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This is made by Lolita, all credit goes to her.
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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Roswell or any of its characters.
SUMMARY: Idea from the movie 'The talented Mr. Ripley' but its not the same. Forget everything that happened after Matt D reached Italy... cos then its different in my story.
If you haven't seen it, that's even better, the prologue will reveal all you need to know!

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My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine,

You make me smile with my heart,

Your looks are laughable, un-photographical,

Yet you're my favourite work of art . . .

Is your figure less than Greek ?

Is your mouth a little weak?

When you open it to speak, are you smiling?

But don't change a hair for me,

Not if you care for me.

Stay little valentine, stay!

Each day is Valentine's Day . . .

Each day is Valentine's Day . . .

When the snow starts falling in New York City Liz Parker always finds herself pausing her very busy schedule just, so she can watch the white flecks drift down for a few minutes. She thinks there is something entrapping about their graceful float down from the heavens, only one goal that was to fall and melt. She wishes everything was so simple and people saw that life was about enjoying the beauty, not the money. She saw no way out of the selfish existence but she vowed to herself that she would never be rapped up in the boring routine of things. Impulse was everything.

To stick to her decision she decided she would change her job every three months. Now that summer had come around, she decided she would change her life again. Naively she was convinced that would keep her entertained and up on her toes with enthusiasm.

Whenever she thought back to the room, she remembered it to be brown. Brown, but tastefully decorated with leather couches and black vases with nothing in them. The secretary was dressed in a tidy suit with a white tie and black jacket; her hair was up in a tight bun. No one else was waiting to be called and that added to Liz’s uneasy attitude to being there. The corporation was more ‘close-mouthed’ then she was used to and to her knowledge, she found that only the most trusted got invited inside.

Diane Evans was the only reason Liz was here.

She had heard about Liz from Mrs. Nancy Parker at lunch one afternoon. Instantly Diane had urged her to convince Liz to go have an interview with Mr. Philip Evans. Liz had readily agreed, up for anything, and turned up two days later dressed professionally and optimistic about her chances

“Liz Parker?” The secretary said, politely pulling Liz out of her daze. “Mr. Evans will see you know. If you’d please follow me.”

They headed down a long hallway with a checkered marble floor, their heals clicking together as they went. Nearing the end of the passage Liz could see a set of doors with the words Master Evans imprinted in gold across the wood.

The secretary knocked on the doors twice with her knuckles and then opened them to reveal a large room with a wonderful view of the city below. An impressive desk sat in the middle of the room and a man, Liz guessed was in his late fifties, was positioned in an expensive chair behind it.

The secretary asked if she would like anything.

“I’m fine,” Liz replied. “Thank you.”

Once she was gone and the doors were closed behind her, Mr. Evans cut to the chase, not even worrying to exchange pleasantries.

“Would you mind removing your jacket?” He asked.
Liz’s eyes widened in shock and she quickly got up from her seat.

“Excuse me?” She asked. “Obviously this isn’t the job I presumed it to be. I think I’ll just be going—“

Mr. Evans was clearly amused. A deep, manly, chuckle escaped his mouth and he shook his head from side to side.

Soon he spoke in a failed attempt to console her, “I swear my intentions are nothing but half decent Miss Parker. I think I should tell you the truth, you deserve as much. I am not looking to employ staff for my company.”
Liz contemplated leaving but her curiosity kept her feet in place.

“Have you ever been to Europe Liz?”

Philip Evans rose from his chair and placed his hands on his desk.

Liz bit the corner of her mouth. “Which part are you referring to?” She asked.

“Italy, actually,” he replied.

“Then the answer to your question would be no. I have not been to Italy Mr. Evan’s.” Liz looked him directly in the eye, never afraid to stand tall in front of larger species.

“Would you like to go?” He asked.

Liz looked down at her chair and wondered whether she should sit down again. She decided against it and turned her attention back to the man in front of her.
“You have my attention,” she said.

Mr. Evans laughed. “I’m sure I do,” he said. “Well?”
“Are you offering?” Liz asked.

More laughs. Then, “I like you Miss Parker. You have spunk; my son will appreciate that as I do. That is, if you except my proposal to go get him for me.”
Liz waited for him to deliver the rest of information before replying.

“He is in Naples, you see. He has been there for quite a while and he is using his main talent to amuse him,” He explained. “Spending his fathers money.”
Liz couldn’t help but chuckle.

Mr. Evans didn’t smile. “Will you, go get him?” He asked.
Liz wondered why he was trusting her with such a task, she guessed her mother had talked fondly of her to Mrs. Evans and they now trusted her.

“Forgive me for asking,” she said. “But why don’t you get him yourself and what makes you think he will listen to me?”
“Listen?” Mr. Evans asked. “He has a great love of females, if you get what I mean. I’ve tried myself; I can’t get him home. I’ve sent his sister and he won’t listen to her. You are our last hope. Seduce him, make him fall in love with you, become one of his best friends, I don’t care, just get him home. That is your job.”

Liz thought about her options for a few minutes. She could take it, go enjoy a holiday in beautiful Italy for free, or she could go get a job in the pet store down the road. What did she have to loose?

“I’ll pay you,” Mr. Evans added. “One Thousand dollars for each month you are there.”

Liz didn’t need to think a second longer, as if going to Italy wasn’t enough!

“I’ll do it,” she said.


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The airport was packed and everyone was pushing and shoving, caring manly about themselves and no one else.
Liz sat on a plastic chair wearing her black sunglasses and waiting patiently for her plane to start boarding passengers. In her hand, she held an Italian phrase book with a photo as a bookmark. Mrs. Evans had given it to her. It was a portrait, of none other than the male she was heading to Italy for.

He had brown hair and hazel eyes, a distinct jaw line and unmissable ears.

With a slight smile Liz, thought, somewhat relieved, about how lucky she was that Max Evans was good looking at least. From what she’d heard from his parents, he could be a bit of a spoilt brat sometimes but was known to be just as charming and light on the tongue.
Liz’s mother said that she had never met him but from some people at her country club, she had heard quite bad things about him. He was a cheeky boy, apparently. Liz figured that anyone with a light heart and a good sense of humor would be thought of as ‘cheeky’ at the country club.

Well, she had to get used to him no matter what if she was going to be living with him.

Her flight was finally called and she got up from her seat slowly and headed down to the boarding gate. No one was there to say goodbye to her, her parents were too busy and the little amount of friends she had had said goodbye to her earlier.

When she reached her seat on the plane she fell asleep and didn’t wake up until she was in Italy.

It was very hot, extremely hot actually. She stepped out of the air-conditioned airport and was hit with this muggy, deep heat that she hadn’t felt against her skin in years.

So hot, she contemplated dropping her bags and just sprinting down the road to the golden beaches.
Almost as if it were a sign, a cab pulled up right in front of her. She reminded herself, "business before pleasure," and climbed aboard.

The drive wasn't very long, but the cab smelt revoltingly and she couldn't wait to get out of it.

The house was huge and luxurious and Liz was glad she was able to enjoy it without being interrupted by the person living there.

The housekeeper explained that Max was down at the beach. That was just where Liz wanted him to be.
She explained that she would be staying for a while and requested a bedroom be made up for her. The housekeeper was hesitant to follow orders from her at first.

“I’m here on request of Max’s father,” Liz explained. “But Max does not know I was coming. Don’t worry, all will be sorted out when he gets back.”

While she made up the room Liz took advantage of the bathroom. She sorted through her things and pulled out her two swimsuits.

One was a black triangle bikini with thong bottoms and the other was a white tank top with hipster bottoms. She wondered which one to go for. The more revealing or the more innocent? Based of what she’d heard of Maxwell, she chose the black and quickly got changed.
Before leaving the house she checked out the room, she would be staying in. It was larger then half of her apartment back home. The colour scheme was red, light reds and dark reds, mixed with white furniture and a white bedspread. She liked it very much and could definitely find herself getting comfortable in it.

The housekeeper got her a dark blue towel to rap around her waist and mentioned that there was a short cut to the beach through the garden.

“If I’m going to be staying here, I’d love to know your name,” Liz said.

“My name is Margaret.”

“Well Margaret, I’m Liz. Will you show me where to go?” She asked.

Margaret led her out to the garden and motioned to the paved path that flowed down between two large trees.

“Well look at that,” Liz said, smiling. “Thank you Margaret.”

Margaret shrugged. “That’s okay. Will you be here for dinner?”

“I imagine so,” Liz nodded. “See you soon.”

Margaret went back inside and Liz headed down to the beach with a small skip in her step. She couldn’t believe she was actually here and doing this.

The beach was packed, there seemed to be a person occupying every little bit of sand. Liz put on her sunglasses and scanned their faces for one that matched the one in her photo. She didn’t have very much luck so she dropped her towel next a tree and headed out to the water, hopping maybe she’d be able to spot him eventually.

This spot was near his place so it seemed logical that he would be here. She didn’t want him to go back to the house and find her things before she got to meet him.

When the water splashed up against her feet, she let out a moan.

“Oh my good God,” she said.

The water was so warm; she fought the urge to go frolicking in it. For a few minutes she closed her eyes and threw her head back in bliss, this was the life!
In addition, she was being paid!

She opened her eyes and looked around again.


Max Evans was lying back on a white beach chair with his eye closed. Next to him lay a skinny, brunette wearing sunglasses and a…one piece?

Did any one even wear those anymore?

Obviously, they did in Italy.

She was leaning over and whispering something in his ear; a smile seeped across his lips.

Oh, no. Liz thought. She was going to have competition.
In her head, she had thought about that being a possibility but dismissed it because the way Max had been described to her, she had guessed he was a player. She didn’t think he’d actually be involved with someone.

Maybe he had just met her today?

The best way to find out was just to strut up there and ask so that’s what she did. And, on the way Maxie boy noticed her.

He seemed satisfied with what he saw, his eyes were devouring the bare skin she was showing and Liz smiled at him in response.

He didn’t look away; in fact, much to Liz’s pleasure he smiled back.

She stopped walking right in front of him.

“Max Evans?” She asked, pretending it was a surprise.

He looked at her, confused. “Yes?”

His little female friend raked her eyes over Liz’s body in disapproval.

“As in Mr. Philip Evans son?” She asked. It was definitely him.

Maxwell sighed. Almost like he was expecting her to start lecturing him. “That would be me,” he said.

She smiled. “I’m Liz Parker,” she said. She held her hand out for him to shake and he shook it.

“Do I know you?” He asked.

His ‘girl’ friend watched the whole exchange.

“Well… no,” Liz explained. “But you are sharing a house with me now, I hope you don’t mind.”

Their eyes widened.

“What?” The girl demanded.

Liz smiled. “Mr. Evans was kind enough to offer me a place to stay on my…get away trip. He didn’t know if you were still occupying it but I said I didn’t mind sharing.”

Max gritted his teeth. “Oh that is so like him. And who are you? One of his bimbos?”

“Why I never,” Liz said, shocked. She calmed down her firing temper and smiled. “No, I’m not. Actually my mother is a friend of your mothers.”

Max’s face softened. “Oh,” he said. “I apologise.”

“That’s okay,” Liz said.

The girl next to him nudged his side and cleared her throat.

“Oh, right,” Max said. “Um this is Filomena, my girlfr… uh a friend of mine.”

The girls eyes widened in disbelief.

Liz smiled to herself and held her hand out for the girl to shake. She did, very hesitantly.

“Are you from New York?” Max asked.

Liz nodded. “I am indeed. It’s a nice change to be in such a beautiful place,” she said.

Max nodded in agreement.

His ‘friend’ cut in. “I hate New York,” she said.
Liz continued to look at Max. “So… I guess I’ll see you back at the house? It was nice to meet you Max, Flimingo.”

“Its Filomena,” the girl corrected her.

“Oh, right, sorry,” Liz said. “See you.”

“Yeah,” Max said. “Bye.”

She smiled, then turned around and headed away. She could feel his eyes all over her back.

“I hate her!” Filomena said. “She can’t stay in that house with you!”

“She was nice,” Max said, watching her as she walked into the water. “And its not like I can just kick her out.”

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When Max walked in through the door to his house, Liz was sitting one of the couches reading her Italian phrase book and mouthing the foreign words to herself.
She looked up and smiled at him. His friend wasn’t with him.

When she got back from the beach she had had a shower and then dressed in a low-cut summer dress. By his appreciation towards her swim suit, she guessed it would be a good move to continue revealing skin.
And it’s not as if it wasn’t hot enough.

Her breath caught in her throat when she saw him, he was standing in his little black swimming shorts and his hair was wet from swimming.

He was so tanned and muscled, she could just—

“How long are you going to be staying for?” He asked.

Liz bit her lip. ‘As long as I want,’ she wanted to say. Instead, she said, “I’m not sure.”

He eyed her suspiciously for a second then picked up the portable telephone off the coffee table in front of her. She watched him silently as he pounded a number into it.

When he spoke into it, he wasn’t exactly polite. Maybe part of what she heard was, in fact, correct?

“Yeah, hi, is Diane there please?”

She bit her lip and pretended not to be listening.

“Yeah, its me mom,” he muttered. Inscrutable.

His mothers shrill reply could be heard, even from where Liz was.

“Oh Max! How nice to hear from you! How are you darling?”

Max glanced at Liz and she quickly looked down, hoping she wasn’t caught gawking at his abbs.

“Yeah I’m fine mom. Look, do you know a Mrs. Parker?”
“Of course!” Came her reply.

Liz couldn’t hear any more of what Diane Evan’s was saying but she could see Max intently listening to her. He turned around and stared out the glass doors.

What an ass, Liz thought with a devilish grin.

After several moments Max turned back towards her and placed the telephone back down on its cradle. Liz was about to open her mouth to ask him what she said when he pressed speakerphone bottom. Opps, I mean BUTTON.

“Hi Liz!” Diane exclaimed.

“Don’t yell mom,” Max said, rolling his eyes. “She can hear you perfectly fine.”

Liz stifled a laugh. “Hi Diane,” she said.

“Oh Liz, so glad you made it there safely, your mother can rest at ease now. She’s driving me insane. So are you having fun? I hope my son is being hospitable?”

Liz tucked her hair behind her ears. “The flight was long but I fell asleep so it wasn’t too bad. Your son? Well what can I say about him…”

“That I’m a wonderful darling,” offered Max.

“Yeah right,” Diane said laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

Liz smiled. “The house is beautiful, the weather is unbelievably hot and sunny, and everything is wonderful.”

Diane sighed. “I’m so glad. Well I have to go, talk to you later. Don’t put up with any shit my son sends your way.”

Liz was shocked by her choice of words.

“I’ll tell your mother your fine. Have fun!”

Max turned the telephone off and crossed his arms over his chest.

They were having a silence.

How can we be having a silence? Liz wondered. We’ve barely met.

Max must have sensed it because he quickly put an end to their awkwardness.

“Do you like jazz?” He asked.

Liz played the game the best way she could. “I love jazz.”

I HATE jazz.

“Good. Because you can accompany me to a Jazz club tonight. I’ll show you around.”

“Great,” Liz said, smiling. “I’m sure its wonderful.”


“This place is vulgar,” Liz complained. “Why didn’t you Flamingo?”

“Its Filomena,” Max corrected her, laughing. “And she has the same opinion of this place as you do.”

Liz sighed. “I think I suddenly like her a whole lot more.”

Max leaned back in his chair and lit a cigarette. “You don’t mind if I smoke?” He asked.

“It’s not my problem if you like to poison your lungs. Smoke away.”

He smoked it slowly as he asked her questions and listened to the music. Liz could tell he had a deep passion for what he was hearing.

Half way through asking where she worked he paused and held his hand up in the air. “I love this part,” he said.

Liz found she was becoming rather intrigued by him. Entranced was too strong a word just yet.

“I don’t have a stable job,” Liz answered his question. “I don’t like routine, I like to change my way of life every three months.”

Max studied her face. “Is that right?” He asked.

“Yes,” Liz answered.

“What’s that like?”

“It…” Liz trailed off. “It keeps me entertained.”

He swallowed back the saliva in his mouth. After several seconds he spoke, “that could be traced back to a mental problem you know.”

“Oh,” Liz said. “And your running away from home could be traced back to a dysfunctional relationship with your father.”

Max stared into her eyes seriously and then suddenly doubled over with laughter.

Liz stifled her own laugh.

“I suppose my mother told you that?” He asked.

Liz shrugged. “You could say that,” she muttered.

“Would you like another drink?” Max asked. “Compliments of my father.”

“I’d love one. Thank you.”

They walked home. Max was quite drunk. Liz found it amusing.

He was singing and smoking as he balanced himself on the curb.

“You know, they say a bond is formed when you get drunk with someone,” Liz commented.

“Your not drunk,” Max pointed out.

“But you are.”

“Hmm,” he said smiling. “I am so. That means I am not accountable for my actions.”

“Nope sorry, what ever you say or do tonight I will hold against you for the rest of my life. You’re supposed to be making a first impression, are you not?”

Max slipped on the curve and tumbled into her. She grabbed his arm to steady him.

“Will you sleep with me?” He asked. “I like you.”


He started to sing at the top of his lungs. “Your looks are laughable, un-photographical, Yet you're my favourite work of art . . ."

“Oh no, please stop,” Liz said. “Is it possible to hate someone you barely know?”

“Does that mean you’ll leave my house?” Max asked.


He started to sing again. “But don't change a hair for me, Not if you care for me!

“It will not work.”

Stay little valentine, stay!

“STOP! Would you? Please,” Liz exclaimed.

Max laughed. “I’ve never been known to be an annoying person but there is a first for everything right?”

Liz stared at him dumbfounded. “Definitely,” she agreed.

“So you won’t sleep with me?”

Liz sighed. “No. I didn’t come to your house to hook up. And besides you have a girlfriend remember, Flamingo?”

“That’s not funny anymore. One day I might accidentally call her that and I’ll be in big trouble,” he said.

Liz smiled. “What’s up with her name anyway?” She asked.

“It’s Italian, like her,” Max said.


When they reached the house, they both sat down at a table outside near the beach. They stared up at the stars in the big black sky.

“Why Italy?” Asked Liz.

“I love Europe.”

“So do I, so—“


“I guess.”

The next thing Max said didn’t shock Liz very much. “Are you really here on holiday or did my father send you?”

She sighed. “If I tell you now are you going to remember in the morning?”

“Definitely not,” Max said. “I won’t remember anything.”

“I’m not going to sleep with you.”


“Are you really like this, or is it just you drunk?” Liz asked.

“It’s just me drunk. When I’m sober I’m actually quite a decent fellow,” Max said.

Liz smiled. “I don’t know if I should believe you.”

“Go on.”

“Okay. I was sent by your father.”

“I thought so,” Max said. “I would have bet money on it.”

Liz looked over at him. “That predictable huh?”

“Hmm,” he muttered. “I’m not going home,” he said.

Then he got up and went inside to bed.

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I love all the feedback everyone. Thank you! I hope you like the new part!!!



It was when Liz was siting at breakfast the next morning she realised there could be a consequence to her actions. She started wondering if Max would remember what she admitted last night. Alternatively, even worse then that, if he had been pretending to be drunk to begin with.

Why would he do that?

She suddenly felt her stomach flop, had she failed in her job already? She wasn’t ready to go home, she wasn’t ready to give up her holiday.

“Good morning.”

His deep voice pulled her out of her thoughts and she got such a shock the coffee cup in her hand shook and spilt coffee all over the bench.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” he said. “Is something wrong?”

Liz built up the courage to look at him; he was studying her face sincerely. She put on a brave face and said in the fullest voice she could conjure up, “You gave me a freight that’s all.”

He nodded. “Sorry.”

When he stepped up very close to her and lifted his arm, Liz thought he was going to kiss her and frowned. He looked into her eyes and with amusement in his voice said, “coffee? Is there any left?” he motioned to the coffee pot behind her.

Liz let out a breath.

How embarrassing!

What was wrong with her?

“Hmm? Yeah, I mean yes there is, here.” She grabbed the pot and shoved it into his hands, then walked over to the table, as far away from him as possible. Once she was seated and getting a grip she looked at him.

He looked very nice. He was wearing a grey button down shirt with the top two buttons undone, revealing the tanned skin of his neck. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, showing his muscular, shapely wrists. The black pants he wore were topped off with his gorgeous bare feet that gently pattered their way around the floor.

In a small voice, she managed to ask, “Do you, um, remember last night at all?”

His face dropped and worry washed over his features.

“Oh God,” he said. “We didn’t… I mean we didn’t—“

“No!” Liz cried. “No, we didn’t, it’s just a question.”

“Oh,” Max said. “Thank God. I mean Thank God!

Huh? Insulting much? Liz thought.

He noticed her frowning and quickly reassured her. “I mean, if it DID happen and I couldn’t remember it, that would suck.”

Liz blushed. “You have nothing to worry about,” she said.

Max cleaned up the coffee she spilt with a cloth and then put his cup down on the table opposite her.

When he left the room for a second Liz mentally whacked herself over the head. She couldn’t believe how pathetic she was acting. She figured it must have been the worry over her cover being blown. Why did she even tell him to begin with?

She could be so dense sometimes.

When Max came back, he had a packet of cigarettes and a newspaper in his hand. He took a seat across from her and sipped his coffee while glancing at something on the front page of his newspaper.

She noticed that it was English and wondered where he got it.

“Do you want a smoke?” He asked suddenly, holding the box out to her.

Normally she would say no, but after the morning she was having, she couldn’t refuse. She took one and thanked him.

She put it in her mouth and he leaned over and lit it with a lighter he produced out of his pocket.

“I didn’t think you smoked?” He asked.

“I’m trying to give up,” she replied. “But I’m not having much luck.”

“Oh, I apologise for making it harder,” he said. “When was the last time you had one?”

Liz took in a deep drag, from her cigarette and after she puffed out the smoke, she replied. “Four months.”

Max laughed. “This is your first one in four months?” He asked.

Liz nodded, smiling. “It feels so good,” she said.

Max shook his head and continued laughing.

“I don’t know why I gave up,” she admitted. His laugh was contagious; she had to fight the urge to chuckle with him.

“You gave up because it’s extremely bad for you,” he said. “Which is good, I mean I could never do it.”

Liz bit her lip. “I’m willing to give all my work up for one in a second, which is pretty bad. I think I may as well still be doing it.”

Max stubbed out the cigarette he had been smoking. “At least you can say you did it,” he said.

“I guess.”

Liz watched him sip his coffee, his Adam’s apple moved up and down as he swallowed. She found it hard to believe how shamefully attracted she was to him, who wouldn’t be. She usually had self-control but right now, she wanted to do things she had been aching to do for quite a while.

The last time she had a boyfriend— she couldn’t even remember when.

She was so ready.

Max put down his cup of coffee and picked up his paper again. Liz crossed her legs under the table and sighed, not yet, she told herself. It’s not part of the plan.

Maybe she could add it into the plan?

“So, what do you do here all day?” She asked.

Max glanced at her. “Anything I want,” he replied.

Liz licked her lips. “Oh,” she said. “Well do you have any suggestions on what I could do today?”

He grinned.

What a dirty mind I have, she thought. This is so unlike me.

Max cleared his throat and sipped his coffee again. “I don’t know, you’re a female, different things would entertain you. You could go shopping I guess?”

“I could,” she said. “But I have plenty of time for that. I think I want to do some sight seeing today.”

Sight seeing? Why did everything seem to have a naughty thought attached to it?

She really needed to calm down.

Max caught her eyes and didn’t look away until there was a noise in the doorway and he looked up to see who it was.

Filomena stood leaning against the door-frame watching them with a disgusted expression.

“Hi,” Max said suddenly. “What are you doing here?”

“Hmm,” she said, “I wonder.”

“Hello,” Liz said glaring at her.

She bit her lip. “Hi Liz. How are you enjoying your stay?”

Liz grinned. “Max has been making sure it’s wonderful for me so I have nothing to complain about.”

She snickered.

Max gulped down the rest of his coffee and got up from the table to rinse his cup. Liz remained sitting, and looked away from Filomena and towards him.

He smiled friendly at her then walked over to his friend and placed a kiss on her lips. A kiss that lingered for utterly too long in Liz’s opinion.

When he broke away he walked into the other room and Filomena smiled devilishly at Liz before following him.
She could hear then talking in the other room.


“What?” Max asked.

“What did you two do last night?” Filomena demanded.

Max sighed. “Calm down, we didn’t do anything. I took her to the Jazz club and showed her around, you know, harmless fun.”

“Harmless?” Filomena snorted. “With her? I doubt that some how. I’m telling you Max, the girl wants in your pants!”

Max smiled. “She does?” He asked.

Filomena whacked his arm. “She’s a skank!”

“Well that’s not very nice, you don’t even know her.”

Liz was laughing into her coffee cup when Max walked back into the room. He picked a banana up out of the fruit bowel and then turned to her.

“I was thinking about going out on my yacht this afternoon. Are you interested in coming?” He asked.

Liz thought about it long enough for him to take one step towards the door.

“I’d love to come,” she said.


Liz sat on a wooden plank near the side of Max’s yacht. The sun was shining across the water making it glisten like thousands of silver sequins stringed together in a blanket.

It was beautiful. She couldn’t remember the last time she had just sat back and enjoyed all the beauty around her. This job was definitely paying off in many ways. She needed this more then she had realized.

“Oh shh, shh everyone! This is the best part!”

That was Maria Deluca. She was one of Max’s closest friends and he had invited her and her boyfriend, another one of his best friends, along for the yacht ride.

Liz turned her head and watched Maria as she turned up her little radio as loud as it would go. The lyrics blasted across the boat—

Come a little closer, over here
Close enough to look in my eyes, Sharona
Keep a little mystery, kissin' me
Runnin' down the length of my thigh, Sharona

“Okay, you can be noisy again!” Maria cried, turning her radio back down. Liz found her very amusing and instantly liked her. She had never met someone so outgoing in her country-club-life. She suspected that was why Max was friends with her too.

Maria had met her boyfriend, Michael Guerin, in a dance club one night. She made her living as a singer traveling from club to club, and Michael had been entranced by her beautiful voice. Slyly, or so he thought, he followed her to every club she performed in. Until one day Maria whacked him over the head with her purse and demanded that he stopped stalking her and buy her a drink. They had been together ever since.

A splash of water flickered across Liz’s face and she squinted and wiped the drops out of her eyes. When she turned her head to inspect who had been so annoying, she saw Max down in the water grinning up at her.
“What are you doing?” She asked, irritably. He was too cute and she didn’t like it.

He looked proud of himself. “Swimming, what are you doing?”

“Being annoyed with you for disturbing me. Go away fish-boy.”

He laughed. “Okay, grumpy-girl.”

Liz watched him swim away and then turned back to look at Maria who was staring at her. Filomena was sitting next to her wearing sunglasses and reading an Italian woman’s magazine.

Maria got up from her seat and walked over to Liz. She took a seat right next to her and smiled friendly.

“You should loosen up and go for a swim,” she said. “No ones going to bite your head off or anything. I know it must be hard considering you are from New York. It normally takes a while for the stick up New Yorkers asses to dissolve so they can have some fun.”

Liz laughed. “I don’t have a stick up my ass. I’m just slowly adjusting to the freedom of being away from every day life.”

“Yeah,” Maria said. “As I said, it’s the stick up your ass.”

Liz rolled her eyes. When she glanced back at Filomena, she saw that Max was leaning in front of her and they were kissing. She watched as he pulled her to her feet and led her down under the deck, closing the door behind them.

When she looked back at Maria, she caught her staring at her.

“What?” Liz asked.

“Nothing,” Maria said, smiling slightly. “Like I said, go have some fun.”

Liz blinked. “I am having fun.”

Right,” Maria said. “If this is what you call having fun I’d hate to see what being boring is. We are going dancing tonight by the way.”

“We are?” Liz asked.

“Hmm, you look like you’d be a good dancer,” Maria said.

“Well actually—

“So we are going then,” Maria said in a voice that invited no argument.

A load moan came from underneath them in the cabin below. Maria laughed and Liz felt her stomach churn.

“God those two,” Maria commented.

Another moan.

“Is he killing her down there?” Liz asked.

Another moan, and another.

“Killing her in a way we all want to endure,” Maria replied.

Michael appeared at the side of the yacht. “Maria babe are you going to come for a swim?” He asked.

“No, I’m trying to soak in some rays Mickey, sorry.”

Liz stood up and pulled off her shirt. “I’m coming,” she said. She pulled off her rap around skirt and secured the tie on her bikini before diving in.

“Now that is the way to dress!” Maria exclaimed, laughing. “Thong and all! Way to go Lizzie.”

Liz swam around for a while, then found a large rock near the cliffs that she could sit on. She watched the boat and saw Max emerge from the cabin rubbing his head and stretching. He walked over to Maria and said something causing her to laugh and then motion him to sit down.

He didn’t. He said something else and Maria pointed to Liz and then replied something.

Liz wondered what they were saying.

Max walked over to Maria and said in a proud voice, “now that is why I call this boat, the love’in boat.”

Maria laughed and told him to sit down and keep her company.

He wanted to go for a swim again so he declined her offer. “Where’s Liz?” He asked.

Maria motioned to where Liz was sitting on her newfound rock, combing her fingers through her hair.

“She’s like a little mermaid,” Maria pointed out.

Max watched Liz.

“What’s up with you and her anyway?”

He looked back at Maria. “What? Nothing, she’s just staying in my house.”

“She’s gorgeous Max, and you are a sexually driven male. I hope you know what you’re getting into.”

“Getting into? It’s not like I have a choice,” he said.

Maria smiled. “You could find her somewhere else to stay, you could talk your parent’s into insisting she left— but you don’t. I think you like her.”

“She’s fun,” he said.

“But you know what you’re doing?”

Max nodded. “I know what I’m doing.”

“Change of plans Liz, instead of going dancing we’re going to go to a few clubs with Michael and Max.”

Liz dried her wet hair with her towel. “Not that grotesque Jazz place again?” She asked.

Maria laughed. “He took you there? Everyone hates it the first time. It grows on you, trust me.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

Maria really liked Liz.

“We’re not going there, not tonight. So you up for whatever I throw your way?”

Max walked past and without Liz realizing it let his eyes linger on the smooth, tanned, cheeks of her bare ass.

Maria raised her eyebrows at him so he quickly moved on.

“I’m up for anything you throw my way,” Liz said.

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While Liz and Maria made their way into the quaint little live music club near the beach, Liz wondered aloud.

“Why isn’t Flamingo coming?”

Maria’s eyes widened in surprise. “You mean Filomena, right?”

Liz nodded. “Yeah,” she admitted.

“I didn’t tell her we were going out,” Maria said, sneakily. “I never did like her much.”

The four of them took a seat at a round table just to the left of the stage, Maria next to Michael and Max next to Liz.

Maria spoke, “people, I plan to get completely hammered so one of you has to stay sober so you can drive me home.”

Michael snorted. “Yeah right Maria.”

A couple of hours later and everyone was drunk except Max who had decided to be the one who stayed focused this evening. He watched the other three with amusement— especially Liz.

She was a quiet drunk; she would just sit there smiling and tapping her hands against the table as if she was dying to dance. She seemed focused on anything but what was around her and when he would say something to her she would give him a short answer and not try to keep conversation going at all.

Max could admit that tonight he was becoming very infatuated with staring at her perfect face.

After a while he decided he wanted to see her loosen up a bit more, so he went up onto the stage where the band was sitting having their break. He had met the lead singer quite a few times before and had even bought a drink for him at the bar once.

“Ah Max! Hi man!”

His name was Fredrik and he was a year older then Max, at twenty-five.

“Hey Fredrik, how’s it going?” Max shoved his hands in his pocket.

“It’s going excellent. We are just about to start our next song, care to join in?”

Max shook his head. “No not again—“

“Oh come on, why so mature tonight?”

“I haven’t had enough to drink,” Max admitted, grinning.

Fredrik grabbed the microphone and announced the next song would be sung with an old friends help. The drummer banged on the drums and the guitarist added to the smooth sound by strumming his guitar.

“Come on,” Fredrik said. “You know this one.”

Max rolled his eyes and shook his head.

Fredrik sang—Hey, hey baby. I wanna know if you’ll be my girl— and then Max came in with the next line—

Hey, hey baby. I wanna know if you’ll be my girl.

When I saw you walking down the street. I said that’s the kinda girl I’d like to meet.

—She’s so pretty, lord she’s so fine. I’m gonna make her mine Oh mine.

Liz, Michael, and Maria were laughing their heads off the whole time.

“Well he has a good voice,” Liz commented.

“He has a beautiful singing voice,” Maria said. “I beg him constantly to sing a song with me at one of my gigs but he never does.”

Liz frowned. “Why not?”

“I dunno,” Maria said. She started swaying side to side and clapping her hands with the song. Liz joined in.

Hey, hey baby. I wanna know if you’ll be my girl.

After the song ended Max brought Liz up onto the stage and then went back and took his seat. She turned bright red and hissed at him.

“What do you think you are doing?”

Fredrik laughed and spoke into the microphone. “Liz is going to entertain us now, everyone give a big encouraging applaud!”

The crowed clapped and whistled and Liz stood there looking like a lost puppy.

Max was SO going to get it for this.

Quickly glancing around, looking for something to help her out she spotted an old piano sitting at the foot of the stage near their table. She walked over to it, lifted the cover and tried to think of a song quickly.

She chose the first one that came into her head.

The crowed went silent with anticipation.

Shyly, Liz tucked her long brown hair behind her ear, shot a glance at a smug Max, and started playing.

The first song that had came to her head had happened to be— my funny valentine.

Max raised his eyebrows at her choice of song and watched her hands and face intently.

She hummed the lyrics along with her playing and the members of the audience who knew the lyrics sang with her.

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her; everything about her at that moment just… entrapped him.

Maria noticed his staring and whispered to Michael to look. When he did, he turned back to Maria with a look of wonder.

Her chocolate hair cascaded across her face and she couldn’t brush it back so that’s where it stayed. Her long thick lashes fluttered when she blinked, and her glistening white teeth nibbled on her bottom lip because of her concentration.

When she finished she stood up and bowed to the clapping audience.

On her way back to the table, she whacked Max up the back of his head.

“OW! Hey,” he complained.

She whacked him again. “I can’t believe you did that! Don’t ever embarrass me like that again Mr. Evans!”

“Oh why so grumpy? You did great didn’t you?” Max rubbed his head where she had hit him. “Maria, Mike, she did great didn’t sh—

Michael and Maria were gone.

Liz sighed and sat back down. Sulkily she sipped her tropical fruit alcohol drink and searched the room for them.

“I wonder where they went,” Max said.

Liz glanced at him. “I’ll give you two guesses.”

“Michael and Maria leave to…” Max cut himself off. Shaking his head he added, “no, not them that’s not like them.”

“But it’s like you right?” Liz commented, remembering the yacht.

Was it just Max or was there anger in her voice?

He didn’t say anything in reply.

After a little while, he stood up and reached into his pocket. “I need a cigarette,” he said.

Liz got up as well. “I need one too,” she said. She was wobbly on her feet and Max had to guide her to the door by putting his hand on her back.

They stood outside in an alley behind the club. There was a dim light stuck to a brick wall, so they stood under it so they weren’t in the complete dark. There they smoked and talked.

Liz was woozy. “I had too much to drink,” she said.

Max smiled. “I can tell,” he said.

Liz smiled back.

“Do you know how long you are going to stay in Italy for?” He asked. “Your job must want you back sometime, right?”

Liz’s eyelids drooped so they were half-open. She leaned back against the wall and blew the smoke from her cigarette out through her nose and then mumbled, “hmm, what?”

Max’s smile grew larger. “Home? When are you going back? Are you in there Liz Parker?”

“I like it when you say my name,” she said. “I’ve never heard someone say my name like you do.”

“Um… okay,” Max said. “You should stick around—“

He leaned against the wall next to her. “I mean if you like it here. You’re welcome in my house as long as you like.”

Liz opened her eyes and stared at him intently.

Further down the alley, the door to the kitchen opened and a woman in a tight white waitress uniform stepped out. The music from inside the club filled the alley, breaking the airy silence. It was one of Liz’s favorite songs but she was too gone to notice.

She said, I don’t know if I’ve ever been good enough, I’m a little bit rusty and I think my head is caving in.
And, I don’t know if I’ve ever been really loved, by a hand that’s touched me.
And, I feel like something’s going to give, and I’m a little bit angry…
Well this ain’t over, no not here.

Liz watched as the woman lit the cigarette in her mouth and leaned her head back in delight when the sticky bad substance entered her lungs. The woman turned her head a few seconds later and looked down at Max and Liz with a smile. She winked at Liz then turned away.

When Liz looked back at Max, he was staring at her with dark eyes. His breathing left his mouth in short spasms.

Through her drunken haze, all caught up in the moment and unaware of what she was doing; she moved closer to him so her breast was resting on his arm. She chucked her cigarette down on the ground and stubbed it out with the heal of her boot then picked up his hand and did the same with his. He watched her and didn’t say anything.

When she looked back up at him he took his hand back from her grip and reached forward to brush a strand of hair away from her face. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, enjoying the feeling of his fingers on her cheek.

You could cut the tension around them with a knife.

Don’t rush this baby; don’t rush this baby, baby. I wanna push you way round, well I will, well I will. I wanna push you way down; I wanna take you for granted. I wanna, I wanna. I will, I will. I wanna push you way down…

She felt his fingers slip down her cheek and over her chin, then down her neck. When she opened her eyes, he was leaning his head forward—

Good God, he thought. In a second, I’m going to feel her lips.

She lifted her chin, breaking the distance.

Pure warmth.

There was no perfect word to describe the utter passion Max felt. He knew what he was doing, he knew she was drunk and he shouldn’t take advantage of her, but he didn’t seem to want to give a damn…

Feeling, fire, intensity, sentiment, rapture, ecstasy…

With a sweet sweep of his tongue Max opened her mouth and begun his exploration of her depths. At first, it was gentle and innocent, until Liz ran her hand along his back drawing his body up against hers. Max then, raised his hand to cup her cheek, pressing her lips firmly against his.

“Oh God,” he mumbled gripping at the soft skin of her face. His other hand rested on her hip, but not for long, he caressed his way down so he was clenching her firm ass in his hand.

Intoxication, arousal, lust…

Max couldn’t believe his fleshly desire for her, he wanted to tear her clothes off right there.

Liz covered his hand on her cheek with her own and teasingly, she moved it so it was grasping her round, full breast. They broke the kiss long enough to suck in one deep rugged breath and blink once.

Blink twice.

“Oh God,” Liz said, suddenly tearing away from him. “I think I’m going to be sick!”

“Well that’s just what every male likes to hear after—“

Liz keeled over and wrenched all over the pavement.

Max held her hair back for her and rubbed her back when she stood upright again.

“Max! Liz!”

Max turned to see Maria and Michael heading down the alley towards them.

“Liz? You okay?” He asked.

Liz nodded her head. “Yeah, I’m a lot better now.”

“We disappear for two minutes and you leave?” Maria asked. Once she saw Liz’s face, she apologized. “You okay Lizzie? Come on let’s go get you freshened up kay?”

The two females left and Max heaved back again the wall and tried to catch his breath.

Michael asked, “what happened?”

Max looked at him seriously for two seconds and then suddenly broke into a laugh. “Nothing,” he said.

Okay,” Michael said, staring at him puzzled.

Max headed off down the alley laughing loudly. “Nothing at all!” He exclaimed.


When Liz emerged from her room the next morning, she had a splitting headache. She walked down the hall rubbing her eyes and just as she was walking, past Max’s room Filomena walked out wearing a towel.

She glared at Liz then leaned back into the room and called to Max, “I’ll get the tub ready for us honey!”

“Okay!” Came his reply.

Liz felt like she was going to be sick again.

She went into the kitchen and started drinking glasses of water. She remembered last night very clearly. She couldn’t believe she had been so drunk as to give into temptation and practically mall Max on the alley wall.
However, it had gone both ways.

A few minutes later, and about six glasses of water, Max walked into the kitchen searching for something.

When he walked past Liz the hairs on her arms stood on end and a chill crept over her back.

“Morning,” he said politely.

She turned around and replied much the same way. “Morning.”

While he searched, they were silent but then he stopped and turned to her. “About last night…” he started.

“Yeah,” Liz said. “It was a mistake. I was drunk, it shouldn’t have happened.”

Max sighed. “Right.”

Liz thought she heard disappointment in his voice but she guessed she had just misheard.

“Anyway, you don’t have to worry about me telling Filomena or anything, I won’t,” she said.

He smiled. “Now you call her Filomena.”

Liz smiled back. “Ah well, you know… I’ve grown a little respect for the girl.”

Max shook his head at her then headed towards the door. On his way out Liz called out to him:

“Max, you were drunk too right?”

He turned around and lied. “Yeah I was.”

“Well then,” Liz said. “We can blame it on the alcohol.”

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Liz decided she needed to try something else. Ever since what happened between them, Filomena was always there next to Max. She doubted Max had told her about the evening but Filomena decided she needed to flaunt more of what Liz was missing out on.

That was Max.

One afternoon when the sun was setting in the sky, Liz was sitting outside on the porch admiring it and indulging her taste buds with peach flavored yogurt ice cream.

The colors of the sky muchly resembled the colors of her choice of food, creamy oranges, whites and patches of tan.

Liz’s head was thrown back in ecstasy, and her bare feet were stretched out in front of, adding to her complete look of relaxation. Occasionally, she would lick her lips, close her eyes, and move her head from side to side in bliss.

“Looks good,” Max commented as he walked out the French doors behind her and headed down the wooden steps to the garden below.

Liz smiled to herself then teasingly, leaned over the rail to watch him below. “What?” She asked. “Me or the ice cream?”

He looked up at her and grinned. Without a seconds thought he said, “both.”

She licked her lips and her eyes twinkled. “Want a taste?” She asked seductively.

Max turned on the hose and started spraying the garden. Over the noise of the hose, he spoke back, “of which one?”

Liz gulped back the growing heat forming in her stomach. When he looked up, waiting for her reply, she tightened her hold on the rail so her knuckles were white.
In a daring voice she answered, “both.”

Max’s eyes widened and she smiled.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to say something Liz heard someone clear their throat behind her. She spun around embarrassedly, not knowing whom to expect.

“Wow,” Maria said. “Did I just interrupt some steamy flirting or what!”

Liz grinned. “Actually you kind of did—how are you Maria?”

“I’m great,” Maria replied. “But obviously not as good as you.” She leaned over the balcony and. “Hi Maxie!” She called.

“Hello Maria.”

Maria looked back and forth between red faced Max and Liz and smiled. “Wow is it just me or is it boiling hot out here?”

Before either of them could reply she added, “oh, silly me—of course I’m not the only one.”

Coughs—averted eyes.

“So!” Maria said suddenly. “You two up for going out tonight?”

Liz bit her lip. “I was rather looking forward to staying home tonight,” she said.

“Oh please!” Maria exclaimed. “I’m singing, I need moral support. You don’t have to come until ten-thirty.”

Liz smiled. “Okay, I’ll come, I want to see you perform anyway.”

“Yay!” Maria cried. She leaned back over the balcony. “What about you Max?”

Max was hesitant. “Maria I don’t know, as much as I love hearing you sing I am not really in the mood to go out.”

“Oh God, you aren’t having Filomena over are you? Well too bad for her, you don’t have a choice. You are going to be Liz’s date. She can’t sit by herself now can she?”

“What about Michael?” Liz asked.

“He’s not coming, he has too much work to do. That’s why I need you two. I have to go now, so I’ll see you tonight! It’s a French bar, called la Beaute’ avoir Lavie. Dress nice, it’s a flashy place.”

Then she was gone back through the door she emerged from not long ago.

Liz chuckled to herself and then sunk back into her chair and finished eating her ice cream. When Max was done watering the garden he came up and with a glint his eyes, bent down and scooped some ice cream onto his tongue.

Liz didn’t take her eyes off his. “Is it so good Max?” She asked.

He swallowed then licked his lips. Staring into her eyes he replied, “it’s so good Liz.”

Then he went back inside, leaving Liz to catch her breath.


So typical, Liz thought as she glanced over her book at Max watching sport on the television.

“Isn’t there something more productive you could be doing?” She asked.

He managed to unglue his eyes from the screen for two seconds to answer her. “Am I annoying you? Do you need peace to read in?”

Liz shook her head. “No I don’t, just thought that maybe you could cook dinner or something? I don’t know, anything, other then be so—inactive.”

Max laughed. “I take it you don’t like sports television?” He asked.

“I don’t like television in general,” she said. “What’s the point in it? You don’t even use your brain while you sit there, seems useless.”

Max rolled his eyes and then switched off the television. “Argh!” He sighed. Slowly he got up off the couch. “Okay, what do you want?”

At first Liz, thought she had misheard him and all sorts of dirty thoughts entered her mind. Before she could reply, she quickly remembered dinner. Right! Dinner! She thought.

“Do you even know how to cook?” She asked.

He smiled. “Barely, but I’ll give it a go,” he said.

Liz shook her head in disbelief. “Okay something easy. Why don’t you try macaroni cheese?”

“That I can probably do,” Max said. He headed off into the kitchen and on the way he yelled, “wish me luck!”

“I think you’ll probably need it,” she mumbled.

She must have read the page in front of her a hundred times, and not one word had registered in her mind. She couldn’t focus at all and she had a feeling she knew why.

Oh Max, she thought. Why’d you have to be so damn charming?

“Um,” She heard him call. “What does the second knob to the left on the oven do?”

She stifled a laugh. Willingly she got up and went into the kitchen. “You’ve got to be kidding me right? How long have you been living here?”

“Just because I don’t know how to use the stove doesn’t mean anything. Just… help!”

Liz shook her head. “What a mess! How did you manage to cause a bomb to go off? I think all that sports television has rotted your mind,” she said.

“Probably,” Max agreed. “That or the drinking, or the cigarettes or—

“Stop!” Liz said. “I don’t need to know. Why don’t you get the milk out of the refrigerator for me?”

While he did that, Liz squatted down and rummaged through the cupboards for a plastic bowel. Of course, being tight jeans they slid down and her shirt moved up, revealing the smooth skin of her lower back.

Max, of course, noticed this and had to hold himself back from attacking her. He didn’t like the spell she had over him.

Liz caught his staring and bit her lip. Could she want a man more? She didn’t think so.

This was so hard! Damn job, maybe if she’d met him earlier—

“Hi everybody!”

DAMNIT! Liz wanted to yell. “Hi Filomena,” she mumbled, instead.

Max handed Liz the milk then turned to his ‘friend’. “Hey, what are you doing here?” He asked.

“I came to see you babe.” She walked over to him and placed a kiss on his lips. “Let’s go out to dinner or something?”

Liz continued milling around the kitchen, preparing food, and trying to pretend the bird wasn’t there.

“Not tonight,” Max said. “I’m too tired to go out. In fact, I’m just going to go to bed in a few minutes.”

Filomena pouted her lips. “Then I’ll come tuck you in,” she said.

“Not tonight,” Max repeated harsher. Sighing he ran his hand through his hair. “Babe, I’m sorry, I just need to sleep.”

Filomena put her hand on his forehead. “Are you sick?” She asked.

Max pulled her hand away. “Could be, I don’t know. I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

She sighed, deeply discouraged. “Okay, go to bed now. And rest up, we can’t have you sick now can we?”

She kissed him again and before leaving, she glanced at Liz who smiled proudly and asked Max if he could come over and help her. Filomena shot her an annoyed look and then left sulkily.

Max offered to make a salad. “Maybe that’s something I can do?” He wondered.

Liz leaned against the bench. “I thought you were going to bed?” She asked.

Max looked at her in disbelief. “What, are you kidding?” He asked. “It’s eight-thirty!”

She laughed. “Lying to the girlfriend, that’s not very good Max.”

“I didn’t lie,” Max said. “I just… made her feel better about me not wanting her here.”


Later while the walked out to the car on the way to the bar. Liz asked why Max hadn’t invited Filomena along.

Max smiled down at her. “I don’t know if you noticed but she has been rather… clingy lately.”

I noticed, Liz thought

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Dear, Mr. Philip Evans

Thank you for your patience in awaiting my reply to your previous email. I am happy to inform you of the success of my task, which I am foretelling, but certain of.

Your son and I have formed a friendship and in short time I assure you it will not take much for me to pursued him back home.

There was a short delay to my plan but I know that my obstacle will be out of the way in no time. Have no worries of your choice in me, I will not steer you wrong.
I guarantee you results.

Liz reread her email several times before sending it. Was that enough? Was that what he wanted to hear?

She wasn’t sure that it was adequate for such a professional man such as Mr. Evans.

With a sigh, Liz fell back onto her bed pillows and rubbed her eyes. She was starting to have second thoughts about this job. Maybe she wasn’t the right person for such a personal task; she couldn’t even become a friend of a male without growing feelings for him. The mere thought that she was only here for this job, and that he would be very annoyed when he found out, sickened her.

She really enjoyed what they had between them although she didn’t know quite how to describe it because she didn’t know what it was, but she didn’t particularly want to loose it.

They had fun, in a close sort of way, without the physical touching. That was something Liz had never felt before.

Sure, she wanted the physical part to sweep into their lives but if that couldn’t be which for now it couldn’t, she didn’t want to go without him.

She liked seeing his face—she loved hearing his voice.
Moreover, she loved their harmless teasing.

Max popped his head in through the creek of her door.

His eyes swept over the laptop on the bed and her lying back staring at the ceiling.

“What are you doing?” He wondered.

Liz gasped, startled by his appearance and quickly told him off. “Haven’t you ever heard of knocking? What if I had been naked!” She demanded.

Max smiled. “All the more reason to look,” he said.

Liz shook her head I disbelief. “Such a prude. You know I’m starting to believe what the country club members warned about you.”

He walked into the room and flopped back onto the bed. “Oh? And what have the old bats with too much time on their hands say about me now?

Liz quickly clicked the send button on her laptop before he could read the mail. When she saw that he wasn’t focusing on the computer anyway she sighed in relief.

Now she answered his question, “they said you were a cheeky boy.”

Max laughed and rolled onto his side. He propped himself up on his elbow and said, “is that right? So Liz, am I a cheeky boy in your opinion?”

“You certainly have a way with words,” she said. She started packing up her computer while he watched her.

“Is that a good thing?” He asked.

Liz didn’t reply for a long while. “Well you’ll have to ask Flamingo that, now won’t you?”

Max got up and headed back out the door. “I guess so,” he replied on his way out.


One month after going to see Maria perform, and still no action. Max figured there must be something wrong with him. He had never been able to last that long with a woman he liked before.

This was different.

And it worried him greatly.

He didn't want her in his house because of what she did to him, she was unlike anyone hed ever met, but then again, he couldn't bear the thought of her leaving.

Was it just him, or was it her personal goal to look breathtaking every day and drive him insane, from first thing in the morning right through to the evening?

He didn't know how much more he could take of this.

One morning when he was heading out for a run along the beach, Liz sat in the garden wearing little grey shorts and a white tank top.

A see-through white tank top.

With no bra

Max had to bite his lip to keep from groaning out.

The outlines of her big, pink, strawberry nipples were tantalizingly visible and tantalizingly in reach. Oh to be able to—

"Where are you going?" She asked.

She was eating fruit salad from a little blue bowel and her long brown hair fell around her shoulders like a silky cloak.

Max drank from his water bottle to clear his suddenly dry throat, and then replied, "the beach. To run, see you."

Maybe if he got away quickly...

"Oh! Can I come?"


Max sucked in a breath and built up all his self control (which was zilch) and will power.

He clenched his hands and walked up to her. "I don't know if you'll be able to keep up with me," he said.

Liz's eyes widened. "What a jerk. I can so, give me two seconds, I'll get my sneakers," she said.

She handed him her bowel and spoon then stood up and headed off up the steps to the house.

Max couldn't help it, he had to say something: "If you plan on coming with me," he called. "Please put on a bra."

Liz turned and flashed him a large smile, showing all her teeth, and he didn't know quite what to make of it.

When she came back she had sneakers on and, thankfully, a bra. Her hair was tied up in a pony tale and in a sweet voice she asked, "are we going to take the short cut to the beach?"

Max sucked in a deep breath, clearing his head from all the little Liz's dancing around inside it. "No," he replied.

"Okay then, I'll race you there," she said, grinning. "Ready?"

Max raised a questioning eyebrow at her. "What are you, eight?”

“Nine and a half,” she replied with the most serious face she could conjure up.

She was just…special.

“Ready?” She repeated.

Max nodded. “I’m ready,” he said.

Liz spread her legs apart and leaned forward. “On your marks,” she said. “GO!”

Then she was off, around the house before he had even managed to suck in a breath.

“You missed GET SET!” He yelled running after her.

He easily caught up to her at the end of the driveway. “You’re a cheater,” he said.

“I am not,” she argued.

They ran down the paved road as fast as they could, right next to each other. When they reached the beach, Liz sprinted off a head of him and won the ‘race’.

Max could hardly believe he had a lost.

“Yes I know,” Liz said. “I’m wonderful, you can admit. You know its true.”

It’s true. “What does the winner get?” He asked.

Liz’s eyes widened in delight. “The winner gets to ride on the losers back,” she said.

“A piggy back ride?” Max asked.


She walked behind him. “Bend down,” she instructed. “So I can climb on.”

Max squatted and she climbed on and rapped her arms around his neck.

“Now what?” Max asked.

“Now you run like you normally would,” she said.

“With you on my back?”

“Yes,” she said. “And afterwards you can thank me for helping you get a better work out.”

Max shook his head. “You aren’t very heavy,” he said.

“Well then, it’s like running wearing a back pack.”
“Not quite—“

“Go Horsey go!”

Max began an easy job with Liz bobbing up and down on his back. He couldn’t believe he was doing this.

Further, down the beach they ran into Michael and Maria walking hand in hand.

“Max?” Maria asked, shocked. “Liz? Why are you on his back?”

“I won our running race,” Liz explained.

“What are you, six?” Michael asked.

Max helped Liz off his back. “Nine and a half,” he answered for her.

Michael and Maria looked at them, puzzled.

Max told them not to worry and wiped his hand across his forehead. “Were you heading to see me?” He asked.

“Well actually, we were,” Maria said.

They all walked together back to Max’s house and on the way Liz bragged about how much faster she was then Max and how much his ego must have shrunk because of his loosing.

“That’s it,” Max said. He grabbed Liz, chucked her over his shoulder and headed toward the water.

Maria and Michael watched, amused.

“He so loves it,” Michael commented.

So does,” Maria agreed.

“NO!” Liz screeched. “No! Stop right there! I don’t feel like getting wet! No MAX! NO!”

Max threw her into the water and strutted back over to Michael and Maria. “Let’s go, shall we?”

Liz caught up to them later and squeezed the water from her hair down Max’s neck. “You are so evil,” she commented.

Max could feel his arousal swell at the sight of her wet clothes clinging to her golden body.

When they reached the house, Filomena was sitting outside waiting for them. The others went inside while he talked to her.

Liz watched them from her bedroom window up stairs.

Filomena was crying and Max was soothing her.

She wondered what was wrong.

When he came back inside, alone, he smiled and said in a cheerful voice, “I think I’m going to throw a weekend party.”


Liz stood in the corner of the room watching Max mingle with all his friends. She had just come down from her room after getting ready and she didn’t know anyone that filled the house. It made her feel a little bit shy. Just a lit bit, not much.

She was waiting for Max to notice her so he could introduce her to some of his guests.

Tonight, she looked particularly stunning. She was wearing a clingy black dress that was v-necked down between her breasts. Her hair was clipped up at the back of her head and she wore a jewel necklace around her neck.

When Max finally noticed her, she hopped he would be breathless.

Michael and Maria weren’t there yet so she didn’t even have them to talk to.

Finally, Max headed over to her and his eyes roamed over her body with approval. “Nice dress,” he commented.

Liz smiled. “Thank you.”

“Let me introduce you to some friends of mine,” he said.

Soon she had met, John, Tracy, Samuel, Ray, Hayden, Michael, Rochelle, Alice, Chris, Greg, Michael #2, Dean, Hayley, Kristen…

Basically half of the room.

Max kept her at his side the whole time and claimed she was his new best friend.

After a while Liz excused herself to go to the bathroom, when she came back Max was standing with some female. She was laughing and said in a high pitched voice. “Oh Max, you are so annoying!”

Max noticed Liz and said, so she would hear, “I’ve never been known to be an annoying person but there is a first for everything right?”

Liz’s eyes widened. “What did you just say?” She demanded. Remembering the first night she got there.

Max gave her a look she had never seen before.

“You know!” She exclaimed, shocked.

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what happened. I thought it was obvious but I guess
its hard to determain that when you are writing it yourself.

This part will answer your questions, I LIKE this one *big*



Liz stared at Max in shock.

Why had he done it?

Why hadn’t he just kicked her out?

Pure fury flooded her senses. “You liar!” She exclaimed. “I can’t believe you’d have the nerve!”

“Liz calm down, don’t make a scene,” Max said. He lifted his two hands, almost in surrender, almost as if he was afraid she would charge at him.

“It’s a little too late,” Liz spat out.

Everyone in the room had gone silent and steered their attention towards the new friend of Max’s.

Max swallowed. “Excuse us for a minute,” he said. He grabbed Liz’s arm and tugged her outside to the garden for some privacy.

Liz was going at him instantly. “You weren’t drunk were you? Why the hell would you be such a jerk?”

“Don’t you think you are overreacting a little bit?”

“I don’t think you have the right to judge that!” Liz yelled. “Why would you pretend to be drunk? You know that is really low.”

Max crossed his arms over his chest.

Why did he look genuinely amused by her?

“How dumb do you think I am? As soon as I spoke to my mother on the telephone, I knew you were sent by my father. I just needed to be absolutely certain,” Max explained.

“But you were a total sleaze!”

“I was a little tipsy,” Max admitted. “But I knew what was going on, and I wasn’t far gone enough to forget the evening.”

Liz got so annoyed with his smitten look that she shoved his chest with her hands. “Stop looking at me like that!”

“Calm down Liz.” Max grabbed her hands and held them away from his chest. “Why are you stressing out so much?”

“Because I gave your father my word!” She yelled. She sucked in a breath and added quietly, “and now I have to go home a failure.”

She turned on her heels and stormed away from him.

She didn’t plan to come out of her room for the rest of the party so she climbed under her covers and watched movies on her laptop.

Max tried talking to her from outside her locked bedroom door but she wouldn’t reply.

“Come on Liz, come down stairs. You don’t have to go home, you can stay here as long as you like.”

Then when that didn’t work:

“I want to dance with you, there’s more people I want you to meet.”

And then when he was getting annoyed:

“I shouldn’t have to bust down the door in my own house!”

Liz yelled back, “then don’t! GO AWAY!”

She heard him walk away but several minutes later she heard a knock on the door again. “Didn’t I just tell you to go away?” She asked.

“It’s me, Maria.”

Liz got up from her bed and walked over to the door to let Maria in.

“Oh you look great Liz, that dress is so hot on you.”

Liz smiled. “Thank you.”

“It’s a shame no one gets to see it,” Maria said.

Liz closed the door and walked back over to the bed. “I’m not that worried,” she said.

Maria sat down on the bed. “What are you watching?” She asked.

“Just this movie with Jude Law and Matt Damon, not sure what it’s called,” Liz answered.

“Yum, maybe you are having better time in here then I thought.”

“No, actually I can’t concentrate on the movie much when all I can hear is the pulsing music coming from down stairs.”

“Are you sure it’s the music?” Maria asked.

Liz frowned. “What else would it be?”

Maria looked at Liz with confusion. “Max told me about you and what you were here for before he introduced us but I don’t think he realized he’d actually fall for you.”


“Oh come on, you two have been pretending for long enough. Go out there, dance with the desperate boy and then fuck his brains out like you are both dying for.”

“He has a girlfriend, he can fuck her all he wants,” Liz said.

“Oh come on, you aren’t that dumb are you? He has been broken up with her for three weeks.”

“No, that’s not true. She comes over all the time,” Liz said.

Maria snorted. “Yeah she keeps begging for him to take her back. After you were here for a week and half Max dumped her and convinced himself it was because she was clingy when really he wants you!”

Liz shook her head. “Oh yeah, well why hasn’t he made a move already? I’ve been here over a month.”

Maria replied, “because he’s been waiting until you break down and tell him the truth about why you’re here.”

“Why would he do that?”

“I don’t know, he’s weird. Maybe he wanted you to fall for him like he’s fallen for you,” Maria said. “So come on, let’s get out there and have fun!”

Liz thought about it a second. “Okay then,” she finally said. She looked at the movie, “bye Jude,” she muttered.

Maria waited while she freshened up and then together they went back downstairs arm in arm.

“Where is he?” Liz asked.

“Over there, go get him,” Maria said, grinning. She walked away, leaving Liz to by herself.

Before Max noticed her she walked up behind him and bit his ear lobe playfully. In a quite, seductive voice she whispered, “I want you addicted to my perfume.”


Liz stared out at the sun sinking slowly from its high position in the sky. There was still quite a bit of daylight left so she decided she’d disappear from the party for a little while. She had walked down to the beach and spotted the dock with Max’s yacht tied up to it so she went and climbed aboard. Now she sat on a beach chair at the head of the boat with her feet spread out in front of her and the last sunshine on her face.

Besides what Maria had said, she had a feeling that her time here was coming to an end and she wanted to bathe in all she could before she left.

She grabbed all her hair in between her palms and fingers and twisted it up so it was off her neck and shoulders. She held it there; enjoying the feeling of the breeze on her newly exposed flesh.

Because Max knew why she was here, there was no point in her staying anymore; she couldn’t complete her job. Of course, she was still curious as to why he had lied to begin with. Why had he kept her around, why had he pretended?

Maria’s words rung in her head and she wondered in maybe they were true. Did he feel for her, as she was sure she felt for him?


Liz jumped in shock. “Oh my goodness you have to stop sneaking up on me,” she said.

Max picked up the folded up beach chair near her and set it up so he could sit down. “What are you doing out here?” He asked.

“I wanted some fresh air,” she answered. “And it would be a shame to miss the sun going down beneath the water.”

“Your very inspirational, maybe you should be a writer.”

Liz smiled. “Next career choice maybe?”


“Are you drunk?” She asked. Just making sure—

He smiled. “I haven’t had a single alcoholic beverage,” he replied.

They were silent for several moments, Liz sensed he had something to say to her.

“Talk to me,” she said.

Max sucked in a breath. “I can’t talk to you,” he admitted.

“Why not?” Liz asked, turning so she was facing him. “Come on. Pretend I’m Michael, you have my full attention.”

Max looked down at his hands as if he was expecting to see the meaning of life written on them. When he looked at her, his eyes were softer then she’d ever seen them.

“I’m sorry about lying to you,” he said.

“I’m still a little confused as to why you did,” Liz replied. “And I’m a little depressed I have to go home. I guess I knew it would be inevitable sooner or later.”

