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This fic has nothing to do with spiders.


Cover by Angelic.

Title: Black Widow
Author: Justine
Disclaimer: Own nothing.
Rating: PG-13
Category: M/L
Summary:Nothing to do with spiders. Max POV so far. I'll let you know if it changes. He's a jock with a different side of him that no one really knows. And he's watching her. He explains about her. And there's a project they have to do that will bring them together, get her to open up. What a lame summary.
Author's Note: On friday I had 2 hours and half to waste before we get to go to Chuck E. Cheese so this pop into my head. Tell me what you think. I think it's kinda weird. I don't know. Feedbacks please.

Part 1

Black Widow.

That's her. That's the one. She's the one everybody will always talk about. Her life before and her life now. The way they look at her, the way they think of her, and the way they act around her. It'll be a lie if they act normal. They have to watch their action around her. That's how thing will be from now on.

Black Widow.

After the day it happened, that's what they call her. It fit in a way. Everything's black, black in her world, blacks the way she thinks. It's all darkness. She's not married. She never was. It'll probably never happen. If it did it'll be a lie. It'll just be her and her blackness.

She avoids everyone. Even him with all his pleading. It's sad in a way. I don't think she cares. She doesn't look at us. Never look at us. Always look past us. They might think she's looking at them but I know she's not.

Another thing about her is her eye. It might be brown but you can see the blackness, darkness. It's haunting. It makes you shiver when you look straight into it. I heard stories. But I think the shiver comes before they try it. They're afraid what's going to happen. I know in the blackness of those brown eyes are hollow. Emptiness. I wonder how she handles it. I know I can't.

Her hair is what everybody wishes they had. It might be just plain brown but it's not. Not at all. It's shiny and possibly soft. I never touched it but I know he did. It's what left of her past appearance. It's what's not black. It would have been sad if it went black too. To match everything. Maybe something inside her still lives that let her keeps it that way. But I know it wouldn't last longer, it's going to be gone soon. Just like the rest of her had been.

Her hair always covers her face. She hides it. Hides it well enough that no one gets to see it. Sees the changes that happened. Sometimes she would put blackness to her lips too. You know like black lipstick. Those are the lips that he used to kiss. It didn't use to be black it would be brighter colors. But the brightness in her is gone. So there's no point for it. But when she doesn't have the blackness on lips, it's pink-ish red. Those are the lips he'll never get to kiss again. Even if these changes happened she's still has that look she use to have. The face, the lips. It'll always be like that. It stays.

She acts normal. Not to them though. But it depends on what you call normal. There's no possible way to explain it. Anything can be normal. To me it's just an everyday thing. She moves. She walks. She talks. A little. It's good enough to call normal. It just an everyday thing with blackness that'll always stay there.

There was one thing she kept going after that day. Her grades. The perfect ness. All A's. She manages to keep that up even if she doesn't do that same thing she use to do. She doesn't raise her hands; she doesn't sit in the front. None of the unusual stuff you expect. Everybody thought that she would drop her grade like her life. But they were wrong.

They gave up on her. All of them did. Even Maria and Alex. They try to make her go back, get out of it, anything. But she couldn't. The left going on with their lives, just like before, only without her. They would look at her once in while. See the old her. But it was replace with the blackness, darkness. Like I said she look past everyone also including them. It's like they never met before.

Liz Parker.

That's her. She's the one. She had it all. She had everything she wanted, everything every girl wanted. She had him. He had her. It was perfect. They were the one. The one that will last forever. High school sweetheart. The one couple that will get married. Live a happy loved life. But they were wrong.

I don't really know what happen but I know the basic. He was cheating on her. He had a one night stand. The perfect couple breaking. He pleaded with her. She didn't say anything. He did this to her. He broke her. He broke everything about Liz Parker. And made her who she is right now and forever. She didn't say anything. She just left. Ignoring everything around her. She left her life.

It shocks everyone when they found out. It shocks them more when they realize the old Liz is gone. Now there's a new one with swirls of blackness around her. No one knew that a good relationship turn bad would make her this way. But now they know. They thought she was just going through a phase. But they were wrong. She was going on with her new life.

I didn't know that someone would take it this deep. It was just a break up. Everywhere you turn there would be someone crying, arguing, laughing, and doing anything. So you were suppose to just get over it. Just like everyone else. I was wrong. It took away her life. And now she's with the darkness, the blackness.

Black Widow.

She intrigues me.



Color very dark in color, evil, wicked, cheerless and depressing, wearing clothing of the darkest visual hue.


A woman whose husband has died and who has not remarried.

Black Widow.

A poisonous New World spider (Latrodectus mactans), the female of which produces extremely toxic venom and has a black shiny body with red markings.

Black Widow.

A girl, who is around darkness, enjoys it and who does not have a boyfriend or husband, which will shoot toxic at you if you ever mention him. Likes to be alone.


