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JIHAD: The Book of Zan

AUTHOR: Melissa (aka Angel Kisses)
RATING: NC-17 (though most of story is PG-13)
CATEGORY: This is Zan’s story, though M/L & everyone else are in it and figure prominently.

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for my own amusement and make no money from this. However, I do own the characters, Alexander Parker Evans (Zan) and Cassandra Elizabeth Guerin (Cassie), and the rest of the kids. They were born from my imagination and I’d like to keep them. Thanks!

SUMMARY: In Book 1: The story began where Destiny in the TV series left off. Some of the events of Season 2 happened, some didn’t (Tess is good, and Alex is alive and well). Max and Liz learned that they are eternal mates, and that their son, Alexander (Zan, for short) is the One that was prophecied long ago. To keep Zan safe, the gang left Roswell for 6 years, hiding from their enemies.

In Book 2: When Kivar’s army came to Earth in search of the Granilith and Liz, the gang returned to Roswell. As events unfurled, they learned more about their past and just how long this war between the Light and the Darkness has been going on. As the next turn in the prophecy occurred and events came to a head, Liz gave her life in order to save her newborn daughter, Brianna. However, on the morning of the impending battle, Zan used his powers to raise Liz from the dead before the astonished eyes of alien and human alike, proving that he is the One. After taking a terrible beating by Max, Kivar was vanquished but not before warning them that, “Death is only the beginning.” (My Mummy movie homage their... *happy* ) Max declared that they would prepare for the day Kivar would resurface in his new body/form, and no longer live in hiding from their enemy.

AUTHOR’S NOTES: This is the final book in my trilogy. You can find the first two installments: DESTINY’s CHILD: The Prophecy Chronicles and RETURN OF THE KING: The Antarian Saga over on the Repost Board. I recommend you read those first, or you’re going to be lost. *happy*

DEDICATION: To all those wonderful fans who e-mailed me and left feedback on the first two books. There are way to many of you to list individually, but I have you on my list! Enjoy your sneak peek at the final book in the trilogy (which I still haven't given a name to yet!)

Now, on with the show....



Inside the Granilith chamber....

Zan clasped his wife’s hand firmly in his and stared up at the imposing structure before them. It hummed softly, giving no indication to the great energy contained within it. Energy so powerful that it could either destroy worlds or save them. And right now, Zan was praying that what he was about to do would accomplish the latter.

He looked down at his wife. She was so tiny, barely coming to his shoulder. Her beautiful golden curls were gone now, sacrificed to the winds of a brutal war. The new cut emphasized her pixie-like features, especially her lovely hazel eyes. Her eyes were what he loved the most. Wide and innocent, belying all the horrors she’d seen in her short twenty-two years, both in real life and in her visions.

He reached out and cupped her face. “Cassandra,” he whispered, willing his voice not to crack. “How do I do this? How do I leave you?”

She looked at him, tears shimmering in her hazel depths. “You have to Zan. There’s no other way. Serena said so. We’re out of options.... We’re out of time.”

He hugged her to him and kissed her with all of the love, passion and grief within his heart. She responded to him in kind. He broke the kiss, resting his forehead against hers. “But...if I do this, you and I won’t exist anymore. Not as we do now,” he whispered brokenly.

“And if you don’t, we’re both going to die. Everyone will, including Bree. You have to do this. You have to try,” she replied.

His amber brown eyes, so like his father’s, filled with tears that threatened to spill over. “I’ll never see you again.”

She kissed him again. He could feel everything through their connection. All of her emotions...her memories...her love. And then the connection was gone. He felt her sever it. She was letting him go, even though it was going to kill her.

“Thank you,” he whispered, staring into her eyes.

She reached out and ran a finger across the vicious-looking, white scar that graced his left temple and cheek. She smiled bravely. “For what?”

“For every kiss..every smile...every moment....”

“Zan, I don’t have any regrets,” she replied softly, raising her chin. “This is what I was born to do. To love only you.”

The force of a near-by explosion rocked the chamber, causing them to fall to their knees. “That was close,” he said.

