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Title: Darkness in Light
Author: Jasper711
Email: Jasper7132⊕
Disclaimer: I own nothing, nor am I affiliated with Roswell in any way. (Like I would want to be anyway. *wink*)
Category: AU M/L
Rating: PG-13 (R, NC-17 Parts will be labeled accordingly.)
Summary: Alex and Liz are brother and sister. Michael and Maria are their friends. Max and Isabel are Michael’s cousins. Max and Isabel live in California and end up having to live with Michael’s family. (I know that this summary sucks, but that’s all I can say without giving too much of the plot away.]

Author’s Note: This is an idea that I’ve been playing around in my head for quite a while, and I just now decided to write it down. Anyways, fb would be greatly appreciated. I wanna know if people would be interested in reading this before I continue. I know that the first part is kinda slow and short, but I’m kinda testing the waters first. LOL

Part 1


Alex crept into his sister’s bedroom as quietly as he could, his tall lanky body swaying slightly as he stood on his toes. He looked over conspiratorially at his friend Maria, smiling as he held a finger to his lips.

Maria held a hand to her mouth, trying desperately from letting the giggles escape. She placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder, thrusting him through the door.

The room was dark, as it always was. They could walk through the place blindfolded and they would still know where everything was.

“You ready?” Alex’s voice was hushed, his eyes trained on the sleeping form on the bed.

She nodded eagerly, holding out her fingers for a countdown. “On five.”

“One, two, three, four, five,” they whispered in unison before jumping onto the bed, effectively waking up the person on the bed.

“Wah?” Liz sat up, her eyes wild as she tried to figure out what the heck was going on.

Giggles and shouts rang inside the room with Alex and Maria jumping up and down on the bed, flinging pillows as they shook Liz awake.

“Time to wake up, sleepyhead.” Alex gave his sister a noogie, before tickling her sides.

Maria stood on the bed, her knees bending as she began jumping up and down on the bed like she was a kid again. “Your brother’s right, Lizzie. Rise and shine, sweetie!”

Liz resisted the urge to laugh at their antics, instead shaking her head. She struggled free from Alex’s grip, pushing him to the floor, finally pulling Maria down. “What has gotten into you two?”

Alex sucked in a lungful of breath, his patented grin shining from the moonlight seeping in from the closed drapes. “I don’t know, maybe it’s a certain someone’s birthday today.”

Maria took her queue from Alex, her body resting on her arms as she leaned back. “A certain someone who’s very grumpy when they wake up.” She tilted her head to the side, sticking her tongue out at Liz.

Liz made a face at her before grabbing her pillow and clonking Maria on the side of the head. “Funny, you guys.” She brushed her bed hair away from her face, sitting up with an excited smile on her face. “Where’s Michael?”

Maria rolled her eyes at the mention of Michael’s name, bringing her hand up to her face, pretending to examine her manicure.

“Michael’s gonna be a little late.” Alex stood up, sitting on the bed next to Maria. “He’s waiting until his parents fall asleep before he comes over.”

“You know, that guy is such a rebel without a cause.” Maria huffed, sitting up as she began an all too familiar tirade over Michael. “I don’t know why he bothers sneaking out. It’s not like his parents don’t know that he comes over here.”

Alex shrugged his shoulders. “Who knows? Let him do what he wants.” He looked over at Liz, a mischievous grin passing over his lips. “And why do you care so much anyway?”

Liz shook her head at her brother, knowing that he was intentionally goading their friend.

“Hey, I don’t care what that….I don’t care what Michael does.” Flustered, Maria threw a glare at Alex.

“Yeah right you don’t care, sweatpea.” Michael walked through the door, grinning ribaldry at Maria, saluting as he walked up to Liz. He sat on the bed, dropping a kiss on the top of Liz’s dark head. “Happy Birthday, Lizziepoo.”

Liz blushed, smacking Michael on his chest. “Quit calling me that.”

“Whatever you say, Lizziepoo,” he laughed. Knowing that a blow was coming from Liz, he reached into his back pocket, revealing a newspaper wrapped item. “Truce.”

Liz eyed him warily, taking the package from his hand. “What is this?”

“It’s your present. I didn’t have time to wrap it, so….”

Nancy peeked her head through the door, her knuckles softly rapping on the wooden door frame. “Burgers are ready, kids.” She smiled, waving them to follow her.

Alex took the lead, his arm draping casually over Maria’s shoulder.

Michael followed with Liz, bumping her on the hip as they walked outside. “You put your sunscreen on?”

“Not yet.”

He halted their movement, pushing her back towards her room. “No way little lady. Go back in there and put it on.” He crossed his arms over his chest, peering down at Liz as he tried to give off an air of authority.

Liz rolled her eyes, chuckling as she went back inside. “Fine!” She stuck her head out of the door quickly, before ducking back inside. “Make sure Alex doesn’t eat all the burgers!”


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Thanks for the fb. Glad you guys are intrigued enough to stay with me. *big* I know that I'm not saying much about the story, but I'm working up to revealing everything.

For those reading OS, I hope to have a new part by Monday or Tuesday.

Part 2


The four friends lay on the grass in the backyard, their heads touching as they formed a circle.

“So how’s it feel to be a year older, chica?” Maria leaned against her elbow, throwing a glance at Liz who was staring at the night sky.

“It feels the same as it did last year.” She let out a heavy breath, her hand reaching out to pick at the cool blades of grass that was tickling her skin. “I think the excitement kinda wears off after you hit a certain age.”

Alex crossed his arms behind his head, his feet locking at the ankles. “True, but I think mom and dad kinda ruined it for us when they took us to that petting zoo for your tenth birthday.” He smiled as he remembered the night they had bundled up into the car and walked around with other children and families like Liz. It was one of the first, few times that she had actually been outside, enjoying what the world had to offer instead of living in her darkness of misery. His eyes flew to his sister, his heart aching with the knowledge that it was only times like these that she really lived.

Liz sat up crossing her legs. She looked to each of her friends, her eyes twinkling. “It’s news time, you guys.”

Each of the three friends rolled into a sitting position, all of them facing one another. Regardless of how mundane and ridiculous news time felt, they knew that Liz lived for it. She lived for the stories they would tell her about the things they did during the daytime, what the sun looked liked that day, or what was going on in school. It was something they took for granted everyday. Knowing how much it meant to her, they would give her elaborate descriptions, smiling as they watched Liz close her eyes and picture it in her mind’s eye. It was a sight to behold, watching her use her imagination to fill in the blanks to what she would never be exposed to.

“I’ll go first.” Alex held his hand in the air as if he was in a classroom, asking for permission to speak. He ducked his head when shards of grass flew his way. “Hey, cut it out.”

A chorus of laughs were heard as he spoke. “Anyways, I took my bass out to the quad in that little secluded area behind the cafeteria. You know, the place where nobody ever sits because they say they can smell the cheese factory from there?” When everyone nodded, he continued. “Well, I sat under a tree, playing quietly to myself. The sun was bright, so I had to wear my sunglasses, but I had to take them off eventually because it was just too pretty outside. The sun was high, and shining brightly, that it reflected off of the strings. It made this really cool silver color, that you just couldn’t take your eyes off of it.” He looked at Liz who had her head tilted back, her eyes closed as she pictured it in her mind. He saw her smile slightly, knowing that at that very moment, she was seeing the same silver color he had seen. “Do you see it, Liz?”

She nodded, grinning wildly. “I can.” Her hands reached out as if she were strumming the guitar strings, her fingers twitching against the cool air. “Alex, it’s so pretty.”

Maria bit her lip to keep from letting out a sob. It didn’t matter how many times she had seen Liz pretend that she was there, but it always tore at her heart. She couldn’t help but think that life was unfair for letting Liz suffer with having to be locked up all of the time. The one person who would appreciate every little thing that life had to offer, simply couldn’t. She cleared her throat, scooting closer to Alex, who squeezed her hand in silent support. “Well, I tried out for the school play, but Mr. Winkler didn’t appreciate me singing my own song. He made stand up there looking like a fool.”

Liz’s eyes flew open, her chocolate orbs dark with sadness. “He didn’t like your song?”

Maria just shrugged her shoulders. “Eh, I’m too good for a stupid school play anyway.” She threw her hand in the air, waving it with an air of boredom. “When I’m making it in the big leagues, West Roswell sure isn’t going to get my first gold record donated to them,” she grinned wickedly. “They’re going to be on those tacky behind the music segments, gushing about how they knew me in high school.”

Liz smiled, glad that Maria took the disappointment in stride. Seeing her take things as they came, and not let things bother her, made her strive to do the same. There was no point sitting all alone in the world, feeling sorry for yourself. She turned to Michael, looking at him expectantly.

“My cousin’s are coming to live with us.” He threw it out like it was a common occurrence, something they should have been expecting to hear.

“Cousins? Since when do you have cousins?” Alex studied his friend, wondering why he had never mentioned it before.

“Since forever. I don’t know them all that well cos they live in California.” He leaned back, not offering anymore.

Frustrated with his usual lack of enthusiasm, Maria sighed heavily. “You can’t just throw something out like that and leave us hanging.”

Michael smirked, knowing how much it irritated Maria when he did it. He couldn’t help the perverse pleasure he got by annoying the crap out of her. “There’s nothing to tell. They’re moving here, end of story.”

Maria got ready to pounce, her body lunging forward, but Alex stopped her before she could tackle Michael. He held her around the waist, shaking his head at Michael for purposefully riling her up.

Liz scooted forward, placing space between her friends, acting as a physical barrier for them. She looked at Michael, tipping her head to the side curiously. “Do these cousins have names?”

“Max and Isabel. They’re twins. Same age as me and Alex.”

“Which would make them seventeen,” she finished.

Maria pouted as she listened to Michael give more answers than Liz had questions for. It wasn’t that she was jealous of the relationship that Michael and Liz shared. She knew that Michael adored Liz like she was his own baby sister, but she couldn’t help but wish he didn’t give her such a hard time, all the time, and just be civil to her without all of the underlying jokes and insinuations. It would be nice if he treated her human for once.

“California? Man, what the heck are they thinking moving out here to Roswell? It’s gonna be a culture shock for them.” Alex blew out a whistle, already feeling sorry for Michael’s cousins for moving out here.

“My dad’s brother, their dad, well he’s a lawyer too. My dad asked him to be his partner and he agreed. Stupid if you ask me. His kids are gonna hate him.” As he spoke his last few words, a beep went off, alerting them to the end of their time together.

“That’s me, chica.” Maria leaned over, giving Liz a hug. “I hate being on this whole curfew thing, but I have a geometry test in the morning, so…..”

Liz nodded in understanding, standing up to brush the remnants of grass from her clothes.

Michael came up to her, hugging her tightly. “That’s me too. Sorry to bail out on your birthday,” he said remorsefully.

“You’re not bailing.” Her voice was muffled against his chest due to the big height difference. “Life goes on in the daytime too,” she smiled.

He nodded stiffly, his stomach clenching at the melancholy tone of her voice. He squeezed her arm, tipping his head to Alex as he lead Maria outside. “Give me a ride?”

“Yeah, but don’t touch anything! The last time I gave you a ride, you spilled Snapple all over the seats,” she fumed.

Michael laughed, throwing his arm around Maria. “Aw, c’mon. You know you loved it.”

Alex and Liz stood outside, waiting as their voices faded away into small bickering sounds.

Alex held out his arm to Liz, walking slowly beside her. “So tell me the truth. Did you really enjoy your birthday?”

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “I guess. But it’s not the same without Kyle. He’s like my best guy friend in the whole world.”

Alex raised a playful eyebrow at her. “And what are Michael and me? Chopped liver?”

Liz pinched his side, laughing when he jumped and yelped. “That’s not the same. Kyle doesn’t treat me like I’m his little sister.” She paused. “I can’t wait till he comes home from visiting his mom in Albuquerque.”

Alex frowned as he looked down at the top of her dark head. “You don’t have like a crush on Kyle, do you?”

“Eww! No! That’d be gross.” She smacked Alex on his chest, knocking the wind out of him. “He’s my best friend. That’d be like saying I had a crush on Maria.”

He leaned his palms on his knees, taking a lungful of air. “That’s good to know. Otherwise, I’d probably have to start watching him like a hawk.”

Liz made a face, giggling so hard she had to clutch her stomach. “It’d be kinda hard to watch him like a hawk when you get beat down by your younger sister.” She pushed him hard, causing him to land on his butt.

He yelled out, after her, still trying to catch his breath from when she had hit him the first time. “Yeah, well I’m only a year older so it’s not much of a difference.”

After the words fell out of his mouth, he cringed at the lame comeback. He stood back up, grimacing as he tried to walk. “For someone who barely weighs more than a hundred pounds, she hits like a freakin’ wrestler,” he muttered to himself.


Alien614 - very perceptive. *wink* You're the first one who's noticed all of the clues that something is a little off. *big*

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Part 3


The sound of the phone ringing woke Liz out of her slumber, making her think it was her alarm clock. Her hand slipped from under the covers, slapping it against the bedside table as she tried to stop the incessant ringing. It was driving her insane.

Finally, she sat up, looking around hazily. She gazed at the clock, quickly realizing that it wasn’t her alarm clock, but her phone ringing. She picked it up grudgingly, muttering into the phone.


There was a chuckle on the other end before a deep voice filtered through. “Now, is that any way to greet your best friend?”

Instantly awake, Liz kicked off the covers, hugging her knees to her chest as the excitement of hearing the person’s voice on the other end consumed her. “Kyle,” she sighed. “Where are you?”

The sound of a door closing was heard before he continued speaking. “Well, I’m heading inside the house to get a set of clean clothes, then I’m supposed to be getting ready for school.”

Liz nodded even though she knew that Kyle couldn’t see her. “Well, I should let you go then. You must be tired from your drive.”

“Nice try, Parker. But you ain’t getting rid of me that easy. Correct me if I‘m wrong, but according to my calculations, I‘m supposed to be doing over time just so I can return to my girlfriend status,” he joked.

She let out a hearty laugh, the sound, musical. “Girlfriend status? Has Maria been talking to you?”

“Maria said that it’s my duty as best guy friend to grovel and bend over backwards since I missed your birthday.” He paused, his voice turning somber. “I’m sorry I missed out on your birthday, Liz. If I could’ve gotten out of seeing my mom for the weekend, you know I would have.”

“Don’t say that Kyle. You get to see your mom one weekend every month. I would never expect you to change those plans for my stupid birthday.” She twisted the phone cord with her finger, biting her bottom lip. “So how’d it go with your mom?”

“She’s doing good. She’s got that new job and all, so it keeps her pretty busy.” He couldn’t help his voice catch in his throat. He hoped that she didn’t pick up on it.

“How about you? How are you doing?” Her voice was tinged with concern, as it always was when she worried about her friends.

He breathed heavily, the sound echoing against the ear piece. He should’ve known that she would know that something was wrong. He never was able to hide anything from her. He guessed it came with the territory of being best friends. He was sure he would be able to tell her mood just by the sound of her footsteps and vice versa. “I’m… I don’t know….I’m feeling weird, I guess.”

“Weird?” Her one word question prompted him to open up, letting him relay to her all that was troubling him.

“She’s started dating, Liz,” he blurted out. “She wanted me to meet this guy, and I just freaked out on her…” He ran a shaky hand through his hair. “I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much. It’s not like I’m secretly hoping that she’ll get back together with my dad, because I know better than anyone that they‘re better apart than together.” He paused. “I guess I feel a little weird that she’s moving on with her life. First it was the divorce, then she moved to Albuquerque,” he let out a trembling breath. “I know it’s ridiculous to think what I’m thinking, but….”

“What are you thinking?”

There was silence on the other end before his sad voice came through. “What if she really hits it off with this guy and they get married and they have kids…..what’s going to happen to my one weekend every month?”

“Oh Kyle, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. Your mom loves you soo much. It took a lot for her to leave you here with your dad.” She stopped, a smile crossing her lips. “There will never be another Kyle Valenti in this world….you’re kinda a valuable commodity. And even if somebody tried, they would never come close.”

He ran a hand down his face, revealing a reluctant smile. “How do you do that?”

“Do what?” she asked, oblivious to the affect she had.

“Calm me down…..just… always know the right thing to say.” A beat passed. “Whoever gets your heart sure will be a lucky guy.”

Liz grinned, her self esteem rising a little. It was nice to be complimented once in a while. “Why Valenti, you’re not getting mushy on me, are you?”

He laughed. “Not a chance, Parker. I’m still holding out that Catherine Zeta Jones is gonna give up her acting career and move to Roswell and be with me.”

“Oh, and what? Leave the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and Michael Douglass? Not a chance, Valenti. You’ll have a better chance of getting Tess Harding to leave you alone.”

“That’s not funny, Parker.” He shivered. “I still have nightmares about her chasing me down the street, yelling out that we were meant to be.”

Liz doubled over in laughter. “You know I would pay a lot to have seen that.”

“Believe me, it wasn’t anything to see.” He stopped, leaning against the door frame. “I’ll talk to you later, Liz…….Happy belated birthday.”

“Thanks for calling.”


Matthew Evans pulled his wife to his side, his smile widening as he looked at his niece and nephew. “Max, Isabel, it’s really nice to have you staying with us until your parents get everything settled in California. It’s been so long since the last time we saw each other, that it will give us all a chance to get to know each other a little better.”

Isabel smiled gratefully at her uncle, glad that he was making an effort. “Thanks, Uncle Matt. It’s really nice of you and Aunt Sarah to take us in.” She turned her head to look at her brother, smiling tightly as she waited for him to say something. When he continued to just stand there, she elbowed him.

Broken out of his stupor, Max looked around as if he was realizing where he was for the first time. “Huh?”

Isabel kicked his ankle, smiling sweetly at her aunt and uncle. “Max, I was just telling Uncle Matt, and Aunt Sarah how nice it was of them to open up their homes and welcome us.”

Max nodded. “Right, right.” He gave a shy smile. “We appreciate the hospitality.”

She held her hand to the side of her mouth, whispering. “He’s a little shy.”

The two adults laughed before Matt cleared his throat. He looked up the stairs, frowning. “Mikey! Mikey, get down here. Your cousins are here.”

An awkward silence fell over everyone as they heard the music from the stairs grow louder.

Matt stomped his foot, his patience getting the better of him. “MICHAEL ANDREW EVANS, I WILL COUNT TO THREE, AND IF YOU’RE NOT HERE-

A loud banging was heard, heavy leaden footsteps coming down the stairs.

Sarah looked up at her husband, laughing. “Only three seconds? Must be a new record.”

Michael came down the stairs, standing a foot away from his cousins. He crossed his arms, scowling slightly.

“Michael, why don’t you show your cousins where they will be staying?” He fished the keys from his pocket, dangling them in front of Michael. “And when you’re done, you can drive the three of you to school.”

Michael had been ready to protest, not at all wanting to play the role of host, but the tradeoff of getting to drive his dad’s new truck was enough to suffer any sort of torture. He nodded towards the stairs, walking and not caring if they were following.

When they had reached the top, Michael led them to the guest bedroom. “This is where you will stay.” He pointed to Isabel. He pushed the door open, giving her a quick salute. He motioned for Max to follow him, kicking his room open. “We only have one guest room, so my dad thought it would be a good idea for you and I to bunk together.” He stepped into the room, pointing to the cot. “That, is your bed.” He pointed to what looked like a pile of clothing. “And that is mine.”

He crossed his arms, studying Max closely. He didn’t know what to think of him. He sure seemed to be the quiet type. “Look, I only have three rules. You stick to them, and we’ll get along great.”

Max’s head bobbed up and down, shoving his hands deep into his pockets.

“Rule number 1. As you can see, I like my room in a certain order.”

Max followed Michael’s gaze to the messy room. It looked like a tornado had hit.

“Don’t touch anything, and we’ll be cool.” He smiled, holding up two fingers. “Rule number 2. Don’t touch anything.” He held up a third finger, grinning madly. “Care to guess rule number 3?”

“Don’t touch anything?” Max felt his lip twitch, finding humor in Michael’s “rough exterior”. He could see that it was just a front, something he could totally relate to.

Michael laughed for the first time in Max’s presence, causing the other boy to laugh as well. He wagged his finger at Max, scratching his chin with the other hand. “I like the way you think, Max. Makes me think we’ll get along just fine.” He paused, smirking. “Actually, it’s about the music.” He walked to the stereo, his fingers caressing the black surface reverently. “This baby right here, it doesn’t play anything but Metallica.” He gave Max a pointed staring, showing how serious he was. “I can be lenient with the first two rules, but this third rule, it’s sacred. If I ever hear you playing any panzy songs on here,” he let out a deep breath. “I think that’ll have to be the end of everything.”

He walked up to Max, rubbing his hands together. “So, you ready for your first day of school?” He bypassed Max, running down the hall. “Hurry up! I’ve been dying to get my hands on this truck forever.”

Max took one last glance at the room, heaving a sigh at the thought of spending the next few months living there. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.


Thanks for all of the awesome fb. *happy* I totally appreciate it, and it certainly keeps me motivated.

Anyways, I know y'all are dying to know what exactly is wrong with Liz, but I will be explaining it soon. I just wanted to give everyone a little bit of a background story first.

Oh, and a few more things I need to mention. Max and Isabel are aliens. But Michael isn't. Confusing, huh? LOL. But I will explain how that got to be, so just stick with me. *happy*

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Part 4


Maria pulled open her locker, throwing her books inside callously. She was about five seconds away from banging her head against the cool metal. She was already running late, and she had her geometry test first period, and she couldn’t remember a thing she studied the night before.

“Need help in banging your head against the lockers, cos I could do a little demonstration if you’re not sure how to do it.” Kyle leaned his back against the locker next to Maria’s, grinning.

She let a laugh, feeling the weight lift off of her shoulders. “When’d you get back?”

“A couple of hours ago.” He shoved his hands in his pockets, his head bobbing. “What’s with the uh……?”

Maria slammed her locker closed, throwing her book bag over her shoulder. “The potential head banging?” She waited for his confirming nod. “Not having a good day.”

“Not having a good day?….Maria, school hasn’t even started yet.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe I’m just lucky that I can channel all of the forces to go against me so early in the morning?”

Kyle smiled, his smile knowing. “You had a mother and daughter breakfast this morning, didn’t you?”

“Shut up!” She shoved him, but she couldn’t help but smile.


Michael tore into the parking lot, the tires screeching to a halt as he created a parking space for himself.

Max opened the door, ready to get away from Michael’s hellish driving, when he noticed the painted ground.

Reserved for Junior Class President.

“Uh, I don’t think you can park here.” He pulled the door back closed. “It’s supposed to be reserved for the junior class president.”

Michael grinned, jumping out. “I didn’t see anything.”

Isabel followed him, practically hissing. “You can’t just take a parking space that isn’t yours! That’s just….it’s wrong!”

“Relax, Izzy. Nicholas doesn’t even have his license so it’s kinda hard for me to be taking a parking space that he doesn’t even use. Besides, I’m sure he’d need a few phone books to sit on before he can even see over the steering wheel.”

“It’s ISABEL, not IZZY!” she let the words past her gritted teeth, her face flushed.

“Geesh!” He looked over at Max who was busy taking in his surroundings. “Is she always so….?”

“Uptight?” Max offered, resulting in slap from Isabel. “Ow!”

Michael wrapped his arm around Isabel, his other arm pulling Max into a headlock. “I can just tell we’re all going to be one big, happy, fun, bunch.”

As they walked further down the hall, Isabel gasped out loud when she caught sight of Alex. “Wow.” She didn’t realize that she had said it out loud, until Max and Michael both turned their heads sharply. Feeling self-conscious, she glared at them. “What?”

Michael just looked at her weirdly before waving to Alex. “Parker!”

Alex grinned, walking towards them.

“You know him?” Isabel cowered behind Max, refusing to meet Alex’s smiling gaze.

“Michael.” He nodded to Max and Isabel. “Your cousins I presume?”

“You presume correctly.” He pointed a finger at Alex. “SAT words?”

“Yeah. Liz has me beefing up.” He shrugged his shoulders. He held out his hand to Max. “Alex. Alex Parker.”

“Max Evans.” He shook Alex’s hand, feeling at ease with the boy already. He turned to Isabel who was still crowding behind him. “This is my sister Isabel.”

“Isabel, nice to meet you.” He smiled quickly, returning his gaze to Michael. “I gotta run. I have to talk Coach Sharp into giving me some extra credit for P.E.”

“Dodge ball not cutting it, huh?” Michael joked.

“Apparently my one skill in the physical arts isn’t something worth of an A grade. I’ll catch you guys later.” He practically ran down the halls, stopping when he ran into Kyle and Maria. He smiled down at Maria, his lips coming into contact with her forehead as he put his arm around her.

Isabel felt herself stewing. Was she that that Liz girl?

Max pulled out his schedule, trying to figure out where his first class was, when someone rammed into him. Startled, he looked down at mass of blonde curls.

“What the heck is wrong with you? Don’t you have eyes?” Tess pushed herself away from Max, brushing herself off as if she had been contaminated with something just by touching him. She looked up to him to give him a piece of her mind, when her piercing blue eyes caught sight of Michael standing beside Max. She plastered a fake sugary sweet smile on her face. “Hey Michael.”

Michael shook his head, backing away. “No way Tess. I’m not telling you where Kyle is, so you can forget about pumping me for information.”

Tess continued to walk up to Michael, but he just kept walking backwards, pushing Max in front of him. “Oh, come on, Michael. Not even a little hint?”

Michael crossed his index fingers together. “Stay away!”

Tess held her hand to her chest, her red lips pouting. “I’m hurt.” She turned to Max, giving him a distasteful look. “You wouldn’t happen to know where Kyle is, would you?”

“I…I uh….I don’t even know who Kyle is,” he stammered. He could feel the hairs on his neck stand up when she wrinkled her nose, her eyes turning icy.

“You don’t know who Kyle Valenti is?” her voice came out in a controlled whisper, but the underlying venom was creeping Max out. “What kind of rock have you been living under?”

Michael grabbed Isabel’s shoulder, pushing her in front of Tess. “If you don’t leave now, I’m gonna sic her on you.”

Isabel’s jaw dropped open, not able to say anything. What the heck was Michael doing?

Tess just narrowed her eyes, taking in Isabel’s amazon stature. “Fine. But when you see Kyle, you tell him I was looking for him.” She sauntered off, flipping her blonde curly hair over her shoulder.

Releasing the breath he hadn’t realize he had been holding, Max stared after her, an involuntary shiver running through his body, “A friend of yours?”

Michael clapped Max on the shoulder. “That was Tess Harding. Resident stalker of West Roswell high.” He walked forward, calling out behind him. “Hurry up. I don’t wanna play tour guide all day.”