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Part 2

She walks by us everyday. She never looks at us. She never turns her head to look anywhere. Just straight. Just walking to her destination. We would watch her. I would watch her. We watch her differently. They watch her like a dog. While I watch her and just think. Just think how she can handle it. They talk loud enough for everyone to hear. She just ignores them.

"Man, look at her. Those legs. Damn." Paul said rubbing his hands.

Tom has that look they always have and said, "I had another dream. Man it was hot."

"Tell us about it." They cheered.

I usually ignore them at this point. I don't need any of their fantasy of her. I sat on the bench and wait for her to past by. She doesn't wear any clothes that's really revealing. They're just like normal. She doesn't cover up like some people and she doesn't show too much like all the cheerleaders.

She should be here soon. Sometimes I don't know why I'm here with them. I was never on the same level as them. Never. We're all on the same basketball team. We wear the same jackets. We hang out most of the time since we have all those practice. Yeah I'm in the Varsity Basketball. Sometimes I feel like I'm not. But that's in the past.

She's here right now. Walking by us. Not even looking around her. Just making her. She's wearing a black sleeveless shirt and black shorts. Nothing all out there. Just normal. But everyone else makes a big deal. Actually the guys do.

"Shorts man." Paul said.

You can hear them breathing in and out. Deeply. They're having their fantasy. I don't think of her that way. I don't think I'll ever will. She's not the one I would like to be with. There's too much stuff that's hiding.

I got off the bench and walk to my locker. My first class. Health. It's easy nothing hard. And that's the only class I have with her too. It's nothing to me. And it's nothing to her. I grab my books and walk towards class. The bell's going to ring soon anyway. I got there and there she is. Sitting in her seat just like everyday. I sat down in my seat and look at everyone that's here. They're all doing their things, things that she doesn't do anymore. It's not that she can't, it's just gone.

There goes the bell. Everyone scramble to their seats. Nobody wants to be late. The teacher walks in. He looks at us and pities her. They all do. They know what happen. They just can't believe she would take it that hard. She doesn't notice this at least that's what I think. But she knows that everyone has some sort of feeling towards her. She hides the reaction well.

"Alright, I planed a new project for you all. Everyone will get a turn and everyone will have a partner. This is something really different. I have been watching you guys long enough to know who should be whose partner. Everyone will have a task to complete."

Everyone groan. Partners. That's something that she doesn't do. They let her. They let her be by herself cause they pity her. This project would be like all the other ones. She will be partner less and we each will have a partner we don't want. It's just the way it is since he did that to her.

"The School rented a house for this project. It'll be 2 weeks long. This project is half of your grade. So listen up people.10 people will be living in this house. There are 5 bedrooms and you and you're partner will share a room. No switching. Each of you will have to complete the task. You will get a journal, diary whatever you call it. You will write in it. And at the end you will turn it in and that will determine half of your grade."

More groan. What kind of project is this? A live-in project. You and somebody else. Is this even allowed? I think there's a way that she can get out of this. Or they just let her out of it. Everybody knows it's unfair but they don't say anything. They might talk about it but they never bring up to attention. All in the darkness.

"I already got all of your parents permission. No excuses. All right. These are your partners. Kyle and Tess, Michael and Maria, Alex and Isabel, Max and Liz, Eddie and Sean. Here's a folder for each of you, it tells you about everything you need to know about this project."

I walk up to his desk and grab my folder. She has a partner. I have a partner. We are partners. I think everyone is shocked. It's just weird to be her partner. I don't think anyone been her partner since that day. I look over at her in the back. She's not looking my way. I wonder if she knows who I am. If she wants to know who I am. We're on the same team. I don't think she wants to know anything that has to do with him.

"Everyone be there at 8. It's all in the folder. Since everything is cover, here's a survey I want you to fill out."

This is one hell of a project I have to get through. I turn around to look at her again. Her hair is covering her face like it always does.


I read the folder, looked at it. I can't believe we have a project like this. A live in project. You have to live with people that you dream of never living with. My roommate is her. Everybody else have to deal with her. I wonder what it's going to be like. Is she going to hang out with us? Is she even going to talk to us?

I think one thing nobody wants to be around her is that the darkness, the blackness will pull them in too. Swirls in their life and things will never be the same. I'll be in a room full of it. I'll be the one near it. I'll be it. She probably doesn't even notice. She probably doesn't even want to be in the house with us. And lastly me.

I packed everything already. Shirts. Pants. All those needed stuff. We still need to go to school. They got that all capitalize, underlined, and highlighter. It must be the most important thing in that folder. I got everything ready. I walk down and nobody's home. They never are. And they will never be.

I walk out of the house, got in my jeep. This will probably be the most home life ever. I started the car and drove off to my destination. My new home. I have a feeling about it. It must be her.