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The doors of the old highschool creaked open on an already busy student body. As soon as she stepped in those nearest to the door stopped and stared. Elena glared at them and pretty soon they went back to their own business. Elena leaned up against a corner and stared at her shoes. No wonder all the preps were staring at her. With her black hair and blu streaks, black eyemakeup and lipstick, and all black clothing she didn't exactly fit in at a prep school, but thanks to her parents "concern" here she was. It was more like they didn't want her around. It's not like they were actually paying for this.

"Liz" Elena looked up at her brother and glared.

"Don't you just look like the perfect prick." she spat.

Michael nearly laughed outright. According to most of the other students and all the teachers he was a rebel and dressed like a slob.

"Liz, come on. Come to the office with me so we can get your schedule."

"Don't call me that. It's too much like them."

"They're not bad L-Elena. If you would just give them a chance. Come on let's get your schedule." He knew better than to press the subject.

He started to walk away and in a moment she followed, still staring at her feet.

"Elena come on, it's in here."

Michael ducked into the office, but as Elena walked in she ran into a wall, a human wall.

"What the fuck?! Why don't you watch where the hell you're going?" she snarled.

"Oh, umm, sorry,"

She didn't even bother to see who it was. Michael was already talking to the secretary.

"Uh huh, that's right, she's my sister, Elizabeth Elena Parker."

"Yeah, that's it," he thanked the lady and handed Elena a paper.

"Here's your schedule."

"Oh, Mr. Guerin", the secretary piped up. Elena flinched. She hated that name." Mrs. Kerricks said to tell you that she's sorry, but you two won't be lab partners. She said that she's already divided the class and she wants Elizabeth to meet new people."

"Elena, "Liz glared, "My name is Elena not Liz."

The secretary gave her a look and shrugged.

"Hey Elena come on, we have the next class togethor.

Elena followed, again staring at her feet.

"This is Mrs. Kerricks Biology class. It's pretty. You won't have any trouble with it." Michael gestured and entered.

"Hello, Michael, I assume this is your sister, Elizabeth Guerin."

Elena was about to protest, but Michael beat her to it.

"Uh, yeah, she's my sister, but her last name is Parker, and she goes by Elena."

"Oh, excuse me," Mrs. Kerricks smiled sweetly, "Welcome to my class, Elena."

Elena glared at the teacher and didn't say a thing. After a moment Mrs. Kerricks started becoming visibly flustered under Elena's glare. Phuh! Yet another spineless wimp who'd never had to stand on her own two feet.

"Uh, P-please go sit by M-mr. Evans at table six. He'll b-be your lab partner this year." she stuttered.

Michael had already sat down, so after debating whether or not to just leave, Elena finally went and sat down.

"Hi, I'm Max. You ran into me in the office earlier," the guy said offering his hand.

Elena rolled her eyes. Puhlease! What was the teacher watching or something? Why else would mr. "high-I'm-mr.-big-important-jock" be talking to her. He was still holding out his hand. Elena turned to the front and slouched down in chair.

Max dropped his hand looking lost, and wondering what exactly he had done to piss her off so much.

"Psst, Max," Michael whisered from the table behind them, "Don't be offended. It's not you. Elena doesn't like any of us. According to her coming to a private school automatically make you a prick."

"She's your sister, right?"

"Yeah, our parents sent her here to live with us."

"Mr. Evans, Mr. Guerin, please stop talking. I expect you two to be a good example for our new student."

Everyone returned to the lab they'd been doing before Michael and Elena had come in. Elena settled ack and went to sleep. She only woke up when the bell rang and lazily gathered her stuff and walked out. Can her fucking classes. Time to go see what the school grounds looked like. She made her way outside and sat under a tree in the lunch area. The last thing she saw before sleep took over was the large sign for the school, Roswell Memorial.

Sigh. Naptime. Can fucking life.


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"Elena, ELENA! Wake up!"

Michael was standing over her, shaking her.

"What the hell do you want?"

"School's over you slept all afternoon. It's time to go." Michael didn't look too happy. Elena slowly got up and followed him to an old jeep. Max was sitting in the drivers side.

"What's he doing here?" Elena snarled in contempt.

"He's going to be driving us to school and back. Now get in!" Michael was obviously losing patience with her attitude. All the way home no one said a word. Not that Elena noticed or even cared. She just stared out at her new surroundings. It was all so perfect looking, just like a quaint little town should.

"Let's go Elena," Michael hoppd out of the jeep as it pulled up in front of a small restraunt.

"It's a restraunt," Elena dully stated.

"Yeah, my parents own it. We live in an apartment upstairs."

The crashdown, huh? Wonder what kind of fucked up place this is? Elena followed him inside. Shit! There were Mr. and Mrs. Guerin waiting for them. She hated those people.

"Hi Liz, Welcome to our home," Mrs. Guerin walked up to her smiling sweetely and was about to give her a hug.

"Stay the fuck away from me," Elena yelled, pushing past them into the back. Michael sent them an apologetic look before running angrily after her. He grabbed her shoulder and spun her around.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" he shouted.

Elena glared. "Let go of me!"

"What is your problem?! What happended to the sweet little fourteen year old girl that I knew two years ago?"

"Well let's see," Elena's voice was still rising, " After my big brother abandoned her she was forced to grow up! Quickly!"

Michael was shocked, "Is that what you think? That I abandoned you?"