“Did we just step into the freaking twilight zone or what?” Isabel whispered to Max as they hurried to catch up to Michael.

“Couldn’t be any worse than where we used to live. At least here, we have….” he paused, trying to think of the right word. “We have roots.”

Isabel rolled her eyes at her brother. She wasn’t in the mood to listen to him brooding about their not of this earth status. It was just too early in the morning. She ran up to Michael, hoping to see if she could coax a few details about that Alex Parker.

Maybe there was one redeeming quality in Roswell after all.


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Part 5


Isabel looked through the cafeteria for Max, but as usual, he was nowhere to be found. The boy took hiding in plain sight to a whole new level. She stomped her foot, exiting to look for him outside. “Trust Max to leave me sitting all alone on my first day,” she muttered. As she rounded the back, her nose wrinkled as she smelled something in the air. “Is that cheese?”

Her thoughts were gone quickly as she spotted Max under a tree, his eyebrows knotted in concentration, his tongue peeking out between pursed lips as he scribbled furiously in his notebook. She walked up to him, dropping her things next to him with a loud thud, but he didn’t even blink. Whatever he was doing, he was caught up in it in a major way. She peered over his shoulder, her voice filled with mirth. “Whatcha got there, porn?”

Max looked up at Isabel with a scowl, letting out a frustrated sigh. “Funny.” He reached to close his notebook, but Isabel stopped him.

“Lemme see.” She grabbed the notebook, opening it up to where Max had obviously been drawing. She looked at the piece of paper, then to Max who wouldn’t meet her gaze. “I see you’re at it again.” She sighed heavily. “I thought you were over this Max. I thought that this was just some weird adolescent phase you were going through.”

He snatched the paper from her hand angrily. “Yeah, well you thought wrong.” He folded up the piece of paper, slipping it into his jeans pocket. “I’m so close Isabel. I’ve got everything but her eyes.”

“Max, this is crazy. We’re talking about some make believe girl you conjured up in your head when you were a child. This isn’t healthy.” Isabel tried to reason with him, but Max was just stubborn as a mule, sometimes.

His amber eyes flared with a fiery golden color. “She’s real, Isabel…..I know she is. I just…..I just don’t remember what she looks like.”

A long silence passed between the two siblings before Alex showed up, his bass hanging from his neck. He peered down at the siblings. “So, you guys found my spot?”

Max scurried to stand up, brushing his hands across the back of his jeans, not realizing that the picture fell out of his pocket. Alex kneeled down to pick it up, handing it to Max. “You dropped this.”

“Thanks.” A relieved looked washed over Max’s face, making Alex curious as to what was on the scrap of paper. He watched as Max pulled out his wallet, stuffing it safely in the back.

“Sorry, we didn’t realize that this spot was yours.” Max made a move to pick up his things, only to stop at the sound of Alex’s raucous laughter.

“You sure you’re related to Michael?” He sat down on the grass, making himself comfortable.

“Well actually, we’re adopted.” Max sat back down, scratching the side of his head. “Didn’t Michael tell you?”

Alex made an O shape with his mouth. “Michael isn’t really the sort of person to share too many details.”

“Funny, that’s something we all have in common,” Isabel spoke under her breath, throwing a glare to her brother. Sometimes she wondered what was going on in that head of his. There was times when he acted paranoid to the extreme, and there were times like now that he blurted things out without even thinking. He was always the one saying they couldn’t get involved, and get attached because of who they were, but now he looked to be getting ready to get chummy with Alex.

“Oh, hey Isabel. Didn’t see you there.” He gave her a killer smile that made her jaw drop. “You always so quiet?”

Isabel couldn’t find her voice to speak, so she just nodded, smiling like an idiot.

Alex looked at her funny, wondering why she just kept smiling at him. Did he have something in his teeth? He stopped smiling, running his tongue across his teeth to do a quick sweep. Nope, nothing. Feeling a little uncomfortable with Isabel’s continued stares, he reached into his back pack. He handed Max a camera. “You think you could take a picture of me and my bass?”

“Uh, yeah…sure.” Max fiddled with the camera, waiting to hear Alex say that he was ready. “So you just want me to take a picture?”

Alex held up his hand, moving to stand directly under the sunlight. He tilted the bass so that the light reflected off of it, causing Max to flinch at the brightness. “Get a picture of the light hitting the strings.”

Max frowned, feeling a little confused. “But it’ll just be a big ball of light.”

Alex tipped the guitar more, blinding Max. “That’s the point.”

“Okay.” He took the picture quickly, handing the camera back to Alex. “What’s this for, anyway?”

“My little sister. I was telling her about the strings and I wanted to have something to show her.”

Max smiled a small smile, thinking it was sweet that Alex would do something like that for his little sister. He wondered if she went to the elementary school that they had passed this morning. He was going to ask, when Michael showed up with the guy and girl he had seen earlier with Alex.

“Max, Izzy, this is Kyle and Maria.” He turned to Kyle, pulling Maria to his side as he gave her cheeks a pinch. “Kyle, and sweetpea, this is Max and Isabel.”

Both girls threw whatever they could at Michael, not at all appreciating the nicknames he used on them.

Michael flopped down on the ground, making kissy faces at them. “Love you guys too.”

Maria snuggled up next to Alex, pretending she didn’t hear Michael. She glanced over at Isabel who happened to be glaring at her. She turned to Alex, whining. “Why do we have to sit here? You can smell the cheese factory from here, and it’s making me nauseas.”

“Thank you!” Isabel threw her hand up in relief that she wasn’t going completely insane, thinking she could smell cheese. She gave a sheepish smile when everyone looked at her. “I thought I was imaging the smell.”

Kyle tore open his twinkies, flailing them around. “Hey, I’m perfectly happy here. Tess doesn’t know about it, so…”

A realization set over Max. “You’re the Kyle Valenti?”

Kyle looked at Max weirdly, wondering why the guy had put an article before his name.

“We had a run in with your stalker,” Michael called out from where it looked like he was napping.

Kyle paled, the twinkie falling from his mouth. “You didn’t….you didn’t tell her where I was, did you?”

Michael opened his eyes, grinning. “As much as I love watching you squirm, Valenti, I’m not that cruel.”

He breathed a sigh of relief, running a hand down his face.

“Besides, if she catches you, you can always tell her you’ll sic Isabel on her.” He looked thoughtful, finally looking pleased with himself. “Worked for us.”

Maria laughed at the image of Isabel going crazy on the little blonde.

Alex clapped his hands together, shaking the camera in his hands. “One last picture.” He ushered everyone to move closer together. “Let me get this last one for Liz.”

Max stood up, offering to take the picture, only to have Alex shoo him away. He insisted, trying to reach over Alex’s taller frame for the camera. “Let me take it. I’m not really a picture kind of guy.”

“Well, you are now.” Alex set up the autotimer, pulling Max back towards the group.

As the flash went off, a mass of goofy grins, and dopey smiles were made for the camera. Only one was wearing an upside down smile.


Later that night.

Michael lay in his bed, listening to the footsteps outside. He glanced at the clock, noting in about two minutes, the light would disappear from under his door, the sounds outside quieting. He would be free to sneak out and visit Liz.

He turned to look at the cot where Max lay, listening to his deep even breathing, and it was then he realized that Max was asleep. He shot his fingers in the air, finishing off his countdown before kicking off the covers. He pushed the window open, getting ready to ease himself into the tree when he realized that it was a little chilly outside. Too lazy to grab a jacket of his own, he grabbed Max’s heading outside.

When Max heard Michael’s heavy feet land with a thud outside, he opened his eyes. He reached for the lamp, looking at the time. He sat up in bed, taking out the sketch he made during lunch. A tentative smile washed over his face as his finger traced his dream girl’s face.

“I know you’re real….” He breathed heavily when his fingertips danced over where her eyes should be. “If only I could see all of you…..”


Michael opened Liz’s window, letting himself inside. He whispered loudly. “Hey Lizziepoo? You awake?”

Liz grabbed her pillow, throwing it at him. “I am now.”

They laughed together softly as Michael sat beside her. She moved closer to his side, unconsciously inhaling the scent of his jacket. She turned to him, burying her nose in the material. “You smell good. New fabric softner?”

“Actually, it’s Max’s jacket.”

Her chocolate eyes lit up in the dark. “That’s right, the guys told me that it was your cousins’ first day today.”

“Aw, man! They already came to visit?”

Liz nodded. “Yeah. Everyone has curfew, so they came a little early.” She smiled, her hands balling up into the jacket as she retold the events of earlier to him excitedly. “Kyle brought over his gift and Alex says he has a surprise for me tomorrow.”

Michael smiled down at her, listening intently. They weren’t talking about much, or anything all that important, but he knew that Liz didn’t get to see too many people, or even talk to them. Other than her family and friends, her connection to the outside world ended. Seeing her get so excited like this, made him think of her as a little girl. And in some ways, the way she acted was childlike and innocent. It made his protective side flare up.

After Liz finished her story, she looked up at Michael, shyly brushing her hair behind her ears. “What?”

He kissed her forehead, giving her shoulder a squeeze. “Nothing, Lizziepoo. Just can’t believe how fast you’re growing up.”

She pinched his side, rolling her eyes playfully. “You know, the way you and Alex talk, it’s like I just turned six yesterday, and not sixteen.”

“You turned sixteen yesterday? I was sure you only turned six.” He kidded with her, loving the soft giggles that escaped her as she tried to kick his butt to no avail.

They sat together in silence for a little while until Michael excused himself to go home. “I’ll be back to see you tomorrow,” he promised.


“Hmmm?” He peered down at her, seeing her bite her lip as if nervous to say whatever it was she was going to say.

“Tell Max that his jacket smells good.” She blushed as she said it, her eyes downcast. She couldn’t believe that she had just said that. She didn’t even know the guy and she was getting Michael to say his jacket smelled good?

“Um…..okay?” Michael couldn’t figure out why Liz wanted him to say that, but there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. He tipped her chin, ready to say goodbye to her, when he saw a pinkish tint in her cheeks. Was she blushing?

“Goodnight, Michael. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Her voice was soft, her eyes still refusing to meet his.

His bobbed up and down as he walked backwards and out of her room. Walking down the empty streets of Roswell, he shook his head, muttering under his breath. “That was weird.”


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Just wanted to say thanks for all of the awesome fb. *big* It's greatly appreciated. It makes me so happy to know you guys like this as much as I like writing it. *happy*

Anyways, a quick note to anyone reading my other story, OS, the next part is a little slow in coming. I can't give a definite date when it will be out cos it's taking a little longer to write it. Hope you guys understand, and in the meantime, enjoy this new part. *wink*

Part 6


Max puttered around in Michael’s slovenly kept room, trying to get ready for school. He was already running late that it was all he could do to keep from spewing out a few profanities. Would it actually kill the guy to tidy up a little? He bet that Michael didn’t even know that the room was carpeted, but even as frustrated as he was, he knew there was nothing he could say or do. Michael had made it clear that he actually preferred living in a sty.

He did a quick sweep of the room, his hands itching to clean the room. Max attributed that as one of his faults. What could he say? He was a self-professed neat freak. He knew that his life was full of mysteries, and weird occurrences that he couldn’t control. Keeping things neat, and in order made him feel a little secure. It was something he could control, and he thrived on that. It wasn’t anything big, or anything important, but he had come to realize early on that it was the small things, the simple things that you thought were insignificant were actually the things that mattered most.

Michael came into the room, still wearing his pajamas, carrying a bowl of cereal as he practically inhaled it. “You okay? You look a little lost.”

Max watched as the milk dribbled off of Michael’s chin. He had to bite down on his tongue from freaking out that Michael wasn’t ready yet, and school was due to start in less than twenty minutes. “Uh…I was looking for my jacket.” He scratched behind his ear, his nose wrinkling as he looked around the room. “I think I might have misplaced it.”

Wordlessly, Michael went to the side of his bed, picking up Max’s jacket. He threw it at Max, yelling, “Think quick!”

“Ooof!” Max stumbled back as his jacket hit him in the face. He hadn’t expected that. He pulled the jacket from his face, smiling. He pulled his arms through it, smoothing it over his arms. He pulled it tighter over his body, suddenly frozen on the spot.

That smell. He closed his eyes, the vision of his dream girl dancing teasingly in front of his face. Somehow, he imagined that’s exactly what she smelled like. Strawberries with the slightest hint of vanilla. It was a breath taking scent, almost making his knees wobble.

“Dude, relax. I don’t have B.O.” Michael put the bowl down, then suddenly held his arms up, doing a quick pit check. After a few quick sniffs, he shrugged. He threw his t-shirt over his head, grabbing one from the floor. He shook out the wrinkles, bringing it up to his nose for a whiff. Seeming satisfied, he put it on, reaching into his closet for a pair of jeans. He laced up his boots, sticking a pencil behind his ear. “You ready to go?”

He had to do a double take as Max stood there with his eyes closed, his nose resting on the sleeve of the jacket. Michael rolled his eyes. “Look, I know Liz says that your jacket smells good, but do you like have to smell yourself?”

“Huh?” Max’s eyes flew open, his cheeks flaming as he realized that he wasn’t alone. He had gotten so caught up in his vision of her, that he hadn’t realized what he had been doing. He threw his back pack over his shoulder. “I’ll meet you downstairs,” he spoke quickly, trying to making a hasty escape.

Michael shook his head, jogging after Max when a folded piece of paper caught his eye. He picked it up, ready to open it up when he heard his mother’s voice calling him. Hurriedly, he shoved it into his back pocket running down the stairs. “Mom?”

Sarah was reading the paper at the kitchen counter. She looked up, waving Michael to her. “Max and Isabel are already waiting in the truck.” She reached to smooth down his spiky hair, only to have him spike it back up. She laughed softly. “So how’s Liz?”

He scratched the side of his eyebrow. “She’s good, you know.”

She nodded slowly. “You sure? I was almost worried that you weren’t going to visit her last night.” Her eyes twinkled as she saw him gulp.

He didn’t think she knew.

“You were a little off in your timing last night.” She tapped her wristwatch. “Thought the old ticker was broken.”

Michael stood there, motionless. He couldn’t figure out his mom. Was he in trouble, or what? And the fact that she had known all this time and not mentioned anything made him feel like an idiot.

She touched his shoulder, giving him a small smile. “Relax, sweetie. You’re not in any trouble. You just make sure that you give Liz a hug for me when you go and see her again tonight.” She stood up to pull him into a hug. She had to stand on her tip-toes, just so she could get her hand to touch his shoulders.

He hugged her back, breathing a sigh of relief. “Thanks, Mama,” knowing that Max and Isabel were in the truck, made him feel comfortable calling her what he called her when he had been growing up. He kissed her cheek, quickly running to the driveway. He hopped into the driver’s seat, tearing down the residential street.


Alex knocked softly on Liz’s door, his cheek resting against the wood. “Liz? You awake?”

“Come in!”

He pushed the door open, grinning when he saw her sitting on her bed, with nose buried in a book. “You know, I’m not sure I know what you look like anymore, what with your face in a book all the time.”

Liz pulled the book away from her face, tilting her head to the side as she made a face. When she heard Alex laugh, she stopped. “You leaving for school?”

“Yup.” He walked closer to her, his hands strategically placed behind his back.

She got up on her knees, trying to see behind him. “Whatcha got there?”

He shrugged, trying to bite back a smile. “What makes you think I’ve got anything?”

Her eyes lit up like it did on Christmas morning when she opened up her presents. She held out her hands. “Is it for me?”

“For you? Why would I get you anything?” He walked closer, stepping to the side so that she couldn’t see behind him.

“Aleeeex!” she whined. She batted her eyelashes, making her sad puppy face.

Alex held out his hand, shaking his head at her in disgust. “That was low.”

She grinned as she took the package from his hands.

“You know I can’t say no to the sad puppy face.”

She pulled at the package, laughing. “That’s the point. You know, make the sad puppy face to get what I want.”

He crossed his arms, pretending to look pissed, but it was a lost cause. Anytime he was around her, he couldn’t help but smile. He had to wonder if there was some sort of massage for cheeks because of smiling too much. His mind returned to the present as he heard her gasp.

“This is my surprise?”

Before he could answer, Maria tooted her horn, letting her presence known outside. He walked to Liz, ruffling her hair. “That’s Maria, I gotta go.” He kissed the top of her head, rushing outside. “Hope you like it!” he yelled over his shoulder as he scurried away.

Liz looked around at the empty room with a heavy heart. She could feel her body tremble a little just the way it always did right before she started crying. She berated herself for being this way. It wasn’t like she wasn’t used to being alone, but sometimes the magnitude of how truly alone she was tore right through her. Sure, she had her family, and friends who were like family that loved her unconditionally, but she felt like something was missing.

She hated to think that they were spending time with her because they felt that they had to. But as proud as she was, she couldn’t turn away that affection or the attention. She had two choices. Live in misery with her condition, or make do with what she had. She went with the latter, knowing that you had to swallow your pride and put yourself out there. She couldn’t do it all, and she hated being so dependant, but what could she do?

She ran angry fists across her eyes, willing the tears away. Instead, she tried to concentrate on what Alex had given her. Her lips curled into a smile as she flipped open the photo album. There were numerous pictures, mostly of the “great outdoors”. He had been really good about explaining how things appeared in the light, and then he would take pictures so she could have something to hold, something to keep. Her heart warmed as she looked at each picture, trying to imagine herself in each scene. She had her family, and her dreams.

They were what kept her going. In her dreams, she didn’t have Porphyria. In her dreams, she could frolic outside with her tall, dark, handsome and mysterious stranger. Heck, she could even get a sunburn and it wouldn’t have disastrous affects. She opened her eyes again, looking down at the picture of Alex and his bass. The way the sun hit the strings, it made a spectacular light that she couldn’t tear her eyes away from.

She flipped the picture, grinning widely when she saw the group picture.

Michael had his arm around Maria, his eyes crossed, his tongue sticking out. Maria had a wide, dopey looking grin, her eyes sparkling. Liz wasn’t sure if the huge smile was for her benefit, or because she was in close proximity to Michael. Her eyes moved to Kyle, who was grinning madly, crumbs of what looked like a twinkie littering his chin. She saw Alex next to a tall pretty blonde, who she assumed was Michael’s cousin Isabel. She looked to the other side of Alex, her breath hitching in her throat as she saw what she figured to be Max. If dreams did come true, then he was hers. He was tall, dark, and most definitely handsome. The lack of a smile on his face, made him all that more mysterious. Her finger reached out to touch his figure before she buried her face in her pillow. “I’m such a geek!” she moaned.

She could only imagine what a great looking guy like him would think when Michael told him about his jacket smelling good. She felt her cheeks burn, rolling around in her bed as she felt wave after wave of embarrassment flood through her. It was times like these that she wished Michael wasn’t such a literal person.


When they had arrived home from school, Max headed straight upstairs to his and Michael’s room, in search of his sketch. He had reached into his pocket for his wallet, his heart ceasing to beat as he realized it was missing. He had been on edge all day, wondering where it was; where she was.

He was on his hands and knees, looking around the room when Isabel found him.

“What are you doing?”

“Looking for something,” came his muffled reply.

She made herself comfortable on his bed. “Duh! I see that. What are you looking for?”

Her.” With that one word, Isabel understood. She understood what he was looking for, she just didn’t understand why it was so important. It was his obsession. While most boys were his age were hopping from girlfriend to girlfriend, he was fawning over some girl in his dreams. She had tried to dream walk him to see what she looked like, wondering what was so special about her, only to wake up quickly, realizing that he was blocking her. He had come to her with barely restrained anger, telling her in not so many words never to invade his privacy again. Which naturally made her more curious. Saying something like that was like dangling a carrot in a rabbit’s face.

So one time, when he had been so immersed in his dream, she dream walked him. He was with her, but she never saw her face. All she saw was a mass of chocolate tresses, and the sound of giggles filling the air. She looked to Max then, his face shining as he smiled down at her. He looked so happy, in a way he never had before. He was relaxed, and almost looked as if he had let his guard down. It made her heart swell to see him so happy, but at the same time made her heart hurt because she knew it wasn’t real. He was living in a dream with someone who didn’t exist, and that tore her heart because he refused to believe otherwise.

“Maybe you can ask Michael if he’s seen it when he gets back from work,” she stood up, leaving him be. She knew he probably didn’t even realize she was gone. He usually forgot that anything else existed when it came to her.


Max lay quietly in bed, still upset over not having found his sketch. The minute that Michael had come home, he had hounded him, asking if he had seen it. He covered up with the excuse that it was imperative he find the sketch because he needed it for his art class.

Michael had apologized, saying that he hadn’t seen it. He said if he caught sight of it, he would personally see to it that it arrived in Max’s hands unharmed. He had even offered Max help with his “art project”, because it was the only thing he seemed to excel at.

Max had said his thanks, but no thanks. There was nothing he could do to help with sketching her. If he did take Michael up on his offer, then he’d have to tell him about her and he just couldn’t do that. She was too special. He felt like talking about her to anyone else made her less real, and he couldn’t do that. He knew in his heart that she wasn’t just a figment of his imagination.

The soft rustling of sheets, made Max’s eyes fly open. He looked up to see Michael heading outside the window again. Max sat up, looking at the clock. It was the same exact time he had left last night. It made him wonder where Michael was going. Knowing that sleep wouldn’t be coming anytime soon, he threw on some clothes, heading out the window to follow Michael and see what he was up to.

Before leaving, he grabbed his jacket. It wasn’t even cold, but he wanted to wear it anyway. He could still smell her.


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Part 7


Michael found Liz sitting on the old tire that hung from the tree in their backyard. She was swinging back and forth, her naked feet dangling.

“If I had known you were having so much fun by yourself, I wouldn’t have bothered coming,” he stepped out from behind the tree, giving her a smile.

She spun around, looking embarrassed that he had caught her daydreaming; or in her case, night dreaming. She had been caught up in a vision of her and……Max. She could feel hotness rise to her cheeks as she realized how ridiculous she was being, childish even. She was dreaming about someone who would never dream about her, let alone think about her. “You scared me.”

“Sorry.” He grinned impishly moving to stand behind her. He grabbed a hold of the rope that held up the old tire, swaying her around gently. “Didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

Liz nodded, turning her head. “Spin me?”

His hands drifted down to the tire, his face close to hers before he started twisting the tire. “Sure thing, Lizziepoo.”


Max had tried to keep out of sight as he followed Michael. He had lagged behind a little, giving himself enough time to make a quick dive if Michael ever decided to turn around. In doing so, he had lost sight of Michael, feeling like an idiot when he realized that he was lost. He had no idea how he was going to explain this one.

He was about to turn around and retrace his steps, when he heard a musical laughter that went straight through his gut. Drawn to the sound, he walked silently to where it was coming from. He slipped through the open gate, hiding behind the garbage cans. He felt ridiculous about doing this, but he just couldn’t turn away. He peered over the plastic, his eyes widening when he saw Michael spinning someone on an old tire, the soft giggles and squeals once again grabbing his heart.

Feeling his heartbeat speed up, his palms began to moisten. Max tried to get a better view of the person sitting on the tire. He couldn’t quite see with the way she continued to spin in the air, but even though all he saw was her long dark hair, he could feel a tightening in the pit of his stomach. Somehow, he knew. It was her.

“How can it be?” he whispered to himself. Isabel had tried to convince him that she was just something he made up in his dreams. He had almost believed her, but this thing they had….It was not of this earth. A small smile crept across his face, the words, she’s real rolling around in his head. He stood up to get a little closer, but with his attentions so focused on her, he missed a step, running into the trash can.

A loud crash was heard, both Michael and Liz turning around to see Max standing by the garbage with a deer-caught-in-the-headlights look.

Liz slipped through the tire, her voice soft as she spoke. “Max?”

Max felt his knees knock together when he heard her speak his name. Nothing had sounded sweeter to his ears, than his name on her lips. Sure, he hadn’t really spoken to her before so he didn‘t really know how anything else she said might sound. In his dreams, they were always just together. Holding hands, cuddling, kissing. He couldn’t actually remember ever having a conversation with her, but he knew that it wasn’t really necessary. They were beyond words, communicating with their eyes rather than with their voices.

Liz moved to take a step toward him, once again repeating his name.

His legs felt like jello, his body beginning to sway. As she neared, his eyes rolled in the back of his head as he fell, landing in a patch of Nancy Parker’s flowers.

“Max!” She had seen a flicker of recognition pass his eyes before he passed out. She grabbed Michael’s sleeve, running. “Max!?!”

They came to a screeching halt, she and Michael falling to their knees at Max’s body.

“Max?” She cradled his head, shifting to let it rest on her lap. When he wouldn’t respond, she looked up at Michael worriedly. “What’s he doing here?”

Flustered, Michael ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t…I don’t know…..he must’ve followed me when I left.”

Liz pushed on his shoulder, pointing towards the house. “Go grab Alex so we can bring him inside. We can’t just leave him here like this.”


Michael and Alex carried Max into the house, laying him down on Liz’s bed.

“What should we do?” Michael began pacing, unconsciously biting his nails, a nervous trait he had since childhood.

Alex stood up. “Maybe we should call your parents?”

“Good idea.” Michael just stood there, waiting for Alex to make the next move. For the life of him, he couldn’t even remember how to get the phone to work. He was too worried about Max and what happened.

Understanding how distressed Michael was, Alex ushered him out of the room, calling out towards Liz. “Holler if he wakes up.”

Her eyes were wide as they left. They left her alone. With Max.

A part of her wanted to blush and giggle that the guy she had been dreaming about no more than five minutes ago was now passed out on her bed. Flashes of not so pure thoughts floated around in her mind, causing her to flush to her roots. She couldn’t believe she was standing here thinking about Max sexually when the poor guy wasn’t even coherent.

She walked up to the bed, kneeling beside it. Her hand hovered by his cheek, wanting so much to touch his skin. She sat back suddenly when he tossed, his face scant inches from hers as he gave a little moan. Realizing that this could be her opportunity to get him to wake up, she sat on the bed, shaking his shoulders lightly.

“Max….Max wake up!”

Max felt his lips curve into a smile as he heard her voice. He could feel his head pounding, sleep wanting to claim him, but he just had to see her. His eyes fluttered open, his nose invaded by her heavenly scent.

Strawberries and Vanilla.

He let out a dreamy sigh as her face came into focus, hovering just above his. Her hair hung around them like a curtain, and he couldn’t help but smile as it tickled his skin.

“Are you okay?” Her eyebrow twitched with concern, her molars biting down gently on her lower lip as she awaited his response.

Max reached out a heavy hand to her face, his finger tracing the tip of her nose. “I’m good.” He brought her hand up to his cheek, bringing her open palm to his lips for a kiss. “I missed you.”

“Wha- …….

Liz was sure her jaw was hanging to the ground, drool pooling around them. He missed her? Her throat was tight, and she couldn’t get her voice to work.