“Too close. It’s time, Zan,” she said, looking over at the Granilith. “Do it now, or all is lost.”

Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and placed his hand on the Granilith. Immediately, the hum changed and the black opaqueness filled with a swirling mass of purple light. Taking one last look at his beautiful wife, he stepped away from her.

A bright light filled the room, and when Cassandra’s vision cleared, she stared in awe at the image of Zan within the Granilith. He looked at her with longing and reached out his hand to her, as if he could touch her one last time.

Standing, she reached out, years of habit making her respond to his gesture. Before she could touch the surface of the structure, the chamber began to shake, knocking her back slightly. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was gone, the Granilith once again dark and humming softly.

She fell back against the wall as an explosion blew open the chamber door, spraying shards of deadly metal shrapnel at her.

”Zan!” She crumpled to the ground, panting hard. She clasped the large piece of metal imbedded in her abdomen just beneath her heart. She heard footsteps. Looking up, she found herself staring into Kivar’s cold, gray eyes.

“He won’t succeed,” Kivar hissed, “It’s over. The Darkness has won.”

“Don’t bet on it,” she gasped, and pulled the detonatinating trigger from the holster strapped to her upper thigh.

As she pushed the button, the last sight she saw was Kivar’s eyes filled with fearful recognition. The last sound she heard...Kivar’s scream as the nuclear bombs hidden within the chamber’s walls detonated.

To be continued....

Hope you enjoyed. Yes, that was my homage to EOTW. What can I say it was my favorite eppy last season. DO NOT panic! I AM NOT breaking up Max and Liz! However....

Well, you'll just have to keep reading to find out.*big*

See you on the flip side!
Mel *angel*

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tazno originally wrote:
This looks good, and I wish you luck writing it, but I just have to comment on your title. I don't know if you know what Jihad means, but right now, in this country, it is a scary and offensive term. Perhaps you may want to think about adjusting your title.

Good luck with your story.

tazno and any others who may have concerns,

I do know what jihad means. In fact, I explained it in one of my last posts on the ROTK thread. I've had the title picked out since March (in fact it should be somewhere on one of the old threads on the old board). Though I did think about it in the week after Sept. 11th, I am not going to change my title.

For those of you not in the know, jihad (in it's third and final stage) means "holy war" in Muslim, also refered to as "defending the faith."

What is happening right now in Afghanistan is not a true jihad, no matter what some of those nuts who follow Bin Laden say. The US and the rest of the world are not fighting against a religion or religious belief; we are fighting a madman who wants to destroy everything good in this world and rule it through fear. Terrorism is not a religion.

In my story, this is about the war between the religious factions of the 5 planets: the followers of the Light and the followers of the Darkness. Jihad is an excellent description for what is happening in my story. I also plan to use it as the Antarian word for "holy war." Remember, in my story, Antarians have been on Earth before in our distant past, and I have incorporated some of the ancient cultures (including one I am a descendent from) as being Antarian-influenced, including the ancient people of the Middle East.

We, as a country, should not let a word scare us. After all, that is all it is. What should make us angry is the men who take a word and corrupt it for their own vile and destructive purposes. The word should not offend us; the people who corrupt it should offend us. People who pervert the ideal and meaning of the word, jihad, are no better than the people who perverted the meaning and ideal of the word, crusade, in the Middle Ages.

In no way, did I title my story to offend those personally touched by the events of 9-11. (My heart broke with the rest of the nation as I watched the horror unfold on my TV that morning with my children by my side.) I did not choose my title to sensationalize or capitalize on the events unfolding in the world around us. Nor do I mean to insult those who practice Islam. I chose my title because it is the one that best fits the story I am choosing to write.

Peace and God bless,
Mel *angel* "An American Original for 31 1/2 years."

"Never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love." -- Nelson Rockefeller *tongue*
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JIHAD: The Book of Zan

AUTHOR: Melissa (aka Angel Kisses)
RATING: NC-17 (though most of story is PG-13)
CATEGORY: This is Zan’s story, though M/L & everyone else are in it and figure prominently.