"I think," she said angrily, " that those people in there took you away, adopted you and left me behind. I think that I cried myself to sleep every night for two months waithing for you to come back for me. I think our father's beatings turned to me after you left. I think I was left alone for weeks on end without anything to eat. I think," her voice faltered and her eyes began to fill with tears," that I was forced to use my body to get money becauseyou weren't there! "

Michael felt his heart constrict at her words. He'd lain awake so many nights praying that she wouldn't be forced to go there. He knew all too well waht it did to people.

"Liz," he choked, "I'm so sorry, so soo sorry. We tred to adopt you, but the courts wouldn't let us. We tried..."

"Well it wasn't enough was it?" she said coldly. "Show me to my room."

Michael nodded, feeling lost. He'd been so stupid thinking that she'd be overjoyed to see him again and be out of that hellhole.

He hadn't said anymore after that. He just showed her her room and left. If she hadn't been so angry and bitter she probably would have regreted the look of pain on his face. After a long shower she snuck downstairs and grabbed something to eat before heading to bed early.

The next morning she was awoken by Michael knocking.

"Elena, Max will be here in a half an hour. Principal Johnson said for you to wear khaki and navy today if you have any. No more black."

Elena groaned and rolled out of bed willing herself not to remember the previous night. After a quick shower she rummaged around in her suitcase for her only pair of pants that weren't black. They were old dirty, baggy khakis that she hadnt worn in forever. She threw them on with a navy tank top, applied her regular black makeup and made it down stairs just in time for Max to get there.

The ride was again completely silent, and she left them as soon as they arrived. What to do today? hmmm, go sleep more? nah, she wasnt tired. Oh, well might as well go to a few classes. Her first class was AP English, a complete breeze. Next was trig. Another easy class. What was up with that? Weren't private schools supposed to be hard? The rest of the morning passed quickly wiht US history and Spanish 4. Ok, enough classes, she didn't want to go to Biology and see Michael anyway. After sitting in lunch for a while she finally wondered off. Time to check out the rest of the campus. Being alone, away from people made her think. Her emotions were clashing. She was hurt and suspicious, but not heartless. She hated Michael for leaving her alone in those conditions, but seh still couldn't get his hurt face out of her mind. He'd always been her big brother, best friend, and protector, and she just couldnt forget that no matter how bitter she was.

"Hi cutie," a voice sneered behind her.

She turned around and gave her usual hard glare. Living where she had, she wasn't afraid of a whole bunch of spineless jocks.

"Look guys, gothchic has wondered away form class. Should we take her back?"

"Naw, I say we have some fun first," said one of them, looking her up and down. "What do you say sweety? All I want is just a little lapdance."

"Fuckoff asshole," she curled her lip in disgust. These guys were no better than the gangs on the street.

He laughed. "Ooo, gothchic has a mouth on her. I wonder: Does she taste good?"

All of them started laughing and jeering as one of the guys approached her. She started backing but found herseld trapped against a wall.

"Don't resist honey" he stepped to her.

"Back off! Now!" an angry voice came from behind them.


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They all turned around, preparing to take care of the newcomer, but stopped when they saw him. Their leader gulped audibly. " Uhhhh, Hey Michael, what's up?"

"What's up?! You're trying to mess around with my little sister, that's what's up!" Michael's voice shook with fury.

Immediately they all started to back away. What spineless creeps! "Whoa, calm down man, we didnt know. We won't bother her again."

"You'd better not," Michael growled. "Now get out of here!"

They went running, and Michael turned to Elena, his voice changing to worry. "Are you ok, Liz? They didn't hurt you did they? Cause if they did..."

"Why don't you get lost Michael," Elena started to walk away.

"What?" Michael was shocked, "I just saved you back there."

"Your "saving me" wasn't necesary Michael. I can take care of myself." Elena started to run with Michael staring after her. As she ran she again ran into a lovely little human wall. Damnit! She really needed to start watching where she was going. She pushed at the person and yelled, "Why can't you fucking people watch where the hell you're going?"

"Excuse me?" Oh shit. She so did not just curse at the principal. Elena looked up into the angry eyes of Principal Johnson. She stopped and hardened herself, glaring at him.

"Miss Parker," he said in a controlled voice, " What are you doing out of class? Never mind, I don't even care. If you want to stay in this school you will be in my office at 3:30 this afternoon."

He glanced down the hall. " You too Mr. Guerin. Now both of you get back to class!"

They hurried off.

Two hours later school let out. Elena wasted no time in getting out of there. Hopefully she would be expelled, and the Guerins would be forced to send her home.

"Liz, LIZ, wait!" Michael ran up to her. "Where are you going? We have to go to the meeting with Principal Johnson."

"I'm not going."

"What? Liz, no! You have to go or you'll be expelled for sure."

She kept on walking.

Michael was getting desperate. He grabbed her arm.

"Liz stop, please. I've got to talk ot you." She stopped and turned to him.

"What?" she asked angrily. Were those tears in his eyes?

"Liz, please, I can't lose you again, not again. I know you must hate me, but I need you, you're my little sister." his voice was rising, then suddenly it was low and quiet as he struggled to gain control.

"You know, when they took me away I tried to keep running away. I must have run away twenty times, but they never gave up on me. Liz, they din't even know me, but they still loved me."

He sighed. "I din't stop trying to get back until they made it clear that no matter what they would bring you here. Even then, they had trouble keeping me from trying to get back to you."

