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Title:Where are you going?(Sequel to Has to be)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to Roswell or it's characters.
Where are you going~By Dave matthews band~ copyrighted
Summary:It takes place a month after Has to be.They recive a myserius message from home.Are the aliens going home?Are new enemies making thier way towards earth.Will Sheriif Valenti discover who Max really is?
Read on and find out!
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Where are you going~By Carolyn Sawyers~Prolouge~Sequel to Has To Be
Max went to his hunches,staring at the ground,glancing over the writing that was,well he had to say,alien to him.It was a message from home.What did they want now?Last time they made contact they were warning them that thier lives were in danger.Could some more of Kivar's hitmen be making thier way towards earth?Or is this something completely diffrent?What if they wanted them to come back home?Isabel along with Tess,Michael and Nasedo knelt around the glowy blue writing.They didn't get to see the first message months earlier.Nasedo thought it wouldn't be safe.He still didn't want them to come.However Max insisted that they all get to come this time.
Liz knew that home was calling again.Told him through the special connection they share.That Nasedo would call him soon.Well not soon after that,Nasedo did call.That he was calling a meeting at the pod chamber.Max felt her fear,fear that he was going to go away without seeing her first.He assured Liz he wasn't going anywhere.
"What does it say Nasedo?"Isabel asked,hating that it was starting agian.
"Be Ready,"Nasedo announced,his face set in concentration.
"Be ready,"Michael exclaimed,confused,"Be ready for what?"
"It doesn't say,"Nasedo said,shaking his head,then with a sigh,he went on,"But know this,we've got to be ready for the worse."
"So what are we going to do now?"Tess asked,they all wondered,four pairs of eyes looked at thier protector,wanting answers he wasn't prepared to give them.
"Nasedo,"Replied Serena's soft voice from in the shadows.When Max was captured by Nicholas,who tried to torture him for the identy of the rest of the royal four,and the whereabouts of the Graniolth,which he still has no clue of the location,what it is or what it does.Serena,was the reason he didn't give in to Nicholas constant mindrapes.She would secretly give him,when she could,her energy,water and food,so he would stay strong.
Serena made it clear where her loyalties lied.Her Parents were killed,when she was very little,because they didn't support Kivar's rulership over Antar,thier homeworld.She was raised as a slave in Nicholas care,it was obvious to Max that her life was hell,yet she risked her life to protect his.
Serena now lives with Nasedo,and works at the bookstore he recently open.
"We need to leave your highness,the local authorities are making thier way here,"She warned,her head bowed.
Max nodded his head,wishing she would stop saying your highness,and bowing to him everytime he enters a room,where she's present.He passed his hand over the glowing writing and soon the grass was back to normal color.As if nothing was there at all.
They ran towards the north part of Frasier woods,since the sheriff and company were coming from the south.They couldn't find them here.They'd have to back track back to thier cars.
When the group of aliens finally left,Sheriff Jim Valenti came out of his hiding spot.He couldn't make out a single word they were saying without revealing his pressence.He saw the blue glow from behind them,and then another person entered the group,then the blue was gone.
Jim Valenti walked over to where they all stood,wondering what they did to cover whatever was there?He knew Max Evans was there,maybe even his sister,but everyone else's identy was hidden from his view.What were they doing here in Frsier woods so late at night?Deep in his gut,he knew it had to be serious.Something was here,and now it's not.He had his suspicions that Max Evans was hiding something.Back a few years,at the annual father and son camping trip.He swore he heard a gun shot.When he reached a clearing and saw his son Kyle laying on the ground,and Max bending over him,he saw red,and was about to run and confront him.However Kyle was on his feet,perfectly normal.Thanking Max,but for what exactly?Then the next day he walked in on Kyle who was changing for school one morning.
"Dad,geez,don't you belive in knocking!"his son screamed.He apologized and began to close the door,but not before seeing in his son's mirror a silverhand print on his chest.Jim Valenti closed the door behind him,as thoughts raced through his brain.He saw something like that before.In one of his dads old files.An unsolved case,of murders in Roswell.A silverhand print on the victim was thier only clue.Untill it disappear after a few days.What confused him is that his son was alive,not dead.Could Max Evans be involed with these unsolved murders?How could he though,they were old cases,45 years old to be exact.Max Evans was a eighteen year old boy!
"Sheriff,you find anything?"Deputy Hansen asked,as he,a K-9 unit,and the rest of his police force,enter the clearing.
"No nothing here,"Lied the sheriff.What could he tell them,that he saw a blue glow and not it's gone?They'd laugh in his face.The whole department thought his family was nuts anyway.Thanks to his fathers ravings of aliens living as humans.He knew better than to act like his father,"I think people are seeing things again,wanting to belive that there was another spaceship crash or something."
The Deputy and the few officers nearby laughed at his joke.They moved on to another section of Frasier woods,and as he fallowed them,he decided That he needed some answers and Max Evans was the person who could give it to him.

Chapter one~Where are you going?~By Carolyn Sawyers~Sequel to Has To Be
Liz blinked her eyes and tried to focus on the lab experiment before her.Concentration has been very limited these days,ever since Liz saw the Blue alien flash in the night sky a month ago.
Nasedo called a meeting the next day for everyone,to discuss what the aliens went to see that night.It was a message from home. It told the aliens to Be ready.
What kind of message is that,Be ready.
Be ready for an alien invasion,be ready for your spaceship to take you home.What did it mean?
Either way,Nasedo was training the royal four,as he loving calls Max,Michael,Isabel and Tess,like he was a boot camp sargent.So add school and work to the list,and you've got grumpy,tired aliens.
Liz hardly see Max anymore,endless you call seeing Max at school during lunch and bio together seeing each other.
He's goes to the Crashdown only to pick up Michael from work,and that is the extent of thier relationship.
"Max,I need you to-"She stopped her sentence short.Seeing Max's head laying down on the lab table.Softly snoring.Great,here she goes agian,time to play the human alarn clock.Liz jabbed her finger on his forehead,as she whispered through gritted teeth,"Max get up,before Mr.Seligman gives you detention again."Liz was persistant with her jabbing,praying the teacher wouldn't look up from grading papers untill Max was concious again.With a start Max bolted up from his comma,knocking over a beaker,that luckily was only filled with water.It spilled all over Liz's notes."Jesus Christ!"She screamed,saving the papers from further soaking,the ink smeared across the sheets.Liz prayed they weren't that badly ruin.
"Liz Parker,is there a problem?"Mr.Seilgman asked from his desk,he took off his reading glasses and angrily glared her way.
Max still stunned from being abruptly waken,stared at Liz with pleading eyes.He really can't go to detention today.Every alien has a day off from working,and Nasedo demanded that they go to the pod chamber for more training.
"No problem,Mr.Seilgman,My elbow bump a beaker and I spilled water on my notes."Liz covered,sighing in defeat.
"Well are your notes ruined Ms Parker?"The teacher asked,hating that his class was being distrupted.
Liz survayed the damage.Yes most of them were completely ineligable.She'll need to copy someones notes."Yes,Mr.Seilgman,they unfourtnately are."she replied unethusatically.
"Then you can come by after school and copy my notes from class,"Mr.Sielgman suggested.This of course was his way of saying,you got detention.Don't scream the lords name in vain like that ever again."Yes Mr.Seilgman."
The bell rang to end the class,and the students hurridly gathered thier knapsacks and books.Liz stuffed her books and water logged notes,angrily in her bag.Her father isn't going to be too please with her.She was suppose to work at the crashdown,right after school.Now she's going to be late,because she covered for Max.
"I'm really sorry Liz,I didn't mean to get you in trouble."Max replied guiltily,"Mr.Harding has been pretty intense with the training lately."
"It's okay,I understand."Liz said with a curt,dashing out of the Biology class.Max fallowed her,calling her name.
"Wait Liz,"
Liz stopped and turned around to face him.If she's late for English Lit,Mr.Wescheler is going to give her detention.Since she alredy has a detention for today,Liz will have to go tomorrow,which will anger her father even more."What Max?"
"Are you mad at me?"He asked,rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
"Max,I'm doing my best to support you,"Liz explained,in a low voice,she went on,"But we haven't spend any quality time together,you fall asleep in class,If you don't get detention I do,Max My father most defiantely will ground me today!"
"I'll make it up to you Liz I swear,"Max promised,trying to take her in his embrace.
"When will that be Max,before or after,you-go back home."She asked angrily,then turned on her heal and powerwalked to her next class,praying she'll not be late,and not get another detention.
Max was left with his mouth agape.He got the mesage she was relaying.They didn't know if they were going home.The message wasn't too forthcoming.He wasn't planning on leaving without Liz.Max just couldn't figure out a way to broach the subject with Nasedo.It was important that they train.If thier enemies were coming to earth,he'd like to be prepared,so he could protect Liz.Max felt ashamed however for putting Liz on the back burner.He's not the only one getting grief,from all the intense training.
Micahel and Maria have been fighting constantly,and he's almost certain maria is ready to break up with him again.
Alex and Isabel,were also on shaky ground. A fight in the quarry,had the mouths at school wagging about the honeymoon finally being over.
Then there's Kyle and Tess.They out of all of them,did manage to squeeze time in together,only because Kyle would go over to the Hardings house.Even sleep over.However,Kyle would like to go out once in awhile,not spend thier evenings studying,and then falling asleep in front of the T.V.
It was time to have a chat with Nasedeo.Thier relationships are falling apart,and if things continue in the rate they're going.They're not going to have significant others for very long. Max knew that he'd have to bring this to Nasedo's attention before this afternoon's training.
They needed a night off.They needed to spend sometime with thier girlfriends and/or boyfriends.If Nasedo doesn't realize this.Then he'll have no choice but to use his kingly authority and order Nasedo to give them the night off.He open the door to his Algebra class just as the bell rang.Now if only he could stay awake for this class,he'll be home free from not reciving a single detention today.
"A day off,"exclaimed Nasedo in the middle of the pod chamber,"What do you think this is,your job at the UFO center Max."
"Nasedo,I'm tired,and I miss my girfriend,We've been training,going to school and working non stop since the day after the sighting,We are burnt to a crip,and I think we deserve a break."Max proclaimed,getting nods of agreement from the others.
"You all feel this way."Nasedo asked,to everyone.
"Yes,we most definatley feel the same way,"Tess blurted out,quite miffed,her hands on her hips,"I want to breath fresh air!"
"I would like to catch the hockey game tonight."Michael said with longing.Max gave him a look and Micahel added,"What!? I'm going to see Maria too,she is working late tonight,I'll pick her up,after her shift."
"I would like to just spend an isolated moment with Alex,and actually go to the mall again."Isabel said with a sigh,putting her elbow on her knee,and used a hand to prop her chin up.They were all sitting on chairs created from rocks,they formed a circle around Nasedo,who was in the middle,staring at his charges in disbelief.
"Now is hardly the time to go out and have fun,"He exclaimed shaking his head in fustration,"We need to make sure we're ready for anything that comes our way."
"Oh yeah,we're so going to see things come our way Nasedo,"Tess replied sarcastically,"Were so isolated here in the pod chamber,I don't think we even know about an alien invasion,untill it's too late."
"She's right you knw,"Michael chimmed in,he went on,"out and about on the town,is actually more logical stragety wise."
"Okay when did I start losing control here?"Nasedo asked,gesturing his hands out before him.
"When you started palying the training Nazi,"Isabel answered,with a sigh.
"You know a little something about that,"Michael snorted,thinking about Isabel's obsession with her favorite holiday.When Christmans comes around,stay out of her way. She has charts,schedules,measurements of the perfect chrsitmas tree,volunteers and anyone else she manages to stranglehold,for her endless amount of Charity events.Isabel is a machine,and that's why she is known as the Christmas Nazi.
Isabel darted him an evil look and spatted,"Well how many times have I bailed your sorry ass,when you come to me pleading to help you pick out a present for Maria."
"Oh come on Iz it was a joke,"
"Which I don't really appreciate!"Isabel haugtily replied,"Just beause I want a perfect christmas,doesn't mean-"
"Okay,I think were losing our foucus here,"Max interupted,with a sigh,he took a deep breath and then went on,"The point is Nasedo,whether you like it or not,we need a break!"
"We're not going to be much good to anyone,dead on our feet."he went on,pleading ,hoping Nasedo could find some reason to understand.
Nasedo remained silent,his face scrunched in deep concentration.His four charges,looked at him with bated breath,wondering if he'll cave in and let them have a day without training.With an indignant huff,and an eyeroll,he conceded by saying,"I guess I can give you the next two days off."Tess and Isabel screeched in delight,while Max and Michael grinned in delight.Nasedo interupted the festivites by declaring,"Now,I will make an effort to work out some schedule where it's not all training,but I don't want to see anyone slacking off,or I will resume it back to everyday,you got me."
Everyone nooded,and proclaimed thier promises.Nasedo slapped his hands on his knees and announced reluctantly,"Find,now get going before I change my mind."
Nasedo didn't have to tell them twice,three teenage aliens bolted out of thier seats,and beelined thier way to the cave entrance.Max stayed behind,smiling approvingly at Nasedo for his generoiusty,"Thanks Nasedo,this means alot to all of us."
"Yeah,well I felt like I had no choice but to say yes,"Nasedo said with a half grin,then added,"It was a very kingly thing You just did Max,Looking out for you people like that."
"Well I had to do something,Nasedo,"Max declared,walking out of the pod chamber with his protector,"Our lives with our friends and significant others were kind of suffering."
"I realize that Max,but."He paused looking for the right words to say,he sighed and went on,"There will be a day when you have no choice but to put Liz and your friends behind you."
"I don't think I can do that,"Max replied feeling conflicted in his love for Liz and his responsiblity to his people on Antar.
"Well than you've got alot to think about Max,and I hope you get the answers you need that'll make everyone win in the end,but remeber there's many lives on Antar that you've got a responsibility to proptect."Nasedo expalined,waving his hand over the wall in front of them,causing a section of it to slide open,revealing the outside.
Max and Nasedo walked to the cars where the others were patiently waiting,longing to start thier day of fun.Nasedo was right,he did have a respomsibilty to protect the people of his homeworld.He was alive because of some brave scientists who thought the Royal Four was there only hope.How can he selfishly turn his back on them? Then there was his life here on earth.It was the only home he knew.His parents,his friends,working at the UFO center,and most importantly Liz.He couldn't just turn his back on them,could he?

