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Title: Vampiric Magick
Author: Midnight Magi (aka Bex)
Email: Midnight_Magi⊕
Distribution: Ask me first. I want to know where it's going.
Category: M/L , I’m a pure Dreamer.
Rating: PG 13 to NC-17 (depends on the chapter)
Disclaimer: Believe me, if I owned Roswell there would be a clause in Jason Behr’s contract saying his got to perform carnal acts of sexual pleasure with me.

Summary: I seem to have written most of the summary in ‘Authors Note’ since that’s where I think the info partially belongs in this case. Just so there’s some kind of summary here, I tell you this, the following story is gonna be one hell of a Tess basher! And I mean all out war literally. It’s based in England, due to the fact I’m fed up of converting to US spellings for words.

Author’s Note: This is an AU story. It’s basically full of Myth & Magick with a heavy Liz/Max romance tossed in. All the parts about vampires are naturally fabricated from my imagination and ‘the Vampire Masquerade’ is my main inspiration for some of the laws and social structures of the vampires.

The Magick on the other hand is a different story, if your one of the people that know me or you have read my profile then you know I’m deeply into the Occult. All the rituals that are mentioned or done in this story are factual things, based on real Qabalahlist or Ceremonial Magick rituals.

The reason I’m dipping into these rituals rather than making up my own for the story is because there’s no way my imagination can match the beauty and elegance of how some of them sound and are set up. (If wanted, I’ll add a bibliography for each chapter, so you know where it comes from.)

If you’ve been reading my other story ‘Back to the Drawing Board’ then you already know I have a thing about writing complex story lines (I don’t mean to do it, they just come out that way!), this will be just the same if not worse… sorry. Just like my other fic, all people that leave feedback will get their name mentioned somewhere in the story.

Also if your strongly religious or really do not like the occult, Don’t Read This Fic!

Kay, now I’ve covered my backside, lets get on with the story.


I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I had a vision. After that, things got really weird.... that’s why I’m standing alone in a barren dark alley at night right now.

The alley is wet from the winter rainfall a few hours ago, giving it the appearance of slime upon the ground and walls in this dim light. Standing at the very end of the passageway shrouded in darkness I continue my vigil of watching the mouth of the alley for any signs of life.

‘What the fuck am I doing here? I knew it was crazy to turn up, but did I listen the rational side of my brain? I think not!’

Glancing down any my watch I stare at the glowing little hands for a moment before noting it’s five minuets till midnight. Wrapping my black leather trench coat around me tighter I shiver as the cold night breeze drifts down the alley and seems to penetrate my very bone’s with icy fingerers.

‘That’s it, another five minuets and I’m outta here. Curiosity isn’t worth freezing my arse off for!’ Curiosity has always been my downfall, wanting to know everything that’s unknown or yet discovered has gotten me in trouble before, but it’s never made me act stupidly enough to go wait in a murky alley for two hours in the south London all on my own though.

Memories churn up inside me and my thoughts drift back to five days ago upon the night of my cleansing ritual.

The sent of Sandalwood and Vervain hang strongly in the air, dozens of burning candles litter themselves around the room filling the place with a dim golden light. My skin still gently hums from the hot herb bath I had 20 minutes ago in preparation for this.

Visualizing a bright white light above me in the shape of a sphere I take my dagger in my right hand and point to my forehead and vibrate the Hebrew word “Ah-TAH”. The deep clear sounds softly echo around the room as I move the dagger downwards to my feet, visualizing the light coming down along with the blade into the ground beneath me I vibrate the word “Mahl-KOOT”.

Bringing the blade to my right shoulder I see the white light running down the center of my body form a beam from my heart area out to my right, feeling the light extent to the end of the universe, and beyond, I say “Vih G’Boo-RAH”. Moving the point of the dagger horizontally to my left shoulder I see the light now extending through infinite space to my left. Focusing on the beam of light I say “Vih G’Doo-Lah” and then clasp my hands upon my chest as if praying.

Seeing a brilliant golden glow within my chest I vibrate the words “Lih- Oh-LAHM, Ah-MEN.” Continuing on with the banishing ritual I perform the words and actions automatically, not even thinking about it.

Starting to evocate the Archangels to my presence I see a hill form in front of me as if it was a great distance away, a figure dressed in yellow robes which have some purplish highlights stands upon it with a caduceus wand, the figure’s robes wave in the wind and I can actually feel the breeze upon my skin. “Before me, Rah-fay-EL” I yell.

I feel another figure appear behind me, knowing him instantly, dressed in blue with some orange highlights, holding a cup and surrounded by waterfalls, I feel the moisture in the air and say “Behind me, Gahb-ray-EL.”

Perceiving the arrival of the next Archangel holding a flaming sword and dress in scarlet red robes I get ready to vibrate his name when suddenly a cold chill runs through the room and the presence of the Archangels is gone within a second.

A rush of adrenaline goes through me when I hear scratching noises coming from outside the closed door to this room. The air becomes thick and heavy, looking back over to the alter I reach for my pentacle to expel whatever force has intruded upon me.

My eye’s focus upon the alter and I suddenly recoil my hand back in shock at what’s before me. A face has formed within the smoke of the incense that is looking at me with hollow eyes.

“Liz…” I hear it say in a powerful voice and yet its lips of smoke do not move.

“Your destiny awaits you, five nights hence on the day of Saturn you will go to London and let your senses guide you to the place of rest…”

Cutting whatever it is off in mid-sentence I say in an authoritative and almost mocking voice. “Urm, I think not somehow, I have not called you here, you have no right to appear before me and…”

“You have no choice in the matter, fate its self has decreed you be there, you can not fight it.” It says.

Just as I’m about to speak up again ordering the spirit to leave some of the smoke trickles down to the ground near my feet and within it a form appears, all my protests evaporate when the image clears and the face of the most hansom man I’ve ever seen materializes.

Strong chiseled out facial features wrapped in honey-tanned skin with short soft dark brown hair emerge from the smoke. I find myself lost within beautiful amber coloured eyes that seem to shimmer gold, but the coldness within them alarms me, a predatory hunger mixed with hate seems to seep from them. But yet, he seems so familiar to me, like a face from a vivid dream I long forgot, the desire to be near him overwhelms me.

“His name is Zan, when he was human he was known as Max.” My head snaps up from the vision before me to look at the spectral face, which I had almost forgotten about.

“What do you mean ‘when he was human’?” I ask my voice sounding small and quite like a child’s.

Continuing on as if I hadn’t said anything the voice continues. “You must seek him out, become one with him in every way, unit against your enemies or otherwise all is lost.”

“Enemies? I don’t have any enemies.” I say a smile creeping on my face at the thought of such a thing.

The face starts to dissipate within the smoke just before it’s completely gone it whispers “You will soon.”

A noise snaps my attention back to the present and for a moment I’m confused about where I am. Looking around the alley it comes back to me as I see the flickering street lamp, my eyes try to focus on what’s making the noise up ahead.

There’s a small group of people gathered at the entrance to the alleyway there shouting at one another. A woman has her back to the wall for support and is grasping at her chest in pain. There are three others, two guys dressed in black stand either side of her looking at her maliciously and a short girl with curly blond hair, dressed as if she was a prostitute stands before her.

The blond is yelling at the woman in a shrilled voice that makes me grind my teeth upon hearing the sound even though I can’t make out the words, she draws back her hand and slaps the woman across the face, the harsh sound of the hit echo’s slightly in the alley. The woman shows no fear of the girl though and continues to stand proud trying to hide the pain she’s in.

Knowing I should really try to help the woman I realise something in my instincts won’t let me. Instead I slowly creep forward a little to see better and hopefully overhear what it is their saying.

“Sean, how could you betray me! I trusted you! I made you second in our clan only to me and then you dare to plot against me with her!” the woman says nodding towards the blond.

“You know Serena, if I had known how easy it would be to kill you I would of done this centuries ago.” The blond says in a cruel voice while letting out a sinister chuckle.

“Tess, you worthless little whore, you know too well that you can’t kill me, in a fight I would make you seem like nothing more than a weak fledgling and you know it. The only way you’ve managed to bring about a victory for yourself is by poising me, and such slyness shows what a twisted little creature you truly are!” Serena shouts as loud as she can.

“Shut Up!” Tess screeches and hits her hard across the face again, this time Serena topples to the ground. “I will have your entire clan soon enough Serena, combined with mine it will make me the most powerful Vampire on the high council!” She says smugly regaining her calm demeanor.

“You’re a fool Tess, you should know better than anyone that you have to kill me in a fair fight to takeover my clan, the moment the council finds out you poisoned me they’ll never allow you to get your claws into it and will most probably strip you of yours as punishment.” Serena says in a weak voice.

“Oh, Serena!” Tess says in mock shock. “I never killed you, I haven’t even seen you in weeks, tomorrow when the council is assembled your going to be found missing, no one will know what’s happened to you, then your trusted second in command Sean here is going to become your proxy while you’re missing, when your not found the council will make him the full leader.”

Walking up to the one they called Sean I watch as the blond runs her index fingerer down his chest to his groin, cupping it. “And we all know who Sean takes his orders from.” Tess says seductively.

“Bitch” Serena mutters.

Sharply spinning around Tess takes one stride towards her and brings her hand up preparing to slap her once more, in mid-strike a evil gleam comes into her eyes and her fingerers claw round as they impact Serena’s white skin. Four red lines slowly dripping with dark blood mar her beautiful features and I wince at the pain she seems to be in.

“Well, if you don’t mind Serena, Darling, me and my companions will depart now and leave you to die in the gutter where you belong.”

Tess spins around on her heal with a bounce in her step and heads out of the alley. The two guys take a moment to look at one another before deciding to follow her out of the alley.

I sit there crouched in the dark for a few minutes too make sure that those three were really gone. Serena’s body starts to go limp and her eyes close while leaning against the wall. Making up my mind, I slowly get up and apprehensively walk towards her slouched body.

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Jull_ana originally wrote:
I liked your idea about the bibliografy!!!!
Could you please...
Here where I live is not entirely too easy to find books about Magic to read... small town... only the beach is god...

The ritual in Part 1 is called the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and is taken from 'Modern Magic' by Donald Michael Kraig. He ripped it off though from a book called 'The Golden Dawn' by Israel Regardie. The Golden Dawn was a secret society back in the late 1800's that worked with magick in theory and practice. The founder of the Golden Dawn order was S.L MacGregor Mathers who said the rituals he got came from the Three Secret Chiefs, beyond that it becomes really complicated.

scifidreamer originally wrote:
okay two things,
1) is this gonna be scary (I frighten easily*happy*)?

It might be for some people, all depends on what you consider scary. It will be a slightly dark fic in some of the things that happen, but don't worry, no harm shall come to Liz or Max, true dreamer here.

(HeHeHe, just wait till ya see Isabel and Michael in this fic, not to mention the Maria, Michael interaction!)


2) you cannot just leave one hanging like that. it's just wrong*wink*.

Give me a chance, I can only write so fast, still doing part 8 of BTTDB right now.


by the way I love your other fic "back to the drawing board". liz needs to kick some ass either way.
thank you for taking the time to write.


This is gonna be slightly different though, Liz and Max end up working together to kick ass. (Tess's in particular, won't be easy though, sorry.)

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“Well, if you don’t mind Serena, Darling, me and my companions will depart now and leave you to die in the gutter where you belong.”

Tess spins around on her heal with a bounce in her step and heads out of the alley. The two guys take a moment to look at one another before deciding to follow her out of the alley.

I sit there crouched in the dark for a few minutes too make sure that those three were really gone. Serena’s body starts to go limp and her eyes close while leaning against the wall. Making up my mind, I slowly get up and apprehensively walk towards her slouched body.


Part 2

I watch her intently for any movement as I get closer, but she doesn’t stir. Standing only a couple of feet away from her I wonder if she might be dead already, she’s so pale, and for some reason now looks small and innocent like a child. Unable to resist the urge I kneel down besides her and reach out to her neck with my hand to check her pulse.

Like a cobra strike her hand whips out from its dormant position and clamps hard around my wrist, the crushing pain of its iron grip forces an involuntary cry from me. Looking now at her face I see she’s awake all right and a hell of a lot stronger than me in her weakened state. Even without her hold on me I doubt I could leave this very spot right now, my legs seem to of turned to lead and I’m frozen in place before her.

“Who are you and who do you work for!” She snaps.

“I… I, don’t work for anyone.” I say feebly.

Narrowing her eyes at me keeping a firm hold on my wrist I start to feel a gentle pressure build up in my head. I feel totally paralyzed by her gaze, as she seems to look right through me. Then as quickly as the feeling came the pressure within my head fades and I let out a heavy breath that I didn’t even know I was holding.

“Your human.” She says and I’m not sure if she’s saying it to herself or me.

“Last time I checked.” I say weakly, my hand starts to feel numb as a dull ach builds up in my arm.

As if sensing my pain she releases my wrist and leans back against the wall, a small sigh escapes her lips. Wanting to get the hell away from here, I find that my legs still refuse to move, a panic starts to wash over me as I realise I’m trapped even in this open space.

“What are you doing here child?” she says looking at me sideways. “This is no place for you I think.”

“I, er, urm… it’s kinda complicated, I was sort of told to come here, a spirit or something crashed a ritual of mine and ordered me to be in London tonight and told me to let my senses guide me to the place of rest. For some reason I got drawn to this alley, not much of a place of rest.” I ramble out nervously.

She’s staring at me strangely now, as if I was some kind of complex enigma to be understood. “Now I wouldn’t say that, soon enough this will be my place of rest. Maybe the fate’s took pity upon me and sent you to act as my death watch.” She says bitterly.

“Is… Is there anything I can do to help?” I ask timidly.

For an instant an expression of shock dashes across her face and is gone within the same instant. A smile I could only describe as cynical grows upon her face.

“No child, nothing you or anyone could do can help me now. Did you see the others that were here before?” She asks. I nod my head in response and fidget around with my hands a bit at the thought of them.

“The blond wench, Tess, it seems has finally succeeded in defeating me, though I’m shamed to admit it. She managed to get one of my most trusted servants to betray me by putting a deadly poison in my meal, which has no cure.”

“Sean?” I ask.

A grim smile crawls across her face, “I see you were listening as well as watching child.”

“My name’s Liz.”

“I know Miss Parker, I know.” She says with a genuinely nice smile that makes her eyes almost sparkle.

“How? How, did, you, know that?” I ask stunned.

“There are more things in heaven and earth than mere mortals can ever comprehend? That’s your own motto I believe child.” She says chuckling, obviously enjoying my discomfort.

Then in mid-chuckle she stops and looks at me with an expression of shock and what almost looks like hope.

“What reason did this, being, give you for coming here child?” She asks slowly pronouncing each word clearly.

“It said something about me destiny awaits me, and that I must seek out this guy, become one with him in every way and unit against our enemies, Zan was his name….”

“Zan!” Serena exclaims looking suddenly much more alert and astonished.

“Yeah, do you know him?” I ask. She continues to sit there looking at me not answering my question for a few moments.

A sinister smile appears on her face and a look that reminds me of a hungry wolf spotting its prey fills me with dread.

“It seems the fate’s have deemed me fit to have a vessel for my revenge before I finally pass from this world and into the next.” She says smugly.

“W.. w…what?” I stutter, my senses going berserk and my instinct is telling me to get the hell outta here now, but I find I’m still spellbound by her presents.

“I’m going to give you a gift that no mortal or immortal has ever been given in known history child.

