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Title: Untitled at the momment (suggestions are welcome)
Rating: PG 13 so far
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Cat: This is a Dreamer fic, you can play around with the characters, but the only thing I ask is you keep my max and liz together.
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Oh yeah It's takes place after "The End of the World"


Max silently stared at the wall in his room. His head was starting to hurt. 'Concentrating of a crack in the wall is tiring' he thought to himself.

"Max?" he heard a soft voice at his door. "What Iz?" he said without turning around? "Are you okay?" "No, not really." he sighed. He just wished everyone would leave him alone. "Max, you need to talk about this." "No I don't Iz. She doesn't want me, she has .. kyle..." he couldn't help his voice cracking when he said kyle's name. "Max" Isabel pleaded with him. "Go away Iz, please." She sighed and grudingly left his room.


Liz was pacing her world was faling apart completely. She had no where to go no one to talk to. The one person in the world who she could always go to ... well it just wasn't an option. She picked up her journal.

"I'm Liz Parker. Two days ago my heart broke into a million pieces as I watch Max drop the gomez tickets and walk away from my window. My heart broke again when Future max (thats what I've resigned to call him) disappeared. My heart broke once again when Max asked me "Did you sleep with kyle"

Liz put her journal down. 'I have to tell him. He has to know. No Liz ... You can't it's the end of the freaking world. But I love him. Gosh why can't it be simple. Why is this huge thing resting on my shoulders. I have to see him I have to ... '

Liz's phone rang. "Hello" no response "hello?" she heard faint breathing on the oter line. "Max?" He hung up.

Liz silently placed her phone on the table and cried into her pillow.


School: next day

Liz walked down the hall, her breath caught in her throat as she saw him. All she wanted to do was run up and hug him and kiss him and tell him that she loved him. She just couldn't. Then she saw Tess, she was holding on to Max like he was a possession. 'How can she be what he needs? How can she ..' Then Max saw her. He turned his head towards Tess and kissed her. Liz wanted to throw up. She ran down the hall to the bathroom and let her breakfeast clear her system.

'I can't live like this. I have to tell him' She had a mission. She was going to tell max ...

Max couldn't believe what he'd just done. "I'm sorry Tess. God. I was trying to hurt her, and you were there." Tess looked at him sadly. "it's ... it's ok Max." "No its not. I'll uh see you later."

A lone tear shined in Tess's eye. 'That stupid bitch is ruining everything'


Liz scanned the hall for Max. She saw him at the end of the hall. But Michael and Isabel were between her and him. She started walking towards Max when both of them stepped in front of her.

1) Michael and Isabel berate Liz for hurting Max. Isabel slaps Liz and Michael embarrasses her in front of everyone.
2) Isabel touches liz to stop her and gets a flash, of everything isabel knows and hold liz back - fearin gthe end of the world.
3) Liz walks past Mike and Iz and goes straight to max telling him everything. But he reacts completely opposite than expected. (only a first of course)


Liz locked eyes with Max and proceeded to go to him and tell him when two figures completely blocked her path.

She looked up with trepidation written across her face. She glanced into the faces of Michael and Isabel who looked extremely angry at her.

"Oh God," Liz thought, mortification filling her entirely, "Max told them."

Liz rose a shaky hand to her head and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She was trying to pull of a nonchalant expression but inside she was trembling.

"Bitch" Michael seethed, letting the words wash over Liz. "He trusted you completely and you betrayed him, you betrayed all of us; I don't know what he ever saw in you..You're nothing , a complete zero."

Michael's voice rose with each syllable and Liz's fellow classmates were becoming alerted to the incident that was occurring in the hallway.

Michael grabbed Liz's arm roughly and he brought his face right next to hers. His eyes were alive with anger as he hissed at her, "You stay away from all of us. Or else."

Liz's cheeks reddened as she was forced to endure this humiliation and pain in front of the student body. She still saw Max down the hall and made a move to go after him, when she felt a sharp pain, and her head whipped back.

She held her hand to her stinging cheek as she stared horrified at Isabel. "That, Liz, is for my brother," the icy blond said vehemently.

Tears welled up in Liz's eyes. She no longer felt like telling Max, she no longer felt like anything.

Her world was crashing around her and no one seemed to notice. Scratch that, no one cared to notice. To her friends she was a slut. Her. Liz Parker.

All these thoughts ran through her mind as she ran past Michael and Isabel, flew by Max, and barreled ---- the school doors.

Choose one of three.

1)Liz tries to run away, packs etc...gets stopped by Maria.

2)Starts walking home, then turns around, she intends to tell Max before she leaves Roswell.

3)The FBI come out of nowhere, and while she walks home, she is abducted.


As Liz ran past Max she could feel the hatred, distress, and hostility he felt towards her.

Maria was witness to the humiliation done by Michael and Isabel. She fumingly approaches the two. Michael, don't you ever grab or offend my best friend like that ever again! I warn you Michael...EVER!!!

Isabel pulling Maria by the arm...Why don't you ask your perfect friend who or what she did before coming to her defense? A slap across the face was what Isabel felt. "That, Isabel, is for my best friend who has done nothing in the past but try to help you ingrates!" she storms off.

As Liz started to walk home, she pondered the idea of leaving for the weekend to get away from all the crap. She stops walking and frantically starts to mumble, "I can't leave. I...I have to tell Max the truth. He has to know! He has to know!" As she turns to head back to school, Max is infront of her.

What Liz? What do I need to know that I don't already know or have disturbingly witnessed? I have done nothing but love you Liz, I'll see you later!
Max wait...I don't, didn't want to hurt you. Please listen to what I have to tell you Max. You have to listen to me. Please...Max...

Choose from one of the three:
1)Maria runs and pulls Liz away just as she is about to tell Max.

2)Max refuses to listen and walks away.

3)The school principal approaches them and questions why they are not in school.


Max looked into Liz's eyes, his anger slowly fading. She looked so helpless so alone. "but she got what she wanted' he thought to himself. He began to walk away again. he heard Liz gasp as he turned around.

"Mr. Evans, Ms. Parker? School is not over." Max looked up at Mr. Garrison, the principal of West Roswell High and groaned. He glared at Liz. 'God could she meake my life any worse thanit already is?' Liz glanced at Max the anger in his face shook her to her core. "Come with me." Mr. Garrison stated in his all to athouritarian voice.

"I thought I'd had enough trouble out of you two, after last year." Mr. Garrison stated refering to the all too embarrising eraser room incident. "Now I find you two cutting school together." He said eyeing the pair. Taking note of Max's standofish attitude and Liz's hopeless eyes. "We weren't together." Max stated harshly. "I wasn't feeling good and I was going home, I just ran into her. We weren't together." Liz cringed at the venomus voice max used when he said 'together'.

Isabel looked over at Michael. They hadn't spoken since the incident in the hall with Liz and Maria. Michael had seen Max and Liz being ushered from the principal's office to the detention room. Max had mouthed 'Later' to him.

Isabel had fixed her face and there was no evidence of Maria's slap, but she coudl still feel it, feel the force behind it. "What was Maria so angry about?" she asked calously. All Isabel cared about was her brother, her instant reaction to Liz was to hurt her like she had hurt Max. Isabel still coudln't shake the look Liz had given her. She didn't look like someone who had betrayed her true love. She looked like a scared little girl who was hanging on by a thread.

"Well you did slap the shit out of her best friend." "Yesh well Liz deserved it." "Yeah" Michael said unsure.

"Thanks a lot Liz." Max said not even looking at her across the small detention room. Liz couldn't speak. 'I can't take this. I can't. I just want to die, he hates me, I can't live like this.' Liz buried her face in her hands.

They sat through the rest of their sentence in Silence.


Maria glanced at her best friend. "Liz I hate to leave you." "Maria it's ok. Your mom needs you." Liz pulled the cold cloth off of her face. Isabel's handprint was etched in red on her face. "Yeah I know." Maria felt bed, if Liz really knw what she was going to do she'd kill her. but she just couldn't let this go any further. Liz was on the verge of completly loosing it. And Maria had no clue what that meant.

Maria looked at Max;s jeep parked in front of Michael's apartment. 'Ok, I know this is thw right thing to do. Liz and Max are wrecks without each other.' she dismissed the whole 'end of the world' factor and started into Michael's building. Knocking carefully on the door. Maria began to get nervous. 'What if they don't believe me. What if this kills us all' Her thoughts were interrupted by Isabel openign Michael's door.

"Oh no. I'm not letting you come at me again." isabel's hand shot protectively on her perfect face. "I'm not here to fight you." Isabel looked at her Wearily. "Max, Michael, Tess. We've got company. 'Oh god, TESS?' she thought, she hadn't counted on Tess being there. 'Oh well' she thought 'I'm here on a mission.'

Michael looked at maria. Supressing the urge to take her in his arms. There was so much alienating the four aliens from their human friends. He hoped Maria was here to solve that.

Maria stood there awkwardly. "Ok. So I have to tell you guys some stuff that Liz is going to kill me for. But I can't stand this anymore." she sighed. "Maria, I really don't need details about Liz and Kyle so you can save it." Max said harshly. Maria was stricken by his harsh words and was equally surprised when Michael came to her defense. "Max, shut up and let Maria talk. I'd bet anythign thats not what she's talking about, at least not in the way your thinking. She would never hurt you like that." Michael looked up at maria. He was just as surprised by his little outburst as she was. "Go on." he ushered her.

"Well as I was saying. max. Liz didn't sleep with Kyle." she said quickly. "What?" he said a bit too loudly. Obviously he was now very interested in what Maria had to say. She took a look at Tess who was obviously fuming in the corner. She was afraid of Tess's powers but she figure there was no way the alien-wench could take all of their memories away.

"Liz set it up so you would see her and Kyle together. but nothing happened between them. Before you start asking a million questions please let me get through this whole story." She looked at the group, everyone was silent.

"This is going to be very hard to believe. But when you think abotu what I'm goign to tell you keep I mind all the crap we've been through. I mean your aliens .. not much is so hard to believe now." Maria took a deep breath and began explaining the story, as Liz had conveyed it to her.

"MAx the night you went to Liz's window with the mariachi band, well you were already there. Cept it wasn't you. well it was it was just the you that existed 14 years in the future. You made Liz help you make you fall out of love with her. if that mkes any since at all. You however were very difficult to push away apparently. So she went to kyle. All over your live were in danger. The end of the world was ensuing. All because Tess couldn't handle you and Liz together. She left Roswell and you guys never saw her again. I think that's it. You can ask me questions now, but I may not have the answers."

All four aliens were dumbstruck. Tess was the first to speak. "You lying BITCH!"

