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Episode: Secrets and lies
Summary: It’s been a long summer for the pod squad in Roswell, mourning after those they loved had left. Pondering where they might be they finally find them, or have they?
Disclaimer: These are not my characters nothing of Roswell belongs to me. I am just bringing entertainment to other and myself changing it a little bit.
Rated: TV- 14 ( I think)
Spoilers: Takes places the Second season, after the long summer after Destiny.


*~ Location: The CLIFF ( Pod Chamber)~*

“ Well, at least now we know they have no idea about what happened to Pierce.” Tess said as she sat down on the couch arm.

“ But what about those bones in the desert?” Isabel asked.

“ They’ll never be found. No worries there.” Michael said as he sat down onto the table behind him.

Max looked around at the furniture that they had brought into the Pod chamber this summer. It was much cozier now. Even though the furniture was cheep and old, it still helped, knowing they spent most of their time there now. Then it became less cozy when he remembered that Liz was gone, just as Maria and Alex were. But Kyle was with his jock friends in California, probably getting laid. Max smiled. He KNEW that was what Kyle was doing.

“ Where do you think they are?” Isabel asked as she looked down at her hands. She missed Alex dearly. It was strange at first she thought he would just be another loser that she dated. now she just couldn’t believe how much she wished she were in his arms at the moment. But he was gone. He left with Liz and Maria. Those three were inseparable, if one went they all went. It scared Isabel to think, what if something were to happen to one of the girls, would Alex go completely insane? Would he change? Or would he be like twins are. They share a connection. And if one is to die, it’s like the other died as well. Maria, Alex, and Liz, they shared that connection.
Looking over to Max, talking with Tess, she knew they all ignored her question, or just choice to not hear it at all, as if it were ever said. Liz Parker hurt her brother so much, but she saw where she was coming from. And she saw the look’s that Liz and Max would give each other, full of love. That connection that they shared, couldn’t be described. They were the one and only. But the connection that those three human friends of hers shared. Isabel laughed. Was sometimes so ridiculous, so completely insane, that it almost made sense. They needed, to have one another to get through life. Or else, it’s like they would freeze, go completely numb. She hadn’t seen this for a fact. But she felt it with her heart and soul.
Another one of Alex’s many other talents that made her love him so much. Isabel stood up her leather pants squeaking a bit as she stood and walked out of the chamber trying to get away. She then found herself sitting on the cliff where their lives were taken from them, where they watched the love of her brothers life walk away, where they saw their lives walking away. A life they thought they would never miss, passing them by. Now she understood what they meant when they said, You never know what it’s worth until you loose it. Now she knew. Now that it was gone, it was as if someone pulled a piece of her existence away.

~* San Francisco, California. Skateboarders Park.~*

“Yo!” Alex hollered as he screeched over to his two friends on his skate board. Slamming down next to his two beautiful friends Liz and Maria, he gave them a large goofy smile. “ So what are you two beautiful ladies doing?”

“ Alex you dumb ass.” Liz laughed as she slapped him on the head. “ What do we do every day?”

Maria shook her head as she started to lace up her shoes, and smiled her dread locks falling her face. Well, not exactly dread locks. That’s people call um here. She actually just has hair twisted all over her head. But there was no way they looked as good as Liz’s she had done her hair last night when they were at Alex’s house watching a movie that got really boring. Liz had that rugged tough look this summer. The big baggy pants, with her hair always in those twists, she was different. She wore that dark make up around her eyes and normal lip gloss. She most of the time wore some baseball shirts, and baggy shirts. She was different looking. But Liz parker, was the same Liz Parker. She was thinner and curvier. She had gone from a cup A to a cup B this summer. And she grew an inch. Instead of her height 5’2 she was now 5’3. She was proud of it to. She had, had more dates this summer than Alex and Maria put together.
Maria smiled again and looked towards Alex. Same old Alex, except more buffer, and his hair was much cuter now. Hanging with these skateboard dudes all summer, the spiky look kind of warmed up to you, until a point where that’s all you ever go for and that’s all that sticks out. He was still the same old Alex though, just a little more charming. Even HE had more dates than Maria, that just wasn’t normal to her.
First day in Cali, Alex had meet our other two best guy friends, Ben and Tod. They were Skateboarders who taught Liz, Maria, and Alex how to skate board, and they had come to a point where they were actually pretty damn good at it.

