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Bittersweet December

Author: Rozzi Carter
Category: Max/Liz
Distribution: Ask me first. maxs_silverhandprint⊕
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell besides Jason Behr, a pair of handcuffs, a can of whipped
cream and a bed. Happy Thoughts.
Summary: A story barely resembling Sweet November
Rating: R

Chapter One
Liz’s Point of View

"Liz! You closed the deal!" Maria sounds like it’s a big deal. I do it all the time.
Seriously, I’m not some conceited little bitch. No, honestly. Fine don’t believe me.
It’s not like you really matter anyway. All that matters is the stuff that rakes in the dough.
This is the part where I’m supposed to say "Oh, and my boyfriend." Yeah, yeah. Whatever. It’s
more like an arrangement. The only reason he’s with me is because it gives his ass a free ride.
That and it helps me out. His dad owns the Valenti business. Therefore, this company gets a
big ass merger when I decide to finally accept his proposal. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

"Thanks. Now let’s get cracking on the next one."

"No need Parker, take the rest of the day off." There’s the most annoying voice. My
boss. Tess Harding. Grrr. How the hell can anyone put up with her? But I don’t want the rest
of the day off. I want to get started on the next one. Time is money. And right now this one
is wasting my time.

"Oh, I can’t possibly take the rest of the day off. Not if we want the Carter account.
Which by the way is due by next Friday. We don’t want them to go to the competition do we? Now
if you don’t mind I’ll just get going." Hey, you can’t get this far without kissing some ass.
Ewwww. Mental Picture. Remind me to do a mind wash later. Is it possible to cleanse your brain
by pouring Listerine in your ear?

"I knew there was a reason we hired you Parker." She throws me a sickeningly sweet smile
and closes the door.

"I’ll go get your creative team ready Liz. They should be getting along pretty well by
time you get back." Get back? What the hell was she talking about?

"I just said that-"

"License. Remember?" Now she’s the best.

"I do now. See you later. Make sure Alex and Courtney have a sketch or two done. It’s
just another soda campaign. They should be able to handle at least that much." With that I grab
my briefcase and make a mad dash for the bus. Ugh. The bus. Public transportation. Who
would’ve known a few speeding violations would get your license revoked. The officer obviously
get the hint that I was late for a major meeting with a client.

I book it to the bus and grab a seat in the back. The bus is full. Well, minus the one
seat next to me. The bus jerks forward and I’m getting antsy to get this done and over with.
Then there’s this banging on the side of the bus accompanied by the sounds of a man pleading to
be let on the bus. Doesn’t this asshole know that some of us are in a hurry? Some of us have
lives and need to be somewhere at a certain time. Which is why there is a departure time for
transportation. How rude can he be? Asshole.

"That asshole has a name you know." Ok. So I must be grumbling out loud. Feeling a
twinge of remorse I take his extended hand and say that my name is Liz.

"Max." Go figure. Mighty Max. Yeah, I don’t really know where I was going with that. It was just a random thought.

I look up at him and give him a small smile and he returns the gesture. Damn he has nice
eyes. A rich amber. Anywho! The bus is going at a way too slow pace. It’s just taking it’s
sweet old time getting to my destination. Once I get there it should all be over. We hit a
bump and I feel something land on my lap. A can of whipped cream. I quickly hand it back to
him. Max. I notice a small blush creep over his features. I don’t even want to know.

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Chapter Two
Max’s Point of View

"Hey Max! Don’t forget the whip cream." OK. Yeah. I really don’t want to know.
Twin brothers suck.

Let me introduce myself. Max Evans. Or, as everyone else calls me, "The brother of
Zan." If I were smart I’d leave. Instead I choose to live with him. I’m such a dumbass.
I live with him because he’s got the house. The man has got to have the house, compliments
of the favorite playing parents. Thus fueling Zan’s motto, "I’m the man." That’s right Zan.
You’re the man. You’ve got the girls, which you pay for. You’ve got the money, that of which
you get from the parents once again. And you manage all this without a job. Y-O-U T-H-E M-A-N.

"Yo, bro! You spacin’ out?"

"No, I heard you."

"What’s the whip cream for?" Ah, the most annoying voice you’ll ever hear. One of two
actually. Twins. Tess and Ava. One has the high life, but still sleeps with my brother. One
has the not so great life, and sleeps with my brother for the money. The model prostitute.
Short blond curly hair, bright blue colored contacts, and an unbelievably fake chest.

"It’s a surprise."

"For me?" Does she really need to rub against my brother like that? In front of me?
I don’t think so. Eeeewww. Actually now that I think about it, Ava looks like a gerbil.
I can’t stop the laughter as it erupts from deep in my throat.

"No. Remember to send Tess over later." Yes, those are tears you see in my eyes.
Quite amusing. Oh no. Not again. Yup, here it is. The pout and the puppy dog eyes. Shit.
Here are those damn feelings again. Pity. Yes, I pity her. Another girl has successfully
fallen for Zan. He has a way of giving girls these illusions that he has deep feelings for
them, then breaking their hearts. Yet, they always come back for more.

"She doesn’t like whip cream."

"She doesn’t have to eat it. Just wear it." The pain is evident on this woman’s face
as she nods.

I should have learned by now not to stand behind Zan when he breaks it off with a girl. If I had learned I wouldn’t have received the red wine intended for him. All down the front of my shirt. As I head for my room Tess pushes past me and locks herself in the room. Just peachy.

"Max!" I turn to face Zan just in time to catch the t-shirt being thrown at me. I
quickly strip off my shirt to replace it with the new one. Obviously I hadn’t been fast enough
because I hear Zan commenting.

"Since when has my little bro got a six pack?"

"Since he had to find something constructive to do when he didn’t want to walk through
the living room and see his brother banging another vocal chic!"

"Yeah they do seem to be quite vocal don’t they?" Great, I’ve somehow stroked my
brothers already inflated ego. Question. Is my brother somehow mocking me by asking this
obviously rhetorical question, or is he actually trying to make conversation? Color me dumb
founded. I simply nodmy head and grab a jacket. Just as I’m about to leave I hear Zan mutter.


"You noticed that too?"

"How could I not?"

"Where’s the gerbil?" Ava, you are truly a work of art. Zan’s laughter subsided as
she pushed him on the couch and stormed towards the door.

"One last thing." What now Zan? Now that I think about it, I really should be more
outspoken. I raise an eyebrow to him, indicating I want him to continue.

"Can you grab me another pack of condoms? I think you know the size." Isn’t he the
least bit shy? Hell, I still have a hard time saying the correct terms for the female anatomy.
See? See how I expertly avoided the words. Pathetic. I know.

"Extra small." Go Ava! You finally got that brain from the Wizard of Oz.

Anyway, the ride on the bus to the store turns to be uneventful. Like always. Here I
am stuck next to Mr. Locke in the express line. It’s slowly becoming common knowledge that he’s
been sleeping with his wife’s younger sister for the past three years. She just became legal
three days ago. Nothing like being traded in for the newer model huh? Odds are the wife knows.
But I won’t go there. He turns around and says hello. Of course he notices my items in the
basket. Various ice cream flavors, cherries, whip cream, condoms, and hot fudge. Insinuating
much? What can I say, I love ice cream sundaes. Not to mention I volunteered to watch my niece
Rachel, and my nephew Ethan. But no, the perv here assumes it’s for something a little more
incriminating, and gives me a wink.

"Big night tonight?"

"Something like that." Okay, the condoms suggest just that, so why the hell shouldn’t I
let people believe I actually get some once in a while.

Once the lady at the checkout register is done calling for a price check on the condoms
I’m finally able to head off to the bus. I just want to get home. One more stop though.

"Zan!" I turn around to face the woman who obviously believes me to be my twin. "How
could you? You know what? I should have done this a while ago." She decked me. The bitch
decked me! Wow, the lady packs a punch. And she’s off. Did I forget to mention I’m not Zan?
Why the hell did she think I was? I dress nothing like him. Nevermind. I glance down at my
shirt and realize I’m wearing the one shirt that would make anyone assume I’m Zan. "I’m the man."
Ughh, have I mentioned twin brothers suck? I quickly pick up my dropped ice cream and start back
on my way to the bus stop. Oh shit! The bus. I dare a glance a t watch to reveal that I have
a total of one minute to reach the stop. As I round the corner I see the bus closing it’s door
and begin to pull out.

"Wait! Stop!" By now I’ve resorted to running as I begin to pound on the side of the
bus with my free hand. In a jerky motion the bus comes to a halt and I am let on. Going down
the aisle I hear a girl mutter

"Asshole." I can’t see her facial expression because her hair is in the way. Her hair
is long dark chocolate cascading over her shoulders. From what I can see she‘s absolutely
breath taking. Time to be more outspoken.

"That asshole has a name you know." I hold out my hand and she takes it.

"Liz." So the beauty has a name. Liz. Liz. Liz. I like that. It just rolls off
your tongue. Liz. Okay, I’ll stop now. Time to speak.

"Max." She must find something amusing. I can see it playing on her features. The way
her lips curl up slightly. The bus hits a bump and my bag suddenly gets a tiny bit lighter.
Go figure. That’s because my whip cream just landed on her lap. I immediately remember why my
brother wanted the whip cream and I start blushing profusely. Okay. I’ll just go back in my
shell. This outspoken Max is retreating into the old.
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Chapter Three
Liz’s Point of View

Can this ride possibly last any longer? I haven’t been able to look at this guy. Max.
I normally would’ve been fine, but the crimson red that spread all over his face is where I lost
all nerve, and we have been in silence ever since. Watching the buildings go by, Max finally
opens his mouth to speak to me. Let’s see, can he form a coherent thought, much less a sentence?

"Are you getting off at Spring and Wolcott?"

"Yeah, I have to go get my license back." Where the hell did that come from? He didn’t
need to know that.

"Same here." Good for you buddy.

Once again the thick silence overtakes us, continuing until the brakes are slammed upon
by the jackass they are currently calling a bus driver.

People get off, including Max and I. As we’re walking to the building I notice he’s
trying to shove something further into his bag. Wonder what it could be. NO! No, I don’t. I
don’t care to know anything about this person! This non-punctual, rude, loud, obnoxious person.
I wish that were true. He was actually quite polite. Damn, that sucks. Well, he isn’t too
considerate. Great Liz! Just find any reason not to like this incredibly gorgeous man walking
no more than a foot away from you. Can’t he see my personal bubble! Can’t he tell that he’s
inside my personal space box! The one that extends at least 2 feet each way? Guess not. Well,
if that’s not a reason to like him how about the fact that he likes whip cream. Yup, that’s a
no-no. Ick. See Parker? There’s two reasons why you shouldn’t like this man. As he shifts
his bag a little to the right I am able to read my third reason. "I’m the man." Yup, reason
number three.

Max speeds up his pace a little and rushes towards the door. I don’t think so buddy.
Why do you think you deserve to go first? Walking a little faster I come up right behind Max.
Before I could, his hand reached out to grab the door. Asshole. I back up to give this jerk
room to maneuver his ass in there and look down as I fix my jacket.

"Haven’t you ever heard of ladies first?" I mumble as I look up. Then I realize he’s
still standing there holding the door open with hhis grocery bag in the other arm. Oh.

"Yeah." He’s looking at me as if I’m stupid. Ok, so maybe I am. Just a little though.

"Sorry." I apologize as I walk through the door.

Ten minutes later I’m sitting, ready to take the test. I still don’t understand why the
dumbass they call a cop couldn’t understand that I had to do a big campaign for the Backstreet
Boys upcoming tour. Mucho bucks. Alright, come on, come on. Where are you, you big dumb test
giver. You’d think by now I’d have thought of a better remark than that.

"Sorry. Excuse me. Pardon me." There’s that voice again. Turning around I see Max
trying to squeeze between two desks as he’s coming down the aisle. He takes a puts his stuff
down next to a seat located diagonally behind me. As he sits his foot knocks over his paper bag
that had been haphazardly placed on the floor, spilling some of it’s contents. Now I see what
he was attempting to hide from my line of vision before. Condoms. Two boxes. A little hopeful
are we? I look at the box closest to mine. Extra small! Mighty Max doesn’t seem all that
mighty anymore! Quickly glancing at the second box I read the label. Extra large. Whoa!
Sweet mother of mercy and a smoking birch bark canoe!

"Couldn’t decide on a size? What if you’re in between? It will either cut off your
circulation, or it could quite possibly fall right off. Either way you’d be fucked! Literally!
Ha." By now his face is bright red, and there is a large group of people looking at us as he
tries to quickly gather the items. Poor guy.

Some guy comes in the room and just starts tossing some tests on our desks. Taking a
quick glance over the people in the room he grumbles about what surefire idiots we must all be.
"Well I’m sure you are all familiar with this. So get to it." How encouraging.

I zip through the test up until the last question. Turning slightly in my seat I look
at Max.

"Psst." When he looks at me I continue. "What’s the answer to this one?" I hold up my
paper slightly so that he can see.

"A." He whispers back.

"You, in the back!" I look up front quickly, but luckily the man wasn’t speaking to me.
Although now that I follow his gaze he’s looking right at Max. Shit. Here comes that damned
conscience o’ mine.

"Bring your paper up here."

Max makes his way to the front of the room and hands over his test. The man tears it up
and tells Max to make a hasty retreat. I pretend to be looking at my test as he walks back to
his seat to grab his things.

"Sorry." I whisper. As soon as the words are out of my mouth he’s practically running
out the door. Almost as if I told him I was pregnant with an alien baby.

