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RAted: PG-13 for violence, and some passion.

Chapter 1: A new beginning

Don’t ask me why I’m here. Some people go for years and ask the question of their existence. I spend a lifetime wondering. My mother died when I was born, and my father has never forgiven me for it. He raised me without trying to. When I got old enough he built me my own bathroom. He couldn’t stand looking at all the female things in the bathroom. It hurt him to see it. He loved my mother more then life. Night after Night he came home drunk. He wouldn’t touch me, for fear he would loose his point in life. He is afraid to even look at me.

I go through like wondering why. Why is the only thing that haunts me. The idea that there is a reason why I’m here. I know there’s a purpose for my life, but I can’t figure it out. Sometimes I feel that someone is watching me. Is always watching me. Like a hawk. Then when I look around there isn’t anyone there. Then the feelings that something is wrong. I’m always afraid that someone is after me. But nothing ever happens. At night I wish something would come. I have no one. Nothing! That hurts me more then life without any purpose.

Oh, I forgot my name is Liz Parker. I work at the local restaurant called the Crashdown. Pathetic I know, but it makes me happy, and the fact I live in Roswell it’s be4tter then the museum they have. Ever since I was a child all I ever wanted to do was make my own money. My father just handed me money to buy school supplies, and then complain about what I bought. Now I do what ever I want. I stay up as long as I want, eat whenever I want, and a party when ever I want. Believe me I don’t party very often. This just happens to be a free night.

That’s right I’m partying right now. I have no really good friends, but I have some friends. My best friend is Maria Deluca. We were born on the exact same day. We figured out which one as older, me by two hours. That’s another story though. We always went to a club called Space shit. It’s not a bad place, but you have to be at least 21. That never stopped us before. We would walk in a sway our hips with our arms in the air. Dancing with any guys that came our way.

As I dance someone grabbed my hips. I turn to see who it was. A cute man, tall, dark hair, and the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and swayed my hips. I could see the pleasure in those eyes as I move my hips. Then an idea hit me. I turn and put my back to his front. He wouldn’t let go of my hips as I swing them, and go down by him. When I went up, and faced him, he wanted me bad. Then it hit me what was I doing. I stop dancing. This isn’t me what am I doing. This man I don’t even know, and I can’t stop looking at him.

I have to get away from him. Something isn’t right. He’s different then anyone else in the club tonight. I start walking away, and walked to the door. When I got out I started to walk home. Then I got dizzy. Full of it, and it hurts. It’s not normal, what is happening to me. I turn, and he’s there looking at me. What does he want from me?

“Wait! What is your name?” I stopped walking, and he came closer to me. “Please give me your name.” I smile at him.

“Liz!” I tell him as I walk away from him, and hed for my home. Wait did I just tell him my name. What encouraged that one? What was his name? I turn to look at him still looking at me. “What’s yours?” I stop walking waiting for an answer. He smiles at me, and whips hair away from his face. Man is he cute.

“Max. My name is Max.” I couldn’t help but smile at him. Max, nice name. I wasn’t expecting him to have a name like that. Oh, well! I just walk home alone. I could of found Maria but I wasn’t in the mood to pull her away from her new pet. Who ever it was for the night.

I get home and walked in to see my father passed out on the couch. What a waste! He could have been so much more then this. What am I supposed to do though? It’s his life not mine; I’m just a child. RIGHT! I just hed up in my room anyway.

I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself. How more ugly could I get? I took off my shirt to look at my birthmark. It was weird shape and in the middle of my back. I can’t tell what it is, but sometimes I daydream that it means something. Like I’m going to do something that will change my life forever. Yeah right. Well I got changed and went to sleep.

Every night for the past month I have had the same dream. I can never remember what it is when I wake up but it’s still there. I know it is the same dream, because I hear the same voice when I wake up. Like tonight, but instead of waking up to my alarm clock I just wake up. I stand up, and walk to my balcony. Must sound stupid for me to have a balcony, but it is nice to look up at the stars. Tonight it will help me allot. All I ever do is sit there, and watch the stars at night. I cover up in my blanket, and enjoy the nothingness of the world.

I’m actually looking for constellations. The big dipper is the easiest to find it never moves from the same spot. Some people believe that the stars tell the future. I know what my future holds for me. I’m going to finish High School, and go to Harvard to become a lawyer. After that I have a family, and live a normal life. That’s not what I want though, well not all of me. I want more. I need adventure. Something that will set me free from this world this reality. My Reality! A dreamer’s fantasy. That’s right I said it I am a dreamer. Happy that is who I am, I hope.

Well I guess I passed out because it’s morning, and there is a sun on my face waking me up. Saturday of course the day to relax. I don’t have to work for the first time in a month, on a Saturday. To bad Maria does have to work I have nothing to do now. I get up and get dressed, a cute baby blue tank top, and jeans. Can’t live without my jeans. I hed down stares and sit on the couch. My dad is already at work, and I get the living room alone to do what ever I want. I just sat down, and some one knocks on the door. Who would be over at…noon. Ooops! I guess I slept in more then I thought. I get up, and answer the door.

A man and a woman is standing at me door in black suits. All right what is going on? I take a better look at the male, who looks kind of familiar. Must go to my school or something. “My help you?” I ask trying not to be rude at the people at the door. Who are probably looking for my dad.

“Yes, we are looking for a Ms. Elizabeth Parker.” The lady asks looking at a piece of paper in her hand. What are do they want with me? This must be a joke. Did something happen to Maria? Please say she didn’t get drunk again, and make a full of herself. Why would lawyers be over because of Maria? Oh my God I’m thinking too much and they are staring at me. Say something Liz.

“Yeah, come on in.” I turn, and they walk in to my house. I just shut the door. I’m not going to babble in my head again I need to know why they are here. “What can I do for you?”

“Your Elizabeth Parker.” The man finally says. Where have I seen him before? That voice sounds familiar.

“Yeah, you can call me Liz.” The man started to get a little anxious. “What do you want because I really need to get some things done?”

“Sorry, Ms. Parker. My name is Isabel, and this is my brother. We knew your mother.” Wait hold on. They couldn’t of known my mother. They are to young to know my mother, unless my father laid and she ran out on us, but I don’t think that is what happened.

“My mom died sixteen years ago.”

“I know. We were at the funeral. Very sorry for you’re lost, Liz.” The brother spoke again. He doesn’t even give me a chance to think how rude.

“Who are you guys, and what do you want with me?”

“Sorry my name is Max. We are old friends of your mother.” Max! That’s were I know him from he is the guy from the bar. What did he track me down or something? What an ass?

“Max…the guy from the bar right. What you did a background check on me, and decide to play a game?”

“Liz, my brother does have problem with flirting with girls, but that’s not why we are here. We are here because we need your help.” Isabel said glaring at her brother.

“What do you need me for?” Liz said trying to understand what is going on.

“Can we go for a ride?” Isabel asks me standing up. You have got to be joking.

“Not until you tell me who your are, and what you want me for?”

“Your mother was a special person Liz. She had allot of secrets from everyone. Especially her husband. The biggest was not telling him who she was. She was, what we call, a protector. She protected the humans from us.” Liz got up and started to walk away from them. What did he me from them?

“Damn it Max, you said to much. I told you let me do the talking, because you can’s say a lie…” I didn’t care what they were talking about I had to get out of there. What ever was going on they weren’t there to do anything good. They were going to do something bad, and I knew it.

I don’t know where I was running I just ran. I finally stopped and looked around to see where I was, and someone grabbed my arm. I turn afraid what was behind me. It was him. I start walking away from him afraid even more of what he was going to do.
The weird thing was he didn’t have an evil look. He was smiling at me. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

“Why do you run Liz?” He said getting closer to me. I don’t want him to get closer to me. He frightens me more then anyone else in the world right now.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” Just then someone grabs me from behind, and pushes me to the ground. What was I suppose to do? I have never been in this situation before. Max put his hand on her shoulders holding her down. My heart started to race as I saw the look in his eyes. Isabel started to pull something out of her pocket. Trying to get a better look at it, she puts something on my stomach. It burns! It really hurts. I can’t move, I can’t think.

What is that? There is something in front of me, but I can’t see what it is. I can’t tell what it is, and I can’t feel anything else in the world. Everything went black and I can’t feel anything.

I am finally able to open my eyes, and I’m in a bed. I get up quickly remembering what just happened to me. Where am I? There’s a big room. Unlike anything I have ever seen. I slowly get up to see that it is definitely a place I have never seen before. I get up and walk to a window that has paper over it from the other side. What is going on?

Suddenly I remember about what someone did to my stomach. I look down to see if it left a mark. Nothing there isn't anything on my stomach not even a burnt mark. Then someone opened the door, and I don’t know what to do. A young woman walks in and shuts the door.

“Well Ms. Parker?” She looked at me questioning who I am. They bring me here, and they don’t know who I am. How rude!

“Yeah that’s me. Who are you?”

“Oh sorry! I’m Janine. I work around here until I can get into the field. The healer will be here in a few minutes.” What the Healer? Is this girl on crack? Where am I?

“Wait one second what is going on? Where am I? What Healer? How did I get here?” I’m a little hysterical at the moment; so don’t bug me.

“All questions will be answered when the healer gets here. Okay Ms. Parker.”

“Call me Liz!” The girl is looking at me funny. Did I say something wrong?

“I thought your name was Elizabeth Parker?” Oh, great. People always do this to me. Ever since I was little girl. I only like being called Liz because it’s easier for me to listen to then hearing my real name.

“Yeah, that is my name but my friends and the rest of the world calls me Liz.” That should give her a clue.

“Okay, if that’s what you want to be called that is fine with me.” Just then the door opened again. I didn’t want to look at them. It just can’t happen this way. I want to go home. Is that too much to ask?

“Well hello Ms. Parker.” The other girl says walking over to me. I don’t know what to do.

“Call me Liz!” I’m getting tired of arguing with these people. What do I do now?

“Alright. My name is Darlene. You look alright Liz, any sore areas?”

“No, where am I?” That was the only question going through my mind at the moment. Over and over again, will it ever stop!

“You are in the Karilay. Center of operation of the protectors. Your mom worked here before she had you that is. Your mother was the best protector around at the time. It has been a pain trying to get replacements for those that were lost in the war…”

“Hold it. What are you talking about? How did I get here?”

“Well you see…there are a ton of people that are devoted to protect the humans from the shadows. You got here because Melina saved your life. The twins weren’t supposed to attack you. You weren’t ready to know the truth until your next birthday. Which I do believe is in a month right.”

“Yeah that’s right. What are the Shadows, and who are the twins?”

“Well the twins are the two that attacked you, we don’t know there real name. The Shadows are their organization. They take normal people and turn them into them. Doing so they take the energy from them, and put into the crystals that hold the energy. If they fill all the crystals they wake up their boss. The boss will kill everyone in mission to destroy us.”

“And you guys are?” Just then someone else walked in the room. Janine was already gone. I didn’t even notice her leave.

“She told you we stop them from dong what they do. If we were gone the Shadows will ruin here until we can stop them. Hi I’m Melina!” The girl that walked in started to talk. She was listening to the whole conversation. What is going on?

“Wait what is going on and why am I here? Don’t get me wrong thanks for saving me and all, but what is going on?”

“Darlene you can leave. I’ll take it from here.” Darlene left me alone with Malina. “You were chosen to be a protector. Your birthmark on your back tells us that you are one of us. Your mother made sure you would have one. Your mother was my best friend. As for the twins they weren’t supposed to attack you yet because you haven’t remembered your dream yet. Everyone that is one of us has the same dream with whoever is assigned to them at that point in time. They don’t remember the dream until they are ready, but The twins thought you were a threat and decided to get rid of you a head of time.” What is with the Twins thing? Come on don’t they know their names? Wait did she just say I was a threat to them. Don’t I feel special.

“Why do you call them the twins?” I can’t believe I asked that. That isn’t like me at all.

“We don’t know their names. WE only know they are twins, and that they are the most out spoken, and dangerous Shadows that we know of.”

“Max, and Isabel.” Why didn’t she just ask?

“What?” Do I really need this I hate repeating my self. Ever since they brought me here nothing is making since.