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for my own amusement and make no money from this. However, I do own the characters, Alexander Parker Evans (Zan) and Cassandra Elizabeth Guerin (Cassie), and the rest of the kids. They were born from my imagination and I’d like to keep them. Thanks!

AUTHOR’S NOTES: Thank you guys so much for the feedback! It thrills me to no end and means a lot to me when I read it. *happy*

To clarify a question that was brought up, no, Zan and Cassie will not cease to exist just because Zan goes back. Only the future versions of F. Zan's timeline will cease to exist if he's successful in his mission.

So, Happy Roswell Day and on with the show....




Zan stared at his surroundings and wondered if it had worked. Slowly turning around, he scanned the Granilith chamber. The room was as pristine as it was in his memory as a six year old when he’d seen it for the first time.

He checked the wall by the entrance. The two silver handprints with the word, “always” beneath them, were gone. It had worked. He was in the past. Now, he just needed to find out if he’d gone back far enough.

Carefully, he made his way to the entrance of the pod chamber and slid the door open. He quickly scanned the terrain, and found it untouched by war. The sun was just beginning to set, so he would be able to make his way into Roswell soon. If he used the night as cover,
he could make sure that no one but his intended contact saw him. The fewer people who knew about him, the better.

To pass the time, he sat down on one of the large rocks near the pod chamber’s hidden entrance and stared at the small, shimmering angel sculpture that sat permanently imbedded in the cliff face. The angel gazed up into the heavens, smiling softly.

Suddenly, Zan jerked and clutched his chest. An anguished cry escaped him as the feeling of half his soul being ripped from his body, coursed through him. Devastated and shaking, he began to weep. Even without the mental or physical connection...even across time...he’d felt her die.

How long he sat there, he didn’t know, but when he was able to focus again, he realized that night had fallen. Slowly, he stood up to leave. He reached out and waved his hand over the angel’s base, then walked away, heading towards Roswell.

Behind him, beneath the inscription: “An Angel of Light, November 25, 2000,” the date, May 5, 2025, glowed with a faint, silver-colored light in the star-filled darkness.


“...Happy Birthday dear Bree. Happy Birthday to you!” voices sang loudly inside the Crashdown Cafe. Amy Valenti had closed the restaurant down for the evening with a sign on the door explaining a private party was going on inside.

Brianna Evans giggled and blew out the two candles on her cake. Then, she grabbed a handful of the chocolate and Tabasco-flavored cake sitting in front of her and began eating happily.

“Brianna Evans,” Liz admonished gently. “Where are your manners?”

“Now, Liz,” Max said, bending down next to their daughter, “She is the birthday girl. Besides, when else can you get first dibs on cake except on your birthday? Isn’t that right Princess?”

At that moment, Brianna decided to share her cake and shoved a piece, covered with frosting, in Max’s face.

Liz burst out laughing, as Max removed the cake to reveal large globs of pink and purple frosting stuck to his cheeks, chin and nose.

“Nice war paint, Maxwell,” Michael said, smirking as he tried to help Maria pass out cake to the pack of two year-old nieces and nephews clamoring around their legs.

“Ha, ha. Very funny,” Max said, trying to wipe the frosting off with a Barbie-emblazoned napkin. He looked at his wife.

”Here, let me.” Liz bent over and wiped the missed frosting from his cheek with her finger. Smiling at Max with mischief, she stuck her frosting covered fingertip into her mouth and sucked gently.

Max groaned softly, watching her. ”Liz....”

Her chocolate brown eyes darkened. ”Later, my King. You’ll get your present, much later....”

“By the Light! Don’t you two ever stop?” Isabelle said, placing a bowl of vanilla ice cream in front of Brianna, who had gone back to munching on her cake, oblivious to the looks flowing between her parents. “You guys act like newlyweds instead of an old married couple of nine

“You’re one to talk,” Kyle teased, helping his son, Gregory, into his seat at the table. “Didn’t I catch you and Alex making out in Dad and Amy’s backyard just this past Christmas?”

“We were not making out,” Isabelle denied, lifting her chin.

