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Title~Somewhere In Between
Disclaimer~I do not own the characters from Roswell or wrote any of the episodes. SomeWhere in between~By Lifehouse(Copyrighted)
Rating~PG-13(so far)
Sypnosis~Takes place a few months after Nobody Knows,Liz is manifesting powers,painful visions.Is it because she's housing the essence of Lexianna,Max's lover when he was alive on antar?
How will Liz deal with her new powers?
Courtney and the rebel skins are back,and living a normal life in Roswell.However things can't always stay that way..
Link to Nobody Knows

Prolouge~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers(Sequal to Nobody Knows)~Somewhere in betwen~By Lifehouse(Coprighted)

I can't be losing sleep over this,
No,I can't...
And I know I cannot stop pacing.
Give me a few hours,
and I'll have this all sorted out

It's happening again,the pain,fallowed by the visions.It was hard to distinguish what flashed in her mind,but she knew it was important.Lexiana,was trying to warn her about something,but what?

Maybe it's time to tell Max what's been going on for the past two months.God,he's going to be mad at her,for keeping this from him.It's no wonder he hasn't already discovered something wasn't still quite right with her.

They promised never to hide anything from each other again. Ever since about over a year ago,a future version of Max told Liz, they needed to find a way for the present Max to fall out of love with her.That being with Liz,caused Max to not care about being an alien king,shutting out Tess,in not a very nice way,causing her to leave hurt,causing thier enemies,the skins,to invade earth and destroy mankind.They however thwarted that course of action.mainly because Liz left Roswell.

Tess didn't leave,So Courtney,who has taken over the title of thier protector,since nasedo was killed,found them,becuse Tess knew who and what she was.

If my mind would just stop racing.
I cannot stand still,
I can't be this unsturdy,
This is over my head,
and underneath my feet.....

Liz looked at the alarm clock on her nightstand.It read 9:30in the evening,Max will be leaving the UFO center soon.He'll come by,tuck her in,and fall asleep in her arms as perusual.He has not slept in his bed since they've return home from Coppersummit,Arizona.

That was where the harvest was.The skins couldn't live in the earth's atmosphere without the protection of the husks.A kind of contaiment suit that hid thier true form,and prevent thier painful death at the same time.The husks would eventually deterioate,and new ones would have to be put on.

As luck would have it,Liz who was on the run,happen to come across information about the harvest,so reluctantly,she and Alex,who had come to be with her,when Future Max disappeared,because Max at that point,and time didn't think he loved Liz anymore,relayed this information to Max and company.

The company being Courtney and her band of rebel skins,who unlike the other skins under Kivar's command, wanted to destroy the earth,were against that,and him,who now sits on the throne ruling Antar,Max's homeworld.

Because by tomorrow morning,
I'll have this thing beat,
and everything will be back to the way it is.
I wish that it was that easy....

Max did find out the truth,about why she left him,and Roswell in the middle of the night.Loving her all the more for the sacrifce she was willing to commit.They've been through so much,yet they beat the odds,and are together.

Which brings Liz to her present perdictament.What would happen to them,if she finally told Max what strange alien like things have been going on with her for the past few months.

Her mind went back to the conversation she had with Simon a few hours ago.He's the only one who's been in on Liz's headache vision's,he accidently walked in on her,during one,the worst yet.Liz pleaded that he remain silent,wanting to see if she can fix the problen herself,instead of getting everyone involed again.Things have started to go back to normal.Liz felt she caused enough chaos in thier lives.

I am waiting for tonight,
then waiting for tomorrow.
and I am somwhere in between.
What is real and just a dream.....

Simon relucatantly,kept his mouth shut.Hoping that either Liz would tell Max herself,or Max would eventually catch on.

"Liz,I really think you should just tell Max what's been going on,"Simon suggested,they were sitting on her balcony,siiting on lounge chairs and drinking lemonade.

Liz sighed,wishing they weren't having this conversation again,"I can't Simon,I need to do this myself"

"Well what if it never goes away Liz,you can't hid them forever,eventually Max will catch on,"Simon pointed out,placing his empty glass on the ground beside him,"I'm amazed that he's still aware of things,I'm thinking Lexianna has something to do with this!"
"Yeah,I know she is,"Liz sighed thankfully."Lexianna's concern,I can feel it,but she's helping me hide it from Max,for now,she like you thinks I should spill the beans to him."

"Liz,this is serious here,you're manifesting powers,and who knows what this will do to you,"Simon replied with concern,"Max and the others could help you,you're slowly losing control of these visions,I can sense the headaches are painful,I can't even imagine,what will happen when you start having them in public."

"I know Simon,and when I feel that I'm starting to lose control I'll call you,"Liz said,getting up from the chair and walked to the edge of her roof,placing her hands on the wall that came up to her waist,she sighed and looked up at the night sky,"I don't want to bother everyone with this,especially Max,things have been blissfully normal,and I know he loves that he's not wrapped up in all things alien Simon,and I want to keep it that way."

Simon sighed in fustration,walked up next to her,and wrapped his arm around Liz's shoulder,"Liz,I know youre intentions are good,and I will help you in anyway I can,but I do have limitations, I feel that Max wouldn't be bothered if you come to him with this."Simon said,looking up at the sky also,he let her shoulder go and palced his hands on her arms,turning her around to face him,"Tell him Liz,lie if you're so worried about it,tell him it started today,he'll never have to know."

Liz turned her head away,closed her eyes,and sighed,knowing that he was right,but to tell Max another lie,on top of all the others.It's killing her now,that she's keeping this from him,so many times she tried to tell him,but something always prevented her.Liz open her eyes and looked at Simon,her eyes brimming with tears,"If I tell him,I have to tell him everything,I've lied to him so much already."

"If you want,I'll be with you as support when you tell him."Simon said softly,his eyes sadden by Liz's constant pain.

"No,I will tell him by myself,"Liz answered sighing in defeat,"I will call you when Max storms off angrily,hating me."

Would you catch me if I fall out,
of what I fell in?
Don't be suprised,if I collapse down at you feet again.
I don't want to run away from this
I know that I just don't need this.

"Call the cell anythime,yes Max will probably be angry,but he won't hate you Liz,he loves you,the two of you have been through alot worse."Simon replied,hoping that finally,the burden of Liz's secret will not be only on his shoulders.He can't help but worry about her,Lexianna died and it nearly killed him.Finding Liz was his second chance.Simon failed to protect his sister that night,he'll be damned if Liz dies too.

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Forever Dreaming & Latte Girl Thank you for the FB.
I'm working on a Has to Be sequel and Come to me Now.
I'm not quite sure when I'll have the next part up.
I've got the first chapter mostly written,but I'm not happy with it and will go back to it later.
Thank you the support is appreciated!
Peace Carolyn*bounce*
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mpls muse originally wrote:

This sequel is off to a great start! With how stubborn Liz is, she will need both Max and Simon looking after her.


Thank you Robyn,Had to end Nobody Knows as it is. That story was told,now off to the next arch.
Working on the Has to be sequel now!
Thanks for your support!
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okay prepare for some major reading.
Some histroy background for you.
Because of page restrictions I'll be breaking it down in a few sections!
And thanks for the Bumps and FB!
Peace Carolyn

Part one~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz was lucky to have Simon Jacobson,in her life.He's been a great friend,and the brother,she never had..Besdies Max,he's been a great support to her.

They were connected because,Liz carries inside her,the encessence of his sister, Lexiana,who was killed by Nicholas.

It's a confusing situation, but back when Max was Zan and ruler over Antar. The two have been secret lovers. Kept apart because he was betrothed to marry Tess(she was Ava then,and Kivar's sister). Being of Royal status, had it's drawbacks.One of them,not being able to marry the one you love.

The planet was in the process of a treaty between the shapeshifters and the skins. A Cival war was threatening to break out,and a marriage between the two races could prevent that from happening.

Zan and Lexianna, accepted thier fate, knowing no matter what, thier love will remain alive, whether it was this life or thier next one. Secretly meeting, knowing that after Zan's wedding,these meetings will no longer happen,but the memories of the fleeting moments the do share,will be cherished untill the day they die.

Then on the day of the wedding, Lexianna over heard Kivar and Nicholas talking about Zan, and how his sister knows what she has to do, and that when the couple walked down the sacred temples ailse after they said thier I do's, Zan and his royal entrounage will be assainated.Leaving the throne open for him!

Lexianna was in shock, praying that they wouldn't catch her evasdropping.

She stayed hidden,her body pressed behind the pillar,waiting with bated breath, untill she heard thier footfalls fade.

Her mind was racing with all kinds of senerios.

She needed to warn Zan and the others, but they were secluded untill the ceremony.

Seagus was with Zan also.There was no one else she could trust.What was she going to do?A sigh of determination escaped her lips.The only thing to do was go to the temple, keep her eyes and ears open,and hoped an oppurtunity presents itself to her.
Lexianna fidgeted in her seat,as the ceremony started.She willed thoughts of warning towards Zan,but they were not being recived.

Her brother, would on occasion pass looks at her, he felt her uneasiness, but figured she was sad to see her lover marrying another.

As much as she hated watching her true love tying the knot with Ava. She wanted the ceremony to last untill she could figure out someway to warn him.

"You could just scream a warning now,"Lexianna thought to herself

However she had a feeling they'd just drag her away.Then continue, when the crazy lady has left the temple.

"Ladies and gentleman,"announced the priest,performing the ceremony,"Your new King and Queen,lets rise and celebrate thier love."

The whole temple rose to thier feet.

Zan and Ava linked hands as they slowly walked down the aisle, shaking hands, and thanking people for thier well wishes.

Then Lexianna saw Nicholas inching his way out of his formation in line, no one notice, but she did.

A faint blue glow surrounded his hand.

He was going to kill him.

Lexianna made her way out of her seat hand, and began to run towards Zan.

The wedding party stopped stunned as she ran towards them. Guards tried to grab her, but she managed to avoid them.

Nicholas, in all the confusion took this oppurtuinty to release his power towards Zan.

However, Lexianna reached him in time and took the blow,and collapsed on the floor.Seagus and Zan were instantly by his side.Murmers of confusion enemated from the crowd.

"Lexianna!"Zan screamed,taking her in his arms,causing a few nearby gasps.

N-nicholas,K-Kv-var,enemies,killl y-y-ou."She gasped,knowing she was going to die.

"It's going to be okay Lexianna,hang on,I will help you."Zan cried,putting his hands on her face,"Look at me,I need you to look at me."

"T-t-oo l-l-ate f-f-or m-me,save y-yours-self,"Lexianna said,looking at her lover,knowing his attempts at healing her were wasted.

Zan felt her life force leaving her body."Why is this happening!?"No one notice the group of shrowed people enter the temple.They were all focusing on the scene between thier king,and Lexianna trone dying on the temple's floor.

Seagus beside him felt his rage increasing.This was suppose to be for Zan.Someone was trying to assainate the king,and somehow Lexianna found out about it.That's why she was upset during the ceremony.From the corner of his eye,he saw a shrowed figure,something didn't feel right at all.

"We need to get the King and Queen out of here!"He screamed at the guards.He tried to grab Zan's arm to pull him away from his sister's lifeless body."Zan you need to leave."

"This is my fault,she's dead,"He cried,not even caring that these shrowded figures were killing at random,person's in the royal court.

"Oh my god,the old man was right."Seagus said under his breath.

He looked around him, untill he spotted Vilandra and Rath on the floor.

He pulled A resistant Zan away from his sister,throwing a shield up to block a wave of energy that would've hit Zan if he didn't. The stunned king, saw his sister, and best friend on the floor, he knew they were dead, even before he touched them.

"Where's Ava?"He asked,looking around wildly,watching as the peolpe he loved slowly get killed before his eyes.

"I don't know your highness,let's just hope one of the guards have her."Seagus said,taking an oranmental looking pin from both Vilandra's and Rath's person.

He wasn't sure why he gave them the pins to put on.The old man was crazy,raving about Kivar being a traitor and his plans of wanting to be king.That he was planning to kill Zan,and any shapeshifter that got in his way of making the goal a reality.

"I don't care if you belive me Saegus,"echoed the old mans words in his head,"Just give them the pins as wedding gifts,take the precaution,if I'm wrong then you can rub it in my face!"

Seagus didn't want to belive the old mans ravings,but he could see the future and everything that he perdicted usually came true.What confused him is that his instincts told him to give them the pins.Better safe than sorry.

"What are these things?"Seagus asked him,turning the silver pin in his hand,it was the royal seal of antar,a V formation of the five planets,in thier solar system,Antar was the bottom one.

"Let's just say,those pins are our only hope of bringing peace back to our planet."The old man proclaimed,not really answering his question.However he did as he was told.

The pins were given to them at Zans engament party.He told the royal four that he had them made especially for the wedding.The four of them agreed that they were quite lovely,and that they will defiantely wear them.

They turned a corner inside the temple.They needed to get to the room of seclusionThere are secret tunnels that would lead them to the palace.Zan's safty is top priority.He'll find Ava,when the king was secure.

They were greeted by Kivar,grabbing Ava's arm roughly.She was crying,and her apperance was in a disheaval."Zan I'm so sorry,I'm so sorry."she wimpered,bowing her head in shame.

"What do you meanAva,Kivar,what's the meaning of this?"Zan asked in confusion.

"Kivar wants the throne your highness,and Ava has been helping him,"Seagus proclaimed,his shield still up,protecting his king."I have a feeling she killed your sister,maybe Rath too."

"Ava,is this true?"Zan asked in disbelief.Ava shook her head,shamefully."Kivar,I trusted you,why?"

"Because it's time the skins ruled Antar,"Kivar announced,gripping his grip tighter on Ava's arm causing her to yelp in pain,"For years,my people did the bidding of the shapeshifters,having to be thankful for measly scrapes from the mighty kings of Antar,the house of Maxu ruled long enough,accept your fate Zan,and die with dignity,resist and die painfully and with dishonor."

"Kivar,I worked hard for the skins to have thier rights given back to them,you were a witness to that!"Zan answered,"Your people paid enough for the mistakes your ancestors made in the past,I want our races to live in peace,your sister is Queen,the highest title a skin had for years,you're my condfidant Kivar,I've always trusted in your advice,please don't do this."

"Beautifully spoken Zan,but I will see this through,"Kivar counterd,throwing Ava inbetween them."Even if that means killing my sister."

"What Kivar,I-"

"Shut up,you worthless whore!"Kivar spewed,raising his hand to kill her.He looked at Zan and smiled evilly at him,"So Zan,will you protect your wife,or let her die?"

"Lower the sheild Seagus."Zan said mournfully.
"Your highness,I can't th-"

"Lower it,that's an order,"He demanded,grabbing Seagus shoulder and made him face him.He handed Seagus the pin,looking knowingly at him.

Seagus took the pin and slipped it in his pocket,then Zan turned to face Kivar,"Seagus is a good protector Kivar,he's loyal and he'll serve you well,Seagus bow to your new King."

Seagus couldn't belive what he was asked to do,but withiout hesitation,went to one knee and bowed respectfully to Kivar."My lord,I hope I will not fail you."

Zan walked to Ava,and kneeled besdie her on the floor.She was stunned,after betraying him,Zan was going to give up his life to save hers."I'm so sorry Zan."

"It's okay Ava,your safe now."Zan said,kissing her forehead,and kneeled before Kivar,his eyes never leaving his enemy.One day he will have his revenge,for the death of his family and for the death of Lexianna.

The image of her face was the last he saw before Kivar's blast from his hand killed him.Ava held his body,wishing she never join forces with her brother,vowing she'll do what it takes to revenge Zan's death.

"Seagus,"Kivar announced gleefully,picking up on Ava's inner emotions.

"My lord,"He said faking ethusasim.

"Get up,I need you to do something for me."Kivar demanded,deciding to test this Seagus's,and see if he's worthy of being his general.

"Yes your highness,"He asked,getting up,and stood at attention.Dreading what Kivar will have him do.

"I want you to kill my sister,take the bodies outside the city,through the hidden tunnels under the temple,and then come to the palace,and say you were ambushed,and though you fought dillgently,they took the King and Queen,leaving you for dead."Kivar ordered,looking to see what this Seagus would do.

"Yes your highness,I will do as you ask."Seagus proclaimed,beelining towards Ava,who was pleading for her life.He couldn't even say he was sorry,as his face remain emotionless as his hand glowed with power,and was leashed with regret.Her body landed with a soft thud beside Zan's.

"Congradulations Seagus,you still have a job,"Kivar said,impressed.He didn't say another word,just nodded his head approvingly and walked back to the main temple.

Seagus,kneeled to the floor,taking the pin affixed on a sash Ava wore,and placed it in the pocket with the others.He raised both his hands over the bodies and levitated them in the air.He walked into the seclusion room.Bringing the lifeless bodies with him.

Using the tunnel entrance that he was going to use to bring Zan back to the palace.Now it's to remove them and palce them in a place somewhere in the city,where someone will discover them,so Kivar wouldn't be connected to the kings murder.

Seagus with a heavy heart placed them behind a bush.Saying a silent prayer,and asked for forgivness.

He was suppose to protect his king.

Instead he let a madman kill Zan in cold blood,and then he killed the Queen,because Zan obviously wanted him to obey Kivar.Zan wanted seagus to remain alive.The pins were the reason.Zan gave him his pin,and with his eyes told him he knew they'd be seeing each other again.

Seagus will go to the old man now.He was going to demand that he tell him what was going on.What was the purpous of these pins?

Seagus also knew he was going to do everything in his power to revenge his sister's death,and the death of the true king of Antar.

Liz shook her head,remebering the vision's of Max's past so vividly through Lexianna,and what Simon had told her right here on this very balcony.

The pins it turned out,contained Max,Michael,Tess and Isabel's essence.

The old man which turned out to be Nasedo,mixed Human DNA and added the essence of the royal four.To create Hybrids of who they are right now.The plan was to raise them on earth.train them and prepare them for thier return back to antar.Nasedo and a few others who were loyal to Zan. Would go to earth with them.

They left undetected, Kivar was no word the wiser.Everything was going as plan,untill the spacecraft's controls started to catch on fire. It was an old craft,and the long space journey finally took it's toll on the ancient vessell.

They crashed on the surface.

Nasedo and one other protector survived.It took them hours, but they managed to hide the pods,and the granilth into a secluded cave,inside a huge rock formation,out in the desert.