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Chapter Two~Where are you going?~By Carolyn Sawyers~Sequel to Has to be
Where are you going~By Dave Matthews Band(Copyrighted)
The last person Maria expected to see today was Micahel,yet there he was with Max,Isabel and Tess.They were sitting in her section looking at menus.Why were they here instead of at the pod chamber training?
"Not that I'm complaining or anything,"Maria asked,as she got to thier booth,Then added,"But why are you here?"
Michael looked up from his menu,with a huge grin on his face,he drapped an arm on the back of the booth seat and stated,"We got a reprive,thanks to Maxwell here."
"Wait,you mean...."
"We got the next two days off,"Michael finished,happy to see Maria smile again."I'm yours after you get out tonight."
"Yay!"maria screeched,clapping her hands,and threw her arms around Michael's neck,and placed kisses on his neck,face and finally palnted one firmly on his lips.Michael beamed,glad that he wasn't in the doghouse with her anymore.
"Is Liz around?"Max asked,scanning the resturant,hoping to catch a glimpse of his girlfriend.
"Liz went to get more coffee filters,"Maria answered,pointing her thumb towards the double doors,in the back of the resturant."She's going to be suprise you're here."
"Yeah,well she may not want to talk to me,"Max replied saddly,placing his menu down on the table,"She got detention again today,because of me."
"I'm sure you'll make it up to her Max,"Maria said assuringy,then asked,"So how in the hell did you convince that insane Czechoslovakian,to let you miss training,and for two days!?"
"Well Max kind of gave him no choice in the matter,"Isabel answered,with a smile.
"The rest of us kind of backed him up,"Tess continued
"So Nasedo either had to let us go,or have a riot on his hands,"Michael finished,with a smirk.
"No kidding,I wish I was there to see that,"Maria excalimed,pulling out from her silver alien head apron pocket,a order pad,and pen,"So what can I get you this afternoon?"
As they ordered,Max notice Liz's return into the dinning area from the back room,in her hands a few packages of coffee filters,she went to the drink station,to preoccupied to even notice them in the booth.
"Ah,Isabel,I need to get out,"He announced anxiously,Isabel fallowed his gaze to Liz and nodded in understanding,she slid out of the booth,with Max immeditaly exiting after her.
"Good luck Maxwell,"Michael murmered,four pairs of eyes watched Max walk towards the drink station.Sending his way positive vibes.
Liz was scooping coffee gorunds in a newly placed filter when Max announced his pressence.
"Hey Liz."
She turned around,her face showing the obvious suprise in seeing Max before her,"Max what are you doing here?"
"Well,I realize after what happen in Bio today,that I've not been the best boyfriend."Max said sheepishly,nervously running his hand through his short black hair.
"No you haven't,"Liz agreed,leaning on the counter behind her,kind of liking the way Max began to fidget nervously,it was apparent he felt bad about his lack of attention toward her lately,she sighed as she added,"I know the reasons behind it Max,I was just hoping.."
"That time could've been set aside for us too."Max said,finishing her sentence.Liz nodded in agreement,that's exactly what she thought.However Nasedo had diffrent plans in mind.
"Well today I told Mr.Harding that all this intense training was not only effecting us physically,but it was also putting a big strain on our relationships with the people we love and care about"Max said,he watched as Liz's face soften,and a smile appeared on her face.
"Really,"Liz replied,her hand reached out for his,he took it and as he rubbed the back of her hand she added,"I'm sure Mr.Harding wasn't to thrilled about that."
"No,he wasn't"Max said shaking his head,"but he dealt with it,realizing he had no choice but to say yes."
"Hello Max,"It was Liz's father Jeff Parker,co-owner of the Crashdown.Micahel's mother Nancy Lewis,was the other owner.About four months ago,Jeff Parker and his daughter uprooted thier life in Boston,and came here to start a new life in Roswell.His wife had just died and being in Boston was sufficating to Jeff.Memroies of his wife haunted him,and he just wanted to breath again.At first Liz wasn't too thrilled about the move,but eventually after meeting some new friends she started to warm up to the idea of making Roswell her new home.He was especially please with Liz's new boyfriend,Max Evans.Liz was really upset when her Ex,Jason,broke her heart,days before they left Boston no less!Jason already had a replacement already picked out,and they weren't even gone! Liz took this hard,and Jeff was afraid,she would have a tough time letting someone else in again.His daughter deserved to be happy and in love.Max Evans did that for her,and it thrilled him beyond belief.However,Jeff was beginning to worry about her daughter.For about a month,she started to become distant,sad,and he felt that it had something to do with the fact that Max Evans hasn't been hanging around alot lately.He woud hate it terribly that Max wasn't the decent guy,he thought he was.Liz,of course never once said a bad thing about Max.In fact she didn't tell him anything.Jeff trusted his daughter enough to work whatever was wrong herself,but hoped that if it became too much,she'd come to him.
"Mr.Parker,"Max repiled nervously
"It's been awhile since you've been over the house for dinner,"Jeff pointed out,waiting for a reason his daughter has been a wreak for a month.
"Yeah,I've had some personal issues that were taking up alot of my time,"Max replied a bit anxious,he looked at Liz with a apologetic look,even her father knew he'd been a jerk to her.
"I see,"Jeff said,raising an eyebrow,wondering exactly what the issue was,he then went on,"Well I'm guessing that they've been taken care of?"
"Yes,they have,"Max promised,looking at Liz still,making sure she knew he wasn't going to let Nasedo overwhelm him ever again.
"Good,maybe you should come by for dinner tomorrow,there's a hokey game on,"Jeff said,deciding to trust his daughter's decisions,and that maybe now,she'll go back to being normal.
"I'd like that Mr.Parker."Max said,sighing in relief,now will Liz be as forgiving.
Jeff Parker nodded his head,turned to his daughter and asked,"Don't be too long okay."
"I won't dad,"Liz promised,watching her dad walk to a empty booth and started clearing it.
"Can I come by after your shift,"Max asked,taking her hand again.
"Yes,I think we've got some things to talk about."Liz proclaimed,telling Max that he still wasn't in the clear just yet.Hell Max was happy to get what he got,and work from there.He loved Liz so much,he didn't want to screw things up,and he felt that it was pretty close to happening.
"Yes,we do,"Max agrreed,reluctantly letting her hand go,walking back to his booth,but stopping every once in a while to look Liz's wayThe fact that she was watching Max walk away,smiling warmly at him,told Max, that things could go back to where it was a month ago.
Isabel got out of the booth to let Max get back in,He picked up his fork,and twirled it inbetween his fingers,the whole time,a huge grin on his face.
"So I'm taking it,that things went well."Tess said,knowing that the question didn't have to be asked.Just looking at Max,told you that he was floating in the clouds.
"Yes,better than I hoped!"Max announced,glancing at Liz as she walked by his booth,to deliver some drinks a few tables down.Everyone couldn't help the silent intense stare that passed between the couple.
"Oh yeah,it's back,"Isabel exclaimed,rolling her eyes dramatically.
"What's back,"Max asked,still looking at Liz,who was standing poised with Pen and paper,ready to take her customers order.
"That thing you guys share,that intense chemistry that oozes out of you two,and surrounds the rest of us,it's worse than PDA sometimes."Isabel quipped,causing the others to nodded thier heads in agreement.
"Do you guys know what she's talking about?"Max asked,gesturing a thumb towards Isabel.
"Maxwell,don't play dumb,you guys are cut from the same cloth,not being a mushy guy myself,I can honestly say that, you've found your soulmate,and I don't think anything could ever break you two apart."Michael replied with conviction.
Even Tess had her own two cents to add,"Yes,and I'm proof of that Max,I was relentless in my pursuit of you,and yet even her not being here, you knew I wasn't the one for you.Even if Liz didn't move to Roswell,I'm sure the fates would've found a way to bring you two together."
Max laughed as he said,"I'm sorry,I don't think you guys relayed exactly what was on your minds,do you think Liz will forgive me."
Groans erupted throughout the table,along with a few choice comments.Yet,it was comforting to Max,that his friends belived what he already knew deep in his heart.That Liz Parker will be forever in his life.
"So spill,what happen between you and Max?"Maria asked anxioulsy,pushing the on button of the coffee maker.
Liz rolled her eyes as she wiped the milkshake machine down.How did she know that Maria would ask her that question.She sighed,as she threw the rag in the sanitizer bucket beside her,and said"He apologized,and we're going to talk later."
"Yay!"Maria shrieked,clapping her hands excitedly."What did I tell you!"
"That he would wise up and practically beg me to forgive him,"Liz drone unexcitedly,propping a hand on her hip,she titled her head,and smiled as she perked up and shrieked,"I love it and hate it when you're right!"
"I know,and I have two days of unadulterated Micahel!"Maria announced,then added,"which could be both a good and bad thing."
The two girls giggled,as they chatted away about the many things they were going to make thier boyfriends do,and the palces they will undoubtly drag them also.
"We've so got to take advatage of this situation."Maria gleefully proclaimed,rubbing her hands excitedly together,"Not that Max wouldn't do whatever you ask him to do,in the doghouse or not,but with Michael,I've got to strike when his guilt is still fresh!"
Liz laughed,glad to be feeling alive again.It was hard to put up the constant facade of things being right with the world.Her father was staring to give her those concern looks again.Dreading that he would want to start talking about her feelings or her lack there of.Yet,still in the back of her mind,a sense of dread still lurked,reminding her of who she was dating.An alien king,his planet millions of miles away,his people being ruled by a tyrant who killed Max in his other life,so that he could take Max's throne.His supporters secretly sent him here,in the form of an infant feteus,half human half alien,I guess you can call him a hybrid,incubating in a pod.Growing up safely on earth,training and learning of why he was resurected.Of course it didn't go as they planned.Thier spaceship crashed,raising the red flags of the United states goverment,hence the Roswell incident was born.
In 1989,Nasedo came back to the cave he manage to stash the four pods in,to find three out of his four charges have gone.He searched the dessert for days,praying that he would find him.Of course he never did.The Evan's,who ended up adopting Max and Isabel,found three scared naked children,walking out in the desert.The third child,who we know is Micahel, was adopted by the Evans close friends the Lewis's.They were lucky to have been raised by great people.So Nasedo raised Tess,and hoped one day the rest of the royal four would be found.
Then one day his friend Riverdog,saw a amazing thing happen in Frasier Woods.A boy was shot,and without hesitation,Max went up to Kyle Valenti and brought him back from near death.Three days later,Mr.Harding and his"daughter" Tess came into thier lives.The royal four were reunited,training and waiting for the call from home,to come back.
So the question that appeared in Liz's brain daily was,"When are they going to take Max away from her?"
Nasedo has been a tolerable,even enjoyable alien to be with these days.His life hasn't been a fun and easy time.Tortured by goverment FBI agents,called alien hunters.Living in fear of getting caught,never finding his king.Liz could understand his trust issues.However,the humans who knew the aliens secrets have more than come to the aid of the aliens.Which impressed him,and made him bring his wall down just a little bit.Before the second message from Antar was recived.Nasedo let Liz into his world telling her stories of what it was like on Antar,before the throne was Kivars.She enjoyed those stories,and wrote them in her journal,knowing that he'd probably wouldn't like it very much,but she couldn't help it.She wanted to have something to look back on when Max was out of her life for good.
Max assured her he wouldn't go endless he could take Liz with him.However,as awsome as Nasedo has been to the I-Know-an-alien-club members.She wouldn't put it past him,to do whatever it takes to get the royal four back to Antar.They were the last hope of bringing back the good memories Nasedo told her about his homeworld.Those faceless Antarians haunted her dreams.They were counting the days untill The Royal Four's return.Hope of peace kept them going.Liz knew that as much as she hated the thought of never having Max in her life.She'd do what it takes to make sure Max and the others go,with or without her.
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Part 2b Cont...
Part Twob~Where are you going?~By Carolyn Sawyers
(Where are you going?~By Dave Matthews Band)
Where Are You Going
Where are you going, with your long face pulling down?
Don’t hide away, like an ocean
But you can’t see, but you can smell
And the sound of waves crash down

I am no superman
I have no answers for you
I am no hero, oh that’s for sure
But I do know one thing for sure
Is where you are, is where I belong
I do know, where you go, is where I want to be

Max climbed the later tht will take him to Liz's Balcony roof.As his head peeked over the edge.He saw her on one of the lounge chairs,totally engrossed in writing her inner thoughts down in the jouranl max knew she kept.Not once did he ask to read it,though once,she did make the offer.He refused,telling her he would rather wait and read it to thier kids one day.
"Oh,were very condfident,"Liz exclaimed jokingly,but secretly glad he felt the same way she did.
Max silently brought his legs over the edge of the wall,and sat thier with his feet dangling.He loved watching her.Fianlly feeling his pressence,she brought her head up and smiled seeing him there.Using his hands,he pushed himself off the wall and went to her side.Immediately taking her into his arms.
I missed you."he said to her,sending it silently in her brain.
"I missed you too,"She also said in her mind,loving that they can talk to each other without talking.Not to soon after the made love for the first time.The manage to manifest this connection.Feeling thier emotions,hearing thier silent thoughts.Sometime after the message was sent,and before the excess training began,the connection kind of faded in and out.To her it felt like he was shutting her out,not wanting her to know his fears,that he could very well be laving her,despite his assurances.It killed her to not feel him everynight.maybe that was why she was so sad,she couldn't be or feel her soulmate 24/7.
However,as soon as he came to the Crashdown today,and apologized,and they shared those eye staring moments,she loved so much.It came back,like someone switch the light from off to on.
"I'm sorry I hurt you,"Max said,enjoying the smell of her strawbehry smelling hair.He missed little things,like her smell,the feel of her hair,sitting on this very roof,and gazing up at the stars.
"I already forgave you Max,"Liz replied,looking up at him,raising her hand and touched his face,"Let's get back to where we were before the message was sent."
"I want that very much,I don't want to ever go through not being with you ever again."Max said,waving his hand toward the portable radio,placed on a table near her open bedroom window.It switched on,Where are you going by the Dave matthews Band was being played on the radio.
Where are you going, where do you go?
Are you looking for answers, to questions under the stars?
If along the way you are growing weary, you can rest with me until a brighter day
It’s okay, where are you going, where do you go?

I am no superman
I have no answers for you
I am no hero, oh that’s for sure
But I do know one thing for sure
Is where you are, is where I belong
I do know, where you go, is where I want to be

"You think I'm going to leave without you?"Max replied,feeling her uncertainty,Taking her chin with his hand and forced her gaze up to his.
Liz nodded her head,tears started to well in her eyes,and it nearly tore him in two.
"Listen to the song Liz.,the words are how I feel."He proclaimed,"I do know one thing,Is where you are,Is where I belong."
"Nasedo,may have other plans,"Liz pointed out,placing her head on his chest,they slowed dance,enjoying the silent,secluded moment that has been missing from there lives for too long.
"I know,but he's not the king I am,"Max stated,kissing the top of her head,"I say that if you can't come with me,I will stay,I don't care about my planet,my race,I care about you."
"Max,how can you say that,there's so many people who are depending on you."Liz answered.
"Well people are counting on me here too,"Max countered,he added,"This has been my home for 12 years,I have a family,a job,a bunch of great friends,and the most amazing women that I love more than I could ever imagine."
They stopped dancing,looking at each other.Liz's tears flowed."Please don't cry Liz,it's unbearable."
"I cry cause I love you so much,and I don't want you to just disregard your people,because of me,or anyone else for that matter."Liz explained,"You are a king Max,you are responsible for them,whether you remeber what your life was like then or not,they risked so much to send you here.So you can return and free them."
"I know that Liz,and I hope a arrangment can be made where everyone is happy,"Max said then added,"You will come with me if you can,won't you?"
"Of course Max,but what is going to be the reaction of a king,loving a human girl."Liz announced,then asked,"You are suppose to be with Tess in thier eyes Max,it could get ugly."
"It doesn't matter Liz,we bonded,you are who I choose to love,not Tess,"Max countered,then said,"They know where I've been living,they know I was raised by a human family,I can't,no I will not put my feelings aside,because they don't like who I love,I would rather just stay here."
"I just wanted to make sure you understand the whole picture here,"Liz whispered softly
"I do everyday,I struggle with both my human and alien emotions,and I hate it."Max sputtered,sitting down on a chair,leaning forward,his hands intwine together,"I just want to forget about Antar,I would do anything to be normal,but I'm not and It fustrates me."He raised his head and looked at her,tears welling also in his eyes,"All I want is to be with you,to spend my days holding you in my arms,and not worry who is going to kill me,or wonder if today they decide to send my transportaion back home,I don't want to be without you."
"I don't want to be without you either."Liz answered,kneeling before him and took his hands in hers,"But it could happen,and as much as we hate it,we should prepare ourselves for that possiblity."
"I don't want to."
"Max listen to me,"Liz demanded,taking his face in her hands and made him look at her,"You have to."
Max shook his head,knowing it was true,but not daring to say it,almost fearing it would be etched in stone somewhere and he didn't want that,he wanted them to have a fair chance at happiness.
"I need to make love to you Liz,I need to feel you naked,in my arms."Max announced,taking her lips with his,showing her how much he Love,needed,and wanted, her.
Liz shook her head,standing up,holding out her hand before him.Max took it,as he stood up and let Liz lead him to her bedroom window,to the room itself,making a brief detour to her door,to make sure her father couldn't barge in,then she lowered him to the bed.It was time to make him forget about all his worries.It was time to love him,and make Max remeber why he meant so much to her.

Where are you going, where do you go?
Are you looking for answers, where do you go?

Where are you going?
Where do you go?
Let’s go.

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B4echSarrynite&SalonicaThanks for the FB Starrynite,I'm glad you read the whole thing.Has to be was mt first fic! it was alot of fun to write.What are they waiting for,welll I would be giving too much away if I told yah!
Robyn&roswellluverIt's good to see some familar faces!Thanks for the support!
Off to work on Come to me
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UruzBerkana originally wrote:
Just now getting a chance to get caught up on your new stories. What a great start....looking forward to the rest of the story!!