“Their names are Max, and Isabel they told me them.” Malina’s eyes got really big at the moment, and I’m getting a little scared at the moment. What is with this look she is giving me? Is something wrong?

“Did they tell you that?” DUH!

“Yeah earlier today at my home. Well actually Max told me last night at the bar, but still they told me.” I did not just tell her about the bar it isn’t her business.

“If we get their names we can figure out what class of Shadow they are. It is the only way to reach them, and turn them into a Protector. I have to go, please forgive me. I’ll be back in a few thank you so much!” She ran out of the room leaving me alone. I just want to go home…

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Chapter 2

Hours went by and I’m still alone. Just a child on her first day of school. I keep walking back and forth from the bed to the window I can’t see out of. I have no idea why I’m here, and I’m not sure I want to know. I tried to open the door, and found it locked. AM I a prisoner? Their words keep repeating from in my mind. Did my mom actually work here? Do they know who I am, truly?

Stop worrying Liz! I have a problem with that if you haven’t figured it out yet. I ask my self to many questions, but I never seem to get them answered. Max! That’s a question I can’t seem to answer. The way he looked at me last night was amazing. I will never be able to get him out of my mind. The way he held me that night, wow! That question will be answered soon enough. Just then the door opened. For the first time in hours the door opens. I wasn’t even sure if it was daytime anymore. I felt like time is different here in this place. I turned to see a man, for the first time a guy comes here. I was wondering if there were any guys on this side.

“Hi my name is Alex.” Amazing he even sounds my age. “Melina is asking for you to come.” He walks out of the room. I’m not sure if I should go, but I do it’s better then staying in that room. This place is weird; so many people are here. I never thought that there would be some many. OH, my God. There’s a man chained to the wall. He looks so evil, he needs help, but people are just staring at him. We walked right up to him, and She just stood there looking at the man. Alex kept walking, but my eyes were glued. The man looked up at me, and smiled. I feel evil go through my body as he looked at me.

“So, you are the one he is fond of. Not bad pick, I chose better though. To late now you have been branded.” He kept yelling that at me. What is he talking about? I’m scared! More scared then ever before, because apart of me knows he’s right. Something n he heart knows it. But why does she feel this way? Is it because he told her his name? Just then I look up and everyone was staring at me.

All right where did Alex go? I look around and see him also staring at me. I quickly start moving toward him he. When I caught up he turned to the man chained up that was now laughing at her. “He’s a shadow be careful…they aren’t to be trusted ever.” With that we started to walk. This place looked like a lab/office building. The lab part scares me more then the office half. The office half must be the research, and other stuff they do around here. I didn’t want to know. Alex walked into a building, and I followed close behind him. Didn’t want to get into anything wasn’t supposed to around here, might find an evil shadow spy or something.

This room was different from the others. It was circular. NO corners in the whole room, kind of creepy. There was a man at a desk, and Melina was in a chair in front of the desk. Alex just went out another door. The man behind the desk got up and walked over to me. I’m not exactly sure what I am doing, but I have a feeling this guy has answers I want. The man had on black suit. Not appropriate for the occasion, but I didn’t care much about what he was warring the thing was that he was still walking toward me. “Hi Liz. My name is Jeff. I’m the chooser here.” He stuck out his hand for me to shake it. I was hesitant at first but eventually took it. They only want to make me feel welcome here. “Don’t be afraid your not in harm here I promise. Have a seat please.”

I finally sit down and wait for the man to speak. Melina gave me a warm smile. This girl must really like me for some reason because she is always smiling when I am around. Jeff sat down at the desk, and smiled brightly at me. This guy was a little weird for her taste. There I go again analyzing everything picking out every little detail, another bad habit of mine.

“Well Melina now you can finish what you were saying.” He looked over at Melina after a minute of silence.

“With Liz telling us the name of he twins we discover that Max. The male twin is actually the one we have been looking for. The missing protector we lost over fifty years ago. Jeff he is Max Evans your son.” Hold it one second what is going on.

“Wait one second what is going on here? Max was way to young to be over fifty years old.” I can’t believe I just blurted that out in front of them without thinking first. That was not like me.

“Sorry, Liz. When you become a shadow you stop ageing. It’s part of their curse. That’s why they hate mirrors, and pictures so much. They try their hardest not to look at them. Anyway your daughter Isabel is the one that turned him. Your ex-wife must have enforced her to get your son on their side so that he would be next in line.” Melina got interrupted by Jeff’s out burst.

“Damn her. She knows that was not apart of the agreement. She kept Isabel to take her place in the Shadows, and Max took mine in the Protectors.” Who? What? HU?

“I’m sorry but someone please fill me in.” I am starting to think that they are forgetting that a really confused girl is sitting here with no knowledge.

“Liz, every Protector has a shadow mate. I know really grouse, but my wife was the leader of the Shadows, like I am to the Protectors. Instead of having a kid, we had twins. So she took are daughter and I took my son when we had to call it off. Your mother was the exception to this rule. She was very special to all of us, and she knew she was the different one. Your father found out the day of your birth that your mother was a Protector. Little use did that help, he wouldn’t accept it and your mother died. If a Protector doesn’t have certain Medication when they are pregnant the child’s power may kill them. In this case your power was so strong that it killed your mother instantly. You will be a very powerful Protector soon Liz.” Jeff said that as if it was supposed to make me feel better but it didn’t work at all. It hurt her she was responsible for her own mothers death how could she accept that! Talk about stabbing her in the heart with a knife. Jeff nodded and Melina continued.

“Well with a male shadow being next in line the legend that we have feared for so many years is coming true. Then that shadow out side gave us a hint of who he picked his bearer to be. That’s why they came after Liz early. They weren’t trying to kill her, Max was branding her, his. That is why she wasn’t hurt. I think we have Max’s weakness right here in are base sir. If we use her to get to him then there is a possible way to stop him. The only problem is that the Shadow we have won’t tell us if she is the barer of the one we are fearing, or he just has a crush on her.” Liz was in an owe of what she had just said. Max chose her for what exactly she needed to know more.

“Can I ask one thing first?” I didn’t wait for an answer don’t worry. I’m not that dumb I want to know now. “What legend?”

“The legend is actually a prophecy of a baby being born of a male Shadow leader. The baby is supposed to have power from both sides, and is known to take down one of the sides. We don’t know which one, but it does say of the brandment. It is when the male marks a certain young woman with great power her self. She is told to have grace as a woman a heart of a lion, and strength of many that have died. Another words so kick ass bitch, and the most beautiful of all others. Max is believed to be that one. If Jeff here was smart enough he wouldn’t have taken Nancy to be his bride, but it wasn’t his fault either. Most Protectors don’t have mates anymore because they fear to have the same thing as Jeff. Another words having their kids turn on them, or their mate try to kill them. Your luck you don’t have to worry about that you only half Protector. You have it easy.” Melina must be getting annoyed with her asking questions so much. She had a little irritation in her voice. She was either depressed, or jealous of her.

“So you think I’m this girl, but the prophecy didn’t say anything about her being half Protector did it.” Well I had to say something didn’t I. Trying to delay the truth of the matter. She wants me to be bate for this guy.

“Not really just that she is special. Alright this is what I want you to do, brief Liz on how to kill Max.” Sadness hit is voice as he said the words of killing his son. Her heart fell a little in sympathy. “Then send her home. If you hear, or see any of the twins I want you to contact Melina right then or there. If you start having feelings for him call her. It is very important that you do. We have to make him a Protector again, or kill him. More and likely kill him. Once he is in the spot Max is in there is no way of going back unless it is his choice even then it is hard. Please help us Liz it is the only way then when it is time you can join us and you already know everything you need to.” Jeff finished and stood up. They want my help. What choice do I have? If it will get Max off her back she would do anything, and joining the protectors well that will come later on. Probably when she gets her insanity back.

“Fine I’ll help! What do you want me to do?” AT the end of that sentence Melina interrupted her. How rude!

“Jeff I don’t think she needs to know how to kill Max. I don’t want her to get freaked out. Can’t we just send her out with a number, and a follower? I don’t want her in anymore danger then she is.”

“Good point Melina. Give her the emergency number, and the code in case of worse emergency.” Melina pulls out a card, and hands it to me. I look at it, and it has some number on it. Don’t want to deal with that at the moment, so I just put it in the back pocket. It’ll be fine there. Just then I felt something poke in my arm. I turn and Alex has a needle in my arm. Suddenly I get very drowsy, and collapse on the floor. I can’t feel my legs, and everything is getting darker by the minute. Then suddenly I’m knocked out.

I can hear a voice saying something, but I can’t figure out whom. “That was too easy. Next time we need to be more careful. If Max gets her we are through. That means no more jobs. Can’t wait until she joins us then it will be easier to track her…” The voice trailed off as I finally fall deep asleep.

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Chapter 3: Max’s side of the story

All right that was really weird. I woke up in my own bed that night. I’m not sure what to do. Every time I’m around these people I seem to always pass out. Why do they do that? Are they afraid that I’m going to tell them were their hide out is. I wouldn’t know how if I knew. I was always bad at directions. I got up and thought I would call Maria. I wasn’t sure what to tell her but knew I had to tell her something. Maybe they would just talk or something. I picked up my phone and hit the speed dial.

There were two rings before she picked it up. “Hello, Deluca residence.” I can’t help but giggle at the way she has to answer the phone.

“Hey Maria. It’s Liz!” I say not trying to giggle anymore. Time to be serious.

“Hey Liz. How are you I didn’t see you today. I tried going by your house and your dad said he hasn’t seen you all day. Where were you I thought we were going to hang out today?” Did she breathe when she did that or was she just concerned for me? I think she didn’t breath during that. Just like Maria.

“Sorry something came up. Sorry about leaving you at the club the other night. I just had a very weird encounter with some guy, and I figured that you would be hanging out with some guy.” She more and likely did, and will want to go back tonight. I don’t care I need to get out of this house anyway. It is starting to bug me and I need to have some fun.

“Actually I haven’t. The night was a bust and it was really boring I thought I left you there last night. You were dancing with a really cute guy, and I didn’t want to bug you. So I left while you were dancing. Did you get his name?” Hold it Maria left her the other night that was different.

“Yeah actually I did. Don’t worry I did leave a few minutes after you did. I got bored of him, and decided to leave. It was so funny he came after me to get my name. He caught up with and I told him. Then I asked for his name. You won’t believe his name. Max, and trust me he is really cute. Built like you wouldn’t believe.” Liz can’t believe she said that. He was really cute. Even though she knows what he is it still makes her heart beat. It was the way he danced with her that night. Stop Liz! You know better then that he is a Shadow wanting to kill millions of people.

“Dang girl. Why did you leave him so fast I would have staid a lot longer?”

“I know you would, but I didn’t feel right about it. So what do you want to do tonight?” Like I don’t know already. She wants to find guy to have some fun with, but what if Max, or Isabel are there. Do I really want to get in with them? Who cares if they are there they are there?

“What else do I want to do, let’s go to the club! I’ll be by to pick you up in a half hour okay.” Like I have anything else to do tonight.

“Alright I’ll be ready! Bye.” Just the Maria hung up and I got up to find some clothes to ware. I open my drawer and pulled out my halter-top. It was a cute baby blue, and with that I always have a pair of baggy jeans with the top. I believe that it made me look better, and not a slut. I ran to my bathroom, and messed with my hair. I tried the clip, and chopsticks it was not going to work. So brushed my hair down, and left it there. Oh, well.

I get out of my bathroom, and look at the clock; fifteen more minutes. Then I remember about the card Melina gave me. I run back to my pair of pants, and pull out the card. Weird number, 974-2351, and the other number must be the code 503-04-2954. Man it look like a social security number or something. With that I put it in my back pocket, and went down stairs. I got something to eat and went back up stairs, and out o my balcony. I sat on my pathetic lawn chair and looked into the sky at the star. They are gorges. Just then I thought of max. Why can’t I get him out of my head? I close my eyes and hear a voice of the Shadow at Karilay. He kept saying she was branded. Maybe that was why she couldn’t get him out of my head. Just then Maria’s horn honked for me.