They went back to collect what they could before the locals came and scowered the area.

Nasedo and Jack didn't get very much, when the sounds of trucks filled thier ears.

They ran as far away as they could,burying the artifacts of thier homeworld near this huge metal contaption,which of course was a radio tower.They found shelter in a red empty building,filled with animal creatures of this planet. They knew what the humans looked like, so they shapeshift into the forms they are today.

They would rest untill thier energy came back, then go far away as they could from the pods, untill the humans were done with the crashsite.Contacting thier people back on Antar is going to be impossible now.

The spacecraft was pretty much destroyed,and they only managed to retrive one communication orb.

The humans will no doubt find the other.

The important thing is the Pods containing the royal four were safe.

It will be many years before thier inncubation period is done.They have decided to part ways, live among the humans, understand thier culture.They will need to teach thier charges about earth so they too can hide in plain view.

That was way back in 1947 now,they've got a good 45 earth years before the pods hatch. What they didn't forsee was that the timer on three of the four pods got damaged in the crash.

Back on Antar,some five years later, information of Nasedo's plans were discovered. Kivar was having a rough time with a certain band of his people, who were loyal to Zan.

These rebels were a thorn on his side, and now he has to deal with a possible return af Zan and company. This didn't sit well with him, and dispatched a army of hitmen,to find the Royal four and kill them. No matter what!

Courteny(Known as Corten on antar), worked for Kivar,but she had a double life. She was one of the founders of the Rebels. No contact from thier people on earth was ever recived. No answers were recvied from thier attempted hails.

This worried her,and decided that she will go to earth.Two ships will be dispatched to the palnet,and Corten, will arrange to have a good amount of rebels on board.The Royal fours survial was now in thier hands.

When Nasedo and Jack returned to check up on the pods one day.

Three out of the four were empty.Ava, was the only one still in inncubation mode. It looked like they've been gone for weeks.Nasedo and Jack searched the desert for days.Thier fustration growing by the minute.

"What are we going to do now?"Jack asked,totally stun by thier bad luck.

"Well one things for sure,we've got to inform the others."Nasedo said,deep in thought."Go to Utah, tell Simone everything, she'll be able to spread the word, we need to find Zan, Rath and Vilandra."

"So what about Ava?"Jack asked festuring her head towards the pod that housed a curly blond hair six year old girl.

"I will revive her, and take her to Colorado,"Naseod said thoughtfully,"I will begin her training,"

"You do realize what Seagus said about her?"Jack said,eyeing Ava with disdain,"She killed Vilandra, and Rath, betrayed her husband for Kivar."

"Yes, but she also realized her mistake, though to late. I think she deserves a second chance,"Nasedo countered,waving his hand over the control panel that ran Ava's pod,"She is Zan's wife,he did die for her.That makes her Queen. I will tell her what she needs to know, and leave out what she doesn't."

"Whatever you say Nasedo, but I hope history doesn't repeat itself."Jack countered,leaving the pod chamber, to see Simone.

For eleven years, Nasedo and Tess, as he named her. Lived in many states across america.

Jack lived in Roswell, at the time of a certain shooting in a resturant called, The Crashdown Cafe. He wasn't there himself,but did some investigating on his own.

"Some UFO nut swore the girl was hit by a bullet, and witness a teenage boy going to her and placing a hand on her stomach. He swore it was blood that he saw. Though accounts say that it was ketchup,that she was startled by the gun firing, and dropped the bottle causing the stuff to spill all over her."Jack informed,his eyes glinted in joy,as he added,"The local sheriiff's son said, that he saw a silverhand print on her stomach, I heard the sheriff talking to some FBI agent outside the police station."

"What brought you there?"Nasedo asked objectivly.

They've had possible leads before, but they always lead to a dead end.

"The sheriff,has somekind of alien obsession going on,"Jack said knowingly,"Thought maybe I tail him a bit,see what he knows."

"So what's the story on this kid, the one that supposedly healed that girl?"Nasedo asked,arching his eyebrow in curiosity.

"His name is Max Evans, has a sister named Isabel, they were adopted by the Evans, and you won't belive this Nasedo."Jack exclaimed,pausing for effect,then went on,"The Evans found Max and Isabel waundering in the dessert."

"The dessert,"Nasedo exclaimed,okay Jack now has his full attention,"you don't mean-"

"Oh yes,not to far from the pod chamber, they were naked, confused, didn't speak english,Nasedo,We found Zan and Vilandra, I know it."Jack interupted,nearly jumping out of his skin.

"What about Rath?"Nasedo asked curiously.

"They hang out with this kid named Michael Gurien,don't know much about him yet, I've been focusing on the Evans, I'll do some digging when I go back to Roswell."Jack said,pulling out of his jacket his box of tic tacs.

Nasedo looked at him put a few in the palm of his hand and shoved it in his mouth. He looked at Nasedo eyeing his favorite mint and offered him some.

"What the hell are you eatting?"

"Tic Tac's want some,"He asked, shaking the box.

"No thanks,"Nasedo declined,writing Jacks findings in a notebook,he then asked,"So what about this girl Max supposedly healed."

"Name is Liz Parker,parents own the Crashdown she was suppposedly shot in,"Jack mocked jokingly,smiled when Nasedo gave him a ditry look, he went on,"Dating the sheriif's son, Kyle Valenti. However, something about the way Liz and Max act around each other, they've got this chemistry swimming raound them."

"Well , if Max is Zan, then it will be impossible for them to be together,he's Married to Tess."Nasedo proclaimed, as he busily wrote on the notebook,then added,"I want you to take pictures,inform me every step of the way. I don't want to lose them again."

Jack shook his head, taking his leave back to Roswell.A bounce in his step.

Fianlly things were starting to go thier way.

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Part one continued......

Jack hid in the shadows, as Micahel Gurien and Isabel Evans stood in front of a extinished symbol from Antar. it was a broken circle with a full circle in the middle of it.

He wondered where Max was, but it doesn't matter. He got all the information he needed.

They were Vilandra and Rath.and Max was Zan.

He and that Liz parker girl,went to River Dog's cave Nasedo set up before he left for Colorado with Tess.Max's hand glowed blue,when the indian put out his torch and grabbed Liz.

The three of them were in frasier woods,when he sent that signal into the night sky.

When Michael and Isabel finally drove off in the jeep, Jack went over to the symbol and waved his hand over the extinished rope, and lit it on fire again.

He took out a photo, and we see Max, Isabel and Micahel crossing the street in downtown Roswell.

He threw it in the fire, walked through the flames, with no harm coming to him, and made his way to the Roswell bus station.

Nasedo wanted to be sure, well he can't doubt anymore.

It was time for Nasedo and Tess to return to Roswell.

It was time to reveal to them who they really are.
Liz wrapped herself in her arms.Suddenly she felt very cold. Even though she knew it was warm out tonight.

She kept reliving Max's past.

Fitting the pieces like a puzzle. Remebering the stories,that were told to her.

Trying to keep her mind occupied from the pain in her brain.

Another vision was trying to take hold of her again.The dull ache in the back of her head told her that. Soon it will overtake her entire head.

She akwardly made her way towards her bedroom window.

Liz needed to lie down before the pain blinded her,and prevented her from doing anything but slump to the floor,and wait it out.

She got through the window when the vision hit her full force.

Liz screamed in agony, praying her parnets are still downstairs in the diner.

Maybe Simon was right.

Max should know what's been going on with her.He should've been told long before it got this bad.Liz just couldn't bring herself to tell him,and she doesn't know why.

"Because you're worried that he's been through so much as it is Liz."It was Lexianna's voice echoing in her pain laced brain.

"Yes, that's right, he's been through so much."Liz answered back.

Willing herself to crawl into her bed.Max can't find her like this.

"You can do what you like Liz, but is it really the right time to tell him, it's much to soon still."Lexianna advised gently.

"Much too soon."Liz repeated, crawling into her bed, slipping into a deep sleep as her head hit the pilllow.

"That's right Liz, just sleep, there's always tomorrow."Lexianna said,fillling Liz's mind with visions that will soon make sense in the morning.


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I'm starting a new job soon,so I'll probably won't be able to make as many updates!
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Yes my parts are lengthy.I lack in my reading also because I too want to be uninterupted in my reading.
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I will hopefully get the next chapter up tonight,that;s my goal anyway! If not I'll have it up tomorrow evening the latest!
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I have one last section that I'm retooling.
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Finally,Part 2 is up!
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This was a tough one,I hope you enjoy it!

Part twoa~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers

With Liz in his arms,Max burst through the doors of Roswell General hospital's Emergancy Room.

Panic,fear,and concern filled his voice as he screamed,"I need some help here!"

The nurse at the the front desk, from experience, recongnize the helplessnes in both the young man's voice and face,she quickly went into action.

"WE need a gurney up front stat!,"She shouted to no one in perticular, she immediately ran to Max's side, to further examine the situation, she asked"What happen?"

"I-I came home from work,and I felt her skin,it's so hot,it's not normal."He stuttered,looking down at Liz,pale and whimpering inconhertly.

The nurse raised her hand to Liz's face and,drew it back quickly. The girl was unnaturally hot, no wonder this poor boy was in a state of panic, she turned to look at the young man, trying unsucessfully to hide her shocked filled face and asked,"How long has she been like this?"

The gurney came barrelling into the waiting room area; as Max responded,"I don't know,I came home and found her like this,"Max cried,the tears unbashly flowing.

"Who are you to this girl?"The nurse asked,trying to remove Liz's body from Max's arms,who was adament about putting her on the gurney himself,she stepped back and let him put Liz on the sheet covered surface.

"He's Liz's fiancee,"Nancy Parker announced from behind them,who stood thier watching the whole scene the entire time. Suprised by Nancy's voice,because the nurse,who was caught up in the moment,didn't realize she was there.

"ARe you this girls mother?"The nurse asked,storing all information in her head for later.

Nancy shook her head,also crying in fear,wondering what is happening to her daughter.

"No,I need to be with her!"Max demanded,causing the nurse to refocus on Max,who wouldn't let go of Liz's hand,the orderly pleaded to the nurse with his eyes for some help.

"I know you're worried for your fiancee,but you would help her a great deal staying in the waiting room,"The nurse said gently,placing her hand over the hand clutching Liz's.

"My fiancee,"He said softly,and with a bit of confusion.

"Max,come on let them take Liz,wait here with me,"Nancy said from behind him,gently grabbing one of his arms.

Max blankly looked at the nurse then at Liz,he nodded his head,let Liz's hand go,and watched helplessly as they wheeled Liz into the back of the ER.

"I promise Max,"The nurse replied,remebering his name,"as soon as we find out what's wrong,and know that's she stable,I'll come to get you.:

Max nodded,vaugly remebering to thank her.Standing still and rooting himself to the spot he was at.

Jeff Parker enetered the ER, having finally found a parking spot, he went over to his wife and asked anxiously,"So do we know what's going on?"

His wife shook her head no, sniffling as she gasped, "They just brought her out back, we don't know anything."She blew her nose in a tissue and added,"Max is not doing very well jeff,maybe..."

Nancy couldn't finish her sentence,she just fell apart,and as Jeff drew her in his arms,he kissed the top of her head and answered softly,"I'll go talk to him,why don't you sit down,do you need me to get you anything?"

"No,I don't need anything,"She managed to choke out as she went to the nearest chair and sat down.

Jeff walked up to Max,who hasn't moved an inch,or stopped staring at the doors Liz went through minutes before.

"Why don't we go and get some coffee max,"Jeff suggested,patting his back.

"I don't want any coffee,"Max said softly.

"Well you can't stand here Max,you're blocking
traffic,why don't you sit down next to Nancy,she's not doing so well."Jeff countered,hoping no ambulances pull in untill he gets max to move.

With a sigh,Max shook his head yes,and reluctantly let Jeff lead him towards an empty seat beside Nancy,who
was sobbing softly into her very used tissue.

Max took her in a gentle embrace, whispering words of encouragment, hating that he couldn't help Liz.

He didn't get a chance to heal her.Feeling her hot skin,caused him to scream for her parents,Jeff crashed into her room,disheaveled from being suddenly awoken,next thing Max knew he was in the Parkers SUV,speeding towards the hospital.

Jeff took the other seat beside Nancy and placed a hand on her knee,hating that he was powerless to help his daughter.Seeing her pale and obviously sick,nearly killed him.They just got her back in thier lives,why was this happening now?

"Max,I came as quickly as I could,"It was Simon,He forgotten that he called him from his cell phone,as they weaved through traffic at neck breaking speed to get to Roswell General.

"Simon,thanks for coming,"Max replied,patting Nancy gently on the shoulder before getting up.

"What the hell happen?"Simon asked in disbelief.

"Liz has an extremely high tempeture of 104 Simon,"Max somberly announced.Simon's jaw nearly fell to the floor,then Max asked,"I know you saw her this evening,how did she seem?"

"At regualr body tempture,I assure you,"Simon proclaimed,wondering if Liz was having another vision.

Yeah,maybe now was the time to fill Max in on what's been going on with Liz.She can be mad at him all she wants,things were starting to get out of control,he looked back at Max and proclaimed,"You need to go outside with me,I need a cigarette."

"I'll stay here thanks Simon,what if-"

"No,you REALLY need to come outside with me,"Simon insissted,glaring at him urgently,causing Max's face to scrunch up in worry.

"what's going on Simon,what do you know,"Max whispered,not wanting the Parkers to hear.

"Just come outside,"Simon countered,as he turned on his heal and stormed out the front entrance.

"I'm going to get some air Jeff,I won't be long,"Max said a bit distracted,Jeff said sure,and that he'll come get him,if they hear any news about Liz.

Simon was pacing nervously,smoking his cigarette,something was obviously on his mind.

His head flew up hearing Max's footfalls, he flicked his butt to the ground,smashed it with his foot and said,"walk with me."

"Simon,I really like to be near-"

"Walk with me,"Simon said again,meaning business,Max looked at the entrance,praying that he'll return before news of Liz was recived.

Max fallowed Simon out to the parking lot,Simon walked untill they got to the blue mustang that was once Liz's,she gave it to Simon.

"Simon,I really don't like the feel of things,what's going on?"Max asked,watching as Simon leaned on the hood of the car and lit up another cigarette,could he not have a cigarette for more than five minutes.

"Max,please belive me,when I say that, I wanted nothing more than for Liz to tell you,"Simon said exhaling the smoke from his lungs.

"What!For fucks sake,just tell me!"Max exclaimed impatiently,hating all this beating around the bush.

"Max,Liz has been manifesting powers."Simon proclaimed,bracing himself for the onslaught of questions that'll soon come his way.

"Liz-powers-when-how-why wasn't I told about this?"Max clamoured,racking a hand through his hair,shaking his head in disbelief.

"Ah,where to begin?"Simon said,searching for the words to say,he should of prepared something first before bringing it up.

"Well,when it started would be nice!"Max excalimed,gesturing fustrated hands out before him.

"Well,I guess you can say the headaches started when Future Max disappeared-"

"Headaches,she's been having headaches!"

"Yeah,"Simon answered,shaking his head,taking a drag from his cigarette,and went on,"Painful ones,then I'd say about three maybe four weeks ago,she was getting flashes,visions if you will,we aren't quite sure of what and why,we think it's-"

"wait how long have you known?"Max asked in disbelief.
"Ah,well for awhile,maybe about a few weeks."Simon declared akwardly,waiting for Max to scream again.

"So you thought it was ideal to keep this from me?"

"No,I wanted Liz to tell you,I begged her,but she's so stubborn-"

"Even more the reason to tell me!!"

"I realize that now,but she was planning to tell you tonight,"Simon declared,needing another cigarette,even though he just finish one three seconds ago,with a huff sigh he added,"Honestly,I didn't think she was going to get sick"

"Well she did,and you know I understand you two have this crazy bond,because of your sister,but really Simon,your loyalties to Liz should have there boundaries!"Max digged,pointing a finger angrily at Simon.

"Again,I know this,"Simon concured,pulling out his pack of cigarettes,"What's important now,is Liz,and how to help her with these knew powers she's experiencing."

"Oh my god,"Max said suddenly as an after thought,"Could Liz be in danger of being here,"

"I highly doubt that Max,she's human,I don't think blood work detects alien essences and newly manifestied powers."Simon assured him.

"Well,what if her powers start switching on in there,"Max said,gesturing his head towards the hospital,"I will not have her go through what I've been through in the white room."

"I have a feeling Lexianna will look out for her,"Simon answered,getting a chuckle from max.

"Simon,please,how can we be sure of that."

"Well,you of all of us are the closest to Liz,and you didn't have a clue,because Lexianna reluctantly hid it from you."Simon explained.

"I see,"Max said,still having a tough time Liz has another soul invading her,he sighed as he asked"So what, now you're talking to your sister's essence too."

"No,it's what Liz told me,"He said,"Lexianna will not let any harm come to her during this adjustment period,trust me."

"I'm going back inside,I'm not really ready to be dealing with this right now;plus,I really should be getting back inside,"Max announced,shaking his head,putting his hands on his hips. "Listen I need you to call Courtney,and get a hold of Felix in oregan,tell him he's needed in Roswell.I think we need to fill them in about what's going around here,we've got to start thinking about how we're going to train Liz,and I've no idea were to start."

Simon shook his head as he pushed himself off the hood of the car,and rounded to the drivers side of the car,"Yeah I'm on it."He looked at Max,with concern and added,"I'm really sorry about this Max,but please don't be hard on Liz,she did what she thought was best,even though it may have been wrong."

"I know,I just thought we weren't going to keep things from each other anymore,the last time she did,I lost her for a year,"Max formed a taunt line with his mouth as he added,"Now,she's in the hospital because Liz again,didn't confine in me,I'm tired of all the drama,"

"Well Max,I think you just answered your question in why she kept it from you,"Simon pointed out,throwing the finish cigarette to the ground,"Liz didn't want the alieness creeping into your lives again,she wanted to keep the facaded of normalness going ,hoping that she could deal with her power manifestations on her own."

"I could've made it easier for her,make the headaches not so painful,"Max replied.

"Max,we can go on about this all night,you've got Liz to attend to and I've got calls to make,"Simon said,opening his car door,"All I ask is that you try and understand where she's coming from,and just don't dwell on the would've's,could've's,and should've's,Okay."

