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Title: Hanging by a Thread

Category: Liz/Max AU

Rating: maybe some NC-17, but mostly R for the nature, language, sexual situations, violence and basically the whole content of the story surroundings.

Feedback- Yes Please!

Author: Leigh

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters or anything. Everything here is not mine except for the idea of the story. So please be gentle.

Summary: Ok, this is going to be a little weird and it is my first fic here so please behr with it and me. I got this idea in the shower, what a weird place for a writing idea huh! Anyway so Liz is 16 and Max is 26 and a therapist for young children whose worlds seem to be falling apart from their families and friends. Liz’ has been abused not just emotionally, mentally and physically from her father but also she has been sexually abused by him since she was five. This story is about a young girl who has lost a will to live and to love freely only to be saved by an older man. I hope that was a good summary if you have any questions don't hesitate to BMail me and I will write back to you as soon as possible. Here goes I hope you like:

Part 1

She heard footsteps and knew what they meant. As the sounds of the footsteps came closer she knew it was that time again he was coming, and that was never a good thing. As her bedroom door opened slowly her biggest enemy stepped in, the enemy that gave her life and seemed to be very slowly tearing it away from her. This man would hit her, kick her, punch her and called the worse possible names during the day, her only escape from this seemed to be when she was at school but as soon as her father came home after work the beatings and name calling would begin again. It did not stop for Liz at night, the time she dreaded the most. I mean the rest of the day wasn’t a ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ either but at least she knew that it would be over soon. However, when he raped her each night at different times of the clock it was as if he was killing everything else inside of Liz. Her only escape from this kind of torment was when she was sleeping over at Stacey’s or Jennifer’s her only friends that were always there for her.
Liz had often thought of killing herself, to end the circle of endless torment, but she could not leave her mother alone with this jerk she would rather die from his hands then leave her mother alone with him.

He lay beside Liz as his hands roamed up and down her body, not gentle NO WAY! Nothing with her father was gentle.
He grabbed on to Liz’s nightgown and in almost wolfs like way pulled it over her head threw it to the floor. While this was going on Liz lay still she knew she would just make it worse if she tried to pull away or scream. As soon as the material was gone he hit her and punched her just to make sure she knew that this was not a fun thing. He then sucked viscously on her breasts and every now and then would bite them until they bleed. He moved up and down her body biting and making places bleed that otherwise she never bleed in the middle of love making, but then again this was not love making this was her punishment for being alive, for just breathing.
The hour went on forever it seemed as the worse part of this night came about, her father pulled her panties down.
Then slapped saying, “how many times have I told you not to wear underwear to bed, it makes it that much harder for me, you little f***** B**** I should kill you for that. Instead I’ll just make it that much worse tonight” he finished in a scared horse whisper.
After that he pulled down his pants and entered Liz hard and angrily yelling as he did “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” he said this every time he entered her flesh he kept doing this until that part of her body bled openly. Slowly wiped the tears from her face as she screamed to stop. She knew that she shouldn’t scream but he never made her bleed that badly before. She knew her mistake.
“OH! You didn’t like that, well we can’t have that now can we…” he stated in an overly nice voice. Her father kept going in and out of her making bleed even more as he soon exploded in her, he whispered “we’re not done yet sweetness… I demand that you suck me you little BITCH!” she hesitated and he yelled at her “NOW!” she bent down and began her fathers task. It was going to be another long night.

Down the hall her Mother was laying in her bed crying at her daughters screams, she knew what was going on but did bot have the energy nor the strength to stop it. She never wanted this for her daughter, he never was like this before they got married but still there were the signs she found in his behavior.
She did as much as she could, once a week during school hours she took Liz to the clinic and had her checked for diseases, every week she was relieved to find out that Liz didn’t have anything life threatening. She loved her daughter and hoped that she would never have to go to her daughter’s grave because of that man. She had tried in the past to leave New York and go to Roswell, New Mexico and start a new life but every time she contradicted herself saying it would get better…it couldn’t get any worse. In her heart some how she knew that her daughter might one day have a life a good life with a man who would loved her with every part of his body, but for now this was their life, they were just hanging on to it by a thread.


