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CATEGORY: M/L M/M (but has other couples in it too)
DESCRIPTION: after DEPARTURE, the aliens left earth with Tess. Fastforward seven years and now they are back. This is the second part of my fic, the first was how Max and Liz deal with it. (That fic can be found ⊕viewthread?forum=dreamer-fanfiction&id=222572). This part is how Maria reacts when she finds out the Michael is alive because…things have definitely changed
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Maria picked up the phone on it's fifteenth vibration, with her perfectly manicured nails, she accepted the call.
"Hey Liz, what's up?"
"Maria," the urgency and excitement of her tone made Maria apprehensive, she sounded exactly like she had during her Max hallucinations.
"What's wrong?", she asked as images of Liz walking around the streets of Boston chasing after an invisible Max Evans filled her mind.
"It's Max…he's here."
The confirmation made Maria inwardly groan.
Not again, she thought. It had taken Liz, her…all them affected by the Czechoslovakians, a long time to get over them.
And now…it's back.
"Liz, we had this discussion, Max, Michael, Isabel and psycho-killer Tess left Earth-"
"they are gone"
"not of this earth-"
"Maria!" she shouted cutting her off. "Max is alive, he is here, with me…now"
"I'll put you on the phone with him"
"Hey Maria". The familiar warm voice hit Maria's eardrums with such force that she moved her head away from the phone.
Tentatively she placed it back to her ear, "Max, is that you?".
"It's me" he confirmed.
This is too unbelievable. If this is Max, then-
"How do I know this is really Max Evans?" she asked dazed.
"You're kidding," he said.
"Humour me," she replied. As her breathing became more urgent and shallow. She had to be sure, because if it really was Max, Liz's Max, then her life was suddenly going to get a little more complicated.
"Okay, during the summer after we found out about our destiny, we hung out a lot, me and you and talked about Liz and figured out ways to win her back"
"Oh my gosh," she whispered as the inevitable steamroller feeling began running its way up her body.
"…then you told me to do something instead of you doing all the work especially after Liz saw me walking with Tess, so I did…do you need me to continue?"
Maria quickly reached for her trusty cedar oil and took a deep calming sniff.
"Maria, you there?"
Her reply was an ear splitting scream, "Totally!, Max, it is soo good to hear your voice!"
"You too, listen I'm gonna hand you back to Liz now, okay?"
"Okay, but we will definitely talk later mister," she smiled
"Liz!" she shrieked, "Oh-my-gosh, how, what, where, when?"
Maria still in shock could practically see Liz smiling, she didn't blame her, she had every right to be.
"Okay," she began her voice lowering to the level of gossip mode, " Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess left earth-"
"been there got the emotional scars Liz," she interrupted.
"So anyway, turned out Tess had made a pact with Kivar to…well have them killed when they got there-"
"I know," added Liz, "luckily the resistance on their planet rescued them, in short they defeated Khivar, got Max's son Joshua who by the way is a complete angel and came back to earth."
"And Tess?"
"Totally dead," she replied joyously then caught herself, adding "that wasn't a nice thing to say."
"Well Tess, wasn't exactly doing anyone any favours alive,"
"Maria!" she gasped.
"It's true," she shrugged, "So anyway, Max came looking for you and you guys got together huh?"
"yeah, it feels so good to have him back again"
"I'm happy for you Liz,".
Maria waited out the long silence following.
"Aren't you going to ask about Michael?"
"Well, since you brought it up, how is he?"
"He's here, on earth…I told Max,"
"I would have been surprised if you didn't and did he tell Michael?"
"he didn't tell him everything, just that you had something to tell him."
Suddenly the world stopped, her heart stopped, "What!"
"I figured you wanted to tell him yourself."
She jumped off the couch and started pacing, this could not be happening.
"Oh my gosh Liz, how could you do this to me," she babbled, "I'm not ready, when is he coming?"
"In about five minutes"
Again her heart stopped, there was too much information, her head felt like it was about to explode.
"You didn't, Liz you are my best friend how could you do this to me!"
"because I'm your best friend and I know that you would have left it for years…you have to tell him Maria."
"I know," she sighed.
I just kinda hoped I wouldn't have to, she thought.
Then the doorbell rang.
"Liz, it's him!" she squealed as she listened fervently for footsteps walking across her marble floor towards her living room.
"Maria, keep calm, deep breaths"
Maria took a deep breath, hoping to calm her nerves, but it wasn't working. Michael was here, in her house, alive…here!
"What am I going to tell him?"
"The truth" said Liz, "now hang up and go talk to him" she ordered.
"Okay, call you later?"
"Good luck."
Just as she pressed end on her cell phone, there was a swift knock of the door.
"Come in" she called out in what she hoped was a stable, confident tone.
The door swung open to reveal Rita, her maid and Michael.
Maria inwardly gasped. He cleaned up nice. He was no longer wearing his grungy clothes and 70s hair do. No Michael Guerin was wearing a suit, probably armani, his hair was short, spiky but not gel overdo. His face, the same but more…experience was etched in his every movement, the only thing that was the same were his lips, defiant, dangerous and oh so alluring.
Okay Maria, cool down, she coached herself as Rita left, be cool and collected.
Great start.
"Maria" he replied equally cool.
"So", she began crossing and uncrossing her arms, " Liz just called me to tell that you're…well alive, so why don't you fill me in on how you got to be standing in my living room."
He stood staring at her for what seemed like eternity. He didn't speak, just stared, just when Maria was about to repeat her question, his lips moved.
"Okay. We left, got there, turned out Tess was going to ship us in, got rescued by the rebels, kicked Khivar's ass, set up a government, came back to earth. Max went off to find Liz, Isabel to university, wants to be a social worker. I got a job as a security guard, got promoted, the company boss took a liking to me. Referred me to a body guard service, got in with old man Hartley. He died, left me the business."
Maria almost burst out laughing. Now this was definitely not real.
"Wait you expect me" she pointed at herself, " to believe that you" she pointed at him, " own a company?" she asked incredulous.
"What's so funny about that?" he asked defensively.
"Michael, if you wanted to impress me, you could have at least come up with a believable lie"
He looked at her expressionless, "I'm not here to impress you," he replied as he showed her his business card. Sure enough there was his name in small print Michael Guerin. Maria looked closer at the two names next to his and their emblem.
"Wait a minute", this was just too out-there to be true, " you're the Guerin of Hartley, Fish and Guerin Bodyguard services?"
"Its what the card says," he shrugged.
"The same company who have been giving me bodyguards since I went global?"
"Don't freak-"
Maria freaked. "Oh, don't worry I won't, it just strikes me as interesting, no scratch that, selfish and soo typically you that you'd know where I was and not stop by to say hi, guess what Maria, you don't need to worry anymore cause I'm alive!."
Before Maria could launch into another tirade, a wave of loud laughter filtered through the room, reminding her suddenly of why Michael was there.
"Is that your kid?" he asked as he moved to the partly open playroom door.
"Yeah," she replied stepping up behind him. He quickly moved to let her get a view.
"What's her name?" he asked, his eyes fixed on Michelle.
"Like you don't know," she whispered.
"I don't," he replied flatly, "I don't directly handle client intel."
"Oh, her name's Michelle."
"Who's the loser, the father?"
"Ray, is not a loser," she whispered harshly as she shut the door, "he's one of the nicest, most considerate people on the planet and you could learn a lot from him."
"Doubt that," he replied.
Okay, this was not going the way she planned. Him being here, being near him had sent all the words and explanations she had planned fleeing out of her mind, the who's , how's and where's all went out the window; instead she asked the only question she really needed an answer to.
"Why, Michael?" she asked.
"Why what?"
"why no call, no email, saying Maria I'm okay, was your schedule that busy?"
He looked at the closed playroom door, then back at her, "Things change Maria."
"I'm sure they do," she replied heart pounding wildly against her chest.
"Look, I didn't come here to argue with you. Max said you had something to tell me, so what is it?"
She stared at him, the person he had become and shook her head. This wasn't going to work, how could she have thought that it could.
"You what Michael, it doesn't matter."
"Sorry to waste your busy schedule and all but thinking about it, it's not that important."
She saw his eyes flare; Oh here it comes
"So I got dragged all the way here, for you to rag on me and tell me to go?"
"Pretty much" she shrugged folding her arms.
"Well if its not so important, tell me"
Maria avoided those eyes, she knew that with one look he could tell if she was lying. She knew, she knew that if they kept arguing like five year olds; him asking and her consistently saying no, she would crack. She just wasn't ready to tell him, she needed time to prepare.
"Michael" her tone icy she continued, " things change like you said, so I have decided that it's not so important, so thanks for stopping by but go."
Maria figured he'd just get mad and go like the old Michael, but like the old Michael he was stubborn and just stood there.
"I didn't come all the way here just to go back with nothing," he said trying to catch her gaze.
"Well I'm sorry but I have nothing to tell you. So go".
Maria could see his eyes were on fire. That was it, she had pushed it.
Good, she needed him mad, too mad to ask or try to penetrate through her lie.
"Fine," he said and turned to leave.
Against her better judgement she called out to him, "Michael".
"What?" he asked through gritted teeth.
She smiled a small smile, "Its good to know you're alive"
He stared at her, shook his head, walked across the marble floor, opened the door and disappeared into the night. The only trace left of him was the echo of the slammed door.

Michael cursed silently as he strode over to his car. Now he remembered why he'd never bothered to make contact with Maria, she drove him crazy.
That and other things, his mind corrected him.
The phone in his pocket vibrated.
Great , he thought…Max.
"Hey Maxwell," he said dryly
"What happened?"
"Well, she went crazy on me-"
"What did you say?"
"Why do you assume that I did something?". Max ignored the question.
"Did she tell you?"
"No, she didn't think it was too important."
"Michael," he sighed.
"Max", he countered, " if it's not that important or life threatening then I don't need to know."
"You do"
"So you tell me"
"I can't…Maria has to."
Michael rolled his eyes, this was going no where, if he kept talking to Max he'd just get frustrated and go back to Maria to shut him up. That however was not an option, at least not tonight.
"Well, then I wouldn't hold my breath…listen Max I gotta go, got a date tonight call you later."

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Max sighed as he ended the call to Michael. Liz's expression mirrored his, one of exasperation, as she hung up on Maria.
"How can two people who need each other, be so-"
"stubborn?" she supplied.
"That's Michael and Maria, that's why they're perfect for each other, like us," she said as she leaned in to kiss him. Reluctantly breaking away from her kiss, Max asked, "what do we do now?"
"We keep trying, till they actually talk."
"Then, let's hope it goes well."

Michael opened the door to his apartment, feeling exactly the way it looked, minimalist, sparsely decorated, empty. Tonight's date with Cassandra had gone okay and usually he brought his dates back to the apartment, but tonight was not the night. Because tonight for the first time in years, his mind kept flashing back to the blonde haired pixie, he had left back on earth seven years ago. Though years had passed, she was still Maria, stubborn, infuriating-
STOP! He ordered himself. Stop thinking about her, things have changed, she has a kid, a live-in boyfriend and you have your life.
Whatever was between him and Maria was over years ago. She had moved on, so had he.
But tonight she looked so beautiful, that spark in her eyes, it was still there and her lips were stil-
STOP it he ordered himself again as he went from switching the t.v. on to off, blaring loud indistinguishable music to blast the thoughts out of his mind and finally settled for dropping on his bed, closing his eyes and counting sheep. Only each sheep began to look increasingly like Maria…

Something was ringing, Michael registered, it sounded like an alarm, no a phone… his phone was ringing he realised as his hand grasped his bedside table for it.
"Morning to you too Michael" replied a cheerful voice.
"Izy? Why are you calling me at" his blurry eyes glanced at his alarm clock, "2pm in the afternoon?"
"because Michael most people are actually awake."
"what's up?" he asked as he sat up in bed.
Michael groaned, he should have known Max would rally up the troops.
"Michael you have to talk to her."
When will the torment end? He thought
"Did that, yesterday didn't work out," he replied simply.
"Probably because you said something wrong," she replied. He could practically see an I-told-you-so grin on her face. For the second time, Michael was filled with amused indignation.
"Why am I always the bad guy with this?"
"Michael, this is really important you, have to talk"
"She doesn't want to talk", he protested.
And it kills me that she doesn't want to, he added silently.
"So get over yourself and make her talk, if she tries to leave don't let her until she tells you"
"Tells me what?" he asked. What was this big thing that everyone wanted him to know but wouldn't or couldn't tell him?
"You won't find out unless you talk to her Michael," her voice softened, "and believe me, you do"
"Fine," he sighed defeated, " I'll stop by-"
"-today, five o clock, she takes Michelle to this stars playground up in the hills and usually spends time in the gardens writing."
What did they do run a profile on Maria's activities?
"No problem and Michael?"
"What?", he sighed. What other possible pain could they want to instil on him this time?
"Please do this."
"Sure Iz," he smiled.
"Okay, bye."

Michael pulled in front of Hillcrest Playgroup. Previously he would have been shocked these places actually existed, a place for stars' kids to mingle, but the bodyguard business definitely opened up his eyes.
"Hello, may I help you?" asked the young red headed secretary. She was short and cute, if he didn't have Maria on his mind he would have probably asked for her number. One day after seeing that girl and she was already interfering in his life.
"Michael Guerin," he said flashing her his company ID," here to see Maria Deluca."
"Oh," she asked as she gave him an appreciative look, " she's in the west wing gardens," she showed him along a corridor, "just along this hall and to your left…I could take you there if you want to," she offered.
"I can manage thanks," he replied.
The corridor led to an opening which presented him with beautiful sprawling neatly tended grass lawns with paths that reminded him of the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz. The problem, Michael realised was that he wasn't sure which garden Maria was writing in, there were paths leading straight ahead, to the left and right of him with no signs. Trying for the most logical he took the path on his left and found himself surrounded by hedges. It was a secluded spot he realised, somewhere for kids to hide playing hide and seek or for couples to sit, talk and kiss. Hearing the sounds of laughter, he peered through the hedges and saw Michelle and her friends throwing a ball around. He watched as the ball she threw sailed through the air missing the catcher and rolling to a stop in front of the hedge.
"I'll get it," he heard her yell as she ran towards him.
Michael figured he could do two things: get out from his hiding place and give her the ball, go find Maria or stay and watch. Curious to see how much she looked like Maria, he chose the third option and stayed and watched as she ran towards him, with her mother's strawberry blonde hair dancing in the wind. He watched amused as she approached the hedge, but instead of coming closer to pick up the ball, she looked back to her friends then to her left and right, as if to make sure no one was looking and then fixed her gaze at him.
No not at him, at the ball, he realised.
His eyes grew wide as it slowing floated towards her and landed softly in her hands. While Michelle ran back happily to her friends, Michael dropped onto the bench. His mind reeling. The pieces were suddenly becoming clear.
Michelle just floated a ball to her, Max and Isabel were insistent that he speak to Maria, she was edgy even though she wouldn't admit it and didn't want him to see Michelle or Ray…That meant-
Michael knew what that meant, it meant Maria had betrayed him. It meant, that he was nothing to her, that he'd risked everything for nothing. Fists clenched, blinking away his blurry eyes, he marched back to the reception desk and asked for directions to the west garden. The garden was a circular opening, closed off to the world by a circular hedge. A conservatory in the background, surrounded with flowers and a tall willow tree in the centre. Under that tree sat Maria, writing. Michael stood there watching her scroll down some revelation, watched her stare out into the cloudy electric sky as if searching for something. Her every move sent sharp pains into his chest, he was finding it hard to breathe. The image of Michelle and ball, dulled the pain and sent roaring fire coursing through him instead.
"Maria!" he shouted as he approached her.
He watched her eyes grow wide in surprise as she got up and dusted herself off.
"What are y-"
"She's one of us isn't she?", he said fists clenched.
Her wide eyes confused she asked, "who?"
"Michelle, I saw her float a ball," he stated.
Droplets started falling from above, curling his hair and making his eyes blurry, but Michael didn't care. All he focused on was Maria's shocked expression of being discovered.
"Oh, I can expla-"
"-that's what Max and Isabel wanted me to know wasn't it?"
She opened her mouth and closed it again, "Michael," she tugged at him pulling him towards the conservatory, "it's raining, we need to get ou-"
"That you," he spat shrugging her off, "slept with an alien and was stupid enough to get pregnant."
"So what Mara, on the rebound after I left and banged the first guy who came along….little green men a turn on for you?"
He saw her flinch with every word but he didn't care, she was going to feel exactly the way he felt right now.
"Is that what you think!" she shouted her little body rigid and tense, "that I'd fall into somebody's bed right after you leave?"
"The alien love child speaks for itself," he said coldly. "So tell me Maria, what does an alien do these days to get you to sleep with him huh? Whisper sweet nothings in your ear…or just show you his alien power and you're his human toy."
He watched drenched as her fists clenched and unclenched, slowly she raised her eyes to him brimming, the pain as readable as a red exit sign, "that was low Michael", her voice low and filled with hurt," even for you,"
"the pot calling the kettle black!," he called after her as she stormed past him.
Michael made no attempt to follow after her, made no attempt to get out of the rain, just stood there, his anger washed way, giving way to a wave of intense gut-wrenching pain. Him and Maria were over, but then again, they had never been together anyway.

Maria wiped the tears falling gently down her cheeks. Isn't good to cry and drive, she told herself, especially on a wet day like this one.
"Mum are you okay?" asked Michelle.
"Fine hon," she reassured her, "just a little emotional right now…I got inspired."
"yeah," she whispered. Only it wasn't cool, it was painful. After Michael, she'd waited for 'Shelly to finish, it was no use disrupting her daughter's social life for her problems. It had given her time, time to play back every spiteful word Michael had practically spat at her and the look of disgust in his eyes, it sent another slash of raw pain within her. She hadn't expected him to react that way, to think those things…but then things had changed and they had changed, Michael obviously not for the better.
Good thing she found out now instead of waiting and hoping that somehow, someday-
It didn't matter now, her and Michael were over before they even began again.
"There's a guy standing in the middle of the road up ahead," she pointed.
Maria shook off her self-pity and focused on the man standing in front of the road.
"Looks like his car has broken down," she said as they neared him.
"Uh, Mum are we going to stop?"
"I'm trying," said Maria, panic enveloping her. The brakes, they weren't working!
She slammed down hard and they weren't stopping, instead they were accelerating.
What the-
"Mum!" screamed Michelle.
Maria frantically made a last attempt at braking, the guy wasn't even moving out of the way!
"Mum stop the car!" yelled Michelle.
The last scream dragged Maria out of her panicked state, a surge of adrenaline caused her to take the one option she had left. Taking a breath Maria swerved the car off the road and into the overgrown forest and crashed straight into a tree: Then the world went black.

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Maria was awoken by the loud continuous beep, it couldn't be her alarm clock.
No wait, the memories came rushing, the man in the middle of the road, her swerving hitting into a tree.
Thank God for airbags, she thought as she lifted her head shaking off the glass which had fallen on her. The windscreen was a mess, a tall branch had crashed through sending glass everywhere including on Michelle, Maria realised as she unbuckled her seat belt and climbed over to check on her daughter's still form.
"Shelley," she said softly as she carefully pushed back her hair to feel for a pulse. She nearly jumped when her head moved.
"Mum?" she said as she raised her head and shook off the glass.
Maria sighed with relief, they were both fine.
"What happened?" she asked as Maria continued to get rid of all the glass particles from her body and made sure her legs, her arms and fingers were intact. Apart from a few scratches they were both fine.
"I don't k-"
A piercing, screeching sound stopped Maria mid-sentence, her jaw dropped as the door to the driver's seat was…ripped. Blown, sent flying from the car crashing into a nearby tree.
What the heck!
"Mum", Maria could hear the fear creeping into her voice.
"It's okay," she reassured her, heart beating, palms sweaty she siddled back to her seat and was about to exit through the now gaping open door when a shadow blocked her. Startled she jumped back.
The shadow leaned into the car, it was a young guy, probably her age or older. Maybe he was the guy in the middle of the road, she'd missed.
"Hey," she said.
"Are you alright?" he asked, his blue eyes glistening with concern.
"Yeah, we're-"
"Good," he said briskly, then with a flick of his fingers Maria felt a wave of pressure suddenly hit her head and then nothing.

Michael wearily opened the door to his dark apartment. It was late, he figured since the sun had gone down a couple of hours ago. He'd spent that time driving aimlessly around in the rain, then after remembering he had a meeting broke the speed limit in getting there. All because of Maria.
Damn that girl, he thought. She'd been in his life for a day and suddenly his life was…a mess.
The phone rang. He ignored it, he'd turned off his phone, he didn't need Isabel or Max ringing to make sure he'd talked to Maria and to see how he was holding up. Right now he needed sleep, the machine would get it. His greeting came on and asked to leave a message.
"Michael, it's Max," his urgent tone made Michael freeze halfway up the stairs.
"Listen, I tried your cell but you're not picking up…um-"
"Max I'm here," he said breathlessly.
"Michael…why aren't y-"
"never mind what's up?"
The silence at the other end of the line made Michael feel uneasy.
"It's Maria."
Michael sighed with relief, he was as expected checking up on him. His relief however was only momentary.
"There's been an accident."
Michael stopped cold, "what? Where?"
"I don't know, Amy just called us, Liz said she was too upset to be clear but just that there's been an accident and she's at Central. Liz and I are on our way to the airport we should be there in a couple of hours. Michael are you there?"
"Yeah, I'm here" he yelled as he grabbed his coat, "you're on speaker, I'm on my way".

Max heard a door slam, "Michael?" he called.
No reply.
Hanging up the phone, he turned to Liz who had been staring straight at the road.
"He's on his way," he said softly.
"Good," she smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek.
"She's going to be okay, Liz," he said stroking her hair, "if it's serious, we'll heal her."
"I know Max," she said, "it's just Maria is my best friend, she is like my sister and I lost you once….I just dont want to lose her too," she finished as a fresh set of tears rolled down her cheeks.
"You're not going to lose her, Michael's there, he won't let that happen."

Michael swerved like a maniac through Los Angeles traffic ignoring the beeps and honks he received from fellow drivers. Screeching to a halt infront of Central hospital, he ran through the sliding doors and screeched to a halt. Around him in the waiting area were cameras, notepads and of course reporters. Rolling his eyes, he walked up to the welcome desk.
"hi, I'm Michael Guerin, I'm here to see Maria Deluca"
The dark haired, rigid wicked headmistress nurse narrowed her eyes and said, "are you a member of the family?"
"well no-"
"then I'm sorry sir, but as you can see, there are reporters out there many who have pretended to be a friend of the family, so I'm sorry but I can't let you in."
Frustrated Michael showed her his company id, "look I understand, but Ms Deluca is a client of mine and so I would like to know how she is."
Her eyes still dubious, he said, "call Amy Deluca, she'll vouch for me…please."
"okay," she signed as she punched in a number on the phone.
"hi, Miss Deluca, I have a Michael Guerin here, says you know him?
"Uh huh. Okay, I'll send him right up."
Michael sighed with relief as she hung up the phone, "second floor, room 312," she told him.
"thank you," he nodded as he headed for the stairs.
Running up the stairs gave him time to think first about Maria; what had happened if she was okay and then her mother. He hadn't seen Amy Deluca in years, did she know her daughter was living with an alien or had an alien daughter and would she even speak to him, afterall he didn't exactly stick around to be with her daughter.
Wracked with thought, Michael opened the door to the waiting area. It was small, but luxurious, figured the hospital didn't want to stick the mother of Maria Deluca in a grey, hard-chaired room.
Her mother looked up as he entered the room. Her red eyes held his for a moment, was that a flicker of anger he saw in them?
"Hi Michael," she greeted him, still sitting down eyeing him.
"Hi Amy," he replied settling himself in a corner.
"So what's going on?" he asked after a silence.
"I don't know what's going on," she replied her voice breaking, "they called me and told me that there was an accident and told me to come here, now they have me stuck in this room and won't tell me where the hell my daughter and grand-daughter are."
Scenarios ran through Michael's mind, maybe they tested Michelle's blood and found out that she was an alien, maybe the FBI or someone else had-
Stop! He ordered himself as he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. Until he knew what was going on, the best thing to do was stay here with Amy. Michael had never seen her look so weak and drained, the fighting Deluca spirit, that sparkle Maria had inherited was gone, washed away by tears.
"it's going to be okay," Michael assured her.
Granted an empty gesture, not backed up by fact, but that was all he could think of.
She sighed in reply. Michael sighed, this was not his situation, he was action man, not waiting around man and definitely not comforting guy.
"Do you want a drink or something?," he offered.
"no thanks I'm okay," she replied.
"okay," he nodded and went back to staring at the white ceiling.