Choose one of three
1) Tess pitches a huge fit and goes to Liz acusing her of lying etc ... max breaks them up and Leaves with tess
2) Max tell Tess to shut up and begin's to ask Maria questions most of which she says he'll have to ask Liz about and he does
3) Michael and Isabel shut tess up and go with max to confront Liz. Apologizing for everything. Max is still very hurt and Liz won't tell him anything
4) they all go to Liz's place and she's not there she's left roswell. Max is devistated and determined to find her. He wants to whole truth


The words leapt from Tess's lips as she crossed the small room, heading straight for Maria.

Michael quickly blocked her path.

"What in the hell do you think your doing?" he asked angrily.

"I'm gonna shut that lying bitch up Michael." came the enraged reply from Tess.

"No you aren't"

"But." Tess tried to get in.

Maria was seething..."It was you Tess....You and you alone doomed Earth, Michael, Isabel, and countless others, simply because you threw a hissy-fit and left. How does it feel to know that because of your selfish action billions died?"

Tess stopped in her tracks and looked into the eyes of Maria, as if trying to ascertain if the young woman was merely trying to agitate her, or if she truly believed what she felt. What she saw made her crumple inside. She turned away and walked slowly towards the other side of the room.

Michael became suddenly aware of a pressing amount of guilt. He felt sick, he and Isabel had gone after Liz when all she had done was try to save all of their lives. He suddenly felt the immediate need to get to Liz, if anything, to receive penance for what he had called her. He stole a quick look at Max, who didn't seem to be taking the news to well.

Max kept staring off and shaking his head, as if trying to formulate how he could have ever thought that Liz would have betrayed him on that night in October.

"I have to go talk to her." came the flat statement out of Max Evans.

"You have to.." interjected Isabel, "Michael and I need to talk to her..God, we humiliated her..I slapped...." she trailed off, staring remorsefully at the floor.

"Come on, we'll all go then.." offered Maria.."at least there will be witnesses when Liz kills me," she muttered under her breath .

As they drove all were silent, Michael and Liz were caught up in their own world of guilt, Max was filled with self-doubt, and on many different levels Tess refused to believe that she was the root cause of such wide-spread destruction.

Maria parked and they climbed the fire escape to Liz's balcony. Maria moved forward and knocked lightly on the glass window. No answer. Maria then knocked a little louder and still there was no answer. She looked confused for a moment, and then tried to open the window. To her shock, it slid open effortlessly.

"Liz usually keeps this locked..." offered a confused Maria.

Max climbed through the window, followed by Maria. Liz's bed was neatly made which struck them as particularly odd. They then noticed that Liz's closet was wide open and clothes were strewn about. Maria noticed a piece of stationary sitting on Liz's desk. She picked it up and began to read.

I can't take this anymore. Every day I'm reminded of what I had to do, and every day it kills me. I'm leaving. Mom, Dad, I love you, I just need to get out of here. Maria- I'll be back someday. Max- what can I say? I did everything for you. And I would do it again without hesitation. Maybe that is why it hurts so bad.


Maria began to cry softly half-way through reading it. Max sidled up next to her and read too. Max quickly climbed out of the window and onto the balcony..staring out at Roswell.

"I'll find you Liz Parker," Max said softly, "I'll find you because I love you."

Option 1: Liz's parents wake up and find the others, find that Liz ran away, they call Valenti, all hell breaks loose.

Option 2: Max takes the Jeep and goes to find Liz, he uses his powers to track her down.

I could only think of two options, sorry...


Max squinted and peered through the window. The rain was falling hard but he couldn’t worry about that, all he could worry about was Liz and where she could be. He knew she was close by, he could feel it. But he didn’t know how close. For all he knew he could have passed her! All of a sudden he heard the song the Entertainer coming from under his sweatshirt on the passenger seat. Max was confused when did his jacket start playing music? He rolled his eyes. Michal was always programming his Cell phone to play different songs. “Hello?” he answered. “Maxwell?” came a faint voice on the other end “this is Michal” “Michal”, Max sighed “what’s up?” “Izzy dreamwalked Liz, she’s having dreams about Sweeden. We think she might be going to meet up with Alex.” “Thanks Michal” Max breathed “Later Maxwell” came the respnse. Max turned his Jeep towards the airport, he thought maybe he could catch her in time. He could feel Liz getting closer already.

choose one of 3

1) Max catches Liz at the airport and stops her just in time
2) Liz goes to Sweden and doesn’t find Alex there. She has to sleep in parks etc.
3) Liz goes to Sweden and doesn’t find Alex there. She decides she has enough money to get to New York and she’ll try to get home from there. She ‘meets the dupes’.


Max gets in is jeep hoping and praying that he can catch liz at the airport..when he finally reaches the airport he jumps out of the jeep and frantically searches for liz only to find that hte plane to sweden left about ten minutes ago

~~~~~~~~~~~on the plane
All liz can think about is getting to Sweden and meeting up with Alex....She wants to regret going to Swenden but she can't cause she knows that Max hates her and her life in Roswell is over.. Liz pulls out her cellphone and tries to reach answer he didn't pick up his phone....oh well she thinks it can't be that hard to find him

~~~~~~~~~back to Max and the gang
"everyone we are going to Sweden" max states

everyone is in shock these are the first words that Max has spoken ever since he got in hte jeep in search of his Liz

the gang goes and gets tickets and to hteir dismay their is a plane going to Sweded but it stops at New York first

"Well at least we can get to Sweden" says Maria

So Maria, Michael, Max, Tess, and Isabelle get on hte plane to their long trip to Sweden

~~~~~~~~ as Liz gets off the plane she grabs the "people" directory only to find that Alex is not in Sweden
liz gets out of the airport and starts to cry like she has nevr cried before
she doesn't have max and she comes to Sweden to find that her best friend Alex is gone........what else can go wrong
She checks her wallet and she finds some extra money......the best place she cna think of going is New York so thats where hse gets off to
Liz gets off her plane and she looks at the big city she has just committed herself to
"omg what was I tinking to go to this place" ae says to herself
so she starts wondering

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~as Max and the rest of the plane get off of the plane that arrived in NY Isabelle desides to dreamwalk Liiz to pinpoint her location in Sweden onl;y to find out that she is here in NY "but where"

~~~~~~~~~~as Liz searches the city hse gos down to the subway and feels herself being grabbed by someone....she struggles but it doesn't work. At hte end she looks and see who grabbed her only to find Lonnie, Rath, Ava and Zan

1) lonnie and Rath start beating her up so that they can find out hwere the granolith is
2) Just before Rath does somethin to Liz Max appears
3)they push liz onto the track and she gets majorly injured



"Wow ... we got a looker on our hands Zan" Rath said heatedly. Looking liz up and down.

"Oh my god." Liz said shocked. IN front of her stood Michael, Max, Isabel and Tess except it wasn't them.

"What?" Lonnie asked harshly. "Rath, Lover, What do you want with the bitch?" she asked angrily.

Liz looked at Isabel, or rather this girl who looked like Isabel. Then her gaze fell on Max, scratch that Max's look alike.

"She's a fine bitch lonnie." Zan said moving towards Liz. Who's arm was still caught by Michael/ 'duplicate michael' she thought to herself.

Liz couldn't take her eyes off of Max's dupe, Zan thats what rath had called him. It was Max, only not. He was scruffy. He looked ... hot. She couldn't stop the thoughts in her head. It wasn't Max ... it wasn't her max, but 'damn' she thought.

"Zan ... we need to go." Tess's look alike said almost whimpering. "Shut up Ava. I'm admiring the view."

Rath pulled Liz into the Alley. Liz's thoughts about Zan ran cold. 'These are not my friends, they are going to ...'

"So baby. Who do you want first, the king, or the 2nd." Zan said in a condecending voice. Rath Snarled at him and brought his attention back to Liz.


Max was walking down the street where Liz supposedly was. Isabel had just called him. 'man her powers are getting stronger' he thought to himself. He heard a muffled cry from and alley near by. he almost kept walking when he felt it, he felt her. "Liz" he called.


Rath was running his hands over Liz's body and she felt sick. Zan was watching with an amused face and Lonnie and Ava were standing the background looking very annoyed. Liz couldn't help but cry. Then she felt him.

"Liz?" she heard Max's Voice. "Max" she managed to squeak out. She heard fast footsteps and Felt Rath being pulled off of her. She looked to see Zan pulling Max off of Rath. She heard more Yelling as Tess, Michael, Isabel, and Maria came running in the Alley.

Michael pulled Max off Zan and Rath pulled Zan off Max. Then they looked at each other. The yelling a cursing stopped. Lonnie, Ava, Rath and Zan stood there speechless staring at Michael, Isabel, Max and Tess.


1) The dupes run off scared as crap and the pod squad follow them. Cept Max who's thoughts return to Liz and he tries to pry the truth out of her
2) The confrontation is on ... Max Still tries to get at rath and explains what had happened, while Liz collapses.
3) The dupes attack, and max protect them all with his sheild. After they all realize what going on (two sets) they talk - back in the sewers

ok .. Danielle is writing the next part ... You guys who write after me remember that this is after "THE END OF THE WORLD" so not other eps apply ... no nicholas no skins (not really) etc .. I'd rather there be no talk of summit and no killing off anybody yet --- I mena you can do what you like .. but I was just reminding


The dupes run forward, ready to attack. Max lifts his arm and a green light fills the dark alley.

“What the hell?” Rath asks, astonished. Looking at Zan.

“Don’t look at me, I have no idea what’s going on.”

Max lets down his shield and looks at Zan. “So, are you shape shifters? Or can you prove that your like us?”

Rath lifts his hand to blow Max and the others back but Michal beats him to it and gives him a little shove with his powers. “I don’t think so freak” he growls.

Zan puts up his shield and looks at Max in the eyes. Then he lets it down “I have the same powers as you do” he says “but how do we know you’re the real deal?”

Lonnie looks over at Zan “look Zan let’s just blow this joint”

“yeah Zan, I’m-I’m with her” Ava said in a scared voice.

“Oh don’t be such a baby” Tess said

“Hey, Who you callin’ a baby, blondie?” she yelled.

“Let’s go back to our place” Zan said “we can talk it over there”

“are you crazy?!?” Lonnie squealed “they can’t know where we live!”

“don’t worry” Zan said looking at Liz, “I’m sure their barks are harder then their bites.

Back in the sewers Liz looked around. Was this a good thing? On one hand she had led the pod squad to a pretty big discovery, but on the other hand she had run away from Roswell. None of their parents knew where they were and this could lead to a death for any one of them!
Chose one
1) Liz falls in love with Zan and leaves Max
2) The pod squad take the dupes back to Roswell with them so they can be together
3) Something bad happens and someone gets killed
*please oh please oh please don’t chose #3!*


They sat in uncomfortable silence for what seemed like hours. On one side sat Zan, Ava, Rath, and Lonnie on a sofa while on the other everyone elso sat in dilapidated old chairs. The silence was making everyone tense, and Max was afraid that any moment Rath or Michael might do something stupid. Not that he wasn't temted to start something himself after finding Liz in that position. He'd wanted to break Rath's neck. To his surprise Zan was the first one to speak.