AN~~~ The next part is worse and the parts to this story might take me awhile because of the subject matter of the story and I want each part to be the best it can be so I beg of you to be patient with me. I mean I’ll try my hardest to write as much as I can but I have a tendency of starting things and not finishing them, I want to finish this story but it might take some time. I will however check in with all of you to state my progression level of the next part. I hope you like it and the more FB I get the harder I’ll want to work on the story. So I hope you like.

So do you like… give me tons of feedback (this will be dreamer friendly I promise) OH! and I would really love suggestions after all this is my first fic. I m pretty proud of it. Anyway, I want to say sorry for the rape scene I m only just turning 17 myself so I did the best I could. I cried as I was writing this. By the by this story is completely fiction I went by movies and all kinds of stuff to get this idea. I hope it is not too bad, I mean for an audience to read. Please write to me if you have any Q’s or problems. Should I continue????

Thanks for reading

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Part 2

Elizabeth Parker slowly walked down the stairs the next morning, still in a great deal pain from last night’s horror but it was a school day and as her mother had said each morning since she was five, ‘there is no use crying over spilt milk’
Liz sat down in the nearest chair at the table not saying a word to her mother as she did so. Liz knew that this was not her mother’s fault, but she was supposed to protect Liz after all she is the mother. "Good morning sweetheart" her mother replied in an over loving voice. Liz never replied instead she had her head turned to the big window by the table. She hated mornings, of course she hated everytime of the day because every second and minute was a constant reminder of her pain and she hated having to take pity on herself, but how else was she supposed to feel.
Her mother carefully placed a nice hot breakfast and a glass of orange juice in front of Liz. "better eat up sweet pea, you don’t want to be late for school" at this, Liz looked up at her mother and noticed something different about her mothers face.
"Is that fresh?" Liz asked noticing the big bruise on her mothers left eye.
He mother turned around and went back to the oven and pretended to clean up. "Liz, you know your father" she began as her back was turned to Liz "he takes the mornings to give me ambition to put make up on" she tried to joke, but as she tried to smile tears formed in her eyes.
"That’s not funny mother" Liz whispered and then got up from her seat and walked up to her "look at me…LOOK AT ME!" she was beyond silent and was now screaming at her mothers’ lack of caring. "Why does it have to be this way mom! Why can’t we just leave? I Hate Him!"
"He is your father and I will not leave him" her mother said now yelling back at Liz
"No…you’re right you will never leave him, you would much rather let your only daughter die then to give a flying fuck" Liz stated as she grabbed her back pack and ran out the door.
"Liz!" Nancy screamed after her, but it was too late she was so far gone, not just physically but emotionally too.

The High School

"Liz!" screamed a familiar voice behind her and sure enough it was Jennifer her best friend since kindergarten along with Stacey another one of Liz’s close friends.

"Hey guys" Liz said trying to smile

"Liz it is boiling outside why are you wearing a long sleeved shirt and jeans?"

"I told you the heat never bothers me" Liz lied, she could never tell them the truth, if she did people will take her away from her home and as much as she hated her mother’s attitude towards her father’s crime she could never leave her with him.

A loud ring came from the walls signaling the beginning of the school day.

When school was finally over Liz packed her books up and headed out the door for the long but yet refreshing walk home. Liz thought to herself of what life might be like if she was someone else, maybe a cheerleader or she could be on the swim team, but deep down she knew she could never do anything like that she was a complete failure. Her father knew that and maybe he was right, maybe life would have been better for her mother and him if she was never born or would it? Liz was in a trance of thoughts such as love, she never really thought about falling in love but what’s the point of dreaming when all your dreams will never come true, she could never think of the future because the present was all she knew. Neither of her parents had ever convince Liz of how smart she was, or how beautiful she was, it was the complete opposite. Her mother tried but there was just no use, Liz’s father held the cards of her life and at any given moment he could take it away from her, Liz’s life that is.