As you most probably have already guessed if you were paying attention to my earlier conversation I’m not precisely human. In fact I’m a vampire, a very old, very wise, and very tired vampire. Over three millennia have passed since my turning, wisdom full with unimaginable powers has grown with me, I have formed one of the most powerful vampire clans named the ‘Brujah’ and gained my own seat at the very most high vampire council.

Now in desperation to save all that I have worked for, I give it to you.”

“W…w…what?” I stutter for a second time. ‘Give it to me?’

“There are two things I refuse to let happen you see, the first being that I will never let that foul insidious harlot gain control over my clan and second is that I refuse to die by her hand, that kind of victory shall never be hers.

So you shall become my true childer and I your sire before death claims me. Everything that was mine shall become yours.”

“But… I…” A confusion like no other grips hard within me. One part wants to run as fast and as far as I can away from this woman, another part, a part that refuses to keep silent, wants what she offers.

‘Immortality! I could live forever, watch the very birth of civilizations, spend decades or centuries learning the sciences, have it all on a silver platter before me.’ I think to myself.

“If it helps you any child, you don’t really have a choice in the matter, I have already decided for you. Or more correctly it seems some higher power has decided for you.” She says as if sensing my thoughts once more.

Before I get the chance to say another thing she becomes a sudden blur of motion striking out towards me pulling me back with her. I hot pain seeps into my neck, it feels just like a double jellyfish sting, fighting against her strength is useless, surrendering into her I allow my body to go limp in her arms as I wonder what is to become of me.

~Do not worry child, you will prevail, it is destined.~ I hear the voice within my head say. A shock courses through me when I realise she can not only send her thoughts, but also read my own. I try a desperate attempted to hide them deep in my mind throwing up a smoke screen of thought to block her but it’s as useless as fighting her physically.

~You shall be a vampire like no other child. One born to true power.~ Sensing my confusion she continues.

~When a vampire is sired child, their maker gives them a tiny portion of their essence, it is this essence that turns them and brings them over into the world of darkness. As years, decades, and centuries go by this essence grows inside them like a seed and they slowly become stronger with each passing moment of their unlife.

The more essence a maker gives to their child, the stronger that child will be and more powers it will have, but this takes a toll on the maker, which is why a vampire sires very few other vampires in their lifetime. No vampire has ever received more than one third of his or her maker’s essence, till now that is.

I shall give you everything that’s in my power to give to child. Strength, powers, knowledge, wisdom, that I have gained over my existence shall be passed on to you. It will no doubtfully cause my death, but better to die by my own hand, on my own terms, then to die by Tess’s.~

I can feel the very last part of that thought encrusted with hatred and disgust, the coldness of the silence that follows chills me even more than the winter breeze around me. I can only vaguely feel the exterior cold now, it seems distant somehow as I slip further and further into a void of darkness.

Pressure is on my lips and a sweet rich taste leaks onto my tongue. Like a kitten I instinctively start to lap up the delicious juice. Horror strikes right through me when I realise what it is I’m drinking, she has opened up a wound upon her wrist and is letting me drink from it, the revulsion of what it is I am doing is not enough though to make me stop. I just can’t for some reason, it’s as if I had been lost in a desert for days with no water and then coming upon a hidden oasis with crystal clear fresh water within it.

~That’s it my child, drink, you will need it all for your rebirth. A vampire like no other to ever walk the earth is what you will be. You shall take my place as head of the Brujah clan, dispose of any that refuse to follow you, reek my revenge upon the Tzimisce clan of Tess’s and any other clan that stands with her.

It is your destiny to do these things, and your accomplice in the ordeal it seems has already been chosen for you. If in need of aid turn to the Lazombra leader, he has been one of my most trusted friends for eon’s and will help and train you knowing that you are my chosen successor. You already even know his name child, Zan.~

‘Zan? That beauty of a male?’ I mentally sigh at the thought of meeting such a man in person, a now odd eagerness consumes me. I hear what seems to be a chuckle within my mind.

~Nice to know that you don’t set you sights low child, that’s all I can say.~

Embarrassment overwhelms me knowing she had just heard my thoughts, but it doesn’t stay with me for long though when I hear her next and last words.

~Like no other child, you will be a vampire like no other,

I shall live on within you my daughter,

I shall have my revenge through your hands and your actions,

And every dream your mind could ever imagine shall be your reward.~

This is the last thing I hear as I drift off into unconscious, a dark warmth embracing me as I go.

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Author's Note

Thanx guys for all your great feedback, I really appreciate it.

The next part should be out either tomorrow or the day after that. Just about to start part 9 of BTTDB, so that should be out tonight.

majesty originally wrote:
I thought of Anne Rice too. Serena is like a Marius I am thinking, or a Maharet?

I wouldn't know, the only book I've ever read by Annie Rice is 'Taltos'. Watched the movie 'Interview with a Vampire' though, which is based on one of her books.

izzylizard originally wrote:
u could publish this kinda thing. tell me you're a writer offline, and if not go do it. seriously...I'm

I like soooooo damn wish I could print that off to give to my secondary school(english high school) teacher. The guy told me I had no talent whatsoever for writing, so when I went to college I picked Art and Media instead.

That was almost two years ago now and I have only just started writing again beginning with these two fic's. :- (

In a few weeks, once these stories are deeper into their plot lines there will be a third story. :- ) Just can't decide on the title coz I'm uncertain if you can have profanity in the title line or not, have to check with the mod's. If it turns out you can it will be ‘Ding Dong, the Bitch is back.’ The bitch surprisingly enough is ‘not’ Tess, but Liz and the whole fic is gonna be from everyone’s POV excepts Liz’s.

It starts at the beginning of series two when she comes back from her holiday, something’s wrong with her though and it’s up to the gang to find out what. That’s all of a spoiler I give ya for now, I gotta get back to work on BTTDB. (sighs, back to the slave mine’s I go.)

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cinder originally wrote:
This storyline is great! I am very interested in the politics of the vamp clans. Are their certain characteristics associated with the Brujah clan as opposed to the other clans?

Good point, I really should post you the characteristics of each of the 13 great clans of the Kindred and also a glossary of terms so you know what the words mean. Please watch out, this one Author’s note is longer than all the current parts put together, if you have a head ache right now, it’s wise to skip this note till it’s gone. Just warning ya!

From these notes, if ya really smart, you might be able to figure out what the basic storyline in Part 3 and a bit of Part 4 will be. This though is nowhere near all the notes that are gonna be needed for the whole story though(The giant wad of note books sitting besides right now is proof of that!). I just hope I don’t end up having to repeat myself.

Start of History, Notes, and loads of other stuff about vampires you’ll need to know to understand the story line

Some of the Kindred have remained very staid and static since almost a millennia ago, while others have changed radically. I will give breakdown of each clan in the story after it has been mentioned along with any ritual bibliography.

Warning though, you might not understand everything in each breakdown of the clans till you come to the part in the story that will explain it all. Think of it as a confusing spoiler, and something for all those that like complex storylines to brew on. The breakdowns will basically tell you what the clan is like on a whole and will give you a bit of their history.

Also as you’ll slowly gather from reading these breakdowns, this fic isn’t gonna be quite like others, remember this is a dark fic, there is no truly good clan, there is no truly good person, there is no right or wrong side to be on. The only reason you might associate the Tzimisce clan as being bad is coz Tess was the leader of it, when as a matter of fact every clan is just as bad as hers in their own unique ways. The only ‘good’ thing in it is gonna be the M/L romance, as for the rest of it, well, you’ll see.

The 13 known Kindred Clans in Alphabetical Order(you’ll have to wait till later in the story to find out where the 14th has come from and which one the 14th is.)

Followers of Set

Clan’s mentioned in last part


The Brujah are the ultimate scholar-warriors, always striving toward perfection of mind and body. The elders of the clan can recall the Golden Age and speak wistfully of lost Carthage. Unfortunately, no wound stings worse than a dream denied. The death of the Carthage(does not refer to Serena) seems to have only increased their rancor, and the other clans’ refusal to move beyond the status quo leave a bitter taste in their mouths. So they fight.

They fight the Ventrue for destroying Carthage, they fight the Tzimisce for encouraging the status quo, they fight the Tremere for slaying Saulot(does not refer to Serena) – the list seems eternal. The Brujah are nothing if not lovers of a cause.

In the modern nights, the Brujah are perceived as little more than spoiled childer who have no sense of pride or history. One of the mainstays of the Great Anarch Revolt, the Brujah were barely brought to heel by the founders of the Camarilla, and the clan as a whole still resents the elders.

Although technically members of the Camarilla, the Brujah are the sect’s firebrands and agitators, testing the Traditions and rebelling in the name of whatever causes they hold dear. Many Brujah are outright anarchs, defying the authority of the Kindred and serving only their leader.


Elegant yet predatory, the Lasombra honestly think of themselves as the apex of Cainite existence. Firm believers in Divine Right and the rule of the superior, they have little patience, though often much pity, for those Cainites who are, through no fault of their own, inferior. The Lasombra character is a curious mix of noblesse oblige and healthy contempt.

They actively seek power wherever it may be found, from the halls of the cloisters to the corridors of palaces, yet they do not seek the titles and glory that comes along with rule: Most Lasombra prefer the role of kingmaker to the title of king.

The Lasombra are of darkness and shadow. Many Kindred see the Ventrue and Lasombra as twisted reflections of each other. The Lasombra have all but turned their backs on their former nobility; the chaos of Kindred history and the formation of the Sabbat have caused most of them to shun their origins. Now, the Lasombra give themselves wholly over to the damnation of being vampires.


From time immemorial, the Tzimisce have haunted Europe beyond the Elbe. Along the Oder and Danube, through the Pripet Marshes, amid the Carpathian crags stalk the Fiends, each claiming its lair and wrecking a terrible vengeance on intruders.

Millennia of defending their holdings from all sides have made Tzimisce extremely vicious, and Tzimisce cruelty is infamous even among vampires.

By the modern nights, the Tzimisce have been uprooted from their Old Country manses and relocated into the clutches of the Sabbat. Clan Tzimisce lead these Sabbat in this rejection of all things human. They practice a ‘fleshcrafting’ discipline that they use to disfigure their foes and sculpt themselves into beings of terrible beauty.

Glossary section 1 (you will need to know these following things to understand Part 3 a little better, it will be explained more in detail later in the story.)


As a human, blood courses through your veins in order to sustain life. As a vampire that doesn’t quite happen anymore, but it is still as important as ever in sustaining unlife. In order to be able to use Disciplines(see disciplines), as well as to prevent a vampire from frenzying(see frenzying) blood is required.

Blood will be used from your blood pool(the amount of living blood a vampire currently has in them) when Disciplines are used, in order to replenish a Blood Pool, a vampire needs to feed.


Vampires are monsters, possessed of an inner Beast. Though, like humans, they have the capability to overrule their baser instincts, sometimes they fail. When this occurs, the Hunger and the Beast become uncontrollable, and no one is safe. If a vampire is attacked or hasn’t fed in a long time their frenzy level will increase until they can no longer control their actions, friend and foe alike must be wary of them, since they will begin to attack indiscriminately.

The rate of frenzy depends on a few variables including the clan type(some clans frenzy more quickly than others), Blood pool level(if a vampire is starving for blood, then they are more likely to frenzy), and any damage they might of sustained(healing wounds requires high blood pool.) Certain Disciplines will also cause a vampire to frenzy faster, and there are also a few Disciplines that will lower the Frenzy level as well.

Eventually some vampires have been known to naturally become unfrenzied.


Though vampirism is a curse, the Blood of Caine grants great mystical powers to those with the insight and dedication to pursue them. These powers are known as Disciplines.

In later parts I will list this Disciplines(give me a chance, there are 80 of them so far written down in my note book, they’ll dribble out chapter, by chapter). Rare vampires and other stranger creatures may have powers not on this list, as there are mysteries that remain hidden with the World of Darkness.

Sub Glossary: Lexicon section 1

The Kindred have their own dialect of specialized words and phrases. Vampires have a tremendous capacity for double-talk; what they say often means something other than its literal interpretation or something in addition to its simple meaning.

Beast, The: The inchoate drives and urges that threaten to turn a vampire into a mindless, ravening monster.

Childer: A vampire created through the Embrace – the childe is the progeny of their sire. This term is often used to derogatorily, indication inexperience. Plural childer.

Clan:A group of vampires who share common characteristics passed on by the Blood. There are 13 known clans, all of which were reputedly founded by members of the Third Generation

Embrace, The: The act of transforming a mortal into a vampire. The Embrace requires the vampire to drain her victim and then replace that victim’s blood with a their own.

Generation: The number of ‘steps’ between a vampire and the mythical Caine(find out more about him later); how far descended from the First Vampire a given vampire is.

Kindred: The race of vampires as a whole or single vampire.

Sire: A vampire’s ‘parent’; the Kindred who created them.

After writing the breakdowns, the glossaries, and the ritual bibliographies, writing the actual story is going to seem like child’s play. (sighs)

Damn, and that’s just reminded me of something else I have to write up for you outside the story, all the different Disciplines(there are loads), while in my media class I have made notes of up to 80 of them(I really can’t stand that class). So I’ll have to add those in somewhere as well as introduce them in more detail within the story not to mention all the other types of creatures/enemies out there, which doesn’t include any of the Occult stuff I’ll be putting in.

IF YOU GET EASILY CONFUSED IT IS BEST TO TURN BACK NOW AND STOP READING THIS STORY, IT WILL ONLY GET MORE COMPLEX AS IT GOES ALONG AND THE ONLY WAY YOU’LL AVOID CONFUSION IS TO LEARN THESE THINGS OR RE-READ THE STORY REGUALR. (thinks this story is gonna end up with a very small audience by the time it’s finished. Heads will be exploding like in that film ‘Scanners’)

Also I’d like to make a request for a volunteer that’s willing to be my proof checker for the stories on any off days I have(when I can’t be bothered to sit for hours checking my stories through). You see here’s the problem, it takes me about 3-4 hours to write a part on a normal day, and then almost that same amount of time to check the damn thing over and over for the Hundreds of mistakes I make, by the time I am satisfied it’s proof checked I post it and read it once more on the board only to find mistakes still that I have to edit out. (crys, you do know that I’m writing all this fanfic when in fact I should be doing my college coursework I hope!?!)

Also the person(s) got to be a stickler for details, if you’ve read what’s above then you know what I mean by details. My head overflows with things when I write and I might forget some damn major aspects or their detailed details when writing a part, and in doing so successfully screw up the part. (rubs forehead, I just seem to make life hard on myself, I swear it’s got to be coz I’m a Capricorn!)

It’s kinda getting to be too much, sitting in front of the computer just writing and re-reading my own story for like 6 hours and I haven’t even really started on this one yet.

And just as a second note, even though I’m currently only typing Part3 of this story, I’ve already got the sequel planned in my head, how freaky is that? Once this one which is based in our present time period is done and completed, I’m gonna take the story back in time (kinda like a flash back), to when Max got turned, and lost his one true love Elizabetha into the jaws of death. (freaky how the name from Bram Stokers ‘Dracula’ can be used perfectly here as well.). Guess who gets reincarnated in the current story, but you don’t really know it till the sequel! The sequel will deal with how the Vampires came in to creation and will deal with quite a bit of religious dogma. (sighs) Basically all the background info which isn't gonna be included in the current story will be in there.