“You don’t have to go home,” Max said. “In fact, I insist you stay.”

“But you won’t go back to New York?”

“But I won’t go back to New York,” Max said. “Sorry.”

Liz sighed. “Can’t say I didn’t try.”

“No you can’t,” he agreed. He opened his mouth to say something then closed it again. Liz watched him with amusement, what is he trying to tell me? She wondered.

“Why are males easier to talk to then females?” He suddenly asked.

“Do you have trouble talking to me Max?” Liz asked. “I’m Michael.”

In a bad imitation of Michael she said, “hey Max, you look kind of stressed, what’s wrong?”

Max laughed. “Are you serious?”

“Definitely,” Liz said.

“Okay,” Max replied. “Well Michael, there’s this girl.”

“Ahhh,” Liz said. “Filomena?”

“No,” Max said. “This girls different, she’s special.”

Liz smiled. “Do I know her?”

“You know her well enough,” Max answered. “She’s nothing like anyone I’ve ever met. When I’m with her… I can’t explain it. She seems to be beautiful, no stunning every second of the day.”

“Sounds like you’re in love,” Liz said quietly, almost in a whisper.

“I am,” he said. “And that’s the problem, because it’s completely uncalled for. And anyway, this girl, she seems to light the room and to hear her laugh—it’s like music to my ears.”

Liz felt tears sting her eyes. “This doesn’t sound very much like the ‘player’ Max, I know,” she said.

“I’m not a ‘player’,” Max said. “But yes, I know it doesn’t sound like me at all. That’s because I’ve never felt like this before, I feel like I’m becoming a better person just because I’m with her.”

“Like your growing?” Liz asked.

“In a way,” Max answered honestly. “It’s like I’m appreciating everything a lot more. Like I’m a new person.”

Liz nodded.

“The problem is,” Max said. “I don’t think I have a chance with her. And even if I did, I don’t know if I’m worthy of her.”

“Have you tried asking?”

“To be honest, I’m a little afraid of being with her. Of being in love.”

Liz sucked in a breath. “Aren’t you even curious to know if she feels the same way? That she’s never felt it before?”

“Someone as beautiful as her, must have felt it before.”

Liz got up from her seat and stood in front of him. He looked up at her with a shy expression, like she was seeing him naked and defenseless, as if she was seeing more then he had let anyone see before.

Without a second thought, she climbed onto him so she was straddling his hips. She tilted her head down like she was going to kiss him but instead she spoke, her eyes never leaving his. “If you tell me your talking about me, I will fuck you like I’ve never—

Max silenced her by laughing. “No sorry, Michael, it’s not you.”

“No,” Liz said. “Liz.”

“Oh,” Max said. “Liz? Yes that’s her.”

Liz’s eyes roamed over his lips and then down his neck. When she was able to catch his eyes again, she whispered, “and you love her?”

Max rested his forehead against hers. “I’d be surprised to learn it was something else,” he said.

Liz closed her eyes and brought her mouth down on his--

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—Max could still remember the feel of her lips on his that night she was drunk—how could he forget? —That had been wonderful but that was nothing like this. In comparison that had been a friendly peck compared to what she was throwing at him right now.

He couldn’t believe it, for the first time in his sexual life, Max Evans didn’t know what to do with himself.

Liz moved her hips up and down against his lower body and the feel of his arousal rubbing her thighs made her not just wet, but saturated.

“Oh God, Liz,” Max mumbled. One of his arms rapped around her waist holding her against him and the other cupped her cheek tenderly. He needed to catch up, because to her, there was nothing tender about this moment.

She didn’t waist any time whatsoever, her petite hands begun undoing the tiny black buttons on his dark grey shirt. As more skin was revealed the more skin her lips had to travel over.

As passionate as the moment was, there was something about it that made it more about the emotional state Max and Liz were in.

Max, deeply aching, longing, for Liz like he had been for several weeks, was questioning whether he wanted their first time to be like this. That was highly unlike him— as in any other situation with any other person he would have been sweet on the marble floor of Buckingham Palace while the queen cheered him on.

Why he wanted more for Liz, he knew exactly. She was his first real love.

He decided there was only one way to make himself certain of what was about to take place. And that was to ask himself a question he would most certainly find himself asking again at some other point in time.

Was Liz okay with it?

She seemed to be.

So, so was he.

Liz was more then okay with it. Why, how, who, where, when, this seemed to be perfect. She wasn't unsure of her feelings for him.

“Max?” She suddenly mumbled. “Is something wrong?”

Is something wrong? Was she insane? Everything was wonderful!

“No,” Max said.

Liz pushed his shirt off his shoulders and chucked it behind her. “You just seem kind of distant?”

Max pulled her mouth back down on his and seductively his left hand pushed down the strap on her shoulder. In between breaths he whispered, “do I still feel distant?”

She shook her head, no.

His hands ran up her thighs, enjoying the smoothness of her skin against his fingertips. When the material of her dress pooled over her hipbones he sighed and moved it up quickly, annoyed it was blocking more of the real, pure, natural silk.

Her taut, brown stomach came into view and then, up, up, up, and the white of her breasts exposed themselves like vanilla ice cream scoops. She lifted her arms allowing him full removal and when it was gone she took his hand and rested it on her cheek.

He looked into her eyes for several minutes and in a voice full of emotion he asked, "Do you feel the same way?"

Liz bit her lip. In a trembling voice she whispered, "Max, I feel." She kissed his fingertips, "what you want me to feel."

She ran his hand over her neck and then down her chest to cup her bare breast. Max watched her eyes flutter closed and for just a moment, he thanked God for this moment.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips in-between her breasts then slowly he moved his mouth to the left, up her mould and over her nipple. He heard her sharp intake of breath urging him on, and teasingly he opened his mouth over her nipple, sucking in gently—then harder.

His hands rested on her sides and moved lower over her hipbones, stopping at the black lace of her underwear.

His fingers played with the material and then after several seconds, he finally let one hand slip down into her black curls.

Liz moaned and dropped her head back, ready for him, so ready. Max could feel how wet she was under his fingertips. He easily slipped his index finger in-between her lips and bathed in the warmth. His mouth continued to suckle her breast and not stopping his torture, he dipped his finger into her centre, she lurched, he groaned, they needed more.

His finger moved around and up and down, then he slid it out and ran it over her nub, rubbing it gently to see how great her response would be.

The response he got was exactly what he had expected. Liz pressed her chest into his and buried her face in his neck, groaning loudly in a way that begged him not stop.

He stopped. He didn’t want it to be over for her before it even began, so he slipped his hand out and started tugging her underwear down. She hissed at him for getting her so close and then not finishing, but she got up onto her feet so he could finish removing her last item of clothing.

When she was standing naked before him, Max couldn’t help but moan deep in his throat, he didn’t know he’d managed to wait this long to do this to her.

She leaned forward and unbuttoned his pants quickly. Max was surprised by her speedy approach to the moment; it made his ego grow to know she had obviously been wanting this as much as him. He lifted his bottom so she could pull them from his hips slide them down his thighs.

Liz let her eyes roam over his newly exposed lower body, taking in the sight of him in his naked glory. He looked like one of those men from the Greek God Vase. She was definitely impressed; she climbed back on top of him and kissed his lips long and hard.

His arousal pressed into her bare bottom and she took a deep breath, trying to control her emotions, she wanted to enjoy this moment for a little while before he plunged into her. She leaned into his mouth and rubbed her bare chest against his, the feel of her erect nipples running over his smooth skin was breathtaking.

Her arms went around his neck and she pressed her inner thighs harder into his hips, rubbing them sexily up and down.

She could feel one of his hands rubbing her lower back and the other rested on her leg, caressing and enjoying its feel. When she was ready she reached down and took hold of him. She took a few moments to feel the silky hardness of his shaft between her fingers before she lifted her lower body and lowered it over him.

He entered her slowly, getting comfortable with the feel of her warm, wet walls around him. He could feel Liz’s hands clutching his hair and skin at the back of his head so he checked her face to make sure she was enjoying it. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted, bliss was plastered all over her features.

She was completely in charge of the situation, and that made Max enjoy it more. The idea of her controlling him was strangely arousing.

She lifted her lower body up, sliding him out of her and then she pressed back down again roughly. They both groaned, and almost instantaneously leaned forward for a passionate kiss.

While they kissed, Liz thrust down on him again and the large chair creaked because of her movement. She let out a puff of air and breathed his name into his mouth.

In reply he moaned and slid his hands down to grasp each one of her ass cheeks. He helped her move up and down, up and down.

“Oh God.” Liz panted, she thrust down on him again and felt her walls start to tighten. She was nearly there…

“Don’t stop,” Max said, clutching her body again his.

Liz came down on him again and he erupted, filling her with his hot liquid. She swam after him, floating on a cloud for several seconds before plunging back down to the ground.

They panted together, burring their faces in one anothers neck smelling their mixed aromas.

When their hearts started to calm down and their breath started coming back they looked down at themselves with surprise. They couldn’t believe where they had just done that.

Liz blinked. Max bit his lip to keep from smiling.

“I need a cigarette,” they both said.


Liz sighed and rubbed her eyes as soon as she woke up. On her lips rested a content smile of satisfaction which was definitely a reaction caused by last nights episode.

The soft of her pillow had changed texture today; her sheets made from cotton could no longer be felt under her chest.

Instead, below was a hard, warm, bare skinned chest of the man she loved.

There she said it.

The man she loved.


The man she loved.

When she used to date back in New York it had been the mornings after that made her feel the most satisfied. For several minutes when she broke from sleep and feel the comfort of the man holding onto her, she would feel loved and pretend she was as lucky as a person could get.

She hadn’t been of course.

None of them had loved her but this man did. And this morning she knew the feeling would not fade.

Last evening, she and Max had gone under deck and gathered a large rug to spread across the front of the yacht. Then, they had lay down and watched the sun go down. For the rest of the evening, they had spent many hours making love and experimenting with the different feelings of being together in the closest way possible.

She had wanted to ask him a question that had been bugging her since she had been given this job but she hadn’t gotten around to it. What had happened to cause him to run away from New York to begin with?

Maybe now that they were closer, he would answer her truthfully.

She lifted her head and blinked back the emotions she felt when she saw his resting face. His lips were slightly parted and with every puff of air that departed his body, his chest rose and fell. His long eyelashes curled out, thick and dark, and his forehead held no creases from frustration or stress.

When the sky had got dark, they had stared at the stars for a long time.

Liz had shivered against him when the cool breeze brushed against her naked body. She curled into him more and buried her face in his neck. His body was so warm.

“Are you cold?” He had asked.

“A little bit,” she replied.

He got up and helped her to her feet. “Let’s go down under deck,” he said.

Liz had gone with him and they had fallen asleep intertwined together under the sheets of the single bed down below.

It had been a wonderful night and Liz knew she would remember it for a long time.

Gently, careful not to wake him, she pulled her had from his grip at their side and brushed her long brown hair behind her ears. For several moments she just watched his face and then rested her cheek back down on his breast, just above his nipple.

She slid her hand back into his and smiled when she felt him instantly grip it tightly.

Suddenly, jerking her out of her thoughts the yacht lurched and what hadn’t been so apparent a few minutes ago, suddenly became very obvious. The boat was moving.

She sat up again and shook Max gently but urgently, pulling him out of his slumber.

He rubbed his eyes and looked up at her with a dreamy expression. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“The yacht,” she said. “Max it’s, moving.”

He frowned. “It can’t be, why would it?”

“Well I don’t know!” Liz hissed. “Go have a look Max, I know it is.”

Max sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Just stay here, I’ll be right back,” he said. He didn’t even bother putting his pants on, he just climbed the little wooden steps up to the deck. The little door was closed and he opened it slightly and poked his head through to peer out.

He didn’t expect to a see a male standing with his back to them, humming to himself, while steering the moving yacht. He was quite shocked, obviously, and quickly closed the door quietly.

“What’s wrong?” Liz asked. She was standing, half dressed, waiting for him.

Max swallowed. “Nothing, just… stay here.”

He grabbed his pants and shoved them on, then went over to his cabinet and pulled something out.

“What is that?” Liz asked, trying to get around him. “Max,” she said.

“Liz,” he replied, shoving the object into his pants. “I’m serious, stay here okay?” He leaned forward and kissed her lips. “Trust me.”

Liz looked into his eyes. “What’s going on?” She asked.

“Hopefully, nothing.”

He sat her down on the bed and kissed her forehead. “Stay,” he repeated.

Then he climbed the steps again and headed out onto the deck.

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NOTE: I realized something the other day that I thought I should say just in case. Just because Max and Liz smoke in this fic doesn't mean it's okay, okay? It's everyone's decison to do whatever they want but do not think it is cool to smoke just because Max and Liz's characters do in my story. Now I feel like a geek but I just wanted to say it in case lol.

Okay I hope you like this part, thank you for all the bumps you wonderful people. I don't know how good the writing is in this, I'm not that good at writing parts like this.

Also, I apologise in advance for foul language through out this part.


Liz, of course, did not listen to Max’s demands and quickly put on her dress that she had worn last evening.

She pulled her hair up into her clip so it wouldn’t bother her and then she went up the stairs after him.

Max walked up behind the intruder with his hand clenching his emergency gun in his trousers. He didn’t want to use it if it wasn’t completely necessary. Maybe just flash it to scare the guy.

He was medium size, not tall but was alarming because of his bulky physique. He appeared to be strong and his hair was shaved short in a tidy, presentable fashion.

Little did Max know, the man already knew he was creeping up on him, he had seen his reflection in the metal frame on the wood above him. In his hand he too clenched a gun, and was more then willing to use it if he had too.

Before Max could even register what was happening, the man spun around and held his gun directly up in front of Max’s face.

He spoke, “I wouldn’t move if I were you.”

Max gulped; he was totally caught of guard. “What are you doing on my yacht?” He asked. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Liz creeping out from down under deck and taking cover behind the sail. He cursed under his breath.

Max noticed that the hand holding the gun was trembling slightly, he was obviously nervous.

“Take your hand away from the gun in your pants and raise it so I can see it properly,” he instructed.

Max did as he was told. He tried to come up with a plan of action but before he could Liz came up behind the man and whacked him over the head with a wooden plank. The man swore as his legs crumbled and he hit the floor with a thud.

Liz beamed, proud of herself, and leaned down to look at the man to see if he was conscious.

He didn’t appear to be.

“Oh, my God Liz,” Max said.

“You like that?” She asked.

Max shook his head but couldn’t help but laugh.

“You know you could have been killed,” she boasted.

“I know, I know, but let’s not tell anyone that a girl saved the day,” he said.

Liz stepped over the man so she was standing next to Max with her hands on his hips. “Did you recognize him at all?” She asked.

Max shook his head. “Nah, I think he was just trying to steal my baby and got caught in action.”

Liz looked up at him. “Did you just call your yacht, your baby?” She asked, amused by his silliness.

Max chuckled. “This yacht is my pride and joy,” he said.

“I thought I was your pride and joy?” She asked sarcastically.

“Who said that?” Max asked.

“It comes in the ‘I love you’ package,” Liz answered. She squatted down and opened the mans jean jacket.

“What are you doing?” Max asked.

Liz shoved her hands his pockets and fingered around for something. “Looking for his wallet, of course.”

“You’re going to steal from a crook?”

“No smart ass,” Liz said, standing up right again. “I’m looking for some form of identification so we can radio the police.”

Max looked at her in disbelief. “Who are you?” He asked.

“I’m Liz,” she answered, not looking at him. “The woman you love, remember?”

“I remember.”

Liz sorted through his wallet. “What are we going to do with him for now?” She asked.

“We could tie him up,” Max suggested. “I’ll go get some rope.”

She looked down at the wallet in her hands and noticed the business cards tucked into the flap behind his credit cards. Liz pulled them out and read the name. Roy Burden assistant MANAGER REDREX CORP.

Redrex, Liz wondered. Where had she heard that before?

It seemed familiar to her but she had no idea where it came from. She bet if she asked her mother she would know.

A movement in front of her jerked her out of her thoughts and before she knew it, Roy Burden had his hands on her ankles and heaved her legs forward so she went flying onto her back. She groaned in pain and tried to yell out to Max but the man pinned her under him. He gagged her with a scrap piece of material that had obviously been used for cleaning the yacht because it was drenched with cleaning fluids. They made Liz feel light headed and she barely registered the fact he was heaving her to her feet.

He rapped one arm around her waist and when she tried to get away he prodded his gun into her neck and said, “if you don’t want your brains splattered over the sail you’ll do whatever the fuck I want.”

When Max came back he froze and assessed the situation before him. What the hell was he supposed to do now?

“Don’t move if you want her to live,” Roy yelled.

“What if I don’t?” Max asked sarcastically.

Liz yelled something at him but he couldn’t tell what it was because of her gag. She even tried to kick him but he was too far away.

“What was that?” Max asked.

Roy pulled away her gag and Liz yelled at Max. “You fucking ASS HOLE! You’re not just going to let me die. I saved your ass, damn it.”

“Liz I was kidding.”

“Um, hello?” Roy spoke. “Shut the hell up.”

Liz snorted, “jeez someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morn—

“LIZ!” Max yelled. “SHUT UP would you?”

“Okay, jeez, take a fucking chill pi—

Roy jabbed her harder with his gun. “What the hell is wrong with you? I’m gonna gag you again if you don’t fucking get a grip.”

Liz looked at him dumbfounded. “What you just expect me to stand here and let your stinky ass hold me hostage without saying anything. You are sadly mistaken Mr. You are gonna get a whole lot more shit outta me—

“That’s I’m gagging you again!” Roy exclaimed.

“No!” Liz yelled. “Okay, I’ll be good, I’ll be good.”

Max reached into his pocket and clenched the gun in his pants. “Look, what could you possibly get out of this—

“Roy,” Liz told him.

“Roy,” Max said. “So why don’t you let me steer us back to land and you can get off and we’ll get off and we’ll never have to see each other again. We won’t press charges.”

“Like hell,” Roy said. “You are going to get back down under deck with your little friend and your gonna stay down their till I come up with what to do with your sorry asses, now go.”

Roy stumbled on the side of the boat and Liz took that moment to tear away from him and make a run for cover. He spun around after her with his gun in the air.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Max said. When Roy glanced back, he saw the gun in Max’s hands directed at him.

Liz looked back and forth between the two men.

Max spoke, “no Roy, we aren’t going to get down there under deck, you are and you’re gonna leave you gun right there on the floor next to you.”

When Roy didn’t move Max got angry. “NOW!” He yelled.

Liz even jumped.

Roy squatted down and put the gun on the ground.

Max walked up behind him and pressed the gun into his neck. “I want you to apologize to Liz now, for causing her unneeded stress.”

“Oh Max that’s so sweet,” Liz said.

“Roy!” Max said. “I’m not kidding, do it now.”

Roy swallowed. “I’m sorry Liz,” he said.

“Good. Now stand up.”

Max stepped backwards and cocked his gun, ready to use it whenever he needed to.

Roy didn’t move from his spot, and his hand still rested on his gun. Quicker then the blink of an eye, he lifted his leg and kicked backward into Max’s knee so he buckled and hit the floor. Roy raised his gun and shot at Liz but hit the metal rode next to her head; she cried out in shock.

He shot again but missed and Max, not knowing what else to do, pulled the trigger on his gun and shot Roy in the back of the head, he slumped forward and hit the floor with a thud. His blood spewed out all over the white ground.

Liz screamed and held her hands over her mouth.

Max let the gun in his hands drop to the floor and he closed his eyes. Almost wishing that had all been a nightmare and now he was going to wake up after his wonderful night last night and make love to the woman he loved again.

Liz sat down on the floor where she was and drew her legs up to her chest. She put her head down on her knees and rapped her arms around herself, rocking back and forth.

“Liz,” Max said. “Liz, Liz…” He got up and went over to her to make sure she was okay. He rapped his arms around her and tried to reassure her everything was going to be okay.

“At least he won’t bother us again,” Max said.

“This isn’t fucking funny okay!” Liz yelled. “What the fuck are we going to do now? I’m too young to go to jail, I can’t miss my twenties because fucking Roy Burden assistant manager from REDREX wanted to steal a yacht and didn’t get lucky!”

“We aren’t going to go to jail,” Max said. “I shot him in self defense.”

Liz got up and tried not to look at Roy lying on the ground with his brains spewing out all over the place.

She started to pace back and fourth. “What are we going to do with his body?” She asked.

“I don’t know, take it to the police?”

“They aren’t going to believe us Max. We are the only two here who witnessed it, that means they’ll have our word and that’s it. We’ll be locked up for sure.” Liz nibbled on her thumb nervously. “We should dump it,” she suddenly said.

“What?” Max asked. “Liz that’s crazy, what do you think they won’t find it? They always find these things out.”

“What other choice do we have? At least this way our future isn’t definitely determined like I know it will be if we take him in.”

“This is crazy,” Max said.

Liz was silent for several minutes. “We’ll have to tie something heavy to him so he goes straight to the bottom and doesn’t float to shore.”

Max got up and went down under deck to get something, when he came back he was carrying a large black thing.

“What is that?” Liz asked.

“It’s something heavy,” Max answered. “Help me tie it to him.”

Liz sucked in a deep breath and grabbed the rope up off the ground. They attached it to his stomach and then they lifted him and walked over to the side of the yacht.

They were far enough away from land not to be seen so they quickly heaved him over the side into the water.

He made a large splash and they watched as his body sunk to the bottom, leaving a red trail of blood in the water.

Max rapped his arm around Liz’s waist and kissed her forehead. “It will be okay,” he said.

Liz sucked in a breath, glanced at him for a second and then went and got a cigarette. She didn’t speak again for the ride back to land and just watched Max mop the floor and got rid of all the blood while she smoked.

When they reached home she helped him tie the boat to the dock and then they walked together back along the beach to the house.

“Oh the party,” Max suddenly remembered as they approached the back door. They could see Michael and Maria cleaning up inside.

“Way to disappear from your own party!” Maria exclaimed as soon as she saw them.

“Was it good?” Max asked.

“Hell yes,” Michael replied.

Liz didn’t say anything; she just walked past them and down to her room.

“What’s wrong?” Maria asked, looking at Max. “Oh Max, what did you do?”’


When Max went after Liz, expecting to find her in her room, he found her in his, tucked under the blankets in his bed. She had her back to him and her long hair cascaded around her over the dark blue colored pillows.

He couldn’t help but get a fluttering stomach because she was in his bed.

He climbed on and scooted close to her so he could stroke her hair. She sniffled and rolled over so she could rest her head on his lap.

“Max, what are we going to do?” She asked.

“Nothing, we don’t have to do anything,” he answered.

Liz sighed. “What if he has a family at home waiting for him? A wife, children?” Her voice cracked on children. “We killed him.”

I killed him because he was going to kill you,” Max reminded her. “He shouldn’t have been there to begin with.”

He tucked her hair behind her ear and leaned down to kiss her temple. “Try not to think about it okay?”

Liz closed her eyes and rapped her arms around his waist. “I’ll try but I don’t know if it will do any good.”

“It will,” Max said.

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I'll have a new part up on this fic soon, I'm sorry about the long wait.

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Max stood in the shower with his head back letting the water pound on his throat and chest. He closed his eyes, ran his hands through his hair, and sucked in a deep breath. This was the first peaceful moment he’d had in the last few hours and his muscles were slowing untying and loosening up.

When he had left Liz to rest in his bed, he had helped Maria and Michael clean up and then made them some coffee and sat outside with them.

They were concerned about Liz but Max had explained she was just tired and would probably talk to them later.

After they had left he went and checked on her again and found her fast asleep curled on her side. She was troubled even in sleep and Max wished he could do something to make her feel better but didn’t know what.

He couldn’t help when he didn’t even know how to stop the loud pounding of his chest and the sound of a gun penetrating Roy’s skull.

Max shut off the shower and grabbed a towel of the rack to dry himself with. While he stood in front of the fogged up mirror trying to shave, he had to fight off the constant want to slip into a state of paralyzed thought.

He didn’t want the movie to be repeated over, he was fighting it off like someone fighting off sleep to keep from having a repeated nightmare.

When he walked back into his bedroom, he quietly got dressed into some comfortable clothes that he could relax in. He may not be able to think properly but he had to look as if he did for Liz.

He went and made some food and then came back and gently shook Liz out of her slumber.

“Liz,” he said. “Liz, wake up.”

She slowly opened her eyes and yawned. “What’s the time?” She mumbled.

“Around three in the afternoon,” he answered.

Liz sighed and rolled onto her back. When she looked up at him, she smiled slightly. “I’m sorry I took over your bed,” she said.

“That’s okay,” he said. “Are you hungry?”

When she didn’t answer he added, “You didn’t have dinner last night and you missed breakfast this morning. I’ve made a late lunch.”

“I’ve been kind of put off eating,” she admitted. She tucked her hair behind her ears and sat up. She was still wearing her dress from last night and decided she must have looked a freight at this particular moment. “I desperately need a shower,” she didn’t mean to say that aloud.

Max chuckled. “Come and eat first,” he said.


They went out into the kitchen and sat down at the table that Max had already set.

“You went to so much trouble,” Liz said. “Thank you.”

“I like to eat in style,” Max replied, grinning.

They didn’t talk while they ate but when they were finished that sat across from one another having a conversation with their eyes. Liz drew one of her legs up to her chest and rested her head on her knee.

“I need you not to tell me you aren’t as worried and afraid as I am,” she said.

“Okay,” Max replied.

Liz bit her lip and continued to watch his face. She was checking his eyes, and though he said he wasn’t worried his eyes told a whole different story.

“We panicked,” Max suddenly said. “It’s not our fault.”

“You know you are completely right,” Liz agreed. “And it’s not like he wasn’t asking for it, I mean he tried to steal from you.”

“In a way we’ve done the world a favor.”

“Hell yes,” Liz said. “So now we should just go on with life as normal and not worry. We should only start to worry if the police some around here asking questions.”

“Which won’t be for a few days at least,” Max added.

“Yeah,” Liz said. “So we can just, try and relax?”


“What helps you relax?”

Even in the tense moment, passion flickered past Max’s eyes.

Liz couldn’t help but smile. “It’s a shame you already had a shower,” she commented.

“I actually think I could go for another.”

Liz got up from her seat and when she reached the door she turned her head and said, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Max went after her and though they both knew, they were trying to cover their fears with passion—anything to help them forget—they were definitely okay with it.

Unfortunately for Max just as he was going after Liz the telephone rang and he had to go get it.

He tried not to sound too irritated when he picked it up off the receiver. “Hello?”

“Hello? Hi, I’m Sara; One of Liz’s friends. Is she there by any chance?”

Max sighed. He looked towards the bathroom to see Liz step out through the door in nothing but her black lace panties. She leaned against the doorframe and put one of her hands on her hips seductively. Max bit his lip to keep from groaning.

“She’s uh, kind of busy right now can I get her to ring you back?” He asked.

“Tell her it’s Sara and that I’m demanding she come to phone because it’s been too damn long since we’ve talked. I won’t take no for an answer, what could she be doing that’s more interesting then me anyway?”

Liz fondled with her underwear and started dragging one side of the material down her thigh.

Max’s mouth went dry and he spoke to her in a husky voice. “It’s uh Sara, she said you have to talk to her, she won’t take no for an answer.”

Liz rolled her eyes and headed towards him. Max watched her perky breasts bounce as she walked and he groaned deep in his throat. She smiled and took the telephone off him.

“Hi Sara, how are you?”

Max pulled his T-shirt over his head and chucked it down on the floor behind him, Liz couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight of his toned body. She started backing towards the couch and when she reached it, she lay down on her back with her legs open.

Max was quickly next to her, and then propped up above her. His lips started their sweet torture on neck and slowly descended down in between her breasts.

“Sara you wouldn’t be able to ring back later would you?”

“No way Liz! Do you realize it’s been over a month and half since you left? How long are you going to be gone?”

Liz started to pant when Max sucked and nibbled on her nipple. His hands ran up and down her thighs and finally removed her underwear, sliding them slowly down past her knees and then over her ankles.

“Liz? Are you there? Liz?”

“I’m here,” Liz whispered, her eyes closed and her head drifted back onto the cushion. “What have you been up to?”

Could she care less?

“No I want to hear about what you’re doing! Who was the guy that answered the telephone? Was that Max? He sounds yum.”

Liz smiled. “He uh, is if you like his type. Um what am I doing? I’m uh… just starting my exercise.”

Max ran his tongue over her belly and started kissing and sucking the skin around her navel. Liz opened her eyes and looked down at his hands that were massaging their way up the insides of her thighs.

“Well you can exercise later,” Sara complained. “So what’s Italy like?”

“It’s OH!” Liz bucked into Max’s hand when he dipped a finger inside her. Max smiled up at her. “It’s stunning,” she finished.

“Oh you are so lucky, I wish I was there,” Sara said. “I hate working, but daddy says I have to become independent and not live off his money. Ha yeah right! I would come and see you if I could.”

Max stroked his finger up and down and then slipped his middle finger inside her as well. His thumb started rubbing her nub, around and around…

“I don’t know how long I’ll be here,” Liz panted into the telephone. “I don’t miss New York much though.”

She reached for the button on Max’s pants and he shifted so she could reach. She unzipped them and then not even bothering pulling them down, pushed her hands under the waistband of his briefs and started stroking his swollen member in return.

“Liz? Are you okay? You are breathing kind of heavy.”

Liz sighed. “I’m a… I’m FINE! OH GOD!” She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes again. Max pulled his pants and briefs off in one swift motion and threw them down on the floor.

“Sara, I really got to go. I’ll call you back later okay?”
Max spread her legs apart and started sliding in her. He didn’t really care if her friend heard everything at this point.

“But Liz…” Sara began.

“Bye!” Liz hanged up and chucked the telephone away quickly. She returned her attention back to Max and rapped her legs around his waist drawing his body closer.

He brought his lips down onto hers and their tongues dueled as he thrust in and out of her.

“Oh Max,” Liz moaned. “Ah! Don’t stop!”

Her hands gripped at the hair on the back of his neck and her toes clenched in satisfaction. She could hear Max’s groans he let escape into her open mouth and she knew he was nearly there. She was nearly there too.

Her thighs tightened their grip around his waist and in response, he squeezed her hipbones harder underneath his fingers. With one more deep, hard thrust he emptied himself inside her.

They moth cried out into the others mouth and then collapsed in a satisfied bare heap.

Ring Ring!

The telephone started screeching again and both of them ignored it.

Liz smiled up at Max and he smiled back and kissed her lips, pouring all his love into her.

“Max,” she whispered over the sound of the telephone. “I still need to go have a shower.”

“Hmm,” he mumbled. “ Do you want me to help you clean?”

“I’d love you to,” Liz whispered back, pulling his lips down back down on hers.

“Liz! Where are you?”

Max sprung up at the sound of Liz’s mothers voice. He was relieved to find it was just the answering machine, and quickly moved so Liz could go pick up the telephone.

She sighed, went, and picked it up from its position on the floor where she had thrown it.

“Hi Mom, I’m here,” she said.

“Oh good Lizzie, how are you?”

Max waited for Liz to come and sit back down so he could rap his arms around her, she came quickly and rested her head on his chest.

He stroked her hair while she talked to her mother about what she was up to. “You wouldn’t believe how beautiful it is here mom, the beaches are just packed because the weather is so wonderful! What? Yeah I’m fine, yes I’m eating my vegetables.”
Max chuckled.

“Yeah Max is here, you want to talk to him? Why? I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Okay, fine but not for long.”

Liz handed the telephone to Max and said, “I’d be afraid if I were you.”

Max didn’t look panicked at all. “Hi Miss Parker, okay, Nancy, how are you?”

Liz studied his face while he talked; she could look at him for a long time. Was she falling? Was that what this feeling was? She didn’t know if she was okay with becoming dependent on Max Evans, he didn’t seem like the boyfriend type. However, she couldn’t help herself, she wanted to be with him like this. She liked his lips on hers.

“Um yes, I am looking after her,” Max said. “You want me to what? No I like her company; you’re going to have to do without her for a while longer. I promise she’ll visit eventually. You want to talk to her again, okay here she is.”

Liz took the telephone from him. “Were you interrogating him mom? Be nice for heavens sake. Yes say hi to Jim, oh that’s nice I’m glad he’s doing well. Yeah Sara rang earlier, we didn’t talk much.”

Max started kissing Liz’s neck and behind her ears. Liz shuddered against his touch.

Liz’s voice suddenly turned serious. “Uh mom, do you by any chance know what the REDREX Corp. is? It sounds familiar but I don’t where I heard it.”

There was a long pause.

Max saw Liz’s lower lip tremble and he studied her face worriedly.

“Liz?” He asked.

“Oh,” she mumbled. After she was done she hung up and put the phone done. She was very quiet and stared out the window at nothing in particular.

“Liz?” Max asked. “What’s wrong, what’s REDREX?”

“It’s the company Roy Burden worked for,” Liz replied.

She knew that name would be branded in her mind forever and that chilled her to the bones.

“Yes, and?”

“That company is owned by my father.”

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Liz got up off the couch, picked up her underwear off the floor, and headed towards the bedroom. Max followed her, also picking up his belongings as he went.

“Your father?” He asked puzzled. “But why-

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence, I mean maybe Roy was just here on holiday and him stealing the boat had nothing to do with my father.”

Max grabbed her arm and stopped her from walking. "Liz? Are you kidding me? A coincidence? I don't think so. Why didn't you just ask your mom to ask him if he knew a Roy Burden?"

"My dad lives in Germany, my mom divorced him when I was fourteen," Liz said. She shrugged her arm away from his hold and walked into the bedroom.

"Oh," Max said. "Well we could ring him."

"I don't exactly have a good relationship with him so that would be a waste of time," Liz explained. She covered her body by rapping a towel around herself. "At first when he left he would write to me occasionally but then he got rich—

"He got wealthy?" Max asked.

"Yes, REDREX was a multimillion dollar company," Liz explained. "My mother remarried when I turned sixteen, his name is Nathan and he comes from a very wealthy family. I hated him but now I consider him more of a father then Jeffery ever was. I just wish my mother liked him as much, there is not a doubt in my mind that she married him only for his money."

Max rapped his arms around her waist. He could tell her father still upset her. "Are they still married now?" He asked.

"Yeah, Nathan and I get on very well and I've become the daughter he never got to have and he is the father I never had, it's a perfect relationship. I'm enough to keep him around I think, he doesn't want to see anything bad happen to me."

Max smiled adorably. "I like him."

Liz smiled back sheepishly and then kissed his lips lovingly.

When she pulled away Max opened his eyes again and said, "Did I hear you say your father's company was a million dollar company?"

Liz looked up at him. "Yeah, four years ago his company started going down hill and now it's not doing so well. It's barely worth anything."

Max frowned. "When was the last time you heard from him?" He asked.

Liz snorted. "I think it would have to be when I was fifteen?"

"I'm sorry," Max said quietly.

"I don't care about him," Liz replied. "You have nothing to be sorry about."

Max looked at her with knowing eyes.

"Max! No don't look at me like that, I couldn't care less about him..." She pulled away from him. "Well if you're going to be like that then I'll be having a shower by myself."

“Go ahead.”

“Fine, I will,” Liz said. She headed towards the door and Max called out to her.

“Hey, we never decided what to do about your father!”

Liz popped her head back in through the door. “You can think about our plan while you don’t get laid.”


“Would you go away?” Liz asked. “I can’t do this with you doing indecent things to me.”

“I can’t leave you alone when you are butt naked.” Max rubbed his arousal in-between her thighs and shuddered in delight.

Liz shoved him away so he rolled onto his back beside her. “It’s disturbing that you would want to do anything while I’m writing to your father,” she said.

Max lifted her hair away from her neck and started sucking and nibbling on the skin behind her ear.

“Max please,” she mumbled. “I have to do this.”

“Do it later,” Max argued.

Liz paused her typing. “Don’t give me that! If you would just go back to New York I wouldn’t have to be doing this!”

“ I don’t want to go back to New York,” he said. He ran his hand down her back and then over her ass. With the other hand he spread her legs apart and dipped one finger inside her saturated center. “And I can tell you don’t either…” He teased.

Liz closed her eyes but then realizing she was falling under his spell, she shoved his hand away. “Max!” She cried. “STOP!” She paused. “I know… why don’t you help me write it and then it will be done quicker.”

Max sighed. “Okay, okay… let’s see what have you written,” he said. He leaned over her and read the email she was writing. “Things are moving along smoothly… hmm they sure are,” he teased.

Liz pinched his nipple and he jumped.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll be serious… how about this.” He leaned over her and started typing. I have formed a new plan to bring him home; hopefully seducing him will have more of an effect…

“Max why don’t you want to go home?” Liz asked.

Max didn’t answer, he just continued typing. Liz continued talking. “I think we should go back now… I can’t stop thinking about Roy and I… I just think that maybe it can help me forget if I’m not stuck in the same place that it happened in. I can’t even think of going to the beach anymore, just the thought of swimming in that water just…” she shuddered.

Max stopped typing and studied her face. “I’m not going back and nothing you or anyone else says is going to change that.”

Liz frowned and moved away from him. “What is wrong with you? Why won’t you tell me what happened to keep you away?”

“Because it’s none of your business,” Max snapped.

There was a long pause and then Max apologized. “Look I’m sorry, I just don’t want to talk about it.”

Liz got up off the bed. “Well that’s just perfect,” she said. She left the room in a huff and Max swore under his breath. He re-wrote the email and then sent it before going after her.

He found her outside on the porch smoking. She didn’t look at him when he sat down.

“Liz,” he said.

“What?” She snapped.

He sucked in a breath. “If you want to go back to New York I think you should,” he said.

Liz looked at him in disbelief.

“What happened to Roy, that’s not something that you are easily going to forget… neither am I but if it will help you, you should go back.”

“But you won’t?” Liz asked.


Liz looked away. Max got up from the chair and just as he was walking back inside Liz spoke again.

“All those things that you said to me that night, you were just trying to get me to fuck you weren’t you?” Her voice was cold and thick with emotion.

“No,” he replied before walking away.


Liz could smell petrol when she woke up the next morning. She sniffled and rubbed her eyes but snuggled back into Max’s chest… she wasn’t quite ready to emerge from the warm embrace he was holding her in.

Yes, they had gone to bed in not-so-good-terms and yes, they had had many arguments the day before but she still wanted to be held by him.

Wait a minute, she suddenly thought. Petrol?

She opened her eyes and stared at the concrete ceiling with dripping pipes running along it. That was definitely not Max’s bedroom ceiling. She sat up and looked around. This was definitely not Max’s bedroom.

“Shit!” She exclaimed at the top of her lungs. What else could she say?

Max grunted next to her and squeezed her hips closer to his. She started to panic and shook Max until he finally woke up.

“What?” He sighed. “What’s wrong?”

“Take a look around you,” Liz said. “Oh God…”

Max sat in shock when his brain finally registered. “Where the hell are we?” He asked.

The room was small and concrete, like a cell. The ceiling was dripping a soapy smelly substance onto the ground and there was one window, which had bars in place.

There was a steal door will bolts the size of your wrist but other then that, there was no indication as to where they were or how they got there.

“We didn’t get drunk last night did we?” Liz asked groggily, her heart rate increasing rapidly.

“Even if we did, I wouldn’t remember,” Max said. “But I don’t think we did.”

Liz jumped up off the mattress that was resting on the ground. “Good God that mattress is disgusting!” She yelled. There were awful spots of whatever all over it and there were no blankets.

Max got up quickly after her. This was when realization finally hit them; they were being held prisoner!

Liz ran over to the steal door and tried pulling it and sliding it but it wouldn’t budge. “Oh fuck,” she muttered. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…”

Max muttered Christ’s name.

“How did we get here?” Liz cried. “How is it possible we didn’t wake up…?”

The door opened and in stepped a man in a tacky dark green suit.

“Dad?” Liz said, shocked.

Max fought the urge to throttle the bastard.

He smiled. Liz noticed he looked remarkably different since the last time she had seen him. His hair was dark grey, light in some places; it was short and spiked up at the front… much like Max’s. His face was wrinkled in all the typical places, his forehead, around his eyes… He looked older then he should at his age, Liz thought.

Instincts before anything else, she started to yell at him in frustration. “YOU BASTARD! What have you gone and done now? You just had to make an appearance in my life again didn’t you? You couldn’t just FUCK OFF! What did you think I would be happy to see you… think again buddy!”

Max noticed Liz yelled anything if she thought it would have an effect. He wouldn’t admit it but it kind of aroused him on how she stood up for herself like that…

“Where the hell are we? How did we get here and WHY the fuck do you look old enough to be my dying grandfather?”

Jeffery seemed a little shocked by his daughter’s outburst but he didn’t step back or show weakness.

“Oh Liz, you’ve grown to be so beautiful,” was the first thing he said.

“And sound like one too! You stupid ass!” Liz paused. “Wait a minute, what?

Max stepped close to Liz and a little bit in front, to protect her.

“You look so much like your mother you have no idea…” Jeffery smiled.

“I know I do!” Liz hissed. “But I don’t want you trying to butter me up with sweet comments. Tell me where we are!”

“Well you’re in Garmisch-Partenkirchen,” Jeffery answered matter-of-factly.

“Excuse me?” Liz asked. “Garma-Par-whacha-call-it?”

“We are in Germany,” Max informed her. Her turned to Jeffery and lost his temper, also. “What the hell are we doing in Germany?”

“Germany?” Liz exclaimed.

“YES!” Both the men cried in unison.

Liz crossed her arms over her chest. “Bastard,” she hissed.

Jeffery sighed. “You two are something you know?” He almost laughed. “I can’t believe you actually killed Ray and didn’t go to the police… Lizzie I thought you’d have more sense then that.”

Both their eyes widened.

“Do you have any idea how much hassle I went through to cover his death up without the state getting involved?”

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Max sat with his elbows on his knees and his hands holding up his heavy head. Liz refused to come anywhere near him and he had been trying to reconcile her for the last half an hour.

“Liz, come here…” He muttered for the hundredth time. “What do you want from me?”

Liz didn’t move and she didn’t reply either. She continued to stare out through the window at the pounding rain. It seemed to Max like she was holding up the wall.

“Liz,” he groaned. “How long can you be silent when you are trapped in a cell with me?” He didn’t like her being quiet, she was never quiet usually, and she always seemed to have something to say. When she was silent it just told Max that something was definitely wrong.

She sighed but didn’t say anything or look at him.

“Okay I’ll talk to myself,” Max said. “Hey Max, how can we get out of here?”

“Stop it,” Liz hissed. “Just shut up would you?”

Max licked his lips and appeared to be thinking about it. Finally he said, “not going to happen, sorry.”

Liz moved away from the window and came to stand in front of him. “You are an ass you know that?” She exclaimed.

Max grabbed her before she had a chance to know it was coming and flung her down on the mattress. He climbed on top of her and pinned her underneath him.

She struggled to get away and cursed.

“Talk to me,” he said smugly.

Liz stuck her tongue out at him and turned her head to the left away from his.

“Well that’s real mature,” Max commented. “Liz, I said I am sorry, what else can I do?”

Liz’s eyes flared. “You are sorry?” She yelled. “What has that got to do with anything! This is about you not fucking opening up to me about your past when I told you everything! You don’t do that to something you supposedly love you stupid ass.”

Max tickled her sides and she squirmed and bit her lip trying not to laugh. “When you calm down,” Max said. “And then talk to me properly.” He lifted her black tank top so her stomach was revealed. “I will leave you alone,” he finished.

Liz couldn’t hold it in; a fit of giggles erupted from her mouth.

Max stopped tickling her.

“Good,” he said.

Liz’s eyes filled with tears and she tried to turn her face away from him so he wouldn’t see her cry.

“Oh Liz,” he said turning her face back to him. “Don’t cry.”

He sat up and she tried to get away but he snaked his arm around her waist and forced her head down on his shoulder. He kissed her forehead and tucked her hair behind her ears.

“Liz,” he said. “I do love you. Can you not see it when I look at you? I can’t believe such a tiny person managed to have such a huge impact on my life. I want to tell you everything about my past but I can’t yet… I will I promise but when I feel the time is right and you won’t run away. Please trust me and don’t doubt what I feel, because not even I can imagine how far gone I am for you.”

Liz sniffled and looked up at him. He wiped the tears from her eyes and leaned forward to kiss her lips. “I love you unbearably,” he whispered into her mouth. “But there are things that happened that I’m not proud of and I have trouble talking about. Be patient with me, because if you allow me to I plan to stick around you.”

As much as it hurt Liz that he couldn’t open up to her, she was going to be patient because there were things they hadn’t discussed about their pasts and weren’t ready to. They were still beginning, she reminded herself and they were walking on egg shells for at least the next week.

Liz sighed and rapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. He ran his hand through her hair and weaved his fingers through the silky strands.

When he pulled away and looked at Liz who still had her eyes closed, she licked her lips and said, “Hmm Morning breath, lovely.

He laughed and kissed her again. “Well nobodies perfect,” he reminded her.

“I feel light headed,” Liz whispered.

“When I kiss people it tends to have that effect,” Max said sarcastically.

Liz pinched his arm. “I’m serious, my head feels like it’s heavy.”

“Come to think about it so does mine.”

“Do you think it’s the drugs he probably used to get us here without us knowing?” Liz asked. “But how did he give them to us?”

“Maybe in our food?” Max suggested.

“Yeah that food you made for dinner did taste kind of funny,” she teased.

“No that’s just my cooking.” Max let out a sigh.

“It wasn’t that bad.” Liz laughed.

Max raised his eyebrows at her.

“Okay it was… but you are still learning.” Liz bit her lip.

“I’m thinking it would probably have been put into a conventional food like milk? Something he knew for certain we would use eventually,” Max said.

Liz nodded. “Yeah you are probably right,” she agreed.

She put her head back down on his shoulder and after a few seconds she muttered, “now we have to figure out how to get out of here.”

“Yeah we do, have any suggestions?” Max asked. He ran his hand up and down her arm soothingly hoping to make her feel better about their situation.

“My father is neither a wealthy man or a smart one,” Liz said. “It shouldn’t be that hard to outsmart him. In his planning he has to have slipped up somewhere…”

“If we knew what he wanted with us this would be a hell of a lot easier,” Max said. “Why would he kidnap us?”

“Well why does anyone kidnap someone?” Liz asked.


“Exactly,” Liz said.

“But it’s not like either of us have that much…” Max trailed off when realization hit him. “You don’t think he’s going to demand ransom from our parent’s for our freedom do you?”

Liz raised her eyebrows at him. “That’s exactly what he’s doing,” she said.

“By why both of us?” Max wondered. “Do you think he had first planned to just take you but then when he found out about the millions I come from he knew he could raise the stakes?”

“Well that depends on how long he’s been planning this,” Liz replied. When Max rapped his arm around her shoulders she intertwined her fingers through his and kissed his knuckles. “I’m sorry for dragging you into this,” she murmured.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get out for this. And besides, this whole thing is kind of adventurous.”

“Some adventure,” Liz said purred at the feel of Max’s lips on her forehead, it felt so nice.


“I’m cold,” Liz whined. “And hungry!” She rubbed her bare arms with her hands and shivered. “Trust Jeff to kidnap us when we are in our night wear, I don’t even have a damn bra.”

Max looked down at his gray track pants and white T-shirt. “At least we weren’t naked. But I know what you mean, I would love to get dressed. Or even have a shower.”

“At least you don’t have to walk around with your boobs on view for all to see,” Liz said.

“Well at least you can keep your feet warm, I wish I had socks,” Max commented. “And besides, I was under the impression you didn’t have a problem with not wearing a bra. You never wore one around my house.”

Liz giggled. “That’s because it was part of my job,” she said. “To be as sexy as hell and have you begging to have your way with me.”

The door suddenly unclasped and slid open to reveal a man holding two big bags of Mc Donald’s. Liz instantly stood up and approached him. “Look you disgusting maggot of a man, it is obvious to us that you aren’t planning on letting us out of here for a long time so I have a few requests—

Before she could finish the man thrust the bags into her arms and turned to walk out, not even bothering to acknowledge her voice. He slammed the door shut behind him and Liz screamed out in anger and frustration.

“Liz,” Max said. “Do you know how hot you are when you’re mad?”

“Yes,” Liz mumbled. “Here have some ‘food’.” She threw the bags at him and then stomped over to the window.

“I don’t eat Mc Donald’s,” Max said.

“Well neither do I, so when we start starving to death I plan to kill you and eat you first because you have more muscle then me.”

Max laughed. “Ha yeah right.”

Liz couldn’t help but smile at him. “I bet you’d taste really nice,” she teased.

“I’d be honored if you’d do an experiment to find out if I do,” Max teased back.

Liz tucked her hair behind her ears. “Oh Max wants head, it’s a shame we are locked in here because other wise I’d give you what you want.”

Max gulped. “Damn.”

The door to their cell opened again and this time Jeffery walked in. “Liz, Liz, Liz I’m hearing very rude things about you from my men. What is it you want now?”

Liz stomped over to him. “There are many things I want Jeff. You can’t just lock us in here without giving us the basic things for humans’ needs. Number one, you can’t expect us to sleep on that moldy disgusting mattress that smells like its been locked in a back room of a fertilizer factory for ten years. Second, it’s freezing in here; how about you give us some blankets to sleep with? Third, you can’t keep us in our night clothing! Max wants some jeans, some shoes, some socks, you know normal things? I want a goddamn bra too! Shoes would be nice too.” Liz sucked in a breath. “And fourth, you can’t feed us Mc Donald’s, who the hell even eats that crap? Proper food and pronto Mr.”

Jeffery looked amused. “What makes you think I will actually give you these things?”

“ Because if you plan on getting any money of mom or Max’s parent’s, you’ll need us to be alive!” Liz said.

After Jeffery left Liz went and sat with Max.

“Stop it,” Max said. “I’m used to being the leader in the relationship, I feel like a wimp.”

Liz laughed. “Max you aren’t a wimp, it’s just that’s my ‘father’ so I he’ll have a soft spot in there somewhere for me and it will make him feel compelled to do what I tell him.”

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“I am so bored,” Liz said. “I don’t think I have ever been this bored in my entire life.”

Max laughed. “I know what we can do to pass time…” he climbed onto the mattress and straddled her as he lifted her shirt.

“No way,” Liz said. She grabbed his hands and pushed them away. “Number one, I would never ever sleep on this mattress let alone have sex on it. Number two, I didn’t have my birth control pills in my pajama pants so unless you want to add condoms to our list of demands for my father, you aren’t going to be getting any, any time soon.” She leaned up and kissed his lips. “Sorry Max,” she whispered.

“We did get a rug to put over the mattress…”

“The smell alone is enough to get me out of the mood,” Liz argued.

Max sighed. “I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without…”

“Without spilling your seeds?” Liz laughed. “Oh Max you are so cute, I love you.”

Max’s eyes darkened. “You do?” He asked.

“Yes,” she said. She kissed him again. “I do.”

“I never heard you say that to me before,” he said. “I was worried I was the only one who felt—

The door clicked and Max got up off Liz before they were caught in an intimate position. Liz sat up and grinned as two men came in carrying a new clean mattress and blankets! She and Max got up off the grotty one and watched happily as it was carried away and then replaced with the new one. Liz’s eyes darkened when she noticed something about the concrete under the mattress but before she could get a proper look they put the new mattress down and chucked blankets down on it.

“Thanks for offering to make the bed,” Liz said as they left. Once the door closed again Liz started pulling the mattress out from the wall.

“What are you doing?” Max asked.

“I thought I saw something,” she said. She ran her fingers over the crack in the wall right near the ground. “Look Max, this concrete is really soft and powdery, do you think maybe it’s like that all the way through?”

“Liz, what are you suggesting? We dig our way out of here? I think you’ve seen the movie Shawshank Redemption too many times,” Max said.

“Do you have any better ideas?” Liz said. She wracked her nails over the concrete and sighed. “We need a knife or something to scrape at it with, do you think maybe he’ll give us a metal utensils with lunch?”

“I don’t know,” Max said. He squatted down next to her. “Liz… do you know how long it would take to break through that with a fork?”

“Yes,” Liz said. “But I don’t see any other hints as to how we are going to be getting out of this so maybe you could try be a little bit more supportive?”

“Okay,” Max said. He touched the crack with his hands crumbled chucks of it away with much effort. “This building must be very old for it to be this weak,” he commented.

Liz put her hands on his thigh. “Do you see what I mean? We could totally dig our way out of here.”

“I don’t know Liz, I mean we don’t know what’s below this room, it could be the ground, or a basement.”

“Can we at least find out? I can’t stand this place, anything is better then nothing!”

Max glanced at her. “If you want to, but it just seems to be a little bit unrealistic.”

Liz got up and told him to move so she could push the mattress back.


“Move would you?” She hissed.



Max got up and walked over to her. Tenderly he rapped his arms around her and held her close. “It’s okay Liz, we’re going to get out of here. Somehow we’ll find a way.”

She tried to break away from him but he wouldn’t let her. Suddenly a sob escaped Liz’s lips and she started to cry. “I want to go home,” she whimpered. “I’m sick of eating yuck food and not brushing my teeth. I want to shower and change my clothing. I want to go outside and go for a run. I want to…”

“I know,” Max kissed her forehead. He picked her up and sat down on the bed with her on his lap.

Suddenly the door clicked open and neither Max or Liz attempted to move, they were past caring anymore.

“Oh isn’t that sweet,” Jeff’s sour voice interrupted their moment.

Liz sighed and wiped her eyes, refusing to look at her stupid monstrous father. Max looked over at him standing smugly in the doorway.

“How’s it going?” He asked.

“How do you think it’s going?” Max snapped.

Liz buried her face in Max’s neck and held on to him tightly. He rubbed her back comfortingly.

“I brought you something,” Jeffery said. “Just what you wanted.” One of his men walked in and put some clothing and shoes down on the bed. He left without glancing at them or saying anything.

“Oh we are so thankful,” Max said sarcastically. “How can we ever thank you?”

“AND!” Jeff said gleefully ignoring Max’s comments. “You get to talk to your parents!”

He pulled out a cell phone and pounded a number into it. When it was ringing he tossed it to Max who caught it and looked at him in disbelief. “You think we are going to go along with your plan? Think again,” Max said. He switched the phone off and threw it at the wall, hoping to smash it or at least break it. It fell to the floor with a crack and a piece of plastic flew across the room and hit Jeffery in the foot.

“You are going to wish you never did that,” Jeffery said.

He went and picked up the phone and then left with a slam of the door.

Max started to regret what he did.

“I’m glad you did that,” Liz whispered breaking his thoughts. “You are my hero.”

Max smiled down at her. Gently he wiped the tears from under her eyes and kissed her eyelids. “Now that we have a clean mattress maybe you should try and get some sleep?”

“Maybe,” Liz said.

Max got up and made the bed for her while she looked through the clothes. “He is just a budget prick,” Liz commented. “Second hand clothing, oh joy! We are so lucky! Thank the stars above!”

She had nothing against second hand clothing; in fact she knew that you could find some very cool stuff in thrift shops, but the crap nature of the clothing he had obviously not even cared enough to look at infuriated Liz. She found come dark green cargo pants for Max, along with a jacket that was a dark grey color, and some army boots. Liz glanced at Max and then back at the clothes. “You are going to look like you’ve just come out of Vietnam in these clothes,” she said.

Max smiled. “As long as I can get changed I don’t care,” he said.

Liz didn’t find much for herself. Some decent sneakers, a woolen cardigan, some three-quarter tan colored pants and a black bra that only just fit her. At least he had the decency to buy that new.

She crawled under the blankets and snuggled into the pillow. “This smells funny,” she groaned.

Max turned and looked at her in disbelief.

“Just kidding!” Liz joked. I am SO am not.


Liz woke up in the middle of the night and looked around the dark cell. Max shifted beside her and she groaned when his heavy thigh pinned her leg to the bed so she couldn’t move. She strained to shove him away but her hands slipped and whacked his sex. Max groaned and Liz bit her lip. “Wow that would have hurt,” she said.

“Um yeah!” Max said as he woke up.

“Sorry!” Liz cried.

Max rolled onto his back and ran his hands through his hair. Liz kissed his bare shoulder and buried her face in his neck, even though they hadn’t had a shower in days Liz marveled at how Max’s skin still held that nice masculine smell.

Max sighed and wove his hand through her long hair drawing lazy patterns on the back of her head causing purrs from her. “That feels so nice,” she mumbled. She shifted so half of her body was on top of his, her breasts were against his chest and her thigh was in-between his legs. Both of them marveled at how quickly passion ignited within them, it was almost instantaneous. Liz knew straight away what she wanted to do.

Liz,” Max whispered, he didn’t even recognize his own voice, it was thick with longing, saying come, come, come to me.

Liz lifted her head and their lips found each other’s in the dark, they made love to each other with their tongues, not caring that they couldn’t go any further because of the possible consequences.

Instinctively, their hips started moving together, up and down, up and down, causing the burning flame to spread through their lower halves. Liz broke the kiss and moved her lips to his jaw were she ran her tongue down his skin stopping at his neck. He moaned and ran his hands down her back, and stopped when they reached her ass. His hands made their way under the elastic of her underwear where he fondled her and spread her legs apart so he could have easier access.

It was Liz’s turn to moan but Max covered her mouth with his own so she couldn’t breath then slipped one finger inside her. She shuddered in delight and flicked her tongue over his, she couldn’t think and she didn’t want to, all she wanted was to feel.

His finger rubbed her inside walls that were getting wetter with every movement that took place, he pulled it out and slipped another two in with hope to satisfy her further.

His thumb began rubbing her nub in circles and Liz’s breath started coming out in loud pants, urging him not to stop. She felt her walls tightening against his hand as she neared the end, she had been waiting so long for this that her energy had built up, and she was really do fall quickly.

“Oh Max!” She cried. He kissed her as her orgasm hit and held her tight against his body when she was claming down. She let out a satisfied puff of air when he removed his hand from under her clothing leaving her lonely again. She rubbed her thighs together and pressed her chest hard against Max’s.

Without saying anything Liz smiled at Max and kissed his mouth for a long time. Finally, her lips trailed over his skin leaving an arousal trail of passion-inflicted goose bumps on his chest. He waited, ready for her to continue her tantalizing torment, but also as helpless as a child, not knowing what to do with his hands or where to put them.

Her tongue flowed down his rippled stomach like a stream running to its final destination. Max held his collective breath awaiting her arrival, begging, pleading, yearning, dying, for it to move along at a speeder pace.

She nibbled at his skin, tugging, building his need for her—she knew the effect she was having on him and it made her feel a substantial amount more powerful.

“Max,” she breathed. “How much do you want it?”

Max groaned. “I want it so bad Liz, please?”

Her slim, loving body shifted down so her breasts were pressing into his inner thighs. “I want you to feel Max,” she said.

He lifted his hips so she could pulled down his pants and then when his ass was back on the blankets she kissed his hip bone and flicked her tongue against his skin. Max’s breathing became rapid as he waited for her to move lower.

Finally, her lips touched the end of his tower and his knees buckled; she liked his response, it urged her on; she kissed his wet end like she would his mouth, and then opened her mouth to bring her tongue into the movement. Her mouth opened wider and wider as she came down on him, bringing more of him into her depths.

His pre-pleasure liquid tasted warm and salty on her tongue and she did want more— she wanted to drink him. Max’s hips moved up urging her to take more into her mouth and she did, willingly.

“Oh God,” he moaned. “Liz, babe I’m going to…”

“So do it,” she said. She ran her lips up and down him; driving him insane until finally his legs bucked and he emptied himself within her. Max panted into the cold air with his eyes closed while Liz wiped her mouth and then pulled his pants back up.

When she snuggled back into his chest she heard him whisper, “I want to make love to you so much.”

“We can’t,” she replied.

“I know.”

He kissed the top of her head and rapped his arms around her.

“When do you think we’ll get out of here?” She asked.

“I don’t know,” he responded. “But let’s hope it’s soon.”

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Max just couldn’t stop touching her, he needed to kiss her constantly. The profound need to just be near her was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Here they were, trapped in a cell together for every second of every day and all he could do was fall in love with her more and more with every minute that passed. He knew that had he been trapped with any other person he would have been about ready to tear their hair out—or at least his own.

He just couldn’t get bored when he was with her, when she wasn’t talking it was just enough for him to watch her. Everything about her was just magical to Max; she entranced him with everything she did.

One of his hands rested on her hip and the other ran through her hair, massaging her scalp soothingly. Liz lay on her side with her back to him. She was breaking off little bits of concrete from the crack in the wall to pass time. She wasn’t getting much done with her hands but she just knew if she had a fork or something she could get though the wall.

“I don’t think they are going to feed us today,” Liz mumbled. “Oh jeez Jeff, what a punishment! You know most people would just hold a gun to our heads and demand we ring our parents. But nooooo not Jeff, we’ll just starve you!”

Max pressed his face into the back of Liz’s head and chuckled. His hand stroked behind her ears and up her scalp to the top of her head, in lines, circles…

“That feels so nice,” Liz cooed. “I feel myself falling asleep.”

He lifted up her long hair and touched his mouth the bone at the beginning of her neck, his lips kissed her skin up to her hairline and then across behind her ears to her jaw. He sucked gently on the smooth skin there before moving downwards again to her shoulder.

His other hand stroked her hipbone and stomach through her shirt but obviously, he didn’t like that so he moved her shirt up and rubbed his fingers over her skin.

“Max,” Liz purred.

“Hmm?” He mumbled causing his lips to vibrate against her skin.

“I’m so glad you are here with me,” she said. Slowly, she eased onto her back so her body was pressed against his. He moved his hands, his lips, his whole body away from hers and stared down at her questioningly.

“I don’t know what I’d do if I was here by myself.” She stared back at him. “I know I should feel bad for dragging you into this but I don’t. I’m glad you are here, I wouldn’t want to be trapped here with anyone else. I’ve never been able to stand people for too long but with you, it’s different. Is that all right to say?”

Max’s lips tightened as he smiled. “It’s all right to say,” he said.

She smiled back. “You jerk,” she muttered. “I don’t like needing someone.”

He started kissing her neck again. “Your need me around?” he asked against her skin.

“Is that all right to say?”

Max moved his mouth along her chin to her mouth. Her mouth opened to welcome his tongue and his lips and his everything inside. He breathed into her mouth and whispered, “it’s all right to say.” He rapped his arms tightly around her and lay half on top of her. “I need you too,” he said.


He was watching her again. That’s what he did now to pass the time, and also because he couldn’t stop. He watched her intently, noting her every move and trying to regulate his heart beat again. She was breathtaking, even when she was tired, unclean, and grumpy.

“Stop looking at me,” she snapped at him. “Just stop watching me would you?”

He couldn’t tear his eyes away even if he tried.

“I know I look disgusting and smell like a cows ass and you watching me is embarrassing. Can’t you just stare at the wall?”

He sucked in a breath—his lips were in a constant cheerful state—“I want to kiss you,” he simple said.

