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Author: BlackKnight
Rating: R at most
Disclaimer: I own 2 Roswell posters, a few framed pictures of Jason and Shiri and a whole lot of Dreamer stuff but sadly none of the characters of Roswell. They belong to who they belong to.
Author's Note\Summary: I started this fic a few months back. I am reposting it cause ispiration hit. I don't have much direction and don't know where it's headed. It's pretty AU. Don't really know how to explain it. I'm not sure how far it's going to get but I'll really try to finish it.

Standing in the dark, dank, deserted alleyway of 19th Century England, Max hunched his shoulders together in an attempt of staying warm. He hated assignments that required him to be cold. He was from the desert and hated the cold but there was no way around it. The bell tower chimed signaling him that it was time. He strode purposefully out of the alley and down the street. Rounding a corner he quickly glanced around making sure no one was about, reached into his pocket and vanished from sight. Unknown to him someone was watching from the rooftop of one of the buildings across the way. Instead of being shocked when he disappeared she smiled. “Time to have some fun.” Then she too vanished into the darkness of the night.

Part 1

Max walked down the dimly lit hallway towards the painting at the end of the corridor. Glancing at his watch he swore. He was two minutes behind schedule. Quickening his pace he reached the piece of art and placed his bag softly on the floor next to his feet. He began to examine the frame and back for any trick wires or alarms.

“You know for someone who is supposedly the best, you make quite a bit of noise.”

Spinning around to face his opponent, hand resting just inside his jacket, just above his weapon, he sighed. He was staring at his ‘shadow’ so to speak. Glaring at the intruder, he mumbled something under his breath then turned his attention back to the painting. Realizing that they weren’t going disappear, Max quietly but forcefully spoke over his shoulder.


“My, my aren’t we touchy today.” Out of the corner of his eye Max saw that she was grinning and had kneeled into a crouch, quietly observing everything around her. He sighed, again. I don’t need this, he thought. After a few seconds he finally asked the question she was silently waiting for.

“What are you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I came to observe a master in his element.” She responded sarcastically, her voice filled with mirth. Max let out a frustrated sigh.

“Is there anyway I could get you to leave?”

“No, just like all the other times. I enjoy watching you work.” She stared critically at his actions for a few moments. Max reached up preparing to remove the painting from its frame.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She stated calmly.

“Well you’re not so be quiet.” He snapped at her as he released the piece from its frame, tripping the silent alarm he must have missed due to being so distracted by his audience. Max groaned and shoved the painting into his case as quickly as possible. Max made a quick scan of the area, quickly moving down a dark corridor and turned, observing she was still behind him. She was following him! He didn’t have time for this. He had to get out of there as quickly as possible.

“Do you mind? I’m kind of busy now, no thanks to you.”

“Actually I don’t. I have nothing pressing at this time and watching you sweat is quite an enjoyable pass time. Although it’d be more entertaining if it didn’t involve museums and possible chances of arrest.” At his look of shock, she laughed softly and strode past him, down an empty corridor, making a motion for him to follow her. After hearing the loud clamp of heavy boots coming from the direction to Max’s left and knowing security were already surrounding the area that the painting was in he realized he’d have to take his chances with her, against his better judgment.

“Are you ever going to leave me alone and let me do my job?”

“Well it seems to me like you are the one following me now, is that not correct?” Her eyes flashed to meet his, which caused him to take a sharp intake of breath. They were almost glowing in the darkness. Although he couldn’t see her whole face because it was covered with a mask that was just large enough to make it so he wouldn’t recognize her if he just randomly saw her. Her voice finally brought him away from his observation.

“This way and try not to walk so loudly, considering that half the things in your case wouldn’t be able to be explained if you were caught. That’s not even including the painting you’re carrying.” She smirked, which made Max even more annoyed and then quickly scaled the wall that she had stopped at. He had to adjust the case at his side and followed her up, granted it wasn’t as graceful but at this time he really wasn’t in the mood to impress. On the roof she moved to the opposite side and turned to Max, smiling. He noticed that she looked cute with a little bit of a blush on her cheeks in the cold air. Wait a minute, what was he thinking? She got him into this mess.

