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Title: All You Wanted
Author: LaraDreamer
Rating: PG-13, I guess…
Category: Max and Liz, of course
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah. I don’t own any of the characters, or any of that stuff. It all belongs to those nice folks at UPN. I promise I’ll return everybody just as I found them.
Summary: AU fic, no aliens….um, just read it.

Feedback: Please! This is my first fic, though, so be kind. Tell me what you like/don’t like, etc.

If you want to
I can save you
I can take you away from here
So lonely inside
So busy out there
And all you wanted was somebody who cares…
-Michelle Branch, “All You Wanted”

Part 1

She was late for school. Really late. Not only was it her first day of school, it was her first day at the prestigious Milford Academy, Roswell New Mexico’s most elite school. Well, as elite as Roswell could get. And as far as Liz Parker was concerned, she might as well have been stepping into the gates of Hell. Why do my parents have to be so damn protective?! As if going to high school wasn’t hard enough, the Parkers had decided that starting to Milford at the start of her tenth grade year would be in Liz’s “best interests”. So not only would Liz be going to high school without Maria and Alex, her best friends since, well, diapers, she’d instead have to go to school with a bunch of spoiled brats. Her parents weren’t exactly rich; instead, they owned a small, but popular diner in Roswell, appropriately called the CrashDown. Evidently, they had decided that the public high school would be too scary for Liz. Or something, Liz thought bitterly as she stepped out of her mom’s SUV.

“I’ll be back at three, sweetie. I know you’re going to love it here. Have a great day!” Liz’s mom said enthusiastically. Liz knew her parents meant well. They were really protective of her, though, since she was their only child. “Bye Mom….see ya.”

So late, I am so late…. Liz hurried down the hallway to her homeroom, frantically trying to find the right door number. Aha! Found ya. With that, Liz stepped into the back of the classroom and sat in the closest available seat. Not to be outdone, her teacher, Mrs. Phelps, stopped her speech about dress codes and took the opportunity to introduce the new student.

“Class, this is Elizabeth Parker. She’s transferring in from West Roswell.”

“Actually, just call me Liz, please,” Liz said, hating to be called Elizabeth. Only her mom called her that, and she only did it when Liz was in big-time trouble.

“Alright, Liz. It’s great to have you in our class. I’ll have somebody show you around the school, let you get acquainted to things. Hm, how about you, Max?” Mrs. Phelps said to the guy sitting next to Liz. In her hurry, Liz had failed to notice the guy sitting next to her. The totally hot guy sitting next to her. Hot as in Greek God hot. Oh good Lord. How am I gonna make it through this day?

“Sure, that’s fine,” Max said. Bet he’s a total snob, too, Liz thought as she looked over at him.

As Mrs. Phelps walked away and resumed her class, Liz leaned over toward Max. “You don’t really have to show me around if-” Liz started, only to be cut off by Max.
“It’s alright. Really. I don’t mind a bit,” Max replied, giving her a grin.

“O-Okay, then,” Liz said quietly, flashing a grin right back at him. She was going to have to like, do something about her heart rate. That smile should be illegal in all fifty states. What she wouldn’t give to have Maria here right now. She’d know what to do for sure. Remember where you’re at, Liz. This Max guy is probably some rich Daddy’s boy, or something. Don’t get too excited…, she thought as she snuck one more glance in Max’s direction. She couldn’t imagine how, though. This guy actually seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Maybe I should just get to know him a little better… she thought, turning back toward Mrs. Phelps. Maybe today wouldn’t be so bad after all…especially with Max as her personal tour guide for the day. With that, Liz sat back, and resigned herself to listening to Mrs. Phelps’ instructions.


“Now that wasn’t so bad, now was it?” a voice said from behind Liz. Turning, she saw Max following her out the door from homeroom with a grin on his face. “I guess not,” Liz said as she waited for him to catch up, “but there’s still a whole day to go through…”

“Believe me, this place isn’t nearly as bad as everybody makes it out to be. I’ve gone here my entire life, and although I hate it, you need to be here while to develop a true loathing for it,” Max said with a smile. Liz laughed, “Oh, good. I was worried about that.” Is it hot in here? Liz thought. It wouldn’t be so bad to be friends with the guy, though. He seemed kind of like the loner type. Liz needed a friend here, that much was for sure. There was no way she was gonna make it through the entire year without one.