“Yeah,” Alex said grinning, “There was mistletoe. You know how my little Christmas Nazi is about Yuletide traditions.”

“Mommy is not a Kissmas nazi,” Hayley said, stomping her foot. “She’s a Kissmas elf!”

Alex grinned down at his daughter. “I am so sorry. You’re absolutely right. Mommy is a KISS-mas elf.”

Isabelle just shook her head and went to help Hayley’s twin, Ian, with his cake and ice cream.

Tess chuckled, helping Kaitlin into a chair, and elbowed Kyle in the ribs. “Now, see what you’ve started Buddha Boy.”

“Me? They’re the ones who started all of this,” Kyle said, pointing at Max and Liz, who were now both standing behind Brianna’s chair looking at everyone with innocent

“Uncle Michael?” Zan asked, holding out his plate for a slice of cake. “What’s making out?”

Maria laughed as Michael’s ears turned red.

“Um, something you don’t need to know about until you’re much older, Ape. Here, go take Cassie and Sam their cake,” Michael said quickly, pointing at the booth where the older children were sitting.

“Nice one, Space Boy. Are you going to give Cassie that answer when she asks that same question one day?”

Michael frowned. “Cassie is never going to ask, because she’s going to be an innocent little girl forever.”

Maria glanced over at their daughter and smiled knowingly at the look of joy and adoration on Cassie’s face when Zan gave her a piece of birthday cake. She looked back at Michael and smirked. “Yeah, you keep telling yourself that Space Boy.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing,” she replied, grinning, and shoved a piece of cake into Michael’s mouth before he could say anything else.

“Hey!” Phillip Evans said, opening the door from the kitchen, “I think there’s a present in here for a certain birthday girl....”

Brianna squealed, hopped down from her chair and ran towards her grandfather before Liz or Max could stop her. “Papa!”

Phillip scooped his granddaughter up in his arms and smiled as she gave him a sticky kiss. “Sorry I’m late, Princess. I tried to hurry back from Clovis as quickly as possible.”

Diane Evans smiled at her husband as the rest of their grandchildren ran up to him, each clamoring for a hug and kiss.

“Now, just a minute everyone,” Phillip said, laughing. “Let me give Bree her present from me and Grandma. Jim, could you give me a hand?”

Jim Valenti nodded and walked into the kitchen. A few seconds later, he was pushing a rather large, gaily-wrapped present into the dining area.

Brianna’s amber-brown eyes widened in amazement, as Phillip set her down in front of the package that towered over her tiny frame. “Mine?” she whispered.

“Yep, Princess. All yours.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and open it, sweetie,” Liz said, as the rest of the adults gathered around.

Brianna didn’t have to be told twice and quickly ripped into the wrapping paper. “Barbie house!” she squealed, as a large, pink and white townhouse was revealed.

“Yep, just like Cassie’s,” Diane said.

“And Kaitlin’s,” Tess said, smiling.

“And Hayley’s,” Isabelle added, nodding.

“What’s the matter, Bree? Don’t you like it sweetie?” Amy asked, when the little, pig-tailed brunette frowned slightly at the townhouse.

Brianna cocked her head and studied the house. Then, she smiled and waved her hand over the house changing its colors from pink and white, to pink and purple. She grinned up at the astonished adults and grinned. “Tank you. I get Barbie.”

While Brianna ran over to her pile of opened gifts to hunt for her beloved doll, and the other kids went back to their tables to eat their cake and ice cream, the adults stared silently at one another.


Michael peeked out the kitchen’s serving window, and saw that the kids were playing happily with Brianna’s new toys. Satisfied that they weren’t going to be interrupted, he turned his gaze back to Max and Liz. “What in the hell was that?”

Maria smacked Michael on the arm. “Lower your voice please.”

Max shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m as surprised as everyone else. That’s the first time she’s done something like that.”

Isabelle chewed nervously on her lower lip. “But the twins haven’t shown any signs of their powers yet.”

“Neither have Kat and Greg,” Kyle said, nodding his head. “And besides her freaky little seeing-the-evil-within trick, Cassie hasn’t shown any signs yet either.”