Liz’s thoughts were disturbed by the horrid sound of an ambulance and a police car and to her fear they were parked in front of Liz’s home. Without another thought Liz ran home as fast as her slender legs could carry her. When she got there she found went up to the first police officer she could find. "What happened?" Liz asked in a scared way. The police officer just stared at the small young girl in front of him trying his hardest to find the exact right words to say.

Liz could tell in his eyes that what had taken place in her home was not in the least bit all right.
The police officer took his time with this. "You’re neighbors called us saying that they heard a huge commotion in your house, they said the heard yelling…screaming if you will and then nothing. ‘There was complete silence’ was there exact words. We came here and found your mother lying dead on the floor and your father was sitting on the couch with blood all over his hands and a knife on the table in front of him. He just kept on repeating that he did it. I m very sorry."

"My mommy’s dead…I have nothing left" Liz whispered in a sob just loud enough for the officer to hear

"Umm… we are arresting your father and we did a back up check on your family and you have none, so we will take to a judge who will help you with funeral arrangements and so on. We will also be asking you some questions on your father and from there we will decide where you will stay. Can you come with me, I will take you to judge Mason and we’ll take it from there ok."
"Yes…thank-you, but before we go did I do anything wrong?"
"What do you mean, this is your fathers fault not yours. Ms. Parker, if I may ask, did your father ever hurt you physically I mean?"
There was pause for what seemed to last forever,
Then in a quiet but still audible voice Liz Parker finally released her long time hidden secret to the world

"Yes…more than you will ever know"


Authors note: thank-you all for the wonderful feedback, I know this story is very heavy but I wanted to make sure I was not sugar coating anything. This is a very hard subject to even write but trust me there will be people who help Liz in the future of this story and Max will be coming up in a chapter or two. For now I want to make sure that all of what is happening to Liz is in full and that I m not leaving anything out. Please be patient, I m trying my best and I want to say thank-you once more to those who have given this story a chance I will not let you down.

Thanks a Bunch

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AN- I just wanted to say that Max does not know what Liz went through except for what he hears Judge Mason talk about. Also no one knows about the sexual abuse accept for Liz. Max will find out later in this story and when he does OH OH!!!!


Part three

Officer Ross drove Liz to what seemed as just a huge building, but inside lived the end of Liz’s suffering and the beginning of Liz’s life.

As the walked inside and up the stairs Officer Ross stopped in front of a huge office

"Wait here" he said in low and sympathetic voice, Liz could only nod. Everything was rushing around in her head. She felt sick to her stomach and had to sit down before she fell down. A few minutes later Officer Ross came back and looked up at the tiny figure who looked as though she was some where else ‘poor girl’ was all that went through his head. He cleared his voice driving Liz out of her thoughts "Judge Mason will see you now" he said sternly "what does he want?" "Well, he has some questions about you and you’re family life" "why couldn’t I just talk to lawyer?" she asked confused about what was going on. "Usually that is the procedure, but in cases like this…we like to make you- the victim as comfortable and safe as possible. You will probably have to go through therapy and such, but in the end all of this will be a benefit" as he said this Liz got up and slowly walked inside the big office. As she sat down, Officer Ross said goodbye to Liz and left the building.

Judge Mason sat across from Liz with a sympathetic smile plastered on his face. "Hi Liz, as you know I am Judge Mason and I wanted to talk to you today, about your situation and what we are going to do about everything. First I want to state how terribly sorry I am about your mother and it is always worse when the murderer was is a father"

"He was never a father" Liz interrupted quietly but sternly

"Yes, I know, Liz we will get someone to arrange all the funeral arrangements so don’t worry about any of that. Speaking of which why don’t we start there, who would your mother want at her funeral?"