Nevertheless, I pick up my pencil and write in the letter "A".
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Chapter Four
Max’s Point of View

I can honestly say this blows. First off she accuses me of being a jerk and not knowing
that ladies go first. Where the hell did she think I was raised? Why else would I sit there
and rush my ass to get to the door first. That would be a sure-fire way to get this incredibly.........
what’s the word I’m looking for here? Unique? Yeah, that sounds good. This incredibly unique
woman to like me? Then when I went to talk to her she rushed ahead in line using her ‘powers of
persuasion’, thus leaving me in the dust.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, my clumsy self knocked over my bag, sending Zan’s condoms
flying towards Liz. Smooth, don’t you think so? Of course it’s the time I decided to humor Ava.
So I bought the extra small. You know, joke..... haha. Yeah, well the joke was on me as Liz
took it the wrong way and thought they really were for me. Ummm.... yeah, that wasn’t so funny.

Then to make it even better during the actual test Liz decides to cheat. I didn’t
really mind, at least not until I got in trouble for it. I can’t drive!!! I’m stuck with
public transportation for another 90 days. Fun. Hello Mr. Locke. yes, this is me shuddering
at the thought. Oh well. As I’m getting my stuff from my desk, Liz apologizes. I’m almost
ready to forgive her then I remember that I also have to watch my niece and nephew. Now that I
can’t drive, we’re stuck at home. Zan’s going to love this. Which means for the next three
months my life is going to be hell.

I look down at the pavement and read all the engravings in it. Melinda loves Nick.
Bobbi loves Jaemyn. I’m hoping Bobbi is a girl. Rachel and Trent forever. Cute. Nice to know
people think there still is a thing like happily ever after. Wait! Rachel and Trent? As in
Rachel Evans and Trent McIntyre? I’ll have to ask her. Trent is my cousin Rachel’s boyfriend.
I wonder if it’s the same couple. Bringing my head back up my eyes catch sight of a red
convertible. Nice. Walking over to it I read the license plate. "LIZ" I wonder if that is so
she doesn’t forget which car is hers, or if it’s so that she doesn’t forget her name.

Then of course I have a brilliant idea. Why the hell should I have to walk home? She’s
the one who made me fail the test. The least she owes me is a ride home. So I park my ass on
the hood of her car and wait for her to come out.

Oh, here she comes. She’s scanning the row of cars until she sees hers, and me.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She’s a smart one, eh?

"Waiting for my ride."

"Your ride? Don’t you have another block to go before you get to the bus stop?" Oh
she’s a real comedian.

When she’s getting into her car I do the same, placing my bag in the back. It’s a nice
car. Roomy.

"Excuse me?"


"Blue?" Geez doesn’t she know the rules.

"Well, you said "excuse me" I assumed that you burped."

"That is so childish."

"Yeah, I know." You have to admit it’s funny when they make the sex noises though.
Yeah, you know it’s funny.

"Now get out." I merely put on my seatbelt and turn to her expectantly. "What are you
waiting for?"

What am I waiting for? "I’m waiting for you to start the car."

"Look, you know what? Fine. Where the hell do you live?"

"Well, you see, I have to make another stop first." Quick Evans think of another place
to go. Got it!


"Do you know where Wamaco road is?" Oooh.... the pretty little lady is getting

"That’s on the other side of town." Ha! I got her to whine!

"Did anyone ever tell you not to whine? It’s unattractive." Unless of course you’ve
got a voice like yours.

"Shut up." So that’s how it went. We went all the way across town to the destination
in constant bickering. I just couldn’t help it. It was too easy to get her mad. Ten minutes
later we arrive at the building. Very big town Haverford is.

"I’ll be right out." Running inside I’m grateful that it’s getting dark out. Otherwise
it would be harder to do this. I put the stuff in the bag and race back out as an alarm goes off.
Oops. I jump in the car, not even bothering with the door. Who needs them anyway? "Let’s see
how fast this baby can go!"

Liz floors the pedal and we speed off. I need to get me one of these.

"Where are we going?" She’s actually pretty calm considering she has no idea what I’ve

"Highland avenue."

"What? You have got to be kidding me! I hate to repeat myself but, that is on the other
side of town!!!" Look I’ll drop you off at the bus stop." She hands me a business card.
Harding Inc. You have got to be kidding me. Harding. As in Tess Harding. Liz works for Tess.
Mental note to me. Visit Liz at work. That would be funny. "Call my work and ask for Maria
DeLuca. She’ll be more than happy to set something up with a cab company. I’ll pay the fair
but I really can’t run you around anymore. Nor do I want to." She pulls up at the stop and
starts reaching in the back, that’s when my bag starts moving and making noises. "What the
fuck!" Damn, she could easily win pole vaulting at the Olympics.

"It’s ok. See, he won’t hurt you." I open it up and the puppy pokes his nose out.

"You stole a dog?"

"No, they were going to put it to sleep." Liz’s eyes softened for a second.

"Nobody wanted it." She does have a heart.

"Fine, I’ll give you a ride home. Just keep the dog away." The wizard of Oz giveth the
heart to the tin woman, and the wizard of Oz taketh the heart away. I knew he could only do so
much in one day. And today was Ava’s day. Oh well, you can’t win them all. I reach over and
turn on the radio as a familiar song comes on.

"Maybe I act on confused behavior
Maybe waves crash like semi trailer
Maybe I’ll spend my off time without you
It seems like we need our own space
And all the time I wasted away
I don’t feel good unless you stay
And all the times I chased you away
Simply to catch back up with

Your solitude is welcome
Your attitude is welcome
Your solitude is welcome
Your attitude is welcome

All you see is red lights behind me
Maybe this isn’t what you wanted baby
I don’t blame you falling backwards
No one’s ever quite confused you this way
And all this time we wasted away
We don’t feel good unless we’re gray
And all the times I chased you away
I simply don’t feel good

Your solitude is welcome
Your attitude is welcome
Your solitude is welcome
Your attitude is welcome

All this time, we heard alarms
Come to find, we fell apart
This whole thing has crashed down, crashed down
All this time, we heard alarms

Your solitude is welcome
Your attitude is welcome
Your solitude is welcome
Your attitude is welcome

You are welcome
You are welcome
You are welcome "

As we pull into my driveway I thank her.

"You’re welcome." At least she’s not frosty.

"So, what time are you picking me up tomorrow?"

"Excuse me?" She must have seen my face and thought it was a joke. "Just call Maria."

"Is nine ok for you?" She doesn’t even bother answer me. Looks like that visit is
happening sooner than planned.

Walking back inside I barely catch a glimpse of something bobbing on the couch. Ah.
Must be Tess. I quickly walk by and toss the condoms on them without looking. Of course I
threw the extra small. Then all I hear is Tess laughing hysterically as I let the puppy out of
the bag and put out the food dish in my room. Yeah, life is pretty good.
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Chapter Five
Liz’s Point of View

There is no way in hell I am going to be taxi driver for that character. Granted he
wasn’t a bad person but, well, I don’t know.

"Damn it! Why the hell isn’t there anything good on the radio?" I keep turning the
dial until I fall on a decent song. Surprisingly it isn’t really all that bad.

"Now coming down
Out of this swan dive to your arms
I make no sounds
When I move thru your reservoirs
I wake up quick
I wake up sick
As you abandon me
Into these fields of rank and file
Thru this cloud I hear you breathing
Thru these bars I watch them bring more in

Now I send back letters from the wasteland home
Last slow dance to this romance on my own
May take two to tango, but boy it takes one to let go
It just takes one to let go.

Now boy keep still
Don't spread yourself around
Get back in line
Eat your bread
And just work the ground

'Cause you're not through
They're not done with you
Did you think you were
The only one who's been let down
So sleep tight little boys of the new dam
Let them drop in the quicksand

Now I send back letters from the wasteland home
Last slow dance to this romance on my own
May take two to tango, but boy it takes one to let go

Now another bad idea gets thru
Down they send me unto you
Every bridge I should have burned
Every lesson I’ve unlearned
When the smoke give way to ruins
Incarcerated lovesick fools
I wait for you to cut me loose
But until then

Now I send back letters from the wasteland home
Last slow dance to this romance on my own
May take two to tango, but boy it takes one to let go
Now I send back letters from the wasteland home
From where I slow dance to this romance on my own"

It’s one of those songs that make the time pass, one that makes you wish you could
identify with even if it is about a poor situation.

I’m back at my apartment, yes you heard me right. Apartment. I may make a lot of money
but a house is just too big for me. Well, me and Kyle. I feel that if we move into a house
we’d be as good as married. I’m not ready for that. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life
with him, I just can’t picture my life going down that road. Don’t get me wrong, Kyle is really
nice. He’s nice and sweet, not to mention he’s got those killer baby blues. The only problem
is he over uses them. It always has to be his way. Although he knows not to push the marriage
subject with me. He knows that will get him nowhere. I don’t like to pressured.

Grabbing the wallet off of the seat I make my way up the stairs to my door. Wait,
wallet? Oh shit. Max left his wallet in my car. What now? I really don’t want to drive all
the way back to his place, it’s already well past dark. I guess I could swing by tomorrow on
my way to work.


"Damn it Kyle, let me get settled first." He always does this. He always wants to talk
as soon as I get through the door. Let’s see what it will be this time. Liz have you decided
to accept yet? Let’s see Kyle, no. That’s probably how it will go. I put the wallet in my
jacket pocket and hang it up. Kicking off my shoes I notice Kyle’s aren’t there. I wonder why
he still has his shoes on. No need to worry over the little stuff. Walking into our room I
grab a pair of pajamas and start walking to the bathroom.

"Liz please." Fine. Is it really that important? I slump into a chair and give him
my attention.


"Liz, do you know what today is?" What sort of idiotic question is that?

"November 16."

"No." What does he mean no? I look back at my watch and press a button so that it
shows the date. Yuh-huh. It says it right here buddy. November sixteenth 2006. Thursday. I
look at his face as he crouches down next to my seat. Nope, it’s got to be something more.

"Oh, I’m sorry Kyle. I’ve just been so busy I forgot. Happy anniversary honey." I
begin to reach out to grab his hand but he stands up telling me I’m wrong again. Okay Liz,
you’re down to one out. What the hell? I know it’s not... oh. "You know I’m just kidding
with you Kyle. Happy birthday. I’ll have something special for you as soon as I get out of my
bath, I promise." Great, What the hell am I going to give him?

"God, Liz. No! It’s not my damn birthday!" Phew.

"Then what the hell is it?"

"Does dinner with the parents ring a bell?" Yeah, he’s pissed. Can’t say that I blame
him. "Look Liz, I love you. But I don’t think the feeling is reciprocated. So, why don’t I
just save myself the greater heartache and move out."

Okay, I feel like a grade-A asshole. This guy gives me his heart and I toss it around
as a boomerang knowing that it will come back. Now it’s stuck in a tree. A very tall one where
I know I can get it but it’s better off there. Maybe some squirrel will find it and treat it
with more care. Yeah, that was a really bad analogy.

"I’m sorry. I do love you Kyle, just not-"

"Liz, just please don’t say it." Why didn’t I notice it before? All of his stuff is
gone. He walks out of the bedroom with a suitcase and a garbage bag. "Goodbye."

What do I do? I hate being by myself. The thought of actually being on my own scares
the hell out of me. I just can’t bring myself to beg him to stay, he deserves better. He
should be happy. And for him to be happy he has to be with someone other than me. "Bye."

Not knowing what to do I take my bath and go to sleep. Even my dreams are empty.
There’s no meaning to them. It’s like being in solitary confinement. Usually Kyle make small
talk as we go to sleep and I think of how much I want him to stop so that I can sleep. Now I
realize he actually helped me go to sleep. He gave me something to do.

When I wake up I am counting down to the time I leave. I need someone to talk to. I
even called Maria this morning to apologize about not returning yesterday. That’s how lonely I
am. The clock finally changes the time. Eight-thirty. Throwing on my coat I grab my keys with
my spare hand and make my way to Dunkin’ Donuts. I get two Dunkaccino’s and head towards Max’s.

"Hello?" I hear before the door is opened.

"Max?" The door finishes opening and there is a man that looks almost like Max standing
in front of me. The difference being is that this one has a more rugged look. His dark hair
has the "just fucked" look and he’s playing with a tongue ring. He’s, well, how do you say it?
Incredibly, unbelievably sexy. "You’re not Max." Smooth Parker. State the oh-so-obvious.

"Yah, no kiddin’. I’d go nuts if I was my brother."

"Were. If you were your brother." Max.

"Do yous always a gots to correct me like that. I know what I’m saying. See? I speak
perfect English. I jus choose not to."

"Well, I think the accent is actually sexy." Whoa. Bold move Liz! It’s funny. I
receive two different looks from practically the same face. Max looks at me as if I’m crazy,
and Zan smirks. Damn. What a duo.

"I thought you weren’t going to pick me up." Oh.

"I came by to drop this off for you." I hand him his wallet and he thanks me.

"And I assume you were going to drink those two coffee’s by yourself.?" Oh, well I had
some spare time so, yeah. Although if I had known there were two of you I would have gotten
another." Holding out a drink to Max, Zan tells me he doesn’t have caffeine this early in the

"You are crazy. I’d be a zombie by noon if I didn’t."

"Yeah well, there are more creative ways to get a rush in the morning." The look he’s
giving me is turning me into putty and he must notice it because he hits Max upside the head for
not inviting his guest in yet. I take a seat in a worn in couch. It’s one of those old ones
like your grandmother has, that you just sink right into.

Max’s brother walk over and sits next to me. "So, you’s Max’s chick?"

"No, we just met yesterday."

"Oh, well the name’s Zan." That New York accent is killing me. It’s just such a
turn-on. I take his hand and shake it. He brings it up to his mouth and places a light kiss on
the back of it. "Nice to meet you’s princess."

"Liz." Oh god. This isn’t good. Kyle just broke up with me last night. Too fast.

Max coughs and it brings my attention back to him.

"Yeah so, Max are you ready to go?" A look of disappointment crosses Zan’s face as I
stand up and wait for Max to slip his coat on.

Max puts a hand on the small of my back and walks me over to the door.