“It seems we are in the right place. After you.” She indicated to the band on his wrist, which was flashing now. He looked at her one last time wondering how she had yet again managed to turn him into knots without even trying and pressed the button on the band, causing him to fade from sight.

Liz sighed in disappointment and relief. He was gone. The excitement was now over but she knew that if she decided to go back right now he might be able to trace who she was. She knew for a fact that Max was clueless as to who she was and why she should matter to him. Was she willing to ruin her job just for a game? For Liz it wasn’t just a game, it was her job and Max knew the rules. All he knew her as was a fellow player. One of equal or more skill and knowledge but a player nonetheless, someone Max believed he could beat. But Liz was going to beat him at the game, even if it meant forfeiting a valuable asset. Mystery. She shrugged. She’d make up for the loss of mystery with the shock of being paired up with her. Max hated partners and was notorious for that fact. Liz was looking forward to making sure he hated her as well.


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Author's Note: I'm a history buff but I wrote this at like midnight last night so thinking about dates, places and time periods was a little foggy. I know any historical references are completely off, I just made it up so try not to hold it against me, please.

Part 2

The in coming stream alerted the other Players that one of the Game was returning. Formerly the department was called the Temporal Preservation and Protection Department. To those in the Department it was simply known as the Game and the agents in it were simply Players. The Return Room flashed white and suddenly what was empty now contained a group of returning agents. In which was a certain pissed off Max Evans.

Max impatiently waited for the line of agents to thin then proceeded to go and drop off his package. The desk clerk carefully removed it from the case and put it with the other things needing to be placed it into the artifacts vault. Mike looked back at Max and decided against asking how it went. The look on his face said enough for him to know better. He just handed Max the paperwork he’d need to finish his report and watched him leave not even acknowledging the people that called out congratulations to him.

Max quickly went to the reactions room after he passed through the drop room. Swiping his ID card across the keypad he entered into the darkened room with screens playing out different missions the walls. He grabbed a cup of coffee and moved into the room to the left. The replay room. He winced, this was going to hurt, luckily only agents who completed missions today were allowed into the room and even then you had to have special clearance to view other Players vids. He walked up to the Tech Player and was greeted with a crooked smile from one of his long time friend, Alex Whitman.

“Hey Alex. Who’s up next?” Max took a sip of his coffee and looked around seeing who was in the room, Jeff and Frankie, Zack and Nicci, Kyle and Michael, Alex and the other techs.

“Uh, lemme check.” Alex scanned through the file open on his computer screen, “Michael and Kyle, they were grabbing the Laymen Print.”

“Hm, sounds interesting. What time period?”

“1630 Midwestern Cortez. Sounds like it should be interesting.”


“Yeah close call though, made a quick exit and took some tweaks in the timeline to make sure the incident never made it past that day, they almost stumbled onto El Dorado chasing after the two.” By now Alex was laughing and Max couldn’t help but smile despite his grouchy mood. Alex used to be Max’s partner when they were fresh out of the academy but he transferred to tech and Max went into fieldwork, thus ending the only time he had a good record with his partner. Everyone figured it had something to do with the fact that Tess was his second partner and well no one could blame him for not ever wanting a partner again.

Kyle and Michael’s mission vid played out and was greeted with good-natured joking and then they went to pick up the critique of stats and head to their offices to fill out the paper work that never ended. Alex looked at the screen to see who was up next and play the vid. Max looked over his shoulder and groaned.

“Hey Max, you’re up.” Alex reached out and patted Max on the shoulder. “Can’t be that bad man.” Everyone in the room turned to watch. Max wasn’t too surprised when the override flashed on the screen and informed Max to report to the chief’s office for a more through review. Alex turned to Max with a look of disbelief on his face. “Again?” Max shrugged and nodded. “You know you could almost call her a stalker at this rate. Any idea who it is?”

“No clue, personally I think it’s a rogue. One of the academy wash-outs, wanting in on some action. Anyway I’m not in the mood to try and figure out exactly why I suddenly have a shadow or who that shadow may belong to. I have to go see Valenti and explain that I have no idea how she followed me, again.” Max grabbed his empty coffee cup, his files, and headed toward Valenti’s office. He was not looking forward to this.