Ok, so thousands of ideas are going through my head right now, since I know I could take the story anywhere’s (not to mention the 3rd sequel that’s bobbing around as well to do with Maria and Michael.). I have no idea how long this story is gonna be other than saying the word ‘very’ and I still have to continue with BTTDB which I have planned to finish around a chapter 40, IzzyLizard, not to mention many others will not be to happy if I just leave it to gather dust. So I’m gonna be juggling both of them in the air.

(starts to whimper when she remembers she still has two other separate fic’s she wants to start soon as well, ‘Ding, Dong the Bitch is Dead.’ & another one which I haven’t thought of a title for yet.) Someone take an axe to me! How I’m gonna do all this and do my coursework, work my job, and get time to actually read other fic’s I have no idea. I think I’ll stop sleeping all together. (sighs)


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Andrew Procailo originally wrote:
I'm really enjoying this story. I assume when your talking about the 13 clans your talking about the Capadocian/Giovanni link. ie The Italian Necromancers who diablerised their sire.

Are there actually any Capadocians still around?

Also there are a couple of other clans/bloodlines in existence.

Children of Osiris

Also are the Sabbat/Camarilla wars going on in this world. If so the younger Tess would be a member of the Sabbat and Max as an elder Losombra would be either a member of the Icconnu or an independent.


See this is the thing, I have one, tiny, slim little book on the Vampire Masquerade to find that stuff out from(not much of a White Wolf fan really). That’s why I’m gonna be making up quite a bit as I go along(ie. You find out in the next chapter vampires don’t turn to dust in the sunlight, something that is not true in the Vamp Masq version.) or changing it(ie. In the ‘Vamp Masq’ the Brujah are meant to be fighting the Lasombra, but since I didn’t want Liz’s clan to be at odds with Max’s I’ve changed that to the Tzimisce, Tess’s clan.).

I’m only using Masquerade stuff to make the foundations for the story and to fill in certain bits. The rest of it is going to come straight out of my head(minus magick rituals), which should lead it to be a interesting(unusual) story.

my heads gonna end up doing the 180 exorcist twist by the time I’m finished.

Part 3 of VM should be posted in a few hours, depends what time dinner is and what time I finish it. :- )

BTTDB should be posted either later tonight or early sometime tomorrow. (Whenever I get my but in gear and start writing it basically!) By the UK time zone that is.

Also thanx to Cinder and Darth Maul for volunteering to help double-check the story in the future incase I slip up in my own storyline(Even Goddess’s have their off days!)

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Warning, this part could be slightly teary for some people that are highly sensitive.


~Like no other child, you will be a vampire like no other,

I shall live on within you my daughter,

I shall have my revenge through your hands and your actions,

And every dream your mind could ever imagine shall be your reward.~

This is the last thing I hear as I drift off into unconscious, a dark warmth embracing me as I go.


Part 3


So cold.

Shivers run right through my body.

I distantly feel the bitter frost turning my limbs numb.

‘What the hell? Where am I?’ I wonder, not even able to recall my own name.

Trapped within the obscurity of my mind I become aware of the world outside and try to open my heavy eyelids.

All my clothes are wet through with a freezing dampness, every muscle in me screams in pain when I try to move, yet I mange to sit myself up on the concrete ground.

Like a lighting bolt my memories arise within me, the ritual, the spirit, the fight, Serena…

‘Shit, what the hell did she do to me?’ My hand swiftly moves up to my neck where I had been bitten, but tracing my fingerers across my skin I can find no wound.

For a moment I almost doubt that it ever happened, until I look beside me and see a pile of dust shaped in a humanoid form. Flinching away from it in horror I feel as if someone has just thrown a heavy weight upon my shoulders, dizziness overcomes me for a moment and my vision blurs only to return a few seconds later.

Fear grabs me upon remember her last words.

“I’m not dead, I’m not dead, I’m not a vampire.” I mumble to myself in a manta as if hoping saying it over and over will make it true.

Relief sweeps over me when I touch my neck for a second time to check for a pulse and find one. A faint, very slow one, but one still the same.

Standing up gradually on shaky legs I make my way out of this alley of gloom and towards the daylight desperately. The moment I set foot upon the pavement I double over on to the ground as my senses are overwhelmed with pain.

Walking out from the shadows seems to have caused an explosion of brightness to ignite around me, searing my eyes. The white light that seems to bounce off everything comes straight through my eyelids even when I raise my hands to hide my face.

The sounds of huge war surround me from every angle, the deafening noise threatens to make my very eardrums rupture. Crawling on my hands and knees clumsily, I go back into the darkness and safety of the alley.

I stay huddled on the cold wet concrete for a few minutes curled into a fetus position, pleading with myself to wake up from this nightmare, but I don’t, instead the pain slowly diminishes, and the sharp cutting sounds fade slightly so that I’m able to remove hands from their death grip around my ears.

‘What did she do to me?’ I silently cry out.

Little by little I build up the courage to open my eyes and take a glimpse behind me too see what’s so terrible and could reduce me to a cripple with seconds. But I don’t see anything terrible, no end of the world seems to come while I slept as I glance the strip of street I see before me.

Creeping slow and cautiously forward I once again peep at the light, treating it as if it was some raging fire threatening to scold me with one glance. Squinting as I partially emerge from the shade I see that there is no such raging fire or out break of war as I first thought.

Everything looks the way it normally looks accepts for how bright and shinning it all seems. Steadily getting used to this level of light I look towards the sky and gasp at realising the sun isn’t even out, it’s hiding behind the thick early morning clouds, not so much as one ray escape it’s thick gray cloak.

A gentle thudding noise claws my attention across the street to where a small puppy no more than 12 weeks old happy plods along by itself.

‘It looks so sweet, so innocent, the poor little thing must have been born a stray.’ I think to myself, almost forgetting the iceberg of problems crushing down upon me.

As if hearing my thoughts it stops in its tracks and looks right at me with big beautiful eyes that I’m able to focus on even from here.

An eagerness and joy fills it at seeing me, how I know this I'm not sure, all I know is that it’s so utterly happy and starts to run as fast as its little legs can across the road towards me.

A blur of motion comes from the left heading straight into its path, I only get a chance to comprehend that it is a car before an earth shattering sound detonates and I find myself once again huddled into a fetus position groping madly at my ears trying to block out the sound as the void once again engulfs me into darkness.

How long I was lying there for I don’t know, but as I come too I feel a soft warm wetness being gently pressed against my cheek. I’m a little startled to look up and see a small worried fuzzy face staring back at me. The adorable Labrador puppy continues to lick my cheek until I sit myself up against the wall.

“A car horn, that damn noise that almost made my head explode, was a car horn.” I say to myself in shock.

The puppy plods along round to my side and begins to softly nuzzle my hand, a small smile grows on my face. It looks up at me with two big beautiful brown eyes and my heart melts at the sight as it brings its two front paws up onto my abdomen and lets out a delighted puppy yelp slanting its head to the side looking at me. Picking the small thing up I place it in my lap and begin to stroke it’s soft warm golden fur as it snuggles down contentedly.

I’m snapped out of my revelry as dark memories from last night once again begin to surface and a thousand questions comes attached to each of them.

The events replay themselves over and over in my head till I can’t stand it anymore.

‘What am I? What happened? And what should I do now?’ I wonder.

Every time I think about the fight, and the blond Tess I find myself overwhelm with a hatred I could of never imagined, which seems to come from deep within me. That little bitch, Sean and Pierce are responsible for this, if it hadn’t been for them leaving Serena here she wouldn’t of been able to do whatever she’s done to me.

‘Wait, Pierce? What the hell? How did I know that the other guys name was Pierce?’ I ask shocked. No answer comes to my silent question as I continue to sit there and brew on what happened.

I force myself to swallow upon feeling the dryness in my parched throat, which seems to have appeared from nowhere. Staring blankly at the wall in front of me I wonder if things could get any worse. As if on que I feel a tightness within my chest pull at me. A burning soreness seems to ignite along with a dreadful sting of pain in my throat and my vision blurs as a nauseating feeling consumes me.

Then just as swiftly as it had come the pain starts to easy and die away leaving a warm contented sensation.

The Horror…

The horror of coming back to my senses and seeing what I see is almost too much for me to deal with considering my already fragile mental state. Dropping the small soft bundle with a jerk, it falls back into my lap. I stare wide-eyed in revulsion at what I have done, the small puppy’s unconscious body struggles for breath, its rib cage heaving up and down as blood slowly trickles out from the scruff of its neck on to the beautiful golden fur.

The worse thing though, the most sickening thing of it all is the fact I can still taste the blood on my tongue and like it.

The small body takes one more last gasp of air and goes still. I dig my nails in to my hand silently begging it to take another breath, I wait for what must have been ten minutes, before the truth of the fact it wasn’t going to take another sinks in.

I look at it’s face and wince at the sight, the eye’s that had been so full of life and joy were now dull and blank, the jaw of the tiny creature hangs open with the its small pick tongue drooping out to the side.

A tear rolls down my cheek and falls upon the fur, I move my hand unconsciously to wipe the drop off, only to recoil it back at feeling the now cooling body.

As if something physically snaps inside me, a floodgate of tears open up, and I cry and cry, unable to stop.

I cry for the innocent puppy that lies dead in my lap.

I cry for the fact that I was the one that took the life.

I cry for myself, and for what I have become, a monster.

I cry for Serena, and her death, for if it had never happened I wouldn’t be damned like this.

And I cry for what the future holds for me, knowing only one thing for certain, that it will never be the same, I am now trapped in a world of darkness, one that I doubt I will ever be free from.

Not being able to stand it a second longer in this alley, the alley that has torn my life from me, I quickly and yet gently move the small body down onto the concrete, I take one last glance at it, noting how it seems to be only in a sweet sleep from this angle.

Heading out into the light I run, I run like I never have before, I run as if the devil himself was snapping at my heals.

I keep on running, with the one hope that I’ll be able to leave the terror behind me, knowing even then, deep down, that the worse has yet to come.

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As if something physically snaps inside me, a floodgate of tears open up, and I cry and cry, unable to stop.

I cry for the innocent puppy that lies dead in my lap.

I cry for the fact that I was the one that took the life.

I cry for myself, and for what I have become, a monster.

I cry for Serena, and her death, for if it had never happened I wouldn’t be damned like this.

And I cry for what the future holds for me, knowing only one thing for certain, that it will never be the same, I am now trapped in a world of darkness, one that I doubt I will ever be free from.

Not being able to stand it a second longer in this alley, the alley that has torn my life from me, I quickly and yet gently move the small body down onto the concrete, taking one last glance at it, noting how it seems to be only in a sweet sleep from this angle.

Heading out into the light I run, I run like I never have before, I run as if the devil himself was snapping at my heals.

I keep on running, with the one hope that I’ll be able to leave the terror behind me, knowing even then, deep down, that the worse has yet to come.


Part 4

Ever had one of those dreams which are so vivid that when you wake up it takes a while to figure out what is real and what isn’t?

Now imagine going for hours with that one same feeling, doubting whether what around you is real or not, unable to form one pure cohesive thought. Welcome to my world.

I have no idea how I managed to get all the way home from London, I have no idea how I got into my house and now find myself waiting for the kettle to boil for a cup of tea. All my memories are either vague or jumbled up, distantly I realise I’m shock, but that information hasn’t really seeped in that much. Completely running on autopilot like this I wonder somewhere in the recesses of my mind if this is what a zombie must feel like.

The noise of the kettle boiling is like being in the center of Niagara falls, slowly becoming used to the loud sounds I’ve figured out all I have to do to gain control over my senses is to grit my teeth and try to behr with it. The more I seem to do this, the easier it becomes for some reason. That is, until the telephone rings and I once again found myself crumpled up on the floor.

Things again become vague after that, next thing I know I’m sitting on my living room couch with my cup of tea warming my hands and a slice of Stawbehry Shortcake.

Taking a sip of the warm brew I practically choke upon it and spit the contents on to the floor. The taste is vile, as if I had left the water to continually heat up over three days before drinking it, stagnant and repellent to the core.

A loud knock at the door takes my attention off the disgusting taste as I get up and open it knowing already somehow it’s Alex. I stand there looking blankly at him for a moment and watch as a frown crosses his features at the sight of me.

“God, Liz, what’s happened to you?” He asks, his voice full of raw emotion.

“I woke up today and decided on a change.” I say mockingly.

“Liz, be serious, something’s truly wrong with you.” He utters with the same worry.

“I know.” I say.

Walking back over to the couch I hear him close the door and follow me sitting down opposite. The silence that follows is almost tangible, he continues to stare at me all the while, and I realise then, he knows somehow, what’s happened to me. I can see it in his eyes when pity replaces the anxiety in them.

“What happened to you over the weekend Liz?” He asks plainly in an even voice.

“You tell me Alex, you the one who’s a member of the O.T.O(Ordo Templi Orientis), shouldn’t your lessons of taught you how to read people? Easy enough I think.”

“Yes, they teach us to read people, but your not a person anymore, I…” He sighs. “Liz, even a first level initiate could tell something immense has happened to you, something evil, malevolence is practically oozing from you. If you weren’t one of my closest friends I doubt I would of even come in this house.”

I fidget around in my seat as Alex’s words make me extraordinarily uncomfortable. “Alex…” I say, not sure how to begin, the last 24 hours seem to quickly pile upon me and I find myself longing for sleep.

“Alex…” I repeat once more. “W-what do you know about Vampires?” I ask hesitantly.

“What type of Vampire’s Liz?” He asks straight out, his expression unreadable.

“There’s more than one?” I ask astonished.

“There are many different categories of Vampire’s Liz, there are the vampires that seem for the most part to be physical, and vampires that have almost phantom-like attributes. Of the two, the first type of creature is reported the least often to O.T.O. The phantom type one feeds on living people while they are in bed at night, there’s one type called the ‘Larve’ which are spiritual entities that pray upon sick people, devouring energy when the persons defensive’s are at their weakest. Also there are the ‘Incubus’ and ‘Succubus’ which are forms of vampire’s that steal sexual energy through intercourse.

Then there’s the other category of vampire’s, the one which I think your referring to…” Alex says letting the sentence drift off.

“Well…?” I ask expectantly.

“I was hoping you could tell me Liz.” Alex says dogging my question. Maintaining my stare at him I wait for him to give me some more information.

“L-liz… you know more than anyone that I can’t tell you anything I do know on that subject. The Oath I swore when I joined my order binds me to never share it’s secret’s to non-members, the only reason I told you the other stuff was because you can find it easily available in books if you looked for a while. If I was to so much as to share the secrets with a lower level member of the O.T.O I would be playing with fire.”

“Fine, I tell you what happened, then you can decide for yourself.” I say uncertainly.

I stifle on some of the words of my story as I tell him the whole awful tale, all the while holding back my tears hoping he’ll know what to do. By the time I’m finished I feel like the slightest breeze could shatter me into a thousand pieces and I find myself Haunted by the eyes of the small innocent little puppy once more.

Alex hasn’t said one word since I started the story, which is making me worry more and more by the second. “Alex… I-I’m so scared…” I say feebly.

The unreadable expression leave’s his face and a sadness take’s its place. “Oh, Liz…” He says sorrowfully. My eyes blur with tears and I feel his arms wrap around me into a comforting cuddle.

“Liz, come on, remember your training, you’re stronger than this, I know it for a fact!” I feel his hand rubbing up and down my back as he continues. “Don’t let your emotions overwhelm you Liz, you’ll drown in them with this much grief, distance yourself from them and yet still feel them there.”