“Even when I smell like an animals rear end?” she asked in awe. “How bizarre of you.” She sighed and got up off the floor. “I really can’t stand this place,” she complained.

The door clicked open and her father and another man holding a tray of food walked in. The man put the food down on the floor and then left.

“How are we today? Hungry? I would be after a day deprived of food,” Jeff said.

“Whose fault is that?” Max muttered.

Jeff ignored him. “I suspect you’ll be satisfied with today’s food. Is there anything else you need?” he asked.

“A sledge hammer,” Liz replied.

Jeff snorted. “Realistically.”

“A shower, a toothbrush, toothpaste,” Liz said.

Jeff laughed. “It really has started to stink in here,” he commented.

“It has been over a week,” Max said.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Jeff paused, “…IF you talk to your parents.”

Max and Liz glanced at each other. They really wanted a shower. Max spoke up, “it’s a deal, how soon can we do this?”

“Well I can ring your parents right away, but the shower will have to wait for tomorrow because you are very picky, the two of you, and we’ll have to make a trip to get the things you need.”

Jeff pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and handed it to Liz. She handed it to Max because she knew she wouldn’t be able to go through with it and he dialed the number of his parents house. Five rings later the maid picked up and greeted him.

“Hi,” Max said slowly. “Is Diane home at the moment?”

“No I’m sorry—oh look you’ve just caught her. May I ask who’s calling?”

“Her son,” Max said blankly.

Liz sat down beside him on the bed and rested her hands on his thigh. Max glanced at her and she bit her lip. “It’s okay,” he mouthed, before leaning forward to kiss her. So her father wouldn’t hear he whispered, “we’ll figure something out,” into her mouth.

“Max? Is that you?” Diane’s voice was laced with worry.

Max sighed. “Yeah it’s me mom.”

“Oh Max where are you? We have been so worried.

Michael and Maria rang and said you’ve been missing for over a week! Everyone has been so worried; Liz’s mother and father have been panicked to near death! This better not be some act of stupidity on your half!”

Max glanced at Jeff who swung a gun around in his fingers. He mouthed, ‘don’t say anything you’ll regret’ and cocked the gun. Max closed his eyes. “It’s not mom. Listen, we are in a little bit of trouble.”

“Oh no Max… oh is Liz all right?” Diane asked.

“Yeah, she’s okay,” Max said. “You won’t believe where we are…”

Jeff shook his head at Max.

“Oh, I can’t tell you, but mom we need your help.”

“Anything Max, tell me what’s wrong? What’s going on?” Diane sobbed.

Jeff took the phone off Max and said, “I’ll take it from here,” before leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

Max sucked in a deep painful breath and rested his head in his hands.

“Well that’s it then,” Liz said. She rapped her arm around his back. “We did our best to keep them out of this, we did all we could.”

Max fell back onto the bed and pulled Liz down next to him. He held her tightly to him, clenched his eyes shut, and didn’t say anything. Liz kissed his forehead. “Shh,” she whispered. “It’s okay.”


Liz stabbed at the wall with the metal knife that had come with lunch; bits of concrete fell away to the floor behind the mattress. She was determined and she needed this—this was her only hope, and she would not give that up.

When she heard the door slide open she dropped the knife behind the mattress and rolled onto her back. Two men motioned for Max and her to follow them and they eagerly went. They were lead down a corridor past the toilet they usually used, and into another room. The floor was wooden and the walls were an old white, with dusty stained glass windows and cobwebs on the beautiful wood ceiling. Liz gasped when she realized where they were being kept. An old, obviously abandoned, church!

She glanced at Max to see if he noticed too and he nodded the shock evident in his eyes. They were lead out the large entrance and down out onto a dirt path.

This was the first time they had been outside in over a week and they rejoiced at the feeling of fresh air attacking their lungs.

The path split into three leading to different cabins, they went down the middle one and stopped in front of a small brick building.

“You have twenty minutes,” one of the German men said in heavy accented English.

Max and Liz walked in and the door slammed behind them.

“Oh YES!” Liz cried. A shower!

Max looked around. There were three shower stalls and three sinks, on the sinks rested a hairbrush, two toothbrushes, a tube of toothpaste, a bottle of German shampoo and conditioner in one, and two bars of soap.

There was even a clean pair of cotton boxers for Max and a pair of underwear for Liz. Two green towels hung on a rack next to the long mirror on the wall.

“Thank God,” Liz said going up to the things and staring at them as if she had been given a million dollars.

“This is an Old Catholic children’s camp,” Max said. “Can you believe it?”

Liz walked up to a shower and turned it on. “I would expect nothing less of my pathetic father. Only he would have the nerve to use such a religious place for something so morally wrong.”

She grabbed a bar of soap, a toothbrush, the bottle of shampoo and conditioner and the tooth paste and put it in her shower. In one swift movement, she tugged the tank top she was wearing over her head and unhooked the bra she had been given.

When she was naked, she looked at her reflection in the mirror briefly. “I look like shit,” she said simply.

She didn’t waste anytime getting under the warm water and chucking her head back in delight. “Oh Max, this is incredible. I never thought I would love a shower so much!”

Max went in the stall next to hers and turned the water on. They both new that if they shared a shower they would do more then clean each other, the temptation was too great, but the risk clouded their thoughts. They were both no where ready to have a child.

First Liz washed her hair so Max could use the bottle after her and then she peaked into his stall and handed it to him. He grinned at her and thanked her and she smiled happily back.

This was the first real content they had both experienced since they arrived; it was so bizarre that it caused them both to laugh. After rubbing the soap all over her body, Liz scrubbed at her teeth with the toothbrush and squeezed heaps of the toothpaste into her mouth, not even bothering to put it on the brush.

This time when she leaned into Max’s stall, to hand him the toothpaste she stopped to admire his body. He had his back to her and his hands were on the wall in front of him, the water poured onto his head and dripped down his back and down his back. His muscled figure was magnificent to look at; to Liz he seemed sculptured perfectly.

She cleared her throat and he turned his head to look at her with a smile.

“To…toothpaste,” she stuttered. “Here.” She handed him the tube and quickly disappeared into her stall again.

She had to get a grip.

Her mind was clouded with dirty thoughts of him taking her against the shower wall and just before she was going to give in and join him in his stall, he stepped into hers. They shared a smile and instantly stepped into one another. Liz rapped her arms around Max’s neck and leaned up to kiss his lips. She leaned into his ear, “pull out before you cum, or I’ll kill you,” she said.


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Max hadn’t been lying whenever he told her he loved her but now the extent of his feelings terrified him. He wished he had someone to tell just how much he was feeling so whoever could remind him that it was normal.

He had once thought he was in love with a woman named Sarah Grey but that was nothing compared to this. When Liz cuddled into him while they were in bed he tried to fight off sleep just so he could hair her quite breathing.

“Mmm,” Liz mumbled rubbing her hands over his muscles. “Max make love to me please.”

Max froze when her hand dropped lower. He didn’t know how to feel considering, Liz was fast asleep and obviously dreaming about them together. Gently he reached down and moved her hand away.

He rolled her onto her side and rapped his arms around her waist from behind. He pressed his face into her neck and smelled her wonderful, fresh, clean scent. That had to be his favorite smell. Nothing could compare to her smell. He lay like that for a long time just listening to her breathing and her occasional moan and his name being muttered and purred. Then he realized he wasn’t going to get any sleep any time soon and climbed out from under the blankets. He sat on the edge of the bed and determination set in when he noticed the fork on the ground and the hole in the wall.

Liz had been so certain that they could make a hole that they could get out through but to him the idea seemed unrealistic. He knew she just needed some hope, something that she could hold on to make her feel better as they sat in this cell and watched days of their youth waste away. He decided he should have been a little nicer towards him when she presented the idea towards him. He should have at least humored her.

He felt bad, so he picked up the fork and started breaking away the bits of concrete. It was unusually brittle and Max knew that one earthquake and the place would collapse like wet paper. Maybe that’s why it was an abandoned camp, he thought. He was surprised at the little effort it took him to budge large bits away from the wall. He continued doing it for several hours and didn’t stop until Liz woke up just as the sun was coming up.

She rolled onto her side and pressed her breasts into his lower back. “What are you doing?” She grumbled while rubbing her eyes. When she saw she exclaimed, “Oh my God! You are nearly right through the wall!”

Max nodded. “I am in this part here but look there’s something wooden pushed up against the other side… something easily pushed away, like a heater or chair or—“

Liz sat up and rapped her arms around his neck from behind. “How long have you been doing that?” She asked.

“I don’t know,” he responded. “But you were right—if we make the hole big enough was can crawl through into the next room and maybe get out!” He sounded enthused. “We just have to cover the hole on our side with pillows so when they bring us food they won’t notice. It’s a miracle that the other side is covering the hole with whatever it is. Liz do you hear me. We might actually get out through this!”

“Yes I hear you,” Liz asked, getting as enthralled as him. “But what if they are in that room next door? Is it even a room? What if it’s a corridor?”

“We can wait till the middle of the night when they are either gone or asleep then check it out.”

Liz kissed his neck happily. “You’ve been sitting here coming up with plan during the night haven’t you?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Thank you,” she said quietly. Max nodded and when she continued to hold onto him he turned around and kissed her lips.

“I should have listened to you when you were first telling me—“

“Don’t worry about it! Just dig.” She was grinning. “I love you,” she said.

Max gave her small body a little squeeze. “I love you too,” he said.

“I know,” she teased.

“No, I don’t think you do,” he said. “I have never felt this way before, ever, in my whole life. What are you doing to me?”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I just don’t think I’m going to survive you,” he said not able to catch her eyes. “I just don’t know how to act around you because I’m afraid you’ll see something you don’t like and run away…”

“Does it look like either of us are going anywhere?” She joked. She knew it was the wrong thing to say straight afterwards. He was completely serious.

He swallowed and went to turn back to the wall but she grabbed him. “Kiss me,” she said.

“That’s just it,” he said. “I don’t want to, I’m terrified.”

“Of me?” She asked.

“No! Of what you are doing to me,” he replied. “I want to kiss you, but I want it too much.”

For a moment Liz’s heart swelled with love so much she didn’t even care if she got out of their stupid cell. She held him close to her. “You know I feel the same way…” she said.

“Do you?” He asked.

Liz nodded. She leaned in and kissed his lips slowly, passionately, filled with everything she felt for him. “Feel my lips,” she whispered. “Feel how much I love you…”

He groaned.

“Aren’t my lips telling you how much I need you?” She flicked her tongue over his and nibbled on his lower lip. “Can’t you feel how much I want you?”

“Yes,” he moaned.

She ran her hands up his back and under his shirt. “My hands…” she whispered, panting a little. She ran them over his muscles, stroking, massaging, and caressing…. “Feel,” she moaned. “Are they not telling you how much I love you with every gesture they make?”

Without realizing it, Max started drifting down onto his back. Liz came down with him, pressing her chest into his, her hips into his—

“God Liz,” he moaned. “Don’t stop.”

“I won’t,” she panted back.

“Convince me a little more,” he said running one hand up under her shirt and grabbing her ass with the other. She shifted so she was fully on top of him and dug her hips into his, moving them up and down…

Suddenly digging their way out through the wall wasn’t as important. Only for this minute. Liz lifted his shirt up over his head and kissed his chest, his nipples, and the deep ridges of muscle. She sucked on his neck, nibbled on his ears, and ran her hands through his hair passionately.

She couldn’t get enough of him, she wanted to just crawl inside his body and live inside his warmth. She loved him so much… how could he not know that. A little part of her mind told her she needed to tell him more often and act more grateful toward him—she listened to it.

“I love you so much Max,” she said. “So much, please don’t doubt that.” Her lips returned to his and they kissed as if their life depended on it. They kissed as each other as if in fever, touching every part of each others mouth with their own.

“I won’t,” Max moaned back. He pulled her shirt over her head and cupped her bare breasts with his hands. He didn’t want to stop but he knew they really should…

Liz ached for his touch; she begged him not to stop and pressed her breasts into his chest. He was so warm why was he always like an oven. Had she told him how much she loved that?

The only other thing she was wearing was her underwear, Max was wearing his cotton boxers and his arousal was hard and pressing against her begging to be touched. She ran her hands down his chest and slipped one hand under the elastic to grasp him. He gasped with pleasure and arched into her hands wanting more. She rubbed him up and down but stopped before he could release… she wanted him inside her.

“Liz,” he said. “We can’t…” Always so in control.

“I know,” she replied. She continued to kiss him, her hands continued to stroke him. “I don’t care. I need you, please…”

PROTECTION BE DAMNED! She wanted to scream.

“What if—?”

Liz pulled off his boxers and rubbed her wet underwear up against his bare arousal. “Please,” she moaned.

Max did have control, but he didn’t have that much control. He couldn’t argue anymore, he flipped them over and attacked Liz’s mouth with such passion.
She panted and her nails clawed at his back leaving red marks. Neither of them cared. Max’s hands ran up the insides of her thighs, spreading them further apart on the way. He ran his finger over the wetness of the material before finally sliding them down her legs and chucking them away. Liz lifted her ass up off the bed and rubbed herself against him, panting and continuing to beg. Her self-control was long gone.

They both knew what the consequence of their actions could be but they just couldn’t stop. Besides, if she didn’t get pregnant from this, it didn’t she mean she wouldn’t from the time in the shower. Well, the two times… in the shower.

Max kissed her neck and then brought one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it gently. His teeth ran over her now hard nubs causing her to shiver with pleasure.

“Max!” Liz cried. “Please! Make love to me…”

Max kissed her lips again and while he made love to her mouth, he finally pushed himself within her. His lips didn’t leave hers as he moved in and out of her little body making her mouth with every thrust. Her hands clutched at the hair on the back of his neck and her toes curled, them too waiting for release to come…Finally she let go before him, he came tumbling after her only a millisecond later.

They fell back in a satisfied heap or bare flesh, sweat and wetness and clung to each other, not entirely ready to let go yet. Max mumbled sweet words of love into Liz’s ear and she blew on the sweat on his forehead.

“Oh God,” she mumbled. “I just loose my head when I’m with you Max.”

“I know,” he agreed.

They didn’t move for several minutes but when they did, they crawled back under the covers and snuggled for a few hours until breakfast came. Of course, Max made sure to cover his nights work with a blanket so they couldn’t find out.

They stayed under the covers, their bodies pressed together, and fed the food to each other and while they did, they realized they could hear the talking from the room next door through the hole. It was quite clear.

Liz rested her head on Max’s chest as they listened.

“You mean they actually accepted your random?” One man said. He sounded young, around twenty years old.

Jeff’s father spoke next. They would recognize that voice anywhere. “Yes, what do you expect? Between the two families, they have so much money not only their grandchildren, but their great, great, great, great, grandchildren will be sweet for years.”

They shared a laugh. “So how long till they hand it over?” Another man entered the conversation.

“Three days max.”

“We are going to be rich!” Someone said gleefully.

Liz swallowed.

Max leaned down to whisper to her just in case they could hear them too. “We have to get out of here tonight.”

She nodded in agreement.

“I kind of feel bad for them two being locked in there all the time,” one man said.

“Oh like they can’t handle a little time away from complete luxury! I don’t give a shit,” another man argued. “Kids with parent’s as well off as them are stuck up little pricks.”

“Charming,” Jeff commented.


They lay listening to their conversations all-day and braking more away on their hole. Liz was disgusted by how vulgar the men holding them were.

Max laughed when she told him. “Sweetie that’s not because they are sinister, it’s because they are men.”

“Are you meaning to tell me you talk like that?” She asked.

Max bit his lip. “Only when I’m wasted and with my male mates.” He thought it was a good save but Liz saw right through him.

“Yeah right,” she said. “You are disgusting.”

Towards the evening, they were surprised to learn that after they had been feed and their leftovers were removed their ‘guards’ went home. They could hear the men saying their goodbyes and shuttling around. Liz wanted to know where her father had slipped up in his plans—well there, it was. They weren’t certain everyone was gone but they had gotten so tired of doing nothing that they started to bang on the wall and break away the pieces. They didn’t even bother trying to be quiet.

Once the hole was the size of two fists Max reached through and pushed the wood thing that was blocking their way. It fell forward with a crash.

“This is going to take forever,” Liz said agitated.

“We need something big to break away more of the concrete. You see how it’s gotten harder to break here around the edges? That means this was probably a hole to begin with and they’ve just filled it up.”

“Do you think my father would have done it? Filled it up I mean?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know. But if we don’t get a move on we will never get out of here.”

They worked together, breaking away chunks. When it was big enough for a small animal to get through Liz poked her head out to see what was in the next room. It was rather boring. There was a small wooden table in the center of the room and a refrigerator, basin, and oven against the wall. A light bulb hung from the ceiling and the room smelt like cleaning products.

Around three am it was just big enough for Liz to get through on her stomach with her hand out in front of her. They decided that she would go out and go and try to find the key or something to help break the wall easier so Max could get out.

Max watched as she searched around the room but when she didn’t find the key she found a gun in the top draw and headed towards Max with determination. “Max get away from the way,” she said.

“Liz, are you crazy? Put the gun down!”

“No, Max just go stand by the door, I don’t want you to get hurt. This will work.”

“It WILL NOT work, Liz please, put the gun down.”


“Put the GUN DOWN!”

“No!” She yelled. “Do you want to get out or not, go get next to the door.”

Max gritted his teeth and got up. “Fine but if you hurt yourself I swear to God…”

Liz cocked the gun and shot at the crumbling wall. Plaster and concrete went flying everywhere. She did it repeatedly and then went and put the gun back. When she came back Max was kicking at the wall and huge chunks fell down.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Liz asked.

“Call me old fashioned,” he said. “But guns are dangerous and you could have killed yourself.”

“Just crawl through, I really don’t want to be here when someone arrives.”

Max pushed the bits and crawled through to the other side. When he got up Liz grabbed his arm and started tugging him towards the door. Outside was a corridor that they could follow to either the left or the right.

“To the right is our cell so if we go down that hall it will lead us out to those cabins won’t it?” Liz asked.

“Yes, let’s go,” Max said. They ran down past their cell and out into the large hall with the stained glass windows. As expected, all the doors were locked so they broke a stained glass window and climbed out.

It was warm outside but pitch black; there were no lights around. They ran along the grass down to the car park, which was empty and then out down the road. It became obvious that they were on a mountain and would be going down, nevertheless they ran as fast as they could away from the place they never ever wanted to see again.

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“When I agreed that we should walk all night to get as far away from that place as possible, I don’t think I realized how tired I was. Maybe it was just the pure ecstatic joy to be free again speaking.”

Max glanced back at her dragging her feet behind her as they walked. “Do you want to stop? The sun is going to come up soon.”

Liz yawned. “I know we can’t but unless you piggy back ride me I don’t think I can make it.” Her legs buckled and she crumbled to the grass below with a thud.

Max walked up to her. “Can you get up?” He asked.

She looked up at him. “Yes,” she lied.

“Right,” Max said putting his hands under her armpits. “Up we go.” Once she was on her feet he walked her over to the side of the creek that they had been walking along side for the last three hours. He found a spot hidden by a large bush and then lay out his jacket so she could lie down on it.

“Are you comfortable?” He asked squatting down beside her.

Liz lay down on her back and snuggled into the jacket. “I’m as comfortable as I’m going to get lying on the ground. Max you should have your jacket you’ll get cold—“

“Oh yes and what will you do?” He moved so he was sitting with his back against a tree trunk so she could sleep with her head on his lap. Liz didn’t have the strength to argue so she just snuggled into his legs. She wanted to make sure he was comfortable so he could get some sleep but she just didn’t know where to find the strength. She drifted off quickly…

“Liz,” Max woke her up two hours later. “Liz, darling wake up.”

She yawned. “No, I don’t want to,” she mumbled.

Max chuckled. “We have to get going, the suns coming up. We need to get further away before they find out we are gone.”

Liz didn’t get nearly enough sleep but with Max’s help, she was on her feet again. He kissed her forehead and said he loved her and knew she could do it and she felt better.

As they walked Liz asked if he had gotten any sleep whatsoever.

“Yes, just a little bit,” he replied. Actually, he hadn’t gotten any at all; he had just watched her angel face at peace and thought for a long time. He decided that if they ever got away from here and had a normal life he wanted to marry her. His Liz, he didn’t want to be with anyone else.

Liz knew he was lying and silently took his hand in hers. What would she do without him?

They stayed away from the single road that had no traffic and walked through the bush and trees at the side of the road. It was thick shrubbery but there was enough room for them to walk in single file out of view.

They walked at a fast pace for three hours until they came to a large pond hidden by a grass and tall trees.

“I’m going to clean up,” Liz said. Max nodded and slumped down onto the grass to rest his eyes for a few minutes. He didn’t know how long he was asleep for but when he opened his eyes, it was to see the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Liz was sitting by the side of the pond with one leg in the water and the other up against her chest. She was only wearing her white tank top and underwear she was running her fingers through her wet hair. The sun was shining down on her and the pond and she just shined with glittery light. His heart swelled at the sight.

When she noticed that he was awake, she smiled. “Good morning sleepy head,” she said.

Max yawned. “How long have I been asleep?” He asked.

“Only an hour or less,” she said. “Do you think we better get going?”

“Yes,” he replied rubbing his eyes. “But first I want you to come here.”

“Why?” She was trying not to grin with happiness. She got up and walked over to him with her long hair dripping down her back. When she reached him he grabbed her and pulled her down to kneel in front of him. “Kiss me,” he demanded.

“Only if you say please,” she teased.


She leaned forward and pressed her mouth to his but pulled away before he could deepen it.

“What was that supposed to be?” He asked.

“A kiss, I’m sorry it’s not to your usual standard but it can’t get out of hand. Now get up, let’s go.”

She got up, went, and put on her pants, cardigan and shoes. “I cleaned by socks the best I could, but now they are damp,” she whined.

They walked in silence for several minutes then Liz started to panic. “Max what are we going to do? We have absolutely no money, there is no one we know—I don’t know about you but I am getting very hungry. We can’t just go up to someone and ask him or her to help us, that is IF we ever find a town. This is Germany, what if no one at all speaks English!”

“Liz calm down, we’ll figure something out.”

“How do you know? We are going to die of starvation, I just know it.”

Max shook his head. What was he supposed to say to make her feel better. “I will find you some food, I promise. Look on the bright side, we are out now aren’t we?”

“Yes, but now what?” She asked.

“Now we go back home.”

Liz mumbled. “I want to go back to New York, I miss my little comfy apartment.”

Max didn’t say anything.


They walked all-day and then stopped at the edge of a town. There was a small farm and they were delighted to find the man of the house spoke English. He let them stay in the barn and even promised that if someone came looking for them they would say they knew nothing. They gave them some bread, jam, fruit, and then sent them on their way in the morning.

The town wasn’t too large, but it was large enough and there were phone booths—but they had no money. Max and Liz stared longingly at the telephones as they walked past them. They were very careful to stay hidden as they walked around. At one point Liz got so frustrated she refused to go any further and demanded that he go find the police station and leave her there.

“Liz, come on we’ll find it eventually.”




“Liz shut up!” Max said getting very agitated. “Yelling will not help you this time. Not with me, I know you well enough not to listen. Now get of your God damn ass and come here!”

Liz looked at him with surprise and then sauntered over to him.

“I know you are frustrated but I am too and—“

“You know it’s not very nice talking to a lady like that,” some man reading a newspaper commented.

Max and Liz both spun around to look at him. “You speak English?” They demanded.

“Yes, and you my man are quite rude.”

“Yeah okay what ever,” Liz said. “Can you please tell us where the police station is?”

“We don’t have one in this town, you have to go to the next one over. It’s about forty KMs away.”

Liz looked up at Max with complete and utter sadness and then fainted.


“Here I got you some food,” Max said handing Liz two apples.

“Where did you get that?” She asked.

“That tree,” Max motioned the to the fruit tree they had just passed. “How long do you think it’ll take us to walk to the next town?”

“Three-“ Liz sighed. “Hundred days.”

“Be realistic.”

“I am, that is how I feel. It will take me three-hundred days to walk there.”

“Then I’ll drag you.”

“Charming,” Liz mumbled.

They were walking down the only road out of town eight at night their arms bumping into the others with each step. Liz looked up at Max and she could make out his face a little. When a car drove past the headlights would reveal his whole face and she would smile.

“Max you are so pretty,” she said.

“Pretty? You really must be tired. Maybe we should stop.”

Liz touched his arm. “No those lights up a head are getting closer. We’ll be there soon.”

“If we run we’ll get there quicker?”

“You have energy to run?” He asked.

“No, but I’d like to give it a try anyway.” Liz leaned up and kissed his neck. “I’ll race you. Pretend those evil goons are chasing us and it’ll make us move quicker.

When you’re scared you sprint. On your marks,” she said.

“Are you going to skip get set this time?”

“Yes,” Liz said. “Get set—“

Max ran off and Liz called after him. “I hadn’t said GO yet!” She screamed.

Ten minutes later a very tired Liz and Max found themselves standing in front of a hotel/ bar with a sign on the window in German and English, and Italian and French, for that matter. It said, Tonight! Talent Quest! $1,000 for the winner, $500 for second place and $200 for third place. Come on in!

“Oh yes,” Liz said with a glint in her eyes. “How lucky can we get?”

“What?” Max asked.

“Oh yes!” she cried. “Oh sweet!”

“What—? Oh shit no. I don’t think so Liz, no way. I am not entering a talent quest.”

Liz grabbed his hand and tugged him up to the front doors. “You are and I’ll make it worth your while if you do… come on! We might win and be able to eat and stay in a hotel room!”

Max was thinking about the possibilities. “Fine, okay—but what the hell are we going to do?”

“We? No, not we. You. You Max, my man, my knight in shining armor—you are going to sing.”

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The bar was completely packed with people. Some were drunk off their faces and others were on their way. Max and Liz walked up to the bar and Liz asked where they could sign up for the contest. The bar man smiled and called his wife over. She was a large American woman and could speak all the languages from the poster. She was beautiful with long black hair and an animated face.

“Well hello there,” she greeted them with a big smile. “My husband tells me you want to enter the contest?”

“Yes,” Liz said grinning. “Can we still do that?”

“Of course you can, the entry fee is $10.00,” she said.

Liz’s face dropped Max’s heart leaped with glee. Yes! He wouldn’t have to sing!

“By the look on your face I take it you don’t have any money on you,” the woman said. “Well just because it looks like you guys have been through a rough time—“

“You have no idea,” Liz mumbled.

“I’ll let it slip, but don’t tell anyone,” the woman said.

Damnit, Max thought. Damnit, damnit.

“Oh thank you!” Liz cried. “Thank you so much.”

“Don’t mention it. So what do you two plan to do?”

“Max here,” Liz said rapping her arm around his shoulders. “Is going to sing.”

“Sing! How wonderful.”

“Do you have a guitar I could use?” Liz asked curiously. “Maybe I could contribute a little….”

The woman nodded. “Most certainly. Everything on the stage can be used. You’ll be last since we have already started so just write you names here and go take a seat.”

Liz wrote down their names and thanked the lady once more. She walked away smiling and Max and Liz took a seat at the bar.

“I don’t want to sing,” Max complained. “I know why don’t you sing? I sound terrible…”

Liz shook her head. “No don’t even try to lie to me. I saw you sing in that bar we went to with Michael and Maria, or don’t you remember? You were excellent. Maria agrees with me, we know you have talent just bubbling to get out.”

“I do not have talent,” Max said.

Liz kissed his cheek. “I know you can do it love. Now what do you want to sing… oh I know the perfect song!”

“Oh no.”

“Yes, I do.”

It took him a little bit of convincing but finally he caved and said he would sing her song. He left to go to the toilet and while she sat there watching the other bands a man came up and offered to buy her a drink. Liz was glad there were people around who spoke English since they didn’t know any German songs.

She was about to turn down his offer but then paused and licked her lips. She really wanted a drink. Max wouldn’t mind would he? It’s not as if she actually wanted this guy. She couldn’t imagine being with anyone but Max…

“I’d love one, thank you,” she told the man. The man tried to chat her up while she sipped her bottle of beer but she wasn’t paying attention. When Max came back he didn’t notice the man and slipped into the other seat next to her. He spun her chair around to face him and pressed his forehead to hers. “God Liz,” he said. “This reminds me of back in Naples, do you remember that night on in the back alley…?” he put his two warm hands on her knees and she wanted to moan.

“How could I forget, I’m still mad about you pretending to be too drunk to remember it the next day. You dork.”
Max laughed. “I had good intentions.”

A throat cleared behind them and Max looked over Liz’s shoulder. “Yes?” He asked the man.

The man glared at Max and then Liz and then sighed. It was obvious he had been had. He snarled and got up from his stool and walked away.

Liz called after him. “Thank you for the drink!”

“What?” Max frowned.

Liz looked at him innocently. “He offered,” she said. “I was really thirsty. Want some?” She held up the bottle of beer.

Max rolled his eyes.

“Have a drink,” she said. “I know you want one.”

Max took a sip and then put it back on the bench. “You know what I really want? A cigarette.”

“How long has it been?” She asked. “And you’ve lasted, why don’t you give up before you get lung cancer?”

“I don’t know…”

“Come on,” Liz argued. “I’ll take your mind of it.”


“This,” she mumbled. “Is how.” She cupped his cheeks and kissed his lips. At first slowly and then she opened her mouth and kissed him more passionately.

“Hmm,” he mumbled. “Okay… I’ll give up. For you—“

“Good,” she mumbled back. She nibbled on his bottom lip and ran her fingers through his hair. “I love you.”

“I love you t—“

“Last contestants for this evening everyone! Max and Liz Evans!”

Max raised his eyebrows at Liz. “Evans?” He asked.

“I thought it would be cuter that way,” Liz said. “Now come on!” She jumped up off the stool and dragged him up to the stage. “You know the words right?”

“I know the words,” Max said.

Max and Liz sat down on chairs on the stage and Liz adjusted the microphone so it was in front of the guitar.

Max held a microphone in his hand and glared at Liz with a ‘you are going to pay for this’ look and then turned back to the crowed. They cheered and then Liz started strumming the guitar.

Max started singing into the microphone. “You’ve got your ball, you’ve got your chain. Tied to me tight, tie me up again. Who’s got their claws in you my friend? Into your heart I’ll beat again.”

Liz smiled at Max and he smiled back.

“Sweet like candy to my soul. Sweet you rock, and sweet you roll. Lost for you, I'm so lost for you. Oh, and you come crash into me. And I come into you, and I come into you, in a boy's dream, In a boy's dream. Touch your lips just so I know. In your eyes, love, it glows so I'm bare-boned and crazy... for you.”

When they finished the women all stared at Max with awe and all the men drooled over Liz because any girl with a guitar is hot. Nevertheless, everyone cheered and ‘Mr. and Mrs. Evans’ ended up coming third place. It wasn’t as much money say they would have hoped but it was something and they could stay in the hotel and eat properly for the first time in days.

The restaurant wasn’t open so they could only buy food from the vending machine at the bottom of the steps.

They stocked up on whatever and then climbed the stairs and found their room number.

Outside the door Liz rapped her arms around Max’s neck and kissed him. “Max you have the most beautiful voice, how can you hide it like you do?”

“Liz—I—I,” he stuttered. “It’s not something I’m passionate about.”

Liz pressed her forehead against his. “Will you sing for me when I ask you?”

He thought about it for a second. “Now?” He asked.

“No, when I ask you,” she said.

“Okay,” he said. “Only for you.”

“Thank you,” she said smiling. “Let’s go inside. A bed! A double bed, not a single mattress!”

Max unlocked the door and they stumbled in and turned the lights on. Liz sighed contentedly and threw her vending machine food on the bed before heading towards the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing only the bathroom robe supplied. She turned off the lights and headed over to Max who sat on the end of the bed rubbing his eyes. When he looked up, she was standing in front of him with a grin and a foil package in her hand. “Guess what?” She asked. “There’s a condom machine in the bathroom.”

Max laughed.

She climbed on him so her legs were around his waist. She kissed his passionately and he groaned and ran his hands up and down her body.

“Make love to me Max,” she purred. He lay back on the bed and the bag of potato chips on the bed popped under his back. They both laughed into each other mouths.

“God Liz,” Max moaned when he ran his hand under her robe to feel her bare body. “I love you,” he moaned.

“Hmm,” she said. “Me too, me too…”

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“Oh, my.”

Liz closed her eyes and moaned deep in her throat.

“Oh that is good,” she murmured.

She rubbed her feet over the bedspread and tossed her head back and forth.

“I missed this so much,” she purred.

Max sighed. “Would you stop that please?” He asked.

“Stop what?” she grinned devilishly.

“Getting turned on more by that chocolate bar then what me!” Max lifted his head up from her stomach and glared at her. “It’s insulting.”

Liz laughed loudly then smiled at him and continued eating her chocolate bar. “You are very insecure Max Evans.” She finished her treat and then threw the rapping away.

“Well when it comes to being with you, I have every right to be,” he said.

“What is that supposed to mean?” She asked.
Max licked his lips and lay his head back down on her flat belly. “Nothing,” he replied.

“Like hell,” she muttered. “Max… Max…” She cooed. When he didn’t look up she ran her fingers through his hair. “What’s wrong darling? What have I done?”

“Nothing,” he admitted. “It’s me… just don’t worry.”

Liz tugged on his arms wanting him face to face with her. Wanting his eyes on her.

Max sighed and finally shifted so his face was hovering above hers.

“Max,” she said. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just being paranoid that’s all.” He put his forehead on hers and closed his eyes. “Paranoid of you… not…” He shifted uncomfortably.

“Does this have to do with the candy bar?” She asked.


“Can you tell me?” She asked.

“No. You’ll laugh at me.”

“Try me,” she said. When he didn’t say anything she said, “can I guess?”

She felt Max’s hand glide up her thigh and stop at her hipbone. “Okay,” he whispered.

“Does this have to do with why you won’t go back to New York?”

He didn’t respond.


“Does this have to do with your father?”

He didn’t respond.


“Does this have to do with your reluctance to sing in public like Maria said?” Liz touched his shoulder. He shivered. I want to help him, she thought. How can I help him?

“No I just get embarrassed singing,” Max muttered. “It reminds me of those male pop groups and they freak me out because they are so…gay.”

Liz laughed. God she loved him, she wanted to crawl inside him and become him.

When they went silent, again she continued her questions.

“Does this have to do with Filomena?” She asked.

“No,” Max said. “Don’t think about her.”

“Okay.” Liz smiled. He only loves me. “Well then does this have something to do with me I mean… oh God I don’t know. Please tell me,” she said.

“It has to do with you and my jealousy and insecurity… that’s all I’ll say.”

Liz sighed. Suddenly realizing part of what this must be about. “Is this to do with the man at the bar?” She asked.

He didn’t respond.


That still didn’t explain the link with why he left New York. “Max,” she said. “Open your eyes.”

Max opened his eyes.

“I love you,” she said. “You are being very paranoid aren’t you? Don’t you see that I am here with you. I have no idea how you can STILL be worried I am going to run off. It’s not going to happen.”

Max smiled. “I know you aren’t, I won’t let you.” LIAR! Liz thought.

He rapped his arms around her waist and rested his head on her chest. She rapped her arms around his shoulders.
“No you are still worried.” Liz knew his worries must have something to do with his past but since he didn’t look like he was going to tell her yet again she would just have to be the best she could be. “Maybe I should just show you how much I love you until we both can’t go away anyway because we will be mentally and physically e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d.”

Max chuckled. “I’d like that….”

“Of course you would,” Liz grinned. “It is, in fact, you we are talking about. Mr. Max Evans’ man whore.”

“I am not a man whore.”

Liz laughed as if it was the funniest thing she had ever heard. “You are so. I am the one that should be worried about you straying to another woman. One day you will won’t you? When I am no longer intriguing.”

“Never,” he said.

“Liar,” she said with a hint of…sadness? “All men cheat.”

“I don’t want to,” Max murmured. “But the questions is, would you forgive me if I did?”


“Ah see, I’m paranoid about loosing you so why would I do something to risk that fate?”

“Touché,” Liz said.

Max sighed. “Laugh again,” he said.

“What?” She asked. “Why?”

“Because I like the feeling of your chest going up and down against my cheek,” he explained.

“Your prickly cheek,” Liz purred. “You are beginning to look like a pirate with a long beard. We should buy you a raiser so I can see your face again.”

“We should,” he agreed. “But not right now. Neither of us is moving from this spot until after we have recovered from being physically and mentally exhausted. Remember? You promised me.”

“I remember,” she whispered. He brought his face up to hers and she kissed the side of his mouth without closing her eyes. She then kissed the skin behind his ear and trailed her nose along his cheek. After she had kissed his eyelid, he repeated the movements on her. She smiled up at him with admiration and silently opened her legs for him. He reached over onto the dresser and picked up the third foil package of the evening. They stared into each others eyes as he slid into her and then moaned together when he was fully inside of her.

They kissed each others lips and without having to ask, Liz felt Max slip his hand into hers and intertwine his fingers through hers. There was nothing hungry about this moment. It was only about committing themselves to each other in the most intimate way possible.

“Oh Max,” Liz whispered tears stinging her eyes. She rapped her arms around his shoulders and he brought his mouth down on hers. They pressed their foreheads together as he pulled out of her and thrust back in—with each movement Liz’s toes bunched and her fingertips gripped at Max’s back.

Max rubbed his nose over hers and she licked his lips. “Again Max…”

He thrust into her again and they floated together in the passion infused bliss before collapsing with relief.

“I love you,” Liz whispered. “So much.”

“I love you too.”

They slept for an hour and then got up to have a shower. Liz closed her eyes and just marveled at the exquisite feeling of the warm water running down her front and Max’s hard back pressed against her back.

He ran his hands up and down her sides and then lathered her stomach and beasts with soap. He was placing feather light kissed on her neck and behind her ears. Apparently they were both very tired and couldn’t be bothered moving.

Liz sighed and took the soap off him. She wanted to taste him but she didn’t know if she had the strength to get down on her knees. She watched Max open the little motel shampoo bottle and pour some on his hands. He was taking such good care of her; the least she could do was…

After he had washed her hair she finally got down onto her knees and took him into her mouth. Max jumped in surprise but groaned in delight too. He put his hands on her head and clutched her hair as she took more and more of him into her mouth. Her hands moved up to rub his sacks and he had to lean back against the shower wall to keep from falling down.

She could barely hear his groans over the sound of the water pounding down but she knew he was enjoying what she was doing and moved her head back and fourth so he was making love to her mouth. When he came, she gulped down all his fluid before standing back up and hugging him to her. When they got out of the shower they went back into the room and slept through the night cuddling each other close.

They were woken up in the morning by a knocking at the door and Max got up and went to see who it was. It was the motel owner and she was rocking back and forth on her feet nervously.

“What’s up?” Max asked.

“Look…” she said. “These men were just downstairs looking for you two.”

Max’s eyes widened in shock. “Oh shit… did you tell them we were here?”

“No,” she said. “You look like you are in some trouble and it’s none of my business so I won’t ask but maybe its best if you move on from here. You have some winnings left and you can collect the rest downstairs before you take off.”

“Okay, sure. Thank you,” Max said.

She smiled and nodded her head. “And um… good luck to you.”

“Yeah thank you so much,” Max said. He closed the door and walked over to the bed where Liz was still sleeping. “Liz,” he said tucking her hair behind her ears. “Liz, babe wake up.”

She sighed and snuggled into him.

“Wake up sweetheart,” Max kissed her lips and she opened her eyes finally. “It’s time to go,” he said.

“What? Why?” She mumbled. “Can’t we stay here for a while?”

Max shook his head. “The manager was just here, she said that some men were here looking for us. We have to keep moving.”

Liz sat up. “Really? Damn!” She rubbed her eyes. “We have to ring our parents before we leave,” she reminded him.

“Yeah, let’s get dressed and then go downstairs.”

When they finally went down, they made the toll call to Liz’s mother. She was frantic and screeching into the telephone.

“Where are you? That son of a bitch Jeffery said he had you captured…”

“He did mom, we got away.”

“Where are you?” She demanded. “I’m hoping on a plane to come and get you right now, tell me where you are and…”

“We are in Garmisch-Partenkirchen,” Liz said. She looked at the motel owner. “Where’s the nearest airport?” She asked.

“Next town over, the main city” she said.

“Well we can’t get a new VISA issued…” Liz said to her mother.

“That’s why I’ll come and I’ll bring you home. Can you get to the next town over?” She asked. “We’ll figure out passports and everything when I get there. I’ll ring the…”
“Will you sort everything out?”

“Yes I will darling, you’ll be out of there in the next few days I promise.”

“Thank you so much mom.”

“Okay, I’m flying there tonight. Get there as soon as you can.”

“Okay mom, oh and ring Max’s parents’ will you?”

“Yes of course! I’ll see you soon darling! I am so glad you are okay.”

When Liz hung up, she glanced over at Max who was sitting on a chair with his head in his hands. “I’m not going back to New York,” he said.

Liz kneeled down in front of him. “Then we’ll go to Italy again, okay… we just can’t stay here, you know that.”

“I know that.”

“We have to get going, we have to get to the city,” Liz said. “We’ll have to walk.”

“Hmm,” he mumbled. “Let’s get some food first.”

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“I’ve decided,” Liz said. “I will not walk.”

Max was several large strides ahead of her and turned around to see what she was doing. “What do you mean?

“I am not walking to the city, I will not.” She said it as if he should already know that.

“Then what do you propose we do?” Max asked getting agitated. She could be so damn stubborn sometimes.

“Hitchhike,” she said matter-of-factly.

“No,” he said. He walked up to her, grabbed her arm and started tugging her along. She tried to break away but she was no match for him.

“Let me go!” she cried. “Let me go right now!”

“No, you are not hitchhiking. It is too dangerous and besides, what if the person who pulls up just happens to be your father?”

“I don’t care, I am not walking in this heat a second longer. I will die. Do you want me to kick you in the nuts? Because I will to stop you from dragging me along like this.”

“I am beginning to think the only reason you were put on this earth was to say NO to me! Anything I say you have to disagree with. Why is that? Do you have this bizarre goal in life to PISS ME OFF?”

“Oh Max that is just charming, really it is. Of course you would think that. Just because I don’t want to walk all the damn way…”

“No Max I won’t put down the gun, no Max you HAVE TO compete in a damn talent contest, no Max I won’t do this, I won’t do that…”

“You know you are just making a fool of yourself because each time I have suggested something it has turned out to be a good thing. Did we not have food and a place to sleep last night? Did we not get out of the fucking cell?”

“Oh I have a good one,” he said. “Max, we can’t take his body to the police they won’t believe us.”

Liz stared at him in shock and he knew straight away that he shouldn’t have said that.

“Liz I’m sorry… I didn’t mean that.”

Liz bit her lip and looked away. “Yes you did or else you wouldn’t have said it. You blame me don’t you? You think it’s all my fault.” She sucked in a deep breath. “You’re right, you are. This is all my fault.”

“No it’s not Liz, sweetheart, I was just annoyed I didn’t mean it,” he said. He rapped his arms around her waist.

Liz turned around and pounded on his chest weakly. “I’m sorry for screwing up your life Max. You had luxury and a girlfriend that wasn’t crazy and didn’t know about your issues with your father. That wasn’t always prying for information. You had everything and I just came along and ruined everything in a month!”

“I think it was my decision to loose the girlfriend and if I hadn’t I would have you and as for all this, have I complained much? In a weird twisted way I am enjoying this. It’s like our own mini adventure.”

Liz laughed. “That is twisted.”

“The only thing I would like is for you to listen to me occasionally. Do I have a say in anything we do?”

“Yes of course you do,” she said.

Max smiled. “Prove that to me some time,” he said. “Now lets go, we have a long way to go.”

“What?” She frowned. “No I already told you I am NOT walking there.”

Max looked at her in disbelief and then spun away from her and stomped his feet and threw his arms around in a huff. “FINE! Stay here, see if I care, I am walking.” Liz couldn’t help the little chuckle that escaped her mouth when seeing his little hissy fit.

He starting storming off thinking she would follow but when he was several strides down the road he looked back and saw that she wasn’t. She was taking off her cardigan and pulling down her tank top to reveal more of the tops of her breasts. He walked backwards in horror as she put her thumb out to a nearing car. They tooted at her but didn’t stop and he could see that she wasn’t discouraged and pulled her long hair out of her pony tale so it was blowing around her face in the breeze.

Max gritted his teeth. She was just insatiable!

A ute stopped in front of her and she leaned in through the window to talk to them and then jumped once in glee and hopped in. They drove towards him and then stopped a little bit in front of him. Liz jumped out and slammed the door. “Look, you can thank me later. We can ride in the back, they’ll take us to the outskirts of the city!”

They climbed in the back and sat with their backs against the side. There was no covering so they had to hold onto the sides. Liz grinned at Max.

“What?” he asked.

She continued to grin.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that you crazy woman?”

“You can say it now,” she said. “Go on, I’m waiting.”

“Say what?” he asked.

“Thank you Liz, I love you, what would I do without you?” She held her long hair away from her face as the wind blew past them.

“I will not thank you for something I told you not to do,” he argued.

Liz snorted in disbelief. “Are we not getting a ride? We are going to get there much quicker though you still do not admit I was right. What’s your problem?”

Max sighed. “I have no ‘problem’. I just wish that occasionally, you know just every now and then you would actually listen to what I have to say instead of doing the complete opposite just to annoy me.”

“I do not do the complete opposite to what you tell me and when I do it is not to annoy you! I know you are just being over protective Max and that is when I have to do what I think is right because other wise you would treat me like I’m tree years old! Max I love it how you feel the need to protect me but I don’t need protecting from every little thing. You have to remember this is the twentieth century, I can take care of myself.”

Max looked at her with a blank face.

“Can we please stop arguing now? We have more pressing issues to worry about. Like getting out of the country before my psycho father finds us.” She rapped her arms around his shoulders and hugged him. “I love you Max, and don’t think I don’t listen to you because I do. I listen to everything you say because I love you.” She kissed his lips. “When we get to a place of our own again, you owe me make up sex and don’t think I’ll forget.”


“Come on Liz, let’s swim,” Max said.

“What? No, are you crazy? Its pitch black outside, we’ll drown!” Liz sat down with her back up against a tree trunk. There was a little bit of light coming from the building across the road but the bushes blocked most of it. Liz could see Max start pulling off his clothing because of the moon glowing behind him.

“Oh. My. God. You are mad, I can’t believe you,” Liz said. He stopped when he stood before her in nothing but his little checkered boxes.

“You can sit there by yourself, have fun, I’m going to get some exercise,” Max said. He ran towards the deep pond and dived in. This place was obviously a place where families came to swim when it was hot. There was a rope tied to a tree to Liz’s left and a swing set to her right. She got up, went, and sat down on it. She could see Max doing laps in the water and smiled dreamily. It didn’t seem to matter to her that tonight they would have to sleep outside on the ground, all she could think about Max’s muscles as they moved with his arms. She closed her eyes and when she opened them several minutes later, Max was standing in front of her.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Looking at you.”

“That’s nice. See anything interesting?”

“Hmm,” he mumbled. “Plenty.” He walked over to the big cluster of rocks by the side of the pond and climbed up them to the highest one.

“Don’t Max, it’s not safe! It might be too shallow!” Liz jumped up. “Max!”

“Calm down, it’s deep over here, I’ll be fine,” Max called down. He smiled, “watch me dive,” he said.

Perfectly he dived in, barely making a splash and Liz called out, “great, ten out of ten, wonderful, now can you please get out? I don’t like being out here by myself.”



Silence. Liz strained her ears to hear a ripple of water, anything.

“Max? This isn’t funny, get out right now.”


“Max! MAX!” She screamed. She stood at the side of the pond looking in to spot him. “Max! Not funny! Ha ha, the jokes over… Max? Max come on…”

Liz started to panic. “You are scaring me,” Liz cried. “Get out right now!”


Tears started to fill Liz’s eyes. “Max?” She whimpered.
She gave in and jumped into the water. “Max!”

Shuffling behind her caused her to scream.

“Liz?” Max asked looking smug already half dressed. “I thought you didn’t want to go for a swim.”

Liz looked at him in shock and she climbed out of the water. “Oh my God,” she cried. “What the FUCK is wrong with you?” Liz screeched stomping up to him. “Were you trying to give me a heart attack? Is that it? Do you want to get rid of me because you can do that right now very easily… no witnesses!”

Max stopped smiling when he saw how pale and terrified she looked. “Calm down Liz, it was only a joke.”

“Not fucking funny!”

Max touched her arm and felt her tremors. “God Liz you’re shaking.”

“No I’m not,” she said turning away from him. Tears filled her eyes; she had never been so scared in her life. She was still trying to calm down her heart.

“I didn’t mean to—“

“Too late,” She cried. She slumped down onto the ground at her tree.

Max got down next to her and pulled her onto his lap. “Come here,” he mumbled quietly. “I’m sorry.”

Liz rapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest. “Please don’t scare me like that ever again.” She sounded so defeated.

“I won’t,” he said.


“Liz, wake up,” Max was shaking her.

Liz woke up with a start. “Hmm? What is it? Do we have to get going?”

“No,” Max said. He shifted so she was sitting in between his legs with her lazy head resting against his chest. “Look,” he said pointing to the lake. “Look at the sun coming up, isn’t it beautiful?”

“Yes,” Liz said. “Is this why I’m awake?”

Max was silent for several minutes and she began to think he wasn’t going to answer her.

“I haven’t been fair to you,” he said quietly. “You told me everything there is to know about you and I haven’t been as honest as you.”

Liz didn’t say anything.

“I should have told you sooner and I’ve been thinking about it and I should tell you. My father and I—we—“

“Max,” Liz spun around to face him. “You don’t have to tell me if you aren’t ready, I understand. I haven’t forced you into this in anyway…”

“I am ready, this is why I am telling you this.” Max kissed her forehead and motioned for her to sit as she was, she suspected he couldn’t look into her face while he spoke.

“When I was twenty-one I met a girl.” He paused. “Her name was Angie Holmes. Remember I told you I’d only ever been in love once before you? Well Angie was the girl.” Max kissed Liz’s hair. “She was twenty-three and worked in a café down from my apartment.” Max chuckled to help his nervousness. Liz felt him clutching her sides tightly. “You know she would never let me come any where near her, insisting she was waiting for marriage.”

Liz grabbed his hands and intertwined her fingers through his. “Was she beautiful?”

“She had red hair and green eyes,” Max replied. “She wasn’t as beautiful as you,” he whispered in her ear.

“Liar,” Liz teased. “Tell me the rest.”

“I was a gentleman back then so I respected her wishes and convinced myself I loved her.” Max snorted, “What a joke that was. You know, I went around to her house on a Thursday morning when she didn’t expect me and found her in bed with my father.”

Liz gasped. “Oh Max…”

“I never did get along with my father anyway. When I was little he was never around and eventually I gave up wondering whether he was going to be home for my birthday. That’s not what hurt me about it… I just keep asking myself how he could do that behind moms back. I wasn’t so worried about him doing it behind my back; I didn’t expect anything from him. He could be a complete stranger for all I care but behind moms? You should have heard her going on about him; she loves him so much. More then he could ever deserve.”

“Oh Max…”

“I just had to leave after that. I couldn’t face her, let alone him. I couldn’t watch her go on about how great he was and how much she loved him so I just left.” Max sniffled. “I got over Angie quickly, I saw her for what she really was and couldn’t care less. But I still can’t face my mother and I won’t go back to New York.”

Liz didn’t know what to say. She turned around and threw her arms around him. “Oh Max!” She said. “I’m so sorry for what happened!”

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They walked towards the city in silence but both of them were very aware of the new air between them. It was as if they had suddenly became closer, more intimate and more aware of each other. The need to touch, even in the slightest way, was more of a matter of life and death. They walked close together, their arms bumping against each other. This would normally be an insignificant bump, but now it was important, even if it was so small. Liz spoke,

“When I was nine my mom pulled me out of school one random day because she decided she wanted to home school me. She claimed she could make learning more fun for me and she really did.”

Max looked down at her with a smile.

She looked up at him and let out a little laugh. “She would take me on field trips to museums and historical places around the city. She even brought textbooks!”

Liz watched her hand flow into Max’s and nearly disappear inside his big palm.

“My father went along with it until one day he came home and we were drinking pinot noir. You should have heard him, he was furious! He demanded to know what we were doing and mom simply explained that we were learning.

‘Learning?’ He exclaimed. ‘What the hell does drinking wine have to do with learning?’

Nancy smiled at her daughter who was grinning with her two front teeth missing. She patted her head and then turned back to her husband.

‘Why, darling,’ she explained. ‘We are learning about French culture.’

She said it as if it should have been the most obvious thing in the world.

‘Duhhhh,’ little Liz emphasized.

Max laughed honestly and Liz tightened her hold on his hand. “After that he made me go back to school,” she said.

“What a spoil sport,” Max commented.

“Yes,” Liz agreed. “If I ever have children I want to teach them myself. I learnt more when I was with my mom for a week then I did for a whole term in school. I think I would do a pretty good job.”

Max leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “I can just imagine a little girl looking exactly like you mouthing the ABCs’ while you pointed to a little black board with a stick.”

Liz elbowed him in the side. “Are you making fun of me? That’s not a good idea because you know I can kick your ass.”

“No you can’t,” Max said. “You can win a lot of things but not a physical fight with me. Thank God, because then I’d be in real trouble.”

“Jerk,” Liz mumbled. “Have you never heard the saying, ‘you can do anything if you set your mind to it?’ It’s not good to go around shattering peoples illusions.”

“Yes, especially not yours.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing at all,” he replied. He stopped walking and leaned down to kiss her. They were interrupted by a long fizzing noise and then a pop and shattering. Liz looked up to see fire works and laughed. “Oh someone’s having a party!”

They walked around the next corner and discovered a large opening which was packed with cars and people. It was a carnival.

Liz jumped once in glee as if she’d been on the desert dying of thirst and now had a bottle of ice cold water in front of her. She led him through the people towards the attractions and even waved hello to a clown holding balloons.

“Oh I love carnivals!” Liz cried.

“I can tell.”

Liz asked what the date was and when she found out she was shocked. “Oh, its been way over three months since I began this job to run off to Italy and drag your firm, nice, hot, bottom back to New York. I have totally broken my job ritual. I should have a new job by now!”

“This stopped being a job a long time ago,” Max argued.

“I’m still getting money off your father aren’t I?”

“Well, we don’t know if you are.”

“I bet I am,” she said.

Liz noticed a stall where you had to throw darts at a dart board to win a prize. She pulled Max towards it and said, “win me a prize, or I’ll kick your ass.”

The stall man laughed and said, “you better win, she sounds serious.”

“You have no idea,” Max joked. He pulled out some of the little amount of money they had left and handed it to the man. He hit the bulls eye with all the darts and won Liz a huge teddy bear that Max said was larger then she was.

“Maybe you should make the game harder for your next customers,” Liz commented. “Its too easy.”

“Never has been before!” Was the mans reply.


“Oh thank God! Lizzie!” Nancy Parker threw her arms around her daughter and sobbed on her shoulder. “I am so glad to see you! Let’s go home.”

“How? We have no passports or…”

Nancy smiled brightly and reached into her bag and produced two wallets and two passports. “I went to the house in Naples before coming here! It was Mr. Evans’ idea and I am under strict orders that I must at once bring both of you home. And Liz you don’t have to worry about going back and getting your things, I already packed them all and took it across the road.”

Liz bit her lip and glanced at Max who was clenching his jaw and fists.

“I’m just going to go back to Naples,” he said trying to stay calm.


“Mom, he doesn’t have to go back to New York. When’s our flight?” Liz asked.

“Tomorrow morning around 5am,” Nancy rolled her eyes. “Why it had to be that early, I’ll never know! Anyway, we are all staying at the hotel across the road for the night.”

Liz rapped her arm around her mothers shoulders. “Oh mom, what would we have done without you?” She got so emotional she felt tears sting her eyes. “I’m just going to go take a shower and then we are all going to have something to eat.” She got up onto her tippy toes and kissed Max’s cheek before heading towards the door.

That evening as Liz was getting ready for bed her mother asked what was going on between her and Max.

“We are…involved,” Liz explained.

“How…involved?” Nancy asked.

Liz sighed; she never was comfortable talking about these things with her mother.

“Have you had sex with him? I mean, I know you two have been through an awful lot and sometimes when two people are going through something traumatizing, they reach for the first bit of comfort. If you and Max were there for each other during this that’s okay but…”

“Mom,” Liz put a stop to her little speech. “What happens between Max and I isn’t any of your business. We did not get together here in Germany we were already together when we were in Italy.”

“Oh, well…” Nancy said. She looked like she still had something to say.

“What?” Liz asked.

“Well its just that…its Max Evans sweety. I don’t know if he’s the best person for you to get involved with. He’s just…”

“He’s what?” Liz asked. “He’s perfect for me? Because he is mom, he is perfect. You don’t even know him properly.
All you know is what those Goddamn country club freaks say. Please just give him a chance, he makes me happier then I ever have been before. Besides, I am old enough to decide who I want to be with now.”

Nancy sat down on the end of her bed. “Well…you sound in love! Oh my! Are you going to marry him?”

“Well… yeah one day maybe. I don’t know, I want to but he… I don’t know. He has some stuff to deal with.”

Liz stood with her hands on her hips and she fidgeted with the material of her lace nightgown anxiously. She wanted to go to him.

“Go,” Nancy said.

Liz didn’t need to be told twice. She ran to the door and on her way out she said, “thank you!”

She didn’t bother knocking at Max’s door she just walked in. He wasn’t in the room and she wandered into the bathroom where he was lying the bathtub with his head back and his eyes closed.

“Hmm,” she mumbled.

He opened his eyes and turned his head to look at her. His eyes wandered over her baby pink and white night gown and groaned deep in his throat.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m…” Liz thought for a second as her eyes roamed over his bare upper body. “I’m waiting for you to make room for me in that tub.”

“But you’ve already had your shower,” Max teased. The steam in the bathroom was clinging to him…moistening his skin and making it more intriguing.

Liz shrugged. “I think you could clean me better,” she chuckled at herself. She can’t believe she actually said that!

Max chuckled too. He shifted so he was sitting up and watched as she pulled her nightgown over her shoulders. She pulled off her underwear and then lifted one leg into the water. She shivered. “That’s very hot,” she said.

“I like it that way,” he said watching her. With one leg up like that, he had a great view of what was in-between her legs. It aroused him immensely.
She lifted the other foot into the water and slowly lowered her bottom between his open legs. She sat back with her back against his chest and bent her head to kiss Max’s lips. He ran his hands through her hair as he kissed her.

“Liz…” he moaned. “What are we going to do?”

Liz massaged his tongue with her own. “I think you know what we are going to do,” she teased.

Max opened his eyes and broke the kiss hesitantly. “No… I mean about us. I am going back to Naples.”

“I know you are,” she said. “Max…” She ran her hands up and down his thighs under the water. “I have to go back to New York. You can run away and live life without worries like a fantasy but I can’t. I have things to get back to.”

“Well I suppose that’s it then,” his tone was sour.
Liz shivered. “What do you mean you crazy man? Like I’m going to let you go that easily.”

“Then what?”

“I don’t know…” she said. “Maybe I’ll just have to go home and come visit you at some other time.”

“That sucks,” he said. He licked the moisture off her neck. “It’s not good enough for me.”

Liz felt his firm arousal against her bottom and the familiar tingle between her legs as her want grew. “Well Max I don’t know what you want me to do. That’s really the only choice we have since you won’t come back to New York.”

“Yes, I guess it is,” he said with a sigh.

“Look we’ll figure it out…” she shifted so she could lift herself over his arousal and come down on him. “I’ll go back to New York and I guess we’ll just see from there…”

Max moaned as he moved into her center and she threw her head back on his shoulder and clenched her hands on his thighs. She panted as she spoke, “you know my mother asked about us.”

“Oh…” Max felt her raise her hips and slid down again. “Yeah?” He finished.

“Hmm,” she murmured. “She doesn’t think the best of you from what she’s…oh GOD! —She’s heard of you…oh right there, mmm.

What was she saying? Max wondered. He couldn’t think, nothing made any sense to him past what she was doing to him. His hands curled around her hipbones as she rose up again thrust back down.

“Oh Max!” she cried as she neared the place she was dying to be.

He nibbled on her neck and pressed his forehead into her long hair. She smelt so good.

After they climaxed they cleaned each other with the hotel soap before getting out of the water and heading towards the bedroom. Liz slipped her nightgown back on and collapsed onto the bed with a soft thud.

“What were you saying before?” Max asked as he dried his hair.

“I don’t remember,” she smiled sheepishly at him.

“Oh, well then it can’t have been important,” he said. He turned off the lights and climbed under the blankets naked. “I called the airport earlier and found out the next flight to Italy is on Wednesday.”

“So you are going to stay here by yourself?” She asked.
“I guess so,” he said. The bed shuddered as Liz moved and climbed under the covers next to him.

“Max… you can’t hide forever.” She didn’t know how he would react to her saying that but she had to let it out.

She had been trying to keep her mouth shut about his situation and only be supportive but it was true.

Max sighed. “Please don’t.”


“Liz, don’t you think I know that? I don’t want to think about it right now. This is our last evening together and I want—“


Liz shot up and reached over Max to turn the bedside lamp on. “What the hell?” She panicked.

Max got up and pulled on some pants before walking over to the door. He opened it a little of the way before it was kicked open the rest of the way. Jeff and two of his men barged in with guns ready in their hands.

“Oh Christ,” Liz said, feeling nothing but annoyance.

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“Well, well, well,” Jeffery said with a glint in his eye. “Looks like we finally found our runaways.”

Liz stayed where she was. The nightgown she was wearing didn’t leave much to the imagination and she didn’t ant to give the men in the room as eye full.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Max muttered. Obviously this was nothing but annoying for him too. Notice that neither of them was scared of the snake of a man in front of them?

Max stepped closer to the bed, in front of Liz who was sitting with the blanket clutched to her chest.

She yelled at them in hopes of getting her mothers attention in the next room. “Jeff when the hell will you give up? Your stupid ransom plan won’t work—our parents won’t give you shit so you will be holding us captive for nothing. I suggest you leave before the police arrive”

“Oh darling Liz,” Jeff hissed. “That mouth of yours—so crude. You must have got that off your mother.”

“Look,” Max said. “If you leave now, maybe we’ll think about not pressing charges against you.” Liz was so proud of him, standing there half-naked towering off her pathetic excuse for a father. He had his hands on his hips and his jaw clenched. “I suggest you apologize to Liz before I cause you some serious pain.”

Jeff laughed. “Is that right?” He said. “Well maybe you’d like to see just how much pain one of these will inflict on you.” He motioned to the gun behind him.

“You think I’m actually afraid of you?” Max looked down into Jeff’s face. “Don’t fuck with me, because I am really not in the mood to deal with any of you shit.”