“My daughter is not freaky,” Michael growled.

“Chill Space Boy,” Tess said, holding up her hands. “Bree’s ability may have something to do with who her parents are. After all, Zan has had his since he was an infant.”

“Yeah, but he’s the One,” Alex said. “He’s supposed to have them.”

“Look, she’s no different than the rest of them,” Liz said. “She’s just showing hers early, that’s all. I’m sure the others will gain their powers when they get older. Didn’t you guys really start developing your powers around ten?”

Michael, Isabelle and Tess nodded.

“Except for Max,” Diane said softly. “You were six when you healed that bird. Remember?”

Max nodded. “Yeah, it’s possible that Bree’s powers are manifesting early since mine did.”

“Yeah, but there’s a big difference between two and six, Maxwell.”

“So, we’ll just have to watch her closely and make her understand that she can’t do stuff like that in front of people who aren’t family.”

“I really wish Lara were here,” Liz said. “Maybe she could offer us an explanation.”

“Yes, well, who knew that Lara’s undercover assignment was going to coincide with the time Bree’s powers came in,” Jim murmured.

“It’ll be okay,” Phillip said, “Bree’s a bright little girl, as are all the kids. They know about your powers and that they have to keep quiet about them. We’ll just tell them they have to keep hers a secret, just like they do Zan’s.”

Amy looked at Michael’s worried frown and patted him on the back. “Hey, it’ll be okay. After all, the only ones who saw her do it, were her family. She’ll be safe.”

Liz nodded. “Amy’s right. Now, let’s get back out into the dining room before the kids destroy it.”

As they filed out into the dining area, Michael looked at Maria. ”I just have a bad feeling about this....”

Maria smiled at him. ”It’ll be okay. Remember, we’re stronger together. No one will touch Bree as long as the eight of us are around.”

The door swung shut behind them, leaving the kitchen in silence and semi-darkness. A minute later, as the sounds of the party picked up again, a figure dressed in black crept from the shadows of the stairway of the upper floor apartment and silently slipped out the back door.

In the alleyway, the figure pulled out a data-link. “It is an affirmative, HQ. She has them.”

“Good work,” a voice crackled over the device. “Prepare for transport.”


Max woke with a start. Something, as if the air surrounding him was charged somehow. Gently, he untangled himself from Liz’s naked, sleeping form and got up. Pulling on his boxers, he glanced out their open, bedroom window.

The night was silent in it’s darkness; the moon hidden behind ominous-looking clouds. He shivered as he watched the lightening in the distance and heard the low rumble of rolling thunder. A breeze made the curtains dance lightly.

Silently, he turned away from the window, cocked his head and listened to the noises of the house. Glancing down at Liz still sleeping soundly in their bed, he decided to go get himself a piece of Brianna’s leftover birthday cake.

As he silently padded down the hallway, he stopped at a door and peeked into the darkened bedroom. The glow from a nightlight showed eight year-old Zan sprawled across his bed, snoring softly; his Diamondbacks baseball cap still on his head, and his glove grasped tightly to his chest.

Moving down the hall, he then peeked into Brianna’s room and smiled at the sight of his daughter’s tiny form curled into a little ball; her breathing soft and even, and her beloved Barbie laying on the pillow next to her head. His little princess...the spitting image of her mother.

Satisfied that his family was safe, Max continued down the hall and into the kitchen. As he got a glass out of the cabinet, he glanced out the kitchen window over the sink and froze. A shadow had just moved along the back fence line; a shadow that was humanoid in shape.



“There’s someone in the backyard. Be ready.”

“Understood. Be careful, Max.”


Quickly, he snuck out the sliding glass door, ignoring the chill of the late-spring desert air, and moved swiftly around the outside of the house. He stopped short when he spotted a figure huddled under Brianna’s window.

Max threw up an energy shield around the shadowy figure. “Who in the hell are you?”

The figure stood up and turned around slowly. “Dad?”