Following his basic instructions I start to gain control over myself again and give him a thankful smile.

“Liz, I have an idea I want to try, to find out the extent of what’s happened to you? Are you game to try it?” He asks hopefully.

Giving him a confirming nod he draws me up from the couch with him and leads us down to the cellar that I’ve set up to by my ritual sacred space.


Sitting comfortably on the floor in the center of the room I continue to listen to Alex’s instructions.

“Kay, Liz, something’s happened to you, and neither of us know the extent of it. The only thing we know for certain is that your senses are heightened and that you might have a more keened sixth sense now than you did before.” Lighting a candle and placing it before me while burning some incense to a Cinder, I think I understand already what it is he has planned.

“What I want you to do first is learn how to control these powers you know you have, so that any loud sound or bright light won’t cripple you instantly. Just go into a trance like you would for a Tattwa vision Liz, but instead of going to another plane of existence, go within the recesses of your own mind and find whatever it is this Serena has put in there. You life-force has increased considerably by her adding to it, but I believe she has added more than just raw power and a vampiric lifestyle.” He says almost jokingly, but I don’t find it funny in the least.

Sighing he goes over to the over side of the room to give me space as I start my breathing exercise. As I clear my mind of thought only one thing creeps in and that is how easy all this suddenly seems, slowing down my breathing rate and heartbeat normally takes 10 or 20 minutes, but it has leveled off to the right amount with seconds and before I know it I have fallen back within my mind, lost in its obscurity.

I search blindly for anything in my subconscious that I have never felt there before and end up getting drawn to something in one of the very most darkness corners that seems to be almost beckoning me. The closer I get the more fear floods through me, but yet I am unable to turn back the way I came, like getting tangled in some web the more I struggle the tighter I seem to get caught.

Then it strikes and my worse fears ignite at feeling the hostile charge towards me. The atmosphere starts to feel like it’s crashing down on me, suffocating my very essence. A powerful darkness grabs and tugs at my nonexistent limbs, pulling me down and down all the while I try to claw my way to freedom from it. Fighting doesn’t seem to help, it only slows the process, and the more I fight the weaker and weaker I become.

Then the pain comes…

I try to scream…

As the darkness devours me...

But it does no good…

Deeper and deeper I go,

Till I find myself trapped

In a place where no light falls. ~

My eye’s snap open and dart around the room I’m in looking at everything. Something’s different about me, but I’m not sure what, I don’t even really care what. I rise from my sitting position in one graceful motion, as a voice from the other side of the room gets my attention I turn in that direct quickly.

It stands there expecting me to answer some question I didn’t even hear. A wicked grin goes across my face as I slowly stalk my way towards it with predatory poise, my tongue involuntary licking my lips in anticipation.

“Liz? Liz… I asked if you are all right?” Alex asks with concern.

The stench of fear reeks from him and my mouth waters at the thought of tasting his blood flow down my throat. I stop a few feet away from him when something cry’s out from deep within me not to do this. Ignoring the feeling I keep going forward until the screaming sensation within my head builds to such a fury I can’t stand it anymore.

‘This one is not for feeding.’ The thought seems to pop out of my head from nowhere and I don’t understand from whence it came, but from the moment of hearing it, it seems to make perfect sense.
‘Alex, his name is Alex’ I realise ‘I know this one somehow, but I, just can’t, remember.’

I scowl at not being able to recall all the details, but realise it doesn’t matter either way, I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. ‘Serena, I must do what Serena asked of me.’ Is the only thing that seems clear in the giant mess of memory I have.

“I have to go now Alex.” I say not so much as blinking as I look at him. The dread pours off of him, which only makes me smile more, not a kind smile though, the kind of smile that causes him even more apprehension.

“W-what? Liz, what do mean? Go where?” He asks scared and confused as I stalk further towards him.

“My seat at the high council calls to me, I must go and claim it as the new leader before any other Kindred do.” I say simply as if it was the most plainest thing for everyone to see.

“Liz what are you talking about? Why do you sound like that? What are you…”

He doesn’t get a chance to finish his incessant questioning as I strike out with unnatural speed and slam his head against the wall. I hear his skull crack upon impact with the stone, a small trickle of blood is smeared down the wall as he slides down to the floor in a crumpled heap.

I try to ignore my worry over the fact I miss judged my own strength when slamming his head, I’m even more surprised when relief fills me upon seeing the steady rise and fall of his chest and I realise he’ll live.

Turning around and heading up the staircase I leave his body lying there.

‘And now the Hunt truly begins, God have mercy upon any who oppose me, because I certainly won’t.’


Background information on part4

Start of Ramble on the O.T.O (you might want to skip this and go to where it says ‘End of Ramble’ in bold writing, it’s a ramble that drifts kinda off topic)

Kay, remember all the following stuff is fact, not fiction. The O.T.O like I said earlier stands for Ordo Templi Orientis which is the name of a secret lodge(which hasn’t been that secret for the last hundred years or so due to the fact it’s now pretty easy to find info about it.) My info about the lodge isn’t that complete since I’m not a member nor is anyone I know, but it does consist of thousands if not more people all over the world that practice a form of Magick called ‘Thelema’(don’t ask what it is, just type the word in a search engine and you’ll get more info on the topic than you’ll ever be able to read.)

To find out more direct info on the O.T.O you can visit their site at their headquarters is meant to have been based in the US for the last 50 years, but I heard somewhere that they’ve moved the HQ to Germany for some reason.(go figure)

To understand the modern day O.T.O better you gotta go back a hundred years to the good old days of the G.D (Golden Dawn, mentioned in a earlier post). The G.D. being a highly secretive order back in the 18-19th century had a member called Israel Regardie(wonderfully brilliant man!) after being in the order for quite a few years he got into a fight about whether or not to keep all the secret info(rituals, etc…) in the order or not.

He believed that if they continued to sit on all the info not allowing anyone outside the order to read and learn from it, it would all end up one day dying out or being lost. So going against his sworn oath(and many people say risking his life) he published all the texts that the G.D. had ever given him and called the book ‘The Golden Dawn’(you can find it and other Regardie works at To say the G.D. were pissed is an understatement, and they kicked him out of the order(surprised that’s all they did.). The G.D. figured the damage was now done and it was lucky they kicked him out when did before they gave him anymore important info, but what they didn’t count on was Aleister Crowley, Regardie’s student in the order.

Crowley even though he was peeved at Regardie also at first for publishing the stuff, still ended up agreeing with what he did, and doing the same in fact. Crowley was highlighted as being one of the most quickly advancing students in the G.D., he was truly brilliant, a genius in not only the order’s works, but also in mathematics, the sciences, a scholar like no other, etc… unfortunately though, he was kind of a twisted sicko in his personal life(understatment, I.e. the reported case of him biting off the nipple of a prostitute, I.e. the fact was a drug addict, I.e. the fact 4 of his wives committed suicide and a couple others were committed to mental institutions, get the idea of what I mean by sicko?).

Ultimately though, the actual reason he got kicked out the G.D. was because of the fact he was a self-proclaimed bi-sexual(remember this was back almost a hundred years ago) and the order refused to let him advance any further till he put aside his bi/homo tendencies, so he got pissed and also published the G.D works(also the fact he tried to take over the entire order might have had something to do with it as well) and got kicked out.

Now he ended up finding the O.T.O and joined it, then ended up totally taking control of that a few years later. After that point my personal view is that the O.T.O went down hill big time, by modern day standards the current O.T.O is nothing more in my opinion than a glorified Crowley wannbe fan club(ducks head incase there is a O.T.O member on the board, it’s happened before).

Kay, now that’s the seriously condensed version, and I have left quite a few details out, but don’t worry, I’ll most probably be revisiting the topic in later background info (Don’t Groan! You brought on yourself if you bothered to read all that!)

End of Ramble

Read People: The term is applied to a lot of things, but in the instance of this fic it’s referring to being able to see someone’s aura(Not retinal burn *happy*), when someone’s sick, etc… the color is meant to change, the same thing goes with what emotions your experiencing or what environment your currently in is also meant to change the color.

The Tattwa is basically a form of in depth meditation(kinda), the Tattwa’s are pretty little bright coloured shapes and you use them to help you get into the trance, once you’re use to it you don’t even need the coloured shapes anymore and can just visualize them instead(No, don’t worry, I’m not gonna get into an in depth talk about them, if you want to find out more just type the word in a search engine, and your bound to get back plenty of sites).

Alex in one part of the story refers to ‘the categories,’ of vampires. Those descriptions of ‘phantom’ or ‘spiritual’ vampire’s are in fact not part of the ‘Vampire Masquerade’ or taken from my imagination. They are in fact from a book called ‘Vampires: The Occult Truth’ by Konstantinos. According to the back cover that I am now quoting from the guy ‘lives in New York, has studied the occult for almost ten years, and has helped several victims of psychic-vampire attacks. He is also the author of ‘Summoning Spirits: The Art of Magical Evocation’, etc, etc… (Don’t look at me, I have no idea if his crazy or not!?! Your guess as good as mine, damn cool book cover though.)

Kay, I think I’ve addressed everything that anyone might of found confusing in the last part, if there’s something you still don’t understand, just post, I love feed back!

(author is enjoying switching between the fiction of the ‘Vampire Masqurade’ and the fact of my other ‘unique’ studies.) Keeps ya on ya toe’s! I make my readers earn their chapters!

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Author’s Update… (author is in tears of sadness ‘Oh, whata world, whata world!’)

Ok, I’m cross posting this to all my stories as an update to tell you what’s happened(sniffles).

I ‘had’ written the new part 11 for BTTDB during the time the new board has been down, along with part 4 of ‘Vampiric Magick’, part 3 of ‘Stop Screwing with my head’, the first two parts of a new fic called ‘Insidious Lust’, part 1 of a new fic called ‘Sex never Seemed so Appealing’, and part 1 of another new fic called ‘Can’t Hide from me No Longer’.

I ‘was’ very busy writing all the fic so that when the new board came back up I could post it in one giant swoop(I don’t post to anything other than the new board). Things never go as planned though(Can you tell already that this post is gonna have a bad ending?).

Me being the genius that I am never backed up these word files to disk, so when the virus hit my puter on Friday 23 Nov, I was pretty much in shock(not to mention all the profanity that was coming out my mouth.dark2) I had to re-install Windows, which cleaned the memory, which meant bye-bye storiesring-inc.

If my best friend had died that day I would still have been mourning the loss of my stories more smileyshot2, you have No Idea How Proud I was of those parts, I had polished them so much they shined. Due to the site being down I worked on them So Hard, and now, they’re gone. (weeps) Not to mention my mad dash to the new board to copy and save my story parts that were on there. (If something had happened to the new board’s database as well I would of lost everything I had done already.)

I had graphics for each one of the story and everything (continues to sulk), at least I haven’t lost the graphics though which is one good thing, I had uploaded them to my server for linking once they were finished.

This is the part where I wallow even more in my hall of pain, below are the graphics for each story and below each graphic is that stories update(or what would have been that stories update) and details of up coming things(SPOILERS!). For the new stories it’s just a summary of a few lines, I’m working like crazy to get them all re-written once more, some of them are done, other’s aren’t. Can you say tedious? zx11pissed

Back to the Drawing Board

Ok, the new part 11 is currently being re-written and should be posted tonight or tomorrow! I hate to break it to some of the feedbacker’s that are waiting for the great Tess bash up, but it’s not gonna happen any time soon. Tess’s bloody demise is the climax of the story, which happens at the very end. On a brighter note, watch out for Zan’s and Ava’s special guest appearance’s in the on coming chapters, should prove to be interesting, will Zan stay forever?

Vampiric Magick

Here’s the next part and posted(I didn’t even have to re-write this one, I had sent it to someone over e-mail and it got saved in my sent folder, THANK YOU YAHOO!), go and get it guys. This fic is kinda of a compensator for the fact you don’t get the bloody battle between Tess and Liz in BTTDB, like I said before this fic is all out war between the two(your gonna end up thinking hellcat’s after their first official meeting in the story.)

You just wait though for when Liz meets Zan the vampire(formally Max the human) things get heated, (‘Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonite…’) and he takes her to his Sanctuary.

Stop Screwing with my Head

Owww…. Watch out for the heated dream scene between Liz and her secret admirer! Also watch out for a very resentful and envious Max determined to obliterate whoever this guy is. I’m thinking of making up a little award jpg graphic for the first person who can actually tell me for certain without a doubt who they think the secret admirer actually is before the part in the story when it is reveled(yes, it is actually that hard to guess, complex plot lines remember, I’m hoping to floor everyone with it, but I know there’s always gotta be one in the crowed to prove me wrong.)

If you are one of those really smart cookie’s and are sure you know who it is, B-Mail me with the name to find out if you win the award(that’s just incase your right, I don’t want anyone reading the feedback to have their surprise spoiled by seeing that name.)

Sex Never Seemed So Appealing

This fic was going to be called ‘Ding, Dong, the Bitch is Back’ but I changed my mind on the title and have switched the roles I had planned for Max and Liz. This takes place after EOTW something happens to Max that pushes him over the edge, and basically, he kidnaps Liz in the middle of the night. I don’t want to give away to many juicey details, but essentially the story revolves around the fact he takes her to a place that no one can find them and keeps her there.

One BIG twist about this story is the fact S&M and BDMS ensues between M/L, only light stuff, but stuff that’s gonna prove to be an interesting read.(and no before anyone asks, that stuff is ‘not’ written from experience.) Max in his slightly unstable state takes on the Dominatrix role whether Liz likes it or not(bondage along with other stuff*wink*). While all this is going on the rest of the gang work towards finding out where Max has taken her and what the hell has happened to him(don’t worry, you’ll get to know what’s happened to Max in the first part).

Oh, come on? Be truthful! You’d sell your own soul to trade places with her in that situation with Max!

Incidious Lust

This is a ‘What If?’ kinda story, when the grenolith was getting ready to take off what if Tess grabbed Liz and took her into cone as a hostage after she told them it was Tess that had killed Alex? This story then becomes a FF three years later, basically in those three years a lot of things have happened, Kivar stepped up his invasion of earth, killing nearly all of the population and yet also dying in the fight himself leaving what was left of earth to the space vultures to pick at(space vultures! Ha, you gotta admit it’s a cool term and very fitting when you read the story).

One of these ‘space vultures’ is a merchant city ship(yep, came up with that as well, think of it as a GIANT floating city in space that’s very seedy, their own version of alien drug dealers, prostitutes, slave trade, the black market, etc… can you tell how sci-fi this is gonna be already?).

And just guess what loveable little dumbo eared guy is up for auction to become dinner(literary) for the member’s of this community? Yep, you got it, Max, but someone gets to him first and buys him taking him as her personal pet. Through his haze of guilt and depression Max somehow finds this beautiful woman familiar, but doesn’t know how.

Oh Boy, is Max gonna be in for a surprise at finding out HOW much Liz has changed mentally, emotionally and physically(That’s why he can’t recognize her, she doesn’t look like Liz anymore.)

Can’t Hide from me No Longer

smileyalien1 Sorry, I had to delete this summary, I've had a different idea for it since I'm re-writing...

P.S. Always remember to backup your FILE’S!

P.P.S. Thanx Roswell techie's for getting the site back up!

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Cinder originally wrote:
I enjoyed that you added a little Robert Frost into the mix.