“ Come on Tod!” Liz whined seeing him at the other side of the slope. He rolled his eyes and came cruising slowly towards her and grabbed her hand starting really fast down the cement to the point where they came to the pit, lifting their feet still holding hands they cruised down the pit wall, and up and down others st5ill holding hands.

Alex shook his head as he laughed. Tod and Liz had become really close. They were best friends, but not nearly as close as Alex and Maria were with her. Tod had taught her how to skate board. He had seen her first falls, created her first falls, and was usually the one to break her falls. Liz beat the hell out of him the first few weeks. She would ram right into him ringing them both to the ground. Not only hurting him, but breaking his pride. So after a while Tod got an idea, he grabbed both her hands and raced to the pit, and she did wonderfully, it taught her how to balance, and without warning he let go, and she went cruising up the wall of the pit, gracefully doing a spin at the top. Everyone looked on in amazement, that she actually did it, but then again Tod broke her fall as she came crashing down. The strange thing is after a while she no longer NEEDED his hand, but she wanted it, just to bring back fun memories. Alex just couldn’t believe how great of a summer they had, had. But now in two hours it was time to go home, home of the aliens. Roswell. Back to Isabel, Michael, Max, and Tess. Looking back to Liz, smiling and having the time of her life with her skate board and friends, he frowned, back the people who almost killed his best friend.

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Title: Roads of Life
Summary: It’s been a long summer for the pod squad in Roswell, mourning after those they loved had left. Pondering where they might be they finally find them, or have they?
Disclaimer: These are not my characters nothing of Roswell belongs to me. I am just bringing entertainment to other and myself changing it a little bit.
Rated: TV- 14 ( I think)
Spoilers: Takes places the Second season, after the long summer after Destiny.

Part Two

“ Thank you Max, for walking me home.” Tess said shyly as she laced her hand into his. Max didn’t have the energy to pull his away this time, he didn’t even talk anymore. It was like he was just a empty body dragging itself across the cold cruel ground of earth. “ Max. Please talk to me.” she begged.

“ You r welcome Tess,” he said as if he were a robot. He smiled. “ You happy?”

“ Very,” she laughed, “ Very happy.”

Without her noticing he rolled his eyes. She was just way to damn happy for him. But hell, it was the only person he had right now. For some reason he felt like being used. Sad isn’t it? As they reached the porch of Tess’s home she turned to him and brought him to the swing, where they sat. Tess looked up at him. She slowly caressed his cheek with her soft pale hand. Looking from his eyes to his lips she moaned, she wanted him so BAD. He was looking away, as a weak puppy, who couldn’t do anything. She had to take the advantage, show him what their love really means. She quickly closed the space between them and brought her lips to his roughly. She kissed him with all her might. But he still sat still, not doing anything. But slowly he did. He returned the kiss.
Max was so sick and tired of not feeling, of not living. It was time to live, time to feel. So he slowly brought his arms around her waist and leaned back onto the swing making it sway back and forth. He couldn’t believe he was returning the kiss. But he knew that Liz was with other people this summer, why couldn’t he damn it! But he didn’t want to go as far as Tess, obviously wanted to. She started to fumble with the buttons on his shirt. coming to a point where she actually ripped his shirt.

“ Tess!” Max yelped as he quickly stood up. Tess looked at him, with desire in her eyes. “ No fucking way. We can be together, but no, no sex, no way.”

He looked down at his brand new shirt ripped, and sighed. “ I’ll see you tomorrow Tess, and you owe me twenty five dollars.”