Liz would have cheered for him if it were appropriate.
Down the hall, they heard a thud and footsteps. Before anyone knew it, three policemen and the hotel owner barged in.

“What’s going on here?” The owner asked in German
“Arrest them!” Liz spat out motioning to her father and the men with the guns. “They tried to kidnap us to get ransom off our parents! They have been threatening to kill us!”

The policemen had already surrounded them. “Put the guns down, now!”

Max walked backwards across the room to see if Liz was okay. Jeffery was handcuffed and soon his men were too. “You two will have to come down to the station to answer some questions,” one of the larger policemen said. His voice was heavily accented and hard to understand.

Liz didn’t really want to leave but she knew they couldn’t keep her father in jail if she didn’t come and tell them all about what he had put them through. This was her last night with Max for heaven’s sake! The only she wanted to do was stay here and be naked!

Once the policemen dragged the others out of the room Max spoke to the owner of the hotel. He didn’t speak very well English but understood most of what Max said.

Max apologized for the disturbance and he said that when the men came into the lobby down stairs he knew to call the police because they looked like trouble. He had no idea it would be this serious. He offered to give them a lift to the police station and Max accepted but explained that they would have to get dressed first.

The owner left and closed the door after him.

“This is so annoying!” Liz hissed. She got out from under the blankets and walked towards Max. He opened his arms for her and she hugged him. “I just want to stay here,” she said.

“Hmm, so do I,” he said. He placed a kiss on her forehead and then broke away so he could put on a shirt. Liz went next door to her mothers room to get some of her clothes. Liz found it very amusing when she saw that her mother was fast asleep and her snores were the only noise coming from the dark room. She didn’t bother waking her but as she was heading out she woke up and asked what was going on. Liz explained and Nancy demanded to come to, she wanted to see her ex.

They didn’t get back from the police station until 2:30am and by then, everyone was exhausted.

“There really isn’t any point in going back to sleep, our flight is only a couple of hours away. I might go across the road and have some food in one of the cafés. Would you two like to come?” Nancy’s eyes roamed over their entangled hands and knew they weren’t going to come. They went back to their room and Nancy headed for the airport.

The realization that in a few hours they would no longer be around each other 24/7 was sinking in and a chill set over their hearts. Liz really didn’t know how she could go from being around Max all the time to not being near him at all. Max had a loud raging war going on inside him and he felt like he was going to vomit.

When they closed the door to their room, an awkward silence fell over them.

Liz bit her lip.

“Look Liz…” Max stepped in front of her and put his hands on her hips. “We will figure something out.”

“Will we?” She asked. “You’re just going to go back to Italy and probably find some new flamingo girl and forget all about me and why not? There are so many beautiful Italian wome—“

“Liz, what the hell are you talking about?” He asked. Didn’t she understand what she was to him? “Liz… you are it for me, you have no idea how much I—“

“If you love me so much then why won’t you come to New York with me?” She stepped away from him. “You can’t hide from your father forever and that’s what you are doing Max. You are living off him! You went to one of the most prestigious university’s in America and you could have some wonderful job as a doctor that makes you happy but instead you are letting him ruin your life. Just how long do plan to live this way?”

She regretted what she said as soon as she saw Max’s face.

“Is that what you think?” He asked dejectedly.

“Max,” she put her hands on his chest. “I think that you have so much talent and you are wasting it. It just… it’s such a shame to see you doing nothing with everything you know. I’m only saying this because I love you and I want the best for you.” She kissed him. “Don’t be mad at me…”

Max sighed and opened the door behind her. “I need to go for a walk and think… I’ll be back later.”

“But we only have—“

“I need this,” Max said. “I’m sorry.”

When he was gone Liz took off all over her clothes and climbed under the blankets on the bed. She lay there in the dark feeling completely hopeless. She was so mad at herself! Why did she have to go say those things to Max? What she said might have been the truth but this was hard for Max. Argh! She thought. Why couldn’t he have just stayed and finished this? She wanted to explain that she would be there for him no matter what…

She woke up at four when she felt Max climb into bed beside her. She figured he would be mad at her but when she rolled over her body brushed against his and she knew he was naked. She curled into his side and kissed his neck. “Are you okay?” She whispered in his ear sleepily.

He didn’t answer for a long time. “Yes,” he finally replied. “And I’ve decided that it’s a good thing that we are going to have some time apart.”

Liz stiffened. “What?” She asked. “For Gods sake… Max I didn’t mean to—“

“Let me finish,” she felt him smile against her neck. “I just think that if we have some time apart we can decide what we really want… and where we stand. Well, where we want to stand.”

Liz sighed. “Do you think you need that?” She asked.

“I know I do,” he said. “I need to sort myself out.”

Liz moved away from him and rolled back onto her side. “Okay then,” she mumbled.

“Liz don’t be upset,” he said.

Liz groaned.

“I love you but you are were completely right. You are too good for me right now.”

“Horse shit!” Liz spat out. “I didn’t mean that! I just…”

Max put his hand over her mouth. “I’m not breaking up with you Liz, don’t get upset, please. We are just going to get our lives back on track again so we can have a proper relationship. It’s going to be hard for me not being able to see you but I want to be sorted out for you before I screw up your life.”

“Oh?” She asked. “And how long will it take you to ‘fix’ your life? How many other males have said that to girls who don’t know better! You get what you want from us and then you just run off and find someone new.”

“Liz would you stop?” Max exclaimed. “Who would I run away too? I don’t want anyone else, don’t you understand that? I love you. I want to be with you, I want to marry you.”


“I want to be with you,” he said.

“No, after that.”

“I… I…”

“You said you wanted to marry me,” she said. “Oh my God.”

Max’s hands slid over her waist and pulled her close to him. “Yes,” he purred. “When I’m sorted out. When I have a job.”

Liz was silent. Max was going insane. “Liz?”

“Holy shit.”


Liz rolled over and pressed her lips to his. “No… shh, don’t say anything. Don’t say anything at all,” she licked his tongue with hers. “Don’t ruin the moment.”

When Max made love to her, she felt something she had never felt before. She didn’t know how to describe it; it was more then passion and something-deeper then love, something that resembled an utter feeling of completion. Something that made tears fill her eyes when he emptied himself inside her.

She didn’t want him to get up off her when they were finished; she wanted to feel his whole body pressed against hers for longer. She couldn’t imagine a more amazing feeling then his bare skin against hers.

When they got dressed, they didn’t talk. They held hands as they crossed the road to the airport and stood close together as they waited for her boarding call.

“Well,” Nancy said putting on her sunglasses. “I must tell you Max, when your parents find our your not coming back with us they will be mighty pisse—“

“Mom, drop it,” Liz cut her off.

When it was time to leave Liz rapped her arms around Max’s waist and hugged him tight. “Please don’t leave me to wait long,” she begged.

“I’ll ring you when I get to Italy,” he said. “Liz don’t worry about me.”

“Hmm,” she mumbled. “Yeah right.” He squeezed her tight and kissed her lips. “God this is hard. I love you, don’t forget that.”

“Okay,” she mumbled.

“Come on now Liz,” Nancy said. “Don’t give these snoopy Germans’ a show.”

Liz looked up into Max’s eyes. “If I never hear from you again, I will hang myself over my bath tub.”

A look of complete terror passed over Max’s face. “Oh my God Liz!”

“Don’t make it come to that and you’ll have nothing to worry about,” she said.

“Please, stay away from bathtubs!” He said. Liz kissed him passionately. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.” He motioned to her mother tapping her foot impatiently. “You better get going before she blows a fuse.”

“Yes, we can’t have that,” Liz said. She pulled out of his embrace. “I’ll see you,” she said.

“Yes, you will.”


“Didn’t Jeffery look so old?” Nancy exclaimed. “He was like a completely different man! You know when he was younger he was quite good looking.” She snorted. “What the hell happened?”

Liz closed her eyes and pulled the airplane blanket up to her chin.

“It’s a shame he had to end up this way. How long do you think they’ll lock him up for? A long time I hope. Don’t worry sweety, he won’t bother you again.”

Liz sighed. “I know.”

“I don’t know what possessed him to do such an idiotic thing. He used to have some sense. He is not the man I know at all.” Nancy kissed Liz’s cheek. “I wonder how he found out about you being at Max’s house.”

“I don’t know,” Liz said. “Mom I’m really tired…”

“Oh of course you are, I’m so sorry darling I’ll leave you alone. That movie looks quite good I’ll watch that. I am SO glad you are coming home.”

Liz slept the whole way home and then, not wanting to go home to any empty house she went and stayed at her mothers house. For two days she lazed around, ate, and acted depressed. Her mother looked after her and tried to get her to come out with her but she missed Max and ‘couldn’t be bothered’.

On the third day, she went home. She was glad to be there but everything around her that used to be her world, now seemed trivial. Her insides felt uninhabited or perhaps more so, deserted.

Trying to cheer up, she reminded herself that: Liz Parker loved her apartment.

She felt beautiful and elegant just because she owned it. She would fill her wardrobe with old-fashioned handsome garments, made with exquisite designs.

Though they were tasteful, they weren’t in fashion. That’s what Liz seemed to enjoy the most about them.

Her large bedroom was her favorite room; the floor was covered with random gathered tiles. Her bedspread was a crisp white with embroided designs of flowers and everything that resembled delight. There was nothing unpleasant about her place; everything was charming and fine.

Liz looked around her home and forced a smile. She needed to feel the bloom and elegance she possessed within her once again. She needed to concentrate on nothing but feeling attractive. Her world had been turned upside down and right now she needed to flip it back into place, with a spatula if need be.

First she would have a bath, a long hot bubble bath in her sunshine bathroom including a fire place and Jacuzzi. Then she would cook and eat some finely made cuisine.
Yes, that is what she would do.

After her luxurious soak, Liz stood in front of her wardrobe in her best lace and cotton underwear and assessed her clothing. Nothing seemed elegant enough for her this evening and she made a mental note to purchase some new apparel tomorrow.

After several minutes she settles upon a light read gown that ran down her body to mid calf. It’s v-neck low cut front had tiny white stitching up along the hem to its thick straps on her shoulders.

Next she sat at her dresser in front of her mirror and did her hair. She parted it to the side and curled it before pinning it up in loose bunches to the back of her head.

She left one long curly strand to hang from her neck and then moisturized her skin with a lavender cream. Next came make up, first eye liner and mascara, blush, lipstick—not too much.

Finally, sandalwood perfume dabbed on wrist. Neck.

There, she thought.

Wait shoes?

No, no shoes. She stood up and evaluated herself. She looked beautiful and only she was there to see it. Life was good.

“This should make the filthiness of being locked up for weeks go away,” she decided. She walked into the dinning room and put on her Norah Jones C.D, the soft beat of ‘come away with me’ flooded the house and finally she felt comfortable.

When dinner of steak, salad, wine and potatoes was almost done someone was rude enough to knock on the door and interrupt her. Ah, she thought, suddenly getting a headache when she saw whom it was. I don’t need this.

He commented on how good she looked and the wonderful smell of food cooking and let himself in. She couldn’t believe this guy used to be tolerable. He certainly wasn’t anymore.

“I was just about to eat dinner,” she explained. “So you’ll have to—“

“Good, I’ll join you,” he said.

Liz gritted her teeth and forced herself to nod. “Very well.”

10pm, and several wineglasses later the annoying man would still not leave. There was another knock at the door and Liz gladly excused herself from his company.
Ahhh! A savior. “Max?” She asked astonished. “What are you doing here?”

He stepped inside and closed the door behind him. “I was on the plane to—why do you look so stunning? —Italy and I realized that he is doing it again. He is taking you away from me without even having to try. Just like last time.”

What? “Who?” she asked.

“My father,” Max cupped her cheek to lean down and kiss her.

There were footsteps behind her.

“Was I mentioned?”

Max glanced over her shoulder in shock. “What the hell is he doing here?”

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“You know I’ve been thinking,” Liz said. “Why is the word ‘abbreviate’ so long?”

Max did not look happy. “Don’t change the subject,” he yelled.

“Don’t yell at me!” Liz exclaimed. “Why don’t you ask him? I’m still trying to figure it out as well!”

Her heart was drowned in wine. She had just sat there on her pine wood chair with red velvet cushioning and the more she looked at Philip Evans the more she noticed the resemblance’s to Max and the more she missed him. The alcohol had been a welcoming relief from reality.

“I can’t believe this,” Max said. “I can’t believe this.”

“Believe what?” Liz asked. She was so drunk. Damn it.

Philip Evans crossed his arms over his chest. “Ahh so I see you did do your job. Well done Miss Parker. You’ll have to get a bonus in your pay check.”

Max opened the door and was about to head out when Liz grabbed his arm. “Don’t leave, I missed you so much,” she said.

“It doesn’t appear that way,” he said. “You found a substitute very quickly. Tell me, Philip, how is it you manage to get the attention of so many girls young enough to be your daughter?”

“Oh my God!” Liz yelled dramatically.

Max licked his lips. “I don’t want to intrude, I’ll leave you two alone.”

“You think…? Max you are so mean. Do you not remember three days ago in Germany I stood with my arms around you and my heart in my eyes and fucking begged you not to leave me and now you think I’m with you father?” Her voice slurred and she turned and walked towards her bedroom, nearly tripping over her own feet. “I’ll be in my room, if you decide you can grow up then I’ll be waiting, because I’m stupid enough to care for you.”

Her door closed with a slam and the music from her stereo was turned up loud.

Max went to go after her when his father spoke. “So I see you still aren’t very popular with the ladies.”

Max spun around. “Why did you even bother hiring Liz? You obviously think as little of me as you always did. So why would you want me home?”

“For your mother,” he said. “You were always my burden but she loves you and I love her.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I couldn’t see that through the memory of you fucking Angie branded in my mind!” He continued towards Liz’s door. “You can leave now, you aren’t welcome here.”

“So that’s why you left,” Philip said.

Max ignored him.

“I’ll be sure to tell your mother you’re here.”

The music turned off. Max turned around and looked at the man in front of him blankly. Really looked at him. He looked much older then the last time he had seen him. He had more grey hair and the color in his eyes seemed dimmer. His skin was wrinkled and his lips grey but he still wore the same expensive suits that were dry cleaned so that not a single crease could be seen in the material.

“How could you do it, how could you cheat on mom and me? She trusted you.” Max knew that Angie was not the only girl his father had taken liberties with.

“Like she trusted you to stay here and be the perfect son she always dreamed of? You are just as much a let down as I am.” Philip put his hands in his pockets. “It’s a harsh world Max, you can’t just run away when the going gets tough.”

“No the going didn’t get tough,” Max retorted. “It got a whole lot more complicated. And I didn’t run away I left so I wouldn’t have to face mom with your lies! Yours, not mine. You are making me pay for what you did, what you do.”

“Your mother,” Philip started. “Was devastated when you left and a little bit of her love for you faded. You know why? Because when Isabel left she stopped talking to her. Every time you’d call she’d pretend like she was normal on the phone.”

“How dare you.”

Their heads shot in the direction of the voice.

Liz made her appearance again and stomped up to Philip. She had had enough. “Get out of my house,” she said trying to stay calm. “Max is twice the man you’ve ever been and will be a hundred times the father. Don’t you dare try to make what you did his fault too. Don’t you DARE. I don’t want your Goddamn money and I don’t want you to come anywhere near us ever again. GET. OUT.”

“This has nothing to do with you Miss Parker.”

“It has everything to do with her,” Max argued loudly.

Liz put her hands on her hips. “It became my business when you hired me and when you came into MY house and ruined MY evening. I am going to tell you this one more TIME BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE.” Liz stepped backwards into Max. “Get. Out. Of. My. House.”

Philip glanced between the two silently and then with three clanks of his shoes on the marble floor walked to the door. “You can be sure that you were the worst thing I had the shame of saying I was apart of. Angie saw right through you too. My guess is, Liz Parker will come to her senses at some point or another.” With one swift movement the door clicked closed loudly and Max and Liz were left alone.

Liz turned around to face Max and saw that he was trying his hardest to stay composed. Liz got up onto her tiptoe and kissed his eyelids lovingly.

“Don’t ever be embarrassed in front of me,” she

whispered. Then she ran her hands through his hair and drew his head down to rest on her breast. His arms wen around her waist and she sucked in a deep breath. “I’m so glad you came to me Max.” Her lips parted and her eyes drifted closed.

“So I guess your not mad at me anymore?” He whispered. “I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions, I just saw you dressed up and—“

“It’s okay,” she said. “I just needed to think. I am drunk.”

“You are a pretty collected drunk,” he said. He closed his eyes and sniffled, he couldn’t stop the one tear that Liz felt against her chest.

“You know,” she said. “This evening I got all dressed up to remind myself that I had a life before you. Maybe that’s what you need to do with your father. Remember you had good things that you enjoyed about New York.”

Max wiped his eyes and straitened up.

“You do know why your father is so mean to you don’t you?” Liz looked up at him he looked confused. “From what I heard when I was eves dropping it is obvious that he is jealous of your mothers devotion to her children, to you and Isabel. He is taking it out on you because you are the male and it is just wrong to treat a daughter that way.” Liz ran her hands inside his jacket. “Max, everything he is doing is because he wants to be loved. Poor him.”

“Poor him!” He yelled. “Yeah right! He can find all the love he needs in the teenagers he sleeps with.”

Liz shook her head slightly. “Let’s go out, I’m all dressed up and dying to dance. Let’s make you some new, New York memories.”

“Can I kiss you first? I haven’t kissed you in three days,” he said leaning down. “I’m sorry again, by the way.”
“Show me how sorry you are.”

Max’s lips covered hers in a romantic duel of affection. He massaged her tongue with his and let his hands wonder down to cup her ass and hold her against him. “Bedroom?” He mumbled.

“Hmm,” Liz moaned. “Yes.”

“Wait,” he said breaking the kiss. “My bags, they’re…”

He opened the door and motioned to his suitcases sitting in the hallway. He picked up two of them and brought them inside.

“That’s a lot of bags,” Liz commented. “Plan on staying long?” her lips perked upwards.

“A long time,” he said laughing. He followed her to the bedroom and put his bags down by the bed. After he went and got the other three he collapsed onto her bed and ran his hands through his hair. “Do you still want to go out?” He asked.


“I need to shower first.”

“Okay, I’ll get you a towel.”

Max followed her. “You look beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you.” She shoved a towel into his arms. “So did you see Michael and Maria when you were in Italy?”

“I was only there for a few hours, but they came to the airport to see me off.” Max watched as she turned on the shower. “This is a really nice place.”

“Thank you, I designed it myself.”

“Your talented,” he said. “In every way.”

“Hmm,” she grinned. “Speaking of talent, I have to start searching for a new job. I’ll go down to the store on the corner and get a paper while you’re in the shower okay?”


She kissed him. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I’m glad I’m here too.”

Max was just finished getting ready when she got back. He walked into the room smelling wonderful and wearing an expensive suit.

“You’ve shaved,” she said. She picked up the vase of flowers off the dinning room table and brought them into the kitchen. Max watched as she poured the water out and then throw the flowers away.

“What are you doing?” He finally asked.

Liz turned and smiled at him. “They were from your father. What kind of a man buys red roses for an employee? He is twisted.”

Max chuckled. “Liz, how well did you know my father before you came to Italy?”

“Not very well,” she explained. “But I met with your mother and him a few times at his house after my interview.”

“Oh.” Max came up behind her and rapped his arms around her waist. He nuzzled his face in her neck and kissed her skin. “You smell so good,” he said.

“So do you,” she sucked in a deep breath. Seeing that this was heading in a direction that would not have them leaving the house tonight, she quickly pulled away. “Come on let’s go,” she said.

When they were in the taxi Liz asked him to name the places he had bad memories of.

“Hey,” she said. “I know Angie worked at a café, so we’ll have to go eat there so I can see her.”

“Are you kidding? No way!”

“Max,” she leaned over and kissed him. “Don’t you want her to see how good you are doing now? With a gorgeous girlfriend…”

Max laughed.

They went dancing at a club where everyone was over thirty and learning how to do the Gay Gordon.

Afterwards they went to an ice cream bar and went for a walk in the park while they ate it.

“See?” Liz said.


“New York can be great.” Liz threaded her arm through Max’s and put her head on his shoulder. “Max, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

He was paying an awful lot of attention to his ice cream cone suddenly. “What your father said… it was really mean and it was just out of anger. He is wrong in so many ways. What he said about me seeing through you, you know that would never happen right?”


“Because I’ve seen inside you and that’s too wonderful to want to look past, does that make any sense?” She laughed.

“No,” he said smiling.

“Max, don’t think about your father. You’re here to see me right?”

“Yes.” He placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Then focus only on me and I will focus on healing you.”

When they waked by the fountain Max pulled her down onto a park bench to watch it. He was going to sit down next to her and then, suddenly got down onto his knee in front of her.

“You know,” he said taking her hands in his. “I never thought that I would go with tradition and get down on one knee like this.” He kissed her hands. “But, it seems appropriate because at this moment I feel I have to beg you to stay like this forever, caring so much for me.” He smiled at her. “I love you and your every little habit, even when you loose your temper. I didn’t think that I could ever find that, someone I could adore even when she’s yelling at me.”

Liz laughed.

“However, I have, and there is no way that I will allow it to just slip away from me. You are amazing, talented, and stunning and I know that no one will ever compare to you. You are sticking with me even through all my issues and that’s got to mean that you’ll be able to put up with me even when I’m old and ugly. I once heard someone say, age does not protect you from love but love to some extent protects you from age. I promise that if you say yes, and marry me, that I will put you before everything else in life because nothing matters to me anymore but you. When I first met you, I thought you were the most beautiful person I’d ever met and that was before I even saw inside you. We have been through a lot and I now know that anything that comes our way in the future we’ll be able to overcome it together. Please, Elizabeth Parker, do me the honor in being the one you come home to at night and being the last person you see before you go to sleep for the rest of your life.”

Max seemed to hold his breath as he waited her reply.

Like she could even think of saying no!

Liz was surprised when he pulled a ring out of his pocket. It had a thick silver band, she had once told him she liked rings like that, and the four diamonds were inside the band. He put it on her finger and she wriggled her fingers in the air to see the diamonds glitter.

“If I marry you, will you buy me expensive jewelry on all my birthdays?” Liz asked.

Max laughed. “Only if you pick it out, I have bad taste.”

Liz pulled him up to sit next to her. “Max, I’m kidding. Of course I’ll marry you!” She threw her arms around his neck and pushed her lips onto his.

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Sorry about the lack of updates I've had a bit of a rough week. I'll be working on it as soon as possible, I've only written one page and I'm not very happy with it so I don't know when the part will actually be up! Thank you for the bumps and the FB and your wonderful words!
I'll try and write quickly *wink*

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Hey all, here it is. You know those parts where nothing happens and you wonder what the point is in reading it but you read it anyway? Well this is one of those parts. AKA Fluff!!!!

Have you met Miss Parker
Someone said as we shook hands
She was just Miss Parker to me
Then I said Miss Parker
You're a girl who understands
I'm a man who must be free.
And all at once I lost my breath
And all at once was scared to death
And all at once I own the earth and sky
Now I met Miss Parker
And well keep on meeting till we die

Liz woke up with a smile on her face and a song stuck in her head. Max was pretty proud of himself when he changed the name on the 'Miss Jones' song and all she did was laugh at him. He would be laughing at her now if he knew her dreams had been filled with that annoying thing. She rolled onto her back and stretched lazily. Where was her fiancee anyway? She modestly pulled the sheet up to cover her naked body and sucked in a deep breath.

Wait a minute, she thought. What is that I smell?

She couldn't believe it; he was making her breakfast in bed! She sat up and ran her hands through her hair so she wouldn't look half-asleep when her man came in. She wiped the sleep from her eyes and then peaked under the sheet to inspect her naked body. She decided she looked okay and propped herself up against the backboard and waited. Last night had been amazing. When they got home after walking around in the park, they had made love. Liz smiled when she thought of it.

It was the beautiful kind of sex that was so passionate and loving that it couldn't be described. The room had been dark with only the lamp near the wardrobe turned on. She had put an orange material over it so it only illuminated a little area with a soothing glow. On the bed she and Max had been crushed in a tight embrace of bare flesh and entangled limbs. Liz sighed, it was the kind of sex where you were so close and bound together you couldn't tell whose was whose. She heard the door bump open and Max walked in carrying a tray of food. He was wearing only his underwear and she watched his every move as he came closer. He smiled the smile he only reserved for her and she grinned.

"You made breakfast in bed?" She asked. He laughed as he plopped down onto the bed beside her.

"Don't be so surprised," he said.

"I just have only ever had breakfast in bed like once before because I was sick and if I moved I knew I would vomit. My mother doesn't like mess and she had to vacuum my sheets afterwards." Liz smiled at the food as if it were a Godsend. "Thank you," she said.

"Thank your neighbor," he said while he folded his legs underneath him. "I had to borrow eggs and milk. You have no food in your house."

"Our house," she corrected him romantically. "She wouldn't have been too happy about giving you food, I had to ask her for several things last night to make my dinner and she basically bit my head off."

"It was a he," Max said. He watched as she leaned down and opened the draw in her bedside table. She pulled out a lavender colored silk nightgown with a low cut front that was lined with lace. She pulled it on; making sure he got a decent flash of her bare breasts as the sheet she had been clutching to her chest fell away.

When she was covered she leaned forward and kissed his lips passionately. She felt his hands wander, one up her back and the over her hip to grasp her ass and quickly pulled away. "Eat your food before it gets cold," she said.

Max sighed like a told off little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "So you say it was a man huh? You can't have gone to the apartment on the left then."

Max sipped his coffee. "Actually, yes I did."

Liz raised her eyebrows house. "But that's little old Nara Jones's house! She's eighty-seven years old and as sour as a lemon. No men are ever at her house."

"Well this morning there was," Max said smiling. "He came to the door wearing, what I guess was her nightgown otherwise the man has some serious issues. He didn't mind getting me the food at all."
Liz shuddered. "Euh! That's disturbing."

"What, I think it's cute. It proves that life doesn't end when you get old."

"I have gross mental images in my mind! Ew! So you're saying you expect to still be making love to me when we are that old?"
"Yes, if we are still together."

"If," Liz hissed. "Excuse me?"
"I might tire of your body," Max teased. "And the little freckle you have at the top of your thigh just under your bottom. And the scar on your elbow from hooking it into a wire fence when you were fifteen."

Liz hit him with a pillow. "Shut up!" She said.

After they finished breakfast they went to the kitchen together and cleaned the dishes. "Why don't you have a dishwasher?" Max asked as he handed her wet plates.

Liz sat on the counter kicking her feet back and forth with a tea towel in her hands. "I didn't think it fitted the décor of my fabulous home. It's usually only me so I don't have to clean many dishes anyway. When I have a dinner party I hire someone to help."

Liz ran her foot up and down Max's thigh and noticed his reaction.
He paused and sucked in a deep breath and she laughed. "Will you still enjoy that when I'm forty and fat?"

"Yes," Max replied.

"Well that's not very good, we can't have our children finding us in an awkward situation. It will be: Daddy why are you making mommy scream?"

"Speaking of children," Max said. "Last night you said something and its stuck in my head. When you spoke to my father, you said 'he'll be a hundred times the father.' Was that because you're...? I mean you're not...?"

"Pregnant?" Liz asked. She shook her head. "I'm not pregnant Max. Don't you think I'd tell you?" she grabbed him and forced him to stand between her legs. "I'm back on the pill now, and when I got off the plane the first thing I did was take a day after pill. It's possible but unlikely."

Max rapped his arms around her. "Okay."

"Did you want me to be?" She asked.

"No, well yes, I think maybe we should wait till after..."

"We're married?" She said nodding. "I think so too."

She ran her fingers along the waistband of his shorts and leaned her face into his. "You would make the most beautiful children," she said.

"So would you." They kissed slowly and lovingly and Liz slipped her hand down into Max's boxers. She rapped her hand around his shaft and teased him by not moving it at all. He groaned.


She giggled. "What will you do for me?" She asked.

"Did I not do enough for you last night?" He asked opening one eye.


Liz rapped her legs around his hips digging her heels into the backs of his thighs. "Kiss me like I love," she said.

He kissed her slowly, tracing her lips with his tongue and she slowly started doing the same with her hand...


Liz shot away from her fiancee and turned her head to see eight of her country club friends standing in the doorway looked flustered and embarrassed.

"Mia? Daria? Gerri?' Liz asked shocked. "What are you guys doing here?"
Gerri spoke, her cheeks a deep red, "We'll just go wait for you in the coffee room." The girls all scattered away quickly and Max couldn't help but chuckle.

"Why are you laughing?" Liz asked not amused. "Those girls spend day after day at the country club gossiping. My mother, your mother, everyone will hear about this."

"Oh," Max said not caring. "What a shame."

Liz pulled her hand out of his shorts and jumped down off the counter. She walked back to the bedroom shaking her head and muttering under her breath. Max followed her.

He closed the bedroom door after them and leaned his back against it. "How long are they going to be here?" He asked.

"I don't know, forever I guess," Liz turned around and looked at him. She had left him high and dry and very prominent. She was the one to laugh now. "I guess you'll have to go take a cold shower now," she said grinning.

Max raised his eyebrows. "I don't think so, you have to finish what you started."

"No way! My friends are all sitting in the next room!"

"Your point?"

Max picked her up rapped her legs around his waist. "Have you never heard of a quickie? Wait a minute, I know you have." He walked backwards over to the bed holding Liz to him.

"Put me down Max I have to get dressed, you're crazy!"

He fell back onto the bed only to get the corner and tumble to the floor. Liz doubled over with laughter, her hair all over her face.

"You stupid ass!" She cried. "I hope this isn't how you try to seduce other women."

Max laughed. "It's your fault not mine." He flipped them over so he was above her and wasted no time pulling down his shorts and spreading her legs apart.

"No Max!" Liz said while laughing. "This can be classified as rape you know. I'll sue your sorry ass..."

Max slid inside her and pulled her dress up above her chest so he could taste her breasts. "Rape? I don't think so. As your fiancee I have certain alienable rights."

The feeling of his rock hard arousal inside her slick wet, tight walls was enough to make Liz stop arguing and she threw her head back and waited. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and suckled on it causing her to moan his name. Finally he started moving inside her and it did not take long for him to ejaculate. Liz went to get up but Max stopped her. "Wait, but you didn't..."

"No I don't need to, I need to get dressed and get out there with my friends." She patted his head. She rapped her night gown around her shoulders and pulled her hair into a pony tale before hurrying out of the room leaving a disgruntled Max.

Her friends were sitting on the sofas waiting for her and she plopped down onto her seat before them with a smile. "I'm sorry about that..."

A chorus of sorry's came from the girls and liz shook her head. "Don't worry."

Angie changed the subject. "We've come to take you out to lunch! You've been gone so long and we are going to shout you to a YUM lunch at the new restaurant..."

"Your friend can come too," Daria said. "Who is he anyway?"

"I know," Kristen said. "It's Max Evans. I met him once when I was at lunch with Mrs. Evans."

"Max Evans!" The other girls cried.
"Oh!" Mia said. 'So this is your ploy to get him back to New York huh?" She winked.

"Uh..." Liz didn't know what to say. She didn't want to tell these girls about the engagement and have them go spread it before she even had a chance to tell her mother. "No, we're involved now."

"Involved? Involved as in, fucking or involved as in, together in love, involved?"

"Can she reply, both?" Kristen said giggling. She was the youngest, only nineteen.

Liz sighed. "We're together," she said.

"Oh, sounds like a hand full," Angie laughed at her own joke.

Oh God, had they seen that?

Max came out five minutes later after having a quick shower. He was dressed in a dark blue button down shirt and khaki pants. He kissed her and said he was going to the store to buy food.

"Aren't you going to introduce us?" Mia asked.

"Okay," Liz said. "Girls, this is Max, Max this is Kristen, Mia, Angie, Daria, Gerri, Trish, Renee and Cookie."

"Nice to meet you," Max said. "As much as I love to be in the presence of so many beautiful ladies I really have to get to the store. Liz?"
The women all cooed at his compliment. Liz rolled her eyes. "So you need any money?" She asked him.

"What do you take me for?" Max said. "No I don't." He kissed her again and when he tried to slip her some tongue she pulled away and looked at him warningly.

"Did he just try to French kiss her in front of us?" Kristen whispered to Mia.

Mia nodded vigorously. "That's so wrong!"

"That's so cute!" Angie exclaimed.

Max left after winking at Liz teasingly and she shook her head. Did he not understand she had to be a different person around her friends then what she was around him?

"Oh wow he is yummy," Cookie commented.

"I agree," Trish said.

"I am so jealous!"

Liz smiled to herself.

"Okay, you can tell us all about how this came into place. But first go have a shower Lizzie and then we'll go eat and shop!"

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oh you guys, thank you for the FB! I have to admit I have no idea how to end this fic!!!!! It may take me a little while to get the next part out. Hope you like this *tongue*


When Max came home with his arms full of shopping bags, Liz was not there but there was a note on the kitchen counter for him.

Max, gone out for lunch with girls, I’ll be back around two. I love you. xxxLiz

With a sigh, he put the note down and starting putting the groceries away. For lunch he made himself the tuna salad he was going to make Liz and buttered some pizza bread. He watched sport on the television while he ate and then decided he better go and see his mother. She was overwhelmed to see him and hugged for what felt like ten minutes.

“I can’t believe you’re actually home!” She cried. “Your father and I have missed you so much!”

Max wanted to say that he didn’t think his father cared at all but he didn’t. “It’s good to see you again. You look great, younger actually.”

“Ah ha ha, you liar,” she said. “Guess who is here.”


“Isabel! She flew up two days ago. I can’t believe my two babies are home. Are you going to be staying?”

Diane tugged him by his arm through to the dinning room where she had been eating lunch a few moments ago.

“I’m staying at Liz’s,” Max said.

Isabel got up from her chair when she saw him. “Max? Oh my God!” She rushed around to hug him. “You came home! I knew you wouldn’t be selfish!” She slapped him. “That’s for waiting so long you son of a bitch!”

Max rubbed his hand over his cheek. “Hey!” He said.

“Well, you deserve it dear, I haven’t seen you in over a year.” Diane clutched his arm. “What’s this I hear about Liz Parker? Nancy came back from Germany and wouldn’t shut up about the budding relationship you’ve got going with her.”

“Yes Max, you’ve got us all excited. Have you actually met someone that isn’t a bimbo and only good for a lay? Words can not describe how happy I am that you aren’t will Filomena any more.”

Max scratched behind his ear. “Yes, Liz and I are…an item.”

“An item?” Isabel asked. “Well is it serious?”

Should he tell them? “Liz and I are engaged,” he said.

Diane screamed and Isabel gasped. “My brother engaged?” She said. “Who are you? You must be an impostor!”

“As unbelievable as it is, its true. I still have trouble believing it myself.”

Diane hugged him again. “Engaged! My son engaged! I never thought I’d see the day.”

“You didn’t?”

“Well no… don’t worry about that. You are and that’s all that matters.”

Isabel pulled Max over to the table and sat him down. “I have to meet this Liz, she must be a very brave girl!”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Max asked.

Isabel sipped her drink. “Well you’re not exactly…marriage material Max.”

“Why not?” Max asked.

Diane sat down next to him. “Well… you, you think with your penis, love.”

Isabel laughed. “No beating around the bush mom.”

“Well why should I? All we’ve seen of him for years is him sleeping with random girls, never having an actual relationship. He knows he's good looking and he uses it to his advantage.”

“I’m in the room,” Max said not believing what he was hearing. “Suddenly I’m regretting that I told you. Wait, no I’m regretting coming here.”

“Don’t be so sensitive Max. It’s obvious that you’ve changed now and are ready to finally be in a relationship. We couldn’t be more happy for you.” Isabel smiled. “So, you and Liz must come for dinner tonight.”

“No, we are eating in tonight. I’ve only been back since last night and I want to relax. Maybe tomorrow night?”

“What a party pooper,” Diane said. “But if you must, stay home. Nevertheless, expect a lot of attention now your back. Everyone will want to see you and ask you around for dinner. Not to mention Liz, she made quite a name for herself before met you, don’t forget that. She is very well known around town. Many people will demand a lot of her.”

“I know, I’ve already met eight of her friends.”

“She seems like a classy girl, I think I’ll like her.”

Max glanced at his watch. “Well she should be home now so if you want to come with me you can meet her.”

Isabel decided to come but Diane couldn’t because she was going to meet with some people. On the way she rambled on and on about her stay in Russia working as a family lawyer. When Max was growing up he never pictured Isabel as a lawyer, he thought a fashion designer or interior decorator was more her type of thing.

When they walked into the apartment Liz got up off the couch where she was sorting through her purchases and came out to see him. “Where have you been?” She asked.

“Liz I want you to meet someone.”

Isabel walked in after him and smiled. “Hi Liz, I’m Isabel Max’s sister.”

“Isabel?” Liz asked astounded. “Oh it’s so nice to meet you!” Liz hugged her as a sign of hopes for a future close friendship. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“All good I hope?”

“Yes, of course,” Liz said. “Oh Max you should have rang ahead I could have made something…”

“No, that’s fine I can’t stay anyway. I have to go meet my husband at the airport.” Isabel looked Liz over. She was beautiful and dressed fashionably, yes; this girl was good enough for her brother. Maybe even too good for him?

“Your house is wonderful,” Isabel commented. “Did you design it yourself?”

“Yes I did, thank you.” Liz motioned her into the lounge. “Come, sit down. Do you want something to drink? Something to eat?”

“No I’m fine thank you Liz.”

As Isabel wandered into the lounge Liz quickly turned to Max and clutched his shirt with her fists. She got up onto her tippie toes and kissed him. “I’m so sorry about this morning, I just… you have understand I have to be something different when I’m around certain people.”

“Why?” Max asked. He paused, “wait, not now, we’ll talk after Isabel leaves.”

They walked into the lounge and found Isabel gazing down at the shopping bags spewed out everywhere. “Did you go shopping?” She asked with a glint in her eye.

“Yes I did,” Liz said smiling. “I may have gone a little over board…”

“No you didn’t!” Isabel said. “No one can ever go over board when they are shopping. So what did you buy?”
Liz sat down on the couch and showed her all of her purchases. Max left them alone, knowing he would just get bored anyway. “This isn’t exactly in style, but that’s the way I like to dress.”

“Uniquely? Well being unique IS in style so you have done very well.” Isabel glanced at the little Veronicas Closet bag sitting next to the couch. A glass of wine was sitting next to it and she apologized for interrupting her.

“No that’s fine, I was only sitting here looking through all this.”

“So what’s in that?” Isabel asked pointing to the little lingerie bag.

Liz blushed. “Ah nothing important.”

“Something for Max?”

Liz laughed. “Yes, I suppose it is.”

Isabel smiled showing all her pearly white teeth. “Speaking of my brother, can ask you what you think of him and why on earth you are with that bone head?”

Liz raised her eyebrows.

“Well, what I mean is. You know about his past don’t you?”

“Yes,” Liz said. “And… the way he is with me I can tell he won’t risk loosing me to get laid by some skanky hoe on a one night stand.”

“I’m glad you have finally tamed the beast.”

“It’s my greatest accomplishment,” Liz said laughing.

“Well its certainly something to be proud of,” Isabel said. “Well, it appears you aren’t going anywhere soon. So, welcome to the family. I’m sorry we aren’t picture perfect like on television but we are okay.”

“I know,” Liz said.

“Well, I must be going, it was lovely meeting you Liz.”

Isabel got up and Liz walked her to the door. “One last thing before I go,” Isabel said.

“Anything,” Liz said.

“I don’t know if he’s said anything to you or not… but I just, well you probably know that I went to Italy and tried to get him back to New York myself but I failed. You are absolutely talented for being able to do so yourself.”

“Thank you.”

“And, well I was just wondering if you have any idea why he left in the first place? One night he just picked up and left and now bam he’s back again announcing he’s engaged. He left not long after he’d finished his course in University to become a science professor. For a while mom and I though maybe he just wanted to get away to celebrate finally having enough qualifications to be what he always wanted to be. After a while we gave up thinking that and wondered if he was even going to use his knowledge. The thing is, we still have no clue why he left. So, Liz, do you?”

Liz bit her lip. She would not betray Max by telling Isabel something that wasn’t hers to tell. “I don’t think that it’s my place to say anything. This really has nothing to do with me and if Max decides to tell you its his choice. I’m sorry I can’t tell you.”

Isabel sighed. “Yes, well, I understand. You really are just a wonderful influence on him and I really am ecstatic to hear you’ll be together hopefully forever. Oh, and if you need any help planning the wedding, I am your girl.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.”

“Okay!” Isabel said. “I really must be going. I’ll be seeing you again. I wanted you two to come for dinner but Max came up with something pathetic like not wanting to leave the house tonight because he’s too tired. What a woss! You’ll be the one to make him grow a backbone won’t you? I’ll see you later.”

“Yes, goodbye.” When Liz closed the door she wasted no time going straight to the bedroom where Max was lying on his back on the bed reading a car magazine he’d picked up when grocery shopping.

He put it down when she came in.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Breathing in your scent,” he replied.

“Oh yeah?” She climbed onto the bed and lay down beside him. “What do I smell like?”

“Sweet and spicy at the same time. Intoxicating.” Max rapped his arm around her and she rested her head on his chest.

“Max… you aren’t going to be happy with me but… I kind of told Mia we’d have dinner with them tonight. I’m sorry! I just…her mothers going to be there and if I am charming I will get a job as an assistant manager at Veronicas Closet.”

Max sighed.

“Isabel told me you didn’t want to go out tonight and I just felt instantly bad. We’ll only go for an hour…we’ll leave before desert?”

“No way, if I have to sit through dinner I will not leave before I have desert. Desert is the best part.”

Liz chuckled. “Okay then. Isabel also told me something else…” She propped herself up on her elbows so she could look at him. “You finished college and if you wanted to you could get a job as a professor?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“Are you going to try now that you’re back?” Liz brushed away the hair on his forehead. “I would love to see you teach a bunch of students. Maybe I could come and sit in on your lectures?”

Max swallowed. “I was thinking about it.”

“Well it’s up to you, I just thought it would be good, you know get your mind off your father.” She pressed her lips to his temple.

Max ran one of his hands through her hair. “Liz, about this morning. Why do you feel the need to change yourself around your friends?”

She was silent for a moment. “Because…I always have. Max, you just… you won’t understand.”

“Why won’t I?”

“Because you’ve never had to do it. My mother tried so hard her whole life to get us to a position of such high class and the least I can do is be what she needs me to be. It’s not important to me but its important to her and I love her enough to do what she wants.”

Max looked into her eyes. “Do you even like your friends?”

Liz swallowed. “They aren’t what I consider fun, but they are okay. They wouldn’t be my first choice. I like Maria better then all of them.”

“Maria?” Max asked smiling.

“She’s outgoing and loud. She’s very fun,” Liz explained. “Can you just understand about what I need to do for my mother? Just pretend every thing is normal and wonderful when we are around them? Even if you don’t like the person I become?”

Max could see her pleading him with her eyes. Like he could ever deny her anything. “Okay,” he said. “But on one condition.”

“You don’t pull away from me when I try to kiss you in public. I need to be able to let the whole world know your mine. At least let me have that?”

Liz smiled. “Okay, but don’t try and slip me the tongue like this morning! You’ve made all my friends jealous of me!”

Max laughed. “So they all want a piece of Max?”

“Don’t even say that,” she said. She tickled his sides but he didn’t even acknowledge it. “I hate it that you aren’t ticklish!” She exclaimed.

Max grinned. “I love it how you are!” He pounced onto her and tickled her sides making her giggle uncontrollably.

“Okay! Okay I give up leave me alone you evil man.”
“What will you give me if I stop?” Max asked.

“A blow job?”

Max stopped tickling her. “You have yourself a deal milady.”


Liz watched Max’s face as he piled food onto her plate. He was so handsome, how had she managed to end up with someone so good looking? After meeting, his sister she could tell his family didn’t think very highly of him. As if he was, still eight years old. Well, she thought. I will always appreciate him.

He turned to look at her and caught her staring. He smiled. “What? Is something wrong?” When she didn’t reply he said, “perhaps I should ask, did I do something wrong?”

She smiled. “No, you do everything right. Thank you.” As they walked away from the buffet table she rubbed his arm up and down. “I love you,” she said.

Max frowned and after putting the two plates in his hands, down he pulled her behind the room separator out of every ones view. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

Liz laughed. “Nothings wrong.”

Max studied her face. “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” She rested her forehead on his chest. “I love this suit on you.”

Max ran his hand down her shoulder. “I love that dress on you. If Mia’s mother doesn’t give you that job its because she sees its not good enough for you.” He took her hands. “Come on, let’s get back out there and finish eating so we can leave!”

They walked back over to the table and took their seats.

Liz noticed that Mia’s sister kept looking at Max and every time he said something she would laugh like it was the funniest thing she’d ever heard. What to do? She didn’t like the thought of other girls flirting with Max!

She watched the young girl all evening, she wasn’t completely sure why because Max hadn’t even noticed.

When it was time to leave, she was more then happy.

“Liz!” Mia came running down the stairs as Max was putting on her coat. “My mom said you got the job! She said you were lovely and couldn’t wait to see what you could do for the company!”

Liz beamed. “Really?”

“Yes, really!” Mia hugged her. “I’m so happy for you.”

“Thank you Mia!” Liz fought the urge to jump up and down.

“No problem. Now, I’ll see you two later. Max, it was wonderful meeting you. I hope you’ll be a permanent figure in Liz’s life.”

Max smiled.

“Bye Mia,” Liz said.


“Wait!” Mia’s sister came running down the stairs. “I just wanted to say goodbye.” She threw her arms around Liz, hugged her quickly, and then hugged Max.

For entirely too long, Liz thought.

“I just loved meeting you Max. You are welcome here whenever you want.”

Slut! Liz took Max’s hand.

“Thank you,” Max said. “Let’s go Liz.”

Once they were in their cab Liz started complaining about her. “God, she couldn’t have been more obvious! I can’t believe you didn’t notice. She’s only twenty, who knew she had it in her?”

“Twenty isn’t that much younger then us, Liz.” Max smiled at her.

“What is that supposed to mean? Oh my God, you like her don’t you?”

Max laughed. “No, Liz calm down.” He kissed her forehead. “You have nothing to worry about.”
“Oh yes, right.”

“Trust me,” he said.

“She’s going to be trouble,” Liz said. “I just know it.”

“Liz, hello? Have we meet? Calm down! I love you, I want only you. Don’t start to drive us both insane.”

Max pulled her close to him. “Now,” he said. “Let’s never have a day like this one again huh?”

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Wow guys I don't know what to say! Give me ideas on how to keep this going and I'll gladly write it for you!!!

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*cough* um, here's some more... fluff. Glad you guys like it!!


Liz pranced into the living room and spun around on her toes like a ballerina. “How do I look?” She asked. When she saw him she stopped dead. “Max Evans get your feet off the coffee table!”

Max looked up from the newspaper he was reading. “Why? What difference does it make? My socks are clean.”

“ARGH!” Liz yelled annoyed. “Off! Right now!”

Max grudgingly slid his feet off the table.

“Thank you,” Liz said. “Now, how do I look for the hundredth time.”

The second time,” Max corrected her. “You look stunning, as always. Too good for work that’s for sure. Are you sure you aren’t going to meet a male?”

Liz brushed a piece of fluff off her black dress. She was going for the whole, Audery Hepburn ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ look. “Well I don’t know if there will be males there, there might be. Maybe they’ll ask me to model the lingerie for them, you know be their newest eye candy?”

When she saw Max’s blank face, she laughed.

“Oh yeah right Max. My job is going to be in the offices upstairs. Like I would do that anyway!” She walked over to the door and slipped her black high heal shoes on. “Do you want me to make you something to eat or drink before I leave?”

“I have coffee, thank you anyway.” Max got up off the couch, drank the last of his drink and then walked over to Liz. “What am I supposed to do with myself now that you aren’t going to be here?”

“I don’t know, clean? Pick up your underwear in the bathroom? Watch DVD’s? Go for a run? Make a romantic dinner with candles? Masturbate? Do whatever you want. You are a free man. But you know what would make me happy?” She pulled on her coat. “Looking for a job that will make you feel important. You seem unsatisfied being around here…I don’t know. I just want you to be…”


“Yes.” Liz opened the front door. “You know that’s all I want for you, I’ll see you later.”

Max walked up to her. “What, are past the kissing each other goodbye stage already?”

“I will be late.” She turned around and smiled at him. “We are still in the, can’t just kiss because it will lead to something else stage.”

“Oh, that stage. Thank you for clearing that up for me.”

Liz pecked his lips. “Wish me luck.”

“Good luck.”


Liz slipped under the covers slowly, not sure if Max was awake or asleep.

“What sort of time is this then?” He mumbled into his pillow.

“I’m sorry,” she said. She snuggled up close to him.

When he didn’t make any attempts to be closer to her she frowned. “Is something wrong love?”

Max rolled over so he could see her in the dark. “Nothings wrong. How was work?”

“Wonderful, I love it there.” He could see her smile faintly. “I don’t know how I’ll give up in two months.”

Max sucked in a breath. “Don’t quit then.”

“You mean break my routine? I don’t think so.” She reached out and brushed the hair from his forehead. “Did you have dinner with Isabel?”

“Hmm,” Max closed his eyes. “She’s pregnant.”

“WHAT?” Liz cried. “Really? Wow.”

“Yes, wow,” Max said. He pulled the cover away from his face and reached over to rap his arm around her. His hand found bare skin. He moved it down, more bare skin. He sucked in a breath.

Liz shifted closer to him. “That really is excellent news for Kyle. Is he happy?”

“Yes, he’s very happy.” Max ran his hand over her hip and down her thigh. Yip, he was right. Naked, completely and utterly bare.

Liz moaned. “Max, this month—“

“Yes?” His hand slipped between her thighs.

“It’s been very hectic and,” she paused. He moved his hand away. “It’s been hard on you…I know it has. I have been busy, always with something to do since you got here and that’s not fair because you came here for me. We haven’t even talked about the wedding!”

Max rolled onto his back.

“I know you’ve been looking for a job but you haven’t found one you want yet and that’s fine. It’s just… you don’t seem to be happy here with me. I guess I just want to know…”

“You want to know what?”

“I want to know, are you done here? Have you come back, seen there is nothing here for you and now want to go back to Italy?” Liz felt tears sting her eyes. She had been thinking about this for the past week. Max was being so wonderful about everything but she knew he was unhappy. He needed something that she was afraid she couldn’t give him. All the dinner parties and friends coming around weren’t something he enjoyed but yet he did it anyway, for her. Those were the only times they really have to see each other and even then Liz was as distant as Europe was, putting on her posh façade. Their relationship that used to be so fun was struggling because she wasn’t the person he had fallen in love with. At least not when anyone was looking.

She waited for him to reply. Expecting the worst. Expecting him to tell her he was done with her silly expensive life. Even when she spoke to him now she was different, trying to stay at a distance as if he didn’t already know who she was. He knew her best, she’d shown him what no one else got to see and now she was forgetting she didn’t have to hide with him.

Max got up from the bed and walked across the room in the dark. Liz heard the door click open and then close again as he walked away. She didn’t expect him to come back but he did a few minutes later, holding something in his hand. She wiped away her tears and sat up clutching the blanket to her chest.

“Your right,” he said to the dark. “I do want to go back.”

Well that was expected, he’d given up his life for her but she was denying him everyday but not giving up hers. “But I haven’t come here and seen that there is nothing here for me.”

Turn on the lamp, Liz wanted to say. I want to see if you are hurting while you say this.

“I have come here and seen that this is your life and it is shit. It is a load of bull crap Liz and you know it. This is pathetic, you get into your expensive clothing and you spend half an hour doing your hair when I know you don’t need to because you are stunning without all that.

You plaster that fake smile to your face and then you change. They don’t give a shit what you look like but yet you do all that when you could be here wearing baggy pants and a T-shirt around here and have me drooling! For Gods sake, whom do you care more about?

Your stupid job and fake friends or me? Well you better decide because I’m not going to hang around here everyday while you fuck off and expect me to be here when you get back.”

He finally turned on the lamp and looked at her. His face softened as soon as he saw the tears on her cheeks. He climbed onto the bed and sat next to her. He held the photo up that he had gone to get seconds ago. “Where’s this Liz?” He asked. It was a photo of her in Italy sitting on his yacht in her black bikini. She was smiling up at Maria who stood next to her. “Where’s this Liz who was up for anything, where’s this Liz that would stand up for herself even in front of dangerous men that could hurt her easily? Where’s the Liz that paraded around the house in see through clothing and no underwear just to tease me? Where’s the Liz that used to laugh when I was near her? Where’s the Liz I fell in love with!”

Liz sniffled. “That wasn’t life Max, that was one big holiday that had to end. You were hiding from your father and I was having a break from this life I live here.”

“It was not!” Max said exasperated. “I was enjoying life for the first time in my life and if that’s what’s fake I don’t care because that’s what I want. I’ll do it without my fathers money now, because that’s what you’ve taught me. But if this is what you consider life, wasting your time with people you don’t like, then you stay and live it but I won’t. I won’t Liz, I’m not going to waste my time waiting for you to be done at work.”

Liz was silent for a long time. “Where did you get this photo?” She asked. She looked so happy.

“Maria sent it to me,” Max said. He cupped her cheek and kissed her. “Think Liz, think about what we were like in Italy. Remember the fun we had? That is what life is about. Live your life for you not for everyone else.” He got under the covers and lay down with his head next to her thigh. “Goodnight.” He drifted off while she sat there staring blankly at the photo in her hands. Where was that girl?

What did that girl want?


The next morning when Max woke up he was alone. He got dressed and then went and found Liz in the dinning room. She had just finished setting the table and motioned him to sit down.

While he poured himself some orange juice Liz went and got the food. She had made French toast and fruit salad. They didn’t speak as they ate but they kept shooting each other glances. Liz was wearing a white skirt with blue flowers on it; it had a pleat in the middle and went down to mid calf. Her shirt was white, v-neck and short sleeved. Around her neck, she wore some wooden beads and on her feet, she wore brown slip on sandals. Her hair was in a pony tale.

Max thought she looked too beautiful to be true. If he weren’t in such a sour mood, he wouldn’t have been able to keep his hands off her. She was dressed for a hot summer day but the weather was windy and if she went to work wearing that, she would get a chill. When they were both finished, Liz reached for Max’s hand that was resting on the table beside his plate. She held it for several minutes and then slipped her engagement ring into his palm and pulled her hand away. She smiled at him and then got up from her chair, picked up their dirty plates, and started leaving the room. Max sat frozen waiting for her to say something, she didn’t, but when she came back she walked over to him and kissed his lips passionately. Her tongue licked his and finally when she broke away she rapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Max didn’t know what to think. What was going on?

After that, she walked out of the room. Max could hear her sandals clink against the floor as she walked towards the door. They stopped for a little while, he guessed while she put on her coat and buttoned it up. Then he heard the door open and her footsteps walk out into the hallway then the door close again. All the while he sat there frozen still, staring blankly at the ring in his hand and still reeling from the taste of her on his lips.


Max started packing. He didn’t know what else to do. He did it in silence, moving around the room determinably and gracefully. He tried no to think while he did it, he was so confused that he knew if he did allow himself the liberty, it would all be a muddle of worries anyway.

At exactly one PM the front door opened and she walked in. She put her bag on the floor while she took off her coat and then picked it up again when she walked towards him. She wasn’t surprised when she found him packing. She walked over to the closet without saying a word to him and searched around for something inside it.

When she emerged again, she was holding a huge suitcase. She walked over and placed it beside his on the bed and then started filling it with her own belongings. Max stopped moving when he saw this. She noticed and smiled at him, a full out, true smile that blew him away.

“What?” She said. “You didn’t think I would actually choose this life over one with you did you?”

She picked up her handbag and reached in. She pulled out two airplane tickets and waved them in front of his face. “I have had a very busy morning you know. I had to quit my job, get all our money changed in the bank, buy these tickets, go see your sister…” She trailed off when she saw he was still looking at her blankly. “Oh come on, you aren’t shocked are you? Like I am dressed for New York weather! I am dressed for Naples weather and that’s exactly where we are going at 6:15PM.”

Max reached into his pocket and pulled out her engagement ring. “But…?”

Liz laughed. “I gave that back to you so you can propose again, this time at our real home. Don’t think you’ll be keeping it, it’s still mine!” She saw his whole body relax and she leapt into his arms and kissed him. “I want you Max, you know that. You’re the life I want.”

“Oh my God,” Max said burying his face in her hair. “Oh my God… you had me so worried.”

Liz laughed. “Silly man.” They kissed again, this time more full of want and need. “You don’t know me well at all!”

“Yeah, this Liz I know well, the other one I don’t,” he said.

Liz pulled away from him. “We have a lot of packing to do, we really should start,” she said.

“Nah!” Max said. He picked her up and walked around the side of the bed before chucking her down on the mattress. He climbed on after her and kissed her senseless making her moan and try to get closer to him.

When he broke the kiss he said, “has it been a week?”

“It’s been a week,” she said. She tugged at his shirt, trying to get it over his head and when it was finally tossed aside she lay him down on his back and ran her lips over him. Max kicked off his shoes and ran his hands through her hair that was always so soft a silky. Why was arousal such an abundant need that was so loud and evident that you couldn’t say no to it? One minute it wasn’t there and the next it flooded over you like warm water.

Max pulled off her shirt and his eyes roamed over her breasts that were tucked into her cute little white lace bra. Her body was so tiny, how could she be so tiny? He hooked his fingers into her shirt and tugged it down her legs only to find a not-so-innocent white g-string underneath. Oh God, he thought. She will be the death of me.

Liz unbuttoned his pants and waited impatiently as he removed them along with his boxes. She needed him so much; she couldn’t believe how much she needed him. He removed her g-string and not bothering to remove her bra, that would take more time, he spread her legs and did that job he did so well. Once inside her, he calmed down a little bit and slowly made love to her, not wanting to make the moment go to quickly. “Oh Max!” Liz moaned rubbing her hands up and down his back lovingly. Their lips clung together as he moved in and out, in and out. They had done this so many times, how did it still have the same wonderful effect?

Liz’s legs went round him; her head rolled back and her hands gripped at his skin anywhere she could reach. Like her friends could ever get in the way of her doing this with him! She thought. He was what was important to her; he was what was real. When they came together, they cried out each others names into each others mouths and held each other closer.

They stayed like that for a long time afterwards, stroking each other, brushing against each other, loving each other.

When they finally got up they had a shower and then started packing again.

“Food! I need food!” Liz cried as she carried the fourth suitcase out to the door. “I’m going to order some food, what do you want?”

“Chinese,” Max replied coming up behind her with the last suitcase. “Oh my goodness, are my eyes deceiving me? Did we fit all your belongings into four suitcases?”
“Its not all my belongings.”

There was a knock at the door and Liz opened it. “Daria? Trish? Renee? What are you doing here?”

“We came to see you of course! We want to take you out to dinner so go get changed.”

“Actually Max and I are going to get Chinese,” Liz said. “I was just about to go get it…”

“Oh,” Daria said. “Well I guess we’ll join you here then!”

The three women walked in and Trish asked what the suitcases were for. “We are going on holiday,” Liz said. “And this is going to be our last night in New York, so we want to spend it together. I have had dinner with you guys twice this week already so if you don’t mind…”

She turned to Max and smiled. “I’ll go get it, you want sweet and sour pork right? I know you love that stuff. I’ll be right back, will you finish checking to make sure we have everything?”

“Yeah.” Max smiled.

Liz kissed his lips and didn’t stop until she had felt his tongue against hers.

“Oh my God,” Renee whispered to Daria and Trish. “Did she just French kiss him in front of us?”

“Yes, I did,” Liz said. “And why do you guys even bother whispering to each other when we can hear you?” She patted Max’s ass. “Be right back Max. See you girls later.”

“There’s a lot of luggage for a holiday,” Daria commented before they left.

Max waited patiently for Liz to come back and when she finally did they sat down together on the couch and fed each other. It felt so good to be in love. Max was right of course; most of the time he was. This was what life was about.

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hi! this is really short, I'm sorry just wanted to post soemthing before I go... I hope you like it!


“Okay, so we have seen your mother, my mother and now we only have one more place to go.”

Max glanced over at Liz sitting in her grey knee length jacket so she wouldn’t freeze in her ‘Italy’ attire. “Where else do we have to go? Our plane leaves soon,” he reminded her.

Liz smiled. “You may object but it’s only for your good and very, very important.” She took his hands in hers. “You’ll thank me later.”

Max’s eyes narrowed. “Tell me where we are going,” he said.

She held his hands tightly in hers. “We’re going to THE café,” she said.

“THE café? What the hell does that mean?”

Liz smiled sheepishly. “We are going to THE café, as in the café Angie works in. You know where you met her?”

Max’s face dropped. “Liz…

Max...” Liz purred. “As your soul mate, your bonded mate I have certain obligations to you. This includes me seeing something wrong and fixing it when you are avoiding it yourself.”

Max just laughed.

Liz rolled her eyes. “So you don’t mind? Good.”

“We don’t even know if she works there anymore Liz, it’s been a long time.”

The cab stopped. “Oh, she works here, I know she does,” Liz said. She opened her door and stepped out. “Come on now darling, it’s time to show this Angie what she’s missing out on.”

“Oh no,” Max said. He climbed out after her. “What have you been up to?”

Liz battered her eyelashes innocently. “Nothing my love, nothing at all!” She took his hand and walked slightly in front of him, leading the way. “Ready?” She asked before opening the door.

“Do I have a choice?”

“Of course not.” She tugged him inside and they took a seat near the window. Liz looked around the room, criticizing everything about it. “This place is just so crass, why did you used to come here?”

“When I was studying I liked to smoke and drink coffee here.” Max held her hand across the small table. “Liz, we don’t really have time for this.”

“Yes we do. Speaking of smoking, when was the last time you had a cigarette? I haven’t seen you have one in a while.”

“I had one today, I have cut down a lot though, only one packet a week, what about you?” He kissed her knuckles. “I want you to put my ring back on.”

“Okay but only while we are here,” she said. He pulled it out of his pocket and slid it back onto her finger. “And in answer to your question, no, I haven’t had a cigarette in a long time. Last time had to be at work, it was this stupid girl named Nancy’s fault though.”

Max smiled. “Yes, right.”

“I’m not as bad as you,” she said. “And just because we are going back to Italy doesn’t give us an excuse to start again.”

“I agree,” Max said. “Besides, I don’t want to have bad breath for you, now do I?”

“You already do,” Liz teased.

What?” Max asked.

“I’m kidding,” she said. “Where the hell is the service around here, quite appalling really.”

Max shook his head with delight evident all over his face. “Hmm, God I love you.”

“Thank you,” she said. “Why?”

Max frowned. “What, now I have to have a reason?”
“Hi, my names Angie, how can I help you?”