Robert Frost? Is this one of those cross-cultural confusions? Who's Robert Frost and how did I add him into the story?
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oh, and I really want to archive your fics on my site ( http://www.schurry.com_69 ), but I'll send you an email about that tomorrow *wink*

Wow... I feel... so... honored to be invited! I love the schurry site! ;- )

(Damn, someone's gonna have to seriously beta read Everything though before it gets archived.) Do the story boards get to tag along too? Pleaseeeeeee

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“I have to go now Alex.” I say not so much as blinking as I look at him. The dread pours off of him, which only makes me smile more, not a kind smile though, the kind of smile that causes him even more apprehension.

“W-what? Liz, what do mean? Go where?” He asks scared and confused as I stalk further towards him.

“My seat at the high council calls to me, I must go and claim it as the new leader before any other Kindred do.” I say simply as if it was the most plainest thing for everyone to see.

“Liz what are you talking about? Why do you sound like that? What are you…”

He doesn’t get a chance to finish his incessant questioning as I strike out with unnatural speed and slam his head against the wall. I hear his skull crack upon impact with the stone, a small trickle of blood is smeared down the wall as he slides down to the floor in a crumpled heap.

I try to ignore my worry over the fact I miss judged my own strength when slamming his head, I’m even more surprised when relief fills me upon seeing the steady rise and fall of his chest and I realise he’ll live.

Turning around and heading up the staircase I leave his body lying there.

‘And now the Hunt truly begins, God have mercy upon any who oppose me, because I certainly won’t.’


Part 5

The Vampire Masquerade Traditions

The First Tradition: The Masquerade
Thou shalt not reveal thy true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing so shall renounce thy claims of Blood.

The Second Tradition: The Domain
Thy domain is thy concern. All others owe thee respect while in it. None may challenge thy word in thy domain.

The Third Tradition: The Progeny
Thou shalt sire another only with permission of thine elder. If thou createst another without thine elder’s leave, both thou and thy progeny shalt be slain.

The Forth Tradition: The Accounting
Those thou create are thine own childer. Until thy progeny shall be released, thou shalt command them in all things. Their sins are thine to endure.

The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality

Honour one another’s domain. When thou comest to a foreign city, thou shalt present thyself to the one who ruleth there. Without the word or acceptance, thou art nothing.

The Sixth Tradition: Destruction

Thou art forbidden to destroy another of thy kind. The right of destruction belongeth only to thine elder. Only the eldest among thee shall call the blood hunt.


The grand sinisterly dark hall of the council is convened awaiting the missing leader of one of the Clan’s. The gloomy hall is vast in size almost like the inside of a cathedral, excepts for the fact it is buried deep beneath the streets of the heart of London.

A large long oak wooden table rests in the center of the hall, looking almost as old as some of the people sitting at it. Fifteen sturdy wooden chairs with long backs pointing into arches are placed evenly around it and the fifteenth chair is placed at the very head of the table where the only awakened Methuselah sits watching Elder vampire’s occupying the other seats with mild interest and listening to their plots to try and overthrow each other. The sides of the room can’t be seen in the dark hall for there is no illumination other than the two burning torches placed either side of the enormous chamber door and the new modern electric lighting suspended above the long wooden table itself.

The second in command of each Clan stands behind their Master’s chair with their heads bowed and yet listening constantly for any crumb of information spoken that could be used to their advantage.

The Clan heads shoot icy daggers with their eyes at the other Clan heads all the while keeping tight pensive smiles pinned to their faces while talking amongst themselves. All the Clan’s which are member’s of the monstrous and violent Sabbat try to intimidate those that aren’t, poking them mentally for weaknesses. It’s an entire deadly game of cat and mouse, minus the mouse, with every word and every action resulting in a consequence if your not careful.

All around the outskirts of the hall other Elder’s and Ancillae generation vampires stand in the shadow’s waiting for the meeting to begin.

“Where is Serena?” The aesthetic snobbish leader of the Toreador Clan yells in a high-pitched tone above the voices at the table. “It is simply not acceptable for her to be absent like this, which is delaying us, without even sending a message as to why!”

The conversation around the table then turns to how conceited the Brujah can be thinking their so much closer to perfection than any other clan in mind and body. The mumbling in the crowds around the edges of the hall reflex this view taking whatever chance they can get to diminish the reputation of another clan.

“Sean…” A old powerful female says sitting at the head of the table, making the whole assembly go quiet as the Methuselah speaks.

“Yes your grace?” Sean speaks up from behind the empty chair of his mistress.

“Where is Serena?” She states bluntly to him, the silence in the hall is almost tangible as the Kindred listen to the conversation.

“I-I’m not quite sure your grace, I have not seen or heard from her in a couple of days, I was sure I would end up seeing her here, but that does not seem to be.” He says in a cool unwavering voice.

“Is that so.” Her voice echoes around the hall and then goes silent, so silent is the hall that even a human could hear a pin drop in the place. She continues to stare at him detecting a half-truth hidden in his words, but before either of them say anything more a commotion of noise can be heard from outside the chamber doors of the Great Hall.

To the sensitive Kindred hearing it almost sounds like a fight, and the noise becomes louder as it approaches. Everyone waits with curiosity at who would dare disturb the council in this manner, and become infected with anticipation at the thought of what punishment will befall such a person.

The two doors burst open and a slender young woman walks in dressed in tight black leather pants, a silver halter neck top and black leather jacket that goes down to her mid-thigh. Her long silky brown hair slightly blows back as she strides forward into the hall and walks up along the left side of table, while some seriously beaten up guards hobble behind her trying in vain to stop her progression, within seconds of catching up to her their body’s lay unconscious on the floor, her hand to hand techniques making short work of them.

Immediately a whole clamber of talking and shouting erupts at the audacity of this girl who dares to make such an entrance into the hall. Some Kindred at the table draw their weapons ready and ecstatic for a fight, others sit sudden in silence never before seeing such an outburst within the hall, but most continue to shout and fume, encouraging a fight to breakout.

The petit girl doesn’t seem at all taken back by it all though, if anything a strange glint in her eye finding amusement in it all seems to fill her, and by her posture it seems she is more than happy to take them all on.

“SILENCE!” A angry voice bellows out over the room that makes everyone feel a twinge of fear run down their spine and seeing the ancient Methuselah Kindred standing in her seat forces all those that value their unlife’s to return to their places.

Once everyone is again seated they watch this girl continue her walk up to the top of the table and shock everybody by stopping a few places down and taking Serena’s empty seat. Deadly gazes are sent in her direction along with malicious thoughts and at that exact moment Sean in outrage of her taking that place goes in for an attack.

The snapping sound of his neck echo’s around the hall as his body falls limply to the ground by her side. Whisperings and muttering amongst everyone starts up at the quick way she had dealt with him without even so much as rising from her seat. It’s not as if a broken neck would kill a Kindred, what staggers them though, it’s the fact she did it with the grace and power of an Elder, even though she reeks of humanity and her essence seems that of a Neonate.

“Sorry I’m late, the traffic was terrible.” She says coolly and evenly directing the comment to the head of the table.

“And prey tell child, who are you?” The Methuselah asks.

“I’m Liz Parker, the new head of the Brujah Clan, Claudia.” Liz says looking the Methuselah straight in the eye.

The whisperings and muttering of outrage start up and some of the Kindred once again go to draw their weapons waiting for the Methuselah to give them permission to dispose of this disrespectful girl.

“First tell me how you know my name child, and then tell me what has happened to Serena.” She replies to her and the hall once again goes silent all wanting to know the answer to that.

“Serena gave me her knowledge about you, ancient and yet wise Claudia.” Liz says with respect. “But if you want to know about what happened to Serena I suggest you ask Tess, dear leader of the Tzimisce clan since she was the last vampire to see her in one piece.”

“How dare you imply such a thing!” Tess says stand up from her seat her eye’s full of anger.

“I haven’t implied anything YET Tess.” I say simply watching her face wrinkle up in fury, looking like she was getting ready to launch herself across the table.

“Sit down!” Claudia yells at her and she obeys hesitantly.

“What do you mean child?” she asks cautiously never taking her eyes from me.

“Tess, was one of the last vampires to see Serena before her death, along with Sean and Tess’s second in command Pierce. They left her to die in an alley after poisoning her with something.” I say keeping my gaze steady with Claudia’s.

“THIS IS AN OUTRAGE, HOW DARE YOU COME IN HERE AND SPREAD SUCH SLANDER ABOUT ME!” Tess shouts practically trembling with rage.

Somewhere from behind in the mists of the crowds of Kindred someone mutters loud enough for everyone to her. “We don’t need her for slander to be spread about Tess.”

Tess’s eye’s narrow and try to search out the infidel that would say such a thing and then they claw their way back to me after no success. “I don’t need to imply it Tess, I freely state it, I saw you and the other two there, I overheard your parting comments with Serena about using Sean as a pawn to control the Brujah clan along with yours when she isn’t found…”

“Lies! See how she lies already! She says I was the last Kindred to see her when in fact she was the last according to her own words.” Tells shrieks and gloats as other’s around her, mainly members of the Sabbat, mumble in agreement.

“But dear Tess, you were where the last Kindred to see her since I was still human at that point.” I say smugly watching her face drop.

“T-that’s, impossible, you lie again! No fledgling has an essence as powerful as yours, you bare the mark of an elder!” She says almost feebly and at the same time doubting her own words as she begins to probe my being mentally along with quite a few other Kindred.

“Tell me what became of Serena and how you came to be.” Claudia asks sternly.

“Serena knew she wasn’t going to survive the poison and rather than die at Tess’s hand, she decided to die by her own hand with dignity, by making me her full child, not giving me just part of her essence, but all of it, and in the process it killed her. She wanted me to avenge her beyond death, stop Tess from getting her claws into the Brujah clan and repay the treachery.”

A long silence follows while everyone wonders over both of our fates, because surely one of us will die once Claudia reaches her decision. Finally reaching her verdict she stands still not once removing her gaze from mine. “The child speaks the truth, I can feel it, Serena did indeed give this Liz Parker all her power and wisdom willing before death, consequently creating a Kindred like no other. One with the power of an Elder and yet only a fledgling….”

“No!” Tess roars in a high-pitched tone across the room.

Looking as Tess like she had lost her mind for interrupting her Claudia continues. “And as for you Tzimisce filth…” she doesn’t even get a chance to finish that sentence as Tess uses the discipline Celerity, and within one blurred motion disappears from the hall through the still open chamber doors.

“DON’T LET HER ESCAPE!” Claudia shouts. Immediately about half of the table and nearly all the Kindred that were standing around the room in the shadows take off after her screaming feral noises in excitement of hunting down another of their own kind.

It’s only then after so many have left that I feel a presents, one that I couldn’t detect before because of the whole host of beings in the room. For the first time look around at the people that are left sitting at the table searching for the one setting off this unknown feeling inside of me.

That’s when my eyes meet his amber ones in a burning hot stare. He has short spiky hair and a small goatee on his chin. His wearing a black silk shirt and sits slouched back in his chair looking at me with such an intensity that I feel my insides melt and for the first time since leaving my home where Alex might still lay on the floor my old self starts to wake up from within me.

It’s not as if I can think any clearer now though while I’m drowning in his eyes. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up as I quite literary feel him look into my soul. It’s then I remember where I’ve seen his face from, the spirit or whatever it was showed me his face and told me his name was Zan, formally known as Max when he was human.

It’s like his opening a connection between us and I’m unable and unwilling to stop it. As strange as it seems I can’t shake the feeling that I know him from somewhere before seeing his face in the mists of incense. His features, his expression, even his relaxed posture seems familiar to me. It’s like I just can’t quite remember….


I’m sapped out of the dream world I had entered within myself when I hear Claudia calling me.

“Follow me now to where we can speak privately, there’s a lot we’ve got to talk about.” She says sternly and I know I must follow her no matter how much I might want to stay at the table this very moment.

Getting up from my seat I take one look back at this vampire called Zan that has me so captivated only to see his chair empty, frantically looking around the hall to see where his gone I find no trace of him.

Feeling as if a part of my very soul has been ripped from me I quickly walk to catch up with Claudia not noticing the pair of passionate eye’s watching my every movement from the shadows.

“Elizabetha…” he whispers to my departing form. “I shall not fail you again in this life time, I swear.”


How on to ya hat’s folks, we’re still not over yet!

I’ve still got to type up the background info for ya on the Vampire Masquerade so some of the stuff that took place in the last chapter will make sense.

(Looks at her two VM beta readers, ‘Nope, don’t need you guys yet, I actually understood the small amount of politics that went on in this chapter myself.*happy*)

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Vampire Masquerade Background info

The Generations and Caine

One way the Damned distinguish themselves is through a combination of age and generation, or how far removed a Kindred is from the progenitor vampire, Caine. Young vampires must prove themselves to their elders to be afforded any bit of status, and Kindred society is often as stagnant and stultifying as the immortal Damned themselves. There is a small degree of mobility, however, as elder Kindred are always looking for assets and allies who may aid them against their rivals in the Jyhad.

The greatest status is accorded to the Antediluvians, vampires of the Third Generation. Most vampires consider these Kindred to be legendary – certainly, none has been verifiably seen in the modern nights. The lowest rung of status is held by rank neonates and the clan less Caitiff, those claimed by no clan or with blood to weak to trace a proper lineage.


These ancient vampires, if they exist at all, are likely the most powerful creatures in the world. Members of the Third Generation, the Antediluvians are only two step removed from the First Vampire, Caine.

Antediluvians, when they choose to rise from their long sleep, affect all with whom they come in contact; according to the few fractured accounts of their doings, they possess virtually godlike power. In Kindred legend, there were 13 original Antediluvians, though some have allegedly been destroyed. Their eternal struggle, the Jyhad, touches all Kindred and innumerable layers of manipulation and deception make the plots of these Ancients almost imperceptible.


If the Antediluvians are the Kindred’s gods, the terrible Methuselah’s are demigods and avatars. At a point between a vampire’s thousandth and two-thousandth year, a grave change overtakes the Kindred. Sometimes the chances is physical, while at other times, it is mental or emotional. Whatever the nature of the change, the end result is that the vampire no longer bears any semblance of humanity. Having truly moved from the earthly into the realm of the supernatural, the Methuselah’s often retire into the earth, where they may slumber, away from the thirsty fangs of younger vampires. Their powers are so great, however, that they continue to direct their inscrutable plans mentally, communication magically or telepathically (and almost always invisibly with their minions. Kindred greatly fear the Methuselah’s, who are accorded any number of horrifying characteristics. Rumors speak of Methuselah’s whose skin has become stone, of everything from hideous disfigurement to unearthly beauty that cannot be look upon. Some are believed to drink only vampire blood, while others control the fates of entire nations from their cold tombs.


Elders are Kindred who have existed for hundreds of years and typically range from sixth to eighth generation. With centuries of accumulated cunning and a terrible thirst for power, elder Kindred are the most physically active participants in they Jyhad – they do not suffer the long fits of torpor that hammer the Methuselah’s and Antediluvians, but they are not so powerless or easily manipulated as the younger Kindred. The term ‘elder’ itself is a bit subjective; a Kindred who qualifies as an elder in the New World might be just another Ancilla in Europe or older corners of the Earth.

Elders keep a stranglehold on the Kindred power structure, preventing younger vampires from attaining positions of influence by exercising control they have maintained for decades, if not centuries.