Dead silence enveloped them. It was like no one else was there.

"I-I know that can never even begin to make up for the hurt you've gone through, but..."

"I won't leave," she said firmly, "I'll go to the meeting, and I'll do what I have to to stay."

"But still...Michael, I can't just forget. You're going to have to give me time."

He looked into her eyes and could still see the anger and bitterness. She was doing this for him.

Michael nodded, "We better get going or we'll be late."

In about five minutes they reached the prncipal's office and were immediately ushered in by his secratary. Principal Johnson was seated behind a large wooden desk.

"Come sit down," he said gesturing to the two chairs in front of him.

"I am going to be quite frank with you. Niether of you seems to be the right material fo this school."

"Mr. Johnson, please give me a chance," Elena started.

He held up his hand, "Let me finish Miss Parker. I've been talking to your teachers and they all agree that you seem to be very uncaring and rebellious; they also agree however that you are by far the most intelligent studen there at this time. As for you, Mr. Guerin, while you do at times seem uncooperative you are not usually outrightly rebellious, and you, like your sister, have a lot of potential. Now, that said, I'm going to give you two options. First of all you can choose to give up and be expelled immediately. Your second option is to stay in this school on a six month probation. During that time you will be required to join the Student Partnership Program in which you will be counseled by another student under the supervision of Mrs. Kerricks. If after the six month period you have improved your attitude and have shown that you can act responsibly, your probation will be lifted."

"We'll do it," Elena said softly.

"Good," the principal rose and shook their hands, " Be here at eight tomorrow in room 216A to start the Program."

"Yes sir," Michael replied as they left.

The Student Partnership Program, huh? Just hope I don't get partnered with some dweeb.


They were there by 7:50. Doesn't hurt to be a little early, right? So far Mrs. Kerricks was the only other person there, so that sat in their designated seats in silence.

"Oh, Liz," Mrs, Kerricks spoke with remarkable cheer, "Here comes your student counsellor."

Elena craned her neck to see who it was....

Max Evans???


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Mrs. Kerricks smiled broadly as she directed Max to the seat next to Elena.

"Liz, this is Max, I thought since you'd already met him, he'd be perfect for your parnter."

"Ummm, Mrs. Kerricks, my name is Elena."

"Now Liz, no negativity."

Elena stared blankly. What was her frickin' problem? She seemed to be enjoying this. Waqs this supposed to be some sort of idiotic revenge for making her feel uncomfortable?

Max sat down,trying not to laugh. "I don't think Mrs. Kerricks likes you very much," he whispered.

Knock, knock.

They turned to see a small blond standing, smiling in the doorway.

"God, What the hell did I do to deserve this?" Michael's head hit the desk. Crap, crap, CRAP!

"Hello, spaceboy," Maria said cheerfully as she plopped into the seat next to him.

"Go to hell," he muttered.

"That wasn't necesary, Mickey," Maria said with a fake pout.

Elena gave Michael a look.

"Don't ask," he said, "she'sa basket case."

Maria turned to Elena with the bright smile still on her face.

"Hello, you must be Michael's sister. I'm Maria."

Michael groaned, "Leave her alone, Maria. She doesn't need a friend like you."

Elena heard him muble something about "damn nosey, bubbly girls" and Maria promptly smacked him upside the head.

"I don't know how you stand that boy," Maria stated angrily as she turned again to Liz. Then she smiled. "You're name is Liz right?"

"No, actually..."

"Ok, if I can have everyone's attention please." I swear that lady timed that.

"As a start to your program your first assignment will be to get togethor this afternoon and get to know each other. I want each of you to make a list of at least ten questions to ask your partner about themselves. After that I want you to do a "makeover" of sorts on your partner. I want you to make them look how a friend of yours would normally look."

Oh, great, we get to play dressup. yay. pardon my lakc of excitement.

"Tomorrow we'll all meet back in here at this same time and tell one thing that you learned about the other person." The bell rang. "Ok, you may go now."

Max turned to Elena. "You wanna meet at the crashdown around five?"

"Ok," Elena shrugged.

"C-ya then," Max said as he turned and left.

Why did he bother? Did this program look good on a college application or something? Even if it did, he didn't have to be so nice. I wonder...


It was five o'clock. Maria was meeting Michael there at the same time. Wonder what their history was? Elena had borrowed some of Michael's old clothes for the stupid "makeover". Also she'd gotten some temporary red highlights and a fake earring. Hey, might as well have fun with it if she had to do it.

Ten minutes later, Max and Maria showed up.

"Sorry 'bout that," Max apologized, "Maria took forever to get ready." He sat down across from her.

"So, shall we start with the questions?"

Elena shrugged. Why not?

"You want to go first?" Did he look nervous? Nah, couldn't be.

"Whatever" She got out a paper and unfolded it.

"Full name?"

"Maxwell Alexander Evans"



"Date of Birth?"

He gave her a strange look. "6/7/85"


"Didn't put much thought into those questions, did you?"

She shrugged.

"I'm 165"


"6'3" " Wow, didn't realize he was that tall.

"Eye Color?"

"Brown, what's next my social security number?"

Elena scowled. "Hair color?"

"Dark brown"




"Yeah, dunno where though"

"Favorite color?"


"I'm done"

"That's all?" Max smiled, "Ok, then here'd mine: Full name?"

"Elizabeth Elena Parker"

He put down his paper. "Do you mind if I call you Liz? I like Liz alot better than Elena."

