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Title: There's No going Back
Author: LizParkerEvans4evax
Summary: Based on a challenge by Lillie
CC/UC. Just a little UC. M/L, L/Z.

--- EOTW reversed. Instead of Liz getting a visit from Future Max, it was present Max. *There isn't any crap about not being able to see your present self.* Future Max went to young Max and told him that if he didn't change things, that Liz, Maria and Alex would die. He didn't elaborate for young Max. But young Max pretended to sleep with Tess. *Gag me, but it's important.* And Liz saw him.

--- A few weeks later, the dupes, Lonnie, Zan and Rath came to town. Ava died, her pod was screwy or something. They were looking for a few things, one being the Granolith.

--- Liz and Zan got together, which tore Max apart but he was determined to not tell Liz the truth about his fake night with Tess.

--- Now, when our story starts, it 6 months after EOTW. Liz finds out that she's pregnant with Zan's baby. She's in the Eraser Room crying her eyes out, because she didn't get the best reaction from Zan when she told him before school. Max overhears someone crying and goes into the Eraser Room, and sees it's Liz. He tries to comfort her, but she tells him to leave her alone. He persists in trying to talk to her, and Liz tells him that she's pregnant in order to get him to leave her alone. And Max ends up confessing about the EOTW fiasco.

Disclaimer: None, Nada, Nothing, If I did do you really think Tess would have Max's Child?


Everyone falls in love.
Either once or maybe for all their lives.
Love helps you feel when you aren't feeling
Love lifts your spirit in the worst moments.
Love's probably the best thing that can happen to you.
But what about when your love for someone can mean the end of the world.
You probably never think it could be possible.
Think it's some kind of plot in a movie or a t.v. show.
But when you're an alien and your in love. It's highly possible, and it's the one thing that can tear your love apart.

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HEY EVERYONE SOOOO SOOOO SORRY FOR THE DELAY! I've been really really busy! My life is so crazy at this point. I broke up with my boyfriend, I'm starting college and trying to prepare for everything, I can't handle all this mess in my life right now, I'm gonna try my hardest to get a new part, but my head isn't coming up with anything. I WILL HONESTLY TRY TO GET A NEW PART BY TUESDAY!
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Hi everyone, I know I've been like a bitch. This is a challenge and I should have been writing it. I feel so horrible. I'm gonna make it up to you guys! I swear! By monday I'll have 3 new chapters! I know it's not as much as it would be from august 24th to now! but I promise ill make it up!
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ok ok I sed monday its tuesday I know I have the part im gonna revise it and post it up! yay!
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Ok! Here’s the part! The part we’ve all been waitin for! SOOO SORRY FOR THE WAIT I SWEAR!!!
Thanx to Legna14 roswellluver Lillie(Amber) jeremiah Calinia Oompa Loompa666 Razz214 CrashdownGurlie(Phoebe)Did I spell it rite? LoL! iF NOT SORRY!!!!!! AvengingAngelIQ MoonLily Jen C frenchkiss70

Chapter 1

The day, the crazy, day. No one knew it was coming, No one wanted it to come, for it would change lives forever. Max was lying on his bed, thinking about Liz, what else is new. Everyone knew Max was miserable, the only thing that could make him happy is something he can’t have. LIZ. So Max lay dreaming and thinking about Liz.

Isabel hated to see her brother this way. He deserved better. But who was she to tell him what to do. No matter how hard she tried he wouldn’t budge. She went to his room and knocked on his door, when he wouldn’t answer she opened the door.

“I thought I locked the door,” Max said. Isabel looked at him and said,” You did.”

“Well I just want to be alone,” Max said.

Isabel gave him the look that showed what else is new. She was going to walk out the door, and then said,” I’m going out with Alex tonight, so if the door rings can you answer it for me?” Max just nodded.

It wasn’t long before Alex came. Max went downstairs and got the door. Alex stood there with a big smile, and said,” HEY BUDDY HOW’S IT GOIN?”

Max smiled back and answered,” Alright.” Alex nodded. Max let him in and they started talking till Isabel came downstairs.

“Hey Alex,” She said. He looked at her and nodded and said,” You ready?” She nodded. They left the house. Leaving Max alone.

“I feel bad for your brother, has he always been like this since the whole Liz thing?” Alex asked. “Yah, I just hope he’ll get past it,” Isabel said. “Yah we all do,” Alex said. Then they left to Alex’s car and drove off.

