Title: The Only One
Catagory: Zan and Liz (Z/L)
Summary: Liz starts to change after Alex's death. Max is dating Tess and gives her and Isabel comfort. Micheal and Kyle are too busy comforting Maria to notice Liz's change. Kyle and Maria are siblings now. Liz knows that Alex didn't committe suicide and investigates. Her investigations lead her to Zan. I won't spoil it anymore...and it's gonna count on your feedback for me to continue.

***** Part 1 *****

Liz sat in the front row as she watched her best friend being lowered into the ground. 'He's gone...He's really gone' was all she could think. She turned to survey her surroundings. Maria was on the border line of insanity. Tess was really milking it. Isabel's Ice Princess act was currently shattered. Micheal and Kyle were trying to keep Maria from passing that line that was seperated sane from insane. And Max had his arms full with Isabel and Tess.

Without even thinking she turned back to her best friend's coffin. Everyone said it was suicide...it wasn't, she knew that much. Two days ago Alex was on his way to meet her for lunch, and he just 'walked' into the path of an oncoming car. Liz snorted at the thought, inturrupting the service. She didn't care though...she didn't even notice that everyone was looking at her.

Walking over to the casket she pulled at yo-yo out of her pocket. With everyone still looking at her she sat down as if she was 7 again and playing with Alex like she did when she was little. "Alex, I bet ya can't do this trick." She said as she 'walked the dog'. "You know everyone says that you hurt yourself. I don't know why. Grampy died last week. Mommy says that it was 'cuz he wasn't sleeping well, or something like that." She said as she looked to where his body laid at ground level.

"You left your yo-yo at my house yesturday. I forgot to bring it. But I promise to bring it tomorrow. I have to go to Colorado to see Grammy, and say bye to Grampy. Mommy says that Grammy isn't doing too well. I think she's crying. She never cries. I got really sad, and Mar-Mar told me that her Mommy said whenever you wanna see or talk to someone that died you just look up to heaven and wave. You know heaven's in the clouds." she looked up to the cloudy sky. "I can see you. You're playing with your yo-yo and teasing your sister Jamie. It's not nice to tease your sister." she looked back to the coffin.

"I'll tell you a secret." she lowered her voice. "I know you didn't hurt yourself. I can feel it in here." she said as she raised her hand to her heart. She looked back up to the sky and waved her hand.

The crowd looked at her as if she were insane. Maria looked to Micheal and spoke. "She hasn't called me that since we were like 7 years old. I told her that after her grampa died to cheer her up some."

Mr. and Mrs. Whitman just cried harder at the display of emotion that Liz just put on, while Liz kissed the casket and walked away. Liz turned back to the precher. "I'm sorry for inturrupting your service, I just thought I'd share some old memories with Alex that I know is making him smile up there. 'Cuz I know for a fact that Alexander Charles Whitman is up there teasing his sister. He told me when we were younger that, that was gonna be the first thing he does when he dies. I'm sorry again." Liz appolagized as she left.

The crowd just watched her retreating figure and her appology brought a small laugh to Maria and a smile to Alex's parents and the rest of the crowd.


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