"So what's your deal?" he asked with a sneer. He had the voice of someone who was used to giving orders. "Who are you and where in hell did you come from?"

Max wasn't sure what to say. He didn't want to tell everything to complete strangers, but they did look exactly like them.

"From what we've gathered we're alien/human hybrids form a planet called Antar. Apparently I was the king there before a man named Khivar killed me and the other royals. Michael was my second, Isabel was my sister, and Tess was wife. Liz is from Earth. She someone I healed."

At the mention of Khivar Max had seen Rath tense. Something was giving him a realy bad feeling. His eyes narrowed.

"How about you?"

"We don't know who we are or where we're from"

Ava started to protest , but Lonnie silenced her with a sharp look . Their exchange did not go unnoticed.

"You're lying," hissed Michael, standing, "We're not blind. You know something."

Rath was instantly on his feet and in Michael's face. "Who do you think you are calling usliars?" he yelled.

Max stood. "Michael, please, calm down before something happens."

Everyone tensed. Neither Michael nor Rath moved. Suddenly a sharp noise shot through the room. Michael and Rath's hands were instantly up and everyone was standing.

"Michael, NO!" Max shouted.

A blinding flash filled the room.


well I hope you like it ok.

1) Michael kills Rath. Max puts up a shield and gets everyone out

2) Michael kills Zan. Rath lashes out at them.

3) Rath tries to kill Max, but Liz steps in the way and is killed. Nobody else is hurt and both sides try to figure out what happened.


Max's eyes grow ten times thier regular size as he see's Rath's hand raise towards him. He can't move. He can feel the energy being shot towards him.

"Nooooo ..." He hears a scream and is confused.

Maria Screams and begins to cry. Max can't figure out what happened. But Tess's face has paled. He looks at the floor in front of him.

"LIZ!" He screams. He drops to his knees beside Liz. He's sobbing, uncontrolablly.

"Liz." He lifts her into his arms, her blood staining his skin.

He can faintly hear Maria crying and Isabel too. But it doesn't matter he has to heal LIz.

He puts his large hand over her wound and tries to form a connection.

"Liz. Liz Baby you have to look at me. Liz." The connection forms but is very week as Liz raises her hand to Max's face slowly.

"I Love you." She chokes out, blood flowing from her mouth.

"I can't ... I can't heal her. Somebody Help ME!!!" Max screams desperatly.

Without thinking Zan walks towards the couple and lays his hand over Max's.

The connection flares to life as the two Kings repair the damage. Flashes Bombard all three involved.

After a few minutes Liz gasps for air and sits up crying.

Max is still sobbing, holding on to her like his life depended on it. "Max." She says softly.

He's still crying into her arm hugging her tightly to him.

Everyone else is watching in complete awe. Zan can't look at them, the things he'd seen.

Faintly Liz can hear Rath mumbling what's suppose to be an apology and Maria yelling at him, but Michael holding her back.

If Liz didn't have a sobbing Max in her arms holding on to her desperatly she might have found it funny.

"Liz ..." He cries again.

"shhh, Max I'm here. I'm here."

He looks into her eyes, calming slightly.

"Oh God Liz. I thought I lost you. Oh God!" He hugs her again.

"Shhh ... Max. I'm ok. You and Zan healed me." She looks over at Zan, as does Max.

"Thank you" They both say at the same time. Zan has an unreadable expression on his face.

Liz and Max stand up, Lonni walks over and repairs the shirt Liz was wearing, and clearing the blood off the two.

Max still won't let go of Liz.

"I saw it all Liz. I saw it all." He says horsely.

"I know." She says into his neck.

Max leans down and kisses her slowly, letting all the pent up love he's had for days into thier connection. Liz snakes her arms around his neck and pulls him closer to her.

"Well well well, What a beautiful scene, brings a tear to my eye." A teenage voice rasps.

"Heya Nick." Lonnie says smiling.

Nicholas raises his hand and both Max and Zan generate a shield to protect the entire group save Nicholas.


1) Lonnie & Rath have been having secret meetings with Nicholas. They had just started planning to kill Zan, So Zan & Ava join our pod squad.

2) Nicholas reveals what we find out later about the seal in Max's head, but Zan has it as well. Zan, can feel LIz and Max's emmotions. He's confused but inevitably attracted to LIz.

3) Nicholas sees Tess and asks her to join him, she's faced with the decision (I don't know if we wanna make tess completely evil in this)



Nickolas just stood there and laughed.

"Do you really think you can stop me with that puny shield" he asked w/ a smirk.

"I don't see you breaking through it," Max and Zan simultaneously retorted.

"Isn't that funny, the bobsey twins think alike too," Nicholas spat.

Lonnie laughed harshly. "Yah, they're both utter morons."

Zan turned, horror on his face. "Lonnie, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Oh come now, brother, dearest," she whined sarcastically, "You really think I'd stay on this fucking planet for you did you?"

Nicholas laughed, "You see, my dear friends I have you surrounded."

Max thought fast, "Zan face your shield towards Lonnie and Rath and I'll keep mine at Nicholas, " he whispered.

"But we won't be strong enough," Zan whispered back,"We've tried before, but Nicholas got through and we barely escaped with our lives."

"Just do it , NOW!" Max yelled. Zan turned and divided Lonnie and Rath fromt he rest.

Nicholas just smirked. "You won't last two seconds, you idiots." He lifted his hand and a red light hit Max's shield.

"No!" Tess cried, running to Max and letting her power flow through him.

Nicholas smiled, "Powerful, but not powerful enough."

"Liz, help," Tess was panicking, " Max healed you. you have powers, too!"

"What?! Why didn't you tell us before!" Liz was stunned.

"Don't worry about that now, just help!"

Nicholas' face grew purple with anger. "Lonnie, Rath," he screamed, "Don't just stand there, attack the other side!"

"Too late! " Zan's face was triumphant as Ava latched onto him, helping him. " You're not as strong as Nicholas!"

No one had ever seen Nicholas this angry, then suddenly he smiled. "Tess, darling, have you forgotten Nasedo's promise?" he hissed, "Don't you want to go home? If you help them now you never will you know. You'll be stuck on this stinking planet...FOREVER."

Max looked at Tess, "What promise, Tess, what's he talking about?" He felt her grip loosen. "Tess. no!"

"Yes, that's it Tess. Just let go, and leave. You won't have to hurt anyone. It won't be your fault. You just want to get home." Nicholas' voice was like hunny, oozing.

Tess looked confused. "I don't ....I don't know...."

"Yes, yes you do Tess. You know." a quiet voice spoke inside her head.

"Kyle?" Tess was becoming even more bewildered. They'd left Kyle behind. Suddenly the room was becoming fuzzy, shinfting changing. She was now standing in a grey room, by herself. Then Kyle was there.

"Kyle, where are we?" she asked frightened.

"We're in your head, Tess, in your mind."

"How'd you get here?"

"You called me here, Tess. You don't think you know what to do, but you do, Tess, you do."

"But what? Kyle...What should I do? I want to go home, and Nesado promised."

"Tess, do you love me?"


"No, no buts Tess. You heard what will happen if you leave. Everyone will die. Not just me, and the others here you love, but billions of people."

Tess was silent. She wanted to go home so badly. Then she knew what she would do. Slowly she came back to reality. No time had passed.

"Well?" Nicholas was smiling triumphantly.


u like?

1) Tess chosses to leave, apologizing profusely to everyone. Trouble ensues.

2)Tess almost decides to stay, but Nicholas says something that once again makes her uncertain. The others try to persuade her.

3)Tess decides to stay. She realizes that she loves Kyle as more than just a friend.


Tess looks at Max.

Liz is latched on to his other arm, her eyes aren't angry as she'd expect.

"What deal Tess?" Liz asks, as Michael and Isabel combine thier energy as a chain between Max and Zan.

"I ... "

Tess, I don't want you to go.

"Tess What's he talking about?" Isabel asks, thier energy is slowly draining, but her anger is evident.

"She was supose' to get pregnant and come home, bringing you three to the man. Yeah I remember Nesado trying to get me to agree to that deal." Ava snorts.

Max's attention is unfocused for a minute and the shield falters for a second.

"Tess come with me or I'll kill them all." Nicholas threatens.

Tess! She hears Kyle's protests in her head.

Tears begin to stream down her face.

"You can't kill them!" She screams as Nicholas.

"I can and I will if you don't come with us. Kivar would be very angry if we didn't return with the queen.

Tess is still feeding Max her energy but she shakes her head, trying to clear her thoughts.

"No!" In a blind rage Tess yells to Ava.

"HELP ME!" She screams. They connect and pool the energy flowing through the group.

"We're not strong enough." Ava says meekly.

Tess can't think.

"MARIA, Take Liz's place to feed the connection through. Liz help us."

Liz is obviously frightened, and wary of Tess. "Liz, We're all going to die, I know I've given you no reason to trust me but please!"

That's all it takes for LIz to Move. Maria takes her spot holding onto Max and latching arms with Isabel.

Liz takes Tess & Ava's hands. The three completing a circle. The connection is instantaneous and all three women are assaulted with each others lives.

"Tessie Dear, relying on a human to help you? I'm dissapointed."

Nicholas's remark sparks the rage in Both Liz in Tess. Without warning a huge bolt of energy flows out from the shield knocking Nicholas, Lonnie and Rath to fall the the ground unconcious.

The shields drop and Max's arms are instantly around Liz and Ava and Zan are checking thier unconcious family. Michael pulls nicholas to a sewer and sends a blast at his back, which shatters his skin.

Max lets go of Liz, giving her a soft kiss and walks over to Zan and Ava.

Liz and Tess just look at each other. Both knowing the other better than the ever even wanted to.

"Liz ... I ..." Tess starts.

"No need Tess. No need." And Liz hugs her. Tess is taken aback by Liz in this instant, and completely humbled.

"What are we gonna do about them." Maria asks pointing towards Rath and Lonnie.

"Well ..." Zan starts.


1) Zan suggest they kill them, and he has no remorse. Says he's leaving ... and Ava follows like a puppy dog.

2) Zan says he doesn't know. Max suggests they all go back to roswell, they can keep them unconcious for a while. Michael says they should go see River Dog, they'd enjoy the sweat.

3) Max and Zan decide to wait till they wake up and get as much information out of them. They do, eventually Rath and Lonnie get away. Zan and Ava go back to Roswell with the pod squad. (tell the rents they have long lost twins)

"Before I would have suggested killing them, but...."Zan paused for a moment, "But I was inside your heads, both of you,'re diferent. Different than anything I've ever been taught to be. I'll go by your decision."