Max shook his head,and watched as Simon entered his car,started the engine,and left the hospital's parking Lot.
Max would be the first to admit that he was enjoying life that wasn't totally foucused on everything alien.

Now,in one night,it was out there in his face again,and Liz was in the muck of it.It scared the hell out him to know that Liz is manifesting powers.It wasn't easy being diffrent,he was born with these gifts and had a lifetime to deal with them,hide them,and pay the consequences because of them.

If Max could he'd find a way to take those powers from her. The thought of Liz in the white room,being experimented on, chilled him to the bone. Not only that,what will the effect of getting these powers do to her?God,right now she's laying in a hospital bed,burning up,because of him!Woud she die?

The days of him relaxing are now gone.He brought Liz into his world,not only by sharing his secret with her,but on that day he healed Liz's fatal gunshot wound,he gave her powers.

The first chance he gets,he's going to find a way to heal her,he only prays he's not to late.
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Part2b~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers(Continue>>>)

Liz felt something tickling her nose.She cracked open an eye and realize it was a daisy.A flower??Where the hell was she?

The last thing she remebered was getting those painful vision headaches.Crawling to her bed,praying it would end,and hoping Max wouldn't see her.

Liz open her eyes and realize she was laying on the ground, outside, she looked up at the very blue sky, with puffy clouds sparatically floating in the air. She sat up and took in the scene before her.

Liz was in a meadow of some sort.Seeing the greenest of grass,flowers of diffrent varities,trees,and moutains in the background.It was beautiful,but she wondered how she got here?

Were in our dreams Liz,"announced a voice out of no where,Liz jerked her head around,looking for Lexianna.

"Where are you?"Liz asked,getting to her feet.

"Behind you."

Liz twirled around,and there she was,glowy white transparent skin,the black oval eyes,the blue flowy dress,she was floating there,her small tiny mouth smiling.

"Hey,"Liz said,smiling back.

"So,you feeling better?"She asked,tilting her oversize head.

"Yeah,I do."

"I told you the pain would end."She proclaimed,floating closer to liz,placing her deliacte hand on her face.

"You did,thank you."Liz replied,liking how the tingly sensation Lexianna's touch made her skin feel.

"You're powers are manifesting nicely,your fever is going down,the head pain the visions cause will lessen."She explain,getting a confused look from Liz.

"Fever?When did I get a fever?"

"Back in your room,your in the hospital now."Lexianna answered softly.

"Im in a hospital!"Liz gasped,shaking her head.

"Yes,but don't worry your find,thank god Max didn't heal you."Lexianna replied,floating to a sitting postiton in the grass.She picked a flower and smelled it.

"Why wouldn't it be good if Max healed me."liz asked,joining Lexianna by sitting beside her,many questions filled her brain.

"Because it would've interupt the manifesting process,and you not being an alien,well it could've done inreparable damage,maybe even death."

"Oh my god."Liz excalimed,bringing her hand to her mouth,when realization took a hold of her,as she added,"That's why I couldn't tell Max,you wouldn't let me."

"That's right Liz,"Lexianna replied,giving Liz the daisy she picked."The two of you are very passionate people,I knew if Max found out,he'd try and heal you,and well I couldn't really tell you the whole truth cause well,because he healed you,from that gunshot,you would've let him,trusting him that he'd do what was right.Why would you trust me,I'm just his ex girlfriend floating around in your conciousness."

"Well you were right to do what you did,you saved my life Lexianna."Liz said,then added softly,"Thank you."

"Hey,were like practically sisters,"Lexianna declared,a tiny chuckle escaped her tiny mouth.

Liz shook her head,laughing along with Lexianna,who titled her head,and asked,"Do you remeber your last vision?"

Liz scrunched her face,deep in thought,searching her mind,then a smile formed on her lips,as she said with a nod of her head,"I remeber seeing the flower shop,Mrs Dudley's flower shop."

"That's right,go on Liz,it's important you remeber."

"She was locking up her shop,it was dark outside,she usually goes home much earlier,but she was preparing centerpieces for a wedding,something bads going to happen to her,but I don't remeber what."Liz exclaimed in fustration.

"There's nothing more Liz,the vision showed all it could for the time being."Lexianna announced.

"What,you can't tell me what's going to happen?"Liz asked confused.

"I get the visions,when you get the visions liz,"She said,standing back up."I'm just a fliter if you will,make sure what you see makes sense.I need you Liz and you need me,we're meant to do great things together,to help people who can't help themselves."

"Wow,"Liz said in wonderment.

"Yes,wow indeed,"Lexianna replied,looking up at the sky suddenly,Liz fallowed her glance and realize what was going on.

"I'm going to be waking up soon huh,"

"Yes,Max is with,he's very worried Liz."Lexianna replied,folding her delicate arms in front of her.

"He knows what's going on with me doesn't he?"

"Afriad so,I have a feeling Simon told him."

"Well,I'm sure he had no choice,I did have a fever,knowing about the headaches I get with the visions,he put two and two together,and decided enough was enough,and to hell with me if I didn't like it."Liz declared with a laugh.

"Indeed,"Lexianna said,then added,"Well It's time for you to leave,but remeber let the visions come,the headaches will still be there,but not so intense,eventually they will no longer hurt.Listen to whoever trains you okay?It will help you better control your visions."

"I will,thank you."

Liz disappeared,returning to the waking world,the meadow around her diappeared too.Leaving Lexianna standing in blackness,she grinned,knowing her time in this hell will soon come to an end.
They moved Liz out of the ER and into a room upstaris.Her tempature was back to normal,but has yet to wake up.

Untill she does,the doctors have been monitoring Liz's vital's,doing tests,making sure the fever didn't cause any perment damage.So far,everything came out negative,which was good.

Max,was with her know, gently holding Liz's hand,willing her to wake up,praying she'd be okay,only because of Nancy's quick thinking,of calling him Liz's fiancee.Otherwise,he wouldn't be allowed to sit by her.He was thankful for that,and thier constant support of His and Liz's relationship.

With the nurses coming in and out of her room constantly,he didn't dare risk using his powers.He closed his eyes for a moment,dying to slip into a deep sleep,but willed himself to stay up,he wanted to be awake when Liz woke.

"Max,"Liz said softly,causing him to open his eyes.God that was the most beautiful thing he's ever heard.

"Liz,my god,baby,"Max gasped,in releif,"You had us scared out of our minds."

"Sorry,I-I didn't mean to,"Liz said,her voice was raspy,"I'm thinking you know what's been going on."

"Yes Simon told me,"Max told her,sliding the chair closer to the bed,he tucked a strain of hair behind liz's ear,then leaned over to kiss her quickly on the lips,"You should've told me Liz,I could've done something to help you ."

"See that's why I couldn't,Why Lexianna prevented me from saying anything."Liz said,causing max to get all disconcerted.

"what is going on Liz,I don't really like Lexianna making decisions for you,you could've died!"Max exclaimed.

"No you don't understand Max,she was helping me,if you tried to heal me,you would've interupted the manifesting process,it would've harmed more than do good."

"what,I don't understand."

"I don't fully understand it either Max,but I had to go through all this,it was painful,yes,but my body was preparing itself for these powers.It need time to adapt."Liz declared,smiling weakly at Max.His mouth formed a taunt line,taking in all that Liz told him.Wondering if he should belive it or not.

"How can you be sure,I mean Liz you were so pale,your skin burned to the touch,"Max countered.

"Yes,but I'm find now,Lexianna told me with training,I'll learn how to better contol the visions."Liz said,causing

Max to shake his head,not suprise that she was aware of what was plan for her.For a essence,Lexianna is pretty aware of what's going on.

Yet both Simon and Liz trusted her,all he got was an uneasy feeling of dread when her name was brought up.Why is that?She was after all someone he loved once in his past life.Doubting Liz right now,gettting angry because she had no choice but to keep him in the dark,would make him look like the bad guy.Maybe it was good that he didn't know.There was no way he would've stand by and watched her suffer.

He'll give this Lexianna the benifit of the doubt,for now.

However that doesn't mean he's going to put his guard down,no he's going to find out more about this Lexianna,something he should've done when he first found out what he unintentionally put into Liz,when he healed her.When he leaves,he and Simon are going to have a little chat.

Liz squeezed his hand,bringing him back from his thoughts,and asked,"Are you alright Max."

"Yes,ah I'm a bit tired,that's all,"He said with a smlie,"YOu were right about needing someone to train you,I got Simon working on that now,he's calling Courtney and Felix,were going to get together figure out our next move."

"So you're not mad at me,"Liz asked nervously,bitting her bottom lip,looking at him with worried eyes.

"Of course not,"Max exclaimed,shaking his head,"I could never hate you,I don't like that you kept this from me,but what matters is that I do know now,and were going to work this out together,I love you Liz."

"I love you too Max,"she countered,sighing in relief,then a small gasped left her lips,her grasp tighten around his hands.

"Liz,what's wrong,"Max asked in panic,"Should I get the doctors?"

"Vision,"She managed to choke out."Don't leave."

Liz closed her eyes as the vision took over her,Lexianna was right when she said the headaches wouldn't be so painful.

She breathed trying to clear her mind,"Relax Liz,"she told herself,letting whatever was suppose to happen,happen.

Liz saw the flowershop window,from an outside point of view,then in a blink of an eye,she was inside,right next to Mrs Dudley,who was gathering up her things,getting ready to leave.

A clock zoomed into view,flashing her the time,it was 9:15 in the evening.

Then her focus began to zoom again,to a newspaper laid out on the counter,the date enlarge untill September 15,2002 was all that she saw.

Then Liz was back outside the flowershop,watching Mrs.Dudley lock up the store.All she could do was watch,her feet remained rooted to the place outside the flower shop.

Mrs Dudley walked across the street,carrying a crate full of flowers,then stopped in front of her car,placing the crate on the roof,so she could dig in her purse for her keys.Someone else was there,watching Mrs.Dudley,hiding,making sure no one was nearby.

Liz desperately looked around,trying to find the identity of the stalker,evil vibes embraced her,and it made Liz hold herself.This person wanted to kill,and badly.Then a figure appeared out of no where,grabbing Mrs.Dudley,covering her cries with a hand,dragging her away,back into the shadows.

Liz open her eyes,her breath ragged,her mind racing.She had to warn Mrs.Dudley.What's today?She doesn't even know what the date is.

"Liz,are you okay?"Max asked,causing Liz to turn his way,he was panic stricken,and upset at what he saw.

Liz had completely shut down.Her body,during that brief moment when she was under the vision's influence,was errily still.It scared the crap out of him,and he almost said hell with it and was going to press the call button,for help,when Liz's eyes snapped open.

He sighed in relief,wondering if he could get use to Liz's Vision quests.

"What's todays date?"Liz asked desperately,looking around the room,searching for something.

"The 15th of september."Max replied,raising an eyebrow,"What's going on Liz?"

"You've got to protect Mrs Dudley,"She pleaded,grabbing his hands with hers.

"The lady who owns the flowershop?"He asked.

"Yes,tonight at 9:15 someone is going to grab her from her car,you've got to protect her.She'll die if we don't!"Liz said,her eyes widen as she looked at him.

"Yes,of course Liz,"Max assured her,realizing this was serious,and added gently"Please relax this can't be good for you."

"Promise me,you'll protect her,"Liz gasped,her breath was still ragged.

"I said I would Liz,it's okay,Please you've got to calm down."

Just then a nurse came in,stopping short when she saw that Liz was awake."My goodness!"She announced,causing Max to jump.

"I was just going to get someone,"Max covered,standing up,nervously raking his fingers through his hair.

"This is wonderful!"The nurse exclaimed,going to the other side of Liz's bed,She turned to Max and said,"Why don't you go outside and tell her parents while I check out our pateint here."

"Of course,"Max agreed,taking Liz's hand and said,"I'll be back later,"

Liz shook her head and watched as Max reluctatnly let go of her hand,and walked out of her room.Closing the door behind him.Max was disracted with his thoughts,almost forgetting where he was untill he heard Jeff's voice.

"Max,is everything okay?"He looked a bit worried.looking at Max's face,didn't bring him much comfort.

"Oh,no everythings find,"Max quickly answered,waving a hand reassuringly at him.Mrs.Parker,was sleeping on his shoulder,The three of them have been at the hospital all night.Taking turns visting Liz.

He plastered a smile on his face as he announced,"Liz is up,they're checking her out,making sure she's okay."

"Thank god,"Jeff gasped,saying a silent prayer,before he turned to his wife and gently shook her awake,"Nancy,honey,wake up,Liz is up."

"Huh,what's going on,"She asked,her voice thick with sleep,her eyelids still not fully open.

"Liz is up honey,"Jeff said gleefully.grinning down at her.

Realiziation slowly sunk in for her,then her eyes flew open,finally registering in her brain,"You mean Lizzy is up!"She asked hopefully,praying she wasn't in a dream.

"That's right Mrs.Parker,Liz is up,the nurse is in with her now,"Max replied,nodding his head,smiling.

"Thank god,oh thank god,"She cried,burying her face into her husbands chest.Jeff wrapped his arms around her,and caressed her back.

"Listen,"Max started to say,hating to interupt thier celebration,"I'm going to leave for awhile,tell everyone the great news,I'll be back later,to check on things."

"Of course Max,"Jeff agreed,waving a hand to shoo him away,"You've been a great support to us,go do what you have to do."

Max shook his head,and after another promise of him coming back.He started walking quickly to the elevators.

Maria,Alex,everyone will be thrilled that she's up.Simon was here about an hour ago,telling him he sucessfully called everyonem,to fill them in on what's been happening. Simon also inform him,that Felix is on his way,and will call Max when he's in town.

Max now has to get a hold of Courtney and Jacob.They live above the flowrshop,that Liz mention from her vision.

According to Liz,Mrs.Dudley is in great danger.Besides Liz,the promise of looking after the flowershop owner is his top priority.Then he's going to have a little talk with Simon.

This Lexianna essence business has got him a little freaked.Maybe if he knew a little something about this women,and the past he had with her,maybe he won't feel so distrustful towards her.Whether he likes it or not,it seems Lexianna is now going to be a permanent fixture in thier lives.

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So this vicious cycle continues!
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I start work next week,and I hope I don't get too lost in rl,that I'm not able to make at least one post a week!
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Chapter 3a~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers

It was a warm night on Antar, the twin moons shown brightly and a light breeze would sometimes slightly chill the air.

The palace was alive with celebration.

Prince Zan had announced his engament to Ava Feidava, the first skin in years to be named a princess.

Deciding to take a walk and get some fresh air.Zan went out on in the courtyard.Enjoying some quality alone time.Wondering why he felt depress about marrying Ava.She was beautiful,smart,and didn't droll with mindless conversation.

It's just he didn't feel complete when he was with her.Yes he knew it was an arrange marriage,put together by his father the King,the shapeshifters,and skins,to form a pact of unity,and to stop the threat of cival war.

It's just sometimes,he wish he wasn't royality.So he could walk in the city unrecongnized.

One day he'll be king,and with that comes a whole lot of responsibility.His needs second to the needs of Antar.
What he wouldn't do to find love on his own terms.He sighed,and thought to himself,he should be thankful he has a good life.A roof over his head,clothes on his back,food a plenty,to get things whenever he wanted.Zan knew some of his people were not so lucky.He prayed he would be a worthy king to them,to get a plan formed to end the poor,to end the fighting,to slowly bring peace to his beloved planet.

Just then a rustle,a yelp and a blurry form fell out of the sky,well a tree actuallyt.Zan jumped back in shock to the sudden appearecnce of this figure falling at his feet.After the inital suprise passed,Zan kneeled beside the groaning figure and placed a hand on it's back."Are you okay?"

The person,shook it heads,and looked up at him,revealing that it was a she.His heart lodged in his throat.How amazingly beautiful she was.Even with leaves and twigs,littering her hair,her face dirty and a small mewing noise escaped from something tucked in her free arm.To him she was a vision.

It was all he could do,but to keep breathing..Zan's couldn't help but looked into her eyes.

Lexianna,feeling her face grow hot from his boaring gaze,gave him a sheepish she stuttered"Ah s-s-sorry about t-that,"She procalimed,taking Zans offered hand with her free one.Enjoying the way his touch caused her heart to flutter.

"Are you okay,"He managed to ask,looking at the small animal moving to be free of her grasp.

"Yes, I ah, notice this ducrat caugt in the tree, he seemed scared so I climbed up the tree and went to rescue her,"Lexianna laughed, putting the ungrateful creature(it looks like a cat and a rat) on the ground,and watched as it scuttered away."I think I spooked her,she scratched my face and that's when I fell, I'm sorry I didn't mean to alarm you."

Zan looked at her face and notice a scratch on her cheek, he raise his hand to her face and healed the non- fatal wound,"There,"He said with a smile,his hand still resting on her cheek,"All better."

Lexianna tingled as his hand made contact with her skin. Time seemed to have stopped, thier eyes never faltering, there souls mingling with the other, finding peace happiness,and yes even love.

Zan couldn't belive that he finally found the feeling he's been longing for.Yet,it was too late,and he was sad.

"Why so unhappy your highness,this is your engament party,"Lexianna said,suprising the King to be.

"you know who I am?"

"Well who doesn't your highness,"Lexianna declared,lowering her eyes to the ground,hopoing he didn't catch the look of longing in her eyes,"Plus my brother Seagus is one of your Royal guards."

"Seagus is your brother,which means your his baby sister,Lexianna."Zan said,taking her chin with his hand and raising her face to look at his.There was no doubt in his mind he's found his soulmate.Why would he feel so strongly attracted to this woman if she wasn't.He longed to kiss her,but waitied as she began to talk.

"I am your highness,"Lexianna said shyly,trying to lower her eyes again,but his hand wouldn't let her.

"Please,call me Zan,when were alone,"He exclaimed,hating the title that he was force to have.It was just so Impersonal.

"Okay,Zan."Lexianna said softly,a small smile formed on her lips.

"You've grown since I've last seen you,"He said,titling his head as he stuied her face,"I remeber picking on you horribly when I went to play with Seagus,as a boy."

"Yes,you were terrible to me,"Lexianna said,with a laugh,glad that he remebered her from so long ago.

Lexianna hated the boy who yanked on her hair, and gave her mud baths, however, that hate slowly turned into a crush as the years went by.

Lexianna anxiously waited for his vists,not caring what kind of torment he caused her.However,the older he got, his vists became in frequent, then one day he didn't come around at all. His time was spent on getting ready to take over the throne form his father.

