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Author: AllAboutEyesS09
Summary: Let’s pretend that after the second Season, Liz and Max don’t get back together. So Liz, tried to move on, but when she does, she may have once again made a mistake.
Rating: R
Category: L/K ( Liz and Kal( Khivars son) ) And M/L ( Max, and Liz)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters.

Part One

After sitting on the bench for nearly two hours, her legs, finally fell asleep. Her eyes would once and awhile begin to shut, the lack of sleep, clearly showing under her eyes. She would crack her knuckles out of boredom, and after a while it actually began to heart. She couldn’t feel anything, in her body, outside of her body. Not after. Not after. She gulped the large knot, sliding down her throat. After the pregnancy. The love of her life , Maxwell Phillip Evans, was her first love, her only love. But she wasn’t his only. Months after they had split up, her heart still needing and wanting, to once again be connected to his. But in a way they would always be connected, a piece of each other’s heart with the other, but it wasn’t the same. When they were truly together, they were one. Two hearts beating as one. And not only that, his touch sent, a warm caress through her veins, her brain doesn’t work, like it shuts itself down, and her heart does the work, the talking, the touching, the love.
But she couldn’t sit there and blame all the hurt on him. If it wasn’t for her changing the coarse of future, Max and her would be together, they would have shared the deepest connection never able to separate ever again. They’d be married, and they’d be happy. For a while. Then after a while thing’s would fall apart, and then the world would come to an end, all the people that she and he loved would die. In her dreams she would picture standing in the center of the world, looking around and seeing, seeing that the world was falling apart, buildings crashing, into smithereens of dust, the grass turning to dust, the creatures of the park, the pet’s of many families dropping dead in the road. People rushing, trying to get to safety. But in the long run, Soon they would all die. Car’s crashing, People running, screaming, as large pieces of homes, building come crashing down on them. And she couldn’t do anything about it. Then she was standing in the middle of nothing. Everything was gone. The tree’s, the flowers, even the cockroach, the insect that was to live through everything, were. In the planet pieces of blue and purple rock, stick out of the sand, the ashes. While craters are created into the earth, because of meteors constantly hitting it. The world had come to an end, and it was her fault.
So she changed the coarse of the future, pushed Max, towards Tess, and she did it. Now she was somewhere out in some different galaxy, fifteen million light years away, carrying his child. HE was inside of her, and that child would keep them connected forever. Max had said many times, he could never love her again, betraying her like she did, tricking him. But one day Liz couldn’t take it anymore she told him the honest to go truth.

She stood from his bed, where they had been sitting and talking, and she stood up, tears glistening her eyes, and she said what lay in her heart, “ She didn’t trick you Max. You CAN’T trick someone, into loving you. You fell in love with her. You just fall in love.” she yelled, as she sobbed terribly. “ YOU just fell in love.”

And with that final statement, she left. She knew and he knew. You could say one thing, but your heart would always say another. So sitting here at the very bus stop, at that very second, or moment in time, she was now eighteen years old. And the beautiful girl, full of life no longer lingered in her heart, her body, or her soul. She had taken up smoking after a while. This summer with a few friends of hers she decided, the hell with it, and tried, she hadn’t been able to quit ever since. When her best friend Maria Deluca found out she was beyond shock, she had an expression on her face that was priceless.

Looking into her small blue MUDD purse she pulled out a box of cigarettes. She pulled one out and slide it between her pointer and middle finger, almost naturally. She did it so much lately that it just does it by it’s self. She brought it to her lips, and let it dangle as she looked through her purse once again, this time pulling out a lighter. She flipped the top from the lighter and rolled her thumb across it, letting them flame appear. Bringing the lighter to the cigarette the end of the cigarette burned fast, letting smoke escape. Taking a long deep breath, she felt the smoke enter her lungs, and for a second, all the weight and depression was lifted of her small shoulders. She leaned her head back against the bench, blowing out a large pile of smoke into the air, it drifting of into the foggy street.
Looking across the foggy street she barely made out the Crashdown sign. A large alien ship sitting at the top. This was home of the aliens. The hybrids, and the humans. But what if we were the aliens, and the hybrids, like Max, were actually the humans. Have you ever thought about that. That maybe, were the freaks, the aliens. And the creatures, that we call aliens, are just afraid of us invading their planet, as much as were afraid they may do the same. Knowing Isabel, Tess, Max, and Michael, it makes her question whether or not, if she was ever REALLY normal. She could now, question the concept of Leaving Normal. How would you know if you were falling into the unknown, or actually Leaving Normal. And that was it, you never know, until..............................................................until what she would never know.

