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She knew it was over. They couldn't hold out any longer. He was their last chance. How ironic that a little infant, her only son, was the only living being with the power to stop Kivar. She could feel the explosions rock her palace. She had already sent her tiny boy to a distant planet, all that was left was to send the others to find and guard him.
"Yelena!" a distant cry jerked her from her reverie. Time was short, she had to act now.
A tall man with unruly hair came running into view.
"Didn't you hear me calling you!?" her nearly screamed at her," Kivar's forces are breaking through the palace wallls.
"I know, Rath. Gather the others; I have one last request for you all."
Rath sighed,"As you wish your highnes."
Less than five minutes later they were all assembled in Yelena's spacious room.
"Why did you summon us Yelena?" Valandra asked, "Don't you want us to keep up the defence as long as possible?"
"No, I have something more important for you right now."
The group stared at her in shocked silence. What could be more important than defending their homes and families?
"I am going to send you to a far away planet called earth through the granolith..." Yelena began.
"What the.... Yelena, even Kivar isn't powerful enough to operate the granolith." Ava knew that Yelena could sometimes be overcocky but this was beyond belief.
Yelena gave a weak smile and slowly sat down in a nearby chair. "I'm stronger than you think, Ava. Please let me finish. I can temporarily disable Kivar to give you time to escape through the granolith. I want you to go to earth and find my son who I've already sent ahead. It will be your job to protect him until he is ready."
"But Yelena, our bodies can't survive in the earth's atmosphere." Rath was beginning to become genuinely worried about Yelena. Had she finally lost grip on reality under the stress of these recent battles?
Yelena smiled. She could see the worry on Rath's face and could just imagine all the doubt going through his mind. "It's ok Rath, I'm still sane. THe granolith will change your bodies into human hybrids. You will be only children my son's age when you awaken on earth."
Suddenly an explosion resounded just beneath them.
"It's time, follow me."
A subdued but unquestioning group followed Yelena down the long palace halls to the granolith. Just outside the room Rath stopped. He looked pleadingly into her eyes.
"Yelena, we can't just leave you here alone, He'll kill you."
"No Rath you have to go. My son is Antar's last hope. You have to keep him alive and safe from Kivar."
"But Yelena...."
"Go Rath."
Silently her three loyal friends filed into the granolith. Yelena quickly closed the gronolith behind them lest they change their minds. She could see them inside. Her breathe caught in her throat as she began to send them on their way.
"Hello, Yelena" a dark voice called softly behind her.
"You're too late Kivar, they're leaving and you can't stop them."
She slowly turned and faced her adversary. His face was marred with a snarling look of pure rage.
"Fine then the last thing they'll see before they leave is your death. Perhaps it will help them remember what happens to those who defy me." With one swift move he pulled a dagger from his cloak and thrust it into her stomach. She gave only a small cry and then sank to the floor.
Inside the granolith Rath screamed.
The last thing they heard before being pulled into the black unknown was Yelena's cry.
"Zan, my son........"


Part 2: 17 years later, Roswell, NM

It was the first day back after summer break. An endless sea of people swarmed around him. They laughed and chattered endlesslyabout their perfect lives. But that life was not meant for him, not anymore at least. His carefree world had come crashing down around him no more than a week earlier. It was their fault. If it wasn't for them he could have gone on living peacefully. But now the fate of two worlds rested on his unsteady shoulders. It was only a week ago... They had told him he was the rightful king of a distant alien planet called Antar. He, who a week earlier didn't even believe in aliens. They had changed all that. The had made him realize the abilities he had so often tried to convince himself weren't real. They had shown him the mark within himself proving his kingship. He hated them for ruining his life, and yet he knew that he would trust them with his very life.
Whoa Maxwell, reality check. It's time to stop your morbid contemplations and come back to life.
Max Evans started to slowly get his books from his locker. Suddenly he felt someone staring at him.It's probably just one of the space freaks. Most likely Tess or Ava as the other aliens called her. She always seemed to be the most infatuated with him out of all of them. Then again Michael and Isabel were sometimes a little too watchful too.
Well, he might as well face the freaks now. He slowly turend around fully expecting to see one of them blatantly staring. To his surprise a pretty brown haired girl was looking at him. Liz Parker? No, he must have just imagined it. His overly tense nerves were finally getting to him. Wait... there she was staring at him again. This time she didn't look away when he returned her gaze. Instead she smiled. He found himself smiling back and he kept on smiling as she waved and turned to walk to her next class.
God, what was wrong with him? He had more important things to do than just sit there and grin stupidly at some girl who would probably never lower herself to say two words to someone like him.