“ So were together than right? You and me a couple? Right?” Tess asked as she stood up leaning against the railing of the porch a Max started towards the side walk. He turned around to see Tess, her eyes glistening with happiness and joy, “ Yeah. we are.” Then looking down he saw her cleavage pouring out. “ Just wear some tops that actually fit you for once.” he smiled. Tess giggled and muttered okay as she walked into the house.

Max mentally kicked himself square in the ass, “ What the hell have you gotten yourself into Evans.” Then he saw Liz’s face in his head. “ Oh shit.” he said slapping himself in the back of the head.


“ I’m going to miss you.” Liz cried as she held onto Tod and Ben.

The two guy’s who seemed to be loosing the advantage of breathing looked at each other and muttered “ So cornball.” Then before they could roll their eyes Liz slapped them on the back of the heads and they let out “ We’ll miss you to Liz.”

Letting them go as she whimpered, Ben ran from her and went over to Alex, to get the hell away from her. “ You whimp!” she laughed. Looking to Tod she smiled.

“ Honestly Liz, your really going to be missed.” Tod said as he grabbed one of her hands softly. All the memories of him breaking her fall came flooding back to her. “ Especially me.” he said shyly looking at the ground. “ After breaking all of your falls, I think I actually grew to like a little.”

“ A little?” Liz asked shocked. She lightly punched him in the arm. Or so she thought.

“ Owe!” he whined as he rubbed his now throbbing arm. “ Why is it that even when you beat me up, I can’t help to still like you.”

“ Oh it’s a talent she has.” Alex said coming up from behind Liz. “ And she also has another talent.” Liz and Tod looked at him confused. Liz stood there waiting to know what else she was so good at. “ Being late. So let’s get the hell out of here.” he said grabbing his bag and running to the tunnel.

“ Well, I guess this is goodbye.” Liz sighed as she swayed his hand back in forth in his. She was really sad now. She was going to miss him so much, he was there for her the whole time she was grieving over Max. And he sat there listening to her ramble on, even though he probably had better things to do with his time and life. But he was there from the beginning, breaking her falls in the pit, and breaking her falls in life. “ Thank you for everything, your the best.”

“ Get the hell out of here Parker!” he said as he let go of her hand and slowly pushed her toward the tunnel, where Maria stood waiting. Then just as they reached it Liz turned again and hugged him. He was happy she did, he needed another, he was going to miss her. Her ramblings. Her face. Her annoying liking for Tabasco sauce. Then without him knowing it, her lips were on his. She was kissing him! Her arms around his neck, his arms around her waist. It would be pathetic for anyone to know, but that was his first kiss. She snaked her tongue into his mouth, and their tongues danced together, but shortly they had to let go.

She said goodbye one last time and walked onto the airplane. Tod knew it was just a goodbye kiss, it didn’t mean they were together, only that they would miss each other more than anyone else. Maria looked at him and shook her head as she smiled.

“ Bye Tod. We’re all going to miss you.” she said as she hugged him tightly. Pulling back a little bit, but not yet out of his arms. “ You saved our best friend, You will always have a place with us and in our hearts.”

She was far beyond her years, just as Liz and Alex were. Tod couldn’t believe how much so though. He was glad they came to San Fran. Or those three would have been smothered by it. They just needed to get out and have a good time. So he muttered “ So cornball.”

Maria shook her head and kissed him lightly and then set out down the tunnel to the plane. Looking out the windows Maria, Alex, and Liz all thought “ Roswell, here we come.”

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Title: Roads of Life
Summary: It’s been a long summer for the pod squad in Roswell, mourning after those they loved had left. Pondering where they might be they finally find them, or have they?
Disclaimer: These are not my characters nothing of Roswell belongs to me. I am just bringing entertainment to other and myself changing it a little bit.
Rated: TV- 14 ( I think)
Spoilers: Takes places the Second season, after the long summer after Destiny.