There was silent pause as the tears that Liz was trying so hard to fight where peaking their ugly head, she answered in a sob "just me"

"Ok, Liz I know this must be very hard for some one so young, you don’t have to hide your feelings, no one is going to be mad"

Liz never replied to his sympathy instead, she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

"When will the funeral be?" she asked still sobbing but being able to control the outburst of screams that she so desperately wanted to get off her chest

"Umm…probably on Wednesday. Liz we found out that your mother was from Roswell, we would like to move you there, we find in these situations that a change of scenery is the best method in the beginning process of starting over. It won’t be easy but eventually the pain will subside. Liz, what do you think of being in a foster family?"

Again there was another moment of silence then she spoke

"If that’s what has to be done, then I guess I will give it a shot. I m not promising that I’ll fall in love with this family right away but I’ll be as nice as possible to them"

"good, also…"

before he could finish there was a knock at the door and a gentle woman came in ‘must be the secretary’ Liz thought

"Mr. Mason Max Evans has arrived"

"Oh! good just in time, send him in"

"Liz I would like you to meet a teen therapist who will be helping you through this difficult time. It will help you heal and forget about you horrible father. He will bring you back to Roswell where his office is and he will be responsible for finding you a good family. Also as procedure states you are to have a session with Mr. Evans twice a week in the beginning but as time goes on you will only have to see him once a week. I know what you are going to ask and we have connections to pay him for his services until you are placed in a loving home at which time they will be dealing with the payments."

At that moment Max Evans walked in, wearing a nice suit, but at the same time it was casual. He also came in carrying a briefcase.


He said sitting down in a seat by the wall. He had only been a working therapist for a year and this case was nothing compared to others he had gone through, at least he thought. It was bad, but not as bad as other teen problems he dealt with, but then again he didn’t know the whole story yet.

Liz just turned around and took a quick glance at him before turning around again.

"What about my father, doesn’t he have a trial or something? Do I have to be a witness?"

"No, your father has already declared that he did it, a jury will decide his faith, we promise you he will do time. By the way we will be pressing charges for abuse, is there any other charges you would like to press"

She thought about this for a moment, she could press charges for sexual abuse but was the point, this was about her mother’s death not her tragic life with her father..

"No" was all she said

"Ok, well we will be digging through your background mostly hospital records and such. It will take a few months to get a verdict but we do get a verdict we will contact you immediately. In the mean time Mr. Evans will escort you to your house and stay with you and after the funeral he will taking you to Roswell to find you a foster home and get you all settled. Get to know Mr. Evans he could turn out to be the best friend you will ever have."

"Thank-you for everything" Liz replied as she got up and walked quickly out the door, Max rushing to catch up with her.

Once outside he called for a taxi and without a word they got in. Liz gave instructions to go to her house then slumped back in her seat and looked out the window as more tears poured down her pale and tired face.

"So…listen I just want to be your friend if you will let me. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make everything better. Umm…also I will be communicating to Judge Mason and the lawyers and get all the information that they have found. There is just one thing I need to know you said in there that your father abused you, I don’t know the whole story they just told me that your father killed your mother, but anyway there seemed to be more. What all did he do to you Liz?"

Again the vehicle fell with silence.

"I m not ready to tell you all of what he did, all I can say for now is there much, much more than just abuse."

Max just looked at her and knew that this case just turned into one of the most horrifying cases he had ever been involve with. He could tell this by the look of fear that was for some reason always evident on her face. There was something about the young girl, a secret. A secret that he could tell was so awful it would make anyone gauge, but what it was he had to find out and heal that wound or else he would not be doing his job. Before he figured any of that out he knew he had to become her friend first, but as he looked into her brown shy eyes he felt more than a friendship something bigger. How could it be bigger though she was only 16 and he was engaged to Tess? Still whatever he felt towards this young and beautiful girl it was not going away.

She knew that she owed Max an explanation but at this moment in time she couldn’t tell him what the secret was, but some how she knew in her hearts of hearts that Max Evans would be the first one she would ever tell. She didn’t know why but for the first time her life she felt as if she could trust him completely, there was something in his eyes that she never saw in the 16-year-olds at school but what was it?