What the hell...might as well. Everyone else does. Does it matter that I hate that name? Of course not, why would that matter?

"Ya, sure whatever," she said and he gave her a big smile. What was with this guy and smiling?

"Next Question: What do you want out of life?"

Oh, shit , he's actually going to make me think.

"I dunno, I haven't really thought about it much."

"Fair enough. If you could change anything about your life what would it be?"

Liz shifted uncomfortably. Did he really expect her to answer that?

"Umm, I guess Michael's leaving."

"His leaving?" Max looked confused.

"Never mind. I'd rather not talk about it."

He looked at her intently. It felt like he was seeing through her instead of just looking at her. No, stop! Don't go there! She resisted the urge to bolt.

"That's fine. I'll just go on. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?"

"My hair color?" she answered pitifully.

Max raised his eyebrows and shook his head. What was she afraid of ?

"Ok, where do you want to go to college?"


"Wow, pretty high goal. Now for the easy questions. What's your favorite color?"


"Favorite food?"


"Favorite artist or group?"

"I don't really have a favorite. I like Flaw, Hoobastank, Deftones, Puddle of Mud, you know, stuff like that."

"Really? I expected yo to say something more hardcore. anyways, favorite sport?"

"I don't play sports"

"Last question: If you could make one wish, what would it be?"

"I thought you said these would be easy," Liz tried to joke, but failed miserably, " I guess I would wish to be born into a diferent life altogethor."

That sat in silence for what seemed to be forever. What was taking Michael and Maria so long to get finished with their questions?


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"Are Michael and Maria still not done yet?" Max asked a good half hour later.

Liz turned around and looked over at their booth. "Uh, I think they just got finished. They're just sitting there now."

"Good, time for our "makeovers"" he smiled and stood motioning for Michael and Maria to come.

"We're gonna go up to Michael's room," he said as they walked toward the back. "I didn't even know where to begin so Maria'll be doing most of it."

As they walked along, Liz noticed that Michael and Maria looked slightly, well, angry. Maybe it was theirs glares and folded arms. They had looked so happy before and now.... It kinda made you wonder...

"Don't worry about them," Max opened the door to Michael's room.


"I saw you watching them. They do this all the time. They act like best friends one second and then they get into a fight and become the worst enemies. It's a vicious cycle."

He walked into the room chuckling and Liz followed, arms folded. She still didn't get why he acted like he gave a shit.

"Ok, so how're we gonna do this?" Max asked once they were all inside.

Maria's face instantly came to life. "Well I figured we'd get Liz and Michael done first, then they can do ours."

She started rummaging through a large bag that she had brought and soon produced a blu collared shirt and khaki pants for Micheal and a blu halter top and jeans for Liz. "Here we go. We'll have you two looking great in no time."

Michael and Liz stared at the clothes she was holding out in horror.

"You don't expect me to actually wear that do you?" Liz gulped. She couldn't remember ever wearing tight jeans. What if they were too small?

Maria laughed and threw her the clothes. "Of course, chica. And after you change we'll trade your makeup for something lighter."

She turned to Michael frowning and looking pensive. "Before you change you gotta wash that hair. It's just.....eww." Her nose wrinkled in disgust.

"Yeah, whatever," Michael said rolling his eyes. Maria kicked him.

"Owwww" he protested loudly.

She smiled sweetly. "What are you two waiting for? Get going and change!"

Liz went into Michael's bathroom, closed the door and looked helplessly at the clothes. Ok, courage Liz, if you can stand up to a father who beats you, you surely can wear tight jeans and a haltertop. It's not that bad.

She finally worked up the courage and changed. Grrrr, there was no mirror in Michael's bathroom. What idiot doesn't have a mirror in their bathroom?! Scratch that. This is Michael, we're talking about. Enough said.

SHe slowly opened the door and peeked out only to feel herself being jerked in to the room.

"Oh, chica, you look so cute!" Maria squealed.

Uh huh, cute. Me? No way. Why was max looking at me like that?

Michael suddenly appeared in the doorway in the khaki and colllared shirt, with wet hair.

"Ugh, no!" Maria began rummaging through her bag again and pulle dout a blowdryer.

Michael's eyes widened. "No way! There's no way in hell I'm letting you blowdry my hair."

"Oh, no? I think you will if you know what's good for you." she said archly as she turned to Max. "This won't take long. Help Liz take off her makeup, and I'll be back to finish up. Liz, if I take too long, go ahead and start on Max, k?" She flashed a huge smile and then pushed Michael out of the room, blowdryer in hand.

"Ummmmm, ok" Liz said after her.

"Oh, I nearly forgot. The makeup remover is in my bag." Just like that Maria's head popped in and out of the doorway leaving Max and Liz alone again.

"I guess we should get started." Liz said quietly as she walked over to Maria's bag. After digging through it for a couple of minutes she triumphantly held up a bottle of blu liquid and cotton balls. "Here it is" As she looked around the room she frowned.

"I guess you're gonna have to take it off for me. There's no mirror in here." Stupid Michael!

"Oh, ok.." WHy did he look so awkward?

Max walked over and took the bottle and cotton balls and Liz sat on the edge of Michael's bed.

"Just put a little of that stuff on the cotton balls and the makeup will come right off." Liz closed her eyes so he could get off her eyeshadow. She was just about to open her eyes and ask what was wrong when she felt the light brush of cotton ball across her lids. He finished fairly quickly. Not bad for a guy.