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Author: AllAboutEyesS09
Summary: Let’s pretend that after the second Season, Liz and Max don’t get back together. So Liz, tried to move on, but when she does, she may have once again made a mistake.
Rating: R
Category: L/K ( Liz and Kal( Khivars son) ) And M/L ( Max, and Liz)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters.


She pondered whether or not to walk across the street. To enter those two door, that would reveal those shocked faces, and those hidden feelings. Max staring at her with love, fear, sadness, and even anger. She left for the summer, and no one knew where she went accept for Maria. She HAD to tell Maria, she was her best friend. The guilt would be to much to bare if she left her friend, not even without a hint. Maria did go down to Florida to see how Liz was doing. But sadly she had found Liz in a very inappropriate state. That summer Liz felt lonely, so scared so vulnerable. She was needing more than anything thing. She ended up one night, hanging out with a good guy friend that she had met after she had come to visit. Well, not exactly hanging out. She had gone over to his house to see him, so his Mom sent Liz to his bedroom, where he was. Well once Liz got in, she heard the shower running, so she sat on the bed, waiting till’ he got finished.
She sat there looking around his rooms, he had pictures every where. The room was clean, but not TO clean. Not like she was. When she was done, it looked like Martha Stuart had just done up her entire room. His room was kind of messy, a few things out of place, some clothes lying on the floor. He had a picture of him and his Mom sitting on his dresser. Liz smiled as she saw it. He was grabbing her around the waist swinging her around. He was the most incredible guy. His Mom had a small figure, she was really skinny in her late thirties. She had Kal when she was sixteen. His father left her when he found out about her pregnancy, he had to much going for him. Kal had light brown hair, a lot of blond highlights from being in the sun his whole life. He was built perfectly. Not to built, but yet not weak like a string bean either. Just, perfect.
Before Liz knew it there was a soaking wet Kal standing in front of her in nothing but a towel. She yelped as she stood from the bed looking the other way, She couldn’t believe what she had just seen. HIM, basically NAKED!

“ I’m sorry, about this, I just came up here, your Mom sent me up to talk to you, but I heard you in the shower. And-” she didn’t finish. When she felt his hands on her shoulders she froze. She was afriad to turn around. Yet, she was afraid not to. Debating quickly, she turned around. He stood there looking at her in a way he never had before. His eyes traveled from her eyes to her stomach, to her feet. His gaze full of desire, and need. And was that lust?

“ Liz, please, don’t push me away.” he begged as he ran his hands up and down her arms slowly. “ Tell me, tell me you don’t want this. That you don’t want as much as I do.”

“ I don’t know what I want.” she whispered. The words just seem to slip out of her mouth. She started to breath heavy seeing that all he had on still was nothing but a towel. She didn’t know what she wanted, but she had this desire. This desire to feel him caressing her, her skin, her lips. His body.

Kal couldn’t wait any longer, he dipped his head down and kissed her hard on the lips. Making it rough and Passionate? Was that passion? Liz couldn’t help it. It was like her teenage hormones took over, not letting either one, her heart, or brain, control her body. The kissing? The kisses he gave her were breath taking. They were powerful, magical, and strong. And Rough? Did she like this. Did she want this.

“ Do you want this?” Kal asked, what she had actually been asking herself.