Liz cued her return to point 9 and waited for an opening in the stream. She needed to get back and meet up with Valenti before he called Max into his office to discuss his latest mission. She was going to enjoy making him see red. Granted Maria was a little pissed that because Liz was requesting a shift to the lower division squad that she’d end up having to go with her. Make sure her back was covered. The stream opened up and she was back in Section 3. She headed for the locker room to quickly change. She was coming out when she ran into Maria.

“So I heard what you did. Smooth, real smooth. Valenti is going to pop an artery when he sees the vid.” She was smiling. Liz couldn’t help but look down.

“I was going to warn him about the last minute trip alarm. It wasn’t like I was just randomly following him, Ria.” Maria didn’t look convinced. In fact she was almost laughing. “And you just happened to forget to tell him who you were and why you were there right?”

“Right. Besides you know the rules Maria. Lower levels don’t know about this Section. It’s not supposed to be advertised. And I am not shadowing him for the reasons you think I am.” Liz knew she didn’t even sound believable to herself.

”Liz stop trying to convince me. You know as well as I do why you are shadowing him and you love every minute of messing with him. We don’t get to mess with the rookies so much anymore but you’re having fun with this assignment. It’s a job Liz, don’t forget that.”

“No Maria, it’s a game and one we must play to win, and you need to not forget that. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to be late.” At that Maria made a face. “Liz we’re never late, we arrive exactly when we want to and people just seem to accept that, go figure. Now go and see your ‘prince charming’ and rescue him from his boss.” She laughed when Liz rolled her eyes at the prince charming comment and headed back toward the conference room.

Liz stared after her for a minute and then went to the lift to go down to the main offices. She shook her head and smiled. This place was confusing. Before she knew it she was standing in front of Valenti’s office. She sighed, “Well here goes nothing.” With that she opened the door to face some uncomfortable questions.


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Part 3

Uncomfortable for Max that is. Liz wasn’t looking forward to this meeting but she was sure she wasn’t dreading it like Max was. Valenti behrly glanced up from his desk when she entered. Max pivoted from where he was standing in front of the desk. He had an annoyed look across his face.

“No one is thirsty, you can leave.” With that Max turned back to Valenti obviously assuming Liz was a secretary or something of the sort. Bad assumption, Valenti winced at the look that came across Liz’s face and hurried to stop any blood shed. “Max this is Agent Parker. She’s here to sit in on our conversation and possibly clear some things up. Agent Parker this is…” Liz cut him off.

“I’m aware of who this is, Valenti.” She said in a cold decidedly too calm voice. Her eyes were hard and her nostrils were flaring. Pissed would be the mild term of how she was reacting to Max’s earlier comment and his general arrogant attitude. Liz realized what she was doing and reigned in her anger. She proceeded to sit in one of the chairs across from Valenti’s desk and started to discuss a security issue, completely ignoring Max and his flabbergasted look.


Max was beyond annoyed. It was one thing to have to listen to Valenti tell him to deal with his shadow, it was quite another to have someone waltz in and try and assume she had any business in this. She didn’t look like she could be much older then 20 let alone have been in the Game long enough to offer anything useful. He grudging took a seat in the other chair not occupied at Valenti’s not so subtle suggestion. One thing was bothering Max in the back of his mind. Why did this ‘Agent Parker’ look so familiar? It was like her movements and body language was familiar but he didn’t recognize the face. At least not beyond that vague, ‘have I seen you before’ question that sometimes bothers people.

“Max I reviewed your vid on the swipe today. Everything went as planned. They caught the original thief and the painting was recovered instead of ending up being burned by mistake. I must say the idea of tripping the alarm on purpose was an interesting twist. Especially considering you were supposed to get the painting clear before letting the authorities have an opportunity to be aware of the issue.” Valenti was prodding the fact that Max had dropped the ball without directly accusing him. Giving him a little leeway because of the issue of his shadow, but Max had the feeling this would be the last time that issue would be a satisfying excuse. He decided next time would be the last time. Before she was just harmless, now she was causing mistakes to be made that could cost him the Game and his ability to play it.