I walked down the ladder to her car. I hoped in and slammed the door shut. Finally on their way. The way there was silent neither of us wanted to talk to anyone. We said what we wanted to say on the phone only a half hour before. Who really cares? Maria is only by best friend. I know it sounds harsh but it is the truth, I don’t tell her everything even though she is my best friend. Of course you probably already got that when I didn’t tell her what happened earlier. Believe me I am freaked out about the whole thing, but if something is going to happen then it is going to happen. Well Max is really cute to so you can’t blame me. Don’t look at me like that! Fine he is HOT! Okay happy now. People these days.

Well we are finally there. Space shit is really packed tonight. Wonder what is going on its only Saturday night. Oh well that would tell you. Maria and I get out of the car and start walking up. If you aren’t a familiar they make you stand in a line. Since the person up front knows us very well he lets us in. Good thing because the line is very long tonight. Just like the fist time Maria and I went here. Oh, well thing’s happen. We get inside and the club isn’t as packed as it was outside of the place.

“So Liz, what do you think who should I go after today?” Maria say’s as she look around at some of the guys around. There is a really cute guy over by the DJ she might like she I tell her or make her see for her self. Tell her!

“Over there by the DJ, the blond guy that is looking this way right now. He’s cute!” Maria looked over there and smiled brightly. That made her happy.

“Thanks Liz he is just right for tonight, and it looks like he likes me too. Wow, look he has a friend Liz.” I look back over there and…oh my God! It can’t be, this is so not my day. “Isn’t that Max, you were talking about. Go and talk to him!”

“No, I think it is better that he finds me first. You go have some fun alright, I’ll be on the dance floor.” That got me out of that. The only problem is that Maria might tell him were I am, and then I will just have to leave very fast.

“Okay have fun. See you when I a done, promise I’ll tell you when I am leaving.” Yeah sure that’s what she always says. She’s never done it before. With that she leaves me alone by the front door. So what else am I supposed to do but dance? So with that I walk on the dance floor and start dancing.

I have no idea how long I was dancing for, but I was dancing for a very long time. I was just swaying my hips, and moving my arms like I always do. Some guys came and danced with me, but quickly moved after awhile. No one wants to dance with me, well one person does, but I don’t think I trust him. Just then hands were on my waist. Wait I know this feeling, these hands, strong, comforting, weird feelings. Oh, know its Max. I turn to look at him, and it was Max. I tried to get away from him, but he won’t let go of my waist. Actually part of me doesn’t want him to let go, but remember Evil. He’s evil, he’s evil, he’s evil! He pulls me closer as I try to get away from him, but he is too strong. The music changes and he pulls me even closer to him, slow song oh no. I might not be able to let go after this.

“Don’t struggle Liz, it won’t work for you. Basically if you wanted me to let you go you would be able to go, but you don’t want me to let go so I can’t.” Damn I hate him even more now. He tried to kill me, and now he is dancing with me trying to convince me that I want him to. This guy is so…so…cute. All right I am pathetic he is really cute, and I can’t deny it to myself. I don’t want him to let go, but he has to he’s evil, and I am supposed to be good. Shadow, and Protectors don’t mix at least not us, right. Well actually I’m not a Protector so why should I worry about it.

“What do you want from me, Max?” Fine I’ll play his game.

“You, that’s all I want.” Pathetic! This guy is so good. He knows me very well for sure. Let’s play his game then.

“Really, and how do plan on getting what you want?” Yeah I know I’m good!

“Usually I take what I want, and when I really want something nothing can get in my way. Believe me I really want you.” He said that and closed that gap between us. Wow what a chest. So I put my arms around his neck, can’t get him away from me anyway.

“What if it doesn’t work, like earlier today?”

“I try again!” With that he bent down, and gave me a kiss. Oh my GOD! He is a great kisser. I resisted at first, but then I fell into it. I can’t help it he is such a good kisser. He let go of my mouth and I think we both whimpered a little.

I go up to his ear and whisper in it. “What if I turn you into the Protectors? Then you’ll never get me, and you never will.” With that I push him away from me, and walk away. He grabbed my arm, and pulled me closer to him. I push him away and look into his eyes. What are you doing don’t look into his eyes? Every time I look into his eyes I get trap in his glare. Stop!

“Wrong, I will always have you. When you are sleeping I will be there in your dreams, when you are awake I’ll always be in your head. You’ll never get me out of your head, and that’s because you are mine forever.” He pulled me up to him and kisses me again. I pull away from him.

“You’ll never have me, and you haven’t or ever will be in my mind.” With that I walk away from him. What am I going to do about Maria? Oh she will be fine. I need to find a pay phone now. The Protector’s needed to know about Max being here right now. I get out side and walk to the nearest pay phone, but when I picked it up some one grabbed my arm. I look up and Max is staring at me with those eyes.

“Making a phone call Liz.” I pulled my arm from him, and he just glared at me. “I know who you are calling and they can’t help you Liz. They never could. Just like they aren’t going to let you join the Protector’s when it is time. You want to know the truth it’s because you are mine for now on. Just accept it!” How dare him?

“Don’t talk to me like that. I’m not yours and never will be. I know who you are, and what you are trying to do. You’re not going to succeed and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s not going to work, because you will never have me ever.” He is smiling at me. Please say didn’t babble again. Whenever I get really nerve’s I babble. I can’t even look at him in the eye’s those big amber eyes are just looking at me with happiness.

“You do, do you! Well then you know that you are meant for me. Your mother was part of it, and your father. When they had you your father promised you to me, and it will happen Liz. You can’t deny it. I’ll see you later, and don’t use the phone. Matter of fact,” He reached into my back pocket and pulled out the card with the number on it, “I should take this. Bye Liz.” He brushed his fingers in my hair, and walked away. Resist, Liz. Take it from him, do something now. I can’t believe I didn’t do something when he took the phone number. He’s a lunatic! With that I went home. Maria again would just be flirting with that guy. Shit! That guy is a friend of Max he must be a Shadow. With that thought in my mind I run back inside. Maria was alone at the bar. Thank God. I go up to her.

“Hey Maria have any luck?” Like I really care.

“Yeah he’s married. What a bummer! You ready to go home now I’m really not in the mood to stay now?” Of course I am.

“Please!” We laughed and then left to our own houses tomorrow was Sunday. Like that matters or not, but it’s nice to know what day it is. We had along boring ride home. Again another silent trip home. Maria must really be bummed out about that guy. I’ll make some stupid comment to her while I’m leaving that usually cheers her up. She stopped by my door, and I was leaving. “Don’t worry the guy doesn’t know what he is missing. See you tomorrow at work!”

“Yep!” With that I shut the door and went in my house. My father will be sitting on the couch watching T.V. Like usual! I walk in and he is sitting down with the T.V. off. This isn’t normal what is his problem.

“Hi, dad.” Well I had to say something I mean he is still my father. Sure he doesn’t care about me, doesn’t know I even know I live.

“Liz, can I talk to you right now please?” Wow! This is not a normal thing ever. He never even talks to me when I talk to him. Maybe he is finally trying to be a father, like it is really going to work. So I go over and sit in the chair near him. He turned and looked at me with very concerned eyes. “I got a phone call from someone you know very well.” Just then it hit me what Max said that my father promised me to him.

“Father you didn’t!” Please no God, Please!

“What is it Liz?”

“What were you about to say?”

“Max called me. He said you two finally met, and something bad happened between you too.” I knew it! “Liz I know it sounds weird but it is where you belong.” Just then I stand up and started to pace back and forth. “ The protectors didn’t protect your mother when she was pregnant, and they aren’t going to help you. You need to know the truth Liz.”

“STOP!” I yelled that on top of my lungs for a reason. “What do you think you are doing? You haven’t told me what happened to my mother and now you are trying to be my father. Trying to get me to be with Max. A guy that wants to get rid of the Protectors and that can’t age. He is over 50 years old. I mean come on. Mom was a Protector that would be like killing her. What happened to you over the years?”

“Listen I can’t say I have been there for you because I am afraid of what you are. You are very special. You have more power in one of your fingers then one Protector has in their entire body. You want to know why, because you were born part human. You are normal and with that you can do amazing things. Max can help you developed those powers now while you are still young. He loves you Liz. Can’t you see that?”

“Hold it. I don’t even know him. How can someone love some that they don’t know?”

”He does know you. He knows every curve of your body, every story in your life. He wants you he chose you over everyone else. Please just talk to him.”

“I did talk to him. Don’t try to be a father now, and don’t plan the future that you have no control over. I despise you and the Shadows especially Max. Good night!” With that I ran up stairs, and opened my door. OH, my God! I can’t get away from this guy. Max is sitting on my bed waiting for me. Just then I run to the window, but he must be very fast because he was there to stop me. I can’t get out of this life can I. He pushed me away from the window, and I tripped on something that was on the floor. I hit the ground with a big thud. Ow! That really hurt my head. I open my eye that I didn’t even know they were closed. Max was hovering over me. He picked me up hold it I don’t think so. I pull away and get on my feet. He is not going to pick me up not in this lifetime. “Max what are you doing here?”

“Are you sure you should be talking you did take a big fall?”

“Because you pushed me!” he just laughed at me. I look over and my bathroom door is closed, and my big mirror is turned around. They really don’t like looking at mirrors do they. Oh well I don’t care!

“That was an accident. Will you forgive me?” Not those eyes don’t look into the eyes. What ever you do don’t look at the eyes. He is so amazing! Fine I am looking into those eyes and I am lost in them.

“Never!” That didn’t sound very convincing.

“Lair!” He bent down and kissed me. I can’t help it he is such a good kisser. Wait stop push away from him sit on your bed and question him.

“Why are you here?” Was that so hard!

“To see you in more private. I found the picture of your mother. I never realized how much you look like your mother before. Your beautiful!” He tried to kiss me again. How much I want him to it isn’t going to work like this.

“How did you find out where I live?”

“Your father! I had his number and I called him. He gave me the address and I went through your window to surprise you but you weren’t here. So I waited.” He brushed his hands over my cheek. This guy is either really horny, or crazy. Do I have to answer? I thought so.

“He isn’t my father! Why did you want to see me in the first place?”

“I told you would be thinking about me. The thing is I didn’t tell you I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking of you. So when that happens I go and see the person.” He started to get really close to me. He was practically on top of me. He reached over and kissed me again. This time I just stared into his eyes, and I couldn’t stop kissing him. IT came from both directions. He wanted it just as much as I did. Stop! You can’t do this. I don’t care if he is practically on top of you he is the bad guy. Push him off of you now, so I did, and he backed off too.

“Please max don’t do that I don’t even know who you are. Uh you are such a good kisser.” Did I just say that, you have got to be kidding!

“Ditto!” With that he kissed me again. Will he please stop that? I push him away again. “Please don’t do this to me Liz. I want to kiss you so bad.”

“Please I need to know a few things that’s all. Why did you become a Shadow?” The big question I have to know soon.

“I was afraid of that question. Well I guess you have met Jeff, my father. Well as you know my mother is a Shadow. Well my sister is also a Shadow she decided after my parents got divorced. I didn’t get a choice I was told that I had to be a Protector. I wanted a choice. Once a week I was meeting with my sister, and I decided to disappear. Then I joined the Shadows. I did it because I wanted out of my father’s eye. He always told me what to do I didn’t like that. I remember once after I joined the Shadow’s I ran into your mother. She was protecting some girl from me grasp of course. She recognized me and we got to talking. She promised not to tell anyone who I was, and I promised not to tell anyone that she was married to your father. After I found out she had died giving birth to you. I knew you were the one for me. The first time I saw you, you were going to school. I knew you were the most beautiful thing in the world. Your hair as black as a Shadow. Your eyes…”

“Your eyes are browner then all others! You wrote that to me. I thought it was my ex-boyfriend.” He is blushing now, that was not to be expected. It was a poem that I found in my locker a few years ago.

“Yeah that was me. I knew then I loved you, and I wanted to spend my life with you. Our immortal life together.” Hold it he’s immortal.

“You’re immortal I didn’t know that! I’m not immortal.”

“But you can be if you join the Shadows.” He wants me to join the Shadows. Is that an option? Me with him forever. I don’t think so.

“There is no way I am joining the Shadows. You are only saying this because of that legend, I’m not going to become apart of death it’s not right.”

“The legend what makes you think that I am the guy in the legend.”

“Jeff, and Melina told me that it was you, and that was why you did what ever you did to me.”