Shit! He'd seen herLiz quickly dropped her gaze and found something interesting in the papers she was carrying.Why had she been staring at him? Why was she so drawn to him? She slowly raised her eyes and allowed herself to look at him again. He was tall with tanned skin and dark hair. His eyes were beautiful and intense, piercing through her. She could see his muscles rippling under his shirt and feel his strong arms around her. She could feel him kissing her....Wait a minute Liz. You don't even know this guy. She could barely suppress a laugh. What was wrong with her. It's not like she never dreamed about hot guys she saw, but this was different.
After a minute she realized he had caught her staring again. She smiled at him and barely kept herself from blushing and looking away when he smiled back. She hastily waved at him and almost ran to her next class.
~After closing that night at the Crashdown Cafe~
"Liz, LIZ." an all too cheery but persistant voice broke Liz out of her place of dreams.
"What's up chica?" Maria asked, sitting next to Liz. She had this way about her. She could always get anyone to pay attention and talk to her no matter how much they didn't want to, and right now Liz really didn't want to. All she wanted to do was dream.
"Nothing," Liz replied getting up, "Just doing homework."
"I saw you staring at him again today"
Damnit! Why did Maria always ahve to notice these things and stick her nose where it didn't belong?
Before Liz could reply Maria said,"It's just that, you know, with the whole us-being-here-to-figure-out-our-destinies thing it probably wouldn't be a good thing to get involved with a guy."
Liz just stared at the floor. She hated being brought back to reality, and she really hated how her life revolved around this "destiny" crap.
"Don't worry, Maria," a bitter edge hardened her voice, "I mean, why should I get to enjoy anything in life? I obviously haven't done enought to deserve it."
"Liz." Maria's tone was sad and reproachful.
"No, Maria,!" Liz was suddenly angry, "I'm sick of this! I'm sick of my life being controled. It has to stop."
Liz ran from the cafe and up the stairs to her room, locking the door behind her. She curled up into a tight ball on her bed, ignoring the persistant knocks and worried cries of her friend. Maybe... maybe if she lay there long enough her problems would disappear.


Confusion.....fear.......loneliness.....uncertainty....All these emotions and more had made up his existance on earth. He could remember first waking up in the desert. He had been completely alone and disoriented. It was like he knew he was there for a purpose; he knew there was something he had to do, someone he had to find, but he just couldn't remember. His human body had been only seven at the time, and it had taken him almost seven more years to remember everything: who he was, Yelena, his promise to protect her son, the others. By that time he was afraid that he would be too late. That he had failed with Zan like he had failed with Yelena and Kivar had found him first.
Last year he had finally found the others, and just this last summer they had found Zan. At first they weren't sure if it was him, but after a short while they decided it had to be. So now they were finally in control. They had found each other and Zan, and had even come to be able to control their powers. But they were too late, too late to keep Zan from becoming attached to this existance, too late to keep him from hating them, they were even too late to keep themselves from becoming attached to this place in their own unique ways.
Michael...Rath...He didn't even now who he was anymore. The only thing he knew for certain was that he had to keep his promise to Yelena. He had to keep her son safe and help him regain his rightful throne. But there were just so many things he didn't want to give up. Before he began to remember anything he had become a new person. It was almost like he was Michael Guerin with Rath's memories. And now to make matters worse there was Maria...
"Hey, Michael, can you please daydream on your own time. I'm paying you to clean the dust on the shelves not gather it."
Michael barely suppressed a grin. How did Brody always manage to show up when he was being lazy. You'd think the guy had eyes in the back of his head. He slowly turned back to the shelves of fake alien artifacts he was supposed to be cleaning. Working at the UFO museum wasn't half bad. It was kind of funny seeing how much of this stuff people would actually believe was real.