"We need to know, Max, what Khivar is planning."Liz said quietly,"I don't think we could kill them anyway; they look too much like Michael and Isabel."

"Yeah, I agree," he said simply.

"What? You're gonna go by what your girl says?" the look on Zan's face would have been hilarious, if he hadn't been so serious.

"Hey, you said we were different. Anyway, Liz is smart. Why wouldn't I go by what she says?"

Liz just smiled. Max had defended her, and he hadn't corrected Zan calling her his girl. He knew the reason for why she'd done what she'd done, but still she didn't know how he could forgive her. She couldn't forgive herself.

So, in the end they just sat there, waiting for Rath and Lonnie to wake up, talking about their lives. Liz was finally beginning to realize just how bad their lives had been. They had had it even worse than Michael had. They had lived with no parents, on the street for as long as they could remember. Then one day without warning Nicholas had attacked them, and they had barely managed to escape with their lives. She could almost understand why Lonnie and Rath had done what they did. Almost...

"Hey Max, the sleeping beauties are awake," Michael called out.

"Let me out of here you f...."Lonnies rant had been broken off by Zan slapping her across the face.

"Shut up! You...You're my own sister and you betrayed me! You whore!"

Rath laughed, "Look at that, the big bad king is upset that his "loyal subjects" turned on him."

"You frickin'..."

"Quiet! all of you." Max commanded. Then turned to stand directly in front of Rath and Lonnie. "You tell us what you know about Khivar and his plans, adn we'll let you go, unharmed. If not, I'll leave you to Zan, and I'm sure he can think of fitting punishment."

Zan nodded his assent and glowered at them. They could tell that Rath was starting to get scared.

"Awww, come on Max," he whined, "We don't know nuthin. Please don't let him get us."

Michael turned his head in disgust. How in hell could this guy look exactly like him and yet be so...cowardly.

And so the interrigation continued. Max questioned, Zan threatened, Lonnie cussed, and Rath whined. At the end of two hours Max and Zan's patience was beginning to wear thin.

"This is bullshit, Max," Zan grumbled, "Let's just kill them and be done with it."

"No", Max said, "We're not killing anyone."

"Hey, let's get one thing straight, ok? You DON'T order me around. Got it?" Zan retorted.

"Look, Zan, I'm not trying to order you around; I just don't want to kill anyone."

"Don't want to kill anyone?! Don't be a moron, Max. We're fighting for our lives here. You can't just let the enemy live or they'll come back and kill you."

"That's no the way we do things."Max stated flatly "End of discussion."

"Oh no I don't think so Maxy or should I call you Maxine? Like I said before a chicken like you isn't going to order me around!"

"Zan, stop it," Ava whined, "He's just tryin' to do the right thing, leave it alone."

"Shut up, bitch!"

"Hey, don't yell at her,"Michael had had enough of this guy.

"Yeah, that wasn't called for," Maria said and Isabel seconded.

"Why don't you three mind your own business", Zan yelled back.

"Don't yell at them," now even Tess was drawn into the conversation.

"Stop it, now,"the voice was low and barely audible in the midst of the yelling. "Look behind you, you idiots." Liz was enraged.
"I leave for two seconds to use the restroom, adn when I get back you're fighting like first graders, and now your captives are gone."

They stopped stunned and turned around. Sure enough, while they had been fighting Lonnie and Rath had escaped.

"Shit!" Zan yelled, "See I told you we should've killed them. Now they're gone."

"Zan, be quiet," Liz said quietly. To everyone's great surprise he obeyed her.

"Our captives are gone," she continued," There is nothing left for us to do here. We are going to return to Roswell before our parents gets too worried. Zan, if you and Ava want to come with us; we'll present you to everyone as Max and Tess' long lost twins or something. Make your decision; we're leaving now."

The calm and authoritative way she commanded them shocked them into obedience. Since when was quiet, timid Liz this commanding?

"Fine, we'll go," Zan replied.

1)Something's different with Liz. Disturbingly so.

2) They get back and Max and Zan start having problems with who's going to lead.

3) They return home, and Liz tells them about Alex. Tess goes into an unexplainable coma.



Max and the group walk off the plan, Kyle and Jim Valenti are there to meet them.

No one really talked on the plane ride home. Everyone was realing with the news.

"Sherrif" Max says calmly.

"This is Zan and Ava. They are like us. But we need to cover like they are mine and Tess's twins. Or maybe Ava is cousin of Tess. I don't know."

"They can be twins. It doesn't matter how we explain it, it's Roswell. No one will care." Liz says callously.

The whole group stares at Liz with open mouths.

"Liz ..." Maria starts.

"I'm not in the mood Maria." Liz snaps at her friend.

She leads the gang back to the cars and Max drives her Isabel and Zan to the crashdown.

"I'll see you tonight?" Max asks her.

"Whatever." She replies and rolls her eyes.

Max can't shake the feeling that something is very wrong. He hadn't felt connected to Liz since New York.

Isabel looks at Liz like she's insane. She got a new air about her. And attitude that she hadn't had before.

Liz disapears into the Crashdown and both Max and Zan are staring after her.

"Whats with your chick?" Zan asks nonchalantly.

"I don't know."

"MAX! ISABEL!" They hear in thier heads.

Isabel clutches her head tightly.

"Liz?" Max says to himself worried.

"Max that girl in there isn't Liz. She's in New York still." Isabel cries.

Max peals out of the parking lot and speds back to the airport.

"Max, let me go with you." Isabel says quietly.

"No. Take Zan home."

Max leaves nothing for discussion as he heads back to New York, to find the real Liz.


1) Max finds Liz unconcious in the Dupes lair, she was knocked out by a shapeshifter. He takes her home and the shapeshifter is nesado

2) Max finds the real Liz, while the fake Liz and Zan have some interesting talks. (spoiler to Liz having a Dupe with an accent and an attitude ... we find out LIz is an alien)

3) Max goes to New York but before he finds Liz she's taken somewhere. He's on a goose chase following his instincts. The Liz at home wrecks havock on the rest of the gang.



Liz felt her head whirling and pounding like it was going to pop off. Or maybe she just hoped it would.

God, what did they do to me... Where--where is Max?

Liz felt the side of her head. She had a large lump on it; she could feel that it was about the size of a golf ball. She knew someone had hit her in the back of the head when Lonnie and Rath had escaped. She saw them running. And then.. darkness.

Everything was dark. She could hear the dripping of some kind of water somewhere. She shivered. It was cold in this dark dank underground hole. How the hell had the dupes lived here for so many years?

Just as Liz was about to try to get up she noticed her feet were tied together with electrical tape. And then she heard someone approaching.

"Liz, Liz... ", Max yelled as he ran toward her.

"Oh--God, Max!", Liz croaked out groggily.

Max rushed to her and hugged her roughly against him.

"I--I thought the worst Liz.. I thought I lost you again. I knew, I knew that it wasn't you Liz..."

"Max?", Liz eyes opened wider, inquisitive, "Max, what do you mean you knew it wasn't me? "

"There was another, another you...," Max responded hastily.

Oh my gosh... it is all out in the open. He knows I didn't sleep with Kyle and now... He loves me again. (*sigh*) Now I must be back here from the future to fix this mess again.... To make him fall out of love with me again? Gosh, all that pain, all that work was for nothing... Michael -- Isabel... they were all killed again. The War. Nothing changed. Nothing. NO! It can't be...

Liz moaned. The thoughts, the pain were too much.

"Did she look, " Liz hesitated, "ummmm.... older?"

"Older?", Max parroted back to her confused.

"Um, yeah... like me but only... with --say, a few gray hairs?"


Zan was sitting with Isabel at the Crashdown. He had heard what Isabel had said to Max about his girl Liz before he took off. That it wasn't her. Not really her. And, he--Zan was no bozo. He knew, in that one moment when he was connected to her, when he was saving her life, what the "real Liz" was like and the kind of love she and his duplicate--Max shared. It was the kind of love he had never really had a name for... what he knew somehow he was always looking for but never found. That's why Ava, gosh Beautiful Ava... his babe... was never enough. He always went out on the hunt for the other girls when she wasn't around. He and Rath went bar hopping, looking to see what kind of lovely dish of lady they could catch. But, he never seemed to get what he wanted. He'd get one night of fun out of the girl and then that was it. He always came back to Ava. And Ava knew what he did, why he never came home on the nights he and Rath went out. Yeah, Rath went home to Lonnie but he-Zan-the-King...... he was a no-show till the next day. Then Ava would pout. And get over it. Then it would happen all over again.

But Liz, god... What a woman. There was something so soft, so sensous about her. And so kind. It almost made even his twisted heart soften. Maybe a little. Maybe a lot.

He had to see if this was the Liz he connected to. And if it wasn't... he was gonna take it out on the hide of the girl who was pretending to be Her... the bitch!!!!

"So, Iz... Babe... I heard what you said about Liz... about it not being the same one...I just wanted to let you know I will do anything I can to help you."

Isabel looked at Zan, her nose twitching a little.

"God, did you ever shower down there in the rat-hole?"

Zan grabbed Izzy's shirt and snarled, "Bitch... you don't want ta make an enemy out of me!!!" Then he let her shirt go.

"Yeah. Sorry." Isabel exclaimed, picking up a french fry and twirling it in a plate of tobasco sauce and ketchup. "Listen... we are grateful for your help. And yes. You can do us all a favor. Keep an eye on 'that' Liz over there. See if you can find out who she really is."

"Not a problem. I intend to invest myself thoroughly in the cause..." Zan snickered.

Zan was about to get more than he asked for.


"So, you set Tess and I up to fall in love and future me just what... blew up?" Max questioned Liz as they boarded the plane back to Roswell.

"No, you simply evaporated while we were dancing."


"Yes Max. Didn't you get all this in the flash?"

"No. Not all of it. I think Zan saw more than I did when we connected. But, answer me... why dancing?"

"He told me that we would marry in Vegas at the Elvis Chapel. And that afterwards...wellllll afterwards we had a special dance. Everyone else had just had it. We all had danced and had the best time of our lives. But, they were all tired and went back to their rooms. Then it was just you and me. And 'I Shall Believe' began to play. After that, it was always our song."

"I Love that song."

"Yeah, Future-you said that too."Liz smiled."And so, as we danced the wedding dance I would never have to 'I shall Believe' ... it came on the radio and then you just disappeared."

Liz and Max sat down in their seats.

Max cupped Liz's face in his hands. "Liz, I will always love you and I will never ever let you go again. Even if we do find that it is future-Liz waiting for us back in Roswell. If we face it together, we can do anything."