“No, the legend says that the boy is born of two Shadows not one Shadow and half Protector. Our child might be the one in the legend not us. Please consider it Liz.”

“I don’t know!” he got closer and kissed me again. God he is amazing. I’m afraid my life is turning up side down and it is all Max’s fault. Why shouldn’t I join the Shadows? MY mother! She was a protector, she loved her work, and I want to be just like her. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes anything you want. I’m at your disposal.”

“How could someone love some they have never met?” Max turned and looked at my window, then back.

“The way you make me feel. Every time I look at you, and you look at me I know. When you are nervous you play with your hair. I know you Liz Parker, and I love you.” He looked into my eyes as if he had never seen them before. Like he never knew me. He doesn’t know what love is, and neither do I.

“You don’t know what love is.” He put his hand on my head and pulled me closer. My heart raced after him. He put a kiss on my lips and I got the weirdest feeling in my stomach. My heart sped up and my mind went blank. I could feel Max’s heart beat along with mine. He let go and I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t. I felt a hand on my back pull me down, and then it was gone. I can’t feel him close to me anymore he’s gone. I open my eyes, and I’m lying in my bed. I jump up, and my window’s open. I ran to the balcony and looked down. Max was just getting down. “Max wait!” He looked up at me, and smiled. I ran back in side and pulled out a necklace that was given to her by her father. I got back and he was coming back up the ladder. He was almost to the top when I hand it to him.

“Liz I can’t take this from you.” I put my finger on his lips so he couldn’t protest. HE just smiled, and put the necklace on. It was very big. “Thank you! Good bye my love.” This time I bend down and give him a kiss.

“Wait when will I see you again.” Am I actually doing this!

“Tomorrow I promise.”

“Good night Max.” He smiled at me and I wanted to melt.

“I do know what love is, because I have you next to my heart forever.” Smiled at him, and he looked like he was going to melt him self. I didn’t try to do that to him but payback does suck. “Please consider being my wife forever.” WIFE!

“Did you just ask me too…” He smiled at me and I knew the answer to that question. I am not going to marry him. NO way in hell am I going to marry him. He got down and looked one more time at me before he turned the corner and disappeared. What just happened? I lied back in bed and went to sleep. A nice peaceful sleep for once.

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Sorry it has been awhile, but with school and swimming I haven't had much time. But here is the fourth part I hope you like it. THank you for the feedback.
Chapter 4: Secrets will pull you apart

I’m looking in a room. It’s dark everywhere. I keep feeling my stomach as if something is wrong. I look down to make sure I am still there as if I was going to disappear. I hear voices out side yelling and screaming. I’m afraid they have found my hide out. They are looking for my again. They want me to give it up. They want my baby! I can’t give them it, she is my child no one will have he no one. I can survive the birth unlike my own mother. They will not have my baby girl.

Just then the door flies open I dare not to look. I will not move from behind the desk they will not find my. They want to kill the only chance I have for a family. They killed my father and my mother because they chose to be quite they are not taking my baby. They can’t. AN arm falls on my shoulder as I jump and try to pull away from them. I look up and two arms pull me close. I struggle away from them but can’t move. They are embracing me. I look up and see the dark figures face, Max. He’s alive! They didn’t kill him. A hold him even closer. I feel tears falling down my face. He looks down at me with tears in his own eyes.

“Liz, your alive. I thought they might have found you already they are everywhere. I was sure they would have taken you with them already. Thank God you are alright.” I look even closer and he has blood falling from his head and his arm.

“Max your bleeding. What happen; I thought you were dead?” I said that so fast that I wasn’t sure if I actually said it were he could hear me.

“Don’t worry I will be fine they can’t kill me. It’s you I’m worried about.”

“I have your child in me, I will be fine for the rest of my mortal life.”

“Come on we need to get out of here now.” He took my hand and opened the door again. He looked both way and start running down a strange hallway to me. I look around and nothing looks familiar. Have I ever been through this hallway or did they mess it up so bad that I can’t recognize it. He opened a door that led out side of the hide out. I looked around and I was in the woods.

“You must go it is the only way that you will ever be able to have our baby. Please Liz, I love you. Don’t be afraid I will be with you no matter. Listen to your heart it will tell you everything you need to know. Now go!” Just then I woke up, but I don’t remember my dream. Why can’t I remember it? The voice sounds so familiar now. I can’t figure out why, maybe it is because I’m getting use to hearing it every night. Yeah that’s all it is.

I get up and put on my work clothes. A pathetic little alien dress thing. I can’t stand it but the customer’s think it is cute, don’t mention the teen boys. It’s pretty short; all right it is very short. Then again I don’t mind the attention. Maria is working anyways I might have some fun with a guy or so. I go into the bathroom, and put my hair up to keep it out of the food. I find that it gives you more tips if you keep your hair out of the food instead of in it. That and I got in trouble last time a customer found a hair in their food. It was actually funny.

I get done, and go down stairs. My dad is already up getting ready for work. I can hear him making breakfast from the staircase. I really am not in the mood to talk to him after last night. I was so mad at him for doing what he did. I’m mad at everyone for what they did. Nothing is connecting to each other. I mean in the Shadows were making people them wouldn’t you hear of a lot of people coming up missing, or something. People just don’t notice those things, you would hear of something. Nothing sounds right any way. I just want to grow up and go to college, which is starting to sound a little far fetched. Especially with Max. He is so cute though. I am actually thinking about joining them. It doesn’t sound half bad. Immortal life, a cute head guy that says he is in love with me. Why not?

I heard my father put down a pan when I got into the room. He knows I’m there. Just grab you coat and leave it is the only way to get out of it Liz. You don’t want another conversation with your father like last night. You don’t need this again. Great now I’m talking to my self. How pathetic is this? Wait maybe I could ask him. About mom, how she felt about the Protectors and the Shadows.

“Dad!” I yell as I get into the kitchen. He turns very jumpy.

“Yeah. What is it Liz?”

“I need to know what mom felt about the Protectors. I need to know what you know.”

“Well you know your mother was a protector. She told me allot of them were leaving the Protectors to do other things. Allot of them were afraid of being killed. Your mother wasn’t sure why they thought that. Max and his sister didn’t want to hurt anyone only live. The other Shadows were dumb, they only wanted to the energy for themselves. At the time the Shadows were weak and the Protectors were safe, but some didn’t believe that. To your mother the Protectors were getting cocky, and the Shadows were hiding a bigger plan. She didn’t want to be a Protector anymore; she was tired of all the death. She hated seeing those she cared about died. The reason she became a Protector was gone and she had no reason of being one. She began to hate the Protectors, and their point of being. When she learned that Max became a Shadow, she knew that there was still hope for the Protectors. When she died she made me promise not to tell you anything about either side. That was why I never told you, and why I was so distant. Your mother also told me that you were the only reason she staid with the Protectors. So she could see her baby girl grow up. They betrayed her and she died. They gave her the wrong medicine and killed her.”

“They told me she refused help from them.”

“No, she staid with them so she could see you. That necklace I gave you, when you were younger, was a sign that she was in love with a human. That was why I gave it to you. That way they couldn’t hurt you, or track you to join them.”

“Thanks! I have to go to work bye Dad.” With that I left the house. She couldn’t believe that her mother didn’t like the Protectors. It didn’t seem like something she would do. Then again I didn’t know my mother.

I walked to work and it was boring. No one even turned their head and look at me. They just went on with their life. Just like I wanted to do. Maria came in an hour after I got in. I was so glad that she was there; she is the only one I actually like here. Well I hope I like her she is my best friend. I turn to the counter I knew she was going to come up to me, “Hi Liz.” I turn around as if I didn’t know she came in. I put on a big smile as if she there was nothing wrong.

“Hey, how are you?” Maria didn’t fall for it.

“Fine, and YOU?”

“Great, why do you ask?” There has got to be something I can do to get out of this.

“Well your fake smile gives me a big clue for one thing. Come on Liz it’s me don’t let me down now.”

“I’m not lying. How was last night? You have to have had better luck then I did.”

“Really, and that cute guy you were all over last night wasn’t a good thing. I saw you two together. I didn’t want to say it last night because you seemed so mad, and I know you don’t like talking about your problems.”

“Listen Max is a nice guy but he was just someone to dance with. Guy’s are like candy when you get tired of one flavor you move on, you know that.” Liz you don’t actually believe that do you, of course not.

“Yeah I guess you are right. Well I better get to work. See you in a little.”

“Yeah!” With that she left into the back room. I get done with my customer that was being as slow as possible. I can’t stand when people eat slow and sit there, and wait the last minute to order. I realized Maria hasn’t come out from the back yet, and thought I should check on her. Maria usually gets done quicker then this. I get into the back, and she isn’t there. I walked to the door and she isn’t in the alley either. I look over at the cook who was passing by, and he didn’t even look over at me. Cooks are always so rude. Just then I was pulled out into the alley. Automatically I thought of Maria, but no one was in the alley when I looked. The person made me look away from them. I didn’t turn, I couldn’t even move. I felt a hand on my mouth, and a soft males voice in my ear.

“Liz listen to me now. Stay away from Max he is nothing good. He might say things that make you feel good, but he is a killer and a lair. Remember that and don’t trust him ever.” With that I was pushed down to the ground. I turn and there wasn’t anyone there. Was that all a dream, or was it real? I can’t tell the deference any more everything is so mixed up right now in my life. Nothing is right nothing seems real. I got up and walked to the door. When I got in Maria was at the locker putting away her bag. Wait a minute what is going on. She was not here a minute ago.

“Maria where have you been. I came in here a minute ago, and you were gone.”

“Oh, I went to the bathroom. The cool was in the employee’s bathroom, so I went into your bathroom. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No it’s fine. I’ll see you out there.” I just left the room, and went back into the dinning area. When I got there no one was there. All right this is unusual. Betty at the register is even gone from her spot. If she doesn’t get back soon the boss is going to fire her. I walk over and sit at one of the stools near the front. I hear the bell ring and I jump up. Can’t I just sit down eventually, and take a breather. A guy just attacked me in the alley, well sort of attacked me. The point is now I have to work. So I turn before I get in trouble, and there is someone directly behind me. If they want me to serve them they better take a seat. I look up and it is the guy from the club last night that Maria was hitting on, the married one. “If you want…”

“I have a message for you from Max.” He interrupted me, how rude. Wait message from Max, cool. “Here,” he pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. I take it from him, and he walks out of the diner. I turn back around, and open it. It read,


I know this is a little unorthodox, but I’ve been really busy ever since I got back last night. My sister Isabel is really sick right now, so I can’t come see you at the moment. There is a red jeep out front of your work. The keys are in it, and directions under the seat. I need to see you today, if I don’t I might go crazy. I miss you every time I don’t see you I feel like it is a lifetime away when I do see you. I hope you come and see me, and don’t worry no one will follow you from the Protectors. We made sure they are too busy to worry about you at the moment.

Thinking of you,

Oh, my God. He is so sweet. If I go who’s going to take my place here. Maria is working, and if I go I might loose my job. Then again I will get to see Max. Liz you have it bad. All right you have almost six hours until your shift is over. I can tell Maria that there’s an emergency with a friend of mine and I need to go immediately. Yeah that’ll work. Just then she came I from the back. I fold the paper and put it into my pouch. She looks at me for a minute then around the room.

“Where is everyone?” I just shrug.

“Maria you think you can do me a big favor. A friend of mine from school is in big trouble and she needs help right now. I need to go pick her up. You think you can cover for me. Please!”

“Liz!” I just looked at with desperate eyes. “Fine, but be back soon.” With that I ran out of the diner. I ran over to the red jeep that was on one end of the parking lot. I jumped in the jeep and there were keys in the passengers seat. Then I reached under the seat and pulled out a piece of paper. I read it and left the parking lot.

The whole way there I couldn’t stop thinking of Max. The way he made me feel and his kiss. Who could forget that kiss! It made my heart race at the thought of him kissing me. I could almost feel his lips on mine. How could someone like him be evil? I just don’t see it. I got to the point were it said on the directions. It said in the directions that I needed to get a key card from the glove box. It was there exactly where he said it was. I pulled it out, and rolled up to a gated area. It was huge the biggest thing I have ever seen, much nicer then the Protectors area. The man at the front looked at me angrily, like I didn’t belong. Well actually I didn’t belong, but that was another story. I handed him the key card and he looked at it. Wait I should of looked at first. Great what if he tried to hurt me or something worse. He looked up at me and smiled.

