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Title: You Think My Life Is Easy? M/L
Author: Amanda
Disclaimer: Only in my dreams.
Summary: Liz was on a hit t.v show(Think 90210). The show ended and Liz goes to live with her dad in Roswell. Every one in the town loves the show so Liz goes and dress as some one different. Every one talks about how her life is so easy. Liz hears this and knows that the grass is not greener on the other side. Max does not like the t.v show and even thinks that Liz Parker is a brat. Can Liz show Max the real Liz Parker.

This is a story about a girl named Lucky...

Early morning, she wakes up
Knock, knock, knock on the door
It's time for makeup, perfect smile
It's you they're all waiting for
They go...
"Isn't she lovely, this Hollywood girl?"
And they say...

She's so lucky, she's a star
But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking
If there's nothing missing in my life
Then why do these tears come at night

Lost in an image, in a dream
But there's no one there to wake her up
And the world is spinning, and she keeps on winning
But tell me what happens when it stops?
They go...
"Isn't she lovely, this Hollywood girl?"
And they say...

She's so lucky, she's a star
But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking
If there's nothing missing in my life
Then why do these tears come at night

"Best actress, and the winner is...Lucky!"
"I'm Roger Johnson! for Pop News standing outside the
arena waiting for Lucky"
"Oh my she comes!"

Isn't she lucky, this Hollywood girl?
She is so lucky, but why does she cry?
If there's nothing missing in her life
Why do tears come at night?

She's so lucky, she's a star
But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking
If there's nothing missing in my life
Then why do these tears come at night

Britney Spears" Lucky"

Part 1 Liz V.O

"Liz look here"
"Liz look here"
"Liz how do you feel about David Green?"
"Liz look here"
"Liz is it true that you and David are together?"
"Liz how do you feel about the show ending?"
"Liz what are you going to do now?"
Reporters are every where.
All I do is smile fake and walk to the car.
"Liz what do you want to eat?" Linda ask.
Linda is my aunt.
She tells me to call her just Linda.
She says Aunt Linda make her sound old.
"How about pizza?" Liz ask.
"That sounds great." Linda said.
Linda makes me feel like I'm just Liz and not the famous Liz Parker.
"Welcome to Pizza World. How may I help you?
"We would like a mid-pizza with two large cokes please." Linda said.
I'm in the back of the car with a cap,jersey t-shirt and tennis shoes.
I love this I don't have to worrie about how I look.
When I was younger that is what love to do.
You know make up and dresses?
After you do it every day it gets dull.
Don't get me wroug I love that kind of stuff.
Just not every day.
My dad called me today.
He wants me to live down there.
I said yes.
Maybe it would do me some good to be out the spot-light.

Aothur's note: Can some one make me a banner? That would mean a lot to me. Next part Max will be in.

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Thank you for the great feed back. Next part will be out in the Morning.
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I'm sorry. I know that I said that it would be out by now ,but my brain does not want to work. I'll have the next part out A.S.A.P.
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Part 2 Liz V.O (This is a Liz V.O only fic.)

I'm on my way to Roswell.
With my jersey,cap and tennise shoes.
Hey this looks nothing like the Liz Parker thats on t.v and in movies.
This will be the look that I will stay with while I'm in Roswell.
This will be fun.
What will David think when he sees me like this?
When ever he does see me I'm perfect.
Right now I look like a tom-boy.
Well we are going to test David.
If he likes me like this then he is the one ,if not he is long gone.
Hey the guy that is to my right side of the car is cute.
He is in a Jeep.
My kind of guy.
What am I saying?
I'm dating David Green.
The hottest guy in this world.
But that guy is kinda cute.
Liz Parker you get those thoughts out of your head.
You know just as well that you and David are going to get married.
This guy might have a girl-friend.
100$ dollars say that he loves Liz Parker.
Then you can just kiss him good bye ,because he will be just like Drew.
Alright we are here.
All I have to do is walk in the door and hope no one knows who I am.
I walk to the door and it flies open and hit me in the nosie.
"Are you o.k?" Max ask Liz.
I'm in heaven.
I'm in that cute guy with the Jeep arm's.
Can this get any better?

Like it or hate it?

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Part 3

"Are you o.k?" Max ask her.
"I'm fine." Liz said with a smile.
"What is your name?" Max ask her.
Name? You can't say Liz Parker.
How about Jennifer?
No I don't look like a Jennifer.
How about Lilly?
No I don't look like a Lilly.
How about Joe-Lynn?
That is great!
"My name is Joe-Lynn Bass." Liz said. (Yes I got the last name from Lance Bass from N'SYNC.)
"Well my name is Max Evans." Max said.
Awww he is so cute.
I have to marry him.
Hey what about David?

Max help her to her feet.
Liz looks to her right.
There is a boy with I Love Liz Parker on his t-shirt.
Max sees this.
"Man I can't wait for her to leave t.v." Max said.