Maria's head hurt, a moan escaped her.
"Well," said a voice pulling her to consciousness, "you're awake."
Eyes wide open in panic maria surveyed her surroundings, she was in a cave or something with bluey green lighting, it looked like the pod chamber back in Roswell before Max and Michael left but it couldn't be could it?
"Who are you, Where am I?" she asked eyeing the figure as he moved into the light, it was the same guy from the car and the road. "Where's my daughter?" she demanded.
"Wow, hold on there," he said his tone casual and friendly, " one question at a time. You're back in Roswell in my space ship, landed in the caves and your daughter is back in L.A. right where you left her, although somebody's probably found her by now."
With each sentence, he had been inching closer and closer to her, Maria tried to move but the jiggling of chains told her she had no chance. That and the fact that she was in a space ship. She could feel the fear overtaking her paralyzing her as he bent down till they were nose to nose.
"As for who I am, I'm Khivar."
She looked clueless, into his expectant green eyes.
"You don't know who I am?" he asked surprised.
"Well if I did I probably wouldn't be asking" she replied. Despite the fear, there was one thing she couldn't control, her mouth.
"I'm Khivar, the enemy" he said making invisible quotation marks around the word enemy, " the royal four left earth to fight."
Maria flashbacked to her conversation with Michael, Khivar, the evil power mad but good looking maniac who Isabel in her past life had betrayed her family for, the Khivar who had wanted to kill them.
Panic and terror were now coursing through her veins on overdrive. This could not be happening, it was one of those things which just didn't happen.
Wake up Deluca, you thought aliens didn't exist, you were wrong.
"Ah," he said acknowledging the terror reflected in her eyes and enjoying it, "now you know me."
"Yes," she nodded, pressing herself against the wall, "what do you want with me?"
"Simple, I want to use you for revenge," he shrugged, " you see they stole my power and my throne and now I want payback. Tess, rest her back-stabbing heart, told me a little about their earthly relationships here. You and Michael, Max and the brown eyed brunette and Isabel and….well he's dead. So it took me a while but I got here. I tried to get Liz but those two are inseparable so you won the draw"
"So you want to…"
"Basically ruin their lives by destroying their loved ones"
Maria didn't know whether it was the panic and sheer nightmare like structure of the situation but a small laugh escaped her, then it grew and grew till her sides hurt.
"What's so funny?" asked Khivar confused.
Breathless, she said, "You should have stuck with Liz. Michael doesn't love me…at least not anymore, things have changed the last time Tess was here. The only reason that he's going to come with them is that we're friends….maybe not even that, but the point is he doesn't love me, so revenge won't be soo sweet."
"Huh," he said, "well that's disappointing, so is the lack of fear in your eyes. The point is they will come, I will kill you in front of them, then kill Liz in front of them, then kill them. But meanwhile," he said approaching her with what looked like an electric taser.
Slowly he bent down till they were nose to nose again, Maria's eyes grew wide as the blue electricity danced before her eyes, "lets see that terror again."

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Michael looked up as the door to the waiting room burst open. He tensed as Ray hair dishevelled, brown eyes wide with worry, "Amy," he said as Maria's mum ran into his arms.
"Ray, I'm glad you're here," she said.
"I came as soon as I heard," he said leading her back to the couch, "what happened?"
"I don't know", she replied with frustration," they'" she pointed at the door as it were the medical faculty, " are not telling me anything"
The ringing the corner caused everyone to jump Amy picked it up. Michael had been watching Ray ever since he came in, you'd never have guessed he was an alien, well you wouldn't have guessed that he was an alien. And Maria had-
No we are not going down that road Guerin
"Hey," he nodded acknowledging him.
"Hey," replied Michael. After an awkward silence, he said, "I'm-"
"-Michael Guerin, I know, Maria told me about you. I'm-"
"-Ray, I know" he replied.
"Listen thanks for being here…with Amy."
Michael shrugged, "I didn't do anything."
Ray smiled, "without you being here, I think she would have probably gone crazy, trashed the room, attacked a few nurses that sort of thing."
"Oh, then no problem."
Amy hang up the phone, "Liz, Max and Isabel are on their way up."
Oh this just got better, thought Michael. Whatever this was.

Ray glanced at Michael.
So that's him, Michael Guerin.
The Michael who had managed to capture and win Maria's heart, the Michael who she always thought about when she looked up in the stars at night or when she sung "Space-boy", a song inspired by him. He'd seen the pictures but finally seeing this grown young man his age in real life lead to a pang of jealousy and envy. It had been a long time since Ray felt those emotions but they were coming back with a vengeance. He'd met Maria five years ago but it felt like he had known her forever. She was his best friend and she was out there missing with some weirdo.

The waiting room door burst open again with Liz's dishevelled hair and brown eyes full of worry, she was followed by Max, Isabel, a doctor and a police officer.
"Ms Deluca," cried Liz as they hugged.
"Hey Michael," said Max as they hugged.
"How are you holding up?" asked Isabel.
"I'm fine," he replied, "I'm not the one in the accident," he added.
All eyes turned to the doctor as he cleared his throat.
"I'm Doctor Wallis," he said greeting everyone in the room.
"Doctor what is going on" demanded Amy.
"Maria and Michelle were in a car accident, Michelle's okay just needed a few stitches, we'll keep her in overnight in case she shows signs of post traumatic shock."
There were sighs of relief all around the room, "What about Maria?" asked Liz. The doctor's silence made Michael uneasy, "Um, I think I'll let Detective Stone take over from here."
Instantly Michael's heart started racing, where was Maria if she wasn't in the hospital?
"Detective?" prodded Amy.
"We have reason to believe that your daughter has been kidnapped."
Eyes grew wide, gasps echoed around the room.
This cannot be happening, thought Michael. He'd heard of kidnappings and been involved in rescuing some but to Maria? He knew what most were like; over obsessed fans, greedy desperate money hungry and those were the safe ones, there were those who wanted them to be their bride or sacrifice them to some god, those were the ones to watch out for.
"How did this happen?" asked Liz.
"Well from Michelle's account and from the scene we've got a few theories-"
"I'm not interested in theories," spat Amy, "I want to know what you know."
"Well what we know is, this was a very carefully planned out kidnapping. Someone rigged Maria's breaks so she couldn't stop and had to swerve the man standing in the middle of the road. She hit into a tree but no one was injured. The man then approached the car, took Maria and left Michelle. What doesn't make sense though is the car door."
"What do you mean?" asked Michael
"Well, Michelle said it just flew off, our guys back it up too, it's like someone pulled it off and flung it a few metres away but no one would have the strength to do that."
No human being thought Michael as a bitter taste slowly rose up his throat.
"Look I don't care about the door, I want to know where my daughter is and what you people are doing to find her," said Amy.
"We're searching the scene looking for clues, interviewing everyone who came into contact with Maria during her last few hours. Speaking of which," he turned to face Michael, "Mr Guerin I understand you visited Maria at Hill Crest this afternoon?"
"I did" he answered
"May I ask why?"
"Maria and I used to date…a while back, we just needed to sort some things out, that was about sixish and then I left."
"Where were you between six and eight?"
"What are you trying to say, that Michael-"
"Relax Iz," he said, "he's just doing his job. I went to a meeting at the Meridian, over five hundred people can vouch for me."
"Thank you," he nodded. "Has maria been receiving any threatening fan mail or anything peculiar?"
"Um no," said Ray, "we've just been getting the regular stuff."
The detective nodded, " well I have to get back to some other leads. We'll keep you updated on anything we have."
"Thank you" muttered Amy as the doctor and police officer left.
All eyes turned on Michael.
"What happened?" demanded Isabel.
"I was on my way to meet maria in the west gardens, made a pit stop," he paused as eyebrows urged him to go on, "funny thing happened", he raised his eyebrows to Max, Liz and Isabel, "can I talk to you guys outside?"
"It's okay Michael, I know about your other worldly origins, Maria told me" said Amy.
"Oh, okay,".
Who hasn't she told?
He continued, "saw Michelle float a ball towards her. I did the maths. Talked to Maria about it, voices were raised, she left, I left."
"What exactly did you figure out Michael?" asked Max, was that an amused twinkle in his eyes?.
Michael ignored it.
"That Maria and Ray there had an alien child" he couldn't hold back his anger, "for freaks sake Max why didn't you tell me! we don't even know if he's an enemy or a friend-"
"-hold on," interrupted Liz, " so you think Ray's an alien?" she asked a look of utter disbelief crossing her face.
He looked at them confused, what was wrong with them, "the alien baby speaks for itself" he said slowly.
"Okay that's it," said Isabel as she stood up," I know you guys were going for tact and patience, but that's a lost cause."
Michael yelped in surprise as she shoved him against the wall
"Iz what the-"
"shut up Michael. Let me break it down for you since it seems that it can't get through to your dense head."
Across her shoulder he saw Max smirk. What the hell, had everyone lost their minds?
"Michael look at me and listen very slowly," she said, "how old is Michelle?"
"seven" he replied.
"okay," she nodded, "cast your mind back say seven years when we were a few hours from leaving earth. You there?"
His eyes told her all she needed to know.
"Good, now the fog clears to reveal a younger Michael telling a certain earth girl. We’ll call her Maria that he loves her. Him and said girl slept together and he leaves. Said girl is surprised to find herself pregnant, six months later the baby comes, gets discovered begins a prosperous music career, meets Ray here who agrees to not deny or confirm rumours about him being the father of her baby. And if that wasn't enough she names her little girl Michelle. Michael, Michelle both start with M are we getting any clearer?"
It was clear, as clear as glass, as clear as air but Michael just had to be sure, "are you saying…"
"yes Michael, Michelle is your child," she added softly, "she's your alien baby."

The room receded in size, his breathing shallow, Michael felt like he was being suffocated with too much information. Stumbling he headed for the door.
"Where you going?" asked a voice faintly
"I need to get some air," he called over his shoulder as he headed for the exit sign.

"Think, he'll be okay?" asked Liz
"He'll be fine," Max assured her, "he just needs time to get used to idea."

Michael took deep breaths as he stared out into the night sky.
I am a father, he thought. Him a father, with child…with Maria, he added. The thought that he and Maria could have made a life filled him with joy-
Which was quickly shadowed by gut-wrenching guilt as his mind replayed slowly every hate filled word he'd spoken to her and replayed every tear that slid down her cheek and every flinch he'd caused by his words. He was scum, he was lower than low-
"Hey," said a quiet voice behind him.
"Just checking that you're still breathing and conscious."
"I'm fine, just a little bit-"
"Shocked and stupid. I mean what person fails to recognise his own daughter and to put two and two together Max, I mean seven years do you know how long that is. How much I've missed, her first walk, word, smile. I promised myself that I wouldn't be like Hank-"
"You're not Michael"
"No, not about that, the first few years of my life weren't happy memories Maxwell and I promised myself that I would be there for my kids if I had any. And I wasn't"
"She has great mother and you're here now. Look you can't go back, but you can go forward and spend now with her."
"Does she even know I'm alive?"
"Yes, Maria told her, told her everything."
That made him feel a little better, that she at least knew that if he had had a choice he would have stayed seven years ago.
But you had a choice five years ago, four years ago, he chided himself
"So are you coming?" asked Max.
"Why not" he replied, he could do with some more guilt.

Michael held his breath as he looked through the half closed blinds at his daughter, laughing and talking to her grandmother and Liz.
"She's amazing," he breathed in awe.
"and as stubborn as you and Maria put together," smiled Isabel.
"That's my daughter," he repeated, the words completely alien to him.
"Yes, do wanna meet her?"
A second ago he would have said maybe or that he wasn't ready, but now after seeing her and knowing who she was, he was more than ready.
"Yes," he replied as she led him into the room.
He watched nervously as her eyes travelled to Isabel and then on him, did a double take and grow wide.
"Michelle, I there's someone here who wants to see you" smiled Isabel
"Daddy!" she shrieked as she bounded over her bed and wrapped her arms around his knees . Michael stood there shocked at the little thing wrapped around him.
"I think we'll leave you alone" whispered Amy as she ushered the others out of the room.
She slowly disentangled herself and took a step back to slowly survey him. Michael cringed at the scrutiny, what was she hoping to find, what if he didn't compare to Ray?
"You look exactly like the pictures, except older," she said as she sat back down on her bed. Michael took it as an invitation to sit closer.
Unsure of what to say, he asked the first thing which entered his head, "Um…do you know who I am?".
"Uh huh," she nodded with excitement her eyes never leaving him, "Mum told me that you had to go save your planet and that you'd be back when everything worked out…and now you're back." She said hugging him, "I missed you."
Michael's heart grew warm as he returned the hug, "I missed you too and I'm sorry-"
"For what?"
"For missing out on seeing your grown up"
She smiled, Maria's smile, wide, mischievous and welcoming, "Well mom says I'm not all grown up yet and that I'll be a terror in my teens, so you got plenty more to look forward to"
"Yeah" he mumbled, "I guess I do".
He watched as Michelle grabbed her pink bag and took out her wallet, "here," she said showing him a picture of him and Maria in Las Vegas," you can have it back now, she gave it to me to remember you, but I don't need it anymore."
Her references to Maria increased his guilt, like a ten pound weight pressing against his heart; while he had been living a life as a playboy, Maria had been busy raising their child, telling her about her father and the first thing that he did was jump to a very wrong conclusion.
"Have they found her yet?" she asked sensing his thought pattern.
"No," he said slowly an idea formulating in his head, "Michelle, can I try something on you so that we can all see what you saw today?"
She looked at him suspiciously, "will it hurt?" she asked
"No, promise," he said
She cocked her to one side as if assessing the pros and cons of the situation, then smiled widely, "okay"

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Michael turned off the lights in the waiting room.
"Okay," he said as he stood behind Michelle, "I'm going to connect with you give you sort of a power boost, then I want you to remember what happened when you were driving home. The images will be projected so we can see who the man was okay?"
She nodded nervously "okay"
Taking a deep breath, Michael placed his fingers on her temples and felt an instant connection. Eyes open he stared towards the wall as images started appearing.
Everything was seen from Michelle's point of view, Michael looked up to Maria with her to see the tears rolling down her cheeks. He tensed as he heard her ask if everything was okay and Maria reply that it was.
He was scum, he'd made Maria cry.
They were looking up ahead at the road, Michelle said that there was a man standing in the road. Michael's heart raced as he saw the panic grip Maria as she tried to stop, eyes grew wide as she swerved and hit the tree.
Everything went black for a few minutes, to Michael they felt like painful hours until he heard Maria's voice break through the silence. He watched as she dusted glass out of Michelle's hair and made sure she was okay.
Suddenly all attention was placed to the door as he heard it squeak as if someone was pulling it, no ripping it off. Then gasped with Michelle as it flew off, just like the Detective had said. He watched as Maria eyes wide with fear slide over to look outside. He saw her jump back blocking Michelle's view. All he could hear was a voice asking if it was okay.
The voice, it sounded familiar.
He watched as Maria moved to the side, as the figure peered into the car.
"Just a little to the left," he muttered as he squinted his eye.
"Oh my gosh" he heard Isabel gasp
"What is it?" he asked, then nodded with understanding as the face came into view.
Those eyes, that evil self-satisfied smile.
"Khivar," he muttered, then everything went black again.
Michelle pulled away from him, "that's it," she said, "was it any help?"
"Yeah it was," nodded Michael in shock.
Khivar here on earth and with Maria?

Ray looked around the room and what he saw he definitely didn't like. Isabel, Michael, Maria and Liz all had the same look in their eyes, of horror and worry. Dread cascaded over him. This was more serious than a Maria obsessed weirdo. This was alien related.
"Who the heck is Khivar?" he asked.
"Kivar's the guy we fought back home" Michael replied almost mechanically, he looked shell shocked.
"I thought he was dead," said Liz
"So did we" he said
"What does he want with Maria?" asked Liz

"Revenge," replied Michael slowly as the enormity of the situation took a hold of him. Khivar was evil, psychotic and looking for revenge, he had Maria, he had his Maria.
"On it" she replied as she turned to Amy, "I need something of Maria's, hair a picture anything"
"Um, I don't have anything-"
"Here," said Michael as he thrust the picture of him and Maria in Vegas into her hands, "use that."
Isabel glanced at it and smiled, lying on Max's lap for support, Michael watched as she stared intently at the picture and her eyes slowly close.
She was going in.

Isabel felt the world around her disappearing fast, shrinking until there was nothing but darkness around her. That meant that Maria was barely conscious, it was easier for her to dream-walk when people were asleep, when they were awake she made an uncomfortable pit stop into a dark void. The dark slowly morphed into brown, rocks in fact. The void was turning into a space, consisting of rocks…a cave. She realised as it materialised. She was in a cave, it looked like the one which harboured their pods but the walls were glowing green. Isabel took in the surroundings, it was empty apart from a body huddled in the centre of the far wall.
"Maria" she whispered as she rushed over to her. Isabel touched her face and immediately pulled away, her sink was cold and she was shivering.
"Isabel?" she asked faintly.
Grabbing her head between her palms, she said, "Maria! it's me Isabel, tell me where you are"
Maria closed her eyes and opened them again, this time she was more awake, "I'm in Roswell," she said her blue eyes alert and hopeful, "Khivar kidnapped me-"
"we know, where exactly are you?"
"I don't know, in one of the caves"
That was too vague, realised Isabel, in the Roswell desert caves were plentiful.
"Anything else?" she asked.
Hesitant, she said, "Uh, when I look up, I can see the North star directly above me".
North Star. Good
"Okay, we can work with that" she said frantically
"how's Michelle is she-"
"she's okay, she's fine but you're not doing so good" she said as she took in the sweat drenched hair and clothes, the bruises on her face and that look of fear in her eyes.
"We're going to get you out Maria I promise just hold on"
Maria's eyes suddenly grew wide, Isabel could see her shrinking into herself, "He's behind you," she whispered.
Isabel whirled round to see Khivar smiling, "Hello Vilandra or should I say Isabel"
She stood up ready to face him, " Okay," he shrugged, " bye Isabel" he added as she crashed into the cave wall. Air knocked out of her lungs, the cave vanished suddenly.

Michael jumped as Isabel rose up suddenly gasping for air, he bombarded her with questions, "Is are you okay, what did you see, where's Maria?"
"Easy Michael" said Max, "let her get her breath back."
"She's in Roswell," began Isabel, "in one of those caves"
"There a lot of caves," said Liz
"Only in this one she can see the North star directly above her"
"That doesn't help" said Max
"Yes it does, I know where it is. Alex told me about it, it's just a few miles out of Fraiser Woods"
"How's Maria?" he asked her
She looked at him for a moment, "We need to get her out of there," she said grimly.
"The next plane to Roswell leaves in about an hour," said Ray
"Okay let's go," said Michael
"I'm coming" said Amy,
"No you're not," said Michael, "you won't do Maria any good being there, you're better off here looking after her daughter"
"Well I'm coming," said Liz, "Michael Maria's my best friend and I'm coming"
Arguing would waste time besides Max would probably back her up and she'd end up going anything, at least this was they would lose time.
"Okay," he nodded.

Michael was walking down a long passageway, fear gripped his every movement. There was something laying there at the end of the corridor. He knew who it was, he didn't want to go further but his feet led him forward. The body was limp, like a discarded garbage bag. Hands shaking Michael rolled it over to see the face he'd permanently embedded in his mind…Maria. Only it wasn't his Maria, the Maria he'd known years ago or the Maria he'd been rude to. This Maria wasn't moving, her face was literally black and blue, the only thing that indicated that it was Maria was her matted blond hair and that blue in her eyes-
"Michael" she whispered suddenly.
Michael jumped nearly out of his seat, looking rapidly around him for the lip whispering Maria. Instead he found the eyes of a very concerned Isabel next to him.
"Michael," she repeated, "you okay?"
"Yeah," he replied sighing with relief, " just a bad dream. What time is it?"
"We'll be in Roswell in about an hour" she replied.
"Iz," he said suddenly, "when you saw her, was her face…okay?"
"She was pretty bad Michael, but we'll get to her."
"I know" he replied as the black and blue image lingered in his mind.

It was afternoon when their rented car screeched to a halt in front of one the caves, which looked exactly like the other few they had driven past except at night this one had the North star shining directly below it at night and in this cave Maria was being held captive by a vindictive, mad vengeful man.
"Okay guys," said Isabel tensely, "how do we play this out?"
The tense determined but fearful look etched on her face was something Michael hadn't seen since they were back on Antar preparing for battle.
"I don't need to say that this is a trap," he heard Liz say.
"Yeah," said Michael as his eyes stayed trained on the entrance. Either way Maria was somewhere in there and he had to get her out.
"Michael," said Max.
"We need a vague plan, we do this together, we don't know what or how many Khivar has with him" he added.
Michael nodded, Max level-headed as usual had brought him back from images on his fist smashing into Khivar's face.
"Okay," he began, " We go in together, me and Izzy up front and you and Liz behind" he ordered
"Fine" said Max.
While they climbed up to the entrance all Michael could think about was Maria and what Khivar was doing to her. The pictures filled him with hot red powerful adrenaline. He was going to get her back and alive. That was the least he could do afterall this was all his fault anyway.
The four stood in front of the entrance. Michael took a deep breath, muscles taut he looked back to Max whose eyes told him everything he needed to know. He was ready and they were getting Maria out. He nodded, "ready Iz?"
"Let's get Maria out" she breathed.
Quietly they descended along a long darkening passageway.
"Lights anytime soon?" whispered Isabel
"when I can't see the floor, we'll turn them on" he replied. He couldn't afford to let anything jeopardise Maria's safety. When he couldn't see the floor, Michael and the others flicked on their flashlights. Michael increased his pace as they walked deeper into the cave.
"Michael will you slow- ow!"
Michael spun around to see Max on the ground and Liz helping him up.
"What's wrong?"
Max touched the space infront of him and jumped backed when suddenly it crackled to reveal a green jelly like wall blocking their path.
"What is it?" asked Liz
"force field" said Max as he tried to use his powers to break through it.
"It's too strong," he said then looked at Michael, "I can't do it alone."
Michael nodded with understanding, this was their only way out and it needed to be open when he and Maria came back.
"Okay, Iz, you stay here and bring down the field. I'll go get Maria"
Isabel nodded and squeezed his arm softly, "be careful"
Michael nodded and continued along the passage way until the echoes of Max and Isabel's efforts to bring down the force field had faded.
He was alone.
He was Maria's only hope and he wasn't about to let her down when all of this was technically his fault. Him and his proneness to anger or run away instead of staying. As he turned a corner he pressed his palm against the cool stone until it glowed red, then moved on.

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After so many twists and turns that his head began to spin, Michael finally walked into an opening. He turned off his flashlight because the blue green glow from the wall and the light coming in from a funnel at the top was enough for him to see. It was a small clearing obscured by a few rocks. Walking around them his eyes fearfully scanned the area for Maria.
He froze when he saw her. Not her to be exact but the limp body which had haunted his dreams asleep and awake.
"Maria" he whispered rushing down to her. Breathless he shook her, relieved to hear a moan he wasted no time in breaking off the manacles on her hands.
"Michael" she said her voice tired and faraway. Her eyes grew wide as he lifted her off her feet.
"Michael, it really is you" she said her relief slowly down his runaway heart rate.
"Yeah, we're gonna get you out of here," he said as he walked towards the passageway.
"No," she protested as she broke out of his arms.
"It's a trap"
"We know tha-"
"No, he wanted you to find me" she insisted looking around her with apprehension, "he's here somewhere"
It was the first time Michael had seen her properly, her skirt was torn and wet, blood was dripping from her cut leg and her face. Bruises were everywhere all over her arms, her hair was matted with what he guessed was blood. Anger boiled through him, he was going to kill Khivar. Not slowly, but quick and to the point.
"We'll face him when he appears, let's go," he said grabbing her hand, "can you walk?"
"I'll make it," she said as she limped behind him.
"How did you know?" she whispered.
Michael smiled, she was still Maria, even in a crisis her mouth would still be moving.
When he said that word he heard her stop.
"So you know," she said.
"Maria could we talk about this later, when we're not running for our lives?"
"okay," she nodded as they resumed their walk.
After a few minutes of silence she said, "how do you know where we're going?"
He stopped and raised his hand and concentrated, the walls suddenly glowed red. "Hansel and Gretel of the 21st Century" he smiled.
She laughed but then groaned as she sank to the ground clutching her stomach Michael turned to her, "what's wrong?"
"We’ll check it out when we get out, " she said as she rose to her feet. Michael looked at her dubiously.
"Let's go," she insisted.
He grabbed her hand, squeezing it a little, "okay".
"What did she say?"
"She knew who I was"
"I told her about you"
This really wasn't the time to be having a conversation like this but as long as they were having it anyway Michael decided to take advantage of it.
"Thank you" he said.
"why wouldn't I, you are her father and after she noticed that she was a little different…what else could I say" she replied.
Silence passed, time passed, " why didn't you tell me?" he said.
"Like you gave me a chance" she replied.
"You could have made me listen" he whispered back.
"Made you listen!" she whispered harshly
Michael heard voices up ahead, they were close.
"We're almost there"
"Made you listen," she continued, "Michael" she pulled him to a stop just before they left the passageway to the clearing where Max and Isabel were still working on the force field.
"-Michael, I could take you and your new life…but for you to even think for a moment that I would jump into bed with anyone let alone an alien just after you left…that just says it a-"
"Maria!" he shouted.
"Liz!" she said as she pushed past him and into the clearing.
"Stay back" ordered Isabel as she and Max focused their powers to break it down.
"We need to get this down now," said Michael as he joined them.
After that, then he could crawl and beg with Maria.
"What's is it?" she asked.
"a force field we're trying to-"
"you!," he heard Maria gasp. In a blink of an eye, Isabel, Max and Liz collapsed to the ground.