“Here you go, I’ll tell Max that you have arrived, and welcome to Hurell.” The man actually had pleasant voice. What a surprise!

“Thank You!” With that I drove off to the main building. I figured that was where Max was. I drove up and parked in a spot that was close to the building. I got out of the car and looked around the parking lot. There were hardly any cars in the parking lot. Maybe everyone was on vocation. I start walking toward the building when I realized I still have my antennas on. I ran back to the jeep and threw them on the seat. I look ridiculous in this alfit, but he said come immediately. Well sort of! I started to walk again, and this time. I saw the front door open from a distance. I couldn’t quiet see who it is, but I pretty sure it is Max. Now that I realize it this place looks like a hotel, or apartment building. He came walking over to me. We both smile at each other, as we get closer. It is certainly Max. He came up to me, and wrapped his arms around me. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He just held me and I didn’t want to let go of him. He practically lifted me up. He is so strong it makes me melt. He finally let me down, and pulled me toward the door.

“Liz I can’t wait till you meet my mom. You are going to love her. She knows almost everything about you. Basically because I tell her almost everything. Then I’ll let you see Isabel. She isn’t feeling well, but she will be so happy to see you. Not as happy as I am but it is close enough.” We got to the doors, and it was huge. Maybe it was a hotel, just for them. He pulled me to the elevator, and we got in. “I am so happy you are here.”

“I’m glad to be here. It took me awhile to get Maria to cover for me, so I don’t have to much time, but we have some.” He got a little closer to me; I was leaning on the wall nearest me. He pulled me closer to him, and was about to kiss me, but the elevator doors opened. Max glared at a young man that was about to walk into the elevator. I turn and couldn’t help but laugh. The young man at the door quickly turned and walked away when he saw Max’s scowl. He sure does have power around here.

Max pushed the close door button on the elevator. When he turned back at me I was still giggling like a schoolgirl. He quickly joined in on it. When we were done laughing Max his hands on my waist. I jumped up a little and gave him a little kiss, but Max wouldn’t let me do that, so he pulled me up and kissed me bigger. When he touched his lips at that moment I thought I was going to die if he let go of me. He moved even closer to me until we were right on top of each other. I could feel his whole body touching mine. I think I even feel him getting hard. I was lost in his brace. I guess he was too, because he didn’t notice the elevator door was open. Just then there was a big cough, and Max jumped at the sound of it. I looked and there was a woman at the elevator. The way Max was acting I could of sworn in it was Max’s mother. He quickly let go of me and stood a few feet away.

“Max Evans what do you think you are doing. You know better then to be making out on the elevator. That is why you have your own room. It’s bad enough that you sister is sick, but I don’t want to have to watch you and your girlfriend all the time too.” Max blushed a little. “Now who is she?”

“Mom I would like you to meet Liz, Carol’s daughter. The girl I have been talking about for almost 18 years, mom.” Oh, who was right; she is his mother.

“HI, I’m glad to finally meet you Liz. I just wish it were in better circumstances.” I shook her hand that she put out for me. I just smiled and tried not to laugh.

“So do I, believe me so do I. I’m glad to finally meet you too.” Max walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist. I could feel the warmth of it. I looked over at him and he just smiled at me.

“Well come on, Isabel is waiting for you. I suggest that you go in your room Max, and clean up. You probably don’t want to hang out with me while Max is getting ready so you can go to, but if you two are not out in an hour I will come in. You hear me Max.” Her foot was in the way of the elevator doors. Max started walking with out of the elevator. I followed him, my waist never leaving his grasp. WE started walking down the hall. Max didn’t answer is mom, but I think it was more information then anything. Think about she gave us an hour, how dumb could she be. That was the stupidest thing you could ever do. We could do anything in an hour. Liz Parker you don't think like that. I don’t care if he is a good kisser. You shouldn’t even be talking to him, remember he is still a killer of people. He feeds off of people’s energy.

We walked to a door, and his mom went across the hall. Max opened the door, and pushed me in it. I walked into a beautiful room. I can’t believe the differences from his from mine. He had no mirrors for one. How can he look so good if he can see what he looks like? I don’t care he looks great. Suddenly I felt arms around my waist, and I was lifted in the air. I felt myself spinning as if I were flying in the air. When I felt my feet touch the floor I turned and looked at a very happy Max. He just smiled at him.

Max pulled on my hand and brought me into a different room that was connected to his room. I looked around there were a ton of candles around the room. I walked a little farther and there was the necklace I gave him on a silver platter, and next to it was a ring. I turned and looked at Max, who was staring at the platter in front of him. He looked focused on it. Then he reached for the ring. I looked at him puzzled at what was going on. He took my hand in his.

“Liz Parker do you love me?” How do I answer that question. I barely know him as it is. I looked up into his eyes, and felt content. Do I really want to confess that I love him? He is really cute, and when He kissed me last night was amazing. Max says he loves me. I reached up with my other hand and brushed his hair. He closed his eyes as he felt my touch. That look he gets is amazing. He is a great guy, makes me happy, makes me feel comfortable, is a great dancer, great kisser, and he loves me. Liz you love him. Ever since you met him you haven’t stopped thinking about him. You leave work early to see him, something you have never done in your life. You have never been loved before, and now someone loves you, and you love him back. Confess, now!

“Yes, Max I love you!” I said with a little laugh, trying not to cry at the idea that he loves me. He put the ring in my hand. Then bent down and kissed me. A soft sweet kiss that made me want to faint. We both moaned at the loss of each other’s mouth. I looked up at him, and he was just looking at me. I stared at the ring he put in my hand. It was beautiful. Just a round silver ring, with a glow to it. “Max what is this for?”

“You gave me a special gift from the heart. Something I have put in this room, with my parents’ wedding ring. I knew last night when I put it in here that you were the only one for me. I wasn’t sure if you loved me though. You have never said it, and I’m not a mind reader. God you are so beautiful.”

“Max I can’t accept this it is so beautiful. I don’t deserve it!”

“That ring is scrap metal compared to your beauty…that is that!” I just moved my finger to his lips, and he softly kissed it. I didn’t want him to talk anymore. He pulled me closer to him and gently just closed me eyes and put my arms around his neck. “Liz is it possible that you would become a shadow with me.” Without opening my eyes I just shook my head no. Liz are you even thinking before you talk, or are you going by feeling. “If I ask you to marry me would you say no?” I just shook my head again. What am I telling him? I felt a hand go through my hair. I must have moved my hands because he is holding me even closer and my arms aren’t around his neck. “Have you ever had sex with any guys before?” I shook my head again. I am so comfortable in his arms. “If I were to want to would you with me?” I shook my head no again. “Why?”

“I promised myself that I would wait until I’m married.” I felt him smile at me. Then suddenly he picked me up and walked somewhere. My eyes never opened. I felt him rubbing my back with his strong hands. He sat me in what feels like a chair. I didn’t feel his warmth for a long while, so I managed to open my eyes. I looked at a half naked Max getting dressed. He was warring a pair of jeans, and no shirt. I almost felt my heart jump in my lungs. He turned and saw me in a stunned state of being. He has the best muscles I have ever seen. I want to go over there I grab him, and do things to him that I shouldn’t do ever. He walked over to me, and pulled me up from the chair. My hands fell on his chest and I could feel his heart race. I looked up at him, and he was but inches away from my face. We slowly got closer to each other as are lips touched. We broke off and smiled at each other. We both got really quiet and I knew he was about to kiss me again.

“We should get going your mom is going to suspect something.” He just looked at me, my hands still touching that chest. That six-pack chest!

“Yeah I guess your right.” We still just stared at each other. I know it has only been like ten twenty minutes, but I don’t want anything to happen that I will regret. I will regret it won’t I? He is still staring at me; I can’t move he’s so intoxicating. I can’t help I lift up and give him a kiss. He slowly returns it to me. When we let go I quickly turn away and start walking back to the chair, I know if he kissed me again I wouldn’t be able to stop my self from him. I looked in my still closed hand and saw the ring he gave me. I just smiled at it, as I sat down in the chair. I didn’t even look up! I slipped it on my left hand ring finger. When Max knelt down in front of me, with a shirt on. He looked at the ring and had a bigger smile on his face then I did. He kissed the finger softly, I jus started to laugh. What is with this guy and kissing me? He looked up and saw me smiling. Should I tell him the truth that I would sleep with him if I felt right about it at the time? Just do it!

“Max!” He looked back up from where he was kneeling.

“Yeah what is it?” I couldn’t help but looking into those eyes. They make me weak in the knees.

“I lied to you!” Max looked at me all confused.

“What are you talking about?”

“When you asked me if I would ever sleep with you. Well actually if I felt right about it, with you, then I might just do it, with you!” Did I stutter or was it just me? Please say it was just me. His eyes got really big and he stood up. He was so much taller then me. He took my hand again and we walked out of the room. We went across the hall but right before we walked in Max turned and looked at me.

“If I did ask you to marry me, and it was only possible if you were a shadow would you consider?” Oh, no what do I say. I don’t know, I mean I do love him, but I don’t want to give up my whole life for him.

“No, I couldn’t do that. My mother liked you Max, and so do I, but I’m not changing my whole life because of you. I owe my self that much.” He smiled and opened the door. Does he really want to marry me or is it a big joke to hurt me, because I am not ready to get married? Anyway this feels to perfect to be true, something has got to happen to ruin it. No I’m not trying to curse myself, but I need to know nothing is perfect, I do know that.

We walked into the room, and Isabel was lying on the coach. She looked really bad. We walked over to her, and I sat in a chair across from her. Her eyes were really dark, and she looked like she was going to faint. Her body looked limp as if all her bones were broken. I felt sorry for her. I felt sorry for something that killed people that changed people’s lives. Liz don’t start your in love with one. Don’t ever forget that. Isabel looked up at me with shock and concern. Max’s mom walked in the room, and Max quickly got up.

“I’ll be right back okay Liz.” I just shook my head. He let go of my hand for the first time since we were in his room. Don’t think about that now Liz? Isabel looked over at me and she coughed a little.

“You really think he will change for you?” I just looked at her confused.

“What are you talking about, I never asked him to change?”

“No, but he is, all because of you. A human of all things destined to destroy us. You don’t even know the truth.” Hold it what did she say there.

“What truth?” Do I really want to know!

“When we cam to see you that night he was looking for you. He didn’t realize it was you at the club the night before. He almost left to find the girl he found in the club that night, but when you answered the door he saw you, and thought that you were your best friend. He has had guards falling you around since you were little. Putting familiars to keep you happy, to keep you pure just for him. Then when he changed you that day at the park you didn’t even realize it. He doesn’t love he only feels his instincts. You know what I mean you have never believed in love. Don’t deny it, I see it in your eyes, your fooling your self. It is all him not you. You don’t love him. He is using you Liz. Get it through your head.” What? Now that I do think about it I have been acting weird ever since that day. As if I have changed in a big way. It’s true isn’t it? She is right ever since I was little I believed that love was just lust in a stronger impulse. What has happened to me?

Just then Max walked in. What was I supposed to do? My mouth was practically wide open and I’m trying not faint. Max walked over to me and looked at me and then at Isabel. Then back at Isabel with a scowl. He knew that she told me something. Max has been keeping tabs on me my whole life, everyone I’ve practically met has been because of him. “What the hell did you tell her?” Max yelled at Isabel. I couldn’t take it anymore I was about to cry. The whole idea that Max laid to me about everything he said. He didn’t care about me he only wanted me, because he was vulnerable.

I got up and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind me. I could hear Max a little behind me. I got to the elevator that was just opening. I couldn’t believe who came out this is going to far. Not this. Maria walked out of the elevator. I looked at her, and Max was just coming up behind me. I looked at both of them and tears formed in my eyes. I lifted my hand and punched Maria in the face. That Bitch she did not just do that to me. After everything we have been through she has been working for them. I ran into the elevator, Max stopped the elevator door from closing. I looked at my hand again. He just stood there looking hurt and sorry for everything he has done wrong. That is not oing to help him.

