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the gang was having meeting at max and isabel's house.noticing liz and tess were not there,max voiced out."I don't know about tess but liz went to grandma claudia's house with mrs parker,"maria said.max sigh and turn to kyle."I don't know where tess is."

I know it is very short but I need to study so I'll try to update tomorrow and check out my story

the secret

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Part 2

Meanwhile at the pod chamber, two people were arguing while three watch."I can't do it anymore!I quit!I'm not going to do it now or ever again. Arh!!!!!!!!!"tess wailed."come on tess .you have to do it!"nasedo said.the two kept shouting at each other till the third person couldn'tn take it anymore."SHUT UP!!!!!!!" the room vibrated when she shouted. silence filled the room."god! couldn't you guys just shut up?." she turn to tess."tess,honey you heave to do it.if khivar knows I'm here, he'll kill all of us again.I can't do that to them.that's why I'm asking you to do one else can do it.our connection is still there.I have to make him love life is in ytour hands kills me to mindwqarp him into tjhinking this relationship is dangerous.please tess. don't do it for it for us."