Hey thanks,like your story alot!!
Asabetha thanks! thank for the support!
Well,I used all my creative energy on come to me!I am wiped out and have decided to take a little break,so I can recharge my batteries!
Somewhere in between is the next story on my rotation to write,so after that I'll come back to this one,hopfully next week the latest a new part to this story will be up!
Thanks for the support!
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Ms.shortcake & Moonlily!
Thanks for the FB. Yeah Nasedo is being cool for know. But you all know he wants to go home.
Valenti's hot on the trail!
Well you'll see what happens next.
I'm still writing Somewhere in Between!
Thanks for all your support! It's greatly appreciated!
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Well new part for Somewhere in betweenIs written and posted! So we all know what that means! Yes I'll be working on Where are you going? next!
Give me a few days!Thanks for everyone's support!
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Okay here it is,it's focused on Kyle and Tess.I always liked them as a couple.real proud how it came out. Enjoy!
Thanks for everyone's support!
It will be broken up in two posts because of length.*happy*
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Part 3a~Where are you going?~By Carolyn Sawyers
Jim Valenti relished his days off.Actually it's his one and only day off in over a month,and he's sure after today,it'll be another whole month before he gets another day to relax.
Today,he will not answer the phone,ignore the doorbell,and concentrate only on the T.V. screen before him.Enjoying the football game,and damn anyone who interupts him.
With a sigh,Jim propped his feet up on the coffee table,cracked open a beer,and grabbed the remote next to him,and clicked on the station that's carrying the Dolphins and Fourty niner's game.His hand manage to find the open bag of dorito's,grabbing a hand full,and muched happily.Waiting anxiously for the kick off to begin,which will be in exactly two minutes.
Jim wished Kyle was beside him.Instead he has holed up in his room, meditating,and praying to Buddha! Buddha! What in the hell has Kyle been smoking!?What happen to the son,who at one time was just as excited as he was in watching a football game,yelling at the T.V.,cause the referree made a bad call,or jumped up excitedly spilling snack foods everywhere,cause thier team,made a touchdown.What happen to the son,who couldn't wait to tell him how his football game was,describing to him in intercite detail the plays he made,that won them the game?Instead,he quit the football team,last week,stunning everyone from his couch,his teammates,right down to Jim himself.
"There's more impotant things I need to focus my energy on dad,"Kyle explained,the day he came back from school,and told him he had quit the team."Playing football is bringing negative vibes to my aura."
Negative vibes in his aura!What in the hell,does that mean?Why is he so obsessed praying to a bald fat man?Why does he burn that horrible smelling incense.Oh yeah to drive away negative energy!If he actually belived for a moment that It'll work,he'd bring a butt load down to the station,there's tons of negative energy there!
Jim shook his head,and took a swig of his beer as the game began,with the dolphins being in control of the ball.Back to relaxing.He'll figure out his son's sudden change of direction later.One things for certain,Max Evans had something to do with it.Something happen between Kyle and the Evans boy out in Frasier woods,out in that clearing,that night.He''ll discover the truth,or die trying.
The doorbell suddenly rang.Jim turned his head towards his son's closed door."Kyle would you get the door!?"
The seconds passed,and Kyle the buddist,didn't emerge,and the doorbell rang again.
"Kyle for the love of all that's good and evil get the damn door!"Jim screamed,bringing his legs down to the ground.The crowd on the T.V. went wild,and he realize with a sigh his team made a touch down,and he missed it!The doorbell rang again,and Jim valenti angrily got up from the couch as he mumbled,"My one day off ,and I'm playing butler."
The door swung open,and a pretty curly blond hair girl,with the bluest eyes he ever seen,stood before him,She greeted him,with the biggest whitest smile.
"Yes,"Sheriff Valenti asked abrubtly,raising an eyebrow.
"I'm looking for Kyle,"She said cheerfully,clutching the tiniest purse he ever did see in her hands.
"He's in his room,praying to Buddha."Jim declared,glad that at least his intrest in girls remain,he was begining to worry about that.
"Can I go and see him,"She asked,straighting her tight fitting one piece red dress.
"Yeah,come in,"He said,stepping aside,so Tess could enter.
"Thanks,I'm Tess Harding by the way,"She announced holding out her tiny had.He took it and was suprised how strong her grip was for someone so petite.
"Jim Valenti,Nice to meet you,finally."He countered,remeber vaugly Kyle mentioning his new girlfriend,letting go of her hand,he then asked"Would you like a drink? Something to eat?"
"No I'm find,I'll just go and see Kyle,"She answered,pointing her finger towards Kyle's room.
Jim shook his head,watching as Tess walked to the closed door, knocked,waited a few seconds,open the door,then enetered,closing the it behind her.
Jim stood there looking at his son's bedroom wondering if he should worry that his son has a gril in his room.However,he became quickly distracted,when the crowd on the T.V.came to life again.No he didn't just miss another great play again.He beelined his way to the couch,plopped down,and for the rest of the game,his eyes were glued to the screen.
Tess entered Kyle's room,even though she didn't get a come in,she went in anyway.Mr.Valenti did say he was praying to Buddha.He usually tends to blocked everything out around him,untill he was through.He did this stuff when he stayed over her house,so she was use to it.
Candles burned,sparactically placed throughout the room.The curtains were drawn,incense smoke filled the room,and relaxing music attacked her ears.It was a pretty romantic setting for meditatiing.
Kyle,sitting indian style,on a meditaing pillow,had his eyes closed,his hands propped on his knees,the middle finger and thumb pressed together.Kyle wasn't making any ohm noises,but she could tell by looking at him that his breathing was even and relaxed.Buddha stood on very low standing table,lit candles,and a incesne burner was placed in front of the statue.
Tess sighed as she looked at Kyle sitting there in nothing but Calvin Klein boxers.An eyebrow arched approvingly.His taunt chest and very chisled six pack had her bitting her bottom lip,eagerly wanting for his meditation session to be over with,so she could run her hands down his chest.
Quietly,Tess walked over to Kyle,putting her purse on his bed.She slipped her shoes off,and sat next to him,making her legs go into the same sitting position as Kyle.Her hands went to her knees,looking at how he had his and mimicked him.She closed her eyes,and started to breath in and out,relaxing her mind,and clearing out all thoughts.If she was going to wait,she might as well join him.
Jim Valenti during a commercial break decided to hell with it,he was going to check in on them.Praying that they were decent,he turned the knob and slowly open the door.He peaked inside,rolled his eyes and quietly closed the door.What a sight the two of them made,sitting there crossed legged,meditating.Shaking his head in confusion,Jim almost wished they were in there engaing in some kind of sexual activity.What in the hell was wrong with them?They're suppose to be making his job as a parent difficult.He open the fridge door grabbed a beer,and cracked it open.He walked towards the couch,and for the first time in his life he felt like he's seen it all.
Kyle took an intake of breath,brought his hands together,exhaled the air,and brought his hands out.He bowed to Buddha,and realized he was touching a knee.He glanced over to see Tess meditating.Kyle brought his face in front of hers.He closed the distance between thier mouths.Kyle touched her lips with a soft kiss,then pulled slightly away,causing her to open one eye.
"I'm meditaing here Buddha boy."She quipped,a smile formed on her lips.
"Oh,I'm sorry,I'll let you finish."He joked back,starting to move away,but she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him forward.He lost his balance and he toppled on top of her,causing her to giggle.
"Shhhhh,"He said quiety,bringing her with him as he went on his back,so she was now staddling him,"My dad thinks we're meditating."
"Thaat's right,"She huskily replied,bringing her face down,so thier lips met.Kyle's hands went to her hair,enjoying the texture of her lips,the touch of her hands on his chest.He was suprised when she called him this afternoon,telling him that Nasedo gave them a few days off.He missed being with her this way.Usaually it was homework,and a nap in front of the T.V.
They were suppose to be on thier way to a movie right now,but there's always a later showing.Right now,he's going to show Tess Harding how much he loves her.
*********************************************Continued on next post>>>>>>>

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Part3b~Where are you going?~By Carolyn Sawyers

Kyle looked at the clock on his bedside table.It said 8:30.They still had an hour before the movie started.One of Tess's legs crossed his stomach and her head rested on his shoulder,her soft snores,were music to his ears.He snuggled her closer to him,enjoying the feel of her naked body next to his.Kissing the top of Tess's head,Kyle thought about what a weird adventure this relationship has been.He still couldn't belive he was actually holding her. Kyle knew he loved Tess the first time he saw her at the Quarry in school.She looked like an angel,walking towards the table,she sat at with Isabel,for lunch.He sat there the whole period looking at her,getting jabs from his teamamtes.
"Dude,she's Max Evans chick,forget about her."Ryan Matthews replied,waving a hand in front of him.
"Well I hear he isn't intrested in her Ryan,"Kyle exclaimed,slapping his hand out of his face.
"Well that maybe kyle,but she isn't intrested in you either!"Ryan countered,laughing at him.
These were the days before he was healed by Max,and his membership to the I-Know-an-alien-club was non-existant,and he knew that Tess Harding,would never be his.However,Little did he know,somewhere in Boston,Mass,a girl named Liz Parker would make his dream a reality.
Max went gaa gaa over the raven hair beauty.
Tess was infuriated,and Kyle was estatic.There was a small chance of hope that she could actually be his.
Kissing her for the first time was a risk,but one that he'll do over and over again.He sighed remebering how she looked at him,shocked,yet she kissed him back,realizing that she actually could have feelings for someone other than Max Evans.
When they went back to school this year,they caused quite the stir,arriving at the school's quarry holding hands. The first person he looked for was Ryan.His firends jaw hit the floor,and he smiled,knowing he got the last laugh.
Now,another obstacle was put out before Kyle,trying to keep him and Tess apart.She is an alien,but that's not the problem.Antar is the planet where she was born.She was also Max Evan's wife in thier past life,again not a problem The thing is,She,Max,Michael and Isabel make up the royal four.Supposedly,they are thier planets last hope of peace.Kivar,a real asshole,and presently king,killed them and took Max's throne.Thinking they were dead,he ruled the planet with tyranny.He found out later,that the four of them were sent to earth,recreated,with Human DNA,and thier original alien essence,they had a second chance of life as Hybrids.Hiding out as they trained,so they could go back and take the throne away from Kivar,and bring Antar back to the days of peace.
A few months ago,they manage to defeat a bunch of alien hitmen,out to destroy the royal four,so Kivar's throne could remain his.Nasedo,the earth bound aliens protetor,and guardian to Tess,got a message of warning from thier supporters on the homeworld.So they were prepared,bearly.Max came up with a plan,to get captured,and with the help of Liz,they found where they were hiding out on earth and took care of business.Thier life was returning back to normal.Now this is where the problem comes in....
A month earlier,another message came from Antar,filling the september night sky.Warning the aliens to be ready.Which could be anything,since they've failed to elaberate.The humans,in the I-know-an-alien-club, of course thought the worse,that a spaceship was making thier way to earth,coming to pick up thier messiah's.
An alien invasion was what the humans were routing for.It sounded terrible,but he didn't want Tess to leave.Liz,Maria and Alex were also pretty adament about Max,Michael and Isabel staying.They've all became quite attach to the aliens in more ways then one.
Kyle tried to remain positive,they all did.However,discussing the issue of the aliens possibly leaving,with the humans,hasn't been on the things to do list.The day after reciving the message,Nasedo put the royal fours training,in third gear,leaving the humans alone,to deal with thier worries with each other.
"I hate not knowing what's going on,"Maria exclaimed a few days after the message was recived.The I-know-an-alien-club,has decided to meet at the crashdown.
"Maria,I don't even think the Czechoslovakians knows what's going on."Alex answered,using the code word for alien,when they were out in public.
"It's been hard on all of us even the Czechoslovakians,"liz added,taking a sip of her cherry coke,"Let's just hope we'll get some answers soon, Mr.Harding has been training them hard,any chance he gets.With school,and work,they're eventually going to burn themselves out."
"So what if the answer to the million dollar question,is that they're returning home,"Kyle asked,bring the unmentionable out in the open,"Where does that leave us?"
"Heartbroken,and feeling like a used tissue,"Maria answered,bringing the already sober mood,into unfathomable depression.
Kyle sighed as Maria's words echoed in his brain.He looked down at Tess's sleeping face,he'd be damned if he was going to lose her.Too much of his soul was invested in her,in them,in Love.There had to be a solution,for everyone to win in the end.Could they go with the aliens?Kyle wouldn't blink an eyelash if it was yes.Kyle would fallow her anywhere.Kyle knew that it also goes for the others too.However,what would Nasedo say to that.It's no secret up untill recently,he really rather that the I-Know-an-alien-club didn't exsit,yet,the defeat of Nicholas and his drones had a big chunck to do with the humans fighting by thier side.Especially Liz.Somehow,she and Max formed this amazing connection.They always knew how the other felt,thought,and were always at.Max found out where he was held,and relayed it to Liz,who relayed it to the calvary.So because of that,Nasedo had a little more respect and trust with the humans.Yet,he couldn't get off this planet fast enough.To him,the humans were just a way of means to further that goal.When it finally came down to it,he'd have no problem leaving them behind feeling like used tissues.
Kyle sighed,and looked at the clock again.It read 8:50,they really should start getting ready.He really didn't care if they saw the movie or not,but his dad was just outside in the livingroom.The football game will eventually end,and soon,he'll suspect more than meditating has been going on behind closed doors.
"Tess honey,"Kyle softly said,gently shaking her awake,"we need to get ready."
Tess stirred,and slowly her eyelids fluttered open,a smile formed on her lips,"Do we have to?"
"No,I could lay here forever sweetheart,but my dad,"He said jutting his head towards his closed bedroom door,"You know,is out there."
Tess shook her head,and reluctantly pulled away from Kyle's warmth,streching her limbs,and tossed aside the blanket from her,leaving the bed, in search for her clothes.Kyle getting up laughed,as Tess plucked her bra off the Buddha statue.
"Do you think he's offended?"Tess joked,pulling her panties over her hips.
"Darling,"He drawled,pulling her into his arms,and after placing a lingering kiss on her lips added,"I think enlightenment has a whole new meaning for him right now."
The two of them laughed as they finished getting ready.Exiting Kyle's bedroom just as Kyle's dad was shutting off the T.V..A huge grin on his face.Kyle caught his good mood and commented on it,"I have a feeling,the dolphins won this evening,"
"Yes they did,"He exclaimed,rubbing his hands together,knowing he was going to clean up on the office pool,"You should've seen it Kyle,it would've blown your mind."
Kyle smiled to himself,knowing his mind was blown enough this evening,and it wasn't by watching a football game.
"So how went the meditating?"Jim Valenti asked,as he began to tidy up his mess around the couch.
"Oh it was quite enlightening,actually,"He answered,looking at Tess,with his own huge grin.Tess gazed up into his eyes,and sighed,reliving thier "meditating" session.
Jim caught the private moment between them,and had a sinking suspicion,that a little bit more than meditation went on in Kyle's bedroom.When he had a more private moment with Kyle,the two of them were going to have a nice long talk about some new house rules.
"Were going to the movies dad,"kyle said,putting his hand on the small of Tess's back and lead her toward the front door.
"Not to late now Kyle,it's a school night."Jim reminded him,walking into the kitchen with a handful of garbage.
"Well,I won't ,Mr.Harding is adement that I bring Tess home at a reasonable hour,"Kyle answered,turning the door knob,"I'll see you tomorrow after school,dad."
"Wait,you mean you're not coming home tonight?'Mr.Valenti asked,peaking his head out of the kitchen and slanting Kyle a sharp stare.
"No,um I'm sleeping over Tess's house tonight,"Kyle said wondering why his father was going to start getting parental on him,at the worst possible time.
"Does Mr.Harding know about this?"Kyle's father asked,walking into the livivng room,hands palnted on his lips,an eyebrow arched in suspicion.
"Yes he does Mr.Valenti."Tess remarked pleasantly,"Kyle haas offered me a ride to school tomorrow, since my father needs to go directly to the bookstore because of a shippment,you can call him if you like."
"Ah,and you'll be sleeping where,Kyle,"Jim asked,causing his son to roll his eyes in embaressment.
"On the couch,downstairs,in the den,Dad,"Kyle lied,as he moaned helplessly at his dad's bluntness.
"Belive me Mr.Valenti,my dad is very strict in his house rules."Tess said,telling Sheriff Valenti want he wanted to hear.
"I'm sorry if I'm embaressing you,"Jim said with a chuckle,"but when you have kids of your own,you'll understand."
"Find,untill then,I'm going to moan with embaressment,and roll my eyes in fustration,"Kyle proclaimed,opening the front door,so they can make thier escape,before his dad says anything more to humilate him.
"Can he get even more insane."Kyle whispered,walking down the path that take them to the front of his house,where his car is parked.
"He's nice Kyle,he's just concern for you that's all,"Tess replied,stopping in front of the passenger door,as kyle walked to the drivers side.
"Yeah well,he's a cop Tess,he asks too many questions for my taste"Kyle said,opening his door and went inside to unlock hers.They situated themselves inside,and he went on,"I dread the day my dad gets close to the truth about you guys,he doesn't like Max,and he saw that handprint Max left on my chest when he healed me."
"You worry too much Kyle,"Tess said,placing her hand n his knee,"he wasn't giving you the third degree about whether you're involed with aliens.Kyle,he's just being a concern father."
"Yeah,well you don't know my dad,"Kyle said,starting the car,"he's a sneaky bastard,and that's his job,getting answers no matter what,he was trying to get information back there from me cause he knows I'm friends with Max."
"Kyle,it's nice that you're concern,but he will never know our secret,if we don't act there's one to discover."Tess aked raising an eyebrow,wondering what's up with Kyle's sudden mood change."What's really going on here Kyle?"
"I'm sorry if I'm annoying you with my paranoia,I'll keep it to myself next time,"Kyle shouted,tightening his hold on the staring wheel.
"Okay can the real Kyle Valenti please come back,"Tess murmered,taking her hand off of his knee and crossing her arms across her chest.
Kyle pulled the car over to the side,shutting off the ignition and blurted out,"oh,what I can't be scared!?"
"Scared about what Kyle,your dad?"She countered,her eyes widening,her face flushed with anger.
"Not just that,but us,"
"What are you talking about?"
"Tess,I don't want you to go,"He said softly.
"I'm not going anywhere Kyle,"Tess replied,trying to figure out what was his issue.Then looking in Kyle's eyes,she saw it,the fear,the ,the heartbreak,"You're afraid were going back to Antar."
Kyle shook his head,a taunt lined formed on his lips.He didn't mean to get all Sybil on her,but it just happen.It's been on his mind since last month,it was all he could think about,and it drove him nuts.
"It's all I can do to not go mad,thinking about not having you in my life Tess,I love you."he declared,looking up,staring unseeingly out the windshield.
"Oh Kyle,I'm sorry,I had no idea,"Tess replied,placing her hand on his ridgid shoulder.
"None of you realize what the four of us have been going through,"Kyle explained,his gaze remained forward,"You're out there,in your pod chamber, training for an invasion,or a raging war on another planet,and we are all wondering what's our place in all your lives."
"I want you in my life Kyle,I love you so much,"Tess said,tears started to well in her eyes.
"Yes,I know you love me,Liz loves Max,Maira love Michael,Alex Loves Isabel,but will that keep you here with us,will love find a way to let us come with you,if you have to go,will love bring you back to us if we can't,how will love helps us stay together Tess tell me."Kyle pleaded,turning to face Tess with anguished filled eyes.
"I have no answers Kyle,I don't know them myself."Tess replied softly
"Cause I'll go with you Tess if it's possible,I'll leave earth to be with you,all you have to do is ask.I'll do anything for you."Kyle cried,throwing himself in her arms,clinging to her as if she were leaving this very minute.All Tess could do was return the embrace,stroke his hair,and realized for the first time,that leaving earth,will be leaving Kyle behind also.