"Ok, that's done. How do you get the lipstick off?" Wow, he was getting tenser and tenser.

"It's cheap stuff. A tissue'll get it off."

"Ok" He looked around the room. There they were! He quickly grabbed one, then he paused. What was he doing? Just take it off already! He slowly reached out and started to wipe it off. Ok, it's starting to get really hot in here. Not to mention the fact that I'm getting really, REALLY uncomfortable. Why the hell was it taking him so long?

"There, I'm done." Hmmm, nice, deep voice.

Liz suddenly jerked to her feet.

"Maria's not back yet, why don't you go ahead and change?" SHe walked over to Michael's closet and pulled out the clothes she'd picked. Rushed? Panicked? Extremely uncomfortable? Yup, that's me, but why?

Max silently took them and disapeared in to the bathroom as Liz went to get the rest of her stuff form Michael's drawers. Temporary red highlights, fake earring, fake tattoo, if you have to do something might as well ahve fun right?

Suddenly the bathroom door came open and out stepped Max. Wow. HE was wearing a black shirt with cutoff sleeves and baggy black pants. Or rather, they would have been slightly baggy if Michael had been wearing them. Hmmm, note to self. Michael has a smaller build than Max. Muscles? Yup, he's got them. Definitely.

"Well, how do I look?"

"Fine, Max. Just.....fine." she replied, then held up the haridye smiling. "Now for the temporary hair dye."

"He gave her the most pitiful expression and she laughed.

"Nope, no getting out of it." she said as she pushe dhim back into the bathroom.

It seemed like forever, but she finally finished his hair and spiked it. Then she put on the earring and fake tattoo. Perfect.

"All done, shall we go see what we look like? Michael and Maria still aren't back yet."

"Sure why not?" Max smiled.

Liz took him to her bedroom, where she had a full length mirror. When they finally saw themselves they stared in shock. Liz had never seen herself look so....normal. She was used to the goth/grunge look. It was how she'd always been. She looked over at Max. Poor guy, he looked downright horrified that he looked that way.

She thought he looked pretty good. Really good in fact. Out of nowhere it occured to her that he was standing really close. Very close. All of a sudden it was really hot again. Max must've noticed her tensing bacause he looked down at her.

God, she was beautiful. Even more so now that her black makeup was gone. And her eyes. They were large and chocolatey brown, staring back up at him.

Liz stood transfixed, lost in his amber eyes that were piercing through her. SHe felt like she couldn't move, and really, she didn't want to.


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He was leaning in, getting closer and closer. His lips were inches away from hers...

"Hey guys, I'm finally done" Maria bounced into the room and Max and Liz jerked away from each other. Somehow Maria didn't notice.

Liz had gone suddenly pale, and was staring very intently at her shoes.

"Michael said for you to give me some of your clothes to wear and then we'll take pictures so Mrs. Kerricks will have proof that we actually did this."

Liz nodded and walked over to her closet and pulled out some old baggy jeans and a black tanktop. She couldn't stop shaking.

"Ick,"Maria made a face, "Sorry, Liz but I honestly don't know how you wear this stuff."

Liz stared at her blankly.

"Liz, are you ok? You look sick." Maria said worriedly.

"I'm fine. Just a little headache. Can we get this over with quickly so I can go to bed?"

Maria frowned worriedly. "Ok, I'll be quick. Go on ahead down and join Micheal in the Crashdown if you want to."

Liz nodded and headed out with Max right behind her.

"Liz," Max began," Liz, I...."

She walked faster, staring intently at her shoes.

"Liz?" Max became worried, "Liz, I didn't mean to make you uncom...."

"Liz," Michael came up and put his arm around her protectively. "It's ok." he whispered, glaring at Max.

Max stopped walking and just stared at them in shocked silence. What did he do?

Once they were out of sight down the stairs and into the Crashdown, he slowly followed, trying desperately to think what he'd done wrong. When he entered the Crashdown Michael and Liz were already sitting in a booth. The Crashdown was already closed so everything was absolutely quiet.

Maria suddenly burst in behind him, completely oblivious to the dark tension in the room. "Ok, picture time" she said cheerfully, while holding up her disposable camera.

One by one she took their pictures and then had Michael take hers. She chatted on and on happily. It was a good thing too because no one else said a single word. The entire time Liz had stared at her shoes. She was getting paler and paler.

"I-I.... Excuse me. I really am not feeling very good. I'm going to go to bed now," Liz said quietly as they finished with the pictures. Without even waiting for a reply she rushed out leaving them all staring worriedly after her. Max was a bout to follow when Michael grabbed his arm and shoved him back.

"I don't know what you did, but you'd better stay away from her," he yelled angrily. Then he turned and stormed out.

Poor Maria. She was absolutely clueless as she stared after Michael and Liz in amazement. "Max, what happened? "

"I think I know," Max said bitterly. "Let's go"

"But, Max..." Maria protested. It was too late he was already walking away. "Max, wait up!" She hurried after him.


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She was sitting in front of her mirror. The room was dark around her and all she could see was her reflection in the mirror. Her straight black hair fell to her midback with her blu highlights providing sharp contrast. She was wearing her customary black makeup with the exception of her lipstick. Instead of black it was a deep crimson, the color of blood. Her shirt, if you could call it a shirt was an incredibly thin black tanktop. You could see straight through it to her bra which was the same color as her lipstick. She was wearing tight leather pants. She looked like a slut. She was a whore.Thin stripes covered her stomach and arms but she couldn't tell what they were from.