Yet Lexianna's crush never faltered, she even belived she loved him. Watching him from afar at royal functions thier family was invited to. Imagining what it would be like to dance with him, to talk with him, to kiss his lips.

"Are you oaky Lexianna,"Zan asked,as he saw her blush.

"I am find,"She replied clearing her throat,"Congradulations on your engagment,I know Ava;she is very nice."

"Thank you,"Zan replied,then a force he couldn't control, made his face draw closer to hers,she held her breath wondering what he was doing,then thier lips touched,and her heart exploded in delight.

She pulled back suddenly, looking into his eyes. He shared her feelings. Yet, it was too late he was going to be married.

"I'm sorry Lexianna,I didn't mean to offend."Zan replied, taking a small step back, wondering why he did that.

"I-I-t's okay your highness,I mean Zan,Ah I-"

"Your highness!Are you out here?"It was Seagus,and Lexianna started to panic,Zan touched her arm to calm her,telling her with his eyes to not worry he'll take care of everything.

"Yes Seagus over here,"He announced,waving as Seagus drew near."It seems your sister here,fell out of a tree,in order to save an animal from a night of heights."

"Lexianna are you alright,"Looking at his sister's disarray state.

Lexianna laughed as she picked a twig from her hair and announced,"Yes,however,I belive I gave our king here quite a scare as I fell out of the tree."

Seagus laughed as he took his sister in his arms.She seemed a bit tense,and he notice something odd about the Prince too.Some kind of energy was happening to the both of him,and he just shook it off,thinking that it was just his imagination.

"Well that teaches you to not play the animal activist all the time."He drew her close and kissed the top of her head,Lexianna nodded in agreement,and laughed,Seagus turned to Zan and announce,"Your fiancee is looking for you,your highness,the toasts are about to begin."

"Thank you,"He replied,then looked at Lexianna and quipped,"Next time I see you Lexianna I hope it's not in another tree."

Then walked away. Leaving Lexianna shaken by the wonderful experience she shared with the man who would be king.
Seagus stood in front of Prince Zans chambers.Straighting his uniform hoping he looked presentable.

He was in a confrence with all the head royal gurads.Planning security for a special ball the King has planned for his son.Kind of pushing his son in the spotlight,so people will get use to him.

The King was strong, but he was old and getting very sick. Soon his life will end, and Zan will become king.Seagus knew the King wanted to prepare, and teach Zan everything he knew about being a good ruler.So when his time came,he would be ready.

With a sigh, Seagus knocked on the door. Zan blurted out a enter, and with that, he grabbed both door handles and walked in. He closed the doors behind him and stood at attention."You wanted to see me your highness."

"Seagus yes, Please come forward."Zan exclaimed from behind a huge oak desk. The huge bay window behind him, showed a lovely view of the ocean.It was breath taking.

"How are you your highness?"Seagus asked,standing rigid before him,his arms at his sides,his feet at a perfect stance.

With a sigh Zan asked,"Seagus how long have we known each other."

Raising a confused eyebrow he answered,"Since we were 2 years old your highness."

"Then can you please call me by my name when we're alone."Zan replied,standing up.

"Ah I don't think so your highness."Seagus answered.He was a good royal guard,being disrespectful to a royal was unheard of.

Zan looked at his friend,his mouth formed a taut line,and after he pondered for a moment,he announced,"Well I'm just going to have to work on you regarding that."He said with a smile.

He rounded his desk and grabbed his friend by the arm and went on,"However that's not what I asked you here for."

"I need you to inform your parents that I'll be making a vist to thier estate."

"Excuse me,your highness?"Seagus asked in confusion,not sure if he heard Zan right."You want to vist my Parents estate?"

"Exactly,a small guard detail,on the downlow if you please,I rather everyone on the planet didn't know about this little trip."Zan explained,walking over to a table holding a varitie of liquor decanters,of diffrent shapes and sizes.

"Of course,but why?"Seagus asked,wondering what matter he had with his family.

"I'm feeling rather nostalgic my friend,"Zan sighed,taking a black oval shape decanter,and poured himself a drink,"I want to vist the fruit orchads we played in as kids,do you think our tree fort is still there?"

Seagus gave him a I-don't-know-look,Zan smiled as he contimued,"Remeber how we use to torture poor Lexianna.I swear she had more mud on her than the ground."

Seagus did remeber, but his face was blank, he was on duty. No time for emotions. He had to be totally aware at all times.

Zan took a sip of his drink, and licked his lips, enjoying the strong flavor of the liquor, then with a sigh declared"I would like to take this trip before my every move is under a microscope,if you know what I mean."

"I will make the arangments sir,"He announced,still staying at attention untill he was told to move.

"Hey you called me sir instead of your highness!We'll get you calling me Zan in no time."Zan Procalimed,whapping his arm.

Seagus couldn't help but smile.If Zan's father caught him doing this, it was palace entrance guard duty for him,"I don't think so sir."

"You can go Seagus,"Zan replied,sitting back down behind his desk. Looking at some paperwork in front of him.

Seagus bowed and let himself out wondering why Zan has been acting percuilar for the last couple of days.

It was after his stroll out in the courtyard, and his encouter with his sister. Even Lexianna was acting oddly.

He was afraid his Prince was in love, and it wasn't with Ava.

It was with his sister.All he knew was nothing good could come of it.
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Chapter 3b~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers

Zan was now King.

He hid from prying eyes in his chamber, ordering the guards to let him gather his thoughts for an hour before talking to the people of Antar.

He sat on his bed, head lowered, hands entwine, all he wanted to do was see his father alive.

Zan looked up suddenly, smiling weakly at the site of Lexianna.

She ran to him and he took her in his arms.

For months they have been secretly seeing each other.
That day when he went to vist her parents, he knew he went there In hopes of seeing Lexianna again.

She was out in the stables attending to her horse.Zan manage to lose Seagus and fallowed this force that he knew was her to the stables.She stopped brushing her horse staring at him,suprise he was there.

"Zan,how are you."She asked feeling that familar sensations of need,just like that night at the palace courtyard.She dreamed of him ever since then,erotic dreams,that made her blush.

He didn't say anything just walked up to her, the horse the only thing keeping them apart.They stared at each other, drinking in each others faces, untill he broke the silence by saying,"I haven't been able to get you out of my mind."

"I've been thinking of you too,Zan,"She said softly,wanting so badly to feel his lips again."Yet it is wrong ,for you are to be married."

"I know,it's wrong,"He said rounding the horse untill they were but inches from each other,His hand went to her face and she closed her eyes,relishing in his
contact,"but what I feel for you is so right Lexianna,I need to touch you,to be with you,I know it's crazy,but right now,I'm wanting so very much to kiss you."

Thier eyes meet,and they knew that there was nothing that could stop them from kissing that moment.He leaned in,she meet him halfway,and when thier lips touch,electricity coursed through thier bodies.

The days spent apart went into that kiss, days of need, longing, and missing one another.Who knows how long they've been kissing each other,untill they heard someone outside the barn.

"Lexianna,Are you out here?"It was of course Seagus,his time was as always impeccable.

"Hide,"She mouthed,pointing to a stable.He nodded,and dived in,her foot closing the door just as Seagus came in.

"Seagus,"Lexianna replied,picking up the brush she dropped,and began to brush her horse midnight."What brings you here,Shouldn't you be guarding the Prince."

"Yeah well he went missing,you haven't seen him,"Seagus asked,his eyebrows raised in suspicion.

"No,"She lied,putting on her best I'm innocent look on her face.

"Well Okay,I'll try the orchards,"Seagus declared sizing up his sister,knowing she was hiding something from him,"If you see the prince tell him that I'm very mad at him for waundering off,and if I get Palace entrance guard duty,I'll never call him sir again!"

It was Lexianna's turn to look confused,"Okay,I'll tell him if I see him."

Lexianna waited a good five minutes before running to Zan all smiles in the stable,hay covering his person.

"You've got to leave at once,"Lexianna urged,using her powers to remove the hay that covered him.

"I will but you have to agree to see me again."Zan replied,taking her in his arms and kissing her throughly.

She pulled away and gasped,"How,there's no-"

Zan took his hand and covered her mouth."There are secret passages to my palace.Do you know the abandon shack,on the outskirts of the forest.?"

She shook her head,listening to every word."Go there tonight,inside under a bench is a trap door,it'll take you a half hour,but it'll lead you to my chambers,promise me you'll come."

"I will come if I can,that's all I can promise."she said softly,leaning her head on his chest.

"That is more then I hope for."

"I'm sorry about your father Zan,"Lexianna whispered,her head leaning on his chest.He kissed the top of her head,glad that she was with him.He wouldn't know what to do if she couldn't be here,Lexianna pulled away so she can look up at him and continued,"I know you were close."

"Yes,and yet,we weren't,"Zan sighed,pulling her with him so they were both laying on his bed,cuddling in each others arms."I'm scared Lexianna,I don't know if I can do this."

"Of course you can,Zan you are a kind,gentle loving Man,you have the makings of a wonderful king,I see it,your father has seen it,the people of Antar will see it."

Zan brought her closer to his body,enjoying her warmth.He felt so safe and alive when she was with him.Lexianna would be a wonderful Queen.She always thought of others before herself.Zan knew she volunteered at homless shelters,delivered food to orphanges,rescued animals,and worked hard to find them good homes.She could do so much for this planet.

If things were diffrent.If this damn civial war wasn't hanging over his head.They could truly be together.Yet they had to resort with sneaking around.Thier moments few,thier time together short.

Now that he's King, his wedding to Ava has moved up a month.

He knew things with Lexianna had to end before then, but he didn't want to think about that right now.

All he cared is Lexianna,and how wonderful her skin felt,and the softness of her hair,and how warm her body is pressed up against his,and the time they have now.
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Chapter3c~Somewhere in Between~By Carolyn Sawyers

Max hanged on every word as Simon told his tale.

Lexianna was a wonderful person.She did so much for the people of Antar, and for especially him, when he was Zan. Protecting him, encouraging him, loving him.

He felt kind of like a heal thinking the worse of her.

"Thank you for telling me this Simon,"Max said softly,looking up at his friend who,kind of looked sad,"I'm sorry I made you go through that again,I'm sure it wasn't easy for you."

"No,Max I love remebering her,she was my sister,she's inside Liz,you wanted to know,I'm glad to help ease your mind."Simon assured him,throwing a rocks in the lake,before them.

They've decided to go to a more secluded part of Frasier woods,so no prying ears and eyes could eavesdrop on them.

"I wish I could remeber her,but I just can't."Max said in fustration.He's heard stories of his life form many of his skin friends,but to him that's what they were stories,no hint of recongition creeped into his mind when he heard them.

"No one blames you Max,the memories may never come,yet they just might,Just don't ry so hard."Simon said,throwing the last rock he had,in the water."Maybe we should call Courtney,inform her of what's going on,tell her about Liz's vision regarding Mrs.Dudley."Simon announced suddenly,his hands searching for his pack of cigarettes,deciding ten minutes without one has been long enough.

Max nodded his head in agreement, reaching in the inside of his jacket pocket for his cell phone.

Max will feel alot better when Felix gets here tomorrow morning.With Liz being release from the hospital tomorrow,he'd like to get started in figuring out ways of training her.

If her powers were to ever get out of control, and the wrong people discover this, especially the goverments special unit of alien hunters, he couldn't imagine what they'd do to her.Max will die first, before he lets Liz experience something like the White room.
Courtney hung up the phone after talking to Max,cursing herself for being unaware of Liz's condition.What kind of protector was she if she didn't know when someone was manifesting powers.

It's weird to think Simon's sisters Essence lives in Liz. Who knew Liz would be getting powers, because of it.

She knew Lexianna back on Antar.

They weren't friends or anything, but her dying, along with the Royal four was a dark time.

Zan's affair with her, was descrete as possible, but walls had eyes and ears.

Everyone in the royal court just turned a blind eye, knowing that after he married Ava, the affair would end.

Courtney was there at the wedding, doing double duty, watching her King and friend get married, and maintain order.

Then Lexianna's form jumping out of her seat, giving Courtney a very uneasy feeling. Great she's going to make a scene, about loving Zan right for everyone to see.

Cambra's from the viewscreen stations were there. Yeah, the affair of the king were known to the inner court, but if the public found out about Zan's infidelities,things could get messy.

Then she gasped as a yellow light came out of no where,Lexianna used her body to protect Zan,and then that's when the chaos began.She was a royal guard,just like her mother before her.She ran quickly to the kings side,watching as Zan tried to heal his lover.Seeing Rath and Vilandra's lifeless body on the floor.They appear to be dead.The old man called this one.

Suddenly, Lexianna's brother screamed"We need to get the King and Queen out of here!"

Then it happen, shrowded figures started killing people randomly."Corten,protect the guests,"Her commander ordered.

Qucikly putting her emotions aside, Corten did her job.

However the outcome was not very happy.Most of the royal court was gunned down.Rath and Vilandra,were dead,and the King and Queen were kidnapped.

Early the next morning thier bodies were found,outside the palace,hidden behind some bushes,dead.

Kivar, newly crown, from an anominous vote of the suriving court.Who were mainly his supporters,made a statement on the viewscreens,calling this attack a tragedy.Demanding revenge on the death of thier King and Queeen.

Corten knew however he was in on the whole thing.She smile to herself knowing at this moment The old man,some supporters,and the Royal four were hurling through space,on thier way to earth.Let him think he's safe.

Zan will have his revenge.

Untill that day, she,and her fellow rebels, will do what she can to make his time on the throne hell.

Suddenly strong hands began to massage her shoulders,bringing her out of her little trip down memeory lane.She moaned at how wonderful Jacobs magic hands felt.

"So what has got you all tense?"Jacob asked,kissing the top of her head.

"Max called about Liz,"She answered,her eyelids slowly growing heavy.

"Is Liz okay,"Jacob asked in concern.

"Oh yeah she's okay,"Courtney answered,then added,"But appears Liz's power is seeing the future."

Jacob stopped his administrations on her shoulders,getting a moan of displeasure from Courtney.

He walked around the couch and sat beside her.and asked,"Really,did she see something of importance."

Courtney shook her head,stretching her neck,feeling her bones crack,She sighed and replied,"Yes she did,and it involes Mrs.Dudley."

"Our landlady?!"Jacob gasped in suprise.

"Yes,it appears after 9:15 tonight,Mrs.Dudley will be taken by force,and presumed to get killed."

"Jesus,I will watch over her tonight."Jacob volunteered quickly.

"I figured you would,"Courtney said nodding her head,"I know how much you like her."

"She is very nice,I like her homemade greenlime pie."Jacob said with a half smile.

Courtney just shook her head,loving Jacobs simple pleasures of life.

"When is Felix arriving?"Jacob asked,dying to see his friend again.

"Sometime tomorrow,"Courtney declared,getting up to go to the kitchen,"We've got alot to discuss regarding Liz's training."

"Liz is smart and strong,she will do well."Jacob replied,knowing how much he likes Liz.When she was on the run from Max,she came to Jacobs town,calling herself Janice,working for Felix,the two became friends.

"I have no doubt,but she's still a human,I hope having these powers don't harm her in anyway,"Courtney said saddly,grabbing a pitcher of juice from the fridge, "The manifesting process was hell for her,from what I've heard."

"I don't understand why she kept it from us,"Jacob declared in confusion,looking Courtney's way,from the couch.

"I don't understand it all myself but,it has something to do with Lexianna."Courtney answered,taking a cup from the strainer,and began to pour herself some juice."I get an uneasy feeling about all this,like Liz is in trouble or something."

"Lexianna was a good person,when we knew her.She would never hurt Liz,"Jacob replied,shaking his head,"Maybe there's a reason why we were left in the dark."

"Well I'm talking to Max and Simon later tonight,I hope I get some answers."She replied,putting the pitcher away,and walked back into the living room.

"You worry too much,"Jacob said,placing his hand on her knee,"Max and Simon will not let anything happen to Liz,I will not let anything happen to Liz."

"I know,however I can't help but worry,"Courtney relpied,taking Jacob's hand with her free one."Lexianna died for Max, because she loved him. What else do you think she's capable of doing,to be with him again?."

Jacob looked at Courtney,then with a sigh declared,"Well,Let's just hope for Liz's sake, that your instincts are wrong, for once."

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Chapter 4~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz was so glad to finally be home. No more IV's, needles, doctors of every kind probbing,poking,put your adjective here; it was done to her.

Then there was Max and her parents. Don't get her wrong, she loves them, and she knows that they're worried for her.Liz did have an extermely high tempature.

It must've been awful,standing by watching her go through this ordeal, and have no idea why it was happening. Yet she's pulled through, and Lexianna was that reason why.

Though try telling them that.

The three of them had every attention of fallowing through with the doctors strict orders of bed rest, liquids, and No over exherstion.

Max even went so far as lifting Liz in his arms, and actually carried her up the flight of stairs, to the apartment.

"I can walk up a flight of stairs by myself you know Max,"Liz declared in suprise.

Max walked through the door,her father held open, having no intetion of stopping Max.

With set determination Max said,"Liz what you went through was a serious ordeal,the doctor said no excertion."

"Yeah,but I don't think walking a flight of stairs is excertion."Liz said,looking down at her dad over Max's shoulder.

"Liz, just let us take care of you,"Max replied,placing her gently on her feet when they reached the landing.

"Whatever, I'm dying to take a nice long bath and sleep for a few hours,"Liz announced, walking down the hall to her room, she slammed the door, announcing without words, but through action, that she would like to be left alone.

She ended up taking a nice relaxing bath,adding her favorite rose sented bath oil.,lit a couple of candles,and enjoyed being free of concern people.hovering over her like she's some invalid.

"Don't be to hard on them Liz,"came Lexianna's voice suddenly in her head,"It's only because they love you so much that they act the way they do."

Liz smiled hearing her new firends voice.Always thinking of everyone but herself."I'll try not to Lexianna,I'm just wishing they understand that there's nothing wrong with me."

Well that'a just it Liz,they don't."The alien pointed out,"You're keeping Max's secret,they don't know what really happen to you,on that day at the crashdown,when Max healed you.Even Max,who's use to the not so quite normal,is having his doubts about me and what's happening to you."

"I got that from him yesterday,"Liz said grimly,"I tried telling him you wouldn't hurt me,that you did everything to help me."