“Liz, I…” No don’t you dare.

“Stop it Max. Stop the lying stop everything. What you did was wrong and if I ever see you again I swear you will regret it.” I took the ring off my fingers, and threw it at him. At that moment I he backed up to catch it, and the doors started to close. I looked into his hurt eyes. He was hurt, more hurt then I have ever seen him before, and for once I don’t care. He did something that was unforgivable. I guess I was right you can’t love someone you don’t know? It was the worst weekend of my life and I’m glad it is finally over. I fell to the ground crying., in a corner. The only place I feel safe. Everyone has been lying to me and I want to disappear.

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Well if I told you that it would give it all away wouldn't it now!*tongue**angel*
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WEll here is the next part. I had some free time last friday to finish the this chapter. I hope you like it, and if it get's confusing I'll clear it up if you would like. Well I'll try to write more soon, with swimming it get's hard to wrte lately.
Chapter 6: What now?

It has been days and I still haven’t seen Max. I can’t believe what he did. I won’t talk to anyone. I see Maria around school, but that is the only time I will see her. She quiet her job at the Crashdown. Like she needed it in the first place. I still can’t believe they all laid to me. I mean what did I do to deserve this. Everyone has left me alone in this little world. I get so upset sometimes that I just crawl in my room and cry. Most of the time I cry myself asleep. I still think about Max all the time, but I will get over that in a few days or maybe weeks all right I admit it. I’ll sit in class and think about him sometimes so much that I can’t pay attention. At that moment I get the weird feeling that he is thinking of me. Every night I wake up to my big mirror turned around, and bathroom door closed. So I know he is watching me at night, and it pisses me off every time. I don’t care what he does on his own time, but he needs to stay out of my room.

I just got out of my fourth period, and am heading for lunch. For the last two days I have been sitting alone, because all my friends worked for Max. Go figure they all disappeared on Sunday. Coincidence, I don’t think so. Everyone looks at me as if I am a loner now. I sit in the library and read, basically because I have nowhere else to go. Today she walked over to the lunch line and saw Maria talking to a bunch of people at a table. They all started to laugh, and then she looked over at me. I just ignored her; I didn’t want to see another Shadow in my life. I got my usual sandwich, and walked to an empty table. I started to eat and Max jumped in my head. I kept picturing him without a shirt on that day I found out. He was so cute, but he went across the line. Not even that he went miles away from the line.

Just then a hand went on my shoulder. I jumped realizing that I have been a trans the whole time during lunch and am still in it. So I finally looked up and Maria was standing next to me. I looked down and I was done with my lunch. I got up quickly and started to walk to the garbage can in the middle of the room. She followed me, obviously wanting to talk about something.

“Liz, I need to talk to you about something very important.” Just then I blew up. She went to far.

“Important. Oh, well what could be so important that you had to talk to me? Of all the people. I told you and Max never want to talk or hear from you ever again. You ruined my life, and you pretended to be my friend. I don’t even want to look at you. Oh by the way you should really get that fixed.” I said that noticing the big black eye I gave her on Sunday.

“Liz you just don’t get it do you. For some fucking reason he loves you. You act like he did something terrible.”

“Oh, no don’t go there.” Just then I just walked off heading for the library. I know she will follow me, but I don’t care if I hear anything else I will go crazy.

“Listen my real name is Kelly. Michael the guy at the club was my husband we have been married for the past ten years. I have been a Shadow ever since then too. Max is doing terrible. Every day he looks at the card with the phone number on it, and wishes he could get the guts to call and turn him self in. Liz he would throw everything he has away for you. What ever you did to him it worked.”

“What I did to him! Funny, what about what he did to me. He tried to enforce him self on me and it almost worked. I actually thought I was falling in love with him. But I knew it was to perfect. Like everything else in my life. Thanks Kelly! You just helped me get over him, in a big way. It’s nice to finally get him out of my head.” Just then they reached the Library. Liz walked in and sat down at her usual seat.

“Liz that doesn’t matter. Max is doing bad, and if he turns him self in to the Protectors then they will kill him. They will Liz, and I can’t let that happen. Max has done so much for me, more then anyone else in the world. When I met Michael he looked at me as if I was meat, but suddenly he saw me the way Max sees you. I left my life for him. Max saved my life, and gave me a new life. He gave me love, and though it was complicated at first, but it is better now. He almost did the same thing that Max wants to do for you, but I joined the Shadows instead. I know you won’t join the Shadows, but don’t let him do this. We need him more then anyone else. It has been our mission to help on his quest, but instead of the mission he choice to find you. So if your not going to talk to him or reassure him that it isn’t going to happen. He will die.” Just then Maria, or Kelly got up and walked away from me. What is she talking about?

The rest of the day was boring I didn’t give what she was saying another thought. In fact I decided to go and have some fun for the first time all week. I get to have some fun. I finished my shift and went right home to change. My father hasn’t been around lately. He has been off doing his own thing. When I came back home crying he must of got the idea that he shouldn’t be talking to me anymore. I go up stairs to my room, and went to my closet. I had this really cute dress I haven’t worn since my birthday last year. This dress was so slim on me and made me look great. It would be perfect for the celebration by myself. I got dressed, and went down stairs to leave. My hair went all the way to the middle of my back and was laying softly on my dress. I walked to the club and there was a ton of people. I just waved to the guy at the front door, and he smiled as I walked past him.

The place wasn’t as pact as it looked. Usually on days like this people would come from miles to hear the music and dance, but I guess today they were being very picky on who is going in. I don’t really care but at least I can see who is here. I go to the dance floor and just danced. Max’s name went through my thoughts some times but I pushed them out. Tonight was all about me no one else. If I see him I will slap him, and I know that because I decided it the night I found out. I won’t see him ever again. Liz stop thinking about him it’s over. I danced the night away and all my negative feelings left. I didn’t think about anyone else the rest of the night.

Wow, it’s been two hours none stop dancing. I better get home I do have school tomorrow. So I left the dance floor and walked to the door. Just then I heard a familiar voice from behind me. “Liz!” If he thinks I’m just going to stop and talk to him, he’s got another thing coming. I got out side and started to walk down the street. I could hear him following me close behind. Then he swung me around. I felt the how scared he was when he grabbed my arm. I could feel his heart race as mine sped up with it. He just stood there looking at me. I just scowled at him. “Liz I’m…”

“Don’t bother. It was fun while it lasted, just leave it at that okay Max.” That sounded cold and bitter just like I felt.

“It was fun, but it doesn’t have to be the end.”

“But it does. You did something that you shouldn’t have. I actually thought I loved you too. How dumb could I be!”

“You weren’t being dumb. You were following your heart, and you know it…That’s not why I wanted to talk to you. I want you back, and I’ll do anything to do that. Even turn myself in and I’ve never even considered it before now. I would do anything you want, just tell me.” Wow, he has got to be joking. I’m loosing the battle against my heart and I know it. Every time I’m around him I feel like I’m loosing control. I use to be so mean and cruel to guys and then I met him. Remember he did something that he shouldn’t have, and you know that.

“Max, you hurt me.” I feel the tears falling from my eyes now. I lost the battle. “You hurt me more then my mother dying, and I never getting to meet her. You hurt me more then my father never wanting to be in my life. You hurt my here.” I touched my heart, and I could feel sorrow from him.

“Liz I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have bothered you. You’re right I hurt you, and I didn’t want to.” He pulled something from his pocket, and handed it to me. I looked at what it was and it was the ring he gave me. “Want you to have it. It belongs to you, I guess as a reminder that I will always love you.” He bent down and kissed my cheek. I wanted to say something. I need to say something. Just do it now!

“Max!” I yelled at him. He turned and looked back at me. I couldn’t say anything else. He walked over to me and saw my loss of words. Tears still falling from my eyes. I slipped the ring back on my finger. “These have been the greatest days of my life. Ever since I met you I haven’t been the same and I…” He whipped my tears away, and I knew I didn’t have to say anything else.

“Liz what do you want me to do?” I felt the tears come down again as he said those words. I looked up at him, and those eyes that no longer tranced me.

“I don’t know! I just don’t know anymore.” He came over and grabbed me. I put my arms around him and let him hold me. I put my head on his chest. I could still feel those muscles. I looked up and he had a tear falling from his eye. I let go of him, and turned to walk away. He held my hand and stayed close to me. I walked up to my door, and he was still right behind me.

“I know it will never be the way it was. I know that, I’ll always know that. I just am loss in words now and am babbling.” I giggled as he said that, but he was right it won’t be like it was.

“You’re right it won’t be like it was, and you were babbling. I guess I don’t know what to say either. Except thanks! You showed me the way it feels to be me, the real me.” He smiled at me. “Are you hungry?” I had to say something.

“A little, you?”

“Famished. Come on in and I’ll make you something to eat.” I opened the door and like I figured my dad wasn’t there. I shut the door, and Max was looking around the room. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was hardly in there, but there was some KFC, from earlier today. “How about some chicken?” I looked over at him, and was looking at a picture of my mom and dad. I shut the fridge, and walked over to him. “Hey I was talking to you!”

“Oh, sorry I was just looking at your mother.”

“She was beautiful, wasn’t she?” He looked down at me and I just stared at the picture.

“Yeah she is. You remind me allot of her you know.”

“My mom was brave, and smart. I’m a coward. I always have been and always will be.” He smiled down at me, and shook is head no. “Chicken?”

“Yeah that will be fine.” I just walked away and opened the fridge. I pulled the chicken out and put it in the microwave. Max was sitting at the table really uncomfortable. It was the first time I have ever seen him look like that. “You know you are braver then you know it!”

“Max, don’t argue with me! You won’t win, and remember I am feeding you now.”

“You want to know the truth.”


“I’m not hungry. I just didn’t want to leave you again. For the first time I actually am being myself around you and I didn’t want to leave it at that.”

“So you laid to me again.” I said with sarcasm in my voice, walking over to him. “Now you are going to fine. You need to be careful I might kick you out.” He smiled at me, and I was standing over him. He pulled me on his lap and I laughed. “Now is this you or some one else.”

“All me, believe me all Me.” I sat on his lap and just stared in his eyes. This time I felt totally in control and it felt good. “You know I don’t think you have the guts to kick me out.”


“Yeah.” I got closer to him and the microwave dinged for the chicken. I pulled away from him and got the chicken. I sat it on the table, and was going to sit in a chair next to max, but he Max pulled me on his lap. “You have a habit of leaving me hanging you know that.” He went to kiss me, but I got up from his lap. Then sat down next to him. He moaned a little then grabbed a piece of chicken from the bucket. I grabbed a leg. We both ate a piece of chicken and walked to the door so he could go.

“Well I guess this is good bye.” I said as he held my hand in his. I forgot that I put the ring on my finger, and could feel it rubbing against his hand.

“When will I see you again?” This time he got to ask.

“I don’t know you tell me.” He grabbed my other hand and pulled me a little closer.

“Tomorrow morning would be great.” I looked at him, and hit him in the arm a little. He backed off. I can’t believe he said that.

“Max, you know better then that. I guess I’ll see you around then.” He got closer and gave me a hug.

“Is it alright if I give you a kiss?” He said not letting go of me.

“It depends, do you mean it?” He smiled at me as he backed off. He grabbed my head and pulled me to his lips. He put a gentle kiss on my lips. His hands went through my hair, and down my back. My hands went up his chest and to his hair. I felt his hand on my butt and almost fell into him. I moaned as he let go of me. I went even closer to him I was afraid he would leave me forever. He kissed me again even deeper. Just like when we were in his room. He caressed me all over my body as enjoyed every moment of it.

Just then the door opened. We both quickly looked over to the door and there was five people standing there with a few guns. Max quickly moved in front of me blocking me from any shots they might shoot at us. I screamed realizing what was going on. The men walked in and pointed the guns at us. He pushed us out the door. I wouldn’t let go of Max. He held me close as we walked out of my house. There was a truck in the front of my house. The doors flew open and we were pushed in it. We fell to the ground as the door closed. Max walked over to me and held me in his arms. I was scared to death. What was going on?

“Max, what is going on?”