"Max, you seem like a very nice man, but to be brutally honest even you can’t make my life better" she said in a serious but sincere way

"No, you’re absolutely right I can’t make your life better go away but I would like to help you get rid of the pain, but Liz I can’t do that until I know everything about that pain" he stated softly



Thanks again for the feedback, to be honest I found this part very hard to write and I don’t know if it’s that good. In the next chapter I’ll try to get everything to make sense.

Thanks for all your patience.


Also I need alot of feedback, Please and Thank-you

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~Hey everybody!!
It's me I m sorry for the lack of updates, I just started grade 11 and I m trying to figure everything out and I have homework every night so I could'nt get to the computer this week. I am as we speak just beginning writing part 4. The thing is what I have written is'nt that good and I need help from you guys asking for some ideas of where I should start. I will have a new part by the 11th so I can take part in the Remeberance that is being planned for the board. I would really like your ideas I m having WRITERS BLOCK and I NEED INSPIRATION!!!!~

***Please either bmail me with your ideas for part 4 or write them on the board and I will check in from time to time to see what's up!!! ***

^^I want to take this time to give a big thanks to all your wonderful feedback!! I love yous all for that and I hope you really like my story. I also want to give a big shot out to Carla Smith for all her help with my story and for great proof reading skills so thank-you very

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Hello everybody, school life has been really busy. The thing is I really like this story but it seems no one really likes it so here's what I'll do if you want more because I will be more than happy to post more. All I would like is more support, this is a very big board with lot's of GREAT!! Stories so if you really want more tell your friends about the stpry and, seeing as though this is my first fic maybe post some ideas.

(I have big ideas for this story- here's a hint- you know how Liz was raped by that bastard of a father, I did'nt say anything about him using protection. It won't be a STD but there will be a baby and a very concern, loving therapist will help in more than one way- remeber Liz is only 16) Tell me what you think!!
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Hey everybody, Here is two new parts tell me what you think

btw- ' means that they are thinking to themselves

* Also I m not sure if I m goiing to ccontinue with this fic. Not that I don't like how it is going I just don't think many people actually like it, but I don't know. I have some other ideas for fics on the back burner and next time I post I will post the ideas and you guys can tell me what one I should go with. Also by then I'll tell you if I m going to finish this story- I probably will but I don't know*

Part 4a

A month later

Dear Diary

Things have changed, that's not a lie but for some reason I feel as though things have changed for the better good. Whatever that means. My therapist,
Max Evans told me that after our first session today.
He gave me this diary and he said that it was a good place to keep my
memories, even the bad ones. I don't ask him many questions or answer them
for that matter, the wounds are still too fresh and everything has happened so fast, it's like my life is changing and I m standing still. I don't know if that makes any sense but that's how I feel. Three weeks ago I went to my mother's funeral, I was the only one there because my mom did not really know anyone here in New York. Max is trying to find a good foster home for
me here in Roswell New Mexico but for the time being I am staying with his parents. They're very nice and Max just told me today that they might become my actual foster yeah everything's great..perfect. Everything is wonderful except for the dreams of my father, who by the way was put in
jail and sentenced, to two life sentences without parole. The other thing that I miss is home, my home..and my friends. I started at a new school today the
teachers were really nice and I get to take some tests to get me up par with everyone else. I haven't made any new friends but I think that's a good thing it saves on them hating me and me getting hurt in the end. I don't think I could handle getting hurt again.

That's all for now, maybe you could be my best friend you could never hurt me right?

"Mom, It's me, Max, you're favorite son. Well, your only son really. Never mind where are you?"

"OH! hey son I m in the kitchen"

"Kitchen, you're not.. Cooking are you?"

"Well of course I am, silly" she replied as Max entered the kitchen

"We can't very well have a family dinner without my cooking now can we"

"We could find a way" he said with a small laugh

"Oh now you stop that my cooking isn't that bad"

"Your right mom it's not bad, it's worse than bad" Max joked

"hahahaha very funny"

With that Max sat down at the table

"So." he started trying to find something to talk about

"Your looking for Liz aren't you?"