Part Three

“ I HATE AIRPLANES!” Maria yelled as she came tumbling out of the door. She held her stomach as she walked down the stairs put out in front of her. “ I get sick everytime. And now I realize I forgot my damn oil in California.”

“ There she goes again.” Liz sighed as she and Alex calmly walked out of the airplane. “ Every time were on a plane or on a boat, she always complains.”

“ Hey!” Maria scolded turning around. “ I heard that you bitch.”

“ And she also has PMS. Big time.” Liz whispered into Alex’s ear. He nodded and helped Liz with the bags. The bag’s that Maria obviously wasn’t going to help with.

Once they got to the waiting area, Maria had calmed down and now was having a nervous breakdown. It had been a while since she had seen Michael. She didn’t know if she could. He broke her heart, then walked away from her. She felt like she was being dumped in the desert at the side of the road, with nothing to live off of. But then she saw Liz, and she gave her a new life, in California, one that she loved. Now she was back to this terrible place where her heart was broken, by the one who she cared most about.
Looking to Liz, she could tell she was scared, but trying to hide it. Not most people would see it, but her and Alex did. They looked at her and tried to see what she was thinking possibly feeling. But she had a stone wall built up around her. And concreit around her heart. Even though she was the one who walked away from Max that day, didn’t mean she was the one who did all the damage in her and Max’s relationship. He should have never kissed Tess in the first place, and he should have done what Michael had done, left her before the damage was really done. But no, she went, and she saw the future of the one she loved, and it killed her, she had to walk away, knowing his life would, or have the chance to be great. And she did. Now if he can’t see how much that she loves him, he must a blind ass fool, on Maria’s mind.

“ Who is picking us up by the way?” Liz asked bringing Maria out of her thoughts.

“ Oh, my Mom, she can’t wait to see me.”

“ Awe! Precious.” Alex and Liz said together. Maria’s cheeks flared red.

“ Shut the hell up!” she laughed a she kicked a chair still laughing. “ This sucks! I can never get mad at you guys!”

“ It’s a talent,” they sad as they held their heads up expressing themselves with their hands. They all started to laugh.

“ Kind of like those TONGUE twisting talents u used on Tod this morning.” Maria teased.
Before noticing what she had done, Maria’s eyes bulged out just like Liz’s had. Alex’s face lit up like a fire in can, his ears were two shades of red, and his face was filled with obvious confusion and anger. He did not want ANYTHING happening to Liz this summer. He told Tod to lay off, because of what Liz had gone through. Tod promised him he wouldn’t lay a hand on Liz, GOOD, OR BAD! Alex looked to Liz.

“ What did he do?” Alex asked as he grabbed her shoulder. Not hard, but softly yet with much strength.

“ It’s not what he did Alex,” Liz said awkwardly looking down at the ground. Then gathering her strength, she said looking into his eyes “ It’s what I did.”

Alex no longer felt in raged like he was. At least now he knew that it was Liz not Tod. She hadn’t been kissed by any guy all summer, and when they wanted to and she said know, they took no as an answer. But if not, the would have to deal with Alex. Maria rolled her eyes once again. He had been so protective of Liz all summer, making sure she didn’t get hurt, like she was already. Liz might act like she is having a great time or actually is but inside she was really falling apart. Or so we thought. Alex was the one that found Liz out on the desert road that night, Maria could remember it as if it had just happened.

~* Out in the Desert~*

It was late and they were worried. Liz never came back home, They hoped she were with the pod squad, when they had gone to the chamber. Only to find Max sitting on the large cliff at the top with his knees pressed against his chest. When they went up to confront him, Tess pushed her way through him to get to him first. She kneeled next him and touched his cheek softly.

“ Max. Sweet heart.” she said softly. But what Max did next surprised them all. He grabbed her by the throat and slammed her to the ground. She let out a quick scream as she felt the hard ground scratching at her back.

“ Sweet heart my ass,” he sneered. Then standing up he spat at her “ Go jump off a cliff Tess.”