Suddenly everything changed and she was standing in a dark room. Max and Zan were standing front of her. God, they looked even more alike now that she saw them togethor. She heard her voice.

"Who will take me?" she asked in a low voice.

Zan sneered at her. "You're worth nothing more than your body."

She looked over at Max. She couldn't tell if he was saying the same thing or if she was hearing the echo of Zan's voice.

Then she flashed to Zan's place. She saw herself and him. There togethor. She was doing the unspeakable. She flashed again this time she was herself. She was telling him that she was leaving. She was going to Michael.

Her turned to her outraged. "You can't just leave me like that you bitch! I own you!"

She stepped back in fear. He lunged at her, and she barely avoided him. He was going to kill her! She ran away as fast as she could.

He swore and yelled after her. "You bitch! You may be alive, but you'll always be alone! I'll see to that!"

She flashed again to the black room with Max and Zan.

"Who will take me?" she asked again. She raised her arms and suddenly she saw that the stripes on her arms and stomach were bleeding. They were cuts. Underneath her tight pants she felt a cool liquid rubbing against her skin burnign her. There were cuts there too. Blood fell to the floor from her outstretched arms.

"You may be alive, but you will always be alone. I will see to that," Zan said smirking.

She looked in horror at Max. He was saying nothing. Then his face changed so that it was identical to Zan. He smiled evilly. "I will see to that."

Liz awoke screaming. She looked down at her arms and saw the fresh cuts she'd put in her arms before going to bed. He was right. Even now, he was seeing to it that she would be alone. She could never trust anyone.


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Michael jumped to his feet at the sound of soft crying. He'd sat down outside Liz's room after he'd chased her out of the Crashdown and she wouldn't let him in. His hands clenched and unclenched. He wanted to punch Max Evans so badly. He still didn't know what Max had done to her. He'd been sitting in the Crashdown waiting for them when suddenly he'd felt a wave of hurt and sadness coem from Liz. The worst part was that he knew she was blocking him form seeing the true depths of her pain. He'd gone to her and tried to comfort her, but as soon as they got back to the Crashdown she'd pulled away from him. Then when she'd rushed out like she was running from her worst nightmare he'd felt a new wave of pain that nearly knocked him over. So here he was, outside her door, praying that she would eventually let him in. God, when he got his hands on Max Evans....


Michael's head jerked up. "Liz, is that you?"

The crying had stopped.

"Go to bed Michael," he heard Liz's soft voice form her room. "And Michael, leave Max alone."

"But Liz" Michael was at a loss. He'd never known Liz to back away when she got hurt by someone.

"Go Michael," her voice was stronger now, and he could no longer feel her emotions.

"Ok," Michael turned and walked dejectedly back to his room.


Liz had been crying softly to herself, trying to rid herself of the horrible memories when she'd felt it.

A wave of incredible fury towards Max. The intensity of it made her stop crying, and her mind cried outNO in shock. Then she heard Michael outside her room calling to her. After a minute she finally gained control of her emotions and got him to leave.

After he left she sat on the edge of her bed thinking about the anger she'd felt from him. It had never occured to her that he would thnk that it was Max's fault. It wasn't really. He just looked so much like Zan that when she'd let down her guard a little all the horrible memories had come back.

All the more reason to keep people away she thought to herself. If she didn't keep them out then they'd see her. Ugly little, whorish, good for nothing Lizzie. She could never let anyone see her.


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The first sensation she felt as the light flooded over her prostrate form was pain. Her wrists were searingly painful and she could see dried blood running down her arms.

Damnit! SHe had made it for so long without cutting! WHy did she have to start again now?

Wincing at the movement, she stumbled in to her batheroom and began washing the blood off. Finally most of it came off leaving several long thin lines marring her light olive skin.

"Liz, hon, Max is going to be here to pick you up in about five minutes," Mrs. Guerin yelled up the stairs.

Oh, crap! Liz hurriedly pulled back her hair and threw on a long-sleeved black tshirt with her khakis.

"Liz, he's here!"

What? That sure as hell wasn't five minutes! She grabbed her bookbag and flew down the stairs. Shit! Michael was already there. She rushed into the Crashdown just in time to see Michael pushing Max up against the wall. Fortunately the Guerins had gone back to there room.

"Michael! NO!" Liz screamed.

He froze instantly, his fist only inches from Max's face. Liz rished up behind him and placed her hand on his arm. SHe closed her eyes and conjured an image of Zan in her mind.

It wasn't his fault Michael. He just looked so much like Zan. It brought back so many memories.

He looked down at her, guilt and sadness flooding his eyes.

I'm sorry. I should have tried harder to get you. I should have...

Liz broke contact.

"Sorry, Max, " she said quietly, turning away. "You didn't do anything wrong. It was all a misunderstanding."
With that she slowly walked out to the jeep.

"Sorry," Michael grunted, then trudged after her.

Max stood in shock, trying to undrestand what just happened. After a second he shook his head I defeat. He would talk to Michael later.

It seemed like that day would never end, but finally it came time for their meeting with Mrs. Kerricks to discuss how their "makeover" project had gone. Max rushed into the room only to feel his heart fall as he saw that he was the first one there. He slowly made his way to the back of the classroom and sat down dejectedly. Within minutes Mrs. Kerricks came bustling in to the room.