"Liz, give him time to process this, he has no memeory of me, Antar, or what happen that day on his wedding."Lexianna replied,then said assuringly,"Simon will tell him about me,Max will then over think things like he always does,and figure it out for himself. That I'm no threat to you or anyone else."

Liz laughed, hearing Lexianna describe Max to a T. From what she knew of the Zan Lexianna knew back on Antar.Max hasn't changed too much.

"I know,it's good to have you here with me Lexianna,I don't relly have anyone to talk about all this with."

"Well Max will come around,you'll share it with him,Maria, your best friend should know,it's not a big secret anymore Liz,"Lexianna said almost laughing,"All you have to do,is what your doing with me now,just talk to them."

"I know,it's just so hard to think about what they may think of me,that I'm not the same person,I've changed."Liz declared,sinking deeper,in the warm water.

"Well Max of all people should understand about being diffrent,I see no problem there,"Lexianna countered,then added,"And Maria,you underestimate her too much,isn't she with Michael,an alien?"

"Alright,alright,I give,you win,I'm being stupid."Liz proclaimed laughing.

"Yes you are,"Lexianna agreed,giggling,then added in a more serious manner,"I've never steared you wrong Liz,nor am I going to start.Your friends will stand by you,as will I"

"I know Lexianna,I trust you,"Liz agreed,shaking her head.

"Good,"Lexianna replied happily,then as an afterthought asked,"So did you tell Max about Mrs.Dudley?"

"Yes,"Liz answered,"They're taking care of everything."
"Excellant Liz,"Lexianna replied smiling,"there's a reason for us being brought together,we need to do good for humanity."

"I know,it feels so good to have this power to help others,"Liz announced with a sigh."It's good to have a purpose in life that you're proud of."

Lexianna smiled,everything is going as plan.
The Crashdown was packed,with convention goers.It was that time again.welcome to the freak show.If the UFO enthusiasts only knew,that Roswell was full of the aliens,that they long to know.Looking just like them.They are among us,living with that secret,and they hope that it'll stay that way.

Max,Courtney,Simon,and Felix sat at a booth near the front of the resturant.

Felix has just arrived in town an hour ago.

The four of them were in a very intense conversation about Liz's sudden acquirement of powers.

"I remeber Lexianna,"Felix replied,getting filled in on what's been going on as he lived in oregan,"She was a very nice and caring woman,you loved her very much Max."

"That's what I heard,"Max replied shaking his head,fustrated that he doesn't remeber his past,"So you agree that she won't hurt Liz."

"What would that accomplish her,"Felix counterd,"She needs Liz to exsit,hurting Liz will hurt Lexianna as well."

"Lexianna cherishes life,"Simon defened,hating that they're talking about his siter as if she was Kivar,"I see no reason to continue this line of conversation anymore."

"He's right,"Felix countered,nodding his head,"What we need to focus on is Liz,and what we can do to help her with these new powers."

"What will they do to her?"Max asked in concern.

"I don't know Max,that's why we need to examine Liz as soon as possible."Felix answered.

"She just came back from the hospital,"Max announced,then went on,"Maybe in a few days when shes rested,"

"Max,in a few days,she could be having a vision in front of her parents."Felix countered,"The sooner we help her the better."

"I agree with Felix,"Courtney agreed,"It's too risky to not train her for so long."

"Well wouldn't Lexianna take care of hiding things from her parents,"Max countered,gesturing a hand in front of him,""She's why we only found out about Liz just days ago."

"Yes,she may be able to do that, however Lexianna has her limitations, she lost control and Liz ended up in the hospital."Felix pointed out, shaking his head, as he continued, "So I would rest much easier if we knew these powers aren't affecting Liz in a negative way, and we don't have a repeat of Liz's uncontrolled power development."

"Why don't we compromise and meet with Liz tomorrow,"Simon suggested,"We should let her have at least a nights rest before we bombard her with training."

"That sounds reasonable,"Felix agreed, then looked at Max and asked,"Max,what do you think?"

"I think it sounds like were negotiating over some property,"Max excalimed angrily,"She's been through hell and back for me,for us, I don't like that she has to go through all this,"He paused looking at his friends, his mouth formed a thin line, then with a regretful sigh added,"but if Liz is going to have to live with these visions, I want her to be prepared for whatever these new powers will bring her, I'll talk to her tonight."

"Max,I hardly think Liz as property,"Felix said softly,"Liz and I formed a great friendship, when she was working for me, before I knew what she was to you,"Felix sighed and went on,"I just want the best for her, I would not even for once suggest any of this if I didn't think she was ready, nor would I want any harn coming to her. I just want to make sure there's no side effects. The sooner we find this out the better it is for Liz."

"I know,I'm just freaked!"Max admitted,"This was the last think I expected to happen when I healed her."

"Well it's probably not to much easier for her,"Felix decalred,"Antarians manifest thier powers at the age of five, they are taken from thier families for a year to undergo thier training, it's controlled, cause you never know what's going to happen. We're dealing with new teritorry here, not only is Liz human, but she's alot older, I forsee alot of work ahead of us."

"You're not giving me a whole lot of reassurance here Felix,"Max told him,staring worriedly at him.

"Trust me Max,"Felix started to say,"It's best to tell you what's expected,then lie and give you a sense of pretense,I don't work that way."

"Thank you I think,"Max wryily proclaimed,rolling his eyes.

"So tell me about this vision she had of Mrs Dudley,"Felix asked,deciding to change the subject.

Max kind of spaced out, as Simon told him the odd vision of the flowershop owners upcoming kidnapping and possilble death, and how Jacob is looking out for her.To prevent any of that from happening.

Max however was thinking of Liz, and how weird everything has suddenly become. He loved her so much, and it killed him that she was being sucked even more into his world. It's one thing that she knew what he was. Now, she's actually going to be hiding a secret of her own.

Something told him that it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

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Part 5a~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers

Jacob looked at the microwave clock, and noticed that it was 9:00. With a heavy sigh, he got up from the couch, and made his way towards the front door. It was time to make sure Mrs.Dudley got safely to her car.

Liz's newly abtained powers from Lexianna, worried him. Not that he was unhappy that Liz had the visions,so they could save Mrs Dudley from any harm.

It was just that he rembered when he first got his powers. It wasn't a plesant experience, and he was worried that Liz may suffer some irrepairable damage. Her biolgical make up was diffrent from his.

However,Felix is in town now. Prepared to train her in anyway possible. Back on antar, Felix had helped him, when he manifestied his own powers. It brought him some sense of relief that his human friend was in capable hands.

He took the back stairs,and when he got to the ground floor landing. Jacob rapped his fingers on the flower shops back door. After a five minute wait, the door swung open revealing Mrs.Dudley.She was suprised to see him standing there.

"Jacob,well hello!"She exclaimed with a smile,"What brings you here this evening?"

"Well I just got home not to long ago and notice you were still here,"Jacob lied, knowing he was hanging around the apartment most of the day. He didn't want to stray too far from the apartment, and the flower shop,"It's kind of late, I'm offering you my services as an escort to your car."

"Well isn't that nice of you."Mrs Dudley replied,gently patting his face,"I was just about to leave,"She open the door wider so he could walk through,"I would love an escort to my car."then told him,"I was feeling a bit nervous about staying late."

"Yeah,I was wondering why you were still here?"Jacob asked ,knowing the reason from liz, but for some reason wanted Mrs.Dudley to confirm it.

"Oh,I was getting some floral arrangements ready for a wedding tomorrow, I was so behind, I decided to stay late and finish them."She explained, walking to the counter to pick up a crate of flowers.

Liz was right,and the crate Mrs.Dudley had in her hands,was also in the vision.

"Here let me take that,"Jacob offered,holding out his hands.

"You're such a dear,"She eclaimed with a smile,"I'm going to have to whip up a keylime pie for your help."

"Well then, I guess I should make a habit of walking you to your car more often,"He answered with a laugh.

Mrs Dudely chuckled, grabbing her purse from the counter. They walked out of the store, hitting the lights, as they left. Jacob waited patiently as she locked up her store for the day.

"How's Courtney?"Mrs. Dudley asked,as the walked across the street.

"She's find,"Jacob answered, keeping all his senses alert. Wondering if the person who was going to kidnap Mrs. Dudley, was lurking near by."I'm on my way to meet her at the crashdown."

"Well you tell her I said hi,"the older women replied. Stopping in front of a very ancient looking station wagon.

"I will Mrs Dudley,"Jacob answered

Five minutes later,Mrs Dudley was safely in her car, speeding off towards her home. Jacob watched untill her car disappeared.

As he started to walk back across the street. Jacob felt a presence behind him. Not directly behind him,but in an alley, nearby the parking spot Mrs. Dudley's station wagon was parked.

Jacob didn't stop, or acknowledge that he knew someone was there. He didn't want to raise any suspicons with this person. Liz had a vision about Mrs.Dudley for a reason. If this guy was going to get caught. He had a feeling they had to do it carefully.

What he needs to do right now, is go see Courtney and the others. Inform them of what happen. See if they have any further instructions for him.

He'll probably be asked to keep an eye on Mrs. Dudley, make sure this person won't come back and finish his abduction. Jacob shook his head and knew that this guy will probably look for a new victim.

As he walked across the street,and made his way towards the crashdown,he felt an emotion of confusion,and defeat. Like this person wasn't expecting him to be there. Mrs. Dudley was unsafe to pursue any further.

Jacob felt that this was just the beginning...and he couldn't wait untill it ends.
Part 5b continued on next post....
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Part 5b continued....

Part 5b~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers

Max quietly entered Liz's room, through her bedroom door. The Parkers insisted, that if he was going to spend nights here. That he should have his own key to the apartment, and not have to eneter through Liz's bedroom window every night.

Liz was sleeping soundly. Max watched her, as he stripped down to his boxers, and slid in the bed beside her.

Max pulled her close to him, and Liz made herself comfortable on his chest. Max stroked her hair as he went over the nights events.

When Jacob came back from the flower shop. He told them that Liz was pretty much on the money about everything. He also told them that he could feel someone hiding in a nearby alley.

Everyone at the booth was glad Jacob didn't pursue the stranger. They had no idea who they were dealing with. Jacob suggested that maybe they should talk to Valenti about the matter. See if he could arrange extra police patrols in the area.

Max agreed with the idea and promised that he'll talk to Valenti in the morning.

They left with plans of meeting at the pod chamber in the early afternoon.

Max was nervous about Liz's training. Was she strong enough to start so soon after getting out of the hospital?

Felix understood Max's hesitation on the matter. However he assured him, that he has no intention of pushing Liz. That tomorrow was just to see if she had other powers besides getting visions, and to help Liz with some meditation practices, that could help her control the pain, the visions caused.

The fact that Liz's powers had a painful side effect, didn't sit well with him at all.

He was glad to hear that the pain was just the body growing accustom to the unfamilar use of powers. That
The more Liz uses her powers, then the less the pain will become. Eventually going away all together.

Then there was Lexianna.

Max knew he shouldn't worry about the essence that inhabit's Liz body. That she was a good person, when she was alive. Simon trusted his sister to look after Liz, when they couldn't.

Yet, Max still felt unsettled. Even after what Simon had told him. Max pretended to trust Lexianna's exsitance. What they didn't need right now was tension in the group. Simon loved his sister. He cared a great deal for Liz also. He'll just stay quiet for now. However, he won't stop being concern with this Lexianna matter. He'll just keep it to himself.

Well, he wasn't the only one uneasy about the whole thing. Courtney too, didn't seemed to feel all too comfortable with Liz's new companion. Maybe he'll take Courtney aside and talk to her in private. Between the two of them, maybe they can figure out Lexianna's true motive. There was one, deep down in his gut, he couldn't trust her.

Max just hoped he could figure out what it is, and soon. He couldn't very well warn Liz. Even if she belived him. Lexianna and Liz were connected. She would unintentionally tip her off, and that wouldn't be good.

Max felt his eyelids grow heavy. Tomorrow was another day. He knew something would come to him. Let's just hope it won't be too late.

Lexianna floated above Max and Liz. Staring longly at Max.

He was up, and in deep thought. Something was troubling him.

Max was worried about Liz. Probably about her training. Felix was probably in town right now. He'll be the best one to do the task.

She was just relived she managed to prolong it as long as she did.

If Liz told Max about the powers earlier on. Felix would probably be able to figure out what she was trying to do, and stop her.

Well it's too late now. She was safe. Her and Liz's essence are bonded. Felix will never find out what she was planning to do.

The only way to get rid of Lexianna was to kill Liz.

Max was untrusting of her, and his instincts were right. However, after Simon gets done with him. Max will be singing her praises.

They'll be to busy saving the people in Liz's visions. Leaving her to finish her task at hand. With no one the wiser.

Lexianna smiled as she floated next to Max's side of the bed.

He finally succumbed to sleep. Probably dreaming of his precious Liz.

Lexianna's face contorted in anger. Hating that she was helpless. That she was trapped in Liz's pathetic body.

That his mind was filled with thoughts of her. That he only knew about her because Simon had to tell him. That he didn't rember Lexianna on his own.

Her hand hovered over Max's head. Dying to feel him again. Her face soften. Knowing that it wasn't his fault. That his mind was posioned by this human girl, who has him running around doing everything she asks.

"She doesn't deserve you Zan,"Lexianna stated, using his real name. She didn't like the name Max. It didn't suit him at all. He was a king for gods sake. Not some stupid earthling nobody."She can never love you like I do my love."

The pull of her human host was too strong for her to resist. She managed to stay in her asteral body longer, every night. Which means she's getting stronger.

With a smile Lexianna reluctatnly returned to Liz's conciousness, her prison. It doesn't matter, this was all just temporay anyway. Soon this will be Liz's prison.

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Part 6~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz was nervous about her training today.

Standing in front of the Pod chambers entrance. Max linked his hand with hers and asked,"How're you holding up?"

"I'm find, just a little nervous." Liz answered, nervously biting her bottom lip

"If you're not ready we can leave right now, take a drive."Max replied, giving her a way out.

"No, I need to do this. It's important." Liz answered quickly. Knowing it was best to get it over with. Lexianna told her Felix was good at training. He trained Jacob, and Lexianna, back on Antar, when they first started getting powers. Liz was so happy that Lexianna was with her. Telling her what to expect. Putting her trouble mind at ease.

"Okay, well let's do this, then"Max replied, taking his free hand and waved it over a part of the cave. A silver hand appeared and he pressed his own over it. Then he stepped back.

A rummble noise was heard and then a section of the cave slid open. They stepped inside, and was greeted by Felix, Simon and Courtney. All looking mighty anxious.

"Hello Liz," Greeted Felix, giving her a warm smile. His eyes full of reassurance.

"Hello Felix."Liz said softly, clutching onto Max's arms, like it was a life line. His hand went over hers, squeezing it possesively. Telling her it was okay, that he was here for her.

"Now, I know everyone is curious, and anxious and wondering what and how things are going to be done,"Felix explained.then he went on to tell them,"However I need for you all to leave now."

"What are you crazy, what if you-"

"Courtney, you of all people should know this is how things are done, that this is all part of the training process,"Felix scolded, giving her a disappointed look,"I neeed the enviroment to be free of all distractions...and I'm sorry Max no offense, but you're the biggest one."

"You can't actually expect me to leave her."Max demanded, scowling at Felix.

The older man sighed in fustration as he countered,"Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you."

Simon, silent through all this suprised everyone by saying,"I think we should do what Felix tells of us."

Liz looked at him, confused. She couldn't imagine going through this without at least Max and Simon here.

"Listen to Felix Liz, he knows what he's doing."

It was Lexianna in her mind. She wanted to protest, but she knew that it was for the best. It was time to face this herself. She could see Max now, jumping in interupting, if he belived things seem to be too much for her. Max could inadvertantly make things worse.

Liz nodded her head and announced,"I-I-I'm going to have to agree with Felix. I'm glad you're all concern for me, but you didn't make him come all away from oregon, because you thought he was incompentent."

"I don't like it, and you can quote me on it...but Felix is right, he needs to do this his way."Courtney replied in defeat.

Max however wasn't so quick to think it was the best idea.

"No, I'm not leaving I will-"

"Max," Declared Liz, she turned to him, her face serious and full of determination,"You will leave. I know I'm being left, in very capable hands with Felix here."

"Liz, are you sure, I just feel like I shou-"

Liz place two fingers on his lips, preventing anything else he had to stay from leaving his mouth. Liz smiled reassuringly at him and suggested,"Wait out in the jeep if you must, but leave the chamber, okay. Do it for me."

Max shook his head. However, she could tell he wasn't thrilled with the idea of having her go through all this without him there.

This could be the perfect oppurtunity for Lexianna to do something to her. If only he could find a way to tell Felix of his suspicons. However, he also knew he could talk to Courtney right now. He'll have to make an excuse so the two of them can speak without having to include Simon.

He was too close to Liz, and Lexianna to be trusted right now.

"I will go, but I want to be inform of everything." MAx insisted, raising his hands to touch liz's face, he looked at Felix and said with conviction,"Everything Felix oaky."

"I wouldn't have it any other way Max,"Felix agreed.

Max brought his face close to hers untill thier foreheads were touching. He looked into her eyes and said,"Whenever you start to feel uncomfortable, I want you to stop, okay. I'm right outside."

Liz shook her head, and sighed as he kissed her lips deeply. Reluctantly Max parted. He touched her hand, and hesitantly walked away. Looking back to look at her one last time before leaving the cave.

Liz sighed, as the cave entrance slid shut.

"I promise Liz, this is just an examinaton if you will."Felix explained, gesturing his hand to an area he had set up. "you may have some laten poweres we don't know about yet. This examination will let me know this, so I know what I'm getting myself into, for future training sessions."

A excersie mat laid in the middle of the pod chamber. Lit candles were around it. The healing stones, Liz recongize, from the time when Michael got sick and they had to use them to get him better. Were placed in the middle of the mat.

Liz had her arms folded defensivly in front of her. She was scared. LIz knew she was a special case for Felix. A human getting acess to powers, that..... well that she really shouldn't have.

Her body was not alien. Thier could be complications. What if Felix couldn't control something that went wrong? What if she got really sick, or died.

"LIz, I'm here for you."Lexianna promised, urging her to walk toward the mat.

With a sigh, Liz marched forward. Knowing that Lexianna would never stear her wrong, that she could trust her completely.