“Angie!” Liz exclaimed. “What a lovely name.” She smiled at the girl. She was a pretty girl, tall and slim but she had wrinkles already, seemed very tired, and over worked.

She smiled the smile of a beaten girl who had been on her feet all day. “Thank you,” she said.

She glanced at Max and then stopped, then stared. “You look familiar, do I know you?”

Max glanced at Liz who raised her eyebrows at him. “Yeah, yeah you do. Max, Max Evans?” He said.

Her eyes widened and her hand flew up over her mouth. “Max Evans?

“Yeah,” Liz said trying to hold in giggles. “Max Evans.”

Max wanted to hug her.

“Oh and you two, you’re…?”

“Married,” Liz said before Max could say anything. “I’m Mrs. Evans. So how do you two know each other?”

“Oh, right…oh,” she said. “Max and I… we dated once didn’t we?”

“Once, yes,” Max said.

“Max, honey what did you want to order again?” Liz asked. “Ice cream wasn’t it? Yes… Angie, could we please have a chocolate fudge sundae? Extra Large, two spoons?”

Max was trying not laugh, what on earth was she up to?

“Of course,” Angie said. “You look good Max, really good. I can’t believe your married. Wow!”

“Yeah,” Max said. “Almost two years now.”

Really?” Liz said. “Has it been that long? Time just flies by doesn’t it?”

“Hmm,” Max grinned at her.

“I’ll go get your sundae, it was nice seeing you again Max…how’s your father by the way?”

Liz’s eyes bulged out of her sockets and Max nearly choked. He coughed loudly. “He’s a, an ass hole as usual.”

She frowned, then nodded and walked away.
“Oh My Go-!” Liz broke him off by kissing his lips passionately. When he pulled away shocked, she rested her forehead on his. “She’s watching, the plan is to make her regret what she did to you Max. By the way, you are so cute.”

“Huh?” Max said. What was going on? What did she say? What just happened?

“You, I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said. They kissed again, this time for themselves. “Liz, I don’t need to be here. I am with you, I have put all that behind me and I just want to live this life loving,” he kissed her, “and enjoying you.”

“Well,” Liz said. “We are here for my amusement then.”

Max laughed.

“Can you believe she actually asked about your father? The nerve!” Liz ran her hand through his hair. “You need a hair cut by the way.”

“No I don’t.”

“Oh yeah?” Liz said. “Your cute little sticking up bit at the front is getting too long to stick up properly.”

“What are you my mother?”

Liz kicked him under the table. “No, I’m your wife—of two years remember?”

Max laughed. “Yes, that’s right.” He cupped her cheeks and kissed her on the mouth.

Angie came back with their ice cream interrupting them.

She put the ice cream down on the table and bit he lip. “So… are you living here in New York still?”

“No,” Max said. “We live in Naples, Italy…”

“Wow, that’s cool,” she said. “So are you a professor like you always used to want to be.”

Max blinked. “You remember that?” he glanced at Liz. “Yes I am, teaching physics.”

“Well then, you seem to be doing very well,” Angie said. Her joy was forced.

“What about you?” Liz asked. “What have you been up to since you made the bad mistake of giving my wonderful husband up?” Liz fed Max a spoonful of ice cream.

“Actually I don’t actually remember breaking up with him, he just up and disappeared!” Angie said.

Max nearly choked on his ice cream. It was a good thing his mouth was full otherwise he would have said something about his father.

“But, yeah I have a daughter, she’s only four months old. She’s staying with my mother while I work.”

Liz frowned. “You aren’t married?”

“No, the father was a jerk,” Angie said.

“Oh,” Liz said. Max seemed fazed.

“Well, I have to get back to work. It was nice seeing you again Max, nice meeting you Liz. Congratulations by the way.” Angie started to walk away.

“Thank you,” Liz said. “Bye.”

She looked over at Max and could see that he didn’t know what to say.


He swallowed. “You don’t think…I mean her child, it’s not my fathe…God I can’t even say it.” He really couldn’t, he looked pale.

“Max, I’m sure it isn’t,” Liz said. “I mean…”

“Liz, it could be.” He put some money down on the table and got up. “Come on, let’s go. We’re going to miss our flight.”


Come on,” he said more sternly this time.

Liz got up from her seat biting her lip. Maybe they never should have come here after all.

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2crzy4roswell--> It's okay, don't feel bad! And to answer your question, NO! How could it be max's child? If you remember Max never slept with Angie *wink*
Thanks for the feedback everyone, here's your new part *angel*


Max was silent throughout the duration of the flight. His head was held up only with the support of the headrest on the back of his chair. His hands were neatly folded on his lap and his feet were sitting flat against the ground. Liz thought his posture somewhat resembled a robot. She wanted to comfort him but each time she attempted to show him some physical affection, by running her hand through his hair or kissing his neck and resting her head on his shoulder, he would remain unmoved.

She was not used to this lack of attention from him. Finally, when the flight attendant announced that they were going to be landing in an hour she punched his arm roughly.

“Max Evans’ we are officially in Italy. Don’t you owe me some kind of proposal now?” She bit his ear. “If you don’t give me my ring back right now I’m going to start to cry.”

He swallowed. “Tomorrow morning, that’s when I will give it back to you,” he said.

“Tomorrow?” She said in disbelief.

“You at least deserve me to give it to you when I am in a good mood, right now I might just throw it at you.”

“Well then,” Liz said suddenly very grumpy herself. “That’s just great.”

When the plane landed it were two very unhappy people that collected their bags and made their way outside to find a taxi. No one was waiting to welcome them home at the big empty house that hadn’t been occupied in several weeks.

Barely uttering two words to each other, they went their separate ways. It wasn’t because they were particularly displeased with one another but was more a strange form of affection for they did not want their tempers to be taken out on the other. Max removed all his clothing and headed straight for the shower whilst Liz unpacked her belongings and added them to his drawers. When she was done she closed the curtains in the bedroom, took off her clothing then climbed into bed, and snuggled into the pillow that had a slight smell of dust. When Max joined her, smelling sweetly of after-shave, soap, shampoo, and masculinity, she was already fast asleep.

Max did not fall asleep so easily. He lay awake for hours on his back with his hands behind his head and Liz tucked into his side. Her chest would move up and down as her breath puffed in and out and normally that would be enough to rouse him into wanting to join her in the undisturbed haven. Tonight was different. His thoughts remained on Angie, the girl that now had a life consisting of three things, her work, her daughter, and her contempt towards the father that would have no part in her life. Would not, or could not?

He could not part from his thoughts. There was a disturbing chance of her being the mother of his possible sister. It was disgustingly wrong.

When he fell asleep, he dreamt that he and Liz had a child and it had an uncanny resemblance to his father. It just wouldn’t end and Max couldn’t wake up. Liz ended up pulling him out of the hell he had created for himself and announcing that it was now morning and she wanted her ring. She knew he had been having a bad dream and decided not to confront him about it until later. She wanted him to be his normal content self-this morning.

Max groaned. “What is the meaning of this, wicked girl? It is only-“ He glanced at the bedside clock. “8:07.”

“That’s right, don’t you owe me something?” She was sitting up with the blanket clutched to her chest. “I want it now.”

Max ran his hand through his hair and closed his eyes again. “I love you, please be my wife. Your ring is in my pants on the floor.” He rolled onto his stomach and buried his face in the pillow. “If you love me back you’ll let me sleep.”

Liz snorted. “Well then, if that’s how your going to ask me my reply is fuck off, I will not marry you.”

“Okay then, get out of my bed,” Max teased in a low grumble. The blankets on the bed only just reached his lower waist, showing a glimpse of the top of his tanned buttocks and the whole expanse of his muscled back.

Liz ran his finger up and down his spine causing small tremors throughout his body. She whined his name. “This is very important to me,” she said impatiently. Her voice strongly resembled that of a little girl who didn’t want to wait until her parents got up to open her Christmas presents.

“Liz, babe, I know, I just…I’m very tired. I got barely no sleep and just want to be able to stay up late tonight.”

Liz perked up. “Why would you need to stay up late tonight?” She asked.

“So we can celebrate,” he mumbled. “You know we haven’t actually gone out to celebrate our engagement yet. I think we are in serious need of some time out.”

“Yes!” Liz exclaimed. “Oh YES! I so need to go and dance all night long. Maria and Michael just have to come.”

She leapt up and started jumping up and down on the bed not caring that she was butt naked. She bounced off the bed and stretched her arms up in the air. “I’m going to take a shower then we need to go grocery shopping and job hunting and house hunting.”

“Hmm,” Max agreed still not attempting to lift his head out from under his pillow. While Liz danced around the bathroom waiting for the shower water to heat up, she tried to think of a thank you gift to send her mother. She was doing a lot for her; it was because of her this she trip was possible. She was going to talk to the landlord and tell him someone else could have the apartment. Liz didn’t even need to worry about all her furniture because her mom was going to make sure it was sent as soon as she and Max found a new place. Everything was being taken care of for her and Liz wanted to make sure her mother was thanked adequately for it.

While she was washing her hair, she noticed the bathroom door open and Max saunter into the room scratching the back of his head. He stopped at the basin and searched around in the cupboard for something, which Liz quickly identified as mouthwash. After he had cleaned his mouth he headed in her direction and was standing in front of the glass door, opening it and then stepping in.

Liz smiled up at him. “I thought you wanted to sleep in?” She said.

“I couldn’t get back to sleep,” he said his eyes roaming over her body. His hands sought out her hips and he pulled her up against him. “Liz,” he purred into her ear.

“Go on,” she said. “Take me like you want. Like I love.”

Her eyes fluttered closed and she prepared herself for him to enter her. Sure enough, he lifted her up onto him and rapped her legs around his waist. The shower wall pressed against her back when he entered her and she arched her head back in ecstasy when she felt his lips on her breasts. His tongue darted out over her large nipples and he sucked on her tasting the water and her sweet skin on his lips.

“Don’t stop,” Liz gurgled her mouth filling with water as it opened letting out moans and cries. Max panted as he dove into her, taking her against the shower wall roughly and passionately. “Keep going Max, God keep going!”

Her moans urged him on, enlightening more passion to blossom within them. When Max arched up onto his toes to kiss her their chests rubbed against each other, sending shivers of delight to flood through their bodies. “Ah Liz,” Max moaned against her mouth. “I love you, Oh Liz!”

Max’s powerful thighs shook under his convulsive climax. His rippled body fought to stay upright as the final roars of heat spread throughout him.

When they both released, they fell against each other rasping for breath. After a couple of seconds Liz reached behind her and turned the shower off. “Max,” she whispered nipping at his neck. “Bed, now.”

“Easy for you to say,” he whispered back running his hands up and down her slippery back. “Try walking after that.”

Liz rubbed her breasts into his chest and clenched her thighs bringing them closer together. When they stumbled to the bedroom, they fell back onto the bed as one big mass of wet, bare skin and clung together in a fierce passionate embrace. Liz lay on top kissing and sucking Max’s neck and chest while grinding up and down on his arousal that was swelling again inside her. Her thighs moved up and down his hips as she moved and her wet hair clung to her neck and cheeks.

“Liz,” Max moaned loudly. “Oh God you’re going to kill me.”

His hands grasped her breasts needing her nipples between his fingers and wanting them in his mouth. After driving him to an impressive climax Liz kept moving wanting her own relief, she could feel it just ahead but she couldn’t reach it. Max reached down and started rubbing her nub while nibbling on her neck and slowly but finally she cried out as she flew over the edge. She collapsed onto his chest and sighed contentedly whispering her love and then drifted off for a few extra moments of slumber.


While having breakfast at a small café by the beach, Max finally gave Liz her ring back.

He tucked her hair behind her ear, cupped her cheek and looked into her eyes before speaking quietly to her in his deep sexy voice. You are perfect, you always will be to me and sharing my life with you is so wonderful I find it hard to separate the reality from the dream. He slipped her ring back onto her finger and kissed her lips. Liz said that he was getting really good at proposing and hugged him, thanking him for being so wonderful to her. She noticed that he wasn’t bringing up Angie or the baby and knew that he was trying not think about it for her. She had wanted to get away from New York to live happily and he was trying to give that to her without worries. Inside, she knew it was tearing him apart with worry. After they left, they went to Michael and Maria’s apartment. Maria answered the door and jumped on Liz when she saw her.

“OH my goodness! You’re back! I knew you guys couldn’t live without us!” She exclaimed. She hugged Liz tightly. “Liz, babe you have no idea how much I need to go out with you, I’m dying to go dancing all night long. All my other friends just can’t keep up like you can!”

Liz smiled. “Good, so you’ll up for going out tonight?”

“I have to perform tonight,” Maria said her face clearing showing her disappointment.

Liz smiled. “So? We’ll come.”

Michael was sitting in the lounge eating a Big Mac and watching cartoons. Liz found it hard to believe he was eating that at this time in the morning.

“It’s disgusting isn’t it?” Maria said. “He always eats them before he goes to work. Do you guys want anything to drink or eat?”

“No thank you,” Max said. Liz took a seat next to Michael on the couch and he rapped a friendly arm around her and hugged her to his side. “Welcome back,” he said his eyes still glued to the screen.

“Um yes, thank you,” Liz said scrunching her face up in disgust at his choice of food. Max sat down next to her and relaxed into the chair. “Guys, tonight is important we need to celebrate.”

“Celebrate?” Maria asked fixing her hair in the mirror on the wall. “Your return you mean?”

“No, our engagement,” Liz said. “Max, I thought you’d told them?”

“Nope,” Max said.

“Engaged!” Maria screamed. “Max Evan’s engaged? Has hell frozen over!”

Max did not look amused. “Why does everyone find that so hard to believe?”

“Let me see the ring,” Maria said running over to Liz. “I hope you spent a heap on it Mr. Evans…” Liz held up her hand with a smile.

“He bought the type I said I liked, with the diamonds inside the band…isn’t it lovely?”

“Oh Max you sweetie, it is nice! I like it, Michael if you ever marry me I want that one, see.”

Michael grunted.

“Charming,” Maria said with a sigh. “There is hope for you two but not for us I’m afraid. So what do you two have planned for the day?”

“We have to job hunt and house hunt,” Max said.

“House hunt?” Michael chose this moment to join the conversation. “Why?”

Liz smiled. “We are going to be independent,” she explained.

“Independent? As in, no more spending parents money?” Maria asked. “Boy Liz, you really do have a good influence on him. We’ve been trying to get him out there for so long!”

“He’s going to be a professor,” Liz said. “Physics.”

Michael snored. “Oh boy,” he said. “Wait a minute…what about the yacht? You aren’t going to get rid of the yacht right?”

Max’s eyes widened. “No way.”

“What?” Liz asked. “Of course we are…”

Max looked at her shocked. “Liz, no way in hell.”

“We’ll see,” Maria said straightening up. “Lizzie will get her way. I’m so proud.”

“Once you get a job, you’ll be able to get a new one that will be more rewarding because you earned it yourself,” Liz said.

“The only boat Max will be able to buy with his own money will be a dinghy!” Michael exclaimed.

She glanced at her watch. “We really have to get to the grocery store.”

Max grudgingly sat up.

“So, we’ll ring you tonight around seven and meet you at the club? I’m singing with another girl tonight, you know that ‘tell him’ song by Celine and Barbara? We are going to sing that! So cool, I can’t wait.” Maria said. “I’m so glad you guys are back. So are you here to stay?”

“Definitely,” Max said. He hugged her again. “We’ll see you tonight.”

“Yes,” Liz said. “Tonight.”

On their way out Maria cried, “Congratulations by the way! I am so happy for you guys!”
When they were walking through the market buying food Max spoke, “Liz, my yacht? Are you kidding?”

“Max, you brought it with your fathers money. How hypocritical would it be if you kept it?”

Max said shoved his hand into the back pocket on her board shorts and moved closer to her. “I’m keeping the yacht babe.”

Liz felt his fingers massaging her ass through the thin material of her shorts. “But…”

“No,” Max said. “I’m putting my foot down on this one. I earned that boat.” He stepped in front of her and looked down at her. She swallowed at the look in his eyes and closed her eyes so she wouldn’t loose this fight. He leaned down and kissed her lips passionately and not caring that they were in public raised his hand to rub over her nipple.

Liz stuttered, “Just…just, how, how did you, you earn it?”

Max smiled; he was so going to get to keep the boat. “He gave me nothing for years, it was my birthday present for the last twenty years of my life. Now Liz, what would you like for dinner?”

He pulled his hand away, his lips away; his body away and walked over to the vegetable stall. “You look a little flustered, are you okay?”

“Damn you,” Liz muttered.

“You like the yacht, it’s my baby Liz!” Max looked so adorable to Liz with his face all youthful and carefree that she couldn’t even bring herself to be annoyed with him for getting to her like he did.

“Just keep the damn boat,” she hissed storming off towards the ice cream cart.
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I'm so tired I'm at the droopy eye lid stage. You guys sure you like the fluff cos the second you don't like it give me a yell and I'll make someone get hit by a bus or something so it's more angsty and action packed again. Okay wait that doesn't make me sound too good does it? So here, heres some more fluff, tell me if you like this or not please!!


Liz lay at Max’s side with her head on his chest and a folded up newspaper in her hand. “What about this one?” She asked. “It’s on the beach, for you, a large kitchen, for me, it has two bedrooms, a study, and a small garden.”

One of Max’s hands held up the employment pages of the newspaper and the other lazily drew patterns back and forth on Liz’s upper arm that rested in between him and the couch. He sighed loudly and closed his eyes. “I have a great idea.”

“What?” Liz asked.

“How about we don’t move?”

Liz snorted. “No, we can’t stay here.”

“Why not? I love this house,” Max said. “It’s perfect, it’s going to be hard to find anywhere that will beat it.”

Liz swallowed. “Don’t you want to find a new home that we can call our own? Besides, I will feel more comfortable if I know that you haven’t been with many other girls in the same room as your making love to me in. Maybe we should buy a new bed too—or we could just use the one in my old room.”

“Uh,” Max said guilty. “That won’t be completely free of…”

“Oh God Max! That’s just awful! Do we have to replace every bit of furniture in this house?”

“Not everything…” Max trailed off. “But if you want to get rid of everything I’ve had sex on, we better get rid of this couch…the dining room table…. All the beds…my office desk…”

“Stop!” Liz said putting her hands over her ears. “If you aren’t careful you’ll change my mind about marrying you. I can’t believe it Max, jeez!”

“I’m sorry!” Max said.

“You should be,” Liz said sadly. After a few seconds she asked, “is there any jobs in there?” She motioned to the paper in his hand.

“The only teaching job is a primary school one…or there’s this teacher reliever one, when professors are sick.”

“Well that’s okay, why don’t you ring them?” She asked.

“I will,” Max said. “And for you, since you’ll basically do anything there are plenty of jobs. A lot of them require you to speak Italian though. You might like these two, ones a fashion designers assistant and the other is working in a science lab. I think it’s got something to do with finding cures for incurable diseases.”

“Oh,” Liz said. “Well they both sound good. I’ll ring both.”

“Good.” Max sniffled. “Do I smell burning?” He asked.

Liz shot up. “Oh shit! No!” She ran off towards the kitchen and Max could hear her cursing from where he was in the lounge.

“Oh hell, oh why does this always happen to me? Christ oh mighty, bloody hell!” There was a loud clatter of pots and then the smoke alarm went off. “Fuck! Bugger! SHIT!”

Max stifled a laugh. “Liz darling is everything all right?” He called out.

“NO!” She cried.

Max got up and walked into the kitchen. After turning off the smoke alarm, he turned to find Liz sitting on the floor against the cupboards sucking her knuckles and sniffling.

His amusement quickly turned to concern, “what happened?” He asked squatting down in front of her.

“I burnt myself, can you get that stupid crap out of the oven and throw it away? We’ll have to eat something else.” Liz’s eyes stung.

“Why haven’t you got your hand in water for heavens sake?” Max pulled her up and turned to tap on, once he checked it was cold with his fingers he put her hand under it. “I’m sure dinners fine,” he said.

“Take a look for yourself,” she muttered.

Max got the lasagna out of the oven with a tea towel and put it down on the cutting board. “It looks fine,” he said. If it meant it would make her happy, he would eat the whole damn thing. “You don’t have to eat it, but I will.”

Liz turned around and was about to say something but Max stopped her. “Keep your hand under the water!” He demanded.

She did as she was told. “Max you don’t have to eat it. Don’t do that for me.”

“For you? It’s for me, I’m STAR-ving.” He cut it up and served it onto two plates. “We have salad too…”

He took the plates out to the dinning table and then came back for the bottle of wine in the refrigerator. Liz watched with her hand under the tap and a small adoring, smitten, happy, in love smile on her lips. Finally when her hand was going numb from the cold she dried it with a tea towel and went and took a seat at the table. Max was playing with the stereo and after he’d put a CD on he came and joined her.

She could admit, this house did have benefits she didn’t want to give up but she was certain it was important that they moved on.

She poured them both some wine and when he asked, held her hand out for him to see the burn. “It’s not that bad,” she said. “I’m just a big woss and my periods due in the next two days so I’m all pathetic and annoying.”

“It looks sore,” he said. “There’s burn cream in the bathroom cabinet, I’ll go get it…” He started to get up but Liz stopped him.

“No, sit, it can wait,” she said. She watched him take his first bite of lasagna, he didn’t realize she was watching and she caught his quick scrunched up nose. “You hate it, don’t eat it, we’ll order pizza or something…”

“I love it,” Max said smiling and trying to swallow it. “Really I do, I do! It’s delicious!”

Liz laughed. “Max, your a liar.”

“I’m not lying, its very yum.”

Liz shook her head in disbelief. “Fine, give yourself food poisoning, I’m going to go make myself a sandwich.”

When she came back with a loaf of bread and peanut butter, she went to put the bread down on the wood and then paused. “So this table huh?” She asked pulling the place mat over so she didn’t have to butter her bread on the bare surface.

Max chewed profusely trying to swallow the disgusting attempt at dinner. When he was about to speak, he was cut off by the telephone ringing. “I’ll get it,” he said. He grabbed the portable telephone off the coffee table in front of the couch and came back speaking to Maria. “Yeah, okay, yeah…so eight, Outside? We’ll be there. Maria…fine I’ll tell her.” He hanged up and sat back down.

“Tell me what?” Liz asked biting into her sandwich.

“She said to wear something ridiculously revealing and fun,” Max said stabbing his foot with his fork. “What’s this?” He asked picking it to pieces.

Liz peered at the food on his fork. “I think… I think it may be cheese.”

That is cheese?” Max asked. “Okay.”

“Please don’t eat it, your embarrassing me,” she chuckled. After she’d finished her bread, she got up. “Okay, I’m going to get changed into something ridiculously revealing and fun. Oh! And I’m going to pick what you’re going to wear.”

“Do I have to get changed?”

“Yes,” Liz said heading away.


Liz got out of Max’s Porsche and straightened out her leather skirt. “Max, do I look okay? I’m suddenly not liking this outfit anymore.”

“Yes, I like it very much…especially that shirt.” He closed his door and ran his hand over the door. “Is that a scratch?”

“Does it matter? This babies going back to the car yard,” she said. She eyed her low cut red shirt and sighed, “I just don’t know about this…”

Max whimpered. “My car!”

“Darling, let’s go, they are waiting!” Liz took his hand and they walked towards the buzzing club. There was a huge line but they just walked straight up to the door where Maria was standing and she let them straight in.

“Liz you look stunning, I am so jealous,” Maria hugged her.

“Are you sure?” Liz asked fingering her red sheer scarf.
“Absolutely,” Maria said.

“I told you,” Max reminded her. He kissed Maria’s cheek. “When are you on?”

“Twenty minutes,” she replied. “Michael’s got a table near the bar, come on.”

There was a round stage with white steps leading down into the dance area where a blonde girl was singing to the band behind her. “That’s Ismeralda, she’s the woman I’m going to be singing with tonight,” Maria explained.

“She’s Italian?” Liz asked.

“Yes,” Maria replied.

They took a seat at the table and it was only a matter of moments before Maria was off again to prepare for her performance. Liz got up saying she had to go dance before she combusted into a big ball of flaming energy. “Can you order me a—?”

“Yeah,” Max said. “I know, a margarita.”

“Thank you,” she pecked his lips and then walked off into the dancing bodies.

“You’re not going to go with her?” Michael asked sipping his beer.

Max shook his head. “I could never keep up with her even if I wanted to,” he explained.

Michael laughed. “Well okay then, but don’t complain to me when men start rubbing up against her instead of just—“

Max cut him off. “I have nothing to worry about,” he said.

“If your sure,” Michael said. “So, engaged huh? Does that mean it’s the end to your extra curricular activities or, knowing you, have you not given them up yet?”

Max called the waitress over. “I couldn’t do that to Liz,” he said. “I can’t explain it, it’s like she got me in this spell…”

“What, is she a witch now Maxwell?”

“No,” Max said. “Maybe a demon sent down to kill me in the sack…”

“WO!” Michael suddenly exclaimed. “Hold up right there, in the sack? Holy shit…oh man, who can I tell this too? I have to tell someone…”

“Shut up you crazy bastard,” Max said.

“Can I get you anything?” The waitress finally made an appearance.

“Yeah, I’ll have a Jim and Cola and a Margarita thanks, Nikki.”

She smiled. “Great, I’ll be right back with them.”

They watched her walk away leaving Michael grinning like an idiot and biting on his fist. “Well you still look, that’s for sure.”

Max shook his head and laughed.

“So Liz, she’s a little fire cracker huh? I should have known when I first saw her in that thong bikini…”

“Michael,” Max warned. “That’s my wife-to-be you’re talking about.”

“I just find this hard to believe! Wait till I tell everyone, Max Evans has finally met his match!” Michael gulped down the rest of his beer. “No one will believe me…”

“It’s not just about the sex,” Max said. “It’s the first time since, you know who, I’ve actually felt something more then just attraction before. She’s the one, God remember we used to tease the shit out of everyone who said that? Michael I love her, she’s everything I have ever loved in a woman. She makes me laugh—“

“I make you laugh, why don’t you marry me?” Michael teased.

Max looked at him blankly. “Michael…”

Michael frowned. ‘”Okay, don’t get your underwear in a bunch. What’s up with you? You’ve changed.”

“I’ve grown up,” Max said. “A lot has happened since you saw me last.”

“Well,” Michael said. “Mr. Grown up, your girl is getting felt up by that blonde headed perve over there…”

Max shot up from his chair. “Maybe I’ll just go dance, after all.”

Michael laughed. “Yeah, maybe you’ll just go kick someone’s ass after all.”


“This song is for my best friends that are going to get married soon. I love you guys,” Maria spoke into her microphone, smiling when she saw Max and Liz’s shocked faces.

“I'm scared

So afraid to show I care

Will he think me weak

If I tremble when I speak

Oooh - what if

There's another one he's thinking of

Maybe he's in love

I'd feel like a fool

Life can be so cruel

I don't know what to do.”

“Let’s go dance,” Max whispered in Liz’s ear. She swallowed the last of her drink and then got up and followed him out to the dance floor. He rapped his arms around her petite frame and she rapped her arms around his neck drawing him close.

“I love this song,” she whispered.

“Hmm,” Max mumbled pressing his lips to the skin behind her ear. “You smell so sweet,” he breathed. He caught Michael’s eyes across the room and watched him raise his eyebrows and grin. Max closed his eyes and held Liz closer, what he felt for her was not something he expected Michael to understand. He couldn’t and wouldn’t try to explain what he felt to any of his old friends; they would just laugh at him.

“I've been there

With my heart out in my hand

But what you must understand

You can't let the chance

To love him pass you by.”

Liz swayed back and forth with him. “You’re my best friend, you know,” she whispered.

“Your mine babe,” Max kissed her lips chastely.

“Tell him

Tell him that the sun and moon

Rise in his eyes

Reach out to him

And whisper

Tender words so soft and sweet

Hold him close to feel his heart beat

Love will be the gift you give yourself.”

Once the song was over they decided to go home and thanked Maria, said goodbye to Michael then walked out to the car holding hands.

“Max, if you don’t want to we don’t have to get rid of any of your things, I know you don’t want to and I’m just being this big hassle…” Liz opened her car door and hopped in.

Max got into the drivers seat. “Are you kidding me?” He asked. “Everything you’ve been saying is right but I don’t have the strength to do it on my own. So don’t go backing out now, I just need big pushes in the right direction.”

Liz smiled at him. “Your serious?”

“Don’t ask me,” he said. “I’ll tell you no and lock you out of my house so I can keep all my things.”

Liz chuckled. “Okay then, I won’t ask and I’ll slowly start taking things away and you’ll ask me why everything’s disappearing.”

“Great, so now we have a plan.”
“A plan,” Liz said. “Good.”

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Liz wandered around the house with a glass of ice cold water in her hand and a piece of lemon in the other.

When she found herself in front of the door she was originally headed for she stopped and sucked in a deep breath before pushing it open with her foot.

Max sat on his leather chair behind his big desk staring blankly around him and smoking a cigar. His free hand rested on the polished timber in front of him and his tense body just screamed with aches of sitting too proper for too long. His mouth opened as he placed the cigar in-between his luscious lips again and he barely registered that he wasn’t alone anymore.

Liz walked slowly and gracefully up to him and placed the water and lemon on the desk in front of him. When he didn’t look at her she walked behind his chair and ran her fingers through his dark, soft hair comfortingly. She knew what had pushed him into his current state of depression and wished he would talk to her about it. She heard him sigh and could practically feel some of the stiffness in his body try to escape him through his mouth. The room was dark and the only light was coming from little green lamp. When his head arched back into her hand she was glad that what she was doing was helping him. She massaged his head with her thin feminine fingers and ran her nails over his scalp.

When he reached up and took her hands in his own she walked back around to face him and sat down on the edge of his desk. “They are gone,” she spoke quietly.

He nodded and reached for the cup of brandy that was nearly empty. Next to it, a picture frame with a photo of his family sat with a thin layer of dust on it.

“I was thinking,” she said picking up the piece of lemon. “That if we want to quit smoking we have to punish ourselves every time we have a cigarette.” She picked up the cigar and stabbed it into the ashtray until it broke. She handed him the piece of lemon and his eyes darted from it then back to her before he finally took it from her and bit into it. He swallowed with some difficulty and she watched his eyes water and one tear drip down his face. She knew it wasn’t only from the lemon that was making his eyes so wet.

She stood up and climbed onto his chair so she was straddling his hips to comfort him. Her floral summer dress rode up her thighs and was left bunched up under her hips. She brought her hands up his neck and caressed his cheeks with her fingers.

“Talk to me,” she whispered kissing his cheekbone.

He shifted so he could kiss her neck and his hands moved so they were rapped around her back. “I could have a step sister,” he whispered. “I can’t bear to think of it.”

“I know,” she said. Max closed his eyes and rested his forehead against her shoulder. Liz waited for him to speak.

“I don’t want to think about it but I can’t stop,” he said. “I wish I didn’t know because now I feel like it’s my responsibility and I should be doing something.”

Liz rested her forehead against his and stared into his eyes. “Call her,” she whispered. “I don’t fully agree that you should I just want to live here and forget about all that back there but I know it’s unrealistic and we can’t just run away from our problems.”

“That’s exactly what I want to do,” Max mumbled. “I want to live here without worries but I as I said, I can’t stop!”

Liz paused. “Do you blame me?” She asked.

“No, God no Liz, I love you more for taking me there because you wanted to help. I’m mad at my father and her, never you. Don’t think that,” he said.

Liz still couldn’t help but think this was all her fault. If she’d never taken him there…

“I know what you’re thinking,” Max said. “And I want you to stop, how were you to know that Angie would have a child? You were just trying to help me.” He kissed her lips. “I just have to decide what I want to do now.” He pressed her body into his. “God Liz, I’m so sorry about making this more complicated.”

Liz smiled. “Life can’t just be a breeze,” she said. “You’re worth everything we have to go through. And maybe now we’ll be even.”

“Even?” Max asked his eyes glowing with love. “How?”

“Well, you know it was my fault we were enslaved within a cell for a month and you having father issues makes us even, very fair if I say so myself,” she said sarcastically grinning. “And I do.”

“Oh right,” Max said. “Very fair.”

They kissed again passionately this time not stopping when their bodies began to hum with arousal. Liz ran her hands up and down Max’s chest. “I love you,” she confessed.

“I love you,” he responded. The material of her dress was so thin he could practically feel her smooth skin under his fingertips. He ran his hands up and down her back as she began to teasingly rub up and down against his lap. He dropped one of his hands to her thigh and drew agonizingly slow circles up towards her hip. This was all he had been able to think about doing tonight when he watched her glide around all their guests laughing, talking and offering food. Michael and Maria had thrown them a welcome home/engagement party and all of Max’s friends were there. Liz’s revealing dress had tormented him and in the end he couldn’t bear it a second longer and had to excuse himself from the room.

That’s when he had come in here to drown himself in his thoughts and poisonous substances such as nicotine and alcohol.

Now that he was alone with her, he could no longer help himself; he had to fell her bare body against his. He instructed her to put her hands up and he quickly tugged her dress off her. When he saw her breasts in the dim light, his mouth suddenly went dry; he loved it when she didn’t wear a bra.

Liz’s hands worked at his shirt briskly and as much as his feverish hunger urged him to just take her fast, he tried to extend the moment in hopes to enjoy it more.

Inside Liz was smoldering and ached to be touched by him. She finally got his shirt off and threw it behind her onto the desk. Looking at him now, sitting before her panting and flustered she found his appearance extremely erotic. They kissed again allowing their naked chests to join sending torturous shivers of delight to sizzle through them. Liz increased the insistence of her caressing his erect lower half until they could take no more and tore his pants and her underwear from their bodies.

Max lifted his hips up off the chair so she could remove his boxers and then sat back onto the leather with a soft thud. It felt good against his burning skin but it did not compare to the feeling of Liz’s soft unique body stroking his. Her ass was positioned on his strong thighs and her arms went around his head when he begun suckling her breast.

She panted loudly and arched her chest into his face urging him on and demanding he not stop. How quickly their control had disappeared taking with it all sense of reality and replacing it with pure heaven. Max switched breasts, not wanting to neglect the other but was quick to replace his mouth with his hand teasing, pinching, and pulling. When he kissed his way back up to her mouth Liz spoke, telling him, he was a Godsend and she couldn’t believe how happy he made her. That no one fulfilled her as he did.

She wondered how he managed to suddenly grow multiple hands when he was touching her. It seemed as though he was touching her everywhere at once causing goose bumps to spread across her whole body. She kissed his neck, his collarbone, his chest and his shoulders trailing her tongue all over him not being able to get enough of his distinct spicy taste. No one tasted as good as he did.

The whole house was silent apart from the occasional creak and howls it made in displeasure when the wind attacked its weatherboard. Max and Liz were oblivious to everything but each other and would not stop for anything, even if a world disaster were to take place at that very moment.

Max’s hands combed Liz’s hair some how managing to tousle it in an attempt to keep it out of their faces. Their lips were like a magnet, always being sucked back together. They caught each others eyes and they smiled lovingly together. “Max,” Liz purred. “So you’ve already had it on this table?”

“Not on this chair,” Max panted back.

She laughed and Max felt his heart constrict with content. How could he not love this woman and everything about her? She was perfect to him.

Together they brought her down onto his erection, fulfilling both of their desires as she stretched to accommodate him once more. The heat that radiated off them was enough to provide warmth for an entire platoon of men but they weren’t willing to share. This was their own private moment that they knew no one else but them would get to experience it, that seemed to make it more enjoyable.

Max hoisted Liz up his shaft by one hand holding her exposed ass and the other holding her hips like a handle placed their just for his convenience. She slid back down again this time burying her face in his neck to keep from passing out. She could feel the roars and moans coming from his throat and knew he was as close as she was.

Thinking of them together and causing this rapture of emotion, this complete and utter bliss, made her rise higher and higher. It was times like these they both realized how pliable they were, even if caused them to endure aches and pains later.

Max bit down on her ear lob when he was about to erupt in an explosion of pure gratification. Liz’s hands bunched and clenched Max’s arm muscles where she was clutching him. “Oh God,” She cried. “Please, oh please…”

“One more babe, one more…” Max puffed.

Liz fell down onto him again and gasped in pleasure. She was filled with such perpetual joy when she was with Max. When he caused her to explode, she felt radiant for a very long time afterwards.

Max’s liquid warmth filled her seconds after she fell and they clung to each others sweaty bare bodies for life they were going to be torn away from one another if they didn’t. Max blew on her forehead to cool her down and she complained that his breath was hot and was just making her more on fire.

She climbed off him and shuddered sadly at the loss of his body. “C’me on,” she said.

Max was still trying to think coherently and barely heard her. He grunted, “huh?”

Liz laughed as she picked up her dress and underwear. “I said, come on.”

“Where?” Max asked amused at his current state of undress and new content that he earlier had lacked.

“We got a lot of gifts tonight, did you see all that chocolate? If you come maybe I’ll let you eat it off me.”

She was already at the door and on her way out. “It’s your choice…you could stay in here and sulk if you want.”

Sulk? Max thought. How could he suck after that? After she’d made him see stars?

When his legs didn’t feel like jello anymore he finally got up and went after her. He found her lying on their bed on her stomachs and eating chocolates out of a big box.

She smiled at him, “Go get what’s left of that wine in the refrigerator will you?”

When he came back, she was in the same place still eating the chocolates. He put the wine and glasses on the bedside table and then climbed onto the bed beside her.

Not being able to help himself he sat on her ass and massaged her shoulders and back with his big –pleasure giving- hands. Her hair was long and silky so he had t brush it over her shoulders so it wouldn’t be in his way.

Liz moaned and felt her body hum to life again. “Oooh that feels so good,” she cooed. “Don’t stop.”

Max kissed her shoulder. “Who said I was going to?”

“Hmm,” Liz mumbled. “Sometimes your mean like that.”

She could feel his package on her lower back and wiggled her ass to tease him. He played back dropping his hands round her front to fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples.

Her breathing became more erratic, her heart thundered in her chest. She could feel the liquid warmth spread up her legs slicing her stomach and making her shudder.

However, she didn’t want him to know how he was effecting her so she continued to eat the chocolate, hoping that would serve as a diversion.

Max knew very well what she was doing and in these times, he was the one in charge for once. He ran his lips up and down her spine, smiling when he heard he suppressing a moan. “Liz,” he spoke. “What did you think of Jude tonight?” He asked.

Wha—? Liz had no idea how to reply at a time like this and Max knew it. She swallowed. “Jude? Which one was he?”

Max massaged her lower back. “The one with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, he was wearing a white shirt…”

“Oh that one,” Liz said quietly. “He was okay, funny guy.”

“Hmm.” Max grinned. He leaned forward and kissed her jaw line slowly making his way to her chocolate filled mouth. He licked the chocolate of her lips and while doing so, let his hand slip down between her legs to where she was saturated. There was still some of his seamen on her inner thighs from their escapade in his office.

“Max!” Liz cried loudly. “Please, please…”

Max laughed, he had won again. He flipped her over in one swift movement and she rapped her arms around his neck pulling his mouth down onto hers. Their movements were quick, determined and passionate.

She rapped her legs around his waist forcing him to enter her fully. His tongue was in her mouth and the taste of chocolate only added to his enjoyment. When the flavor was fading he lifted one arm up and searched for the box of chocolates. When he found it he picked a random one, put in her mouth, and watched as she scrunched her nose up in disgust.

“Nougat, ew,” she mumbled.

Max smiled and kissed her again, now choosing to begin his movements in her lower body. He thrust in and out of her never removing his lips from hers and opened his eyes to watch her when she climaxed. He erupted just seconds after and they clutched each other whispering words of love.

When Max got up off her he crawled over to the dresser and picked up the wine. Not bothering with the glasses he unscrewed the lid and drank from the bottle. Liz climbed up the bed still with the chocolate and spread out on her back with her head on her pillow. She swigged some wine from the bottle too but when he climbed on top of her again she didn’t know what to do with it so she threw it onto the floor with a chuckle. Max laughed before covering her mouth with his again. Now that he had her full attention, he planned to keep it all night long.


Liz woke up with Max lying on top of her with his head on her chest. She yawned and rubbed her eyes tiredly.

Her body ached like she knew it would.

Max woke up, scratched his balls and then sat up. He really needed to pee. Upon noticing Liz was awake he smiled and kissed her lips innocently before climbing off the bed and heading in the direction of the bathroom. Liz heard him call minutes later, “God, what did we do last night?”

She laughed and waited until he came back to reply. “What you mean you don’t remember?” She asked.

Her muscles felt sore and overworked.

He fell back beside her and yawned. “I remember experiencing total bliss many times,” he mumbled. When he could, he rolled onto his side and rapped his arms around her. “We made a lot of mess,” he said. “Maybe we should hire a house keeper.”

Liz snuggled into his chest and spoke exhaustedly, “Is that why you had one to begin with?”

Max had his eyes closed. “No, because I can be lazy then and not clean up my own mess.”

With a sigh, Liz started to drift off again. “I have a work interview at one, don’t let me miss it,” she whispered.

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When Liz woke up again it was 12:45. She sprung up and cursed loudly. “I have an interview in fifteen minutes! OH My GOD!” She punched a sleeping Max in the chest. “You suck Max Evan’s I told you not to let me sleep in!”

She leapt out of the bed and ran towards the bathroom.

She had the quickest shower of her life, then ran back into the bedroom and searched through the wardrobe for something respectable to wear. She pulled on a white blouse, black skirt and matching knee length jacket then pulled her hair up into a bun. Max watched with amusement while he was stretched out on his back on the bed.

“I hate you!” She hissed before running out of the room and grabbing the keys to his Porsche. “BYE!”

She was supposed to meet Elle Edwards, the fashion designer, at her studio. Luckily it wasn’t that far away and she got there only five minutes late. At the front door a woman whom Liz guessed was Elle’s current assistant, led her through the elegant house to a huge white room. Elle was a striking woman that could easily be a super model; she was from a town called Brighton in England and her English accent amused Liz immensely.

She was friendly and greeted Liz like she was an old friend, proximity was formed instantaneously.

“Take a seat, take a seat,” Elle said. She sat down on a couch near a large set of windows and Liz sat on a sofa chair next to her. “First of all, I’ve never believed in formal interviews, highly over rated. Tell me about yourself because in this job if we don’t click then it just won’t work.”

“Well,” Liz said. “Before I say anything I want to apologize for being late. My thick boyfriend chose to be a pest this morning.”

Elle laughed. “Men are just stupid asses aren’t they?” She said. “And don’t worry; I didn’t even notice you were late.”

“Well I am relieved,” Liz said smiling. “So you want to know a bit about me? Well, I’m from New York and I’ve just moved here with my boyfriend. I’ve worked for Veronica’s Secret as an assistant Manager where I had a large input in the fall line…”

“I know, I know. I’ve seen your C.V it’s very impressive, no, what I really want you to tell me is about is you. What you like, what your fashion style is.”

“Me?” Liz said.


“Clothing, I have to admit I am stuck in the past. I love anything that resembles what would have been worn between 1900-1945. I hate where fashion is going, you don’t have to show a lot of skin to look dazzling but people feel compelled to keep up with models so clothing is getting skimpier every season.” Liz looked around and saw a poster on the wall. “See that dress there is elegant by why does it have to be so short? I’m not modest or anything I have a good body and I’ll flaunt it but I like to be comfortable and I wouldn’t be comfortable in that.”

Liz knew she was being very prejudiced but she wanted to be herself and let Elle see what she was like now.

Nothing was worse then hiring someone and then finding out they were just being kiss-ass during their interview.

Elle was smiling so she mustn’t have said anything too terrible. Being critical of her boss’s work before she was even hired wasn’t something you normally did if you wanted to get the job.

“Well, that’s what’s wrong with it. I’ve been trying to find what’s off about that design for a month.”

Liz stayed for another fifteen minutes answering Elle’s questions and just talking.

“Just one last question,” Elle said. “This job will be an on-call one a lot of the time. I’ll need you to come in when I need you. Is there anything you consider more important then your career that would ever be your first priority? Be honest, please, I understand that we all have lives of our own.”

“Max,” Liz replied.

“And is that your boyfriend?”

Liz nodded. “He comes first,” she said. “I’m sorry, he wouldn’t keep me from coming in most likely…but he’s my main concern.”

Elle nodded. “I understand.”

“Thank you,” Liz said standing up. “It was nice meeting you, even if I don’t get the job. Good luck with your hunt!” She pulled on her suit jacket.

“Yes, thank you. I’ll be honest with you, you’re the best I’ve seen so far.”

“I’m glad,” Liz said.

“Harriet will lead you out.”

When Liz got home she walked out the garage door on the side of the house and out to the back garden. She smiled at the sight before her. Max was lounging around on a beach chair drinking beer with two other males.

They were all wearing nothing but swimming trunks and were laughing at something. Music was blearing from the C.D player inside and she had to walk up and stand in front of them to get them to notice her.

She put her hands on her hips. “Hi,” she said.

A chorus of, “hello,” “hey,” “Hi babe,” was her reply.

“How was the interview? Did you get the job?” Max asked.

“She’s going to get back to me,” Liz replied. “So, who are your friends?” These two guys hadn’t been at the party last night. How could he have more friends? The invitation list to the wedding was going to be huge! And that was without everyone she wanted their too.

“Well,” Max said. “I don’t know, I just got bored so I went down to the beach and let whoever come up if they promised good conversation.”

“Ha ha, Max the comedian,” Liz said.

“Smart ass,” one of the guys said to Max. “I’m Karl, this is Daniel. You must be the woman who finally tamed the beast? It’s nice to meet you Liz.” They both shook her hand.

“Max should I be worried? That’s not the first time I’ve heard someone refer to you as ‘the beast’.”

Max grinned. “If you’re not worried already then you have nothing to lose sleep about. You’ve see all the beast tendencies I possess.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “So, why weren’t you two here last night?” She asked.

“We couldn’t make it,” Daniel said. “But that’s why we’re here now.”


Max grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards him. “Join us,” he said.

“Oh Max no! You’re all sweaty and gross!” She pulled away. “I’m going up to the house, do you guys need anything?”

“We’re sweet thanks,” Karl said.

“Max, don’t drink too much you have that interview at five-thirty, remember?” Liz kissed his cheek on her way back to the house. When she was inside she turned the music down a little bit and undid her hair from its tight bun. In all the jobs and all the interviews she’s had over the years, she couldn’t remember ever having one as pleasurable as today’s, she was swollen with pride.

She walked into the kitchen to get a bottle of water out of the refrigerator when she heard Max’s bare feet patter across the lino as he entered. She turned around and looked at while she pulled the cap off her bottle.

He kissed her neck. “Do you mind them being here?” He asked.

“No, of course not,” she said. He continued kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear until her legs felt weak and she started drifting downwards. “Ah, stop right there,” she said pushing him away. “Nice boys aren’t supposed to do that.”

“Who said I was a nice boy?” Max asked.

“I was under the impression you were,” Liz said teasing him.

Max raised his eye brows. “Well you can’t have gained this impression last night…I distinctively remember you saying something about being very naughty…”

Liz blushed.

Max laughed. “That’s got to be one of the first times I’ve ever seen you blush. It is unbelievably strange and very, very arousing.” He rapped his arms around her waist.

Liz pushed him away again. “You’ll get that awful coconut smelling sunscreen all over my clothing,” she said. “Besides you have guests, go attend to them.”

“They won’t mind if I disappear for a little while—“

“Max Evans!” Liz hissed. “No! You’ll have to control yourself until a more appropriate time. You have friends over for heavens sake.”

Max rolled his eyes and kissed her lips tenderly. “Fine, but I’m not happy. So, do you think you got the job?”

“I have a good chance,” she said. She ran her hand through his hair. “I’m ringing the hair dresser to make an appointment for you after your interview.”

“Hmm, whatever,” he kissed her again.

“Wait a minute, no; you definitely have to get away from me. I’m supposed to be mad at you.”

He sighed. “What did I do?”

“I told you not to let me be late to my interview but you didn’t wake me up!” Liz said.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Max said. He reached behind her and opened the fridge to grab some more bottles of beer.

“Well I have to blame someone, it can’t be my fault,” Liz said.

Max grabbed her finger, put it up to his lips and pretended to bite it off. She giggled and watched him walk away with a smile on her face.

After wandering around cleaning up and folding washing she decided to go down to the beach and have a swim in the cold water. She got into her bikini, rapped a towel around her waist to cover her thong-clad-ass and walked down to the beach wearing her sunglasses. She didn’t want Max’s friends to think she was like all the other girls Max had ever had and didn’t know if showing her ass off was a good way of doing that.

“Where are you going?” As she was walking past.
“For a swim,” she replied. The water was beautiful and felt wonderful against her sore body. Damn her muscles, she thought. They were still sore from last night’s activities.

She only stayed down at the beach for about half an hour before walking back up to the house. Max was still sitting in the same place but one of his friends, Daniel had left. She took his seat next to Max and dried her wet hair with her towel.

“God I missed this,” Max commented. “I missed this place.”

“It’s beautiful here,” Rick agreed.

Liz watched his face without him realizing it. He was staring off into space, deep in thought. She didn’t like not being able to read him. She usually knew what he was thinking and feeling but right now she had no idea.

“Hey,” she said. “Have you got enough sunscreen on?”

Max snapped out of it. “Yeah, I have more than enough on,” he said.

Liz leaned over her chair and looked at his back. “You look sun burnt, lie down on your back I’ll rub some more on.”

“Who could say no to that?” Max said.

Rick wiggled his eye brows.

Once he was lying on his back Liz sat on the edge of his chair and squirted some of the sunscreen on his back.

She spread it out and massaged it into his shoulders, lower back, spine and then continued even when it was all rubbed in. He had closed his eyes and a peaceful look now rested on his face and she wanted to keep it there. When Rick was looking away she leaned down, pressing her wet bikini into her back and brought her lips down to his ear. “I love you,” she whispered.

Max opened his eyes and looked up at her. She smiled and continued massaging his back while he watched her.

Never had she been more beautiful to him.

Around four-thirty Rick left to go home and Liz went inside to start making dinner. When followed her he stood in the doorway watching her fluff around the kitchen in her summer dress. She always wore hat lately to cool down in, she wore nothing underneath it and with every little move she made it tantalizingly revealed what was underneath. He ripped off his shorts like he had wanted to do all afternoon and sighed. She watched him out of the corner of her eye, doing her best to not turn around.

When he saw that she wasn't paying attention he fell back onto the couch with a huff and put his hands behind his head. After turning the stereo off with the remote he turned on the television to the sports channel.

A few minutes later Liz called out to him, "Max can you set the table please?"

Sluggishly he gradually eased himself up again and walked into the kitchen to do what he was asked. Liz was about to turn around and tell him to put some clothes on she’d never get dinner done when the telephone started ringing. “I’ll get it,” she said with bated breath. She practically ran from the room, cursing herself for getting so aroused.

“Hello?” She said into the phone.

“Liz?” Maria replied. “What are you up to?”

“Oh hey Maria I’m just making dinner, how’s Michael?” Liz watched Max as he set the table, he leaned over to put the knife down and she closed her eyes. She wasn’t going to make it.

“He’s at work and I don’t have any jobs tonight so I’m just hanging out,” she sighed.

Liz caught Max’s eyes and quickly looked away. “Oh, don’t stay home alone, come around here and have dinner with us. Max has to leave soon to go to a job interview. We can watch some DVD’s and eat popcorn and chocolate.”

“Oh Liz that would be awesome! Thank you. How long till dinners ready?” Maria asked.

“I only just started so give me about twenty-minutes to get it ready and thirty minutes to cook it… say an hour?” Liz said.

“Okay, sure. Do you need me to pick up anything? The DVD’s, chocolate?”

“We have some DVD’s here but unless you want to watch muncho action movies like die hard, you better get some.” Liz swallowed when she saw Max approaching her. “Ah, Maria I got… I got to go.”

“Okay, I’ll get some DVD’s,” Maria said sounding eager. “What about pop corn and chocolate, do you have any?”

Max walked around behind Liz and started unbuttoning her dress. “Chocolate? Yeah we have some, you better get…oh!” Max licked her revealed skin. “Pop corn.”

“We don’t have chocolate,” Max said.

“What?” Liz asked. “We got heaps last night, how can we possibly have none?”

Max slipped his hands inside her dress and kissed her neck. “We, ate it, remember?”

Liz closed her eyes and arched into his hands that were now cupping her breasts.

“Hello? I’m still here!” Maria called.

“Oh,” Liz said. “Sorry, Maria you better bring chocolate and pop corn too, sorry. I owe you.”

“Sweet as. I’ll be there in an hour, bye!”

Liz chucked the phone down and turned around to face Max. “Oh Max, please…”

He lifted her up and she rapped her legs around his waist. “Is now an appropriate time?” He asked amused.

Liz kissed his lips fervently. “No, yes, fuck I don’t know Max God I need you now!”

Max laughed as he headed toward the couch. He positioned her down on the cushions and pulled her dress off her. She wasn’t thinking logically anymore, she should have been worrying about Max getting to his interview on time and cooking dinner but all she wanted was for him to be obscured within her.

She tightened her thighs around his hips and he propelled into her finally.

Liz moaned and pressed her lips to his. When they both released Liz lay shivering blissfully with her eyes closed. “Thank you,” she mumbled.

Max ran his hand through her hair. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered taking her lips again.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him. “So are you,” she said.

He looked down at their exposed bodies and ran his hand through his hair. “Do we have time for once mo—?”

Liz laughed. “Yes you big lug, quickly otherwise you’ll be late!” She rapped her arms around his neck and pulled him back down. “This time, make me see stars,” she whispered.

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Hope you like the new part!


Liz and Maria sat together at the dinner table clucking and laughing like little old women that had had too much to drink. When Max came out dressed in one of his best suits they both cooed and told him how handsome he looked.

“Come here,” Liz said. She fixed his collar and kissed him good bye. “Remember to go to the hairdressers on your way back.”

“Oh is Maxie-pooh getting a hair cut?” Maria asked.
“Yes he is, finally,” Liz said. “Look he’s getting bangs, they make him look younger don’t you think?”

“Yeah they do, is that a bad thing?”

Liz scrunched her nose up. “No, not really but I think the little bit sticking up at the front is cuter.”

“Yeah you’re probably right,” Maria agreed.

“Can I go now?” Max asked.

“Yes,” Liz said kissing his lips tenderly again.

“You taste like Garlic,” he commented.

The two women laughed like it was the funniest thing they’d ever heard. “Are you two drunk all ready?” He asked.

“Of course we aren’t,” Maria said.

Max’s outing was uneventful; when he got to his interview they took one look at his achievements and hired him. The young hairdresser flirted with him while she cut his hair and Max flirted back but felt bad about it so he went brought Liz some of her favorite wine before going home.

Maria and Liz were lying around on the couch watching Bridget Jones’s Diary when he walked in.

“Oh Mr. Darcy is so yummy,” Liz said.

“Oh I so agree,” Maria was sucking on a piece of chocolate.

When they spotted Max they made as much of a fuss about him as they had when he had left. “I picked this up,” he said putting the wine down on the coffee table.
“My favorite!” Liz said excitedly.

“What did you do?” Maria asked.

“Excuse me?” Max said shocked.

“Well you don’t buy a woman her favorite alcoholic beverage unless you feel guilty about something,” Maria said.

Liz rolled her eyes. “Maria you read too much Cosmo Girl.”

“I know,” she snorted.

Max could hear their conversation as he put away the dishes in the kitchen. “I would have to say my worst sexual experience would have been with Rick Romano, I would be lying there with him above me and he’s pant and drool and hiss like I’ve never heard!” Maria said. “He smelt really bad too.”

“That’s nothing,” Liz said. “I was once with a guy that would moan his own name when he was doing me. He’d cheer himself on for heavens sake!”

Max dropped the plate he was holding and it shattered on the floor.

“Max is everything okay out there?” Liz called.

“Yea—yeah.” She did who?

Liz continued, “At first I thought I’d miss heard him then all of a sudden at the top of his lungs he’d start screaming, ‘go Jack you can do, yeah Jack you beauty!’ It was disturbing.”

Maria and Liz’s laughter was loud and animated.

Max couldn’t believe what he just heard. He was horrified by the mental pictures of Liz with someone else filling his find. “Jesus,” he muttered to himself.

“There was this other guy that always wanted to do it doggy style,” Liz added.

As if that hadn’t been bad enough! Max covered his ears but he couldn’t help but picture it yet again. He felt sick to the stomach.

“So how often do you and Max go to it now?” Maria asked. “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

“Don’t you dare!” Max called from the kitchen.

Liz laughed.

“Spoil sort,” Maria hissed.

“Max and I still have a very active sex life for your information,” Liz said.

“Do you? Michael and I are starting to dwindle now, only three times a week and usually no more then twice at a time! I know I shouldn’t complain but it used to be so much more. It’s depressing.”

“Oh, poor you,” Liz said. “Tell him he needs to buck up his ideas. I read somewhere that role playing lights the fire again.”
Maria laughed. “I could get him to dress up as a fire fighter,” she said.

“Well Max is a professor so I could be a naughty school girl,” Liz offered. They laughed noisily together. “I won’t tell you how many times Max and I have sex then it might depress you.”

“If you did it once a day it would depress me,” Maria said. “Just tell me, is it more then that?”

Liz checked to see that Max wasn’t in the room and nodded mutely at Maria.

“You bitch! It’s just not fair!” Maria cried.

When Max was finished eating his dinner he came and sat down on the couch next to Liz. The end of the movie was just coming up and Liz sighed. “I want that,” she said.

“You want to run down the street in your underwear?” Max asked.

She hit him with a pillow. “Why aren’t you like Mr. Darcy?”

“I’m sorry!”

“I’m kidding!” Liz said rolling eyes.

They watched Jaws next and when the couple went skinny dipping in the beach Liz commented that she and Max should do that.

“They get eaten by a shark!” Max cried.

“Yeah but we won’t,” Liz argued.

“That’s what they thought too.”

After Maria had gone home Max went outside to smoke.

After a short while Liz came out and spun around in front of him. “How do I look?” She asked with her lips pursed.

Max turned his gaze to her and gasped in shock. “Oh, my, God,” he said. He tried to say something else but he couldn’t form an English sentence.

“I’ll take that as a good sign,” she said placing her hands on her hips. “You know this evening while I compared our sex life to Maria and Michael’s I realized we were being a bit excessive. We have been together too long to be as horny as we are. Did you know that only thirty percent of women climax during intercourse? After thinking about it I realized that BECAUSE I’m obviously in that thirty percent, THAT is why we have such a healthy sex-life. Aren’t we lucky?”

Max’s mouth opened and closed, he still could not form any words, let alone sentences.

Her skimpy see-through pink underwear with black lace trimming was too much for him.

“Max, it’s just underwear, expensive underwear, but still just—

She laughed. “You want to go inside and make love now?”

He was still opening and closing his mouth.

“Nod if it’s a yes,” she said.

He nodded.

“Come on then, put that cigarette out. I’ll get you a piece of lemon.” She walked away swaying her ass from side to side purposely.

He was completely and utterly whipped. He was a goner, she would kill him. He got up and followed her in knowing that she had somehow slipped into the Kings seat in the relationship. When it came to her he was putty in her hands.

He collapsed back onto their bed and closed his eyes. He knew he didn’t need to do anything she would do it all, she knew every inch of his body and she would do it all.

She was a burning fire that he knew would never blow out. He just didn’t know how he was going to survive her.
He just didn’t know how he deserved her.


His fingers tapped on the desk in front of him and his eyes rested on the phone. He should do it but he couldn’t do it. From this moment on his whole care-free life would be over as he knew it all because of this phone call.

Liz didn’t deserve to have to put up with this. She deserved nothing but his full devotion to her and if he rang and his suspicions were confirmed he wouldn’t be able to give her all of him. Part of him would feel obligated to someone else. He could hear Liz singing in the kitchen from where he sat in his office and his heart swelled with love. He worshiped her.

“Our love is like a ship on the ocean,” Liz sang. “Don’t rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby.”

Max stifled a laugh.

He could do this; nothing he did would stop how he felt for the tiny woman who was a terrible singer but somehow managed to end up sounding superb to him.

He didn’t particularly enjoy listening to Jammin’ Oldies on a Sunday afternoon but Liz seemed to and wouldn’t allow anything else while she cleaned.

He was getting off the point; he had to stay on the subject matter. The truth was he would rather have been anywhere doing anything rather then doing this.

Maybe if he told Liz he’d clean the oven she’d let him leave his office?

No, as much as she hated doing it, she wouldn’t let him get away with it.

Never in his life had he been so torn.

“I want candy!” Liz sang. “I want candy!”

Max rubbed his eyes and yawned. With a deep pain in his stomach and a throbbing head he slowly picked up the telephone and dialed the number on the piece of paper in front of him.

It rang once, twice, thrice and then he crashed it back down on the receiver. He couldn’t do this.

“She’s my cutey, she’s my tutty fruity, she’s allllllright, and she’s got what it takes!”

Max couldn’t believe he had just heard his girlfriend sing that. All he could think was, oh my God.

Suddenly he heard Liz yell. “MAX EVANS HUUUUUURRRRRRY UP!”

He cupped his ears and patted them to make sure they still worked.

Liz continued singing. “You’ve got to know when to hold her, know when to fold her, know when to walk away…!”

On his watch the time read one-twenty. Jesus, he had been in there for an hour. He had missed lunch!

His stomach leading him he picked up the phone again and dialed the number. It rang four times before being answered.


Max swallowed. “Angie?” He asked.

“Yea it’s me, who is this?”

“It’s Max, Max Evans.”

He could practically feel her shock. “Max? Hi! What are you doing?”

Living in Emotional hell where all they play is Jammin’ Oldies. “I’m ringing from Italy,” he said.

“Oh, really?” She asked. “Why?”

He swallowed again. “Look, first I better start by telling you why I left New York back when we were dating,” he said.


“I caught you with my father,” he said. “Having…sex with my father.”

She gasped. “Max—I-I, I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter, that’s not why I rang. I rang because I just…I have to know if my fathers the father of your child.”

There was silence on the other line.

Time seemed to stop.

“Max,” Angie said. “I’m glad you rang. I’m pleased I can quiet your worries; my daughter isn’t in anyway related to your father. I’m sorry that you thought that.”

Max let out the breath he was holding and rested his head against the back of his chair. He closed his eyes and sighed, he couldn’t believe the weight that had lifted off his shoulders.

“Is that all you wanted?”

“Yeah, that’s all,” Max said. “Thank you, thank you…”

“That’s fine, I’m glad I could help. Again, Max, sorry about your father—“

“Yeah, it’s a little late for that but I appreciate it. Look I’m sorry that the father ran off on you, even if it wasn’t my father."
“That’s sweet of you,” she said. “Thank you.”

“I have to go now,” he was anxious to leave. He had to go hug his wife! The wonderful little sprite!