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What did he just say?
Well you know what?
Your not so cute after all.
I just take one last look at him and walk into the Crash Down.
My dad comes up to me.
"Hey cup-cake." Mr.Parker said.
"Hey daddy." Liz said.
"So how was your trip?" Mr.Parker ask.
As they make there way to Liz's room.
Well it was great till that cute guy said that he can't wait till I'm off t.v.
"It was great dad." Liz said with a smile.
I couldn't tell my dad about Max.
He knows about David.
"Here we are cup-cake your old room." Mr.Parker said.
My Grand-dad own the Crash Down then gave it to my dad,so you could say that it has been in my family for years.
I un-pack ever thing.
My cell phone rings.
I look at my caller I.D.
It's David.
"Hey." Liz said.
"Hey baby." David said as he looks at a girl that walks by.
"Hold on." David said.
I can hear in the back ground.
"Not right now. Liz is on the phone. Yes later." David said to a girl.
"I'm back. Liz I have to go. Bye." David said then hang up.
What was that?
Well I know that he loves me.
I'm off to bed.
I have school.
Good night.

"Good Morning Roswell. Today will be a sunny day. Our next song will be Just Like A Pill by Pink." The radio D.J said.
I don't want to have to get up.
Oh well I better be up before I'm late.

So this is Roswell West High.
I seems o.k....for now.
Hey there is Alex.
I hope he remebers me.
I walk over to him.
"Liz?" Alex ask.
"Shh don't say Liz. Do you want a lot of people coming over here? My name is Joe-Lynn Bass. Nice to meet you Alex." Liz said then gives Alex her hand.
Alex laughs and gives Liz his hand.
"Nice to meet you Joe-Lynn Bass." Alex said still laughing.
They walk into school.
Liz looks at the end of the hall way.
Max is kissing Tess.
Alex sees her looking.
"They wont last long." Alex said.
"How do you know?" Liz ask.
"She is sleeping with the hole foot-ball team." Alex said.
"Oh well so what if Mr.Hottie has a girl friend." Liz said.
Oppps did I say that out loud?
"Its o.k Liz." Alex said.
See when it comes to Alex I tell him every thing.
I can't help it.
"I'm going to let you meet my best friend Kyle. He is cool. You and him will get along great." Alex said.
May I remind you I'm dress in my cap and yad yad o.k?

I walk to my Math class.
Alex had English.
Poor guy.
I sit down then this guy comes and sit by me.
"So you must be Joe-Lynn?" Kyle ask.
"Yes and you are?" Liz ask.
"Kyle. Alex's friend." Kyle said.
Max walks in.
He looks at me then Kyle.
He then takes the seat behind us.
"So your the cute guy that Alex said that I should go out with?" Liz ask Kyle.
This will be fun and hey if Max does not like me then I can go out with Kyle.
He make me fit in.
Kyle just smiles at me.
He has a cute smile.
I turn to look at Max.
He looks mad.
His eyes are on Kyle.

AN: Maria and Michael are in this fic. Maria and Alex don't know each other. She will know the rest of them because Liz and her become friends.

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Thank you Satp.*happy*
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I've always wanted to know where did the name Pam Troy come from and why haven't we seen her on Roswell. I went to and look at the eps. This is what I found in the first ever Roswell ep:

MARIA= She walks into homeroom today, and goes and sits next to Pam Troy. She like, hates Pam Troy and you know like, goes around admitting it openly, and ... Alex, are you listening to me? (They are talking about Liz.)

Just thought I would show ya'll. Now we know about Pam Troy.

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Classyroswellchick thank you for pointing that out. I'll put more feeling in it. I'm new to this so I still have lots to learn. I'm all most done with the next part ,so it should be out today. Thank you for the great feed-back.*big*

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I'm so sorry that I didn't post it yet. I'll have the next part out some time this week.
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Part 5

We had to stay in the same class all day.
Something about some kid blown out the windows in a class room.
They are still looking for him.Oh well.
Kyle and I are talking about sports. The teacher calls us all to another class room.
"I can show you around school today." Max said.
"Hey Evans thats what I'm doing." Kyle says right next to me. See Kyle and I are going to be great friends.
Max just walks away to Tess. See this is why I'm staying with Kyle. I bump into some one. "I sorry. I'm a dork and don't know where I'm going." Liz said.
"Thats ok. I'm the same way." Maria said. "Hi I'm Joe-Lynn." Liz gives her her hand. "Maria." Maria said.
I look to my left there they are making-out. Max and Tazz. That will be her new name. Tazz she gets into everything. Maria looks at them and then at me. "Girlfriend she is the slut of the school." Maria said.
So what she has some thing that I can never get. Max. I'm going to find Kyle he'll make me feel better.
He looks at me then runs to hug me. You know what Tess better keep Max close by ,because I will get him. With Kyle's help.

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I know its not long ,but I will up date more later.
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