"It was a pleasure to meet you Zan."

"You ain’t seen nothin’ yet babe." Promises, promises.

"Bye Zan." Max throws Zan a glare and a cold farewell as we head out into the crisp
morning air.

*Author's Note* The song in this was The Wallflowers' "Letters From the Wasteland" and the
one in the last part was Alien Ant Farm's "Attitude"
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Chapter Six
Zan’s Point of View

~The Meeting ~

What the hell is that noise? I know it can’t be the door. Shit, did Tess leave something here? Yeah, she left in quite the rush when Max walked by and tossed a box of condoms at us. Which I guess I should thank him for. Not that I wasn’t up for performing and all, but she has this insane thing for my brother. He just won’t give her the time of day. So I do her. She’s a good fuck, as long as I can block out her voice and not look at that face of hers I’m set.

"Hold on." Damn Max, why the hell doesn’t he ever answer the door anymore?

I begin to open the door and hear a voice questioning whether or not I’m Max before it’s even fully open. Since when does he get a visitor. Okay, well our family doesn’t count. Especially the younger relatives.

"You’re not Max." No shit. I finally get a look at the lady and hello! Damn, she’s gorgeous. Not to mention she’s got caffeine. This vision before me is making my mouth water. She has coffee. I gotta have her, even if it’s some one night thing I’ve gotta have her beneath me at least once. At least. What to do, what to do. Deciding the best way to approach her I use the accent. The one that I acquired during a long stay in the not so great part of New York City.

"No kiddin’, I’d go nuts if I was my brother." Yes, I realize it’s not perfect English but, hey, you’ve gotta keep up the image. She looks past me and I hear an obtrusive voice. The one that corrects me. Was, were, is there really a difference? Anyway, I inform him that I can speak perfectly if I choose to. He should no by now not to ruin my game. As I look at Liz, I actually envy my brother. The way she lit up when she saw him. And there goes his ego.

Well, that feeling didn’t last too long because as soon as the thought processed in my mind, she says she thinks the accent is sexy. Boo-yah! Deflated. Yup, his ego just shrank to the size of a pea. Sibling rivalry.

"I thought you weren’t going to pick me up." This is funny, my bro is trying to flirt with her. I still haven’t relinquished my spot against the door by the time they fall into an awkward silence when she hands him his wallet back.

"And I assume you were going to drink those two coffee’s by yourself?" Oops, forgot the accent. Yo-well.

She starts saying this sentence that I can’t make out because I’m busy looking at those lips, and thinking of what else they could be doing. I can’t help it. What can I say? I’m just one big ball of sexual energy. Max can have the emotional relationship with her and I just want the physical one. Yeah, I know. Horndog. She holds out a cup to Max and starts holding one out to me but I decline. I really want that coffee but it wasn’t intended for me. Not originally anyway. She says something about being a zombie without caffeine, I told you, Max can have the whole listening aspect of the relationship with her. There are only a few random sentences I really want to hear from her and they all have my name in it.

"Yeah, well. There are more creative ways to get a rush in the morning."
I put extra emphasis on the word "rush" and the look in her eyes let’s me know I’m well on my way to where I want to be. I hit Max on the head telling him he’s rude for not inviting his guest in. She walks past me and takes a seat on the couch, I follow and sit next to her. Leaving Max behind to close the door.

"So, you’s Max’s chick?" she says no, and I find myself incredibly relieved. Hey, there are places that I draw the line. And I do not steal by own brothers girlfriend. Notice I didn’t say potential?

"Oh, well the name’s Zan." Playing it cool I kiss the back of her hand, and watch her reaction. Score for me! Her lips turn up as she tells me her name is Liz. Damn, she’s sexy. Oh god. She licked her lips. I have a feeling I need to learn to control my arousal. It shouldn’t just pop up whenever she smiles. Luckily it isn’t but it’s definitely getting close. This is not good. I’m getting lost in those eyes, this big doe eyes. No wonder Max likes her. Speaking of the fluffball he lets out an unbelievably fake cough, causing Liz to stand up and ask if he’s ready to go.

What the hell? The way she jumped up made it look like she wanted nothing more than to get away. Maybe she’s going to be a little harder to do than I planned. Something tells me that it’s going to be a quest that I’m going to love. Max throws me a grin and begins to usher Liz towards the door.

"It was a pleasure to meet you Zan."

"You ain’t seen nothin’ yet." They leave and I’m actually getting a little scared.

Now, I want to talk to her. Sure, now that she’s gone. Why does that fact scare me? Because no she’s out, with my brother. And I’ve never wanted to say anything more to a girl than the preliminaries before we have sex. That’s all I’ve ever allowed myself to say. It’s too dangerous to feel. But, Max, well, he’s always been waiting for that one person to tell this secret to. The one that means the our live are in constant danger. The fact that either Max or I is the King of an alien race. Yeah, you thought you had problems, top that. I honestly don’t think you can.

Recently, there has been a lack of interest in aliens so we’re kind of in the clear. I’m just annoyed at the fact that Max may tell someone. Disturb this new found peace we’ve come across. I’m afraid of one more thing.

I’m afraid that I may be the one to tell Liz. Yeah, yeah. But I know that once I get to talking with someone I’m not going to want to stop. So, see, that’s the reason for the relationship divisions. Max just may have more control over not spilling the secret to someone. Isn’t that just fucked up? So, I stick to a purely sex based relationship.

Hey, saving the lives of my friends and my brother along with getting my rocks off, how much better can life get? I lay on my back on the couch and I can smell the lingering vanilla scent of Liz. I reach for the remote and turn on the cd player, leaving it on the station it was turned to I fell asleep.

"Take these plastic people
Read their lips, now let it linger
Is there anything that makes them sound sincere?
Tightly hold your hand
Take a deep breath, give them the finger
Are you worried that your thoughts are not quite clear?
Overlooked, unfit appearance

I remember falling
I remember marching
Like a one man army
Through the blaze
I remember coughing
I believe in something
I don’t want to remember falling
For your lies

Unbutton your clothes
Undress your soul, show them your vigor
Are those inhibitions easiest to fear?
Take this gasoline tin
Head up high , walk like a winner
Let the bare feet be the last sounds that they hear
Overlooked, unfit appearance
I remember falling
I remember marching
Like a one man army
Through the blaze
I remember coughing
I believe in something
I don’t want to remember falling
For your lies
I don’t want to remember falling
I remember falling
I remember marching
Like a one man army
Through the blaze
I remember coughing
I believe in something
I don’t want to remember falling
For your lies
I don’t want to remember falling
For your lies"

My eyes open to a sight that is permanently burned into my mind. Liz is dancing to some music right in front of me. Obviously she thinks I’m still sleeping. If she only knew. I watch as her hips swing to the music and I wonder where my idiot brother is. How is he missing this? Suddenly I like pop music.

*Author's Note* Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the delay. The song used is Our Lady Peace's "One Man Army" off of Happiness...
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Chapter Seven
Max’s Point of View

Did Zan not catch that Liz was here to see me? I don’t understand it. She did as k for me right? I think that’s what I heard come from her mouth. My name. Max. See mine. Don’t get confused with all the three letter names now. There’s Liz, she’s the girl that came and asked for "Max". Then there is Zan, the guy, my twin, the one who was trying to get to my girl, Liz. And of course there is me, Max. The one that Liz came to see, the one that she got the Dunkaccino for, the one whose name came out of her mouth in the beginning. Me. Why did he not understand that? He may think he’s the man, but if he’s so great can’t he get his own girl? Not mine. Not Liz. It’s frustrating

How could she think that accent is sexy? What, if she wants a guy that chooses not to speak English why doesn’t she just date my 15 month old nephew Ethan? He gets just as many words correct in a sentence as Zan does. Yeah right, his accent is just as sexy as my "grandmother" in a bikini.. Not a pretty sight. It was Zan’s fault I even had to see that. I bought her a shirt for her birthday and Zan decided it would be hilarious to change the gift to a bright red bikini. Of course my Grandmother being the flake that she is decided to wear it the next time I visited. She said it brought out her younger side. Oh happy day.

I should be happy though. I saw the look of disappointment cross Zan’s face when she asked if I was ready to go. Hell, I’m still surprised she showed up. That’s why I didn’t get to answer the door. I was busy trying to tame my hair. Bedhead, it sucks. So, here I am sitting in Liz’s car as she’s driving to work. She said that she figured it would be closer to wherever I had to go. Like hell she wasn’t going to drop me off at my destination. I’d assume so at least. Since I haven’t picked out a destination just yet. I’ll figure something out.



"You have to drop me off at the bank. It’s not in this direction." Damn right it’s not. It would actually take us a good ten minutes to get there. Don’t ask me why I have to go to the bank. Because I honestly do not know.

"No, I am driving to work and you can walk. It shouldn’t take you too long. If you don’t linger to bug me you can make it there by afternoon rush." Oooh, those evil thoughts playing in her head. I can see them dancing beneath the surface of hr eyes. That and she’s grinning like the cheshire cat. That’s okay. I’ll have a little surprise for her.

"Liz, do you have a lunch break?"

"Not one that concerns me eating with you."

"How about one that concerns me eating-" Whoa Evans’ where did that come from? Zan must be rubbing off on me. That is not good. The surprised look on Liz’s face tells me that she knows what I was going to say. Sue me. I haven’t been laid since, well, since I turned twenty-one. Oh god. It has been too long. Two years. Damn.

We pull up outside a large building made mostly of windows. Liz gets out and starts walking up the stairs leading to the revolving doors. "So, what time do you get out of work today? Because I need to know what time to meet you here in order for me to get a ride home. Seeing as it is your fault I can’t drive myself home."

"I work late." I follow her into the building and onto the elevator. "Max, what are you doing? Go away. This is not the bank."

"I know. But I’m not leaving until you tell me what time to meet you." She’s me this look that is questioning my sanity.

"Max, you may as well just give that idea up because I am not going to tell you." I stand in the reception area as she slams the door to her office. Looking around there are fake trees and live potted plants everywhere, along with a jungle of people rushing in and out of offices surrounding me. But what catches my eye is a small blond lady going into the same office as Liz with a cup of coffee. Too easy.

I wait for the lady to exit the room and sit behind the desk in a small cubicle. "Excuse me."

"Yes?" Looking at her name tag I realize it is the same girl that Liz referred to as her assistant. Maria DeLuca.

"Maria? Well, I was wondering if you could tell me what time Liz Parker gets out of work today?" She looks like she’s going to start giving me this lecture that she’s not Liz’s keeper. My smile is becoming more hesitant as she just continues to stare at me.

"Max right?" So Liz must talk about me. Whoo-hoo!

"Yes that would be me."

"Liz, told me not to talk to you." Shit. Like I said before, it was just too easy.

"Maria, you know this is not how I like my coffee!" Damn, Liz. She has a big mouth. Maria flushes and grinds her teeth.

"You know what? Liz gets off around five. Have a great time." Nice, Maria all but runs over to the coffee pot and begins making Liz's coffee again. She looks like one of those disgruntled employees that will piss in your cup and spit in your food. Poor Liz.

What the hell am I supposed to do this afternoon? Just as I'm leaving the building I notice Tess rushing to get on the elevator only some group of execs get to the elevator first. Just as the other elevator dings I discreetly flick my hand in order to get both ways to the top floor jammed. What a pity. Tess will have to walk. Maybe it will work off some of that sexual frustration of hers and I won't have to deal with her coming over for a while.

I spend the day going around to different stores around town, I don't buy anything I merely look. Well, okay I bought one thing but it's nothing for Liz to get excited over. I get back to Liz's work place at 4:30 and I'm beat. Not once did I take a bus or taxi. I need something to make her feel guilty with. Sitting on the steps I have my elbows resting on my thighs and my head in my hands as I just sit. Now really thinking about anything in particular. Well, other than Liz. It's like some unhealthy obsession. Ok, I'm bored.

I walk across the street and head into a surprisingly empty Dunkin' Donuts. I buy two medium Hazelnut Dunkaccino's and I'm off to see Liz. I make my way over to the elevator and up to the floor that is currently occupied by Liz. 13. Not a very lucky number.

"Hey Maria." She gives me a grin and says that Liz should be out in a matter of minutes.

"Maria, I'm heading home now so if you need to just give any worth while potential clients my number. I don't have any plans so I should be free all night. See you tomorrow." Liz starts walking off just before Maria stops her.

"Now Liz, you know I'll put up with a lot of shit but I hate it when you lie to me. I'd say you have plenty of plans. Take tomorrow off, I'm sure Tess won't mind. See ya Thursday chica." She points in my general direction and starts laughing as she sits back down to answer a phone call.

"Max? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Nice to see you too."

"I told you I wasn't giving you a ride home."

"I come bearing caffiene."

"I see."

I hold out a drink to her, much like her gesture this morning. She brings it up to smell it.

"Mmmm... hazelnut. Thank you." We get out to her car and she gets in before I have a chance to, and locks the doors. I thought I had her with the drinks. I walk over to her window and tap on it.

"You forgot to let me in."

"Nope. I told you no more rides."

"You want to play it that way? Fine." Now see, this time of day the sidewalks are full of people. High class people walking to meet clients for dinner. One of the perks of a large town. I look around after I set the cup on the hood of Liz's car and find just what I'm looking for. An older lady lady about to walk up the stairs to HardingCo. "Excuse me." The man turns around to face me and I now have both his and Liz's full attention.

"You see that lady over there?" I point to Liz and continue. "She works here and well, she is definitely who you want to hire her. I did. She is absolutely great. Although I must say what I miss most is that she used to be such an animal in bed, now she just lays there." Liz's car door slams as she comes running up behind me.

"Sorry Mr Harding. My boyfriend here, well, he and I had a falling out and he's a little slow, you know? He's just upset, I am so sorry."