Max cupped her cheek, smiling amorously at her as his thumb brushed against her cheekbone. “I thought I lost you. You were gone…..but now you’re here….with me.”

He was delirious. That was the only explanation. She smiled down at him, only to be rewarded by another gorgeous smile that made her heart thump wildly in her chest. “Max, you fainted.” She tried to explain the situation to him, but he was too busy staring at her lips like he wanted to ravish them.


She knew that she should move away from to help him get his bearings back, but she didn’t want to relinquish his gentle touch. “Max?”

Suddenly, he frowned. He sat up, pulling her to him so that their foreheads were touching. “You know my name, but you’ve never told me yours.” He gave her a sexy pout that made Liz want to forget that he was not himself at that moment and just lose herself in him. He nuzzled her ear, something that weirdly felt familiar, just like all of his other touches. It was almost like she knew his touch; that she knew him.

Liz shook her head, knowing that what she was thinking was ridiculous. They had never met before, unless she attributed him to the guy she dreamed about every night. She had never seen a clear picture of his face, but if she had to pretend, she’d have to say that in real life, he would look like Max. But that was just crazy talk. Her dreams were just dreams. They weren’t real!

“Max…..” his name came out like a plea. A plea for what, she didn’t know. All she knew was, she was getting sucked into him.

His lips softly touched the pulse point at her neck, causing her to gasp. He pulled back, smiling in her eyes. He traced her brows, his voice full of awe. “Your eyes…..they’re so beautiful.” A wistful look passed across his face, letting a heavy sigh. “Let me remember when I wake up? I wanna be able to draw all of you….finally.”

Liz was beyond confused. What was he talking about? Did he think he was dreaming?

“You still haven’t told me your name.” He tipped her chin, his eyes sparkling. “I wanna remember that too.”

“L-liz…..My name is Liz.”

“Liz,” her name rolled off of his tongue dreamily. He moved his face closer to hers so that their lips were almost touching. “I love you, Liz.”

Her eyes grew wide, so much so, she thought they would pop out from her head. He loved her? And from the looks of things, he was going to kiss her. She wanted to pull away, knowing that it wasn’t right, but she just had to kiss him. Just once.

“You’re awake!”


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Part 8A


“You’re awake!”

The sound of Michael’s voice sounded loudly in the room, causing Liz to jump away from Max so suddenly, resulting in bumped heads.


“Owie!” Liz sat on the floor, rubbing the side of her head where she had bumped into Max. Before she could yelp in pain again, Max was beside her in an instant, touching the side of her temple. He dug his fingers underneath her scalp, gently massaging the tender spot. His back was towards Michael so that he couldn’t see anything.

“Look at me, Liz.” His voice was tender, so gentle and caring that Liz could only obey. His eyes were glowing a bright amber that she couldn’t help but stare. For that moment, his eyes continued to glow, and so did his fingers against her scalp, healing the bump that she had received. She didn’t even notice the light blue color being emitted from his fingers, for she was too drawn to his eyes.

After what seemed like hours staring into his eyes, she felt a warmth where he was touching the side of her head, a tingling sensation melting away the pain. He broke away from his stare, moving forward to replace his fingers with his lips. She trembled to feel the smoothness of his full lips on her. He tucked her hair behind her ears, grinning proudly at her. “You okay now?”

Liz only nodded, unable to make her voice cooperate. What was it with her? Why was she so incapable of speech when she was around him?

Michael stepped further into the room, looking at the two of them suspiciously. What had these two been up to while they were gone? They seemed a little close for comfort. His eyes narrowed as he saw Max place a kiss to Liz’s temple. Okay, now that was way too close for his taste, even if Max was family.

“Hey grabby hands! Let’s go. My mom and dad are on their way to pick us up.”

Liz blushed a deep crimson, bringing her hands up to her cheeks to cool them down. She had completely forgotten that Michael was in the room.

Max looked up at Michael, more than a little frustrated. “Go away Michael!” He shooed him away with his hands, bringing Liz to sit on his lap, his arms wrapping securely around her waist. She let out a little squeal, but Max didn’t hear her. He was too busy getting Michael to leave. “Shoo! Go away. This is my dream. You’re not supposed to be here…..It’s just supposed to be me and Liz.”

Michael kneeled down, slapping Max’s cheeks with his hands. “Max! Maxwell! Wake up! Wake up! You’re dreaming!”

Max flinched slightly with Michael’s hands slapping him from side to side. Dreams weren’t supposed to physically hurt. Unless……

His eyes bugged out of his head, so surprised that he pushed Liz into Michael’s arms. He stood up, tripping over his feet. He backed away, looking like a trapped animal. He looked to Michael and then to his dream girl, Liz, who wasn’t just a dream anymore, but a reality. He could feel his knees shaking, his body ready to topple over.

“Hey Michael, your parents are here!” Alex stopped mid stride when he saw Max standing in the corner of Liz’s room, looking ready to faint. Again.

Michael rushed forward with Alex following behind.

“Come on, Max. We’re gonna take you home, buddy.” Michael lifted one of Max’s arms, bringing it over his shoulder. As he stood up, the scrap of paper fell out of his back pocket, falling with a soundless thud on the carpet.

They walked Max outside to the truck, while Liz waited, standing by the front door, watching as they took him away. That was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to her, but at the same time, it was the best thing. Feeling his fingers touching her skin, his eyes looking into hers…..She felt ready to faint herself.

Liz walked back to her room with shaky legs, landing on her bed with her breath whooshing out of her. She went to tuck her hair behind her ears when she realized that her hands were shaking as well. She was going to crawl into her bed when she caught sight of a piece of paper on her floor. Curious, she stood up getting ready to unfold it when Alex poked his head in.

“You okay?”

She nodded jerkily, stuffing the piece of paper in her drawer. “How…how is he?”

“I think he’ll be okay. He seemed to come to, when they were driving off.” He tapped his fingers against the door, smiling. “Well, as much fun as tonight has been, I gotta get some shut eye. Night Liz!”

“Night.” Liz crawled into her bed, her nose unconsciously moving closer to Max’s scent. It had a calming effect on her, serving as a balm to her soul. She felt her eyelids get heavy, consciousness stepping aside to let her dreams take over.


After having assured Michael’s parents, that he was fine, and that there was no need for a trip to the emergency room, Max lay on his bed, thinking about what had happened. Or better yet, how the heck he had let that happen.

God, he was such an idiot sometimes. He turned to lay on his stomach, burying his face in his pillow as he willed sleep to come so he could forget about the crazy things he had done even for only a little while.

A few moments later, his breaths evened out his thoughts paving way for his dreams.


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Part 8B


Max opened his eyes, straining to see in the bright light.

He walked forward, stepping through the lush greenery looking for something, or rather, someone.

This was how all of his dreams started. Not so much the scenery, but he was always looking for her; Liz. The sun always seemed to shine so much brighter here. That was the difference he realized. When he dreamt of Liz, it was always daylight. They were always in some exotic place, just the two of them.

He stepped behind a tree, resting his hand on the trunk as he caught his breath, finally finding her.


Liz sat on the cool grass, slipping off her sandals. She giggled lightly when the blades tickled the pads of her feet. She could feel the warm rays of the sun, pelting across her skin. She leaned back, reveling in being able to be outside. She loved her dreams.

She waited impatiently for her dark, handsome and mysterious stranger to show up. He always took a few minutes to find her. She supposed she could go and search for him herself, but it was more fun this way. They had developed a routine. He would search for her, then the two of them would stay together. They never really spoke, just basking in being around each other. In fact, she hadn’t even gotten a glimpse of his face. She knew that maybe that should scare her.

Dreaming about a man without a face. But he always made her feel safe, and loved, like she never had before.

A tingling sensation ran down the back of her spine, knowing that he was near. She always knew when he was in her vicinity. It was like a sixth sense. She turned around, smiling to see him standing behind a tree, silently watching her.

His face was partially blocked by the leaves, but she knew it was him. She stood up, calling out to him. “You just gonna stand there all day and watch me?”

Max felt his heart beat triple time when he heard her voice. He stepped forward, dreading to see her face up close, and at the same time, excited to see her. If she turned out to be Liz, then there was definitely something more going on than just a simple dream. Something having to do with his otherworldly status that was allowing this to happen. But at the same time, he wished it was Liz. If it was her, then it meant she was real. That everything he had feeling, everything he had been thinking wasn’t all a joke. He would have finally found her.

As he came closer, the smile from her face vanished, a mixture of shock and terror replacing it. He stopped, stepping backwards.

“Max?!?” Her voice was a high pitched squeal. She didn’t know her voice could get that high. She looked down, her body swaying slightly. This was insane. Now she was dreaming about Max. She was projecting his image to her dream guy. She felt her body falling, almost as if in slow motion, but she never hit the ground.

Max pulled her to sit on the ground, his amber eyes darkening with worry. “Are you okay? Liz?” His voice cracked as he looked down into her pale face. He was about to leave the dream when he saw her swaying on her feet. Even though it was just a dream, he could never walk away.

Liz looked up to his eyes, her voice soft. “What are you doing in my dreams, Max?”

He stiffened when she voiced her question.

She sat up, wrapping her arms around him, her lips brushing softly against his neck as she spoke. “I think I’ve gone out of my mind. I’ve given you Max’s face.” She pulled away, touching his cheek gently. “You’re not mad, are you?”

He shook his head. “Do you….do you want me to be someone else?”

“NO!” She all but yelled her response, eliciting a little smile from Max. “I….You’ve never….I’ve never really seen your face before…..I think you look good…..with Max’s face….” She stumbled over her words, her eyes skittering as she tried not to meet his gaze.

It hit him then. She had been dreaming about someone too. The only thing was, she didn’t know that it was really him. She didn’t know that they were sharing a dream. He debated whether he should tell her that it really was him, but he decided against it. If he told her, then he would have a lot of explaining to do. She would have questions that he didn’t have answers for.

Instead, he played along, wanting to know more about her.

“So…..this Max guy? Who is he?” He looked down at her, watching as her cheeks turned pink. It had to be the cutest thing he had ever seen.

“He uh…he’s Michael’s cousin. He’s um….Tonight was actually the first night I met him.” She tucked her hair behind her ears, feeling embarrassed to be talking about Max to her dream guy.

Max watched with barely restrained amusement as she fumbled around, talking about him. “So do you like, Max?”

“Oh!….he’s um…..yeah….I don’t even know him….not really.” Having this conversation was extremely hard, considering she was talking about Max, to…well, himself.

“So you don’t like him?”

“Yes….I mean….no….” She looked up at him, her eyebrow twitching as tried to keep from laughing. “You….you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

When she saw the crinkle at the corner of his lip, she pinched his side playfully. “Jerk! You enjoy making me squirm. I should’ve given you Josh Hartnett’s face instead.”

“So you think he’s cute?” He goaded her, enjoying their playful banter.

She leaned into him, her pointer finger digging into his chest. “You know, for someone who never used to speak before, you sure like to ask a lot of questions.”

“Would you like me to not say anything anymore?”

“Max, you worry too much.”

“You just called me Max.” He waited to see her reaction.


Liz woke up with a start, her body soaked with sweat.

What the heck was that?


Max shot up in bed as he woke up from the dream. He looked around the room, feeling relieved to know that he was still in Michael’s room.

“It was all a dream……just a dream.” He looked down at his hands, watching as the tremors passed.

This was getting weird. Ever since they had moved to Roswell, his dreams about her intensified. He had almost finished her sketch, all but her eyes. And then, tonight, when he had seen Liz, something passed through him like recognition. Almost as if she and his dream girl were one in the same. But how could that be?

If that wasn’t enough, his latest dream had him all shook up. In all of his dreams of her, he never spoke to her. Tonight, it almost seemed as if he had been conversing with the real Liz. But that wasn’t possible. She was human, and sharing dreams was just impossible……Right?


Okay, so this totally sucks. Sorry I couldn’t get it up sooner, but real life stuff just got in the way. I know I probably confused y’all more.

So here’s a quick rundown. They shared a dream. Max doesn’t believe that it’s real. He believes that it‘s just a dream, but he has his suspicions. Liz on the other hand, she doesn’t know that her dream guy is really Max. His face has suddenly become clear to her, and she thinks that she somehow superimposed Max’s face onto her dream guy. Confused yet? :lol

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Part 9


Max looked up as he watched Alex slip through the door, sitting beside him quietly.

“Did I miss anything?”

Max moved his open textbook in front of Alex, showing him the page they were on. “We’re gonna start a new lab in a few minutes,” he whispered.

Alex smiled his thanks as he tried to settle in without bringing too much attention to himself. He glanced at Max, trying to see with his eyes if he was really okay. “Are you okay?….the other night…” he made a vague gesture with his hands, waiting for Max’s response.

Max nodded jerkily, his hand coming up to rub his neck. “Yeah….about that…I’m sorry if I freaked you out…..especially your sister, Liz.” As he said her name, he could feel a warm tingly sensation running through his body. His stomach rumbled a little louder than he would have liked, causing Alex to raise an amused eyebrow at him. He coughed to cover his embarrassment, trying to act as casual as he could. “I was…..I sort of wanted to apologize, you know….in person?….but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her around school.” His finger dipped into his collar, tugging on it lightly. When did it get so hot?

“Right.” Alex pretended to scratch the side of his chin to hide the smile playing on his lips. “Lizzie doesn’t go here. She’s home schooled.”

Lizzie? How adorable was that? Max felt himself grinning like a fool at the image of himself calling Liz, Lizzie. He could just see her cheeks pinken slightly, her long eyelashes fluttering softly against her skin as she let her gaze fall.

“If you want, you can stop by and see her after school,” Alex offered. “I’m sure she’ll appreciate the in person apology.” He couldn’t help the smile that escaped his lips that time. It seemed as if Max Evans was more than a little smitten with his little sister, and he couldn’t help but find that strangely….cute.

Max coughed again, trying to keep his thoughts from straying. “How about this afternoon?”


Max swung back on his heels as he rang the doorbell at the Parker house. His eyes flew to the windows, wondering if anyone was home. All of the drapes were closed, but he heaved a sigh of relief when the door opened.

Nancy Parker smiled at Max, her hand resting on the doorknob. “Can I help you?”

“I was…I was wondering….uhm….is uhm….is is Liz here?” He didn’t know what his problem was. The moment the door opened, he felt the skin on the back of his neck tingling.

“You must be Max?” she grinned when he nodded. She pulled the door open all the way, allowing him inside. “You sure did a number on my flower patch in the back,” she teased. Even in the dim light, she could see his cheeks turn a deep shade of red.

His mouth snapped open and shut as he tried to form an apology, more than embarrassed for having ruined Alex’s mom’s flowers. “Mrs. Parker….I’m so sorry…..I’d be willing to replace, or even replant the flowers.”

Nancy placed a hand on his arm, laughing. “Oh honey, relax. I’m just teasing you.” She ushered Max further into the house, pointing out Liz’s room. “She’s the second door on the left.” She gave him a smile of encouragement before leaving.

Max stood in the Parker’s hallway, very much looking like a lost little boy. Now that he was here, he couldn’t help but feel worried that maybe he was making a mistake. What did he think he was doing by coming here?

He chanced a look at her door, and he couldn’t help but walk closer to it. She was just behind that door. If he saw her face to face, maybe he would get the insane idea out of his head that she and the girl he was dreaming about weren’t the same person. That the dream he had had last night, was nothing more than a figment of his overactive imagination. He lifted his fist to the door, his knuckles loud in the silence.

“It’s open, Kyle! C’mon in.” Her voice sounded through the door, causing Max’s gut to clench.

Kyle? A good dose of jealously ran through his veins, startling him. Where was this coming from? He didn’t even know her, and he was jealous of a relationship she had, or didn’t have with Kyle. He reached for the doorknob, his hand a mass of nerves as he turned it. He took a deep breath, poking his head inside.


Liz pounced on the other end of the door, expecting Kyle. She jumped on Max’s back, her fingers reaching for his sides as she tried to tickle him. “You’re going down, Valenti!” Her breath was so close to his ear that he couldn’t help but shiver. Her delicate fingers drifted down his sides, finding all of his ticklish spots.

He let out a boisterous laugh that came from deep in the pit of his stomach, surprising Liz. That wasn’t how Kyle’s laugh sounded. She jumped away, ready to confront this guy, when she froze. Without looking at him, she knew.


He wiped at the tears pooling at his eyes, trying to regain his composure. She had magic fingers.

“What are you doing here?” She stepped back, trying to place space between them. She had to resist the insane urge of wanting to jump on him again.

He swallowed, returning to himself. He shoved his hands in his pockets to keep them from reaching. “I…I wanted to come and apologize… person.”

“Apologize?” She tucked her long dark hair behind her ears, causing Max to dig his short fingernails into the palm of his hands. His fingers wanted nothing more than to run through her chocolate waterfall.

“About last night….I didn’t….If I freaked you out, which I’m sure I did, I’m sorry. I’m not usually so, crazy, and weird.” He offered her a crooked smile.

Liz had moved to her table, her body leaning against it. To any normal eye, it would appear as if she was just resting against it, but the truth was, she needed it to anchor her. Her body wasn’t strong enough to stand on her own. Having Max no more than a few feet away from her, smiling and apologizing like such a gentleman was making her weak in the knees; literally. “It’s….yeah….don’t even worry about it.”

A long silence passed between them, both of them trying hard not to look at the other, but failing miserably.

“Hey Parker! I’ve got a pint of chunky monkey, and Deluca is on her way with a fresh batch of cookies. Be ready to spill about this dream-

Kyle’s voice trailed off as he saw Max standing in the middle of Liz’s room. “Is this a bad time? Cos I can always come back.”

Max shook his head, moving towards the door. “I was just….I was just leaving.” He slipped past Kyle, tipping his head in Liz’s direction.

“You sure you don’t wanna stay, Max? The three of us are gonna pig out while Liz told us the weird inner-workings of her mind.” His sentence was finished with an ouch as Liz pinched his side to keep from saying too much. There was no need to let Max in on the fact that she was dreaming about him.

“It’s okay. I have to get home anyway.” His lip quirked at the side in salutation before he rushed out of there, his heart beating a mile a minute as he all but ran into the street.

That was her.

If he was unsure before, seeing her in the flesh, feeling her presence, decided it for him. Liz Parker was his dream girl.


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Part 10


Liz stuffed her mouth with a spoonful of chunky monkey, followed by a cookie. “I can’t believe you, Kyle. You might as well have told Max that I was dreaming about him.”

Maria bit the tip of her spoon, throwing a laugh towards Kyle. “Liz, it’s an unspoken rule that best friends reserve the right to embarrass said best friend at every opportunity. Especially in the case of a possible love interest.”

“Yeah, well I don’t think Max would have a problem knowing you’re dreaming about him.” He chomped on a cookie, crumbs flying every which way as he spoke. “In fact, it’s like a turn on for guys. It‘s like a girl‘s version of a wet dream or something.”

Maria grabbed a pillow from Liz’s bed, smacking him in the bed. “Eww! That was a total overshare.” She clonked him a few more times. “You know, sometimes I have to wonder if I did the right thing by granting you girlfriend status.”

Kyle shot a pointing finger her way, his eyes wide. “Hey, could you not say that so loud?” He dusted off his shoulders. “I do have a reputation to maintain.”

“What reputation? Tess Harding’s prey?” She jumped off the bed as Kyle chased her, throwing the pillow in her direction.

Liz looked at her two best friends, whining. “Excuse me? Could we get back to the problem at hand here?”

Both Maria and Kyle sank back down on the floor, but not without throwing a pinch and shove.

“We’re here for you Lizzie.” Maria crossed her legs Indian style. “What can we do?”

Liz rolled onto her stomach, her hands reaching to pull her hair. “Ugh! I don’t know.”

“Liz, you know I love you, but sometimes you just make things way too hard for yourself.”

She flipped back around, eyeing Kyle warily. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just ask him out.”

Liz smacked her head on the side. “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that myself.” She picked up a stuffed toy, throwing it in his direction.

Kyle held his arms above his head for protection, walking to the door. “Okaaay….I think that’s enough of an estrogen fest for me today. I’m gonna go look for Alex. See if maybe I can remember what it‘s like to have testosterone.”

Maria lay on her back beside Liz. “Chica, you know he’s right. I mean obviously you can’t go out in a real date like situation, but you could always ask him to come over for dinner. Then the two of can hang out.”

“And then what? Play scrabble with my parents?” She shook her head, her long dark hair flying around her face. “Maria, as much as I like Max, or have a crush on him or whatever….I can’t….it can’t ever be.” She sighed heavily, her doe eyes sad. “If I get close to him, I’ll have to tell him everything, and I can’t…..I don’t think I’m ready to do that.”

“It’s your call, chica. But what’s the worst that could happen if you try?”

“He might see me as a freak,” she finished dejectedly.

Maria combed her fingers through Liz’s hair. “Honey, you’re not a freak. This is something that you have no control over. You didn’t ask for this.” She hated seeing Liz so sullen.

She lay her head on Maria‘s lap. “It doesn’t make it any easier, though.”


“She’s real!” Max burst through Isabel’s door, out of breath and red faced.

Isabel put down her nail polish, glaring at her brother as she fanned her newly painted nails. “Ever heard of knocking?”

“Oh, sorry.” He pulled the door closed, knocking this time.

She stood up, shaking her head. Max could be so weird sometimes. She pulled her door open, letting him in. “Come in.”

He grinned, plopping down on her bed. “Isabel, she’s real. I saw her, I felt her.”


“Liz,” he breathed her name out like a song.

“Liz? Liz as in Alex’s sister?” She sat on the bed, her eyes wide with excitement at the prospect of talking about Alex.

Max waved a hand in front of her face. “This isn’t about Alex, so you can get the grin off of your face.”

“Shut up!” She hated it when he did that. Losing interest in the subject when she realized that she wouldn’t benefit from it, she stood back up, organizing her make up. “So what’s the big deal? She’s real. Big whoop,” she said sarcastically.

“No. You don’t understand. Liz….she’s my….she’s my dream girl,” he finished lamely. Somehow, that had sounded sooo much better in his head. Now Isabel looking at him like he was crazy. Then she started smiling at him, the smile that always lead to her teasing him afterwards.

“So you’ve got a crush.” She pointed a newly manicured finger at him, grinning wildly. “It’s about time. Mom and dad were beginning to think that you were batting for the same team.”

“Batting for the same team?” he asked innocently. Then it dawned on him, and his cheeks flushed. He smiled sarcastically at her. “You know you can be a real jerk, right?” He stood up, getting ready to leave, when Isabel’s voice stopped him.

“Oh don’t go Max. I’m just messing with you. If you weren’t such an easy target it wouldn’t be so much fun.” She leaned her chin on her elbows. “Stay and tell me all about Liz. You might as well since you won’t tell me anything about her brother.”

He crossed his arms. “Maybe I’ve changed my mind. Maybe I don’t want to tell you now.”

“Your call.” She flipped open her copy of Cosmo, pretending to be uninterested in what he was going to tell her. It was only a matter of time.

One, two, three!

“Okay fine. I’ll tell you.”

Isabel held her hand over her mouth, hiding the huge smile she had on her face. That trick worked every time. She couldn’t believe he still fell for it. “I’m all ears, Max.”

“Liz….she’s the girl…….Iz, she’s the girl in my dreams. She’s the one I’ve been dreaming about all of this time. She’s real.” He grinned, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. It was nice to be able to say everything out loud instead of having a one way conversation in his head.

“What?” Isabel hated being so pessimistic, but she was looking out for his best interest. Hearing what he had said threw her for a loop. “Max, I don’t-

“No Isabel. Don’t.” He held his hand to halt her protestations. “She’s real. I know. If there was anyone that would know, it would be me.”

She nodded, choosing her words carefully. “Okay, assuming that what you’re saying is true….this can’t be good, Max.”

His eyes stung with tears at her words. It was bad enough to think that you were delusional sometimes, but to have someone you trust show their obvious lack of belief in you, well it hurt. He shook his head, getting ready to leave. “I don’t know what good would come by telling you this.”

“Max, I’m not saying I don’t believe you. But don’t you think this is dangerous?”

“Dangerous?” His eyes widened as he looked at her incredulously. “How is this dangerous?”

“How is it possible that you’ve been dreaming about her? You’ve said yourself that you’ve never met her outside of your dreams.” Her voice lowered to a hiss. “How do you know that she’s not an alien?”

He was shocked speechless. The thought never occurred to him that she might not be human. But his rational mind was telling him that she was. That he and Isabel were the only survivors from the crash. “She’s not like us.” His voice was scratchy.

“How do you know?”

He threw his arms up in frustration. “Because I do! Just like I knew that she was real!”

“I’m not trying to rain on your parade, Max. I’m happy that you’ve finally found,” she smiled softly. “Your dream girl in Liz, but I want you to be careful.” She turned serious. “If you say she’s not like us, then you have to think about your priorities. It’s going to make hiding in plain sight a lot harder than it used to be if you got attached.”

He pointed an accusatory finger at her. “Don’t turn my words around on me. You date all of the time. How is this any different?”

She stood up then. “Because, I never loved any of them!”

Max stood rooted to his spot, not saying anything. He wondered how she had known how he felt about Liz? He had never really told her anything about his dream girl. In fact, today was the first time he had ever gone to tell her anything. Was he that obvious?


Michael was on his way to grab something to eat in the kitchen when he passed by Isabel’s door, hearing the raised voices. Unable to keep to himself, he leaned his ear against the closed door.

“If you say she’s not like us, then you have to think about your priorities. It’s going to make hiding in plain sight a lot harder than it used to be if you got attached.”

“Don’t turn my words around on me. You date all of the time. How is this any different?”

“Because, I never loved any of them!”

He pulled away from the door, feeling an uneasiness settle in the pit of his stomach. “What the heck was that about?”


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Part 11


"Women!" Kyle flopped down onto Alex’s bed, his hands tossing a basketball into the air then catching it.

Alex bit back a laugh, swiveling his desk chair around to face his friend. "Is there any particular reason why you’re complaining, or this is just some sort of general gripe against the opposite sex?"

Almost as if he didn’t hear Alex’s question, Kyle shot up, pointing a finger at Alex as he hugged the basketball to his chest. "You know, they make absolutely no sense! You try and offer them advice and they attack you with stuffed toys."

Not bothering to hide his laugh that time, Alex fell back, clutching his stomach.

"Oh great. I’m so glad you think this is funny."

Breathing in a lung full of air, Alex bit down on his tongue, trying to be as serious as he could be. "I don’t know Kyle, it’s just when you say things like that, it’s kinda hard not to laugh at you." He pictured Kyle cowering against Maria and Liz as they encompassed him with Liz’s treasured plush toys. "I’m sure that it must’ve been rough."