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They were surrounding her. Their leader was in her face smirking. "Now don't struggle honny, it'll be better for you if you don't."

What can I do ? she thought, There's no way out! She was panicking. "Help! Help! she screamed. The men just laughed.

Then she heard a voice in her head. Liz, liz, hon, listen to me. You don't know me, but I know you. You can't see me, but I can see you. Liz, listen, focus your fear, focus your anger at them. You can do it sweety; I know you can.

So she focused her fear, her anger. She didn't know really what she was doing, she just closed her eyes and tried to do what the voice said.

After a couple minutes she reopened her eyes. Why hadn't they attacked her yet? She was shocked and abhored at what she saw. All of them, every single one of them was lying dead on the ground, their lifeless eyes staring at her.

Oh God! she cried, Who did this?

Someone stepped quietly out of the shadows next to her. You did my dear, she said. She was an middle aged woman, not any older than 45, but her eyes showed a much greater age behind them. She looked so sad.

I'm so sorry, Liz, that you had to do that, but you wouldn't have believed me if I hadn't let you do it yourself.

Liz just stared at her in shock for a moment. No, NO! I couldn't have done that. She panicked and ran, screaming.

Liz woke in a cold sweat. Of all the nightmares about her past. That was the worst. Yes, those men had tried to hurt her, but she had killed them! Then she thought about the woman. Probably the kindest woman she'd ever met, but she'd never regreted meeting anyone more than her.

Liz couldn't sleep anymore after her nightmare, so she just thought. Thought about her past, thought about her future, her destiny. That night after killing those men, Liz couldn't go home. She was still to traumatized by what she had done. So she just sat in the park. It wasn't long before the woman caught up to her.
She hadn't said anything; she'd just sat down and put her arm around Liz, comforting her like a mother comforts her child. Finally she persuaded Liz to go home, her parents would be worried she told her. She'd also said that she would find her again and talk to her, tell her exactly what had happened.

The next day Liz had gone to school just like every other day. She had pretended that nothing was wrong, and she actually hadnt done that bad of a job of it either. Even MAria hadn't noticed.....not at first at least. A week went by, then two, and still the woman hadn't returned. Liz was beginning to wondre if she had dreamed it all. The one night three weeks later on the way home from school Liz saw her again. She was right there, inside her parent's restraunt. She beckoned to Liz to come and sit with her.

Then, then she had started to explain everything. If Liz hadn't seen with her own eyes what she herself was capable of she would have never believed the lady. She said her name was Yelena and that she was from a distant planet called Antar. She went on to say that Liz was also Antaren, though only distantly. Apparently centuries before an Antaren princess had come to earth to seek refuge from her enemies, and now so much later her bloodline was stronger than it had ever been in any of her descendants. For some uncomprehensible reason the dormant Antaren blood that had come through so many had come to life in Liz. Yelena told her it was her destiny. More she would not say except that some day she would meet a man with whom she would unite the divided Antar. Liz remembered how shocked she'd been. I all seemed so surreal like a dream.

It didn't take long after that for Maria to figure out something was up. I mean come on, it isn't every day you see your best friend blow things up with the flick of a wrist. So Maria met Yelena and actually took it more seriously than even Liz did. What Yelena had told Maria Liz still didn't know. All she knew was that now that Yelena was gone Maria had taken her place. It was freaky actually just how like Yelena Maria had become. Anyway a month after Maria found out Yelena disapeared again and this time she didn't return.

Liz sighed again. The day before Yelena had left for good she had made Liz promise something she lived to regret. She had made her promise to never stop looking for the man she said would complete her destiny.


Knock, knock.

"Liz, please open up, it's Maria."

Liz groaned. What time is it?