“ Max!” maria shouted a she grabbed a hold of his arm. He looked from her hand to his face, tear stained and filled with pain in sadness. “ Jesus. Where is Liz?”

~* Two Hours later~*

Night had come quickly, and she found herself still traveling the raod trying to find a way home, even if it weren’t home, she wanted to be anywhere than here. She shivered as she had an image cross her mind, an image of Max, pressing his lip’s against forehead softly, yet with a power she had never felt before. She could still feel him. Everywhere. Even if she were to close her eyes. His face would appear out of the darkness. Why couldn’t he just leave. Leave me be. But then she moved her lips, and it was as if she could once again feel his lips upon hers. She looked at the jacket laying in her arms and whiped it on the ground. She began to stomp on it trying to get all the hurt full memories out.

“ You son of a bitch! I hate you! I hate you damn it! I hate! Why don’t you leave me the fuck alone!” she screamed. Then she broke down onto the hard gravel. But surprisingly no tears came to the surface, no emotions were surfaced, except for anger. “ it’s his fucking fault. It’s his fault! He kissed that bitch! That slut! Well, that’s what he wants! Then that’s what he gets.!”

Finally once they had found her Alex saw a fire going down the road, he started to go faster until he got to it. he was so afraid that something had happened. Then racing out of the car they found Liz sitting in front of the fire watching it burn slowly. He dropped to his knees, as he forced Liz to look towards him, looking down at her arm that she had been holding he saw that she had tried to cut her wrist with a sharp rock that she had found, she had. But not enough to hit even. But enough to loose a lot of blood. Alex started to cry and held her in his arms for hours. She had thought that if she were to die, Max would live on happily ever after with Tess.

~~BAck to the present at the airport~*

Shaking his head and rubbing his eyes, just as a father of a very stressing child would do he sighed “ What did YOU do?”

“ I kissed him Alex.” she said nervously. His eyes popped out of his head and before he could say a word she told him “ I like Tod, a lot, Alex. I haven’t been with someone, I mean you know I have been on many dates, but their not like Tod, he was my shoulder to cry on, my knight in shinning armor.” she told him.

“ You REALLY like him don’t you?’ Alex asked.

“ Yes I do, Very much so.” Liz said smiling. “ Just do something for me. Next time you talk to him, tell him the kiss meant more than he probably thinks.”

Taking a deep breath, Alex debated with it. He closed his eyes and gave in “ Ok. I’ll tell-” Alec stopped quickly in his sentence and his eyes bulged out of his face, and his face turned a shade paler than white. Liz and Maria, confused, turned to see what made Alex so sickly pale, and as they saw they all did.

“ Max.” Liz breathed, then she collapsed onto the airport floor. His name repeating in her head over and over.


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Title: Roads of Life
Summary: It’s been a long summer for the pod squad in Roswell, mourning after those they loved had left. Pondering where they might be they finally find them, or have they?
Disclaimer: These are not my characters nothing of Roswell belongs to me. I am just bringing entertainment to other and myself changing it a little bit.
Rated: TV- 14 ( I think)
Spoilers: Takes places the Second season, after the long summer after Destiny.

Part Four

“ Liz?” Alex repeated softly as he stroked her fore head, her head resting in his lap, as the jeep raced down the highway. Max continuously took glances at the back seat to check up on Liz. And every single time he did so Alex would give him a death glare.
Max couldn’t help it He was scared, he saw Liz faint and he felt his heart stop. The blood in his veins went to a sharp holt, watching as her body fell to the ground he looked on in fear. But just before her body hit the ground, there was Alex. That should have been Max taking a hold of her fragile body. Not Alex. Looking at Alex, he noticed he was more buff now. Looking down at himself, he noticed that Alex was just about the size of him. He had changed a lot that summer, Alex did. Maria hadn’t changed much except for her hair was MUCH longer now, done up in twists, just as Liz’s were. And Liz! Taking one look at her, Max could see the changes. She was taller, as he saw. And. Max swallowed the lump in his throat. She was Bigger. Her hair was darker, and her clothes hung of her curves perfectly.