Simon was gone, when Max stepped out of the pod chamber. Courtney thankfully was still there waiting for him.

Max could tell she was not happy with being outside the chamber. He knew if the two of them were looking in a mirror, that thier expressions would match. That if someone could read thier thoughts. That they'd be thinking the same thing.

That they just don't trust Lexianna.

Max walked to His jeep. Courtney was leaning against the driver sides door.

"So,"Courtney began,"It seems we are agreed in not trusting Lexianna."

"With every fiber in my being."Max declared, shaking his head.

"What should we do about it?" She asked, wondering If max had come up with a plan.

"Well, I'm not leaving, and I assume you;'re not leaving,"Max proclaimed, Courtney answered him, with the nod of her head, he continued,"So I think we've got some time to come up with a plan of action,in case Lexianna turns out to be..not so friendly."

"Agreed,"Courtney answered, huffing a sigh, She added, "I think the question we need an answer to first is.....What's Lexianna up to?"

A close up picture of Mrs Dudley was on a wall. We pull back a little to see it surrounded by many diffrent photographs of women.

A gloved hand ripped her picture off, and threw it in a small trash can near a desk.

She was spoiled, tainted, too much of a risk now. That guy coming out of the flower shop with her, suprised the unknown stranger. It was time to find a new victim. It had to be soon. The need for a kill was strong. Though doing it properly, so as not to get caught was important also. The thrill of this game was too much of a drug, stopping was no option. Jail will end the fun. It was time to pick someone new.

Turning around to walk to the other side of the room. The stranger opened the door, revealing a state of the art dark room. We see a glove hand turned the switch on and a red light illuminated the room.

Some pictures were hanging on a clothes line. We can only see the back of them. The strangers face was hidden behind the pictures. Standing there for a few minutes, the stranger scanned the recently developed pictures and pondered for his next victim.

Then a decision was made. A gloved hand yanked a photo off the line, then threw it on the counter.

The girl in the photo was Maria Deluca.
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Part 7~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz and Felix sat Indian style on the mat, holding hands. Thier eyes were closed. She was breathing deeply and evenly, leaving her mind blank, just like he instructed her too.

Lexianna was making herself scarce. Though Liz could slightly feel her. She was letting Felix do his job. Yet, wanting to make sure Liz wasn't alone. Her faith in Felix, relaxed Liz a bit. She waited patiently as she felt him taking a tour of her mind. Searching for latent powers, if any. Or any damage substained to her body, because of the powers. It was really all stressing

You can wake up now Liz, he's done." Lexianna announced in her mind

Liz slowly opened her eyes. Felix had a huge grinning on his face. He still held her hands. She smiled back. If there was any bad news, she felt he wouldn't be smiling. However, she still had to ask him. Just to put her mind at ease.

"So..What's the verdict."Liz asked. Curious.

"You are in amazing health,"Felix Declared. Causing Liz to sigh in relief. he contiuned, "There's no signs of damage to your body, because of your powers. I don't think we have to worry that any will occur."

"Whew, that'll calm Max a bit." She declared, getting a chuckle from Felix. He shook his head, as if agreeing with her.

"So, anything else I should know about?" Liz asked. Wondering what other suprises if any, were going to appear in her life.

"Yes,"He answered, letting her hands go as he proclaimed,"You have additional powers that'll eventually manifest. What thier going to be.. is a bit unclear."

"I thought you'd be able to tell."Liz inquired. That was why they were doing all of this. So that he could prepared for whatever other abilities, she may have inherited, from Lexianna.

"Well, yeah, that was what I was figuring to, but......."He paused for a moment. Finding the words to best explain what he saw in Liz's brain. he then said, "The color patterns, they were diffrent."

"Color patterns?"Liz asked, "I'm sorry your going to have to explain further?'

"Well, each power from my experience has a aura, a color if you will. It tells me what you are capable of doing."He answered.He held his hand out, Palm up. A holograph of a brain poped up. It was sectioned up in colors."This is you."

"Really,"Liz said, peering at the image.

"Now see how the majority of the color is blue." He replied, using his free hand and pointed to the section of blue color. Liz nodded her head. he continued,"That is your ability to have visions, it's your signuture power, much like Max can heal or Isabel's dreamwalking,either they can do it better, or no one else can do it. Understand."

Liz shook her head, then asked, "So what's the problem again."

"Well, back on Antar, I've helped many people, and blue is not the color for visions, it was normally purple."Felix replied.then told her,"You have purple, but it's not for visions..well for you anyway. I think because your human-"

"My aura's are diffrent colors."

"Exactly, so it's going to be a long and challenging training process Liz."Felix announced, closing his hand, causing the holographic brain to disappear.

" you have any theroies..of what I might be able to do?"Liz asked.

"Yes, but I want to make it perfectly clear, that it's still to early to be positive."Felix pointed out. then added,"I'm basing my therioes on Lexianna's abilities, since she's the one who's inside you. However, she never recived visons on Antar. So you can understand my hesitation."

"I understand." Liz replied. Folding her hands on her lap. Looking at her trainer anxiously. "I just want to be some what prepared."

Felix nodded, and with a sigh he said,"Well, I think you'll probably be able to manipulate moleculer structure..changing colors density, making things light or heavy that kind of thing. Every Antarian can basically do that."He explained. Liz nodded, urging him to continue."I also belive, you'll be capable of forming a shield. That's a tough one, and I belive that will be the last to appear."

"Max can do that."Liz pointed out. Remebering the first time Max used his shield. It was totally by accident. It suprised everyone around him.

"Yes, he can."Felix concurred, then went on,"Know the one that confuses me the most. Well it's the purple aura. Now, it's the second largest in your brain Liz. I have no therioes on it. The fact that it's not the source of your visions baffles me."

"Well as you said, your in new territory here."liz said. Then with a smile added,"I guess we're both going to be learning something new from all of this."

Felix smiled and nodded his head, as he announced,"Yes, indeed, and I'm looking forward to every moment."


Maria was a nervous wreak. Here she was working, while Liz was gong through some alien examination.

The visions Liz has been getting, has frankly, been freaking her out. The fact that some alien ghost is taking up residence in her best friend, and giving her alien powers, well it just didn't sit well with her.

There was a possiblity that these powers could somehow hurt Liz. That was one of the reasons Felix came to Roswell. To see if that was a possiblity, and if she was going to manifest anymore powers.

Will she be in pain everytime a new power comes out? What kind of effect will these powers have on her? Will Felix be able to stop the powers from coming? Or will she have to watch her friend suffer? All of these what if's are hurting her brain.

Maria pulled out her vial of cedar oil. Uncapping the small bottle, inhaling the pleasant odor, that was suppose to releave stress. Her nerves were still a bit shaken, but she felt a little better.

"Maria can I talk to you?"

It was Jim Valenti. The Sheriff of Roswell. He was the only human adult who was in the I-Know-an-alien-club. With his power of authority. He was able to keep the spotlight off of the aliens, if they ever got in a situation, that well......raised some questions.

After Nasedo died. He open his home to Tess. Became a father figure to the aliens in Nasedo's absence. Before Courtney, and the other rebel skins, came into thier lives. They thought of the sheriff as thier protector.

"I'm sorry to have startled you,"He said immeditaely, seeing Maria jump three feet off the ground.

"No it's okay,"Maria gsped. Steadying her nerves, by inhaling more cedar oil. After a few more deep cleansing breaths, she turned to the sheriff and asked,"What can I do for you?"

"I'm actually looking for Liz."He announced,taking off his hat. "I really need to talk to her."

"Well she'still out with Max."Maria replid. Noitcing that Mr. Parker was hovering close by. "I'll let her know you came by...hey Mr.Parker."

The Sheriff turned around, standing face to face with Liz's father.

"Why do you need to talk to Liz sheriff?"Jeff Parker asked. His brows frowned in confusion, and worry. "I hope everything's okay."

"Oh, hello Jeff.oh no I'm just checking in on her, making sure she's okay,"Jim Valenti answered quickly,"Plus, Kyle is in a few of her classes. He wanted to know if she needed any notes."

"I'll ask her."Jeff said. He semed to accept the sheriff's excuse.

"Well, I should go."Jim replied putting his hat back on."Take care Jeff....Maria."

Then he took his leave.

"Maria, you have some customers at table three."He announced. Maria nodded her head, and bounced toward the booth.

Jeff Parker had a strange feeling something else was on the Sheriff's mind. He hardly thought his son's concern for Liz needing notes for school, was the Jim Valenti's agenda.

He didn't know how, but he was going to find out what.
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Strawbehrry Shortcake originally wrote:
So the blue is Liz's aura, then that means the purple that is basically taking over is Lexianna!!! Right??
I guess that you don't have to be an alien to know when something feels off huh!! Go Maria!! *wink* I wonder what the Sherriff wanted? It also looks like the Parkers' maybe in "the Club" before too long!! Terrific Part!! Can't wait for more!! *bounce**angel**bounce*

Yeah, I think you understand where I'm going with this, without giving too much away.

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Part 8~Somewhere in between~By Carolyn Sawyers

The second Max saw Liz emerge from the pod chamber. He ran towards her, glad to finally be seeing Liz again. It was hours since Liz and Felix kicked him out of the cave. Even though to him it felt like years. Being kept in the dark, about what was going in that chamber with Liz, didn’t sit very well with him. The good thing about those long hours outside the chamber. Gave him an opportunity to talk with Courtney alone, about his suspicions about Lexianna’s true intentions.

It was good to know that he wasn’t the only one not buying into Lexianna’s holier then thou act. He had a bad feeling about this woman, and he swore that he was going to get some answers, before Liz was hurt. Max didn’t want to keep this from Liz, but she and Lexianna were connected. He knew that everything he tells Liz, Lexianna is sure to hear also.

For an hour and a half he and Courtney brainstormed ideas about how they were suppose to get the real truth from Lexianna, without raising a red flag her way. The only plan that made any sense was to get Felix on their side. He was swimming around inside Liz’s brain. The answer’s are there, Felix could be the key to getting them. Of course it was easier saying then doing. Would Felix help them? Does he actually believe Liz was safe? Max hoped that he could talk to Felix alone, maybe the session with Liz raised some red flags in Felix’s mind.

“Liz, how did it go?” Max asked embracing her gently.

“It went excellent.” Liz replied excitedly, looking up at Max. “You’ll be pleased to know that I’m healthy, no side effects from the powers. I’ll also be getting a few additional abilities, but as you can see I’m find.”

“Yes, you look a lot more refreshed, then before I left.” Max agreed, kissing the top of her head.

“Felix showed me some meditation excersises, to practice in my free time. Of course he wants us to have more sessions together.” Liz said, returning Max.’s kiss.

“I’m thinking that’s a very good idea.” Max concurred, taking a hold of her hand, to lead her back to the jeep. It was getting late and he really thought it would be wise to bring her home, before her parents sent out a search party.

Liz stopped him and replied, “Felix wants to talk to you.”

“Oh,” Max replied in surprise. He started to walk leading her back towards the cave.

Liz stopped him again. “He wants to talk to you alone.”

“Why? Shouldn’t you be involved in with this conversation too?” Max replied, glad that he was getting the opportunity he long for, but wanted to play it cool. He didn’t want Lexianna getting suspicious.

“It’s okay Max, I’m sure it’s just to tell you what I already know.” Liz said, touching his shoulder. “Besides, I’ve been sitting down for hours, I want to stretch my legs for a bit. So go talk to Felix, I’ll be find.”

“Well, then you stretch away,” He said kissing her quickly, he walked a bit then turned back towards Liz and announced, “I love you Liz.”

“I love you too.” Liz laughed, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “Now go, hurry talk to Felix. I’m starving.”

Max smiled and turned back towards the path that’ll lead to the pod chamber.

When he entered, Felix was sitting Indian style on the ground. It appears that he was meditating. Max looked on in silence. Patiently waiting until Felix was through.

A few minutes later, with his eyes still shut, Felix acknowledges Max.’s presence. “Good you’re here.” His eyes flew open, and a disconcerting look appeared in the older mans eyes.

“What is it? What’s wrong with Liz?” Max asked, feeling a bit anxious.

“Well, Physically Liz is find, however Lexianna’s presence has me a bit concern Max.” Felix declared, causing Max to sigh in joy. Good Felix felt bad vibes too.

“You and me both Felix.” Max agreed, raking a hand through his hair.

Felix nodded his head, as if he knew Max had the same thinking process as he did. “Seconds after Liz came into the pod chamber today, I got some very bad vibes off of her. Then it disappeared. Lexianna hid them well. I probably would’ve never notice them, if she put whatever shield she had up before the cave door open.”

“What do you think she wants?” Max asked, feeling a bit sick. Liz was in danger, and she didn’t even know it. She trusted this Lexianna completely. Yet, she was oblivious to Lexianna’s true intentions.

“I couldn’t figure that out, the shield was up and all Lexianna’s thought were concealed.” Felix sighed in frustration, then added, “I had a chance to freely scan Liz’s mind. Lexianna didn’t suspect my suspicions, I too have my own shield that I’ve had years in perfecting, and of course it’s not unusual for a man in my position to put it up. It confuses the subject, if a trainer’s thoughts are exposed.”

Max shook his head, taking in everything Felix is telling him. Then asked. “You have an idea about what’s going on don’t you?”

“Yes I do. You know about how each power has a signature aura. So Trainers like myself can prepare for the manifestations.” Felix explained, getting up off the floor. He stood face to face with Max. Who nodded his head in understanding. “Well Liz’s vision aura was a different color. It was blue. Not purple. The purple aura was there, but it was incomplete, though it was almost as big as Liz’s vision aura in her consciousness.”

“Incomplete, if it’s just as big, shouldn’t that power already have manifested?” Max asked in shock.

“Indeed, I told Liz, that it was probably that she was a human that the powers are manifesting strangely, and why the colors were different.” Felix replied, explaining how he protected himself from Lexianna.

“So what do you think this purple aura is? What’s the power?” Max asked, raising a curious eyebrow.

“Honestly,” Felix replied, shaking his head in concern, then with a sigh he continued, “It’s not a power Max. I think It’s Lexianna, and she’s slowly growing.”

“Growing, I’m sorry exactly what does that mean?” Max asked confused.

“It means that Lexianna wants to live like you and me.” Felix explained, grabbing onto Max.’s shoulder and continued with uneasiness, “And eventually that’s going to happen.”

“Wait, how is she expected to live like you and me if she doesn’t have a body? She’s just an essence.” Max asked, still not quite getting it.

“Max, she has her body, “ Felix exclaimed grimily.

Just then realization hit him. He looked up at Felix’s disconcerting gaze and whispered, “Liz.”

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Part 9a ~ Somewhere in between ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

All Maria wanted to do was get home, slip into a nice warm bubble bath, and soak until she was a prune. Tomorrow is her day off, and she would like to hang out with Liz for a bit. Michael is working a longer shift then usual, so until he gets out. She plans on doing some long over due bonding time with Liz.

She misses Michael something fierce. They haven’t exactly been spending any real quality time together. Not that they haven’t tried, but with what has been going on with Liz, and they’ve been working opposite shifts at the Crashdown. Maria had no clue when they’ll be alone again.

“See ya tomorrow Mr. Parker.” Maria screamed through the food pick up window. When Jeff Parker’s muffled goodbye echoed from his office. Maria turned around and headed outside. Locking the door behind her. She wrapped her full-length sweater closer to her body. It was a bit chilly this evening.

With a sigh, Maria couldn’t wait to get into her car and blast the heat. Maria picked her car key out of the four million on her chain, and started to slide it into the lock.

Then a hand found it’s way over her mouth. It prevented her screams to be heard. Her eyes widen in fear, as a strong arm wrapped around her arms, causing her keys to fall to the ground. Maria began to put up a struggle, and probably would’ve eventually broken free, but her eyelids began to get heavy. Maria realized she was losing consciousness, and quickly. He must have put some chloroform on his gloves.

“Relax my pet.” A raspy voice whispered in her ears. “You need to save your strength. We’re going to have a busy couple of days you and I.”

Fear racked Maria’s body, as darkness finally overcame her.

Liz had no idea where she was. It was a room, with pictures all over one of the walls. She couldn’t quite clearly make out the faces, but she had a feeling they were all women. Liz also knew this is where the guy who tried to abduct Mrs. Dudley, resided at.

A door on the other side of the room drew her. She walked toward it, feeling as if it was moving away from her. It’s as if something was preventing her from finding out what was hidden in that room.

Hours seemed to have past, before her hand reached the doorknob, and she swung it open.

A figure of a woman, tied to the bedpost, spread eagle, wearing a red dress, was crying softly. Her face was masked by, what appears to be a pillowcase.

Liz tried to walk closer, but she felt her self being pulled back into the waking world.

“NOOOOO.” Screamed Liz, knowing that she didn’t get enough information to help this woman. When was she supposed to be abducted? Who was she? With Mrs. Dudley, she had seen so much more. Liz didn’t like how these visions were fickle in the sharing of information. How in the hell was she supposed to help these women, if the visions were shoddy?

Max was holding her. Hearing her cry out, feeling that women’s’ fear.

“What did you see?” Max asked, stroking her hair. Knowing she saw something not so pleasant.

“A room, a wall was full of pictures of many, many women. I couldn’t see the faces, but I knew. I went to this room, and this poor girl was tied to the bedpost, her face covered with a pillowcase, God Max she was so scared.” Liz cried, burying her face in his chest.

“Well, do you know when she was suppose to be taken, who she is?” Max asked.

Liz shook her head. Feeling helpless with this vision. “I have no idea. They gave me nothing, or I wasn’t being observant enough. I want the vision to come back.” Liz said, in desperation. She pulled away from Max and roamed aimlessly around the darken room grabbing things and holding them in her arms.

“What are you doing Liz?” Max asked, following her movements with concern eyes.

“Meditating.” She answered, placing a woven blanket on the floor. Arranging four candles on each corner of the blanket.

“Why?” Max asked, sliding to the edge of the bed.

“I want to clear my mind. Bring myself back to that room. See if I can conjure up that vision again, maybe remember something I missed.” Liz said, sitting Indian style after lighting the candles.

Max remains silent knowing that this was what she had to do. He also was worried. Remembering Felix’s words before he left the cave.

“I think the more Liz uses her power, the stronger Lexianna gets.”

“So every time Liz gets a vision-“

“Lexianna gets control yes.” Felix answered shaking his head.

