishly, “I figured it worked before, and I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.”

“Don’t worry Max, It’s working again.” Liz replied as she reached up and pulled his lips down to hers.

Three months later:

Anatomy and Physiology. No. let me get that right, AP Anatomy and Physiology. What the hell am I doing in this class. Oh, I know. Liz is in this class. And since only science geeks take this class, I can scare anybody else away that wants to be Liz’s lab partner. That seat is reserved for me.

Yeah, Liz and I are back together now. I guess that whole connected and mated thing gave me an inside track on being with Liz. Not that she’s making it too easy. I caused her a little too much pain for her to just take me back and start to be the loving girl that she was. Even with the whole “Son” thing out of the way, I still don’t know if the sex was real or not. Liz accepts that I’m only human, well half human anyway and we’ve moved on from there. She’s a little tougher now. Doesn’t take crap from anybody anymore. Especially Michael and Isabelle. And of course yours truly.

Secrets and lies? Never again. That whole connection thing just sorta makes it impossible. Now when Liz feels something is wrong, I have to answer truthfully. If I try the standard, ”Nothing.” Things get definitely chilly in the room. One thing our conversations have led us to agree on was that keeping secrets from each other caused us a lot more pain then if we had just spoke our minds. Liz might not like it when I tell her that she drives like crap, or that she runs like a girl, or the carpet coat should go to Goodwill, but how can she complain? It’s only the truth.

And that kiss that night. Wow. Well, I had thought that I had become an expert on kissing Liz Parker. We had traded some very passionate moments in the months that we had been together, but nothing, and I definitely mean nothing, could prepare me for the kiss we shared that night. Passion, relief, longing, love, desire, it was all there but magnified. We were definitely back together.

“Max, Max! Are you awake?” Liz said while jabbing me in my shoulder. “You haven’t written a thing in your notebook during the entire class. Aren’t you paying attention?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, there was just nothing to put down.” I responded. As Liz turned back to the class, I can feel that chill start to descend and quickly whisper, “I was just daydreaming, remembering things. Nothing bad.” The temperature in the room again returns to normal and as lapse into my dreamworld I think, ‘I am so whipped.’

Needless to say Michael won his bet. I don’t think Maria minded the payoff though. I never even knew that they made edible…. uh, maybe I won’t go there.

Did I mention the end of the world? We really don’t know how much time we have. We all agree that this timeline is totally new, so our enemies can be on their way now, or not at all. We just have to find a way to prepare for them.

We have the granalith. It is a device of immense power. Liz was right to warn me that I couldn’t let it get into the wrong hands. We go to study it once or twice a week. The flashes we got were just a small part of the knowledge that it holds. Something like a one-volume encyclopedia versus the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Which brings me to “special” powers. Liz had tried that whole dream, astral projection thingy when I was in New York. She never really tried to do anything else because she was afraid of what she might discover about herself. But, now we need all the help we can get so both Kyle and Liz are working with Isabelle and me on strengthening their powers. Its very interesting, Liz is learning to heal, if there is any one person I know that would use that power wisely, it’s Liz Parker. I originally thought it may have had something to do with the fact that I healed her. You know, she got her powers from me sorta thing, but Kyle can’t do it, so it must be something to do with her, I don’t know, her intelligence, psyche, empathy. Something. Oh, and she can do that projection thing by herself now, and we can even hear her talk. Really cool. It freaks Kyle out every time she does it.

Kyle’s having a little more trouble coming into his powers. He still says that he hates all that Martian crap, and that may be holding him back a little. Or maybe its all the warping that Tess did to him. But, even though he hates the whole Martian thing, he still isn’t above giving someone the itchies for a day, or turning their hair blue when they aren’t looking. Oh, and he still hasn’t been able to get free porn on TV. It is Kyle though, and we know when the time comes, he’ll be right by our sides, fighting to help us.

Last but not least is Maria. We guess that the night of bliss that she and Michael shared (and continue to share), did something to her. She started to show some signs of being “changed.” We guess that it wasn’t just the healing that changed Liz and Kyle. Just what the world needs, a Hurricane DeLuca that can blow things up.

Can my life get any better? Not really. Liz is in it again. That’s all that really matters. The rest is just details.

We still have to worry about Nicholas and Kivar. What is the life expectancy on Antar anyway? The guy has to be in his 80s, why doesn’t he just die already. Nicholas’s husk should be failing about now. Unless Copper Summit wasn’t the only place they were growing replacements. And the dupes? We’ve been getting stronger with our powers. Remember they had a head start on us. They had been using their powers their entire lives. Now we figure we’re ready for them if they come back. But we figure, why would they bother?

I figure our next big hurdle will be college. Liz has started making noises about going to UNM. Like hell. She’s dreamt of going to Harvard her entire life. And she damn well better go. It’s one of her dreams and she deserves to have all of her dreams come true. Besides, there are other colleges and universities in the Boston area. I’m sure Isabelle, Maria and I can get accepted to one of others. Yeah, yeah, Michael can tag along too. If he doesn’t want to go to school he can find a job.

Well, back to my favorite past time, adoring Liz Parker.

The End? Or, maybe not.

Feedback. I would really like to see some feedback. This is my first effort at writing fiction. Let me know what you thought, think.

Author, writer, whatever’s notes:

Damn that part was short. Just you don’t hate it when the parts are really short?

What happened to the alien hunters you may ask? They’re still rattling around in my head. They won’t come out of hiding long enough for me to put them down on paper. But, I didn’t want to leave you all hanging while I tried to figure out how to force them out of my head so I gave you an ‘ending’ to the story.

I have to again thank Jenn, Bordersinsanity for her help in getting this Story out there.