Max stared in disbelief at the young man standing inside the shield. The man’s hair, black like his own, hung past his shoulders, waving slightly like Liz’s did when she wore hers loose. His strong jaw, heavy with five o’clock shadow, was clenched in a familiar manner. But, what startled him the most, was the man’s amber-brown eyes staring at him with...what? Relief? Happiness?

“Who are you?” Max demanded, this time with a slight hesitation in his voice.

The young man took a step forward.

Realizing that he was at a height disadvantage, Max reinforced the energy shield. “I repeat, who are you?”

The young man stepped easily through the energy shield, generating a small light orb as he did so. Holding it close to his face, he stared at Max. “Don’t you recognize me, Dad? It’s Zan.”

To be continued....

Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter. Chapter two will be out next Tuesday. Yes, in one week, because I really, really need to go update my other two stories! *big*

And I swear, I wrote about Zan's baseball cap long before I knew the Diamondbacks were going to the playoffs or that they would win the World Series! I just figured since he lives in the Southwest, he'd be a fan.

Melissa *angel*

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JIHAD: The Book of Zan

AUTHOR: Melissa (aka Angel Kisses)
RATING: NC-17 (though most of story is PG-13)
CATEGORY: This is Zan’s story, though M/L & everyone else are in it and figure prominently.

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for my own amusement and make no money from this. However, I do own the characters, Alexander Parker Evans (Zan) and Cassandra Elizabeth Guerin (Cassie), and the rest of the kids. They were born from my imagination and I’d like to keep them. Thanks!

AUTHOR’S NOTES: I could have sworn I posted Chapter 2 of this story a few months ago. The board must of ate it, cause I can't find it. **rolls eyes and sighs**

Anywho, here it is. I hope you like.



“Don’t you recognize me, Dad? It’s Zan.” Those seven words kept playing over and over again in Max’s head as he stared at the man standing silently before him. The man who’d just walked through his energy shield and was now holding an orb of light in his hand.

“Dad?” Zan took a step toward his father, smiling.

Max snapped out of his stupor and raised his hand, ready to send out a blast of deadly energy. “I wouldn’t take another step if I were you,” he warned softly. “Unless you want to end up a pile of dust.”

Zan stopped. His smile faded. The deadly intent in Max’s eyes shook him to his core. He’d never seen his father look at him like that, like he was the enemy.... Realization dawned. “You think I’m a Skin!”

Max raised an eyebrow. “Not too bright. That sound’s about right.”

Zan shook his head. “Dad, it is me...Zan. Well, the version of me that I’ll become in fifteen years.”

Max frowned. “I don’t think so. Time travel is not possible. It goes against every rule of physics, of reality--.”

Zan grinned. “That’s Mom talking, now. But, as she found out two years ago, anything is possible for the One.” he said. “With a little help from the Granilith, of course.”

“You, leave Liz out of this. I don’t know who or what you are, but you aren’t my son,” Max said angrily. “My son is an eight year old boy who is asleep right now in his

“Dad, I know this is hard to believe--”

“Stop calling me that,” Max demanded. “I am not your father.”

Zan paled at the words and took a step back. He had never even entertained the idea that his strong, fair-minded father might not believe him.

Max watched the young man carefully. He witnessed a myriad of emotions cross his face.

Frantically searching a way to keep his father from killing him, Zan latched onto a memory and met his father’s serious gaze. “This is May 5th, 2010, right?”

Max nodded.

Zan smiled with relief. “Today is Bree’s second birthday.”

“So? Her birth is a matter of public record,” Max said unimpressed.

“True,” Zan replied, “But here’s something that’s not. Bree’s powers physically manifested themselves for the first time today. She changed the color of her new
townhouse from pink and white to pink and purple because those are her favorite colors.”

Max paled at the mention of Brianna’s powers.

“It freaked the adults out,” Zan continued hurriedly. “And when we got home, you and Mom had a long talk with Bree about using them in public and that they were supposed to be kept secret.”

“You bugged our house!”

“No! No! I was there cause you needed my help to make Bree understand how important it was for her safety.” Zan saw the disbelief in his father’s face and tried again. “If I’m not from the future, then how do you explain that I know that in approximately ten seconds, I
am going to wake up from a horrible nightmare screaming for you and Mom.”