"I see they're still not here" she said.

Max blinked at her. He couldn't understand that lady. She'd only just arrived and she was calling them late?

After about ten minutes of extremely uncomfortable silence, Maria and Michael walked in. As soon as they entered Michael stopped and stared at Mrs. Kerricks. Max looked into his eyes. So, he wasn't the only one who felt the hostility eminating form her. Maria, however, was her usual clueless self. He looked in to her eyes. She was happy...about Michael. He couldn't see specifically why though.

"Well, it is unfortunate Ms. Parker is not here yet, but I am short on time so we will have to start without her," Mrs. Kerricks began as she moved to the center of the classroom.That little bitch! I'll just have to tell the principal how uncooperative she's being!

What the.....?

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Max and Michael jumped simultaneously, and Max felt a chill go through his soul. He could swear that he'd just heard Mrs. Kerricks say something in her usual, sweet voice, and at the same time her shrilly screaming in his mind. He gulped. What the hell was going on?

Before he could say anything Liz appeared quietly in the doorway. She wouldn't look at him. Damnit! He couldn't feel anything form her. She sat down slowly and quietly in the back next to him.

"Miss Parker, I see you've decided to join us," Mrs. Kerricks said lightly, almost cheerfully. Bitch! Whore! Slut! Do you really think you can just walk in here late and not get punished?!

Max started and shifted uncomfortably. He knew she didn't say that aloud, so what on earth was happening? He could tell by the shocked expression in Michael's eyes that he was hearing the same thing.

On and on it went. For the rest of the classtime the same thing. Maria chatted mindlessly, Liz stared at the floor, and he and Michael heard Mrs. Kerricks screaming and cussing at Liz.

Michael practically sprinted out of the room when they finished, and Max made sure he was close behind.

"See you later, Michael!" Maria called after him with a slightly confused expression. She instanly flashed a smile though, as Liz approached her.

"Hey girl, you ok? You seemed kinda upset last night."

Liz looked up and smiled happily.

"I'm fine, Ria, just had a bad night." she said laughing, "I'd love to talk, but I've got to go catch up with Michael and Max."

"Sure," Maria replied, overjoyed by Liz's happy attitude. "Tell Michael I'll call him before coming over."

"Ok, see you later," Liz said while waving goodbye.


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"Michael! Michael!" Max finally caught up with him in the middly of the football field, and spun him around.

"Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, " Micheal breathed, looking around wildly. "It's happening again!"

"Michael, calm down," Max said worriedly, "Do you know what happened back there?"

"It's Liz! Oh god, I thought this was over!"

"What?" Max backed away, confused. A small hand touched his shoulder.

"He's one, too, Michael," Liz came from behind Max with her eyes filled with tears.


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Liz turned away as Michael fell to the ground burying his head in his hands. Max's sense of immenent danger was growing rapidly.

"I think you know, too, Max," she said softly, "You have the dreams, don't you?"

Max gulped. He knew exactly what she was talking about, but he had never wanted to admit it.

"Six children walking through the desert. Two families of two boys and one girl." Max's voice was shaking now, "As they walk along, hand-in-hand, the power emmanating from them is tangible in the air. Then the dream changes. One of the boys, a twin, falls to the ground in a puddle of his own blood. When he rises, he is no longer like them. He has been them."

Max's voice had fallen away to a whisper, and as he finished he looked searchingly into Liz's eyes.

"Do you know what it means? What does it have to do with what happened with Mrs. Kerricks?"

Liz sighed, pulling her hand through her hair in frustration. "That's what we've been trying to figure out our whole lives. We believe the first part of the dream, when the children are walking through the desert is a memory. The second part...." her voice trailed off and she shrugged. "All we know is that the boy who fell is Zan, and that whenever more than one of us comes into contact we seem to gain "powers". Also, strange things happen to those around us."

"Strange things?" Max looked at Michael who was still sitting on the ground, a devastated look in his eye.

"People act....irrationally." Liz grabbed Max's hand and began pulling him to the ground. "Here. Sit. This is going to take a while."

"When we were ten Michael and I were adopted by the Parkers, a nice but poor couple. For the first year or so everything was fine. One day we decided to go to the park and spend the day togethor. As we walked along a isolated path, Michael and I began to feel something watching us. An evil something. I looked over my shoulder and caught a glimpse of another boy. We think it was Zan. I don't know what happened, but after that day everything changed. It was slow, but our parents evolved into the horrible people they are now. Drunks, Abusers.........."

"It wasn't just them either. I suddenly began hearing the thoughts of my teachers as well as my parents, and trust me they were not good thoughts. So I told Michael and we dropped school. Finally, one day about two years ago, it all fell apart. I was standing in the kitchen, and suddenly I felt a presence in the room. I heard someone say in my head, 'You may be alive, but you will always be alone.' Then our dad came in the room in a drunken rage. He- he tried to kill Micheal. That's why Michael was put into a foster home with the Guerins. I don't know why, but I was left there. And that's when I met Zan."

Liz's face hardened and Max could tell she was hiding something.

"When I found out I was coming here and told Zan, he tried to hurt me. The last words he said to me were, "You may be alive, but you will always be alone.""

Max sat quietly trying to absorb it all. "Do you think he might try to do to the Guerins and my parents what he did to your parents?"