“Well, okay, see you.”

Max slammed the phone down and when he looked up he saw Liz leaning against the door frame. “Come dance with me,” she said.

He got up and walked towards her. “I love you,” he said. “I love you so much.”

“I know you do,” she replied. “You couldn’t live without me.”

Out in the lounge, ‘the limbo rock’ by Chubby Checker was playing. He took her in his arms and they danced around the lounge laughing. When they were tired Liz sighed happily. “I trust you want your lunch now?”

“Yes please,” he said.

“Come on then, time to feed ‘the beast’.”

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“Are you sleeping?” Liz asked while she stroked her soul mate’s forehead, brushing his wispy hair to the side of his face. His eyes twitched before opening and he looked up at her with love.

They could hear the water lapping up against the side of the yacht and the sea gulls squawking and flying around but they were oblivious. All they knew was each other.

“What’s wrong?” Max asked running his fingers through her hair.

She kissed his temple and shifted so she was on her stomach at his side. He lay on his back half watching her and half watching the sunrise behind her.

“Nothing,” she replied. “I was just thinking.”

“Yeah?” he mumbled. The blanket covered their lower bodies but their naked upper halves were exposed to the morning air. It wasn’t hot but was lukewarm with a slight chill that had traveled from the arctic. It warned the village that winter was only a month off.

Max and Liz, knowing that the searing weather conditions would not last much longer, headed for the yacht to spend the night under the stars. They listened to music, ate food and worshipped each other in the closest way possible.

“Tell me what you are thinking about,” Max said quietly.

“I was thinking about you,” Liz replied honestly.

He smiled. “I’m glad.”

She rolled her eyes but quickly switched back to being serious. “You know how people say that God is the only one who can see and understand you completely, that you can’t hide anything from him?” She saw Max nod. Quietly she continued, “I want you to be the one who can do all that. I don’t believe in God but I believe in you and you’re the one that I want to see me.”

Max swallowed. “Why do you love me so much?” he asked.

“Because you’re the one,” she replied simply. “You’re my only one, the one that everyone spends their whole life searching for.”

He cupped her cheeks and said he agreed. “With it all, what you just said. All of it, I want you to know me best.”

Liz kissed his lips. “It’s not very hard to know you; your favorite things are food, sex, alcohol and sleep.” She laughed tauntingly.

Max smiled. “You forgot one thing on that list.”
“Really?” She asked. “What’s that?”

“You,” he answered pulling her closer. “You’re my favorite thing.”

“Prove it,” she said slipping her thigh over his.

“Not yet.” He tangled their hands together. “I have also been thinking and maybe we should elope, we have too many friends.”

Liz buried her face in his neck. “I know,” she said. “I considered it too but just imagine how much fun a huge beautiful wedding would be, the more I think about it, the more I want it. Besides, the best part is the parents of the bride always pay for it all.”

Max laughed.

“And I want to spend hours getting ready and pretty for you so I can walk down the isle and see the look on your face.”

“Why don’t you just spent hours dressing up for me everyday?” He grinned childishly.

“Yeah right,” Liz snorted. She looked at him with big puppy-dog eyes. “Please can we, please?”

He didn’t need much convincing. “It was just a thought; I never said I actually wanted to elope. I don’t mind having a big wedding and inviting everyone. We can and have the biggest party of our life time.”

“Yay!” Liz sat up. “Let’s have it just after Christmas like the 27th or the—wait! No we HAVE to have it on New Years! Then we can start the New Year married.”

Max treasured how excited she was. “We better start preparation then, huh?” He yawned.

“Yes!” Liz cried. “I’m thinking white and lavender as the signature colors…oh it’s going to be so magnificent.”

Max ran his hands through his hair. “As long as I don’t have to wear it…”

Liz looked perplexed. “Okay…” she said. “Strange mind you have there Max.”


“I have to go,” Liz said pulling away from Max on the couch.

“What?” He asked frowning. “Where?”

“I am going to get a manicure and a pedicure,” she replied. “I haven’t felt feminine in a little while and Maria was going with some girlfriends so I said I’d come.”

“But we are half way through watching a movie,” Max retorted.

“It’s Die Hard, Max,” Liz said. “If I hear Bruce Willis say, Yippee-Ki-yay-mother-fucker, one more time I may start saying it as a force of habit.”

“You haven’t seen it that many times,” he said.

The phone started ringing giving her a quick escape from the conversation.

“Hello, Liz speaking.”

“Liz! Hi.”

“Who is this?” She asked frowning.

“Elle,” she replied. “I’m calling to tell you, you got the job. I want you as my assistant.”

“Really!” Liz exclaimed. “I mean, that’s wonderful, thank you.”

Elle laughed. “Your welcome. I need to see you; I have a proposal for you. When are you available?”

Liz jumped up and down. “Uh, three hours, I can meet you at one if you’d like.”

“Ah, bad luck I have to be somewhere at one. What about tonight? Say, seven? We’ll make a dinner date out of it. You can bring your boyfriend if you’d like?”

“That would be awesome,” Liz said. “I’m so happy! Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, I’ll look forward tonight. I have to go now, see you then.”

“Bye,” Liz said. As soon as she hung up she danced around and did pirouettes through to the lounge. She stopped in front of the television and put her hands on her hips.

“Excuse me,” Max said trying to look around her at the T.V.

“Guess what?”

“Who was on the phone?” he asked, evidently not caring. He motioned for her to get out of the way.

She grabbed the remote and turned the movie off. “Stop, for two seconds,” she said.

“ARGH!” Max exclaimed. “You did not just turn off Die Hard. I demand a divorce.”

“We aren’t married,” Liz said. “How can we get a divorce if we aren’t married? You’re crazy.”

“Well…then I demand you turn it back on.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “I want two seconds of your time, you are being pathetic. Now, guess what?”

“Please don’t make me guess I want to watch Die Hard.”

“That was Elle on the phone,” she said.

“Oh, that’s nice, can you turn it back on now?” He asked. “Who’s Elle?”

“My new Boss you asshole!” Liz threw a pillow at him. “But obviously your stupid movie is more important to you then I am, so,” She threw another pillow at him, “I’ll leave you two alone! Maybe it’ll fulfill your sexual needs better!”

She stomped to the door and threw on her jacket. “I’m going to dinner with her tonight at seven, if you come, or if you don’t, I couldn’t care less!”

“I’m supposed to go out with my friends to the pub tonight!” he called.

“Of course, you do!” She slammed the door after her and drove to the beauty salon in a huff. She couldn’t believe his thick head sometimes, he could be so insensitive!
While she sat getting her nails done Maria asked what was wrong.

“Max, he’s so…” she hissed. “Is it like talking to a brick wall when Michael is in front of the television? I swear Max likes that thing more then me.”

“Amen,” the lady doing her nails said. “I agree completely, I give you my word my man dumped for his set.”

“Oh,” Liz said. “I’m sorry.”

“Ah, I’m not missing out on anything.”

“Liz, you just got to know how to work them,” Maria said.

“No, I don’t think so Maria. I’m sure that if I stood nude in front of him while he was watching Die Hard he would get more turned on by the film then by me. He’s obsessed with it, God I hate that movie.”

“Max is always all over you, I think you are overreacting a little bit.”

Liz shook her head. “I’m just so mad! I mean, I was trying to tell him that I got the great job I wanted so much and he wouldn’t even glance at me.”

“You got a job?” Maria asked. “Awesome! Is that the assistant clothing one?”

“Yes,” Liz said. “She wants me to meet her for dinner tonight. She told me to bring Max but I am just so irritated with him, I don’t think I will. That’ll teach him.”

“Liz…” Maria said. “This isn’t like you and Max, you are getting married in less then a month. Go home and make up with him. This job is a big deal.”

Liz thought about it for a second. “No, no way. I’ll just end up throwing things at him.”

“Okay,” Maria said. “But if you and Max can’t make it together none of us have any hope.”

“You know what the problem is?” Liz sighed. “I love him too much, I have him up on this pedestal and every time he does something wrong it completely throws me off.”

“He’s human Liz,” Maria replied. “He’s a HUMAN male for heavens sake; we can’t expect anything from MALES.”

“Males aren’t that bad,” Bianca, Maria’s friend butted in. “They have their moments.”

Liz bit her lip. “I just wish he’s want more from me then sex, sometimes I feel like that’s the only time he likes being around me.”

“Liz, no,” Maria said. “Max loves you, you are just upset.”

“Yes, I am.” Liz got up when her nails were done. “I have to go find something to wear tonight. I’ll see you guys later.”

“Okay, bye.”

Once she was gone Maria turned to her friends. “I’ll bet you a million dollars she’ll be cooing about how much she loves him tomorrow.”

“She seemed really upset.”

“They’ll be fine. It’s Max and Liz!”


“For the next two weeks I’m going to be in London,” Elle said. “I want you to come.”

Liz stared at her in shock. Leave Italy, for two weeks?
When she had got home after shopping that afternoon Max wasn’t there and had gone to teach his first class.

She knew that he would have because he had told her the day before he had work.

Despite her annoyance with him, she was disappointed that she wasn’t here when he had left. She didn’t want his first class to be a bad one because of their fight.

She’d waited around for him to come home and when six-thirty rolled around she got exasperated again because it was apparent he had gone out with his friends.

Now, at dinner, upset and alone she didn’t know how to react to her new boss. She knew it was an important decision and didn’t think it was smart to decide what to do when she was so emotionally distraught.

“I understand it’s a big thing to ask of you before you even start work for me but I had no alternative, the trip came up out of the blue. It’s even worse that it’s over Christmas, but you could request your boyfriend join you on Christmas Eve and through Christmas day. I leave on Friday and will get back December twenty-seventh.”

Liz bit her lip. “I’m getting married on the first,” she said. Everything was planned for the wedding by now and she would be back in time to finish any final preparations…so the trip wasn’t entirely out of the question. She really could gain a lot from working on this great job.

“I understand,” Elle said. “I’m aware that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to come but I thought I would present you with the offer nevertheless.”

There were footsteps behind them and Liz turned to see
Max walking towards the table. He kissed her forehead and took a seat. “I’m sorry I’m late,” he said.

The waitress came along and set up a place for him at the table.

Liz was surprised to see him.

“Elle, this is Max, Max this is Elle,” she introduced them and they shook hands politely.

“Liz and I have just been discussing the next two weeks,” Elle explained.

“Oh,” Max said.

Liz swallowed. “Elle wants me to go to London with her,” she said. “And I want to go.”

Max looked at her shocked. “You’ve already decided, just like that?”

“No,” Liz said.

“You don’t have to decide tonight,” Elle said. “Just in the next day or two.”

After dinner Max and Liz drove home without verbal communication but as soon as they got inside the house Max spoke.

“So, we have one silly quarrel and you tell her you’ll run off with her?” He said.

“I didn’t tell her I’d go,” Liz said shoving past him and heading towards the bedroom.

“Fundamentally you did!” he followed her. “What about Christmas? What about the wedding for heaven’s sake?”

“If you’d give me two minutes to explain without screaming at me maybe I’d tell you!” Liz kicked her high heal shoes off.

Max took several deep breaths to try and calm himself. “Look, I’m sorry about being as ass this morning but don’t leave. Don’t go to London.”

“Don’t go?’ Liz asked. “Max, this is a great opportunity.”

“What about me?” he asked.

“You? What about you Max? What’s gotten into you today you are being very selfish,” she said. She started unbuttoning the back of her dress. “IF I go, you would be able to fly to London on Christmas Eve and we’d still have Christmas together.”
“What if I don’t want to fly up?”

“Then I’ll stay home!” She cried. “I never said I WAS going Max, I just said I’d like to but if you won’t let me then I won’t!”

“I’m not in charge of you, I’m not going to tell you not to do something.”

Liz sat down on the bed in her underwear and cupped her face in her hands. “I understand this isn’t a good time to just up and disappear but I’ve never had a chance to do something like this and I really desire to go. It would mean missing you for the better part of two weeks but that’s what telephones are for. You are working now and you’ll be at work nearly everyday anyway, I’ll just be stuck around here.”

“I’m not going to keep you from going, I’m just saying I don’t think it’s a good idea,” he said. “You barely even know this woman.”

“I’ll get to know her on the trip,” Liz argued. “And if you weren’t such a dick head this morning maybe I wouldn’t have liked the idea so much.”

“I already apologized for this morning,” he said.

“Some apology!” Liz spat out.

Max came and squatted in front of her. “We can’t talk rationally about this trip until you stop being mad at me,” he spoke softly and lovingly.

“Well I can’t stop being mad at you until you tell me why you did it! I wanted a few minutes of your time, that’s it. That makes me feel so pathetic, like you favor the damn television over me.”

“You know that’s not true,” he said.

“Do I?” She retorted. “I’m just the silly annoying girlfriend that’s only good for a lay because every other time I’m nagging you.”

“Bullshit,” he said. “Come on Liz, you’re being childish. You KNOW none of that’s true.”

Liz started to cry. “I want to go on the trip.”

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Oh! Some of you guys need to have a little more faith in me! Like I would ever have anything happen to max and liz!!! I hope you like this part!


Max wandered around the room in his checkered pajama pants which he personally hated, but Liz liked. He was wearing a hole in the floor while he waited for her to get out of the shower. They had parted their separate ways to cool down and now that he was thinking rationally again he wanted to end this. He wanted to finish this, what ever it was, so they could go to bed and sleep, or even better, have amazing make up sex.

He turned out the lights when he heard her coming and switched the lamp by the side of the bed on.

She came in wearing a towel and Max thanked God, maybe that would make this easier.

He sat down on the end of the bed and patted the spot next to him.

“I’m calmed down now,” she said quietly. “And I think I am overreacting, just a little bit.”

Max shook his head. “Come here,” he replied. It was always easier to come to a truce when they were touching. She approached him slowly, unsurely, and stopped when her bare feet were on top of his.

“You aren’t overreacting,” he alleged. He took her hands in his and kissed them.

Liz looked down at him, she was defeated, and she didn’t want to fight anymore. “Max, I was thinking while I was in the shower and I realized that, maybe, we’re fighting because we have pre-wedding jitters.”

Max swallowed. “Why would that be? I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want this wedding.”

“Max you’ve gone from being a playboy to being engaged, I don’t expect you to adapt to the change easily,” she explained. “I admit that I’m a little scared. I mean, I love you but being so committed to someone is new for me.”

“So you don’t want the wedding?” He was confused.

“No! No, no…I want it as much as you do but that doesn’t stop me being a little panicky about it.”

Max hauled her down onto his lap. “You don’t have to be worried,” he said.

“You mean you aren’t worried, just a little bit?” She asked. “Not at all?”

“Not so far,” he replied. “But we have a little while to go yet.”

Liz gulped. “Max,” she said. “The trip—“

“You should go,” he said. “I don’t want you to but you’re right it’s a good opportunity. And maybe it would be a good idea for us to spend some time apart prior to our wedding.”

“You want time apart?” she asked hurt.

“No, personally I think it will suck being away from you but maybe it will bring us closer together when you get back. And I expect your ‘Elle’ knows that when I’m there for Christmas I don’t intend to share you.”

Liz had tears in her eyes. “I don’t intend to go away when your there with me,” she whispered. Max wiped the tear from her cheek.

“What’s wrong, I thought this is what you wanted?” He tucked her wet hair behind her ears. “Are you still upset about what I did today? I’m sorry, I really am.”

Liz sniffled. “I’m not upset about that anymore,” she said. “But thank you for apologizing, that’s all I wanted.”

Max hugged her and she buried her face in his t-shirt. He spoke, remembering her comment about him working while she stayed at home. “I’m only working for the next four days because the students go on their Christmas Holidays after that.”

“Oh yeah?” She asked. “I won’t go if you don’t want me to Max.”

“I’m not going to hold you back,” he said.

Deciding they really had over talked this for today she asked him what she had been wondering all afternoon. “How was today? Did they like you?” She lifted her head and looked at him.

“I think so,” he answered. “I enjoyed them, they are a great audience.”

“So they want you back?”


“Oh that’s fantastic Max!” She cried. She rapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. At this moment, it suddenly became very aware that she was in towel. She pulled away and stood up. “I have to get dressed,” she said.

“Excuse me?” He asked. He reached for the fastening up above her breasts. “I don’t think so.”


He pulled her towel off her and let it drop to the floor. “Liz…”







Liz rolled her eyes. “You’ll never let me win will you?”

“Never.” He grabbed her by the waist and tossed her down onto the bed. A second afterwards he pounced on her and kissed her neck. “You’re so tiny,” he whispered. “Why are you so tiny?”

Liz struggled to get him off her. “I’m not tiny, I’m strong!” she pushed and pushed on his chest but he wouldn’t budge. She fell back with a huff. “You’re mean.”

“Ah-huh,” he mumbled. He slid her legs apart with one of his hands and slithered down her body so his face was in-between her thighs.



“Do it…” she purred as his breath brushed against her tingling skin. He laughed and brought his finger up to her opening. Gently he slid it inside her and stroked her inner walls while his mouth descended on her nub. He covered her with his lips and while stroking, he licked as well.

Liz’s body burst to life and her whole body tingled with goose bumps. “Oh wow,” she mumbled. The things he could do with his mouth…he was amazing... “Don’t stop,” she moaned.

Max pulled his finger out of her warmth and replaced his finger with his tongue, probing her entry with his soft, wet mouth. He couldn’t get enough of her, when her fingers grasped at his shoulders and hair he slid her legs further apart so he could have more room.

Liz opened her mouth in a silent scream when she climaxed making her a shivering blunder of hot flesh. Max grinned childishly, pleased with himself, and wiped his mouth before kissing her breasts and neck once more.

“Max,” she moaned. “How do you do it?”

She snuck her hand under the elastic of his pants and took hold of him. He was hard and pulsing with the desire to be relieved like she knew he would be. She ran her finger through the hair on his testicles and up the under side of his shaft. There was pre-cum on his head and she ran her finger over it and continued up and down with her small fingers.

Max nibbled on her ear, panting onto her neck. “Oh my God Liz…”

She smiled and pulled her hand out of his pants. “Take your clothes off,” she said. Max whipped his t-shirt and off and stood up to rip off his pants. Liz crawled up the bed so her head was on the pillows and he leapt on after her.

They held hands as they made love and then afterwards, because they couldn’t sleep they walked down the road together and brought ice cream.

“Max, do you hate fighting with me?” Liz asked as they walked back.

“Well, nobody likes fighting Liz.”

“I know…” she trailed off. “I don’t know what I mean.”

“Yes, Liz I hate fighting with you. It’s one of the worst things,” he said. “But everyone has disagreements; it’s just something we live with.”

“I know,” she said.

“You’ve been very…emotional lately. You aren’t pregnant are you?”

“You’re going to ask me that every month aren’t you? You have for the past three.” She looped her arm through his. “Are you afraid I won’t tell you if I am?”

“No,” he said.

“You really want a child don’t you?” She stopped licking her ice cream and looked up at him. “Do you want a boy or girl?”

“Either,” Max replied. “I don’t mind, as long as you give me one. Provide me with one for Christmas.”

Liz laughed. “Okay, they aren’t too expensive at the shop on the corner, what’s it called?”


“Yeah that’s the one,” Liz couldn’t stop laughing. She nudged his arm. “Now that you mention it I have been rather dizzy lately.”

“Really?” Max asked becoming overly serious.

Liz didn’t know what to think of his anxiousness to be a father. “Max, don’t get your hopes up.”

He chucked the cone of his ice cream in the bin and rapped his arm around her shoulders. “I can’t help it,” he said.

“You don’t just want a child so you can prove to yourself you’ll be a better father then your father, do you? Because you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.”

“I guess part of me does,” he said. “But, no, I just genuinely want a child. Something that you don’t need money to get. Well…you need it once you have it but it’s just, so innocent and everything you do affects their future.”

Liz finished her ice cream and put her hand in the back pocket of his jeans. “Most people don’t see this side of you, it’s makes me glad I get to see it,” she said. “When you are passionate about something, you really are.”

“Of course,” he agreed. “I want some pancakes with cream, let’s go in there, maybe they have some.”

“And if they don’t?” Liz asked following him into the café.

“You can make me some when we get back and I’ll eat if off you,” he grinned.

“I don’t think so, I don’t feel like getting all sticky,” she said. “And besides I’m too tired.”

Max laughed. “Well let’s hope they have some then.”

They took a seat at one of the little tables outside after ordering something to eat. “Did you see Elle tonight?” Liz asked. “She liked you.”

“Liked me? What, are we in junior high again?” Max kissed her cheek. “I don’t care if she wanted to fuck my brains out.”

“She couldn’t, she’s a female. Anyway, you’re a liar, of course you’d care,” Liz said. “And she’s very attractive, of course you’d let her get her hands on you. I’m just afraid she’ll offer.”

“I am too,” he said. “Maybe we should get a babysitter to look after me while you’re in London. I might get lonely in that big house and go try to pick someone up at a bar.”

Liz stared at him blankly. “I thought you said hearing about me sleeping with other men made you sick? You promised you wouldn’t say anything again because it does the same for me?”

Max swallowed. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“As long as it’s just talk,” she whispered leaning into kiss his lips. “It would hurt too much to have you not feel the same about me.”

“You know I do,” he replied.


Liz sat on the plastic chair at the airport clutching her jacket and handbag on her lap.

Where was he? He said he would come and see her off.

She glanced at her watch again and sighed. Her flight was boarding, if he didn’t get her in two minutes she would have to leave!

“Babe, I’m so sorry I’m late!”

She spun her head around and glared at Max walking up behind her.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t coming,” she said.

“What? Never,” he replied taking her jacket and bag from her. “Is your flight boarding now? Where’s Elle?”

“I’m supposed to meet her at the boarding gate five minutes ago,” Liz said.

“I got held in by the university and then there was bad traffic on the way here. Guess what?” They power walked towards the boarding gate. “They offered me a full-time job for next year.”

Liz’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Really, really,” he said grinning.

“They must really like you,” she said. “They have good taste.”

“No I think it was all the requests from my female students wanting me back again,” he teased. Liz rolled her eyes.

“Liz! There you are—hello Max.”

“Elle…I’m sorry I’m late,” Liz said. “Would you get our seats, I’ll be two minutes?”

“Okay…” Elle said. “Don’t be too long we don’t want to leave without you.”

When she was gone Liz rapped her arms around Max’s neck and hugged him goodbye. “I love you,” she said. “I’ll see you in two weeks.”

“More like a week and a half,” he corrected her. They kissed as if in fever. “I love you too.”

When they broke away they rested their foreheads against one another. “I’m going to miss you; I’ll ring you as soon as I can.”

“You better,” he said. Reluctantly they pulled apart and Liz took her jacket and purse.

They shared a forlorn stare before she walked down the passage backwards. When she was about to turn the corner she waved and he waved back.

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The cold wind breezed in anytime someone opened the front door and Liz shivered and eyed her coat longingly.

In front of her was a salad and omelet that she now wondered why she even ordered. Elle was busily chatting away with two women about a new idea she’d just had and when they asked her opinion Liz would just nod, smile, and say, “I agree with Elle.”

She couldn’t really care less. She stared around the room blankly, the metal chairs were ridiculously cold, and who wanted to sit on cold chairs when outside it was snowing anyway? She wondered if her ass would stick to it when she tried to stand up.

On her lap rested her two hands, her left on top of her right so she could glance down at her engagement ring every two minutes. She felt lost and out of place, she didn’t want to stay here anymore.

She missed Max unbearably. So much she felt tears sting her eyes, it had been a week since she had seen him and she couldn’t believe the effects her withdrawal from him was having on her state of mind.

Yesterday she had taken a pregnancy test, hoping for him but knowing otherwise what the results would be.

She had sobbed with her head in her hands when she discovered she wasn’t, as she had known all along. The fact that she wasn’t pregnant wasn’t enough to make her cry; it was her absence from Max and his voice.

She had rung him and talked to him deep into the morning hoping that would make her feel better but just ended up furthering her hopelessness. She ended up telling him how much she hated this job and wanted to come home, how much she missed him and how sad she was. She could tell he was at a loss, not sure what to do and she’d felt bad about adding to his burdens.

“Liz,” he had said. “You’ll be okay love, it can’t be that bad. I’ll be there in two days and then after Christmas we’ll come home together. Why don’t you plan how we’ll spend our time when I get there?”

“We’ll spend it here, in my room,” she said. Max had laughed and said that was fine with him. Before he left he told her he loved her and missed her and couldn’t wait to see her again which made Liz cry when she hung up. She snuggled into her pillow on her big empty bed and stared at the ceiling, it was nothing like the one in her and Max’s bedroom, and that aggravated her.

She couldn’t stand to sit here in this café for a second longer. She loathed it; she detested Elle’s business friends and their boring conversations. This job was nothing like she had expected to be and she dreaded having to tell Elle that she didn’t want it anymore. She could do it as soon as they got back to Naples.

Liz dug into her purse and grabbed her little cell phone; she made sure it was securely enclosed in her hand before pulling it out. “Excuse me,” she said. “I’m just going to freshen up.”

“Oh I’ll come,” one of Elle’s associates said. Liz cursed under her breath and got up from the table with a smile on her face. They walked in silence to the women’s bathroom but as soon as they were standing in front of the mirrors the lady started talking.

“So how do you like the job?”

Liz smiled. “It’s wonderful, thank you. Excuse me.” She evaded conversation, much to her relief, and disappeared into the toilet stall, cell phone in hand. She sat there waiting until the lady left but she was taking forever.

To pass time, Liz unbuttoned her blouse and undid her bra at the back. It slipped down her arms and she took it off entirely and rested it on her lap. With a sly grin, she picked up her cell phone and used the camera on the front to take a picture of her breasts and send it to Max. While she put her bra back on she heard the lady outside take a deep impatient breath.

“Miss Parker! I’ll see you out there,” she called.

“Okay!” She called back. She hoped her cell phone wouldn’t ring before the lady left but because of her wretched luck it rung just as the door was being drawn open.

She clamped her hands over her mouth, she couldn’t answer it yet!

The door closed and she scrambled to answer it. “Liz Parker, sex cherub here, how can I pleasure you?”

“Since when do you answer your phone like that?”

Liz smiled brightly. “Hi Max, get my picture?”

“Clearly,” he said. “Your customary impeccable timing backfired on you today; I was just with two other professors and the vice-principal.”

“Oh,” Liz said trying not to laugh. “Well did they see it?”

“I’m certain one of them did,” Max replied. “I can’t imagine what they think of me now.”

Liz couldn’t help it, she laughed. “I’m sorry!”

“I don’t care,” he said making it obvious that he really didn’t. “Send another one.”

“No, I put my bra back on now.” She heard the bathroom door open and started whispering. “I really should go…”

“Why are you whispering, where are you?” He asked.

Liz could hear two people talking outside as they looked in the mirror. “I’ll send you another picture,” she said. “But this time I’ll be respectable. I’ll ring you right back.”

She hung up and held the phone out in front of her, making sure she got the toilet roll holder in the picture.

She smiled brightly and clicked then after it had sent, she speed-dialed his number. He answered laughing.

“That’s why, I really should go,” she murmured. “Three ladies are sitting outside waiting for me and I’ve been in here too long for them not to start to wonder.”

She loved the sound of his laughter. “Let me guess, you’re at a restaurant?”

“Ah huh,” Liz said nodding as if he could see her. “Supposed to be talking to two fashion magazine editors but it’s too boring for me.”

Max sighed. “You saved me from falling asleep myself, they are all great guys but…let’s just say, don’t ever let me get like that when I’m their age.”

“Okay, I won’t,” she said.

“Oh, the florist rang and said she needed someone to go in and confirm the flowers and make sure they were correct for the wedding.”

“Yeah?” Liz asked.

“I sent Maria, I knew I’d screw it up some how if I went,” he replied.

“Don’t sell yourself short,” she said. “Has my dress arrived?”


“Great!” She cried happily.

“I have to go now, they are calling me back,” Max said. “I love you; have fun, what time is it there?”

“Just after nine in the morning,” she replied. “Are you at the pub?”

“Yes, it was their idea.”

“Max, I don’t mind, I’m not your mother.” Liz buttoned up her blouse. “I love you too, see you later.”

“Bye babe.”

When Liz got out into the restaurant she explained she got a call and apologized for taking so long.

They didn’t seem to mind and she finally started entering the conversation and eating her food, now with a grin on her face.


Liz fluffed around her hotel room tidying up and putting things away when there was knock on the door. She went and answered it and found Elle on the other side.

“Hi,” she said. “Cleaning up?”

“Yeah, just a little bit,” Liz replied. “Did you need me to do something?”

Elle walked into the room shaking her head. “No, no I just wanted to talk to you. So, when does Max get here?”

“I was going to leave for the airport in half an hour; his earlier flight got cancelled so he doesn’t get here until ten,” Liz replied. She was on cloud nine; she couldn’t wait to see him.

“Oh, okay,” Elle said. She took a seat on the end of the bed. “Liz, I’ve been sensing that you haven’t been enjoying working for me.”

Liz’s smile faded. She hadn’t wanted to have this conversation until they got back to Naples. “I just…I don’t think I’m cut out for it,” she replied.

“Well you are doing a wonderful job,” she said. “But I guess if you aren’t happy, you aren’t happy.”

Liz felt bad. “I’m sorry, I will stay for the rest of the time you need me, I just don’t think it’s the right job for me.”

Elle nodded. “It’s a shame,” she said. “Are you sure it’s not just a homesick thing? Because once we’re back in Italy…”

“It’s not a homesick thing,” Liz answered.

“Damn. You are so good at this!” Elle got up. She bit her lip and seeing she was distressing Liz, smiled. “I‘m glad you’ll stay until the 27th I’ll require your help.”

Liz nodded. “Yes, I’ll stay.”

“I guess I’ll just have to suck all your ideas out of your head as I can before then,” Elle headed towards the door. “It really is a shame.”

“I’m sorry,” Liz repeated.

“It’s okay,” Elle said. “I hope you have a good night. You will be coming to the Christmas party tomorrow won’t you?”

“I’ll try.”

“Good,” Elle said. “Because I want you there.” Before walking out she turned and said, “Tell Max I said hello.”

“I will.” Liz closed the door after her and then sat back on the bed with a sigh. She wasn’t going to let that ruin her night, not when she had been planning it for the whole week. She walked into the bathroom to put on some make up when she noticed she’d got out her contraceptive pills and left them on the sink in reminder to take it before Max got there. She held them in her hand and gazed at them vacantly for several minutes before smiling and chucking them in the bin. If she wanted to give Max his present, or at least give it a go at making it, those wouldn’t be much help.

When she got to the airport she had an hour before the plane landed, it was running late. She busied herself in the stores and found the last gifts that she needed to complete her Christmas shopping.

When it was finally time to go meet him she left her shopping bags on the plastic chairs by the window over looking the runway and waited impatiently. She rocked back and forth on her heels watching and waiting while the passengers walked out and greeted their families.

Max was one of the last people off, which she later scolded him for. When she saw him she couldn’t wait any longer and ran up and leapt on him.

He laughed. “Missed me that much huh?” He kissed her forehead and held her tightly against him.

“Yes I did!” She admitted. “So much, Max God please don’t ever let me leave again.”

Max cupped her cheeks. “This last week has been as bad for me as it has for you, I don’t think I COULD let you leave again.”

They pressed their lips together and kissed fervently. When they broke apart Liz closed her eyes and pressed her forehead to his. “Let’s go eat,” she said.

“Eat?” He asked. “By eat, you mean dessert first, right?” he nibbled on her neck.

“No, food first, dessert last.” She grinned.

Max snarled. “Fine, where are we eating?”

“In the hotel room,” she replied.

“Oh that’s okay then…” They walked up to where she had left her bags. “Oh, someone’s been shopping,” he commented.

“I had an hour to kill while waiting for your plane to land,” she said. While they were in the taxi Liz spoke, “Guess what? I told Elle I don’t want to work for anymore.”

Max looked shocked. “You did?”

“Yes,” she said. “I promised I’d stay until the twenty-seventh though.”

“Are you serious, you just…quit?”

She nodded.

Max frowned. “Is something wrong? It doesn’t seem like something you would do.”

“I don’t want to get a job,” she said. “And I certainly don’t want this one.”

Max had a puckered brow. “Liz…”

Liz put her finger on his lips. “Let’s not talk about it okay?” She smiled. “I’ve been dying for you to get here and I don’t want to ruin Christmas by talking about work.”

Max was still concerned. He watched her closely throughout dinner; she seemed fidgety but not different in any way. She was usually so passionate about her work so it just didn’t fit with what he knew about her to see her just flick this one away without second thought.

He wondered if maybe she’d secretly found a new job? He wanted to ask her but he knew she didn’t want to talk about it.

Liz noticed he wanted to ask her something and sighed. “What is it?” She asked.

Max bit his lip. “Are you going to get another job?” He asked.

“Do you want me to?”

He shrugged. “I couldn’t care less; all I want is you to be happy. Working usually makes you happy. You are confusing my pea-size intellect.”

Liz laughed. “Don’t tell your students that, a physics professor is supposed to be smart.”

“I think I have them convinced,” he said. He reached across the table and took her hand in his. “You will tell me if something’s wrong won’t you?”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Of course I will, nothings wrong!” She said. “I just want a break from working, why is that so hard to believe?”

Max’s eyes roamed her face. “Because you love working!”

“Well I don’t anymore!” She argued. “Please, Max just let it go. Please? I just don’t want to work right now. Who knows it might pass, in a week I could want a job again, I don’t know or care, that’s then and this is now.” She rubbed her fingers over his knuckles. “If I change my mind I’ll let you know.”

He opened his mouth to stay something but she stopped him by getting up from her chair and walking towards him. “Shh…” she murmured. She pulled him up from his chair and urged him in the direction of the bed.

When they were lying on the bed kissing Liz broke away and looked up at the man she loved with all her heart. “Max, you know if I ever have your child, I’ll have flab and stretch marks in places I don’t already have them.”

Max doubled over. “I’m well aware of that, that’s just a price I’ll have to pay.”

You’ll have to pay?” Liz asked doubtfully. “It’s my body.”

“It’s my body,” Max said. He pulled her dress up over her shoulders and looked down at her lace bra and underwear with hunger. “From your ears,” he kissed her ears. “Down to your breasts.” He kissed in-between her breasts. “To your navel,” he whispered bending down to kiss her stomach. “And your—“

He shifted her underwear to the side so he could kiss the dark clump of hair covering his entrance gate to her body. She closed her eyes and smiled.

“Your knees,” he reluctantly continued downwards where he kissed her knee cap. “To your ankles and
Heels,” his voice was husky as he pressed his lips to her ankle. “And to the very end, your toes,” he kissed her big toe. When he sat up he smiled brightly. “Like I said, it’s my body.”

“Right, right,” Liz said reaching for him. “Sure, of course. Your body…” She tugged at his woolen sweater and unbuttoned the top of his pants. “Please Max.”

He stood up and stepped out of his shoes, shaking his head and laughing.


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“Like I said, it’s my body.”
“Right, right,” Liz said reaching for him. “Sure, of course. Your body…” She tugged at his woolen sweater and unbuttoned the top of his pants. “Please Max.”
He stood up and stepped out of his shoes, shaking his head and laughing.


Once Max got down to his boxers he stopped.

Liz frowned. “Do you not understand the urgency here or have you forgotten what to do next? What with going without a whole week and half and all.”

Max smiled. “No I was just thinking.”

“You’re thinking?” Liz asked grimacing faintly. “You aren’t supposed to be thinking, you’re supposed to be doing.”

“The wedding night,” Max said. “That’s what I was thinking about.”

Liz sat up, grinning. “What about it?”

“Well, are we just going to go home? That’s pretty boring; we should stay at a hotel, or at least somewhere different.”

“You’re right,” she agreed. “But do we have to talk about this now?

She grabbed his waist and lugged him closer to her.

The ‘beast’ in her came out as she ripped his shorts down his muscled thighs, causing his knees to buckle slightly. He continued standing but when she leaned forward, still gripping his hips, and took his erection in her mouth he didn’t know how much longer his legs would last.

She ran her hands up and down his thighs in motion with her mouth shifting aloft and downward on his shaft.
Max’s eyes rolled back and he moaned. When he tried to step away Liz groaned and looked up at him.

“What now, love?” She asked.

He kicked off his boxers and climbed onto the bed, lying on his back. “I cannot continue standing while you do that to me,” he said.

Liz smirked and wasting no time, climbed in-between his legs and seized him in her jaws once more. She couldn’t get enough of him! Her tongue darted over his tip and little by little she took more and more of his roasting flesh into her mouth.

In the minute when Max thought she would choke if she took anymore of him, she would slither backwards again, rubbing her lips over him.

His legs bent and his toes crumpled as he neared completion. When he emptied into her mouth Liz gulped in surprise, once, twice. Max was still trembling and breathless when she dabbed her lips and chin where some seamen had escaped her mouth.

He had his eyes closed and a satisfied smile parked itself on his lips.

She lay down on his chest and kissed his neck, causing friction with her tongue against his sizzling skin.

Speaking of searing warmth, the pit in her stomach had opened in a blazing fire and amid her legs pooled sweltering lava.

She felt his hand slide up the back of her thigh but when he came in contact with her ass he stopped. With a low grunt, he spoke, “Why are you still wearing underwear?”

Her chest rumbled with laughter. “Because you haven’t removed it yet,” she replied. He opened his eyes and looked down at her smiling face; he couldn’t help the flicker of his spirit at the vista of her gleaming.

“Well then,” he said flipping her off his chest and onto her back. “We had better do something about then hadn’t we?” He scratched at her underwear, finally, lucratively, getting them off her. She propped herself up on her hands so he could disengage her bra and smiled when she felt his lips on her shoulder.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” He asked hoarsely. He was ogling her petite structure and her gorgeous face. His manly hands caressed her abdomen and then made his way downwards over her hipbones. “You are the most amazingly alluring woman I have ever met in my entire life.”

Liz smiled, her eyes never leaving his piercing stare. He lay on his side next to her, propped up on one of his arms—Liz could see the muscles bulging under the weight of his body—and she laid on her back her face level with his.

Her nose brushed his face as she placed butterfly kisses on his cheeks. “Not in the entire amount of woman you’ve met?” She asked faintly, almost inaudibly. His hand arrived at her dark territory covered with curls and he occupied himself with them, twisting the small hairs between his fingertips. She shuddered in delight, craving him to carry on downwards to the pulsating heat.

“Not,” he whispered, kissing behind her ear. “In the entire amount of woman I’ve met,” he finished. His shoulder brushed hers and they both moaned slowly driving each other insane with their candid movements.

Liz let her head drop back so he could suck on her neck, savoring her sugary skin. She could feel his arousal pressing into her thigh and she knew if they didn’t get the show on the road it would be over before it started.

She let her elbows buckle, sending her back down onto the comfort of the mattress. Max continued devouring her neck, gradually easing his body on top of hers and sliding her legs apart with his knee.

Liz rapped one of her arms around his neck and the other sought out his hand which entwined with hers as soon as they touched. Their movements were tender and appreciative, but attentive to their desires.

When Liz rapped her leg around Max’s thighs, he slid inside her; not forgetting to give her hand that was clasped in his a gentle squeeze. Liz recognized that this moment was completely unprotected and completely natural like the way it ought to be. It wasn’t like they ever used any form of contraceptive other then the pill but knowing that the baby-preventing substance wasn’t inside her made her feel diverse in a way. She knew what the result of this could perhaps be and it made her belly do flip flops.

“Kiss me,” she whispered against his masculine smelling hair.

Their eyes caught for a moment before their lids closed to relish in the joy of their lips brushing gently. Every part of their bodies was touching as Max moved in and out of her unhurriedly. They wanted the moment never to end so they both could enjoy the closeness of being combined again.

Liz’s mouth opened in silent scream, only to be covered by Max’s. She bit down on his bottom lip gently, she was so close, she was so saturated…

“Oh God, Liz,” Max sighed against her mouth. Their firm stomachs were pressed together… their chests, their hips, their mouths…

Together their insides fizzed and bubbled as the lava simmered over and exploded, frothing inside their lower stomachs. As if she had been clenching all the muscles in her body, her limbs flopped and slumped back with a puff. The air around them was boiling, so hot steam was gathering on the windows.

For a long time they lay like that, showering each others faces with kisses and adoring one another.

“I love you,” Max whispered against her ear.

Liz let the leg that was rapped around his waist slip away back onto the bed and gradually Max moved off of her and lay down beside her.

Max looked down at her face and wiped away the thin layer of sweat above her upper lip. She smiled, showing all her teeth.

“So you aren’t asleep,” he said. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was slow and regular.

“No, I’m very relaxed,” she whispered. “I can’t move my body, you’ll have to drag me up under the covers otherwise I’ll stay here.”

Max smiled. “Righty then,” he put his arms under her arm pits. “Up we go then.” He lifted and moved her so her head was on the pillows. Liz laughed and opened her eyes.

“Thank you,” she said.

Max kissed her lips. “Merry Christmas eve,” he whispered.

Liz glanced at the clock on the wall it read 1:05AM, it was definitely Christmas Eve. Her body was still buzzing with stimulation and she was not finished with Max yet.

He lay back on the bed and put his hands behind his head.

When he closed his eyes Liz seized upon on him, now ready for a second round and a third and fourth…

In the morning they were both so tired they slept right through until lunchtime, nestled on their big bed. When at last they woke up they went and soaked in the bathtub together.

“There’s this Christmas party tonight…” Liz said.

Max sighed. “Let me guess, we have to go?”

“We don’t HAVE to but Elle wants us to and I feel like I should at least do this for her…”

“Just for an hour,” Max said.

“Okay, we just have to make an appearance.” Liz ran the soap over her chest idly, watching the soap bubbles foam on her skin. She rubbed the froth into her stomach; speculating if right now the formation of new life was taking place. She hoped so, she really and truthfully, completely did.

Max had his head back against the end of the tub and was running his hands up and down her arms; he looked like he was going to fall asleep again.

Liz buried her face in her chest and sighed contentedly.

A silence passed over them, the comfortable manner of a married couple who had been collectively joined for forty-years. In the future they would sit on the couch reading the Thursday trader and a vogue magazine with bunny-ear corners with the same silence hanging over them. A thought cross Liz’s mind, if they already had what took most couples forty years to develop, what would they have themselves in forty years? Liz anticipated it would be more then something all people wished for, an unyielding communion.

Her wet hair was beginning to dry against Max’s warm body so eventually she eased herself off his chest and hopped out of the tub to get dressed. When she came back into the bathroom she watched him through the mirror as she did her makeup. He was cleaning himself with the soap and, not being able to help herself, she went and knelt by the side of the tub. She unscrewed the lid on his shampoo and he leaned his head forward so she could massage it through his hair.

In a quiet voice he sang, “When we met light was shed. Thoughts free flow you said you've got something deep inside of you. A wind chime voice sound, sway of your hips round rings true echo's deep inside of you.”

Liz smiled. “What made you get that song in your head?”

“Dunno,” Max replied.

“Sing more; you know how much I love your voice.”

Max hastily continued, “Fall breeze blows outside, I don't bring stride. My thoughts are warm, and they go deep inside of you, oh yeah. And I never felt alone till I met you. Friends say I've changed I don't listen cause I live to be deep inside of you. Slide of her dress, shouts in darkness I'm so alive I'm deep inside of you. You said boy make girl feel good but still...deep inside...STILL! I've never felt alone
Till I met you
I'm alright on my own
Till I met you…” Max saw that she had tears in her eyes. “I don’t know the rest,” he said.

Liz cupped his cheeks and kissed his lips. “You should have been a star,” she said.

Max shook his head. “No way.”

“Right, the whole boy band thing,” Liz said. After she finished washing his hair she left to look in the phone book for somewhere to eat.

Max came out of the bathroom smelling wonderful and his scent drifted everywhere in the room.

“Who are all these presents for?” He asked being nosey.

“Everyone back in Italy,” she replied. “Michael, Maria, there’s one for your sister and her husband and some of the girls back in New York…”

“Oh damn, here I was hoping they’d be for me.”

“Nope, sorry,” she teased. “How does Tai sound?”

“It sounds delicious, let’s go.”

Liz wrote the address down on her hand and closed the phone book. “Are you wearing that?” She asked.

Max looked down at himself. “Is something wrong?”

“No it’s just…” Liz stood up. “It’s very formal for a dinky little Tai restaurant.”

“I figured I’d get dressed for the Christmas party now, why get changed twice during the day?”

Liz rolled her eyes. Under her breath she muttered, “You don’t mind taking your clothes off several times throughout the day, though.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing darling,” she smiled. “Let’s go.”

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Max glared around the large foyer with revulsion. He truly loathed this, the phoney business people acting as if as if they actually wanted to be here. Everything these people stood for aggravated Max. He was here for Liz only, but not even she could make him enjoy it…

“Want to dance?” Liz leaned up and whispered in his ear.

Okay, maybe she could. But everyone else still irritated him.

On their way out to the dance floor Elle stopped them. “Liz, Max so glad you came!”

“Elle, hi,” Liz said.

“Max, it’s great to see you again!” Elle touched his arm. “You look wonderful as always, you look good too Liz. Now Liz don’t think about business tonight, just eat, drink and enjoy yourself.”

“Oh thank you Elle,” Liz replied.

“Don’t thank me. I’ll leave you two alone; it looked like you were on your way to the dance floor.” She spun around. “Mark hi! So glad you came!”

Max didn’t want to say anything but there was something he didn’t like about that woman. He didn’t know how Liz would take it if he let his unease out in the open.

When they reached the dance floor Liz wrapped her arms around his neck. “I feel so mean for quitting just like that. But I don’t want to keep this tedious job for everyone other than myself…” She said.

Max kissed her lips. When he pulled away he spoke kindly, “don’t feel bad, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Her scent was sweet and zesty at the same time, he couldn’t describe it, but he knew if it could be articulated as a color it would be a light ginger with a trace of scarlet. That aroma she possessed stimulated desires inside him like nothing else. Her fragrance was one of his most favored qualities in her. It allured him like a piece of fried chicken to an obese man on a diet.

He felt her rose-petal lips on his ear and her silken eyes lashes on his neck. “You know that night last week when I rang you at two in the morning?” She whispered huskily.

Max swallowed. “Ah-huh.”

Her lips traced over his collar, running down the warm flesh hidden by his button down shirt. Max spun them around so her back was to the wall and no one could see what she was doing to him. How she was affecting him.

“That night when I was so…aroused and I needed you to talk to me?” She ran her hands up and down his back, nearing the molds of soft tissue at the peak of his thighs. “The things you said you would do to me if you were there…God when I was touching myself to your voice I felt so…”

Max gulped. Oh, God…

“On fire, the things you said Max, I’d never heard you,” she let out a moan. “You have never spoken to me like that before. I was lying there on the bed unclothed with the receiver to my ear and my hand touching my breasts and my wet…”

Max groaned. He attempted to say something but all that came out was incoherent mumbles.

Liz continued. “And it was as if you were there with me. Will you talk to me that way again?” Her hands ran around to his front and over his hipbones. She could feel his prick rubbing against her through her dress. She cupped it gently. “Did you enjoy it as much as I did?”

He sucked in a breath. “Yes…” His eyes wandered over her body that was enclosed tightly in her black dress with a décolletage that exposed her tanned breasts that were moving up and down because of her hasty breathing. She was so aroused, how had she suddenly slipped into the passion induced daze.

“I feel you,” she whispered. “I know you are enjoying what I’m saying…”

“God yes,” he mumbled. “Let’s leave.”

“Not yet.” She rubbed her thighs against his. “Talk to me Max… tell me what you’ll do when we leave.”

He could do this, if he could just think lucidly for two seconds. With a grin he started, “I will press you up against the door and kiss your neck,” he innocently pecked her skin with his lips. “I’ll rub my tongue along your collar bone and rub my stiff as rock arousal against you.”

“Yes?” Liz whispered. She quickly glanced over his shoulder to make sure people weren’t watching them. Her pants were loud in Max’s ears.

“We’ll be so frantic for each other that we won’t be able to get to the bed. I’ll spin you around and gradually ease down the zip on the back of your dress, sucking on the skin of your back as more is revealed. My hands will trail down your shoulders pushing the straps down your arms.”

Liz looked up into his blazing eyes. “It’ll plunge to my feet as a puddle of silk and you’ll stay behind me kissing my shoulders. You’ll be throbbing in your pants,” she said.

Max smiled against her mouth. “I already am throbbing in my pants,” he whispered.

She smiled back. “I know I can feel you…”

His hands held her tighter around his waist. “My hands will hook your underwear and pull them down your thighs, exposing your round ass to me. I’ll press your bare breasts against the wooden door as I push into you, rubbing…”

They both shuddered. “You’ll reach behind you and unbutton my pants and I’ll tug them down my legs with my boxers…”

“Please Max,” she whispered.

“Yes, you’ll say that because you always say that. You know how it makes me feel,” he whispered back deeply. “I won’t turn you around to face me; I’ll reach around you and play with your erect nipples in my hands. Kneading them, teasing them…”

Liz wanted him so much. The erotic tête-à-tête they were having set a pulsation through her body that was so loud it walloped in her ears and made the blood whoosh against her temples.

“God Max,” she muttered.

“I’ll enter you from behind,” he whispered. “So I can see your shaped back and your beautiful, tanned ass. You know how much I love watching your behind. You’re so wet…”

“I am so wet,” she agreed.

“I’ll bury my face in-between your shoulder blades and drive in and out…”

“In and out,” Liz said nodding. She compressed her teeth and closed her eyes imagining it. She wouldn’t be surprised if she climaxed right there on the dance floor.

The people around her be damned!

“Do you know how it feels to be surrounded by you?”

Max whispered closing his eyes and burying his face in her hair. “Incredible, unlike anything else…I know your insides so well by now I’m convinced that if I ever even attempted to be with someone else it would feel wrong. You’re made for me, you know that?”

Liz’s teeth grinded together. “I know,” she panted.

“When we both reach the peak, when we both arrive at that one second when we are both about to release, I’ll spin you around and cover your mouth with mine. You’ll wrap your legs around my waist and I’ll plunge into you once more, erupting within you…”

Liz’s mouth opened widely and she held back a shriek.

She couldn’t take it any longer; she had to have him now!

“There’s a bathroom,” she said. “Max, now, Oh God take me there now!” She kissed his lips ardently, flicking her tongue over his and sucking on his mouth.

Max took both of her hands in his and they turned around to head away. “Max,” Liz whispered tugging on his arm. “You better let me walk in front of you, don’t you think?” Her eyes roamed over the tent he was sporting his pants.

Max grinned. “Yeah, good idea.”

They very sneakily, or so they thought, snuck through the people and towards the toilets near the staircase. There were four women in the ladies stalls so they hurried into the disabled toilet room further down the hall. Liz slammed the door behind them and locked it with unsteady fingers.

“Come here,” Max demanded.

Liz leaned her back against the door and leaned up to kiss his lips. “Oh Max,” she whispered against his open jaws. “How do you do this to me…?”

One of his hands was on her thigh and the other grasped her hipbone. Outside footsteps could be heard and gossiping women walked back and forth to the cubicles but inside they were ignorant of whatever thing.

Max moaned when he had to undergo Liz’s hands frantically pulling at his pants. Breaking their link for two minutes, he unfastened his tie and the top button on his shirt, allowing himself to breath properly. Liz pushed his jacket off his shoulders and looked up at his face through half-open lids. His cheeks were a flustered pink and his mouth puffy from their kisses, he looked implausibly sexy.

Finally his pants were undone and Liz exhausted no time slipping her fingers down into his checkered boxers to clutch him. “Like velvet over steel…” she whispered to herself trying to describe the feel of him.

His hot musky smell invaded her senses obscuring all else out.

Max brought his hand up her thigh, towing the material of her dress with it, when he felt the textile of her g-string he hooked it under his fingers and tugged it down.
“Maybe we should just never leave the bedroom…” Max thought.

“Yeah,” Liz panted. “Fantastic idea!”

Once her ‘underwear’ was down her legs she kicked them away and lifted her thigh to wrap around his waist. “Now Max…now!” She whispered.

He thrust into her, lifting her feet up off the ground and holding her ass in his palms. There movements were fluent and swift and they both released speedily. When they were catching their breath afterwards, Liz with her forehead against Max’s, they were quite surprised with themselves for what they had just done. Liz slipped down off Max’s body and stood with wobbly legs in front of him.

Giggles exploded from her. “Oh, my…” she said looking down at herself. “Oh my…what was that?”
Max tucked himself back in and did up his pants with a smile on his gorgeous face. He couldn’t help the laugh that snuck out of his mouth when he saw Liz.

“I don’t look that horrendous do I?” She asked. Her underwear was at her feet, her lipstick was smudged, she had red marks on her neck and breasts from where he had sucked and nibbled on her skin. Her dress was crinkled, her hair unkempt, her lips puffy…overall she looked like she had been mauled and ravished.

Liz slipped her g-string up her legs and into place again then ran her hands up and down her dress to try and straighten it. Max wrapped his arms around her little body and held her against him.

“We never finished our dance,” he said.

“We’re in a cubicle,” Liz replied in disbelief as he started swaying her back and forth. “You’re crazy.”

“No I just had a wild aspiration to dance,” he said.

“If you sing I’ll dance.”

“Request a song, milady.” Max spun her around.

“Okay…” Liz put her finger to her lips. “Jack Johnson, Flake.”

Max bit his lip as he tried to remember the lyrics. “Never mind then.”

I know she said it’s alright,” Liz started the song. “You will make it up next time…

“I remember now!” Max grabbed her. “I know she knows it’s not right…”

Liz grinned.

“There ain’t no use in lying. Maybe she thinks I know something, maybe she thinks its fine. Maybe she knows something I don’t…”

Liz spun Max around; he had to bend to get under her arm and continued the song when she noticed he couldn’t remember the words. “I’m so, I’m so tired. I’m so tired of trying…”

They sung the chorus together, “Seems to me that maybe, it pretty much always seems no. So don’t tell me you might just let it go! Often times were lazy, it seems to stand in my way.”

Liz buried her face in Max’s chest. “This toilet smells, let’s go…”

Max laughed. To him Liz was voluptuous and he was aroused by her even straight after they’d just had hot, crazy, sexy sex against the toilet door.

“Give me a minute to straighten up,” she instructed.

“Okay.” He unlocked the door and walked out. Liz was wiping her lipstick when she heard Elle’s voice. “Max! I was just looking for you.”

Liz closed the door and listened.

You were, I mean, you were?” Max coughed.

“Yes…” Elle said. She stepped forward and put her hand on his waist. “Max I was wondering if maybe you wanted to… meet up some place? I’m very attracted to you and I…”

“Excuse me?” Max said stepping away.

“Liz doesn’t have to know,” Elle’s voice was huskily. “Could you get out tonight?”

“No way,” Max replied.

“Another night?”

Max couldn’t believe this woman. “When I said no way, I meant as in: It’ll. Never. Happen. I’m getting married in less then two weeks!”

Liz chose this moment to make her appearance be known.

Elle stammered. “Liz…”

“Yeah,” Liz said fuming angrily. “You know how I said I’d stick around and help out until the twenty-seventh? It’s not going to happen. We’re leaving…now.”

“Liz I…”

“Don’t try to explain, it’s not going to do you any good.” Max took Liz’s hand and started leading her away. Elle crossed her arms over her chest and watched them leave gauche.

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“I just can’t believe the nerve!” Liz ranted and raved. “What kind of a woman offers herself like that? I’ve never in my whole life even thought of intruding on some ones relationship like that, how could she be so cold?”

Max put his hand on her knee. “Calm down love,” he said.

Liz took deep breaths. After a few silent moments she turned to him and said, “Would you have said yes if I hadn't been there?”

Max sighed. “Liz!” He exclaimed. “Do you not trust me at all? You don’t seem to.”

She bit her lip. “I’m sorry I just—the nerve! How rude of her!”

Max wrapped his arm around her and forced her head down onto his shoulder. “Liz I love you, you know that but if you don’t trust me we won’t last two minutes. I trust you more then I trust myself, can’t you feel the same way?”

“I do, I just…” she sighed. “I worry, I can’t help it! I’m paranoid. Look at you, you’re gorgeous…I guess I should just used to women throwing themselves at you.”

His ego grew with all her compliments. He tried not to let his head get too big. “We’re going home tonight,” he decided. “Excuse me, driver do you have the phone number for the airport by any chance?”

“Yeah, sure mate,” the driver reached over and popped open the glove box. He had a tattered phone book inside and quickly handed it to Max, keeping his eyes on the road. “There you go.”

“Thank you,” Max said. He flicked through it and when he found the number he was looking for he pulled his cell phone out of his jacket pocket and dialed. Liz closed her eyes with her head still on his shoulder; she could just fall asleep…

She listened to Max talking to the person on the other line and when he hanged up he said, “This must be our lucky night, there’s a flight leaving for Rome at a quarter-to-twelve and once we get there we can rent a car and drive straight to Naples. We’ll get there very early, but…”

“Do I have a say in this?”

“As my soon-to-be-wife you will need to learn to honor and obey me, I think this is a good time to start,” Max replied. He glanced at his watch, twenty-to-eleven. “We only a short while to pack but we’ll make it there on time.”

“Okay,” Liz said.

“Okay?” Max frowned. “What no, ‘no I will not do this, I will do as I please’ You mean to tell me you’re actually doing something I want for a change?”

Liz gave him a look that said, ‘I would take that back if I were you’.

“Well Liz, how often do you listen to me?” Max asked.

When he saw she was fuming, he quickly shut up before the time blast inside her went of. He could practically hear the tick, tick, tick of the bomb counting down.

When they arrived at the hotel they hurried upstairs to their room where they packed everything.

“I have to have a shower,” Liz said.

“We don’t really have time…”

“I’m not asking Max, I’m telling you. Unless you want me to sit on the plane with my thighs sticking together because of you!”

“Why would that be my fault?”

Liz looked at him in disbelief. “Who the hell put the sticky paste there?” she exclaimed.

She was loosing her temper, it was all because of Elle and she was taking out on him. She instantly regretted her behavior.

“Oh yeah, uh…go take a shower, you’re right.”

“Can you unzip me please?” She asked. He placed a kiss on her lower back when her dress was unfastened.

She twirled around. “Max I’m sorry I’m being so—how I’m acting, I just...”

“Shh, I know, my brain is a little slow right now because I’m stressing out to get us to the airport on time. I’ll have everything ready by the time you get out. Go try and unwind a little.”

“I won’t be long,” she said. Before parting she leaned up and placed a quick unsullied kiss on his lips.


Max looked away from Titanic, the motion picture performance on the airplane movie screen and pulled Liz’s headphones off her ears. With a smirk he asked, “If I were Jack handcuffed to that pipe for ‘stealing’ and you were Rose, would you come through that sub-zero water to save me?”

Liz yawned. “I never would have believed you stole in the first place,” she replied tiredly.

Max smiled. “Would you stay on the ship with me until it sank, even if I were a poor little street rat?”

“Hell no, I won’t tie the knot with no scrub,” Liz teased. “You can putrefy in the callous arctic water for all I care.”

Max frowned, but couldn’t wipe the amused smile off his face.

“No, I’m lying I’ll become a Popsicle for you any day Maxie-pooh,” she said. She leaned up and kissed his lips. “What kind of life could I lead knowing I left my one true love to breathe his last breath alone?”

Max glanced back at the screen where Rose was declaring her love as the life seeped out of her onto the wooden float she clung to. “You know what’s wrong with this movie? Jack should have been the one who lived; he’s the man after all. Then he could have taken the diamond, gone, and lived the life he’d never had before.”

Liz smacked him on the arm. “You chauvinistic swine! I should kick your ass for saying that.”

“Ah, but you won’t because I’m right.”

“Like hell you’re right,” Liz snorted. She looked back at the screen. “Oh look, he’s sinking to the bottom…”

“What a pussy, couldn’t even hold out, if that were me—"

SMACK! Liz thumped him on the head this time.

“You go girl!” The woman in front of them popped her head over the seat. “You, Mr. are a pig, how could you say such things?”

Liz and Max glanced at each other. Liz doubled over…

“I’m truly sorry,” Max said to the lady at the same time as rubbing his head where Liz had hit him. “I will dutifully keep my opinions to myself from now on. I have learnt my lesson.”

“I should think so,” she said nodding her head gruffly.

Muttering to herself she sat back down on her seat. “What’s gotten into the youth of today?”

Liz continued to laugh.

“Oh it’s so funny!” Max mocked her.

Liz rolled her eyes. “Shut up and let me watch the end of the movie, dork.” She pulled her head phones on and blocked him out.

“ROAD TRIP!” She later squealed running towards the rental car after they’d got the keys. Max quietly speculated where all her oomph had suddenly come from? “I’m driving!” She cried hopping up and down.

While they were driving with the heater on and the windows closed, Liz turned the radio up loud. She sung gleefully along with the Christmas music.

Max groaned, inwardly praying he wouldn’t have to put up with the noise for the whole drive.

“Why don’t you ring Michael and Maria and ask if we can still get in on their Christmas dinner plans? We don’t have a turkey but we can make something…” Liz trailed off when she noticed the bags under his eyes.

Soothingly, she lifted her arm and massaged the back of his head with her free hand. “Or you can sleep if you want? Just put the chair down.”

“I’m fine.”

Liz pulled the car off the road at the next turn and switched the engine off. She climbed onto his seat and reached for the lever to put the seat down and then lay down half on top of him, half at his side. “Sleep love,” she whispered consolingly.


“Shh,” she buried her face in his neck. “It doesn’t matter if we arrive late, we’ll just sleep when we get there anyway.”

Max kissed the top of her head. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you,” she said. She had only intended to stay with him until he fell asleep but ended up drifting off with him. When she woke up she glanced at her wristwatch and sprung up in alarm. “Oh God!” She said.

Max groaned and burrowed closer to her in his sleep but she shook him. He rubbed his eyes tiredly, “Liz let’s just stay in bed today…” he mumbled still half-asleep.

“Wouldn’t that be fun?” Liz responded. “Max, wake up.”

He opened his eyes and groaned. “Oh God we’re still in the car…” he remembered.

“And it’s 9:30AM,” Liz said. “I’m spending my Christmas morning in the core of no where in a car … get up we have to get going.”

When she crawled off the seat and back into the drivers side Max sat up and readjusted. “Argh, how did we sleep that long?” He asked.

“It wasn’t that long,” Liz replied. She turned the key on the engine, it stalled. She put it in neutral and tried to start it again. Nothing. She tried again. Nothing.

“Oh hell!” She cried. “Oh no, no… no…no!” She looked at the gauge on the gas tank. It said full.

Max sighed.

“I wanna go home Max! You’re the man, go fix it!”

Max leaned over and tried it himself. Nothing. With a sigh he reached over the seat and grabbed his jacket before opening the car door and stepping out into the snow. He closed the door behind him and Liz watched worriedly as he popped open the lid and worked to find the problem.