"How is she fitting in? I mean, she doesn't really talk to me and I am her therapist for heaven sake"

"Max her father killed her Mom and who knows what else he did to that poor girl, we just have to give her time to come around" With that she looked at him and noticed a serious expression on his face. She knew something was
wrong, but what?

"Max what else is going on? Did you find out something about Liz's father and what he did to her"

"Yeah umm.actually I would like it if I could talk one on one with her about it. It's confidential stuff mom"

"I understand.. So, how are things with Tess?"

"Fine, I guess. Nothing special" Max replied with in a flat uninterested tone

At this time Liz walked in silently.

"Hey Liz supper will be ready soon sweetheart, is there anything you want now?" Mrs. Evans asked softly

"No, thank-you" Liz answered with a low, shy voice

'Max looked at Liz and his heart fell, the poor thing, he was determined to help her, but with this knew information he was afraid that things were going to get even more complicated than they were before (if that was possible) There was something about this young girl, something sweet and almost infant like about her. He knew from the moment he first saw her, heard her speak that she was something special. Max loved this young girl in so many ways, ways in which it was unprofessional to tell anyone, but why? what made him feel this way about her. She was only a child for shit sake, but yet he knew that she was older than her age showed. Did she feel the same about him? what was he thinking of course she did'nt to her I m just her therapist, a friend nothing more. He had to help her now, she needed him.'

'he is looking at me in that way that special way that he seem to only have for me. What am I saying he is a therapist, he's getting married and to him I am a little girl. Why do I feel this way about him? What am I thinking I can never love a man, no man they scare me, but...somehow Max seems different like he would never hurt me the way my father did. My father...maybe it's time to tell him about what my father did to me, he's my therapist he'll understand...unless he already knows. Does he?'


"Mom, I m going to talk to Liz outside ok?" Max said looking sadly at Liz.

This talk was going to open up a lot of secrets buried deep within Elizabeth Parker.

Part 4b

Dangerous truths

Max took Liz's hand into a small room that looked like a library.

"What is this place?" Liz asked in a low voice

"This is my father's study he has every law book that was ever made in here, along with some Shakespeare, mystery novels, and if you are lucky you might find some Stephen King on one of these shelves" he replied in a smile that made Liz tingle inside

"So, what did you want to talk to me about? Did you find me a foster home?"

"No. Not yet, but I'll keep trying for now you can stay with my parents if that's ok."

"Yeah, that's ok, they are very nice people"

"Liz, I want to talk to you about something that is important in finding you foster parents. You see, Judge Mason came by my office while I was getting
some paper work done and gave me a folder that had some disturbing things about you and your childhood. Come sit down"

She sat down quietly and could feel tears burning in her eyes.
'He knows my secret, oh! No he is going to think I m some sort of sick, twisted little girl. Wait I was going to tell him anyway why am I worried and another thing why do I care what he thinks, I thought that I learned to not care what people think of me. Somehow he's different and for some reason maybe...its love but whatever the reason is I do care what he thinks.'

"Liz umm. I just want to know Liz, did your father ever....rape you?"

There was silence for what seemed like forever. Than she spoke

"Yes. I m sorry I never said anything because I was afraid of what you might think. Wait what exactly did this folder thing say about me that brought you to the conclusion that I was raped?"

"It had files from doctors, operations, and clinics from the time you were four and due to what they say they all pointed to the fact that you were raped by him. Liz
I m not mad at you, if anything I am insanely angry with
him. This man that is lucky enough to be your father"

"What now? I mean they are not going to press rape charges against my dad are they?"

"No, umm, not if you don't want too."

"I don't. No, I can't ever go back there again!" Liz replied in a frantic tone.

"We have to get you to a hospital and get you checked out to make sure there is no... nothing bad. You know?"