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Asabetha & Ms. Shortcake Yes Nasedo needs to get over it,but you know he won't. Thanks for the FB!
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oaky I will be writing the next part to this story starting tonight. With my new job starting soon,I have no idea when I'll have it up!
posted new part for Somewhere in between
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Well I got it finished sooner than expected!
It's focused on michael and maria.You probably notice that I've been featuring alot on the other characters in this story.For some reason I thought it'd be cool to see how the other thoughts were processing about the message from home.while progresing the story.
Thnaks for all the support and FB! It's greatly appreciated!
Peace Carolyn

Part 4~Where are you going?~By Carolyn Sawyers.
Maria manage to convince Jeff Parker to let her leave ten minutes early.Though it wasn't easy.
"Why Maria,"Jeff Parker asked,as he was giving back change to a customer.
"Michael is meeting me here at the resturant,I want to get change."Maria told him.
"Maria,Michael lives upstairs,why don't you change in his apartment,"Mr.Parker suggested,slanting her a confused look.
"What,and have him see me like this!"She gasped in horror.
"He sees you like that everytime you work with him."He procliamed,not getting her sometimes.
"Pleaseee Mr.Parker,It's really important,"She begged,folding her hands together,giving him a puppy dog look.
Jeff just shook his head,and chuckled as he replied,"Okay,you can leave ten minutes early."
Maria clapped her hands,and jumped up and down,squealing in delight,"Thank you,Thank you,"Then she bounced off to finish the rest of her shift,leaving Mr.Parker stunned,wondering the sanity of teenagers today.
Time seemed to abruptly come to a halt,for the rest of Maria's work day.The resturant's traffic slowed down,which didn't help one bit.Once in awhile she'd look at the backdoors,hoping maybe Michael will come down to see her early.Yet he never showed.At ten of five,Maria said good bye to Mr.Parker,and went through the process of punching out,grabbing her change of clothing from her locker,and spent ten minutes in the bathroom.She wanted everything for tonight to be special.
Exactly at five O'clock,Maria came out of the bathroom,wearing a tight fitting black dress,with short sleeves.She wore black Maryjane shoes,and pulled on a tiny black sweater.She looked around the resturant for Michael,but he was no where to be seen.
For a second she thought about just going up to his apartment,but he said that he'll pick her up.So with a sigh,she walked over to the counter bar.Mr.Parker was behind it,wiping down a section of the counter top.He looked at her with a raised eyebrow."You look nice,"He stated,taking a napkin holder to fill it.
"Thank you,"She replied,plopping down on the bar stool,propped her feet on the raised bar in front of her,underneath the counter bar.Smacked her bag on the counte,and drummed her finger anxioulsy,dying for Micahel to make his appearence.
"I'm sure he'll be here soon,"Jeff declared,with a sigh,then he asked,"Want a soda as you wait."
Maria nodded her head,as her hand propped under her chin,glancing at the backdoors.
Two rootbeers,and twenty minutes later,Micahel was still a no show.Maria was starting to get angry.How can someone be late,especially when he lived above the meetingplace.
The backdoors began to open,and Maria excitedly bolted straight up,but slouched down in disappointment,when she saw that it was only Mr.Parker.He looked her way,from the drink station.After restocking the cups and lids.Mr.Parker walked behind the counter bar,and postioned himself in front of her.
"Still not here,"He asked,leaning on the counter.Maria just shook her head no.Her face filled with disappointment and much anger.He went on with a sigh,"Why not just go up there,he probably lost track of time."
"Sucked in hockeyland,no doubt,"Maria spatted,grabbing her bag and getting off the stool."I swear he has a one track mind!"She explained walking to the backdoors,"I can't belive he forgot about me,this was suppose to be a special night,we haven't seen each other properly in weeks!"
The backdoors closed behind her.Leaving Jeff Parker with a huge grin on his face,and knowing Maria wasn't going to stay angry at Michael for long.
Maria stomped up the stairs.Rehearsing in her head the piece of mind,Michael is going to be experiencing.Reaching the landing,Maria made a left and walked the hallway untill she was stading face to face with The Lewis's apartment door.She raised her fist to knock,then stopped.She notice an envelope with her name on it tacked to the door.Maria ripped the envelpoe form it's tack. All she could think about was that Micahel was cancelling thier plans for tonight.What angered her more was that he was doing it through a note.She ripped open the letter,and pulled out a card.well it was more like a invitation.
Maria Deluca~You are cordially invited to spend an entire evening dinning,watching a stupid chic flick and yes even do some dancing, with the man who loves you.RSVP~By opening the door.
Maria thought she was going to cry.She pressed the invitation to her chest.Thinking how wonderfully romantic this was.Her she was jumping to conculsions,and he was just preparing a romantic night together.
With a sigh,Maria turned the doorknob,and entered the apartment.The light was dimmed,and rose petals were scatterd on the floor before her.She fallowed the trail of rose petals down the hallway untill they stopped at the livingroom,which was dimmly lit,with candles,aimlessly spread throughout the room.There stood Micahel,dressed up in all things a suit.He held a single red rose in his hand,and a huge smile went to his face when he saw her.
"Gald you could make it,"He beamed,holding out the rose to her.
"Michael,this is so beautiful."Maria cried,walking up to him,she took the rose,and he kissed her on the lips.Pulling away he grinned at her.
"You look beautiful tonight."He said,placing his hand at the small of her back and lead her toward a table.beautifully set up.There was a red table cloth,with matching napkins folded like fans,a wide white candle,with rose petals embedded in it,was lit at the center,she looked at the places settings,and smiled,the plates had scooby doo on them.It was one of her favorite cartoons.She was still clinging to the invitation as he pulled her chair out.Suprised Maria sat down,smiling up at him as he scooted the chair in.
"I'll be right back,"He announced,going into the kitchen,leaving her wondering what other suprises he had in store for him.
He came out five minutes later carrying a tray she recongize from the crashdown.On it was two plates,covered by a silver dome cover.He meticously placed one in front of her,then placed the other on his place setting.He then went back to the kitchen,probably to put the tray down.He came out with a Champange ice bucket.However inside it was a 2 litter bottle of Barq's rootbeer,again another favorite.He pulled out the bottle,and like a waiter,placed it on his arm,like she was drinking fine wine.She gigled at the gesture.
"Madame."he said,with a smile,pouring her some soda,and did the same for him.He then took the silver dome off her plate,and there was a huge slice of Lasanga,salad and garlic bread.It was one of her favorite foods.
"Michael,I can't belive you did this for me!"She gasped,as he went to his chair,he took off his lid,and placed the two on the floor beside them.
"Well,Maria,you deserve some pampering,"Michael declared,picking up a fork."I wasn't done when you got out of work.Jeff said he'll do what he can to stall you."
"Mr.Parker knew about this!"She said in disbelief."I would've never guess,he kept telling me to just go up."
I guess reverse psycololgy works,"Michael said laughing,he then added,"Yeah,he actually was a big help with tonight."
"Michael,I was mad at you,I thought you forgot!"Maria explained,feeling bad for thinking the worse of him.
"Well it's not like I didn't give you any reason not to be,"Michael said saddly,"However that's all going to change,I love you Maria,and I don't want to let you down ever again."
"Oh ,Michael,I love you too,"She said,finally putting the invitation down,and picked up a fork,she looked at him and said,"This looks wonderful!"
"My mom helped me make it,I hope it came out okay."Michael said softly.
"Michael I don't care if it tastes like dirt,this is all.."She waved her hand at the romantic setting,and continued," wonderful,thank you."
They began to eat,and Maria raised a suprise eyebrow,"Michael this is great!"
Michael was suprise too,he said proudly"Yeah it is,"
They stared at each other through the entire meal.Michael was glad everything was going so smoothly.All this was very last minute,and thankfully with the help of his Mom and Jeff Parker,he pulled it off.Maria was so special to him.He didn't want to lose her.Yet,the message from home has got him worried.Just when he began to get his act together regarding Maria,he might actually have to leave her.He didn't know if he could do that.Yet,there was this whole other life he use to live,and many people are counting on him,Max,Isabel and Tess to come back and free them from Kivar.Could he bring Maria with him to Antar.However,if it was possible.Would she want to leave earth to be with him.Would she leave her family,friends,school,it was a sucky situation no matter how you looked at it.
"Are you okay Michael?"Maria asked,draging him out of his thoughts.Michael cursed himself,he didn't want to ruin this night with his fears.This night was suppose to be special,an alien free zone.
"Yes,"He said quickly,plastering a smile on his face,"Everythings fine."He reached out his hand towards her,and she took it.
Michael hid his feelings well,but she was confident enough to know when something was up.She'll be quiet for now.Obviously he wanted to avoid whatever it was,becuase he thought it might ruin the mood.
Tere night has just begun.There will be plenty of time to interogate him later.
They ate Cheesecake with strawberries from the crashdown,for dessert.Maria couldn't belive she ate all this food.With a sigh she put down her fork,leaning back and looked at Micahel with contentment,"Michael you out did yourself,everything was so wonderful."
Michael got up and went behind her.Placing his hands on her shoulder and kissed her neck."I'm glad you approve."he then added"'lets go to the couch, I rented some stupid chick flicks."
Maria laughed,and was about to slide her chair back,but Micahel was one step ahead of her."Thank you,"She exclaimed,taking his hand,so Michael could help her up.
Maria slipped off her shoes,and tucked her feet underneath her.She watched as Michael turned on the equipment,so they could watch a movie.
"Okay,so we got,Sweet November,The shipping news,Moulin Rouge,and The city of angels."Michael said turning to her,with the DVD's faned out before him."Pick a movie any movie."
Maria giggled as he moved the movies from side to side,pretending to be excited about what she was going to pick.Michael hated mushy chick films.Yet he was going to sit down and put up with a two hour film,that shes almost certain he's going to despise.
"Sweet November,"She decided.It was the only one she hasn't seen yet.He nodded as he picked the DVD case of Sweet november,placed the others went on top of the T.V,then he put the DVD in the player,grabbed the remote and sat beside her.
"Ready,"He asked,putting his arm around her,bringing Maria closer to him.
"Actually,"she said,taking the remote from him,before he started it,and placed it on the coffee table.She gently grabbed his hands,and looked up at Micahel. Who was wondering what she was doing,"You've been a bit distracted this evening,care to tell me why?"
Michael's lips formed a taut line,he was pondering if he should tell her.The evening has been amazing.He didn't want to ruin it by bringing up the possiblity of leaving earth and her behind.
"Michael just tell me,I won't be able to enjoy the movie if I know your upset."Maria declared,raising a hand to his face.He covered it with his own,and sighed knowing that they were going to have to talk about it one day.He just didn't want it to be tonight.However he knew Maria was stubborn and won't take no for an answer.Deciding now was going to have to be the time,he sighed and turned to look at those big beautiful sparkling green eyes and replied,"I know I've been quite diffcult to deal with these past years.However you didn't give up on me and I love you for it."Maria smiled as her inners melted.She definatley can get use to this new and approve Micahel,he went on,"We've been through alot,dealing with FBI agents,breaking max out of the white room,resucing max from Nicholas,almost getting killed,I could go on forever,but what I'm trying to say is that no matter what kind of crap I put you through because of who I am,you stood by me,loving me,and I can't even put to words what that means to me."
"Oh Michael,"Maria cooed,smiling dreamily at him.
"However,you know about why I wasn't able to be with you this pass month,why I was training."Michael asked,his deamenor turned serious.Realization hit Maria,and she shook her head,understanding what he was getting at."We have no Idea what's going to happen.I hate that we are left wondering.I hate that I could lose you,because who I am."
"You could never lose me Michael,"Maria answered softly,knowing that what he's been worrying about,was always in the back of her mind also.Some nights she would cry,cursing the fates for bringing this wonderful guy in her life,flaws and all.Then just when she though her life was going well for a change,they throw this dilema at her.
"It's good that you say that Maria,but I could go home any day now,and I just keep thinking of ways to not."Michael said saddly,wishing for once that he wasn't an alien,that he was as normal as Maria.However,would he have actually been with her if he wasn't.It's funny how the world works.
"I could go with you,"Maria suggested,causing a look of suprise to appear on Michael's face.
"You would."
"Yes,in a heartbeat Michael,"Maria confirmed,shaking her head,"If Nasedo said that I could go with you,I'd be on that spaceship quicker than you can say Antar."
"What about your family,friends and your life here on Roswell>"Michael asked
"It would mean nothing if you weren't here with me Micahel,"Maria countered,then added,"You're my whole life."
"Maria,"Micahel exclaimed,gathering her in his arms and held her close,"I love you so much,I hope you can come with me,"He pulled away and looked at her,and asked,"However what if you can't"
Maria looked at him,then averted her eyes away, pondering her answer to that question,then with a sigh,she turned to him and announced,"I would wait for you Michael,cause I know you'll find your way back to me."
Michael shook his head,knowing that's exactly what he would do.Fight Antars stupid little war,then demand to go back to earth,"I could never ask you to wait,but yes,I will come back for you,I need you like I need air,I need you like I need food,I need you in order to live."
"Well now that everything's out in the open,and we know what we're going to do,"Maria said then continued,"All we can do is live leach day ike it's our last,making every moment count,right."
"Right,like it's our last,"Michael said soberly.Putting his arm over her shoulder, pulling her closer to him,he kissed the top of her head.Willing the tears to not come.