“I don’t know Liz. I really don’t know.” He held me in his arm and I knew everything would be okay. What was going to happen to us? Who are they? Everything seemed to happen to me. Ever since I met Max, my life has turned upside down, and there is nothing I can do about it. I looked up at Max who looked scared himself. I got up from where I was, and sat down even closer to him. I pulled down my dress and put my head on his chest.



“Don’t let me go. What ever happens don’t let me go.”

“I promise.” I felt him kiss my head. I looked up at him. I was shaking as he looked down with me with those eyes, and I knew he meant it. “I mean it!”

“I know.” Bent up and kissed a little reassuring him that I know what he means. Then I put my head back down.

The whole drive I didn’t move. I just closed my eyes and felt the truck move under us. I am scared, yet I’m not. I feel like this is supposed to happen. Maybe to help me move on, or maybe to bring us together. These men just take us at that point seeing us in an embrace like that and take us away. I am still mad at Max but it is as if this event as brought us together, maybe forever. I just know I don’t want to loose him, ever. Just then the truck stopped, and we held each other tighter. I could hear voices from out side the truck.

Then the doors flung open and Jeff walked in. I looked up and saw him and I knew at that point what was going on. I held on to Max and wouldn’t let go. Jeff walked in front of us as we sat there not letting go of each other.

“Liz, Max, I can’t believe you two would actually consider that this would work. You two do not belong together. Max why didn’t you settle for Tess. She was willing to give up everything for you and you almost had her, but she wasn’t good enough. You had to go after my child.” Liz looked up at Max, and back at Jeff.

“What?” Max, and I said at the same time looking at Jeff.

“That’s right Liz you are my daughter. Max and Isabel aren’t my kids. His father was a Shadow, and your mother didn’t want anyone to know that we were a couple. So she got married to your father, and left me. She didn’t want you to go through what you would go through if you staid with us. Max I am disappointed in you.” Max held me tighter as if I was going to flyaway forever. I had tears falling down my face as I realized what everyone was telling me. I wasn’t normal.

“It makes since now. That’s why you wanted me to stay away from Max. You knew if anyone found out that you and your Ex-wife never had kids, and you actually had me. Then you would be betraying the treaty against the Shadows, and you would be killed. Unless that’s what you wanted to do to make me.”

“Fine now you know Liz. You weren’t supposed to know and neither was anyone else. You were going to be the thing that could stop everything and free everyone. You were the weapon and Max was the other weapon. You both were never supposed to meet, because you were supposed to fight each other and end the war. For the one who one would rule both sides and end it all. But no you had to be a girl didn’t you Liz, and Max you just couldn’t stay away could you. You are just like your father.” Jeff said that as a father would say to his child that did something wrong and needed to be punished. “Take them out.”

Just then a Melina walked in with a gun and a few other men. They pulled us out of the truck as I felt Max hold on to my arm refusing to let go of me. He is the sweetest guy ever. We got of the truck and into this really dark room. I felt them pry Max’s hand away from me. I turn and Max is trying to get to me. I felt completely helpless. He hit the man with the gun and pried his way to me. I was pushing the guards away from me, but it didn’t work. He got to me and they shot him. I felt tears fall from my eyes.

“NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!” I screamed on top of my lungs, and fell to the ground next to him. I looked at a motionless Max. I cried as the realization that what just happened kicked in. “Max, I love you. Don’t leave me damn it. Max don’t leave me not now.” I fell on him and just cried my eyes out. I felt hands pull me away from him. I watched as they drug me away from his lifeless body. I had tears falling from my eyes.

What just happened? First I get back with Max, and make up. Then the next thing I know it there are people taking us in a truck. What ever happened to realistic lives? Well Jeff comes up and tells us we were supposed to kill each other to end a war. Then says he’s my father. What an ass whole! For the first time in a long time I can say that. Then Melina comes around and pulls us apart. Max remembering his promise tries to get back to me, and they killed him. Why? I can’t believe I have lost another person in my life after I actually started to get to know him. It just doesn’t make any since. I love him, and he doesn’t know it. I can’t believe it. The man I love is dead and he doesn’t even know the way I truly feel. I want to die now here. At this moment just so I can be with him. If that is even possible anymore.

TBC..... Tell me what you think, and thanks for all the feedback it is nice knowing someone is reading this story.*angel*
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Chapter 7: Revelation

So here I am waiting, for what I am not sure. I just know there is nothing I can do to let go of what has happened here. They threw me in a room and locked the door. I cannot get out the only time I see anyone is when they bring me food, and that is twice a day. The rest of the time I find a corner and cry. What has happened to me? Ever since that day that I met Max, and now I am locked up for loving him. Something I can’t control, something I’m not sure I want to control. Everyday I here voice out side my room. Though I can’t understand them I know they are talking about me.

Days have past and I still haven’t seen anyone or heard from anyone. The day consists of Food, cry, food, cry, fall asleep crying, and waking up crying. You would think I was dehydrated. I feel like a big looser. I am weak, and I know I should find away out, and tell everyone that Max is dead. I don’t even know how long I have been here. So now I seat here looking at the door, and them drop a bowl of food, and some water out the whole on the bottom of the door. I am a good student now think a door, wood, hinges, doorknob, and locked. Now I also have nothing to use to get the hinges out of the door with. I want out I have to get out. I ran over at the door, and started hitting it with all my force. They have to let me out this is unconstitutional. I fall again giving up. I have tried that almost every single day and it still hasn’t worked.

I fall back in my corner and start eating a piece of bread. It is very stale and hard, but I need the food and you deal with what you have. Just as I finished my bread and water the door flung open. I looked up and Alex walked in. That was one person I thought I would never see again. My eyes get wide as I look at him with huge eyes. He comes over to me and sits down by me. I just glare at him. What the hell does he think he is doing? They put me here, and now they want me to talk to him.

“Liz, I heard about what they did to you. I’m sorry I had no idea.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“Listen I just need to ask you a question. I need to know if Isabel is all right. Please tell me I would do anything to find out.”

“I need away out of here. Now!”

“I can do that.”

“Last time I saw here she was really sick. Why?”

“I am afraid for her health that’s all you need to know. Oh, and I have something for you.” He pulls something from his pocket. I just look at it. Then slowly take it from him. I open it and it’s some kind of letter. I open it and my heart jumps in my throat as I see whom it is from.

“This can’t be!”

“It is Liz. He wrote it right in front of me. I promised to give it to you if he does something for me. That and I have to get you out of here.” I start to cry.

“I saw him though. He’s dead!”

“Liz, remember immortal.” Well I feel crunchy. I totally forgot that Max couldn’t die. The Shadows can’t die. I start to read the letter to my self:


I hope you get this letter. I never know who to trust in a place like this, but I know Alex and he doesn’t brake is promises. Liz I told you that I would let you go and I broke that promise. I know you are worried that I am dead, but I promise I am fine. Believe me I love you too. I love you more then anything. That is why I say this with a lot of worry, and consideration, but I want you to leave. There is a map of a cabin that I have in the envelope. I will be there I promise. I don’t know how, but knowing you are safe is the only thing that keeps me going. I promise I will be there, and I only have one thing I have to ask you. Is it possible that you will marry me? I love you, and will see you soon.

My heart to you,
Max Evans

I had tears fall from my eyes as I read that letter. He means it doesn’t he. He truly loves me and I would be honored being his wife forever. I whipped my tears away and look at Alex who looks really uncomfortable. There is no way I am leaving with out being able to see him first. I fold the letter, and put it back in the envelope. Sure enough there was another piece of paper in there with it.

“I need one favor from you. Is there anyway I can see Max, now?” He looked at his watch, and back at me. It was a simple question.

“Yes, I will take you to him right now.” He got up and I stand up too. He walks to the door, and opens it. He looks both ways and back at me. We walk down hallways after hallways, until he stops at a door. He just looks at it, and opens it slowly. I walk in and Max is lying on the floor hurt. He is unconscious. I feel the tears forming in my eyes, as I ran over to him and kneel down. He could barely move.

“Max!” I said with a calm voice. I turn him over, and he opened his eyes.

“Liz.” He said weakly lifting his hand to touch my face. I took it and gave it a little kiss. I tried so hard to stop from crying. “What are you still doing here?”

“I was not going to leave without seeing you. I couldn’t!” He slowly sits up I help him a little. He looks so weak lying there on the floor. I pull him closer no longer able to hold my tears. “Max I can’t leave you like this.” He had his arms wrapped around me as tight as he could.

“Liz you must. If you don’t you will be stuck here forever and I can’t do that. There is no way we both can get out. I will be fine. I know you are out there waiting for me.” He looks down at me and kisses me. I give him a little kiss too.

“The answer is yes.” I say as soon as we broke apart.

“To what?” He looks better then before.

“It is possible that I would marry you. I would do it right now if I could.” He pulls me in for another kiss. This one more passionate. When we broke he pushed me away.

“You need to go. If you are here for to long you will be caught and I can’t let that happen to you. If you stay I will kiss you again.” With that I got up and walked away. I slowly opened the door, and Alex was waiting for me. I whipped my tears and nodded. He just turns and starts to walk.

“HE loves you, you know?” I turn to look at him with concerned and confused look on my face.

“Yes I do!” I look back at the door. “So why are you doing this?”

“Isabel. Like you two we aren’t aloud to see each other ever again. But I will always love her, and when I didn’t see her a few nights ago I got worried. You see we have known each other since we were little. When we both found out who the other was it was too late. I was in love with her and she love with me. So we have been meeting for years in secret.” He looked at me with pain in his eyes. “So when she didn’t show up I got worried. To be honest Liz I didn’t know who you were in the first place. If I knew they would do this to you I would of warned you.”

“I know you would have Alex. It’s just hard to believe that everything I have ever known is a lye.”

“You get use to things like that around here. All right go down this passage until the end of the hall. Take the last door on the left, and take a right. Under the big cover over the wall is the exit. After that just go straight until you hit the high way. The rest is explained in the letter. Good luck Liz.”

“Thank you, and good luck to you too.” With that I ran down the hallway and into the room. I followed his exact directions. I was so scared that I would never see Max again. The only thing going through my mind was him, and well okay I’ll admit it Isabel and Alex. I was not expecting that one. Ever since I have known either of them they acted like they lived by the rules. Now I know differently. I just hope they are back together. I know what they are going through, but at least they have a chance. Max and me were brought together from pure attractions. And soon that grew into admiration, then to hate, and now and forever love. Hard to believe what one-week in your life will change everything you believe in.

I opened the door that he told me too, and shut it. This nightmare here is almost over. I turn and there is a blond bimbo looking girl standing in the middle of the room. I look around and she is the only other person in the room. I start moving away from the door, and heading toward the wall nearest me. She just stands there. Something tells me I’m not going to like her at all. All of a sudden she starts laughing hysterically. I just stare at her as if she was crazy, because she is crazy. Fine they caught me.

“Well you caught me. What are you going to do put me back in my room and lock the door again?” I said trying not to give her the wrong impression.

“Well don’t worry they haven’t caught you. I have, and that is much worse. Cause I don’t like you, and you know why I don’t like you. Because you did the one thing that I couldn’t do. You have Max.” The blond bimbo has lost it, because I don’t have Max, Max has me.

“Have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Well I tried the exact same thing you did but Max wouldn’t have it and he left me for you.”

“Who are you?”

“Tess the one that is going to take Max away from you.” She stood there in a fighting stance. I couldn’t help it, it was too funny, I started to laugh and couldn’t stop. She cam at me and I just moved out of the way. This chick is serious. Fine lets get this over with. I don’t care who she is there is no way she is getting Max from me. She came at me with a few more punches. Shit she’s strong. SO I block her punches, and throw mine right for her abdomen. She had the wind knocked out of her so I punched her in the face, and sent her hitting the wall. She had blood coming from her nose. I walk over to he and pulled her up by her hair.

“You listen bimbo. You have no idea who you are messing with here. Don’t follow me don’t piss me off. If I ever see you again I won’t hold back. Oh, tell anyone you saw me and you would regret it too. Remember I still have the man I love in here, you piss me off, and I’ll have two reasons for coming back.” With that I threw her head back on the ground and she landed hard on her back. Just then I heard some people running down the hall. I quickly run to the curtain thing hanging on the wall. I move and there was the door. I open it and quickly got out and shut it again. I could here people inside the building.