With wide eyes, Kyle all but yelled his defense. "Hey, there’s two of them, and one of me."

Alex nodded thoughtfully, rubbing his chin with his hand. "Hey, I totally understand. I mean, what are their combined weights? Like a 180 pounds? I can see how that would’ve been a tough match."

"Hardy har har." He shook his head, falling back on the unmade bed, once again throwing the ball in the air. "What’s the point of being granted girlfriend status if you don’t even understand half of the stuff they’re talking about?"

"Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle," Alex shook his head from side to side, as if in disappointment. "Haven’t you realized by now that a woman’s mind is a complicated, and mysterious thing? It’s something that we as men will never figure out."

The blank look on Kyle’s face was priceless. "Huh?" He swiped his hand over his head, making a whooshing sound with his lips. "That one flew right over my head, there, buddy."

"That’s the point. It’s not really supposed to make any sense. Women are just one big ball of mystery."

"Tell me about," he muttered, getting a far away look in his eyes.

Alex raised his eyebrow, crossing his arms. "What’s the matter? Still trying to figure out why you’re Tess’ pagan God?"

Shivering, Kyle pretended he didn’t hear Alex. "Actually, it seems as if I’m not the only who is stalker worthy this year."

"Excuse me?" Alex all but laughed at Kyle’s insinuation. "What’s that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed Michael’s cousin giving you the eye."

Feigning shock, Alex’s eyes bugged out of his head as he held a hand to his heart. "You mean Max has a crush on me?" His hand drifted to his mouth. "Liz is going to be so crushed."

"Ew, NO!" He grabbed the pillow off the bed, tossing it in Alex’s face. "Quit trying to change the subject. You know I’m talking about Isabel." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively. "I’m surprised you haven’t turned all puppy-in-heat. Most of the guys at school have been drooling over her, but she seems to have her eye on you."

Alex shrugged it off as no big deal. "Eh, I don’t think you’re right, but whatever."

Kyle’s hands reached up to clutch at his hair, his fingers tugging as if he was going to pull out the hair. "Are you crazy? Blonde bombshell, interested and you’re freaking shrugging your shoulders and saying whatever?"

"I don’t know if she’s my type, alright? I’m not into the whole superficial looks thing."

Slack-jawed, Kyle’s head swayed from side to side. "Your type? Are you sure you’re a teenage guy?"

Tossing the pillow back, Alex set his feet to rest on the edge of the bed, crossing his hands behind his head. "Like I said. I’m not sure if I’m into the superficial thing. I don’t even know her, and for all I know, she could just be a pretty face." He tapped his temple, indicating an empty head. "Nothing would suck worse than having a gorgeous chick who’s got no brains."

"True. I guess that’s why Tess creeps me out. Naturally, I’d be flattered that I’m being chased, but she’s lacking in the thinking department." Donning Alex’s stance, Kyle eyed Alex curiously. "How’d you know about Liz?"


"Why’d you say she would be crushed about Max?" he asked leadingly.

"Oh that." His head bobbed, in response. "Brother intuition."

He leaned on his elbow, watching Alex’s reaction. "And it doesn’t bother you that Liz likes Max?"

"Not so much. I think it’s good that she’s growing up and meeting other people." He smiled to himself, thinking that Liz deserved to be happy. "Besides, I think Michael’s gonna be a tougher sell."


Max shuddered with barely restrained anger. He couldn’t believe that Isabel was saying all of these things to him. If anything he thought she would be supportive, and at least be happy. She knew what Liz meant to him. All of those years, pining and thinking he was partly insane for dreaming about her had finally ended. His search had come to fruition and all she could say was not to get attached.

He shook his head, storming out of the room. "I don’t even know why I bothered."

"MAX!" Isabel called after him, feeling like a jerk for upsetting him. She just couldn’t keep her mouth shut sometimes.


Michael stood awkwardly outside of Isabel’s door. "Hey Max. Just uh....." his hands waved around in the air as he fumbled for something to say. "Just uh...yeah." He walked briskly down the hall, running down the stairs. "I’ll see ya later."

The color drained from Max’s face, his body slumping against the wall.

Isabel looked just as pale as she tried to swallow past the lump that was building in her throat. "Do you think he heard us talking?"

"I think the question is, how much did he hear." Max wiped his hand down his face, groaning as he tried to figure a way out of this.


Bidding Maria goodbye, Liz sighed, looking around her empty room. After hours of talking about Max, she still had yet to make a decision.

To date, or not to date? That was the question.

Feeling a little more than irritable, she opened her drawer to get out her journal. Writing about how she was feeling usually helped ease her tensions, and she hoped that it would do so at that moment. Her hand slipped into the drawer, curling around the leather bound book when she eyed the folded up piece of paper she had put there the night previous.

Curious, she opened it up, her hands immediately dropping it onto the ground when she realized that it was a sketch of herself. "Omigod!" Her hand flew to cover her mouth as she took in the intricate detail of her face, everything in place but her eyes.

She traced the pencil smudges, her fingers developing an electric static as she continued a path to where her eyes should be. All of a sudden, Max’s deep, velvety voice floated in her mind.

"Let me remember when I wake up? I wanna be able to draw all of you….finally."

What in the world was going on?

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Part 12


Max jogged down the stairs with damage control on his mind. Most of his life had been spent in hiding and he wasn’t about to screw that up royally by not attending to the situation at hand. He had gotten carried away with his conversation with Isabel, but it definitely wasn’t a means to give Michael an invite to an I know an alien club. Regardless of whether he was family or not, there was just some things that were meant to be a secret, and this was one of those things. He could only imagine how the family would react to know that he and Isabel were from a planet thousands of light years away.

He stepped into the family room to find Michael propped up against the couch as he watched tv. Who did this guy think he was kidding? Max crossed his arms, shaking his head as he scrutinized Michael’s every move. The smile on his face, the occasional outburst at the tv accompanied by finger pointing was pretty good. He would almost believe that Michael really was watching, but Max could tell he was only pretending. It took one to know one.

Max was skilled in pretending to be watching tv, reading a book, anything at all just for the pretense of making it look like he shouldn’t be interrupted. He had used those same tricks on his own family, and they had fallen for it every time. However, he wasn’t about to let Michael off the hook so easily.

Michael hugged a cushion to his chest, letting out a boisterous laugh. He snuck a glance at Max from the corner of his eye, checking to see if he was still standing there. Dammit! Couldn’t the guy take a hint? He was still feeling a little weird about what he had overheard. The conversation had just given him weird vibes that made his mind go into overdrive.

“If you say she’s not like us, then you have to think about your priorities. It’s going to make hiding in plain sight a lot harder than it used to be if you got attached.”

“Don’t turn my words around on me. You date all of the time. How is this any different?”

“Because, I never loved any of them!”

Hearing Isabel practically accuse Max of letting his head stray because he was in love made his head spin. He wondered what it would be like to get so lost because you loved someone so much you couldn’t see straight. His thoughts turned to Maria, but he shook his head. There wasn’t time to be thinking about how cute she was, and how she always managed to get her feathers all ruffled when he was around. He would not think about how adorable she was when she raised her nose, poking her pointer finger at him as she began yelling at him.

He had to focus. He had to figure out why Max’s and Isabel’s words were wigging him out. He tried to figure out who this girl was, but he had a sinking feeling in his stomach that he already knew who it was. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Max. In fact, he really liked Max. And that was saying a lot considering he disliked practically everyone that wasn’t in their group. But everything and anything that had to do with Liz kept him on his toes. He doubted that he would think anyone would be good enough for his little Lizziepoo. She was the kid sister he never had, and he planned on keeping her safe, even to the likes of his nice cousin. Family, or no family, his loyalties lay with Liz.

His emotions were so tangled up in how this affected Liz, that the weirdness of what else he had heard, didn’t register in his mind. The only thing he was interested in, was keeping Max in line, and keep him from hurting Liz.

Max plopped down on the couch, opening his mouth to say something to Michael, when the phone rang.

Sarah came into the room, picking up the cordless. The boys could only hear her side of the conversation, but it had them intrigued nonetheless.

“Hello?…… Oh, hi honey!……How are you?….Me?, I’m good….” She let out a slight chuckle. “Sure, Liz. Let me get him for you.”

Max felt his heart beat triple time at the mention of Liz’s name. His palms were sweating, his Adam’s apple bobbing like crazy in his throat. He really was a geek.

Michael sat up, reaching his hand to get the phone from his mother’s hand, but she shook her head, walking to Max. She placed the phone in Max’s hand. “Actually, Liz wants to speak to Max, honey.” She gave Michael’s unruly hair a good ruffle, turning to leave, completely oblivious to the fact that the two boys had their jaws hanging to the ground.

Max brought his trembling hand to his ear, his breathing harsh as he spoke into the phone. “Hello?”


Hearing his name with her sweet angelic voice caused him to drop the phone, a blush developing in his cheeks, reaching all the way to his neck, and to the tips of his ears.


He fumbled with the phone for a few more seconds, resulting in a raised eyebrow from Michael.

“You okay there Max?”

He just nodded, smiling sheepishly as he held out his hands. “Butter fingers.” He brought the phone against his ear again, clearing his throat. “Liz?” He cringed when he heard how high and squeaky his voice sounded. He sounded like he was thirteen all over again, his voice going through the weird changes before eventually dropping. He fingered his shirt collar, finding it extremely stuffy in the room.

“Look, I know you’re probably wondering why I’m calling you, considering I just saw you a little while ago, when you came to apologize when you really didn’t need to, cos you did nothing wrong….”

Max listened to her rambling, an unconscious smile crawling over his lips. He could listen to her babble for hours about anything.

“Max? You still there?”

He nodded, then spoke when he realized she couldn’t see him. He was so caught up in thinking about her, that he had missed what she said. “Yeah…sorry, what did you say again?”

“Dinner. I was wondering if you want to come over for dinner tonight?”

“D-dinner?….Tonight?” he choked out the words, not really believing what he was hearing.

“You can say no. I mean, I know you’re probably busy and have a lot of things to do-

Max cut her off abruptly. He didn’t need to be asked a third time. “Sure. I’d love to come over for dinner.”


He was surprised to hear the hint of astonishment in her voice. He knew he imagined that part. Why would she be excited to have him over for dinner? He had to be the most boring person on this planet, and whatever planet he did come from. “Really…what time should I come?”

“How does six, sound? My dad doesn’t come home till around six thirty to seven, but maybe you’d like to hang out?

He was completely floored. Yep, he was definitely having the best dream of his life cos things like this never happened to him in real life. “I’ll be there.”

“Okay….I’ll see you soon, Max.”

Max felt like he could hear her smile. “Bye, Liz.”

Michael rolled his eyes. Could Max be a little bit more obvious? The guy sure was putty when it came to Liz.

Without so much as a word, Max left his spot on the couch, looking for his aunt Sarah. He needed her permission to have dinner with Liz and her family, and he needed to do it now before he chickened out. He never did this kind of thing. Socializing was not his thing, so he rushed to find her before he lost all of his nerve.

Michael sat on the couch, dumfounded beyond belief.

First, he hears that conversation where it turns out Max is all lovey dovey with some chick. Then, Liz calls, and asks for Max. She asks for Max, and not him. And to top it all off, she invited him to dinner.

Where was his invite?

Scowling, he grabbed Max’s jacket, heading off to let out his frustrations. What was his world coming to?


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Part 13


“What are you doing?”

Startled, Liz dropped the shirt she was holding, her hand clutching at her chest to keep her heart from jumping out. “You scared me.”

Alex leaned his weight against the open door, trying to hide the smirk on his lips. “You didn’t answer my question. What’re you doing?”

Feeling more than a little self-conscious, she turned to her closet, thankful that the darkness hid her blush. “Nothing. Just looking for something to change into for dinner.”

“Changing clothes for dinner? Since when did you do that?” he loved looping circles around her, weaving until she was tangled up in a web of half-truths to save herself some embarrassment. He figured he should be nice to her and leave her alone, but he was her big brother. It was part of his duty to embarrass her at any and all opportunities.

She let out a frustrated sigh, reaching for another sweater. “Since now, okay?” She pulled it through her arms, and over her head, her voice muffled as she spoke. “Where’s Kyle?”

“He went home. Something about having to meet his dad for dinner.” He watched as Liz puttered around her room, studying her reflection closely in the mirror. “Have fun with Max!” he called out as he turned to leave.

“Where are you going?” she shouted at him.

This time, the laughter exploded from his lips. “To the library. I have this killer paper I need to work on, and I certainly can’t do it here with all of your socializing, now can I?”

Liz dropped her hairbrush, running to her brother, her hands fisted in his shirt. “Alex, you can’t leave! Max is coming over.”

He gently untangled her little hands from his shirt, smoothing out the wrinkles as he gave her an encouraging smile. “Liz, relax. You’re the one that invited Max over, remember?”

She nodded, but she bit her lip, looking ready to burst into tears at any moment. “I know,” she whined. “But I can’t…..You can’t leave us alone with mom and dad. You know how they get.”

Alex wrapped his arm around Liz’s shoulder, looking down into her troubled eyes. “Let me make you a deal?” He waited until he saw her bob her dark head. “Let me go to the library for a couple of hours to get some research done for my paper, but I promise to be home in time for dinner. That way, you and Max can hang out without being double teamed by mom and dad.” He kissed the top of her head, his fingers curling to squeeze her shoulder. “I promise to be here by the time dad gets back so he won’t even get a chance to bust out the baby pictures.”

Liz threw her arms around Alex, giving him a hug. “THANK YOU!”

He grinned at her as he left, closing the door behind him.

Now that he was gone, Liz felt her body shiver. She didn’t know what possessed her to call Max and invite him to dinner. She had never been the bold type. Her hand dipped into her jeans pocket, and instantly, she knew. She needed answers, and the only person that could give them to her was Max.

Unfolding the piece of paper, she let out a shaky breath. How was he going to explain this to her?


Michael jumped through Maria’s open window, a slew of complaints flying out of his mouth, a mile, a minute. “What has gotten into her? Inviting him to dinner and not me?” He stalked the carpeted floor, oblivious to Maria looking at him like he had lost his mind.

Maria watched as he made himself comfortable on her bed, kicking off his shoes, scooting backwards to lean against the headboard. His hands were flailing in the air, his motor mouth continuing with some tirade. She supposed she should be listening to what he was saying, but she was too stunned to see him in her room.

He crossed his arms, scowling as he finally noticed Maria standing at the foot of her bed, slack-jawed. “And you have nothing to say to this?”

She nodded, grabbing an embroidered pillow. “Yeah, actually I do!” She jumped onto the bed, smacking him on the head. “Get off!” She gave him a few good blows until he fell of the bed with an unceremoniously loud thud.

“OUCH!” He rubbed his tush, glaring at Maria. “What’d you do that for?”

Her jaw hung, her laugh sounding maniacal. What was the boy on? She stood tall on her bed, her hands on her hips. “You don’t just come into a girl’s room unannounced like that!” She pointed a newly manicured finger at him. “I could have been getting dressed or something.” She crossed her arms over her chest, suddenly feeling naked with the way Michael was looking at her.

Michael sat up, smirking. “So you’re kinky like that, huh?”

Nostrils flaring and eyes narrowing, Maria cocked her head to the side. “What do you mean by that?”

He shrugged his shoulders, fighting to keep the smile from his lips, but losing. “Nothing, it’s just I never figured you for an exhibitionist. Getting dressed with an open window?….That’s pretty kinky.”

“JERK!” She jumped from the bed, landing on him. She pounded her little fists against his chest, her legs kicking at him. It irritated her to know that her little attacks were causing nothing more than giggles from his chest. “I hate you!” she bit out.

“No you don’t!” He pulled his arms around her, peppering her face with kisses. He laughed more when she tried to pull away from him, squealing.

Finally getting free from his grasp, Maria wiped her face from where Michael had slobbered. She was acting as if he had cooties, but deep inside, she was melting. She was surprised that she had fallen down yet, her knees were so rubbery. She looked down at herself and realized that she was sitting down.

She refused the urge to physically smack herself upside the head. Why was she always acting so dorky around him?

Michael had to catch his breath while Maria wiped away his wet kisses with her sleeves. She looked so cute with her hair mussed, and a slight blush tinting her cheeks. He bit his tongue to keep himself in check. He came over to talk about Liz, not to fantasize about Maria. That would have to wait when he was alone. There was no use in making himself look like a fool in front of her. He did that enough already.

He cleared his throat. “We have to talk.”

When all he received was a raised eyebrow, he elaborated. “About Liz…she invited Max to dinner.”

Maria’s high pitched squeal reached deafening proportions as jumped around the room, dancing by herself.

Michael held his hands to his ears to keep his eardrums from bursting. Where did all of that energy come from?

He yanked on her skirt, causing her to fall into a giggling heap. His scowl returned. “Why are you jumping for joy? This is a moment of joy. We’re having a crisis here.”

“Crisis?” The sarcasm in her voice was thick. She tapped her knuckles against his temple. “HELLO? ANYONE HOME IN THERE?”

He slapped at her hands like she was a fly buzzing around. “Quit it!”

She leaned back on her elbows, a Cheshire grin on her lips. “I have to say I’m quite proud.” She brushed away an imaginary tear. “We only talked about her inviting him to dinner this afternoon, and I find out she went ahead and did it.” She clapped her hands together, further irritating Michael. “All I can say is Go, Liz!

“Are you insane? How can you support this? For all you know, he could have a family and kids. Maybe he’s a physco killer.” His eyes were wide as he freaked himself out.

“DORK!” She threw her pillow at him. “He’s your cousin. How can you sit there and say stupid things about him?”

Realizing that what he was saying had no credence, he shrugged. “Hey, it could happen.”

Maria stood up, looking down at Michael. “Why don’t you just be happy for Liz? Max is her first real crush, and from what Alex tells me, he’s pretty sweet on her too. Don’t give her another reason to keep locking herself up.”

Amy opened the door, not at all looking surprised to see Michael there. “Hey Michael. You staying for dinner? Kyle and the sheriff are coming over.”

He nodded. “Are you making coconut crème pie for dessert?” His mouth salivated at the thought of Amy’s cooking. He only wished his mom could cook, or maybe just learn how to use the stove.

“Of course. It’s my specialty.” She winked, heading back down the stairs. “I’ll set another plate.”

“What’s your problem?” Michael noted how quiet Maria had become since Amy mentioned that Kyle and his dad were coming for dinner.

“Nothing.” She walked past him to clean up a little, but he held her arm gently, halting her movement.

“It’s not nothing. You were busting my chops just a few minutes ago, and I know how much you like doing that. What’s with the frown?” He pushed his pointer finger over the crease in her brow, smiling.

She sank heavily on her bed. “This is like the third time in the last few weeks that Kyle and his dad are coming over.” She sighed. “Don’t get me wrong, I love Kyle like a brother, and his dad is really great, but I have to wonder if this is just more than two friends having dinner with their kids.”

Michael sat beside her, awkwardly letting her head rest on his shoulder. He didn’t know why his hand was shaking. He always hugged Liz like this, so what was the difference now?

“I’m sure it’s nothing. And even if it was, you should be happy that your mom is happy. She deserves to be happy.”

Maria shook her head. Why was it that Michael could see that her mother deserved to be happy, but was freaking out at the prospect of Liz dating Max? She snuggled into his side, letting him comfort her. They didn’t get too many moments like this, so she was going to soak it all up.


Isabel slipped through the double doors of the Roswell Public Library. Since Michael and Max were both gone for the evening, she asked if she could go to the library. She really wasn’t in the mood to stay in her room all alone.

She rounded the corner, taking one of the single study tables. Pulling out her typed paper, she leafed through it, letting out a bored sigh. She had already proofread the thing like ten times, but she had nothing else to do.

Alex returned to his table, dropping the books he needed for his paper. He accidentally dropped his pencil on the floor, so he bent down to pick up. His eyebrow crinkled as he caught sight of the person on the other side of his study table.


Isabel froze, her skin tingling at the sound of Alex’s voice. She bent her body down to where he was hovered on the floor. “Alex?”

He grinned at her, whispering. “What’re you doing here?”

She held out her paper, shaking it. “Proofreading my paper for my English class.”

Alex’s jaw dropped to the floor as he read her title page. “You have Cronin for English too?”


“Can I see?”

She handed it to him, her fingers nervously tucking her hair behind her ears as she watched Alex leaf through her work.

“Wow! This is….I can’t believe you’re already done.” He pulled the stack of books he had just picked up, showing them to her. “I’ve barely started.”

Isabel shrugged her shoulders. “If you need help-

She was cut off as one of the library employees walked past them, shushing them.

They both stifled their giggles, letting it burst out when they were alone.

Alex developed a dopey grin on his lips. Had he misjudged her?


Max stood outside the Parker’s front door, swinging back and forth on his heels. He looked down at his watch, noting the time.


He was too early. He seemed to eager. He was gonna turn her off.

He turned around, planning on taking another trip down the street when the door flew open.

“Come on in, Max.” Nancy smiled at him warmly, her hand wrapping around his wrist to pull him inside.

She shut the door, thrusting Max into the living room. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll just go get Liz.”

His mouth smacked open and closed, realizing that he was all alone in the Parker’s living room.

Panic set in, and he wondered what he thought he was doing. He couldn’t do this. It wasn’t his nature. He never did things like this.

Striding towards the front door, he stopped dead in his tracks.



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Part 14



He turned around slowly, a shiver running through his spine at the sound of her voice. Somehow, he doubted that he would ever get sick of hearing his name on her lips. His breath whooshed out of his lungs, his eyes bugging out of his head when he finally caught sight of her.

Liz stood under the arch of the Parker hallway, her dark hair hanging loosely around her shoulders. She wore a red tank top with a matching sweater that had Max riveted to her petite form. His eyes continued down to her trim waist where a pair of low rider jeans hung low on her hips, exposing a little of the skin below her navel. Her cute little feet were bare, her toenails painted with a matching red.

Max dug his fingernails into his palms, trying to catch his breath. He was having heart palpitations, that he was sure that he was going to pass out again.

“Come on you two.” Nancy pushed past Liz, her hand grabbing onto Liz’s as she pulled her towards Max. “Why don’t the two of you visit while I finish getting dinner ready?” She lead them to the family room, smiling as she left.

Liz pressed her fingers to her temple. Visit? She closed her eyes, hoping that the ground would open up and swallow her. She loved her mother dearly, but times like these made it really hard to remember why.

“Uh....h-hi.” Max awkwardly shoved his hands in his pockets, his gaze skittering to keep them from lingering too long.

Letting a little squeal, Liz looked up to meet Max’s amber gaze, realizing that he was still there and was probably feeling ten times as embarrassed as she was. She twisted her hair between her fingers, tucking the strands nervously behind her ears. “H-hey.”

The two of them stood like that for a beat before Liz collapsed on the sofa. “I need to sit down.”

“Me too.” Max’s knees had been trembling for some time now, that he was glad for the reprieve.

“This is so weird.”

Hearing her voice, Max turned to her, seeing that he was only inches away from her. Misinterpreting her words, he scooted to the other end of the couch, mumbling a quick, “Sorry.”

Her head spun around as she felt Max slipping away, so without thinking, she grabbed his wrist, preventing him from moving. “Not this. I meant the situation. My mom is kinda....” She let her voice trail off when he smiled.

He nodded, waving his hand in the air. “I know what you mean. My aunt Sarah got all weird and happy when I asked for permission to come over.”

The two of them giggled, realizing that they were on the same boat.

“How about we start this again?” Liz held out her hand, smiling at Max.

He took her tiny hand in his, his pulse picking up speed.

“Thanks for coming to dinner, Max. You are one brave soul for coming to a Parker family dinner,” she joked.

Max paled at her joke, causing Liz to reach out and rub his shoulder in reassurance. “I was kidding.” She gave a quick laugh. “I guess now’s not a great time for jokes, huh?”

He squeezed her hand firmly, his hand seemingly unwillingly to let hers go. “Thanks for having me.”

Those words alone caused a whirlwind of heated images to pass through Liz’s mind. She took her hand back, sitting on it to prevent it from reaching. “I think you’ve got that the other way around. I should be thanking you for coming over.”

He gave her a confused smile, his fingers scratching the side of his head. “About that....why did you invite me?”

Liz looked at him, seeing the question in his eyes. “I........”


Alex flipped through Isabel’s paper once again, reading the last sentence out loud. He looked at her as she sat beside him, his lips curled into an awed smile. “This is amazing.”

“I think you said that.” She blushed under his adoring smile. “Like ten times already.”

He leaned over his knees, touching her down turned chin so she would look up at him. “Well I think you deserve the praise.” He traced the outline of her name, thinking about he had been so quick to cast her as all beauty with no brains. He felt like such a jerk now.

“Everything okay?” Isabel had been enjoying his sweet smile, and his kindliness that she felt cold when his mood turned sullen.

“Yeah. Just thinking.” He looked up at her, seeing the genuine concern in her eyes. He was blown away that she really did seem to care, and he didn’t know how to react to that. He wasn’t used to girls paying attention to him. His time spent with girls was equally divided between Liz and Maria. But that didn’t count because those relationships were brother/sister based. It was easier when he thought that Isabel was a bombshell bimbo because then he didn’t have to worry about getting involved. More than a friendship anyway.

So, he dealt with it as he always did. He dug into his bag of lame jokes to take away from the seriousness of his thoughts. “Maybe you can make Michael realize that his head can be used for thinking too.”

The hearty laugh that escaped her lips, made him laugh as well.

“You’re funny. I like that.” She sat back against the tree trunk, enjoying the cool breeze. After being shushed inside the library, they decided to go outside where they could be as loud as they wanted. “Max is the epitome of antisocial. And Michael, well, I just don’t understand him. I don’t know whether he’s joking around or if he’s actually serious.” She turned her head, winking at him. “I’m hoping that he’s joking around most of the time, otherwise I’ll have to start pulling that feminist act on him.”

Alex shook his head, his hand clutching at his stomach as he continued to laugh. “Yeah, well Maria does a pretty good job of putting him in his place.”

Isabel’s smile disappeared at the mention of Maria. The girl seemed nice enough, and she seemed like a person that Isabel would want to be friends with, but the green eyed monster had a weird knack of screwing everything over. “So, Maria....she’s like your girlfriend?”

“GOD NO!” He looked absolutely horrified that Isabel would even mention it. “She’s just a really good friend.... But not that good.”

The color returned to Isabel’s face as she heard his response. Relief flooded through her system. “That’s good,” she nodded, then caught herself. Flustered that she had said that out loud, she amended. “I mean good....good that the two of you are good friends.” She was scared to look at his face, the heat rising to her cheeks as she continued to think about how she was embarrassing herself in front of him.