Ancillae are relatively young vampire (between one and two hundred years of unlife) who have proved themselves as valuable members of Kindred society. Ancillae are the lackeys to greater Kindred and if they’re clever or lucky tomorrow’s elders. Ancilla is the rank between neonate and elder, signifying that the Kindred has cut her teeth (so to speak) but lacks the age and experience to become a true master of the Jyhad. Because the worlds populations has grown so in the last two centuries, the vast majority of vampires are Ancillae or neonates.


Neonates vary from newly released fledglings to indolent Kindred of a hundred years or more. Marked by the stigma of not yet having proved themselves to the elders, neonates are inexperience vampires who might one night make something of themselves – but, more likely, will fall as pawns in the schemes of the other undead.


Also know more loosely as ‘childer’ (although every vampire except Caine is someone’s childe), fledglings are newly reborn vampires still under the tutelage and protection of their sires, the vampires who created. Fledglings are not considered full member of Kindred society and are often tread disrespectfully or as the sire’s property. When her sire decides her childe is ready, the fledgling may become a neonate.


Sects are groups of vampires that supposedly share a common ideology. They are a modern contrivance but an important one. Most vampires belong to one sect or another; others claim independence, no preference or that they are affiliated with their clan, not a sect. The sect know at the Camarilla is arguably the largest and most prevalent in the modern nights, though its rival the Sabbat has recently made considerable inroads against it and still opposes the Camarilla at every turn.

The Camarilla
A sect of vampires devoted primarily to maintaining the Traditions, particularly that of the Masquerade.

The Sabbat
A sect of vampires that rejects humanity, embracing their monstrous natures. The Sabbat is bestial and violent, preferring to lord over mortals rather than hide from them.

The Jyhad
The secret, self-destructive war waged between the generations. Elder vampires manipulate their lesser, using them as pawns in a terrible game whose rules defy comprehension.

The death like sleep common to the undead, particularly among ancient vampires. Torpor may be entered voluntarily (certain undead, weary of the current age, enter torpor in hopes of reawakening in a more hospitable time.) or involuntarily (through wounds or loss of blood)

(More to be added to Sect’s at a later date.)

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I’m sapped out of the dream world I had entered within myself when I hear Claudia calling me.

“Follow me now to where we can speak privately, there’s a lot we’ve got to talk about.” She says sternly and I know I must follow her no matter how much I might want to stay at the table this very moment.

Getting up from my seat I take one look back at this vampire called Zan that has me so captivated only to see his chair empty, frantically looking around the hall to see where his gone I find no trace of him.

Feeling as if a part of my very soul has been ripped from me I quickly walk to catch up with Claudia not noticing the pair of passionate eye’s watching my every movement from the shadows.

“Elizabetha…” he whispers to my departing form. “I shall not fail you again in this life time, I swear.”


Part 6

Claudia’s Journal Entry: 10th December 2001,

I have made the oddest acquaintance over the past few days, a fledgling not even two decades in age has captured my absolute attention. She is a mixture of things that have been unfamiliar to me for a long time. This girl seems to posses the cunning, power, knowledge and attitude of her sire at times, and then seems to revert to a diluted child of mankind, with their alike flaws, weaknesses and emotions in that same instant. How strange it seems then that she manages to control the tempest of the beast that rages inside her being and moreover can also seemingly still sustain her humanity throughout it all. How curious indeed.

Serena upon her point of death has transmitted much of her knowledge into her new and last childer. Liz, as she likes to be called, has already demonstrated how advanced her abilities have progressed in the short time since arriving at the sanctuary.

Since it was Serena’s wish to pass Leadership of her clan to the child I have decided to respect that decision for now, until the need or reason arises that I must rethink the leadership role for the Brujah clan. The only reason I risk bringing the scorn of the other clan’s leaders down upon me by putting a fledgling into such a position of power is because she has already demonstrated that she has within her the abilities of an ancient elder, even though her body is so young.

Her powers are strong, and the knowledge that has been put within her is great, but yet, that knowledge is also incomplete it seems. Serena in her rush to turn the girl has had to put nearly all knowledge into her sub-conscious, the child somehow in one great burst managed to access this knowledge, which lead to the rather interesting entrance she made into the Great Hall. The effects wore off though a few hours after the event and I found nothing but a crying sorrowful adolescent curdle up on the floor of my study mumbling in pain about something she did to someone called ‘Alex’.

After that interesting turn of events I have come to the decision that for the first time in history a leader of a clan needs to be taught to the finer aspects of being a vampire by one that is in a lower position than they. For this task I deem that is would be best to have one of her own Brujah teach these lessons, and have selected an Ancillae Kindred that Serena herself once spoke to me of very highly called Maria.

Even though many of the other clan’s oppose my decision, I judge that the members of clan Brujah themselves will be the one’s most unruly to this choice. Serving under someone so young is severely degrading to their status amongst other Kindred, the only reason they seem to be tolerating her for the time being is because she posses Serena’s former power, even though she doesn’t know how to use it in the correct manner yet, I know they fear acting to rashly in the mutiny.

They’ll linger for now, the greatest gift of being eternal is leaning how to become patient, they’ll wait for her to make a mistake or one wrong move before pouncing upon her like the animals they are deep down and tearing her apart. I have no doubt that there will be a point soon in which Liz’s claim on the clan will be tested by her own Brujah, only if she succeeds in this will she truly have the Brujah’s fealty sworn to her, and strangely enough I find myself hoping she shall prevail in this endeavor.

It shall prove interesting to see how these events develop, and what the ultimate outcome shall be.


“So, urm, who are you exactly?” I ask nervously, looking at the blond that seems not to be able to stand being in my presence.

“My name in Maria… Milady.” She says, seeming to choke on that last part.

I form a silent ‘Oh’ with my mouth as she starts to circle me, looking me up and down like a vulture.

“So, urm, Claudia said something about you basically teaching me the in’s and out’s of being a vampire…”

“Out of curiosity… Milady, how much knowledge did Serena leave in that dainty little head of yours? If you don’t mind me asking… Milady.” Maria says with a false smile plastered to her face.

Even I could pick up in the sarcasm and disgust within her voice, but I fight the feeling to cower away from her, Claudia told me if I can’t stand up to my own clan minions, then I won’t stand a chance against any other kindred and might as well thrust a stake into my heart before having to go though the humiliation of it all. Like it or not, I’m kindred now and nothing can change that or bring me back the life I once had. So here I am facing off with one of my own Brujah, desperately searching for the strength I had in that Hall when facing all the vampire leaders, but picking the perfect time it seems to have abandoned me.

“I-I’m not sure…. Claudia said that after she had probed my mind, she could locate a vast amount of it, but it is all buried deep within my subconscious.” I mange to jumble out in a rush, and berate myself for not being able to keep a cool head in her presence.

“Hmm…. Yes, the Methuselah is very wise in deed.” She says stopping her circling and going to stand in front of me. “But then again, the Methuselah’s wisdom has been called into judgment by many over certain recent events.”

“Is that so?” I say allowing irritation to seep into my voice once I realise what she’s hinting at.

Grasping at whatever acting skills I have within me I say in an almost authoritative tone, “Don’t you think you should really start getting on with what it was you have been order to do by the ‘wise’ Methuselah and your ‘new’ leader?”

I can’t help but let a smug smile crawl across my face as I see her startled expression at my outburst. ‘Ha, didn’t see that one coming did she. If she thinks I’m going to be some kind of a push over then she’s got another thing coming.’

“Alright then, where do you want to start?” She asks regaining her composure.

It’s at that moment I feel someone enter the room from behind me, and the sensation makes a tingle go down my spine as I turn around to see Zan, Max, damn whatever his name is standing there watching me with a heated gaze.

A few moments pass while our eyes are locked in contact and no matter how hard I try I can’t place the multitude of emotions that seem to be passing across his face. Hearing his cool and yet not totally unfeeling voice say something brings me back to reality. “Sorry, I didn’t realise you were, busy. I’ll come back another time.”

Before I get a chance to protest and tell him nothing I’m doing could be more important than just being in the same room with him, his gone. Disappearing into the shadows of the corridor outside.

Turning back around to Maria I see her wearing a puzzled look at the exchange that had just been passed in this room.

“That’s where we start Maria,” I say pointing to the empty space in the entrance. “Tell me everything that you know about him and the Lasombra clan he rules over.”

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Author's Note

When I start this fic the basic idea was Max/Zan and Liz angsty/dark relationship that is terribly romantic, Maria/Michael relationship on the side lines, and having a hell of a Tess beat up with blood and bruises, maybe odd touch of torturer, + all that background info… The End…

Then there were going to be a couple of sequels, the first sequel was going to take place hundreds of years ago when Max was still human and in it you’ll basically get to find out how he became a vampire, what happened to Elizabetha, and some other stuff that left you with a big old ‘?’ in the first story. Then there was going to be a 3rd story based around Maria/Michael, that one was meant to show their, urm, rather unique relationship in more detail, which was meant to run in a parallel timeline to the first story, but from their perspectives of it, and that story will also give you some scene’s between Max/Zan and Liz that you didn’t get to see in the first story.

But now I’m rethinking all that….

From the out cry of the feedback, and some of the things people have e-mailed me asking about I’m considering to merge the first story into what would have been the second story, so it’ll makes sense in one swoop. And then have what would’ve been the 3rd story with Maria/Michael become the second story.

Are you following so far?

Making that change though will screw up a few things though, one of those biggest things being the fact I have no idea what happened to Elizabetha right now either, your all as clueless as I am… (shrugs). Since it was going to be a squeal I haven’t bother thinking that far ahead plot line wise.

So you can either chose the faster rout which is what I first planned… or the new layout of the story which will take quite a bit longer to do, but will probably leave it more understandable to ya’ll. (Then also remember we’ve still got all that glossary, background info, Vampire Masquerade stuff, rituals, etc, etc…)

Over you folks…. You’re the one’s that are gonna read it….


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Ok, decision time. I’m sticking with the original plain of having the past life of Elizabetha/Max in a sequel and keeping the present fic ‘Vampiric Magick’ pure Liz & Zan/Max. So to truly understand all that’s going on with our little Behr Vamp your gonna have to wait till the sequels here.

Also I’ve come to the conclusion the reason this fic isn’t receiving new parts so fast is basically coz of all the time I spend doing background info/glossaries/ritual bibliographies/etc, which takes almost as long to write as the actual part, so in the hope of getting more parts out to you a LOT faster I’m cutting down on how much I write, if any at all in the follow up information.

So now to make up for that I’m wording all the story in such a way that people which know the Vampire Masquerade stuff will be able to understand certain inner plotlines going on and yet normal people that know nothing of the Masquerade will still completely understand, hopefully.

Gotta Luv Me!*happy*

Oh and sorry, but for now I’m not putting feedbacker names in the story, I’ve lost the damned notepad that I’ve written them all in, so it came down to a choice of making you wait for the part till I find the notepad, or just giving it to ya now, I decided to play nice.

Latin Meanings: Ya’ll need to know them, trust me!

OMNIA VINCEAT AMOR = Love conquers all
UT AMERIS, AMA = To be loved, love.
PER ASPERA AD ASTRA = Through the thorns to the stars.


It’s at that moment I feel someone enter the room from behind me, and the sensation makes a tingle go down my spine as I turn around to see Zan, Max, damn whatever his name is standing there watching me with a heated gaze. A few moments pass while our eyes are locked in contact and no matter how hard I try I can’t place the multitude of emotions that seem to be passing across his face. Hearing his cool and yet not totally unfeeling voice say something brings me back to reality. “Sorry, I didn’t realise you were, busy. I’ll come back another time.”

Before I get a chance to protest and tell him nothing I’m doing could be more important than just being in the same room with him, his gone. Disappearing into the shadows of the corridor outside. Turning back around to Maria I see her wearing a puzzled look at the exchange that had just been passed in this room.

“That’s where we start Maria,” I say pointing to the empty space in the entrance. “Tell me everything that you know about him and the Lasombra clan he rules over.”


Part 7

The echo’s dance round me as I walk down the dimly lit corridor heading deeper and deeper into the bowel’s of this Kindred stronghold.

‘Where is he? I know I’m on the right trail, I can smell his sweet sent.’

Turning to the left I descend down a spiral staircase and a slight draft from somewhere glides across my face like finger tips, causing me to shudder in delight.

‘His near, I can feel it.’

Reaching the bottom of the stairs I head down a much brighter lit corridor that is free of the dust and cobwebs that decorate the rest of the passageways. One grand solitary dark oak door stands before me, guild in gold decoration of such frailty and beauty that I am mesmerized by the ambiance of it all.

Reaching out and touching the large golden ring of a door handle I twist it and slowly push open the door. Gradually stepping through the archway I stop allowing my eye’s to become accustomed to the dark room and oddly I somehow feel relaxed in these surroundings.

A fiery bright crackling fire burns on the other side of the large room and yet it fails to shed much light on its surroundings. Off to my far left in the corner I can just see the outline of a grand four-poster bed full of soft cushions and draperies hanging all around it, so immense is it that I feel dwarfed in comparison. Other than for some velvety smooth rugs and a large armchair near the fireplace I can’t really make out what else is in the room, but I know what I feel, for the first time ever since this whole horrible ordeal started I feel safe and contented here. The very atmosphere seems tranquil and a faint soothing sent, like honey and cookie doe hangs in the air lulling me as I watch the fire burn.

Closing the door behind me I gradually walk towards the fire studying the dancing orange and yellow flames with flecks of blue, red and gold mixed in with them. As I get closer I feel the gentle warmth tickling my skin until I’m only a few feet away and can feel it heating me down to my very bones. I become captivated in watching the stirring and jumping flames, skipping from one another wild and free. Moving like a liquid possessed upon the crackling wood they go and I can’t help but feeling like they’re somehow mocking me. The golden glow seems to flare brighter and becomes dazzling as I feel a wave of dizziness come over me and yet I can’t look away. The flames just keep on dancing, around and around, becoming more vivid and intense with each passing moment.

Just as I start to sink to the ground, the dizziness consuming me, and the thick fur rug welcoming me into it’s clutches on the floor, a pair of strong arms wrap around me firmly with one palm going to rest on my abdomen pressing my back against a strong muscular chest.

I hear a gasp, I think I’m the one gasping. ‘Why am I here?’ I wonder briefly as soft lips start to pepper soothing kisses on my neck. I hear a moan, this time I’m sure it’s me that made the sound, if the room would just stop spinning I might understand all this, but it won’t, everything’s moving, the flames are dancing and now most definitely mocking me in their dance.

“There’s blood on your clothes, what happened to you?” A deep husky voice asks against my ear.

“I-It’s not my blood, it’s Maria’s, w-we had a little disagreement about whose boss…” I say, not even recognizing my own voice as my head drops back on to his shoulder. “She’s still alive, I didn’t kill her, just beat a lesson into her.” I continue weakly feeling my body become more and more limp against his.

“As if I care what you did to her, I just want to know about you.” The silky voice continues. “But I can’t have you here, a new clan leader, dressed in soiled clothes now can I?”

His hands edge towards the lining of my leather jacket lingering there a moment before drawing it off my body. I start to feel less dizzy even though the fog in my mind still remains, then he effortlessly spins me around to face him. I’m not surprised to see him, right now I’m not sure if anything could surprise me, but I can’t help a small smile tugging at the edge of my lips. His simmering golden eyes, half hooded, and full of a crazed passion bore into mine until I’m forced to look away.