Max gently carressed her face and kissed Liz with reverence. For a moment, they were both lost in the worship of their mouths on one another. Liz could feel herself tingle from her bumpy head to her toes. For a minute, she forgot where she was and let out a moan.

And then, someone coughed behind them.

They broke their kiss and laughed.


Zan had watched Liz thoroughout her shift and well after the Crashdown closed.

"Zan, is there something else I can get you?" queried Liz, as she raised her eyebrows. "Everyone, even Isabel has left and except for locking the front door, I am done for the night."

"I - ah - thought maybe we could talk." Zan said, stroking his goatee.

Jeff Parker interrupted them.

"Liz, honey, are you done for the evening?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Okay. Well I will be down here doing the books tonight so if you could, don't turn down the lights or heat."


"Liz," Zan whispered, "I really need to talk to you-alone. I'll leave but can I come talk to you tomorrow morning?"

"Ummm... listen I have a fire escape. Just leave and wave goodnight to my Dad and then come up in the back. That way we will have our privacy.


Zan rises and leaves the shop, with as much aplomb as a New York City gang-banger could so Mr. Parker would know he had left.


"Zan... pssst! Zan! Over here!" Liz whispered down to Zan in the alley.


Zan climbed the ladder like an acrobat.

"Wow. You do that so quickly!"

"Yeah," Zan grunted, "Lots of practice."

Liz pulls Zan into her bedroom and sits him down next to her on the bed.

"No one can hear us in here. Now we are speaking privately. Go on! What is wrong?"

Zan smiles ever-so-slightly. She brought him to her bedroom. They were sitting on her BED! . Zan knew what that meant in New York and if he wasn't mistaken, it meant the same thing in Roswell. The girl wanted a piece of the king.

Zan was happy to oblige. If Liz wanted a real man, who better than he to fill Max's incompetent-gutless shoes? The guy couldn't dress for s*it anyway. And, hell if he wasn't mistaken, a kiss could tell him everything he needed to know. Including if this was the 'real' Liz. Zan hoped it was. There was something about the 'real' one that had changed him for that brief instant back in New York when he helped heal her.

Zan swooped his lucious lips down on Liz, wrapping his arm around her...and then he felt a tremendous shove.

"I hate to tell you monkey-boy....... but I am not that kind of shape-shifter!"

Zan gasped and fell off the bed. The beautiful image of Liz had been replaced by an ugly, middle aged, balding man. Zan felt bile start to rise in his throat.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" yelled Zan.

"Why, dear boy,... I am Nasedo."


1. Nasedo and Zan make a deal to 'kill off' Liz so that Tess can convince Max to return to their home planet to fight the war. They think they have suceeded in killing Liz but actually they have been tricked by another shapeshifter who took on Liz's shape to protect her...

2. Zan is love struck by Liz and tries to create problems for Liz/Max with the aide of Tess while Nasedo looks on... happily encouraging the trouble since he hates humans.

3. Riverdog sees 'signs' in his sweat lodge that trouble is returning and gets in touch with Max at the Evan's house before Liz returns to the Crashdown. Nasedo and Riverdog team together to teach the gang how to fight the skins.

4. Nasedo 'plays along that he is future Liz' and that Max and Liz must break up. Zan agrees to this because he has his own plans--being love struck by Liz himself.
He studied him for a minute. This punk looks more disgusting each time I see him. Why, why did he have to rely on this no-good piece of slime to help him. Because Tess, his Tess, the girl he'd given his life to help, wouldn't obey him anymore. She'd rather stay here with all these low, depraved humans than get back to her planet. They'd corrupted her mind, made her weak so that she couldn't see their obvious defects anymore. Well, he'd make her see. He'd get rid of the problem and then he'd make them all see. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess he respected, but they'd all been blinded by one stupid girl. So now he had to rely on the Dupes to get them back. He hated the Dupes almost as much as he hated the humans! They were so low, so degraded. And now, he had to rely on one of them for help. Zan better not betray me. If he does he will regret it for the rest of his miserable life.

Finally he spoke, "Here's the deal, Zan, I'm going to explain this as simply as possilble so that you can understand me." He couldn't do it, he couldn't hide the disdain in his voice. It was a good thing Zan was too stupid to recognize it.

"Max will bring Liz home tomorrow, and we will be waiting for them when they get off the plane. I'll mindwarp Max, and you'll kill Liz. We'll make Max think it was an accident. After that I'll disapear, and you start pushing them to find a way to get home."

"Is that simple enough for you?"

Zan sneered, "Yeah, sure, I got it"

The next day everything went as planned. Zan and "Liz" managed to slip away to meet Max at the airport. Nasedo mindwarped Max into thinking he was moving when he was actually standing still in the parking lot.

"Get her, now!" Nesado yelled.

"Max, max,"Liz pleaded urgently, "What are you doing? Why are you just standing there?"

Zan emerged quietly from where he'd been hiding. "I'm sorry sweety", he mocked, "but this is the end of the line for you."

"Ummm, no I don't think so,hon," a soft voice spoke behind him, all went black.

Nesado jumped from behind the bushes where he'd been. How?! What!? How could there be two Liz's. Max looked straight at him. No! How could it be? Max was mindwarped.

"I wouldn't try to run if I were you, Nesado. The three of us are more than powerful enough for you."

"No! no!" Nesado screamed, "You don't understand you can't let her live. She'll destroy you just like she did on Antar. And you... how can you help her? You know what happened. Aura was dangerous then, and she's even more dangerous now! You can't let her live!"

ok, I just couldn't resist the whole Liz-being-an-alien thing

1) Nesado selfdestructs in an attempt to kill Liz, in the end killing only himself and Zan. They find out who this other "Liz" is.

2)They once again have captives (rather a reoccuring theme dontcha think?) They try to figure out what Nesado was talking about in his little rant.

3)They let Zan and Nesado go warning them never to return. Alex mysteriously reappears with the answers as to who Liz really is.


"Aura?" Both Zan and Max say at the same time. The name sparks something familiar in both of them. But the "other liz" Had Zan by the arms, and Max had Nesado.

"Come on. We have to get them out of here. To many people." The "Other Liz" says forcefully.

Michael is waiting for them by Max's Jeep and he's confused when he see's Max holding Nesado and Two Liz's.

"Don't ask Michael. Let's just get to the Pod Chamber. Liz ..."

"Calling the others I'm on it." She says while dialing her cell. Max just smiles, she knew what he was asking before he even did.

"So Who are you?" Max asks the 'other Liz' after he's sucessfully knocked Zan and Nesado out.

"Why doll. I'm Aura." She says with a sparkle in her eyes.

"You're a Shape-shifter?" Liz asks, hanging up her phone.

"No Little Lizzie I'm you."

Liz's eyes grow wide and Max takes her hand from the front seat.

"Pull over." He tells michael.

Michael doesn't hesitate. Max gets out of the Car. Forces Aura into the front seat with Nesado, he puts himself between Zan and Liz and then nods to Michael to keep driving.

His arms are tightly around Liz.

"I ... I don't understand." Liz says softly.

"You see Zanie boy and Maxie boy. Just like Zan is Max, I am you." Aura says with loathing.

"So ... I'm a ..."

"Your a hybrid just like the rest of um, not one human in this car." Aura says smiling.

"Can I have my Man up here with me please?" Aura asks with some emotion. The first they've seen from her.

"We're almost there." Michael says as her nears the pod chamber.

"If Zan is your Man, then why would he try to Kill Liz." Max asked.

"Cause she didn't respond to him, it didn't click in his brain that she was Aura. Well I'm Aura, She's Liz. We're different."

"No really?" Liz says with sarcasm.

They get out of the car. Michael takes Nesado by the arm and Aura wakes Zan up. He jerks awake and gets ready to defend himself when Aura just kisses him.

Instantly he knws who she is and kisses her back. "I'm so sorry." He says as he lets her go. Then he looks at Liz.

"Nesado he was ... I didn't want to ..." He trails off, hating the feeling of being weak.

Liz just looks at him and smiles.

"Hey girl, hands off." She says to Liz.

"No worries I have my own King." Liz kisses Max softly.

The others pull up and Zan's arms are around Aura.

"What the Fuck, ZAN WHO DA HELL IS DIS BITCH!" Ava screams at him.

"Sis, would you just shut up for a minute." Aura says to Ava.

"Wait sis?" Maria looks between who she believes is Liz and Ava.

"Ok hold on. Let's all go into the Pod Chamber, tie Nesado up and then Aura will give us some answers." Max states calmly. Maria now notices Liz standing Next to Max.


"Ok So start explaining." Tess says looking at Aura. Kyle is next to her and She's a little pissed that she didn't get to finish having her talk with him before Maria interrupted and forced them out to the Pod Chamber.

"Alright First how much do yous guys know?"

Liz rolls her eyes at the poor grammer.

"We know about Zan, Ava, Rath, and Vilandra. Kivar killing them, mother sending our essences, we just found Zan and the others. Rath and Lonnie were in leuge with Nicholas, and Nesado here tried to Kill Liz. Oh yeah and Tess was orginially going to turn us over to Kivar after getting pregnant with my child, which would never happen ... no offense Tess." Max says.

Surprisingly Tess looks at Kyle and says "None taken."

"But she didn't and Lonnie and Rath got away. We came back here. I realized LIz wasn't Liz. But obviously she had been Nesado. And Then you tapped me to break me free of Nesado's warp."

"Ok. So you wanna know why there are two Liz's"

"Amoung other things." Isabel says warily.

"Alright I'll start at the beginning. Most of what you know is true. Cept for the part about Ava being the Queen. Ava is my sister, She's mine and Raths younger sister, Rath and I were twins, just as Vilandra and Zan were. Zan and I were in love for years, but I was killed about 6 months earth time before we were due to wed. So Ava who had become one of Zan's best friends, ended up Marrying him. See our families had to unite, But luckily Zan and I had been in Love. Ava just filled in. She loved Zan but she wasn't IN LOVE with him. She always used to say she'd yet to find her soulmate."

Liz and Tess just looked at each other. And Michael was floored. Liz and this girl; were his sisters.

"So Your mother, used me as the first experiment for the procedure she later used on the four of you, well eight I guess. I was sent first. I hatched at the same time as the rest of you, but I was sent with my own protector. Kyan - he died protecting me from Nicholas.

Anyways, I was almost completely Antarian, with just enough human genes in me to keep me alive and safe on earth. When the rest of you were killed, she decided to make two batches. The more Antarian set, which is Zan, Ava, Lonnie and Rath. That's why they are more ruthless, She Kivar got a hold of that set.

He basically corrupted the pods, but it never got to Zan and Ava, just Rath and Lonnie. Vilandra loved her brother. She never would have done what Lonnie did to Zan."

"Ok so what about the rest of us?" Michael asks.