Liz didn't say anything and just nodded in reply. Tonight was going to be one long night.


Sorry, I just wanted to thank all of you who have been interested in this fic and have left so much wonderful feedback. I love FEEDBACK!! bad or good I can take it.

Thanks Leigh

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Good Part Leigh!!
Please post more soon!!

Hey I m allowed to Love my work just like anybody else!!

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Hey! everyone thank-you sooooo much for all your wonderful feedback. I know this story is dark and not the happiest one but I promise both Max and especially Liz will be happy in the end. I have just finished the first part to a new story I m doing and I have to edit before I post it. I promise that I will get a new part or two before Christmas breake, it is just that me and my friend rileysbabe- a member here who has posted on this thread of this bet you see, I have been giving her all kinds of great stories from this board to read- she has a few but not enough and I said until she reads more I won't update my story - which she seems to like anyway I was wondering if you guys could get her more involved in the site email her at rileysgirl01⊕
and beg her to read more stories or if you are feeling really couragious ask her to write one her own- she says she wants to but she can be a bit of a lazy ass- hahahahaha anyway she won't mind if anyone emailed her she is a really nice person and she loves the board, she just needs more pushing and I have tried but nothing I say seems to work,but maybe if others try that will change her thinking.
Don't worry though I will have a new part out soon.
Again I just want to say how much all your feedback and bumping means to me. I just hope I won't disappoint any of you. I have decided that Max and Liz (their relationship) is going to wait a few years in the story until she is atleast 18 but there will be some 'connections' between the two in the meantime.

Thanks sooooooo much again
kisses and hugs to all of you!!!
your all *angel**angel**angel**angel**angel*


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Hi! Everyone, Her is the long waited part 5. I had some trouble writting this part I wanted to get it just right but for some reason my fingers were not cooperating with my mind and heart. Anyway, I finally think it is just how I wanted things to be. Also, Tess is introduced more in this part and she is a nurse. OH! I forgot to mention Tess is older than Max. Ithink I said he was like 25 or something, she is 27 or two years older- I did'nt put that in here so I just wanted to say. The whole marriage thing will be explained and why exactly he is marrying her (Hint: It has to do with his sister)

Anyway, Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback and I hope you all like this part. As always there is a message behind this story and it might be a little disturbing but it is when things like this don't disturb you that there is a big problem.

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And Before I start babling any further, here is part 5

Part 5

The drive to hospital was silent, neither one of them knowing exactly what to say in this particular situation. The quiet and nervous voice broke
the barrier.

"Max…please say something"

He looked at her and felt a twinge of pain and sorrow for this…child, a little girl whose innocence was taken away from her before she even had the slightest idea what it meant to be innocent. He already thought that
her father was a good for nothing Bastard when hefound out that he killed his wife and beat his family, but this…raping his own child that just took the cake. How could he? What made him better than anyone or anything else that he of all people had the right to treat his daughter like his own personal sex machine? The thought made him sick to his stomach, when he first decided to become a therapist it made him happy to know that he could help people with their problems, but how could he help her? What was he supposed to say or do? What kind of therapist was he if he did not even know how to
help one of his own patients?

Liz saw the pain in his eyes, or was it anger, she was not sure. Was he mad at her for not telling him sooner? Why was he staring at her? ‘Please say something, I don’t think I can take anymore silence’ she thought to
herself. She could feel tears falling, more like springing, from her eyes. She didn’t want to cry it just wouldn’t stop.

"I m sorry Liz I don’t know what to say. I mean, I m just so pissed off, why would someone do that to a person so sweet and innocent? I don’t know, Liz…I mean if I can’t figure that out, what kind of therapist am I? What can I help you with?"

Again, another wave of silence surrounded the car; until Max stopped in front of the hospital.