Michael turned around to see Maria backing away from Khivar, he quickly rushed to her side.
"Yes me," he replied as he raised his hand and took aim at them.
"Michael!" Maria screamed suddenly and pushed him out of the way. As Michael hit the ground he saw a green ray hit Maria and fall to the ground. Not wasting a moment he shot a blast in the direction it came from and heard a moan and then an explosion of orange light.
Whoever it was was dead now.

Michael struggled to his feet. Quickly he did a damage check, isabel, max, liz and maria were down. Khivar followed his gaze, "don't worry, they're not dead…yet. But her" he continued as he knelt down beside Maria's still body. Michael watched, his muscles ready for action as he felt for Maria's pulse,"…barely". He watched, his breathing low as Khivar wiped the now dark blonde hair which had covered her face away and he lift her head, "cute isn't she and feisty".
Michael moved forward, then stopped, this was what khivar wanted and to react to attack would be to fall right into his path. He was sick like that, but Michael forced his body to comply. He flinched as Khivar dropped her head to the ground, it landed with a dull thud.
That's it, thought Michael, he is going to fry.
"We had a nice talk while you were gallantly on your way," he said as the two began circling each other. "We got close and she shared her life with me."
"What did you do to her"
"Nothing, we just talked about her life…or maybe I detracted it from her mind whatever, anyway from what I could gather, which wasn't a lot because she is a fighter, while I just thought you were stupid in the military capacity…turns out you're stupid all around."
"and you're still as psycho as ever," he said.
"Shall we?"
"lets," said Michael as he shot a red crackling sphere towards him. Khivar deflected it with his blue force field and stumbled a few steps back.
"not bad," he said, "but not good enough". Two large red spheres shot straight for Michael, he raised up his shield but found himself not stumbling but slamming into the wall and sunk to the ground. Khivar had more power than him that was for sure, his power was fuelled by revenge only. Getting up, Michael aimed more shots at him with more force each time. Like a dance red sphere's sailed across the room, deflected without impact.
This is going nowhere, thought Michael breathlessly. He was holding up but he couldn't hold out much longer. Finally the blow that he'd been expecting, anticipating, steeling himself for came. Air was slammed out of his chest, he heard a dull crack as his body hit the wall and slumped.
"The great second in command," sneered Khivar as he stood over him. Michael's eyes grew wide as the energy ball in his palm grew bigger and bigger.
I have to do something! He panicked inwardly, he couldn't let Khivar kill Max and Isabel, he wouldn't let him have Maria. Okay so by alien power Khivar was more than his match, but hand to hand….maybe he had a chance. With renewed strength, Michael used his feet to trap him and bring him to the ground. Using the wall as a support he pulled himself up.
"I accept" replied Khivar to the unspoken challenge.
"And I will proceed to kick your ass," said Michael, as he attacked him with a barrage of kicks and punches. Some were dodged, but Michael loved the ones which produced that dull thud of bone to bone action. The final blow sent Khivar back to the ground, Michael stood breathless towering over him.
"Okay! You won," panted Khivar as he raised his arms in defeat. Michael stayed alert, waiting for his next move, "You won fair and square" he added, "but-" Michael blinked for a second. His eyes opened. A red mass of burning energy was heading towards him. "I don't play fair," finished Khivar.
Khivar blinked for a second. He opened his eyes. A red mass of burning energy was heading towards him, only he unlike Michael he wasn't prepared.
Michael shielded his eyes as Khivar exploded into ash, falling gently to the ground reminding him of soft snow.

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Stunned, he stood there in silence. It was over. Khivar was finally dead, gone, ashes, dust-
"-Michael". It was Max, they were all coming to. Michael rushed to help them up.
"What happened?" asked Isabel.
"He's dead that's what happened," said Michael elated as he helped her up.
"and so did the force field," Max added.
Liz's screamed brought Michael back to reality, Khivar was dead but Maria wasn't moving. Michael rushed down to her, her head resting on his lap he felt for her pulse. It was slow, weak, fading.
Desperation flooded his skin, his heart , "Max-"
"I'm here," he replied in a soft voice as he knelt down beside them. Michael watched tense as Max laid his hands on her chest and closed his eyes to concentrate. He desperately searched Maria's face for a breath, an eyelid flutter, anything, but she still wasn't moving.
Michael's heart sank when Max opened his eyes. It was like Alex again, were they too late?
"What's wrong?" asked Liz, "why isn't see waking up?"
"The damage," said Max, he looked everywhere but at Michael. Finally his eyes, powerless and sad, met Michael's hopeful yet fearful, "it's too much, I've repaired what I can, but I don't have enough power now to…save her."
"So what you're saying is she could still die?" asked Isabel
Max nodded ,"yes".
"No" he heard Liz whisper.
"I'm sorry," he whispered to Michael.
The air was replaced by helplessness. Maria was still not moving, neither were Max, Isabel , Liz and Michael.
She can't die, he thought. You hear me Maria, you can't die, you have to wake up and kick my ass for walking away from you.

Liz's voice broke through the silence.
"So let me get this straight, you need to recharge?". Michael suddenly looked up at her. That tone in her voice, it was excited, hopeful.
She had an idea.
"Why don't you all combine your energy, like what we did when Michael got sick with the healing stones…would that- could that work?"
All eyes were on Max.
"Max?" asked Isabel.
"It might" he nodded. Michael sighed with relief. This wasn't over, this was going to work, it had to work.
"Come on Maria," he whispered to her as he put his palm on her heart, "wake up so you can finish lecturing me."
"We ready" said Max. Michael and Isabel nodded.
"Let's do this," he whispered. Eyes closed, they focused their minds on their energy flowing through them and into Max. Michael could feel his power growing stronger and feel it's warmth coursing through Maria, healing her.

Wham! The image came out of nowhere straight into Michael's mind, it was Maria. The seventeen year old Maria he left in Roswell! She was crying in Liz's arms, upset…that they couldn't stop them from leaving. Maria looking out into the night at the star Max had told Liz was Antar, wondering if he was okay, if he was alive. Maria clutching her stomach in pain, Michael winced. He could feel it, it was like her organs were squeezing each other. Maria finding out she was pregnant, the fear and joy she felt at having a piece of Michael with her. Maria and Liz telling her mother about their alien origins. Maria being discovered, going to New York, making music which in her heart she dedicated to him. He felt it all, her fear, her sadness, her pain and most of love her everlasting love for him even after he'd ripped her heart to shreds.
This was his fault, he realised. What a waste of seven years! He missed out on loving Maria, helping raise their daughter. When the connection ended Michael felt empty, cold and disappointed.
He looked up to find the others staring at him with concern.
"Are you okay, it was like you were in a trance" said Isabel.
"I'm fine," he mumbled turning back to Maria.
"Is she okay?" asked Liz
"I- wow!"
Maria's eyes flew open as living breath escaped her lips.
"She's alive!" he heard Liz cry with joy.
Yes she is, thought Michael as her confused eyes stared into him.

"I don't need to go to the hospital," Maria protested, "you guys healed me, I'm fine".
"We just want to make sure," said Liz squeezing her shoulders, "besides how will it look if we don't?"
"Right, remind of our story again?" she asked
The reply came from Michael in front of the car, with his back to her he said, "we say some crazed fans kidnapped you and held you at ransom for your first guitar. We got the call, gave them the guitar for their obsessed collection and drove you straight to the hospital. No police otherwise they were unhinged enough to have killed you."
"Right" she nodded, "and I didn't see them because I was blind folded and when I did; they were wearing masks, no torture, just talk about me; they just wanted my guitar, if not they may have gone Mike Myers on me, " she feigned confusion, "I'm not sure", she finished smiling.
"Right." He confirmed.
"Are you okay, really?" Liz asked.
"Given the givens, I'm okay" Maria assured her.

"I'm not okay!" said Maria as she shoved her clothes into the overnight bag Liz had brought for her.
"Maria what are you doing?"
"Leaving before Michael gets here", she said as if it was obvious, "I can't be here, I can't see him Liz not yet."
"He knows everything!" she said desperately
"which is what you wanted"
"Well yeah," she slumped onto the bed, "that was before I found out that didn't love me."
Liz sat down beside her, "He was upset, he probably didn’t mean to say half the things he said, he didn't know"
"It's not just that bulldozing conversation Liz…seven years, he was on earth for seven years and he didn't tell me"
"Neither did Max-"
"-not to mention that he's been living every guys' fantasy. I did a little research on him, turns out he and his black suit buddies are the like Hugh Hefners of the body guard industry. Dates everyday of the week and not relationship seeking types, no Liz, just good fun good looking trophy girls," she sighed sadly. Then remembering Liz's point added, "besides, that's different, Max looked for you and after he found you happy because he loved you so much he stayed away from you. Michael came back, climbed the corporate ladder and landed himself a playboy life style."
"It's weird you know, not knowing where he was seems better because at least I still thought about what we had in a good light"
"You don't think he loves you but you still love him", Liz summarised.
"How sad is that!"
"What about Michelle?"
"I won't deprive her of her father, that is if he wants to…"
"of course he wants to"
"while I'll just stand by the side lines."
"don't give up till you've talked to him," said Liz.
"Fine. I'll meet you at the airport at six, I can't stay here. He knows where to find me" said Maria.

Ray picked up his cell on the first ring.
"What's up Ray Man".
Tears of relief almost descended down his cheeks, "Maria. You're okay"
He turned to face an anxious Amy, "she's okay,"
"she is oh thank God," grabbing the phone from him she said, "Maria honey it's me Mum, are you okay?"
"Yes Mum, I'm fine," he heard her say, "I'm catching the flight back to L.A. at six, I'll see you in a few hours. How's Michelle?"
Ray smiled as Michelle virtually lit up with joy as her mother's voice came through the phone. She was back, she was okay. Of everything else that was all that mattered.

Michael walked towards Maria's room more nervous than he'd been in a long time. Clutching the red tulips he'd bought, he leaned through her door expecting to see her on her bed at least. But the bed was neatly made, vacant, empty. In the corner chair sat Liz with Max comforting her.
No, it can't be. Not after all we've been through.
Liz's tear stained eyes met his, "Michael,"
"Where is she?" he demanded.
Gone. Not here. Dead. The words rang in his ears somehow not finding the correct association in his brain.
"Early this morning" she replied sadly.
Michael leant against the wall for support, "Why didn't anybody call me?"
"Because she didn't want us to"
"She… What-"
Seeing the confusion on his face, Liz grinned and said, "oh, no Maria's not dead,".
Michael's strength returned.
"She just left,"
And then dissolved.
"I'm sorry Michael," she said.
"Don't be, it's not your fault".
He turned and left throwing the tulips in the trash basket.
"Michael wait!"
"Not now Maxwell!"
He just wanted to go to his apartment, play loud music and pretend he didn't exist.
"Wait!" Max shouted, his echo circulating along the corridor.
Michael stopped and turned, "what, are you going to lecture me now?"
"Michael, do you love her?"
What kind of question was that?
"Maria do you love her."
"How can you ask me that?"
"I am. Do you?"
"Yes" he replied exasperated.
"She loves you too"
"Only I screwed it up."
"Michael seven years, you've missed out on seven years to be with her, don't make it longer. You love her, she loves you…she said you know where to find her."
Michael could see light at the end of the tunnel, maybe, just maybe if he followed the rainbow even through the darkness and the rain, he could still find his pot of gold.
"So go" smiled Max.
"I'll go," smiled Michael. Dashing down the hallway and into his car with renewed hope. Michael promised himself that of all things, this, this last chance was the one thing he would not ruin or run away from.

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Michael was near breaking point, he'd looked for Maria everywhere, she wasn't back in L.A. he'd called everyone. He'd checked The Crashdown under new management, he'd checked his old apartment. He'd checked every where apart from-
Of course! He'd missed the one place where she'd be, he just hoped she was still there.

Maria stared at her bedroom roof. She hadn't changed her room, she visited it every time she needed to get away from the chaos of the music biz. Her room, her home was a cocoon a baby blanket where memories of the past tucked her in to sleep and dream sweet dreams of times past and futures not yet realised.
Sighing she looked at her clock. Her plane was leaving in half an hour. She didn't think that he'd come, why had she even tried. It was over between her and Michael, over. She should just call Liz and tell her that she'd see her at the airport. Rising off her bed she stopped at the window, looking beyond what the outside showed. Looking back to that raining night, when Michael had stood outside her window, wet, eyes pleading…that was a memory she held close to her heart. Her eyes came back into focus taking in the dirt road, the street lamp not yet lit, Michael standing beside it-
Maria had to do a double take, but there he was, standing outside her window. With an increasing feeling of déjà vu, Maria shook her head at him.
"No, Michael, this is not happening. It's over between us, I have closure. I love you but no, no , no, no!"

Michael stood awkwardly in her room. She was still here and still Maria.
"Your room is.."
"like a time warp I know,".
She stood with her arms crossed at the end of her bed, he was at the top.
"You left early"
"I had and still have a plane to catch" she replied.
"Look," they said in unison.
"You first," he said.
"Fine. I just wanted to say that you don't have to worry about me leaking it to the press that Michelle is yours, and don't worry about me hounding you for child support either, we'll manage."
Michael could hardly believe his ears.
"Is that what you think I want!" he said as he walked towards her.
"What else would you want?".
At that question he froze. Of course what else would she think he wanted, after the way he'd treated her, how could he expect her to understand?
Well, I'm going to make her understand.
"I want-," he began taking a step towards her, "everyone to know Michelle is mine if they ask, I-
"-I know, you don't want your playboy-five-girls-a-week lifestyle to be disrupted, I get it."
"Will you let me finis- My playboy what?". He shook his trying to keep his thoughts together as his mind flashed back to the days when they used to argue like this. Just being here in her room, it brought back so many intoxicating memories, her smiles, her cedar oil scent, her open inviting eyes.
"I want," he began again, "everyone to know Michelle is mine if they ask"
He saw her eyes go wide with surprise.
"I want to be a part of her life". He was an arm stretch away from her now. He closed the gap between them. Looking earnestly into her eyes, he said, "I want you."
"Why?" she asked, her voice barely a whisper.
Michael held out his hands to her, "let me show you"
His heart pounded wildly against his chest, this was it, if she took his hands then he had hope, but if she didn't…then his world would be filled with meaningless events and banter, only seeing but never grasping the beauty and happiness that life had to offer.

Maria looked at his outstretched palms. Those hands, they'd caressed her skin, travelled through her hair and sent shivers to her spine.
This is it Deluca, the choice, Michael or no Michael.
As that thought entered her mind, Maria realised she really didn't have a decision to make. To think that she did would be the greatest lie she could tell herself. She had spent seven years with no Michael and it had sucked. To know that he was here, even after everything, she needed to do this, to know why at least."
Tentatively she placed her warm hands into his. He squeezed them gently sending a rush of electricity and heat to her cheeks culminating in a burst of white light in front of her eyes.
The light cleared to reveal Michael, not on earth but on Antar, his joy at finally seeing the home he had always dreamt of seeing and realising that he didn't want to be there; mainly because of the weapon pointed at his head but also for a different reason. Maria couldn't figure out what it was as it was replaced by another image of Michael looking at their green tinted sky trying to penetrate it, to somehow see…her. Maria could feel what he had experienced at that moment because it mirrored her own feelings for the two years after the aliens left…emptiness, pain, like half of your body had been severed off. Maria saw him, felt him experience the pain and brutality of war, of seeing people he respected or loved die.
He felt that
Michael on earth, eyes wide with a new found appreciation for his home. Earth.
Looking for her and finding her, her fame and her child. Maria flinched as she felt his heartbreak.
Michael working as a security guard, moving up the ladder wanting to make himself a better man…for her.
Dark blue lights, a stage, her speaking into the microphone thanking her family and friends and fans for her music award and in wings, he was there. At every event, he was there, the reason he worked for Old man Hartley was because of her!
Maria had to draw in breath when the connection was broken. Her eyes were wet. She stared at those hands still holding onto hers. He had always been there, loved her always.
"We came back because Earth was our home, you Maria are my home."
"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" she asked staring into his gentle eyes.
"Because I was too dense and stubborn and hurt to admit how much I loved you and the fact that you didn't love me back"
"But if you had tried-"
"I know. I regret a lot of things, not telling you, all the wasted time I spent with trophy girlfriends instead of you and Michelle. I know I've screwed up Maria but I was just wondering…" he broke off.
"what?" she asked squeezing his hands to encourage him.
"I was wondering," he began softly, " that um, given the time and space, if you could let me love you"
Maria smiled. She had no thought, just feeling of overwhelming happiness.
Kissing him passionately she smiled, "I think I could do that"

"Step on it Ray," said Maria impatiently as they drove through L.A. traffic.
"I would, but it's rush hour, any attempts made to increase speed would lead to an accident" he replied and smiled at her, "which would mean you wouldn't be able to pick up that hot number for dinner tonight which by the way you should have picked up yesterday so, patience."
"Fine, you're right, it's my fault," she replied smiling, "though I do recall, it was you who challenged me to that poker re-match".
So she was going to be a little late, life in general was good. It was more than good, everyday Maria woke up singing, when she brushed her teeth, she thought of his eyes, his lips. Michael Guerin was like a drug she didn't want to get off of in all ways good. Speaking of which-
"Hey since we are going to be late anyway, let's stop by Michael's office and surprise him"
"You're seeing him tonight" grinned Ray.
"Hours from now, I just want to stop by and say hi and remind him. You know his problem with punctuality to dates."
"Okay, fine" conceded Ray as he changed lanes.

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Michael rushed out of his office building with such haste that he nearly bumped into someone.
A long legged someone to be exact. "Cassandra!" he exclaimed surprised. That was what he had forgotten to do, call Cassandra and tell her that whatever they had was over, he was now officially taken.
"Michael," she smiled sexily. Michael glanced at his watch, it was rush hour and he needed to get home and change before he took out Maria.
"I have something for you," she said.
Michael finally focused on her, "Oh yeah, what?"
Before he could move back, her arms were around his neck and her lips were coming towards his.

Maria practically jumped out of the car as Ray parked across the street from Hartley&Co's offices.
"Careful!" shouted Ray as she crossed over.
"Relax," she called over her shoulder, "traffic is practically at a standstill"

Ray laughed after her. It was good to see her smile, a real smile. These days they were coming every day and Ray had to admit that the reason was Michael. He had tried to hate him, find something to dislike about him but all in all, he was a good guy. It wasn't like he didn't date other women, it was just that none were Maria, Ray had just thought that after a while there might be a chance with Maria, but he had to let that go because her heart belonged to someone else. And he loved her enough to be happy for her.

Maria stopped dead as she approached the entrance. Every emotion of joy of anticipation evaporated from her, the only thing left was ice shattered by the scene before her. Michael his lips kissing not hers but some long-legged, from the box blondie.

Michael managed to disentangle himself away from Cassandra and froze.
No way.
It couldn't be.
Maria was standing a few feet from them, mouth open, her eyes registering anger, shock and most of all hurt. No, not again, Michael had promised himself that he would never cause that look to cross her face again, that look of pain, betrayal.
Pushing past Cassandra he ran towards her, "Maria," he had to make her understand, but she was already backing off.
"Wait, I can explain"

Maria didn't want him to explain, a picture said a thousand words. Blinded by tears she raced across the road ignoring his calls.

Ray was surprised to see Maria practically running across the road with Michael after her. Something was wrong. Maria wasn't even looking where she was going.
"Maria!" he shouted.

"Maria!". That last call sounded like surround sound. Maria stopped, heard the screeching tires and something hit into her.

Michael's eyes grew wide as the car failed to stop. He watched as if in slow motion, Maria fall to the ground, her head smacking against the concrete. Forgetting everything he rushed towards her.

Ray heard the scream, it wasn't Maria's he realised as he reached her it belonged to a bystander. No Maria wasn't moving. Michael reached her at the same time he did.

Michael flicked back her hair from her forehead, "Maria"
She looked at him. Good she was alive. She had to stop doing this to him or him to her.
"Is she okay?" he heard a concerned voice ask. Ray.
Michael looked back at her, "Michael," she said weakly.
Ray felt for her pulse and looked up at him, "we need an ambulance". Michael nodded as he removed his cell phone from his pocket. The whispers on the streets and the fact that there was a crowd gathering pierced through his Maria centred bubble and brought him back to reality. Maria was hit, it was rush hour, she wasn't doing too good, her eyes, that light was fading.

"Hey!" Ray exclaimed as Michael grabbed the phone from him and ended the call.
"Forget the ambulance," he replied, "they won't get here in time."
"So what do we do?" he asked. They couldn't let Maria die.
Michael paused, the sands in the hour glass emptying, the invisible clock counted down.
What the heck!
Ray looked up surprised as he began lifting Maria to carry her, grabbing Michael's shoulder as he advanced to their car, he said "What do you think you're doing, you're not supposed to move her."
"Open the car door," Michael ordered instead, Ray stood still.
"Look, I'll explain on the way just help me get her into the car".
Ray relented and opened the back door as Michael placed Maria gently on the back seat.
"Now what?" he asked as Michael opened the driver's seat.
"Get in" he ordered. Ray got into the passenger side and fastened his seatbelt as Michael revved up the car.
"Are driving her to the hospital?" he asked as they rounded a corner into an alleyway.
"In this traffic, no"
"Then what?" he asked.

"Press two on your car phone speed dial," he replied as he parked and surveyed the alley.
Good, it was empty.
"Max, it's Michael"
"where are you?"
"At home,"
"no liz and Jacob are here, why?"
"you're garage empty?"
"yes, Michael what is it?"
"Maria's hurt, we'll be there in a second" he replied and hung up.

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Has this guy lost it? Thought Ray
"Michael, Max lives in Boston, we're in L.A." he said.
"I know," he replied, "we're going to teleport"
"teleport", he said slowly. If it had been anyone else he would have laughed in his face, but Michael was an alien and had a completely serious expression on his face.
"okay" Ray nodded.

Michael took a deep breath and glanced at Maria, her eyes were closed, her hair was matted with dark blood. It was risky he knew and had only ever done it once but this was Maria's only chance. Closing his eyes he concentrated, concentrated on the car. Imagined it's basic parts, then pictured their bodies at the molecular level disappearing and reappearing in Max's garage.

Ray's eyes widened as the car began to disappear and his hands
"What the-"

"-heck" his hand was back. So was the car. Except they weren't in the quiet alley anymore but in what looked like a garage.
"Michael" he said, turning to him.

Michael opened his eyes and smiled. Yes, he thought triumphantly.
I did it, I really did it !
The garage door opened.
"Max" he said as he got out.
"Maria's hurt," he said as he carried her out. He could leave it till later to get a lecture on his irresponsibility, right now Maria's life was at stake. Max glanced at Maria and sprung into action.
"Bring her through to the living room," he said as he led Michael through the kitchen.
"Maria" cried Liz as they placed her on the couch, "what happened?"
"We went to see Michael," said Ray, " and she got hit by a car."
"She'll be fine," he reassured her as he knelt down beside her to heal her.

Ray watched as Max placed his hand on her forehead and chest and closed his eyes. He'd never seen him actually heal someone before, he'd heard the stories but had never seen it. Maria looked pale and weak. Her light, that vibrant nature was fading and it all had something to do with Michael.
"If she dies," he said to Michael, "regardless of your alien origin, I'll kill you."
Michael looked at him in surprise then understanding, "you're in love with her."
He shrugged, " so are you" he replied.
His attention was drawn back to Maria when he heard her gasp.

Maria eye's focused on Max, "Welcome back," he smiled, "again"
"Thanks," she said as she sat up on the couch.
Wait a minute if the photos around the living room were right, then she was in Max's house in Boston.
"What am I doing here?" she asked as the memories organised themselves in her mind.
"You got hit by a car and Michael, risked his life and Ray's to…basically teleport you here", said Max.
Teleport? That's new.
"Okay, thanks," she nodded to Michael.
"So how did you get hit by a car?" asked Liz
The question reminded Maria, of why she had had tears in her eyes.
"Well Liz, when a girl catches her so-called boyfriend in a lip lock with a leggy blonde, traffic just doesn't seem to register."

"You're two-timing Maria," said Ray, "after everything she's been through?"
"I can explain," he said.
"Fine." Said Maria, "Which day of the week was she, Monday, Tuesday, Saturday?"
Maria didn't care.
"At the time did she know that you were taken?"
"Did you tell her?"
"No bu-"
Michael didn't get to finish his sentence because Ray's fist finished it for him.
"You scum!"
"Ray, stop it," she said as Max held him back.
"It's okay," said Michael, "I deserve it,"
"We'll get to you later," said Maria. She turned to Ray, "While I thank you and love you for looking out for me, this isn't Jerry Springer okay?"
"Sorry," he replied eyeing Michael.
"It's fine."
"Okkkay," said Liz, "Maria, why don't we go wash that blood out of your hair while these boys cool down," she suggested.
Maria thankful for the attempt to disperse the hostility, nodded as Liz led her up the stairs.