“I know that you had uh… extenuating circumstances.” When Valenti said that he made a quick glance in Liz’s direction and with an almost imperceptible nod he continued. “Which will no longer be an issue. You won’t be having any more surprise guests. That has been ‘taken’ care of so to speak.” Max’s interest perked at this. No more shadow? What did this other player have to do with that? It seemed that Valenti was taking his cue from her, but that couldn’t be right because he had to outrank her. Valenti continued to speak, “Max I know how you feel about these kinds of things and I respect your reasons, which is why I haven’t wasted rookies on your skill. I know they just hinder your work but as of today you have a new partner. Not optional either, so deal with it. Agent Parker will no longer be shadowing you so you shouldn’t have any more distractions with unexpected visitors. She will be expected considering she is now your partner. I’m gonna go get some coffee, besides I know the next few minutes would give me a headache if I stayed.” With that Valenti got up and left the office leaving a stunned Max and an uninterested Liz behind.

At first Max couldn’t get over what was just said. This girl sitting next to him had been shadowing him for the past month on almost every job he’d pulled and it turned out she was a supposed Agent! What the hell was going on? He knew every personnel file of every agent and she was not on the list. How she got clearance to follow his tracks he had no idea, let alone why Valenti decided to make her his partner. Valenti had to know Max would want to strangle the person giving him so much grief.

“So I can tell by the flickering of emotion across your face that you aren’t sure which emotion should win in your first explosion, correct?” Liz had yet to look directly at Max the entire time she had been in the office. She was right now making an interesting discovery on her fingernail, carefully letting her long, dark hair screen her face from view.

Max didn’t know what to say. He wanted to yell, he wanted to pound something, throw something, anything but sit there and gape at what he had just learned but after she spoke he finally snapped. “What the hell did you think you were doing shadowing me the past month?” He hissed. Liz didn’t even flinch at his tone. She was expecting it. “I was watching to make sure you didn’t screw up and ruin something that I’ve been working on for the past two years.”

“Oh yeah, and what would that be?”

“None of your business, you have no idea what you’re dealing with. Which is why I told Valenti that I was going to be your new partner. It’s easier to keep an eye on you when you aren’t constantly trying to dodge me, not that you could really loose me anyway.” The off handed comment was actually a strategic barb to get Max to loose his cool and give her a better idea on his temperament and how far she could push him. Max took a deep breath and ignored her last comment focusing instead on the bits of information revealed in the statement.

“So you are telling me you told Valenti what to do? I’m sorry but he outranks you, as do I probably.” Max wasn’t about to take being given a partner, even one that knew what they were doing. He worked alone, end of story. “Actually Max I outrank you and Valenti. Extenuating circumstances require certain elements of the game to be kept quiet. One of those elements is me, or my position in the Department. You do the field work that gets seen, I do the work that doesn’t get seen if I have anything to do with it. That is all I am going to tell you and asking won’t get you anything but an annoyed partner.” Valenti chose that moment to return with his coffee and sat down at his desk. Max guessed that he assumed everything was worked out. That was far from the truth.

“Agent Parker would you be so kind as to let me discuss something with the Chief here for a moment?” Max asked in an all too calm, polite voice. Liz had a feeling what was going to be said if she stepped out and decided to let it happen. Who knew it might help him to grasp that this wasn’t an option. He may be one of the best players out there with a natural talent but that wouldn’t help him in this matter. He could take it to the top but she knew as well as anyone what would be said, considering as far as he was concerned she was the top, or the ones making her take this assignment were. Max needed to grow up. Liz stood up stiffly and left the room without looking back.

“Valenti, would you please tell me exactly how someone who is practically a teenager out ranks me, let alone you? Or better yet why exactly she felt the need to follow me for a freaking month without telling me who she was or what she was doing? Or how about the reason she is my new so called partner?!” Max slammed his fist into the wall trying to vent some of his frustrations.