“ I don’t know what I want,” she breathed heavily. And placing her hands on the back of his head she said quickly “ But this is what I need.” And she kissed him hard on the lips, possibly harder than he had kissed her.
Pushing him down on the bed, the bed bounced up and down, because of their fall. She continued to kiss him, until he started to roll over so she lay on her back with him on top of her, HE started to kiss her neck, sucking at the skin, Liz hadn’t felt something like she was in a LONG time. He started to undo the buttons of her shirt, pulling it slowly off of her shoulders, exposing her black lace bra. She saw as Kal gulped, and looked up at her. She nodded and grabbed the front of the bra where te clasp was and just as she undid it with her fingers, someone walked in.

“ OH MY GOD!!!!”

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Author: AllAboutEyesS09
Summary: Let’s pretend that after the second Season, Liz and Max don’t get back together. So Liz, tried to move on, but when she does, she may have once again made a mistake.
Rating: R
Category: L/K ( Liz and Kal( Khivars son) ) And M/L ( Max, and Liz)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters.

Part Three

“ Liz I can’t BELIEVE this!” Maria shouted as she gripped the steering wheel of her car. She had looked so horrified when seeing Liz, and Kal.

Liz wasn’t feeling guilty though. For the first time in a long time, she felt sexy, dangerous, and she wanted more now. The strange thing was, Liz was not in love with Kal, she just couldn’t help but want his hands on her body, his lips on her neck, or anywhere. She strangely, felt like she actually WANTED to be seduced by him. She felt like she almost NEEDED it. To feel him inside of her. His beautiful body, his rough yet soft incredible hands. The way he would kiss her so hard. Not worrying about whether it hurt or not. He just knew. It was rough, and she actually liked it. Then comparing him to Max, there were big differences. Max, he was the loving type, caressing you, and holding you, whispering love into your ear, kissing you soft, yet making it incredible at the same time. Kal, Kal was just, HOT! Liz couldn’t get her mind off of him. The way he just wanted her, ALL of her. It caused her to become interested.

“ Liz! Come on! You were inches away from screwing with that guy!” she said slamming her hand on the steering wheel.

“ Maria!” Liz screamed. She was becoming angry. She just felt something that actually made her feel, just wanted and needed and she wasn’t going to sit here and get yelled at by her best friend. “ In there, I felt special-”

“Liz, that’s a dumb reason to sleep with someone.” Maria cut her off.

“ I wanted it just as much as he did. God at that moment, I just wanted ALL of him.” she said dreamily.

Then Maria twisted the steering wheel and whipped the car to the side of the road, slamming her foot onto the break making it squeal across the road. She sat there breathing in and out, and slowly started to calm down. She stared at the road in front of her as if her life depended on it.

“ You know the last person I heard you say that about was Max...” she siad drifting off. “ But there’s something that I have to tell you. It wouldn’t be fair to you to NOT tell you.”

Liz had no idea what Maria was about to tell her. But what she told her came to a shock. Sitting at the bench across from the Crashdown, she took another drag from her cigarette. She remembered it more clearly than anything she had ever remembered. That day, Maria lost her best friend, but from that day on, Liz pretended, that she didn’t even know her ex- best friend Maria Deluca. She remembered how she stared out of the win shield for possibly a couple of seconds, and then she bolted out of the car, trying to breath, trying to live. Now, she sits here on this bench, laughing at it all in her head. Taking the cigarette from her mouth, an outline of lipstick sticks to it, a color of mocha coffee. What Liz would do for such a drink. The cafe right next to the Crashdown sold the best! But while going there she would have to cross the Crashdown. And she still hadn’t decided that yet.

Maria sat there in the car, looking at her hands before she broke the news, looking up at Liz briefly every few minutes, then turning her body towards her she tell a tear drop slip down her eye.

“ Liz two weeks after you left, Max and I, we well, we ended up really sad and drunk. And we just acted like fools, and then we kissed, then one thing led to another and we had sex Liz.” She broke this news to Liz.

Liz stared out the window, trying to put together what was just said. Then she heard it, Maria, her best friend, slept with the love of her life, Max.

“ Liz chica are you okay?” Maria asked.

“ Yeah, Im okay.” she lied looking out the now really wet window. It started to rain, she hadn’t even noticed.