"So what happened?" asked Liz after the blood had been washed out of Maria's hair.
"Exactly that, I caught him cheating on me", replied Maria. She sighed as she sat on the edge of the tube as all those images of her and Michael laughing together and raising Michael together were contaminated with those words.
"Are you sure?" asked Liz.
Was she serious?
"Liz, her lips were on his," Maria tried to shake off the image, but it was still there dangling in front of her eyes, taunting her for her optimism. " I can't believe I let him in with his you-are-my-home-garbage"
"Maria calm down" said Liz.
"Let's examine the kiss, was it passionate?" she asked.
"Looked like from where I was "
"who was kissing who"
"I don't know."
"Well were his arms around her?"
"For second or so"
Detective Liz nodded, "uh huh and how long was the kiss?"
"I came right at the end but who knows two hours" she replied frustrated.
"Come on" said Liz.
"Okay," Maria relented, " I'm not sure."
Liz smiled, a knowing look travelled across her face, "So don't you think you should talk to him and be sure?"
Maria sighed, when Liz got like this, there was no turning her down.
"Fine, but if you hear glass shattering, that's that pretty vase on the table"
"I don't live here yet so, it'll be Max's" she replied laughing.

Michael got up as Maria came in.
"Guess it's our cue to leave," said Ray as they headed out the door.
Michael was alone, with a very angry, hurt Maria.
Not good.
"It didn't mean anything", the words rushed out. He was going to make Maria believe him even if it meant collecting CCTV footage of the event.
"Good to know" she replied her steely demeanour masking her pain.
"And Cassandra, she didn't know that we were together because I forgot " he explained.
"You forgot to tell her that you were attached" she said incredulous.
"Well I've been busy with you for the past two weeks and me and Cassandra aren't together, we just go out, so it slipped my mind to tell her."
She nodded as if maybe she believed him.
"The kiss, how long was it?"
What was I supposed to time it? The words went unspoken however because he was in the dog house, any attempts made to further anger Maria would lead to her harming him.
Instead he shrugged and guessed, "I don't know a couple of seconds?"
She wasn't biting.
Arms crossed, she demanded, "Be more specific".
"Okay, maybe two seconds, she practically ambushed me I was trying to get her off me"
"Two seconds?"
Michael held his breath as she strode up to him and looked into his eyes as if trying to extricate the truth from them. He looked back into her, mentally trying to communicate that what he was saying was the truth. If the eyes were the window to the soul, then she should be able to tell right?
The word didn't register at first.
Did she just say…
"okay?" he asked for confirmation.
She nodded, "I forgive you… but Michael if you ever kiss anyone for two seconds again I'll kill you"
He smiled relieved, "I could live with that"
Wrapping her arms around his waist she continued, "and after we leave, you will call every white collar long nailed hoochie in your black book and tell her you're taken"
"After today, I don't think I'll need to" he said.
Removing her head resting on his chest she looked up at his suspiciously, "why?"
That question again. Only this time despite the blood rushing in his ears and sound of his heart pounding fiercely against his chest, not to mention the fact that he felt like he was one step from either dropping off the edge of a cliff or crossing over to the other-side.
"Well, I was going to be early or on time tonight. You wanna know why"
"To avoid a lecture?" she supplied.
"Well yeah, that and…this," he said presenting her with the velvet box which he'd carried in his pocket for the past week.

Maria froze mid-smile, her eyes fixed on the small velvet box in Michael's hand, "Oh my gosh Michael, is that what I think it is?"
Maria watched stunned, as Michael, the stubborn Michael Guerin, get down on his knees.
"Maria, I love you. This past week, I've had fun, you’ve given me my life back and I know it's sudden but I love you and I'm ready, I've been ready and if you're not, that's fine we could have a long engagement but please… say you will be my wife"
Was he kidding? How could she not be.
"yes" she shouted.
Stunned, he asked doubtful, "yes?"
"Yes, Michael Guerin, I will marry you"

The screaming brought the others rushing into the room.
"What's going on?" asked Liz
"This, is what" said Maria as she presented Liz with the delicate but highly expensive diamond engagement ring on her finger. The room was filled with more squeals and screams.
Ray walked up to him a blank expression on his face.
This is not the time for a throw down, thought Michael tensely. His muscles relaxed when Ray presented him instead with his hand, "congratulations" he said.
Michael shook it, "thank you"
"She's a great girl, treat her the way she deserves."
"I will" he replied.
Max hugged him, "you proposed"
"yeah" he replied not quite believing it himself.
"I'm proud of you" he said.
"thanks" he replied.
Only now they had one problem left.
"Which one of us is going to phone Izzy?" asked Michael
Max raised his hands as if protesting his innocence, "You are the groom, you do it"
"So she can scream down my ear and bombard me with fifty questions a minute?" said Michael
"Better you than me" shrugged Max.
Michael smiled at the scene around him, at his soon to be wife radiated beauty and light from across the room. This was life.
She, he decided as Maria caught his gaze, is life.
He was finally home.


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thanks for the comment, I never thought about doing a wedding. but you know what now I will, just give me a few days*happy*
posted on 24-Aug-2002 7:43:25 AM by willowbv
A/N: okay at first I thought Khivar came back m/l are together and so are m/m what can possibly come next, so when the wedding idea came up I hit a wallbut it opened a door instead. So if you think Khivar coming back was interesting, the following parts get a little more. SO FEED BACK TO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK PLS*happy*

A/N and DESCRIPTION: okay so first of all I wrote the first fic THE RETURN THE FIRST CHAPTER on M/L (which I suggest you read if you fully want to understand the m/l parts ⊕ viewthread?forum=dreamer-fanfiction&id=222572&sr1=THE+RETURN#post230407) then the second on M/M (which you probably just finished reading. This is a continuation of the first and second chapters. M/L and M/M have merged, so this fic is going to be about them both and their wedding preparations. It's two weeks till the wedding…the question is, is there going to be one because as both couples grow to find, their past isn't ready to let them move on yet.

The warm sunrays against her cheek roused Liz out of her peaceful Max filled slumber. She stretched and yawned, a smile appearing on her mouth as she remembered why everyday the sun seemed to shine brighter, the sky bluer and the world more beautiful. All because of Max Evans. She lay in bed, her favourite Saturday morning activity picturing his smile, his eyes, and his lips-
The shrill of the phone broke Liz away from her facial sketch; she lazily picked up her cordless.
"Morning sleeping beauty."
Max. Her smile grew wider, "Hey," she breathed.
"What are you doing right now?" he asked.
Liz glanced at her clock; "It's nine am on a Saturday morning Max I'm lying in bed," then she added suspiciously, "why?"
"I was wondering if you could do me a favour," he said seriously.
Sitting up in her bed she replied, "Sure, what?".
"Well you see those reds rose petals just entering your bedroom door?"
"Noo," puzzled by his question Liz got out of bed, walked towards the door and stopped. A small gasp escaped her lips.
"Do you see them now?" he asked.
Liz nodded as she opened the door further, her eyes grew wide when she realised it was a trail of red rose petals, "Uh huh," she whispered.
"Follow the trail," he said. As she took a step outside her door and followed the petals Liz watched in amazement as the red pigment disappeared replacing the red petals with white rose petals.
"Max" she said her voice adopting that what-are-you-up-to tone.
"Just follow the trail," he insisted.
The trail led out her bedroom, down the hallway and stopped just outside her living room, "I hope this trail isn't going outside because all I'm wearing are my pyjama shorts and a tee-shirt and my hair's a mess."
"I like you natural," he laughed playfully.
Liz laughed and then gasped when she entered her living room. No not her living room but-
"Max," she began as he stood at her window. Her bedroom window back in Roswell. "Why does my living room," she continued as she stared around her, "look like my bedroom balcony in Roswell."
And it did, in every detail, the red brick walls, the chair where she sat to stare at the stars or write in her journal…everything.
Instead of replying, Max closed the gap between them silencing her questioning gaze with his warm electrifying lips.
Breathless and flushed, Liz looked at her balcony and then at Max completely puzzled, "Max what is this?"
"This," he replied waving his hand at the room, "is where I followed my heart".
What? she thought mystified.
Cupping her face between his palms he explained, "remember the Roswell heatwave?"
Right, She nodded and smiled,"Of course I do, it's when we had-"
"our first kiss," he finished as his lips met hers once more.
The kiss made her knees weak and Max holding her up by supporting her waist only made her feel exhilaratingly weaker.
"Max" she asked breathless. His scent, the taste of his lips was intoxicating. Their foreheads pressed together, Liz opened her eyes and instantly connected with the brown chocolate pools looking back at her. They didn't talk, talking took too much energy when it could be spent on more important things like Max's hands stroking her hair, her back and his lips and tongue dancing with hers.
"Liz", he breathed when they finally broke apart for air.
"Umm," she replied.
"I love you," he said.
"I love you too Max." He wrapped his arms around her waist and she did the same. His intense gaze told Liz there was more much more to his statement.
"Being away from you," he continued, "not touching you, holding you, kissing you is something I don't want to ever happen."
Liz's pulse started racing as he continued, this was, this was different…there was something in Max's eyes something she'd previously only seen for a second before it disappeared but now, now it was there and wasn't disappearing. She opened her mouth but nothing came out.
"This thing with Khivar last week and Michael and Maria made me realise something."
"What?" she asked.
"That I love you Liz Parker," Max replied, "and I don't just want to say I love you,"-Liz's heart was racing, her heart was telling her something that her mind couldn't quite process as Max bent down on one knee-, "I want to show you that I love you," - he held up a small white velvet box to her and opened it-"for the rest of my life."
Liz's mouth closed as he rose up, "Liz Parker, will you do me the great honour of being my wife?"
A single tear ran down her cheeks as her fingers brushed the delicate pearl set in the centre of the ring. Now she knew she knew what that look in his eyes and the feeling in her heart was; it was love. Not that first level romance I love you but the I love you. The love that would be patient and kind and forgiving.
Liz felt a warm hand stroke her cheek, "Liz?"
"Yes," she replied looking up at him.
"Yes?" he asked apprehensively.
She nodded, "Yes," she replied as she hugged him.

Maria awoke with a start, gasping for breath she looked wildly around her, her pulse not settling until the cave around her morphed back into her bedroom, in her home.
It's okay Deluca calm down, she told herself as she rested her head on the headboard. He's dead, dust, he can't hurt you anymore.
Great, she groaned angrily as she pulled off the terror-soaked pyjama top. Once again she was going to have to change into a new pair of sweat free pyjamas just because of some nightmares caused by another alien psycho who just couldn't let it go. Sighing, Maria turned on her bedside lamp, this was the sixth time in two weeks that she'd had the nightmare, the same nightmare. Of Khivar. Of the kidnapping. Of the pain and tortur-
She shut her eyes trying to wipe away the memories, the thoughts. Satisfied, she opened them, took her shaking hand and held it up to the light and smiled as the diamond sparkled.
Michael. The thought of his name washed warmth and safety over her. In just two weeks, she was going to be Mrs Maria Deluca Guerin. Maria Guerin. She liked that. She had decided that she was going to keep her maiden name for her album but everywhere and to everyone else she was Maria Guerin.
"Maria Guerin," she whispered, liking how it sounded, she repeated it again and again and again and kicked her feet out of the covers with excitement.
Drained of the sudden burst of energy but wide-awake, Maria decided to go downstairs for some milk. They had a fitting tomorrow; milk was the only thing that got her to sleep. They. Her and Liz. Not only was this going to be one of the best days of her life because she was going to be marrying the man she loved but also because her best friend would too. Max had finally proposed to Liz a week after Michael. Maria smiled as she remembered how nervous he was about planning how he was going to propose, but all had gone well, Liz had obviously said yes and after some fast talking from Isabel, she had convinced them all that a double wedding was perfect and Maria had to agree. This would be a day that would go down in history…well their family history anyways.

In that state where she was half awake and half-asleep, Isabel whispered his name.
The deciding vote over the state of her consciousness was given when she heard his reply, "Isabel". Her name resonated within her mind within her eardrums as if he was talking right into her ear. Isabel's eyes flew open; the call of her name fading as her surroundings became clearer.
"Alex?" she called looking around the room.
This was getting weirder and weirder by the day. She hadn't had Alex dreams for six years and now all of a sudden he was making an appearance in almost every dream. Almost every night Isabel had been reliving her best and worst moments with Alex, this one had been about the prom her last night with him. They had been dancing and talking and laughing and then all of a sudden something happened. Some force was pulling him away from her and she couldn't do anything to help him. Not one her best dreams. Isabel sighed, now she was awake and really didn't want to go to sleep just yet. Maybe she'd go downstairs and grab some warm milk, that always helped her get to sleep.

Isabel was surprised to find the kitchen lights on and Maria peering in the fridge.
"Hey," she said.
"Hey," Maria replied as her withdrawn hand revealed a half-full milk container.
"Couldn't sleep?" she asked. She noted that Maria had changed from her pink shorts and top, which they had been playing twister in, to a blue pair.
"Uh huh," she nodded as she poured herself a glass of milk. "Want some?" she asked.
Isabel nodded.
"Warm?" she asked.
"Yes please," she replied as she slid into the stool around the kitchen counter.
"Another nightmare?" she asked as Maria slid in opposite her.
"Yeah", she nodded, "You'd think I'd be over it by now."
Isabel smiled sympathetically, "You need to talk to someone," she said.
Maria snorted, "Yeah what would I tell them that I was kidnapped by a dethroned alien looking for revenge? Besides our cover story makes no room for some chair time."
Isabel laughed, "You don't need chair time particularly, you keep having these nightmares because you haven't dealt with it, you keep pushing it down and besides," she added smiling, "if you did need chair time, you have you own in-house therapist."
Maria smiled, "True, true. Okay, Dr Evans, what is your professional opinion on my nightmares?"
"Well, nightmares are normal. The problem with yours is the fact that they come wayy to frequent and often which is because-"
"I know I haven't with the horrors of my kidnapping yet. But I will"
"When?" she asked.
"Well, after the whole busyness of the wedding is over."
"Maria, you need to cry, to shout, to scream, to deal. Now."
"Later," she replied as she swung off the stool and picked up the two warm mugs from the microwave.
Isabel sighed, she had seen quite a few people who had had traumatic experiences they never quite dealt with and for some it ruined their lives because they wouldn't let themselves process it, and instead they just wanted to forget it and move on. She didn't want that to happen to Maria.
"Let's drop me," she said as she handed her her mug, "Why are you up?"
Isabel wasn't ready yet to tell anyone about her Alex dreams. She hadn't told anyone, not Kyle, not Max or Michael.
It was probably because of the wedding that she was getting the dreams, she rationalised, the group was reunited but without Alex…it was empty without him.
"Just couldn't sleep, too busy thinking about our schedule for tomorrow," she lied.
Maria smiled, "thanks so much by the way for helping out with this. I don't know what we would have done without you."
"My pleasure," she replied as she finished the last drop of milk. It worked like magic, she was already yawning and her eyelids felt tired, that and talking to Maria had worn her out.
"I think I'm gonna head back to bed," she said.
"I'll come up with you," said Maria.
They dragged their feet upstairs, when they reached the top, Isabel was surprised to see Maria heading left instead of right where her bedroom was.
"Um Maria?"
Maria stopped and turned, "What?"
"You're bedroom's that way," she pointed right.
"Oh, I know," she replied, "I'll sleep with Ray. I don't have nightmares when with him."
"Oh," replied Isabel, "good night".
"'Night," she replied as she turned the knob to his room and entered.

Ray felt something warm snuggle in beside him, the cedar oil and strawberry scent told him it was Maria.
"Hey," he replied as he wrapped his arm around her, "another nightmare?"
"Yeah," she replied, "mind if I sleep here for a while?"
The question was unnecessary because the answer would always be the same but she always asked it anyway and he always answered.
"Sure," he replied as he felt his pulse start to race.
Get over it Ray, he told himself, she's in love with someone else, she's going to marry Michael. So get over it!
No matter how many times he told himself that, his heart still wouldn't adjust to this new information. Did she know what torture it was to him to have her lying there beside him and knowing that he couldn't kiss her or caress her cheek or-
Ray sighed, he would settle for watching her sleep, feeling her chest rhythmically rise up and fall and waking up next to her in the morning.

Liz met Maria infront of Caroline Castirol's. The good thing about having a famous friend was that when planning your wedding, you got the best of everything. Like for example Caroline Castirol one of the top wedding designers providing you with your wedding dress. Her wedding. Liz was still in a daze, she was really getting married and to Max Evans. Something that she'd been dreaming about and planning since the first time they'd kissed…and now it was really happening.
"Liz," called Maria as she approached her.
"Hey," she replied as they hugged.
"You are glowing," replied Maria.
Liz blushed, everyone kept saying that, "So are you," she replied. She didn't know what it was but it was like their happiness had flowed out and everyone could see it. Liz didn’t mind she wanted everyone to know that she was happy and in love and about to marry Max Evans.
"Isabel checked with the caterers and everything is on schedule," said Maria as they waved hello to the Kelly the secretary and made their way to the Mens department where Max, Michael, Kyle and Ray were trying on their suits.
"That's great," she replied. Maria had wanted a fruit cake extravagantly decorated; Liz had wanted a simple white frosted vanilla cake so they'd had to compromise since they didn't want two wedding cakes. Half the tier would comprise of Maria's cake and the other half would comprise of Liz's cake. That had sent the caterers into a tailspin as they had already planned on making two but thanks to Isabel, all was in order. Michael and Max called her obsessive but for once Liz was thankful for her Christmas Nazi attitude towards their wedding.

The girls pushed through the doors of the Men's department and froze.
"Oh my…" they said in unison.
Liz was speechless. Standing and modelling infront of the mirror were Michael, Max, Kyle and Ray dressed in a white ruffled shirts, top hats complete with a penguin jacket…Michael even had the stick!
The only difference was that Max's jacket was a deep blue, Michael's brown, Kyle and Ray's were green.
"What do think?" asked Michael smiling.
"What are you wearing?" asked Maria slowly.
"Ditto" replied Liz at Max.
"Our wedding suits" said Michael as if it was obvious.
Liz and Maria turned to each other, their NO-WAY expressions mirroring each other they turned to the brightly dressed men before them.
"Max," said Liz fixing him with a don't-even-suggest-wearing-that-outfit-to-the happiest-day-of-my-life-look. Eyes twinkling with amusement, Max shrugged off his jacket. Michael rolled his eyes at his whipped friend. Just because Liz had Max wrapped around her finger didn't mean he had to follow suit.
"Michael," began Maria.
"Look, just because Max folded at the sight of the Mrs-to-be over there doesn't mean I will. I like this," he said pulling at his lapels.
"So wear it for Halloween or something not my wedding," shouted Maria.

Just then, the door swung open. Isabel froze at the sight before her. She had to close her eyes and open them again to make sure what she was seeing was what she was seeing because it looked like Max, Michael, Kyle and Ray were all going to take part in some period costume drama. Maria looked like she was about to attack someone while Liz was trying to calm her down.
"Here we go," muttered Kyle.
"What are you guys wearing?" she asked.
"Our wedding suits," replied Michael defiantly.
Isabel smiled, turning to Liz and Maria she asked, "This is a joke right?"
Maria replied with an I-wish-laugh.
"You guys aren't seriously wearing those are you?" she asked.
"Why not, they get to choose their dresses," retorted Michael.
Isabel smiled tightly. You wish, thought Isabel
"Here's what we're going to do," she began curtly, " Max, Michael, Kyle and Ray, you're going to change out of those and put on the normal black suits the groom and best men wear at weddings. You are going to do this because this is special day for Liz and Maria and it will be perfect. Do we understand each other?"
They nodded.
"Good," she smiled. One problem taken care of.
Turning to Liz and Maria she said, "the seamstress is here make adjustments to your dresses upstairs I was just coming to get you."
"Thanks," said Maria as they exited the room.
Leading them out of the room Isabel smiled and replied, "You're welcome". As she closed the door she shot a stern look at the penguin boys as a warning.

"Wow," said Ray, "Guess the fun's over."
"My point still stands," said Michael, "they get to choose what to wear and seeing as it's my wedding too, I should get to choose what to wear. This is discrimination."
"No," said Kyle as he shrugged his jacket off. He'd caught Isabel's parting look, they all had and he knew she meant business. "It's a wedding," he continued, "You guys may be the ones walking down the aisle but make no mistake this" his voice adopted a secretive tone, " is their wedding. You just wear what they tell you to wear. I'm serious, girls plan for these things from like the fourth grade and no one not even you Michael can mess with the master plan. Plus with the Christmas Nazi now turned Wedding Nazi, you have no hope."
"He's right Michael," smiled Max, "they've got Isabel on their side…besides you aren't seriously going to wear that anyway are you?"
Michael shrugged off his jacket defeated, "Fine. Bring on the black suits," he added making a mental note to buy the suit for a fancy dress or Halloween like Maria suggested because he really liked it, especially the stick.

"You two look beautiful," said Isabel. They were on the second floor of Castirol's making adjustments to their wedding dresses. Liz had wanted the whole Cinderella dress, it was simple yet elegant, it was Liz. Maria had gone for the sleek look and had chosen a creamy coloured dress fitted with intricate beading which settled to floor and spread out into a short train; she didn't want a long one as she probably trip over it with her heels.
"We could be saying the same to you and a year or so," said Liz.
"Yeah, you and Kyle" marvelled Maria, " who would have thunk it, but you're good together,"
"Thanks," she replied with mock-offence.
"Come on," laughed Maria, "you know what I mean."
"Yeah," laughed Isabel. She did. Kyle wasn't exactly what she would have called her type…come to think of it Alex hadn't either- They'd met through her boyfriend at the time. He'd wanted to have dinner with a friend and her boyfriend who turned out to be Kyle. After that, Isabel couldn't remember why she was seeing David and Kyle broke up with Sandra, they just started hanging out and then bamm! It happened. That was two years ago and sure they'd gone through some issues but Isabel could say that she loved him.
"Kyle's a good guy," said Liz, "and he really loves you you know,"
"Yeah, I know," she replied.
"Good, it's set then," said Maria with a decisiveness, which surprised her.
Did I miss something?
"What's set?" she asked.
"You catching the bouquet," she replied as if it was obvious, "with your alien powers and two chances you can't miss."
Isabel laughed, "Okay, I'll catch the bouquet."
Maria's cell rang.
"Hi Mum," she said.
Isabel moved to help Liz with her veil.
"What time are you coming in?" she heard Maria ask
"Saturday at 9 okay, love you too," she replied and hung up.
"The calvary, comes Saturday," she replied.
"Is everyone coming?" asked Isabel.
"Yeah, your parents, mine, Liz's and Sheriff Valenti," she replied.
"This is really going happen," said Liz anxiously.
"Yep," she replied, "you're getting marri-"
Isabel gasped.
It couldn't be!
The reflection in the mirror. Liz, her and…Alex. She held his gaze for what seemed like an hour just to make sure he was there. She turned to see him behind her but all she saw were the empty chaise lounges in the room. She turned back to the mirror. He was gone.
Isabel looked down; it was Liz asking if she was okay.
"I'm fine," she lied.
Liz wasn't buying it.
"I was just thinking about Alex," she amended, "that scene in there with the guys, he would have loved it."
Liz stared at her as if searching for more but finally gave up and smiled sadly, "yeah. He would have probably gone for a purple jacket for royalty."
"Yeah and carried it on for a whole lot longer than those guys did," said Maria.
"He would have loved to see this," said Isabel sadly.
"Yep," said Maria then added brightly, "So let's make him proud."
Isabel laughed; she liked it when they remembered Alex because no matter how long he was gone, she couldn't help feeling that he was right by her side.
Not to mention seeing his reflection in the mirror. What was that about?
She could put it down to hallucinations but she knew it wasn't. She had stared hard at his reflection for a while and he looked back and smiled.
Only no one else saw him and he wasn't in the room.
Isabel knew she wasn't crazy, it had to be something else. "I'm just going to go take a walk," she said, "while you guys finish up."
"Okay," said Liz
"See you in a few," replied Maria.

Isabel made a pit stop in the girl's bathroom. Okay so something was definitely going on, first the dreams, hearing Alex's voice and now seeing him. Opening the cold tap she let it run over her fingers and then splashed some on her face.
"There has to be an explanation for this," she told her reflection.
"If there is" - Isabel jumped and spun around to face the speaker-, "please fill me in."
NO WAY. It couldn't be. It wasn't possible.
"Alex?" she asked shocked.
"Hey," he replied.