“So what should we do? Liz’s visions are uncontrollable.” Max responded sacred out of his fucking mind for Liz.

“Well for now, nothing. It’ll be sometime before Lexianna gets control. We need to just let things happen for now. I don’t want Lexianna to suspect us. She may get desperate, and do something to hurt Liz.” Felix explained, then added, “Just let me know when we are alone, how many times she has a vision, Meditates, if any latent powers manifests, that kind of thing. This will help me track Lexianna’s progress.”

“I don’t like this one bit.” Max exclaimed angrily.

“I know, but it’s the only way to beat Lexianna at her game. We have the upper hand right now. We want it to stay that way. Liz will stay safe, if she thinks she’s not discovered.”

“What do you think she’ll do to Liz?” Max asked, horrified.

“I don’t know, she could increase the bonding process of her aura with Liz’s, in hopes to have total control. However, who knows what that would do to Liz’s body. Lexianna might die, but so would Liz.”


“Yeah, so please Max, I know it’s difficult to stand by and do nothing, but Liz could die. If we don’t handle this situation properly.”

Max watched as Liz went into meditation mode. Her breathing was even and controlled. She seemed find, but Max still didn’t look away. There was no way he could. To Liz she was helping people in danger. To Lexianna, it was one step closer to her freedom. This sickens Max to no end, and it took everything he had to not grab Liz and tell her everything.

He’ll do what Felix has instructed him, for now. However, if there was any sign of Liz being in any kind of danger, he won’t stop until Liz was safe again.

Continue in next post.........

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Part 9b ~ Somewhere in between ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Michael pulled up in front of the Crashdown. His bike thankfully started up with no fuss this afternoon. He parked right next to Maria’s Jetta. This confused him; cause he swore Maria had the day off. Then he remembered that she wanted to spend time with Liz today. Maybe on his break he’ll go up and see her.

He missed her terribly. With Liz going to the hospital, her powers manifesting, the whole attempt on Mrs. Dudley’s life has made having any alone time with Maria kind of impossible. He needed to talk to Mr. Parker about scheduling Maria and himself with the same day off. He knows since Liz has been hospitalize, Jeff Parker has refused to let Liz work, until he felt that she was well to do so. It was frustrating, but Michael and Maria both knew he was just worried about his daughter’s health. That the real reason she was hospitalizes was because of her powers manifesting. How would Liz’s father react if he knew what his daughter has become?

Michael took off his helmet, as he got off the bike. With a sigh Michael began to walk towards the restaurant. However something near Maria’s car caught his eye. Investigating closer, he realizes they were her keys.

Michael shook his head as a half smile appeared on his face. What a ditz, she wouldn’t even know they were gone until she was ready to leave. Bending down to pick them up, Michael was glad to have a real excuse to go up and see Maria at Liz’s.

He pushed the doors of the Crashdown open, and saw Max and Liz sitting in one of the booths. Maria wasn’t to be seen. She probably went to the bathroom. He looked at the clock on the wall behind the cash register. He had fifteen minutes before his shift starts. He’ll just hang with them for a little while. Maybe ask Maria if she could sleep over tonight.

“Greetings.” Michael announced, sitting besides Max.

“Hey Michael,” Liz answered, she seemed distracted. But looked a lot better then when he last saw her. The session with Felix must’ve gone well.

“Working today?” Max asked, giving him a sidelong glance.

“Unfortunately,” Michael exclaimed with very little enthusiasm.

“I’m sorry, if only my father would let me work.” Liz replied wryly.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Michael replied smiling. “ Take advantage of it. Focus on dealing with your powers.”

“Thank you Michael, you and Maria have been so awesome about everything. I swear I’ll make it up to you.” Liz promised.

“I’m going to hold you to that.” He joked, placing Maria’s car keys on the table. “Speaking of Maria, can you give these to her when she comes back.”

“Comes back from where?” Liz asked confused.

“The bathroom,” Michael assumed, raising a worried eyebrow.

“She’s here?” Liz asked surprised.

“Well I thought she was, her car is parked outside the Crashdown.” Michael said, gesturing with his thumb behind him. “ I assume Maria was with you, cause she mention wanting to hang out with you today.”

“The last time I saw Maria was yesterday afternoon when she was working.” Liz said, she was starting to feel very uneasy.

“Yeah me too.” Max said, his voice had a hint of concern to it.

“Okay, I’m not going to get myself worked up, she’s probably over at her mother’s shop, right.” Michael said, hoping that his assumption was right.

“That’s right, she probably parked her car near the Crashdown, for convenience.” Liz replied, trying to hide her uncertainty, of course without success.

Just then Maria’s mother, Amy Deluca came storming into the Crashdown. Beelining her way toward their booth, as soon as she spotted them, she didn't look very happy.

“Where’s Maria?” She asked angrily.

Well there goes the theory of Maria being with her mom. The tension in the booth grew. Where the hell was Maria?

“Ah,” Michael started, wondering if he should tell her they had no idea. With a sigh he reluctantly responded, “We have no idea Mrs. Deluca, we kind of hoped she was with you.”

“Well she never came home last night, I went in her room this morning, and the bed was still made.” Amy Deluca exclaimed, in panic. “I thought she might’ve been over your house Michael. I was so ready to yell at her.”

“Well my dad was closing last night. He’s in the office right now, maybe he knows where she is.” Liz suggested. Hoping Maria shows up soon.

“Okay,” Amy said shaking her head; she walked towards the back of the restaurant.

“Okay, I’m going to get myself worked up now.” Michael declared bouncing his leg nervously under the table.

“Where could she be?” Max asked concerned.

“Well she shouldn’t have gone far, she dropped her keys,” Liz said picking them up, she then went catatonic, she was having a vision.

Max and Michael both looked around the Restaurant to see if anyone was looking their way. Fortunately there wasn’t. Michael immediately got up and stood in front of Liz, pretending to have a conversation with her, but he was actually talking to Max.

“Liz having a vision after touching Maria’s key’s has got me a bit worried.” Michael said softly.

“Not to sound negative, but yeah, this is a bit discouraging.” Max agreed, hoping that they were wrong.

Just then Liz turned her head towards Michael; her vision has ended.

“Maria is in trouble, the stranger who was after Mrs. Dudley took her. She was the girl in my vision this morning, but I didn’t see her face, so I was unaware at the time.” Liz exclaimed lowering her head.

“Damn it!” Michael said through grit teeth, trying not to draw attention to them. “Is she alive still?”

“Yes, but I don’t know if he harmed her in anyway, I-I’m sorry, why didn’t I get a warning?” Liz said, feeling guilty.

“Liz, don’t you dare blame yourself.” Michael said sternly, “ When I get my hands on that God Damn Bastard!”

“What can you tell us Liz?” Max asked, closing her hands with his.

The expression on her face made Max realize she had no information, then that Maria was with this psycho, and that she was alive, though what condition she was in, was unknown.

“I don’t know.” Liz said sadly, tears filling in her eyes. “I-I need to go to my room, I need to meditate. There’s to much distraction around here.”

“What should I do?” Michael asked, he looked like he was ready to explode.

“I know this is going to be tough, but you need to work.”

“No way Max, there’s no way I can-“

“Listen to me Michael, “ Max interrupted, getting up to face Michael. He looked into his friend’s eyes and said sternly, “You need to stay here, and stay busy. I don’t want you trying to find Maria.”


“Michael, for once please just listen to me.” Max explain, grabbing Michael by the shoulders, then added, “I know you well my friend, If you go out there and try to find Maria you’re going to get frustrated, and you know what will happen.”

Michael sighed in defeat, knowing exactly what Max was getting to, he shook his head and said, “I’ll probably start blowing things up, and with our luck someone will see me.”

“Exactly,” Max said whapping his shoulder, “Now punch in, keep an eye on Amy if she hangs around here. I have a feeling Valenti will be brought into this. If he comes here, discreetly tell him what’s going on. One way or another, contact Valenti, I want him informed. Tell him as soon as we know anything, he’ll be the first to know, okay.”

Michael shook his head again. He looked at Liz and said, “Do what you can to bring her back to me Liz.”

“You know I will.” Liz said, nodding her head.

Michael walked away, his shoulders hunched. It took a lot for him to not take matters into his own hands. He actually trusted Liz to catch this sicko, and bring Maria back safely to him. Liz prayed she wouldn’t let him down.


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Part 10 ~ Somewhere in between ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Jim Valenti went directly to the Crashdown, as soon as he got the call from Michael about Liz’s vision of Maria’s abduction. On route to the restaurant he got a call from Deputy Hanson, that Amy Deluca called, stating that her daughter is missing.

“I’m on my way there anyway Hanson,” Jim said, then added, “I’ll check it out and call if I need any back up.”

“Understood Sheriff, over. And out.” Crackled the deputy’s voice through the CB’s speakers.

Maria is just one of many women in Roswell that have mysteriously disappeared, or have been found murdered. Crime has never been a real issue. However, this new threat to Roswell concerns him. Though he’s been on this case for the past year. He felt like he should’ve been more aware of things, but with trying to keep Max.’s secret from being discovered, and with Liz’s disappearance last year, he wasn’t doing his job properly. Jim knew his bosses are watching him closer these days.

If he doesn’t end these abductions, and find the creep who’s doing this. Jim had no doubt that his job would probably be on the line.

Now he has a more personal involvement with this case. Maria is the newest victim he just knows it. He needs to find her before she too is a causality.

He took off his hat as he went through the Crashdown doors, and walked towards Amy Deluca. She looks just terrible. He couldn’t even imagine what he would be going through, if something ever happen to Kyle.

“Hello Amy,” Jim said softly.

Amy turned his way, and fell into his arms, as she exclaimed, “Sheriff, oh my god, please help me find my Maria.”

“Believe me, we’ll doing everything we can.” He said, rubbing her back, hating that she had to be going through all of this. He loved his job, because he helps people, then there’s times when the bad guys slip through his fingers, and good people like Mrs. Deluca have to suffer.

“I know you will.” She said with a sniffle. Pulling away from him.

“When did you last see her Amy?” Jim asked, pulling out from his inner jacket pocket a note pad and pen.

“Yesterday before she went to work.” Amy said, rummaging through her purse, she pulled out some tissues. “She was excited about finally getting a day off. She was planning to spend some time with Liz, she was worried about her.”

“Yes, Liz has been having a tough time these days.” Jim agreed, writing something down, he then turned to her and asked, “ So have you notice anyone hanging around that was acting suspicious, or you haven’t seen around before?”

“I don’t know-“ Amy said, letting her sentence trail off as she tried desperately to search her memory for anything that may help bring her daughter back home. “I see so many people everyday at the boutique.”

“I know Amy, but anything minor could be major, as I found out from doing this for so long.” Jim explain, placing his hand on her shoulder, then added, “Don’t force anything Amy. Take your time.”

Jim went back inside his inside jacket pocket and pulled out a business card and as he handed it to her he said, “Now I want you to call me anytime, doesn’t matter if it’s early in the morning or late at night. My cell, work and home numbers are on there okay.”

Amy Deluca shook her head, trying to hold back another wave of tears without much success. She held the card with both hands. Jim Valenti wished to god that he could do more to ease her pain. However he couldn’t make her any promises. He knew from experience that sometimes the bad guys don’t get caught in the end, and good people like the Deluca’s suffer, and it made him sick.

“I’m going to talk to Mr. Parker, and to some of Maria’s friends.” The Sheriff announced, looking at Amy with concern, he then asked, “Are you going to be okay? Can I do anything for you?”

She shook her head, and stared up at him with sad, puffy, red eyes and answered, “Just do what you can to bring my baby back home to me Sheriff.”

Jim shook his head, as he watched Amy sit down on a barstool at the counter. Nancy Parker was behind it, and began to talk to the woman.

He watched for a while. Hating that he was feeling so helpless. He hope Liz could come up with some kind of clue to show him the way to Maria. He would love to bring Amy’s daughter back home safely. All he could do is hope that he gets lucky.

“Jeff.” He said, as the owner of the Crashdown, walked past him.

“Sheriff.” Jeff acknowledge. Stopping in his tracks.

“When was the last time you saw Maria?” Jim asked.

“Yesterday, at the end of her shift.” Jeff said, placing a busboy tub on the table in front of him. “She was mopping the floor, and I went to my office to do paper work. I heard her say good bye about an hour later.”

“Do you remember what time that was?” Jim asked, writing in his notebook.

“I want to say ten thirty, it could’ve been later. It was a very busy day.” Jeff replied, propping his hands on his hips.

“Anyone stand out as being suspicious, hanging around at the resturat for long periods of time? Or if anyone requested her as their server in particular.” Jim asked with a sigh.

“She had a few requests.” Jim replied, nodding his head, then continued, “ Maria is a good waitress, she’s popular with the customers. I couldn’t honestly say if they would kidnap her.”

“Just give me some names if you can.” Jim said handing him a business card, “Call me anytime, day or night if you remember anything. Even if it sounds out there or dumb, okay.”

Jeff nodded his head as he took the card, and replied. “Of course.”

“I’ll be in touch. I’ll need to talk to all of your staff.” The sheriff said, then asked, “can I go upstairs and talk to Liz?”

“Of course Sheriff.” Jeff replied the said, “Talk to Nancy, she’ll let you in the apartment.”

Jim put his hat back on as he walked up to the counter. Hoping to get lucky and have something fall into his lap regarding Maria. Or if Liz got another vision that would solve this case once and for all.

Maria’s life depended on it.


Maria has been trying to loosen her binds for hours. The only thing she mange to do was chafe up her wrists. The tears came and her fear increased. She couldn’t even see anything. She had some kind of pillowcase over her head, and screaming was useless, he gagged her. She was cold, cause she was stripped down to her red dress slip, and god knows if she doesn’t use the bathroom soon, she’ll have no choice but to wet herself.

Maria could hear her abductor move around in the room. Sometimes he’d whistle a tune. She’s not quite sure what the song is, but it was a good thing he gagged her. Maria wanted so badly to give him a piece of her mind.

Fucking coward didn’t even have the decency to at least show his face. God if he was going to kill her, then at least he could do was look in her eyes and do it. He was torturing her. Delaying her demise for whatever sick little game he was playing.

His footfalls got closer to where he kept her, and she began to tense up. Is her time finally up? She was hoping that maybe Michael and the rest of the Czechoslovakians would come to her rescue. Maybe Liz would get a vision of her in trouble, like she did with Mrs. Dudley.

“Hello princess.” The strangers’ voice said softly.

Princess, is this guy for real? He kidnaps her, ties her up, and is going to do god knows what to her, and he’s given her a pet name.

“I bet you’re hungry, and need to go to the bathroom huh?” The guy asked.

Maria from underneath the pillowcase manages to nod her head. Maybe she can find a way to escape when she’s in the bathroom. Then she felt a prick of a needle in her arm. If she didn’t have a gag on she would have surely screamed. Great now he’s probably drugging her.

“There, soon everything will be taken care of.” He announced his hand went on her arm, and Maria cringed at this touch. “Soon we’ll have our time together you and I.”

Maria’s body started to convulse in fear. God why is this happening to her? Tears began to run down her face, he definitely drugged her. She felt tired all of a sudden, and knew she’d be losing consciousness soon.
Then this creep would have his way with her without any struggle on her part.

“Michael I need you,” Maria said to herself, before the drugs took effect and she was asleep.

Michael flipped the burgers on the grill and took the basket of fries out of the fryer. He hooked them so the grease would drain. The burgers were almost done. He had two Crashdown specials and a warpspeed cheese burger to put together.

It hasn’t been a good day for him. Maria is missing, pursumed to be kidnap by the same person who tried to abduct Mrs. Dudley.

He was so worried about Maria, he’s already burnt a dozen or so patties. The orders have been backing up on him all day. It wasn’t like him to be so overwhelm, but he hates that he’s here and Maria is-- God, he doesn’t want to even start imagining where she is and who she’s with and what’s being done to her.

Max and Liz haven’t made an appearance since he saw them earlier at the Crashdown. Jim, Michael knew talked to the both of them earlier. The Sheriff came back to the grill area and talked to him a bit. Asking all kinds of questions, and Michael answered what he knew. Then Nancy took him upstairs to see Liz. Jim Valenti did however promise him that if anything involving finding Maria came up, he’d keep him informed.

Michael was never good at waiting. He’d be the first to admit he was impatient, but he knew that it was a good idea to keep him at the Crashdown. What could he do but go aimlessly around Roswell and pray that he’d stumble across Maria.

Max was right, he’d only make matters worse. The police are out looking for her. They knew about as much as he. “Let them do their job.” Michael thought to himself. However if anything, and he means anything about where Maria is comes to light. He’ll be so in the mix of things. No one will be able to hold him back; anybody who did will regret it.

”Michael, I need you.”

It was Maria’s voice. He spun around but no one was there, except for Duncan, the dishwasher. He ventured out of the grill area and took a tour of the backroom. Angus was in the break room, and Mr. Parker was doing an inventory of the walk-in.

He shook his head, confused by what he supposedly heard. He swore it was Maria.

”Michael Please I need you.”

There it was again. It echoed in his head.

“Where are you baby help me.” He thought to himself, wondering if he was finally going crazy.

“Michael where the hell is my order?” Screamed Janet.

Michael looked up and saw a very pissed off waitress propping the backroom door open, that leads to the dinning room area.

“I-I-‘m sorry.” Michael stammered, shaking the confusion from his head. He walked back to the grill and was happy that the burgers were still edible. Janet’s orders were ready five minutes later, and Michael went to the next ones.

He knew that it was Maria trying to make contact with him. He had no idea how it happened, but he was hoping it would continue. That Maria will eventually be able to show him the way to her.

Looking at the clock placed on the wall above the grill, he realize he still had three hours left before his shift ends. As soon as he can he needed to talk to Max and Liz.

Maria was thankfully alive, but scared for her life. They needed to find her and soon. For he knew that time was running out for Maria.


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Part 11 ~ Somewhere in between ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Word of Maria’s abduction spread fast through the town of Roswell. Flyers of Maria’s face were donned in ever shop window downtown. The Roswell sheriff department managed to send out a few extra patrol cars around the clock. Courtney and a few rebel skins formed groups to comb the town, in hopes they got lucky.