Jim Valenti looked at the almost distraught Agent and decided he might as well tell him all he was authorized to and get it over with. It wasn’t going to be easy for Max to grasp but he needed to understand and get over his own anxieties. “Max sit down and don’t interrupt me or none of your questions will be answered and you’ll be asked to leave the Department.” Max sat into the chair and stared at his long time friend’s father, waiting for answers he desperately needed to make his world make sense again.

“This might be a little hard to hear…”

“Max, Agent Parker is one of the top field agents in the Department. She has been since she was brought into it. More importantly though she understands the Game, and has an extraordinary ability to play it. She topped all of her classes in the Academy and has been in the field longer then you have been an Agent. She excels in all things required of Players, can cope in almost every situation thrown at a person, is able to do things most people can’t fathom and most importantly, she will not hesitate to protect the laws that the Department was founded under. She is probably the only person that would consider having you as a partner a hindrance and is no more excited about this then you, except she knows it’s her obligation to do things like this. Max listen to me, she’s better then you at this. Never for a moment have I ever doubted your ability, knowledge and skills. I know you are probably the best Agent under my command but she is more qualified, she knows what she’s doing. She won’t cause you to loose any assignments, she’s not another Tess.” At saying that Jim saw Max tense up, knowing he hit a nerve he moved past that topic. “The fact is it’s not a choice Max, so deal with it and stop being an ass.”

Max looked a little shocked that Jim had said that. It didn’t even occur to him that his annoyance would make him come across as the jerk. She was the one that had shadowed him, showed up unexpectedly, and now was demanding to be his partner. Frustrated, he ran his hands through his hair, causing it to spike a little. “Listen Jim, can I just have a little bit of time to digest this, I mean what am I supposed to think? I need time to think, okay?”

“That’s fine Max, but whether you like it or not tomorrow morning you start with Agent Parker as your new partner.” At that Max made a grimace, “Is her first name Agent or something?” With that he headed for the door not expecting a response. From what he picked up in the entire time he was in Valenti’s office, was that Agent Parker wasn’t someone people just gave information about away randomly. Valenti got up to follow him out. Right before he stepped out he turned at Jim’s voice.

“Her name is Liz.” Max nodded, and Valenti continued even though Max was halfway out the door, “And she’s 23 by the way.” With that Valenti shut the door on Max and turned back to his desk. Max was a little surprised at the revelations. Her name was Liz. It seemed to fit the little glimpse of her the he had been able to see, and she was 23. That was something to ponder. Max had been an Agent for over 6 years. He was almost 26 and had joined the Academy fresh from High School, and even then it took a year to get into the Department and close to a year before he was able to be an agent. If what Valenti said was true then Liz had to have been in the field since she was 16. That was practically unfathomable. Maybe there was more to Liz Parker then met the eye, and Max had a sneaking suspicion there was even more then what had already been let on.

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So I'm exhausted here is chapter 4

Part 4

The next morning came too soon for Max. He had gone home and crashed after walking around the city for hours trying to sort out what he needed to do. He quickly showered and dressed after doing his morning work out. When he arrived at the Department the guard at the gate waved him through. Max proceeded to the second floor to the case room. He hoped maybe he could get one more case down before being pegged with a certain shadow\partner. He was greeted with the usual hellos and good mornings. When he walked into his office after grabbing some coffee and a doughnut he was greeted with quite a site. Liz Parker. Sitting at his desk, correction, on his desk, appearing to brainstorm something onto the computer sitting on her lap.

“Issues with chairs, Princess?”

“Sarcasm and its only 7:30, how lucky am I?” She didn’t even look up from what she was doing. Max noted she wasn’t exactly attired for Department dress code regulations but figured no one would have called her on it even if they did she her. She was wearing black pants and a gray zip up sweatshirt, complete with hood. “Not into the dress code are we, today? I thought it was against regulations to wear sweatshirts.” At this Liz looked up, smirked and said, “I don’t think you really want me to follow regulations this morning.”

“Regulations are regulations, Agent Parker and everyone has to follow dress code, even you, Miss Perfect.” At this Liz shrugged and proceeded to remove her jacket. Revealing the reason she was wearing it, underneath it was simply a black sports bra, matching her pants. Max’s eyes bulged and he quickly looked away. So I’m thinking maybe breaking the dress code on occasion is permissible.