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Peace Carolyn
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Peace Carolyn
Part 5 Where are you going?~By Carolyn Sawyers
Isabel jumped excitedly as all her pins fell with just one bowling ball! Alex,looked at her with a suspicious look.
"Why do I have a sinking feeling you're using your powers,"he whispered in her ear,as she sat beside him,writing down her score.
"Cause I am sweetie,"Isabel countered,raising her eye brows up and down mischeviously.
"That's totally not fair Iz,"Alex exclaimed,crossing his arms across his chest,and began to pout.
"It's just a game Alex,"Isabel replied,throwing her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek,"I'm having fun."
"Your cheating,"Alex replied,slating her an very upset look.
"Okay,Okay,if it makes you fell any better,I'll be an honest alien,Czechoslovakian's honor,"Isabel joked,holding her hand in the vulcan's live long and prosper gesture.
That got a huge grin from Alex,who shook his head,and excalimed,"Oh I can't stay mad at you,"Alex took her in his arms kissed her throughly and pulled away as he said,"Do your Bewitch thing if you must,It just tells me,that I can beat you,and you know that,so you've got to use your powers."
"Really,"Isabel declared,pulling back from him,"Well I'm not falling into that reverse psychololgy routine!"
Isabel kissed him throughly back and announced,"I'm still using my powers,and it's your turn."
"I'm so going to kick your ass,"Alex challenged,pointing at her,as he raised to his feet,"Wiggle your nose all you want Samantha,this game is mine."
Isabel smiled,as she watched him pick up a red colored bowling ball.She was so lucky to have him.Depite her resistance in the beginning to not get involed with him,glad to have finally come to her senses and take the plunge.Well Alex's persitance helped,especially when he serenaded her with a Marachi Band.Then there was Max's little advice about taken chances.So she just said hell with it and walked into the crashdown one day,Saw Alex and Maria in a booth hanging out,slid into the seat beside him,greeting him with a hi.
"Well hi back at you,"Alex replied,arching an confused eyebrow as she grabbed his hand,"What's up?"
"Well,I--I ah well.."Isabel was speechlees,having a hard time finding the words to tell Alex,how much she wanted to be with him,and hoped that he hasn't given up on her.So she did the only thing that came to mind.She grabbed Alex's suprised face and planted a soft,long kiss on his lips.Vaguly hearing A suprised gasp from maria's throat.
Pulling away,she open her eyes and looked at Alex's smirking face,he cleared his throat as he replied,"Ah,so you want to be my girlfriend?"
"Yes,yes I do Alex,"Isabel answered,her hands still on his face.
They bothed looked at each other,for a very long time.Forgetting that Maria was there,and didn't notice when she left.
"Would you like to take a walk with me?"Isabel asked,breaking the silence.Getting up from the booth,Isabel held out her hand to him.
"Sure,"He answered,taking her hand,and fallowing her out of the crashdown.
As they walked down the sidewalk,they both decided to go to the park.They hadn't taken thier eyes off each other,as the world passed around them.Both not seeing a van pull up next to them,and two guys,dressed in dark suits,and sunglasses,hop out of an open sliding door.One grabbed Alex,as the other went for Isabel,who began to make a scene by screaming.The man tried to cover her mouth,but manage to bite his hand,and slammed the heal of her shoe,on the top of his foot,causing him to release her,as he yelped in pain.
Alex's captor,had him almost to the opening of the van sliding door.For someone so thin,and lanky,he was putting up quite the struggle,and people near by were staring to notice that something not right was going on.Isabel managed to grab hold of Alex's leg and started to yank him towards her.
That's when Max and Michael pulled up in front of the jeep,the guy realized it was too risky to pursue the abduction any further,and abruptly let Alex go.Causing Alex and Isabel to topple onto each other.As the van speed away,Max and Micahel helped Isabel and Alex up,looking at the speeding van disappear.
"What the hell is going on?"Micahel asked,turning his attention to Alex and Isabel who were locked in an embrace,she was crying into Alex's chest,and he was stroking her hair,trying to calm her down with soft murmers.
Alex shooked his head,confused by just what happen,"I don't know,they just came out of no where."
"Do we have an idea who they were?"Max asked,truly shaken by what he had witness.
"No clue,but I think they could be FBI,they certainly dressed like agents."Alex suggested grimly.
"That my friend is not good,"Michael declared,then added,"Why would they grab for you two?'
"Valenti,"Max proclaimed,getting a suprise look from three pairs of eyes."He has his suspicions about me,he does have friends in the FBI,as Kyle told us,maybe he convinced them that theres something diffrent about me."
"The silverhand print that was on Kyle,after you healed him.He wasn't sure if his dad saw it when Valenti came into his room,we thought we were in the clear when it disappear,days later."Michael pointed out.
"Yes,exactly,Kyle told us about the old cases his grandfather worked on,when Nasedo was on his little murdering spree,the photos of his victims with the identical handprints."Max said in a low whisper,people were starting to leviate thier way towards them,wondering what had happen."They tried to grab Isabel and Alex to get to me."
"Imagine thier suprise if they suceeded,and realize you're not the only one with a skelton in his closet."Alex replied,forming his mouth in an angry thin line.
"Alex,why don't you and Isabel go back in the Crashdown,well take on the role of crowd control."Micahel suggested,gesturing his head towards the crashdown.
Nodding his head,Alex still holding on to Isabel urged her to fallow him.....
"Yes,"Alex screamed,bringing Isabel back from her flashback,"Now that is what I call a strike."Alex began to do a little celebatory dance,causing Isabel to laugh.Sliding next to her,he gave her a hug and a quick peck on the cheek.
"I love you,"Isabel proclaimed,hating that the best day of her life was being over shadowed by thier attempted abduction,long ago,and the possiblity that she may be returning to a homeworld,that she has no memory of.
"I love you too,"Alex replied,giving her an concern look,he could tell something was on her mind,but didn't know if he should bring it up,not wanting to upset her.With a sigh he decided to just ask anyway,"What's wrong Isabel?"
"Nothing's wrong,is it my turn?"She replied quickly,about to get up,untill Alex placed a hand on her shoulder,that prevented her from doing so.
"Liar,"he told her.
Isabel gave him a sideway glance,and with a fustrated sigh declared,"Is it written on my face,that there's something wrong?"
"In bright pink neon,"Alex joked,pulling her closer to him,"Spill Isabel,you don't have to hid things from me."
"I'm not trying to hide anything from you,"Isabel told him,leaning her head on his shoulder,"I'm just thinking about..things."Isabel raised her head a little so she could see Alex's face,who was in a state of ponderment.
Alex then looked down at her and finally asked,"Is it about that message from home?"
"Mostly,"Isabel agreed shaking her head,"I'm scared to find out what it's true meaning is."
"Whether or not if you're going to be leaving for home,or if another wave of Czechoslovakian hitmen will try to come after you guys again."
Isabel shook her head,hating that her life is still unstable,unknown,that any moment she maybe forced to choose between Alex and her homeplanet.Her heart wanted to stay.Declaring that she has no memory of Antar,or it's people.Why should she uproot her life here in Roswell,and fight a war for some planet she doesn't even remeber.
Then her mind would come in and say that she has a responsiblity to fullfill.That these people risked alot to give them a second chance at life,to send her,Micahel,Max and Tess,to earth.So that they could return,and save them from the big bad king,Kivar.It really was fustrating.Why couldn't she just have been born normal?It's true she may have never met Alex,so that was one good thing that came out of this,for her not being of this earth.However........Isabel sighed,snuggling deeper into Alex's embrace,trying not to think about that mess at all!Yet she knew,hiding from her past was impossible.The message from home made it kind of hard not to.Finally after some time went by,Isabel broke the silence by stating,"I really don't want to go Alex,I love being with you,I have a feeling,that there's no negotiating in the matter.I have to go,but if that means I have to leave you behind...oh I hate this."
"Then don't,"Alex said softly pulling her away from him,.so that he was looking directly in her eyes."Make your own destiny Isabel,stay,you have your life here,you don't owe anyone anything,it's what you want that matters."
"It's not that simple Alex,there's Max,Michael,and Tess,also.I can't just make that kind of decision without it affecting them also."Isabel declared,shaking her head,hating her perdicament.
"Isabel that's a cop out and you know it,"Alex said glaring at her angrily,"If you stay,and they choose to go,you shouldn't have to feel bad about that."
"If I leave though Alex,your life will be alot less dangerous,"Isabel explained,looking away from Alex to stare at the floor,"You'll not have to wonder if FBI agents will kidnap you,or if a bunch of Czechoslovakian's
will take over your planet."
"See now,I knew who you were before we got involed,I knew what could happen,yet I made my choice to love you anyway.See how the free mind works,"Alex replied,taking her face with his hands so she would look at him,"I could've run away screaming,taken the safer path,but I didn't because no matter who or what comes my way....our way,I will always love you....I don't care about anyone or anything but you,do you understand this Isabel."
"Alex what I-I-If you can come with me?"Isabel asked softly,trying to hold back the tears that were forming in her eyes.
"Then I choose you Isabel,"Alex answered,taking a finger,and wiping a stray tear,that was running down her cheek,"I'll fallow you anywhere."
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Part 6~Where are you going?~By Carolyn Sawyers

Max knocked on Liz's bedroom window. He ended up having to work at the UFO center tonight. It was a favor for Carlos. His wife fell and broke her leg. So he called Max at home, begging Max to cover for him.

Of course Max couldn't say no.

Not after all the times Carlos covered shifts he needed off.

Liz came over his house. They were about to watch a movie. The phone rang, but his mother answered it. Not too soon afterward, she popped her head into the living room, from the kitchen, and said it was for him.

Max and Liz bothed looked at each other. Knowing before he talked on the phone to Carlos, that they weren't going to be watching a movie tonight. That Senor Chows was going to have to wait another night.
That thier perfect day together was not going to happen.

Max grabbed the phone on the end table near the couch. Carlos's frantic voice pierced so loudly, Max had to pull the reciver, a few inches away from his ear, so he wouldn't go deaf. Liz was able to hear the whole entire conversation.

"Hola Maxwell."

"Hola Carlos, what's wrong?"

"Juanita,she fell off the step ladder, while changing a light bulb, Carlos Jr. just called and told me she's in real pain. That the neighbors brought her to the hospital. My wife may have a broken leg Maxwell, I know it's your day off, but I'm really needing to go to the hospital, Make sure everything's okay."

Max glanced at Liz, his face was grim, which matched hers. However, Liz nodded her head. Knowing that he needed to do, what he had to do.

With a sigh Max replied, "Yeah, I'll be there in Ten minutes Carlos."

"Gracias Maxwell,"Carlos thanked graciously, "I have tomorrow off, I will work your shift for you. I know you were with Liz today, I'm sorry."

"It's okay Carlos, I'll see you in a bit." Max placed the reciver back on it's hook. With a fustrated sigh, he looked Liz's way. His mouth formed a tight line.

They wanted tonight to be perfect.

They better get use to the fact that thier lives will always be unstable. They just never figured a human would be the one to damper thier time together tonight.

"I'm really sorry Liz,"Max began, shaking his head.

"It's okay Max,"liz answered, touching his shoulder, "He did say he'll cover your shift tomorrow, we'll just do tonight, tomorrow."

"That's right,"Max replied with determination, "I don't care if the aliens invade earth tomorrow, we are going to have our day!"

The two left the house in Max's Jeep not to soon afterward. He kissed Liz goodbye at the UFO center's front entrence.

"I'll come by tonight,"Max promised. Liz nodded her head, and reluctantly pulled away.

Liz made her way to the crashdown,as Max went inside his place of employment. If anything happens tomorrow, that prevents them from seeing each other. The town of Roswell will not want to see how ugly the two will get.

Liz slid opened her bedroom window, and smiled at a very tired looking Max. He grinned staring at her, down on his hunches. Glad to finally be alone with her.

"Hello stranger,"She greeted, smiling, reaching out for his hand, helping Max, keep his balance, as he entered her bedroom.

Max took her in a embrace, when he stepped inside her room and kissed the top of her head, declaring, "I missed you so much!"

"Me too,"She agreed,lifting her head, that was resting on his chest, to look up at him. She then added, "So is Juanita okay?"

"Well as good as someone with a broken leg can be."He answered, Taking Liz's hand, and leading her towards her bed. He sat down, and sighed in contentment. It was a very long, and hectic day. Right now all he wanted to do was hold Liz as long as time will allow, and pray that no other catastrophe will occur untill at least after tomorrow.

"I say let's parent proof my door, so you can sleep here tonight." Liz suggested, pushing him gently flat on the bed. Liz rested her head on his chest, and began to snuggle closer to him.

"That sounds wonderful,"Max replied,"But.."

"You need to make an apperance at home,"Liz finished, disappointed.

"Unfortunately, yes."Max replied, fustration filled his voice. "Dad's away on a business trip, Mom gets very motherly, and depress when dads not home. If I don't show up, she'll wait up untill I do."

"I understand,"Liz said in disappointment, sitting herself back up, before she gets to comfortable.

Max huffed a sigh, and did the same. Taking her in a hug, then planted a very deep passionate kiss on her mouth. It took everything inside him, to stop kissing her, and pull away from her warm embrace.

They rose from the bed at the same time. Liz fallowed him out onto her balcony, and gave him a farwell kiss, before he made his way down the escape ladder.

Liz watched down into the alley. Not taking her eyes off of Max's fleeing figure, untill her eyes couldn't see him anymore.

"I miss you already," She thought to herself, sending her message into Max's mind.

"I do too Liz,untill tomorrow."Max answered back, a wave of love coursed through her body, causing Liz to hug herself, feeling glad to have Max with her,even though he's not actully here.

Liz was already counting the minutes before they're together again.


Serena bolted straight up in her bed, with a gasp. Something is not right. She felt that the king was in danger.

She flung the covers off of her and quickly got out of bed. Dressing in the dark, and in silence. Not wanting to disturb anyone in the houshold.

The door to her bedroom didn't make a sound, as she open it slowly. Cautiously peering her head out into the hallway. It was dark, and deserted. She took a deep breathe and stealthly went out into the hallway, walked the length, untill she reached the top of the staircase. Took the stairs noislessly, looking defensivly over her shoulder, hoping no one will catch her.

Serena unlocked the front door, and exited the house. When she closed the door softly behind her. She bolted down the walk way and made her way towards Max's house. She needed to warn him. From what she didn't know.


Max was driving home from Liz's house when his cell phone rang. It turned out to be Michael.

"Nasedo needs us at the pod chamber right away,"He declared.

"Why tonight?"Max asked in fustration. It was late, and he was tired. He wanted to get a decent night's rest, so he can be refreshed for his day with Liz tomorrow.

"No idea," Michael said, sounding a bit annoyed, "He sounded kind of anxious, like it was really important or something."

Max didn't like the sound of that at all. Well so much for sleeping tonight.

"Should I pick up Isabel?"Max asked, with a sigh, stopping at a red light.

"No, he told me it was a meeting between just,you, him and myself, I asked why, but he said he'll explain everything when we both get there."Michael informed him.

"Okkkaayy,"Max replied slowly, wonder what the big mystery was.Then added, "Well then, do I need to pick you up?"

"Yeah, the bike's kind of out of commision again."Michael replied, sheepishly.

Max nodded his head, making a u-turn, when the light turned green. The Crashdown was on the other side of town from his house. Well at least Michael's apartment was on the way, to the pod chamber.

"I'll be there in ten minutes. Wait outside the UFO center." Max announced, shutting off his phone, then scrolled down the numbers, in his phones memory, untill it reached his house number. It rang a few times untill his mother finally picked up the phone.


"Hey mom,"He replied.

"Max, hey are you coming home?"She asked, sounding almost desperate. Max really hated it when his dad goes out of town.

"Soon mom, I need to pick Michael up from the crashdown, his bike broke down again."Max told her. rounding a corner.

"Okay Max,"Diana Evans replied, then added,"Be careful."

"I will,"He answered,then added,"I'll see you soon."

"Bye honey,"Diana countered, before ending the call.

Max shut off his phone, and threw it in the passenger seat. As he neared Michael's street. He wondered what was so important that Nasedo had called a late night meeting, with only him and Michael. Why wasn't Isabel going to be there? Will Tess be there? He should of asked Michael that, but it didn't cross his mind untill now.

One things for certain, it's not going to be good. Well whatever it is, let's hope it won't interfer with tomorrow.

Nothing is going to stop him from having his day with Liz, Nothing.


Nasedo paced nervously in the middle of the pod chambers dirt floor. He hated luring them under false pretenses, but he had no choice. He knew Max would put up a fight. They all would.

It was time to go home. Time for Max to forget about his life here on earth, and begin his life on Antar as thier King.

They arrived last night. Appearing in his dream. They showed him where to go, it was a secluded part in frasier woods, that he knew very well.

"Bring Zan and Rath tomorrow night, it's time for them to return home." One of them replied, it was hard to distingish if it was a he or a she.

"What about Ava, Vilandra?" Nasedo asked a bit confused.

"They stay behind, they don't Matter."

"What do you mean they don't matter,"Nasedo shouted in disbelief, "The four of them were sent here together-"

"Only because Zan wouldn't go through with the plan endless they were included,"

"Ava betrayed him, Vilandra was sleeping with the enemy at the time of thier deaths, they stay behind, they're too much of a risk to be coming back."

"Well Zan has issues with his destiny as it is, he will not leave this earth without his sister, I-"

"Nasedo, an entire planet is in turmoil because of Kivar,"One of them excalimed, annoyed," Zan's feelings are not what matters here, his coming back is. Just get him here, we don't care how."

"So you think he's ready then?"

"Not as ready as we hoped,"One said truthfully, "However, we think it's best, that the rest of his training, and Rath's, will be done with us, on Antar, at the hidden base. The distractions here on earth,don't sit well with us."

"I'm sorry I've failed you."

"You did what you could under the circumstances, we didn't forsee the spaceship crashing, and the king getting seperated from you,"the alien said then added,"Zan is not safe on earth anymore, he's better off on Antar, with us."

"Just do your part Nasedo,"the other being said, there was a warning to it's voice.

"I won't fail this time, I swear."Nasedo promised, though he was feeling very uncomfortable about the whole situation.

He left in the middle of the night, glad that Tess was at Kyle's. Serena tend to sleep deeply, usally staying in bed untill 7:00, the next morning. So he had no fear of waking her up.

Nasedo paced, and went through the plan in his mind for the uptenth time, not wanting to mess things up.

He called Michael, to inform him of the meeting. Then told him to tell Max. They may be a little leery that Isabel and Ava are not present. They'll insist that he tells them why. Nasedo will make something up, and hopefully they'll belive him.

Endless of course they don't , and demand he tells them the truth, which of course he'll have no choice but tell them the truth. So Nasedo has to make sure that doesn't happen.

He'll then take them to Frasier woods. Claim another message was recived from home. Hopefully everyone was distracted enough, to the point that they're not wondering why they didn't see the message being sent, for themselves.

So at frasier woods, his contacts will be hidden,ready to ambush them. They will make it look like he was just as much of a victim as Max and Michael, only he'll not make the trip back to Antar, he'll just appear as an obstecle that they had to knock out, to get to the king and his second in command.