Liz and Felix spent time meditating in the pod chamber, going over the vision she saw, in hopes of getting a clue that Liz didn’t notice the first time the vision came to her. Liz was also hoping she’d receive a newer, more detailed vision soon, that would help them find Maria, and who took her.

Isabel decided she was going to use her talents as a dream walker and enter Maria’s sub conscious.

With Alex at her side, they locked themselves in her bedroom, and with the picture of Maria she got from a yearbook, Isabel touched her picture, focusing her energy on Maria’s, Laying on Alex’s chest, Isabel closed her eyes and slowly went into the dreaming world.

Almost immediately, Isabel could tell Maria was being drugged. In fact Isabel had a feeling Maria wasn’t completely asleep.

Back when Agent Pierce of the FBI kidnapped Max, Isabel dream walked him, and he too was in and out of consciousness, because of whatever drug they injected him with. Luckily she was able to get his location out of him, and they managed to save the day. She wanted to be able to do the same thing for Maria.

Isabel had a hard time concentrating, Maria’s drugged induced mind and point of view was warped and confusing, it took all that Isabel had to remain focus, when you enter into someone’s dreams, you sometimes feel what they feel.

Isabel squints her eyes, wherever Maria is, it was darken, and hardly lit at all. She walked turning around trying to focus through the warped haze, wondering why she hasn’t seen Maria yet? She needed to find something soon, though she has fine tuned her dream walking abilities over the years, usually in five to ten minutes Isabel would find her self to be forced out of someone’s dreams.

Isabel stopped in her tracks all of a sudden. Her hand went to her mouth, which was gaped open in shock.

“Oh my god, Maria.” Isabel whispered in horror, “What has he done to you?”

Isabel ran quickly to a bed, which had Maria spread eagle on it. Her hands and feet tied to the bed posts, she was dressed in nothing but a skimpy red slip dress, hooked to some IV, and Isabel nearly choked when she saw that he had Maria attached to a Catheter.

Isabel wasn’t a medical professional, but in her small stint as a candy stripper at Roswell General, she learned and saw a few things. It appears he was feeding her through the IV, and the Catheter was so she could go to the bathroom, without having the risk of him untying her so she could have a chance to escape. This guy was a sick prick.

“Maria, please look at me.” Isabel asked, almost on the verge of tears, but she choked them down and sat on the bed besides Maria, holding the girls cold clammy face, her make up was smeared, and Isabel knew she was crying her eyes and face were red, splotchy and puffy. Isabel’s heart went out to her. It was time to find out what she could from her, that the longer Maria stays here the bigger the chance this freak would kill her.

“Maria, please tell me where you are? Who did this too you?” Isabel demanded, holding Maria’s face in her hands, forcing her to look at her.

Maria stared blankly into Isabel’s eyes. Acting as if she had no clue where she was, or who Isabel was for that matter.

“Maria, it’s Isabel, please you’ve got to tell me where you are?” Isabel repeated, almost in desperation.

“Isabel,” Maria replied barely audible.

Isabel shook her head, forcing a gentle smile on her face. “Yes Maria, it’s Isabel, we’re trying to help you. Tell us Where are you?”

“I-I-I d-d-do-on’t k-k-ow.” Maria said slowly, she began to cry, her hopelessness tore Isabel apart.

“You’ve got to try Maria.” Isabel pleaded with her, “Who did this to you?”

“I-I-I d-d-on’t know, so dark. I never seen him, so dark.” She cried shaking her head, closing her eyes.

Liz did mention in her vision that Maria had some kind of hood over her head. However in Maria’s dream she didn’t wear one, but Isabel has learn from experience that what you see may not necessary be what you get. It’s probably why Maria’s sub conscious was so dark, because Maria was blindfolded.

“You’ve got to try Maria. Maybe sounds outside, over heard any of his phone conversations, anything.” Isabel pressed, feeling the pull of the waking world. Damn if she only had some extra time. Once she left Maria’s dream, it’ll be awhile before she was allowed to go in again. Visiting Maria’s dream will take a lot of Isabel’s energy because she had to fight so hard to remain inside, and because of the chaotic drug induced state of Maria’s consciousness.

“I-I-I can’t.’ Maria cried, breaking down in tears.

“Maria, I’m being force to leave, but I’ll be back. We’re all trying to find you. Just hold on!” Isabel said quickly, as she felt the pull of the waking world.

Isabel woke with a scream, bolting straight up. Tears streamed down her face.

Alex who fell asleep woke with a start, he sat up and held her. “What Isabel, What did you see?”

“It was terrible Alex,” She cried, burying her face in his chest. “Maria looked so terrible, I can’t even begin to put into words what I saw!”

“Is she alive?” Alex asked, as he began to panic.

“Yes, but she’s drugged, and attached-oh Alex, we need to find Max.” Isabel gasped, jumping out of bed.

Alex nodded his head. Concerned by Isabel’s worried expression. What did she find out about Maria? What has been done to her? How long will it be before this creep kills her like the others?

Time for Maria Deluca is slowly running out.

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Part 12 ~ Nobody Knows ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Michael took a breakfast tray filled with food and a cup of tea to Amy Deluca. For the last few days she had been holing up in her house, refusing to leave, or accept any visitors for that matter. Michael has been there to keep an eye on her. Sleeping on the couch, making sure she eats and drinks enough. Only leaving her when he had to work, and even then Mr. Parker has been pretty lenient with his hours, knowing he was looking out for Maria’s mother.

Isabel, Tess and Serena did what they could to keep the Boutique open and running. It wasn’t that easy, but luckily Isabel is very well organized, and took it upon herself to make sure the store was stocked, clean and that there was always someone working at the store. . When Amy gets back, it’ll look like as if she never left. So at least Amy had one less thing to worry about. Not that she was even thinking about the store. She was just too distraught to even think about her business. Her missing daughter and how she was going to come back home safely was what was on her mind.

“Here Mrs. Deluca, drink this.” Michael urged softly, placing the tray at the end of the bed, and took the steaming mug off, sitting besides Amy’s laying form, and praying she’ll drink the Calming tea.

“I don’t want to right now.” Came Amy’s muffled replied from underneath the blankets.

“You need to consume something.” He countered, setting the cup on the nightstand beside the bed. He sighed and added, “I know you’re worried about Maria, so am I, but you can’t just stop taking care of yourself. I made Scrambled eggs, some toast, and-”

“Michael I appreciate all that you’re doing, but I really just want to sleep right now.” She interrupted, burying herself deeper under the covers.

“Find, then I’ll just stay here until you wake up..” Michael replied, knowing where Maria gets her stubbornness.

“Don’t you have to work this morning?” She asked softly.

“Yes I do, but right now work isn’t important. What’s important is to make sure you don’t look like a heroin addict when your daughter comes home.” Michael exclaimed defiantly.

This got her attention and she shot straight up in bed, as she shouted, “How dare you tell me how to run my life! I’m not a child!”

“Then stop acting like one.” Michael countered, glaring at her angrily, then added, “I’ll be damned if I bring Maria from one depressing situation to another!”

“I’m not going to-“

“No, you’re going to listen to me!” Michael interrupted her, he was determined to make her listen and understand that he means business, he continued, “When Maria comes home, she needs to see and feel positive and happy vibes! She is going through a horrible ordeal, and the last thing she needs to see is her mother a depressing wreak, when she is one her self! You think I don’t want to just crawl underneath the nearest rock and pretend that Maria won’t be killed! Cause I can’t, but I’m holding it together, and so can you! So I want you to eat, get up, take a shower and get your self together for your daughters sake!”

All Amy Deluca could do was stare at Michael with her jaw to the floor. He was right, her daughter needed her to be stable. It just was so hard, who knows what this person was doing to Maria. The thought of eating and living while her daughter was being held against her will was hard.

Shaking her head Amy took the cup of tea and began drinking it. The warm liquid did feel nice sliding down her throat. She put the cup down on the nightstand and said, “Thank you Michael it’s good.”

“No problem Mrs. Deluca, here try and eat something.” He begged, taking the breakfast tray and placing it over her lap, and stated, “There’s strawberry jam if you like some.”

“It all looks very good, thanks again.” Amy replied sheepishly, staring at the tray, he even had a flower in a small vase. Michael has been amazing, how lucky Maria was to have found him. Staring up at her daughters’ boyfriend she announced, “I’m sorry for being so- ah well I don’t know useless, I just I just can’t bare the thought of my baby all alone and having things done to her and-“

Her sentence trailed off and she began to sob uncontrollably. This made Michael feel a little nervous, he hated to see Maria cry, seeing her mother cry was just as bad. Touching her shoulder reassuringly he said, “It’s okay Amy to feel frustrated and sad, just don’t get lost in those feelings, we all need to be here for Maria when she gets back.”

“I know, god I don’t even want to even begin to go out side and deal with the world.” Amy declared, burying her face in her hands, trying not to cry, but couldn’t help her self. She looked up and stated, “Oh god my store, I’m going to go out of business, but I just can’t even begin to deal with going there-“

“It’s okay Amy, just focus on getting your self together, your store is in good hands, Isabel, Serena and Tess have been doing an amazing job running it.” Michael said, smiling reassuringly, then joked, “You’re lucky to have Isabel on your side, she’s a good organizer.”

“Isabel Evans, the girl who like pretty much single handily runs the Christmas Pageant.” Amy replied shaking her head.

“Yes the Christmas Nazi herself.” Michael said laughing, then he got up from the bed and announced, ”I’m going to work. I’ll be back later this afternoon, maybe if you’re up to it, we can take a drive over to the store, check how things are going yourself.”

“Maybe,” Amy answered, nodding her head, thinking that some fresh air might do her some good.

“Alright, call me if you need anything okay,” he demanded with a smile, she nodded her head, and watched as Michael left her bedroom. A few minutes later she heard the front door close.

With a sigh she looked down at her breakfast tray. Knowing she should eat something but couldn’t find the will too. Placing the tray at the foot of her bed, Amy Deluca got out of bed and decided to take a nice long soak in the bath, maybe afterward she’ll eat something.

When she entered the bathroom she immediately gasped in shock as an unfamiliar imagine in the mirror looked back at her. God she looked awful. What was she thinking letting herself falling apart like this?

Turning the sink faucet on, she took a handful of cold water and splashed it on her face. Propping her self on the sink Amy with a sigh decided to end this path of depression and get back to the living. How was hiding out in her house, refusing to eat helping Maria? Giving up on living was giving up on Maria.

“Please baby, come back to me.” She choked out, trying hard not to cry, but she did anyway. Deciding she’ll cry as much as she wants to.

Sitting on the toilet Amy started to draw her bath grabbing a bath oil sent that was one of Maria’s favorites, she smiled as she tilted the purple frosted bottle letting the aromatic oil pour into the water. Vowing to her self and to Maria silently, That she’ll not let her daughter down. That she’ll do anything humanly possible to bring her daughter safely backs home.


Michael was out of breath as he dash through the doors of the Crashdown. He ran from a few blocks down, from where his motorcycle was parked. Michael was officially one hour late.

Hopefully Jeff won’t be too pissed off, however by the look of things the Crashdown looked deserted. Plus he’ll explain that he was helping Maria’s mom. Jeff seemed pretty impressed that he was taking care of Maria’s mother, he understands now where Maria’s uniqueness comes from.

Walking unseeingly through the Crashdown, Michael almost plowed into Mr. Parker, who thankfully and expertly moved out of the way before the food on his tray showered on the both of them and the floor.

“Whoa Michael, slow down.” Jeff Parker exclaimed laughing, glad he avoided an accident.

Michael stopping short in his tracks, looking displeased with himself that he wasn’t watching where he was going.

“Mr. Parker, I’m so sorry, I was running late and-“

“Michael it’s okay, breathe for a second.” Jeff interrupted holding out his free hand palm out, then asked with concern, “Is everything okay, Tell me Amy is alright?”

“Oh no everything is okay, Amy for the time being is fine,” Michael said with assurance, then with a sigh filled with exasperation announced, “The Deluca women are quite the handful, I’ve seen my future with Maria and it’s still going to be exhausting!”

Sighing in relief Jeff Parker chuckled and answered, “Yeah stubbornness runs strong in that family, hell the women I live with are stubborn.”

Michael laughed and then proclaimed, “Just give me five minutes and I’ll be ready for work.”

“Actually, I called in Tyler when you didn’t show up,” Jeff replied, gesturing with his head for Michael to fallow him. He began to place the plates of food in front of some customers. Then went about with the pleasantries of a waiter, and when everyone at the table seemed satisfied he continued his conversation with Michael, “Why not eat something, punch in around 10:00, and this way you can talk to Max.”

“Max is here?” Michael asked in surprise.

“Yeah with a few of your friends over there,” Jeff replied pointing behind Michael to one of the booths in front of the restaurant.

Michael turned his head, and was amazed at how distracted he was that he didn’t even see his friends when he came into the restaurant. Max looked up at that moment and caught Michael’s eyes, and waved a greeting. He turned back to Mr. Parker and asked, “Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Yes, we’re not busy, if I need you before 10:00 I’ll come get you.” Jeff assured Michael, then walked away.

Michael smiled and sighed as he walked towards the booth occupied by his friends. Actually he was kind of glad to be not working. His mind was a chaotic mess right now, and he can just see himself burning everything on the grill.

Max, Courtney and Jacob were congregating in the booth; Max scooted closer to the inside wall so Michael could sit down. Immediately Max began to converse with him, “Thank god you’re here! I’ve been trying to get a hold of you since last night.”

“Sorry, I was with Mrs. Deluca, she probably turn off the phones ringer.” Michael explained, taking the menu max handed to him.

“Well I did call your cell phone too, don’t you ever check your messages?” Max asked impatiently.

Michael gave him an awkward look and answered, “Ah well that would be difficult to do since I left my cell at my apartment.”

“Then why bother having one if it spends more time on your kitchen counter then on your person.” Courtney replied, joining in on the conversation.

“Hey if I want to get the third degree about lack of interest in the stupid thing, I’ll just ask…”Michael stopped short realizing he was going to say Maria. It was still hard to imagine that Maria isn’t around. God once he finds out who did this, they’re going to pay big time. Deciding to change the subject he announced to the somber faces around him, “So what’s so important? Did you find any leads.”

“WE may have.” Max answered, smiling triumphal.

“Really,” Michael replied excitedly, “What is it tell me!”

“Isabel dreamed walked Maria last night.” Jacob said, involving himself for the first time in the conversation.

“Does she know where Maria is?” Michael asked, hope filled his eyes, and heart.

“No, but we did get a clue as to where he may be hanging out.” Max replied, shattering Michael’s hopes in one sentence.

“So tell me what did Isabel find out?” Michael asked, realizing they’re still far from finding Maria.

“Well Isabel didn’t think anything of it, but it was Simon who suggested that the hospital may be where he works or hangs out.” Max revealed, smiling happily.

“Why?” Michael asked looking at the three faces, anxiously waiting for an answer that seems t be taking forever answering.

“Isabel saw her tied up to a bed, she was drugged heavily and hooked up to an IV and…ah well...” Jacob said, realizing that maybe Michael shouldn’t hear the rest.

“What, hooked to an Iv and what?” Michael demanded getting angry knowing it was bad.

“A catheter,” Max reluctantly finished, hoping Michael won’t cause too much of a scene.

“Wait a catheter, they’re meant to be used for bedridden people who can’t get up to use the bathroom.” He whispered through gritted teeth, then continued his rant,” That mother fucker has her incapcited to the point that he’s –ah god I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Michael she’s alive, and we need to make sure she stays that way.” Max said with sympathy.

“So what this guys works at a hospital right that’s what you’re trying to say.” Michael asked trying to organize everything they’re telling him in his head.

“Right, well that’s the theory.” Courtney said, then added,” I mean these medical supplies, you can’t just get them over the counter.”

“Alex is also checking out Medical supply outlets in hopes maybe a unusual order was put in, but nothing suspicious has caught his attention yet.” Jacob chimed in, then added, “Our psycho has to be a doctor perhaps a nurse. They’re really the only ones to have clearance to these sort of things.”

“You tell all this to the sheriff?” Michael asked looking at Max.

“Yes as soon as Isabel told me.” Max replied in a whisper, then continued, “So we have a plan. Tess and a few of the female skins are going under cover as candy strippers. We need to find out who’s doing this, then there’s the matter of getting proof before we accuse anyone.”

“Good thinking, when is all this going into action?” Michael asked anxious for some pay back.

“As we speak. Tess called me before she started her shift at 8:00 this morning.” Max answered, taking a drink of his soda.

“How’s Liz? Did she get anymore visions?” Michael asked, hoping she did so they can find this guy and make him pay for not only what he’s doing to Maria, but to all his other victims.

“No, which has her completely frustrated, but we’re going to pursue this lead. Hopefully it’ll pan out.” Max countered, then his cell phone begins to ring in his inside jacket pocket, he took it out and greeted,” Hello-Sheriff hey-Yes everyone is in place.” He paused as he listen to the sheriff on the other line, he nodded his head and replied, “Really, yes no-we’re at the Crashdown…I’ll call Tess let her know, yes thanks for calling Sheriff.”

“What’s going on Max?” Courtney asked a bit curious.

“According to Jim, all the past victims were at Roswell General weeks before their deaths, but none of them were there because they were hurt, they were there to visit family members, friends, loved one whom were being hospitalize or brought in the Emergency room.”

“Maria was a constant visitor at General when Liz was at the hospital.” Michael replied, the wheel in his mind were turning. “What floor was Liz on when she left the Emergency room?”

“Third I think,” Max said pondering, “I’m going to call Tess.”

Michael drummed his fingers on the tabletop. Hating that things were progressing so slowly. Why hasn’t Liz had anymore visions? When Mrs. Dudley was in trouble she had one after another, and the woman’s life was spared. Why wasn’t it happening for Maria?

He was dying to leave right now and hang out in the hospital, see if he can find anything, it was driving him crazy that he has to work.

Cause the longer Maria is missing, the chance of finding her will lessen every minute that goes by.

If Maria were taken from him permanently, Michael wouldn’t know what he’d do. He loves her so much and though they have their insane moments, they also have the most amazing moments.

Maria at times frustrates him to no end him. Yet what he wouldn’t give to have her yelling at him about how unromantic he is, or bitch at him about how messy his apartment is or try and make him read some stupid Cosmo Magazine article cause she’d think it’ll help their relationship.

He’ll deal with all that for eternity and have a big OLE smile on his face, just to have Maria come back to him safely.

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