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Title: A Family Affair
Charmed/Roswell Crossover fic
Authors: Sara (PrincessSorcha85⊕ and Phoebe (CrashdownGurlie⊕
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: Neither Sara nor I own any of Roswell or Charmed. You can keep em, although I would ask that you e-mail us for suggestions… lol
Category: all CC
Summary: Liz and Maria are twin sisters who were abandoned by their mother when they were small children because of demonic problems. Liz and Maria now live in Roswell, NM and have no idea that they are really the Amulets, witches destined to become even greater than the Charmed Ones themselves; until they receive a letter filling them in…

Chapter 1

Liz Parker was sitting against the old oak tree in back of the school, waiting for Max Evans, Michael Guerin, and Alex Whitman to come back from basketball practice. Her best friend, Isabel DeLuca, and twin sister, Maria were also lying around waiting for the boys. "So what's happening tonight? Isn't there a concert up in Frasier Woods?" Liz asked.
"Think so." Maria answered. "We going?" She asked, looking over at the other two.
Isabel nodded. "I want to. It isn't like there's going to be anything else to do around here, you know." She pointed out
"Yeah, and I heard the band is actually decent. They're called King 80 or something..." Liz agreed. Roswell had to be the smallest small town in America, there was never anything very interesting going on. Sometimes she wished she lived in a big city like New York or LA. "Right?" She asked, wondering if either of them new the name of the band.
"I think that's their name. I don't know." Maria answered with a shrug. Anything was better then sitting at home doing nothing. Not that she actually did that.
"Think the guys wanna go?" Isabel asked, doubting that they'd turn any of them down.
"Well, I doubt they have other plans." Liz laughed. "Like Ria said, there's nothing better to do."
Maria looked quickly over at Liz. "I said that?" She asked.
"Yeah, didn't you?" Liz said, confused.
"I didn't hear her say that, but it's the truth though." Isabel added.
"I don't know. I might of." Maria replied, confused as well. As she thought it over she was pretty sure she didn't say it.
"Well, I heard you Ria. So whatever." Liz laughed, shrugging it off. "Anyways, oh look, the guys are coming back. And I do believe they are freshly showered! How thoughtful!"
Maria laughed and started towards the guys. Hey, if they wanted to get to her faster, they could run.
"Yeah, a definite change for the better." Isabel commented.
"Izzy, help me up." Liz cried as Isabel did a double take and pulled her friend from the ground. Together they headed over to their boyfriends. Liz kissed Max gently. "Any plans tonight?" She asked, smiling.
"Plans? In Roswell? Is that even possible? Why?" Max asked. "You managed to find something interesting to do?" He asked grinning.
"Well, more interesting than nothing at all." Liz told him.
"Sounds good already. What is it?" He asked.
"There's a concert in Frasier Woods tonight. That new band, Kings 80 or something is playing." Liz informed him.
"So do you guys wanna go too?" Maria asked the other guys.
"I'm in." Max answered.
"What else are we gonna do?" Michael asked sarcastically.
"Same here." Alex agreed.
"Great. All in. What time does it start, Liz?" Isabel asked, looking over at Liz.
"What am I, the concert flyer? I don't know!" She answered, laughing. "I guess around eight, like everything else around here."
"You're the one that told us about it." Isabel countered. "But yeah, eight sounds fine."
*I just saw the flyer in the hallway...* Liz thought, shaking her head.
"So eight, and we'll meet at the CD?" She asked.
Max nodded. "Yep."
"Well, me and Ria have to get home. Nancy wants us to do something for her, right Ria?" Liz asked.
"Yeah. Guess we'll see you later." Maria answered.
"Yeah. Eight. See ya." Max said to both of them.
"Bye." Liz said, standing on her tiptoes and kissing Max quickly. She waved goodbye to Iz and Alex and waited for Ria and Michael to finish.
"Okay. Later Michael." She said and then kissed him as well.
"Bye, Ria. See you tonight." Michael said casually. Their relationship was a strange one at all costs, and he didn't know what to make of it sometimes.
"So how are things going with you and Michael now?" Liz asked curiously as the two of them got into the Jetta they had received for their seventeenth birthday.
"Pretty good, I think." Maria answered somewhat uncertainly. Yeah, except when it was weird. She barely knew what was going on with Michael half the time.
"Well that's good. I mean, you and Michael are so cute together." Liz smiled. They pulled into the driveway and got out of the Jetta again. "I'm gonna grab the mail. Meet you inside." She said.
"Ok." Maria said, nodding, and walked inside.
Liz made her way towards the mailbox and grabbed a full hand of letters and brochures. *Bills, bills, letter for Nancy, letter from work, Aunt Delia, oooh, letter for me and Ria...* Liz thought as she sorted through the mail and noticed a letter addressed to her and her sister. She walked back into the house, staring at the letter as if she had never received one before. She dropped the rest of the mail on the hall table and ran up the stairs to the room she and Maria shared. "Ria come here! Quick!" She called.
"Look at this weird letter." Liz said, hoping her sister would find it as weird as she did.
"We got a letter? From who?" Maria asked.
"It doesn't say. It's not even post marked." Liz answered.
"Open it already." Maria prompted.
"Fine, I was only waiting for you." Liz replied curtly. She opened the envelope with her nail and pulled out the letter. It seemed normal enough, but the strange part was on the inside. In the words of the letter.