Nasedo will be staying behind, as protector for Isabel and Tess. They want to make sure that they're protected in case Kivar gets wind of Max's return, and tries to kidnap the girls for leverage.

Now that everything has been planned. All that needs to happen is for Max and Michael to get here.

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Asabetha originally wrote:
If it's Khivars enemies who want Max and Michael to return to Antar to complete their training......Why does Sarina believe that Max is in danger. Has Nasedo been tricked by Khivar's followers.

YOu always have insightful comments for my stories thank you.
I don't want to give too much away, but I think you've got a great understanding of what I'm planning. or do you??? lol
Peace Carolyn
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Okay so I was rereading the last chapter and I realize that it appears that Michael had his own apartment. Know we all know he lives at the crashdown with his mom. So I edited the part to make it more accurate.

BTW I'm working on the next part now.
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oops sorry

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Part 7 ~Where are you going?~By Carolyn Sawyers

Serena didn't stop running untill she arrived at Max's house. She walked toward the property with caution. A light in the livingroom told her someone was up. Stealthly she went to the side of the house. where Max's bedroom window is loctaed.

There was no light on. Sernea rapped lightly on the pane. Minutes went by and no one answered. She pressed her face closer to the glass, cupping her hands around her head, trying to see if he was sleeping. He wasn't there.

Serena patroled the whole outer house with caution. It appears the only person home was Max's mother. Isabel must be with Alex.

She stepped back from the livingroom window, sighing in fustration, her hands went to her hips. Pondering upon her next move.

Then it came to her. .....maybe he's with Liz.

Turning around, she left the Evans property, and began to run towards downtowm Roswell.

She's not going to stop searching, untill she found Max.


Liz couldn't sleep at all. She tried. Going through the motions of, taking a shower, brushing her teeth, putting on her pajamma's. She even went as far as actually getting under the covers, in her bed. All she could do however was stare up at the ceiling, missing max and impatiently waiting for the tomorrow to begin.

With a sigh, Liz threw off the covers and decided to go out on her balcony. She reached out for Max. Who was anxious about something. Probably trying to cheer up his mom for missing his dad. He was too preoccupied to notice she was there. So she left, letting him have his privacey. It's not like she's not going to see him or anything.

Just then she heard someone climbing up the escape latter.

"Max?"She asked, raising from the chair she was sitting on.

However, Serena's head popped up into view, and Liz'a face fell in disappointment.

"I'm sorry to have disturb you, I know it's late..."

"It's okay Serena, I couldn't sleep."Liz answered, sitting back down, crossing her arms across her chest."What can I do for you?"

"Well I was looking for Max, but since you thought I was he, maybe you can tell me his whereabouts."

"He's home."Liz said

"I'm afraid he's not, I just came from there."Serena countered.

"What are you talking about he's not there?"Liz asked in confusion,"He had to go home to be with his mother."

"Well she's the only one there,"Serena answered, her features began to srunch with concern, which made Liz worry.

"Why do you need to see Max, Serena?"Liz asked curious. Not really sure if she wanted to hear the answer.

"Something bad is going to happen to him. I'm afraid I don't know what it is. So it's vital that I find him Immediately. So I can warn him, but I can't seem to track him down."

"Oh my god,"Liz said with panic, she found herself reaching out to Max, trying to contact him.

"Max Max where are you?"

"Liz? What's wrong?"

"I'm with Serena, she feels you're in danger."

"Well I'm not, I'm with Michael and Nasedo, he needed to talk to us."

"So you're at the pod chamber."

"Well we were, but we're at Frasier woods.He had to show us something. What's going on Liz?"

"I don't know, but I think maybe you should all leave Frasier woods NOW! Serena is worried that you're going to be in danger."

"Ok, yeah..hold on let m-"

Then she felt nothing. Her connection with Max was gone. Liz stared up to look up at Serena who was anxiously looking at her.

"Where you in contact with Max, do you know where he is?"Serena asked impatiently.

Liz nodded her head, then said softly, almost on the verge of tears,"I can't feel him, something's wrong Serena."

Serena went to Liz's side and grabbed her shoulder.

"Where is he Liz?" She said in desperation.

"Frasier woods, Michael and Nasedo are with him."

"Do you have acess to a vechle?"

Liz shook her head reluctantly. "I'll get the keys to my dad's car."

Liz knew her father was sound asleep. If things went well. The car will be back in his parking space before he wakes up tomorrow.

However,knowing from experience, how crazy things can get. Liz can see it all know. She'll arrive later then expected. Her pissed off father, will be standing at the kitchen counter, staring accusingly at her. Liz had no doubt that she'll be grounded for a very long time. It'll all be worth it in the end though. If they can help Max, Michael and Nasedo.

Twenty minutes later, they found themselves in the Parking lot on the west side of Frasier woods. No sign of Max's Jeep, or Nasedo's SUV were in sight. Michael's Bike and his mother's car were still in the parking spaces near the resturant, so it's safe to assume he got a lift from either Max or Nasedo.

The finally found Max's jeep on the north side parking lot. It's been an hour since she lost contact with Max.

"I'm going to call Maria, we're going to need some help."Liz replied getting out of the car. She open the trunk she popped open after stopping the car. Liz grabbed a flashlight, a first aid kit, which she stuffed in her oversize bag. Then pulled out her cell from her jacket pocket.

"It's kind of late, wouldn't we wake up her mother?"

"Maria has her own line,in her bedroom." Liz informed Serena."I'll have her take care of rounding up the troops."


The two girls walked into the woods. Liz waited patiently as the phone rang. Eventually a groggy maria answered the phone,"Who the hell is this?"

"Maria it's Liz."

"Liz? What the hell is wrong?"

"Don't have time to explain, just round up the gang and go to the north side parking lot of frasier woods."

"Why Liz what's going on?"

"Max and Michael are in trouble."


"I'm sorry for all the driving around, I just thought it'll be easier to meet up at the pod chamber, then take you to the site,"Nasedo explained, then added,"It's kind of out of the way, and I didn't want too much attention being caused in case you get lost."

"No, it's understandable Nasedo."Max replied, reaching into his glove box for his flashlight.

"So why is it again, that we're keeping Isabel and Tess in the dark about this message."?" Michael asked a bit annoyed.

"They're not being kept in the dark Michael. The message can only be activated by the King and his second in command. Don't ask me why,"Nasedo lied, turning on his flashlight. "I just didn't want a whole group of people trooping around the woods. So I thought the three of us, would see what this message is all about, then fill everyone else in tomorrow."

"Yeah I guess,"Michael responded, stiffling a yawn, then added,"Let's just get this over with, I've got to open the crashdown tomorrow."

"We're almost there,"Nasedo replied, pushing away a tree overhanging from in front of him. Then continued forward.

Max was lost in thought, causing him to lag a little from Nasedo and Michael. He was afraid of what the message was going to reveal. It must be serious if Nasedo couldn't read it, without Michael, and himself, being there.

Are they going to demand that they go home? Or will it be a warning, that more of Khivr's hitmen are making thier way towards earth. Well whatever it is, it's totally going to ruin his time with Liz tomorrow. Damn it, of all the times to have his alien past rear it's ugly head.

Liz is never going to forgive him this time.

"Max Max where are you?" It was Liz. She was trying to contact him, and she didn't seem to be too happy.

"Liz? What's wrong?" Max asked, stopping.

"I'm with Serena, she feels you're in danger." She declared, causing Max to raise an eyebrow.

"Well I'm not, I'm with Michael and Nasedo, he needed to talk to us."Max looked around, everyting seemed normal. However Serena helped him through his time as Nicholas prisoner. She saved his life. If she thought something was wrong?

"So you're at the pod chamber."Liz asked breaking his train of thought.

"Well we were, but we're at Frasier woods now. He had to show us something." Michael appeared from behind a bush, giving him an impatient look. Max held up his finger,telling Michael to wait." What's going on Liz?"

"I don't know, but I think maybe you should all leave Frasier woods NOW! Serena is worried that you're going to be in danger."Liz sounded almost desperate. Max decided maybe he should tell Nasedo right away, of what's going on.

"Ok, yeah..hold on let m-"

Max couldn't finish relaying the rest of his message to Liz. Some kind of force hit him in the back. He crummpled to the floor, everything around him went black.

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roswellluver & Ms Shortcake Thanks for the FB & Support.

Well the muse it seems has decided to take a vacation.

I'm going to do my best to finish the next new part to this story. With work and RL it's been getting harder to update often. Thanks for your pateince.

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Part 8~Where are you going?~By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz could bearly keep up with Serena. Running through the woods. Not stopping for a moment. Hoping that when they get to thier destinaion (wherever that is). Max, Michael, and Nasedo would be found.

The path to thier destination was dense, unstable, and with it being dark, hard to manuver through. Many times Liz would trip over some exposed roots, get slapped in the face with tree branches, and at one time nearly slid down a steep slope. Yet she charged on. Max needed her.

Liz huffed up a small hill, grabbing onto bushes and roots for support. Her connection to Max was still gone. It was fustrating not knowing if he was dead or alive. Hopefully Maria and the rest of the gang would be here soon. If where they're heading turns out to be a dead end. Liz is hoping that maybe one of the others would discover something.

Liz suddenly came into a clearing. Serena was kneeling beside someone, or something. Liz qucikly closed the distance between them, and her face fell when the person Serena was leaning over wasn't Max. It was Nasedo, and he was out like a light. It appeared he was seriously injured.

"Max!"Liz screamed. Running around the clearing looking behind bushes, searching caves. Every crevice she could find she explored. However, Max or Michael was no where to be found. There was also no clue as who took them, or ambushed Nasedo either.

Giving up for now. Liz ran back to Serena.

"Is he okay?"Liz asked,her breath was uneven. Falling to her knees, on the other side of Nasedo's unconcious body. She looked up at Serena, hoping maybe she'll have some answeres.

"No, he is not." Serena replied. Her hands were glowing dimmly over the protectors body. She was trying to heal him, however it seemed to not be working at all. "I don't even think the healing stones could help him now."

Liz vaughly recalled what the healing stones were. They were used, to bring balnce back to any of the aliens bodies, if they were seriously injured, or even close to death. Who was powerful enough to make bringing back Nasedo ireversable? They must be the ones who have Max and Michael. Are they dead too?
If they were. Why did they not take Nasedo's body with them?

Suddenly Nasedo's hand gripped Serena's arm. This action caused both Liz and Serena to jump a little.

"I-I-I'm s-s-sor-r-ry."He whispered. He was gasping for air. His body was straining. Trying desperately to hang onto life longer. "I-I-I never k-k-knew t-t-thi-s-s wou-u-ul-l-ld h-h-a-ap-p-p-e-en."

"What would happen Nasedo? Where's Max and Michael?"Liz demanded. Trying desperately not to shake Nasedo's fragile body. Not untill she told him what she wanted to know anyway.

"G-g-o-o-on-n-e-e." he replied weakly, closing his eyes.

"NO, don't you dare die yet!"Liz ordered.then asked,"Where are they? Where did they go?"

Nasedo managed to turn his head towards Liz. He smiled weakly at her and replied,"Antar." Then he closed his eyes. She knew he was dead.

Serena and Liz looked at each other. Stunned by Nasedo's final words. Wondering what was going to be thier next move.

Maria cautiously walked the forest. Shinning her flashlight every which way. Wanting to make sure she doesn't run into anything dangerous, or dirty for that matter. She pushed back a hanging branch and walked by. Letting it go. It smack squarely into Kyle's face.

"Jesus maria!"Kyle yelped. From behind her.

Maria turned around and smiled sheepishly at him. "Sorry Kyle."

He rubbed the sore spot on his face. The cuts on his cheek were bleeding mildly. Using the sleve of his coat,to wipe the blood away. Staring at Maria. Kyle huffed out, "It's okay, just watch where you're going next time."He shinned the flashlight ahead of them. Moving it from side to side. Fustrated that they have yet to find not only Liz and Serena, but Max, Michael and Nasedo. "This is going to take all night!"

"Let's hope not."Maria excalimed. Spotting an expose root, and stepped over it, instead of tripping to the ground. "You and I both know, we'd be experiencing some serious punishment from our parents if they found out we're not safely tucked into our beds."

"Yes, I know this."Kyle replied in fustration. Looking at the two possible ways they could go. Then with his flashlight, he directed it towards the left side. "Let's try that way."

Maria agreed and fallowed Kyle to the unbeaten path. It eventually started to slope upward, and after ten minutes of scrambling, and near falls. Kyle and Maria reached a very large, out of the way clearing.

They situated themselves and shined thier flashlights across the clearing. Keeping the light on a bunch of figures about maybe twenty feet away.

"Liz!"Maria shouted. Then she wondered if maybe she should've remained quiet untill they found out if the figures were firend or foe.

However it was Liz, and Serena too. They appear to be leaning over a body. Who's body is it? Maria wondered to herself.

"Maria,"Cried Liz.

"Yes, I'm with Kyle,"Maria announced. Walking closer to Liz. Anxious to see who the unknown body was. When Liz said that Max and Michael were in trouble. Maria was in a panic. She didn't want to belive that she'd never see Michael again. She quickly went into action. Getting everyone together. It wasn't easy either.

How do you plan a field trip in the middle of the night. Without alerting the parental units. Thank god for Isabel's dreamwalking abilities. After she called Alex, to get a hold of Isabel. So she can contacted Tess via dreamwalking. With instructions to get to the north end parking lot of Frasier woods.

Everyone was confused. Demanding answers to questions she didn't have. The only thing maria could tell them was that Liz was here with Serena and that max and Michael were in trouble. Nasedo was in someway involed. How? She just didn't know.

Soon upon reaching her firend. Maria's question was answered.She saw that Nasedo was the one laying down. He appeared to be unconcious. Or heaven forbid....dead.

"Is he?" Maria started to ask. Not being able to finish her question.

"Nasedo's dead Maria."Liz answered, shaking her head. Sadden by his death. "Whoever killed Nasedo took Max and Michael."

"Oh My God,"Maria gasped. her hand went to her mouth in disbelief."Where did they take them?"

"Antar." Liz decalred grimmly. Staring down at Nasedo's lifeless body.

Then all of a sudden, Nasedo's form started turning into dust. Then it was as if Nasedo wasn't lying there.

"Eww."Kyle exclaimed, his face scrunched in disgust.

"I can't belive this!" Maria replied wrapping her arms around her. "What can we do now?"

"Find a way to get to Antar."Liz declared. getting weird looks from Serena, Kyle and maria.

"Yeah, lets go to the nearest UFO dealership and get ourselves hooked up with a state of the art spaceship!"Kyle said sacrcastically.

"I'm going to have to agree with Kyle on this one."Maria chimmed in. An eyebrow raised in confusion. "They've been stuck on this planet for decades. How are we going to accomplish something, they've not been able to do for years Liz"

"One word Maria"Liz said. Looking at her firends. Thier full attention was on her."The granilth."
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Strawbehrry Shortcake originally wrote:
I can't tell by Nesado's reaction if it was a trap or not?!?!? But if they took Max and Michael wouldn't they have taken the granolith also?? I hope that they will be able to work it if Max isn't there, if it's there!! Post more soon!! *bounce**angel**bounce*

Well we all know Nasedo does things that he thought is best. Though as we just found wasn't.
We'll explain what happen in the forest later.

However as for the granilith, Back in Has to be~ I mention that Nasedo only knew about the granilth, and where it's location is.

Everyone knew this including Liz.

The two aliens had thier own means of trasportation.
I know it wasn't mention, but well I'm implying it now, and it will be explained later.

I hope I cleared things up, a little. I have a plan and I don't want to give too much away.

Thanks everyone for thier support, FB, Bumps etc....
I appreciate it! *big*

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Well I'm working on Come to me now, have been for awhile. RL has preventd me from doing any proper writing, which effects my other stories also.

I will hopefully be working on Where are you going? By the weekend sometime. When will it be posted? I've no idea?

Thanks everyone for thier Support. It's greatly appreciated!

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Well some of you may already know that my comp has crashed. Well it's still dead. I've no idea when It'll be up and running again. However, If anyone of you guys can bump this story once in awhile so I can easlily find it when I do get a new chapter updated. It'll be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your patience and support!

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Well the computer is running again.
Going to reorganize things and get back to the creative flow that left me during my hiatus.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support.

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So the plan is to get the newest part up tonight. But you know how best laid plans can turn out.
So if not tonight then ( crosses fingers) tomorrow the latest.
Thanks for everyones support and patience.
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I'm sorry for the delay of paoting the new part. RL has been kicking my Butt!
Byt here it is. I hope you enjoy reading it!
Thanks to everyone's support, patience, FB and of course the bumps! It's greatly appreciated!
Peace Carolyn

Part 9~ Where are you going? ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Max for the fifth time looked around every inch of the small windowless room. Desperately looking for an escape. He knew it was useless. Someone took him captive, and they wanted him to remain that way. He was starting to feel like he was back in the white room again. Except for this time, there was hardly any light in this place.