“So, about you offering to help me with my paper?” He changed the subject, when he saw the blush creep into her cheeks. He didn’t want her to feel embarrassed around him. Her attraction and blushes was better saved for the likes of a smoldering jock that had most of West Roswell’s female population swooning. He was better suited as all around best guy friend. With his reputation he was certainly able to qualify for girlfriend status.

Isabel looked up at him then, thanking him silently with her eyes for changing the subject. He wasn’t only her type looks wise, but he had a great personality that made her fall even deeper. She grabbed his notes, helping him to look through them. “Why don’t we start here?”


“Nice jacket, Michael. Is it new?” Amy passed him the mashed potatoes, but her smile was directed at Jim who was seated at the other end of the table.

“Mother please. Do you actually think that Michael is capable of dressing himself?” Maria gave Michael a roguish grin.

Shoveling a forkful of food in his mouth, Michael shook his head. “Actually, it’s Max’s. He let me borrow it.”

Kyle laughed. “So in Michael speak, that translates to, you took it without asking.”

Michael shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal. “We’re family,” he answered as if that was an excuse.

Jim looked up as he took a bite out of dinner. “Amy, dinner is delicious....As always.” His voice came out in a dreamy sigh, that Maria and Kyle’s heads snapped to look at their parents. They’d probably get whiplash they turned so quickly.

Kyle’s smile died from his lips as he felt someone’s foot touching his leg. He didn’t bother to look down, just speaking out loud. “Someone is playing footsies with me under the table, and I’d really like you to stop before I develop a complex.”

Maria looked at her mother and Jim with horror. She kicked Kyle under the table. Someone really needed to teach the boy the meaning of TMI.

Amy wore the same “secret” smile that Jim had on his lips. The only thing was, it wasn’t so secret.

Michael was the only oblivious to the exchange between the two adults. He slipped his foot back into his shoe, hoping Kyle didn’t realize that it was him. He was trying to annoy Maria, but his aim was a little off. Instead of playing footsies with her, he managed to get tangled up with Kyle’s legs. He shuddered, trying to think of something else.

Regaining his composure, he grabbed Maria’s dinner roll from her plate. “You gonna eat that?”


Don't kill me yet. I promise, the next part will be more M/L focused. I've just been having fun writing for the other characters that I'm getting distracted. :lol

Also, OS is a little slow in coming. Hopefully I'll have a new part out after the weekend. (I'm taking a little more time to write it because I wanna make sure that it's realistic. ;) )

I'm feeling better, and tomorrow is the last day of instruction before finals, so winter break is just around the corner. :D

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Part 15


“I……” Being put on the spot, Liz didn’t know what to say. She could answer the question is so many different ways, but even as she was faced with the possibility of getting the answers she sought, she couldn’t bring herself to ask him about the sketch just yet.

He had barely arrived. She didn’t want him to run away.

“I….I wanted to get to know you better.” She smiled. At least she was telling the truth; partly.

The surprise in his eyes made her swoon. If she wondered whether the crush went both ways, it seemed pretty obvious that he reciprocated. “I…I don’t really get out much.”

Her words got the wheels in his head turning. Some things in particular just standing out in his mind. The first being, why was she home schooled? Alex went to West Roswell, so why didn’t she? And the fact that she invited him to dinner. Most girls waited to bring their boyfriends home to their parents. Not that he considered himself her boyfriend….yet. But they hadn’t gone out on a real date yet and this was her first suggestion. Dinner with the family. But the thing that had been bugging him the most, was why there was no sunlight in the house. The windows were covered with heavy drapes, making it virtually impossible for any light to get in. Every time that he had seen her, it was dark.

Granted that their first meeting, he was half conscious, and it had been night then, but today, he had never seen them once open the drapes. Every time Nancy let him inside the house, she never left the door open for too long. All of his muddled thoughts returned to when Alex had asked him take a picture of him with his bass. He had said it was for his sister, and now, he had to wonder why the picture had been necessary.

“Why is that?”

Liz’s doe eyes widened at his question. She hadn’t expected to hear that.

His eyes dropped, his body scooting a little away from her. “Sorry…that’s none of my business.”

“No, it’s okay.” She placed her hand on his arm, her fingers tingling at the warmth of his skin. “If we’re going to be friends, then we should be able to ask each other anything.” She saw the way his eyes flickered, his mouth opening to ask another question. She chuckled to herself, remembering her dream. In it, her Max had asked a lot of questions too.

With a smile frozen on her lips, Max waved a hand in her face. “Liz?” he asked worriedly. “Is everything okay?”

Biting her lip, she nodded. “Yeah….sorry, I spaced.”

“It’s okay.” His hand reached to squeeze hers, his thumb unconsciously rubbing the smoothness of her skin.

“Mhmmm.” Liz was incapable of words as she felt the warmth of his touch. She knew he didn’t even realize what he was doing, and that made it even more special. He soothed her without even intending to.

“You okay now?” He peered down at her, his eyes trailing heat as he waited for a response.

“Uh huh.” The boy had reduced her to one syllable responses for goodness sakes.

He noticed the awed look on her face, and he laughed. It was the most adorable thing he had ever seen. “Are you ever gonna talk to me again?”

Her head bobbed in response, but when she realized what he said, she hit him lightly. “You really are an Evans.”

The laugh that erupted from his lips, lit up his whole face, his eyes dancing with happiness. His eyes narrowed playfully at her. “Should I take offence to that?”

She tipped her head to the side cockily, a ribald grin on her lips. “Hey, I only speak the truth.”

Max resisted the urge to reach over and tickle her mercilessly, just so he could wipe the goading grin off of her lips. If they had been dreaming then he would have no problem doing as he pleased. Maybe even stealing a little kiss. But somehow, he didn’t think her mother would appreciate him practically mauling her daughter on their first date.

He caught himself quickly, his face flushing at his thoughts. Of all things, whatever this was, it wasn’t a date. She said she wanted to get to know him better as a friend, and that certainly didn’t translate to her wanting him as a boyfriend. It didn’t matter if he was head over heels in love with her. Dreaming about someone wasn’t the same thing as being with them in real life.

Her head was turned down, a small smile playing on her lips. “You should smile more.” She looked up, meeting his gaze. She pointed to her own lips, then to her eyes. “It lights up your whole face. Especially your eyes.”

The tips of his ears felt hot, and he couldn’t help but smile. If only just so that he could see her return it.


Nancy Parker stood behind the shadows, watching Liz with Max. She could feel her heart skipping a beat with the way they were looking at each other, the hesitancies they had. It was like watching a beginning of a love story, making her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

There was something about Max. Something special. She only hoped that he was special enough for her special little girl. Her little girl who wasn’t so little anymore, but a beautiful young woman.

She placed her hand to her chest, allowing a dreamy sigh to escape her lips. Oh, to be that age again. She turned back around, tending to her dinner. She wanted to give Max and Liz a little privacy. Well, as much privacy as she could provide considering the circumstances.

She hummed a tune under her breath, eager for dinner to begin.


“Thanks for dinner, Ms. Deluca.” Kyle stood from his seat, taking his used plate in his hands.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” Amy’s voice surprised Kyle, that he almost dropped the plate.

He eyed her warily, speaking slowly. “Putting the dishes away?”

Amy shook her head. “No.”

“No?” Kyle was utterly confused. She didn’t want him to put away his dirty dishes? This was a first. His mom always made a weird clicking noise with her teeth if he so much as stood up from the table without making a move to clear his dishes. Add to that, having Liz as a best friend. The girl put the freak in neat-freak.

“You’re my dinner guest. You sit back down while I get dessert.”

Jim practically flew out of his seat, dropping his napkin on the table. “I’ll help.” He said a little to eagerly.

Maria’s eyes narrowed as she saw the two adults sneak into the kitchen, making sure that the swinging door stayed closed. Who did those two think they were fooling? And playing footsies under the table? If it wasn’t her mother, she would’ve been excited. Giddy even. It was actually cute how ga ga they seemed over each other. But Amy was her mom. The thing that was bothering her was that her mom hadn’t said anything to her.

They talked about everything, or so she thought. Obviously her mother didn’t think she was mature enough to handle this or something.

Kyle watched the door closely, his ears straining to hear. Not that he wanted to know what was going on behind the closed door, but the thought of his dad and Ms. Deluca…..

Michael rubbed his stomach, stretching a little. He let out a monstrous burp, earning looks from Maria and Kyle.

Maria’s nose was scrunched up, her eyes wrinkled. “Eww…you’re so gross.”

Kyle nodded thoughtfully, before laughing. “Impressive.”

“Excuse me.” Michael pulled the napkin dangling from around his neck like a bib, daintily wiping the edges of his mouth. What he didn’t realize was his face was covered in gravy. He blew a kiss towards Maria, winking at her. “You’re gorgeous too, babe.”

Her jaw dropped to the floor, her eyes widening. “I said you were GROSS! Not gorgeous.”

He reached over the table, patting her hand gently. “It’s okay. You don’t have to pretend.”

Maria wrenched her hand away from him, biting back her laugh. If he wanted to be obnoxious, then so could she. She leaned back in her seat crossing her arms. She winked back at him, smiling as she saw the bits of gravy drying on his cheeks. The guy was so arrogantly cute that he was oblivious.

She was definitely going to have her fun.


“You’re doing good, Alex. With this outline, you’ll be able to write a killer paper.” She chanced a look at him, her stomach taking a dive at his smile.

“Thank you so much.” He looked over the outline they had written together, then up to her smiling blue eyes. “And as a thank you for your help, how about I take you out for a burger?”

Isabel packed her things, standing up. “You’re on.” She wasn’t going to wait for a second invite. She was jumping in with both feet.

The two of them fell in step with each other.

“So…where are we going?”

“The Crashdown. My dad owns it so I could probably hook us up with a discount,” he joked.

She laughed giddily. “Sounds good.”


Liz looked at the clock, biting her lip nervously. Where was Alex? He had promised to be home before their father got home. Where was he?

The sound of the back door opening and closing alerted her to her dad’s arrival. She looked towards Max, swallowing hard.

”I’m home.


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Part 16


“Omigod!” Liz began fanning her face with her hands, feeling like she was about to hyperventilate at the sound of her father’s voice. It wasn’t that she was afraid of her father. In fact, he had to be the sweetest man alive. She was just worried about how he would react to Max. She had never invited a boy over for dinner before. All of her affections had been reserved for her friends and family and she had to wonder how he would take seeing Max in their house, having dinner with them without so much as a howdy do.

“Liz. Are you okay? You’re looking a little pale.” Max reached out to place his hand on her shoulder, his stomach churning at the look on her face. If he was worried about meeting her father before, he had to clamp down on the urge to bolt through the door.

Liz let out a heaving breath, chewing on her bottom lip. “Alex, where are you?” She muttered under her breath. She couldn’t believe he wasn’t here yet. He had promised he would be there to ease the way for their father.

Max’s eyes were riveted to Liz’s bottom lip, his fingernails sinking deeper into the flesh of his palms as he wished to be the one biting it, then soothing away the sting with his velvety tongue. His eyes drifted to her silky tresses, wanting so much to run his fingers through it, to feel the softness between the pads of his fingers. His eyes closed involuntarily as he imagined being able to do so.

A loud inhalation of breath was the only thing Liz could do as she felt imaginary fingers brushing through her hair. It was as if someone was tangling their fingers in the strands. She choked on her breath when she felt something tug on her lip, a tingling feeling running down her spine. Her eyes closed, her mouth opening in a silent moan while an invisible figure tortured her, made her succumb to it’s gentle ministrations. What was happening to her?

Max’s head tilted to the side as he imagined leaning closer towards Liz, his breath hovering over her luscious lips. He could almost taste her. He knew this wasn’t the time to let his imagination run wild, especially since her father had just arrived. He had to make a good first impression if he wanted to be able to return, but he just couldn’t manage to keep his mind from going astray. Just one imaginary kiss to help his jangled nerves, and then he would return to reality where he was the bumbling fool that he was.

Oh God! That was the mantra flashing through Liz’s mind as she let her imagination run wild. The touch felt so familiar, so tender that she couldn’t part with it. She could only imagine what Max was thinking with her flushed face, her head tilted back as the sensations ran through her body from his gentle caresses. She knew it was him. Of that, she was sure. She would know his touch anywhere, and that was comforting. She just wished that he would materialize before her eyes in the form of one Max Evans.

His lips were almost on hers, just an inch away, a mere breath. If he just leaned in closer......



Isabel laughed when she entered the Crashdown, allowing Alex to lead her to a booth. “I don’t know why I didn’t make the connection in my head when you told me earlier.” She shook her head, taking in the various alien memorabilia, the waitresses with the teal uniforms and tacky silver antennas. She supposed that she should be insulted considering her not-of-this-earth status, but the overdone alien themes seemed to be growing on her. Of course she would deny it vehemently to Max, but it was nice to just be “normal” with Alex.

“Is there anything in this town that isn’t alien themed?” She grinned, leaning her chin on her palms, her eyes fixated on Alex’s.

His eyebrow quirked, his lips curling at the sides. “If you didn’t know already, we’re the West Roswell Comets. If that doesn’t send the smell of the cheese factory drifting to your nose....”

She smacked her hand on the table, her head falling back as her laughs escaped her. She couldn’t remember having laughed so much in her laugh, let alone smile so much at one time. Back home she had been known as the ice princess for holding everyone at bay, barely even smiling. She and Max had been referred to as the no-teeth-Evanses. Max, obviously because he never smiled, let alone looked anyone in the eyes, and her because smiling wasn’t something that came naturally to her. She was sure her cheeks would be sore later, but she wasn’t going to complain. She brushed her hand under her eyes, wiping away at her tears. Alex Parker sure knew how to make a girl laugh and make it count.

“You’ve got a little....” He pointed to the eyeliner that had smudged under her eyes.

“Did I get it?” She wiped her hand under her eyes again, opening her eyes wide so Alex could do an inspection.

“There’s a little more.” He pointed again, laughing as she didn’t quite reach it. His head jostled from side to side while he reached for a napkin. He dipped it into the his glass of water, scooting over the table to gently slide the moist napkin under her eyes to get rid of her smudged makeup.

Isabel’s breath hitched in her throat at his delicate touch.

“All gone.” He sat back, admiring his work when he saw the unadulterated affection held in her eyes directed at him. For one of the few times in his life, he couldn’t find a single word to say, not wanting to break the spell.

“So what’ll it be?” Agnes tapped her orthopedic covered foot against the linoleum floor, rolling her eyes at the starry-eyed looks that Alex and Isabel were exchanging. “I don’t have all day.” When they continued to stare at each other, not realizing that she was even there, she threw her order pad behind the counter, digging into her alien face shaped apron for her cigarettes. “I’m going on my break.”


“Oh God!”

A loud clanging noise was heard from the Deluca kitchen, Kyle and Maria exchanging wide eyed glances as they heard a muffled groan, and another banging sound. They slipped from their seats, moving to the swinging door as they pressed their ears against the wood, trying to find out what was going on.

“What am I going to do?” Amy’s voice came in soft before Jim’s teasing voice filtered through the closed door.

“I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been told that I’m pretty good with my hands.”

A squeal of delight was heard before a manly grunt was heard. “Alright, just keep it right there, Amy. Don’t move.”

“Do you think you can get it in?”

Horrified, Kyle’s jaw dropped, his voice coming out in a hiss. “What kind of dessert is your mom making in there?”

Maria smacked him, causing him to stumble backwards before they heard Amy’s voice, louder this time.

“You’ve almost got it. Just slip it in a little more.”

Kyle shivered, jumping away from the door. “I think I’m scarred for life.”

“This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.” Maria pulled out a bottle of cypress oil, inhaling deeply as she fought to keep herself from upchucking her dinner.

“What’s got your drawers in a bunch?” Michael had been busy licking the last of the gravy from the gravy boat, missing all of the commotion. “You two look ready to throw up.”

Maria shook her head, holding her hand to her stomach. “Could you not say that please? You’re only making it worse.” Her face turned pale, a bead of sweat falling from her forehead.

Instantly concerned, Michael stood up, heading towards the kitchen. “Let me tell your mom you’re not feeling too good.”

“NO Michael! DON’T OPEN THAT!” Kyle yelled as loudly as he could, trying to keep from getting a visual after hearing so much already.

Michael blocked out Kyle’s voice, more worried about Maria’s condition rather than whatever it was he was yelling about. That could wait until later. He nudged the door open with his hip, his hand coming to scratch the side of his head as he caught sight of Amy and Jim. “What are you guys doing?”


Liz’s eyes flew open suddenly, her face burning as she saw her father standing just by the clearing of the kitchen. “Daddy.”

Max felt the hairs on his neck stand up, his own eyes opening. He couldn’t believe he got so carried away. And now, he had to meet her father. He knew for sure that Liz’s dad would know he was having impure thoughts about his daughter. If it wasn’t obvious with his blush or erratic breathing, then he knew for sure that his father intuition would kick in.

“You’re home......early.” Liz went to her father, hugging him awkwardly. She had just been daydreaming about Max. She was sure that her parents would know what she had been thinking. After all, that look into my eyes so I know if you’re lying trick still worked on her.

“Yeah. Mom said that we had a guest for dinner so I left the cafe early.” He eyed Max closely, almost as if he was sizing him up.

“Jeff Parker.” He held out his hand, his other arm pulling Liz into his side. “And you are?”

Max straightened his back, placing his hand in Jeff’s, giving him a solid handshake. “Max. Max Evans.”

Jeff was surprised that Max didn’t cower against him. Not that he had ever tried to scare off any of Liz’s guy friends, but he could tell Max was different. Whatever his “friendship” with his daughter, it wasn’t the casual one like she had with Kyle and Michael. He had a gut feeling that this was a boy that was willing to take his baby girl away. “Evans? Not by any chance you’re related to Michael?”

Max shrugged his shoulders, his lip quirking at the sides. “You wouldn’t hold it against me, would you sir?” He shoved his hands into his pockets, a small smile playing at his lips.

Jeff tried not to smile, liking the boy already. He could tell that that smile of his wasn’t a regular occasion. And the fact that his eyes kept drifting to his daughter, quickly looking away when she caught him, endeared Max to him a little. When Nancy had told him that Liz had invited a friend over for dinner, a friend who happened to be a boy he didn’t know, he had gotten all riled up, leaving the Crashdown early.

He had expected to find some boy looking ready to take advantage of his little angel and he was ready to put up a fight, to scare off the guy before he even had a chance. But seeking Max, a polite, shy young man had him feeling a little different. The fact that he was related to Michael scored him huge brownie points. If he was anything like Michael was towards Liz, then he nothing to worry about. But if Max hurt his baby girl, at least he knew the address to come pounding.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m famished.” He rubbed his hands together, ushering everyone into the dining room. “Let’s eat!”


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Part 17


“So Max, tell us a little bit about yourself.” Jeff smoothed the napkin over his lap, sending a smile of encouragement towards Max. The boy really was growing on him. Polite, and his impeccable table manners were nothing to slouch about. He loved Michael dearly, almost like a second son, but finger-licking good had always been a literal thing with Michael.

Max smiled politely. “There really isn’t much to tell.” He let out a nervous smile. “I’m about as interesting as watching paint dry.”

Nancy passed the mashed potatoes. “I can hardly believe that.” She smiled at him warmly, wanting him to feel at home because she had a feeling that he would be a regular visitor, if not a daily one. “What are your interests, honey?”

Almost choking on his food, Max swallowed hard. Hearing Liz’s mother call him honey made him all sorts of giddy. He never liked the endearment. When his own mother would say it, he had to resist the urge to cringe. When his aunt Sarah used it, he just smiled and nodded. But Liz’s mom saying it made his stomach flutter. It made him feel accepted, something he had been wishing for his whole life. “I like to read a lot. And I have a little thing for astronomy.”

Jeff pointed a finger towards Max, nodding his head with a grin plastered to his lips. “A fellow stargazer?” He watched as Max’s head bobbed in response before speaking excitedly. “Alex loves to stargaze, and Lizzie too. I guess you could say they got it from me.”

Mentally giving himself a pat on the back, Max smiled widely, feeling good with the way he was winning over Liz’s parents. His eyes drifted to her on the other side of the table, a frown forming on his face. If only he could do the same with her. She looked more interested in the table settings than even looking his way. His heart deflated a little. What good was winning over her parents if he couldn’t get her interested in him?

Liz listened silently to Max’s velvety voice, her body fighting to keep from trembling. How was it possible that she turned to putty at just of the sound of his voice? Did things like this actually happen in real life? She was glad she was sitting because she didn’t think her legs could hold her up. Max was the epitome of every dream she had in a guy; her dreamguy and it just so happened that he shared the same interests as her. She looked up to the ceiling, thanking whoever let Max stumble into her backyard that night. And if it was enough that he manifesting into her dream man, her parents seemed absolutely thrilled with him.

If this was a dream, she never wanted to wake up.


“What are you guys doing?” Michael pushed the swinging door open the rest of the way.

Kyle covered his eyes with his hands, while Maria stared at the chipped paint on the ceiling.

“Oh, hey Michael.” Amy used her free hand, waving him inside. “You think you and Kyle could give Jim a hand?”

“Uh dad....I know we’re close and all, but I don’t think we’re that close.” He shook his head, still refusing to uncover his eyes.

“I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but get in here and help me with this drawer. Poor Amy had the thing collapse on her when she tried to get some clean forks.” Jim’s voice sounded strained as he tried to slip the drawer back in.

Still a little wary, Kyle’s fingers opened to slits, his mouth drooping as he took a peek. When his eyes took in the state of disarray the kitchen was in, he breathed a sigh of relief. He whispered behind his hand towards Maria. “Coast is clear, sis.” He said jestingly.

Maria’s eyes narrowed to dangerous proportions at his words. Her eyes flew open, a boisterous laugh falling from her lips as she saw the scene before her. She had to listen to Liz more closely when she said that her overactive imagination would get her into trouble. Her ears had definitely deceived her and all she could do was laugh maniacally.

“Are you okay sweetie?” Amy looked up from where she had begun picking up the scattered kitchen utensils.

“I’m absolutely fabulous. Couldn’t be better.” She shoved Kyle out of his seat, propelling him at Michael. “Why don’t you guys help out already so we can eat some dessert?”


Max pushed his seat out from under the table, moving to help clear the table.

“Sit down! You’re a guest.” Jeff shooed Max, not wanting him to lift a finger. The boy was definitely a keeper. Polite and intelligent. What more could a father ask for in a boy courting his daughter?

“Please. I’d like to help. Mrs. Parker went to all of this trouble-

“Nonsense!” Jeff pushed Liz to Max, pointing to the living room. “You kids go! Nancy and I will get this.”

Both teenagers looked reluctant to go, both of them feeling like they should help, but Jeff wasn’t having any of it. When the two of them had disappeared into the other room, Jeff chuckled lightly.

Nancy leaned in to his side, watching him carefully. “What was that?”

“What was what?” He shrugged his shoulders, clearing the table as he hummed under his breath.

Nancy placed her hands on her hips, not bothering to hide the amusement in her voice. “Who are you, and what have you done to my husband?”

“That’s not funny.”

“I’m serious.” She stopped his movement, wrapping her arms around his waist. “What’s gotten into you? I was sure I’d have to intervene to keep you from eating Max alive. You were livid when I talked to you on the phone.”

“Nothing.” He let his arms wrap around her, looking down into her eyes. “He’s a good kid. Seems like he’s got a good head on his shoulders.” He tried to act casually, not wanting Nancy to know how much he approved of Max. No need to let her know that he was getting soft.

She kissed his cheek, not for a second buying his nonchalance. She knew that he thought that Max was special too.



“So.” Max looked at his sneaker clad feet, feeling embarrassed to look at Liz. He had done it enough through dinner, and he had certainly been caught enough times. He knew that since dinner was over, he would have to go home soon. But he couldn’t go without asking.

He had come this far. This was the opposite of what he usually did, but he had to try. With her, he would do anything. “I was wondering, I mean, I know that we don’t really know each other all that well, and maybe we could remedy that.” He laughed nervously, that it sounded like he was choking. He looked up to see her chocolate orbs staring at him with concern, and he felt even dumber than when he started speaking. But he felt like this was his only chance. When was he ever going to run into her again? She was home schooled, and he couldn’t remember a time when he had seen her hanging out in town.

He breathed in deeply, letting the words whoosh out of his mouth. “Would you like to go out with me?”

Liz’s jaw dropped open so wide, that flies were beginning to make a home for themselves. Did she hear him right? Her eyes drifted to his, and she caught the vulnerability in them. It was as if his life was depending on her answer and she was flattered that he seemed to be interested. She nodded her head, opening her mouth to say yes, when the bottom fell out. She remembered why he was here in the first place, and she found herself saying no when her heart was screaming out yes. “Max, I....I’m sorry. I can’t.”

He swallowed thickly, feeling as if a dagger had sliced through his heart. He should’ve known she wouldn’t be interested in him like that. He was a dud, and she was a goddess. He should have seen it coming when Jeff Parker showed a liking to him. Having a girl’s father liking the boy courting his daughter was like a kiss of death. What girl would want a boy who was geeky like him? “Sorry.” He stood up hastily, wanting to get out of there as fast as he could.

He had been stupid to think that his dreams would become a reality. He was a freakshow that didn’t belong on this planet. “I have to go. It’s a school night and I told my aunt I wouldn’t stay out late.”

Panicking, Liz grabbed his arm, not wanting him to leave. She couldn’t let him go when he had just put himself out there like that. Not when she knew that she had just broken his heart. She had to explain, make him understand even if he ran out of there thinking she was a monster. “Max wait.”

Having her soft hands on him made him feel even sorrier for himself. This was what he was missing out on. “Really, I should go.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to. I do, I just....I can’t.”

Her voice was luring him in, and he had to stop. Isabel had told him it wasn’t healthy to be with her and now he had to think that maybe she was right. He couldn’t stand here and listen to her give him the, I like you but only as a friend speech. If he couldn’t have her, then he didn’t want to be around her. Being just her friend would be like a cruel reminder of what he would never have. “Liz, it’s okay. You’re not interested. I get it.”

“But you don’t.” She stood in front of him, laying it all out. This was do or die; her only chance. “I want to go out with you, like a normal girl would go out with a normal guy like you. But I’m not a normal girl. It’s a physical impossibility for me.”

“What?” He had heard of girls making up elaborate stories just to get a guy to leave them alone. He hadn’t realized he had laid it on that thick. Obviously, he had done something to make her embellish the truth, because as far as he could see, she had no physical limitations.

She felt his eyes roam over her body, no doubt searching for any signs of physical ailments. “Have you ever heard of porphyria?”

He shook his head, his hands digging deeper into his pockets.