Max snorted. “Zan doesn’t have nightmares.”

“I do tonight,” he said. “3...2...1.”

Max raised an eyebrow at the silence.

“I said approximately.”

Before Max could reply, the sound of eight year-old Zan screaming, cut through the night air. “Mom! Dad! Help!”

Zan stared at his father as he remembered the night. “Mom came into my room and turned on my overhead light. She was wearing a black T-shirt and boxers. She asked me what was wrong. I told her what I’d seen....”

Max watched as the light in Zan’s bedroom came on, causing a puddle of light on the ground behind the young man. The sound of Liz’s voice drifted through the open window. “Zan! What’s wrong sweetie?”

“They’ve got her!” Max heard his son say. He sounded terrified. “We have to save her!”

“She asked me who, and I told her,” Zan whispered, tears shimmering in his eyes. “Bree. They have Bree.”

Max listened, his stomach knotting up, as his son repeated those very words.

“Mom said, it was just a dream. That everything was okay. Then she kissed my forehead, tucked me back in and turned out the light.”

Max stared at him.

“I believed her,” Zan whispered, wiping the tears from his cheeks. “She didn’t know. The Light didn’t tell her, but it told me.”

“Told you?” Max asked with dread.

“It wasn’t a nightmare. It was a vision...a warning,” Zan admitted guiltily.

“About what?”

“That tomorrow night, our enemies are going to kidnap Bree.”


Liz stood in the hallway just outside her children’s bedroom doors prepared to back up Max when he called. She was surprised when he suddenly appeared at the end of the hallway. She started to smile, but stopped when she saw the look on his face. ”What’s wrong, Max? What did you find?”

Max just opened his arms, anguish shining in his amber-brown eyes.

She flew into his embrace, wrapping her arms around his waist and pulling him close. She felt him bury his face in her hair and inhale. Worried, she looked up so that she could see his eyes. ”Okay, you’re sniffing my hair. Something’s shaken you up pretty badly.”

”You’’re wearing a black T-shirt and boxers.”

”Yeah. You didn’t think I was going to face a possible threat to our family in the nude, did you? Besides, Zan woke up with a nightmare and I had to calm him down.”

”He’s telling the truth. It’s all true.”

Liz pulled away slightly. “What’s true Max?” she demanded, panic suddenly welling up in her chest. “Who told you the truth?”

“Shh,” Max said, placing a finger on her lips. “I don’t want the children to wake up for this.”

“For what Max?”

Max grabbed her hand, turned and led her down the hall towards the kitchen. ”I-I need to show you something.”

Liz frowned with confusion as they entered the kitchen, until Max stepped aside letting her see exactly what it was he wanted her to see. She stiffened at the sight of the young man dressed in black, sitting at the table. He seemed to be staring at the glass of water sitting in
front of him; his shoulder-length, dark hair hiding his profile.

“Zan,” Max said softly.

Liz looked at her husband, then at the stranger. She gasped as the young man turned his head to look at them, revealing his features.

It was the face...the face from her vision two years ago...the face of her son, all grown up. Everything about him was Max all over again, right down to the soul-filled eyes, which were suddenly shimmering with tears.

She took a step forward. “Zan,” she whispered.

Zan watched his mother approach him, and he trembled. She was so beautiful, just as he remembered her from his childhood. She was so young! Too young for what would happen to her fourteen years in the future.

Liz saw the pain in Zan’s face, and her heart broke for him. Her son was hurting and she did the only thing she knew how to do to make it better. She hugged him.

Zan couldn’t stop the sobs that broke from his chest. It had been so long....

Liz cooed softly in Zan’s ear, murmuring words of comfort and swaying slightly. She looked at Max and smiled sadly at the questioning amazement in his eyes. then, returned her attention to her son. “Zan,” she whispered, when his sobs had quieted. “Zan, why are
you here? What’s happened?”

“It won,” Zan said, choking slightly on the words. “The Darkness won.”