“ Where’s my Mom Max?” Maria asked sitting next to him up in the front. Max blinked awaking from his day dream.

“ She had to go pick up your cousin Sean.” Max answered. “ She asked me if I could come and left.”

“ You said Yes?!?” Maria asked angrily.

“ No! That’s it she asked then left. I never got an answer in.” Max said.

Maria laughed and rolled her eye “ Same old little Mom.”

Max smiled then took another glimpse back at Liz to find Alex softly talking to her as her head rested on his shoulder. Max’s breath caught in his throat, she was actually more beautiful Then before.

Liz looked up at the review mirror and found Max starring at her. Alex was gently talking to her, everything was ok. He stroked her hair softly as she sat there nodding her head. She didn’t have to look up to know Max was looking at her. She could feel it. Every time he would walk into the Crashdown, she wouldn’t have to turn and see who it was. She KNEW it was him. He brought a presence into the room not any scientist could every explain. Looking out the window the truth was in her heart. It was love that brought that presence into the room. It was love that gave her butterflies when he touched her. The way that his voice caused electric currents up and down her back. God, how she hated that. She rolled her eyes then looked back out the window.


Alex’s cell phone went off. He jumped hearing the sudden ring then searched his large pocket, full of other small things, like candy rappers, his car keys, some pens. Alex continued to dig into his pockets, muffling cuss words. Then pulling the cell out of his pocket he shouted a cheer of joy. Alex’s cell phone was extremely original. There were little sponge bob character on it, with a sticker that shouted the word BENT. A key chain hung from it’s side and then little care bear’s from the bttom. Liz started to laugh seeing this sight. It looked as if it were child toy. Maria tried her hardest to keep a smile from appearing on her face. Max grimaced seeing the sight.

“ What it’s original!” Alex defended himself as he shrugged knowing he would never convince them of his artistic side. Even though his likings were a bit strange.

“ Yeah, original, whatever you say Alex.” she said placing her hands in her lap, pretending to go along with him.

“ Yeah whatever!” Maria chimed in, “ It’s hideous.”

“ Thank you MARIA!” Alex shouted. Then calming himself down he answered the phone, “ Yello!”

“ Hey man, whats up!” he said in joy. He smiled again and nodded as he talked.

“ Yeah the trip was great. The food sucked but life goes on right.” he then frowned. “ Oh shit! I did didn’t I!”

“ Who is that?” Liz whispered. Then as she tried to listen in on the conversation, she heard Tod’s voice. Her eyes widened, “ Give me the phone!” she ordered. She reached out for the phone.

“ Yeah I know I left my skate board.” Alex said as he tried his hardest to fight Liz of. He tok the phone from his ear, and shoved Liz off of him, but it didn’t stop her. “ Can you hold a second?” he said into the phone, putting it on a hold and shoving it into his pocket. “ Liz you better get the hell off me.” he threatened.

“ Oh, yeah and what are YOU of all people going to do?” she said as she continued to go for the phone. Then she started to tickle him, making him laugh terribly. Then before he knew Liz was holding the phone.

“ Hi.” Liz sighed into the phone. “ Oh I’m doing great. Well, not that great, but ok.” she mumbled. “ I sound tired? Well, I just woke up from a nap.” saying so she looked up at Max, and saw him staring at her. She sneered and rolled her eyes. “ Yeah, about that.” Then she frowned. “ Yeah, it was nothing, she said sadly. No big deal. Just emotions on the run.” she said sadly. Then her eyes started to water and she slowly said bye and hung up.

Seeing her eyes “ Are you okay?” Max asked concerned.

“ Fine and Dandy.” she said joyfully, but it didn’t fool Max, she was seconds from crying.

“ I hope you guys don’t mind but I have to go into the mall here to get Tess a gift. It’s her birthday.” Max said.

Liz’s Jaw dropped. “ Shit.”

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