“Without going into specifics, it basically means I can’t go into the sunlight. If I am in contact with direct sunlight, it can be pretty life threatening. My life sort of depends on living in darkness.” She stood quietly, waiting for him to bolt out of the door. Why shouldn’t he? She was something out of a circus side show.

It all made sense to him then, almost like a humongous jigsaw puzzle coming together. The closed drapes, the pictures, the home schooling, Michael‘s late night visits. He looked down at her and his heart broke. He knew that she was expecting him to tear out of there after hearing that. She thought of herself as a freak, much the way of how he envisioned himself. The only difference was, she wasn’t one. If anything, she was angel. “Go out with me?”

She wiped at her pooling eyes, thinking that he was mocking her. She had basically bared her soul and he was having a good laugh at her expense.

“I know that a daytime date would be out of the question, but maybe we could still you know, do something? Maybe I could come over and hang out, or do what Michael does, you know, sneak out?”

Liz could hardly believe what she was hearing. He was trying to think up of ways for them to see each other. She looked up, finding him still standing there. He hadn’t run away when she had told him the truth. He had done the opposite. “Why are you doing this?”

He straightened his shoulders, his voice whisper soft. “Because I lo-....I like you.” He amended. There, he had said what was in his heart; sortof. Now he had to wait for her response. He wanted so much to take her into his arms, and soothe her tears away, but it was her move now. She had to take the next step.


Alex slurped the last of his smoothie, talking about everything and anything with Isabel. He realized that she was an interesting person, someone he could spend hours talking to. Simultaneously, his eyes flew to the clock when he saw the empty state of the Crashdown, the employees beginning the clean up routine.

“Oh my God!” He grabbed Isabel’s hand, dropping some bills onto their booth. “I can’t believe I forgot!”

Isabel squeaked as she tried to keep in stride with Alex. “Where are we going?”

“Liz. I promised my sister I would be there tonight and I completely forgot.” He tugged on her hand, urging her to pick up her pace and walk faster.

Isabel knew that she should feel bad for Alex’s sister because he had forgotten, but she felt oddly touched. She had kept Alex preoccupied for hours with a conversation rather than flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder every few minutes to keep his attention. She had been Alex’s distraction and she only hoped she could continue to be.


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Part 18A


“Because I lo-....I like you.”

Liz felt her knees knock together at the sound of Max’s voice. She was so delusional right now, she almost thought he was going to say he loved her. Crazy. That, she definitely was. Her throat was choked up and she couldn’t seem to get her voice to cooperate. Instead, she bobbed her head, almost too eagerly.

Max let out the breath that he hadn‘t realized that he was holding. She nodded, which constituted to a yes. The grin from his lips would probably last till the next time he saw her, and he seemed to like it that way. Eager to keep her in his presence, his head tilted back, his voice soft. “So when do, when do you want to go out?” He knew he sounded stupid, but he couldn’t wait to make plans, not wanting to be away from her for too long.

“Oh.” The surprised look on her face was one that would be etched in his memory forever. “You want to” She couldn’t believe that he seemed as eager to get to her know her as she did him.

He cleared his throat, still a little unsure with how much he should let his guard down. He didn’t want to move too fast. “Unless....” He ran a shaky hand through his hair. “How about you give me a call?” He smiled inside with his choice of words. This way, he didn’t sound too eager and he could let her decide the pace.

“How about tomorrow?” She couldn’t quite meet his eyes as she blurted the words out. She was just thinking about in her head and didn’t realize that it had come out of her mouth.

“T-tomorrow night?” He barely croaked the words out of his mouth.

Liz wanted to say, “Yes, come over tomorrow. In fact, don’t even leave tonight.” But that was never going to happen in a million years.

“What time?” Liz looked up, surprised to see him standing so close. When had he moved to stand in front of her? He was so close that she could feel his breath on her face, the scent of his soap lingering in the air that she breathed.

“Same time?”

He nodded, and he swore he could feel her forehead brushing against his as she too bobbed her head. When had he moved? He didn’t remember walking up to her, being this close to her. “Tomorrow, then?”

“Yeah....tomorrow.” Her eyes were drawn to his lips, watching as they opened and closed, forming each word that he spoke. She smiled at the thought that they were affecting each other so badly that they had been reduced to two word answers.


Out of breath, Alex poked his head through the door making sure that the coast was clear. The sunlight had come and gone, but being too careful with Liz was something he had no problem with. “Anyone home?”

He stepped through the back door, pulling Isabel with him, his hand still clutching hers.

“Honey, you’re home.” Nancy’s voice startled Alex, causing him to place a hand to his chest. The smile on her face widened when she saw Isabel attached to his arm. “Who’s your friend, sweetie?”

Sounding distracted, Alex introduced Isabel to his mother. His mind was concentrated on Liz, trying to find a way to make it up to her for missing out on dinner. “Isabel, this is my mom. Mom, this is Isabel Evans.”

Jeff wiped his hands with a dish towel, smiling warmly at Isabel. “Another Evans? Don’t tell me that you’re related to Max and Michael?” He joked lightly.

“Actually...” Isabel gave a nervous smile. “Max is my twin brother.”

Jeff and Nancy exchanged amused glances, taking in the way that Alex and Isabel were holding hands. Jeff had to wonder that if he had another daughter, if Michael was gonna come a’knockin.

“Speaking of, where is Max? And Liz?”

Both parents pointed to the living room.

Alex nodded, pulling Isabel with him determinedly.


His sentence was cut off when he saw Max and Liz standing together, barely breathing as they stared into each other’s eyes. “Sorry.” He went to move out of the room, feeling like he had just intruded on a private moment.

Liz jumped away from Max, tucking her hair behind her ears, a nervous habit she had. “Alex!”

Max looked up to see what all of the commotion was, especially to see what had distracted him from looking into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. What he saw was something he hadn’t expected. “Isabel?”

She smiled at him sheepishly, her gaze turning to Liz to introduce herself. The smile on her lips faded, the color draining from her face. Max was right. She was real and she happened to be Alex’s sister. Regaining her composure, she stuck out her hand. “I’m Isabel. Max’s sister.”

Liz noted the way that Isabel was staring at her strangely. She couldn’t shake the feeling that they had met before. “Liz. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Same here.”

Alex let go of Isabel, placing his hands on Liz’s shoulders. His voice turned down a notch so only Liz could hear him. “Are you gonna kill me?”

Liz smiled at her brother, then peeked over his shoulder to see Isabel with her eyes trained on Alex. Maybe she wasn’t the only getting lucky with a member of the Evans family.

“We should go.” Max stuffed his hands in his pockets, moving to stand next to Isabel. “My aunt’s probably wondering where we are.”

The look of disappointment on Liz’s face was enough to make Max want to stay rooted to the spot and never leave, but he was being irrational. He was going to see her again. Tomorrow.

“I’ll just see you guys tomorrow.” He nodded, walking backwards to the kitchen. “We’ll just leave through the back.” The house was so dark that Max had a hard time knowing if there would be any sunlight left, but he didn’t want to take the chance, opting to take the long way out just to ensure Liz’s safety.

His concern didn’t go unnoticed by Liz, instead making her heart swell to bursting proportions. She had just barely told him about her condition and already he was looking out for her well being. “It was nice meeting you Isabel.” She gave a little wave, her eyes looking shyly towards Max. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Max.”

The Parker siblings watched as Max and Isabel disappeared to the kitchen.

“So dinner went well?” Alex crossed his arms, trying to act cool as he tried to pry some information out of his sister. His dad seemed to be in a surprisingly good mood considering Max and Liz were making ga ga eyes at each other. His dad was so overprotective with Liz sometimes that he thought his father might see Max as a threat. So far, it seemed that Max had won over the Parker men. The only thing he was worried about now was how Michael was going to react.

Liz felt the heat in her cheeks at the mere mention of dinner. So much had happened that she felt like talking about it would somehow ruin it. She wanted to keep it to herself for a little while. She smirked, digging her elbow into Alex’s ribs. “I don’t know, why don’t you tell me? You seemed pretty cozy with Max’s sister.”

Alex glared at Liz playfully, knowing that she was trying to turn the tables on him. He didn’t know what to make of him and Isabel, and frankly, he didn’t want to even think about. As far as he was concerned, they were just friends. Nothing more, nothing less. Anything else was just a headache and heartache waiting to happen. “Fine, I get it. No questions about your dinner, and no questions about my dinner.” He held out his hand for an agreement handshake, but Liz just threw herself in his arms.

“Thanks for not coming to dinner,” she whispered into his ear.


“Thanks for having me over for dinner Mr. and Mrs. Parker.”

Jeff put his arm around Nancy, smiling at Max and Isabel. “Pleasure was ours. But be sure to bring Isabel with you next time.”

Max and Isabel excused themselves, heading towards home.


He cut her off, not wanting her to bring him down from his high. “Not now Iz. I’m not in the mood.” The truth was, he was still a little hurt over their little disagreement that afternoon and he didn’t want to think about it right now. Thinking about it would taint his moment of happiness and he hardly ever had any of those. What was it they said about ignorance being bliss?

Isabel just bobbed her head stiffly. She wanted to apologize for saying some of the things she had said because she had a feeling that she herself was going against everything they had agreed upon. Alex Parker made her feel things that she never thought was possible to feel. But Max was closing himself off, just like he always did. She’d talk to him later.


Michael knocked on Liz’s window, not wanting to receive any physical blows. He had gotten enough from Maria when he had showed in her room. A smile played at his lips as the events played over in his mind.

Liz opened her window, smiling at him. “Hey. What brings you by?”

He put on his game face, shrugging his shoulders. “You have dinner with Max and now you’re asking me to my motives for coming to see you?” He pretended to act hurt.

“Michael, I’m sorry that I didn’t invite you.”

He jumped in through her window, propping himself up against her pillows. “You should be. I had to have dinner with the Deluca/Valenti siblings, and let me tell you-

Liz let out a laugh, shaking her head. “Deluca/Valenti siblings? Since when have Maria and Kyle been brother and sister?”

“Oh, it’ll happen. Trust me. The Sheriff and Miss Deluca have some sort of thing going,” he said matter-of-factly. “Or at least that’s what Kyle and Maria are worried about.” He knew he was embellishing on the truth, further elaborating on what Kyle and Maria were freaking out about. Honestly, he hadn’t noticed anything, but that was a different story.

Walking towards him, Liz grabbed his arm, leading him towards the window. “I really appreciate you coming over, but I’m kinda tired.” A yawn escaped her lips, her eyes watering a little.

“Oh.” He tried to unaffected, climbing through the window. “I’ll just see you tomorrow then?”

Liz bit her lip. “Actually, Max is coming over again.” She saw the confusion and hurt in his eyes, and she quickly added. “But if you want to come....” She hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t say yes, not wanting her first semi date with Max to include Michael.

“Oh,” he said again. “I’ll just call you then.”

She smiled happily and he felt guilty for feeling bad that she wanted to broaden her horizons and meet other people. He wanted nothing more than for her to be happy, but he just didn’t want to see her hurt. He didn’t know if he completely trusted Max especially since he had overheard that conversation. He still didn’t know what that meant, but he hoped that it wouldn’t hurt Liz. He offered her a smile, tugging on her chin. “Night, Lizziepoo. I’ll see ya when I see ya!”

She waited until he had disappeared before closing her window. She picked up her pajamas, getting ready for bed as she felt her eyes get even heavier. She didn’t know what had brought on this bout of sleepiness, but if she didn’t get to bed soon, she feared that she would pass out on the floor. She slipped out of her clothes, bringing them to her hamper.

The slip of paper stayed in the pocket, forgotten as Liz dragged herself to bed.


Max lay on his cot, willing sleep to come. He wanted to dream so he could be with Liz. He had just left her a little while ago, but he found himself wanting to feel her presence again. Now that he knew what it was like to be around her, he didn’t know how he would go without feeling her. His eyes drifted shut, sleep claiming him.

He let out a contented sigh as he waited for her.


A little on the boring side, but transition is always like that. Dream sequence should be the next part.

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Part 18B


Max kept walking, searching as he always did. He could feel the tips of his fingers hum, his heart thumping wildly against his chest. She was close. He picked up his pace, wanting to be with her again, not liking that they had been separated for the short time that they had been.

His feet sank into the sand heavily, her name a breath on his lips. “Liz.”

She looked up at him where she was laid out on a beach blanket. She pushed her sunglasses to the tip of her nose, eyeing him cockily. “It’s about time you showed up.” She brushed her palms together. “I was starting to think you weren’t going to show.”

With lighting like movements, he found himself kneeling by the blanket, his breath coming out in short pants. “I wouldn’t miss this....I wouldn’t miss you for the world.” His hand hung in the air a moment before he moved to cup her cheek, his thumb brushing lightly over her cheekbone. The sighs of contentment they let out were identical, each feeling the relief of being able to touch each other.

She buried her cheek deeper into the warmth of his hand, her voice coming out as a purr. “I miss you already.”

A dopey grin made it’s way to his lips and he couldn’t seem to make it fade. “Me too.” Dazed, he shook his head, realizing what he said. “I mean, I missed you too. Not me, missing me, cos that would just be ridiculous.”

Liz let out a soft chuckle, enjoying his soft rambling. She could listen to him read the phone book and she would still be interested. He held her interest like no other.

As much fun as she was having, the rational part of her brain couldn’t help but ask questions. Call it a quirky trait, but it was something she had to do.

Her doe eyes looked up at him. “Are you always going to be Max now?”

The shock on his face was evident, but he tried to hide it. “Does it bother you? That I’m Max?” He felt his throat turn scratchy, his chest suddenly tightening as he waited for her response.

A slow smile crossed her lips as she snuggled into his arms. “No. I like it. I like you being Max.” Sighing softly, she lay her head on his shoulder. “I only wish that you really were Max.” She said the words softly, only for her benefit, but Max had heard her anyway.

“I’ll be whoever you want me to be.” He kissed her temple, gathering her closer to his body. He had longed to do this all night, to the real Liz, but he could settle for his dreams. At least they could be here together, no interruptions.


“Yeah?” He looked down into her upturned face, and his breath hitched in his throat at her beauty.

“Stay with me until I wake up?”


Max was startled into reality, waking up to find himself lying in sweat soaked sheets. He gasped in deep breaths, trying to calm himself down.

Michael rolled over in his bed, throwing a pillow in Max’s direction, grumbling. “SHH!” He rolled over again, throwing his blankets over his head, trying to get back to sleep.

With shaky legs, Max walked into the bathroom, turning the knob to make sure that it was locked. He reached to turn on the faucet, his hands trembling as he tried to perform the simple task. He didn’t bother with the warm water, immediately splashing the cold water over his face to wake himself up.

He struggled to the toilet seat, pulling the lid closed as he sat down.

What the heck was happening?

Ever since he had moved to Roswell, his dreams had been getting more intense, more real. He swore he could still feel the silky smoothness of Liz’s skin against the pads of his fingers. He lifted his shirt collar to his nose, and her smell lingered. He knew for a fact that it had to do with the dream. He had gotten dressed into pajamas the moment he got home, throwing his clothes into the hamper. And the possibility of her smell lingering on him was virtually impossible because they barely even touched when he was at her house. If that was the case, why could he still smell her on his clothing?

Hs mind was a whirlwind of jumbled thoughts, images flying around inside his head as he tried to make sense of what was going on. Her soft voice floated in his ears, making the hairs on his arms stand up. Stay with me until I wake up? Why would his dream version of her say that when he was the one dreaming about her?

So many questions that he didn’t have answers for. He kneeled over his knees, replaying the scene in his mind again, triggering another memory.

They had been on the beach. In daylight.

He recalled all of his other dreams, and sure enough they had all been sometime during the day where the sun was shining. Why would he dream about it being sunny all of the time? Maybe it was just a coincidence that she had just told him of her condition, but his gut was telling him otherwise.

Something else was going on here, and he couldn’t help but feel scared. What if all of this had something to do with his alien heritage? He knew nothing of what he was. He pressed the heels of his palms to his closed lids, willing the tears away. He couldn’t break down now.

A shuddering breath escaped his lips, a determined look on his face as his hands fell away.



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Part 19A


Michael sat on his bed, watching as Max neatly made his bed.

“What?” Max felt self-conscious as Michael continued to stare at him. He had been doing it ever since they had woken up, and he had to wonder what it was all about. He hoped that it had nothing to do with what he had overheard yesterday. He had enough on his plate, and he didn’t think he could handle trying to deal with this.

Shaking his head, Michael got up from his bed, pretending to tidy up a little. “Nothing.” He continued to watch Max from the corner of his eye, trying to find something he didn’t like about the guy. But the truth was, there was nothing.

“What?!?” The hairs on his neck were standing up, making his whole body shiver. His nerves were already shot, and Michael’s constant stares were driving him up the wall.

Muttering under his breath, Michael looked up towards the ceiling, praying that he could say what he wanted to say without letting the situation get mushy. He stood in front of Max, letting his words tumble forth in a quick jumble. “BenicetoLizI’llkillyouifyou’renot.” He exhaled loudly, smiling. “Are we clear?”

“Huh?” For the life of him, Max hadn’t understood a word that was coming out of Michael’s mouth.

Shifting his weight from foot to foot, Michael shoved his hands deep into his pockets before meeting Max’s gaze. “I know about you and Liz. She told me about your date thing tonight.”

Taking on a defensive stance, Max’s shoulders straightened.

“I’m pretty sure she’s told you about her condition, and well...” He gritted his teeth, trying to be as civil as he could. “She’s like a sister to Max. I don’t want anything to happen to her, anything to hurt her, you included.”

Max raised an eyebrow. “What makes you think I would hurt her?”

Michael let out a frustrated sigh. “I’m not saying you will.” He raked a hand through his already unruly head of hair. “Think of this as a warning Max. Don’t hurt her.” His last statement left no room for arguments, leaving Max to bob his head stiffly.

Understanding the underlying tones in his pent up defensiveness, Max spoke as honestly as he could, wanting Michael to know that his intentions for Liz were nothing but sincere. “I know you heard Isabel and I talking yesterday.” The rigidness of Michael’s stance made Max speak faster, wanting to get it all out before Michael tried to get away from the situation again. “I don’t know what you heard, and how much you heard, but whatever it was-

He waved his hands in front of Max’s face, indicating that he didn’t want to hear anymore. “I don’t wanna know, Max. That was a private conversation, and I’m assuming you’d like to keep it that way.”

Their eyes met, an understanding falling upon them. “I’m not going to pretend that it didn’t pique my curiosity, but it’s none of my business. My only business is Liz.” He swallowed past the lump in his throat. He felt like a father giving away his only daughter. “Be good to her, Max. All she’s ever wanted was someone-

“To love her.” Max finished his sentence, knowing all to well what it was like to feel that way.

Feeling awkward for having shared so much with a cousin he barely knew, Michael sniffed, finding his eyes slightly damp. What was this watery residue? He could barely comprehend it.

The look of complete confusion on Michael’s face as he wiped away what seemed to be tears caused Max to let out a hearty laugh. It was a much needed respite from the seriousness of their conversation.


“Maria, I can’t even explain it......these dreams, they’re getting so weird.”

Maria’s voice crossed through the static. “Maybe your dreams are just getting intense because you and Max are starting to date.”

Liz scoffed. “Him coming over to my house to hang out barely constitutes as a date.”

“But he asked you out, didn’t he?” Kyle’s voice joined the conversation through three way. “Just because you guys aren’t leaving your house, it’s still a date if he asks you.”

“See, there you go, Kyle. You’re slowly redeeming yourself.” Maria smiled against the phone, glad to have Kyle there as back up to convince Liz that everything was going to be okay.

“I don’t know, you guys. I’m just really nervous. I’ve never done this before.” Liz whined into the phone, feeling more and more anxious as the time ticked by. She had woken from her dream soaked in sweat. Again.

“There’s a first time for everything, chica.” Sighing heavily into the phone, Maria pulled the car into park as she stopped outside of the Parker house to honk the horn. “Look, I’m here and I should let you go. I vote we have a girlfriend meeting for special reports tomorrow night.”

“Count me in. Not like I have a girlfriend of my own,” Kyle mused loudly.

“I’d take offense to that, but I’ll just chalk it up to early morning brain lapse,” Maria joked.

Liz laughed into the phone, glad to have the support of her friends. Maybe she could go through with this. “Wish me luck, guys?”

A chorus of good lucks were shouted into the phone before they hung up respectively.


Isabel cornered Max before he could spend lunch alone in the library. “You know, avoiding me isn’t going to make me go away.”


“Don’t Iz, me.” She towered over him, steering him towards the quiet study area. “We need to talk.”

Would this day ever end? “If this is about Liz-

“I’m sorry with what I said, yesterday. It was insensitive of me, knowing how much she, I mean Liz means to you.” Her eyes looked up to meet his. “I know I can be a jerk, and sometimes I don’t think before I speak, but I truly am sorry. I had no right-

“Not that I don’t appreciate the apology, but what’s brought this on? You seemed pretty adamant about me not getting involved, yesterday.”

“I don’t understand any of this. Your drawings, your dreams, this obvious connection you seem to have with Liz, but it doesn’t mean I should stand in the way of you figuring this out.”

Having already forgiven her in his head, Max shot her an accusatory look. “This doesn’t have anything to do with Alex, does it?”

Making a face, Isabel joked around with him, happy to have him return to his quasi normal self. “I think I liked it better when you weren’t talking to me.”


Maria sank down beside Michael, her head doing a double take as he sat there silently. “What, no smartass gibe? Clever quips?” She leaned over, touching his forehead. “You’re not sick, are you?” She mocked.

“I’m thinking, okay.” He had pushed her hands away from his forehead, but didn’t relinquish the closeness of their bodies.

“To what do we owe this miracle?”

Growling a little, Michael frowned down at Maria’s pixieish form. “Can’t you ever be serious?”

Startled at his obvious frustration, Maria felt bad for her teasing. “What’s wrong?” she whispered softly.

“It’s nothing. I’m just....Liz is growing up.”

They way it had come out of his mouth, Maria couldn’t help but smile. She knew that Michael was genuinely concerned about Liz’s well being, but sometimes he acted like he was Liz’s father. “It was going to happen sooner or later,” she soothed. “Don’t you think it’s better that it’s Max rather than some random guy?”

He looked down at her, smiling as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders to bring her in for a hug. He leaned his chin on top of her head, tentatively kissing the top of her head. “Thanks.” He needn’t say what he was saying thanks for, because she knew.

It was a rarity that they could sit without witty remarks tumbling from their lips, so they basked in the silence while it lasted.


Max rubbed his eyes, fending off sleep as he listened to Mr. Seligman droll on and on about something. He had stopped listening twenty minutes ago. Max had to wonder if they guy majored in monotony, he was so boring.

His eyes felt heavy. He was losing the battle to stay conscious.


He was in the middle of the desert, the humid air causing beads of sweat to roll off of his body. He swiped the back of his hand over his forehead, his tongue snaking from between parched lips to allow them some moisture.

As hot as it was with the sun belting down on his back, he felt the uncanny urge to walk, to go in search of something. His long legs gained momentum, until he was going on a full blown sprint. His breathing was harsh in his own ears, the muscles in his calves aching with the effort he was exerting. But he couldn’t stop. He was so close.

Dust billowed at his ankles, turning the bottom of his jeans to an off brown color. He stopped by a large rock formation, taking a second to catch his breath when he heard her.

“You’re making good time.”

He looked up into her smiling face, shaking his head as he climbed up to where she was perched. “Why am I always the one running?”

She looked up at him with her big innocent eyes. “Because you do it so well.” Her hands drifted to his strong biceps, down his contoured chest, his sculpted abs, over his powerful thighs. “You’re so big, and strong.”

Max gulped, feeling the heat of her palms burning through the denim of his jeans as she squeezed and massaged the abused muscles. He was having a hard time completing a coherent thought with her little hands driving him insane. Her lips puckered up, kissing away the tension in his jaw. “I’m sorry. Next time, I promise. I’ll do all of the looking.”

His eyes took on a teasing glint. “So there’s going to be a next time?”

Her long eyelashes fanned over the soft planes of her cheek. “Isn’t there always a next time?”

His hands sifted through her hair, bringing her as close to his face without actually kissing her. “You’re right.”

Grinning her satisfaction, she nodded, giggling a little when his bangs tickled her forehead. She cupped his face, bringing him even closer till their noses were touching. “I’ve missed this.” Her eyes turned somber for a second. “Everything’s been so heavy lately,” She bumped their noses, her lips inching closer to his as her breath tickled his upper lip. “You disappear so fast before we can cuddle.” Her eyes met his amber gaze, her tongue wetting her lips. She could feel the vibration of his groan all the way down to her toes and it heightened her senses even more. “You haven’t kissed me in a really long time.”

Max watched as her sparkling white teeth tugged on the soft flesh of her lip, and this time, he couldn’t resist. He swooped down, his mouth closing over hers. The surprised squeal from her mouth caused him to smile, another groan tumbling from his lips as he felt her tongue trace his lips tentatively. He had missed this too. She was right about their dreams being too serious lately.

Her teeth tugged on his bottom lip gently, her hands raking softly through his thick mane. “Promise me it’ll always be like this. Here, together. Just the two of us.”

“Promise.” The word barely passed his lips before he kissed her again, wasting no time in reacquainting himself with the touch of her lips.

She kissed him one last time, her wet lips dragging thickly across his cheek, then down to his neck. She definitely knew how to drive him insane with the little nips and licks she gave. “Liz,” he moaned her name, his hands supporting her head as she continued to assault him with her sensual lips.


The sound of a book dropping jostled Max into a state of wakefulness, his body upright as he took in his surroundings.

“Anything you’d like to share with the class, Mr. Evans?” Mr. Seligman stood in front of the room, tapping his wooden pointer impatiently as he watched the young man continue to disrupt his class.

Max’s face was flushed, his breathing ragged. Before he could come up with a lame answer, the bell rang, students snickering as they left the classroom noisily. He gathered his things clumsily, trying to get past Mr. Seligman quietly, but he was never that lucky.

“See that you don’t interrupt my class again, Mr. Evans.”

His head jerked awkwardly, walking swiftly out of the room to avoid any further embarrassment. He really needed to find a way to control these dreams. They were getting out of hand. He brushed his hand over his neck to ease the tension from the awkward angle it had been in when he fell asleep.

Frowning, he felt two indentations by the base of his neck. He stormed into the bathroom, searching out his reflection in the mirror. His fingers traced the indentations, heated flashes of Liz nibbling on his neck floating around in his mind.

“Got lucky too?”

Max’s eyes hard a time focusing, but when they did, he caught sight of a jock smiling at him.

The guy rolled down his turtleneck, showing Max the mass array of hickeys on his neck. “My chick had a field day last night.” His head tilted to the side as he saw the teeth indentation on Max’s neck before grinning and slapping Max on the shoulder. “You’re one lucky fella.”