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hey *happy* it's been a while since I've posted for this fic, I've been busy trying out a UC/CC called Changes and it's going great. thanks for the feeback and I will be posting the next part to this fic sometime this week*happy*
posted on 22-Oct-2002 3:23:25 PM by willowbv
okay this next part is a bit short, but it's hot off the presses. This will answer the question of whether Alex is alive or not and hopefully raise more questions, enjoy*happy*

Isabel turned to the mirror and sure enough there was his reflection. Turning back to him. Her voice shaking she stated, "You're dead."
"I thought so too," he replied. He shrugged, "but I'm here."
"No you're not," replied Isabel as she edged towards the door, "you are some figment of my imagination like the last time."
"If I am," he said, "then you should be able to tell me why you conjured me up."
Isabel stopped, "Good point."
She stood there staring at him and he stared at her.
Isabel took a deep breath. Okay, so she'd been dreaming about Alex and had seen him in the mirror and now he was here talking to her. If this was not in her mind then it had to be somehow alien related considering his alien-caused death.
"So, how long are going to stand there?" he asked, "cause I could start a pool."
Isabel smiled as she cautiously circled him, "You talk like Alex and look like Alex,"- she pocked him in the ribs and he yelped-," and you feel real. So you must be Alex," she concluded.
"Give the girl a bear," he joked.
"Shut up," she replied smiling.
Then she hugged him. The warmth of his arms around her brought tears of joy to her eyes. It was Alex, it was really him. Isabel didn't know what this was, but it was definitely goo-
She jumped away from Alex as a woman came into the door. Isabel was all prepared to explain why a man was in the ladies bathroom when the woman just looked at her strangely and smiled, walked past Alex and into a cubicle.
Isabel looked from Alex to the cubicle.
She motioned him outside, "That woman didn't see you."
"Nope. Seems like you are the only one who can," he replied, "believe me, I've tried dancing in front of people, eating, shouting, no one can see me…apart from you."
"Why are you here?" she asked him.
"I don't know. Maybe the big guy upstairs thinks I have something else to do and since you're the only one who can see me…you'll probably be along for the ride."
"Great," said Isabel, "if planning a wedding isn't enough, I have to help my best friend's ghost or whatever."
"Good job by the way," he replied as they made their way back to Liz and Maria, " and Maria was right," he added as the paused by the door, "purple was definitely my colour choice."
Isabel laughed as she entered the room.
"Where's the fun?" asked Maria.
Isabel glanced back but Alex had disappeared. She stepped back into the corridor and he wasn't there, at least physically.
"Isabel?" called Maria.
"Nothing," she replied, "I was just… laughing to myself."
Maria shrugged and went back to adjusting her veil. Isabel sat in the sofa conversation washing over her. Years ago she would have probably freaked out over something like her dead friend appearing before her, but now she had seen too much, experienced so many perceived impossibilities that the only thing she felt was joy. Joy at seeing and talking to one of the people she cared most about.
Alex is back, she mused, at least for a little while and I'm the only one who can see him.
Isabel didn't consider the whys and the hows, the only thing that mattered was that Alex was back.

An hour later, the alterations had been done, the men had fled to a basketball game Kyle had tickets to while Isabel, Maria and Liz were attending to one final wedding issue for the day.
"So what's wrong with the flowers again?" asked Maria, this wedding had been riddled with so many problems that she couldn't keep track.
"They're out of stock," replied Liz as they entered the parking lot," all they had were red roses, so that's what they sent and the final flower arrangements and layout need our approval."
"So are we going to re-order the white roses from somewhere else?" asked Maria as she slipped into the seat of her car.
"That's a problem aliens can fix," replied Liz as she slipped into her car seat.
"That's the bonus of having other-worldy relatives," said Isabel as she slipped into hers.
"Amen to that," replied Liz.
Startled by the male voice Isabel turned to the now occupied passenger seat. Alex . He ran his fingers over the dashboard and glanced over at the two cars on either side of her. He let out an appreciative whistle, "the things you miss out on when you're dead," he said, "if I was alive, I'd have specially requested a black viper," he added. Isabel shook her head a smile spreading across her lips. Since everyone needed a car to get around, Maria had taken it upon herself to rent cars for each of them. Isabel had a red Mercedes convertible; Liz had a sleek black one while Maria drove her own yellow one.
"I need you to drive me somewhere," he said suddenly.
Isabel nodded and whispered "okay."
The engines on either side of her started up, "See you guys there," she shouted, "I have something to take care of first!"
"Okay," said Liz.
"Ciao," replied Maria as they drove out of the parking lot.
The two of them alone, Isabel turned to Alex," next time, could you give me a little warning before you decide to appear like that?"
"Sorry," he shrugged, "next time I'll try not to creep up on you."
"thanks," she smiled, starting the engine she said, "so where do you want to go?"
"A cabin up in the hills," he replied.
"What's there?"
"I don't know," he replied, his brown eyes turned to her "I just have this feeling that there's something I need to do there."
"Okay," she replied, "do you know the way?"
"Then let's go."

During the drive, Isabel kept glancing over at Alex, as if afraid that he would disappear.
He turned to look at her, as if reading her mind he said, "I'm not going anywhere Iz," he squeezed her hand gently," at least not anytime soon."
Isabel felt burst of pure joy shoot through her body, tears streamed down her face, "I missed you," she said.
"Me too," he replied, "but I've been dropping by, watching out for you guys."
Isabel's heart stopped, her eyes fixed on the road she said, "So you know about me and Kyle."
"Yep," he replied. Isabel knew that tone, it was the same tone she'd heard when she'd first told him that she just wanted to be friends…a lie she'd always regretted because of the wasted time, time she could have spent laughing and dancing with Alex.
"I'm sorry," she managed.
"Don't be," he replied, "Isabel I died seven years ago, you let me go, I wanted you to. And you're happy, that's all that matters."
"Kyle's a great guy," she said.
"I know and I guess of all people, I'm glad it's him instead of Grant Sorenson."
Isabel laughed, "you really didn't like him did you?"
"Well for one thing I was jealous that you liked him so much and another because…well just for that reason," he replied.
"So I have your blessing?" she asked.
"What?! Wow okay, I'm fine with you dating the guy but talk of marriage is getting me a little jealous here."
Isabel laughed, opened her mouth to say something but just shook her head in amusement instead. I've really missed this
"Speaking of weddings are you going to be at the wedding?" she asked.
"My two best friends getting married to the aliens who swept them off their feet, broke their hearts and then came back again? I wouldn't miss it for the world, it's been a long time coming."
"I know," she replied.
"Save me a dance?" he asked.
"Always," she replied as memories of their last dance together in the cemetery filled her mind.
"Okay," he said as they rounded a corner, "up that road," he pointed, "and turn left."
Isabel followed his directions and pulled up next to what looked like a small get-away cottage.
"Alex, what are we doing here?" she asked.
"I'm not sure," he replied as he got out of the car. Isabel followed him. She watched as standing at attention he looked up at the sky.
"Alex wha-" Isabel's eyes grew wide as a blue beam shot through the sky and surrounded him.
Isabel recognised it instantly, the ATL, advanced travel laser. What is going on?
She watched shocked as something jerked and pulled out of him. A cry escaped her as his limp body fell to the ground. She rushed down to him and turned him over to face her, "Alex!".
His eyes opened a little, "Isabel?" he asked his voice faint.
Isabel sighed with relief, "Yes, it's me Iz-ahhh!" pain ripped through her as something, no someone, forced their way inside her. In a second the pain and the blue light was gone.
Isabel opened her eyes and instinctively glanced around her. A smile spread across her face as she exhaled with satisfaction. Dusting herself off as she got up, she looked down at the body on the ground. By now, Alex had recovered and was struggling to get up.
"You're not getting away with this," he said through gritted teeth.
"Aww, how sweet, you still have hope," she replied. With a flick on her hand he fell back down unconscious," I gotta hand it you," she said as she dragged him into the cottage, "you did get a little sneaky with your dream walking, but," she clasped manacles around his hands and feet and gagged him, "not sneaky enough." The job done, she slid into her car and dialled her cell phone.
"Cassandra. It's me. Go ahead with phase three."
"I understand."
"And make it good." Ending the call adrenaline coursing through her veins, she started the engine, "Now the fun really starts."

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AN Hey guys, sorry about the longgg wait but I've been busy with school but don't worry, I've made this part nice and long to make up for it . I've decided to add a new addition to my posts, to give you a little idea of how close the wedding is, introducing:

Anyway here's the next part, hope you enjoy it.

"Sweetie, what do you think of this arrangement?" asked Vincenzo.
Maria's eyes lit up at the breathtaking sight flower arrangement Vicenzo was modelling for her. Excited she turned to Liz, whose expression mirrored her own.
This was it.
The one they had been waiting for.
She knew Liz's decision but asked the question for the sake of it, "What do you think Lizzie?"
"It's perfect," she replied.
"Yes?" asked Vincenzo for confirmation.
"Yes," verified Maria.
"Great! Although…" he continued," I don't know how you're going to get the white roses in on time".
Maria waved a careless hand, "Don't worry about it, I've got a friend who can get them in on time."
Thank you Isabel and your alien powers
Maria looked around her at the hotel ballroom, which was going to house their reception, it was bustling with activity, chairs being brought and in out, adjustments being made to practically everything. She looked gratefully at her friend and wedding planner, "Thanks soo much Vince, if it wasn't for you and Isabel I don't know where we'd be."
"No prob sweetie, giving brides their perfect wedding, especially one of my friends is an honour," he replied before strutting of to tell yell at one of the helpers about the set up of the entrance in the foyer.
"Speaking of Isabel," said Liz, "where is she?"
Maria looked at her watch, Isabel was pretty late, they were done and ready to. She shrugged, "Whatever it was she had to do must have taken longer than she expected." She took out her cell to ring her.
"Don't bother," said Liz, pointing behind her, "she's here."
Maria turned to see Isabel hurrying towards them, "Sorry I'm late," she said breathlessly.
The moment she reached them Maria was struck by something, odd in her manner, she couldn't quite put her finger on it but…she shook it off, it was probably nothing, "Not a problem," she smiled, "we're pretty much finished up here anyway."
"Did you get the problems sorted?" she asked.
"Yep," replied Liz as they made their way towards the exit," hopefully these are the last bugs in the system."
"You don't have to tell me twice," she agreed Beside her she felt Liz sway and stumble slightly. She glanced at her, her skin was suddenly very pale and she looked like she was about to throw up or faint. "Honey are you okay?" she asked worriedly.
Liz glanced at her and smiled weakly, "Yeah I'm fin…".
She would have hit the floor if Maria and Isabel on either side of her hadn't caught her. They quickly sat her on a chair, "Liz what's wrong?".
Colour was returning to her cheeks and she seemed fine again.
"I'm going to get her some water," said Isabel.
Maria nodded and turned her attention back to her best friend.
"I'm fine," she replied.
Maria gave her an incredulous look.
"Really it's just I've been feeling kind of out of it, hot and cold, lack of appetite, dizzy….I think I might be coming down with something."
She remembered that she'd looked a bit pale this morning and now that she thought about it on other days as well. Maria looked at her critically, she did look better now, but… dizzy, loss of appetite. It could mean several things… but given the circumstances….
Maria's eyes grew wide, her jaw dropped at the realisation, "You're pregnant!" she gasped, "aren't you? You slept with Max!"
Behind her she heard a glass shatter. She turned to see a paled Isabel, staring at Liz with…it looked like hate but that couldn't be right, concluded Maria, she was just probably shocked.
"You what?" she exclaimed.
Maria turned back to Liz, "You're pregnant and you didn't tell me! Your best friend in the whole world Liz, I can't-"
Maria felt hands on either side of her shake her, "Maria!" shouted Liz.
Liz bent down so they were eye to eye, "I'm-not-pregnant okay? I haven't slept with Max…yet and its probably just a flu or because I've been stressed about the wedding."
Maria stared into the eyes and found the truth. Calmly she asked, "So you're not pregnant?"
"No" replied Liz.
Maria heard a sigh of relief from behind her. She turned to Isabel about to ask what the look of evil at Liz was about when she spotted her picking up the shards of glass.
"Just leave it Iz, someone will clean it up."
"Okay, do you still need a glass of water Liz?"
"No I'm fine," she replied, "I just want to get home and rest."
"Okay," said Maria, "let's get you home."
They left the hotel, but Maria insisted that Liz leave her car and ride with her instead to keep an eye on her. Liz as usual protested, but Maria was not backing down on this one.
"I'll ask Vincenzo, to have someone drive it back," she told her as they got into her car.

In the car, Maria repeatedly peeked at Liz to make sure she was okay.
"'Ria will that stop that," she said, "I'm fine."
Maria smiled, "I just don't want you to get really sick so close to your wedding. On second thoughts it doesn't really matter cause Max can heal you anyways."
"Another bonus of having an alien husband."
"Yeah, that and the sex" she added.
She laughed at the sight of Liz turning red, "Oh" she teased, "don't tell me Liz Parker, Dr Liz Parker who has investigated the human anatomy is blushing at the word sex".
"It's not that, it's just, I'm a little nervous. I mean it'll be my first time and well it won't be Max's, I mean what if I'm not…good?"
Maria listened as her friend struggled for words, "What you really mean is that you think he'll compare you to Tess," she translated.
"That too," she said shyly.
"Okay a] I don't think it'll even cross his mind and b] you will be totally fine. There's a difference between you and Tess, Liz. Max loves you, he may have had feelings for Tess when she worked her mojo on him but he still and will always love you. So I'm pretty sure he'll be as nervous as you will."
"You think?"
"Definitely. And if you won't take my word for it, you could always ask him."
Liz laughed, "I think I'll pass, I believe you."

They arrived home to find Jena in the kitchen rifling through the fridge.
"Hey," she said.
"Hey," said Liz surprised, "weren't you supposed to get here later tonight?"
"Yep, but we got the early flight, there was an opening."
"Where's Joshua?" she asked.
"Playing float the objects with Michelle in the playroom," replied Jena.
At both their looks she added, "it's nothing sharp or breakable."
Liz sat on the stool and immediately felt the world around her spinning. It was happening again. She held onto the cold marble to steady herself until the wave passed.
I'll definitely make an appointment for tomorrow
"Are you okay Liz?" asked Jena.
"Just tired," she replied.
"Where's everyone?" she asked.
"Isabel should be in in a minute, Max, Kyle and Ray are somewhere bonding and-"
"Michael should be meeting me at his place in about half an hour if he isn't late," finished Maria, "I'll go say hi to Michelle and then go."
"I'll join you," said Liz. She hadn't seen Joshua in weeks and had missed him.
Liz and Maria pushed open the playroom door and smiled those smiles that parents have when watching their children, of pride and love.
They were floating things around the room, Michelle in a clockwise motion and Joshua in an anti-clockwise motion. To Liz it looked really cool and pretty. Joshua's head turned and caught them watching. His eyes lit up dropping the objects to the ground, "Liz!" he said as he ran to her. She bent down and hugged him tightly, "Hey you," she said rubbing his hair. They hadn't got to the stage where he called her mum yet. And was okay with that, "so what have you been up to all day huh?"
"I was on the plane and then I played with Michelle. Auntie Maria has a really big house!" he exclaimed.
"Yes she does," she replied as she glanced up at Maria talking to Michelle.
"How do you like hanging out with your cousin?"
"It's cool to play with someone who has powers, except she's really bossy stubborn and a drama queen."
Liz smiled, just like her mother.
After spending time with the kids, Liz and Maria left them in the playroom.
"I'm glad they hit it off so well," she commented.
"Me too," said Maria, "can you imagine the damage if they didn't? I mean with those powers, I know Michelle can get a little naughty sometimes."
Liz laughed, "shouldn't you be going?"
Maria looked at her watch, "Oh yeah, okay I'll see you later."
Liz waved goodbye and joined Jena in the kitchen.

"Are you nervous?"
"Nervous, excited," Liz sighed as she tried to find the words to express what she felt knowing that in a week she would be Mrs Liz Parker Evans," it's like this thing which for three years I dreamt about and thought I'd lost I get back. I'm ready, I've been ready."
"It must be nice," said Jena wistfully.
Liz looked at her questioningly.
"To have someone like that",
"You'll find someone", she said.
"Yeah." She responded in a disbelieving tone.
"Really, I mean when Max left for Antar, it completely paralysed me. He was the only person I'd ever loved and didn't think I could love again…but I did, he still wasn't and couldn't compare to Max but I was happy and I probably would have been happy with him but not the way I would have been with Max. If there's anything my whole life has taught me is that love never fails, or fades out and even if you give up on it, it finds you".
Jena smiled softly and nodded," Anyway forget about me, when's Nina coming?"
Liz's eyes lit up at the mention of her friend who had spent an hour screaming over the phone after Liz had told her she was getting married, "She should be here next Thursday, just in time for our hen night."
They sat talking about Nina and life and her wedding until Liz felt really tired.
She yawned, "I'm gonna go up to my room to take a nap", she said.
As Liz trudged up the stairs holding onto the banister, she felt her hands grow really warm. She let go of the banister not noticing the darkened patches where her palms had been and the smoke rising from them.

Kyle pulled up into the drive and once again had to stand back and admire Maria's mansion. She had really made it.
"What time are Jena and Joshua supposed to be coming in?" he asked as he and Max pressed the door-bell and Bridget the maid let them in.
Kyle and Max greeted her and made their way to the living room, "about six," he replied, " I should-Jena!" he exclaimed, "what are you doing here?"
Jena rose from the leather sofa and gave him a hug, "we got in early," she replied. Kyle inspected her as they hugged.
She was a total hottie.
Tall, long legs, jet black hair, smouldering brown eyes, if he wasn't with Isabel…
The smouldering brown eyes turned to him, "Oh, Jena this is Kyle, Isabel's boyfriend," said Max.
Kyle held out his hand and she shook it, "Hi," she said," finally we meet, Isabel's told me a lot about you."
Kyle ignored the shook that ran through him and gave her a warm smile, "I hope it's all been good".
"Don't worry it has," she replied smiling. They sat on the couch and Kyle tuned out as Max and Jena caught up, every now and then his eyes would be drawn to Jena and he would stare at her until she looked at him and smiled politely. He tuned back in in time to hear her tell Max that Joshua was in the playroom with Michelle.
"I'll go say hi," he said and left the room, leaving Kyle with Jena.
Great after the staring, she probably thinks I'm a weirdo.
"So," he began, "I hear you were a alien warrior back on Antar".
Oh great way to start a conversation Valenti, talk about war on Antar
"Yep," she replied.
"Must have been…interesting," he finished.
She laughed at his attempt to make conversation, he relaxed, "you could say that. I mean it was a war so it was pretty guresome…"

Kyle hadn't realised how much time had passed until half an hour later Max came back.
Wow, were we really talking for that long without a long awkward pause in conversation? He looked back at Jena who seemed as surprised as he was. He'd listened to her stories about Antar and he'd talked about his life in the alien club and other stuff he couldn't remember. As he smiled at her, he wondered why he felt incredibly guilty as if he'd somehow cheated on Isabel.
He looked up as Isabel walked in.
There's my girl he thought as he pulled her into his arms. He looked into her surprised eyes and felt her tense.
"Is something wrong?" he asked.
The surprise faded from her eyes and she relaxed, "No, no," she replied as she wrapped her arms around his neck, "I was just somewhere else, you know wedding plans,"
"Right," he replied as he gave her a slow deep kiss.
"Does that bring you back?".
"Um hi, Iz," called Max. Kyle smiled as they disentangled themselves from each other, "Hi Max," she said. Her eyes settle on Jena and for a second Kyle caught a look of despise and then it left, "Hi, Jena."
"Hi Iz.".
"I'm gonna go up and say to Liz," said Max," See you guys later," he waved. Jena made some excuse to leave.
Turning to her he said, "So, I know it's a little early so I was thinking that we can go out driving before we go dinner."
"That's great," she said.
"Great," echoed Kyle as the picture of Jena leaving the room ran across his mind.

Liz was officially going mad. She'd woken up from her nap and had been fixing her hair in the mirror when her face…disappeared. The reflection in the mirror was of a blank face, with no eyes, no nose and then just as suddenly as she'd seen it, it had returned to normal. She accounted that to drowsiness until she started hearing a conversation between Kyle and Jena and then Isabel and Max as loudly and clearly as if they were speaking in the room.
I'm delusional, hallucinating she thought, her eyes grew wide however as the footsteps she'd heard climbing up the stairs came closer and closer until they were by her door.
I really am going crazy She held her breath expecting the door not to open, but it did and Max was standing there.
What is happening to me?
Max opened his mouth, it was moving but now she couldn't hear him.
"What?" she asked.
His mouth moved again, this time she could hear him but his mouth and therefore the words he was saying were in slow motion.
"What?" she asked again.
His forehead creased with concern as he moved towards her. Scared she backed away from him.
What is going on?
Now he was going really fuzzy, she couldn't see or hear him.
"Max?" she called out. Could he hear her? or was her mouth just moving too?
She felt him kneeling in-front of her, his warm hand over hers and his other cupping her chin, she looked down at him.
Her vision slowly started returning and so did the sound.
His eyes anxiously searched her face for recognition, "Liz?"
"Are you okay?"
"No, I'm not okay," she replied. She jumped up as the book her hand was placed on burst into flames.
"Wow!" she yelped and watched dazed as with a wave of his hand Max quenched it.
He looked back at her, "I didn't do that," he said slowly.
She looked at him, reality slammed into her, "No. I did," she breathed.
Confusion and fear overwhelmed her, "Max, what's happening to me?"

Maria glanced at the watch on Michael's wall and sighed with exasperation.
He's late…again
"Well buddy," she said aloud, "you better make it up to me."
In the meantime she walked around his apartment opening his drawers to see what if there had been any new additions to his household. The first time Maria had visited his apartment she'd been, well shocked. For one it was clean, another aspect of Michael's house-keeping which had changed. The other thing that hit her was the minimalist emptiness that emanated from it. Now, no longer were the pictures of her or them together as a couple hidden away, they'd joined the pictures of Max, Isabel, Alex and Kyle around the walls of his apartment. The apartment now felt…well human.
The door bell rang just as she was about to pick up the phone and call him.
"What's the excuse thi-" the words died in her throat as her mind analysed the sight before her.
A tall blonde, acrylic nailed woman wearing nothing but a coat with red sexy lingerie under it.
What the heck?
The blonde's seductive smile faded and she looked at Maria with distaste, "Oh" she said coldly.
Those nails, Maria remembered her now. Cassandra. The same Cassandra who used to be one of Michael's playgirl bunnies and who had been kissing him the day she got run over by that car.
Her cold blue eyes stared down at her, "I thought Michael was home".
I bet you did
"He'll be late" she replied shortly.
"Just tell him I came by".
She turned to go but was held back by Maria's grasp, "Not so fast," she said pulling her back, "why don't you come in for a second." Pulling her in, she slammed the door behind them.
Maria studied the hussie as she walked into the apartment in her stilettos.
Her arms folded she said, "You're Cassandra right?"
The blonde turned to her, eyebrows arched in rehearsed mild surprise "Michael's told you about me?"
"We don't have any secrets", she replied.
Her face shaped in a sympathetic expression, she said, "I'm sorry," her blue eyes danced with glee, "this must be very uncomfortable for you. It's just I thought I'd surprised him."
Maria eyed her sceptically, "Yeah um, let's get one thing straight," she held out her hand," see this, Michael gave it to me. Which means he's taken. And in case you haven't seen the pictures or articles in the showbiz gossip mags, which I hardly doubt, I'm Maria, his fiancee and you will not be visiting Michael in your skimpy lingerie with your home-wrecker plots…ever. Just so we're clear."
The mask exposed, Cassandra glared at her, "Crystal."
"Good-What are you doing?"
She watched as Cassandra reached behind his couch and pulled out a dark blue bra, modelling it in front of her as she walked past her to the door, "Just picking up something I left."
Anger coursed through her as she imagined grabbing that blonde hair and acrylics and pulling them out.
"By the way, congratulations," without waiting for a reply she slammed the door.
"Ohh," she fumed, "you better be glad I don't have any alien powers".
Maria paced around the apartment adrenaline still gushing through her, "Okay, breathe."
The nerve of that silicone, fake blonde haired, home wrecking skank! "She obviously planted the underwear which means she's seen Michael in the past two weeks, which means-I'm not even going down that road."
She glanced around the apartment with new eyes. She wondered how many other playgirls had come in here, how many had walked around in their thin stilettos, how many had shared his bed and his couch. Insecurity racked her, Michael was the only person she'd ever slept with, but just how many women had he slept with during the seven years of her absence? And did he love them?