“It’s a little early to be calling a morning meeting, don’t you think Maxwell?” Michael complained as they entered the pod chamber.

Maria rolled her eyes at her husband’s complaint and looked apologetically at Max. “Don’t listen to Space Boy. He’s just ticked because he’s missing out on his early morning romp.”

Michael looked at his wife with horror. “Maria! Is there anything else you would like to tell our family about our sex life?”

Maria shrugged. “Like Liz, Tess and Isabelle don’t already know.”


“Enough, you two,” Isabelle snapped, snuggling closer to Alex. “Do we have to do this every time there’s a meeting?”

“Yes,” Kyle said, draping his arm around Tess. “It’s tradition--the meeting isn’t officially started until Michael and Maria start to argue.”

“Speaking of tradition, do we always have to have our secret meetings out here?” Alex asked, hugging his wife closer to keep her warm in the cool air of the cave. “Next time, couldn’t we go someplace that has heat?”

“The pod chamber is the one place I know where we can talk without being overheard,” Max said. “Besides, what I have to show you, can’t be seen by anyone else.”

“So what’s the big secret, Max?” Tess asked.

“We had a visitor last night,” Liz began, when Max seemed to hesitate. “And what he told us, well, it was intense.”

Michael stiffened. “What kind of visitor?”

Max sighed. “The kind with information about our enemies. It seems that the Skins and the other aliens who refused to accept Zan as the One, have finally gained enough numbers to become a threat to us again.”

“How can this be?” Tess asked. “I thought we have undercover operatives, like Lara, in their camps to monitor their numbers.”

“We do,” Liz replied, “But there’s a faction we haven’t been able to find. The one we suspect of actually harboring Kivar latest re-incarnation.”

“You think he’s really back?” Isabelle asked with concern.

Max nodded. “Zan has begun having nightmares--visions. The Skins know about Brianna’s powers, and they’re planning to kidnap her.”

“What?” Michael asked, angrily. “How?”

“Tonight, sometime between midnight and six in the morning,” Liz said softly. “They’re going to try and take her while we’re sleeping.”

“Liz, how does your ‘visitor’ know all of this?” Maria asked. “How can you be sure that he’s reliable?”

“Because I was there.”

They all turned to see what looked like a grown-up Zan emerge from the Granilith chamber.

Michael raised his hand, ready to blast this look-like to oblivion.

Zan locked eyes with Michael. “Power down, Uncle Michael. I’m not one of our enemies.”

“What in the hell is this Max?” Isabelle asked, panic and disbelief in her voice. “He looks like--like Zan!”

“That’s because it is Zan,” Liz said quietly. “Zan as he will be fifteen years from now.”

“But, time travel isn’t possible,” Alex stammered. “Your the science geek, Liz. You of all people should know that.”

“It is Alex, but not for the One. He used the Granilith. You know how powerful it is. It did bring you back from the dead.”

“How can you be so sure?” Kyle asked, eyeing Zan warily.

“Because he told me things only Zan would know,” Max said.

“And because, two years ago, I saw him in a vision as a young man,” Liz added. “This is my son. I would know him anywhere.”

Tess studied Zan carefully, then nodded. “Liz is right. A mother always knows her own child. It’s instinct.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Michael said, then looked at Zan. “So why Bree? Why not Liz? She’s the Seer.”

Zan looked Michael in the eye. “Because Bree has the power to kill all of you without blinking an eye.”

“You can’t be serious,” Maria stammered.

“I am Aunt Maria,” Zan replied, his voice cracking at the memories racing through his mind. “I saw it happen. I was there.”

To be continued....

I don't know when I'll get Chapter 3 out. The characters aren't really talking to me write now, though I thought I heard Zan whispering in my ear a little while ago. Do not fear. I will finish this story. After all, I've known this was a trilogy from the beginning, that's how I planned it out.

By the way, I've named the trilogy. Drumroll, please....
The Illuminati Trilogy. *bounce*

Want to know what illuminati means, go look it up in the dictionary. Want to know how it figures into the'll just have to wait and see.*big*

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