"Well the queen suspected that Kivar or his people had tampered with the first set of Pods. So she had them create another set. Ones that Antarian side was more dormant, hence not being able to remember your pasts like the others. So then She remembered me, and made Liz's antarian side even more dormant than the others. She knew how much Zan had loved Aura.

So she sent her later. So both of her recreations didn't want the same woman, it would have been cruel to only have me here. Knowing my Antarian side would be drawn to Zan, and Not Max."

"Ok so Liz is an Alien?" Maria asks.

"Yep she is." Aura responds.

"But my parents, I wasn't adopted" Liz says shaking.

"No, but you were implanted into your mothers womb, she never knew."

"So my parents ... aren't" Liz says with tears in her eyes.

"No I'm afraid not."

"Wait how come Zan didn't remember Aura, he thought He and I were suppose to be together. How come none of us remembered you!" Ava says with curiousity in her voice, hurt and curiousity.

Aura looks at her sister.

"Ava I know you thought you were suppose to be with Zan, but you will find you love. As to why you didn't remember me. Kivar erases me from your minds, See Ava dear, Kivar was in love with you. He wanted you for himself. But he figured if he let Zan have you once, you'd produce an hier and he could rule with you by his side."

"I think I'm going to be sick." Tess says softly. She runs to the corner of the room and retches the contents of her stomach. Both Liz and Kyle go to her to see if she's ok.

"So what do we do now?" Jim asks. He'd remained silent during this explination.

"I want to make sure she's not Lying." Max says eyeing Aura suspiciously.

"So connect wit me." She says.

Max walks over to her and he looks at Zan asking him to join in the conenction.

"Liz. Is Tess ok?" Max calls to her.

"I'm fine Max." Tess answers.

"I'll be there in a sec." Liz finishes heloing Tess into Kyle's awaiting arms and walks over to Max.

He's amazed that she picks up on everything so quickly.

The four of them touch and all three are bombarded by the flashes. Thier entire past lives flooding through the connection, mixing with the four lives they'd all led seperatly.

"Oh God Liz." Max says breaking the connection to hold a crying Liz in his arms.

Zan and Aura are in the same position.


1) Max tells them that he'd seen Liz die in that other life, and he just needs time to recover. Nesado begins to wake up.

2) During the emotional outburts Ava has completly freaked out, she's in a corner rocking herself. Everything she'd ever remembered was wrong. Tess connects with her, they see the past too ... Ava is attracted to Kyle ... Choas ensues

3) Isabel, Michael, Ava and Tess connect with Zan, Aura, Liz and Max ... sending thier entire world into shockwaves of what really happened. And each knowing more about the others than they ever thought possible. Liz and Tess connect and Michael gets emotional with his two sisters

The emotion!stifling, rending, tearing her very soul. When they linked everyone in the room could feel it, but for her, for her it was the worst. For them, joy, for her heartache. Everything she'd ever known was falling apart. Being raped and beaten as a child she'd always told herself that finding Zan would make it ok. She would be ok. So she found him, but the heartache, the feeling of being unwanted had continued. And now, now she knew, knew that no one wanted her. She shouldn't even be alive! Something snapped.

"No, no, no, no,"the whisper was so quiet, a unending rhythm with no reason. Rocking back and forth, curled up in a tiny ball. Maybe just maybe it would all go away if she stayed here.

"No, no, no, no," The others were beginning to notice. Her cries became louder more frantic.

"NO, NO, NO, NO," she was screaming now, crying, rocking frantically. It had to go away! If she didn't stop, didn't let them reach her, tell her how unwanted she was it would all go away.

"NO!" she shrieked. They were gathering around her trying to figure out what was wrong. They were trying to connect with her to find out. No!She couldn't let them. They were talking among themselves, trying to decide what to do. She could hear them, but she couldn't understand; she wouldn't let herself understand.

She could see Tess step forward to connect with her. "NO, NO! PLEASE NO!" Uncontrolable fear possessed her. Not Tess! Tess would see! She would hate her even more! Then they would all hate her more! They'd make her leave! She clawed at Tess. She had to keep her away! Strong arms held her down. "NO, NO, NO, OH GOD, PLEASE NO!"

The connection was made. All her memories. Her horrible, dirty, revulting self was being shown openly to her. "NO, NO, NO!"
All went dark.


Tess stood up slowly. Oh my God! What did they do to her!

"Tess, what happened? What did you do? What did you see? What's wrong with her?" Everyone was assaulting her with questions. They were all fuzzy, out of focus. She felt weak. Strong arms encircled her.

"Tess, are you ok? Here sit down. Tell us what happened," Kyle gently led her to a nearby chair. Kyle, her Kyle.

"I made her unconscious. She was in so much pain! So much pain!"She faltered. She could feel her eyes tearing up. The emotions pouring through her were horrible, so sad, so sad!

"Tess are you all right?" Kyle's worried face bent over her. Kyle, her Kyle, but not. He couldn't be. He was the only one who could help Ava. But no! He was hers! Ava would have to find someone else for help! But the pain she'd endured. Unimaginable pain. How could she take him from her?

"I-I can't talk right now," she barely managed to get it out. " I n-need time, p-please g-give me time. The room spun around her. It was getting dark, so dark!

"Tess?! Tess!!!!" Kyle's face was over her. Then the bliss of nothingness.


1) Tess runs away. She loves Kyle, but after knowing what Ava has gone through can't stay.

2)The next day Tess tells them exactly everything Ava has endured, but it's too late the mental anguish for her was too much. They have to put her in a mental institution.

3) This is Nesado's way to get revenge. (I'll just let whoever writes next decide how they want it to be related if they choose this option)


Liz and Tess carefully layed Ava on Michael's couch. While Liz and her duplicate Aura and her newly discovered sister Tess gathered washclothes, smelling salts and a blanket, the boys were carefully taking care of Nasedo up in Michael's bedroom.

"Michael, you stay right outside the door." ordered Max. "I'll be inside with Nasedo keeping an eye on him. You know the drill Michael... if you hear anything unusual--" Max drifted off, his meaning clear.

"Yeah. I got it. Run on in, get ready to blow something up. Fully armed explosives" Michael laughed rubbing his hand and arm. The tension obviously getting to him.

"Yesss..."Max hissed back grimly.

Michael watched as Max closed the door.

Michael knew that they couldn't keep Nasedo in there indefinitely. Something was going to have to be done with him. And soon. Before it got really out of hand. As it was, they nearly lost him during everyone's emotional-over connection back at the cave. What a bunch of emotional baggage. And, god, when Ava began to get hysterical and Tess--man, he couldn't believe she'd actually passed out. Luckily, she'd come to again back in the car and, Michael acknowledged reluctantly, Tess seemed more concerned about Ava than herself. And Kyle--Man, well he had just been beside himself, cradling his new found love along with his look alike.

He must have been hysterical. But not in the ha-ha sense, Michael mused. He remembered thinking Kyle was about to join the women and pass out himself. His face was pale and his eyes, glassy and red. He had the look of fear on him. But leave it to Kyle to be an ass--to lighten things the way he always did with a stupid joke.

"Hey, Michael... ever dream of two girls at the same time.... you know what they say ... two is better than one... " Kyle winked while and he gave Michael a cocky grin.

"Jesus Kyle. Save it." Michael spit back at him. Idiot.

Maria just sat there and gave them both a dirty look.

It has not been a time for Kyle's perverse sense of humor. They had two women totally out of it. Surprising news and jesus--Nasedo in the trunk of the car tied like a pig ready for the roasting.

"Crap..."Michael swore as he stood next to the closed door of his bedroom. They had all they could handle for one day.


Maria worked her way toward Michael's room. She was worried about him and Max. And she was scared. For all of them.

"You okay, Spaceboy?" Maria looked up at him smiling. She carelessy swung one arm behind him into his back jeans pocket. The other arm she wrapped around his neck.

Michael knew that look. It meant--

"God, Maria... not now."Michael griped.

"I was only trying to make you feel--" Maria drifted off lamely.

"Yeah. Maria... Whatever. Go see how Ava is doing." Michael scowled.

'Why was everyone being such a pain in the ass? You'd think it was just another day, the way everyone was acting', Michael grumbled under his breath. Michael, carefully and consciously put himself into soldier mode. It was time to be the protector he was created to be.


Inside Michael's room, Max carefully tied Nasedo up to the back of Michael's metal chair.

"You know, dear boy...this can't last forever. I will escape. And then I will make you all pay." Nasedo said with a sick smile on his ugly, pock-marked face.

Max continued to wrap the last of the duct tape around Nasedo's legs and arms and began to think carefully what else he could do to make certain of Nasedo's continued 'care' under Michael's roof. He knew that Nasedo was dangerous with them, but if he were to escape-- Max shook his head and felt a chill run down his spine.

"If I were you, I wouldn't plan on taking any trips anytime soon. For now, you will be visiting here with us... you know... the ones you were suppose to protect! "Max replied.

"Max, Max, ohhhh Max."Nasedo returned. "I have been attending quite carefully to my duties in that regard. Only, you don't see it. And, quite frankly, I can barely stand your ingratitude!"

"Don't worry about standing, Nasedo...," Max returned tauntingly,"you should be sitting here for quite sometime." At that, Max raised his hand and a shield of Alien green wrapped itself around Nasedo's form.

"Night-night Nasedo,"Max smiled as he finished tucking him in tightly to his chair-bed with the alien-force field for the night.

Max sat down on the bed next to him. It was going to be a long night.

Liz's dark soulful eyes fell upon Ava's still motionless form. Ava looked so still, so pale. Whatever was going on inside that head of hers must be quite serious she mused.

"Tess, are you sure she should still be 'out' like this?" Liz questioned.

"Liz, you are going to have to trust me on this. She is better right now being unconscious. When I connected, connected with her,"Tess took in a breath,"well, it was bad. Very bad." Tess frowned shaking her head. Tess's eyes turned red as the unshed tears had begun to choke her words.

Kyle reached out and began to trace small circles on her back.
He gently pressed his head next to Tess's and began to whisper.

"Tess, shhhh, it'll be okay. Somehow, we'll make whatever is going on right. I know you. You can do anything."

Tess tentatively began to smile. Tess's mind registered his warm carress and she allowed him to pull her over to him, placing her gently on his lap -- onto the other couch. Kyle gratefully held her to him. He was so relieved that she was alright. She had really given him a scare out there, getting sick and then, connecting with Ava ... only to pass out moments later. Whatever she had seen, it must have be terrible. Tess, for all her blond beauty and gentle demeanor was a tough chick. (God, he dug tough sexy chicks!)She had had to be--tough, that is-- most of her life. She had seen so much, and lived through so much terror in her childhood--living with Nasedo. Not much got to her. But what she saw when she connect with Ava--well, whatever it had been had temporarily pushed her over the edge.