Mr. Harding? Shit. The look on his face is unreadable as he just turns to the door and enters. He doesn't even acknowledge Liz. But she sure as hell is going to know I am here.

"Max! What the hell was that all about? I can not believe you just said that. Asshole." She goes stroming back to her car and rolls down the window some more. "Well? Are you going to get in?" I run and get in the car making sure to grab my drink.

"Look Liz, I'm sorry. I didn't know who he was."

"Max.... you know what? Nevermind. It's fine. Just promise me you won't do it again. He's a prick anyway. He can't speak so he can't tell Tess. Odds are he's already forgotten about it. But, god! What were you thinking?"

"I really wanted a ride. From you." Liz turns to me and actually smiles. "So does this mean you'll be giving me rides from now on?"

"Until you get your license back. Don't let it go to your head though." She really is unpredictable. I thought for sur she's have my head.

Nice. Reaching into my back pocket I take out a card and hand it to her. It's her work card.

"Can I have your number instead?" She just smiles and says maybe. I am on a roll.

When we pull in my driveway she pulls out a pen and writes a number on the other side of the card.

"Do you want to come in? I'll make dinner."

"You cook?"

"Not really, I was going to order pizza or chinese food."

"Chinese sounds good to me." I can't keep the smile off of my face as we go inside. That is until I see Zan sprawled across the couch. We start going into the kitchen until her eyes fall on my cd collection.

"You can stay here and listen to music, I'll just go order. Is there anything you want?"

"Surprise me."

I hear her going through the cd's before she turns on the cd player. She found one of the few cd's I have that would et my ass kicked if others new I have it. I order and go to talk to her but as soon as I reach the doorway I become mesmerized by the sight in fornt of me. Liz is dancing, her hips swaying, her hands in her hair. I don't think it's possible for me to want her anymore than I do at this moment. Proven wrong. She lets one hand trail down her body, tracing her curves. Boy was I wrong.

"I was at a party with my mind in the gutter
She walked in with a friend and a brother
Stepped out on the dance floor shaking her hips
Thought I might bust when she licked her lips
Sometimes I wish that I were someone like Brad Pitt
She'd walk right over to me and then she'd say "Hey, we should split."
Sometimes I wish that I had a girl that looked that fine
Not thinking about forever just six minutes of her time

One minute and earth begins to shake
Two minutes and my heart begins to break
Another minute and she makes me feel brand new
That's just three minutes with you
Four minutes and she's got me on my knees
Five minutes and she's got me begging "Please"
Another minute and she shows me something new
I need six minutes with you
Six minutes

I was at work with my mind in the gutter
She was in a magazine with her face on the cover
She was lying in a room that was lit by a candle
That's the kind of girl that I wish that I could handle
Sometimes I wish that I looked like Tom Cruise
Because in a crowded room would I be the one that she would choose
Sometimes I wish a girl like that could just be mine
I'm not thinking about forever just six minutes of her time

One minute and earth begins to shake
Two minutes and my heart begins to break
Another minute and she makes me feel brand new
That's just three minutes with you
Four minutes and she's got me on my knees
Five minutes and she's got me begging "Please"
Another minute and she shows me something new
I need six minutes with you
Six minutes

Sometimes I feel like the catcher in the rye
Just wishing that I could catch your eye
Sometimes I wish that I could be that guy

Time keeps passing by
You're the reason why
I'm losing my mind
I need six minutes of your sweet time

One minute and earth begins to shake
Two minutes and my heart begins to break
Another minute and she makes me feel brand new
That's just three minutes with you
Four minutes and she's got me on my knees
Five minutes and she's got me begging "Please"
Another minute and she shows me something new
I need six minutes with you

One minute and earth begins to shake
Two minutes and my heart begins to break
Another minute and she makes me feel brand new
That's just three minutes with you
Four minutes and she's got me on my knees
Five minutes and she's got me begging "Please"
Another minute and she shows me something new
I need six minutes with you"

I was so caught up in her that I didn't even notice Zan rising off the couch and his hands gripping her hips as she attempts to turn around. They dance together for a minute to the next song before they turn around. Me being the idiot that I am, I don't say anything. But the look smile that is spread across her face tells me that she's not objecting to it. Zan seems to be enjoying himself also. Who am I to interrupt? I walk through the living room almost unnoticed until I get to the door. Liz runs up to me and asks me where I'm going. Don't you mean how long will I be gone? How long oyu have to be alone with Zan. Well, I'll make sure to take my time. I have to walk anyway.

"Chinese remember?"

"Oh yeah. Give me a minute and I'll get my jacket. It's chilly you shouldn't walk." Wait, hold up. Is she leaving Zan, to come with me? She just feels sorry for me. Well, she should feel guilty, it is her fault that I would be walking. "See ya later Zan." She gives him a smile and we leave. Me? I didn't even look at him. He knows why.

*Author's Note* The song used is LFO's "Six Minutes" off of their new album Life Is Good.
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Chapter Eight
Liz's Point of View

Even as I sit in my car driving Max to get the food I can feel Zan's hands splayed over my hips. In my REALLY cold car I feel the electricity humming through me still from when his thumb brushed the bare skin beneath the bottom of my turtleneck. And that my friends is the reason why I had to get the hell out of there. That and I'd be a sucky guest if I hung out with his brother when he's the host. Even if it was his insanely gorgeous brother. Twin brother.

Sneaking a peek at Max I appraisingly rake my eyes over his entire body. Yup, I definitely see the resemblence. The eyes are completely similar in the color department but Zan's are a tad bit more carefree and rugged, whereas Max's almost look haunted, but deep and incredibly soulful. Zan's features are rougher than Max's. Not to mention their personalities, wait a second.

"You know Max, I don't really know that much about you."

He looks at me like I grew a third eye. Well, I don't. "There's not much to know. My name is Stevie Nicks, I grew up in Antarctica, I'm seventy five, and a recovering alcoholic."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Yeah, and I have the third eye.
"Have I mentioned I'm a pathological liar?"

"No, but thanks for the info." I give him a well deserved smile and continue driving.

"Well, the name is Elizabeth Ann Parker, Covina, New Mexico, and I'm twenty three. And I am not a liar by the way. Well, atleast not a pathological one anyway."

"Covina?" Why does he look surprised?

"Born and raised. So, really, what about you?"

"Max Evans, Roswell, twenty four." Roswell? As in the one that is very near Covina? How the hell could I miss two men that look like that? I should've noticed anyone with those looks in a two state radius.

"New Mexico?"


"Born and raised?"

"You could say that." Damn. I have to make an appointment with my optometrist. "I'll be out in a sec." With that I park the car outside of the local China Star. While I wait I have nothing left to do but ponder the new information. It's been five minutes, where the hell is he? Staring at the door I can see figures moving behind the tinted doors. Girl, too short, too old, bald, bingo! My eyes lock on Max as he pays for the food and begins carrying the paper bags out to the car, his bangs blowing back and forth across his forehead because of the wind. How could he possibly be warm in a leather jacket. It feels like it's below freezing. By time I turn up the heater he opens the door and tosses the food on the dashboard while he puts his seatbelt on.

"What is that smile for?" What? I'm smiling? Lifting a hand t my mouth I realize I am. I'm grinning like an idiot. Why the hell can't I stop? There's nothing funny, or even mildly amusing. It is so not because of him. No! Why would I be smiling because of him? Aside from the fact that I was loving every second of watching him walk to my car. Because that really shouldn't be a big deal.

"Liz?" Wake up, Parker! Say something. Make up an excuse.

"Somthing I heard on the radio." Nice!

"You don't have it on." Minor detail. It's not like you have to have it on. That's a lame excuse. Admit defeat.

"Fine, honestly?"

"Of course."

"No matter what it is?"

"No matter what it is."

"I was," I was watching every move you made making sure you came to me instead of that bimbo in the car parked in front of mine. "I was noticing that you had something hanging out of your nose." His hand flies up to cover whatever it was I was talking about and he turns red.

I break out laughing and tell him I was kidding. I see his shoulders sag in relief. I lean my head on the steering wheel to calm myself down and I feel Max leaning in towards me. "I'll let you in on a little secret."

"What?" I sit up straight, take the car out of park, and turn to face him. In doing so my lips brush against his. Neither of us move. I feel his breath on my mouth as I am sure mine is doing to his. It's odd. My body feels like it's alive, I mean every cell and nerve receptor is on alert. All is quiet, well, all except for my heart this thudding rapidly like I've run a marathon, times ten. My eyes lock on his and I'm staring into his amber eyes. The ones that I was comparing to Zan's not more than fifteen minutes earlier. You could never confuse the two. Not when you can see their eyes like this. In the close range where can almost see what they are thinking behind their eyes. He moves in to cover the small gap between our lips and I close my eyes. Which is a shame, I love those eyes. He brings his hand up to cup my cheek and I jump back.

What the hell am I doing? I just got out of a relationship with Kyle. I don't want a relationship. I don't want to devote my time to something that won't work. I want no strings attached, and looking at Max I can tell that isn't what he wants. "Sorry." What else am I supposed to say?

"No, it's fine. I just got carried away. It's okay." He holds out his hand. "No hard feelings." I smile and reach for his hand but he swiftly pulls it back then reaches to tickle the side of my ribcage. I let out a scream and begin laughing. That is until my foot hits the gas and we go flying into the vehicle before us owned by the bimbo mentioned before.

"Shit!" Max jumps out of the car to go look at the damage and the lady comes over and starts yelling at me. In between apologies I manage to tell her I'll pay for damage and that we should go look at what the actual damage is. To say that I'm surprised is an understatement when I look at her bumper and the front of my car. Nothing. They look perfectly fine. Good quality cars. The girl and I look on in disbelief as Max said we were lucky. Lucky doesn't even begin to cover it buddy. Almost as if out of nowhere Snow starts coming down in small flakes quickly blanketing the ground. Doesn't it usually start out slow? Or is it possible that I was so astonished that I didn't notice it starting? Huh, weird.

We all get back in our cars and Max and I head back to his place. "I still can't believe that there was no damage. I could swear that I heard metal crunching."

"Nah, you didn't have enough speed to do anything major. There was a little scuff mark but I took care of that."

"Thanks." By time I finished asking him questions about his childhood we were already pulling in the driveway.

So, he's adopted. His adoptive parents picked him up in the desert, he couldn't remember anything so they guessed he was about six. I wonder what it must be like. To not know your real parents. Then when the Evans' had gone on vacation to New York they came across Zan. The only difference was that he remembered his parents, and that he had a twin brother. But his mother had taken Max and his father kept him. But when Zan's father died when he was fourteen he was left to pretty much fend for himself. Then he got lucky because when he was fifteen the Evans' took him in. I suddenly understand why they are so different. It's like the experiments you hear about, where they take identical twins and place them in different communities to see what changes would occur in their behavior.

During dinner I can’t help but wonder what other mysteries these two contain. Somehow I doubt I’d ever get information out of Zan. He keeps to himself too well. Although, he is doing very good job at being straight forward. He definitely knows what he wants and how to get it. That smirk of his is actually turning me to putty. No physical contact needed. Yeah, he just might need a warning label. He's smiling at me like he's letting me in on a secret and it make me just want to take him to his room and jump his bones. You don't understand. This guy is sending off some major sex vibes. He looks like he lives by Steven Tyler's motto. The three M's. Music, Money, and Mmmpussy. Oh god. Don't think about that. Pay attention to host. Send him vibes that you are paying attention to him.

It’s weird, once we stepped in these doors though Max took a step back. He just sort of shrank and became one with the background. I’d ask a question and he’d give me one word answers, thus turning my conversation buddy into Zan. I begin getting up from my chair and reach for my plate.

"Liz, leave it. Max will get it." The way he says it makes me wonder if Zan is the reason Max is like this. They are too different.

"No, I’ll help." I take my plate into their kitchen and soon both Max and Zan enter after.

I never noticed before, but Zan took the easy way out. He had used a paper plate. Smart. He stays in the kitchen asking me where I’m from and is surprised that he had never seen me before.

"Well, I guess I should be getting home." I say as I walk out to the living room to get my coat off of the rack. Turning to Max I thank him for the Chinese food and say goodbye.

"Bye Zan." Zan rushes forward to open the door, almost like how Max had done the same gesture the day before.

"Sure, he doesn’t get the whole "ladies first speech." Max says with a chuckle. He must have been thinking the same thing.

"Yeah, well. He wasn’t late for the bus. Yeah, that comeback wasn’t that witty."

"Nah." They both agreed at the same time. They both said their respective good-byes and I got in my car.

Boys. No wait. Twins. I turn the key and it begins to start but just sort of dies off. Damn car. Looks pretty, runs crappy. I haven’t even finished paying it off. Maybe there’s something wrong under the hood.

"Max?" I call as I pop the hood and go around to look in.


"My car won’t start. I don’t know if maybe it has something to do with the cold or-" I trail off as he intently rummages through the contents in front of him. He looks at it like he understands it. When I see the tubes and the little cylinder thingies I see just that. Thingies. Pre-calc to a kid in pre-k. That goes over real well.

"Ummm..... I don’t really see anything wrong. Sorry." He won’t look at me for some reason. Well, okay. Technically he is looking at me. My shoe. I shuffle my feet until he starts talking again. "I’d take a better look but I’m freezing my ass off. How about you come inside and you can call AAA?"

"I don’t have it." Note to self: Get AAA.

"Well, then I guess you’re stuck here."

"Oh, what a pity."

"My, my, is Liz flirting?" No. Liz is not flirting. Liz does not flirt. Liz thinks flirting is bad right now. Liz, Liz..... Liz. Okay! Liz is flirting. Liz doesn’t like to admit that she flirts with twins. Liz thinks it’s bad. "Why is Liz speaking in third person?" Oh shit!

"Was I saying that out loud?"