He had no idea if he’s been here for days or hours. No one has come to see him. There also was no one with him. Did Michael get captured also? He was the last person he saw, before he lost consciousness.

Max when he took a break from trying to find a way out of his prison, desperately tried to contact Liz. However, wherever he was, prevented him from doing so. In fact it appears that his powers were ineffective.
He tried to light the room up with his powers, but to no avail, he couldn’t. He tried to shot holes in the walls. Still nothing happen. He was powerless, and it drove him crazy.

Finally giving up of ever getting out of his very his claustrophobic cage. Max sat in a corner and put his head between his legs. He was starting to feel the beginnings of a headache. He was also starting to feel a little hungry, and he had no idea when he’ll get his next meal.

As if someone read his mind, a tray of some kind appeared to have been pushed through the bottom of the wall farthest from him.

Max quickly rushed to the other side of the room and there was a tray of food. It looked and smelled great.

However the tray was ignored, as he looked around the area for an opening. Ten minutes of examination told him that nothing was there. Just as before when he checked earlier when he first awoke in this room.

Max sighed as he sat back down and picked up the tray to put it on his lap.

Max grabbed a piece of bread and began chewing as his thoughts began to invade his brain. Where the hell was he? What happen to Michael and Nasedo? What tipped Serena off that he was in trouble? Is the FBI behind all this, or did their enemies finally find them, and ambushed them in Frasier woods?

Max grabbed the chicken leg next. It was breaded and fried, and it tasted like heaven.

“So the food, it’s too your liking.” Replied a voice out of no where.

“Yeah.” Max said, looking around the dark room, knowing even if someone was here he would probably not see them until it’s to late. He put down the chicken leg and added, “So, are you going to give me a clue as to why I’m here.”

“Eventually.” The voice replied

“Okay,” Max replied, placing the tray beside him. Then asked. “Where’s Michael and Nasedo.”

“Michael is else where. Nasedo well I’m afraid he had to be eliminated.” Replied the voice, devoid of total emotion.

“Who are you?” Max asked, mortified that his friend was dead. Or maybe it was a mind game. Maybe they were experimenting with him. Observing his reactions. Back in the white room, Pierce told him Liz was dead so he could get information out of him. This situation couldn’t be any different.

“Your questions will be answered in due time Zan.”

Well one question was answered. They called him Zan. That was his old name. Back on Antar when he was once king. Their enemies have found him. They have Michael somewhere, and Max will have to assume that Nasedo is dead. His life ended because he was protecting him and Michael. “Thank you my friend, if I can, I promise your death will not be in vain.” Max silently said to himself.

Max placed the tray aside. Suddenly he wasn’t very hungry. In fact he was feeling rather tired. His eyelids began to get heavy, and the next thing Max knew, he was fast asleep. Dreaming of Liz, and wishing he was in her arms right now.

******** ***********

Liz stared up at the ceiling in her darken bedroom. Sleep was the furthermost thing from her mind. In three hours her alarm clock would be assaulting her ears. Two hours earlier, Liz managed to sneak back into her room, without risk of waking her father, by using the ladder that was along the side of the wall of the Crashdown. It was a very handy thing to have, especially during times like sneaking out and trying to save your non-human boyfriend.

Everyone was skeptical of her idea that the Graniltih was their only hope of getting to Antar. Nasedo was the only one who knew its location. It died with him, and Isabel was sure that whoever killed him and took Max and Michael was sure to have discovered where it was.

“Liz, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this.” Isabel replied, as they walked back to the parked vehicles. “But even if we find the location, don’t you think that whoever took Max and Michael might’ve gotten the location before they killed Nasedo. Remember when they kidnapped Max last time for that stupid thing. Maybe they succeeded this time.”

“It crossed my mind Isabel, believe me.” Liz agreed shaking her head. “However I have a feeling, Nasedo was smarter then that. I-I don’t know how I know this, but he hid it somewhere. We just got to find it.”

“He hid a memory?” Isabel said a bit skeptical of Liz’s sanity, then added, “ Liz, it’s been a long night, and you’re not thinking clearly. Besides, what’s important now is to figure out how we’re going to explain Max and Michael’s disappearance to everyone.”

Liz tossed the covers off of her with a sigh. Isabel was right. How were they going to explain Nasedo’s death? He was a pile of dust in Frasier woods. Max and Michael are believed to be home, sleeping in their beds. Eventually when they don’t show up at the breakfast table, or even at school for that matter, questions are going to be asked.

Liz raised the window that’ll take her to the roof balcony. She swung her legs over the edge and slid down onto solid ground. Immediately sitting down on her favorite lounge chair. She couldn’t help but look up at the stars. Trying to form a connection with Max. She was unsuccessful, and it frustrated her.

The last time she felt Max was when she was trying to warn him of impending danger, but of course it was too late. She felt Max disappear from her mind. Liz felt empty and alone without the hint of Max.’s presence inside her.

“Oh Max I’m trying to help you, but I don’t know how.” Liz cried softly into the night. Hating to feel so helpless. Why couldn’t they just have a normal life? Why did she have to fall in love with an alien who had tons of baggage? There’s has got to be a way to find the Granilth. She knows deep down, that this is their only way to get to Antar and rescue Max and Michael. It doesn’t make a difference if she sounded crazy or if it was an impossible task. Liz was prepared to find it, even if it took the rest of her life. She’s not going to give up on Max, or Michael either.

“Liz.” Whispered Serena’s all too familiar voice near the ladder that everyone has used one way or another to leave or climb to Liz’s balcony.

Liz raised her head and saw Serena’s form appear out of the darkness.

“What’s up?” Liz asked, looking at the girl with a huge grin on her face, causing Liz’s heart to fill with hope.

“I know where it is.” The girl exclaimed in triumph. Liz bolted out of the chair, and immediately went to Serena’s side.

“Well then let’s go!” Liz proclaimed, ready to climb down the ladder. She felt Serena’s hand grab her shoulder to stop Liz.

“Wait, shouldn’t we tell the others?” Serena asked.

“We’ll stop by Tess’ house. Tell them the plan” Liz replied, anxious to leave. “However I think the fewer people that come the better. Isabel and Tess should stay here protect the others just in case.”

“I agree, but would they?” Serena asked shaking her head.

“Probably not but, we’re just going to have to convince them otherwise won’t we.”

Fifteen minutes later, the door to the Harding’s place was open by a very disheveled Kyle. He was obviously surprise to be seeing Liz and Serena standing at the door.

“What’s going on?” Kyle asked with a yawn.

“Is Tess asleep?” Liz asked quickly.

“Yeah, just barley though. What’s up?” He asked his face full of confusion.

“We may know where the granilth is at. If we’re able to activate it we’re leaving for Antar tonight.” Liz answered. Not surprised by Kyle’s shock expression.

“What? That’s crazy, shouldn’t you tell Tess this, maybe Isabel.” Kyle asked gesturing a hand before him, as the other was propped on his hip. “This is a bit out there Liz, even for you.”

“Maybe, but Kyle I need for you to do this for me.” Liz replied, grabbing both of his shoulders and added quite sternly. “The less people involved the better. A gang of us traipsing on Antar, is most likely to get caught. So I need you guys to do what you can down here. Look after my dad, Michael’s mom. Can you do that for me?”

“I have no choice about it anyway don’t I?” Kyle asked in defeat. Liz shook her head, pretty much telling him that he was correct. “Okay, but you’re going to owe me BIG. You know Isabel and Maria are going to be giving me hell for not stopping you.”

“Yes, I know, but this is the only way. Thanks Kyle,” Liz said, hugging him tightly. “I’m going to bring Max and Michael home safely.”

“Yeah, well you better, and you be careful too.” Kyle said, squeezing Liz tightly.

“I will, I promise.” Liz said, pulling from the embrace. “I’m not going to be traveling thousands of miles to rescue the man I love just to get killed. “

“Let’s go Liz, we need to leave before there’s too much morning traffic.” Serena suggested.

“Right.” Liz agreed. She turned back to Kyle and said, “Thanks again, You won’t regret this.” Then turned away and left with Serena.

Kyle watched until they drove away in Nasedo’s SUV. As he closed the front door, he prayed that Liz and Serena knew what they were doing. It was really bad that Max and Michael were gone. If they found and manage to activate the granilith, Serena and Liz will also be missing too.

This situation is getting crazier by the minute. How in the hell were they supposed to act around Liz’s father and Michael’s mother, when they start getting worried about their children? How was he suppose to look them straight in the face as they look for their love ones and they’re not even on the planet?

Then of course there’s Nasedo the guy is dead. What will happen to Tess? Will she be placed in foster care? To hell with that, he will make his father take Tess in. Jim Valenti has connections in the child services department. Kyle is pretty sure his father has favors that’s owed to him. He’ll make sure his father does this for him. If he has to owe his father for the rest of his life, he will. Tess is worth that and more.

Kyle sat on the couch in the middle of the living room. There was no way he was ever going back to sleep. Too much activity was going on in his head.

Soon morning will come and with that a lot of chaos. Life hasn’t been the same since Max healed him that night. In the beginning he freaked out and wished Max just left him to die. However getting to know his alien friends brought adventure, mystery, and Tess into his life. Okay so danger was an issue too, but who could say that they knew an alien and got to play hero to the world’s existence. Not to many, that’s for sure.

“Stay safe Liz. Come home alive, with Max and Michael.” Kyle prayed silently. With a sigh he got up from the couch knowing what he had to do next. Call the gang, tell them what Liz and Serena is doing, and hoped they wouldn’t kill the messenger.


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Part 10 ~ Where are you going? ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

“So exactly where are we going?” Liz asked, as Serena drove them towards the desert on the outskirts of Roswell. She was feeling rather impatient and wanted to get to the granilith. She was desperate to get to Max as soon as possible.

“I’m not exactly sure, I’m kind of going by my instinct here.” Serena replied, looking out of the windshield, obviously trying to find something.

“Instinct?” Liz question, a bit confused, then asked, “That’s why were out here, so early in the morning cause of your instinct!

“Nasedo did something to me out in Frasier woods Liz. I think he transferred the granilith’s location inside me before he died.” Serena explained, as she made a sudden turn on a dirt road.

Liz held onto the bar above the door, as she tried not to slam into Serena’s side of the SUV. The vehicile began to go straight again, Liz turned to face Serena and asked, “That would make sense, you were the last person he touched before he died.”

Suddenly the SUV came to a sudden start. Right in front of them, out in the distance, was this huge rock formation. I guess you can call it a mountain, it was bigger then most mountains out here.

“This is it, this is where it’s at.” Serena announced, shutting off the engine.

“Should we walk the rest of the way?” Liz asked, opening the glove compartment to pull out a flashlight. Anxious to get going. It’s going to be quite the hike.

“Sure,” Agreed Serena, as she unhooked the seatbelt and got out of the car.

Ten minutes later, they reached the base of the rock formation. Both girls stood there, with hands on hips surveying the small mountain.

“Let’s do this, shall we.” Liz proclaimed, gesturing her hands for Serena to go first, since she was the one who seems to know where they’re going.

It was slow going, as they climbed up the very unstable ground. They were battered, dirty and very exhausted as they reached a level landing of the rock formation.

Liz propped her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath. The sun was rising higher and soon it will be morning. Serena next to her was also a bit winded, but then all of a sudden gasped, as she announced, “Wait, this is familiar.” She walked along the wall of the rock formation, looking for something. Liz looked on with interest.

“This is it. It’s in here.” Serena said, pointing to a very solid looking wall.

Liz raised an confused eyebrow as she stated, “Serena, there’s no opening here. How-“

Liz stop short, as she saw Serena take her hand and placed it on a spot on the hard surface. A loud rumbling sound was heard. Then right before her eyes, the solid rock wall, now had a very not so solid opening.

“What the hell.” Liz replied, following Serena through the opening.

It was dark when Liz entered the cave. However between her flashlight and Serena’s glowing hand. The cave lit up nicely and both girls gasped in at what the saw before them.

“The pods.” Liz whispered, walking up to the four pods, the light cast caused the pods to have this glowy green effect. Spiders webs, and dust from years of sitting there was apparent. No one has been here for quite some time.

“This was where Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess were born.” Liz said touching the top pod on her right. It was kind of squishy yet, it was hard at the same time. It was the weirdest feeling substance she ever came across. The presence of Max shot through her. This was Max.’s pod. Liz closed her eyes, longing to have him here with her

Serena walk up next to her and said “ It’s here, behind the pods.”

“Okay,” Liz replied in excitement, then added, “Is there some kind of switch we need to pull.”

“I’m not quite sure.” Serena replied pondering her next move. Liz quietly stood next to her, watching as Serena closed her eyes.

Liz waited with bated breath. Five minutes passed, but to Liz it seemed like hours, before Serena open her eyes, and suddenly kneeled next to Liz. She then began to crawl right into the pod on the left side. Liz pointed the flashlight in her direction and watched as she disappeared. A small bang was heard, and Liz quickly was on her knees peering in. A white purplish light came from inside the pod. Serena wasn’t to be found.

“Serena” Liz shouted, crawling on all fours through a small tunnel, “I’m coming in.”

Liz using a flashlight, pushed away some spider webs. Though it was in vain, she felt the sticky substance get into her hair, cement to her face, and god she might’ve even tasted some of it.

“Ewwww.” Liz exclaimed as she finally reached the end. A hand reached for hers and helped Liz up.

“Thanks.” Liz said, brushing off dirt and webbing from her body. “God it was so disgusting in there. I-“

“Liz, look.” Serena said, her voice was serious and full of awe.

Liz looked up and gasped. Before them sat this black cone shaped object, it was positioned on this glowy white base. The white purplish light she saw from the pod was coming from this thing.

“Oh My god.” Liz said softly. Shutting off the flashlight. The granilith emanated enough light on it’s own to light the chamber the were in.

“My words exactly.” Serena responded. She began to walk around the granilith, touching it once in awhile. “The energy this thing has is amazing.”

“So, how do we use it, to get back to Antar?” Liz asked, walking up to the cone shaped object. Her hand went to the black surface, and a warm sensation coursed through her.

“Well we need this.” Serena replied, going into the inside pocket of her jacket and pulled out a six-inch elongated purple colored crystal.

Liz walked around the granilith to reach Serena, and took the crystal. It was very dense and heavy for something so tiny. “So what, this starts it up?”

“Yes, I just got to remember where.” Serena said, going down to her knees and began to feel around for some kind of slot.

Liz watched as Serena felt around for anything that looked like the crystal could fit into. All that she could do is stand there relieved. Soon she’ll be where Max is, and that made her happy. The thing is she had no idea how she was going to rescue Max. In fact she had no idea where he was. At least Serena was here. She had knowledge of the planet. Maybe she’ll have ideas of where they might’ve kept Max and Michael prisoner.

“Yes.” Shouted Serena in triumph, causing Liz to run to her side. Liz looked down and saw that a compartment was visible. A slot the size of the crystal was in the center of a control board containing buttons, weird writing, probably the Antarian language was on each one of them.

Liz took the crystal and slides it in the slot. The control panel lit up, and the granilith came to life. It started with a soft rumble, and got louder by the minute.

The two women stood up, looking around the once dormant chamber. There was no turning back. It was time to do this. The granilith could be used only one time.

“What happens now?” Liz asked, watching swirls of purple, pink, and white colors fill up in the once black cone.

“I put the coordinates of our destination, and I think the granilith takes care of everything else.” Serena responded, bending down over the control board and began to punch stuff in. When she was done she stood back up and took Liz’s hand. “I hope I did it right.”

“So do I.” Liz said back. Praying with all her will that this would succeed.

Then a bright light shot out of the granilith and surrounded then both. Liz felt the hair on her arms rise, the energy that coursed through her body was weird. The next thing she knew she was looking down at the floor of the chamber. She was in the cone of the granilith. Serena was beside her, clutching her hand. Liz tried to talk but no sound came out of her mouth. In fact it was eerily quiet in the cone she was in.

“I’m coming Max, just hold on.” Liz silently said to herself.

Then Liz and Serena were gone. The Granilith slowly shut down, hiding with it any trace of anyone ever being there.

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Well after battling with RL and being sleep deprived, I finally managed to get a new part up!

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Part 11 ~ Where are you going? ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Serena gasped in exhaustion, as she dragged Liz’s semi-conscious body through the cool Antar night. She had no idea how long they’ve been traveling or if they were getting any closer to the destination she was shooting for? It’s been years since Serena has been on her home world. The forest they had landed in was about ten miles north from the palace, but she almost was positive there was a rebel base west from their original landing position.

She forgot about how dense the air was here in Antar. Liz was having a hard time adjusting to it, plus her human body was not accustomed to the granilith’s traveling stream, so it has kind of slowed things down a bit, and she hoped they won’t get caught before finding a safe shelter to hid in.