Michael took a deep breath as he turned the knob to his apartment, steeling himself for the lecture Maria was going to give him about being late. Instead he let himself into an apartment blaring with Metallica. All the lights were off and the curtains weren't drawn.
"Maria!" he shouted, she couldn't be playing Metallica, she wasn't exactly a fan. His surprise grew when in the middle of the living room stood Maria shaking her head and jumping around to…yes, Metallica.
"Maria!" he shouted again but she was too far gone into the music. Lifting his hand he focused on the volume button and his ears grateful for the low volume. Maria looked up with surprise and something which wasn't happiness.
"I'm sorry I'm late," he began, "I got held up at work."
He held his breathe again waiting for the fire but instead received a very calm, "It's okay." He looked at her with surprise, where was the temper? the lecture about keeping dates, that this was the fourth time he'd done this to her. Michael's brow creased with concern as he took in her fidgety behaviour, she kept walking around cleaning up everything.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"Oh nothing," she replied, "just that I thought you'd told everyone in your black book that you were taken."
"I did," he said, "you sat there and watched while I rang every single girl in my book and told her I was getting married."
Michael flinched as she roughly shoved a pillow onto the seat, "Really, then explain why just fifteen minutes ago Cassandra was standing at your door dressed in a flasher/stripper coat and red sexy lingerie."
"She what?!"
Of every scenario which had ran through his mind, Michael hadn't thought about this one.
"Maria you don't think that-"
"that there's anything going on between you two? No. Although she did seem to know where to her find her bra under the sofa."
"Don't worry, I know girls like her, I don't think you did anything."
He sighed with relief.
"But it got me wondering…"
Oh oh, it's not over thought Michael as she folded her arms and confronted him.
"… while I was raising our child just how many girls have graced your apartment huh?"
The question took Michael by surprise, his jaw opened and closed back again, finally he managed to find something to say that he hoped told her everything, "They meant nothing."
Her eyes flashed wrong move Guerin
"Let me rephrase that, how many people apart from me have you slept with Michael?"
This was a conversation he hadn't envisioned in having.
"What does that have to do with anything?" he asked desperately trying to stop it from going on any further.
"Just for my own purposes", she replied determinded.
I don't want to hurt her, I don't want to hurt her…
Michael sighed, "I thought you had shacked up with Ray" he said apologetically.
"How many Michael?"
I don't want to hurt her…
"Six" he replied quietly.
"Six?" she echoed.
…too late
"Six. Wow. That really makes a girl feel special"
He reached for her "Maria-"
She backed away, "No, I asked the question"
Michael sighed, he had to make it right, had to explain, "When I thought you'd betrayed me, I was angry and bitter and I tried to find someone else like you had." He gave her a dry sad smile, "Didn't work…they meant nothing, it wasn't like it was with you. I didn't feel anything, it left me…empty." The hurt was still in her eyes, "I don't know what else to say to make it better," he said earnestly.
She stood in front of him and took his hand in hers, the action surprising him he looked into her eyes with confusion.
"Okay," she said in a small voice.
"Okay?" he asked uncertain.
"Okay," she confirmed.
He sighed with relief, "Good, because, I love you Maria and nobody else."
"I love you too space boy." She said, "Now feed me."
Michael laughed as she pulled him into the kitchen. They were going to prepare a meal together. Well he was the chef and Maria was his assistant. Another thing being a bachelor had taught him was how to cook. After living a year off microwave dishes, he'd enrolled himself into cooking classes.
that was an idea of pure genius he thought to himself because now he could cook for Maria.

Intense loving brown eyes held her gaze, "Are you ready?" asked Max.
Liz nodded, "yes," she replied in a small voice. Keeping her eyes fixed on Max she felt his warm hands on top of her stomach, felt the warm energy surge through her…until something went wrong. The inside of her constricted, she felt like she was having a severe paralysing cramp which affected all her nerves, she grimaced in pain "Max! it's hurts stop." He removed his hands just as she rose to push him away but before her hands could make contact with his shoulders, green light pulsated from her fingers, crackling and dancing like electricity sending Max flying across the room.
Oh God, I've killed Max Liz hovered around him keeping a safe distance between them, "Max" she called hesitantly ,"are you okay?".
She sighed with relief as he stumbling, he rose up, rubbing the back of his head.
"I'm fine," he replied.
Fear and confusion enveloping her, Liz stepped back as he took a step towards her. She looked at her palms in bewilderment. Her voice quivering she asked, "Max, what's happening to me?".
She stumbled back avoiding him till her feet hit the bed, she sank onto it.
"I'm not sure," he replied, "you seem to be developing powers, how, why, I don't know..." he knelt down in-front of her and squeezed her hands, "but we're going to find out together", he lifted his hand and caressed her cheek, the action calming her, "okay?"
"I'm going downstairs to get Jena, she'll know more about it. Will you be okay?"
She nodded, "I'll be fine."
Liz waited until his footsteps had faded until she let out a astonished breath.
"Okay," she told herself and her shaking hands, "we're going to figure this out," her eyes grew wide with alarm as her the green light pulsated from her palms and then faded, " everything is going to be okay. Just breath."

When Jena walked into the room, she was at a loss. From Max's urgent and intense "there's something wrong with Liz, I need your help," she'd expected something more than Liz sitting on the edge of the bed staring in wonderment at her palms.
Max closed the door behind her, "Liz," he said gently. Her head jerked in their direction, she and Max shared some sort of intense gaze before Liz's eyes landed on her, "Hey," she smiled weakly.
"Hi," she replied, "So what's going on?".
She looked at Liz, who looked at Max.
"Well, it looks like somehow Liz has powers, alien powers"
"That's not possible," she replied.
Liz lifted a burnt book off the bed, "tell that to this incinerated book," she said dryly. Max sat down beside her and their hands automatically clasped. Fingers entwined he continued, "I tried to heal her but she reacted and this green energy pulsated from her palms and threw me across the room."
This makes no sense Jena dragged a chair and sat opposite the couple. "I'm going to need more background, like when and how"
"Um…for the past few weeks I've been feeling kind of out of it, loss of appetite, dizziness, feeling like throwing up"
If I didn't know any better I'd say you were pregnant
"I'm not pregnant. I haven't-well anyway then today I fainted around Maria, I just accounted it to the stress of planning the wedding. But then when I looked in the mirror, my face disappeared. I could touch it but my eyes, my nose weren't there, then I heard what I thought were voices but I was hearing the conversation downstairs. It was as if my hearing had been heightened and then Max came up and I…um burnt the book"
"and when I tried to heal her"
"I threw him across the room with this green energy from my palms" she finished.
Jena was confused, she was more than confused, "That can't be, but obviously it is." She shook her head in bewilderment, "I have no idea" she mused aloud. A thought was floating in her mind yet still out of reach as she continued "I mean there's nothing special about you, except-" the thought surfaced. Her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped,"he brought you back," she whispered. Stunned at the revelation she cupped her hands around her face, "Oh my"
"What was is it?" asked Max.
She leaned back examining Liz, trying to find something new, something different," he brought you back, you made the connection-"

"What connection, what are you talking about?" Liz asked, she was getting anxious, Jena's shocked expression was not helping.
"Jena" said Max, "what about me bringing Liz back"
Jena's attention finally focused, her dark eyes were shining with excitement, She took a breath, Liz took one with her, her hand tightening around Max's.
"Okay, I'm going to try and explain this as simply as I can. Max is the King, he bears the royal seal and traditionally on Antar when the King and his bride cement their relationship, they make this…connection."
"Connection" she repeated.
What did that have to do with anything?
"Uh huh, he…" Liz leaned forward waiting as Jena struggled to explain," when they form the connection he gives part of him to her and she to him, it makes the bond stronger. They strengthen each other, if that makes sense, and it was supposed to insure the strength, union of Antar"
"Um, so what are you saying?" asked Liz.
What did Max forming a connection with his bride and Antar have to do with her?
"Basically when Max healed you, he didn't just heal you, he chose you".
"Chose me?"
"As his mate, his bride, his queen and you must have made the connection when you got shot. I mean I thought it was only when, you know, but I guess you guys experienced some deep, profound intense thing that connected you so"
"So you're saying that Max gave me some of his power" she said.
"and you gave him some of yourself. You chose him and he chose you" she finished.
"Oh", she said. So it was as simple as that, Max chose her and she chose him and now she had alien powers. So that's what Ava meant when she said I was different and that's how I could reach him when he went to New York with Tess. "okay um," she turned over to see Max looking at her intently.
"You okay?" he asked.
"Um yeah," she replied, turning to Jena, she asked, "but that doesn't make sense, Max brought me back almost nine years ago shouldn't I have manifested the powers then, I mean why here, why now?"
"I have no clue. I mean I'm not well versed in the ins and outs of it"
"If I got this through the connection", she glanced at Max who had an expression she couldn't quite read," couldn't we connect again and he could take it back?" she asked.
"I guess you could, although I don't why you would want to"
"Its just I want to know my options".
"Well, you can. Although I'm not sure how, you'd have to connect and somehow find what you left in him and what he left in you."
"How would we do that?," he asked.
"Yours is a strange case but I'm guessing you'd do it the usual way."
"which is?" she asked.
"Well, you'd have to become one"
Liz looked at her puzzled, what did that mean?
"I'm not sure what you mean," she said.
Beside her Max coughed awkwardly red appearing on his cheeks, "I um think she means, we'd have to cement, consummate our relationship," he blushed.
"Oh," replied Liz, red appearing in her cheeks.
Consummate their relationship. Have sex. To fix this she would have to have sex with Max. Something she'd nearly hyperventilated in Maria's car about.
Noticing that she was no longer needed, Jena rose, "I'll leave you two alone."

Max closed the door behind her, leaning against it for support he turned to look at his beautiful dazed fiancee. She was looking anywhere else but at him.
Well can you blame her? Saving her life is one thing but giving her something she didn't ask for or doesn't seem to want, that's another. He had been hurt when the first thing that came out of her mouth was wanting to change her back, granted she had every right to ask that question but he felt that somehow she was rejecting him, his alien half was also a part of himself and she didn't want it.
"I'm sorry," he said.
"For what?"
"For giving you something you didn't want"
She rose from the bed and crossed the space between them, "Max, it's not that. I mean you risked everything for me and it's not like I don't want it, I'm just…in shock." She walked towards him and opened the door.
He raised his hand and caressed her cheek. She covered her hand over his keeping it there, "Liz"
"Max", her brown eyes looked up at him confusion swirling within them," I just need some time to think" she let go of his hand and left the room, leaving him alone in the empty room.

Liz opened the door and silently tip-toed into the house. It was late, everyone was asleep, she hadn't spotted Maria's car in the driveway so she'd probably stayed over at Michael's which meant that Max was still here. Liz sighed, she knew that she'd hurt him by reacting the way she had but it was a shock. After driving around, trying to clear her head she was more stable. Making a pit stop by the kitchen she froze when she saw Max with his head on the table sleeping. She stood and lovingly watched him, he must have stayed up for me. "I love you," she whispered.
Suddenly his eyelids opened and she was staring into his eyes.

Max held her gaze as she stood in the kitchen.
"Hi", he said as he looked at the time, how long had he been asleep?
"Hi" she smiled softly. His eyes followed her as she made her way towards him, "So to recap, and to keep from blacking out, when you connected with me, you gave me a part of you" she sat down on the stool and faced him,".. and I did the same to you". Max felt a sense of déjà vu. Time took him back to the time Liz had first found out about him, she'd done the same thing she was doing now, going over the facts to keep from blacking out,"…to fix that, an option would be to" she avoided his eyes until she finally had to look at,"…have sex." She finished.
"Yes," he replied. They held each other with their eyes, each reading into each other's soul.
"Max," she said in a low voice.
"Liz" he said.
"I don't want to."
"To have sex?".
"Yes-I mean, I want to but I've been saving myself for you, for our wedding night and I just don't want us to do this just to get rid of powers, I want it to mean something."
"Me too," he replied. Being with Liz was something he'd dreamt about since he was sixteen and he wanted it to be special.
She nodded her head decisively, "So we'll wait".
He smiled, "Okay. And in the meantime?"
"In the mean time," she smiled," you'll just have to teach me how to control my new alien powers."

Kyle stripped tiredly down to his boxers and crawled into bed. It had been a long day and an even stranger night. Dinner with Isabel had been, weird. She'd acted as if they were friends not a couple. It had seemed to Kyle that she would only kiss him when he initiated it and followed his lead everywhere. That wasn't like Isabel. And what was even stranger was the fact that the image of Jena kept flashing in his mind which was a puzzle to him because why would he want anyone else when he had Isabel? They had been together for two years and he could say that he loved her so why was he thinking about Jena?
Kyle was dreaming. He was whisked from Sportsnight, to a football match, to a dinner with Isabel to now a massage table with Jena rubbing his back…and she was good.
"Lower," he moaned as her hands did wonderful things to his back. Suddenly around him the world started to fade away, he felt himself whisked to somewhere else.
only this place isn't fun he thought as turbulent clouds of reds oranges and red lightening crackled around and within it, he saw images he couldn't quite make out. Suddenly from the mist emerged Isabel. She was shouting something to him but he couldn't hear her, all he could make out was the desperation in her expression.
"Isabel, I can't hear you!"
"Help me Kyle!"
She went mute again, he strained to hear here. She mouthed something he couldn't make out be he he caught the end, "Help me" but before he could reach her the mist reclaimed her, sucked her in with such force that it pulled him out of sleep. His eyes flew open, it was just a dream he told himself, a very weird one and Isabel, she looked so panicked and desperate heart pounding in his chest, he left his room and tip-toed down the hole to check on her. He knocked lightly there was no reply. Holding his breath he turned the knob and pushed. It was quiet, his eyes landed on Isabel who was peacefully asleep.
He visibly relaxed. she's fine, it was just a nightmare he told himself as he closed the door. As he crawled back into bed, another thought attacked him, why was I dreaming about Jena?

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A.N. This is the final part to my fic...all the cards are layed out on the table people!;) and it will be my very first completed fic, so enjoy*happy*

P.S. It was pointed out to me by my girl ica that my previous layout made fic harder to read, so I've spaced it out a bit (thanks ica*happy*


"Jena, they're here, they're here!" shouted Michelle. Jena rushed into the hallway to find Michelle and Joshua in their pajamas jumping around excitedly.

They should have been in bed but they had been left to stay up for a little while to say hello to their grandparents.

Jena laughed as she playfully held them back from rushing to the door. Outside she could hear Maria's loud voice and laughter. As soon as shadows fell upon the door's window, the door itself swung open. Jena shook her head supressing a smile.

Talk about impatience.

She cringed as the hallway was filled with screams of joy and delight as Michelle and Joshua led their grandparents to the living room. She followed behind, the couples who stood in the doorway watching the scene before them.

"Well sis, going to go in?" asked Kyle.

Jena looked at Maria quizzically.

Since when did they become siblings?

"Since my mother and the good old Sheriff decided to elope to Vegas and get married, yesterday!" said Maria.

"Vegas?" she asked surprised. Now this was a shock, although thinking about it, it wasn't too shocking Maria's mother was as unpredictable as her daughter.

"Apparently," added Kyle, " it was all on the spur of the moment. We knew they'd been seeing each other, but ," he shrugged, "well it's about time."

"True," Maria agreed," but I'm soo glad we never dated."

"Back attcha," grinned Kyle.

"So are they staying here?" she asked.

Maria, Isabel and Liz looked at her as if she was insane.


What was wrong with them their parents staying over? It wasn't like they didn't have enough room.

"Having my mum staying with me, would be too much to handle right now and all the mothers combined?" Maria shook her head, "not a stress free environment. So we put them up in a hotel for the week"

Jena laughed, "Okay,"

"So are we just going to stand here or go join the party," said Michael.

"Come on Space boy," said Maria as she tagged him along. The rest of the group followed and as she sat down next to Kyle, Jena was thankful that she had been adopted into this hybrid family.

"I'm sorry but could we just rewind, as in wayy way back," said Maria.

When Liz had suggested going up to her room to talk, she had been expecting wedding talk or Max and sex but not "Maria I have alien powers now".

"Okay," she said, "When Max healed me, I gave him part of me and he gave me part of him. As king-"

"yeah yeah yeah," said Maria waving her hand, "so what you're saying is King Max chose you, you chose him, he gave you some of his alien powers, right?"

"That's basically it," said Liz.

Maria sank onto the bed and Liz sat down beside her.

Wow. This is big, this huge.

She turned to her, eyes bright, "Liz, you have alien powers,"


"You have alien powers!" she exclaimed with excitement.

"I know!" replied Liz.

Holding hands, they jumped around excitedly before they remembered that the children were asleep.

"I am so jealous right now," said Maria.

Having powers, how cool was that?

"Liz, do you know what that means?" she asked.


"It means you have what Tess had and then sooo much more," she enthused

"Maria, that thing with Tess is wayy over," she said.

"Oh, of course," she confirmed. But inside she was jumping with joy because she knew that Tess having alien powers, being able to connect with Max on that level, had always made Liz feel inadequate.

Well, no more, cause my Chica has the power. Speaking of which...

"What kind of alien powers have you got?"

"Well, I have this green energy that threw Max across the room."

She nodded, impressed, "Nice."

"and I um set a book on fire"




"This is-"

"awesome" she finished.

"It is awesome but scary's reversible."

"Really? I mean that's great but I don't know why you'd want to"

"Yeah", she sighed, " I don't know if I want to be an alien you know."

"Yeah, I know," she said.

Being in love and marrying an alien was one thing but to change into one, that was wow!

"So have you told the others?"

"Nope, you're the first to know, we'll tell them after our parents have left. We'll tell them, after I decide if I want to keep them," she replied.


There was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" asked Maria.

"It's us, can we come in?"

Maria looked at Liz, "Who's us?" she whispered.

"I don't know," said Liz.
"um sure," she called out.

The door opened and in came, Nancy Parker, Diane Evans and of course her mother.

Okay, something's up.

"What's going on?" she asked innocently.

"Nothing, we just wanted to talk to you girls for a minute," replied her mother.

Talk uh huh

Liz and Maria shared a look, they knew what that meant. They weren't wasting time, it was the Wedding talk.
Expected questions were: are you sure this what you want to do? what are you plans for the future. This was followed swiftly by wedding plans and marriage advice.

Liz and Maria sank onto the bed.

"Um sure," they said in unison.

Down stairs, the Wedding talk was in the game room.

"So Michael, what are the living arrangements with Maria?" asked Valenti.

"I'm going to move in here with her permenantly, my apartment is already up for sale and I'm practically all packed."

Valenti nodded.

Michael stopped playing pool and turned to face him. "Look Jim, I care about Maria. I love her and have no intention of moving away from her or anything like that. I want her to be me my wife, I want a family."

"I know you do, I was just making sure," he shrugged, "being her father and all"

"Yeah, how's that going?" he asked.

"It's going great"

On the basket ball game, Phillip Evans had Max in the same situation.

"So it's finally happening son," he said.

"Yes, dad it is" said Max as he sunk one in the basket.

"Are you nervous?"

"Very, but I'm excited. Nothing in my life can compare to this feeling of...of"

"Wholeness?" he supplied.


"That's exactly how I felt and still do about your mother."

Max nodded.

"Is Liz okay about Josh?"

"She had some issues but she's fine now," he smiled," now she loves him as if he were hers."

"And living arrangements?"

"Liz is going to move in with me because I have a bigger house and Jena will stay with us for as long as we need her and until she finds something she wants to do."

"Sounds like you have a plan, but I just want you to know that your mother and I are always here if u need us"

"I know dad."

This is very awkward, thought Kyle.

The parental assault had began but he couldn't decide which was worse, facing a parental inquisition or where he was right now. Sitting between Isabel and Jena.

He couldn't quite fathom why he felt awkward, he just knew that he did. On his right was his girlfriend and on his left was a girl he had met in a week and was becoming good friends with.

Why would that make him feel awakward? Oh yeah, the somewhat uncomfortable silence. That was it.

Isabel got up. Kyle relaxed.

"I'm going to grab a drink, anyone want anything?" she asked.

"No thanks," he replied.

"Ditto," replied Jena.

"Okay," she smiled and left the room.

"Is everything okay with her?" asked Jena.

Kyle ignored the racing of his pulse as he turned to face her, "Um yeah, why?"

He noticed how when she frowned a dimple surfaced on her left cheek.
"It's just she's just a bit, I don't know, missing something"

Yes she has a dimple so what? Answer the girl

"I think, it's just the whole wedding. She's been working none stop, I think she just needs some sleep," he replied.

"Oh okay."

Silence descended on them once again.

"So," they began in unison.

"No, you go first," he smiled.

And that's how it began, the atmosphere relaxed and once again he was lost in conversation until all the wedding players came back into the room.

Why does that keep happening? he wondered. It's like when I'm with her, chunks of time just disappear.

The couples waved to their parents and guardians as the limo pulled out of the drive.
They had wanted to drive back to the hotel but after some mild instance from Maria, they had agreed to be driven.

Maria exhaled as she closed the door. She smiled as warm arms setttled around her waist.

"So how went the inquisiton?" she asked Michael

"Good," he replied.

"By the way, what did my mother say to you when she was getting into the car?"

Michael froze. He could tell her the truth, that Amy had so nicely said that if he ever hurt Maria again, alien or not, she would hunt him down like the dog he was and make him pay. He pondered this for a nano second and passed.

"Just that she was happy to have me as a son-in-law and to take of you, the usual"he replied casually.

"Oh, okay," she said.

He looked over at Max and Liz who were giving each other butterfly kisses. It would have sickened him, if he didn't want to do the same to Maria.

"So, it's late, should we hit the sack?" asked Kyle

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm a bit too amped up to sleep" he replied.

"Same here," agreed Maria.

"Us too," said Liz.

"So what do you suggest?" asked Jena

"Late night movie?" suggested Kyle, "I'm game"

"Sure," replied Michael.

The others agreed and soon they found themselves on the sofa watching Life Force, chosen by the boys and Miss Congeniality, in-waiting, as chosen by the girls.

Kyle found himself sitting next to Jena, her fingers clamped firmly on his arm. Isabel had gone to bed early and Ray was MIA doing something or other. He figured the wedding and Maria and Michael were getting to him.

He felt strangley elated as her face hid in his shoulders, "Is it over?" she asked into his chest.

He smiled,"Yep".

Slowly she removed her face from his chest and settled back to watching the moving.

"You know, for an alien warrior, you're pretty squeamish," he teased.

"Real life I can handle, but a guy totally sucked of his life force screaming disturbingly around a room and then exploding is somehow a little more ick on tv" she replied.

Maria agreed, "seriously how can you guys watch this?"

"With interest, now shush," said Michael.

Kyle smiled as he settled back to watching the movie. This felt good and comfortable.

"Well, as long as you guys fulfill your role and watch Miss Congenitality then I'm fine with the exchange," said Liz.

Oh right, ias no love or kindess, there was just anger and pain and...hate. So much that she unconsciously took a step back.


"Don't!" he spat.

"Look I can explain, we just slept. I should have told you but when I get nightmares I usually sleep in Rays' room-"

"Don't lie to me. I saw it, I saw everything" he said through gritted teeth.

"Saw what, what are you talking about?" she asked.

"You and him together" he replied acidly.

"What? we didn't"

"I saw you Maria. I came up you weren't in your room and then I hear noises and saw you and him together."

Her world was spinning. Around her, she heard imaginary glass shatter.

"I couldn't have," she muttered.

Then again last night, she had nearly when she thought he was michael but that was the drink. So what maybe later on she'd woken up and thought that he was Michael? They had both been drunk, she couldn't rememeber.

"But you did," said Michael

Through her blurred vision she looked at him, "I'm soo sorry, we were drunk..."
"I don't care." He looked eyes with her, a coldness Maria had never seen in anyone chilling her soul, "I never want to see you again".

And with that, he left.

s you want" replied Michael.
t all came at a painful price of a chick flick.

Kyle yawned as half an hour into Miss Congenitality. It wasn't a bad movie, Sandra Bullock was hot, he was just tired. But having Jena next to him, resting on his chest, he didn't want to move. Neither it seemed did Max or Michael and that's how Isabel found them the next morning. Nestled in each others arms, sleeping.


as agreed to by their future wives, Liz and Maria
witnessed by Isabel, Kyle and Ray.

These rules are to be held WITHOUT EXCUSES

1. (It goes without saying but,) Absoluntely no drinking anything alcoholic
2. Under no circumstances are there to be any strippers. NO SURPRISE DANCERS from friends (all have been duly warned)

Adhere to these rules in order that you may survive till your wedding days.
Your loving fiancees.

"Are you serious?" asked an incredulous Tim, "no drinking and no strippers? what kind of bachelor party is that? what other way are we going to celebrate your last days as a free man?"

"We'll have a guys night in at mine. The no drinking rule is specific to me and Max, we...don't mix with well with alcohol, so you guys can chug as much a shouted Maria.

"You're all a bunch of babies," laughed Nina.

"Hey, I just want to get up without a hangover or alchol poisoning, that would just be the thing to ruin the wedding," Maria retorted.

This is really happening, thought Liz.

She'd dreamed about this, all of this and it was happening. She was determined to soak in everything,every last detail.

Her focus settled on Isabel, who seemed less happy. Liz had got the feeling all the way through that there was something wrong, she was enthusiatic about everything but it all seemed to be masking something else. She couldn't figure it out.

Isabel caught her gaze and smiled.

Liz crossed the floor and gave her a hug, "Thanks so much for this, Iz" she said.

"No problem, it's the least I can do for my sister in law" she said.

"Hmm" she replied flinching at her tight grip.

Nina came in with the next round of drinks and with another topic for discussion, Honeymoon: where? and what we're they going to wear for the all important wedding night?

Liz laughed, it was great to have her friend here. True she couldn't share every detail of her wedding to an alien man with her, she was happy that could at least share this with her.

Just as they were getting onto the topic of what to wear, at two o clock in the moring, the front door opened and a drunken Ray stumbled in to say a quick goodnight.

"Goodnight," replied Jena.

Poor guy, she knew exactly what he felt, being in love with someone who was already taken.

He probably didn't feel like hanging around and celebrating, she thought.

Kyle, a guy she hadn't factored on meeting, a guy who was taken by one of her good friends. It figured that something like this would happen to her, wanting a guy she definitely couldn't have.

"I'm going up to get a drink anyone want anything?" asked Isabel.