"Tess, do you want to talk about it?"Kyle urged. "It might help if you tell us. And, if it is something important, you know-hon-you know that we all need to know. You know, we need to know. We don't know what to do to -- to help Ava until you tell us hon."

"I-I can't Kyle. Not right now. It's, it is just too much." Tess choked out and began to whimper.

"K--Tess. I'm here. It's okay..." Kyle rocked Tess like a father would to a frightened school girl. Tess finally feeling safe in his arms allowed the tears to fall.

Liz couldn't help but be dismayed by Tess's involuntary surrender in Kyle's arms.

It was so unlike Tess to fall apart. No matter what she had been through, Tess rarely gave in to tears. She must really be a mess. They all were still in shock, reeling from Aura's revelations. And the connection, and Nasedo's assault and... darnit--everything! It had been a sh*tty day.

Liz looked down pityingly at Ava and pressed a cool cloth to her forehead. Liz knew how to take her pulse and she began to count the beats. They came in so slowly. She could feel Ava's shallow breathing and began to worry. If she didn't come to soon, they would have to go get help. From who? That was the million dollar question. Who could they trust with this, this alien nation mess.


Aura, sensing Liz's worry, waved a hand in front of her face.

"Earth to Lizzy... Liz girl... your double is callin' ya. Brrrringgg... RRrring...."Aura gave her a dopey grin.

Why did her double annoy her so?, Liz thought. Maybe there just isn't enough space in the universe to accomodate two of them.

Liz looked up at her 'other' self. "Yeah?"

"Well, what-cha gonna do girlie? Dat' Ava's messed up with ya know?"

"I think if she doesn't wake up soon, we are going to have to call a doctor."

"But, we can't just bring her ta a hospital ... it would be bad. Someone would take her blood or just start askin' stuff an' then we'd be toast!" Aura said rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, listen to Aura... Liz. It's trouble. Better that we take care of our own," Zan voiced in agreement as he stood behind Aura.

Maria who had just walked over to the couch behind Liz added, "Yes. We can't go to a hospital but, well, there is my Uncle Joe just outside of town. He retired from family practice but Mom and I go sometimes there just to get a 'check up' and make the old man feel better. I could just tell him that one of my friends need help?"

"Well, we can't move her. But, could he come to us? Can you call him?" Liz asked hopefully.

"Yeah, Uncle Joe loves helping out. Let me give him a call."Maria said as she picked up the phone and began to dial.

"Uncle Joe-- this is Maria"


Half an hour later

So, Mia... you say that she just passed out?" asked her Uncle.

"Yep, Uncle Joe. She just did!"

"You guys aren't doing anything

illegal... are you Mia? Mia, tell me the truth, you are taking anything? She didn't take-- "

"Drugs?"Maria finished."No, Uncle Joe you know I wouldn't do anything like that ... I mean, she isn't involved in that kind of thing."

Uncle joe eyed Zan's wild-style and Ava's precious 'pink' hair-do skeptically.

"Okay, I believe ya luv. If you tell me it isn't drugs then it isn't. But, you have to tell me what happened. Did she hit her head? What happened out there?"

Zan stepped forward."It was emotional. She started, ummm, seein somethin' dat botherd her... I mean, ahh, rememberin' ".

Almost as if on cue, Ava began to toss her head back and forth and moan..."Noooo.... rememba" and then her moans turned into screams.



Still in the strangehold of the alien shield, Nasedo heard Ava's screams and even felt the floor beneath his feet shake from the sound. He began to smile.

"I see our girl is beginning to 'rememba'" Nasedo laughed, looking at Max.


Michael jumped about a mile when he heard Ava's screams.

"Sh*t!"he barked, standing a little more attentively. "What the hell--"


Maria and Liz looked at eachother and violently wrapped their arms around one another. Each shaking with fear at what they were witnessing.

Ava was screaming and screaming and screaming. As she screamed, her shaking and writhing became more violent. And, then her body was beginning to glow an eery orange glow and slowly began rising off the couch. Her head was beginning to twist, strangely... as if on a pivotal.

Kyle's and Tess's eyes almost popped out of their heads.

"Jeesh! She's pullin' a Linda Blair!" Kyle yelled hoarsely.

"Oh"chirped Tess.

"Shut up Kyle!" Maria and Liz yelled simultaneously.


Uncle Joe, strangely calm, purused Ava's now floating form.

"Yep. Seen that before. It's an alien possesion. You got any shapeshifters around here? They're well know for doin' that ter there enemies. Ya know... Putting one soul into another to corrupt their enemies minds...."

Liz, Maria, Kyle and Tess (and now Isabel who had finally been able to get to Michael's apartment after having a flat tire) stared at Maria's Uncle.

He knew!!!

Uncle Joe explained to the now terrified bunch that Shapeshifters who cannot corrupt -- or in this case -- control their enemies often used a mind meld. They would use an ancient technique of torture. This technique implanted false memories into the mind of the person they wished to have inhabited. The victim would 'remember' things that she had never actually done. Usually, these things were terrible and created a sense of alienation among their peers, friends and family. A deep depression would ensue on the victim and then they became ready. Ready, that is-- to be inhabited by another soul. In this case, Uncle Joe found out once he interrogated Ava's glowing form... he found she had been inhabited by one of the couselors on Kivar's council. He had been sent to inhabit and destroy any of the remaining pod members who were unwilling to return to Antar and became the pawns of Kivar's cause.

And, Uncle Joe... well... he was an alien too!


1. Uncle Joe safely delivers Ava from her possession to the delight of the group. Ava returns to her almost sweet and former self but begins to see how great Tess, her double has it with Kyle. Ava, feeling lonely... begins to campaign herself to get Kyle's love for herself. Now that the group is intact they then decides to take a vote on what to do with Nasedo.

2. Uncle Joe is unable to deliver Ava from the possesion, and now the pod squad must return to Antar to retrieve the 'healing stone' which can save her from a life of torment and possible death. Max, Is and Michael leave with Ava and Nasedo -- Nasedo being the only one who knows the exact location (in Kivar's palace--) of the healing stone.

3. Ava gets out of control, having been possessed by one of Kivar's people... and succeeds in killing Zan and Aura and Isabel. Max hears a commotion and runs out of the room. Michael, stupidly, follows Max to the commotion and saves Liz, Maria, Kyle, Tess by throwing a green shield around Ava. Now that he is using his green shielding powers on Ava, the power of the shield on Nasedo is reduced... and Nasedo escapes. Now they have real trouble!

Tess is pacing. 'Uncle Joe' had requested that she stay out of the room. Something about the energy signature, she had no idea.

But she was worried. Ava's screams were loud and torturous.

Tess turns as she feels a hand on her arm.

"She'll be ok." Liz says softly to her newly discovered sister.

Tess just looks at Liz. The new turn of events, finding out Liz was her sister. It was so overwhelming. She had hated Liz, but had found it hard to really hate her.

"Damn Nesado!" Tess growls.

Liz just pulls Tess into her arms and they hug, as if they'd not been enemies mere hours before.

Max looks on with interest and Michael is keeping watch on Nesado who'd been moved to the kitchen so Ava could be comfortable in his room.

Joe had told them that only Zan and Aura needed to be present in the de-possession.

A strangled cry comes from Michael's room, and everyone save Michael runs to the door.

Kyle kicks open the door and sees Ava in Aura and Zan's arms. She's crying.

Uncle Joe is sitting with his back to the wall looking exhausted. Maria runs over to him.

"Uncle JOE!! Are you ok?"

"Just a little tired Mia, just a little tired." He sighs.

"Why don't you rest in here. Isabel and Alex will take you home in a little while ok."

Joe nods and gets up on the bed with the help of Alex and Max.

Zan, Aura and Ava go into the living room.


Alex and Isabel walk back in Michael's apartment after dropping off Uncle Joe.

"Hey guys." Tess says from her perch on Kyle's lap.

Isabel just nods and sits down. Everyone is beyond tired at this point.

"So we were trying to figure out what to do with Nesado." Liz says from the floor. She's sitting in between Max's legs, leaning back on his chest, with his arms around her sitting lightly on her stomach.

"I say we jus' Kill da ass. He was gonna get rids of me and Liz anyway." Aura says from her perch on the kitchen counter.

"We don't just kill people." Michael says to her.

"Come on Bro, you killed Nicholas." Aura retorts.

"He was about to Kill everyone I loved. Right now Nesado's not a threat." Michael snaps back.

"Yo I think ma girl is right. Wes should just kill the bastard." Zan says. He's standing in between Aura's legs, with her arms around his neck.

"Shouldn't we figure out why he want's Liz and Aura dead? I mean he did say he was protecting the rest of you, you just didn't see it. I mean not saying I trust him, but maybe there is something we don't know." Maria chimes in.

"Maria's right." Liz says.

"But how da hell you specting to get dat info?" Zan reply's.

"Ava and I can go into his mind." Tess says. "That is if she's ok to do so. I know his weakness, it's Me. He was never a father, but he ... "

Kyle gives her a squeeze.

"Ava?" Max asks looking at the still pale version of Tess.

"I'm up for it. But we may need some back up. Liz and Aura need to join us."

"Why?" Isabel asks.

Aura and Zan walk closer to the group.

"See that's the benefit of being the queen. Wes got all yous powers magnified, and our own." She smiles.

"What's our own?" Liz asks her.

"Empathy. You can feel da others emmotions. You's probably always been a bit good at reading peeps?"

Liz nods her head.

"Yous gifts anit fully there yet, but with our help," she points at her Zan and Max, "We can getcha there so yous been good to help da cause."

Liz is slightly dumbstruck.

"OOOK," she says noncomittedly.

"It will be ok." Max whispers in her ear.

She nods and sighs ...

"So we'll do it?" Tess says again.

Ava just nods her head and looks on enviously as Kyle places a kiss on the top of Tess's head.

1. Tess and Ava pull out all the information they need. After a little truoble and the help of Liz and Aura. He wants Aura and Liz dead because he was in love with her on Antar, and she refused him being in love with Zan. Aura doesn't remember this.

2. Tess and Ava are weakend by Nesado. Liz and Aura are not in time to help. Max and Zan Kill Nesado ... and the group waits to find out when they wake up, if they found anything.

3. Nesado's brain is searched through ... he wants Liz and Aura dead because (you pick reason) ... the endless mind exracting ... sends Nesado into shock and he dies ... (think when Alex died). Both tess and Ava are startled byt EVERYTHING they learn. Things none of them, even Aura remember.
Tess and Ava entered first.

"Tess, Ava, have you changed your minds?" Nesado whispered, a flicker of hope gleaming in his eyes. Then he saw Liz and Aura.

"Why, why won't you believe me?" he asked desperatley, "They'll be the deaths of you."