It’s then I notice his bare chested, the dim light of the fire behind me causes deep shadows to play on the contours and ripples of those fierce muscles. Instinctively my hand reaches out and tenderly strokes the left breast of muscle, applying slightly more pressure as my fingertips graze over his nipple, I hear him suck in a gasp through his teeth. The fog in my mind starts to clear a little then and I begin to form questions rather than continuing to simply wonder at it all.

“What are you doing to me?” I ask looking him in the eyes again and yet leaving my hand flat against his chest.

In a strained voice as if only now starting to get a hold of his senses he says, “I think I should be asking you that, and you are intruding in my quarters after all.”

“You were beckoning me to come here though, I could feel it.” I say defensively with a frown.

“Maybe.” He whispers leaning towards me and chuckles. “but back to my previous point, I can’t have you here in my dwelling wearing soiled clothes.” Then reaching behind my neck he undoes the knot in my silver halter neck top, the moment I realise what his going to do I struggle to get out of his grasp with no success, my whole body seems paralyzed under his gaze, literary. Once his removed my top I become terribly self-conscious of standing bare breasted in front him, especially due to the way his starring at me with such an intensity, and then I find I’m suddenly able to move again as I raise my arms up to cover my exposed flesh.

“Don’t.” He says in a desperate almost pleading voice, “you’re beautiful.”

His words sound so sincere, and his presence so welcoming, that all my defenses just yield to him happily giving him his sweet victory. Before I know it we’re both standing there in front of the roaring fire naked, his hands drift down the sides of my arms and descend down onto my hips pulling me forward so both our naked bodies are pressed firmly against one another.

Leaning his mouth down to my hear he whispers in a silky smooth voice full of conviction, “Omnia Vinceat Amor.” Then before I get a chance to take another breath his sweeps me up into his arms and within a few strides lay’s me down on the luscious bed before climbing on beside me.

He moves his body so that it is hovering over mine, my hands slither around to his back caressing the edges of his shoulder blades and pulling him down closer to me. I’m unable to see his face, but that doesn’t matter, right now nothing seems to matter.

“Ut ameris, ama.” He whispers before capturing my lips in a kiss and deepening it. His tongue delves deeper demanding to know every inch of my mouth as he lowers his body down on to mine allowing me to feel his full weight and hard length pressing into my thigh.

One of his hands holds me at the base of my neck making my head tilt back giving him better access to my mouth, while his over hand snakes between our bodies and plays with one of my nipples. A wave of nervousness goes through me as I start to remember that I’ve never been touched like this before, let alone done what I’m about to do, but that thought seems to get stomped out immediately somehow, I simply can’t refuse him, I have no wish to stop, not while every part of my essence is screaming for him to continue.

His lips drift from mine and slowly sprinkle kisses down my jaw line to my ear where his whispers for the last time, “Per Aspera ad Astra.” and his lips drift lower down on to my neck, I wonder absently what those words his said mean, but my wondering is cut short.

The moment I felt the icy hardness of his sharp teeth on my throat, followed by a strangely soothing double sting,

I unconsciously murmur,


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(Looky! Schurry e-mailed me a pic out of the blue that she had made for this fic… Wow! Ain’t it cool)

AN: It is almost 1am in the UK when I've finally finished this part, I was going to say sod it and 'I'll finished and post it tomorrow' but I figured I've made you wait long enough for the nookie... (sighs) Here ya go!


One of his hands holds me at the base of my neck making my head tilt back giving him better access to my mouth, while his over hand snakes between our bodies and plays with one of my nipples. A wave of nervousness goes through me as I start to remember that I’ve never been touched like this before, let alone done what I’m about to do, but that thought seems to get stomped out immediately somehow, I simply can’t refuse him, I have no wish to stop, not while every part of my essence is screaming for him to continue.

His lips drift from mine and slowly sprinkle kisses down my jaw line to my ear where his whispers for the last time, “Per Aspera ad Astra.” and his lips drift lower down on to my neck, I wonder absently what those words his said mean, but my wondering is cut short.

The moment I felt the icy hardness of his sharp teeth on my throat, followed by a strangely soothing double sting,

I unconsciously murmur,



Part 8

He stops and I feel his muscles tense up.

His arms untangle themselves from around my body, and a cool numbness is left at my neck after he withdraws his mouth.

Still looming over me propped up on one elbow I feel his eye’s burning into me as things seem to get lighter in the room and most of the shadowy darkness recedes into the dark corners.

“W-what did you just say.” He asks in a cold tone, all the soft tenderness from earlier now absent.

“I-I… didn’t say anything.” I reply blankly, genuinely trying to remember if I did say something or not.

His eyes continue to stare intensely, deep into my very soul it seems, as I become more and more aware by the second for the first time since entering the room where I am. In his bed, with him naked, and…. ‘Me Naked?!?!’ A wave of adrenaline pours through me as my thoughts become as clear and sharp as a shard of glass and only one thing can be said about the whole situation…

“What The Fuck?!?!” I practically yell, realising what I was prepared to do only a few moments ago with him in this bed. Without giving him a chance to react, and with all my strength I shove him off my body making a mad dash to the fireplace to gather my cloths.

“Stop” I hear the dark husky voice say from only a few feet behind me and I’m not sure if it was a command or a plea as I’m grabbing my articles of clothing from the floor.

“I don’t know who you think you are, but I don’t appreciate people screwing with my head.” I snap at him summoning up all my anger and keeping it blindingly hot so he can’t use that little trick of his again on me.

“I wasn’t going to do anything that ultimately deep down you didn’t want me to.” He whispers in that velvety voice.

The rage and indignation of it all starts to boil and bubble over with a fury I never knew I had, and the fact that I know the smug bastard is right doesn’t help calm me any. Spinning around sharply with my cloths pressed firmly in front of me I send him a glare that would wither flowers in seconds.

“Go figure, but I don’t think chowing down on my neck and blood is something I wanted.” I say grasping desperately for anything to say so I don’t have to concentrate on fact his still standing there in all his nude glory.

Soft musical chuckles flow from him as he looks me straight in the eye again. “I wasn’t feeding from you, I was marking you as mine…”

“Great, so I’m some kind of fucking fire hydrant now?”

Another chuckle echoes around the room. “Are you always this feisty?” Slowly eyeing me up and down. “I hope so, it would be fun to tame the likes of you.”


Next thing I know his body his flung clear across to the other side of the room slamming into the stone wall with a loud thud. Standing there in shock for a few moments his pained groan brings my poor strained brain up to speed.

When he doesn’t move a wave of panic fills me at the thought he could be really hurt. ‘What the hell are you thinking, get the hell out of there while you can.’ The rational side of me agues and yet I find myself gradually walking towards him step by cautious step until I hear that soft chuckle of his again emanate from him, just not so silkily this time.

“You pack quite the punch, never knew you had it in you.” He says trying to steady himself to get up.

“Serves you right for baiting me like that.” I say not even realising how true that statement was until I said it.

Standing himself up and leaning his back against the wall he takes in a shaky breath and looks at me through the dark eyelashes of his half-closed eyes. “You know, your idea of foreplay Liz could kill a guy.” He says laughingly, his eye’s daring me on.

Refusing to continue with whatever game it is his playing I turn to leave, needing to leave, to get away from him, before I do something I really regret, like succumbing to the temptation that is him and then doing God only knows what. Just as I reach the door though with my handful of cloths and strong arm wraps itself around me for a second time since entering this place freezing me motionless.

“Oh… I don’t think you would regret succumbing to me at all Liz… In fact I can guaranty you’d like very much, I’m quite thorough.”

Sucking an involuntary breath through my teeth I feel my body melt in response to his words. “I can smell you my Liz, I can smell the spicy sent of your arousal for me.” Sighing softly against my neck I feel him loosen his grip from around my waist as he continues more withdrawn, “I was wrong to try and entrance you, you just have no idea how much I wanted you, still ‘want’ you. For someone who has lived for centuries I still haven’t developed much of that thing called patience.

Slowly he spin’s me round and the bundle of cloths drop from my grasp as I look up at him. “Who are you?”

“I thought you already knew that.” He utters with a smile.

“I don’t know what I know anymore, everything’s so confusing, less than 48 hours ago I was human with no knowledge that people like this existed, and now here I am, a vampire, with some freaky shit memories from my sire bouncing in my head, and I’m a leader of a clan of powerful vampires no less, a clan that’s none to happy to have me. Then adding you into this already complex equation… No, I don’t know, I’m still trying to grasp that all this is real.” I finish with a sob and find his arms wrapped around me once again in a comforting embrace.

“Come sit by the fire and explain all that’s happened to you, I want to know every detail.” He states gently leading me towards the rug before the fire.

So I told my tale, short that it was, and yet compounded with little points and facts he wouldn’t let me slip past, but for some strange reason, I find myself comfortable in his presence once again. From the first encounter with the spirit that went awry, to the meeting in the ally with Serena, to the poor puppy that I left dead in that ally, to my poor friend Alex who most probably is lying dead in my basement right now, right up to the my entrance into the hall still controlled by that same cruel force that made me attack Alex.

His been staring into the fire now for the last few minutes since I finished the story, not saying one word and it’s starting to worry me.

“Ok, quit being all Mr Pensive-Face and tell me what’s going on.”

Turning from the fire he looks at me with a pained expression, “I thought… I thought that when you said my name… that you had remembered…” Then cutting me off before I could say anything he continues, “Never mind, it’s stupid. Back to business, I don’t know what that spirit meant when it said ‘unit against your enemies or otherwise all is lost’ sure I have loads of enemies, so do you now from the moment you set foot in the Great Hall, but that’s a natural thing amongst the Kindred, it all sounds very cryptic and vague even to me, but if there’s any sense to be made out of it all then we will have to seek out a Malkavian ironically enough.”

“What’s ironic about it?” I ask getting more curious by the moment and loving the sound of his silky voice.

“All the members of the Malkavian Clan are either insane or slavering psychotics. The Malkavian clan founder is rumored to have been one of the most important vampires of the old, but in committing some grievous crime, Caine cursed him and his descendants with insanity. Malkavian oracles have been part of vampiric courts for generations, even though their lunacy is immense at times, their insight on things is even more extensive. Tomorrow I shall go about seeking out one of them to see if they can make sense of this riddle.” He says sighing obviously not fully satisfied with that.

“And on other matters how much did Serena pass down into you before her death?” He asks eyeing me.

“I’m not sure, when I woke up there was nothing but my own memories, but when I went into the trance for Alex it was like something deep inside myself attacked me, primeval and powerful. When I came out of the trance I didn’t even recognize Alex, but I just ‘knew’ I had to get to the Great Hall, and I just ‘knew’ where it was, I knew everything it seemed for that short time. When I entered I had such a feeling of contempt for all those around me, but later as I was talking with Claudia it’s like it all started crumbling around me…. and I was back to being me again, but I only remember fragments of what I knew.”

“She embedded her disciplines into you as well as a few over things I think when she changed you.” He says with a frown obviously not liking the idea.


“Though vampirism is in fact a curse, the Blood of Caine grants great mystical powers to those with the insight and dedication to pursue them. These powers are known as Disciplines. You used the discipline of telekinesis to throw me against the wall earlier. To draw you here I used a mixture of disciplines that I have, Beckoning, Mesmerism, Entrancement and a few other more rare things, but Serena seems to of taken this one step further and implanted commands using a dominance power over you.” He says shrugging mildly, but the concerned look still didn’t leave his eyes.

“Well… can, you get rid of them?” I ask hopefully in a shaky voice.

Sliding over to me he brushes the tips of his fingers across my cheek. “Maybe… Serena was much more powerful than I, but then again she is dead now and the hold she put on you can’t last forever.” He says allowing his fingers to dip into the waves of my hair and I become distinctly aware once again that both of us are still nude.

The heat of the fire licks across my skin as he strokes his hand through my hair and I can’t help the arousal that’s awakening within me again, but this time I can just feel his not doing anything to push the matter. The need to fall over into oblivion with him is overwhelming.

“Why…” I whisper needing to desperately know.

“Why what?” He asks in mild confusion as he starts to runs his other hand slowly up and down my arm.

“I need to know why you wanted, urm, want to do this with me. Is it some kind of freaky Kindred dominance thing? Or something?” I ask my voice tinged with fear at his answer.

“Or something.” He repeats softly lifting me off the floor and carrying me over to the bed. “There are more things at work here than you understand beloved. The moment I set eye’s on you I knew I never let anyone else have you or harm you.” He whispers against my lips as he lowers me down on to the bed.

“But why me?” I ask pleadingly.

“It was you.” He says simply.

The sincerity and love I see in his eyes at that moment is over whelming and the feeling of familiarity, that I know him somehow is more stronger than ever as he lowers himself onto the bed besides me. Throwing all caution to the wind and letting instinct pave my way I yield unto him ever so willing as his skillful hands snake themselves around me body delicately caressing the curves and mounds memorizing me inch by inch it seems as his lips pepper small tender kisses around the sensitive skin of my face. Encircling my arms around his muscular body I raise one leg up and around his hip pulling his body firmly against mine.

I can feel his taut member pressing powerfully against my flat tummy and wonder if I’ll be able to fit all of him inside of me or not, and tense up at the thought of the pain of having something that large inside of me.

“Don’t worry.” He murmurs in my ear. “Everything will be alright.” Then working his way lower and lower down my body he captures one of my nipples in his mouth sucking and nipping at it gently until it’s pebble hard before performing the same sensuous action on the other. His hand dips down into my folds tenderly brushing against my clit a few times causing my hips to buck up begging for more attention but the hand leaves me wanting as it wanders lower and sinks a finger into my waiting entrance.

“Please…” I beg between heated pants of breath, not to sure what I’m asking for, but the only response I get is another one of his soft chuckles that cause a tingle to go all the way down my spine.

“I guess patience is a virtue that neither of us has…” He says with a grin as he slides up along side me and gently turns me on to my back before climbing on top of me. His breath tickles my cheek as he leans in for another searing kiss while gradually opening my legs to him with his knees.

I break the kiss letting out a gasp of pleasure as I feel the tip of him brush against my hot wetness. When he makes no move to continue I open my eyes to find him looking down on me with a soft smile on his lips and his honey eyes flooded with such intensity I feel myself melt even more.

“M-Max… I-I haven’t done this before.” I stutter out nervously.

“I know, don’t worry.”

Then leaning down into another kiss, his tongue probing deeply into my mouth dueling with my own tongue he starts to lower himself into me in one smooth motion, just as he reaches my barrier he nips my bottom lip not hard or painfully, but enough to distract me long enough to penetrate all the way into my channel. Letting out a strangled gasp he goes still within me as he reaches my depths.

“Shhh…. Just wait a few moments, the Kindred blood within you will heal you fast.”

And he was right, within seconds the pain dies down and soon after that all the pain is gone completely. As if sensing this he starts to thrust deep and steadily within me as my body withers in pleasure beneath him. Wrapping my legs around his waist I force him deeper within my body until I can feel the tip of his penis brushing against the entrance to my womb with each thrust, driving me onwards and higher, but always slowing down the moment I feel myself about to fall over the edge.

One of his hands becomes tangled in my hair as he begins to increase the pace pressing his body down into mine hard.

“I have searched across oceans of time to find you.” He whispers into my hair. Then plunging relentless into me he adds in a voice full of desire, “And now I am never going to let you go.” The ache deep within me explodes all the way down to my very essence as my body convulses around his hard thick shaft.

“MAX!” I scream out at the same time he slips over the edge to filling me with the produce of his pleasure.