I looked ahead of me and there were nothing but woods. I start to walk, and remember that I’m still holding the letter in my hand. I open it and pull out the other piece of paper that was in it. I open it and start to read:

When you get to the highway there will be a gray Saturn with people in it. They will be trying to fix a flat tire. Got to them and tell them you name. They will take you to the cottage and I will be there as soon as possible. I love you Liz.

I fold the letter back into the envelope and realize that I am still wearing the dress that I put on for the club. I pull it down and start to walk and there is nothing around me. My thoughts slip to Tess. Who was she? It made no since that she thought I was doing what ever she tried to do. What ever it was it didn’t work, because Max loves me, and not her. Did Max ever love her? What if he did? Liz stop. He loves you, you’re going to marry him Liz. Liz Evans! Wow that does sound nice. Elizabeth Anne Evans! I like the ring to that.

Just then I hit the highway. I look around for anyone fixing a flat tire. Then I saw them a little ways away from me. I started to walk I can’t see who they are, but it is a gray Saturn so it must be them. I get closer and I can see whom they are. A man and a woman arguing about how to put a tire on the car. I get a little closer and I notice who the woman is, Maria. I get closer and they are still arguing. I stand right behind her Maria as she yell at the man. “You have to take the rim off first, then you can fix the tire.”

“You know she’s right. The only way to take the tire off is to take the rim off.” Maria froze and turned again. She saw me standing there, and she got really excited and gave me a hug.

“Don’t worry he can take care of the tire. He should know how.” The man stood up and I got a better look of him. It was the guy from the club the other night. I just smile at him. “Liz Parker I would like you to meet my husband Michael Guerin.” I look over at Maria and back at Michael.

“I Liz. It’s nice to finally meet you. I can see why Max likes you so much, damn.” My mouth dropped as Maria smacked him on the head. “Well I’m only telling the truth. Well let’s go. WE need to get you to Max’s cottage.” I just shook my head. Then realized the tire was still flat.

“I don’t think we are going anywhere with the tire flat like that.” Michael looked down at it, and then smiled.

“Here let me show you.” He put his hand on the tire and it filled up with air. I just looked at him as if he was crazy. “Come on we need to get you to safety, Max would kill me if anything happened to you.” With that I jumped into eh back seat of the car, and the other two in the front seat. I just sit there and think of Max. He was amazing and I am so lucky to have him in my life.
Okay I know I ended that weird, but I needed it to happen that way for my ideas for the next part to work.
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Part 8: Homecoming

A month later

Here I am bored as can be sitting in the same place I have been for a month. Ever since I got out I have been at this house. Maria comes by with food every now and then, but no word from Max. It’s a beautiful house though. It’s as if Max knew we were going to be going here. Maybe that was his plan along, that both of them to live there together as a family. God, Liz come on you don’t even know he’s alive. All you know is that he isn’t here. Though how true that is I will not give up. He will come for me or will… Never mind about that.

I got up and walked to the kitchen for something to eat. I walk in and had the same old things all over again. There is some Water, canned food, milk, left over who knows what, and of course eggs. I grabbed a can of ravioli, and threw it in the microwave. Sitting down and waited for some food, until there was a knock on the door. I jumped up scared; because the only person who came to see her didn’t knock of door they walked in. I to up slowly, and started heading for the door. I slowly open the peep whole to see who it was. I couldn’t see anything. Grabbing for the bat that was placed behind the door, and slowly turned the knob. AS it stopped I opened the door slightly to see who it was. NO, one was there. So I opened the door farther and looked around, but again no one was there. The dark sky full of stars, and the moon was high in the sky. It was beautiful, but no one was there.

All right, so I shut the door, and locked it just in case. Then my ravioli went off, so I put the bat back in its spot and went in the kitchen. I ate the ravioli and got up again, it was getting late, and I figured I should get some sleep. I went up to my room, and fell asleep.

It’s weird that no one was at the door. I swear I heard someone at the door. I usually don’t hear things like that. The only things that I have heard lately were the Max’s voice in my ear. I hear it some much, because I miss. The sound of him saying he loved me. The way he danced with me at the club, and of course those lips of his that entranced me. It was amazing the way he made me feel.

I shut the door, and went to eat. It was quick because of the fact I don’t have to worry about anyone watching me eat. After that I just went up stairs to eat. When I first got there Maria told me witch was the quest bedroom, and witch was Max’s. She simply told me I could pick the one I wished to sleep in. She figured I would pick Max’s because I would miss him so much. Well she was right I did miss him. I tried to sleep in the other room, but it was uncomfortable. Ever since then I slept in his room, and I couldn’t be happier. I got up stairs and pulled out a shirt. There were a ton of clothes there that I could ware. I never liked to ware pajamas per say, but I would ware a shirt. I was glad when Maria told me that there were clothes I could change into. The dress was getting uncomfortable.

I lay down to sleep, and I was quickly out in seconds. I didn’t realize how tired I was. I still have that dream though, and again I can’t remember it. I only pray that it isn’t important enough that I have to remember. What ever it is, I don’t care, because I ‘m almost happy. I almost have the life were you could be happy to come home, and find a family that has been waiting for you. I know it isn’t going to be perfect with the Protectors after us, but it could be the best we can make out of it.

I remember one day I was walking around the house looking around. I figured I’d look around considering I would be here for a while. I was looking at the many pictures around this room. I think it was the guest room, I’m not quiet sure, but every now and then I would recognize someone. There was actually one from Maria, and Michaels wedding. It still hurt that she laid to me all these years, but I don’t need to worry about that. I have the ultimate best friend I have Max. Though I know that life will throw us many curve balls I will always love him. Not that it hasn’t thrown a few already, but that’s not the point. There was one of Max, and his parents. Max looked so happy. There were a few more. There was a really cute one of Max, and Isabel.

Anyway I woke up a few hours later. I could tell that it was still early because the sun hadn’t come up yet. I turn and it was only 2:00 A.M. I rolled over and closed my eyes. I’m not sure if I fell asleep but I think I did. When all of a sudden I felt a hand on my face. I ignored it, lately I would feel things like that when I woke up, but when I opened my eyes no one would be there. I figured it was just the wind, so I would put the blanket over my head. Which this time I just ignored it and tried to go to sleep. It wasn’t that cold in the room to put the blanket over my head. Just then I felt the wind on my neck. That was strange it is actually warm. Must be a heat wave or something. So naturally I ignored it.

The next thing I knew it there were soft kisses on my neck. That got my attention. I jump up and saw him. I could feel the tears forming. After all this time, and now he comes to me. Max just stared at me. He touched my cheek as if making sure I was real. I could say anything. Tears start to flow from my eyes. He whipped my tears, and I leaned into his touch. He started to smile, and I couldn’t help but smile with him.

“Max, I…” I tried to talk but he put his finger on my lips. I softly kissed it not knowing what to do.

“Liz, I missed you so much. I won’t get this out if you interrupt me so please let me talk.” He said this and I got closer to him and grabbed his hand, when he put it down. “When I was in there all I could do was think of you. They did things to me that I couldn’t explain, but I never forgot you. No one in the world could stop me from thinking about you. I dreamed of this moment for the last month. Now I have you and I’m not sure what to do. No matter how many times you plan this it doesn’t work out the way you want it. I’m just so glad you are all right.”

“Max, I missed you so much.” He pulled me close to him, and I could feel his body heat all around me and for the first time in the last month I felt safe. “I love you Max.”

“I love you too.” We held each other for a few minutes, and then finally broke apart. I was a little disoriented when he let go of me, because I had lost all me sense’s. “I’m hungry you want some breakfast.” I just smiled at him. He stood up and reached out for my hand. I took it and stood up. He saw what I was warring, and quickly turned around. I had forgotten I was just warring a shirt. IT was kind of funny that he would turn. We were engaged and all.

“Max!” I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. He tried his hardest not to look at me, so he just looked at my eyes. I could tell he was so honorable sometimes. “You know if we are going to be living together you better stop acting so surprised when you see me this way. Because this is all I ware to sleep, and anyway we are engaged.” He smiled at me, and I put me arms around his neck, which made the shirt go even farther up and showed my underwear. When I realized my hair was in my face. Had it been like that the whole time? I haven’t paid attention. I was more worried about seeing Max. He quickly moved it behind my head, and grabbed my waist. I felt content when he did, because it was a place where he had first touched me.

“God you are so beautiful. You are the only thing that kept me going through everything that I have been through.” HE bent down and kissed me soft at first, and then harder. I could feel him practically lift me up as he kissed me. I missed his kiss so much, and believe me he hadn’t lost it at all. He could still kiss like an angel, or she I say demon. He grabbed my butt as he lifted me up closer to him. I am actually much shorter then he is. He quit kissing me, we had to breathe sometime. I realized that my hands were on his chest. “I’m hungry.” I just started to laugh, and he pulled me down stairs. He never let go of my hand. I sat down at the table, and he looked around the kitchen. Then he turned to me. “Where is all of the cereal?”

I couldn’t help but laugh even lauder. He ate cereal. I would never of thought that he would be a cereal guy. I just got up and walked to a cupboard, then only one he had missed. He took it from and gave me a soft kiss. I walked over, and got him the milk and a spoon. He was still pouring the cereal. The only cereal we had was Trix, basically because I liked Trix. He looked at me with the milk and spoon. “I figured that you might have trouble finding it too.” He smiled at me.

“Well thanks, I might have to pay you back for that one.” He took the milk and sat it down. Then the spoon. I started to back off until I reached the counter. He picked me up and put me on the counter. I was sure he was going to kiss me, but instead he start to tickle me. I couldn’t help but struggle. I kept moving his hand off of me, but he was to strong, and fast for me. Then I slipped and he caught me in his arms. I looked up into his eyes, and he started to laugh at me. I scowled at him, and pushed him away.

“That’s not funny. For that I might never kiss you again.” I turned and looked away from him. I could feel his arms around me. When he started to whisper in my ears.

“You can’t resist kissing me, just as much as I can’t resist kissing you.” He started kissing my neck. I almost fell into him. I lifted my head and looked at him. He noticed I moved. I moved my arms, and pulled him toward me. He kissed me as if he was about to eat me.

“You need to eat.” I said as he finally let go of me.

He ate his food, and I just watched him. He was watching me as he ate. I couldn’t believe he was here. It was the last thing I would ever expect from him. I knew he was going to come, but after two weeks I got discouraged. That’s what happens when your in a house all by yourself, without anyone to talk to. When he was done, he walked over to, and took my hand again. He looked really serious. “I have something for you.” I just looked at him confused. He pulled me into the living room, which was actually really dark. HE turned on the lights, and went to the closet. “Close your eyes.” So did I.

The next thing I knew it he was putting something on the coach. I just stood there waiting for him to tell to open my eyes. Then he told to open them. In front of me was a beautiful wedding dress. My mouth dropped as I realized what it was for. “Max, I don’t know what to say.”

“I figured that you should at least have a wedding dress. Even if we can’t have a big wedding. I got in your size, and Maria picked it out. Maria and Michael are going to be by tomorrow around noon, with the minister. I didn’t think it would be a good thing to wait. You never know when the Protectors are going to find us. Then we can hide out here for a few more months, and after that we can go anywhere you want too.”

“Max I don’t know what to say…You made me the happiest person in the world.” I turned and he starts to walk to the wedding dress. He took of the plastic that was covering it. The dress had no sleeves, and was slender. The dress poofed out at the bottom, and had a vial with it. I felt tears fall from my eyes. Max took me in his arms.

“We should get you to sleep. WE have a busy day tomorrow.” I just smiled and nodded my head. He grabbed the dress, and we walked to his bedroom. HE hung up the dress and turned to me. “I’ll be in the room next door if you need to.” He was heading for the door.

“Max you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. I mean it is your first night back, and I would hate to be alone in this room again.” He smiled and nodded his head. I walked over and lay down in the bed. When I looked at him he was taking off his shirt and pants, and hoped in the bed. I had almost forgotten how cute he looked without his shirt on. HE was amazing, that chest was just too much for me. He pulled me close, and held me as I closed my eyes. I fell asleep just like that. For the first time in his arms, with his warmth around me. Our last day single forever, in each other’s arms.

Next part is on it's way.
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