"You say that," Tess responded quietly, " but you don't give us any reason so how can we believe you? It wouldn't be the first time you've lied to us."

"You wouldn't understand!" Nesado spat bitterly.

"Make us understand then," Tess' voice was soft and pleading.

Nesado turned him head.

"Then I guess we'll have to take what we want to know," Tess looked so sad. She didn't hate this man, only pitied him.

"Max, let down the shield to let us in," Liz called throught the doorway.

The shield vanished instantly only to reappear once they were next to Nesado.

"Don't resist," Tess pleaded as she and Ava placed their hands on his shoulders. Then Liz and Aura joined them, linking them all togethor.

At first there was nothing, then....


They were seeing Antar in the distant past. They were watching the birth of the next royal heir. There were two, twin boys, one coming shortly before the other.


They went about 20 years later. The eldest of the two, Zan I, a good, kind, generous man, was assuming the throne. His brother Khivar I, was watching, consumed with jealousy.


Three years later. Khivar was leading a revolt against his brother. Civil War began.


It was closer to the present, some 500 years after the Civil War first began. The two main royal houses were still vying for power. The heirs to Zan's house were a young boy, Zan's namesake, and his twin sister, Vilandra. The heirs to Khivar's house were a boy named Rath, the oldest of twins, and Khivar, his brother. Their father also had two daughters, one by a woman from Zan's houshold, distantly related to his royal line, named Aura. The other by Rath and Khivar's mother. Her name was Ava.


Ten years later. The royal children are grown up. Rath is seeking to end the fued by giving up his claim to the throne and becoming Zan's second. Khivar, however, uses this as an opportunity to claim the throne and launches an all-out attack on Zan. Certain factions on both sides believe that a marriage between Zan and Ava, who has been in effect raised by Khivar, will end the war. Nesado is the leader of these factions. Talks begin. Khivar claims he will consider ending the war if Zan weds Ava. During the talks Zan meets Aura, the regected sister. Because her bloodline is partially from Zan's household Khivar hates her. To him she was an unwelcome bastard child. Zan, however, falls in love with Aura. Against Nesado's wishes they marry. Khivar is outraged and the planet is again thrown into civil war.


A year later Aura is assasinated by Nesado. In a final attempt to end the war, Zan agrees to marry Ava, but it is too late. On their wedding night the remnant of the royals are killed with the exception of Khivar.


Nesado's factions work with Zan and Vilandra's mother to make hybrids of the royals using the granolith. Nesado tries to leave Aura out in the hopes that this Zan and Ava will marry and end the war.


They were gasping for breath. That had taken most of their power.

"What about the granolith?" Liz asked between breaths, "We didn't find out much about it."

Suddenly Tess screamed, "No! Nesado!"

They stared in wonder.

"we killed him? But how?" Liz was shocked.

Aura smirked, "Simple Lizzie, too much mindwarping kills.”

Liz was aghast. Ava and Tess were crying. “Why didn’t you tell us? We didn’t want to kill him!”

“ YOU didn’t,” Aura scoffed, “ personally I’m glad. He got what he deserved.”

With that Aura stalked out of the room leaving the rest in shocked silence


1) Evryone still has questions. For instance: If Ava was Khivar’s favorite then why did he kill her? Or any of them for that matter? Zan had complied and married Ava.

2) The Dupes and the Pod Squad get into a fight over Nesado’s death.

3) Alex returns

“Aura, I need to speak with you.” Max says to Liz’s Dupe.

Liz, Tess and Ava are all huddled together on the couch. Still freaked out about what had happened.

Aura looks at Zan and he nods, kissing her hand.

Aura and Max walk outside Michael’s apartment. Aura leans against Max’s Jeep and just looks at him.

Max is trying to find the words to say to her.

“Yo, Duke, What do you want?” She says boredly.

“Why are you like this?” He asks without thinking.

“Like what?” She raises her eyebrow.

“So uncaring.” He responds looking into the eyes of his love, but they are so different.

She looks away.

“Aura, please.” He pleads with her.

“It’s da way I’s got to be ya know? It’s how I grew up. In New York, Just watching them, not able to tell Zan I was there. Knowing they woulda killed me, thought I was a skin or some shit. I hid my entire life Maxie Boy. That does something to you.” She looks up at the sun setting slowly.

“I’ve hid all my life too Aura. But, you can’t just pretend that people don’t matter. You and Zan don’t seem to care about anything. Anyone.”

“You have to turn the feelings off to survive.” She whispers.

Max crosses over and pulls her into his arms.

“No you don’t.” He says softly.

They pull back and she smiles at him.

“You really love Lizzie don’t yas?” She asks with a sparkle in her eye.

“More than anything.” He replies back quickly.

“Good.” She says simply.


Liz has crossed over to the window, looking out at the conversation between Max and Aura. She barely registers Zan coming up next to her.

When Max pulls Aura to him, hugging her, Liz surprisingly feels no jelousy at all. For once in her life, she’s sure of her and Max.

“Hey Princess.” Zan says from behind her.

“Zan.” She responds curtly. Still afraid of him, afraid of what he might have done to her had Max not shown up.

“I jus wanna say to yous, dat … I uh … I’s sorry about what happened at my crib, with rath and shit.” Zan’s head falls.

Liz turns around and looks at him. Zan catches her eye and she smiles at him.

Liz lightly kisses his cheek and then goes over to where Max is now standing, watching them.

He pulls her into his warm arms and she practically melts into his embrace.

Max sighs into her hair.

“Liz?” Aura comes up behind Max. Having stayed out side for a few minutes.

Liz just looks at her.

“Ava, Tess, Coulds yous guys come ova here?” Aura asks them.

Tess and Ava get up curiously and walk over to the kitchen where the others are standing.

The rest of the group looks on in curiosity.

“I jus wanna say I uh … I’s sorry for not telling yas that we’d prolly hurt Nesado if not kill him. I shoulda thought about hows it would affect yous.” She says quietly.

“It’s ok Aura. Just don’t not tell us anything anymore ok?” Tess says first.

“Yeas Sis, I’m letting you have my ex witsout a fight. You owes me.” Ava jokes.

Zan comes up behind Aura and wraps his arms around her waste. He gives Ava an apologetic look, not wanting to hurt her, but unable to not be with Aura.

Ava winks at him in understanding, She had always known Zan was looking for someone else. She did love him, and it did hurt, but she understood.

“There’s something I don’t get.” Liz says sitting down on Max’s lap on the couch. The rest of the group gathers around relaxing.

They are all hoping that the excitement has died down some. At least for a while.

“What Liz?” Michael asks his sister.

“Ok. Basically what we saw was that Kivar and Rath were twins, Ava was their full sister and Aura was their half sister right? Nesado thought the war would end if Zan and Ava married. But Zan met Aura and fell in love with her.”

Liz looks at them, waiting for everything she’s said to sink in.

“Then Kivar had Aura killed.” Both Zan and Max tighten their grip around Aura and Liz. “Then in a last effort for peace, Zan and Ava were married. But Kivar still killed everyone.”

“I see Sis,” Tess starts easily calling Liz sis without a thought, “Zan complied, so why would he kill everyone? And even though he did kill everyone, why did he kill Ava as well?”

The room is quiet, some shocked by Tess’s quick acceptance of Liz as a sister. Some at the thought.

“Well we only have Nesado’s perspective right?” Alex asks.

Liz nods. “So maybe there was something he didn’t know. He was just a leader of a group who supported Zan and Ava’s marriage, we’re assuming he was in good with Kivar, but that’s not necessarily true.”

“Alex is right.” Max speaks up. “So we’re not really sure. It could be a number of things. Ava could have angered Kivar, she could have been in love with someone else. She could have gotten caught in the crossfire, or done something that Kivar assumed was betraying him.”

“Like what?” Isabel asks.

“She could have been fighting against him, or protecting one of us. Who knows.”

They all nod and the group is left in silence.

A hard banging at Michael’s door breaks the groups silence.

Michael sighs and gets up to open the door. Courtney, injured stumbles in and the entire group freaks out.


1)Courtney is rooting for Mikey-G still, but she’ sbeen found out by the rest of the skins who are leaderless without Nicholas.

2)It’s a trap and Courtney is the new leader of the skins, she’s trying to get in good with the croup with the “Mikey_g” hero worship story. (She was Kivar's lover on Antar and very very powerful ... we'd just need hints of this like her calling someone back in copper summit, not a full out revealing that she's the leader)

3)Courtney is human, only she’s being possed by someone on antar (possibly their mother or an aunt or something you pick)

“Omg,” Michael cried, running to her and pulling her over to the couch, “Courtney, what the hell are you doing here? What happened to you?”

“Michael,” she gasped, “Michael, You’ve got to get out of here, Khivar.....kill you....leave now”

“Courtney, slow down, I can’t understand you,” By now everyone was crowded around the couch, looking on in concern.

“Michael, you have to trust me. I’m not a skin; I’m controling this body from Antar. You have to believe me, Michael please!” The panic in Courtney’s voice was rising. “We have to leave now, he’s coming for you, please Michael, now, please!”

“Calm down Courtney, We’re not going anywhere until you tell us exactly who you are and why we should trust you,” Max looked worried, why would anyone on Antar go through this much trouble to contact them? Who on Antar had the power to do contact them?

She looked confusedly at Max, then around at everyone else as if she were trying to see through them. “Zan?” her voice trembled.

“Yes, we’re both Zan,” Max assured her. “Now tell us, who are you?”

“I-I’m sorry,” she said looking down, “You have no reason to trust me. I betrayed you before, but Khivar had fooled me into believing Rath was making a mistake. I didn’t know.”

“It’s ok,” Max said, “I don’t remember what you did, but even if I did I’m sure I would forgive you.”

A slight bit of relief flicked over her face. “Thank you,” she said then she turned a worried face to Michael, “Don’t you know who I am?” her voice began to tremble again.

“I’m sorry, but none of us really remember much.”

“Mom?” Ava’s voice was quiet and low. Everyone stared at her then looked back at Courtney.

“Ava, honey, it’s me. Do you really know who I am?”

Michael stared in wonder, “You....You’re my mother?”

She nodded. “Please you must believe me, the skins are coming, now. They may be here at any moment. And Khivar, he’s coming soon, too. He’ll be here within the month!”

Suddenly she zoned out, almost as if she weren’t alive. She opened her mouth to speak, but the voice was so distant. “Oh my god, he’s found me! Khivar, please no, don’t! I’m your mother! Khivar, no! NO!” her anguished scream was the last thing they heard before her body went limp.


1) The skins show up. After a brief skirmish they defeat the skins, and now they have to figure out what to do.

2) Khivar takes possesion of Courtney’s body.

3) After a short while, she wakes up, still in the control of Michael’s mother.


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