"I only heard you mumble something about Liz thinking it’s bad. Tell me. What does Liz think is bad?" Don’t even get me started.

"Liz, she, I think it’s bad that we are still standing outside."


"Don’t smile like that."

"What? So I can’t smile?"

"I never said that, just don’t smile like that."

"Like what?"

"Like you have something against me. I know I don’t have anything hanging from my nose." Max keeps a straight face, oh no! "I don’t, do I?"

"No." He puts his arm around my shoulders and we walk back inside.

Half an hour here we are, the three of us, settling down on the couch to watch a movie. "The Fast and the Furious. At first when Zan brought it up I thought he was talking about a porn flick. No, really. I did. He just laughed and assured me that it wasn’t. Unless that was what I wanted to watch. Obviously I said no.

Max is on my right and Zan on the left with the remote. The only thing that is really keeping me awake is the laughs occasionally erupting from the guys. Otherwise the fact that it is 10:30 is taking it’s toll on me. Oh, and I can’t forget the hottie on the screen. What’s his name? Paul Walker, I think. I honestly have to say that he doesn’t really compare with these two though. Sorry Paul, those baby blues have nothing on them. Sleep overtakes me and the last thing I remember is my body leaning to the side to get more comfortable as I fall asleep. Very comfy.
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Chapter Nine
Zan's Point of View

I'll be honest with you, I like Liz. At first I was just flirting because she's pretty and I knew my bro obvioulsy had a thing for her. You can just see it in his eyes when he hears her voice, much less when he sees her. I would have never touched her before, but now.... now that I've learned more about her, I find myself wanting to know everything about her. I want to know how it was impossible for me to have missed her presence.

I like her and I hate it. I hate it. Okay, hate is a very strong word. Strongly dislike, dislike, it's a minor peeve. Okay! I like it. I'm supposed to be the strong one, the force to be reckoned with, and Max is the one who is supposed to follow his heart. Think with his heart. Atleast according to that damn book. I've never let anyone in, I've never even given it a second thought. Whereas Max was just waiting for that one person he knew he could be with forever. Let me tell you, if that person is Liz, he's one lucky bastard.

As we were watching the movie Liz started falling asleep, her head lolling back and forth between us, almost as if she were trying to choose who to lean against. I give her a gentle nudge towards Max and she decides to latch onto my arm. Okay, not what I had planned. I was giving her to Max. I risk a glance at Max, and I wonder who is really the force. I swear, it almost looks as if he could take my ass. That's just how pissed he looks. Nah. I could take him. She just happens to like me. Which is no good. It's not supposed to be that way. If she wanted to just fuck me, I'm more than willing. Something tells me she doesn't think that way though. So, I'm screwed.

The movie ends and Max begins to stand up, not paying any attention to me, or to Liz who has an arm around my waist as she's tucked under my arm.

"Max, hold up."

"No, Zan. I am not going to sit there any longer, I'm going to bed because I really don't want to see you two getting it on whenever she wakes up. Just do me a favor and attempt to be dressed by time I get up. You'll have plenty of time. I've got nights starting tomorrow." Dumbass.

"Damn it Max. Shut up and sit your ass down. Im gonna go to sleep as soon as I can get her off of me. I thought that since she knows you better, that you should be able to talk to her when she wakes up. So, sit your ass down and get comfortable, because the way she looks, it looks like she'll be out for a while."

His look clearly shows his surprise as he takes his seat and slouches on the corner. I gently remove her hand from around me and I already feel the loss of this girl, but it's the way it's gotta be. Right? I let my hand slide down her arm as I rest her against my twin. Her skin is so soft, and it really sucks that I'll never get to feel all of it. I say good night through clenched teeth as I test my control as to not gathering her in my arms and taking her with me. His face softens as he adjusts her so that he's comfy and he says the same.

I shut my bedroom door and just lay on my bed. The curtains on windows are so dark that no moonlight shines through. I'm in pitch dark. That's when you are supposed to be able to say that there is nothing there, right? You have to see it to believe it. Well, in the dark I can't see myself. Which means I can't be the Prince of Antar. There is no book written in a different language telling me that I'm not supposed to let any one person in. There is no girl in the living room. There are no feelings of jealousy radiating from me.

Or are all of those black shadows, demons, ghosts? Which aren't there in the daylight?

It must be the second because I still feel and believe all those things. All those things forbidding me to get attached to a slip of a girl. The girl that my twin can have without worries. Note to self, take down curtains.

I wake up several hours later, only to find Max laying on the couch with Liz practically on top of him. Not in some sexual way, but more like a comforting embrace. Her head beneath his chin, and his hand in her chocolate brown hair.

It's nine-thirty. My brother has never slept this long. But of course if I had Liz with me, I'd never wake up.

I go around the kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee. I don't make it that great but, it wakes me up none the less.

"I thought you didn't drink coffee in the morning." I turn to find Liz standing in the doorway rubbing her eyes.

"Nah, I just didn't yesterday. Want some?" She nods her head. I get out a mug and she's already drinking mine. I just stand there watching her trying not to laugh.

"What? Can't remember how to make coffee for yourself?" I let out a throaty laugh and she looks puzzled.

"Nevermind." I busy myself pouring coffee again.

"So...." She jumps up on the counter and takes another sip.


"Sooo..... That was a great movie, huh?"

"Yeah, you know my favorite part was when you snored."

"I do not."

"I beg to differ."

"I'm sure you do." She laughs and jumps down, and walks over to stand right in front of me.

"Yes? May I help you? Would you like this cup of coffee too?" I hold up my mug in front of her face.

She swats my arm and then her face grows serious. "Thank you. For what you did last night." Does she know what Max thinks about her? "You know, Max is so much more comfortable than you." There goes that serious face and in comes the all too amused one. Ouch. Wait, should I be hurt?

"Well, you know. All muscle." I flex my biceps and laugh right back at her.

"More like you have so much tension. You should really go to a masseuse."

"Tension, huh?" I wiggle my eyebrows at her and we both burst into laughing fits. We'd both stop only to have one of us start up again. What the hell am I turning into? Max? She goes back onto the counter and tells me to go over. I stand in front of her and ask her what now.

"Now stand closer so I can give you a back rub."

Okay, I may be giving her up to my brother but I can still get a back rub, right? Her hands start on my shoulders working out a knot there.

"Zan, calm down. Just relax." Easy for you to say babe.

I lean into her a little bit more and let out a small groan. "So, Max still asleep?" Just need to remind myself that she is only here because of Max.

"Like a baby."

"I take it you don't have to work today."

"It's the weekend. Who works on the weekend?"


"What about you? Do you work?"

What? Can I tell her no? Do I tell her that I'm living off Max and my parents? Hell, no.

"I quit my last one. It paid good enough so that I have enough to tide me over until I find my next one." Sounds good enough to me.


"Where do you work?"

"I'm the head of a creative team at Harding." Shit! She works for Tess? Small world.

"That's cool."

"Yeah." I move away and she jumps down off the counter.

"So, what about Max?"

"I'm a firefighter." How long as he been there? Because that honestly could have looked bad to him.

"Really? That is so cool." The interest in Liz's eyes is showing through enough for a blind person to notice.

The look on Max's face says that he just woke up so he wasn't mad at me. Meaning I can let everything go back to normal. I can be secluded and Max can practice on coming out of that shell of his. Lucky him.

I watch Max and Liz talk about his job and the scariest moment he's been in because of it. I need to get myself a job.

I excuse myself to go take a much needed shower, not that they noticed at all, seing as they were still on the same topic as before. I walk to the counter and notice both coffee's are gone. Oh well. It would have been cold anyway. I go back to my room and pick up my bass guitar and start playing a song , singing anything that comes into mind. Surprising myself at the words flying out of my mouth.

"Hey, hey I'm sorry
I don't mean to bring you down
But these are some disillusions
That sometimes find a new way out
You think I'm speaking what I'm feeling isn't rage
You say I'm reading like a novel on some unfinished page

But, hey can I tell you
The things you want to know
What's so shocking?
It's the truth

Watch the passion fill up inside you
I don't want a sound
I don't want a look
I don't want to feel this way
It's the one enchanted moment
That will make me want to stay

Hey, now I've started
To make some sense of this
My trees are green
And I'm so alive
And I swear I felt a kiss

I've wasted enough days
Without a single night of sleep
Someones bringing all the love in this world to me

Hey, did I tell you of the things I once knew
What's so shocking?
It's the truth
Put my passion into you

I don't want a sound
I don't want a look
I don't want to feel this way
It's the one enchanted moment
That will make me want to stay

Hey, did I tell you of the things you want to know
What's so shocking?
It's the truth
It's the passion from inside you

I don't want a sound
I don't want a look
I don't want to feel this way
It's the one enchanted moment
That will make me want to stay

I don't want a sound
I don't want a look
I don't want to feel this way
It's the one enchanted moment
That will make me want to stay"

"Bravo!" My head snaps up to see a smiling Liz sitting just inside my door.

"Thanks." When did she get here anyway? And, where's Max?

"Max is taking a shower. I hope you don't mind that I came in here. It's just, well.... you know."

"Yeah." Actually no.

"So, where did that song come from? I don't think I've heard it before."

"I dunno. It just sort of came to me."

"Well, you'll have to let me listen to another one some time. That was great."

"Thanks." Putting down the guitar she starts walking over to me. She's just looking up at me.

"Yes?" I look back at her. If I'm not supposed to have her, can't I just memorize her? Why the hell not? Can't I torture myself? Maybe I'll get lucky and Max will lose interest. Therefore she won't be around as much. Although, I don't think I'd like that too much. I'm a big boy, I can just be friends with a girl. Yah, and I'm Elvis Presley.

"I was wondering if you'd do me a favor?"

"Sure. What?" Yeah, what kind of favor? Please say sexual favor. Please, please, please. No, no, no.

"Could you teach me to play like that?" Her hand gestures toward the guitar. Like I can tell her no.

"Sure. Next time though. Seeing as I'm sure you want to get home soon." She nods her head, and I just now realize how close to mine her mouth is.
I start to back up only to back right into my bed, causing me to fall onto it. She merely takes another step towards me and pinches both my cheeks with one hand, "You are so....." she takes a moment to think about it and the finishes with, "funny." She laughs and walks out of my room. Okay, I was not expecting her to say funny. Sexy, yes. Funny, no.

The only thing that had kept me from kissing her those few moments ago, was he fact I was sitting on my hands. Standing up, I brush myself off and walk into the kitchen where I find Liz standing on her toes attempting to reach the top shelf.

"Make yourself at home much?" Not that I mind. Just then an idea pops into my mind. I'll have to put that plan to use. This way, if I can't have her, I can see her often. Maybe it'll make her seem more like a younger sister to me. I can only wish.

"I'm just trying to reach the coffee on the top. Somebody has to make you guys some good coffee."

"You didn't have a problem with it this morinig. If I remember correctly, you drank both of mine."

She doesn't even reply, she stickes her tongue out at me and continues to reach up.

"Need help?" I walk up behind her so that I could grab the can for her but she slaps my arm away.

"I may be short but I can get things for myself." She climbs up onto the counter and reumes reaching for it. Did she notice that by doing that she has put her ass directly in front of my face. The ass that I so desperately want to grab. I also notice the way that her red t-shirt has ridden up in her attempts revealing more of her golden skin.

Yeah, sister my ass. I'm still not putting plan December out of mind though.

*Author's note- Song used was Dogstar's "Enchanted"*
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Chapter Ten
Max's Point of View

I walk into the kitchen after my shower to find Liz and Zan talking about Liz's work. He's smiling too much. Like he knows something she doesn't. He must have figured the Tess thing out. But there's also something else there. He's planning something, and the mischievous glint is telling me it's got to be his monthly plan. Which means we're all in for a bumpy ride.

A few times a year Zan invites a girl to live with us for a month. They can't work, he pretends like he has a source of income and "takes care" of the poor unsuspecting girl. Usually when he goes out to "work" he's either partying or banging another chic on the side. Then he comes home and hits me up for money. Whatever keeps him busy and out of my hair.

What could possibly be so bad about this? Now he's going after Liz. I thought he realized I like her. Is it possible that he is helping me out? Yeah, and I'm the trojan man.

What I wouldn't give for that job.

I pull a seat up next to Liz, which means it's next to Zan too. Ah, to be the third wheel. "So, Zan.... Max, what made you guys move to San Francisco?"

"I don't know." I honestly don't.

"Needed a change in scenery, and Max here just sort of followed me." Yeah, to take care of your sorry alien ass.

Alien. Second thought, let Zan have her. Lord knows I want Liz more than anything. I really do. But I can't get attached. Because my ass is alien too. There is no way Liz would understand that. I can't tell her. I know that if we went on to have a relationship that I would want to be completely honest with her. Zan seems to have no attachment problems.

Hah. The one time that Zan is willing to let me have the girl I want, I realize I can't have her. There is no way I can expose us now. No matter who the person is.

I hope Zan doesn't actually ask her to stay.

"Liz, I need you to answer something for me." Uh-oh. He barely knows her. Don't let this happen.

"Sure." She looks at the clock on the wall, "Then I have to head home."

"It's about that."

"I'm not telling you where I live." Good girl.

""I don't need to know that. Unless you want me to." He must be trying to rub his foot along her leg, but guess what. Not hers! I give him a swift kick in the shin.

"Ugh. I'm right here you know. And wrong leg!"

"Wrong leg? What the hell are you talking about Max?" Liz looks thoroughly confused. Should I tell her that my brother was going to attempt to feel her up beneath the table? No. Because even I don't want to acknowledge it.

"Nothing. Old joke." Surprisingly she lets it slide.

"Anyway, as I was saying. I have a proposition for you. Why don't you spend a month living here. From what you were saying your job is stressful and you need a break." I close my eyes not wanting to see her reaction.

Liz bursts out laughing and stands up to pat Zan on the head. "You really are funny."

