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Liz strecthed. The sun came through the windows of her house. She got up and headed out.

She grabbed her board and ran out. She hit the water and paddled. She met Ava out there.

"Hey sleepy head!" Ava said seeing her friend join them.

"Hey sleeping beauty!" Izzy called from alttle ways down.

"Get ready! Ones coming!" Ria called. They turned the boards and started to paddle. Liz stood up and rode the wave. She smiled. It was already a good day.

Hope you like! Kind of based on Blue Crush, but not exactley.

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Part 1

"Come on! Come on!" Liz yelled at everyone as they ran from the car.

"Oh we are so fired!" Ria said. They ran up the stairs and into the back room. They closed the door and started to change. Everyone else was ready but as usual they were late.

"Work starts at 7:30" the boss said looking straight at them. "Those who one to surf before coming to work lose there jobs."

"Hey relax! We got here just in time to start." Ava said blowing off his daily threat. he said this everyday and they all knew that Peirce their boss wouldn't fire them. They were the best waitresses he had.

"Ok lets get to work!" Them he came up beside Maria and said "if you want to surf and come to work be sure to get all the evidence out of your hair" he said as he pulled a peice of sea weed out of her hair."

She just stuck her tounge out at him and smiled. They hurried out to wait there tables before Peirce got any more ideas.


Liz yawned. Work had been crueling. Nine hours of serving wannabe surfers. People that came here for a weekend just to back to the mainland and say that they surf. But they didn't. They never would. Real surfers. They eat surfing sleep surfing breath surfing. those peopl had no idea. in all actaullity they had it good. they had some place to back to. Families, school, someone that loves them in a way that no ojne else does.

'But this is what I have.' Liz thought as she looked around. The "house" they lived in was preatty much a shack with matresses and fridge.

But then she looked at her friends and realized that she did have a family. She had Maria who was like an younger sis even though Liz was younger. She had Ava the older one. Then Isabel who acted as their mother most of the time.

"Hey watch it!" Ava said as Izzy hit her with a towel. Maria laughed as she strummed on her guitar. Liz just smirked. 'Yeah I have a family it's just slightly....
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Part 2

'Paddle, Paddle, Paddle' Liz thought. 'Turn' as she continued to coach herself through the water. She looked over at Maria. She was already in position about 15 ft away. Liz smirked as she saw she was surronded by guys.
'That is so typical'

"Here it comes!" Kyle yelled over the sounds of the water. Liz got ready. She felt it coming and stood up. Her small arms trying to find her balance. She lost her footing and fell off of her board.
'Great, I get to look forward to Kyle's ass whole complaints.' She thought as she kicked her way to the top of the water. 'Oh well it's just how it goes'

"Come on slow pokes" Maria yelled happily from the house. She had run all the way up from their surfing spot.

"God what has crawled up her butt and bloomed?" Ava asked.

"Tyler asked her out" Isabel said frowning.

"Really?" Ava said "And she sccepted is she brain dead? He cheats on all his girlfriends." she said unbeleiving that her friend would be so clue less.

"Yeah but it doesn't surprise me." Liz said rolling her eyes "Maria has been crushin on that boy since we were kids."

"AAAAAHHHH!" They heard Maria scream.

"Maria" all three yelled as they ran towards the house. Their sandles had fallen off leaving their feet to hit the hot sand, but it didn't matter. One of their sisters was in trouble they had to help. When they finally reached the top of the sand dune. They saw Maria standing their looking in on their front porch.

It was surprising. No one ever came to vist them. But though all were surprised was shocked more than the rest.

"Max?" Isabel questioned.

"Hey Is...... long time no see?" was all he could reply.