"Coming," she tried to yell but it came out more like a whimper. Slowly she stood and stretched. She just reached the door when the memories of the previous night came flooding back.Crap! Time to explain.

As soon as she opened the door Maria came flying in and sat on her bed.

"I'm not leaving until you tell me exactly what's up with you girlie."

How like Maria. It didn't matter that it was like six in the morning....ummm, or maybe it was ten.....whatever..... Maria still had to get it all right then.

Liz groaned again and sat on the floor.

"I'm sorry Maria; it's just that this whole thing with my destiny has kind of been getting to me recently. I mean what's gonna happen when I do find this guy whoever he is. And how are we supposed to know who he is?"

"That can't be all Liz, we've talked about that stuff before. Yelena told me how to tell."

"So why won't you tell me?" Liz persisted.

Maria just sat there. "Because, because she told me not to" she said lamely. "Anyway this isn't about me, it's about you and why you're upset."

"How do you know that isn't why I'm upset?"

Maria just stared her straight in the eye "I just know."

Liz sighed.How on earth did ditzy Maria get to be so intuative?

"Fine I'll tell you, but you've got to promise not to get mad at me for not telling you before."

"Remember how I said I met Yelena for the first time at the Crashdown? I lied. The first time I met her I was surrounded by a gang. They were going to hurt me, but they never got a chance. I l killed them Maria," Liz looked down, "and I've never been able to forgive myself." She looked up expecting to see a shocked angry Maria. Instead she looked perfectly calm.What the......

"I thought you'd be over that by now," Maria said quietly, "I guess I underestimated you."

"What?! Maria! You already knew, but how?"

Maria looked confused. "Ummm, Yelena told me...Look Liz I've gotta get back to work before your dad fires me." And just like that Maria was gone. She couldn't have made a much quicker exit if she'd run.

Liz was really confused now. Maria had been acting strange since Yelena's disapearance, but this was worse than ever before!


"Hey, Liz, good thing you're here, the place is getting crowded!"

Liz frowned and grabbed the plate of food waiting on the counter. "Which table?" she asked flatly.

"Table three," Alex called out with a quirky smile on his face. Good old Alex, he didn't have a clue about the destiny crap. Liz could always talk to him like a normal person without being reminded of her destiny. "Your favorite person is there," he said winking.

Liz turned. Max!Great, the one day I look a record bad, he's here

Liz quickly delivered the order, and rushed to the back. She couldn't help noticing that someone's eyes were boring into her back all the while though. She smiled to herself.Must not look as bad as I thought.

When she reached the back she could feel Maria looking at her concernedly. Maria walked toward her, but before she reached her Alex handed her another order. "Table five, watch out those guys are not in a good mood."

Liz hurried off before Maria could say anything else. She definitely didn't want any more Max lectures right now.

As she set the food down she glanced up at the men.They look familiar....

They were staring intently. "You recognize us?" They sneered.

Oh my god! They were there. I thought I killed them all!

The man who'd addressed her begann pulling something out of his pocket as Liz backed away.

"You thought you killed us all didn't you, you b****. Fortunately for us Johnny and I had to leave to take care of some business. When we got back, they were dead, all dead!" He was screaming now. He pulled a gun out. "Now you're gonna die!"

Bang! The men ran out of the store. Liz stood looking in shock at the blood spilling from her stomach, then she fell.

Oh, god, I'm going to die! was all she could think. Then she saw him over her. Maria was trying to get him to leave her.

"No, no," she was screaming," only I can help her! Get away from her!"

Max deliberately pushed Maria away and placed his hand on Liz's stomach. "Liz, look at me," he pleaded.

Liz turned her eyes to him, and suddenly she felt as if she was being pulled into him. She could see his mind and hers at the exact same time, like they were the same person. She saw everything.....Everything.

He pulled away. " You're gonna be ok," he said before running out.

Liz sat up. The entire restraunt had seen it. Then she looked at Maria. She was staring after Max, her jaw working but nothing coming out. Then she said it. "Zan..... my son......."


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