Max went back to his room, and turned on his music, and layer down on his bed.

find me here
speak to me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
you are the light
that is leading me
to the place where
I find peace again
you are the strength
that keeps me walking
you are the hope
that keeps me trusting
you are the life to my soul
you are my purpose
you are everything
and how can I
stand here with you
and not be moved by you
would you tell me
how could it be
any better than this
you calm the storms
you give me rest
you hold me in your hands
you won't let me fall
you still my heart
and you take my breath away
would you take me in
would you take me deeper now
'cause you're all I want
you are all I need
you are everything
- Everything Lifehouse.

Max looked outside it was raining. Suddenly a huge noise struck, it had sounded like lighting, and Max looked outside, and found himself looking into the eyes, of himself.

“WHO ARE YOU!” Max screamed.

Chapter Two

“Please understand,” Future Max said. Max was holding his hand up about to blast him.


“No please, I’m not, do you really see gray?” Future Max said.

Max lifted his hand back up higher.

“Ok! Listen please hear me out!” Future Max said.

Max put his hand down, and crossed his arms, and gave him the signal to talk.

Future Max started, “I’m from the future, I can't tell you too much but 14 years from now, we are taken over by our enemies. Are enemies are Everyone, Earth and I need you to help me keep that from happening. We need to change the future. What we do here has to be precise and surgical. No one can know I'm here thought it has to be kept secret. what's about to happen over the next few days is critical to the history of this planet. Things between you and Liz are about to change...grow deeper. You guys become inseparable, and nothing comes between us ever again, until...”

“The end of the world,” Max finished. Future Max nodded.
Max asked,” What happened?”
“The closer that you and Liz grew, the worse it got with Tess, and eventually she left Roswell.”
Max asked,” Because of me?”
“Yes, and how I treated her. And it turned out Tess was critical to our survival. The four of us - Michael, Isabel, Tess, and I...we made a complete unit. We all had different gifts, and with one of us missing, we weren't as strong, and everything fell apart.” He continued.
“And you need me to?” Max asked hoping he that future Max would finish his sentence.
“I need your help to get you and Liz apart, and for you two to fall out of love,” He answered.
Max just stood there speechless.
“We don’t have a lot of time, so this isn’t the part where you’re gonna just stand there and think about it, I know it’s up to you, but I need an answer from you right now, are you gonna help me save the world, or gonna be a selfish bastard?” Future Max said.
Max looked at him and said,” I don’t know.”
“Fine but so you know, but know that 25 minutes before I came here I held Michael, dead, in my arms. Two weeks before that Isabel died. Now you gotta do something about it, our lives depend on it,” Future Max explained.
Max looked in his eyes with sorrow, and knew at that point that he was in, and was going to do what ever it took to help since it depended on Michael and Isabel’s Life.
Max turned to Future Max and said,” I’m in.” Future Max nodded and said,” Lets get started.”
Chapter 3
Future Max and Max sent out to be planning, while this was going on everyone else was doing something different.

Michael was in the kitchen, cooking up orders. When Maria walked in.

“we need to talk,” Maria said.

Michael looked at her and said," Talk?"

Maria said,"Yeah, about our relationship."

Michael looked at her crazy and said,” You gotta be joking me"

Courtney enters

Maria looked at Courtney and said,” No waitresses in the kitchen."

Courtney ignored her, and said to Michael," Hey, Mikey G. You got my order yet?"

Michael pointed at the order and said,"Yeah, right there.

Courtney looked and Michael and said," Takeoff Tacos, Plutonium Platter, and the Greek God salad, light on the feta. You're such a good boy."

Courtney slaps Mikey G on the butt, then leaves

Michael tells Maria," She put in that order before I got busy."

Maria looked at him and said,"Ok, give it up, Guerin. What's going on with her?"

Michael looked back while trying to get everything in order and said," Yeah, that's exactly what I want to know."

Maria was annoyed and said," Michael."

Michael finally said," I don't trust her."

"Hmm. Neither do I." Maria agreed.

"I mean, there's something going on with her. Another new face in town. Arrived this summer after the signal went out. Her picture was in Whitaker's office. Constantly hanging around me, always giving me these looks." Michael explained.

Maria asked,” So, do you think she's an alien?"

Michael answered,” Or with the government. I don't know."

Maria looked at him and told him one thing she knew she was sure of," Well, I'll tell you what I know, Mikey G. The slut wants in your pants.

Michael looked at Maria, and then said," That might work. Oh, nice."

"What might work Michael?" Maria asked.

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