"Just a coke for me," said Maria, "I've crossed over to non alcholic"

Her answer was affirmed by everyone else.

"I guess softiess all the way round," she said as she made her way to the kitchen.
Jena looked after her as she went, there was something strange about her, something not exactly right, but couldn't quite pin point it... it was probably because she was jealous.

"Okay people, it's like four o clock, I'm calling it a night," said Maria getting up.

All at once the world around her spun.

Whoa I guess my tequila tolerance is two shots.

"I'll come too," said Isabel, "here," she said holding her steady, "I'll take you up"

"Nite," called Liz.

"Nite," she waved as they walked up the stairs.

Ten minutes later, Jena went to sleep leaving Liz and Nina to talk the morning away.

Michael yawned as he glanced at his watch, it was five am, his apartment was trashed. In celebration of his last days as a bachelor, the guys had decided to be guys which meant empty pizza boxes left around, beer cans everywhere, soft drink bottles, the t.v. switched on to the sports channel. He looked over at max who was also up.

"You tired?" he asked.

Michael caught his tone,"what do you want to do?"

"Crash the hen morning, if they're up then greatm, if they're asleep we'll surprise them."

"I'm in," he replied.

Ever since Ray left he had been itching to go over there and just see how everything was. He wasn't worried, he knew whose heart Maria belonged to be but having a guy who was in love with his fiancee in the same house was still unsettling.

Liz looked up as the front door opened.

"Who could that be?" she asked Nina.

"Whoever it is has keys," she shrugged.

A smile spread across her face as the face of her soon to be husband appeared.

"Hi," he whispered.

"Hi," she said.

"We came to crash the party," he said as Michael appeared behind him.
"She's upstairs," she signalled, he nodded and left.

Leaving her, max and Nina.

"Speaking of upstairs, I better get some sleep, good morning max," she said as she left and winked at Liz.

"So" he said as he walked towards her, "how was the hen night?"

"Good," she replied. His hair was tousled and he needed a shave, but to Liz he looked more handsome than ever.

"You?" she asked.

"The same," he replied as she pulled him down next to her.

He flicked her hair back, "but somehow it doesn't compare with being here with you."

"Oh really," she said as he leaned in.

"Really,"he said before he kissed her sweetly.

Michael was cold. In a second his warm heart had frozen over, love had left him. All he had was a bitter taste in his mouth, a hole in his heart and pain, all caused by the sight of Maria with Ray.

Maria in bed, having sex with Ray.

He stood there, the door wide open, they didn't seem to notice. Without uttering a word, he turned and walked down the stairs.

"Hi," said Liz and Max as they met him at the foot of the stairs.

"Hi," he replied emotionless.

"What's wrong?" asked Max.

"The wedding's off," he replied. He opened the door and left. Ignoring the sound of shattering glass, he got into his car and screeched out of the mansion.

"Something's wrong" said Max.

Why would Michael cancel the wedding? And the look in his eyes and tone, it was cold, empty, dangerous. He recognised it, it was the same look of disbelief and loss that he had had when he'd seen Liz and Kyle in bed together years ago.

But that couldn't be right? Maria wouldn't-

"You go up and talk to Maria, I'll go after Michael" he said as he dashed out and into his car. He had been driving pretty fast, so he had to catch up.

Maria was awoken by a loud voice and proding.

"What?" she groaned.

"What happened?"


Maria turned towards the voice and opened her eyes.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

Rubbing away her drowsiness, she looked around her.

"And why am I in Ray's bed and where is my top?" she asked.

"Maria focus!" commanded Liz.

Whoa what the heck is going on? !! She wondered taking in Liz's urgent tone.

"What?" she asked.

"What happened?" asked Liz.

Beside her Ray stirred.

"When?" she asked as she got out of the bed, " I don't know what you're talking about?"

"What's going on?" asked Ray.

"Michael came up here to say hi and came downstairs, said the wedding was off and left." summarised Liz, " Maria what happened?"

Maria was completely and utterly confused.

"Michael was here, when?" she asked.

"he came up about fifteen minutes ago" she replied.

"What?" she said to herself.

The memories came back.

Last night, stumbling into Ray's room somehow thinking he was Michael, kissing him.

But that's all that happened, we kissed and went to bed. Maybe Micheal thought that, Oh no!

She quickly pulled on her top.
"Where is he?"

"I don't know he drove off, he looked really angry, Max went to find him," replied Liz, "Maria what happened?"

"I think he came up and saw me and Ray and thought that we slept togther or something. Crap!"

"Okay calm down," said Ray, "All we have to do is explain. Okay?"

She took a deep breathe and exhaled slowly,"Okay," she replied.

"Okay," said Liz, "lets all get dressed and wait for Max to bring him back."

Maria ran anxiously to the door when it opened. In stepped Max looking very sober and Michael.

Maria processed his facial expression and her heart stopped. There was no love or kindess, there was just anger and pain and...hate. So much that she unconsciously took a step back.


"Don't!" he spat.

"Look I can explain, we just slept. I should have told you but when I get nightmares I usually sleep in Rays' room-"

"Don't lie to me. I saw it, I saw everything" he said through gritted teeth.

"Saw what, what are you talking about?" she asked.

"You and him together" he replied acidly.

"What? we didn't"

"I saw you Maria. I came up you weren't in your room and then I hear noises and saw you and him together."

Her world was spinning. Around her, she heard imaginary glass shatter.

"I couldn't have," she muttered.

Then again last night, she had nearly when she thought he was michael but that was the drink. So what maybe later on she'd woken up and thought that he was Michael? They had both been drunk, she couldn't rememeber.

"But you did," said Michael

Through her blurred vision she looked at him, "I'm soo sorry, we were drunk..."
"I don't care." He looked eyes with her, a coldness Maria had never seen in anyone chilling her soul, "I never want to see you again".

And with that, he left.

She moved to call him but Liz held her back.

"Let him go, he needs time," she said softly.

"But, I have to explain, I have to to," she broke down into tears in Liz's arms.

"I know, I know" she whispered.

Ray moved to go after him.

This was all his fault, if he hadn't come home-Maria didn't love him, she loved Michael.

He wanted to tell Michael all of this but Max held him back.

"I have to go and explain" he began.

"I know but don't. In the state he's in, Michael will kill you" said Max.

"But, I have to fix this" he protested.

He couldn't be the reason Maria lost her love.

"You can't. It's not something you can fix with a wave of the hand," said Max," trust me."

Michael burst through his apartment to find his friends settling down for breakfast.
"He-" began Kyle.



"Get out all of you"


"I'm not in the mood, I don't wanna talk, get out!"

Without another word they left. Leaving him in his anger, masking the pain.

The door bell rang.

Ready to explode he swung it open to find Cassandra standing there.

"Hi," she smiled sexily, "I just came to see if you needed anything from me...last chance"

"Come in," he said.

Liz hugged her best friend. Her sobs were heartbreaking and she wished that she could take the pain away but she couldn't.

"Honey, it'll be fine" she said.

Maria shook her head, her eyes swollen she said, "No it won't. That look Liz, he won't forgive me, he hates me. How could one stupid drunken night!-my life is ruined, without Michael, to have him back and then to lose him because of me," her eyes flooded with tears once more, " it hurts so much I can't breathe."

"Sshhh" she whispered as she held her tight.

There was a knock at the door. Maria looked up.

It was Ray.

"Can I come in?" he asked.

"Ray I really don't wanna talk to you right now" she replied, "I just can't okay?"

"Okay" he replied backing out.

"I'm sorry it's just-"

"I know," he said softly, "later".

Maria grimaced thankfully as he closed the door behind him.

"Liz what am I going to do?" she asked.

It still felt unreal, that something like this had happened, she would do something so stupid.

"I don't know. Look give him time okay, believe me I know, he needs time," she replied.

"But if he never forgives me-"

"I forgave Max"

"Liz. It's you and Max. Michael is a whole different thing" she said.

"True, but love is still the same" she replied.

One can hope, she thought miserably.

"Could I be alone?" she asked.

"Sure" replied Liz. "See you later?"
"I'm not going anywhere, at least not to a wedding" she joked dryly.

"How's Michael?" asked Liz.

"Not picking up. Kyle said he was furious when he got home, looked like he was about to kill someone" replied Max.

Liz shook her head in disbelief.

I can't believe that this is happening. We were so close and now this.

She sighed. "What time is it?"

"It's five o'clock, why?" asked Max.

"Just wondering how much time he's had" she replied.

"Can it ever be enough?"

She smiled a small knowing smile, "Yeah it can."

"I can imagine what he's going through" said Max.

"Me too" she replied.

They looked at each other and smiled with an air of nostalgia.

"I guess we both can" he said, "I wish we could fix this."

Liz sat there for a moment thinking that maybe, just maybe...

She got up from the kitchen stool as she formulated a plan,"Maybe we can". She grabbed her coat and rais one was more than she'd ever thought and hoped for.

"Then yes, I will marry you tomorrow" she replied.


"Maria come on or we'll be late to our own wedding!" shouted Liz.

"Coming, coming," said Maria as she pratically skipped down the stairs.

"You two make beautiful brides," she gushed as she took in their dresses.

"Thank you," they laughed.

Liz giggled this was soo ridiculous but it needed to be done. Their wedding was a private ceremony. Since Maria was a celebrity now, privacy was going to be something of an issue. She had promised them shots of the reception but the wedding was going to be a small simple family celebration. Hence the two bride decoys, two of Maria's showbiz friends, who were going to lead the more unscrupulous paparazzi on a wild goose chase.

"Thanks for doing this," she said as they made their way to the door where the security guards courtesy of Guerin and Co were waiting to shield them and make sure that no photo of their faces were taken.

"No prob," said Denise

"Yep, see you at the reception," added Claire.

Maria and Liz looked through the window as they entered the limo and drove out.

"Okay, now for us,"edging her presence.

2uys, all clear, lets go!" she yelled.

Nina, Isabel, Jena, Michelle and Joshua all dressed in normal clothes came rushing down.

"Right," said Maria as she ushured them out the back door and into the back garage,"this is soo much like a movie that I have no words"

Liz grinned as she got into the car, "tell me about it."

Everyone was in except Isabel.

"I've got something to take care of first," she said, "I'll meet you guys there okay?"

"Okay but-"

"Don't worry, I know the steps, second by second, I'll get there on time" and with that she closed the door.

"Okay," said Maria surprised, "I guess we'll see her there. Everyone strapped up?"

She was bombarded by yes'

"And we're off."

The car screeched to a halt infront of the cabin. Isabel got out and met Cassandra who was dressed just like she'd asked, in stylish but versatile clothing.

"Damn it, it didn't work!" she said, "Who would have thought that Michael could have that kind of love?" she spat.

"So what do we do now?" asked Cassandra.

"Subtletly has never been my strong point," she said a grin appearing across her face, "It's time to hit them home."

"sometimes love isn't enough" he replied softly.

"Love is more than enough Michael. People you love hurt you sometimes but forgiveness that's part of love too"

"I want to, but I'm not that strong"

She wiped a tear from his cheek and stared into his painfilled eyes,"I think you are."

At his door, she stopped and turned.

"She made a mistake. a stupid mistake which she regrets and hates herself for and right now she's holed up in her bedroom crying, in pain and that's not me telling you this to feel sorry for her, this is me telling you that she loves you and made a mistake. You can't go back and change anything, it's happened, what matters now is what you are going to do. You have two choices michael, you can walk away from the second chance you have been given or inspite of everything walk down that aisle tomorrow."

Closing the door behind her she exhaled.

I hope that did something.

"Wow, now I know how you felt when after Tess," said Maria.

They were seated in the outside garden, Max had dragged her out to see the sun set.

"Sucks doesn't it" he said.

"Yeah," she nodded. She rested her head on his shoulder, "I hate me right now"

"I know you do".

"Does it pass?"

"If you want it to or sometimes it can destroy you."
"Yeah well I don't really care about the after effects right now."

A thought occurred to her.

"I guess I should start making cancellation calls"

She could just imagine having to explain this to everyone, her parents.

Oh yeah way to go Maria, she thought miserably as she rose up from the bench.

Max pulled her back down, "No, not yet"

"Why?" she asked.

She could see him debating wether to tell her or not.


"Liz went to see Michael" he said finally.

She nodded, of course.

"and you think she can fix this? Max-"

"I have faith in Liz and in the love Michael has for you so I do" he replied.


"Maria do you trust me?"


"Then, don't cancel the wedding yet. Not until we're sure."

Maria sighed as she returned to her position beside him.

Whoever said that hope dies last was definitely right.

"Are things going to be awkward with us now?" asked Ray. Maria had finally allowed for them to talk and he wanted to make sure he said everything he wanted to say to her.

"I don't know, we've done more than most friends do," she joked.

He smiled, "I serious. I love you Maria, you know that but I know you love Michael and I'm fine with that. I value our frienship, I love talking to you and seeing you, I don't want that to stop".

"Me either," she said.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, staring up at the star lit sky.
"So we're okay?" he said finally.

Turning to face him, she replied, "yeah. I guess we are".

He sighed with relief as they hugged.

At least one thing is sorted, he thought, the other...

"Have you heard anything from him?" he asked.

"No. I don't blame him, if it were me in his shoes, I'd never want to see me again either."

"Well you're not me".

The voice behind him startled him.

"Michael" he heard Maria say.

Michael, who has the power to kill me, thought Ray.

Without making eye contact, he got up, "I'll go," he said and escaped in the opposite direction.

Maria stood up.

He's here, he's really here, she thought as hope soared. Wait, this is Michael Guerin we are talking about, what I did, he wouldn't let go this fast-why is he here?

"I was mad," he began," when I saw you two together there was this anger and emptiness and hate. I hated you and I wanted to hurt you-"

"I don't blame you for hating me-" she said.

They stood an arm length away from each other, unsure of what to do.

"-When I got home-" he continued

"- or anything," she continued.

"after everyone left,-" he said.

"It's all my fault-" she said.

-"Cassandra came over" he said.

Maria stopped.


She processed what he had just said.
Cassandra, bimbo, wants in his pants came over. Wonder what happened there.

She pursued her lips together to stop the tears from flowing.

Wrapping her arms around herself for comfort and support, she whispered, "Oh"

It was all over then, so why was he here? to gloat?

"I don't understand. why are you here?" she asked

"I wanted to hurt you," he began moving towards her," as much as you'd hurt me".

Oh, payback huh? Fine.

"Done." she steeled herself from the pain, " you satisfied?"

"But I couldn't go through with it because even after this...I still love you Maria" he said.

Her jaw dropped.

Did I just hear what I think I heard? Did Michael just say he loves me?


"I have been given this chance, this second chance at happiness and I'm not going to run away just because it's difficult. the things worth fighting for always are. I spent seven years without you and I am not giving up. I'm hurt, but I don't hate you, I didn't deserve that-"

"I know you didn't and I won't ever do it again" she managed through tears.

"I know you won't." he said.

Maria's eyes widened as he closed the gap between them and held her hands. She looked from their entwined fingers to his loving face.

How could I have you? She wondered, how?

"The thing is," he said as he wiped the tears from her cheeks, " if you'll have me Maria, I would really love to marrry you tomorrow"

Maria opened her mouth and closed it again, trying to find a word to express what she felt but she couldn't. It was just, never in her life had anyone made her feel like Michael was right there and then. It was something she never thought existed. That kind of love and forgiveness and it was for her.

"You would?" she whispered, shaking.

"Uh huh" he replied.

"Michael can you really get past this, what happened?" she asked.

"I...we'll need to talk but I know I can...because..." he smiled a faraway look in his eyes, "love is more than enough"

Maria smiled as tears of happiness and relief streamed down her face. This was not the Michael Guerin she'd known in her teens, this one was more than she'd ever thought and hoped for.

"Then yes, I will marry you tomorrow" she replied.


"Maria come on or we'll be late to our own wedding!" shouted Liz.

"Coming, coming," said Maria as she pratically skipped down the stairs.

"You two make beautiful brides," she gushed as she took in their dresses.

"Thank you," they laughed.

Liz giggled this was soo ridiculous but it needed to be done. Their wedding was a private ceremony. Since Maria was a celebrity now, privacy was going to be something of an issue. She had promised them shots of the reception but the wedding was going to be a small simple family celebration. Hence the two bride decoys, two of Maria's showbiz friends, who were going to lead the more unscrupulous paparazzi on a wild goose chase.

"Thanks for doing this," she said as they made their way to the door where the security guards courtesy of Guerin and Co were waiting to shield them and make sure that no photo of their faces were taken.

"No prob," said Denise

"Yep, see you at the reception," added Claire.

Maria and Liz looked through the window as they entered the limo and drove out.

"Okay, now for us," said Maria.

"Okay guys, all clear, lets go!" she yelled.

Nina, Isabel, Jena, Michelle and Joshua all dressed in normal clothes came rushing down.

"Right," said Maria as she ushured them out the back door and into the back garage,"this is soo much like a movie that I have no words"

Liz grinned as she got into the car, "tell me about it."

Everyone was in except Isabel.

"I've got something to take care of first," she said, "I'll meet you guys there okay?"

"Okay but-"

"Don't worry, I know the steps, second by second, I'll get there on time" and with that she closed the door.

"Okay," said Maria surprised, "I guess we'll see her there. Everyone strapped up?"

She was bombarded by yes'

"And we're off."

The car screeched to a halt infront of the cabin. Isabel got out and met Cassandra who was dressed just like she'd asked, in stylish but versatile clothing.

"Damn it, it didn't work!" she said, "Who would have thought that Michael could have that kind of love?" she spat.

"So what do we do now?" asked Cassandra.

"Subtletly has never been my strong point," she said a grin appearing across her face, "It's time to hit them home."

Taking a miniature remote out of h had, she had missed Kyle, spending time with him, laughing with him. He was her family and even he didn't want her.

At least I have Joshua.

She turned to her baby boy, "I came for my son,"

Both Max and Liz instintively pulled him towards them, "You can't take him," said Max.

Ignoring him, she fixed her eyes on her son and gave him a welcoming smile, "Joshua come here, come here honey".

Joshua came towards her, kneeling down she looked into this innocent eyes.

"Do you want to go home with mummy?"

He shook his head," Can't you stay here, I wanna stay here, with Liz and dad."

"Oh", she said softly," I see".

She had lost him too.

She kissed him on his forehead.

"Goodbye Josh, I love you," she whispered before knocking him out.

"No!" yelled Max.
"Relax," she said, "he's just out. You don't honestly think I'd kill my own son do you?"

"What do you want Tess?" asked Liz.

"You took my son and my husband-"

"He was never yours" said Maria.

"Shut up! You took my son and my husband, you took everything from me. So what do I want from you Miss Perfect Parker?" she smiled cruelly, " I want you in 2

"Yeah, well I oweet you hurt her Tess," said Max standing in front of her.

So noble, she thought sarcastically.

"Oh please Max, do you think that I want to kill her? Now why would I want to do that." Turning to Liz she continued, " for one, death would be too easy for you."

Liz stood her ground and eyed her with suspicion, "So what are you going to do?" she asked.

"I was looking into something more long term" she replied as if having a casual conversation with a friend.

"Like what?" she asked slowly.

On her left, a door was flung open with a mirror on the inside, she turned back to her quizzically.

A mirror?

"Like this," she said and smiled and Liz knew instantly what she meant.

"No!" she shouted but it was too late. In the instant it took her to complete the two letter word, Max was slammed into the mirror and sank to the floor.

Time stood still and then quickened up again as everyone ran to Max.

Liz reached him first.

He was slumped against the broken mirror, his eyes were open, alive.

He's okay, she thought as she sank down to him.

Holding his head inbetween her palms, she searched his surprised eyes, "Max"

He looked at her, "Liz?"

"Is he okay?u've handled it" he replied.

"Well, we're living on borrowed time Max. You and I know that more than anyone, so why waste it hating and taking the easy option. Maria is it, she's everything to me and I want to marry her despite everything and Ray...well I wanted to kill him, still do but not as much, I guess I was jealous mostly that maybe she loved him but that's not true. She made a mistake and I choose to forgive. Enough of that. Are you ready to get married Max Evans?"

As Max locked eyes with his beautiful bride, the answer was coursing through his every being. He was more than ready. And Liz? she looked more beautiful than he'd ever seen her. Images of everything they had been through flashed before him as she made her way down the aisle, it had all been worth it just to be here on this day, to see her as he saw her now. With the light of purity and love, this was the woman he wanted to spent eternity with and no-one else.

The bluelight returned, the owner in their original body.

Tess leisurely stretched, "You know, I liked being tall but nothing beats your own skin," she said.

Michael was stunned, speechless, stunned. Nothing in his whole life had prepared him for seeing Maria walking down the aisle towards him. He forgot how to breathe, he forgot everyone but her, her eyes, her smile. His heart felt like it was going to explode, all this love was directed at him, it was for him and he felt it back with every fibre of his body. This blonde haired pixie had taken his heart and he never wanted it back. Eversince he'd kidnapped her and her car, it had always been her and nobody else.

I love you Maria.

She looked over at Isabel lying on the floor, "Good she's out," she walked to her head and grabbed her arms, "grab her legs, help me take her into the cabin."

Cassandra obeyed and soon after Isabel was left lying next to alex.

"Should we tie her up?" asked Cassandra

"No, she'll be out for a while, alex is out so he can't do anything. After we're done with the happy family we'll come back and finish them off."

She looked at her watch, "we better hurry. If the schedule is right, then they're just getting to the vows".

"We are gathered here today to join these two couples in holy matrimony"
A joyous tear rolled softly down her cheeks as the father uttered the words which had sounded in her dreams.

Breathe Liz, breathe.

Looking into the eyes of the man she loved, she realised that this was the happiest moment of her life. She was overwhelmed by an indescribable feeling, she didn't know what it was but the words, joy, peace, happiness, sweet happiness were amongst the list of was perfect.

"If anyone here knows of any reason why these two couples should not be bound together in marriage please speak now or forever hold your peace."

Liz rolled her eyes and smiled, Like there's anybody who would ob-

The door to the church was flung open and loud high pitched voice filled the room.

"I object!"

Beside her, Liz heard Maria gasp words which echoed her own, "No way!"

But there was standing infront of them eyes blazing madly was Tess.

This is all a horrible nightmare, thought liz.

The nightmare grew worse as with a flick of her hand, everyone fell to the ground apart from herself, Maria, Micheal, Max, Kyle, Joshua and Jena.

This is not happening, this can't be happening.

"I thought you were dead," said Max.

"Well, should've have checked the body," she shrugged.

"You're an alien" said Michael.

Cassandra, the girl he had known for three years was an alien.

Talk about surprises.

"Yep," she replied.

"You're also whore," said Maria beside him.

"Me and You blondie" challenged Cassandra.

"Uh honey," he whispered holding back her tensed hand, "She's alien, you're a human, not an equal fight.

Maria ignored this point.

"You know what I don't care if you're an alien or not, bring it!".

Oh no-

"-Ladies," interrupted Tess, " you'll all get your chance...after I'm done with mine."

Alex awoke with a start, the confusion cleared in seconds. He looked over and saw isabel on the floor next to him.

"Isabel," he called.

No answer.

She's out.

Glad Tess had decided to feed him via energy and keep him alive, he siddled over to her and nudged her.

Still no answer.

Turning away from her, he put his tied hands against her temple and concentrated until he heard her gasp.

"Alex," she said and pulled him into a hug, "I'm so glad you're alive."

"Yeah, me too Isabel but we gotta move now"

"Right Tess. She's gone to wedding" she said as she untied him, "She's mad crazy, we've got to stop her".

Glancing at her watch she frowned, "It's going to take a while to get there, she wanted to get there for the vows. Which means she's already there".

All set to kill everyone.

Desperation filled her. "Alex, we can't let her-"

"-I know. Grab hold of my hand" he said.


This wasn't the time to be playing games.

"Just take my hand" he insisted

Isabel tentatively placed her hand in his, he gently squeezed it and closed his eyes.

"Alex-" before she could finish, she saw him turn blue, her too

Wait, we're-but how?

In an instant they were in the church.

Not wasting time, she let of his comforting hand, "Max, Michael Tess-"

"Yeah, we know Iz," said Michael dryly.

Isabel did a quick check, everyone was down except the Roswell gang and Joshua.

"Oh my God, Alex?!" exclaimed Maria.

"Hey guys," he smiled.

"What the heck is going on?!" asked Michael.

Isabel was going to say that she was wondering the same thing when Tess interrupted her.


Isabel turned to see Tess and Cassandra standing in the middle of the aisle.

"...I guess I needed to give you more credit Alex," she finished.

"Guess you should," he replied.

Isabel saw her raise her hand, she could almost see the wave coming towards then and held her breath because she knew she couldn't stop it. She waited to feel it pressing against her temples and skull but it never came.

Instead they were all surrounded by an orange force-field which destroyed it. It was coming from Alex.

She looked at him confused, since when did Alex have alien powers?

"I'll explain later," he replied as he lowered it.

"Guess I shouldn't have fed you either," said Tess.

"I could see that," he shrugged.

"Well since the gang is here, I guess we better get started." said Tess, her eyes landed on Kyle.

"Kyle!" she exclaimed joyously making a move towards him.