Max was left to stand in the bathroom by himself, worse off than when he had woken up last night.


Liz licked her parched lips, stirring from her nap. She stretched her arms above her head, a dreamy sigh escaping her lips. The dream she had was a much better one. Better than the ones she had been having lately. She and Max had been kissing.

She grinned wickedly, swiping her tongue over her lips again. She almost thought she could taste him on her lips.

“How was your nap, honey?” Nancy walked into the living room, carrying a load of laundry.

“It was good. Really good.”

“That’s great sweetie.” She sat down beside Liz, to give her a quick hug. “You’ve seemed so tired lately.”

“I’m better now.”

“That’s good to know.” She picked her basket walking to the laundry room.

Nancy dumped the clothes in the washer, checking the pockets for any offending items. When she encountered a slip of white paper in Liz’s jeans, she shook her head. How many times had she told them not to leave anything in the pockets?

With the dryer sounding off, she dropped the paper into a little basket where she kept all of the things that the family neglected to take out of their pockets.


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Part 19B


Max stood outside of the Parker residence, fidgeting. He was still pretty disturbed about the dream he had had during school. He had healed the teeth marks, but the tingling feeling had yet to dissipate.

He still didn’t know what to make of his dreams, but had come to the conclusion that something had to be done about them. His dreams were going to get him sent to the loony bin if he wasn’t careful.

Nancy peeked out from behind the door, smiling at Max. “Hey, Max. Come on in.” She stepped aside, taking extra measures to make sure that the door was shut snuggly. “You can go ahead to Liz’s room. I think she’s expecting you.”

He smiled sweetly, walking down the hall to Liz’s room. Making a fist, he knocked gently.

“Come in.”

His knees trembled, his hand unsteady as he turned the knob. He was half expecting her to pounce just as she had when had stopped by the other day, but to his disappointment, she didn’t. His eyes took a second to focus in the dark room, straining to find her.

“Whatcha got there?” She tapped his shoulder, standing on her tiptoes to catch a glimpse of what he was holding behind his back. Her breath caught in her throat when he looked down at her, visions of her dream invading her mind. She was glad that the room was dark so he wouldn’t see her blush.

Smiling shyly, he held out a single white rose. He had debated about getting red roses, not wanting to be too obvious. Yellow were out of the question, not wanting her to think he wanted to be just friends. He settled on the white, loving it’s simplicity. It’s elegant beauty. Just like Liz, he thought.

“For me?” The awe in her voice touched his heart, making it thump just that much faster. He watched as she brought it to her nose, smelling it. “White roses are my favorite.” Looking at him from lowered lashes, she smiled coyly. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

They stood, staring at each other for a few quiet minutes, basking in being in each other’s presence again. Last night had come and gone far too soon for their tastes, so tonight, they planned on making the most of it.

Max cleared his throat, his lip quirking at the side as he spoke nervously. “Can...can I ask you a question?”

Liz nodded, tucking her impossibly long hair behind her ears while she listened to the deep rumble of his voice with rapt attention.

“About your condition.....porphyria....” his hands danced in the air as he continued to speak. “I’ve been reading a little bit about it, and well it never said anything about not being able to go out at night. All it said was to avoid direct sunlight. And well, I guess my question is, can you go out at night?”

Hiding behind the curtain of her hair, Liz felt her blush deepen. Hearing Max tell her that he had read up on her condition, making himself more familiar about what she was going through sent a rush of emotions to pass through her. She was touched. Even more so that he was intent on learning more, asking her questions to inform himself. She looked up, a small smile playing on her lips.

He scratched the side of his eyebrow, his forehead developing a slight frown. “Maybe I’m just dense, but if you can go out at night, then why don’t you?” The words were flying out of his mouth before he could register what they meant. “I’m surprised you don’t have a boyfriend.”

The look of shock on her face caused his hand to fly to his mouth, stopping any further outbursts to come out.

Fingering the rose in her hand, she looked at him from lowered lashes. “Even if I can go out at night, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m allowed to.” She paused, chewing on her bottom lip. “And besides, I hardly doubt guys would be falling all over themselves to ask me out on a date.”

His head shook gently. “You have no idea.” Another unconscious thought, making it’s way past his lips, but he didn’t notice.

“I was wondering, and you can feel free to say no...” He held out his hand tentatively, hoping she would trust him enough to take it. “What if we went out tonight?”

Her eyes were wide, a confirmation that she had not been expecting to hear that.

“Nowhere far. Just in the area.” He dug into his pocket, shaking a cell phone in her face. “Your parents can call whenever and if ever they need to.”

Seeing her lips forming a protest, Max thought quickly. He wanted the opportunity to get to know her alone. Without the watchful eyes of her parents, or her brother. Not that he didn’t like them, but having a first date with the whole family around just seemed to put a damper on things.

“What’s your dad’s work number?”

“Huh?” Liz was completely baffled. Max’s question had completely come out from left field.

“Your dad’s number at work?...What is it?”

With one eyebrow quirked in question, Liz repeated the number from the top of her head. “555-4327.”

Dialing quickly, Max put the phone against his ear, his other hand asking Liz to be quiet.

“Crashdown, this is Jeff. How can I help you?”

Max smiled into the phone, glad that his job was getting easier by the second. “Mr. Parker? This is Max. Max Evans from last night. You know, Michael’s cousin?”

Jeff sounded all too pleased with hearing Max’s voice. “Of course I remember. What can I do for you Max?”

“Well Mr. Parker. I was wondering if I could ask you a very big favor.”


Taking a deep breath, Max let the words tumble out of his mouth. “I was wondering if it would be possible to take Liz out tonight. Nowhere far, just local. I don’t have a car, so you don’t have to worry about me running off with her.”

The squeak from Liz’s mouth made Max pause momentarily, trying to regain his composure at her sweetness. “And I have cell phone, so you can feel free to call whenever. Also, we won’t leave the house until it’s completely dark, that way we’re sure that she’ll be okay.”

Chuckling into the phone, Jeff twined his finger in the phone cord. “Sounds like you’ve got this all figured out, Max.”

“Just a little bit.”

Unable to resist from making him sweat, Jeff cleared his throat. “What makes you think I’ll say yes?”

Speaking honestly, Max looked towards Liz, breathing a sigh. “I don’t. I’m just hoping and praying really bad.” He turned away, turning his voice a few notches down. “Mr. Parker, I have nothing but the best intentions for your daughter. If she doesn’t come back in tip top shape, you can feel free to break down the door at Michael’s.”

“Somehow, I doubt that Matt and Sarah would appreciate that.” He laughed, sighing as he mulled it over. A part of him didn’t want Liz to grow up. To go out on dates. He was still worried about her condition that sometimes, he didn’t want her to go out even if there was no sunlight. But he couldn’t say no to Max. Not when the young man had enough cajones to call him and ask for permission, knowing that his chances were slim to none.

“Have her home by eleven.”

Max was floored. He almost dropped his phone he was so shocked. “I promise, I’ll take good care of her.”

The determination and conviction in his voice was something that didn’t go unnoticed by Jeff. “I’m sure you will....Make sure she has a good time.”

Smiling, Max hung up the phone, holding out his hand to Liz in offering once again. “What do you say?”


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Part 20A


“What do you say?”

Liz smiled shyly at Max, delicately placing her tiny hand in his. “Well, since you put it that way....”

Chuckling, Max interlaced their fingers, unconsciously bringing her hand to his chest. He quirked his eyebrow, his lips lifting up at the corners. “I can be pretty convincing when I need to be.”

Nodding, Liz stepped up to Max. She looked up at him, her eyes twinkling. “I can see that.” Grinning to bear her pearly whites, she cocked her head to the side coyly. “So Max Evans. What have you got planned for us?”

Max felt his pulse speed at her use of the word us. Nothing sounded more right, or more perfect to his ears than for the two of them to be referred to as a sort of item.

“You’ll see.”


“What’s got your boxers in a twist?”

Kyle slipped into the seat opposite Michael, grabbing a french fry from his plate. When Michael didn’t respond, not even with a customary growl, Kyle started waving both hands in the boy’s face, trying to wake him from his momentary brain lapse. “Earth to Michael. Anyone home?”

Michael’s glassy stare melted away, his eyes narrowing as he saw Kyle waving a french fry in his face. Reaching over the table, he grabbed the fry from Kyle’s fingers, plopping it into his mouth. “Get your own food.”

“Now that’s the Michael I know.” He tipped his head, trying not to laugh. “What’s up?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Michael tried to play it cool. He didn’t want to be too obvious that he was worried about how Liz’s first semi-date with Max was going to turn out. He hoped for Liz’s sake that Max was every bit the shy and romantic guy that he seemed to exude. Because if Max was anything like Michael, then tonight would be a complete and utter disaster. Michael didn’t possess one romantic bone in his body, but that’s what Liz deserved. It’s what she dreamed of.

“Nothing much. Just eating.”

Openly laughing at him now, Kyle held a hand to his stomach. “That was pretty good. How long did it take you to come up with that one?”

“All afternoon.” Michael gave up the pretenses, losing his appetite. He held out his hands, showing Kyle the tremors that wracked them. “I’m just a little nervous.”

Kyle watched as Michael’s hand flapped uncontrollably, almost banging into the glass cup. “Just a little?” He pushed Michael’s hands to rest on the table. “You seem to be taking this pretty hard.”

Michael ran his fingers through his hair, spiking it up even more. “How can I not? Liz is growing up. Our little Lizziepoo is going out on her first date tonight.” He shot Kyle an accusatory glare. “Do you not even care?”

“Hey, I care. I just don’t think we should spend our time worrying about her. Liz is a big girl and she can take of herself. Besides, I think that Max is a pretty good guy. Better him than someone else, right?”

Frustrated, Michael just let his head fall back, staring up into the ceiling. “That’s what everyone keeps saying!”

Standing up, Kyle stopped to pat Michael’s shoulder consolingly. “If everyone’s saying it, then there has to be something to it.” He paused, not wanting to leave when it was obvious his friend was in distress, but he had a tutoring session he needed to go to. He turned around, spying Maria by the pick-up window.

With a quick, “I’ll be back,” thrown at Michael, he all but hopped and skipped to Maria.

“I need a favor.”

Turning around, Maria placed her hands on her hips, shaking her head maniacally from side to side. “Nah uh. No way buddy.” She poked his chest. “When a guy starts a sentence with, ‘I need a favor’, it’s never a good thing.”

Kyle held his hands together, his blue eyes turning sad. “Please Maria? I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important.”

Disgusted, Maria threw her order pad at him. “I knew telling you all of those girlfriend secrets was a mistake.” Sighing heavily, she leaned her elbows on the counter, giving Kyle her undivided attention. “So what’s this favor?”


“Whoa, cowboy!” She looked at him like he was crazy. “Michael and I do not work in the same sentence together. That’s like a complete no no.”

“Maria,” Kyle gripped her shoulders, forcing her to look into his eyes. “Focus. I need you to focus here.”

When she nodded, he breathed a sigh of relief, releasing her. “This isn’t about Michael being your resident pest. This is about you being his friend.” He stepped a little to the side, letting Maria get an eyeful of a forlorn looking Michael. “He’s hurting right now.” He shoved his hands into his pockets, rocking back and forth on his heels. “He just needs a friend. I would stay here and hang out with him, but I have to go to this crazy tutoring session that my dad set up.”

Maria watched as Michael played with the food on his plate, seemingly unaware of his surroundings. He looked so sad that she just wanted to cuddle him up and kiss away his hurt. Her cheeks flushed as she realized what she was thinking. It was a good thing that Kyle couldn’t read minds.

Wringing a dish rag in her hands, she sighed heavily, pretending to be unpleased with what Kyle was asking. “Fine. I’ll be nice.” She raised her eyebrow at him, her finger pointing in his direction. “But you’re going to owe me, Valenti.”

Kyle jumped onto the counter, placing a kiss on Maria’s cheek. “Maria, you’re the best.”

She just waved him off, grabbing Michael a refill on his cherry cola.

Placing it in front of him, she made herself comfortable opposite him.

“Can I get you a men-in-black berry pie?”


“Alex. What a nice surprise.” Sarah stepped aside, pulling the door wide open as she ushered Alex into the house. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

Tugging on his backpack straps, Alex smiled at Michael’s mom. “Actually, I was wondering if Isabel was home?”

“You’re in luck.” She smiled, pointing him in the direction of the kitchen. “She’s in there.”

Alex gave a little wave before walking purposefully into the kitchen.

“You knew I was coming?” he asked jokingly.

“ALEX!” Isabel dropped the note cards that she had been assembling as Alex casually leaned against the Evans’ kitchen archway, looking every bit his handsome self. Feeling self-conscious, she started combing her fingers through her hair. “What’re you...uhm....what are you doing here?” She couldn’t quite keep the smile from her lips, or the excitement from her voice.

“Actually, I came to drop this off.” He pulled open the zipper to his backpack, placing a small potted flower in front of Isabel. He shrugged his shoulders, feeling a little uneasy with the way her jaw hung as she continued to stare at him wide eyed. His finger slipped into the collar of his shirt and he swallowed. “It’s sort of a thank you. You know, for helping me with my paper?”

Isabel could actually feel tears welling up in her eyes. Alex had brought her a flower as a thank you? He had to be the sweetest guy on earth. “Thank you. This is...” She picked up the pot, bringing the flower to her nose for a whiff. “This is beautiful. I can’t say thank you enough. It was really sweet of you to give this to me.”

Alex waved his hand in the air, playing it off like it was no big deal.

Just then, Kyle walked through the door, struggling with a stack of books. When he balanced them on the kitchen table, he grinned when he caught sight of Alex. “You’re here for tutoring too?”


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Part 20B


“Tutoring?” Alex scratched the side of his head, realizing why Isabel had note cards set up.

Kyle dropped the rest of his stuff onto the floor. “Yeah. Dad wasn’t too happy about my grades so he found me a tutor.” He shrugged. “He acts like a C minus is a bad thing.” He threw his hands up in the air, straddling a chair backwards. “I don’t care what anyone says. A C is still a C. And to me, that’s still passing.”

Rubbing his finger across his lip, Alex managed to hide his laugh a little. “I can see how that can be construed either way.” He pulled his arms through the straps of his back pack, walking backwards through the door. “I don’t wanna keep you guys. I just came to drop that off, and well, I’ll see y’all later.”

Kyle noted the way Isabel focused on only Alex, almost seeming like she wanted him to stay. He grinned, thinking that he had more proof that Isabel had fallen for his friend. He waved at Alex, turning around to face Isabel. Maybe he could work on playing cupid tonight. He had already set up Michael and Maria, and Liz and Max seemed to be doing alright on their own. If he gave Isabel a push in the right direction, his friend would definitely be a happier guy, and no doubt the envy of every guy at West Roswell. “So, how about this tutoring thing?”

“Yeah,” Isabel answered uninterested. Tutoring had seemed like a good idea, but right now, she wanted nothing more than to go and follow Alex. Last night had been magical, and she hoped that they could do it again. She sighed heavily, thinking about how her every attempt seemed to be rebuffed by him.

She didn’t understand it. Most guys would fall over backwards if she so much as batted her eyelashes, but that didn’t seem to work with Alex. She cursed Max for being blessed with ridiculously long eyelashes, while she had to work on making hers look full and long.

“Isabel?” Kyle waved his hand in front of her, trying to garner her attention.

“Huh?” Her eyes focused and Kyle materialized into her line of vision. A slow smile crept over her lips. Maybe tutoring did have it’s benefits.


“Can I get you a men-in-black berry pie?”

Michael couldn’t help but muster a small smile. “Is that on the house, or are you making me pay for it?”

Normally, Maria’s blood pressure would’ve risen at his obvious attempt at riling her up, but she was being nice today. She knew what today was and how difficult it was for Michael to watch Liz grow up. She would gladly be his distraction tonight. “On the house.” She winked at him. “So long as you don’t tell Mr. P.”

“You’ve got a deal.” He smacked his hand down on the table, feeling his rebellious side get an adrenaline rush at the thought of doing something he wasn’t supposed to. It wasn’t that he liked to do the wrong thing, or be a bad boy, but it was nice to indulge in some trickery every now and then.

Maria slid from the table, walking into the kitchen. She grabbed a plate, delicately placing a piece of pie on it for Michael. She returned to the table, pushing the swing door shut with a gently bump of her hips.

Setting the plate down in front of Michael, she handed him a napkin. “Hey, I know the pie is good, but could you refrain from drooling openly?”

Michael nodded mutely, feeling like an idiot at being caught. But it wasn’t the pie he was drooling over.


Max took a peek at Liz as they walked quietly side by side. “Sorry.”

Surprised at the sound of his voice, Liz couldn’t help the smile on her lips. “For what?”

“That I don’t have a car.” He shoved his hands into his pockets, looking at the scuff marks on the toes of his sneakers. “You shouldn’t have to be walking.”

Liz rolled her eyes playfully, bumping her hip against Max’s. “I’m not made of porcelain, you know.” She brought her arms up, pretending to flex her muscles. “I may be small, but you should check out the muscles on these babies.”

Swallowing hard, Max tried to focus. He about died when Liz bumped into his side, purposely initiating contact. And now she was telling jokes and he couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful she was. He shook his head as if to clear it, smiling. “You got me there.” Being bold, he touched the tip of his index finger to her bicep, poking it experimentally. “Hard as steel.”

“Jerk!” Liz yelled playfully. She pinched Max’s side, pretending to be insulted at his teasing.

Max was frozen for a second as he remembered her doing the same thing in one of their dreams. He gulped, not wanting to dwell on things he didn’t understand. He wanted tonight to be perfect, scared that this might be the only time he may be able to enjoy her company like this without having to face the seriousness of the connection they seemed to have.

He coughed to cover up his sudden sour thoughts, looking back down at her dark head. Just looking at her was enough to make him forget his worries. “My sister likes to call me that too,” he intoned. “Apparently, it’s a suiting nickname?” he asked.

Slipping her arm into the crook of his, Liz looked up at him lovingly. “Nah....maybe Maxie would work better as a nickname?”

“Oh no!” He shook his head vehemently. “It sounds like a dog’s name.”

Liz giggled, burying her face in the strength of his arm.

“If you think that’s funny, maybe I should start calling you Lizzie.” When that seemed to have no affect on her, he shrugged his shoulders. “Or maybe just Lizziepoo. Whatever you prefer.”

With her jaw agape, Liz looked at him stunned.

When he burst out laughing, she just pouted. “Fine. Just for that, I get to call you Maxie whenever I want.” She turned her head, smiling wickedly. “l may even add the poo just so we’re even.”

Max just nodded dumbly. At this point, he realized that there was nothing he could deny her. Nothing. Even if it meant embarrassing himself just to get a smile from her face, then he would gladly get on all fours and let someone kick him.

“So, where did you say we were going again?” Liz bit her lip, hoping Max would divulge their destination. She had been pestering him even when they were still at her house but he wouldn’t budge. She hoped that she could dupe him into telling her now.

“I didn’t.” He answered with an air of cool. But deep inside, he wanted to blurt it out. But he wanted this to be a surprise. He wanted to see the look on her face when she saw what he had planned.

“No fair.”

“Who said anything about fair?” he teased.

She pretended to scowl, but the smile on her lips belied her true feelings. “Obviously not you, you big meanie.”

Max felt his heart flutter. He was scared that he would die before the night was over he was falling so in love with her. His heart was about ready to burst and he didn’t want to stop the feeling.

“You can call me all of the names you like, but it’s still not going to get me to tell you where we’re going.”

“Fine, Maxie.” She sighed dramatically. “I guess I’ll just have to wait.” She looked at him from the corner of her eye, smirking. “But I still say you’re a big meanie.”


Kyle banged his head on the table. “No more, Isabel.” He looked up at her, looking pathetic. “All of these dates and facts are making my head spin.” He put his hands on either side of his head as if he were afraid it might fly away from his body at any time.

“Kyle,” she said in a warning tone. She shuffled her note cards again, flipping to a new page in the textbook. “Your dad isn’t paying me just so you could quit at your first session.” She punched him on the arm. “Suck it up and take it like a man.”

“Owie!” Kyle rubbed his arm, making sure to put some distance between him and Isabel so she couldn’t reach to hit him again. He frowned. “You hit hard. Really hard.”

Isabel grinned, proud of herself. All of those years beating up on Max when they were kids sure came in handy. “Good, now if we could just get back to-

“No!” He whined petulantly. “No more.” He squeezed his hands together, trying to get Isabel to feel some pity for him. “Can we at least take a break?”

“Fine.” She smoothed out the papers in front of her. “We can take a break, but just so you know, this isn’t going away. It‘ll still be here when you finish your break.”

Kyle shook his head. “You ever think about joining the military? You’d make a great drill sergeant.”

Raising a slender eyebrow at him, she fought to keep from laughing. “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.” She drummed her fingers on the smooth tabletop, trying to act as casual as she could.

“So you and Alex been friends long?”

“Long enough to know that you have a crush on my friend.” He hid behind his hand as he watched Isabel shake her head, her blonde locks flying every which way.

“I don’t-........he’s not-.......Alex is just-.....” When Kyle all did was nod knowingly, Isabel sighed in defeat. She covered her face in her hands, her voice muffled as she spoke. “Am I that obvious?”

Kyle leaned his forearms onto the table, trying to sound as consoling as he could. “To everyone but Alex.”

“Oh great.” She said sarcastically. “Makes me feel a whole lot better. Thanks.”

“It’s not so bad. Alex is kind of oblivious so you don’t have to worry about acting weird around him.”

Eyeing him suspiciously, Isabel sat back so she could stare at Kyle a little more fully. “Why are you telling me this anyway?”

“I’m just trying to help you out. You’re the one dropping the not so subtle hints.”

Shaking her head, Isabel could only smile. She couldn’t even find it in herself to be embarrassed or annoyed at Kyle because he seemed like a genuinely a good guy, and the fact that Alex thought highly of him gave him extra brownie points in her book. “So are you saying you’re gonna help me out with Alex?”


After taking a few bites from the pie Maria had so graciously given him, Michael grabbed another fork handing it to her. “Wanna share?”

Even though he had devoured most of the pie, Maria was touched that he even thought to offer. “Thanks.”

He grinned at her. “Hey, I think it’s only fair that my partner in crime gets a piece. You are the mastermind to this whole free pie.”

Maria laughed heartily. “You make it sound like some big undercover operation or something.”

“Humor me, will ya?” He took a napkin from the dispenser, wiping away the stickiness of the pie from the corner of his lips. “So are you busy later?”

“What?” Maria didn’t even bother to hide the astonishment in her voice.

Beating around the bush, Michael stared down at the table as he asked his question. “There’s a free concert at the park tonight, and well, if you’re not doing anything after your shift....”

“Are you asking me to hang out?” She couldn’t bring herself to say if he was asking her out on a date. She didn’t particularly feel like embarrassing herself.

“Sure.” He muttered under his breath so that only he could hear himself. “If you wanna call it that.”

Standing up, Maria pulled the silver antennas off her head, following suit with her apron. “Let me go get dressed. My shift ended like five minutes ago.”


“We’re here.” Max pulled Liz up to see what he was smiling at.

Liz’s eyes were wide as she saw the park lit up with white, twinkling, Christmas lights, a stage set up in the center as couples and families snuggled on blankets, with picnic baskets at their disposal.

“This is..” She was speechless as she felt her heart burst. “Max,” she said sweetly.

“This is okay?....You like it?” He asked, a little unsure.

“I love it.” She hugged his arm, gently nuzzling her cheek into his jacket. And I love you, she thought silently.


Okay, so this isn't exactly the date yet. I'm not doing it on purpose, but the other characters are demanding more screentime. LOL.

I promise, the next part will definitely be the date. *wink*

: I think the book you're talking about is called Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz. I read parts of it but never got around to finishing it. And you're right. I believe there was a sequel to that story.

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Part 20C


Liz squeezed Max’s arm one last time before slipping her hand into his.

“C’mon, let’s go!” She tugged on his hand excitedly, leading him off towards the side.

Struggling to keep up with her quick feet, Max tripped, bumping into Liz’s back.

“I’m sorry....I uh...”

Raising an eyebrow in his direction, Liz pulled on his jacket lapels until his nose was touching hers. “Keep up, Maxie.”

“Yeah...right...keep up...” All he could was nod, his eyes glued to her full lips.

“I wouldn’t want you to fall behind.”

His lips followed the same curve as hers, smiling until a dimple appeared in his left cheek.

“Definitely wouldn’t want that happening.”


Michael walked beside Maria, stuffing his hands in his pockets awkwardly. He wanted to say something, to start a conversation, but for once in his noisy existence, he was at a loss for words.

“What’s going on in that head of yours, Evans?” Maria laughed at the startled look on his face. “You know, all of that thinking could do some damage.” She continued walking by his side, pretending to be as serious as she could. “I’m actually afraid that we’ll never get the real Michael back.”

A goofy smile spread like wildfire over Michael’s lips as Maria’s words touched his ears. He found a little extra pep in his step, the wheels turning in his head as he fought to keep in stride with her. “So you’re missing a little piece of the Michael Evans pie, are you?”

Maria leaned into him, her laughs consuming her body while she tried to talk. “A piece of the Michael Evans pie?” She shook her head, tears of laughter pooling at her eyes. “You’re a real smooth talker.”

Normally, Michael would’ve been spoiling for a mini argument, but seeing Maria laughing genuinely at some cornball thing he said, it was enough to make him want to behave himself for the rest of the evening. He looked down at her, grinning wildly, his hands flipping up his collar. “I try.”



“So....” Max plopped down on the soft grass, sitting as close as he could to Liz without actually having her in his lap. He reasoned with himself that it was because there were so many people in the park that he wanted to be close enough so that they could have a conversation. But even he wasn’t buying the lameness of that excuse.

“Are you just gonna keep repeating what I’m saying?” Liz teased him lightly, her face beaming with a wide smile as she cuddled into his side.

Shrugging casually, Max’s lips drooped a little before responding. “I don’t know. Are you just going to keep repeating everything that I’m saying?”

“You know, if I wanted to play this game, I would’ve just hung out with Kyle all night.” The playfully tone in her voice died down a little as she saw Max’s eyes flash with a hint of jealousy at the mention of Kyle’s name. It was so brief that she wasn’t sure if she imagined it or if it really happened.

But the slight tension in his powerful jaw, coupled with his flexed bicep told her otherwise. Her heart did a little cartwheel at the thought that Max was that interested in her. She felt a little woozy because things like this never happened to her. Only in her wildest dreams, of course. Dreams that always happened to include Max.