“ Really?” Maria asked, kind of relieved.

“ What the FUCK do you think! Of coarse I’m not okay! You stupid BLOND BIMBO!! You fucked the love of my life you bitch!” Liz screamed, letting all of her anger escape.

She grabbed the door handle and pulled it hard, her anger going on over load, and she slammed the car door open, and hopped out. Feeling the rain hit her bare shoulders, shivered, but she kept walking, and the sad thing is, Maria never came after her, to see if she were okay.

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Author: AllAboutEyesS09
Summary: Let’s pretend that after the second Season, Liz and Max don’t get back together. So Liz, tried to move on, but when she does, she may have once again made a mistake.
Rating: R
Category: L/K ( Liz and Kal( Khivars son) ) And M/L ( Max, and Liz)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters.

Part Four

But the Liz, that now sat on this very bench smoking a cigarette had grown older, smarter and wiser. She was so very tired though. She had just come to notice how much sleep that she HADN’T gotten. She took another drag of her cigarette feeling the smoke intoxicating her lungs, and she thought “ Nothing better than this.” And to her mind, there was nothing better than this. She was even smaller than she was when first leaving Roswell. She never starved herself for a second. But the things that she did the summer, could make her barf, when finally getting home. Liz had gotten herself into a LOT of trouble over the summer, it was stupid stuff to. She had gotten into trouble by stealing from a local mall, just to feel some danger and adventure.
And she did. She ended up spending time in jail for three days, and while in there, there were guys who would snap nasty remarks at you, and perverted jesters. And the girls, The girls tried to kill you. She remembered, the first night, a girl came up to her and started to yell, and push her, for no absolute reason. And she ended up with a bloody nose. And the reason she was in there, was for abusing alcohol. She ended up really drunk one night. Actually the night after Maria broke the news to her. She was just so angry that she did something she thought she would never do. She drank, and she even ended up smoking pot. In a garage. Well, turns out, her friend Greg, it wasn’t the first time that he has done it and his parents called the cops.
But before the cops got there, they were so high and drunk it was scary. There were four other people there. Those four she didn’t even know. Then they started kissing, and one thing led to another, and they were all having an orgy. Liz was sickened by what she saw, and walked out of the garage, only to come face to face with two cops. They grabbed her by the arms and hand cuffed them behind her back throwing her into the cop car. The nest thing she knew, she was sitting in the jail cell, sitting on the cold hard floor, her back against the wall. Her hands were lazily sitting at her sides, and her legs laid straight out going in opposite sides. She couldn’t believe what she did that night after finally recovering from the major migraine. The things she did, the things that she saw. Looking in the jail cell across from her she saw those four people. She would never be able to look at them again.
But after a few hours Kal bailed her out. He wasn’t happy, she could tell, but god was she HAPPY.
Liz took another drag from her cigarette as she noticed how much of a selfish Bitch she used to be. That day when he bailed her out. He used the money that he had been saving for a real long time. The bail was 5000, for the illegal drug use, and the under age drinking. Her aunt after a while had kicked her out because of her actions. She was so afraid for her family. Liz would have been to. She wouldn’t someone like her around her children either. But for some reason she couldn’t change anymore. She was scared, she would get hurt.

“ Kal?” she asked as she sat in the passengers seat next to him, he still stared at the road, pretending he hadn’t even heard her.

“ Pot Liz?” he asked, his face still blank, his voice still drained of any emotion. He took a quick glimpse at her as she nodded her head. Looking back at the road he was ready to ask another question. “ Why?”

“ I don’t know.” she sighed. Then looking out of the window she saw the rain falling from the sky. “ I guess it was because, that way if I hurt, if I felt any pain, I wouldn’t remember.” she said as tears slowly came to her eyes. “ That maybe my memory would just fade away.” she sobbed. “ But in the long run..”

She looked towards Kal to see him looking at her, She broke down and cried, “ The scars would still be there. “

Kal looked at her confuse, yet hurting for her. “ Maria slept with Max. Max, the love of my life. And, I still love him. It just hurts so much..” she cried.