"Max, before we go in I want to say something to you, you have helped me more than you know and probably more than anyone could help a kid in my position. You got me away from the terrible memories and away from what I was living in, it was hell. Yeah, I m not all over it, in fact, I don’t think I’ll never get over it but you just being here with me right now has made me a stronger person. So I know it doesn’t mean much right now, but
thank-you. I like to think that maybe…. Maybe, I can call you my friend. I never really had a real friend, but if I did I want it to be someone like you and seeing as though you’re the best I got right now…. I guess that makes me the happiest teen in the world"

After that last thought there was nothing else Liz could possibly think of to say she got out of the vehicle and started to walk inside the hospital. Max sat there, stunned and shocked, how could a young girl be so smart and loving? All at once he realized that his impulse about Elizabeth Parker was true ‘she definitely isn’t most young girls’

Max got out of the car and walked inside the hospital to find Liz sitting in the corner of the waiting room looking scared and almost sick to her stomach.

"Liz, everything ok sweetie?"

"I don’t know" she whispered back

"It’s just I m getting the butterflies in my stomach- I hate hospitals" she continued in a soft way.

"Yeah… I m not big on hospitals either, to many bad things happen here. I mean, don’t get me wrong, a lot of babies are born healthy here, patients are cured and for that, I m really grateful for hospitals. Its just...I
don’t know, the bad seems to out weigh the good just too often" Max replied in a sweet and caring sort of way

"Thanks" Liz stated, looking forward and doing her best not to blush

"For what?" Max asked, shocked that she would be thanking him at such a time like this

"You make me feel safe and forget my awful, fucked up life. Excuse the language. I don’t think I ever met a human quite like you. You know exactly what to say to make others feel better at even the worse of times. I
mean, that’s probably what makes you such a great therapist in the first place, but all the same thank-you" she replied tears visible in her soft voice.

Max could only stare, in wonder at this amazing women that made all the small, fucked up things in other peoples lives seem just that, small. Her life was a Hell that he was sure of, but too come out of it all alive and to still be able to smile at least once a day was beyond amazing in his mind. Yeah... that's what it was more than amazing it was Liz.

Liz could only stare at the wall in complete absence from the rest of the world. She felt as if at any moment she could break down right there in the waiting room but she had to keep a strong head about what was going on if not for her sanity but for Max as well. She could only imagine what he must be going through. He probably felt sick to his stomach amount everything, that’s strange because that’s what Elizabeth Parker felt everyday of her fucked up life- sick to her stomach.


Came a feminine voice behind the two. Both Max and Liz turned at once to see who it was.

‘She is beautiful’ thought Liz. She had long golden blonde hair with sweet curls that danced.

"Tess?" Max asked

‘Oh! So that’s Tess, Max’s finance’

"Max what are you doing here you did’nt come to see me at work did you?"

"Umm no just on business"

Tess took noticed at this time at the young brunette who was sitting beside Max.

"OH! How rude of me, I m Tess and you are?"

"Hello, I m Liz" she answered softly

"Well, it is nice to meet you Liz. What can I do for you today?" Tess asked in an overly nice way that made Liz even sicker to her stomach

"Actually, Tess…" Max jumped in "Can we maybe talk…over here for a moment"

"Sure" Tess answered unsure of what exactly was going on here.

"Great! Liz, I m just going to talk to nurse Tess over here for a moment. Nothing bad is going to happen I promise."

With that Max took Tess by the hand and led her to a secluded corner in the now crowded waiting room.

"Tess we need a rape kit done on Liz, do you think you could get her in now" Max whispered

"Sure Max, umm how long has it been"

"That’s the thing Tess it’s been a while. Is there anything you can do?"

"Well we could do tests- you know HIV, pregnancy test that sort of thing but it will be hard to get any semen if it has been a long while."

"We don’t need any DNA tests done we know who it was, her father raped her"

Tess was struck with shock that made her go completely silent all at once.

"ok, ummm we should get started. Bring Liz into room 123 and I will get Dr. Davies to start a rape kit." She finished and began to walk away.

"Thanks, Tess" Max yelled after her Tess just nodded, without looking back

It was going to be a long night for all three lives. A night that put a start to everything

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