Max stared blankly at the engine in front of him. He had no clue of what to do, it was too early for him to function properly. In high school he’d taken some mechanical classes, if only he could remember something…

He didn’t know much about diesel engines.

He rubbed his hands together and blew on them. It was cold. It had stopped snowing but the ground was white, he could barely see the road.

Cold. Diesel engines had trouble starting in the cold. Max checked the combustion chambers; they were too icy, the air just couldn’t get hot enough to cause the fuel to ignite. Where were the little glowworms he used to screw in on the side of the combustion chambers in high school? He searched and found them successfully. He needed to heat them up a little so the air could get warm enough during compression. Otherwise the engine was drawing below-zero air into the cylinders and expecting it to warm to 540C in the one-up-one-down motion of the pistons.

Max walked back around the car and opened the door. “I need a lighter,” he announced.

Liz looked around her. “You smoke, you’re bound to have one around here somewhere,” she said.

Max thought for a second. “Ah! I brought one at the airport; it’s in your purse.” Liz reached over to the back seat and searched through her bag for the lighter. When she finally produced it she handed it to him. “What do you need that for?” She asked curiously.

“When I wave to you try the engine,” Max responded.

He closed the door again and tramped through the sludge to the engine. He clicked the lighter and lit the little glowworms one by one but by the time he got back to the first one it was cold again. Biting his lip he lit the first one and the second then waved to Liz and went through the rest quickly. Liz tried the engine but it stalled again. He walked back around to the car and asked Liz for some paper to burn.

“You’re not lighting a little fire are you?” She asked.

Max cocked his head to the side. “Oh no, Liz, love, never play with fire. Do we have anything?”

Liz popped open the glove compartment. “We have the car manual…” She handed it to him. “We’ll just pretend it wasn’t there when we got the car.” She winked.

Max grinned. “I won’t tell if you don’t.” He ran back around to the front of the car and lit the booklet, holding it up to the glowworms. He waved to Liz and she cried out in glee when the engine started.

He stamped out the paper in the snow and closed the lid before running around and hopping into his seat again. “Am I good, or what?” He boasted.

“Very good,” Liz agreed.

She put her foot down on the accelerator and the car lurched but didn’t drive forward. “Oh what now?” she groaned. She pushed down and the car revved and screeched but was obviously stuck in the snow. A cry of despair parted her lips and she fell back onto her seat with annoyance. “This cannot be happening!”

Max held his head in his hands. “I don’t suppose there’s a shovel in the boot?”

“I’ll make a big guess and say no,” Liz replied. “ARGH!” She banged her hands on the steering wheel.

“Well look on the bright side, at least now we have heat,” he said motioning to the car heater.

Liz whimpered obviously on the verge of tears. Max leaned over and kissed her forehead, soothingly he whispered, “don’t worry its okay. We’ll be fine.” He was not looking forward to getting out in that bitter cold again.

“Let’s try digging the snow in front of the wheels,” Liz said taking a deep breath. “At least we can do that much.”

“Put a coat on,” Max sat opening the car door. “It’s freezing out here. You don’t have any gloves for yourself do you? Put whatever you can on.” He stepped outside and closed the door after him.

The front and rear tires were immersed deep in the snow and he began digging around them, his fingers ice-covered and frozen right away from the cold.

By the time he’d dug around the first wheel he would rather have endured his hands being amputated then the stiff frozen pain that shot though his arms right now. Liz was on the other side digging, she had gloves on but they were thin woolen ones that would not keep much cold out. Max went through his suitcase in the boot and grabbed some old shirts to rap around his hands while he dug. Unable to move his fingers he got Liz to tie them.

“Max,” she said worrying. “Your hands…stop for a little while.”

He shook his head. “They’ll be fine, don’t fret. Have you had any luck?”

She shook her head. “Not much, give me a little while.”

Max went around to the other side and continued digging for a while. He heard Liz walking around him about twenty-minutes later. “Max, let’s try again. Give your hands a break,” she said. They both climbed into the car and Liz put her foot down on the accelerator and the car drove forward about 5 feet before getting stuck again.

Max and Liz both let out a loud sigh. “We have your cell phone but will anyone come out on Christmas day? Everywhere will be closed. Or there’s Michael and Maria,” Liz alleged. “Oh this sucks I don’t want to bother them on Christmas!”

“We have to try,” Max said. He reached over to her purse again and pulled out his cell phone. “Well, even if someone is open, the batteries are dead.”

“You’re kidding?” she said. “This just gets better and better!”

After sitting there in silence for several minutes, Liz put the car on park and turned to Max. “Let me see your hands, are they sore?” She asked.

Max held his pink hands up. “They’ll be fine,” he said. “They just need warming up.”

Liz nodded. She took them in-between hers and rubbed his palms and fingers soothingly. “Looks like we aren’t going anywhere, so we may as well make the most of the experience. Have you ever spent Christmas in a car?” She smiled. “Do you want your Christmas present?”

Max smiled back. “Sure, why not?”

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Hello all! How was your New Year? Let's just not talk about mine. The FB is wonderful, better then wonderful really.

I am sorry to announce that there will only be a couple, possibly three-four at the most, parts left on this. I have started another story, my fifth right now, yes I know I should be shot but I just couldn't help myself.

This one will be NC-17, it's set in late 19th century and I don't know how many will actually like it...
Here's the summary:

When Elizabeth and Maxwell meet they have an instantaneous pull towards one another. Though Elizabeth is ‘happily’ married they can not help but let their passion overtake them and leisurely begin pursuing one another when backs are turned. In a scandalous fight to unleash desires neither have experienced before they may obliterate their homes, reputations and nuptials. When what was a search for unleashing sexual frustration turns into much more will they have to make the choice to linger together or return to their ordinary lives?

Yes so its basically about the scandals we never hear about back in 1890 etc. Liz is married and very proper and important and when Max comes along she has a glimpse of feelings and experiences she's never known exsisted.

If you think it's an okay idea let me know, if its dumb let me know as well. I hope you all aren't too mad at me for ending this, but a story can't go on forever can it?


“For Christmas lunch we have, three different assortments of chocolates, beforehand, of course, gifts for other people…I’m sure they’ll forgive us.” Liz tore the rapping paper off one of the boxes. “Ohhh we have dark chocolate, dark chocolate, or oh what a surprise dark chocolate.”

Max stifled a laugh. “Can we get past the eating and get to the part where you give me my gift?”

Liz had her seat right down so she could lie down on it. “You give me mine first?” She asked.

“What makes you think I remembered to get you one?”

“If you don’t give me one, I don’t give you one,” Liz said matter-of-factly.

He leaned over, kissed her lips and produced a black box with a red ribbon wrapped around it. “Merry Christmas,” he whispered. “I love you, now…forever, in a car, in a hotel, in London, in Rome...”

Liz’s face melted. “Awww Max,” she cooed. “Thank you, I love you too.” She kissed his lips and then pulled away. “What did you get me?”

“Open it and see,” he answered looking down at her. His eyes were twinkling and his hand cunningly slithered to her thigh where it caressed up and down.

Liz rolled her eyes. “I’m not having sex with you in a rental car,” she said. “I think I better make that clear before you get any ideas.”

“Too late,” he replied kissing her neck.

“Move so I can open your gift!” Liz shoved at his shoulders.

Max sighed and moved off her. “Okay…okay, hurry up.”

Liz tore at the paper and then opened the box. “Oh, my…” she said her mouth going dry. “Fuck me; this would have cost a fortune!” She pulled out the diamond studded chain necklace. “Max, wow…wow.”

Max smiled. “So you like it? I want you to wear it on our wedding.” He grabbed her hair in his fist and twisted it away from her neck so she could put it on.

“Like it?” Liz asked as she leaned into him and kissed his lips. “I adore it, it’s stunning…thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome,” he purred. “There’s also a bottle of that perfume you like in the boot, you can have it when we get home.”

“So charming,” Liz murmured. “Well the gifts I got you are no where near as nice as yours…”

“I don’t need a present, just let me…” he tugged her turtleneck sweater. “Make love to you.”


No?” Max asked. “I don’t think you have a say in the matter. It will warm my hands!”

Liz tried to get him to stop kissing her but his seductive hands began unbuttoning her jeans. “Max!” she whined. “Stop!”

“I can’t.”

Liz elbowed him in the ribs and he winced. “Oh that hurt!”

“There is more where that came from,” she said. “Now back off you sleazy hog.” She rubbed where had just hurt him. “I want to give you my gift.” She reached into her purse and pulled out an envelope and a box.

She gave him the envelope first and he pulled out the voucher inside.

“$100 for Fig leaves…what’s that?” Max asked curious.

“It’s a lingerie store, I decided you can pick out what you want for me, that doesn’t really count for a gift though, this is the real present…” She handed him the box.

“You mean there’s more?” Max choked. “Oh my GOD, I can pick anything?”

Liz laughed. “Something without straps, so I can wear it under my wedding dress…”

“Your dress doesn’t have straps? Oh hell,” Max moaned.

His devotion to her made her heart swell, he was so sweet. “Open your other gift,” she instructed.

“I don’t need it,” he handed it back and focused his attention on the voucher. “Just leave me alone to fantasize about the possibilities of this little piece of paper…” He lay back on his chair.

Liz rolled her eyes. “Max…”

“Hmm…” he had his eyes closed.

Liz pinched his arm. “Stop picturing me in filthy ways,” she said. “And open your other gift…”

“Oh, that ones sexy…” he purred ignoring her.

“MAX!” She screamed. “Stop it!”

His eyes popped open. “Stop what?” He grinned. When he saw she was about to throttle him he took the box from her. “Okay, I’ll open it but frankly I think the first gift is enough.”

He tore the paper off and inside was a watch. “I needed a new one…” he pulled it out. “You remembered the one I liked?” He asked awed.

“Of course I remembered,” she replied. “Do you like that gift?”

He took off his other watch and slipped the new one on. “Yes, I do, but not as much as the voucher…” He grinned. “Come here, I can’t sit up.”

She crawled onto his seat and kissed him.

“Thank you,” he said. “Your gifts are wonderful.”

“You’re welcome,” she replied. “I’m glad you like them…you know, there’s a catalogue in my suitcase that goes with that voucher.”

Max sprung up. “You tell me this now?” He leaned over her and pushed the button to pop the boot then hopped out of the car and went to get it.

Liz laughed to herself.

When he came back he lay down and Liz crawled onto his chest and ate from the box of chocolates.

“Ohhhh…look at that one,” Max’s eyes were glued to the catalogue. “I like that one.”

Liz peaked at the picture. “Oh my God, I AM NOT wearing that,” she said.

“It’s my voucher, you will wear what I choose for you to wear,” Max argued.

Liz shoved a chocolate in his mouth and took the catalogue off him. “I may as well wear nothing if you choose that.”

“Good idea,” he said tugging at her sweater again.

Liz sat up. “If we have sex now, we won’t be having it again until the wedding night.”

“WHAT?” Max cried. “No way…”

“Max, I want to wait,” she said. “I’ve been thinking about it and it’s a good idea…”

By the look of his face Max strongly disagreed. “WHY?”

“It will make it better on the night!” She answered. “By waiting it makes the anticipation stronger.”

“You can’t make me do this,” he said.

“You have hands; you can masturbate if you are that desperate.” Liz ran her fingers through her hair. “Please Max, for me? It’s only a week.”

“I believe you want to torture me because it brings you enjoyment, you like having power over me,” Max sulked. “Can we at least do everything but?”

“No,” she replied. “Nothing until the night.”

Max groaned. “Oh God, this isn’t fair.”

She kissed his lips passionately. Her lips remained on his when she spoke again, “It will prove you really love me.”

“You mean the necklace and engagement ring wasn’t enough?” He asked.

She stared into his eyes. “It’s a week, a week only.”

“Can we at least today? I specifically remember you saying ‘if we have sex now’.”

Liz laughed. “Yes I guess I did say that didn’t I? It doesn’t make the fact we are in a rental car any nicer.”

Max closed his eyes. “You know I wrote a song for you too, well actually I didn’t ‘write’ it, it just came to me,” he said.

“You did?” Liz asked in surprise. “Sing it to me.”

“No,” Max sulked. “Not now.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “It’s a WEEK, Max!” She punched him in the chest. “Not even that, just six days.”

“Six days too many,” he uttered.

“Shut up.” Liz sat up and straddled his hips. There wasn’t very much room in the car so she had to bend her back so her head could fit under the roof. She wasn’t very comfortable. “Sing me your song,” she said.

“No it’s too corny, I’ll write it down for you and give it to you in a card or something.” He opened his eyes.

“Max, no…” she leaned down and kissed his lips. “I want to hear it. You don’t have embarrassment around me, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he retorted. “Fine I’ll just sing the dim-whited song. When I see your smile…”

“That’s not singing that’s talking, do it properly or I won’t even make love to you today like I said,” she said. “I’m waiting.”

“Okay, okay, how did it go…” he trailed off. With his eyes closed he sang, “When I see your smile, it feels like I’m falling,

It’s not for anyone else to know.

The way your face could light the bitter dark of every street in every town I ever go…”

Liz felt tears sting her eyes. It made her heart ache to know that she was the only one that would experience the aptitude he possessed. His voice was so astonishing, if only he would do something with it!

“When I see you smile first thing in the morning,

it raises curtains on your lazy eyes,

Could it be that you and I have the greatest love to ever be, how could this have been?

It’s not for anyone else to know, for anyone else to know…

When Friday night arrives we’ll let it pass outside the door, this is not for anybody else, anybody else to know…”

Liz sniffled and wiped her eyes. Max opened his eyes. “Oh Liz, don’t cry…”

“I’m not crying.”

He wiped the tear from her eye. “Oh those tears in your eyes must be my imagination.” He wrapped his arms around her and drew her close to him. “Have you taken your pregnancy tablets?” He asked. He lifted his hips and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. “Never fear I am prepared…”

Liz grabbed his wallet off him. “Your prepared, well that’s wishful thinking isn’t it?” She opened his wallet and stopped short when she saw the little picture of her in the snapshot pocket. “Oh Max that’s a terrible photograph of me.”

“It is not,” he said.

Liz went to take it out but he YANKED it out of her hands. “That is mine, do not touch.”

She watched him pull out a condom in a foil sachet and she shook her head. “You don’t need that,” she said.

He looked at her. “Don’t I?”

“Nope,” she replied.

“You did take your pills?”

“Nope. Haven’t taken them since I left Naples a week and a half ago,” she answered.

Max frowned. “When was I going to be informed of this?”
“When I get pregnant.”

“What the—? Thank you so much for bringing me up to date.” Max looked a little annoyed.

“I thought you wanted a child!” She cried.

“I do! But I’d like to be told when we’re trying!”

“I’m sorry!” She exclaimed. “I wanted to surprise you.”

Max swallowed. “So you’re not yet, I mean—“

“It’s too soon to know,” she replied. “Max, I’m ready.”

He sucked in a deep breath. “Are you sure?” He didn’t wan to get his hopes up and then be let down.

“Yes.” She kissed his lips. “I’m ready, I want to have your child.”

Max closed his eyes. “Okay so you managed to find a gift that topped the voucher, I didn’t think it’d be possible…”

Liz laughed. “I knew it could be done.”

He opened his eyes again. “I can’t believe it,” he whispered. “You’re just so wonderful, I don’t know how to act around you sometimes.”

“Be yourself, that’s who I love,” she whispered back taking his lips against hers. She undid the button on his jeans and unzipped him. “You better make the most of this,” she said.

“Like I wouldn’t anyway,” he replied as he pulled her jersey over her head. They kissed feverishly and tugged at each others pants, suddenly they had no control left…

At times when they made love it was about pleasing the hunger, the burn that evaporated their skin and left just the souls to unite. Other times it was about needing to feel close to reinforce the reality that they were each others only…

This morning it was equally both.

“Hello?” There was a knock on the foggy car window. “Are you all right in there?”

Liz sprung away from Max in shock and they shared a panicked, flustered look before fixing their appearances and opening the window.

“Having a bit of trouble there?” The man asked grinning at the couple inside. “I was just driving past…is your car stuck?”

“Yes,” Max replied.

“What a day to be stranded, I can give you some help. The tires aren’t buried too deep. We’ll just tie a rope off my truck…”

“Thank you,” Max said. “For a minute there we were worried we’d be stuck here all day.”

“You’re fortunate, it was only by chance I was driving down here today.”

Max told Liz to stay in the car when he hopped out and went to help the man tie a rope between the two vehicles.

“Names Ray,” the man said holding his hand out.

“Max, it’s nice to meet you.”

It didn’t take long to get the ropes tied and then Ray went and hopped in his truck. Liz put her foot down on the accelerator at the same time as Ray and after several revs of the engine they were on there way back onto the road.

Max untied the rope and thanked the man profusely.

“Don’t thank me, have a good Christmas.”

“You too,” Max said. “See you.”


After the man was gone Liz picked Max up and they were on the way. “Maybe we will get to have a Christmas dinner after all?” Liz asked. “We’ll be home in less then two hours..”

“Yes, thank God.”

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Thank you for the FB everyone, I just love writing this story, it's so easy to write, I'm going miss it so much.
Later on I might have to write a sequel if I find time.


It was 2:24pm by the time they pulled up the drive way to their house. They parked in the garage and Max unloaded their luggage while Liz went inside to ring Michael and Maria. It took seven rings before Michael picked up and Liz exclaimed loudly, “Merry Christmas!” Before even saying hello.

“Hi Liz,” he said. “How are you?”

“It’s Liz?” Maria exclaimed in the background. “Give it to me, give it to me!”

“I’m good Michael, thank you…”

“LIZ?” Maria said into the phone, “Hi girl, Merry Christmas!”

“Same to you! What have you been up to?”

There was a pause. “I’ve been cooking all day, how’s London?”

“I wouldn’t know, I’m not there,” Liz replied. “Max and I flew home last night. I was wondering if we could get in on your dinner plans tonight. We’ll make something to bring around…”

“Why aren’t you in London anymore? What happened?”

“Argh, I’m not even going to begin explaining over the phone,” Liz said. “I’ll explain later.”

“Okay. Well of course you can come around for dinner. We’re having Karl and Daniel and their partners over. Also, Alice, Chris, Greg and Dean, my mom and Michael’s parent’s will be here too.”

“Are you sure it won’t be too much trouble?” Liz asked.

“What’s two more?” Maria said. “We want you to come. Be here by six-thirty, okay?”

“Thank you Maria!”

“No thanks necessary Ria, just be here! I have to go; I’ve got tones to do. See you later?”

“BYE!” Liz hanged up.

Max was in the bedroom lying on the bed with his hands behind his head. Liz climbed onto the bed and sat on him. “Am I heavy?” She asked.

He snorted, “Yeah right.”

Liz caressed his chest passionately. “They said we can come. Karl and Daniel are going to be there, so you’ll get to see them before the wedding like you wanted.”

Max closed his eyes. “I think I need to sleep before we go or I won’t be able to stay awake.”

“Okay,” she said. “I’m going to go and make something to take with us and then I’m going to shower…”

“Hmm, I would help but I’m too…”

“Just sleep,” Liz cut him off.

“I have that song in my head,” he mumbled opening his eyes.

She smiled. “What song?”

“The one that Bobby Darin sings…the one that goes—Don’t tell me not to live just sit and putter, life’s candy and the suns a ball of butter…Don’t bring around a cloud to rain on my parade.”

Liz laughed loudly. “You know Barbara Streisand sings that song too…” She kissed his forehead.

Max rapped his arms around her to hold her against him.

“Max…” She warned.

“What am I not allowed to kiss you?” He pressed his forehead against hers. “I was thinking, how are you supposed to get pregnant when we aren’t having sex?”

“Max I’m not talking indefinitely here.”

Thank God, because then I’d really be in trouble.”

Liz tried to get free of his hold on her. “Let go of me I have to start cooking,” she said.

“No you don’t, it can wait two minutes,” he argued. He buried his face in her hair and sighed. “Just stay here with me for a little while.”

“Last time I did that I fell asleep and we got trapped in the middle of nowhere,” she replied.

Max kissed her neck. “We’re not in the middle of nowhere now.”

It didn’t take him long to drift off and when he did Liz got up and covered him with a blanket. She kissed his forehead affectionately and couldn’t help standing and watching his serene striking face. His head tilted to the side sluggishly and his lips were ajar, she noticed that he was quite pale looking. She frowned, hoping he wasn’t sick.

Outside the sky was a dark grey, it gave off no daylight so the house was badly lit as if it was nearing evening.

She jumped when a rip of noisy thunder clattered in the heavens like an expanse of metal being shaken back and forth.

Liz closed the curtains in the bedroom, glanced at Max once more, and then walked towards the kitchen to begin cooking. She had to turn the lights on it was so gloomy.

Getting out a couple of her Italian recipe books, she sat down at the table and decided what to cook. Eventually she settled on Green Garlic Tagliatelle, Calzone and Tiramisu.

Setting the book down on the bench on pg94 Liz went about getting out the ingredients. First she would male Green Garlic Tagliatelle.

2 tbsp walnut oil
1 bunch spring onions, sliced
2 Garlic cloves, thinly sliced
250 g/9 oz mushrooms sliced
500 g/1 ¼ Ib fresh green and white tagliatelle
250 g/9 oz frozen chopped leaf spinach, thawed and drained
115 g/4 oz full-fat soft cheese with garlic and herbs
4 tbsp single cream
50 g/2 oz chopped, unsalted pistachio nuts
2 tbsp shredded fresh basil
Salt & Pepper
Sprigs of fresh basil, to garnish
Italian bread, to serve

Gently heat the oil in a frying pan and sauté the spring onions and garlic for 1 minute, until just softened. Add the mushrooms, stir well, cover and cook gently for 5 minutes until softened.

Liz just hoped the chow would turn out as well as in the photograph. For the next two-and-a-half-hours she set about making a delectable, mouth-watering banquet.

The aromas of cooking deluged the house and Liz hummed to herself as she danced around putting this in here, that in there, water in that and basil on this…

Tiramisu, a much loved Italian dessert with coffee and amaretto liqueur, was the concluding dish. Arrange almost half of the sponge fingers in the base of a glass bowl or serving dish. Combine the black coffee, coffee essence and amaretto and sprinkle just over half the mixture over the fingers.

Liz hummed, someday we’ll meet in Lvov my love and I while whipping the cream and milk together until the mixture was fairly stiff and could easily be spread or piped over the dessert. The tangs of the mixture made her senses sizzle with desire and yearning snuck up on her without her being aware of it. She swayed her hips from side to side and licked the mixture off her fingers, her hair whipped around and back and forth, across her face and down her back…

She ran her hand down her body as she bent her knee’s, swaying side to side. Her head lolled back and her eyes closed, now vividly dancing sensually for an audience of one. The fantasy beat pulsated through her body; she was no longer in the kitchen in an apron but in a candlelit paradise beach wearing a tight, skin hugging, strapless, red dress that revealed thigh, breast, lower back…

A pair of familiar male hands touched her hips, her taut belly, massaging, caressing, grasping, clutching, and scratching at her. The sexual rocking of her hips earned a soft moan against her ear, she would not stop, could not, did not.

The sand wisped through her toes as she moved her feet, she could feel his body against hers, waving with hers, brushing with hers. His pleasure-giving hands ran up her sides, contacting her breasts, stopping to fondle them then continuing to her arms, running from her elbows up to her hands that were clenched in the air. When you touch me baby it’s torture, brush up against me, I get chills all down my spine… Her ass stroked his lower anatomy, gaining a large response that had already been swelling with the storm. The beats of the drum were like throbs of pleasure starting at her toes and shooting up her body, burning her insides and setting her skin on fire.

Lips brushed her ear, her neck, stopping on her shoulder where a tongue snaked out and swiped across her brown silk skin. The bonfire to their left lit their skin in a bodily flush, cherry and hot, their lips unlocked escaping pants into the air. Waves crashed onto the shore, going completely unnoticed; the moon shone above, the stars twinkling, tree branches thrashing…

The owner of the hands was revealed when she was spun around and was brought clad up to his body. His eyes were dark, shining with arousal, his mouth shaped in a sexual, teasing grin that assured her things her mind could not even envision. Sweet dreams of rhythm and dancing, sweet dreams of passion through the night. The music was playing, their hearts were pounding their legs tapping, sliding, stirring. Her fingers scratched at the skin revealed under his white badly buttoned shirt, his sleeves rolled up, and his stomach grit and hard.

A lip brushed, sending shivers, convulses, through their bones, causing whimpers, gasps. His strong arms spun her around, her dress bellowed out; her hair bellowed out, her feet slipped…

The night froze; she looked up at him from the sand, her hands still in his, and the beach began melting away.

The sand below her dripped into a black chasm never to be seen again, but soon replaced with ashen silk sheets… He remained above her, his clothes now gone, her clothes now gone, their hands still grasped.

He pulled her up flush against him, his exposed body touching every part of hers. The music still overflowed in the moonlit room, the king-size bed. Beginning a new dance, she was swung back, her leg wrapping around his…his lips leaning down to suckle—


Liz was snapped out of her fantasy panting furiously and burning red hot. The oven told her the food was done and she was finished.

“Oh my,” she whispered to herself feeling her flushed cheeks. She took the food out of the oven, rapped it and prepared it to be taken away and proceeded cleaning up. She looked down at the Tiramisu dessert and with a sly smile she wondered whether it would have the same effect on the people who ate it this evening, as it had had on her.

Now her whole body was aching with desire and the pit between her legs was wet and thumping for release.

Running her fingers through her hair, she headed towards the bedroom to see if Max was awake. He wasn’t. He was still sleeping heavily, his face buried in their pillows. Sighing, she quickly decided on a gown to wear tonight and then headed for the shower, maybe she was the one who was going to find this next week unbearable…Maybe now she was the one who hated the decision to wait the most.


“Max,” Liz purred, “Darling wake up.” She caressed his forehead, kissing his cheeks, his nose. “Sweetheart, it’s time to get up.”

He shifted, pinning her beneath him and she had to keep from moaning. She would not give in; she made the rules she’d just have to live with them.

“Babe,” she said. “Wake up!”

His eyes snapped open and groan escaped his lips.

Liz frowned. “What’s wrong darling?”

He swallowed. “I feel like I’ve been hit in the head with a brick.”

She put her hand on his forehead. “You do feel hot, maybe a bath would help? I made one for you just the way you like it.” She ran her fingers through his hair. “Can you get up?”

“Give me a minute,” he answered. He rolled off her and lay with his hands behind his head. Liz sat up, worried and concerned, and put her hand on his chest.

“Do you need anything? Is there anything I can get you?” She asked. “Maybe I should take your temperature, do you want it under your arm, in your mouth, or…anally?”

Despite himself, he laughed.

She smiled; she knew that would amuse him.

“I don’t need my temperature taken thank you, I just need a minute.” He closed his eyes and sucked in a deep breath. “God it smells good in here, have you been cooking?”

Liz’s eye’s flashed. “Yeah, I-I have. Just cooking.”

“What’s the time?”

“Ten past five,” Liz replied. “Are you well enough to go out?”

He took her hand in his. “I’ll make myself well enough to go out. Would be able to get me some pain killers?”
”Of course, go hop in the tub before the water gets cold.” She got up off the bed.

“You look nice,” he mumbled with his eyes roaming over her.

She smiled. “Just, nice? This dress is worth—“

“I’m sorry, you look beautiful, help me up?” He held his hand out to her. After Liz helped him up she left him alone to bathe and lay down on their bed to read. After forty minutes she called to him, telling him he better get out if they wanted to be at Maria’s on time.

She went to the mirror and stood brushing her hair when he walked in butt naked a beautiful. She stared at him through the mirror. He was oblivious to himself. She wanted him.

He walked over to her and nudged her with his leg. “What?”

She bit her lip, she couldn’t reply.

He nudged her again. “What?”

Not looking at him, because she couldn’t, she asked, “Feel better?”

“Mmm Hmm,” he mumbled. He nudged her again.

She started backing away. “Is there a reason you’re harassing me?” She had to keep her eyes from roaming downwards. The task was proving to be very difficult indeed.

He laughed. “What’s wrong with you? You’re acting strange.”

Liz opened her mouth. “I,” she mumbled, “AM NOT.” In one moment she was going to pounce on him!

Technically they had never got to make love in the car so maybe one time would just make up for then?

“Your all jumpy,” Max said. “What’s wrong?”

She swallowed. No, this was just cruel! “I’m not going to talk to you until you put some clothes on,” she said.

Max turned around and cracked up laughing. He knew her too well and she could not hide anything from him, not even this.

“Liz Parker’s horny!” He cried. He walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out something to wear for the evening. “Such a shame we have to wait a week…”

Liz’s body was pulsing. She poked her tongue at him.

“That’s mature,” he said.

Her eyes wandered over his backside, his muscular lower back…

“Oh God,” she moaned. She fell back onto the bed. “Take me, please?”

He laughed harder. “Nope sorry, I’m out of action for the next 168 hours.”

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Thank you for all the FB everyone, it's so good to know so many of you are enjoying this.


Her lips brushed his earlobe when she whispered to him, “Are you okay?” Her hands affectionately caressed his arm up and down. He massaged his eyes, took a deep breath and turned to look at her.

“Do you have anymore of those painkillers on you?” He asked. “I guess the ones I took while I was in the bath are wearing off.”

Her face crinkled with concern. “Do you want to go home?”

He knew she had been looking forward to this Christmas dinner and he didn’t want to ruin it for her. Even if just the mere sight of food was making him queasy. “No, I’ll be fine,” he replied.

The alarm did not leave her features. “Maybe we—“

“I said I was fine,” Max cut her off. “Forget it; let’s just go take a seat.”

Maria came and hugged Liz and made sure she had a seat near her so she could get the dish on what happened in London. Max rubbed his temples to try and make the room stop spinning.

Liz kept shooting troubled looks at him every few minutes. Finally it was time to eat and while the talking went on around him Max tried to put on a joyful countenance. His good friends Karl and Daniel were late but when they got there they introduced him to their girlfriends and greeted Liz with a kiss on her cheek.

Max looked down at the food in front of him and felt his stomach turn over. When he noticed Liz noticing his reluctance to eat he smiled at her and picked up his fork. She watched him take a mouthful of pumpkin and potato into his jaws but just as soon as he did the color drained from his face and he shot up from the table. “Excuse me,” he spat out before hurrying down the hall.

Liz was more then panicked now. She excused herself directly afterwards and went after him only to find him retching in the lavatory. She grabbed a facecloth from the towel cupboard and dipped it in warm water before kneeling beside him and taking his face in her hands.

“We’re going home,” she said. “I know you’re trying to hide it but you’re not doing a very good job.”

She dabbed the cloth around his lips and forehead, wiping the perspiration on his flushed cheeks. He looked at her with admiration while she brushed the hair from his forehead, running her fingers over his scalp and down the back of his head to his neck.

“You must be getting the flu from being out in that snow this morning,” she whispered. “We’ll go home and I’ll take care of you.”

She started to get up but he grabbed her. “I feel better a bit better now, and though having you look after me is one of the greatest things in life I want to go back out and join the party. I don’t need to eat but you need to enjoy yourself.”

Liz didn’t look convinced. “I’ll get your coat,” she said getting up and walking out of the bathroom.

“Is everything all right?” Maria asked when she got back into the dinning room.

“Max isn’t feeling well, we’re going to—"

“Stay,” Max walked up behind her, cutting her off. “I’m fine now; I just don’t think I can eat much. I wish I could, considering how long you cooked for. I’m sorry.”

“Its fine, I’m just thankful your okay,” Maria shrugged.

Liz glared at Max disapprovingly and went back to her seat at the table. Max followed her, making sure that his seat was close against hers so he could keep her assured he was fine. He knew that if it were her that wasn’t well he would have carried her home by now, but he was a man and he felt that because of that he couldn’t just go running home every time he got a little unwell.

Under the table while she ate he put his hand on her thigh and massaged her through her dress. She closed her eyes for a moment and then, refusing to look at him brushed it away and turned to Alice and Greg and started talking to them.

Damn, Max thought. He was in a catch-22 now. He turned to Karl and his girlfriend, Tessa.

“Max, so tell us is all planning for the wedding done?” Tessa asked.

Max nodded. “Most of it, we only have a few things left to do like picking the flavor of the cake and…” He had to pick out what was going under Liz’s dress. Can’t forget that. “Deciding where to go for the honeymoon too, but my mom and sister are going to come and help Liz and her mother with what’s left.”

“Oh, how nice. When do they get here?”

“The 29th,” Liz entered the conversation.

“Liz!” Maria cried. “Tell me what happened in London right now.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “It’s not a good story,” she said.

Max sipped his glass of water and said nothing.

“I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I thought I would, I’d told her before Max got there that I didn’t think it was for me,” Liz explained.

Amy Deluca switched seats with her husband so she could join in with the conversation. “How did she take it? Was she mad?”

“Not really,” Liz replied.

“That’s good. I Hope you can find another job you like. Why did you leave early?” Tessa asked.

“I just—” Liz saw Max looking at her out of the corner of her eye. “She told me that I didn’t need to stay if I didn’t want to.”

Max spluttered on his water.

“Oh okay,” Tessa said. “It would be awkward though after that anyway.”


“This is delicious,” Daniels partner Tania commented.

“Oh Liz made that, what’s it called?” Maria asked.

“Um, that’s the Green Garlic Tagliatelle,” Liz replied. “I’ve never made it before; I’m relieved it turned out okay.”

“I can’t wait to taste that coffee and liquor dessert you made,” Amy commented, “Looks absolutely scrumptious.”

Liz smiled. Her body still hummed with tribute of the fantasy that had occurred while making that. She might have to give that another go some other time this week.

She looked at her main artiste and he said, “We’ll have to take some home so I can taste it when I am able to digest food again.”

“I’ll make another one,” she offered.

Maria went and got Max some painkillers to help him through the evening and Max gladly swallowed them.

When they moved into the lounge room Liz made Max promise that if he started feeling bad again they could leave.

She wrapped her arm around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder. “I’m just worried ‘tis all,” she mumbled.

Max pulled away from her. “I might be contagious, stay away from me.”

“No.” She sat closer to him so her hip was pressing into his side. She kissed his cheek and forced his arm around her shoulders.

“Why didn’t you tell them the truth about what happened in London?” He asked.

She didn’t look up at him when she replied, “It’s embarrassing for me…flattering for you, but embarrassing for me.”

“Michael we’re going to dance, I love this song,” Maria said. She tugged him to his feet and walked out onto the balcony. Liz watched them go; wanting to dance too but knowing Max was too ill to move. She sighed.

“Let’s go dance too,” Daniel said to Tania. Tania waved him off saying she didn’t feel like it. He glanced around the room, his eyes stopping on Liz who looked like she wanted to get up too. He asked her and she agreed.

Before getting up she squeezed Max’s arm once and then left.

Max sat back on the couch with a huff and watched as Daniel wrapped his arms around his fiancée. Prick, Max thought suddenly not liking him very much. How dare he ask his Liz to dance?

He couldn’t hear what they were saying to one another but Liz appeared to find it very amusing, she was laughing.

He spun her around and flung her back into him like Max usually did with her. Max grunted.

“Karl,” he said, “Do you have any smokes on you?”

“Sure, here,” Karl replied pulling out his fancy little silver container. Max pulled one out and thanked him. That’s what friends do, he thought. NOT ask other peoples fiancée’s to dance.

He was supposed to be quitting smoking but right now, he didn’t give a damn.

When the song ended Max couldn’t have been more relieved. Only, Liz didn’t come back inside, she then danced with Michael. For Gods sake, Max thought.

Liz finally came back inside after what Max imagined had to have been about ten songs. She sat down next to him out of breath and flushed, took one look at him and said, “Oh you’ve had a cigarette Max, you said you’d try.”

He ignored what she said. “You’ve had a dance, did you have fun?”

Liz frowned at his sour attitude. “Are you—?” She noticed his pale face and put her hand on his forehead.

He pushed it away.

“Stop doing that, I’m fine,” he hissed.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked. “Just because you’re too God damn stubborn to go home and rest like you should be, don’t take your temper out on me.”

She got up and walked away.

“Trouble in paradise?” Michael asked taking a seat next to him.

Max moaned. “No, I’m just being a jerk.”

“You sound like crap, no offence,” Michael said.

I do?” Max asked.

“Hmm mmm,” Michael mumbled while gulping his beer. “So what really happened in London?”

“What makes you think what Liz said isn’t true?” He asked.

“I didn’t notice anything, it’s Maria who is under the impression she was lying.”

Max thought about what Liz said about it being embarrassing and decided to respect her wishes. “She was telling the truth, nothing else happened.”

“I’ll be sure to pass that on to the very nosey Maria.”

Max smiled. “Thanks.”

It didn’t take Max’s pain killers long to wear off again and this time he could barely keep his eyes open. He closed them for a minute and when he opened them again Liz was standing in front of him with his coat. “You promised,” she said.

“I can’t argue with you anymore,” he sighed. She helped him up and they said goodbye to everyone before driving home.


Liz knelt on the bed next to Max’s shoulder. “Here,” she whispered. “I made you something. Do you feel any better?”

Max swallowed. “Depends on what you mean by better. What did you make me?”

“A lemon and orange drink. It should help your throat; hopefully you can keep it down. I’ll put it here on the nightstand.”

Max’s voice was nasally and croaky. “Thank you,” he mumbled.

Liz shifted so she was sitting on the side of the bed. She brushed his hair off his forehead and pressed her lips to his skin. “I—”

“Babe,” Max cut her off. “Don’t get close to me; you’ll just get sick too. Then who will I have to look after me?”

Liz lay down on the bed and wrapped her arms around his waist. She buried her face in his neck and whispered, “Is this too close?”


They had got home an hour ago and Max had removed his clothes and hopped under the covers, he hadn’t moved since.

“I’m sorry for the shocking Christmas day,” he said with a sigh.

“What was bad about this Christmas? I had a fantastic time,” Liz replied.

“That’s a bit far-fetched. First getting stuck in the car and then me being sick…I assure you it will be better next year.”

Liz smiled. “We might have a child to share our Christmas with next year.”

Max buried his face in her hair. “That’s true, let’s toast to that. Go get something to drink.”

“You can’t have any alcohol.”

“I’ll toast with my lemon and orange drink,” he said amusedly. “Go on, get a drink. I’ll bring myself to sit up somehow.”

Liz smiled. “Okay.”

When she came back with a mug of coffee she sat down in the middle of their big bed and crossed her legs under herself. Max propped himself up against the headboard.

“Some youthful couple we are, toasting to Christmas with a lemsip flu drink and coffee,” Liz said.

“I think this is the best way to toast,” he argued. “Okay, so here’s to next year and the possibility of new life being brought into our…spiritual union.”

Liz stared at Max thoughtfully. “That’s a nice way to put it.” She clinked her glass with his. “I’ll definitely drink to that.”

The both sipped their drinks and then put them down on the bedside table.

“I think you should sleep in the other bedroom tonight,” Max said.

“No.” Liz didn’t even bother saying anything else. There was no point in arguing with her but nevertheless Max never learnt.

“I am sick Liz, which part of that don’t you understand? No, in fact I’ll go in there so you don’t have to be kicked out of this bed. I’ll see you in the morning, goodnight…”

He went to get up but stopped and held his head in his hands. “Is it just me or did the room just convulse?”

“It’s just you,” Liz said. “Get back into to bed right now.”

Max lay back. “If you love me you’ll give me a piece of mind, just this once.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” When he didn’t reply she got up and turned off the bedroom light. “Don’t forget to drink your orange and lemon. I’m going to watch television. I’ll be back soon.”


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It was murky outside, gloomy, sinister even; it was snowing, and as the clock leisurely passed onto the twenty-eighth of December 2003, his somewhat tranquil siesta was ripped from him when his soul mates high pitched screech shook the walls.

Max shot up swiftly and ran across the room, trying to disregard the excruciating throb in his head and the churning of his abdomen. Through his unclear, red, bloodshot eyes he ran into Liz who was dashing around in the dark. He grabbed her, he could barely see her. “What?” He cried. “What’s wrong?”

She jumped in shock. “What are you—?” She asked. “Get back in that bedroom young man!”

“What did you scream for?” He demanded. Someone was banging a drum in his brain. THUMP, THUMP, BANG, BANG, WHACK, WHACK. He chanted along with it. OW, OW, OW.

“I was watching a scary movie,” she answered sheepishly.


“I was petrified because I thought I saw someone in the dark moving around and I couldn’t find the light switch!” She sucked in a deep breath. “Still can’t, can’t see you, where are you? Don’t let go.”

Max led her back into the bedroom and turned on the bedroom light. It was like he had lived in the dark his whole life and had suddenly stumbled upon the sun. A shot of agony ripped through his eyes, shooting down his spine. He clamped his hands over his eyes.

“Oh God, look at you,” Liz said. “Get back into bed.” She took his arm and lay him down. Afterwards she turned on the bedside lamp, and went back to turn off the main light. Pulling off her clothes, she slipped into some flannel pants and a turtleneck shirt before joining him.

“Are you okay? You look dreadful,” Liz said. She climbed under the blankets and scooted close to him. “I would go make you something but I’m too afraid to go out there alone again. What do you want? What can I do for you?”

“Nothing,” he mumbled. “Stop fussing, just sleep with me. Let me hold your hand.”

She gave him her hands and watched as he kissed them. “I hate seeing you like this,” she muttered. “I wish I could do something to help.”

“You are helping, by being here.”

She turned off the lamp and lay down close to him. “Max will you hold me please? I’m so scared because of that movie. I feel safe with you.”

He rolled onto his back and wrapped her arms around her tiny body. Feeling her warmth, her love, her breath on his skin. “What movie was it?” He asked.

“What lies beneath,” she answered shuddering.

“That isn’t a scary movie!”

“It is so,” she argued. “With the freaky man and the freaky woman he killed.”

Max tried to laugh.

“It’s not funny.”

“For you maybe,” he said.

When they woke up the next day, Liz spent the whole morning cleaning to get the house nice for the arrival of their families. Liz’s mother would need picking up at twelve-thirty and Max’s family would need picking up that evening. She had a lot of work to do and it was doubled because Max could not get up from the bed. In amongst the flutter of things to do she managed to run him a bath and make him some tin soup. “Try and eat it,” she said. “Please? You haven’t eaten in over two days, you’ll be so weak.”

“If I don’t eat anything I don’t have anything to throw up,” he commented.

“Please try? Please?” She kissed him and hurried off to finish cleaning. She dusted all three bedrooms and the lounge room, she changed the sheets on their bed, she sorted out the office, she scrubbed the kitchen until it was glistening and then went into the bathroom to clean in there too. Max watched her while he was soaking in the tub.

She talked to him, “I need to go grocery shopping but my mom could help with that. We are going to need so much food. Do you think Isabel will stay here or at a hotel? We can fit my mother and—”

“What about your stepfather?” Max asked. “What’s his name again—Nathan wasn’t it?”

“Yes, he doesn’t get here until the thirtieth.” She scrubbed the sink, frantically brushing her hair out of her face every two minutes.

“I really did choose a bad time to get sick didn’t I?” Max felt extremely guilty for not helping.

“If you chose to get sick, I would strangle you,” she said. “But as you didn’t, don’t worry about it. I’ll get everything done I just…need to make a timetable so I can everything in. OH! You ate your soup? How does your stomach feel?”

“Not as bad as it was yesterday,” Max said.

“Well that’s good right?” She wiped the mirror. “I’ll pick up some more painkillers from the drugstore when I go shopping. I really can’t convince you to go to a doctor?”

“No,” he said.

“Okay,” she relented. “Tomorrow the lady from the bakery is coming around with the different flavors of wedding cake so we can pick which one we want. I wanted to do that with you but you won’t feel like tasting cake will you? On Wednesday I have to go and help set up and then pick up Nathan at 4:30 in the afternoon. We have the rehearsal that night and then the 31st is the day.” She sucked in a deep breath. “Oh I hope you’re better by then.”

“So do I,” he said.

“Well, when your mother gets here tonight she’ll be able to look after you when I can’t, that will be nice won’t it?”
“I like you looking after me.”

Liz finished cleaning the bathroom and glanced at him. “Are you ready to get out?” She asked.

“No,” he answered.

“I need to clean the shower…” she sighed mumbling to herself. “I’ll do it while I’m in there so I can save time.”

“Ohh do I get to watch?” He asked grinning teasingly.

Liz’s lower stomach burned. She wanted to make love so much it hurt but she knew they couldn’t, especially now with Max sick. She left the room to get a towel and when she came back she fought for self control and quickly took her clothes off. She jumped into the shower and tried not to think about the fact Max was watching her.

Three minutes into her shower he climbed out of the tub and came and joined her. Liz jumped in shock and slipped on the soap, nearly falling and breaking her back.

“Max, no get out, you can’t torture me like this…” she groaned.

“What?” He asked bending down to pick up the soap. “We can be naked together and not do anything sexual…and if we can’t we really need to practice getting some restraint.”

“You’re finding this all very amusing aren’t you?” She asked. “Get out right now!”

He ran his fingers through her hair and piled it up on top of her head.

“I’m serious!” she whined. “Maaaaaaaaaax!”

“Calm down,” he said stepping behind her and running his strong, thin fingers over her scalp. Liz closed her eyes and leaned into him, feeling some of her stress evaporate with the steam in the bathroom. He massaged her scalp with his magical hands and then picked up the soap and ran it down her spine and over her hip. His lips were on her neck, she could feel his shallow puffs of air on her cheek.

“Hmm,” he mumbled. “What were you saying?”

“Nothing, nothing at all,” she whispered.

He closed his eyes and moved closer still so his body was pressed up against her back. “You’ve been taking care of me, let me take care of you,” he whispered.

“Okay,” she purred. The heat melted her from inside out and she was left as a pile of sludge in his arms. Very gently he rubbed his arousal against her ass, never stopping his hands moving up and down her hips and thighs with the soap.

He spun her around to face him and lathered her breasts with lavender-smelling foam. “You’re going to be very clean,” he mumbled while staring into her eyes. She bit her lip.

His hands dropped to her stomach where they grasped the span of her flesh. He couldn’t help himself; he kissed her lips slowly and passionately, filled with everything he felt for her. He made love to her mouth in a way they both craved in their sex. When he pulled away he felt so dizzy he had to stop, he physically could not remain upright or he would collapse. He let out a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“Max?” Liz asked.

He swallowed. “I think I better go get dressed.” Opening his eyes, he smiled lightly and pushed open the shower door. Liz watched him get out and pull a towel around himself, before leaving the room without as much as a glance in her direction. She moaned loudly and held on the wall to keep from falling down.

When she got out she finished cleaning the bathroom, emptied the bath tub and then went into the bedroom wearing a towel. Max was lying on the bed in his white pajama pants with his hands behind his head. She approached him, placing a soft kiss on his lips. “Get some sleep love.”

“That’s all I have been doing,” he muttered.

“Get better please,” she said. “You know my life depends on it.”

He opened his eyes and looked at her. As if they’d agreed on it, Liz climbed on the bed and lay down at his side with her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight with his lips against her damp hair. “I love you,” he whispered.


Liz picked up the box in front of her, hoping her mother wouldn’t notice if she quickly hid it behind the muesli.


No such luck.

“Are you pregnant?” Nancy demanded loudly, grabbing her arm.

Liz swallowed. “I don’t know…Max and I are trying…” she trailed off. “I don’t think so, but I’m going to find out anyway.”

Tears filled Nancy’s eyes. “My babies going to have a baby.”

“We don’t know that mom,” Liz said. She sighed; she wasn’t in a good frame of mind to talk about this right now. She dropped two of the boxes in the trolley and continued down the isle ignoring her mothers dry sobbing and planning of a grandchild.

“Oh I just can’t believe it, what a good Christmas gift!” Nancy added. “Because you never gave me one.”

“I did I just didn’t get a chance to send it. I’ll give it to you back at the house,” Liz replied.

“You know Nathan will be even happier about a grandchild, even though you are just his step daughter, you know how much he loves you.”

Liz rubbed her forehead and sighed. She had a headache and she was exhausted from running around this morning. Right now it would have been nice to be in bed with Max, with his arms around her and his lips on her forehead. Out of the blue she felt a strong, cavernous yearning to run home to see him.

“Let’s hurry and get this done shall we? Do you want to help me cook dinner tonight? We have Max’s mother, sister and her husband coming over,” she said.

“Of course I’ll help you! What else am I good for, other then paying for the wedding but the credit will have to go to Nathan,” Nancy replied. “So what about Max’s father? When does he get here?”

Liz clenched her teeth at the thought of him. They had put ‘The Evans’ on the wedding invitation, not wanting to write Philip Evans name in case he decided to come.

They did not want him there but they were not bad-mannered people and would not deliberately invite his family and not him. He could make up his own mind but Max was doubtful that he would come; surely he wouldn’t have the nerve to do that when there was such hostility between the three of them.

“I don’t know,” Liz mumbled shrugging off the question. She did not want to let him ruin this week, it was very vital that it was prefect.

“There’s something about that Philip Evans, to be quite frank with you I’m not completely sure that he isn’t a bit of a shit,” Nancy said.

Liz stifled a laugh. “Mom, I see eye to eye with you on that one.”

“Oh good, does that mean you didn’t invite him?”

“Well he’s Max’s father, we had to invite him—we’re just hoping he won’t come.”

“We? So Max has the same opinion of him?” Nancy said. “Poor Diane, she’s such a beautiful, kind, divine woman, how she got stuck with such a brute, I’ll never know.”

“I completely agree.”

When they got home they found Max lying on the couch eating ice cream and watching cartoons. He got up to help bring in the shopping bags but Liz ushered him back to the couch. “You’re starting to eat again, you must be getting better.”

When Nancy wasn’t looking Max grabbed Liz’s ass and whispered in her ear. “I’m getting horny again too; I really must be getting better.”

Liz’s eyes twinkled. “Oh, finally I’m not the only one.”

She winked at him and went to put the groceries away.

Max’s head still felt heavy and it was hard for him to eat solid foods, he’d been in the kitchen while they were gone trying all the foods in the fridge to see what he could have. He didn’t think he’d touch cream, peanut butter, or cheese ever again.

When Liz walked by the couch she pitched the painkillers at him and he caught them on his chest. “What’s that?” He asked motioning to the two other boxes.

She held them up so he could see.

His eyes darkened. “When are you going to take one?”

“Not today, tomorrow maybe.”

He nodded.

From the bedroom she called, “You still have to cash in your voucher, when are we going to do that?”

“Now? Let’s go now!” He yelled back.

She came back into the room. “You’re sick, you can’t go anywhere.”

“Liz?” Nancy said. “Where are your cookbooks? What are we having for dinner?”

“I’ll show you,” Liz replied. “I was thinking a roast with Chicken and stuffing.”

Max’s stomach churned. “Yuck,” he mumbled to himself. “I’m going to get dressed and then we’re going.”


“Liz, take the man out for heavens sake. I’ll start dinner.”

Max grinned at Liz. “I like you Nancy.”

She laughed.

Liz mouthed, ‘dork’ at him and went to get the cookbooks.

When they finally left (an ‘hour’ later) they headed straight to FigLeaves. Max wandered around commenting on how nice this was, and how sexy that was, having a field day while Liz sat on a chair in the corner watching.

“What about this?”

“Piss off.”

“I like it.”

“Um, no.”

“Um, yes.” Max held it up to her body. “Yes I can see some definite potenti—“

“You can SEE everything in that. Pick a different one.” Liz tucked her hair behind her ears.

“Am I going to have any choice or are you the one picking?” He asked with a hint of venom in his voice.

Liz rolled her eyes. “I just don’t want anything sleazy.”

“Have faith in your husband-to-be,” he said with a bat of his eyelids.

“That’s easy for you to say,” she mumbled.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, dear.”

Max flashed her a cheeky smile. His head was spinning but he was determined to find something that they both liked. The task was proving to be very hard.

“Can I help?” A sales lady asked.

“Yes, would you please show that lady over there to the changing rooms? I would like her to try on this,” Max said.

“No!” Liz exclaimed.

Max shrugged at the sales lady and she smiled and walked away.

“Max Evans!” She cried. “This is taking much longer then it needs to!”

“Liz Parker!” He cried back. “Whose fault is that? Whose the picky one here?!”

Liz grudgingly got up from her chair and walked around. “What about this one?”

“No that one doesn’t reveal enough,” he answered.

Liz rolled her eyes and put it back.

“This?” Max asked.

“No, nothing red,” she added, “don’t even pick that next one up. NO leather either.”

“You are absolutely no fun,” he said. “What do I see in you? I bet that sales lady would wear that.”

“Maybe you should marry her then.”

“She’s not completely unfortunate looking…maybe I should?” When he saw her shoot him a ‘do not push me’ look, he laughed. “Okay, well that’s more then half the store you have said no to. I think we can safely say you’re the problem here.”

“Okay FINE!” She exclaimed. “Pick whatever you damn well please, I’m past caring. Get what ever you want.”

She walked back over to her seat and slumped down.

She was just tired, she wanted to apologize for being grumpy but that would probably somehow end with an argument too.

“Ohh!” she heard Max cluck. “Animal print.”

She sighed. “Please no.”

Twenty minutes later he finally decided on what to get her. It was a thin, see through-corset looking thing that was black. It came with matching see-through underwear and thigh-high stockings.

“Okay, go try it on,” he said.

“If I try it on, you won’t be seeing it. You only get to see it after the wedding,” she said.

“Ohm,” he grunted. “Never mind then. Let’s just get it.”


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Hi guys thank you for being so patient with me. It's my birthday tomorrow!!! Hehe sorry we only get one a year and I may go a little over board with mine!! I hope you like the new part!


Sitting in the bathroom, Liz stared down at her blood-covered underwear with a wash of melancholy flooding over her. She knew she was being ridiculous; it was unrealistic to believe she would have got pregnant from her and Max’s escapades in London.

But she had held the hope nevertheless, and now it was gone and she felt a hollow hole where it had been.

Her heart hurt and because of that the worst case scenarios begun filling her mind against her will. What if she couldn’t have children? The thought brought on a despair so strong she couldn’t continue to sit upright. If she could not give Max the children he so dreadfully wanted, he would no longer want her. And if he did, for some magical reason, still love her, how could she continue with him knowing she was depriving him of his greatest wish? How could she live knowing that?

A clogging blanket tied around her throat and she suddenly found it very hard to breathe. She dropped her head into her hands and fought the urge to cry. Oh she couldn’t bear it, she couldn’t bear the thought.

Jerking her from her torment, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll be out in a minute!” She called, trying to hide the waver in her voice. It was early, six-twenty and she was surprised anyone was up.

The door opened and Max stepped in, closing it behind him. He took one look at her and said, “What’s wrong?”

With all the effort to stay composed, Liz’s mouth and forehead crinkled. A sob escaped, her eyes glossed over. “Nothing,” she whispered pathetically throwing her old underwear to the ground. She had a new pair on and she was wearing a bra, but she felt exposed and wretched sitting on the side of the bathtub.

Max looked down at the blood, swallowed and got down on his knee’s in front of her. Looking at him, her tears a second away from falling, Liz opened her mouth to speak, “I—”

He put his fingers on her lips. “Shh,” he breathed. He knew, and she knew it, and he knew that too. Taking his hand from her mouth, he patted his bare chest right in front of his heart. “Come here,” he said soothingly.

She sat there for a long time—her face pressed into Max’s chest—and cried.

Before Nancy was awake, a little while after Liz had stopped crying, Max ran them a bath and together they hopped in, across from one another, and soaked.
“I’m going to smell like a girl when I get out,” Max commented.

Liz smiled. “Who else gets to smell you but me?”

“You have a point.” Reaching for her hands underneath the bubbles, Max intertwined his fingers through hers. He stroked her knuckles, her palms, her engagement ring, and her wrists softly. It was so gentle and sweet Liz closed her eyes and purred.

Max watched her face unwind and pressed his thigh into hers comfortingly.

“You know,” she murmured quietly. “Your sister is so beautiful.”

“She is,” Max agreed. But I’m sitting in a bath tub with someone more then beautiful, he thought. I’m with an angel, there was no way Liz was anything but celestial.

“She looks good even though she’s six months pregnant.” She was hoping he missed the pang of hurt in her voice, her face, the spasm of tenderness in her heart when she said that.

He didn’t. He squeezed her hands tighter.

“You have a question for me?” he asked softly.

“Do you want a question?”

“No,” he replied.

“Then I won’t ask,” she said.

“I never said I wouldn’t answer it, I just said I didn’t want it.”

“Max,” he voice cracked. “What if…what if I can’t get pregnant? What if I can’t have your children?”

He swallowed. “Then we’ll adopt,” he said simply.

“No,” Liz argued. “It’s not the same, it’s not,” —she shuddered— “All those times when we forgot protection, or in Germany, and each time we never got pregnant.”

Max’s face was comforting. “We didn’t want children then, we were lucky.”

Liz swallowed. “What if it wasn’t just luck?”

They were silent for a long time. Max stared into her eyes. “What makes you think it would necessarily be you that’s the problem?”


“No, let’s not talk about this anymore. There haven’t been that many times when we haven’t used protection. You’re worrying over nothing and if by some chance either of us can’t make a child, then it won’t change anything. It won’t change how I feel about you at all, and if we can’t have children, I’ll have you all to myself and I don’t mind that at all.” He opened his arms to her.

She got up and moved so she was nestled between his legs. He wrapped his arms around her and she buried her face in his neck.

“Whoa,” he groaned throwing his head back. “Don’t move a muscle, period or not, sickness or waiting a week, I’ll jump you right now.”

Liz chuckled against his neck. She could feel him swelling against her lower belly. Quietly she said, “You haven’t been throwing up as much. Will you be okay for cake testing today?”

“Maybe,” he paused. “Ergh, maybe not after all.” He stomach grumbled.

Liz sighed. “I guess it will just have to be the females then,” she said.

After a short silence Max said, “Please don’t worry yourself over getting pregnant. If it happens, it happens, just let nature follow its path.”

“Okay,” she mumbled. “I just got all worked up for no reason.”

Max ran his hand up her bare back to her neck and back down again, not stopping until the swell of her buttocks.

“That feels so nice,” she murmured. She tightened her hold around his waist and masked herself deeper in his neck.

“I can’t wait to see you in your wedding dress,” he said. “I think I had a dream about it last night. Well actually it was about taking it off…but even so.”

Liz smiled. “Don’t get your hopes up too much; I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“You couldn’t disappoint me even if you tried,” he said.

Sucking in a deep breath he sunk back further into the water. “We’ve come a long way haven’t we?”

“Hmm,” Liz mumbled. “Do you ever wonder what you’d be doing now if I’d never come to Italy?”

“I know what I’d be doing,” he said. “Do you know you are the only good thing my father has ever done for me?”

“What about this house? What about your yacht?” She said, but she knew what he meant.

“You mean the yacht and house you’re making me sell?” He asked.

“We haven’t bothered yet, I doubt we’ll get around to it,” she said. “And that yacht has too many memories attached to it now. This house does to”—laughing she added—“and I thought we already re-de-virgin-ized everything?”

“Along with everything that hadn’t already been de-flowered,” he said.

“Max will you”—she lifted her eyes to his—“ever talk to your father again?”

“No,” he said. “Don’t ever talk about him, understand?”

She nodded. She understood.

“We aren’t going to let that bastard ruin our wedding, you hear?”

She nodded. She heard.

“Let’s get out,” he said. “I’m getting a little light headed again.”


“Ohhh,” Isabel moaned. “That one is so good!”

“Which one? Let me taste!” Maria cried.

“No me!” Liz whined. “It’s my wedding.”

The chocolate dissolved on Liz’s tongue, seeping delicious dark sugar down her throat. She threw her head back in bliss and smiled brightly. “That is heaven,” she mumbled.

“Pure heaven,” Maria agreed next to her. She rolled her head to the side to look at Liz. “Who ever said fruit cake was a good wedding cake was seriously disturbed.”

“I agree,” Liz said. “Okay so we’ve narrowed it down to…seven.”

The three girls giggled together while their mothers rolled their eyes.

“Oh to be young again,” Diane said.

“Hmm,” Nancy agreed.

Amy laughed. “Oh hell, we ARE still young. What on earth are two talking about? Liz hand me a taste of that one would you?”

The bakery lady stifled a laugh.

A half-asleep Max, dressed in nothing but his pajama pants, sauntered past the couch scratching the back of his head. He looked like he had just woken up; his hair was all ruffled and messy. He yawned and headed towards the kitchen.

“Max, you may be sick but we have company, put some clothes on!” Liz said not glancing at him.

It’s my house,” he retorted. “You are lucky I put pants on.”

“And you want to marry him?” Isabel asked. “What is wrong with you?”

“I don’t know,” Liz said with a sigh.

When Max reemerged again he came and sat down next to her on the couch and kissed her neck. In Liz’s opinion, he was sitting too close to her so she tried to shift away, only to have him follow her. She paused eating the cake on the plate in front of her. “Try this, it’s the best. I think this is the one we should have.” She scooped some of the cake onto her fork and fed it to him. “Good huh?”

He licked the fork and the little bit that had got on her hand. “That’s nice,” he mumbled.

He had that look in his eyes. That look, that everything. She mouthed, ‘not now’ to him but he only shifted closer to her and looped his arm around her waist.

Slipping his hand onto her ass, what he thought was sneakily, Max moved closer still so his whole side was pressed against hers. Liz looked at him disapprovingly, begging him to stop.

He pressed his lips to her ear. “Why do you look so fucking incredible? Why are you practically oozing happiness? I don’t think you’ve ever looked better.”

There were days when Max couldn’t stop touching her.

His hands were magnetic and she was steal, days when he just couldn’t hide his love from her. He loved her equally very day but some days he could control himself in public. Today was one of those days when he couldn’t.

“No, this one,” Maria said. “Why not cheese cake?”

“Cheese cake isn’t the best type of cake to use for a wedding because of the large quantity you’ll need but I suppose we can do it if you want it,” the bakery lady said.

Trying to ignore Max and his naughty looks and hands, Liz nodded her head. “Yes! Cheese cake, chocolate cheese cake!” she said. “That is what I want.”

“I want you,” Max whispered.

Liz shot him another ‘look’.

“And what does the groom think?”

Max looked away from Liz for the two seconds it took him to say, “I don’t care.”

Liz pinched his arm.

“Ow!” he exclaimed. “Oh, I mean cheese cake is wonderful.”

Maria and Isabel laughed.

“Where’s Kyle?” Max asked. His hand massaged Liz’s ass through her jeans.

“He’s gone to the store,” Isabel replied.

“Can we keep all these testers?” Maria asked.

Max swooped in for Liz’s mouth when no one was looking but Liz turned her face away causing his lips to smack against her cheek. He groaned loudly in disappointment causing everyone to look at him.

Liz shoved his hand off her ass. “Go back to bed Max.”

“No,” he argued. “I’ll go outside for some fresh air.” He got up, disappointed that he couldn’t even have two minutes alone with his horse and cart.