Slowly as it had already become pitch black and the ran got harder, Kal pulled to the side of the road slowly, and turned off the car. Looking at the steering wheel for a second he slowly pulled turned the key, turning the car off. He looked to Liz, finding her looking at him, tears spilling down her cheeks, and leaned forward and took a hold of her small and fragile body. And she held onto him as if her life depended on it. She cried into his shoulder, as he softly told her into her ear that everything was going to be okay. And for that very moment, as he told her those exact words she actually believed him.
Liz smiled as she took another drag of her cigarette, she remembered what happened that night exactly, she could never forget. Her aunt had kicked her out, all of her stuff sat on the front lawn. She was so embarrassed when Kal was about to drop her off. She thought he would drive away, but he didn’t he stayed and invited her to stay at his house, for the week.
Liz smiled as she stubbed out the cigarette in her hand, and grabbed the carton taking out another. Rolling her finger over the lighter the fire blazed giving a little spark when lighting the cigarette. She remembered how terrified she was of going to stay at his house for a whole week. A whole week without putting her hands all over him. It sounded almost impossible to her. One night she sat at the counter and the stool slowly just drinking some pop and eating some chips just being bored. Kal was at work. He was working for a friend, who owned a store that sold electronics. At least he had a clean job, unlike most teenagers.
She heard the door open then softly close. She smiled knowing it was him. He always softly closed the door, just in case she was sleeping, which she never was.

“ Hey.” he said as he walked in setting his jacket on the hook, in the hall way.

“ Hi.” she said sleepily. He looked at her lifting one eyebrow.

“ If your so tired, then why don’t you go to bed?” he asked undoing his tie, pulling it slowly off from around his neck. And slowly undid a couple buttons of his shirt, exposing his nicely tanned, and toned chest.

“ I don’t know.” Liz squeaked as she tried to swallow the lump in her throat. She looked down at her chips then back up at him. Only he wasn’t there anymore, he was behind her, touching her sides, and playing with the ends of the strings that held her tank top together in the back. Liz gulped again she didn’t have a bra on.

He whipped her around on the spinning stool until she faced him, looking him dead on in the eyes. She gasped seeing the desire the need. The lust? She thought looking deeper into his eyes, “ the love?” He quickly set his mouth on top of hers, taking her lips into his. Nibbling on her lower lips. She couldn’t control these needs when with him. She started to unbutton the buttons on his white shirt, and ripped it of his shoulders quickly as if it were the thing to keep her alive. Pulling the strings on the back of her tank top her back was completeley exposed, letting him roam his hands all over. But as he started to pull the top off she grabbed onto it. He backed off and looked at her. Apologetically.

“ I’m sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing.” he apologized rubbing his eyes.

“ Don’t be.” she said as she hopped off the stool letting the shirt dangle on her. “ We both want this.” she said grabbing his shoulders. He looked at her dead on into his eyes. They got darker. “ So why not do it?”

He smiled and she kissed him hard on the lips. Both throwing each other onto the floor.

Liz smiled sitting on the bench as she remembered what had happened. He was her first that night. So MANY times. First, the kitchen, then the living room, then the hallway, then finally the bedroom. She laughed as she remembered how clumsy they were. Running into everything. Ever time they ran into something they would start laughing hysterically. They were laying in the bed for hours just staring into each others eyes. No, it wasn’t the way Max and Liz were. But it was different, and he wanted that, she needed it.
She stared at the Crashdown, still debating whether to go in. She had done so much this summer. Smoked pot, watched a real live orgy. She laughed remembering. Ended up in jail for four day’s for illegal drug use, and abused, and under aged drinking. She found out that her friend and her first love got freaky one night. And she spent a whole week making love. Yes, making love. She was in love with Kal.

“ You ready?” a deep voice asked standing next to her.

She looked up to see Kal staring down at her, and putting his hand out to her. She smiled and took it. She was ready, with Kal at her side she was always ready for anything. But she was afraid of one thing. She was afraid she would fall in the with that Fucking Alien again. Even if she hated him more than anything in the world. She still loved him. Damn him.

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