“Parker, just put the jacket back on and maybe you could explain why you are sitting on my desk, instead of in a chair like everyone else.” Max removed his leather jacket and hung it onto the coat rack next to the door and sat heavily into a chair on the wall across from the desk.

“Going with the flow is not something I do, besides height helps me think and since on top of the desk is the most comfortable spot that is high up in this office, it was the logical choice.” She looked up for a fraction of a second with an unreadable expression her face before she returned to typing. Without skipping a beat she asked, “Why are you here so early? Work doesn’t start till 8.”

“I thought if I got here early enough I could avoid you for a day or so, sadly that wasn’t to be I see.”

“I have to give you credit.” Max looked at Liz a little surprised by her comment.

“For what?”

“At least you’re an all around kind of asshole.” She continued to input data into her computer, not even acknowledging Max’s presence. Max shifted uncomfortably in his chair. This was ridiculous, it was his office.

“So exactly why couldn’t you get your own office? Say far away from mine?”

“Cause this is just so much more fun.” Liz rolled her eyes. “They didn’t have any available for a week.”

“And my desk was just the prime place to occupy until then?”

Liz shrugged and decided to have some fun, so in a completely serious voice she said, “I prefer to evaluate the comfort and room of space that might be the future location of an intense clash of emotions turned physical.” She heard Max’s shock with his sharp intake of breath and fought not to smile.

“Ex…excuse me?” Max shifted in his chair, wanting to get away from his new partner, although he couldn’t ha Liz looked up. “What? You didn’t think I was referring to you did you?” She gave him her humoring smile and continued, “Aw that’s sweet but I don’t get involved with people I work with.” Max sputtered.

“I’m sorry to hear you think so highly of yourself but I am in no way interested in you Agent Parker, now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get more coffee.” With that Max stood up and walked out of the office. Liz shook her head and sighed. This was going to be a long day.


“So let me get this straight you think that Max has a new partner?” Michael and Kyle were getting into a debate about the new office gossip.

“I’m telling you, Michael I saw her myself. She was sitting on his desk this morning when I went into his office to pick up some paper work. I asked her who the hell she was and she said she was Max’s partner.” Michael looked skeptical. “And she was just sitting there, on his desk?”

“Yes.” Kyle saw the one person that could convince Michael that he was right. Max was walking towards them with a huge scowl on his face. “Look here he comes now, ask him yourself.”

“Hey Max, how’s it going man?” Kyle called out to get Max’s attention. Max looked over to Kyle and changed his course from the coffee machines to where Kyle and Michael were standing.

“Hey guys, what’s up?”

“Not much, Michael and I were just having a discussion over a rumor that’s going around.” Max knew what was going to be asked but decided to play dumb.

“What’s that?”

Michael spoke up, “Rumor has it Valenti finally pegged you with a partner.” Max sighed.

“Nope not a rumor.” He didn’t elaborate and proceeded to go head for the coffee\break room.

“Told ya Mike.” Michael punched Kyle in the shoulder. “Come on smart ass we’ve got work to do.”


Max walked into the break room, refilled his coffee and went to sit in the corner where no one would bother him. He was quietly mulling over his coffee when someone decided to sit across from him. Preparing to tell them exactly what he was feeling about being interrupted he decided against it when he looked up. It was Martha, Valenti’s secretary.

“Max here’s the notice, department meeting at 10 o’clock, don’t be late.” With that she got up and left. Martha wasn’t a person that lingered on pleasantries. Max glanced at his watch and swore. 9:47, just enough time to get back to his office, tell Princess Parker and then get back to the meeting without being late. He got up and threw away his cup on the way out of the brake room. So time to face the music.

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I can't believe I'm doing this, actually posting an AN. ::look:: I'm sorry that this isn't a part but I just needed to tell you guys that I'm really going to try and write this weekend, I promise, it's just that I've got a crazy term and I kinda lost my inspiration for this story, but I will truly try to write this weekend and maybe post. Again I'm sorry for the AN and no part *sad*. Good night