“Max don’t be—”

“I’m not being anything,” he said.

As he walked away Liz said, “Put a shirt on before you go out…ph no, it’s raining you better stay in.”

”I’ll stay under the veranda shelter,” he argued. He opened the draw by the stereo to grab—

“Don’t you dare have a cigarette!” Liz yelled out to him.

Damn, Max thought. He pulled his hand out of the draw and closed it. There was no point in trying to hide his smokers breath now. The last thing he needed was Liz being annoyed at him. Operation make-Liz-beg-for-it would never work if she was too grumpy to talk to him.

He was sitting outside for ten minutes when Kyle got back from the store. “Felling better?”

“Sure,” Max replied. “What did you buy?”

Kyle pulled out a six pack of beer.

“Ohh…” Max exclaimed. “Thank God!”

Kyle handed him a can and then sat down next to him. “It must be really awesome living here; it’s like a never ending holiday.”

“It is great,” Max said. “But soon it’s going to go from being my bachelor pad to the family home.”

“So you and Liz are going to have kids? I never thought of you as the father type. Was that Liz’s idea?” Kyle asked.

“Its something we both want,” Max answered. He was alright talking about his want for children with Liz but he didn’t want to with Kyle.

“Well one word of advice,” Kyle said. “Don’t argue with a pregnant woman.”

“Has Isabel been giving you a hard time?” Max asked.

“You could say that,” Kyle grunted.

Twenty minutes later Liz popped her head outside. “Max,” she said. “You’ve been out here long enough; do you never want to get better? Come inside.”

“I am better,” Max said. “I don’t need to come inside.”

“Oh okay, so you have just sleeping all day because you’re lazy?” Liz had her hands on her hips which usually meant she didn’t want any argument. “Do you want me to make you something to eat?”

“Yes please, I’m starving,” he said.

“Okay, I will—if you come inside.”

Max groaned.

“Do you purposely do exactly what I don’t want?” She asked. “Max, please?”

Grudgingly he got up.

“Good,” she said. “Now what would you like me to make you?”

He followed inside, leaving Kyle who was laughing at his inability to say no to Liz.

“French toast,” Max told Liz. “I want French toast.”

“Is that right?” Liz asked. “Would you like it in bed or on the table?”

Max’s eyes glowed devilishly. “Both,” he said.

Liz rolled her eyes. “You are such a dork.”

“An adorable dork,” he said. He bent down and bit her bottom playfully. “Is the cake lady gone?”

“Hmm,” Liz mumbled. She grabbed the milk and eggs out of the fridge. “Diane, Nancy and Amy all went shopping and Maria and Isabel are watching a DVD.”

“Oh, so nobody will come into the kitchen and interrupt us.” He bit her ass again.

Liz jumped. “Stop!” she cried. “That hurts, how would you like it if I did that to you?”

Max grinned. “Maybe you should find out.”

“What’s gotten into you?” She asked.

Reaching around her waist Max unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down her hips so he fondle her bottom.

He stroked her through her underwear at first but obviously he didn’t like that because he slipped his hands under the elastic and stroked her skin.

“Max how am I supposed to make French toast, anything, with you doing that?” Liz clutched the bowl to her chest as she mixed the egg and milk together. “Do you want sugar in this?”

“Oh I want sugar alright.” He spun her around and covered her mouth with his own.

“Hmm,” she mumbled. “What I really need though, is you to get the bread for me.”

“Okay.” He let go of her and her pants fell to her feet.

She yelped and frantically pulled them back up. Max laughed as he walked to the pantry to get what she needed.

When he came back she flicked a spoon-full of the mixture at him. “Don’t be such a—”

“Who do you think you’re dealing with around here?” He yelled. He dug his hand in the bowl and chucked a handful of the sticky, runny goop on her face.

“I don’t know,” she said. “But obviously you don’t know who you’re dealing away!” She dumped the bowl on his head and ran squealing from the kitchen.

He ran after her, ignoring the confused stares from Isabel and Maria. He caught Liz in the bedroom and rubbed his egg covered body all over hers.

“OH YUCK!” Liz screamed. “That’s just merciless! I bet none of your other girlfriends let you do that twice!” She wiggled trying to get away from him. “Let me go!”

Max snorted. “Oh yes, that’s going to happen.”

“Did you just snort? Who snorts? Nerds with braces and glasses and pimples don’t even snort anymore.”

“Oh well I guess handsome, charming man do,” Max said.

He threw her down on the bed.

“Max stop,” Liz said. “Isabel, Maria and Kyle are in the next room. Stop this right now…let go of my breast. Do you want me to knee you in the nuts?”

“I can think of one thing I want you to do to my nuts but it doesn’t involve your knee.” Max grinned rubbing himself against her crotch. “Come on! It’s been five days! I am going to DIE!”

“No!” Liz cried. When she saw he wasn’t going to let go or relent she knew she needed to do something quick before this got completely out of hand. “Look, if I do one thing will you leave me alone until after the wedding?”

“Most definitely not,” Max said. “What thing?”

They rolled over so Liz was on top of him. She portrayed his devilish grin as if she was the original inventor. Max’s body hummed with anticipation, his grip on her loosened…

Hooking her fingers under the elastic on his pants she toyed with the material and then ran down to grope him through his pants. Just when his defenses fell she leapt away from him and headed for the door. He was just as swift as her and leapt in front of the door blocking her exit way.

“Got to be faster then that Liz,” he said. Her eyes flashed, his eyes flashed.

She moved left, right, left and was around him. Walking down the hall she turned her head back to him, “Got to be quicker then that Max.”

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“Stop that!” Liz giggled. “You better not do that tomorrow or we’ll never make it to the ‘I do’s’.”

Max lifted her off her feet and threw her over his shoulder. “Excuse me,” he said to the parson “We’re finished aren’t we? Can we go now?”

“Well actually—”

“PUT ME DOWN!” Liz cried. She pinched his ass and he yelped and dropped her.

“I’m very sorry Jim, you’ll have to excuse Max he hasn’t been himself the last few days,” Liz said. She shot an annoyed look at Max while she smoothed down her dress. “Now, where were we?”

“I think we should start again,” Jim said. “Why don’t you walk down the isle again and we’ll start over…”

“Sure,” Liz said. She spun around and discovered Nathan standing down the other end. “Nathan!” She screamed. “Oh my God! Hi!” She ran down to him and jumped into a fierce hug.

“Lizzie you look more striking every time I see you.” He laughed and held her back tightly.

“She does doesn’t she?” Max remarked walking after his over-enthusiastic fiancée. That was her secret, Max concluded. She was replacing sexual dissatisfaction with zest. That must be it, how else would she have lasted this long? This morning when they were loafing around in bed he had convinced her to jerk his gherkin for him, or to put it more kindly, relieve him of his added ‘stresses’.

She hadn’t taken much persuading which led Max to believe she was as horny as he was.

“You must be Max Evans,” Nathan held his hand out. “I’m sorry I missed you while you were in New York, I was away on business.”

“That’s fine, we’re glad you could come,” Max said.

“So this is the husband-to-be,” Nathan said to Liz. “Have you gone through the procedure I taught you?”

“Of course,” Liz replied. “He passed with flying colors.”


“Well he must be worthy then,” Nathan said. “Because Max, if you hurt my Lizzie I’ll shove your pecker down your throat.”

Liz laughed loudly at the expression on Max’s face. “Calm down Max, like I would let him go anywhere near your goods, I’m the only one allowed down there now.” She noticed Jim standing down the other end waiting for them impatiently.

“Nathan, do you mind? We have to finish our rehearsal so we can finally go home.”

“Of course not! Let me practice walking you down the isle,” Nathan said.

“Do we have to do this again? We’ve done it a hundred times, why did Maria and Isabel get to go?” Max grumbled as he walked back up the church to stand next to Jim. For the last time for the evening he watched Liz walk with Nathan and as he handed her over.

“Can we stand like this”—Max faced Liz with his hands in hers—“or do we have to stand side by side?”

“You can stand however you like,” Jim said.

Liz leaned up and kissed Max’s cheek. “Tomorrow you’ll be mine.”

Max looked at her puzzled. “Liz, what are you talking about?” He led her hands tighter. “I already am yours.”

When they got home it was past eleven and both of them were tired. Nathan said goodnight and went into Nancy’s room leaving them alone, which was exactly what Liz didn’t want. She saw the passion in his eyes and she sprinted to their room, grabbed her nightgown and went to—

“Where are you going?” He asked leaning on the door frame.

“I’m going to sleep in the spare bedroom.”

Max chuckled. “No you’re not.”

“Watch me.”

He wouldn’t let her out the door and she let out a loud frustrated sigh. “Do you not respect me at all?”

Max smiled mockingly. “Do you not understand me at all?”

“Max, let me go,” she said. “We have less then 24 hours to go; you’ve been able to last this long, why not one more night?”

“I don’t want to,” Max whined.

“I don’t want to either but…” Judging by the grin that seeped over his lips, she decided that perhaps that was the wrong thing to admit? “I have been so proud of myself for holding out this long; it’s got to be a first since I was like, fifteen! In one minute I will tear off your clothes and do everything of been dreaming of all week…” she groaned. “Please do this for me.”

Max sighed and let her go. “Fine, but I’ll go in the spare room I won’t kick you out of your bed. Why are you looking at me like that?” He said. “Perhaps I have more discipline then you, huh?”

Liz leaned up and kissed his lips softly. She was about to pull away when what was left of her restraint slipped away. “Screw this,” she mumbled. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth down on hers for more. She kissed him fiercely, overpoweringly and possessively until they could no longer breath and had to part for air.

Liz kissed his neck while unbuttoning his shirt…

“Liz,” Max grabbed her hands. “Stop.” He would throttle himself later but he knew how much this meant to her and he wasn’t going to let her be thwarted with herself afterwards. Displeasure was not something he wanted her to feel after any time they made love. He kissed her forehead and stepped away from her. “Goodnight Liz, I love you.”

He walked out the door and was about to close it after him when Liz popped her head out. “I’m not going to get any sleep,” she said.

“Neither am I,” he uttered. They looked at each other longingly before parting.

Liz lay in bed staring at the ceiling. What was that song?

Didn’t it go.. All night long, I’m horny, all night long, I’m horny, all night long. You’ve got me horny in the morning and you know…

Yes she definitely related to that song right now.

She watched the clock as each excruciatingly long minute passed by and fought the urge scream and tear her hair out.

“I’m horny, horny, horny, horny,” she sang to herself. “SO horny, I’m horny, horny, horny tonight.”

Giving up, she climbed out of bed and sauntered out of the room. She opened the spare bedroom door expecting to see Max either masturbating or wide awake but he was neither. His soft, even breathing was a very clear indicator that he was fast asleep.

Sighing, she walked over to the bed and climbed in next to him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and snuggled into his side muttering quietly that he was very lucky to be able to sleep so easily.

“I thought you wanted to sleep in separate rooms?”

Max’s out of the blue voice interrupted her reverie.

Her eyes shot open. “You’re awake?” she asked. “You’re awake!” She sat abruptly and tucked her hair behind her ears.

“Barely,” he replied. “But yes.”

She got up off the bed. “Get up, come on…”

“What? Why? Where are we going?”

“We are going out to the kitchen to make margaritas,” she replied. At a snail's pace Max followed her out to the kitchen in his cotton boxers, yawning and rubbing his eyes every two minutes.

Liz started pulling things out of the fridge. “Go put some music on will you? I’m not going to get any sleep tonight.”

Max scratched his ass and sighed. “If you are going to start freaking out about the wedding…”

“I’m not!” Liz reassured him. “I’m just so aroused that if I don’t keep busy I may just kill myself. I want tomorrow to come quicker.”

“Staying up isn’t going to do that.”

“It will, because I can’t sleep.” Liz brushed her silk and lace nightgown down and tied her hair up into a loose bun. “Do you want one?”

Max rolled his head from side to side. “Sure, why not?”

While she was making their alcoholic potions Max turned the stereo on quietly.

“John Mayer,” Liz said to him. “Put John Mayer on, I feel like listening to him…he’s inspirational don’t you think?”

Max shrugged. He couldn’t care less; he wished he was still in bed.

“Max, do you know what I was thinking earlier?” She said.

“I don’t know—what?” He lethargically slumped down onto a chair at the dinning table and rested his head in his hands.

Liz came and sat down in front of him with a jug full of drink, salt and lemon. She poured them both a shot each. The light in the kitchen was the only luminosity in the house but it lit up where they were sitting brightly.

“Dating is glorified and very impractical,” she said. “I mean, people date for what, three months trying to be faultless so that the other person likes them but then the real them manages to slip out eventually and the next three months after that is spent trying to figure out the real them…I think that is what’s different about us. We were ourselves from the second we met.” She gulped down her drink.

“I was a little different but not drastically,” Max swallowed his shot in one gulp. “But I understand what you are saying.”

“Max…tomorrow, are you nervous?” She asked.

“I’m not nervous about getting married but I’m a little edgy about all the people that will be watching,” he admitted. “Tell me again how our guest list managed to reach one-hundred and sixty-two?”

“It’s because of all our friends and their partners and so on,” Liz said. “I bet you that there won’t be that many people there.”

“How many of them are from New York?”

“Oh at least seventy,” Liz said. “Nathan’s and mom’s friends and children and my country club ‘friends’.”

“Oh well, as long we don’t have to stick around for hours taking to them all. I intend to leave for the hotel as quickly as possible.”

Liz’s eyes flashed. “Me too,” she mumbled. She gulped down another shot glass. “Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if we both turn up drunk?”

“At least it wouldn’t be one of us,” Max offered. “It’s our wedding, we can do whatever we want.”

“Hell yes,” Liz slurred. She hopped up, and took his hand. “Dance with me, I love this song.”

“Okay.” He wrapped one arm around her waist and the other clutched her hand at their sides. She rested her head on his chest.

We got the afternoon; you got this room for two. One thing left to do, discover me, discovering you…
One mouth to every answer, your skin like porcelain. One pair of candy lips and your bubblegum tongue. And if you want love, make it. Your body is a wonderland.

Max kissed Liz’s forehead.

“We could just run away,” she mumbled. “Ditch our own wedding.”

“Run around Italy for the rest of our lives?”

“And France, we’d have to go to France too,” Liz added.

“We can eat cheeses and drink wine…”

Liz smiled. “Go to Venice and ride around in one of those boats…”

Max chuckled, his chest rumbling against her face. “Stay only in the nicest hotels…”

“Compliments of your father?” Liz asked smiling.

“Sure, why not?”

“We could get our portraits drawn by some artist on the street.”

“And go to the Moulin Rogue, I’ve always wanted to see that place.” Liz looked up at him and they shared a gentle kiss. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you,” she whispered back. Max clutched her side and pressed his face into hers, pretending to eat her lips mumbling num, num, num while their mouths made slapping noises. Liz laughed and tried to get away, “You crazy man,” she said.

“Crazy in love,” she thought she heard him say. Looking up at him Liz felt something warm her insides. An indescribable empathy deep inside her grew and evolved and out of the blue something became very clear to her.

Her corporeal pulsate that she had once thought was stimulation, something that enticed the excitement of arousal was suddenly something much more then that.

Unexpectedly, she comprehended that her arousal wasn’t physical, it was emotional. The sensation she was experiencing was there merely because she had been neglected the physical closeness with Max, not neglected making love in general. Her mind and body were telling her that she needed to feel that type of proximity that she got only with Max.

He was smiling in a way that was only reserved for her.

His eyes held that burning love that only she got to see.

Stepping away from him, she could not tear her eyes from his vital-to-her-existence-face.

“What?” He asked. He was frowning now. “Babe, what’s wrong?”

Part of her feelings, of course, were just unadulterated arousal, but it was the fact that it was only a ‘part’ of it.

“Nothings wrong,” she said, her mouth was suddenly very dry. “Max…”

He took her in his arms again. “You look…I don’t know. Like you’ve just—”

She cut him off by covering his mouth with hers. He tasted of margaritas, salty, tangy and he tasted of himself. He tasted perfect, he tasted like hers.

“Hmm,” he mumbled. “Do you want to go to bed now?”

“Yes, but I don’t want to sleep,” she replied. “I just…I can’t enlighten you because I can’t explain it. I realized something.”

“You did?” He asked licking his lips.

“Hmm,” she mumbled. “Come on.”

They left their cups and drink out on the table but turned the kitchen light off. Once they were back in their room Liz pulled off her night gown and stood naked in front of him. She took his hands and put them on her breasts before kissing him softly and passionately.

“Liz,” he said pulling away. “I don’t want to make love to you and have you regret it afterwards because we didn’t wait until the wedding night.”

“I won’t regret it,” she said smiling. “Trust me. I’ve just realized that what I’m doing it has a whole other dimension to it and waiting makes no sense to me now. Why did I say such a dim-witted thing? What WAS the point?”

“I’ve been wondering that since you said it.” Max laughed.

Liz laughed too. She felt like singing with joy. “Come on…” she said.

Max picked her up and walked around the side of the bed, placing her softly in the middle of the ruffled unmade covers.

“Turn on the light Max,” Liz said softly. “I want to see you.”

Max leaned over and switched the beside light on before returning his full attention to her. She tugged at his boxers, wanting to glimpse and touch him. Max stood up and stripped his shorts down his legs, leaving them on the floor.

“Oh God, quick,” she moaned her head arched back into the soft pillow. “Please…”

Max spread her legs as far as he could and kneeled in-between her thighs. “Look at me,” he said. “Are you sure?”

“Don’t ask me that,” she said, taking his lips between her own. She wrapped one of her arms around his neck and the other reached down to hold him. She glided her tongue over his, urging it into her mouth while her hand stroked his length up and down. “Of course I’m sure.”

“Oh God Liz, I’ve missed this so much,” he whispered. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Me too,” she purred back.

Max took her breast into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it, needing it between his teeth. His hands massaged her inner thighs, moving upwards and finally stroking her saturated heat. Liz arched into his hand urging and begging him not to stop. Never to stop.

“I’ve waited six days for you Max, you only, please…” She cried. Her hands grasped at his arousal, needing it inside her. She guided it to her entrance and rubbed his head against her nub. “Oh Max…”

Max shuddered in delight. Nothing felt better then his Liz pressed up against his burning skin. It only increased his desire to know what he felt was felt by her too.

His mouth returned to hers. “Give me your hand; I need to hold your…” She immediately intertwined her fingers through his. She held his hand tight, squeezing it in reminder of how deeply she felt for him. Their hands went above her head and Max took his opportunity to dive into her slowly but urgently. They groaned together into their wide open mouths, panting onto each others faces.

“You are so beautiful,” Max moaned opening his eyes to see her passion-filled face. She looked into his eyes, feeling her heart swell with worship.

Her walls were tight around his swollen hard member. Her slick wet juices wrapped around him burying him, drowning him. He was in her again! It had been less then a week but it had been a life time. He almost couldn’t believe he was going to spend the rest of his life doing this, feeling this.

He slid out of her before thrusting back in roughly. She cried out, her hand grasping his tighter and her lips stretching with the width of her open mouth. He was showering kisses over her neck, her cheeks, her forehead, adoring her, needing her, wanting her, having her!

The range of emotions that were flooding over them was more then you could get from a one nightstand. Their love, their arousal, their need combined and doubled sweeping through them.

“Oh Max! Please! God, don’t stop!” She clenched her thighs against his hipbones. She was so close; she had been waiting for this, building this for too long.

Their bodies made slapping noises as they moved together, pleasuring each other. They took each other to new exhilarating, electrifying heights.

The tight wave of satisfaction crept up on their joined bodies at the same time. They did everything as one, shared everything and reaching the pinnacle on pleasure was no different. They cried out into each others mouths as they flew over the top, crashing into the shore.

Max collapsed against his soul mate, burying his face against her neck. Trying to catch his breath he said emotionally, “Please don’t ever stop us from doing that again.”

“Never,” she whispered. “Never again. Don’t move, don’t get off me. I need you, again…don’t ever stop.”

When he looked at her with astonished and taken aback by her neediness, she smiled brightly, her eyes glowing, and said, “What? Unlike you I don’t need a rest period.” She was ecstatic, burning with love.

They didn’t get any sleep that night, they joined and exploded together, joined and exploded together, making up for all the time they had lost. Together they saw the stars and tumbled back to earth as one.

As if pervaded with his deathless leaven…All earthly stuff—emotions, anguish, passion—had been transmuted to the stuff of heaven.

“Oh God, he’s here.” It was ten-thirty, twenty minutes before she planned to walk down the isle and she was panicking about the groom’s father. Looking at herself in the mirror, she tried to scrub away the frown lines that were appearing on her forehead.

How could Philip Evans have the nerve to come to their wedding? He had never been anything but horrible to Max, and Liz sure as hell didn’t want him there. How could he do this? He was going to ruin the day for them, she knew it.

She ran her eyes over her dress, deciding whether she was happy with how she looked or not. It wasn’t like she could change her mind now. After an incredible morning and night it was all going to be ruined because of one egotistical, uncouth, insensitive prick. Why did all good things have to go bust, why?

Through the mirror she saw Max step in through the door and close it behind him.

“What are you doing?” She demanded spinning around. “You aren’t supposed to see me yet, it’s bad luck!”

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Hello everyone!
I'm really sorry about the delay on the new part.
As you can imagine, I am having a lot of difficulty
writing this part because it's the big wedding and
I've been building up to it for so long I know you
all expect it to be good and I would hate to let you
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Ahhh here it is! I'm not that happy with it but hopefully you guys will like it!!!

Here's some links to their wedding clothes if you're interested:
Liz’s dress:
Max’s tux:


Standing in the door way, Max felt his heart constrict in his chest. He sucked in a deep breath. “Wow,” he said.

His eyes roamed up and down her body from her toes to her face. “Wow,” he repeated.

“Max!” Liz cried. “Go away!”

He didn’t leave, instead he approached her, unable to keep from touching her. She was the definition of stunning. She was an angel and for some reason she was his. He took her hips between his palms and stared down at her unblinkingly.

Liz could see the admiration in his eyes. His hands burned her skin but she could not stay away from the flame. He touched her softly, kindly as if she were a newborn baby; his fingers traced the material of her dress up her sides, over her breasts and up her throat.

He caressed her cheeks, stopping to admire her soft skin. “Wow,” he repeated again.

“So you like what you see?” She asked hesitantly.

Max let out a quiet moan. “Like?” He cupped her cheeks, brushing her long wavy hair behind her ears. “Like is not a word I would use at all.”

“What word”—her face grew red—“what word Max?”

He couldn’t help himself; he pressed his mouth to her temple, the small sweet-smelling spot of skin at the end of her jaw, and lastly her cheek bone. “I don’t know,” he answered her sincerely. “I just don’t know.”

Liz brought her hands up to cup his on her cheeks. “I have some bad news,” she said regrettably.

“Nothing bad,” he mumbled. “Don’t tell me, don’t ruin this…” He leaned his forehead in against hers, his nose touching hers; he dropped his hands from her cheeks and rested them on her hips for the second time. “I just don’t know how I’m going survive you.” He had tears in his eyes; he tried to blink them away. His voice cracked when he began to sing the one line he knew from a distant song. “Some day, when I’m awfully low, and the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you and the way you look tonight.”

Liz smiled. “Max…”


“You are supposed to be out there next to the priest waiting for me,” she said.

Max pressed his mouth to her lips. “Why would I do that when I can be in here?”

She chuckled. “Darling…”

There was a knock at the door. “Liz?” It opened. “I don’t want to make you panic but Max is—oh, hey there you are!” Maria put her hands on her hips. “Get out there right now Mister! Oh you’ve gone and ruined her makeup! Good one! Great.”

Max and Liz shared a knowing glance.

“That’s dreadful fortune you know, seeing her before the ceremony? You have just doomed yourselves to the cold hand of divorce.” Maria tried to pull him away from the bride. “Go away; we have to fix her make up now.”

Isabel came in through the door. “Max?” she grabbed his arm. “Everyone’s been looking for you; we all thought you’d done a runner. Come on! You aren’t supposed to see the bride before the ceremonial, its—”

“Bad luck?” He asked. “So I’ve heard.”

He was dragged out the door; looking back he caught Liz’s eyes and pressed his hand to his lips. She smiled lovingly.

Isabel whacked him over the head. “You are such a brat, go out there right now.”

“Okay! Okay! Jeez!” He left her standing there as he walked briskly away. He ran smack into someone around a corner and rubbed his head in pain. “Damn it, excuse—

He looked up to find none other then Philip Evans staring down at him. His jaw tightened. “What the—”

His eyes darkened. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Max?” Diane asked shocked by her son’s attitude. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Why don’t you ask him?” Max stormed away cursing under his breath. Wait until Liz found out, she was going to be so upset…

He just had to come and destroy it for them didn’t he?

Was it his soul purpose to ruin Max’s life?

He was seething and livid by the time he reached the head of the church. He looked out over all the people in their seats and tried to calm down. It was not a good idea to loose his mind right now.

“Jim?” Max asked. “God help me.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I just—” he groaned. “Tell me something to lessen my fury?”

Jim patted his arm compassionately. “You shouldn’t be mad; it’s your wedding day. You are marrying a beautiful young lady, remember? What could possibly have gotten you so wound up?”

“It’s a long story,” Max said. “One I don’t have time to tell.” He pictured Liz in his mind, she would help him. She would be his strength. He pictured her moaning under him while he made love to her. He pictured her smile, he laugh, her kind heart. He pictured her soft hands running through his hair, her sweet lips on his, her tender whispers in his ear on their pillow.

Everyone stood up when the ceremonial music began, signally the commencement of the big event. When Isabel immerged through the big doors all done up and beautiful Max suddenly found it very hard to be anything but content. He watched his sister proudly, thinking she looked stunning even though she was six months pregnant and had a slight bulge where her flat stomach used to be. Next, his two best friends who walked together, grinning at him teasingly, which made him chuckle. When they reached him Michael punched his arm supportively and winked.

Every person, including Max, held their breath when lastly it was Liz’s turn. He clenched his hands together, praying for the strength to get him through this. She smiled at him, saying ‘nothing will keep you from me now’.

He had to keep from falling to his knees and crying.
Her walk towards him seemed much longer then it had been last night. He waited impatiently until finally she stood in-front of him, his entire life, his Liz, his beautiful, petite, unique, wonderful, amazing Liz. He grabbed her hands and squeezed them tightly while Nathan kissed her cheek and whispered, “You’re beautiful.”

Liz smiled thankfully and then turned all her attention to Max who was still looking at her admiringly. She found it hard to believe he could be so wholly devoted to her and still be so awed by her appearance. She had been so worried her dress would dissatisfy him but looking at the high regard glistening in his eyes she could see he still thought of her as attractive.

Max kissed her lips lightly, and then they both turned to Jim, their hands still linked. Throughout the ceremony they continued to tighten their hold on each others hands when a passage meant a lot to either of them.

While he was speaking Liz tried to recall every breath she had ever taken with Max. From seeing him on the beach, to being locked in a cell with him, to him panting above her on their bed. Some memories she flinched remembering, saying goodbye to him at the airport in Germany, her heart breaking into a thousand miniscule pieces. Not knowing whether she would ever see him again. The one that she could remember most vividly, standing by the pond in Germany screaming ‘MAX! MAX!’ into the darkness, terrified he was drowned and vanished forever. The raw terror that shredded her insides. And, him lying in bed, pale and ill not able to get up, vomiting, while she whispered into his ear, ‘soup, Max, or tea?’’

Then there were some memories that made her heart beat speed up with desire and happiness. His laughing face as he ran naked across the beach at four in the morning and then diving into the dark water. ‘It’s beautiful, don’t be such a baby!’ he yelled. And, kneeling down in front of her, he looked into her eyes with a small box in his hands. The words, ‘you make me complete,’ coming off his mouth.

Never in her life would she be this sure about devoting herself to one person. “I, Elizabeth Parker, take this man to be my husband—” She smiled brightly at him before repeating after Jim. “I, Elizabeth Parker, take this astonishing man to be my husband.”

“To live together in the covenant of marriage—”

“To live together in the covenant of marriage,”

“I will love him, comfort him, honour him and keep him—”

“I will love him, comfort him, honour him and keep him.”

Tears trickled down Liz’s cheeks. Max’s love was shining brightly in his eyes. He squeezed her hands for support.

“And obey him.”

Liz smiled through her tears, rolling her eyes. “And obey him.”

“And, forsaking all others, be faithful to him until death does us part—”

Sucking in a deep breath Liz finished bravely. “And, forsaking all others, be faithful to him until death does us part.”

Max was very sure his legs would give out beneath him any moment. He concluded that his blood was running cold in his veins—that must have been what caused his heart to hurt like it did. Liz already unconditionally loved him, comforted him, honoured him and kept him. She didn’t obey him; her attitude was very holier-than-thou and she was far too confident to be told what to do.

There was no way his Liz could be in a relationship where the male dominated; he had learnt that about her long ago. She wanted to be equal with him and he was willing to give her that. Especially since he had been brought up by parents who had a relationship much like the type Liz detested and seeing how that was going Max was certain he didn’t want to end up like them.

He loved how sanctimonious Liz was, it comforted him to know she could look after herself.

When it was his turn to recite his vowels, he did it with absolute faith that nothing would stop him from keeping true to them, until death parted him from her.

Liz Parker, seconds from being Liz Evans, made him whole. It was as simple as that. She gave him what he didn’t know how to repay, but he would spend the rest of his life trying.

The ceremony couldn’t have gone quicker for the couple who were so deeply in thought and so deeply in love.

Before they knew it Jim announced with enthusiasm, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Still holding her hands tightly in his own Max stepped into Liz and swooped down to cover her mouth. She moaned quietly for only him to hear and swiped her tongue against his teasingly. When they broke apart they looked into each others eyes and smiled.

“Oh my God,” she said expressively.

Max continued to smile. “What?”

“We’re married!” she looked like she couldn’t quite comprehend it. She kissed his lips softly once more before turning and looking at all their guests who were watching them with cheerfulness. Nancy was crying while Nathan hugged her, trying to console her.

Maria hugged Liz tightly. “I can’t believe you two got married before me!” Liz hugged her back with one arm, not willing to drop her grip from Max’s hand.

As if some upper preeminence had intended their joining all along. The over powering need to be together, touching in whatever which way was strong and they weren’t going to deny it for anyone.

They walked back down the isle together, thanking everyone who congratulated them.

“We’ll see you at the reception right?” Max would ask and everyone say yes.

When they were out on the steps Max leant down and whispered in his brides ear. “Aren’t you glad we didn’t run away now?’

Liz looked up at him and smiled. “I don’t know, when we get to the hotel you’ll have to convince me we made the right decision.”

First they were going to the beach so the photographer could take pictures of everyone and then they had the reception at 6:00pm. On the car ride there they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Husband, do you have any idea how good you look in that tux?” Liz murmured against his mouth. She ran her fingers through his hair pulling him down on top of her. The car door dug into her back so Max shifted so she could rest her head on the seat. They couldn’t get close enough, her puffy dress kept getting in the way.

“Oh Liz,” Max moaned. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, he felt like he was a sixteen-year-old virgin again. Liz took hold of them and placed them on her cheeks, stroking them with her own.

She melted at the love in his eyes and he melted back. “You picked the tux,” he reminded her.

“Yes, and I have good taste,” she said.

“Christ yes,” he agreed. “You look stunning.”

They kissed avidly, clinging to each other for dear life until the car came to a halt. The driver opened the door for them and Max helped Liz out of the car, his hand clutched tightly in hers.

When she tried to pull away Max wouldn’t let her go.

“Give me one minute! I’m right here!” she laughed. She let go of his hand and tried to bend down but found it very difficult in her tight-fitted dress.

Reading her mind, Max knelt down in front of her and unbuckled her feminine shoes for her. He slipped them off her feet and without either of them knowing, the photographer took a couple of pictures of them.

Straightening up, Max leaned down and kissed her lips softly. “Better?” He asked.

“Yes, thank you,” she replied.

“When everyone’s here, why don’t we start with the bride and her bride’s maids and then you Max with your best man and then everyone together?” Sharon the photographer smiled. “You two look so gorgeous, it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing in the pictures they’ll turn out wonderful!”

Liz and Max smiled softly at one another before thanking her for her compliments.

It didn’t take long for everyone to arrive and assemble behind Sharon listening to her instructions.

Liz, Maria, and Isabel all stood together holding their flowers in place while photos were taken of them. Max watched Liz laugh at something Maria said and almost expected the sky to open up and scoop her back into heaven, demanding to know how one of there angels had ended up on earth.

Next it was his turn; he stood with Michael and Kyle while Sharon danced her professional dance around them.

“Bride and Groom and parents!” Sharon said next.

Liz swallowed, walking up to Max and taking his hands in hers. “Max your fathers here—”

“He’s not coming in the shot,” Max said clenching his jaw.

“Who’s not?” Nathan asked taking his position.

Nancy looped her arm around her daughter’s shoulders. “Darling I wish I’d had time to fix my make up,” she said.

“You look fine mom,” Liz reassured her. “Beautiful.”

Diane clutched Max’s arm, feeling him stiffen when he saw Sharon grabbing Philip and shoving him towards the group. “What’s going on Max?” Diane asked. “What’s gotten into you?”

“He’s not—”

Liz grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear, “Max, I don’t want him in it either but it’s just a picture, it’ll be over quickly I promise.” She kissed his jaw, looking up into his storming eyes. “Hey, happy remember? Wedding day?”

His lips twitched. “Liz, I swear to God if he—”

She cut him off by kissing his mouth softly. “Darling, wrap your arms around me and we’ll get it over and done with.”

The three men stood at the back with their wives in front of them and their hands on their shoulders.

When Sharon demanded just the woman and then just the men and Liz had to step away she sang into Max’s ear quietly, remembering something from the past. “Remember?” She whispered. “Don’t bring around a cloud to rain on my parade…

“Bette Midler,” he muttered grinning.

“Hmm,” she said smiling brightly. “Courage Max.”

“Courage Liz.”

She walked away from the group biting her lip and watched Philip stand close beside his son with Nathan on the other side. You could practically feel the tension burning off them. What was he doing here? It wasn’t because he was actually going to congratulate them was it? It couldn’t be that, it seemed very unlikely.

The photo’s were taken, snap, snap, snap and then it was finally time for her and Max’s chance under the camera, unaccompanied. Max wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his forehead to hers, looking into her eyes emotionally.

She kissed hips lips chastely. “Nearly done,” she mumbled. “And then do you know what I’m going to do to you when we’re in private?”

“Why don’t you tell me?” he asked huskily.

“I’m going to—”

“Front on!” Sharon called.

Liz spun around and pressed her back into Max’s chest, posing for the next round of pictures.

Max pressed his lips to the skin behind her ear. “You’re going to what?”

She shivered. “I’m going to—”

“Now everyone!” Sharon called.

They both groaned.

The whole group of people gathered together for the final photo’s and then Max and Liz practically sprinted to their car, Liz holding her dress up and picking her shoes up on the way.

“Max! Liz!” Maria and Isabel ran after them. “Sorry, one last thing before you go…”

“Yes?” Liz asked. Max was already in the car tugging at her dress to get her to hop in.

“You have to get to the reception smartly so you can start the first dance. What song do you want?” Isabel asked.

Liz and Max glanced at each other. “I don’t know…”

Max remembered what Liz had said last night. “John Mayer, Liz you like him right?”

“Oh yes!” she cried. “Anything by John Mayer, my CD’s at home.”

“Okay,” Maria said.

Liz went to hop in but they stopped her. “What?” She asked.

“Congratulations!” they both cried bursting into tears. Liz’s face softened.

“Oh you guys!” she exclaimed pulling both of them into a hug. “You are so sweet!”

Maria and Isabel bother cried on Liz’s shoulder.

“Okay, you better go, Max is getting jumpy,” Isabel whimpered. “We’ll see you later.”

Liz finally got into the car and as they drove away she waved goodbye to them out the window.


“Give me one second, I need to pee.” Liz detached herself from Max as they entered their hotel suite.

“Okay, but don’t you dare take that dress off,” he said grinning.

Liz looked back at him and laughed as she closed the bathroom door.

Max took off his jacket and draped it over a chair and then started unbuttoning his shirt. He was so happy, he ecstatically overwhelmed with happiness. He had just removed his shoes and socks when Liz came back and kissed his neck.

“Come on…” she said taking his arms and leading him to the bed.

“Leave the dress on, leave it all on,” he said. “I want to make love to you while you look like this.”


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First of all I just have to say thank you so much for the FB and bumps, it means so much to know you enjoy my writing. Second I have a big question for you guys!
A couple of people have asked me to write a sequel and I just want to know if anyone else thinks it's a good idea?
I'd need some ideas as to what would go in it of course but I'm willing to write it only if you guys want me to.
Be brutally honest with me okay? If you think this stories getting old and boring now let me know!
Thank you!

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You guys are so sweet!! I'll write a sequel, but you'll have to be patient so I can get some work done on my other fics first *happy* Thank you for the bumps and FB!!!


Unhappy with his request Liz struggled to get up from the bed but he pushed her down again. “Max,” she moaned. “No.” She hardly recognized her voice; it was thick with longing, urging yes, Max, yes.

“No?” He asked with perplexity. He looked down at her, one of his hands roaming up her thigh until it found the end of her silky stockings. “I think this dress will cause a bit of a problem…” He was on his knees in-between her thighs trying to hold up the material and touch her at the same time. He had removed her underwear, leaving only her stockings and garters beneath all the petticoats and layers of material.

Liz found it very amusing and tried not to laugh. “Of course it will cause a problem, you silly man. What are you thinking?” She sat up and put her hands on his chest. “But if you must have me in this dress…” She pushed him gently onto his back and slid one thigh over his lower stomach slowly. When her thighs were straddling him, pressing into his sides, she lifted herself slightly and tried to slide down onto him only to miss and hit his lower abdomen. She laughed loudly, saying, “Oops! Where are you? I knew this dress was a silly idea!” She couldn’t see what she was doing at all.

Max grinned up at her. “A little further down…oh! Right there, yes I think you found it.” His eyes drifted shut and he arched his hips into her. She was so tight around him, so warm and wet, so perfect.

Liz lifted the dress as far as she could, clutching it against her chest so she could hoist herself up. Max opened his eyes again, watching as she leant forward, putting her hands on his chest and thrusting her hips upwards and downwards.

Her breasts bounced slightly under her corset and Max swallowed to keep from groaning. He ached to feel her mouth on his but he knew it was impossible at the present moment.

Liz’s cheeks grew flushed as she moved faster, doing what she knew so well. Her nails grasped at his chest, she felt so full with him deep within her. So full, so complete, so right. She remembered their first time on his yacht, she had been on top then too and now again, as their first time as a married couple. She smiled at the thought and closed her eyes as she thrust down again, their bodies making a quiet slapping noise. She could feel beads of seat gathering between her breasts under her dress and she licked above her top lip to wipe away the perspiration gathering there. She would usually take much longer to get this sweaty but she was very hot under all the material of her gown.

When she heard a groan escape Max’s mouth she knew he was close and opened her eyes to look down at him.

He panted quietly and knowing this would be the last time, she forcefully propelled herself down again. He exploded shooting his hot fluids deep within her. She sat there, thoroughly unrelieved and still aching for release.

Max ran his hand through his hair and tried to catch his breath. “Oh God…” he muttered. It took him a couple of seconds to realize he hadn’t shared his immense emotion.

She got off him and stood up on the carpet with unsteady legs. “Would you?” She motioned the tie on the back of her dress.

Max sat up slowly. “Liz you didn’t—”

“Hmm, too busy worrying you’ll stain the dress,” she said. He kissed her shoulders and back while his fingers pulled the ribbon undone vigilantly.

When he was finished he watched as she slipped it down her body and then finally, off. It took her a while.

“Ohh, I almost forgot you were wearing that,” he said.

She stood before him, her g-string missing from the black lingerie set, revealing the small clump of hair covering her jewels; her hair was unraveling and her cheeks rosy pink. Her thighs were quivering.

She climbed onto the bed, straddling his hips once again. “How could you forget?” she asked breathily. “Do you want to kiss me?”

“Yes,” he mumbled. Cupping her cheeks, he pressed his mouth to hers softly and kissed her keenly and lovingly.

She opened her mouth to him, allowing his tongue to brush hers.

His busy hands slid down her sides, over her hips, down her lower back to her ass where he held her tightly. He massaged her bare skin with his fingers urging her closer to him.

She moaned quietly and pulled away. “We’re married Max,” she reminded him.

“Yes,” he said looking into her eyes, as if to say, what’s your point?

She rolled her eyes and shifted her legs so she wasn’t sitting on them; instead she sat her bare ass on his hairy thighs. She plucked one of the hairs out and he jumped.


“You’re such a wimp,” she mumbled. She bit her lip and her legs went around his waist, his arousal which had already sprung to life again, pressed into her heat. “Max, can you believe it? Married! I never thought I would actually experience it in my life. Did you?”

“No,” he admitted honestly. “I don’t think it’s sunk in yet, we have to have hot sex some more and then afterwards maybe it’ll hit me.”

She laughed without much humor. “Max!

“I’m sorry, but how can you expect me to think when you are sitting on top of me like this?” Sneakily, he grabbed her, flipped her onto her back and entered her before she could utter a yelp. His lips crashed down on hers and his hand snuck down in-between her lips to stroke her clit.

Liz arched into his hand, bringing his arousal deeper inside her. “This could be classed as rape,” she groaned.

“Oh yeah? Well your wedding ring suggests otherwise,” he said. He wanted to touch and taste her breasts but he didn’t know how to get her black shirt off. “Liz,” he whined, “Take it off…”

He tugged at it but Liz stopped him, saying, “You’ll rip it!” She sat up and pulled it over her head. Lying back down she covered her breasts with her hands. “Tell me,” she demanded.

“Tell you what?” he asked.

“If you don’t know you shouldn’t have married me.”

Max thought about it for a second. “Oh right,” he mumbled. “I love you.”

“First guess, you are good.” They kissed passionately, not stopping for air until they were going blue in the face. Liz nibbled on his bottom lip, tugging it with her teeth, sucking it into her mouth. One of her arms went around his back, touching his muscled smooth skin and the other around his neck holding his face in place—his lips in place.

“Liz,” Max panted. “I can’t breathe.”

“Open your mouth,” she whispered looking into his eyes. “I’ll breathe for you.”

Near the end of their love-making just when Liz was about to climax Max stopped and pulled out of her.

She looked at him shocked. “What are you doing?” she demanded while panting. “Finish what you start!”

Max grinned down at her.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she whimpered. “Please Max, I’m so close!”

“I know.” He kissed her breasts, sucking her nipples and teasing them with his teeth while she moaned and arched into him begging him not to stop.

“Max!” she cried out loudly

He moved his kisses lower, over her stomach and down in-between her legs. He held her thighs apart with his hands and pressed his mouth to her wet centre. She groaned loudly, her hands clutching at the ruffled bedspread and her head bending back into the pillow.

Max ran his tongue over her nub, drinking her salty warmth. Her moans urged him on, filling him with renewed desire. Would he ever fail to be aroused by her?

He doubted it very much. His hands held her thighs tighter, trying to get closer to her. His tongue dipped out of his mouth into her centre, thrusting inside her like he had with his arousal minutes ago. Her loud cries ceased when she finally reached the peak and convulsed against him as she tumbled down. Leaving nothing but her shivering flesh.

Max sat up and looked down at her, her hair had fallen out of her clips and her cheeks were bright red, her eyes glowed brightly.

“Oh my God,” she moaned. She took his head in her hands and pushed it downwards. “Again?” she demanded. “Please? Again?”


“Max what did you think of me when you first saw me?”
“I don’t think you want to know.” Lying on his side, Max was tracing his finger up and down Liz’s spine from her neck to her tail bone.

She shivered. “That crude huh?” she asked. “I want to know, tell me.”

“To put it kindly, I wanted to fuck you.” He grinned childishly.

“That’s put kindly?”

“Very kindly.”

She laughed loudly. He smiled but he had a solemn glint in his eyes.

“Why do you think Philips here?” he asked almost inaudibly.

Liz sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, ruffling it and tucking it behind her ears. She knew he had been thinking about his father, as much as either of them wanted to forget his appearance, they were both very curious as to what his motivation of vulgarity was. She rolled her face to the side to look at him.

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly. “But he hasn’t caused any trouble so maybe he—”

Max cut her off before she could finish, “Don’t say it; he’s not here to make amends. You don’t know him as well as I do. Mom probably made him come.”

Reaching out, Liz rubbed his chest comfortingly. “Don’t let him ruin your day Max.” The sides of her mouth twitched. “You know what I love?”

“I know what you love,” he mumbled. “But I’m not in the mood.”

“Go on.”

“No,” he resisted. “Don’t make me.”

Now grinning, Liz came back with, “If you do what I love, I’ll do what you love.”

He smiled. She knew that would work.

“What song?” he asked.

“My funny Valentine.”

“Why that one?”

“Does it matter?” she licked her lips.

“Just curious.”

“Because you sang it when we walked home from that club on the first night met you. When you were ‘supposedly’ drunk, or have you forgot?” She kicked her legs back and forth in the air.

“My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine, You make me smile with my heart, Your looks are laughable, un-photographical, Yet you're my favourite work of art . . .
Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a little weak? When you open it to speak, are you smiling?
But don't change a hair for me, Not if you care for me.”

“That’s my favorite part,” Liz said. She sat up and lay down on top of him, kissing his chest she moved lower. . .

“What part?” he asked hoarsely.

“That don't change a hair for me bit,” Liz answered.


Liz ran her finger down the jet-arrow line of hair leading down from Max’s navel. She pressed her lips to his hip and flicked her tongue against his hip bone. His skin felt so warm. “Can you see?” she asked. “Or do you want to turn on the light?”

“I can see,” he answered.

Her finger trailed a line down his shaft and then she followed the same route with her tongue. Upon reaching the end, she opened her mouth and took him into her jaws. He moaned and pressed his hands into her head.

Her fingers massaged the hairy sacks that hung between his thighs and she leaned up to rub her breasts over them. Covering his shaft again she took more and more of him into her mouth, as much as she could. Her lips ran over his pulsing skin, her tongue caressing it with swift, passionate strokes.

He groaned loudly and arched his hips forward, startling her slightly, forcing more of him into her mouth.

“Christ Liz, oh…” Max’s mouth was dry and his throat hurt, his eyes were closed and his hands clasped at her tightly. When his gasps became louder and furious Liz pulled away from him and sat up.

“You did it to me…” she mumbled.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed.

She smiled. She shifted so she was straddling his hips and drew patterns on his chest. “Besides,” she said. “We need everything in here”—she groped his balls—“to be in here”—she patted her lower abdomen—“so we can make a baby.”

“Oh I needed to know that because my mother missed that talk,” Max joked.

“Ha ha ha.”

Grabbing her, Max lay her down on her stomach, spread her legs and entered her.

“Here, I better give you something to gnaw on.”

Liz laughed. “Don’t want to burst your bubble but—”

“Better not finish that sentence babe.”




“Do you promise we’ll never become one of those boring couples who show no affection towards one another?”

“I promise.”

“Will you tell me you love me on a daily basis?”

Max looked at her skeptically. “What are you worried about?”

“So many marriages go down the drain; I just don’t want us to end up that way.”

“We won’t”—he paused—“I promise.”

“So you’ll never lie, cheat, abuse or harass me?”

“How could I?” he asked. “I have picked up your good will and honesty.”

“I’m serious.”

Climbing on top of her, Max spread her legs and slid inside her. “Liz, with all my heart,” he said, kissing her lips. “I promise you that I will love you, comfort you, honour you, and keep you, until death does us part.”

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Be patient as you always are and you'll get your part! I promise!!

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This is dedicated to those john mayer fans especially becca who asked for this song.
And to the rest of you I don't always read the lyrics in fanfics but I reccomend those of you who are like me, DO read them, they are really beautiful. YOu don't have to just thought I'd let that out.


Standing in front of the double doors, Liz Evans felt as if she was about to walk into her future. Her hand tightly grasped her husbands and she could see him staring at her out of her periphery. He was waiting for her cue. Though he didn’t understand her hesitancy he said nothing, waiting…waiting…

“Max,” she suddenly said turning to him. “Do you feel…hmm I don’t know, strange?-wait that’s the wrong word.”

Letting go of her hand, he cupped her cheeks. “You know what I feel?” he was looking at her with those infinitely enticing eyes. “I feel outstanding, thrilled and about to combust with happiness. And you know what I think? I think that you are thinking too much! What are we standing here for? Let’s go get wasted with our friends and dance the whole night away…”

Liz rolled her eyes. “I feel like this day is the day of the rest of our lives. It’s intimidating.”

“Wow,” he said, his eyes glowing. He couldn’t help it; he was too ecstatic to be alive and here, with her, married to HER! It was too much. “I thought I would be the one having commitment problems.”

“I do not have commitment problems.”

“Oh, you do.”

Liz stamped her foot once. “You misunderstand me. I don’t have problems; I’m just overwhelmed by it all.”

“Ohhh,” he cooed clearly too preoccupied with his delight to care what she was saying.
She was gritting her teeth together but it wasn’t working well because she was smiling. “I think we should go back to the hotel room.”

“Oooooh so do I,” he said.

“Okay…let’s go.”

“Wait, no we can’t. This reception cost a puck load; we have to go in there. Oh and what about your chocolate cheese cake?”

She bit her lip. “Yes, there is that. Damn you’re sexy when you’re right.”

He grinned. “Not always?” They were in a heated embrace, attacking each-others mouths avidly when the double doors swung open.

“Oh there you two are! You’re late silly billies!”

Didn’t want to stop. Weren’t going to stop.

“Max Liz! For Christ’s sake.”

“Leave us alone, Iz,” Max mumbled with his lips glued against Liz’s.

Liz was the one to pull away and straighten her clothes. “Is everyone here?”

“All 190 accounted for.”

“As in, one-hundred-and-ninety?” Max asked shocked.

“We didn’t even invite that many!”

“Some brought guests,” Isabel shrugged as if to say, what’s a few more going to matter? She had had two-hundred and something at hers.

The large hall was packed and warm, with friends and family bubbling with happiness for their couple. Max and Liz were pushed out onto the dance floor to start the first dance abruptly.

Wrapping his arms around his gorgeous wife, Max pressed his mouth to her temple, her forehead…

I just remembered that time at the market
snuck up behind me and jumped on my shopping cart
and rolled down aisle five
you looked behind you to smile back at me
crashed into a rack full of magazines
they asked us if we could leave

He fought with the urge to put his hands on her ass, knowing it wouldn’t be appropriate with everyone watching them.

Slowly people started to join them on the dance floor.



“Why do you love me?”

She buried her face deeper into his neck. “I love everything about you,” she answered.


“Looking for an ego boost are we?” she smiled. “I love your smell, muscular, tangy but spicy and deep at the same time. I love your laugh, your silly sense of humor. At the same time, I love it when you’re serious about something. When you sing you get that serious concentrated look in your eyes.”

“Is that why you like me singing?”

“Part of it.” She swallowed. “Would you like me to go on, it could take a while…”

“We have a while.”

She smiled - the glowing going straight to her eyes. “Are you regretting marrying me now and need reassurance?”

“No, I’m worrying you haven’t realized you’re too good for me yet.” He stared into her eyes unblinkingly.

“If not you then who?” she whispered taking his mouth. Her hands behind his neck massaged his short, soft hair. “I love the side of you only I get to see. I love your smile and how gentle you are with me. I love how protective, how jealous you get of other men I do as much as dance with. You’re possessiveness is infuriating but its you and I love it.”

Max had tears in his eyes. “Stop, I can’t take it anymore.”

“Can’t take what anymore?”

“I need you.”

“Again?” Liz asked, she was grinning. Two hours. He couldn’t believe it. His body perched with desire and it hadn’t been thirty minutes since they had left the hotel room. A whole two hours of doing nothing but making love to her over and over and over and here he was, thirty minutes later and he wanted more. Needed, thrived and was in desperation for more. His hands grew sweaty.

“What?” Max laughed at the expression on her face. “It’s my wedding night, I have one obligation and that is to make love to my beautiful bride.”

“Husband, did you not just do that for the past two hours?” He just couldn’t stop kissing her and she wasn’t about to let him stop.

“Two hours? If you think that was a lot wait until I get you back to that hotel suit.”
Liz shuddered. “Ooooh.”

I sleep with this new girl I'm still getting used to
my friends all approve,
say "she's gonna be good for you"
they throw me high fives
she says the Bible is all that she reads
and prefers that I not use profanity
your mouth was so dirty.


With a sigh and her head resting on her hand, Liz watched Max fool around with his friend, Jeremy’s daughter. He was so wonderful with the little girl, perfect in fact. She just wished it were their child he was playing with. She was terrified she’d never be able to give him that part of their lives.

“What’cha thinkin’ bout?”

Smiling at Maria, Liz scratched her temple. “Nothing, everything.” Brightening she asked, “Are you drunk?”

“You were frowning, that’s not a good sign on your wedding day.” Maria slurped down the last of the wine.

“I wasn’t frowning,” Liz argued.

Looking down into her empty glass, Maria appeared as if she was about ready to cry at the loss of the alcohol. “Come on Lizzie, let’s get sloshed.”

“I have a feeling you already are ‘sloshed’.”

“Liz, let’s dance.” Max held his hand out to his new bride. “Again.”

“I thought you were dancing with little Emma?”

“She got tired of me, said I was boring. Dumped me for Jacob Harding.”

She was sitting in the car with her bare feet up on the dashboard. She wore her hair up in a clip and her sunglasses rested on top of her head. She was singing along with the radio, the sun illuminating her petite figure. Suddenly she turned her head to him, "Smile already!"
"I don't want to smile."
“Want to hear a joke?” she didn't wait for his reply just continued, “A husband says to his wife, ‘Dear, did you hear that rumor that the postman has had all the women in the village except one?’ And his wife exclaimed, ‘I bet it’s that stuck-up Mira at number thirty!’”
Max laughed but then asked, “Are you trying to tell me something?”
"Of course not dear."

Once they were back on the dance floor Liz pressed her face to Max’s shoulder and went silent.

“Is something wrong babe?” Max looked concerned.

“No, nothings wrong. I guess I’m just tired. I want to dance and have you hold me in your arms.”

“That I can do…” he paused, “I’ve been thinking, let’s do it.”

Do what?

“Last night when we talked about running away…let’s go, I want to backpack around France.”

Immediately Liz came back with, “You have to go back to work, we need the money.” She frowned at herself, when had she turned into Miss. Responsible? She used to be so carefree. Maybe she was getting older?

“I don’t go back for another three months, and we do have the money. We can stay in backpackers’ hostels. I’ve done it before; the people you meet are just…amazing.” Max’s face was radiant and as much as she wanted to agree to his articulate scheme, she hesitated…

“Backpacking Max? I’m not really sure I could pull that off.”

Max was determined not to give up. “Have you ever tried it before? Ever?
“No…and with good reason.”

“Are you sure?” He asked. He was giving her that puppy dog look that she usually gave into.

Liz tried to be indifferent. “Yes and you know this really isn’t a good time…”

“Why not?”

She sighed and dropped her head. “Can we talk about this later?”

“When later?”

“Later that’s not now.”

“Will you consider it?”

“I’ll consider it.”


“He’s your son for Christ’s sake, go congratulate him.”

Liz wished she hadn’t happened to hear that. She hid behind the flower arrangement and listened.

Philip said nothing.

“Liz?” Max walked up behind her. “What are you-?”

“Max?” Diane said.

The color left Max’s face. “Oh…”

Diane nudged Philip. “Say something!” she hissed quietly.

“Don’t bother,” Max said. He took Liz’s arm and ordered she came with him.

“What no loud ugly scene like you’re used to?” Philip tittered under his breath.

Liz tugged on Max’s sleeve. “Don’t Max, please. Let’s get a drink.”

“I’m not going to say a word,” he replied. They walked away and Diane groaned quietly.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked her husband shooting him a crushed look. “Why do you do this?” She walked away.

“I want to get drunk,” Liz told Max when he wrapped his arm around her waist. “Maria and Michael already are, why aren’t we?”

“Because while we were fucking like monkeys all afternoon they were drinking.” He grinned at her. He was remembering.

“Do you have any idea how much I love the look on your face when I make you come?”
“No I don’t,” Liz whispered still reeling.
His hands ran up her stomach and over her breasts, fondling them. “Do you know how much I love the taste of your nipples?”
“Suck them,” Liz begged aggressively.
He did, gently, his tongue devouring her soft cherry-colored skin. Her hands ran through his hair, her hips arched into him.
“Your hands,” he continued. He sat up and took her hands, kissing her palms. “I love your feminine, tiny hands.”
Liz was moaning.
Sliding her legs apart, he laid down in-between them. “Your body is unlike all others.” And I’ve seen a lot of others, he thought. “It’s as if you’re made up of everything that I want, everything that arouses me.”
His beautiful worshipping of her body was driving Liz insane with need.
“Even your toes are perfect,” he said lifting her leg up to rest on his shoulder. He titled his head to the side and kissed her inner thigh. “You’re so soft, all over.” Slowly he entered her. “Being inside of you feels like nothing else on earth…”

Liz stared devilishly at the chocolate cheese cake in front of her. Everyone was waiting for her to cut it and all she wanted to do was bury her face in the cream and eat her way through to the plate. Max pressed his chest against her back, his hands clutching hers while they held the knife. Unexpectedly his lips brushed her ear. “We have to take some of this back to the hotel room afterwards,” he whispered.

Grinning, she whispered back so no one would hear, “Oh? And why would we do that Mr. Evans?”

“So I can lick it off you, why else?”

They cut the cake and then another three had to be brought out so everyone could get a piece. Max sat down on a chair and pulled Liz onto his lap so he could feed it to her. He had a hard time staying upright when she licked his fingers every time the plastic fork entered her mouth.

“Hmm,” she would purr. “That is so good Max.” She knew her voice reminded him of when they were making love so she wasn’t surprised when she felt his boner press into her hip.

Suddenly someone clinked their wine glass. “Time for a toast,” Michael said.

“Oh no,” Max said. Thinking, he’s drunk what is he going to say?

Liz licked the cream on the side of his mouth off and grinned teasingly at him. Suddenly it was hard to care what Michael was about to say.

“When I meet Maxwell,” Michael started, “I knew we immediately had a brotherly bond. We met a strip club in Venice…”

Liz raised her eye brows at Max, who shrugged innocently and looked away.

“We both had the hots for the same girl, remember her Max? What was her name…Val! The one with the huge knockers?”

Max nodded hesitantly, not knowing how Liz was going to react.

“Anyway Max had had less experience then me at the time I.e. none.”

Everyone laughed, Max swallowed embarrassedly.

“That quickly changed though,” Michael said grinning. He stopped grinning when he saw the look on Liz’s face. “But of course,” he went on. “None of them made Max as happy as he is with you, Liz. Did you have any idea that when you first got here Max said to me, ‘I have to fuck her.’ That was just a first because then he’d go on about how beautiful you are. The moment I saw you hop out of Max’s car wearing your black dress and leather boots I knew you were exactly what Max needed to ‘tame’ him so to speak.” Michael paused. “The fact that you didn’t seem to show any interest in him drove him insane. You were the one to break him Liz and for that you’re one talented woman. Max, when I say this I mean it with all my heart, I think you’ve met your match. You’re perfect for one another and there isn’t a doubt in my wind that until death does you part you’ll be joined at the hip. Liz, I just ask you don’t keep Max from the pub on Thursday nights.”

Liz smiled.

“Maria’s going to sing a song for you if she can make it to the stage.”

Maria walked wobbly past them, kissing them both on their cheeks once before reaching the microphone.

“Hmm,” she mumbled. “Since you two inspired me for the song I’ve decided to give it to you. I hope you like it. It’s called ‘Honestly’.”

I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe the love you talk about with me
is it true, do I care
honestly, you can try to wipe the memories aside
but it's you that you erase
'cause there's no place that I could be without you
it's too far to discard the life I once knew
honestly, all the weather storms are bringing
are just a picture of my dreams
'cause when I think of you as mine
and allow myself with time
to lead into the life we want
I feel loved, honestly
I feel loved, this honestly
I believe you mean the best that life can bring
I believe in it all
honestly, you can try
your heart is just as long as mine
is it ours to let go
'cause there's not place that I could be without you
it's too dark to discard the life I once knew
honestly, a single wrong is not enough
to cover up the pain in us
'cause when I think of you as mine
and allow myself with time
to lead into the life we want
I feel loved, honestly
I'll make a joke so you must laugh
I'll break your heart so you must ask
is this the way to get us back
I don't know, honestly
I don't know, this honestly
there's no place that I could be without you
there's no place that I could be without you
there's no place that I could gleam without you
there's no place that I could dream without you
there's no place that I could be without you

Liz was crying by the time she had finished. Max pressed his lips to her forehead and tried to console her. He held her tighter against him and wiped her eyes.

Diane was next to cling her glass and stand up. “Max I remember when you used to run around the house naked with your army hat on and you always drove Isabel insane prodding her with your gun.”

Everyone laughed.

“Oooh, that came out wrong, it was a plastic toy gun don’t worry. You’ve come a long way since then haven’t you?” she had tears rolling down her cheeks and quickly dabbed them away. “Liz, darling, thank you for looking after my boy. Thank you for being the best thing that’s ever happened to him. You are one of a kind and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect daughter-in-law. Max, I swear to God if you screw this up I will hunt you down.

You have been the man I always wanted you to become since you’ve meet Liz and I hope you see how much she has done for you. Anyway, enough blubbering. Congratulations both of you, I love you both dearly. Anything you need, I’m here.”

Liz mouthed, thank you to Diane and Diane smiled and blew a kiss.

Near twelve everyone went outside onto the balcony to watch the countdown on the beach below. Max and Liz danced slowly by the doors at the back of everyone, swaying to the quiet tunes coming from inside. Their foreheads were pressed together and they were oblivious to what was going on around them.

“Okay,” Liz mumbled.


“I’ll go to France but…I’d rather go in a car and stay in a hotel.” She kissed the side of his mouth.

He rolled his eyes. “You make me want a cigarette.”

She smiled. “Not the only thing I make you want I hope.”

“What are you, crazy?”

“Crazy in love.”

“Just crazy. Crazy infinitely.”






They kissed. They kissed as if they were young again once again meeting on the beach in the hot sun, or running together in the mornings, or flirting teasingly as they diver under the waves. They kissed away Germany and their cell they had once shared, raw for one another; they kissed as if he was leaving her at the airport again. They kissed as if he had just proposed again, they kissed as if they hadn’t been able to for years. They kissed away pain, argument, Jeff Parker and Philip Evans. They kissed away everything, leaving behind only what remained-the souls of Max and Liz.

“Happy new year, Max,” Liz whispered breathless for him staring up at him with her heart in her eyes.

“Happy new year Liz.”

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