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Title: Finding Home
Author: Jaimie
Summary: Max is a foster kid, who has wanted nothing more out of life than to find a new family. But his "abilities" have scared people beyond belief. Then, he gets adopted by the Evans, and life changes. Liz is the once and future queen of a distant planet, and she's waiting for her king to come.
A/N: The royal four consists of Zan (Max), Laila (Liz), Villandra (Isabel), and Xenith (Alex)


January 17th, 1989: Augusta, Maine

A woman walked down the street wearing little more than her worn-out shoes and threadbare sweatshirt and pants. It was 12 degrees, and the street was covered in ice. In her arms, she carried a boy, no older than six, wrapped in a blanket. It was all she could give him to keep him warm. The woman knew what she had to do, if she wanted her little boy to have a good life, she'd have to give him up.

When she walked into social services, all heads turned to look at her. She sat down holding her son, waiting for someone to help her. The boy awoke and rubbed his eyes.

"Mamma, where are we?" He asked sleepily.

"Shh...Max go back to sleep. I've got you. I love you sweetheart."

"I love you too." He whispered, and fell back to sleep.

"Don't ever forget me" She told him softly, and slipped a picture of the two of them into his pocket.

Eight days later, Max Phillips turned six years old.

January 25th, 1989: Roswell, New Mexico

It was early morning in the desert, and while most of Roswell was still sleeping, the event that would mean the liberation of the enslaved planet of Antar was occuring. It exactly six years after the cloned essence of their king was born to a surrogate mother, and now the remaining three members of the Royal Four were coming out of their pods. The once and future queen of Antar, Laila, the king's sister Villandra, and her betrothed, Xenith. Antarian scientists decided that birthing the others seperatly would allow for no mistakes. If anything happened to the other three, Zan was still safe.

Laila pushed her way out of the pod, and sat watching, waiting for the other two to come out. Xenith was next, and when he came out of his, Villandra wasn't far behind. She grabbed his hand, and Laila watched in sadness. She remembered someone, but he wasn't there. But she knew, with all of her heart, that one day he would find her.

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Part 1: Max's POV

So I'm adopted...this is great. I'm 16 years old, and now I have a family. The world always seems to care about my name. Well, I'm Max Evans, formerly Max Phillips, and my mother had to let me go eight days before my sixth birthday.

I'm not asking anyone to feel sorry for me, because seriously, I don't have time for bullshit. Here I am, on a plane with two people a barely know, Phillip and Diane Evans, Mom and Dad. We're heading to Roswell, New Mexico. Kind of ironic, because I am an alien.

When we get "home" they show me to my room. Wow, my owm room. That's something I've never had before. Yeah, I lived in about 15 different foster homes in 10 years. I was the weird kid, the freak that no one wanted. But somehow, these people wanted to adopt me.

"He's here!" I heard someone scream from downstairs. I rolled my eyes, this must be one of my sisters.

I wandered down the stairs, and saw a blonde girl about my age, holding a girl who looked about three.

"Max" Mom said. "These are your sisters, Isabel and Michelle"

I flashed my best fake smile. "Great to meet you" I said, but something about the older one made me look twice. I felt like I knew her for some reason. I brushed it off..I was enough of a freak already.

So after two weeks, things seemed kinda normal. I wasn't the only one getting attention, and personally, I'd rather it that way. It gave me more time to sit in my room and do nothing. I wasn't into the party thing anymore...I was a loner.

Isabel was out with her boyfriend, and my new parents were going out to dinner. They had casually mentioned that one of Isabel's friends would be coming over to babysit Michelle. I didn't really care, I had an eventful night ahead of me, staring at the wall.

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Part 2: Liz's POV

I was babysitting for the Evans tonight. I couldn't wait to meet Isabel's new brother! I'd seen him briefly at school, but he never talked to anyone.

I headed over there, and Mrs. Evans answered the door.