“C’mon. We gotta get to Biology or Mr. Green’ll have our heads,” Max said, placing a feather-light hand on her back to lead her in the right direction. “Just what I need on my first day,” Liz replied with an exaggerated sigh. Was it her imagination or did he just touch her back? Probably your over-active, hormone-driven imagination, Liz. Just get through this day without jumping the guy. You can do it. Liz smiled back at Max. She hoped she could, at least.


Okay, I know this part is really short, I'm just trying to see how much you guys like it. You guys determine if there's a part 2!! So if you like it, send me feedback. If you don't, send me feedback!! *big* Thanks a bunch!!

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Wow!! I can't believe that you guys actually liked it! Thanks so much to Roswellluver, SweetLilDreamer, AmandaB, Angelbaby6977, maxiesdreamgirl, jeremiah, shorty828, Tabasco Sauce, Crazy4Jason, CanadianRoswellian, and MmmTabasco for your wonderful feedback! I was grinning like an idiot while I read it. Okay, so here's part 2. I tried to make it a little bit longer, but I didn't have a whole lot of time in which to write it. I hope you like it!! And as always, please gimme your feedback!

Title: All You Wanted
Author: LaraDreamer
Rating: PG-13, I guess…
Category: Max and Liz, of course
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah. I don’t own any of the characters, or any of that stuff. It all belongs to those nice folks at UPN. I promise I’ll return everybody just as I found them.
Summary: AU fic, no aliens….um, just read it.

Feedback: Please! This is my first fic, though, so be kind. Tell me what you like/don’t like, etc.

Part 2

“Oh, please, that was so your fault!!” Liz Parker laughed, bending to pick up the remains of what used to be a beaker. “I resent that,” Max replied as he tried to bite back a smile. Liz was enjoying her Biology classes entirely too much. Mr. Green had decided that since Max was showing Liz around the school, he’d allow them to be lab partners. Liz was more than happy to be Max’s partner. Unfortunately, the glassware was suffering. Since the beginning of the week, they had together broken 2 beakers, a thermometer, and a test tube. “You’ll recover,” Liz told him, “but at least we’re even now. I mean, I have broken the majority of the stuff this week.”

Laughing, Max replied, “I don’t understand it. We make such a good team until it comes time to use glass….”
“Yeah, we should probably be a little more careful from now on. I think Mr. Green is gonna have a coronary if we break much else.”

Since the beginning of the week when Max had shown Liz around, the two had become fast friends. By the time Friday had rolled around, people were beginning to wonder if they had known each other before Liz started at Milford. The rumor mill was loving it. And Liz wasn’t complaining a bit. Not only did Max turn out to be the complete opposite of what she thought he would be, but he was also undeniably hot. All of the girls seemed to want him, but he just acted as if he wasn’t interested. Max was actually the definition of Liz’s perfect guy: smart, funny, kinda quiet, but also totally sweet. Too bad he doesn’t seem to be interested in me like that…, Liz thought as the bell rang, signaling the end of class.
“Oh good…at least we don’t have to worry about breaking anything else,” Max joked as they gathered their stuff to go to the next class.
“Until next week, that is,” Liz retorted, earning a patented half-grin from Max. God, she loved that smile. His eyes just seemed to light up when he smiled. She could get lost in that smile, in those eyes, in….
“….Liz, you coming?” Max asked. Oh no…I’ve got to stop doing that… Liz thought, feeling the heat rise to her cheeks. “Yeah, I’m coming.”