"I-" Don't let him Liz. Don't fall for it.

"Can I use your phone? I just wanted to check my messages." I nod my head while looking at Zan's astonished expression.

Liz goes on to punch in a series of numbers. The first message she listens to and sighs. The next she bursts out laughing. "Hey guys, listen to this." She hits the speaker phone button and plays a message from some older guy claiming he's the Lucky charms man. It's deranged. He goes on to ask a series of questions about stupid thigs in life. If candy apples are made of candy, what's apple candy made out of? It's so stupid it's actually quite amusing. His Irish accent occasionally slips into a thick Boston one. Finally the message is cut off and another mans voice comes through the speakers.

"Liz, it's Kyle. About the other night-" She hits the button quickly and turns to Zan.

"Were you serious?" There's a mix of emotions behind her eyes, two stand out noticeably. Fear and sadness. Was she seeing someone? Did they just break up? Are they still together, just having a fight?

"Completely princess." He must have noticed it too, because he threw the accent back in, and is in full swing with his persuasiveness.

"Are you sure Liz?" I don't want him taking advantage. Something is obviously making her vulnerable.

"Can I still go to work?"

"No, that's not the deal."

"Well, can I have a little bit to think about it?"


I can't believe it. She met him yesterday and he's already weaseled his way in her life for at least another month. How does he do it? I need my brother to rub off on me. Get your goddamn mind out of the gutter.

The rest of the time that Liz is in the house she sticks close to one of us. She's not as lively. It's like she realized something that scares her. Some sort of phobia. An hour later she says good-bye to us both, telling us she needs to get her "grimey ass" in the shower. If that's what a "grimey ass" looks like. I'll take two to go.

I assume she's going into work. Even though it's a Saturday. One question, well, actually two. One, Does she usually work on the weekends? And two, why did Maria tell her not to bother going in until Thursday. Not that I should really care. Nothing can come of this. She likes Zan. Not to mention the alien bit. I can care as a friend though. Right?


"What's up?"

"Are you serious about December?"

"Of course." Oh god, he's serious.


"Look, Max. Liz isn't going to be like the others. I had two ulterior motives this time."


"I'm trying to help you out. I know you want her, just admit it." Well, yeah. I'm not going to say it out loud. Nope. I'm just giving him my best blank look. No vibes.


"And? Well, the second is to be determined. Because I know I have to have one other than helping you. I'm not like that." He smirks, I know there is another reason. But I'm just going to do my best and attempt to give him the benefit of the doubt.

"Oh. Well do you think she'll accept your offer?"

"I'll make sure she does." What the hell does he mean by that?

As if to answer my question he walks to the phone and dials a number. Did Liz give him her number?

"Hey sexy. I need you to do me a favor." Uh-uh. I know he is not talking like that to Liz. "Yeah, maybe we'll try it again." Try what? Damn it, I hate not knowing what is going on. Zan turns and winks at me. Ummm...... no?
"Yeah, do you have an employee by the name Elizabeth Parker?" Tess. Ick. "Tell her to take a month off..... Yes, I realize she means a great deal to your company. Just tell her to take a long vacation." Am I really related to him? Well, if I am, lucky me. "Thanks babe. I promise it will be worth it." He hangs up and pretends to gag.

"Did it work?" Secretly I am hoping it's working. Even if I can't be with Liz forever, what is one month going to hurt? Shouldn't do too much damage.

"Don't it always? But man. You owe me. I have to see Tess tonight at her place. It's supposed to be her "fantasy"." Zan actually shudders at the thought. You'd think he'd enjoy. Then again it is Tess. Ava isn't too bad. She got the better half of the egg. Egg, pod. Whatever.

The phone rings and Zan hands it to me. Did Liz actually ask for me?


"Hello, Max. It's Isabel." Okay, remember before when I said I had to watch my Niece and Nephew? Isabel is my father's first child. He had gotten Raina Ajazi pregnant when they were both 17. He wasn't very bright. Raina and my father never got married, because before she ever told him, he was married to my mother. Isabel just took my father's last name. It was rightfully hers so, you know. Just wanted to explain that. Because I forgot that I offered to watch them tonight. It must have slipped my mind because I have to work, and I know Zan isn’t going to watch them. Actually he would, but I’m afraid to let him. He’d corrupt their minds. Poor kids. Anyway right now Isabel is telling me that I never act like this. I’m always more responsible. Am I sick? Am I hiding something? Does she ever shut up? I mumble apologies in between her ranting. They fall on deaf ears though.

"Max, you do realize it’s my anniversary tonight? I can’t believe you. I trusted you. Now what am I supposed to tell Bray? He’s not going to be happy. God! I still can’t believe you would even-" She stopped. Yay! No. Why did she stop? She shouldn’t stop yet, she’s still got a good three minutes. Oh shit. "You know what? I’m sorry. I just realized something else. No biggie. See ya later." I hear the dial tone before I get to question her. I am so screwed. I don’t want to know what she’s going to do.

I’m brought out of my thoughts again, this time it’s Zan’s though. "It’s Liz." What the hell?

The phone rings and sure enough it’s Liz. I hate it when he does that. It’s just creepy. Zan is the households personal Caller ID. Tell me that wouldn’t freak you out. Anyway, on to a more interesting matter, Liz is spouting off how much she hates her boss. Turns out Tess decided to ban Liz from returning to work until January. She couldn’t have been more discreet. The thing that I don’t understand is why the hell is Liz so mad if she’s getting paid for sitting on her ass for a month and a half? I just don’t get it. "Max? Max? Are you there?"

"Yup. I’m here. So, have you thought any about the offer?"

"Yeah, I was wondering if maybe I could wait until December?"

"I think that would be fine. I just want to try being by myself first."

"Sounds good. Liz says good-bye and I can’t help stop the smile on my face as I say good bye. "Yes, no boyfriend! She’s available. Yes!" Okay I know I’m a little over happy, but you don’t understand. The quiet me came out and it paid off. I may not have been the one to actually ask her to stay but well, she is going to be here never the less.

Zan walks back to wherever he came from before and in a singsong voice he says I forgot to hang up. What? I hold the phone up to my ear and am greeted by Liz’s laughs on the other end.

"So, you like me huh?" I am such an ass.
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Chapter Eleven
Liz’s Point of View

So, Max likes me. Ummm.... what do I say to that? So, I turn it into a joke.

"So, you like me, huh?" I can picture his cute ears burning red with embarrassment when his voice cracks while mumbling a small yeah.

He had to go and complicate things. It was so simple before. Tess was mad at me. She told me to take a vacation. I didn’t want a damn vacation. I wanted to stay in work and bust my ass to get the Breakell account. Another music advertisement. It was all worked out. I was to meet with Miss Breakell and listen to the band I’d be advertising for. It was called Speak Child. Sounds interesting.

But no. I had to do something completely idiotic. I got pissed and hit my boss. I’ve dreamed of it for a while. Just never really had the guts to do it. I started complaining that she couldn’t afford to lose me. She can’t. I bring in the amount of revenue as all her other hired help. Times three. She really can’t. I should really be a partner. But she fired me. So, I’m going to do the account through Alex. He got promoted. At my expense, of course. He’s going to arrange everything I want. According to him, it’s his way of saying thank you.

I already arranged a meeting with the ultimate person in advertising. Nelson Moss. We’re arranged to meet December thirteenth. I know I told Zan I wouldn’t work. But, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

It took me forever to get through to his secretary. I already had to sell myself to him. Not in the prostitute type of way. I had to mention that I came fully loaded. I had my own team, consisting of Maria, Alex, and Courtney. Not to mention handfuls of loyal clientele. So, you see. I can’t turn him down. Because I need a place to work after that month is up.

That one month I suddenly don’t want. It will be awkward. Sure Max and I kissed, but it was an accident. It meant nothing. Nothing. Okay, so I may have wanted to continue but.... there is enough tension in the room with one of them. How the hell am I supposed to live with them? Especially now that I know what Max is feeling.

"Cute Max. Ummm.... look about next month."

"Yeah?" Shit. I can’t tell him I’m having second thoughts. I just called him up to tell him I really wanted to move in for a little bit. He’d know exactly why I changed my mind all of the sudden.

"Nothing. Just thinking out loud." Oh, nice save Parker! No wonder your so successful.

"Okay, well. Would you like to come over for dinner again? The only problem is that I have to go to work tonight. You know, the nightmare shifts."

"I can’t. Sorry. I’ve got a prior engagement." That’s almost as lame as I have to stay in and wash my hair.

"Oh, well. That’s okay. So, I’ll see you sometime?"

"Maybe I’ll stop by tomorrow. See if you need a ride or what not." Pathetic!

"Sounds good. I may need a ride to the movies."

"A ride or a date Mr. Evans?"

"I’ll see. Maybe both?" Oh god. I flirted. My flirting led to being asked out. See? This is why flirting is bad.

"We’ll see. See you."

"Bye Liz."

I need help. What the hell was I thinking?

I hang up the phone and pace in my apartment. Looking around I notice how bare it looks. It’s so..... bland. Everything is either black or silver. The front wall in the living room is all TV's. Every size imaginable. Some even have picture in picture.

It’s not until it’s dark that I notice the statue left behind. See, it’s a ritual. Or it used to be. I would always go outside the window onto the balcony that overlooks the town. I can see the church at the bottom of the hill. I can see the apartment across the street with a widow who was left to care for three small children two years ago. I can see the little cafe down the street where Kyle and I first met.

Kyle had always been scared for me every time I went on the balcony to look at the stars. He said I get too close to the railing for his comfort. So he put this funny little Buddha man next to my telescope to watch over me. At first it freaked me out. If you moved it seems that his eyes follow you. Now, it’s comforting.

As I look at the stars I begin to think about how, by time I see the stars in the sky tonight, they are already gone. Well, some of them are. What other things am I not going to realize before they are gone?

"Liz!" What the hell? My head whips around only to find empty space. Yo-kay! I’m most definitely losing it.

"Liz? Down here." I lean over the edge to see Zan standing below the balcony. What is he doing here?

"Zan? What are you doing here?"

"I brought you dinner. Figured you didn’t eat anything." Now that he mentions it. My stomach growls and I tell him the apartment number. Seconds later he’s knocking at my door. How did he do that?

I unlock the door and open it. As soon as the door is the slightest bit ajar the smell of sauce wafts through the air, causing my tummy to growl again. Embarrassing. Zan looks down at me and laughs. "I guess I was right."

"Yeah. Been busy."

"Yeah, it must have taken you a while to wear in that rug." I look at the carpet in my living room and notice the fading signs on the oriental rug. You can tell it’s my favorite spot to pace.

"Umm.... so what do you have in there?"

"Oh, Lasagna. You like?"

"More than you’ll ever know. Did you make it yourself?"

"Yeah. I’m actually not that bad of a cook if I do say so myself."

Oooh! A guy that can cook! Which is good. Because I can’t. I can’t even make Macaroni and Cheese. Hell, I burn toast. And don’t even get me started on the grilled cheese. The only thing I know how to make is salad. You slice it, you throw it in a bowl, you toss it, and you eat it. Not too hard.

"So.... Thanks."

"No prob. I don't like eating alone myself. So, where's your kitchen?"

"Follow me."

I turn one corner and tada! I hadn't been in here since Kyle left. He always insisted we eat at the table. Me? I voted for dragging out a tray and eating on the couch. I needed to watch the competition.

"Nice place."

"Thanks." Once again it's a room with black and silver furnishings. You'd think it would look futuristic, right? Wrong. It looks cold. Devoid of feeling. Not exactly a homey place. I busy myself getting out plates, and direct Zan to the silverware drawer. We set the table, and as he takes off the lid to the container I notice it's still steaming hot. "Wow, that must be some container you got there. How did you get here so fast?"

He hesitates a second before saying he got lucky with a really fast taxi driver. Works for me. We eat in silence. It's not awkward, it's peaceful. Companionable silence. When we finish he offers to do the dishes while I go get changed. It's nine-thirty before we sit on the couch to talk some more. I sit indian style and he's casually turned to face me, the way he speaks is so animated that it's hard not to become enthused yourself. We talk about anything and everything. Stuff from favorite ice cream, to favorite past time. At least we agree on the strawberry ice cream. The thing I don't like is, he favors Trix to Fruity Pebbles. He's got to be crazy. I even go on to tell him about my day at work. He smiles as though he already knows.

"Max told me." That would explain it.

"So, what do you do in your spare time?"

"Well, lately I've uhhh..... been workin' on my songs." He's thrown that accent back in there and I can't stop myself from watching his tongue roll the tongue ring in between sentences. "Liz? You still with me?"

"Huh?" He smirks and I feel myself turning to putty. Leave it to me to be completely infatuated with brothers. Twins at that. They don't seem to be on sturdy ground so I won't be going after either. They'll have to work it out themselves.

"I said do you want to have sex?"

"Uh-huh." Wait, what? Did he just say what I think he said? Did I just answer in the affirmative?

"Babe, no offense but I was kidding. Get yo horny self in check. I know I got the body of a greek god, but... get some self control woman!" Geez. one slip up and look at that ego inflate. I throw a pillow at him catching him off guard as it knocks him upside the head. "Just because I turned you down is no reason to become violent little one."

"Little one? Puh-lease." I toss another pillow and his face blanks.

"Liz, you shouldn't have done that?"

"And why the hell not?"

"Cuz'." What kind of answer is that? Before I know what's happening he's picked me up and has me over his shoulder. Perfect view of a perfect ass. It's just now occured to me how long it's been since I have had sex. Two months. No wonder Kyle wanted to get rid of me. We never really had time. I was always working. But damn. Two months. That's long enough to be considered a virgin again isn't it? He pinches my ass and tells me I may be worthy of a greek god.