"Hello Liz, thanks so much for babysitting tonight. Michelle's really excited. Max is up in his room, but he probably won't bother anyone. There's food in the fridge, and Isabel will be home later"

No she won't I said to myself. I'd already told her that I didn't mind spending the night.

Michelle ran to me, and I scooped her up. We said goodbye to her parents, and then she said she wanted to show me something.

"Wizzie!! I want you to see my new bwothew!" She screamed.

"Okay Chelle, you can show me him whenever you want." She dragged me up the stairs, and started knocking on his door. "Bwothew! Open up youw doow! It's Mishewwy!"

The most gorgeous guy I had ever seen opened up the door. I wanted to do things to him that I had never imagined doing to anyone!

"Hey" He said, snapping me from my daydreams "I'm Max"

"Liz" I replied, unable to tear my gaze away from his eyes.

I watched him bend down and pick up Michelle, which shocked me. I thought he was some bad ass, and here he was with this little girl.

"If you're not doing anything tonight, Michelle and I are going to watch the Lion King. Feel free to join us."

He kinda nodded, but didn't say much.

"Wiz! I wanna go watch the movie!"

I brought her downstairs reluctantly, wanting to stay near Max.

Later, as we were watching the movie, I felt someone sit down beside me. I turned, and it was him! Michelle had fallen asleep, and I couldn't help but think that we were alone in the house. I looked into his eyes, and I didn't know what it was, but I felt like I knew him. My eyes focused next on his lips, full, gorgeous, totally kissable. It was dark, and I couldn't really tell, but I felt like he was looking at me too. He cleared his throat, and looked away.

"Well...I'm gonna put Michelle in bed" He said, and quickly picked her up and went upstairs. I sighed, and went up to Isabel's room to sleep.

The next day, Isabel, Alex, Kyle, Tess, Michael, Maria and I met upstairs in my bedroom. These were the only people in the world who really knew me.

Theresa Parker, my sister by adoption had accidently stumbled upon my secret one day, when I was cleaning my room with my powers. She freaked and blabbed to her boyfriend Kyle Valenti, and once they knew, I had no choice but to tell my best friend Maria DeLuca, and her boyfriend Michael Guiren. So they were the humans...even though they knew it all, there was always some kind of rift between us and them.

Isabel, Alex and I are aliens. We lived another life, on a far off planet called Antar. From what Isabel and I determined, by piecing together our memories, I was a queen, Laila, and my king was Zan. Somehow, Zan was going to come to Earth one day, and the two of us would be the key to saving Antar. If he never came for me, it was left up to his sister,Villandra, or Isabel, and her betrothed, Xenith, or Alex. There was never a doubt in my mind that he would come back. I could feel him out there, and I knew he remembered me, and our love. The king wouldn't come the way the three of us did, they needed to take more care of him, than the pods in the Granolith Chamber. He would be born to a surrogate human mother, and it would be up to him to locate us. Although, the alien crap wasn't exactly what was on my mind. Even though I knew I was destined to be with Zan, Max kept popping into my head.

"So Iz," I said. "What's the deal with Max?"

"Well..he doesn't talk much, so all I know is what I got from my parents. He was dumped by his mother when he was little, and he's been in foster homes ever since."

"That's so sad!" Maria chimed in. "Why would anyone do that?"

"People suck" Michael told her.

I rolled my eyes. I felt awful for Max...just to be dumped like that! At least we were left here for a purpose, not just dumped because our parents couldnt take care of us. I sighed.

"I still can't believe you left him alone with Michelle, Liz! We don't even know him." Tess commented.

"Tess, shut up. I saw him with her last night, and he's got a heart for her. You know Chelle"


"Listen, I don't have all day, are we here for a meeting or what?" She hissed.

"You know what, just forget it. Isabel, I'm going back to your house to watch Michelle. Wake me up if you plan on coming home"

I walked out of my own bedroom, and back into the Evans, feeling extremely pissed.