"Don't even," he said taking a step back.

This whole thing seemed mad crazy but there she was standing in front of him, alive and acting as if nothing had changed and they were still old pals.

"But Kyle-"

Kyle was in no mood to listen, all the repressed anger he'd been harbouring resurfaced, "We welcomed into our house, we gave you and home and you repayed us by killing Alex and mindwarping me into carrying his dead body!"

"Let me explain-"

"I don't want to hear it Tess-"

"I was raised by a cold blooded killer-"

"Oh please," he snorted, "don't play the victim card, Michael had an abusive father you don't see him slapping Maria around. You on the other hand and just plain evil. You fit the alien stereotype to tee".

Sadness enveloped her.

What were you hoping that he'd hug you and say welcome home?

It was stupid but she had, she had missed Kyle, spending time with him, laughing with him. He was her family and even he didn't want her.

At least I have Joshua.

She turned to her baby boy, "I came for my son,"

Both Max and Liz instintively pulled him towards them, "You can't take him," said Max.

Ignoring him, she fixed her eyes on her son and gave him a welcoming smile, "Joshua come here, come here honey".

Joshua came towards her, kneeling down she looked into this innocent eyes.

"Do you want to go home with mummy?"

He shook his head," Can't you stay here, I wanna stay here, with Liz and dad."

"Oh", she said softly," I see".

She had lost him too.

She kissed him on his forehead.

"Goodbye Josh, I love you," she whispered before knocking him out.

"No!" yelled Max.
"Relax," she said, "he's just out. You don't honestly think I'd kill my own son do you?"

"What do you want Tess?" asked Liz.

"You took my son and my husband-"

"He was never yours" said Maria.

"Shut up! You took my son and my husband, you took everything from me. So what do I want from you Miss Perfect Parker?" she smiled cruelly, " I want you in pain."

"I won't let you hurt her Tess," said Max standing in front of her.

So noble, she thought sarcastically.

"Oh please Max, do you think that I want to kill her? Now why would I want to do that." Turning to Liz she continued, " for one, death would be too easy for you."

Liz stood her ground and eyed her with suspicion, "So what are you going to do?" she asked.

"I was looking into something more long term" she replied as if having a casual conversation with a friend.

"Like what?" she asked slowly.

On her left, a door was flung open with a mirror on the inside, she turned back to her quizzically.

A mirror?

"Like this," she said and smiled and Liz knew instantly what she meant.

"No!" she shouted but it was too late. In the instant it took her to complete the two letter word, Max was slammed into the mirror and sank to the floor.

Time stood still and then quickened up again as everyone ran to Max.

Liz reached him first.

He was slumped against the broken mirror, his eyes were open, alive.

He's okay, she thought as she sank down to him.

Holding his head inbetween her palms, she searched his surprised eyes, "Max"

He looked at her, "Liz?"

"Is he okay?" asked Isabel from behind her.

"He's-" his eyes closed, "Oh no no! Max," she said shaking his head from side to side.

His eyes barely opened.

He's hurt.

Her eyes searched his body, "he's hurt somewhere," she said as she felt his chest.

Michael knelt down beside her and turned him sideways.

"Oh God," said Isabel as her eyes watered.

"What? what is it?" she asked.

She met Michael's eyes and knew.

No no it can't be, my life can't go from perfect fulfillment to emptiness, it just can't.

Cradling him, Liz knelt up to look at his back. Three large pieces of glass were logged into his back. His back was soaked in blood.

"Isabel can you take them out?"

"Yes bu-"

"Do it,"

She held him as his body tensed and he yelled out in pain. She nodded a silent thank you to Isabel.

"Okay," she laid him down on the floor, "Max, Max look at me".

His eyes opened.


"Okay you're hurt" she said, " You have to heal yourself"

"Liz" he breathed.

He was in shock, she realised, he couldn't hear her.

"Max, Max! Listen to me, you're hurt, you HAVE to heal yourself, do you understand me?" she asked searching his faraway eyes.

He lifted his hand up to her face and gently stroked her chin, Liz covered it with hers and held it there.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered.

"Max," their noses were nearly touching, "listen to me"

"So perfect..." he continued.

"Max please", she pleaded softly as tears streamed down her cheek.

"I want you to know something heart, we're already married"


"I love you Liz, I'll love you forever".

His eyes closed.

In that moment, Liz felt a part of her fade away.

"No Max! Don't do this, don't leave me, not now, you can't leave me! Wake up, please wake up".

Michael knelt down and felt his pulse confirming what Liz already knew, she had felt him leave her. "He's dead"

To hear the words aloud shattered her whole being, Liz broke down and cried.

Michael rose up slowly. After facing a war, powerful enemies, his brother's life had been taken by shards of glass.

By that psycho killer freak tess, he thought as hate and anger surged through him.

"She's dead," he said simply.

He got up and faced her.

Isabel was beside him, "You're dead," she said simply.

Tess shrugged and tensed in preparation for battle, "I've got nothing to lose".

"You're dying three times," said Jena.

"Not before I take a few of you with me," she replied.

Michael raised his hand ready to blow her to kingdom come when a shout stopped him.

It was Liz.

She rose from Max and joined them.

"I've got this"she said. She was no longer crying, her voice was stable and collected.

"This is my fight, so back off," she said.

"Okay," he said as he, Isabel and Jena stepped back.

He knew Liz and Tess had unfinished business and he would respect that, but if it got out of hand, he wasn't going to stay on the sidelines and watch.

Tess almost laughed.

Yeah like you can do anything to me. Ummm who has the powers and who is the human?

"Liz," said Maria, "a little payback?"

"Gottacha," she replied.

What payback? She wondered.

She heard a yelp from Cassandra and looked in time to see her crashing into the wall.

What th-

A force swept her through the air and into the wall knocking the air out of her lungs.

"Thanks" said Maria as she raced to the recovering Cassandra.

"You wanna take me?" asked Cassandra.

Did this human think she could take her, even without her powers she could take her.

"No, I just came to see if you were okay" she snorted.

"Fine lets handle this the human way" she challenged.

It'll be a lot sweeter once I smack her down.

Thankful for the anti-stalker-self-defense classes Ray had made her take, Maria tensed and moved into a defensive stance. She moved her legs but was constrained.

Crap, guess I'll just have to use my hands.

"Bring it," said Cassandra.

Maria tried for a left but was blocked, a right but was blocked.

Cassandra smiled victoriously, "I really don't see what he sees in you"

Oh, that's it! Enough! I'm going to knock this silicone chick back to Antar.

"Really, how about," she raised her knee and made impact in her stomach, "this"

Her arms free, she tried for a right and made impact.

She grinned with satisfaction as Cassandra dropped to the ground, moaned but was getting up.

If she recovers I'm dead, thought Maria.

Searching frantically for something to make sure she stayed out, Maria grabbed the near by candle holder, swung it round and hit her across the head.

Cassandra dropped to the ground, this time she didn't make a sound.

"Well you won't be waking up anytime so-"

"Get up bitch!".

Maria turned to see Liz a few yards away from the recovering Tess and smiled.

This day has been a long time coming.

Tess rose in shock.

But how? Since when has little Lizzie Parker been able to throw energy balls?

"Looks like you've changed" she commented nonchalantly.

Glad that somehow in the madness everyone had forgotten to tell possessed Isabel of her newly found powers,Liz said with equal nonchalance, "Courtesy of my husband".

"Well at least you'll have something to remember him by" she said.


The sound echoed throughout the room, her cheek stinging, Tess clenched her jaw.

Fine, it ends now!

"Not bad, how about this!". She put out an energy pulse sending Liz crashing into her friends.

She got up and took off her veil, "Not bad," she said and Tess found herself in the wall again.

She threw an energy bolt, but Liz blocked it.

Liz retaliated with a fireball but she blocked it. She saw her close her eyes.

What is she doing?

"She's going to mindwarp," warned Alex.

"No she's not," she said and sent her back into the wall. Advancing towards her, Liz realised that she had never truly hated anyone the way she hated Tess and to have the ability to not hide it and openly express it was...freeing.

"You took everything from me," she said bitterly," my son and my husband,"

"He was never yours Tess, not really" she said.

Tess released an energy bolt, Liz lifted up her force field and sent a fireball at her. Tess held it at bay with her force field. They were at stale mate, each weakening but no one surrendering.

"Give it up, I have more years on you" said Tess.

Liz had to admit that she was strong, she'd just had her powers for a weak and they weren't strong enough-she wasn't strong enough to go up against Tess. She slowly sank to the floor.

She killed Max.

The words gave her renewed strenght, focusing everything she had, all her pain, all her anger and hate she let it flow and didn't open her eyes until she heard a thud in the wall.

Every inch of her hurt, she had a few broken ribs. She couldn't get up.
She shot daggers of hate, as Liz stood above her.

"Well go ahead, finish me off".

Liz looked down at her.

She could, she really could, but "I'm not a killer," she said as she turned away and made her way down the aisle which had moments earlier given her so much joy.

She was too tired and empty to hear Tess get up, too slow in reaction to Maria's shout. The energy ball was headed for her, her eyes widened, heart pounded awaiting it's impact but it never came. She was surrounded by an orange field.


She turned and flashed him a grateful smile.

She turned back to Tess just in time to see a green energy ball hit her and Cassandra and explode into ash.


She turned to find the source.

"I'm not a killer," shrugged Jena, "I'm a soldier"

Maria sighed with relief.

Finally it was all over.

But not without a price, she thought sadly as she looked over at Liz kneeling over Max.

"I'm sorry Liz" she said.

"I don't want your sympathy Maria, I want him back" she said, "I just want him back"

She backed off and stood next to the rest of the gang.

"Is there anything we can do?" she asked.

"No" replied Michael.

"Yes," said Alex. A whole topic maria wanted to deal with but not now.

"What?" she asked.

"Well Max is dead, since Liz has some of his essence and Michael is now King, technically, then combined they might bring him back. It's a long shot but maybe"

"I'll take it" said Michael as he knelt down beside him and put his palms on his wounds.

I hope this works, he prayed, what a way to become king.

"What now?" he asked.

"Concentrate on Max and imaging his wounds closing" said Liz.

He looked at her quizzically. How did she know?

She smiled sadly, "he told me when teaching me how to control my powers"

Michael closed his eyes and focused as Liz had instructed.

Nothing happened.

He felt a warm hand on his shoulder.

"Try again" said Maria. He nodded and closed his eys vowing not to open them till those wounds closed up.

Liz stroked his hair, memories of the thousands of times she had done it before washed over her. She looked over at Michael, his eyes were closed, bu-Wait!
"It's working," she yelled as his hands glowed, the wounds started slowly covering up. Michael was healing Max!

Michael flung open his eys.
It's working-focus!, celebrate once he's up and walking.

"Why is it taking so long?" asked Isabel.

Max is going to live, he's going to be okay, she thought joyously.

"Because he almost died, he must have been hanging on," said Alex.

Isabel glanced up at him, suprised to find him standing there.

It's just soo weird.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," she replied, " it's just good to have you back."

Liz was focused on him, his pulse was getting stronger, but he still wasn't moving, his eyes were closed. She bent down and kissed softly on his lips.

"Come on Max, come back to me. I need you, we still have more kisses to make, more kids. So you have to wake up"

"Wake up Max" said a faraway voice.

"Liz?" he asked, "where are you?"

Where am I? he was somewhere bright and warm, he felt at peace.

"Come back to me Max"

"Where are you?" he asked.

He listened and followed her voice, "I love you"

"I love you to-" he was blinded by a bright light. It cleared to reveal brown eyes flooded with tears.


"He's up," she smiled as tears streamed down her cheeks.

The memories flooded in his mind. The wedding, Tess, Liz!

But there was no time for questions because, when she pulled him into her arms and kissed him, Max knew he was home and that everything was alright.

"I heard you," he said inbetween kisses, "I heard your voice call out to me and I followed.".

"Can't take all the credit," she said helping him up, "Michael did the healing"

He looked towards his famil and before he could react, was assaualted by Isabel and Jena.

"Glad to have you back" said Jena.

"Glad to be back," he replied.

He faced Michael with a gratitude he felt words could not express, but he tried anyway. "Thanks for saving me," he said.

"Consider it my present to you" he replied and pulled him into a hug.

The next person infront of him was Alex, "Is it-"

"Yes, well kind of, but we'll get to me later. Right now Michael will you give him the seal back?"

"Wha-oh right". He had almost forgotten about the whole King thing.
My one and only action as King. Ah well.
"How do we..." he began
"Just shake hands" said Alex.
They shook hands and Max felt power flow through him again. He was back, he was whole, he was alive.

Around them the rest of the family was stirring.

"How do we explain this to the non-members?" asked Kyle.

"Got it covered," said Alex.

Max watched as he seemed to just be talking to Nina.

"What did you do?" he asked when he returned.

"Telecercion is my thing," he replied.

He moved to approach Pastor Smith when Maria and Liz held him back.

"What?" he asked.

"You can't do alien stuff on a man of God," protested Liz.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because it's just wrong" said Maria.

"Well what do you g-

"Kyle and I broke up" said Isabel.

It's gonna be love
It's gonna be great

He began hoping.
" it a good or a bad thing?" he asked.

It's gonna be more than I can take
It's gonna be free

"That depends," she replied.

He looked into her deep brown eyes, "On what?" he breathed.

"On you," she replied.

It's gonna be real
It's gonna change everything I feel

As she leaned in to kiss him, Alex felt like he was going to have a heart attack and that feeling was the only thing that confirmed that this was real. Isabel Evans was going to kiss him... but he stopped her.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

It's gonna be sad
It's gonna be true

I can't believe I'm doing this, but...

"Iz, its been seven years, there's so much we need to talk about, re-learn. I-I"

I can't believe I'm going to say this but...

"I think we should take it slow," he finished.

He held his breath as he awaited her reaction.

"Slow" she said surprised.

Alex Whitman refusing a kiss from me? Wow things really have changed, but he is right. I have all these feelings and I need to figure them out.

"Yeah "To love and to cherish"

Max - "In sickness and in health"

Liz- "Till death do us part"

Pastor Smith - "What God has brought together, let no man put asunder, I know pronounce you husbands and wives. You may now kiss the brides."

There was not a dry tear in the church as the couples sealed their unions with a kiss.

The families sat in the room Pastor Smith had allowed them to use. Alex stood in the middle of the circles,making eye contact with everyone as he said, "I'm sure you all have questions"

"Understatment of the century," said Kyle.

"Yeah. So I'll start with the obvious, Am I Alex? Yes, sort of"

"What do you mean sort of?" asked Isabel.

"I'll start chronologically. Lets go back to high school and Tess. When she mindwarped me into cracking the book.."

This is soo strange, thought Maria. Alex, my Alex is alive, standing here and sort of alive. Talk about miracles. Anyway Maria, focus.

"she knew that it dangerous to my...well mortality" he contineud," but she did it anyway and just in case she used this real sweet high tech device to copy my memories. Everything, who I am and when she killed me-took a sample of my dna"

"Why?"asked Maria.

"For Plan B, just incase things didn't go her way, which of course they didn't" he replied.

"So, the real Alex died?" she asked.

This was getting soap-style very fast.

"Right," he replied.

"Maria," said Liz, "that's what he's trying to explain".

"Thank you, Liz," he smiled.

Some things never changed.

"After the Antar thing went sideways...well she wanted revenge. She knew you guys were on earth and who you were coming for. So she mixed my dan with alien dna, cloned me, gave me my memories and hey presto Alex Whitman lives," he finished with a flourish.

"Whoa that's like not possible" said Liz, " I mean you look our age and it's been seven years or so since you died."

"Impossible with earth tech," he said.

"But even with Antarian technology," said Max, "You'd have to know some-"

"really high level corrupt people to get your hands on it?" he finished.

"Yeah," said Max.

"Tess knew a few."

Of course she would, thought Liz.

"When she gave me back my memories, the bulk were real but the rest she manipulated. The short version is that she manipulated me into basically to hate you guys and want you dead. We came to earth, after my high tech training on Antar and my telecoercion, it was easy to land me a job. I'm freelance now, dabble in computer games design, software and animation. Anyway , I spied on you, plotted, the usual psycho stuff but as I started seeing you guys, my real memories of Tess and what she did came back...I wasn't too willing after that to kill you so Tess and Cassy lured me to a cabin and she possessed me."

"Wow," breathed Maria.

"Yeah," he replied.

"But why you?" she asked.

"Because I could get to Isabel. She mindwarped everyone in not seeing me so Isabel thought I was a ghost lured her to the cabin and possessed her and tied me up. That's my tale, Iz can take it from here."

"Um, well, she possessed me that day you guys tried on the dresses and I said I had somewhere to be," she began instantly feeling like one of her patients in group therapy.

"But why you?" asked Kyle

"Because I was the wedding planner and I could also ruin the wedding" she smiled ironically.

"But you didn't" said Maria.

"She did. Your hen night, when I, she went to refill, she got you drunk, talked rubbish to Ray and had him come home early. Helped you up the stairs. She mindwarped you into thinking that Ray was Michael, you kissed but you could tell it wasn't him so you just slept. So when Michael came up, she mindwarped him into thinking that you and Ray slept together"

"So we didn't?" asked Maria.

"No, she just made you think they did" she replied.

"I am soo relieved right now," said Maria.

"Me too" said Michael.

"Count me in" said Ray.

"Her plan didn't work because you got married anyway," Isabel continued," She lost it, got her body back and came here. Me and Alex got free and came here."

"Showdown, beatdown, the end," said Alex.

"Whoa" exhaled Amy, "she was some piece of work"

"Tell me about it," muttered Jim.

"So is it over?" asked Kyle, "as in finally over no trilogy?"

"I can safely say it's over," said Alex.

"So" said Maria. She stood infront of him scrutinzing him "you're our Alex, hybrid Alex"

"Yep," he replied squirming at the inspection.

Maria pulled him into a hug and for the first time in years Alex felt happy, "Great," she said as she released him from the hug," is it just me and Kyle left without powers? This sucks."

"Welcome back buddy" said Kyle.

He looked over at Isabel and smiled, "It's good to be back".

"Ladies and Gentlemen! may I present Mr and Mrs Guerin and Parker".

Liz smiled as led by her husband, they settled in the middle of the floor for their first dance as husband and wife.

"I know Michael healed me but you brought me back Liz. It was you," said Max.

"Just returning the favour," she replied as she rested her head on his chest and smiled.

"So how does it feel to be officially attached, taken, till death?" asked Maria playfully.

"It home," said Michael.

Ray watched as they danced. She was beautiful, smiling happy and in love. He had to respect that. He was also glad that Michael loved her with real powerful forgiving love and loved her with a passion, that love was very hard to find. He was glad that Maria had found it, she deserved it.

"Great thing to see isn't it?" said a voice next to him.


"That kind of love," she continued.

"Yeah," he nodded wistfully.
"Listen, wanna dance?" she asked.

He looked at her surprised.

Why not? It's not like you've got anyone in mind. The girl you loved it taken.

"Yeah sure," he replied.


"Excuse us," he said as she led him onto the floor.

"Sure, see you later," smiled Isabel.

On her right Alex and Jena were engrossed in conversation. She wanted to know what they were talking about but was held back by her left side. On her left sat Kyle holding her hand.

"Soo" she began.

"Wanna dance?" he asked.

"Sure," she replied and took a huge breath.

"So in my dreams, that was you trying to reach me wasn't it?" asked Kyle.
"Yeah" she replied.

"And I completely blew if off" he said.

"like you could know, it doesn't matter, everything's fine now," said Isabel.

Well,that's a lie too, he thought.

"Is it? I mean with Alex back is it...are we okay?" asked Kyle.

Because it doesn't feel like we're okay, he added silently.

"No I guess we're not," replied Isabel.

Well, here I hoped that it was just my imagination.

"Oh" he managed.

"And it's not just Alex is it?" asked Isabel.

"What do you mean?" he asked as his pulse raced.

"I was possessed Kyle not blind, I saw you and Jena, there's something there isn't there?" she asked.

"I don't-I mean,"

Either way this is not going to be pretty, he thought.

"I care about you," he struggled.

"Me too," she replied.

"but with her it's different. I'm just confused". He sighed and searced her eyes, she wasn't angry, she understood.

"So what do we do?" asked Isabel

"Break up?" he asked.

She smiled, "Looks like. See what if there's anything.."

"...And no matter what stay friends," he finished.

"Yeah" she said.

Isabel held out her hand and Kyle shook it, "So we're officially broken up," she said.

"Do I need to sign anywhere?" he grinned.

"No," laughed Isabel, "Come on, lets go figure out our love lives."

"May I have this dance?" asked Kyle.

Jena looked up, "Um sure"

Her and Alex had talked mainly about their bad taste in people to fall for and came to the conclusion to just be happy for them and try to move on...but now seeing him being in his arms threw everything out of the window.

If only, she thought wistfully.

Alex held her gently as they danced.

It's gonna be me, baby
It's gonna be you, baby

"Listen..." she began.

Time, I've been patient for so long
How can I pretend to be so strong?

"Before you say anything Iz, it's okay, I know you're with Kyle" said Alex.

Looking at you, baby
Feeling it too, baby

He knew the rules, his conversation with Jena had been helpful. He wasn't going to waste his time, wishing hoping-

"Kyle and I broke up" said Isabel.

It's gonna be love
It's gonna be great

He began hoping.
" it a good or a bad thing?" he asked.

It's gonna be more than I can take
It's gonna be free

"That depends," she replied.

He looked into her deep brown eyes, "On what?" he breathed.

"On you," she replied.

It's gonna be real
It's gonna change everything I feel

As she leaned in to kiss him, Alex felt like he was going to have a heart attack and that feeling was the only thing that confirmed that this was real. Isabel Evans was going to kiss him... but he stopped her.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

It's gonna be sad
It's gonna be true

I can't believe I'm doing this, but...

"Iz, its been seven years, there's so much we need to talk about, re-learn. I-I"

I can't believe I'm going to say this but...

"I think we should take it slow," he finished.

He held his breath as he awaited her reaction.

"Slow" she said surprised.

Alex Whitman refusing a kiss from me? Wow things really have changed, but he is right. I have all these feelings and I need to figure them out.

"Yeah" he said.

Love needs time now or never
(It's gonna be love)

"Well. I have time. You?" she asked.

"I'll have to check my schedule" he replied.

"You have a schedule since when?" she asked incredulous.

A playful smile spread across his face, "I am a wanted man" he replied.


"Yeah, but I'm sure I can squeeze you in," he replied.



Their banter was interrupted by Michael. "Excuse me ladies and gents, may I please have you attention".

Isabel looked up to find Maria and Michael standing on the stage.

"What is he doing?" she asked.

"I have no clue" replied Alex.

Max and Liz were wondering the same thing.

Maria took the mike, "Even though it is my wedding day, I just have to sing. This is my wedding present to my friends Max and Liz, you guys have been through hell, we all have but we made it. So if you could take the floor I have a surprise song for you"

"What?" mouthed Liz.

"Come on," said Maria.

"You heard the lady," said Max as he led her onto the floor.

"Okay boys, one, two , three," said Maria.

Liz smiled as the familiar chords began, her eyes flooded with tears.

"She is amazing," she said.

"She's looking, say thank you," said Max.

Liz mouthed thank you and Maria winked.

Maria turned and smiled at Michael by the wings where he'd always been. Her spaceboy, alien in shining armour.

"I love you, " she mouthed.

His stubborn mouth melted in love as he mouthed it back.

This is it. This is life.

She looked back to the two friends on the dance floor, opened her mouth and closed her eyes as the music flowed through her.

Come to me now
And lay your hands over me
Even if it's a lie
Say it will be alright
And I shall believe
The lyrics unlocked memories, images of Max saving her life, her friend with the aliens, running from the special unit...

I'm broken in two
And I know you're on to me
That I only come home
When I'm so all alone
But I do believe

Memories of kissing Max, of finding out about his destiny with Tess, her sorrow, Future Max telling her to make Max fall out of love with her, having a wedding dance she'd thought she'd never have with him, thinking that she was going to be alone forever, that she had lost Max forever. Tess, Alex's death, Tess' pregnancy, Max leaving.

Max stepped back from her and took in her tears, "What?" he asked.

"Nothing," she replied as rested her head against his chest and sighed happily.

"It's just being here with you, the song, destiny..." she said.

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me

"...the song. It just reminds me of your destiny..."

Please say honestly you won't give up on me
And I shall believe
And I shall believe

Open the door
And show me your face tonight
I know it's true
No one heals me like you
And you hold the key
"Or what we thought your destiny was, with your planet and Tess and everything" she continued.

Never again
would I turn away from you
I'm so heavy tonight
But your love is alright
And I do believe

"What about it?" he asked as he lovingly stroked her hair.

She looked up at him and smiled, "It's just, nothing ever turns out they way you think it will,"

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be

It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
"So Liz Parker Evans," he began with a twinkle in his eye," tell me my destiny".
Please say honestly
You won't give up on me
Liz smiled at the familiar statement, "I only know the one I'm hoping for," she murmured as he silenced her with a long deep kiss.

And I shall believe
I shall believe

I hope you enjoyed reading my first ever roswell fic!*happy*

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