"I'd have to get to know you better." With that he starts twirling in small circles and small laughs are coming from my mouth. He starts going a little faster and I start feeling myself getting sick. "Give up yet?"

"Hell no." I wrap my arms aound his waist from the back and rest my head on his lower back, in hopes of alleviating some of the nausea.


"Nope." I lift his shirt a little and nip at his side. He lets out a surprised yelp followed by a small laugh. He promptly puts me down after I threaten to do it again.


"It would be more convincing if you weren't laughing." He reaches foreward and starts tickling below my ribs causing be to burst into a fit of giggles. "Zan. Zan. Stop. Please." I manage to get out in the little amount of breathing time in between sessions of laughing.

"Say I'm the man."

"You da man." He stops. "Of a gay man's dream."

He reaches forward to start again but I have enough time to turn away, causing him to fall directly on top of me. That wasn't such a good idea.

We're both breathing pretty hard from our activity moments ago, and he doesn't have enough strength to get himself off of me.

He turns to say he's sorry but I tell him to shut up. His lips are just so inviting. My breath mingles with his as he leans in closer to me. I want nothing more than to taste his mouth. Have his tongue massage mine. I give in. Our lips meet and he lets out a small groan. He slips his tongue in my mouth and it starts out a slow languid kiss, and I'm about to stop him because of what I had been thinking earlier. But as I'm breaking away he pushes his mouth onto mine more forcefully, and I give myself over to the new sensation. Kyle was the only other man that I'd ever kissed. Aside from Max. But that didn't count.

Zan's hands tangle in my hair. I have never been kissed like this. It has always been tender, sweet. Even during sex. But I like the feeling of his rough goatee scraping against my chin. I love feeling the added pressure on my lips. But is this what I want? Just a walk on the wilder, rougher side? A side that would have risks. Risks that could lead to my being alone again, or a sense of security. Some one that I can always depend on? But then again I always thought Kyle would be there. Or do I want what I know? What I have grown used to? Do I really want anything right now? I haven't been single all that long.

Zan pulls back and lifts himself off me.

"Wow, princess. You's a good kisser." That accent is back and in full force making me want him all the more. "I's better be goin."

"Yeah." I can't help but feel disappointed. Why does he want to leave. Maybe it had been a mistake. I am not ready for this. But it doesn't mean I can't want it.

He heads to the door and he stops just before opening it. "Liz, ummm...." He looks like he's deep in thought. Hmmm.... can't be a good thing.

"Spit it out." His face looks up quickly.

"You's worthy."

Ugh. I thought he'd actually say something meaningful. Maybe I should stick to what I know. Maybe he's too different. You know, maybe aside from the tension we just aren't compatible. Which would leave me on my own again. I hate being alone. I was scared to grow up in the first place, that's why I hung onto Kyle like a lifeline.

I merely stick my tongue out at him and once again he gives a small smile. "Don't do that unless you plan on using it." He warns me. Walking up close to him I stand on my tiptoes. I breathe heavilly in his ear for a few moments and his arm goes around my waist. I reach behind him and open the door.

"Maybe I do." I start slowly walking him backwards out the door.

"Oh really?" His breathing is becoming a little ragged.

"Yeah." I push him back causing him to stumble, and blow raspberries at him. "See?" I say just before slamming the door. I smack my head against the palm of my hand. Bad Liz. Flirting is bad.

"Liz!" I run over to my open window and climb out to the balcony.

"What now Zan?"

"Just wanted to tell you that I left my container in your place. That and good night."

"I'll bring it by tomorrow, I have to pi-" Shit. I have to pick Max up tomorrow afternoon. Date. I have a date with his brother. It's nothing exclusive though. So it's okay. Right? "Night Zan." He throws me a small wave and hails a nearby taxi. I look over to the statue and pray to buddha that my life doesn't become anymore fucked up than it already is. Please buddha man.
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Chapter Twelve
Zan's Point of View

What the hell was I thinking? I'll tell you what I was thinking. I was thinking I had to taste part of her just once. I was thinking that, that one taste would quench the desire I have for Liz.

You know what?

Wrong-o. Brilliant me. Now all I want is to taste her again. Feel those silky lips pressed against mine, her chest heaving beneath me. Dumbass! I cannot believe how dumb I was. Although, she didn't seem to mind one bit. Maybe she wants me, not my brother. You can't help who you are attracted to. Yeah right. I've seen them look at each other. They may not be aware of it, but they definitely have something going on between them. Not to mention they must be going on a date or something because my brother couldn't get out of the house fast enough to get to work. He was grinning like the smurf he is.

I really shouldn't say anything though, because at this point I must look like I've won the lottery or something equally as satisfying. Namely a try at Miss Liz Parker.

"Where to?" I look at the cab driver and let out a laugh.

"Come on, Michael you know me better than that." I frequent the service of a taxi cab. What can I say? I like traveling. And for some odd reason I usually tend to get Michael. Maybe because he's pretty much the only one that will stop for me. Mike takes me home and I hand him the fare.

"See you the same time tomorrow?" How'd he guess it was a girl? Heavy sarcasm, just in case you didn't catch that.

"Most likely." Michael grabs at his chest as if he's having a stroke.

"You mean there's a chance you might not do the full two nights. It's only the gentlemanly thing to do."

"If that's so, when are you gonna see Maria again?" Michael shoots me a dirty glare and drives off making sure to shoot up dust in his trail. I didn’t even pay him.

Coughing I walk up to the house and get out my keys.

"I was afraid you wouldn't show up."

Tess. "You know I didn’t mean I’d do anything tonight."

"I know. But you can’t blame me for my wishful thinking." Yes I can.

"Look, Tess. Just go home."

"What is wrong with you? You never turn me down."

Now that she mentions it, I haven’t. This Parker chick is really getting to me. Since when do I turn down good sex? I unlock the door and pull Tess in behind me.

I know. I really shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not fair to sleep with someone you don’t care about. Wait a minute. I’m all for casual sex. I need to get my brain examined. No, wait. Can’t do that. Gonna have to go on my better judgment. Ha. If that isn’t a laugh and a half.

As I pin her beneath me, reality hits me upside the head. This is all I’m supposed to have. No strings. If that’s what meant for me, then wouldn’t it be good for me? If it’s supposed to be enjoyable for me, then why does it taste so disgusting? I don’t understand. I give up.

I pull away from Tess, and she whimpers in response. Was she always so squeaky?

"Max?" What the hell? Max? I don’t think so.


"Zan? Why?"

"I don’t need to have a reason. Get out."

"What about the favor I did for you?"

I reach for my wallet in my back pocket to pay her. That’s right ladies and gentleman. I was going to pay her. Notice, I said was. That’s because it’s not there. Dammit. What is it with wallets lately. Isn’t that what started this whole thing? Liz had to bring my brother his. You know what? This is bullshit. I can’t have Liz. She’s Max’s. Not mine.

Not mine.

I roughly pull Tess back and ignore the fact that when I kiss her I feel nothing at all. She starts undressing me, and I her.

"Ahem." What the?

I turn to find Liz standing in the doorway, which I forgot to close, holding up my wallet.

"I figured you might like to have this in case you go somewhere early tomorrow."

Tess is trying to look at the Liz. At least Liz has the decency not to want to know who it is that’s beneath me. I continue to block Liz’s view.

"Can you wait for me in my room?"

"Umm.... Zan, I’m really not into that kind of stuff." I let out a small laugh and tell her just to wait in there. Once Liz is gone I get off Tess and throw her shirt at her.


"Who was that?"

"Someone. Now leave."

"I swear you have PMS." Hastily she buttons her shirt. "Is she the reason you couldn’t get it up?" She did not.

"No that was all you." The look on her face tells me that she won’t leave until I give up. Life just sucks. "You know what? Show yourself out." Pulling my shirt over my head I turn to head to my room.

"Zan. Why are you doing this? You can’t leave me like this!"

"You want to know why I won’t have sex with you? I can’t! I’m a fucking Eunuch!"

Ah, to be me. Tess leaves and I go to meet Liz.

Before I open the door though, I hear strings on my guitar being played. Cracking open the door I hear a soft humming coming from Liz.

"So, you already know how to play."

"No, that’s the extent of what I know. I want to learn how to play like you."

"Well, you can do that next month."

"Okay." We stand there for a moment in silence.

"Can I have my wallet?"

She walks up to me and extends her hand offering me the object. Our fingers brush as I take it. I don’t move my hand, because I can’t get enough of her. I love the feel of her. But, I already told you that.

She looks at me. I can see the curiosity about who it was that was in the living room with me, but she doesn’t say anything.

"So, my-"

"It’s in the dishwasher as we speak." I see a small smile on her face as she starts to leave.


She doesn’t even turn around. "Yeah."

"I really did mean it before. You are, how do I say it? I said worthy but that’s not really what I want to say."

"Thank you. Bye."


I shut the door behind her and compliments of an open window I get to hear her mumble something. Something that actually makes me feel guilty. Because she shouldn’t even have to think it. "So is someone else."

She should never have to feel like she’s equal to another girl. And I know just the man to make her feel that way. Which actually comes as a surprise for me to say.

My brother.
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Chapter Thirteen
Max's Point of View

"So, Max buddy. You've finally gotten off that lazy ass of yours and decided to get a girl huh?"

"And a knock out to boot."

"So, you guys steady?"

"Not too sure yet." I'm really not. I know I like her. I know she likes me. Sounds good right?

It seems like a pretty sweet deal. But see I failed to mention something.

I like her. She likes me. Zan likes her. And in some way she likes Zan.

It's all a matter of who she likes more. I'm rooting for me.

"Sort of?"


"Oh, that story. Sorry man."

That's what I like about my friends here at work. Their all the same. Take Brendan for example. He's loyal, he doesn't waste my time with psychobabble shit that will just end up screwing me over in the end. Remind me to thank him later.

Zan did agree to leave me and Liz alone long enough for me to discover just what it is that Liz and I have the potential to be. Okay, maybe not in so many words. And maybe I'm assuming how long he's going to leave me be. But, if I do say so myself, I think I may actually get the girl this time.


Quickly I turn to see who called my name.

"Yeah chief?"

"You wanna go home early today? We've got a newcomer, let him get some hours in."


I say good bye to Brendan and the rest of the working crew that's here, and welcome the newbie.

I call Michael on my cell and ask him to come pick me up. I think he's pretty much the only Taxi cab driver I can trust here. The rest either can't speak English or are just too dimwitted to understand that Street is not actually part of the name.

About ten minutes later the white cab pulls up beside me. "The usual?"

"Home. I've got a date tonight."

"Geez, first Zan and now you. You guys got it made."


"Yeah, I picked Zan up at some chicks apartment last night."

Yes! Zan found someone else. Liz is mine, Liz is mine. Happy dance.

Of course I really should remember white men can't dance. We can't jump either. Damn what's with the stereotypes?

"So..... what's her name?" I have to get details like this from michael because Zan will never tell me of his own volition. I'm usually stuck hearing it late at night as he gets yelled at by a woman because he called her by the wrong name. Of course there was Raina. Man she was fiesty. I was woken up at twelve and then at three by her screaming "What's my name bitch?" Haha. That was the funniest thing in the world to me. Well aside from Zan actually replying one of the times. I don't think I'll ever forget that.

"I honestly don't remember."

The rest of the ride is passed in silence. I toss Michael a few dollars before stepping out of the car.


What did he say? I turn to ask him what he said, because it sounded a lot like Liz, but he was already driving away.

I walk in the house to find no one is at home. I rush through getting ready and head to a local florist. A dozen white roses for Liz. After I sit at home for another half hour I decide to go to Liz's to surprse her. I call Michael again. Or I attempt to. He doesn't pick up. I get to Liz's place after taking many different subways. Not very fun when women look at you with longing eyes. One acually had the nerve to come up to me and ask if she could have the flowers. I told her I was taken.

I knock on Liz's door and nobody answers. I try the doorknob and to my surprise the door opens. And that's without the alien talents. I walk in and I notice her place is actually pretty bare. You'd think a single woman's home would be full of coloy and home-y type things. But, it's not. It looks like someone merely sleeps here. Not lives here. Sleeps. I can hear the water going and it sounds like she's taking a shower so I wander into the kitchen and there's an empty vase on the counter. How perfect is that? I put the flowers in the vase. add water, and a little of my own magic to make them live a little longer.


I turn to see Liz standing behind me in nothing but a towel. Woah. Not whoa. Wo-ah.


"What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to surprise you before the date." I say as I hand her the vase. Her face lights up as she tells me that white roses are her absolute favorite flower. Go me.

"Well thank you." She reaches up to give me a kiss on the cheek, but I turn my head and catch her lips with my own. The kiss isn't urgent, or filled with passion. It's soft, sweet. Everything that Liz is. When she backs away her eyes are cast down and there is a small grin on her face. "I'm just going to go change, and then we can go grab lunch and a movie?"

"Sounds good to me."

As I watch her walk away I envy my brother. Atleast he would have had the guts to turn her right back around and ravage her. But, my character just won't allow me to do it.

La la la la la. What the hell am I supposed to do? I walk into the living room, and see too many television screens. Think you'd ever hear a guy say that? I go back in the kitchen and I notice something familiar I can't figure out what it is though.

Why the hell would a pile of dishes remind me of something. Wait a sec- isn't that? Yeah, it is. I walk over and pick up a casserole dish and sure enough on the bottom it has my mother's initials on it. Yeah, my mom writes her initials on anything of hers that can be moved. Wanna see my tattoo? Just kidding, geez.

But, in order for that to be here Zan had to have brought it over, which means. NO. I don't want to think that. There has to be a better explanation. She stole it! I like that better. Yup. She took it. Okay, she didn't. I really need to talk to her. If she's with Zan then she should have told me so earlier.

Walking towards her bedroom, the door is open. I walk in and there's another door coming off of it. She must be changing in the bathroom.


"Hold your damn horses. I'll come out when I'm good and ready."