Dear Maria and Elizabeth,
This letter may come as a bit of a shock to you both, but it's very necessary that you know it was sent to inform you of matters of vital importance.
Your mother was a very loving person. The last thing she wanted was to give you up, give you away. She loved you both, valued you more than her own life. She only left you because of a man who wanted to harm you and your mother. Unfortunately, he found her after she had gotten the two of you to safety.
Your mother gave her life for you, all she wanted was your happiness.
Before she died, she told me she wanted me to help you. She asked that when you were seventeen years old, that you be brought back to be with family. You have three aunts living in San Francisco. They will be able to teach you the family arts and show you who your family really was.
Your mother loved you both more than you may ever know. She wanted only the best for her two beautiful daughters. Please let her memory live on by coming to meet your Aunts in San Francisco with the enclosed airline tickets. She would've wanted you to.
Your's sincerely,
Leo Wyatt- The best friend your mother ever had, according to her.

Maria raised an eyebrow. "Ok, that was a little bit weird. You ever heard of this Leo guy?" She asked Liz.
"No, but Ria, look at these tickets. They're not fake."
"Are we seriously going to go? I mean we're doing so great here." Maria protested. And what was the deal with the family arts thing?
"Ria!!" Liz shouted. "We're doing great here? Are you insane? This is Roswell! The smallest of small towns, remember? And we have a chance to go to San Francisco! that's like freaking New York for us!"
Maria sighed. "I know, I know. But still. I like it here. And what about Michael and Max if we leave?"
"Well, it's not like we're leaving forever or something. We'll be back." Liz rationalized.
"Do you really think that we'll actually come back? I mean, this is family. Real family, if Leo is telling the truth, that is." Maria replied.
"Why would he lie? Why would he buy expensive airline tickets just to lie about our family?" Liz asked. "And it makes sense, sort of."
"I suppose. And what makes sense?" Maria asked.
"Well--" Liz began but stopped mid sentence. She had picked up the letter again and felt it move through her like she was being controlled by it. Suddenly she saw a blinding white light and screamed, shielding her face from it. But it wasn't what she was seeing with her eyes, it was all in her head. The bright white light faded and she saw a woman hiding in an alley. Whispering, singing to a bundle she held in her hands. Liz could tell she was desperately scared, terrified for her life even. The woman got up and ran out of the alley, as if sensing something was there. She ran down the street and Liz had a hard time keeping up, but for some reason she felt she had to. The woman was constantly looking over her shoulder, clutching the bundle tightly to her chest. She stopped suddenly in front of a small run down shop and placed the bundle in a box and hiding it in the shadows of the shops doorstep. She grabbed a smaller box and wrapped it in a cloth and began to run again.
Liz was confused as she watched all this, the place seemed oddly familiar to her, the whole situation in fact. She walked tentatively towards the box that the woman had placed the bundle in. She was curious, yet scared at the same time. She pulled back the cover she had wrapped it in and found two babies. Two very small children, fast asleep. Liz recognized them right away. It was her and Maria. She was seeing her mother giving them away. But she hadn't just given them away. Liz was almost positive she hadn't meant to leave them there forever. Suddenly Liz heard a sharp scream coming from across the street and down another alleyway. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, praying that it wasn't what she thought it was going to be. But it was. Her mother, standing there against the wall, a large man dressed completely in black holding his hand out to her.
"Come back to me, Vilandra!" He demanded. The woman's lip quivered.
"Please, Khivar! Don't! Our children! Please! They need me!" She begged for her life. The man she called Khivar simply laughed at her. The laugh was high pitched and cruel, almost a gargle. He wasted no time in flicking his hand at her and hurling what looked like an electric ball straight at her stomach.
"No!!!" Liz screamed running into the path of the ball, but it passed right through her. And the blinding light came and went once more. Liz opened her eyes and let the tears fall, not able to say a word.

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