Micheal's head snapped up, and Max instanly understood his fear. He loved his parents, and he was afraid, afraid of history repeating itself. "No!" he said hoarsly, "I won't let it happen!"

Liz looked down as pain flashed across her face. "We should really go" she said quietly. It was already getting dark.

Push me away
You can't see
What I see
The other side of me.
-Trust Co.-

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Liz sat still on the edge of the bed, studying her hands intently. The black fingernail polish was slightly chipped and to her exemplified the dark, warped soul that was her. This was all her fault. If she had just stayed in the dark, rank streets where she belonged none of this would have ever happened. Zan was right, she was tainted. She moved her fingers to stroke the blu and white patchwork quilt Mrs. Guerin had made her. Michael was lucky to have them. The fact that she'd blamed those kind people for her condition only served to show how twisted her mind truly was. She couldn't let Michael or Max suffer anymore because of her. So far Max was untouched, and Michael would recover........when she was gone.
At first she had thought to end it all. She had marched straight into the bright, sunny room the Guerins had prepared for her and grabbed her razor, ignoring Michael's pleas to come out and talk. One quick, well-placed slash and it would all be over in a couple of minutes. It had been ten minutes sonce she had poised the razor over her wrist with that purpose. Before she did however she had taken one last room around the room, and as she did her resolve had faltered. No, she wouldn't die. She couldn't, but she would leave. With cold calculation she planned when she would run. She would stay another day or two, being sure to avoid Michael and Max as much as possible. Then, when they thought she was locked away in her room, she would go.........back to Zan. As long as she was with him, he wouldn't try to hurt the others. He wouldn't try to destry their lives. It had only ever been her that he had wanted, so he would have her. At least everyone else would be safe. Their alien powers only spiked when she was near, so they could go on and live normal lives. No one would ever miss her.
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Darkness had fallen nearly an hour ago, and Liz still couldn't bring herself to run. She knew she had to soon, but still. It hadn't been that bad here; sure life sucks wherever you go, but it wasn't bad. She's had her brother, Max, and Maria. She'd met someone else like herself and Michael. Too bad that she had to be a curse in herself. Wherever she went bad things happened, all because of her, and she hated it. All that would end when she went back to Zan though. He would stop hurting everyone when she went back. Mrs. Kerricks would go back to being the fat, slightly dumb, but sweet teacher she used to be. Michael and Max would be able to forget their alien past. Without her here their powers would disappear and they could live without fear of hurting anyone.

Liz pulled herself up off of her bed with one last longing look at the quilt Mrs. Guerin had made her. It was time to go. She pulled open her bedroom window quietly and climbed through, jumping the remaining ten feet to the ground. With a quick glance back at the place she would have liked to call home she took off running.

Barely a block away a ragged teenage boy pulled at his young female companion.

"Ava, ava, get up!" he hissed., "Can you feel her? She's here."

She tiny girl with blonde curls streaked w/ pink and bright blue eyes, nodded with wide eyes.

"They're all here," she said in a small voice, "Except for him. She's going back to him isn't she?"

The boy looked at his friend sadly, "I think so. We gotta stop her."

"The others? Kyle, ya think the others can help us stop her? Before she becomes like him?" Ava looked hopefully at her friend.

"I dunno, I think they will. They know she's important."

"Do they?" Ava looked doubtful.

"Do they really understand? Do they even know who they are?"

"They gotta dontcha think? I mean she did live here. They hadta have a spike in their powers."

"I guess," she answered quietly. "Let's go, Kyle. We gotta find 'em quick or it'll be too late for her."

The ragged, dirty pair picked themselves up out of the alley where they had been resting and made their way out to the main street. Next stop: The Crashdown.

"Hey Michael, have you seen Liz yet, since.....well since earlier?"

Michael looked up from the booth where he'd been working on his homework to see Max walking over to him.

"Nah," he said with a sigh, "I haven't seen her. She went straight up to her room and hasn't come out since. I'm worried about her."

"She thinks it's all her fault doesn't she?" Max asked quietly as he sat across from Michael.

"Yeah, really we don't know why this happens. People just go crazy when they're around her. You know, I would have never known I was anything but human if I hadn't lived with her with the Parkers before."

"Really?" Maz aked puzzled, "You mean you don't have any powers when you're not around her?"

"No, why do you?"

"Yeah, I mean they get like ten times more powerful when I'm around her, but I still have 'em when I'm not."

"Huh, we really need to talk to her."

"Yeah," Max said quietly, "Like now."


They got up quickly and ran up the stairs spurred on by a strange urgency.

"Liz, open up," Michael nearly yelled as he pounded on her door.

When no answer came he panicked and pounded harder.

"Liz, LIZ!" he yelled, "Come on Liz, open up!"

"Michael," Max whispered, his face white, "I can't feel her. She's not in there."

"Shit!" Michael tore away from the door and sprinted down the steps with Max on his heels. "Damnit, where the hell could she have run to?"

They were running so fast they failed to notice the two young teens coming in til they'd practically run over them.

"Shit!" Michael yelled, "Why don't you kids fucking watch where you're going?"

"Michael, chill, let's go," Max said pulling on his arm. "Don't worry about it"

The two other teenagers just stared at them as they started away again.

Stop! a voice echoed through their minds.Don't go ! You're looking for her aren't you? We can help, we know where she went.

Michael and Max froze in their tracks as they heard the voice and feet pounding on the pavement behind them trying to catch up.

"What...the hell...was that?" Max breathed.

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