Grr. I lay down on her bed, and I must have dozed off because the next thing I know my feet are being lifted up.

Liz takes off my shoes and I feel a blanket being pulled over me. Just as she goes to leave I do the most forward thing I think I have ever done. I pull into bed with me. She doesn't fight with me though. My arm goes around her waist and her back is to my chest. The last thing I remember before falling asleep is nuzzling my face into her neck because she smells so good, and the sweet voice that escaped her throat because of it.

Wowwee it's been awhile! I hope you like the new part and sorry it took so long to get out. I hope to get a new part out before I go on vacation, and I'll definitely have a new part out right after. But until then enjoy! And Feedback please???*tongue*
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Bittersweet December
Chapter Fourteen
Liz's point of View

I hadn't originally planned on falling asleep. There is just something about him that makes me feel so at ease. I know I said I wouldn't get mixed up with either of them, but they are not making it easy. Not only that, but how do you choose? These two men are ultimately the same.

Max wears his heart on his sleeve, and Zan just hides it better. They both seem to want the same thing. Like they have something they want to share. Aside from their beds that is.

I feel Max stirring beside me. His body goes rigid, but he recovers and tightens his hold on me, and relaxes.


"You imagining someone else?"

"Nope." I can feel his breath on my neck as he snuggles in closer. It's unnerving that I don't seem to mind.


"Don't say it. Whatever it is, don't say it."

Max's Point of View

I knew she wouldn't let me stay in this blissful state for long. It's nice to forget.

In the moments that I was holding her, I forgot. I forgot about work and the long night shifts. I forgot that she's not mine, I fogot about being different, and that someday I might have to leave everything I've ever known. I just completely forgot. I was so lost in her, I never gave a second thought about anything else. It scares me, I barely know her.

"Max?" she says, her sweet voice I can not get enough of. Liz rolls over so that she's facing me.

"Yeah?" I'm trying to memorize the exact color of her hair, her eyes, the slope of her nose, and the gentle curve of her mouth. Why? Because I know that she's about to tell me about her night with my brother. Yup. The look in her eyes say it all, now all I have to do is wait for the words to tear my heart.

"I'm hungry, and I think you were supposed to take me out on a date." Well, geez. That didn't hurt at all.

"I don't wanna get up." I turn over and stuff my head under her pillow.

Big mistake. Not only am I hit with the scent of warm vanilla and strawberry, but I also find a... dum, dum, dum.....a bra. Yes ladies and gentleman, I, Max Evans, have found a red lace bra beneath the whitest of white pillow covers. Purity my ass. I groan and lift it up in the air, having it dangle from my fingertips. Liz laughs and takes it from me. I still don't turn over. I don't give up easily.

"Ma-ax. I'm hungry." I honestly don't think I've ever heard a girl tell me she was hungry before. It just doesn't happen.

"So? What do you want me to do about it?"

"I would like you to take me out to get some food in this fat tummy of mine." I feel the bed shift and I grab her around the waist. Nope, no fat. Pinching her I say, "Well, maybe a little." She smacks my shoulder and straddles my back. Oh god. I can only take so much.

Liz's Point of View

He has no idea how hot he's gotten me. no idea. Not that I'm too bright to sit on him like this. It's been way to long. I lean over, my whole body brushing along his. I let my lips drift along his neck, up to his ear lobe. I whisper his name and I can actually feel him stop breathing. Haha. This is fun.

"Huh?" Down to one syllable. Go me.

"I want you." I watch as my pillow goes flying. He turns onto his back slowly and manages to keep me on top of him. I can feel his arousal pressing into me. One of the many perks to wearing a skirt.

Max's Point of View

I look down to where Liz is sitting on me and I know she can feel how turned on I am. I don't know what's going on inside that pretty little head of hers but her expression changes. She leans forward and whispers in my ear.

"I want you to take me now."

"Well who am I to deny you?" I bring my hands up to her hips and begin to knead them, causing her to start a friction motion between our lower bodies.

"Good to know you feel that way." Could she really doubt it? "Because I want you to take me to McDonalds."

She kisses me on the forehead and gets up, acting like I couldn't feel the heat radiating from her center. The stars, even heaven I could have done. But McDonalds? That just blows.

Liz's Point of View

What can I say? I'm hungry. Straightening out my skirt, I head towards the door.

"You do remember I can't drive, right?"


I know it took me forever, sorry. And I have more written but it seemed like a good place to end it for now. See, this is where the story splits. On this board I'll continue posting M/L, and on Zan's Lair I'll post Z/L. That way, every one is happy. Next time I'll provide a link to my story on Zan's Lair. Okay? So, tell me, did you like? Up next? M/L nookie. hehe. Sorry, Z/L fans, you'll have to wait a bit longer. She resists him a little more. His fault though. Haha.*tongue*
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Chapter Fifteen
Liz’s Point of View

So, after I drive us to the golden arches and I manage to make even McDonald’s seem like an expensive restaurant (Max paid), we drove back here. Here being Max’s. I don’t know why, he just told me to. Okay, so secretly I’m hoping to spend more time with Zan. No, not just to be with him. I mean, I can’t be thinking like that. What kind of person would I be? Going out with one guy and thinking about his brother. No, see what I was thinking was that it is too funny to be around both of them. The looks they think I don’t see, the hushed whispers, the inside jokes they think I don’t get. Puh-lease. Give me some credit. After Max fumbles with the keys to the front door, and trips over the carpet that looks like it’s been there since the beginning of time. If I’m going to be staying here for a month I am throwing that nasty rag in the trash labeled with hazardous material. As soon as I close the door I turn to see him watching me, so I watch him.

Okay, this seems really awkward. I have absolutely no reason to be here, and Zan doesn’t seem to be around to break the ice.

“So, Max…. what do we do now?” He shrugs, pulls off his jacket and takes mine. He puts them in a closet and when he comes back he’s carrying a guitar. It looks identical to Zan’s except that it’s black instead of a deep green. “So, you play the guitar too?”

“Not as well as my brother. My forte is the drums.” Oh, so it’s a musical family.

We walk to his room and sure enough there’s a set of Taylor drums sitting off to the side. His room is much neater than Zan’s. It’s clean, and it smells of Max. The bed is done in royal blue, and the wood is a rich brown. There’s a twenty something inch TV in the corner, along with a massive bookcase lining the wall. I walk along the bookcase scanning over the books. From all the classic books he has I’d assume he’s extremely intelligent. That is until now. As I quickly glance at the last book I have to do a double take. Oh my Buddha. Max Evans has Kama Sutra. Too good. It really is. I can only imagine the things he can do. Trying to act like I never saw the book I start up a conversation.

“So, do you sing?”

“Not many drummers sing, so it’s a rare occasion when I do.”

“Sing for me?”

“Sing what?”

I don’t know. What should I have him sing? Baby Got Back? Haha. Looking over his room I notice a desk. Hmmm? Cartoonist? I walk over and all I see lining the desk is lyrics or poems. Lifting up a sheet of paper I ask, “You like to write songs?”

“It’s a way to get things out.”

“Sing one.”


“Please? You can’t be any worse than my Dad.”


He’s cute when he’s stubborn. I’ll change that. Provocatively I stride over to Max, throwing in an extra sway with my hips. I lower my tone just a little as I talk. “Max, please? I think your voice is sexy, just sing.” His eyes lower to my lips and it looks as if he’s giving in. He opens his mouth and I’m holding my breath just waiting for him.

“Ooooohhhhhh, the wheels on the bus go round and round…”

“Asshole.” I mutter as I throw one of his pillows at him. “Whoa Déjà vu.”

“Ha, you went all Keanu Reeves on me.”

“Hey, Keanu Reeves is gorgeous, should I take that as a compliment?”

“Take it anyway you like it.” Max smirks and wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me close. Before I have any time to think he’s kissing me.

This I would have expected from Zan, but not Max. His true colors are showing. And they’re definitely complimenting mine. Pushing Max backwards he falls into the two-seater near the bookcase. He looks up at me and I straddle his lap. I sit so that we are face to face and kiss him. My tongue seeking access to his warm mouth and his hands start kneading my sides, working their way up to the tender flesh covering my ribs. Max drags his mouth from my mouth to my ear for a quick bite down to my neck. O Buddha help me.

Max’s Point of View

I couldn’t take it anymore, she was biting those luscious lips of hers again and my restraint broke. Nothing can describe the attraction I have to this woman on my lap.

Slowly my hands travel upward to cup her breasts, but I need the flesh to flesh contact. Using a little alien power I unhook her bra and slide my hands under.

Her breathy moans are driving me insane. Continuing my assault on her neck, I drag my empty hand down the curve of her waist, her hips, and, oh god, those thighs.

Liz’s Point of View

My hands are itching to feel his skin, but the feelings he’s creating in me holds me immobile, the most I can do is hold his head close to me, never wanting him to stop.

I know I’m more than ready to have sex, and the bulge in his pants is telling me he wants it just as much. His hand is wandering beneath my skirt and I have this urge to tell him I want to go home, just because I’m terrified of ruining this relationship. Unfortunately my libido is in overdrive and it overtakes all reason.

Max’s Point of View

Liz shrugs off her shirt and I slide her bra off. Her rosy nipples are just begging for my attention. I’m a nice guy; I can’t deny anybody of something as simple as this. I lower my mouth and take a hardened peak into my mouth and suck on it, my tongue slipping out for the occasional swirl.

“Max-“ Whoohoo! Yup, that was my name.

“Max, I want you to-“ Her sentence turns to a moan as I lightly bite the sensitized flesh. I had to do it. I don’t think I could handle it again if she told me she wanted to go eat again.

“Max, I want you to fuck me.” Her voice is so raspy it’s hypnotizing, or maybe it’s what she said. “Max? Why the hell did you stop?”

Why did I stop? I have absolutely no fucking clue. Getting back to what I was doing, she starts griping that I’m wearing too much clothing. I’m really not too concerned about the amount of clothes that I’m wearing, as opposed to the few scraps left on her. The skirt is so this it may as well not even be there, and her lacy thong well, you know. Her small hands cover mine as they knead the globes of her perfect ass, and stop the movements.

“Behave. We have time.” Her long slender fingers undo the buttons of my white over shirt, and quickly lift my t-shirt over my head.

“What ever happened to we have time?”

“What I meant was, it was my turn.” So that’s how she wants to play it? Fine, I’ll let her have her fun. Hey, who am I to complain if a hot girl wants to have her way with me?

Liz’s Point of View

Damn this guy is gorgeous. Tall, brunette, deep amber eyes, muscles in all, and I mean all the right places. I give Max one last kiss before lowering my mouth to suck on his neck, just below his ear. My hands are mimicking his as I rub his sides, kneading the muscles and trailing my fingernails. Turns out that he’s ticklish.

Dragging my mouth further down, I let my tongue lazily draw a circle around his nipple. I kiss my way down his perfectly sculpted abs, until I reach the button to his jeans. His hands assist in unbuttoning them while I get down to undoing his fly. Even through his boxers, I can tell this man is massive. In order to help me pull them off he slightly lifts off the couch, putting his erection right in front of me. I suddenly feel as if I’ve won the lottery. I mean, Kyle was well endowed, but compared to this, well let’s leave it at that. Slowly I pull down my skirt, and the look that I am receiving from Max is making me wet just wondering what he’s thinking. Raising one hand, he crooks his finger, beckoning for me to come to him. Climbing back on his lap I can feel his throbbing erection.

“I can feel how wet you are.” He whispers roughly in my ear. His breathing is ragged as I continue to rub against him. The kiss is rough and full of lust, and I reach my hand under the waist band of his boxers to grab his hard muscle. He pulls away from the kiss and lets out a moan. “I want to be inside you, god how I want to be inside you.” I feel the fire low in body getting hotter than it should be, and my breathing is growing more rapid to match the pace of his.

I stand up to pull off my panties, and Max quickly does the same with his boxers.

Max’s Point of View

I can smell Liz’s arousal, and I know that if she had kept up that pace I would have lost it. As Liz resumes her place on my lap I pull her in for a deep kiss. My tongue caressing hers, both of our mouths dueling for dominance. I slide my left hand down to her core, and before I actually physically touch it I can feel the heat radiating from her body. First I slide one finger inside her, then two. Much better than warm apple pie. The thought causes me to let out a little laugh, and I know normally Liz would ask me why, but she’s in so much of a frenzy she doesn’t know what she’s doing. I keep the rhythm with my hand, and suckle on a nipple, until I feel her inner walls clamp down on my fingers. God damn she’s tight. My thoughts cause my erection to grow ever harder, and I groan with the need of release. Liz slows her rocking almost to a stop before I withdraw my hand.

“More.” That’s all the confirmation I need. She grips my cock and leads it to her waiting core. As she slides down over me, all I can think of is how hot she is, wet, tight. With her juices still on my fingers, I rub them over the hardened peaks and slowly lick in circles to clean her off. She tastes sweet. Her breathing is getting louder; it’s just ringing in my ears. I feel the familiar tightening in my groin, and let my other hand travel down to her sensitive nub, rubbing in light circles.


“Liz, you’re so beautiful.” And I mean it. Before when I said that she was only flushed, now as she’s about to reach orgasm, her back is arched, her breasts bobbing in my face, listening to her sweet moans, and she feels like heaven. I begin to thrust up into her, keeping the strokes hard, and deep. Moments later her walls clamp down on me and I find myself reaching my own orgasm. Our actions slow down, and she leans in for a kiss. It’s slow, and sloppy. With her arms wrapped around my neck, and with her legs still around my waist, I carry her over to my bed, and we quickly crawl beneath the covers. She whispers a “Wow.” And a, “Thank you.” But before I know it, she’s already fallen asleep. Placing a light kiss on her forehead, I do the same with her wrapped safely in my arms. I’m not letting her get away.
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