Author: Diehard mldreamer 4ever
Rating: PG 13 (language, shit and stuff like that)
Summary: There's a new girl in town and Max, Isabel and Michael have this akward pull towards her, What happens when they find out who she is?? And why doesn't she trust Tess???
Category: M/l (Mostly),M/M,A/I, story

Disclaimer:I own nothing of Roswell except all the books and the character Belle, so don't sue me for anything!

Author's Notes:
This is my first fic and I would appreciate some feedback. I am reposting these parts since the board changed but I cannot find Part 4 sorry I'll either type part 4 over again or I'll just type part 5, you guys tell me what I should do and tell me if you see weird symbols that happenned last time. Thanx Feedback please

Part 1

"I'm Liz Parker, it's a long time I haven't written in my journal for a long time but ever since Max Evans saved my life and I found out it got stolen and there was all mine and Max's secrets inside I freaked, but then I found out it was really stolen by Max's best friend Michael I just couldn't write anymore so much has happened this past year, and the fact that this idiotic tess came to town to steal max away from me, why does everything happen around me? I am sick and tired of it. Then max comes back from 14 years in the future and tells me I have to get present day max to fall out of love with me and in love with tess. So that's what I did but I still love him…more than ever for still holding on and now he's even being nice to me and wants to be friends, he's perfect"

*dring* *dring*

"hi liz"
"oh, hi max"
"um…I'm calling a meeting for us all to just meet you know see how everyone's doing but I have nowhere to hold it. So I was wondering if we could hold it at your house?" max asked
"oh sure, um…could you come by the alley?" liz asked
"sure" max answered
"so I'll tell everyone to meet on your balcony"
"bye liz"
"bye max"

5 minutes later

"liz" a soft loud whisper came from the alley but liz knew who it was. How could she forget? liz thought as she walked to the balcony to find max standing at the top of the ladder
"hey" said liz

Part 2

Maria looked out the window for the 10th time in 5 seconds. Michael said he would be here 5 minutes ago Maria thought, just then she heard a motor Finally. As soon as Michael pulled into the driveway and Maria raced out of the house.
"You're late" Maria said
"5 minutes" Michael protested
"It's still late" Maria answered
"So, you know what this meetings about?" Michael asked
"Yup. Max wants to see how everyone's doing," she answered
*Here it comes*
"WHAT!" Michael exploded
"Ok let me make it simpler for you Spaceboy. Translation: Max want to see Liz
"Oh" *don't take this out on her or you'll tick her off and she might throw you off the bike, just take it out on Max when you see him*
"Can you go a little slower, let's give them some time alone" * perfect now maybe this late night chat will go to Liz's head. Who knows maybe we can have some extra time alone too*

(Back at the Crashdown, Max and Liz are chatting)

"So how's everything?" Max asked Liz
"Oh it's good, thanks" Liz answered, " My parents are going away for a while so I'll have to watch the Crashdown until they get back"
"Well, uh…ya I guess, Maria will probably help out
"Oh ya, well if you need any extra help I'll be available too" max offered
"Uh…. sure thanks"
"No problem" max answered
"Ok well in that case I'll keep you posted, and know that you can't wiggle yourself out of this" Liz said as she pointed her finger at him and giggled
"Sure thing" max said as he chuckled. Max walked to Liz's bed and sat on it putting his hand on Liz's journal accidentally. Liz saw this and got frantic but managed to stay calm
"Oh um… that's my journal" Liz said as max picked it up
"I thought you stopped writing? You started again?" max asked
"Well, uh…ya"
"Oh, well here" max said as he gave her journal back. Their hands gently touched and Liz got all kinds of flashes,
* Flash *
Max and Liz at Michael's apartment
* Flash *
max and liz finding the orb
* Flash *
max at the hospital
* flash *
max telling liz she's his destiny
Liz tumbled backwards and nearly hit the floor but max caught her
"Liz, are you okay? What's wrong? Liz!"


"Liz! Please say something" max begged her
he put his hand on her head, and just when he was about to make a connection he heard
a soft whimper
"Liz thank god your ok" he said as he pulled her closer to him in a hug "what happened?"
"uh….."she started, then she remembered what she saw, *omg, what if he saw some
things too*
"liz?" max asked as he waited for her answer
liz struggled as she tried to get up but max sat her back down
"I'm okay max, really" liz said
"liz you fainted"
"I...I know, but I'm okay now"
"ok as long as you say your fine, but can I check you just in case?" max asked
* oh no * "uh.. I'm fine max, I feel fine, you don't have to check me" liz said as she tried to
reasure him
"ok fine" max answered a little hurt because it sounded like she didn't want him to touch
"thank you for caring"
"liz I'll always be here, you know that" MAx answered her his voice filled with emotion
"I know max"
max pulled her closer again and hugged her protecively
"you got me really scared"
"I know but I'm fine now so let's talk about something else ok?"

"Alex thanks for picking me up" Isabel told him as she opened the door
"yeah sure, anytime" Alex answered
"well did you eat anything?"
"not really, but I think we should get going"
"oh ok"
"do you know what this meeting is about?" alex asked
"no clue"
"great" alex said as he chuckled

(At the Valenti's)

"kyle will you hurry up already" Tess shouted
"I'm putting on my t-shirt, wait" Kyle told her
"so what's this meeting about?" Kyle asked
"how am I supposed to know all he said was 'I'm holding a meeting in 20 minutes'"
"ok I'm ready" kyle said as he ran down the stairsgrabbing his wallet and shoving it in his pockets
"it's about time"

( Michael and Maria were drinking a milkshake at the crashdown)

"So tell me again why were waiting here for awhile" Michael asked Maria
"because we are letting max have some time alone before the gerbil gets here and ruins their time
like always" Maria answered
"well don't you think they had enough time? we gave them like 20 extra minutes"
"Michael, will you just shut up were gonna go up as soon as I finish my shake ok?" *as long as I get
rid of your stupid annoying questions*
Just then the bell rang in the crashdown and someone that Michael had never seen walked in
and this girl got quite a few stares.
"what" Maria asked
"who's that" Michael asked as Maria turned around to see what everyone was gapping at
"Oh My God" Maria said