“Well, Liz Parker, you made it through your first week of Hell’s School for Rich Kids. How do you feel?” Max said, sticking his pencil up to her face, pretending to be some obnoxious talk show host.
“That depends. Do I have to come back?” Liz moaned as they walked out to the parking lot. Max gave her a look. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be, thanks to this weird guy I met,” she said with a smile.
“Oh, really? Is he the dashingly good looking, movie-star type of guy?” Max questioned with a twinkle in his eyes.
“Nah. Just weird,” Liz said after a moment of thought. Pretending to be hurt, Max acted like he was going to go the other direction. Liz started laughing and grabbed his arm before he could go anywhere. “Oh stop it. You know I love you,” Liz said, realizing too late what she had said. She hadn’t really meant it like that, just in a friendly sort of way. Max, on the other hand, didn’t seem to think anything of it. He linked his arm through hers, gave her a grin, and started pulling her toward the door. “C’mon, let’s get out of here.”


“Ugh, where is she?” Liz moaned as they drew closer to the parking lot.
“My mom. She’s supposed to be here by now.”
“That’s weird. Maybe she’s just running late,” Max offered.
And then it hit her. “Oh gosh!! I was supposed to call my aunt and ask her to pick me up. My parents are going to be out of town for the weekend. You don’t think that you could be a doll and give me a ride could you?”
“Hm, I could, but the idea of leaving you here all weekend is kind of appealing…” Max said, entirely serious. One look at Liz’s stricken face, though, and he burst into a fit of laughter. “I’m just playing. Of course I’ll give you a ride.”
Giving him a playful slap, Liz laughed, “That was not funny. Just because you have a license and I don’t turn 16 for months does not give you any right to pick on me.”
“Ah, well, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” Max said, still trying to calm his laughter. Reaching his black Honda Civic, he went around to her side to open her door, ever the gentleman. “Thanks,” Liz said quietly, more than a little intrigued by his behavior. “So,” Max began, as he started the car and pulled into the ever-growing line of traffic, “what are you doing this weekend?”
“Not much. Probably just hanging out with Maria and Alex. I haven’t seen them since school started.”
“Oh, okay.”
“Why, what are you gonna do?” Liz questioned.
“I don’t really know yet.”
“You should come over, then. That way, you get to meet the people I’ve talked about since I got to this school,” Liz said.
“That’s okay, I don’t want to intrude.”
“Max! You would NOT be intruding! I want you to come over!”
“Are you sure?”
“Max…” Liz said in a warning tone.
“Okay, okay, if you’re gonna be like that…” Max said, smiling, “sure.”
Trying her best to hide her excitement, Liz said simply, “Good.” Why does he have to be so adorable? Why couldn’t I find somebody that wasn’t perfect in every way?! Liz snuck a look at Max. Cause then, you wouldn’t be having this much fun…
Coming back to reality with a thud, a slightly confused Liz asked, “What for?”
“For inviting me over.”
“Well, you are kind of fun to have around,” Liz joked.
“Well, thanks anyway,” Max replied smiling.
“No problem.”


“So I’ll see you tomorrow, right?” Liz asked when they got to her house.
“Yeah, I’ll be here,” Max replied.
“Alright, then,” Liz said, glancing over to him, only to realize that he was staring at her. Okay, why is he looking at me like that? Liz opened her mouth to speak, but no sound would come out. Unfortunately, the small movement had caused Max’s intense look to move to her lips, causing Liz to heat up all over. “I-I better go,” Liz said shakily, causing Max to come back from where ever he had been. “Oh. I mean, yeah. I’ll see you then,” Max said quickly. “Bye.”
“Bye Max”

As she walked up to the door, Liz wondered what had just happened in Max’s car. Was he really looking at my lips? She wasn’t sure about that, but she was definitely sure that she was looking forward to tomorrow. “Ah, the possibilities…” she said to herself, already wishing it was Saturday.

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Hey you guys!! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful feedback!! I'm working on part 3 now, but I'm having to split time between that and a huge Biology test, so I might take a couple of days to get it out. I WILL get it out to you as soon as I can, though! A couple of you were wondering where Izzy and Michael fit into this story. I'll be addressing them soon, although I can't say precisely when. Anyways, again, thank you so much for your kind words!! You guys are awesome!!*big*