***** Part 2 *****

It was a week later and Liz was looking for clues to Alex's death. A delievery guy gave her a reciept with a bunch of 1's and 0's on it. She knew it was a code but she wasn't sure which one. Although she did have an idea that it was binary code. She had one word figured out...'Sweden'. She had this urge that she needed to go there...but she couldn't until she found out this code...or at least more then one word.

She locked herself in her room after she got home from the funeral. She knew her parents were worried sick about her but she didn't care. Why should she? Her best friend, even more so then Maria, had just been murdered. And she knew it wasn't just fate that the delivery guy gave her this reciept. Only two people still alive know about it, her and the delievery guy. She hated refering to him as the 'delievery guy' but that's all she knew him as.

"Ugh!" she grunted in frustration and threw the pencil, textbook, and papers off her bed. Leaning back down she picked everything up and put them in a neat pile. She went over to her desk and turned on her computer hoping that'll give her more help then the textbooks have.

Sitting down and signing on-line she instantly heard 3 words that she really didn't want to hear. "You've Got Mail!" her computer chanted. Before she could check her mail an IM popped up. Never in a million years did she think she could feel panic and relief in the same instant.

"Liz Parker, my name is Natasha Blanchet. I know Alex told you of me. I can help you, but your room is bugged. TRUST ME! I will contact you soon. DO NOT LET ANYONE FIND THE RECIEPT! THIS IS VERY CRITICAL!

Liz was floored at how much emotion she was feeling by that one IM. There was only one choice that she was given...wait for Natasha's next contact with her.

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