Serena was starting to not feel so great herself. The husk she wore to protect herself from the earth’s atmosphere, didn’t function like that here on Antar, it was starting to peal off all across her body. It was pretty disgusting, and she was itchy like no ones business.

If they do manage to find the rebel base, and Serena can managed to convince them they were on their side, and they don’t kill Liz and her self. Did they have facilities to take care of her husk? Serena’s certain about one thing; Their arrival has definitely been detected, and even now, Serena is sure the palace guard is searching for intruders. Along with the rebels. The question is, Who will find them first?

“Liz, please you’ve got to help me here.” She said frustrated, stopping to readjusted Liz’s body that was sliding down to the ground. She dared to scratch her face, and clumps of skin fell off. Serena shook her head as she declared, “Gross.”

With a determined sigh, Serena marched forward, dying for a drink and something to eat. Sleep would be great too! However right now, she would take surviving the ordeal at hand. Getting to a safe haven, and not be killed. Or die out here in the forest.
A few miles later, Serena stopped and sighed in frustration. For right before the path they were traveling on was beginning to slope upward. It took all her strength to carry Liz on level ground. She could probably with her powers, make Liz a little lighter and carry her up, but it would be pointless with the weaken state she’s in, her powers will just drain away whatever strength she has.

Serena reluctantly moved off the path, and put Liz down behind a bush. Trying to make the human girl as comfortable as possible. She then sat down besides her, sighing in delight as her tired limbs were finally getting a rest. Serena began to itch her arms, peeling a bunch of skin off with the action, and pondered on what she should do next. When a sound of rustling leaves came from behind her.

“Don’t move, keep your hands up,” Demanded a male voice.

Serena did as she was told, wondering if he was a friend or foe.

“Who are you?” He asked

“I’m Serena Tolken, of the Tashkar providence.” She explained, wishing she could turn around and see her captor. However, she didn’t want to make any sudden movements. God knows everyone on this god forsaken planet is trigger happy.

“Serena,” He said in surprise. “We thought you for dead.”

Serena raised her eyebrow in confusion. She patiently waited as her captor walked in front of her. She gasped in surprise, when she recongized the person. “Tantum!”

“Yes.” He declared nodding his head, he lowered his gun, and kneeled beside her. “What happen to you? Oh my goodness you still have the husk on!”

“Well yes, I didn’t really have a choice but to get here through improper channels, so the husk had to stay on."

“We need to get you out of here.” Tantum exclaimed, then he notice Liz for the first time and asked, “Who is she?”

“Liz Parker of Earth, she’s a good friend.” Serena explained.

“I have a feeling you have a lot to tell me.” Tantum replied, standing up, holstering his gun, he bent down and picked Liz easily up in his arms. “Are you okay to walk by yourself?”

“Yes I am.” Serena said, rising, dusting the dirt from her bottom. “We should hurry, I have a feeling the palace guards won’t be too far behind us.”

“Then follow me.” He proclaimed, going deeper into the woods, avoiding the path Serena once took.

Serena sighed in relief as she followed her old childhood friend. For once things were finally going their way.

Liz slowly open her heavy eyelids and quickly closed them when a painful blinding light assaulted her eyes.

Her mouth was dry, her body ached and as she lifted her arms, they felt like they were tied down, but she knew they weren’t. What happen to her?
The last thing Liz remembered was being in the granilith, looking down at the chamber’s floor, then there was a bright light, and after that, well she drew a blank. Did they get to Antar? Is she captured? Where’s Serena; is she okay?

Straining her ears, Liz heard strange noises around her. What was that; is it some kind of animal? She didn’t like the fact that she was helpless.

Liz full of determination slowly open her eyes again. Knowing it was going to be painful, but she needed to know where she was.

Liz gritted her teeth, bearing with the pain that overcame her. She kept her eyes open, and though it didn’t pass, her vision came to her, though it was a bit blurry.

Figures looked down at her. They looked warped and shadowy. It sounded like they were talking, but the sounds didn’t sound right to her, almost inaudible . She must’ve had some pretty bad head drama, that her hearing has been effected.

“Liz, how do you feel?”

It was Serena, Liz sighed in relief. Her friend didn’t sound like she was in any kind of distress, and if she was not mistaken, she was looking down on her.

“Yeah, where are we?” Liz asked, trying to get up, but failed miserably.

“Among friends, thankfully” Serena answered, Liz felt a cold wet cloth of some kind going on her forehead.

“Are we on Antar?” Liz asked hopefully.

“Yes, and it was pretty hairy when we got here.” Serena explained, continuing her administrations. “You passed out, distress from the trip, and our air here is different from what you’re use to. I was quite worried about us being found by the wrong people.”

“Serena, I’m sorry, I’m glad you’re alright. I would’ve hated it if we got capture because of me.” Liz said, again trying to rise up, she got so far as proping her self on her elbows. She winced in pain, wanting so very badly to see again.

“Don’t blame yourself Liz,” Serena said, then added, “We hardly had time to prepare for this trip. We’re find now. Maybe you should lie back down and rest, you had quite the ordeal.”

“No time for resting, I need to find Max.” Liz said weakly, trying to bring her legs around the bed she was lying on.

“Then I suppose you’re hoping the guards, protecting the palace and watching Max will just let you take him, just on your looks alone. For you’re not going to break him out of the palace looking like you’re going to pass out, just by them looking at you.” Serena replied sarcastically.

“Very funny Serena, I never thought you had a sense of humor.” Liz said with a chuckle.

“Well there’s many things about me that may surprise you.” Serena said laughing softly, she then added, “Here drink this.”

“What is it?” Liz asked, grimacing at a nasty smell wafting toward her nose.

“Something to help with your headache, and your dehydration.” She explained, placing the cup towards Liz’s mouth.

“I don’t know.” Liz said hesitantly, raising an suspicious eyebrow. “It smells horrible.”

“Trust me, the sooner you drink this, the sooner we go and get Max.” Serena replied.

“Your persuasion skills are very good.” Liz said, reaching out for the cup. She still could only see fuzzy images.

“Here,” Serena said, taking Liz’s hand and directing it towards the cup. Liz kind of drew her hand back feeling a cold gel like substance.

“What was that?” Liz asked confused.]

“My hand Liz.” Serena replied with a sigh, then explained, ”I’m back to my original form. There’s some things here Liz that may be different and hard to comprehend, but just try and keep an open mind. Most of us here don’t look like Royal four.”

“I understand.” Liz said, nodding her head. She reached out her hand for the cup, and Serena placed it in her hand, and made sure she had it before letting go.

“God I don’t even want to imagine what this is going to taste like.” Liz said wryly. Then with a sigh, she drank the liquid till there was no more, and handed back the cup, as she made gagging noises, “Yeah that wasn’t very tasty.”

“Well, even on earth your medicine isn’t very “tasty”. “ Serena said laughing.

“No it isn’t.” Liz said stifling a yawn. “Wow, what’s in this stuff?”

“Many different things, but I won’t bore you with the details.” Serena said, she placed her hand on Liz’s shoulder and gently guided her back down on the bed. Liz didn’t put up a fight, slowly giving in to the effects of the drink. Serena placed the blanket over her, and said, “You comfortable.”

“Yes.” Liz yawned, letting her eyelids close. “This stuff is better then NYQIL. We need to take some of this stuff back to earth.”

“I’ll see what I can arrange.” Serena said laughing. She stayed with Liz until she knew she was fast asleep. Probably dreaming of her Max.

Tomorrow Liz will be back to her old self. They be able to do what they came here for. To rescue Max and Michael and bring them back home. The thing is Serena had no idea how they were going to do that.

next part on next post.
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Part 11b ~ Where are you going? ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Max knew he was sleeping, but for some reason, he seemed like he wasn’t alone. As if someone else was here with him.


He got up, and turned his head around and saw Liz standing there smiling at him. He ran to her. Burying him self in her arms. God he could smell her strawberry shampoo.

“God, I miss you so much.” He replied kissing the top of her head.
“Me too.” She replied, her head was resting on his chest, her arms snaked tightly around his waist.

“I’m on Antar, but I’ve no clue where. They’ve got me locked up in this dreary room, no windows, no lights, it’s very depressing.” He said, pulling back to look at her face. “But I’m glad you’re here. It’s the highlight of my day.”

“Well here’s something that’ll make you happy.” Liz began, pulling from his embrace, and grabbed his hand, they began to walk, and they appear to be in some kind of forest.

“What?” He asked curious.

“I’m on Antar too, with Serena.” Liz announced, causing Max to stop in his tracks.

“What!” He exclaimed, not quite sure if he heard her right.

“Serena and I used the granilith to get here on Antar. We’re with the rebels, tomorrow we’re going to break you out.” Liz said smiling, laughing at the shock look on his face.

“How in the hell-When did you-I’m sorry I’m having a hard time trying to process all this.” Max gasped shaking his head. Then said angrily, “Serena shouldn’t have brought you here it’s dangerous.”

“I make my own decisions Max, you know that.” Liz said, touching his arm, then added, “I was going crazy on earth wondering what happen.”

“It was so weird, I was talking to you, Michael wanted me to get off the phone, and the next thing I know I’m in this room, at first I had no idea who took us, but well my captor’s made themselves known. So it wasn’t to hard to figure out that I was on Antar.”

“Is Michael with you?” Liz asked

“No, but he’s probably in his own private dark room, wherever we are.” Max informed her, then with a sadden sigh announced, “They killed Nasedo.”

“Yeah we found him in Frasier woods, that’s how we knew you were on Antar, he told us before he died.” Liz said, shaking her head.

“This is why you shouldn’t be here Liz, they could kill you.” Max exclaimed, grabbing on to Liz’s shoulders, then said softly, “I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you.”

“Well the feelings mutual Max, that’s why I came here.” Liz said, placing her hands on his face.

“Well, I can’t do anything about you being here now. Please promise me you’ll be careful. Make sure you stay with Serena, I don’t want you wandering off by your self playing the hero.” Max pleaded, pulling her closer to him.

“I promise Max.” Liz said, snuggling closer to his chest.

Then he woke up, sweating and gasping for air.

Liz was here on Antar. It made him happy that they’re connected again, that he’ll see her again. However, he also is worried she’ll get captured and his enemies would use her to get what they want from him.

Max prays that it will never come down to that, cause he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Liz safe.

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Part 12 ~ Where are you going? ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

Tess was the only one Kyle told right away. Everyone else he just said to meet at the old abandon railroad tracks an hour before school started. He had something very important to tell everyone, and it would be best if the wrong people did not overhear them.

Of course there were a lot of Curious “What’s going on Kyle?”

“Just be at the railroad tracks that’s all I can say right now,” Kyle cryptically replied, wondering if telling them at such an isolated place was a very good idea. Maria and Isabel are especially going to want to murder him for letting Liz go off and do such a insanely dangerous rescue mission.

Though Tess understood, he could tell she wished he informed her when Liz was at the house.

“I promised Liz I would do it her way.” Kyle explained, shaking his head, “Do you think I liked the idea of her traipsing on a alien planet, risking her life, no, but Liz does what she wants, and there was no way I was going to be able to talk her out of it. At least Serena is there to protect her, right?”

“Yes, Serena knows the planet, but there’s so many things that can go wrong once they reached Antar. I mean what if they are greeted by the enemy?” Tess answered, of course making Kyle feel nervous.

When Tess and Kyle arrived at the railroad tracks. Maria, Isabel and Alex were already there. Damn he was hoping that they would arrive later, so he could have time to go over what he was preparing to say. God he was such a dead man.

“There you are Kyle!” Maria exclaimed impatiently. Then added, “ Liz and Serena isn’t here yet, but I think you should start telling us what’s going on now, and fill them in later. You have me rather curious.”

“Yeah Kyle what’s the matter?” Isabel asked anxiously. Alex was holding her in his arms, yawning uncontrollably.

“Well-ah that’s why we’re here, ah Liz and Serena aren’t exactly coming.” Kyle replied with a grimace.

“Why is it I’m getting a sinking feeling that what you’re about to tell us isn’t exactly good news.” Alex replied wryly.

“Well, it all depends on how you look at it actually see-“

“KYLE VALENTI JUST SAY IT!!” Maria screamed angrily, getting into his face.

Kyle scrunched his face in fear and blurted out quickly, “Liz and Serena found the Granilith, and are either on Antar or on their way there now as we speak.”

“What!” Isabel, Alex and Maria screamed simultaneously.

“Do I have to really say it again?” Kyle asked in dread, glad to be feeling Tess’ hand in his for support.

“Apparently not, Kyle Valenti what were you thinking?” Maria asked, shaking her head madly.

“I don’t know, Liz was very persuasive. Then there was Serena who probably would’ve done some Vulcan death grip on me if I tried to prevented them for leaving!” Kyle cried, trying desperately to plead his case. “Do you think I wanted to be the messenger, no cause the messenger gets yelled at!”

“Okay I think Kyle has taken enough of the brunt for what appears to be Liz’s actions.” Tess defended, hating that Kyle was being blamed for something he had no control over, then added, “ I think the main thing is to figure out how we’re going to react when Liz, Max and Michael are discovered missing.”

“Yeah, we all know where the are, but for obvious reasons, we need to not appear that we know.” Alex agreed, shaking his head.

“Liz was adamant that we look after each other and her father and Michael’s mother and do what we can to contain the chaos that’s going to explode once the authorities get involved in this. We are going to be asked when we last saw them. Hell we all may be looked at as suspects.” Kyle explained, covering all the details.

“Kyle’s right, we have to expect the unexpected, and prepare for the worse,” Maria agreed, sniffing a vial of her Cedar oil.

“We have to be united and in control. Our stories can’t have holes, and we need to help in the search, make flyers, pass them out in school, we’ve got to act people, and I mean tears, sadness the whole enchilada.” Kyle proclaimed, puling out a small notebook from his inside jacket pocket. ”So we’ve got exactly thirty minutes to come up with a plan, and it has to be good.”

Kyle looked around at the group of his peers. They agreed, nodding their heads simultaneously, there were also looks of surprise on each one of their faces. Who knew Kyle could be so strong and assertive, taking control of everything and everyone.

“So does anyone have any ideas?” Kyle asked, positioning his pen over his notepad.

The suggestions started coming freely, and Kyle wrote down each and every one of them. There was a lot to do, with not a lot of time to do it in.

All they can do is hope they can cover their asses, and pray Liz and the others will get home as quickly as possible.


“Liz, I’m not going to ask you again” Jeff Parker exclaimed from behind her bedroom door, “You’ve got fifteen minutes to get ready for school or you’re going to be late!”

Silence still came from the other side of the door.

That was it. No more late nights, no more sleepovers, Liz has finally snapped his last nerve of patience.

He was glad his daughter was adjusting to her life in Roswell, but she’s been breaking way too many curfews, being late for too many shifts at the Crashdown, and he doesn’t even want to even begin to imagine if her schoolwork has been affected. It was time to put his foot down and show some tough love.

“Elizabeth Ann Parker, get up now or I’m breaking down this door!” He threatens, beating his fists on the wooden barrier.

Five minutes later, Liz still didn’t emerge form her room.

Making a decision that’ll probably have Liz mad at him for weeks, but he didn’t at this moment care. Jeff Parker kicked in her door and was shock to see that his daughter wasn’t even in her bed.

“Liz?” He asked starting to worry. He bee-lined to her bathroom, still no sign of her. Her bedroom window was open and he peered out wondering if she slept out on the roof porch. She done that a few nights back.
However the story was the same. Liz was no where to be found.

“What the hell?” He asked in a whisper.

Just then he heard Nancy’s voice in his apartment. This wasn’t unusual. With Michael and Liz becoming friends, and him and Nancy borrowing items neither one had. There was unspoken agreements that if no one was home, just leave a note that you borrowed something. The arrangement worked well.

“Nancy,” He called out, leaving Liz’s room, to find his friend standing in the middle of his living room, looking very distraught. Immediately he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Michael, he was going to do some prep for breakfast before going to school, but when he didn’t show I went to his room and found he hasn’t slept in his bed.” She cried, the asked in desperation, “Please tell me he’s here.”

“Nancy, he’s not, and Liz is missing too.” He exclaimed, feeling very sick in the pit of his stomach. Nancy ran in his arms and began to cry uncontrollably. He did his best to console his friend.

Just as he was about to suggest they call Sheriff Valenti, his phone rang. He was just going to let it ring but something told him to pick it up.

“Hello.” He answered, trying very hard to keep his emotions in check, then asked “Diane hey what can I do for you?”

He listens, as a very distraught woman was desperately hoping her son Max was with His daughter.

“No Diane, Max isn’t here.” He replied, starting to worry, then added, “In fact Michael and Liz are missing also. Something terrible is going on here”

Jeff Parker hated to say that dreaded sentence, but somehow he felt the three kids disappearing was somehow connected.

“Call the Sheriff Diane. Then meet us at the police station.” Jeff demanded, then asked,” Is Philip there-okay then call him at work, don’t worry Diane will find them.”

He hung up the phone and as he shook his head he silently said to him self, “What the hell is going on?”


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