Collapsing on top of me for a few moments to recover I savor the feeling of absolute completeness that is going over me in waves of aftershock pleasure. When I feel his body move off of mine for I sudden moment I’m filled with the inexplicable fear his going to get up and leave, but instead he rolls over on to his back pulling me into his secure arms and kisses my forehead.

Snuggling down into him I feel the exhaustion overwhelm me and drift off to sleep never knowing before that point how empty my life had seemed before all this.

A small sleepy smile decorates my face as I fall into a deep slumber.


“And is there anything else I should know about the incident Mr Whitman?”

“N-no… Sir… I just, I’m worried about her, she’s one of my closest friends. I must do something to help her.” Alex pleads with highest-ranking member of the OTO he could find, while stealing another nervous glance around the luxurious office.

“Don’t worry, you were right in coming to me, I promise you I’ll do as much as I can to… help.” The man says forcing a smile onto his thin hard lips. “I’ll contact you the moment I have something to tell you, and you should go rest some now, you need to recover from that head wound.”

“O-K… Urm… Thanks again….” Alex says getting up to leave.

“Don’t mention it… I’m always willing to help out the lower members when their in need.” He says watching the young man leave and shut the door behind him. Reaching for his phone he presses a speed-dial button.

“Yes, Hello, this is Nascedo, we have a situation…”

posted on 26-Mar-2002 3:02:28 AM by Midnight Magi
Rae originally wrote:
Question here. Do the vampires your writing about still have souls. And if so when a vampire couple wed do their souls intertwine.
I'm spending way too much time thinking about this aren't I.

Damn, sorry, didn't see this question till now, yes they do still have souls, due to the fact later in the story your gonna find out that Max/Zan and Liz are soulmates, it's kind of a necessity for them to have souls if that is to happen.

(P.S. New parts to some of my stories 'should' be up before the end of the week, Schurry is kinda holding a gun to my head demanding more)


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Rae originally wrote:
Magic when Max marked Liz as his was that like a betrothal. Does Liz get to mark him as hers or don't female vampires do this. Only one more question I promise. When a vampire marks another as theirs is the mark eraseable or is it a forever kind of thing.

Ironically enough, the next part actually explains all that (I just need to complete it is the only problem.)

Urm... *gulp* I 'hope' to have an update to ya within this week...

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When I feel his body move off of mine for I sudden moment I’m filled with the inexplicable fear his going to get up and leave, but instead he rolls over on to his back pulling me into his secure arms and kisses my forehead.

Snuggling down into him I feel the exhaustion overwhelm me and drift off to sleep never knowing before that point how empty my life had seemed before all this.

A small sleepy smile decorates my face as I fall into a deep slumber.


“And is there anything else I should know about the incident Mr Whitman?”

“N-no… Sir… I just, I’m worried about her, she’s one of my closest friends. I must do something to help her.” Alex pleads with highest-ranking member of the OTO he could find, while stealing another nervous glance around the luxurious office.

“Don’t worry, you were right in coming to me, I promise you I’ll do as much as I can to… help.” The man says forcing a smile onto his thin hard lips. “I’ll contact you the moment I have something to tell you, and you should go rest some now, you need to recover from that head wound.”

“O-K… Urm… Thanks again….” Alex says getting up to leave.

“Don’t mention it… I’m always willing to help out the lower members when their in need.” He says watching the young man leave and shut the door behind him. Reaching for his phone he presses a speed-dial button.

“Yes, Hello, this is Nascedo, we have a situation…”


Part 9




YOU ARE A DESCRACE TO ME AND THIS CLAN! I want to know where that little Bitch is!” Tess shrieks at the small group of cowering Kindred before her.

“I-It’s hard for us to get around the sanctuary she was last seen in, e-ever s-since w-what h-happened in the Great Hall…” Tess narrows her eyes at him daring him to continue and mention how she was dishonored and had to flee from the hall full of the most powerful Kindred leaders just to save her own skin, but wisely he shuts up and doesn’t mutter another word. After a few eerie moments of complete silence pass Tess turns around and walks back over to the mantle place gracefully, the movement of her muscles seeming to flow like a liquid. Reaching up upon the mantle she runs her finger along a delicate and beautiful Ming vase, tracing the swirls of elegant thin strokes of paint, and then cringing at the realization of how awful it looks in the cheap and nasty florescent lights.

A wave of rage hits through her again at the thought of how she has been forced to hide here, all because of that little bitch Liz, and that stunt she pulled, ‘I should of fucking waited to see that wench Serena die with my own eye’s. Now though, I have lost almost everything I spent hundreds of years working for, and all because of some stupid, little, twit of a girl!’

Picking up the Ming vase she spins around at a alarming speed throwing the delicate porcelain, sending it racing through the air towards the group of Kindred, their reflexes only fast enough to barely doge it, the echo of the fragile art piece smashing against the wall echo’s around for only half a second before Tess screeches, “FIND ME THAT BITCH! AND FIND HER NOW!!!”

Just at that same moment the door opens and Tess’s face red and blotchy from fury, her eye’s seemly half crazed in wrath reseed, and all former traces of her anger evaporating as the cool and collected seductress expression replaces it.

“Rath! Darling, please say you bring me good news?” She says in a silky voice watching as he prowls his way over to her ignoring the all the other 3rd rate Kindred in her presence.

Wrapping one strong arm around her waist he pulls her forcibly against his body. “Dat depends, what’ch goin’ ta give me if I’s has?” He says in a deep rough voice eyeing her with a predatory hunger of more than one type. Slipping in one of her hands under his dark green tailored shirt she skillfully scraps one of her long nails over his nipple while feeling the bulge through his pants dig into her hip.

“That all counts on whether I like what you’ve got to say darling.” She purr’s out scrapping the nipple a little harder making him groan.

“Yo, ya goin’ ta luv dis then. I’s heard only an hour ago from dat moronic bro of mine Michael dat Serena’s replacement bitch dis down in Zan’s catacombs, has been for quite a while. No doubt dat lucky bastards gettin’ som from dat sex on leg’s.”

Tess’s eye’s flare at hearing that last part and withdraws her hand from his shirt and takes a step back slipping out from his grasp. In a intensely menacing voice she mutters, “Sex On Leg’s?!? Well, if you hold her in such fucking reverence, maybe you should go and screw her from now on Rath!” Her eye’s narrow even more as he starts to laugh in a deep chuckling voice.

“Maybe I’s would if ya didn’t give it out’s so easy.” Within a blink of an eye Tess hurtles her hand forward intending to slap him hard around the face, but in one quick movement Rath grabs her wrist painfully hard holding it in mid air a couple of inches from his face. “Be careful bitch! You’s ain’t got many friends left now’s, so’s from now’s on you’s better start showin’ me som respect!”

Snatching her hand out of his grip a tight thin smile appears on her lips. “Oh… so that’s it, you think now that I’m hunted by my own, and because I’m relying on you that you’re going to take advantage of the situation? And of me?”

With a slight nod of his head he continues to stand there proud of himself, this makes the malicious grin on her face widen even more. Suddenly the expression of triumph disappears from Rath’s face as a fiery white pain explodes within his body, consuming him in agony. “You Arrogant Fool! You think you have power over me? Me who spent hundreds of years clawing my way to power? Me who has defeated enemies of all types of disciplines and abilities over thousands years? Me who is a Master of cruelty and torture?

You conceited, egotistical, narcissistic, fraud! You who spends his existence pining away in jealousy for you twin brother’s power’s and leadership, but yet don’t have the guts to try and take it yourself! You actually think you stand a chance at matching Me? You couldn’t even compare to my fleeting shadow, let alone do that!”

By this point Rath is rolling around the floor in a frenzy, fine trickles of dark red blood pour from his ears, nose, eye’s and corners of his mouth, as moans of agony continue to be admitted from him. Tess stepping back away from him ignores his suffering as another sly grin appears on her face at a different thought. “So that little fledgling Liz is all down and cozy with Zan, pity I’m going to have to break that up, but she’s got to learn to respect her elders.” As the image of Zan fucking the bitch enters her mind the menacing evil look appears in Tess’s eyes again, “And she’s going to also have to learn about the penalty for taking that which I covet.”

Turning back around to face the group of cowering Kindred and a now unconscious Rath once more she glares at them and utters in a enraged voice, “Go to Zan’s catacombs, find the bitch, and bring her here, take as many Ghouls, Wraiths, and Homunculi that you think you’ll need to defeat them, make sure to leave Zan there still alive, I have other plans for him and the Lasombra clan at a later date.”

Narrowing her eye’s at them still standing there like idiots she screams, “GO NOW!!!” and watches in satisfaction as they scurry out the room in terror.


“But Sir…”

“That is enough Mr Whitman, the decision has already been made, our informant within the Kindred strong hold has told us of her current location, and the order’s from above have told us to strike at it tonight, and strike hard to get her out of there and in our ‘safe’ keeping.” Nascedo says in commanding voice that has a hint of annoyance in it from not being obeyed by the boy.

“B-But, how are we going to get in there and out intact, with Liz?” Alex asks in a desperate voice, still not liking the sound of the plan, a plan that could put Liz serious danger.

“Don’t worry Mr Whitman, the OTO have ways of dealing with creature’s like these, we need to get her away from those animals, anywhere’s better than with them. The group that is going to strike the place is well trained, and lead by one of our best OTO agents called Pierce, of course you’ll be accompanying us as well, she’ll need to see a familiar face….”

Alex zone’s him out at this point and continues to pace up and down in the office wearing a hole in the carpet, the deep foreboding feeling settling down in his gut refusing to budge.

“MR WHITMAN, Are You Listening To Me?” Nascedo yells.

“Urm… yes Sir, it’s just, she’s my best friend, a-and, I-I just don’t want anything bad to happen to her.” Alex manages to mutter, while avoiding eye contact with Nascedo.

“Don’t worry, everything is going to go according to plan, we’ll get her out, put her through a little re-habilitation treatment, and… then… she’ll be back to her old self.” Nascedo’s eye’s narrow as the frown on the boy’s face continues to say rooted there, walking over to him he puts his hand on Alex’s shoulder.

“Trust me Mr Whitman, everything is going to go exactly the way I want it to.”

And adding silently in his head, ‘shame your not going to be around to see what we have planned for her though.’


“Maria! Calm down! You’re going to instantaneously combust at this rate!” Brody says in an attempt to calm her down and instead ends up having to swiftly sidestep out of her way before she gets the chance to shove him backwards into the wall.

“Calm Down? CALM DOWN? I have just been made a fool of by a fledgling you moron, I’m never going to be able to show my face again in Kindred public if this ever gets out.” Maria half yells, half screams while chucking things around the room making a mess of the place.

“With the kind of face you’ve got right now it would probably be a good idea not to do that anyway.” He says with a chuckle, referring to Maria’s beat up appearance of a very sore and swollen black eye, a cut upper lip and numerous other bruises and scratches over her body.

“Jezzz are you looking to have your manhood cut off with a rusty knife?” Maria spits out stalking towards him. “Coz you’re going a sure way about it by saying that!”

Raising his hands in surrender he still can’t wipe the smile from his face. “Hey, Hey, I give already, just remember I’m not the enemy here.”

Maria to his amusement continues to mumble a whole string of obscenities under her breath at that, which causes him to raise an eyebrow. “This new leader has really gotten under your skin hasn’t she Ria?”

“Leader?!?! Don’t you dare call her that in my presence, she is NO LEADER, she’s, she’s…. she’s just some upstart fledgling with a few fancy tricks that impress the other clan leaders.”

“Yeah, that and she managed to beat you into a bloody pulp, was hand selected by Serena, Leader of the Brujah clan, to be her successor, has seemed to of gained the temporary fear or respect of the other clan leaders, has been taken under the wing of Claudia herself and seems to have developed ‘something’ with Zan, of all Kindred, him begin the most recluse and withdrawn from such matters like this…”

“What the hell are you talking about? Developed ‘something’ with Zan? I told you all he did was to come looking for her, nothing to spectacular under the circumstances, just trying to sus out the new Kindred blood is all like every other Kindred Leader is most probably trying to do right now.” Maria says sounding exasperated.

“You mean you don’t know?” Brody says, his smile growing to enormous proportions.

“Know what?” Maria says with an edge in her voice at the thought of begin left out of the lop in something.

“She was last seen entering Zan’s catacombs… Hours Ago.”

“Y-You… dim-witted Ghoul! You knew this all along and didn’t say anything till now?!?!” Maria screams and resumes her pacing up and down the room in fury.

“Hey, you’re the all mighty Kindred, I figured you’d at least know where your new Brujah leader would be Maria, I’m just your lowly vampiric servant.” He says mockingly waiting for her to blow her top.

“I told you once before DO NOT CALL HER MY LEADER! She will never rule over me, I’ll make sure of it, and as for you being my lowly servant, Ha, I’ve never even met such a condescending and conceited Ghoul as you Brody!”

“Arh… Maria, you sting me with your words.” Places his hand over his heart in mock pain. “It must be all this rebellious Brujah blood I’m fed. It all boils down to that old saying, ‘you are what you eat’.”

Emitting a deep growl at that Maria goes back over to the corner of the room and mumbles, “I won’t let her win.”

“Not really much you can do about it now sweet cakes, whether you want her as your leader or not you can’t change the fact everyone considers her leader, for now at least.”

Maria’s eye’s practically light up with joy at that moment, “Yes, but, what if, she was to disappear, never to be found.”

“Easy come, easy go?” Brody questions raising both eyebrows.

“Yep! You say she’s still in the catacombs?” When he nods his head she continues, “Well what if some of us went down there in a large enough group, took her, and then made sure she disappeared?”

“A mutiny? That’s original.” He says sarcastically. “And who do mean by ‘us’? You know to well I can’t do anything against her, I’m a Brujah Ghoul sworn to obey, and even though you’re a Brujah Kindred, so is she, I can’t do anything to harm her.”

“Don’t worry about that, there are plenty of my fellow Brujah clan that don’t want a fledgling leading them either, I mean the embarrassment amongst the Kindred public alone for our clan is more than I can bare to think of, we would be the laughing stock of all vampires if we allowed her to lead us.”

“Hey, as long as it’s your hide that thrashed if anything goes wrong then I don’t care.” Brody says nonchalantly trying to hide is worry for her.

“Don’t sweat it, this is going to be easy, I’ll just go and gather my fellow Brujah, and head down there straight away, if there’s enough of us, neither Zan nor Liz could stand a chance against us.” Maria says confidently, with a big bright smile on her face.

Instantly turning and leaving the room without so much as a goodbye Brody watch’s her fleeing form and can’t help the feeling deep down inside that something terrible is going to go wrong.


Claudia steps back from the mirror as the last of the three visions that were happening at that moment fade in its reflective depths.

“All is as you wished it, but I don’t understand why you want this to happen to the girl?” Claudia says disturbed by what she has seen in the mirror.

“It is not your place to understand my motives, just be satisfied with the knowledge that this is the way I want it to be for now…” A figure almost completely shrouded in darkness says in authoritative voice.

“O-Of c-course… One question though? Which of the three groups will reach the catacombs first and take Liz?” She asks hesitantly.

“I neither know nor care, the result will be the same no matter who reaches her first.

Do you fully understand your orders on what to do once she has been taken?” He asks while walking towards the door, only turning back around to hear her answer.

“Of course Master Kivar, all will be as you wish it.”

With that Kivar turns around and disappears down the long dark corridor,

Leaving a very troubled Claudia behind.