Max fought valiantly to keep his breathing steady so as not to let on that hearing about Liz’s close friendship with Kyle was bothering him. He knew that they were nothing more than friends, but he envied the kind of closeness they had. He wished that he could open up to Liz the way Kyle did, and share special moments with her, but he lived the majority of life hiding from the people he cared about to protect them from whatever harm that awaited them for associating with an alien being like himself. His blood ran cold in his veins, thinking about the consequences of getting close to Liz.

“Hey....” Liz reached up to touch Max’s jaw tenderly, easing away the tightness from his teeth grinding against each other. She bit the corner of her lip, her eyes apologetic. “I’m sorry. I was only kidding, I-

Max’s head jerked up the moment that he heard an apology being uttered from Liz’s lips. He realized that she thought that she had caused the anguish he was feeling. He felt like a jerk. “Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

The vulnerability in her voice tore through his gut, further clinching his decision that he would make sure to protect her in every way he could. His finger reached out to brush away an errant strand of hair away from her face, smiling as sincerely as he could. “I’m just thinking that Kyle is one hell of a lucky guy to get to spend all of this time with you.”

The heat in his cheeks told him that he was blushing, but the words pouring from his mouth couldn’t be helped. He found that he couldn’t hide anything from Liz even if he wanted to.

Slowly meeting his gaze, Liz felt a shiver run through her body as he brushed away her hair innocently. His eyes were so mesmerizing that staring into them was her only option. Words seemed to fail her when his words penetrated her mind, and the blush that continuously showed up anytime she was thinking about once again found a home in her cheeks.

“You’re cold.” His words were more a statement rather than a question. His eyes skittered over her bare arm, his finger tracing a path down towards her wrist. His eyes grew wide as he watched her skin turn into gooseflesh, and he didn’t think twice about removing his jacket. “Here,” He tried to drape it over her shoulders, but she ducked.

“Max, no!” She shook her head vehemently, refusing to take his jacket. “You’ll get cold.”

He just smiled. “I’m thick skinned. Go ahead, take it.”

Liz still declined his offer, instead sitting up on her knees. “Let’s make a compromise.”

“A compromise?” The question in his voice was undeniable, as was the smile on his lips. He couldn’t figure out what she was thinking, but he was willing to sit here and let her enlighten him.

“Yes.” She grinned. “They do have those back in California, don’t they?”

He rolled his eyes in jest. “You’ve got a future in comedy, Ms. Parker.”

“Thanks.” She scooted closer to him, leaning her chin on his pulled up knees. “Come see my Vegas show when you’re in town?”

Max just shook his head, letting a rumbling laugh escape him. He leaned back on his hands, his eyes squinting as he studied Liz. “What’s this compromise of yours?”

“Well,” she began innocently tracing circles on his knees as she spoke. “Since I don’t have a jacket, and you’ve so graciously offered me yours, I was thinking that maybe we could share it.”

Raising an eyebrow in obvious curiosity, Max voiced out loud his question. “How is that even possible?”

“Easy.” She pushed his knees apart, coming to sit between his legs with her back turned towards him. She turned her head, smiling as she reached for his arms. Pulling the front of the jacket over her front, she wrapped his arms around her shoulders, her face scant inches from his that they were breathing each other’s air.

“See? What’d I tell ya?”

Max could only nod as his speech was further hindered.


“Is that Max and Liz?”

Maria looked up from where she was pulling out blades of grass, her breath hitching in her throat as she watched Liz snuggle into Max’s chest, his arms coming to wrap around her as she sat between his legs. Her eyes fell away, feeling like she was intruding on a private moment. She prayed that Michael would let them be and not let his overly protective big brother instincts kick in. “Michael, just leave them alone. They look like they’re having a good time.”

Michael’s mouth opened and shut a few times with no words coming out. He didn’t know how to react. His first reaction was to go over there and tear Liz out of Max’s intimate embrace. But the longer he looked at them, the more he realized that he was seeing a different Liz. She wasn’t the same Lizziepoo he had been looking out for most of his life. She was a young woman; a beautiful one at that.

He looked down at Maria and he realized that being with her was where he wanted to be. He fell back beside her, crossing his hands under his head. “This band is pretty good, huh?”

Shocked was a light word to use to describe Maria’s reaction to Michael’s noninterference. This was a side of him she had never seen and she was awed by his sincere attempt at letting Liz and Max be. She didn’t know he had it in himself to be the bigger person, and she was glad that he proved her wrong.

Laying down beside him, Maria copied his stance, listening to the band play in accompaniment to Michael’s deep and even breathing. “They’re pretty good, but they’re no David Matthews Band.”

“You’re telling me.” He cleared his throat when Maria smiled at him. “Not that I listen to his pansy ass music, because you know I only like Metallica.”

“Right.....right,” Maria chuckled lightly to herself, liking Michael even more. He was sweet but a little rough around the edges. But she wouldn’t have him any other way.


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just testing something.....
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Part 20D


Isabel’s head shook from side to side as she listened to Kyle’s voice.

“I don’t know, Kyle. I mean, as much as I’d like to believe that he’s semi interested, I don’t know if I can believe it.”

“Alex likes you. He just hasn’t realized just how much.” He grinned, setting his palms on the table as he leaned over conspiratorially. “Yet.”

Looking wary, Isabel began chewing her manicured nails. “How come this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen?”

Feigning hurt, Kyle’s hand was plastered to his chest as if he was mortally wounded. “Isabel, trust me.”

Isabel blew out a breath, looking up at the ceiling. “Famous last words.”

“So, what do you say? Are you in?” He held out his hand, waiting for Isabel to take it.


“You know you want to Isabel. All the cool kids are doing it,” he taunted.

Glaring at him, she smacked him on the side of his head, smiling when he yelped.

“I’m in.” She placed her palm in his, both of them shaking on it.


“Is this okay?” Liz turned her head so that she was looking at Max. “I’m not squishing you am I?”

“ is good.” Max stumbled over his words, not knowing what to say as Liz’s proximity wreaked havoc on his senses. He had dreamed of being close to her, but she was driving him insane with all of the initiated contact and teasing. Not that he would trade the experience for anything, but it was kind of hard to breath when it felt like she was trying to crawl inside him.

He forced a smile on his lips, looking down into her eyes. “Are you good?”

Her head bobbed up and down, the long strands of her hair tickling his cheek. “Real, comfy.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, she turned back around, letting her hair fall over her face like a curtain to hide her embarrassment. She didn’t know what had come over her tonight. She wasn’t usually so forward. But something about the shyness that Max seemed to exude made her feel like she should be the one to push things along. Otherwise, they’d be moving at a snail’s pace with Max’s hands stuffed firmly in his jeans pockets, rather than around her.

“Don’t they sound incredible?” Max was momentarily caught up by the band playing on stage.

Liz peeked at Max from the corner of her eye, and seeing him so enthralled with the band made her smile. It was like he had never seen a live band before. “They do.” She tilted her head to the side, letting it bump into his lightly. “Tell me. What’s the first concert you’ve ever been to?”

Max ducked his head, feeling slightly embarrassed that he had never been to a real concert before. “Actually, this is kinda my first one.”

“Really?” She could barely keep the excitement out of her voice. “Cos this is my first one too.”

“You’re kidding?” Max was shocked that Liz had never been to a concert before, but then he remembered why. But instead of feeling sorry for her, he smiled. He smiled because they were sharing a first with each other.

Beaming up at him, Liz shrugged her shoulders under Max’s embrace. “Well, you know what they say. There’s always a first time for everything.” She paused, trying to figure out if she had enough courage to say what she was really thinking. She swallowed, then met his amber stare. “And I’m glad to be sharing this first with you,” she said shyly.

She had taken the words right out of his mouth and all he could do was agree. “Me too.”

He just hoped that they were able to share more firsts together.


After the concert had wound down, Michael stood up from the ground, graciously holding out a hand to Maria.

Maria was beside herself with joy. She was blessed with seeing a side of Michael he usually reserved for Liz. It gave her self-esteem a pretty good boost that he was being genuinely nice and had no ulterior motives.

“Thanks.” She tried to pull her hand from his, but she noted the way he gave it a quick squeeze before letting it land by her side. Girlfriend night was definitely in order for tomorrow night. Especially when it turns out that Liz wasn’t the only one who had goods to dish.

“No problem.”

The two of them fell in step with each other, but neither wanting to say goodbye just yet.

Trying to think of anything, Michael stopped walking, quickly blurting out, “Can I walk you home?”

Maria was ready to ooze into a puddle onto the ground. He was being incredibly sweet. She smiled at him, dangling her keys in front of him. “I have my car, remember?”

“Oh, yeah....right.” He looked down, disappointed that they were going to have to part.

“But if you want....I could give you a ride?” she offered. She too wasn’t looking forward to seeing the night end so soon.

“Sure.” His eyes twinkled with a light of happiness she had never seen before and she was glad to be witness to something so beautiful.


“We’re here.” Max said, somewhat dejectedly. He hated to see the night come to an end. But he had promised to have her home by eleven and if he ever wanted to take her out again, he was going to have to abide by Jeff Parker’s rules.

“Yeah.” Her voice held the same melancholy tone.

The two of them stood outside of her door, twiddling their thumbs as silence fell over them.

When he made no attempt to speak, she pointed behind her. “I should probably get inside.”

Not wanting to let her leave, Max stepped up to her, bringing his face closer to his.

Liz was shocked and let out a little gasp. It looked like he was going to kiss her.

At the sound of her gasp, Max chickened out. Instead of kissing her lips like he wanted to, he opted for a kiss on her forehead. He pulled away, and it was his turn to be shocked. Liz looked disappointed that he had just kissed her on the forehead.

This time, he couldn’t resist. He bent his head, placing his lips over hers for a quick peck.

It happened so fast that Liz wasn’t sure if it happened or not. But after licking her lips and sucking in her breath, she could still taste him.

He leaned his forehead against hers, reaching for the doorknob behind her. “Goodnight Liz.”

“Night, Max.” Her voice was breathless, making it sound like she had just run a mile.

“I’ll call you.”


He pulled away with much reluctance, waving as he walked away. “Bye!”

“Bye!” She waited at the door until he reached the end of the street. “Sweet dreams, Max.” She whispered.


I know this part is short, and seriously lacking, but I’m trying to move the fic along. Hope you guys understand.

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Part 21E


“Hey, Isabel.”

“Alex.” Isabel shifted from foot to foot, unaware of how to begin sweeping Alex off his feet. Kyle had pretty much set up the stage. Now, everything lie on her shoulders and she was feeling more than a little nervous. Swaying on her feet, she moved towards him to tell him of her duplicitous ways, not wanting to play him.
If she wanted to be him to show some sort of interest in her, she had to be honest. She couldn’t lure him in on a façade.

“Hey, are you okay?” Alex was on his feet in an instant, his hands automatically finding Isabel’s waist to steady her.

“Why don’t you sit down? You’re looking a little pale.” He ushered her to the soft couch. He brushed her long blonde locks out of her face, grabbing a magazine from the coffee table, using it as a fan. “I’ll be right back. Let me get you a glass of water.”

Isabel sank back against the cushions, wishing that the seat would open up and swallow her. Here she was, ready to spill the beans on her pathetic plan, and Alex was making sure that she was okay. It was all she could do to keep from hyperventilating.


Michael ran behind the lazy boy, hoping that it was enough of a shield to keep Maria away. “Whatever it is that’s going on in that pretty little head of yours, you better stop thinking it.”

Maria was momentarily swayed by his words. He had never really called her beautiful before, and it made her feel giddy. Without taking too much time to dwell on it, she rushed forward, jumping up and over the chair. “Give it up, Evans. It’s practically fate.”

With the breath whooshing out him, Michael looked up to see Maria sprawled over his chest. He had lost any ounce of coherent thought, the only thing running through his mind was the fact that Maria’s soft body was molded over his. He was hardly willing to relinquish his position.

Resting her chin on his chest, Maria gave him a big grin, trying to look as innocent as possible. “Please, Michael? You know, I’ll take good care of you.” She batted her eyelashes, a sure fire way to make him putty in her hands.

Michael’s jaw hung agape. He couldn’t quite make his voice work, afraid that he’d end up squeaking if he even tried. He wanted to save face and leave all of the bumbling moments with Max. It seemed to suit his cousin a little better.

She leaned down, placing a sound kiss on his cheek. “You’re the best.”

“Okay,” he answered dopily.


“C’mon.” Liz took Max’s hand in hers, leading him to her room. Looking outside to make sure that her friends were otherwise occupied, she closed the door behind them. She turned to face Max, smiling up at him.

Max looked like a deer caught in headlights. It seemed to be one of his more favorite stances when it came to Liz. He looked around her room, swallowing thickly as he eyed the lack of company they had. He looked up to meet her eyes, immediately regretting doing so. She was wearing one of those tank top pajama sets, which revealed a lot to his roving eyes.

Feeling guilty for even looking in the first place, he chose to look at her feet, smiling when he saw her powerpuff girl slippers. How she managed to look breathtakingly sexy one minute, then demurely innocent, he had no idea. He guessed that if she had been wearing a potato sack, he’d be in just as much of a dilemma as he was in now.

Clearing his throat, he brought his eyes up to meet hers once again. He did his best not to feast on her pajama laden body, but he knew that image of her would forever be burned into his memory - in his heart.

“I’m sorry for crashing your party,” he offered earnestly.

“Oh.” She pulled herself up from where she was leaning up against the door. “I can’t say that I’m sorry though.” She grinned. “I’m kind of glad you showed up.”

“You are?” His voice came out a little higher than he had wished, but he figured that you couldn’t have everything.

Her head did a half nod. “I was sort of beginning to think that I wasn’t going to hear from you again.” She sat down on a beanbag, crossing her legs.

“What?!?” He felt himself sliding down onto the floor, not sure that he had heard her right. She was worried that he wasn’t going to come around again? She was probably going to need a crowbar to keep him away.

Turning her head down, Liz urged her blush to go away. “You said that you were going to call and....” She looked up, shaking her head. With a smile on her lips, she ducked her head. “Never mind. It’s stupid.”

He reached out to touch her knee tentatively. “I was going to call.” He found himself clearing his throat again to make way for his words. “I just didn’t want you to think I was clingy. I was actually going to call you at lunch, but I sort of chickened out after the fifth ring.”

Liz’s head sprung up, surprise lighting her face. “That was you? My mom thought it was a crank call when there was no one there when she picked up.”

Max’s face drained off all it’s color. He didn’t know that he had hung up accidentally on Mrs. Parker. He felt like an ass.

“Hey, don’t worry about it.” She giggled. “It’s not that big of a deal.”

But in her heart, it was. He had tried to call her, in turn making her heart sing at the thought. She didn’t know what it was that came over her when it came to Max. She had never felt such intense feelings for someone she barely even knew. But the unnerving thing wasn’t even that. It was the fact that she did feel like she knew him. Like she’d known him her whole life.

She supposed that it should bother her. That she felt these things towards him, but it didn’t. It seemed to comfort her - calm her soul like only one other person could. The only difference was, that other person happened to be a figment of her imagination. Someone she had made up amidst one of her lonely nights. The dream version of Max wasn’t real.

The real thing was sitting right in front of her, more tangible than anything she’d ever come into contact with before.

Max studied her from under lowered lashes, wondering when he would ever stop getting butterflies in his stomach at the mere thought of her. She was perfection personified.

He silently thanked Michael for being as brass as he was. Otherwise, he’d would’ve been stuck at home debating whether he should smother Liz with a call.


Kyle washed off the mascara from his face, humming softly to himself.

Wiping his face with a towel, he curled his toes, laughing at the mismatched colors painted on each nail. He was planning on getting rid of every single piece of evidence of his mini make-over, but he had to admit that his painted toenails were growing on him. It was a little reminder of how their group was slowly coming together with the addition of Max and Isabel.

He wiggled his toes before grabbing a pair of socks. Just because he dug the memory, it didn’t mean that everyone had to know that he was keeping a little memento for a few hours longer.

As he was about to exit the bathroom, a hazy figure caught his eye in the window. He moved closer, trying to figure out what it was, when his eyes bugged out of his head. He shrunk against the window when he heard a high pitched screech.


Tess staggered into the Parker’s yard, swaying on her feet. She had only taken a sip of alcohol to get rid of her nerves. She had been planning this for awhile, but Kyle had been making it close to impossible. He always seemed to be a step ahead of her.

She steadied herself, as she took a deep breath.

Before the night was over, Kyle Valenti was going to know exactly how she felt about him.

Smiling, she began belting out a song that conveyed everything she felt for him. At least she thought the song was fitting in her inebriated state.

“I don’t want, anybody else.....oh no, oh no, oh no......I want you.....I don’t want anybody else....And when I think about you, I touch myself....Ooh, oooh, oooooh, aaaaaaah.....”


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Part 21F


Twiddling his thumbs, Max looked around Liz’s room, trying to soak up as much of her as he could before he had to go home. Being around her things was comforting. Strangely enough, it felt like home. And the odd thing about that was that he had never really known what home felt like. The house that his family had lived in was just that - a house. Sure, his mother had tried to put some personal touches to make it feel like home, but it had never felt like that for him. To him, it was simply where they lived. He had no recollection of what his home planet had been like and he didn’t really want to know. Because he realized that his home was here. Wherever Liz was, that’s where his home resided.

He supposed that he should feel strange, or even scared that he felt so strongly for Liz. But he didn’t. All he knew was that he loved her. He loved her before he had even met her.

“So, what do you wanna do?” Liz had been quietly watching Max from lowered lashes. It seemed as though he was trying to memorize every little nuance of her room - almost as if he was trying to learn more about her just by looking at her things. Usually, she would feel a little awkward to have someone looking so intensely at her life - because that’s exactly what he was doing. Her room represented her whole life. It was her sanctuary and she was glad that Max could be there with her. She didn’t want to break the silence, wanting a few more moments to simply watch him - to study him without him knowing it, but she wanted to get to know him. She didn’t want to waste the time they did have, knowing that every minute they shared together was precious. Her condition didn’t leave much time for daytime socializing, so they had to make do with they had. And that’s what she was doing.

Max was broken out of his thoughts by the soft murmur of her voice. He had been so immersed in his own world that he had missed what she had said. He bent his head close to hers, to hear a little better. “I didn’t-

Liz felt it the moment that Max had moved closer to her. She looked up to see him leaning in, his face moving closer to hers. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered around crazily, ready to burst through. Without even thinking about it, she closed her eyes, moving her face so that her lips touched his.

The minute that her lips puckered up to touch his, he was lost. He had just moved closer to hear what she was saying, but the next thing he knew was that she was kissing him.

Amazed at how soft and pliant his lips were, Liz smiled, tentatively letting her tongue sneak out to touch his lips. She had to know if he tasted just as good as he felt and looked.

With a strangled moan coming from his lips, Max clenched his fists at his side. He was just enjoying Liz’s lips on his, thinking that this possibly couldn’t get any better, when he felt her tongue swipe past his bottom lip lightly. It was so quick that he thought that he had imagined it, but she did again, and this time, she made sure to let her tongue linger over his lips, almost as if she were seeking permission for something.

Trembling, he brought his hand to touch her cheek, his thumb brushing lightly over her skin. He moved closer, wondering if he had the courage to go through with this - to move this to the next level. He realized soon enough that he didn’t have the will power to hold out. Especially when Liz’s tongue kept tracing his lips insistently.

Sucking a breath through his lips, he opened his mouth a crack to let some much needed oxygen in. He supposed that he should break away and let both of them breathe, but he couldn’t relinquish his position if he wanted to. His body was answering to it’s own wants, moving to it’s own rhythm. He had no control anymore and that was further proved to him when Liz’s tongue slipped into his mouth, grazing his tongue timidly.

The groan that escaped his mouth caused him to bear down on her tongue, his own tongue moving over hers slowly. He had never kissed a girl before. Liz was his first and all of his dream kisses paled in comparison to how she felt, how she tasted. She was intoxicating, and he was hooked.

Liz found herself moving to get closer to Max, wanting to crawl inside his body. She sighed when she felt his tongue dancing with hers, his hot breath mingling with hers. She had always wondered what it would be like to kiss a boy like this, but never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that it would be this breathtaking. And she had her share of wild dreams, and they didn’t even hold a candle to having Max kissing her like this.

If she wasn’t already sitting down, her legs would have crumpled beneath her. Her breath hitched in her throat when she felt Max’s hands flank the sides of her face like he couldn’t get enough of her - like he couldn’t get close enough. She smiled at the thought, knowing how that felt because she felt that way too. Liz moaned when he angled her head back to gain better access to the inner recesses of her mouth and she was only willing to comply.

But this time, when his tongue touched hers, she felt like she was falling - almost as if she were being taken to another place.


A little boy and a little girl naked, holding hands and walking through the desert, alone and scared.

The little boy crying himself to sleep every night.

The same little boy, only this time he didn’t cry in his sleep anymore. He had someone to keep him company. A little girl with dark hair.


*End Flash*

Gasping, Liz pulled back, her eyes wide.

“What was that?”


I know it's short, but I wanted to give you guys a little something since it's been awhile. RL has been kinda getting in the way of fic writing, so the parts aren't coming as fast as they used to. I'll get back to the other couples in the next part.

Oh, and thanks for the fb. *happy* It's always greatly appreciated.

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Part 30A


Max sat back, just as starry-eyed and shocked as Liz was. Nothing like that had ever happened to him before. Granted, he had never kissed a girl other than Liz, there was no basis for comparison. He had seen images from her life, he had felt her emotions, almost as if we seeing and doing things from her eyes. It was humbling and at the same time, heartwarming.

He didn’t understand this at all, nor did he know where to even begin. This was all so new. He never knew that he possessed the power to see inside someone. All he had ever been able to do before was sense emotions if he touched certain objects that people felt a strong connection to. But even then, getting an impression from an object was once in a blue moon. And when he did get a flash, it was just of the emotion. There were never any pictures, nor did he ever feel as if he himself had stepped into the other person’s shoes.

He was dumbfounded and utterly speechless. He should’ve been scared that this was leading to secrets that no one knew other than Isabel. But all he could think about were those images. Images of Liz as a little girl, being so lonely because she couldn’t play outside with all of the other kids. She used to cry herself to sleep every night, until she made a friend in her dreams. He hadn’t gotten a look at the person, but he knew that it was a boy.

Quite frankly, he was just amazed that she had gotten a flash as well. It was just so...

“Max?” Liz chewed on her bottom lip, hoping to get some sort of explanation from him. Or at least some confirmation that he saw something as well, because she was starting to freak herself out. First she started associating Max with the boy in her dreams, and now she was envisioning Max dreaming about her. It probably wouldn’t be too long before someone sent her to the looney bin, now.

Max met her gaze, his eyes still wide and slightly dilated. He opened his mouth, trying to give her something - an explanation, a few words of reassurance - anything at all to ease her troubled mind, but the truth was, he was still having a hard time grasping onto what happened.

Tucking her hair nervously behind her ears, Liz’s eyes fell down to the carpet as she started picking at it. “You did see something too, didn’t you, Max?”

Her voice had come out so timid, so unsure that it tore through Max’s gut. He hated that he had put her in this position. He scooted closer to her, his hand reaching out to touch her knee in silent support, but he let it drop to his side with a dull thud, knowing that she probably wouldn’t want him anywhere near her once she found out the truth. Because he knew now that he was going to tell her. There was never any doubt in his mind that he would be honest with Liz about his alien heritage. He just figured he would have a few more good memories of them possibly being a couple before she shunned him.

He wouldn’t blame her though. He hated who he was sometimes. At least he would know what it had been like to touch her warm skin, to run his fingers through her silky hair. He would keep those images and experiences locked away in his heart for eternity.

“I...Liz, I have something to tell you.”

She looked up to meet his eyes again, showing nothing but complete faith and trust in her eyes for whatever it was he was going to share with her. In the silence, she had been thinking, and putting a few pieces of the puzzle together, but she didn’t really care where all of this led. She just wanted to hear Max tell her the truth, because that would be enough for her. That was all she really wanted.

Max had to swallow past the lump in his throat a few times, still blown away by what he saw in her eyes. He had never been on a receiving end of one of those looks before.


Liz nodded, placing her hand over his in encouragement. She could tell that it was on the tip of his tongue, but he just needed a little push in the right direction.

“Max, whatever it is, you can tell me.” She paused, trying to find the right words. “You can trust me.”

Those four words alone melted his heart. He tried again to tell her, but was unsuccessful. He groaned, throwing his face in his hands in defeat. His heart may be ready to tell her everything, but all those years of hiding and telling half-truths was suspending his good intentions.

“Can you show it to me?” She sat back, clasping her hands in her lap, waiting to get a response from him. She had deduced that those images and emotions had come from him, just as that picture he had drawn of her, having never met her yet. She had misplaced the sketch, but it hadn’t been far from her mind. She was just throwing out options for him, wanting to ease his load.

He looked up at her, surprised that she had even mentioned it, let alone thought of it. “I don’t know if it’ll work. I’ve never......I’ve never done that before.”

A slow smile crept over her lips, her eyes dancing with love. “Maybe you can try?” She giggled to lighten the mood. “It’ll be our first time together.”

Max squashed all of the images that didn’t apply to the situation that her words had caused. He couldn’t help but smile back at her, as he moved closer to touch her.

“I’m going to have to touch you.”

She complied with a nod of her head, scooting closer towards him.

He cupped her face with both hands, staring deeply into her eyes. “Just take deep breaths and try to let your mind blank out.”

She did as he asked, trusting him to show her everything.

Before he could continue, Max had to ask. “Aren’t you scared?”

Liz shook her head from side to side, her eyes never leaving his as she spoke. “With you?.....Never.”

The conviction in her face was undeniable, strengthening his fragile heart. He gently stroked her cheekbones with his thumbs before concentrating on sending her images of his life - of how it all came to be.

With her head falling back, Liz took a sharp intake of breath, overwhelmed with what she seeing - what she was feeling. It was all so intense, but she couldn’t pull away even if she wanted to. It was like watching a home movie of Max’s life.


A little boy bursting through an egg-shaped device, almost as if he was just born.

Max walking hand in hand with a little girl in the dessert. Both of them scared.

Headlights flashing as a husband and wife pick them up off the side of the road, eventually taking them into their homes, and into their hearts.

Max crying every night until he was too tired to keep on going.

The tears stopping when an image of her appeared in his dreams, and he realized he wasn’t alone anymore. That he had a friend, and someone to love and love him back.

Max as a preteen, always alone and never having any friends. Scared to let anyone know that he was different. Pretending to be aloof so that he would fade into the background. He spent most of his time wishing that she was real.

Max moving through the motions, living for the times when he dreamt in the dark about her, knowing that it was the only time he ever really felt alive.

Max following Michael, his heart jumping to his throat when he sees her. He almost can’t believe that she’s real.

Max looking at her at the park when she was listening to the music. His heart swelling up when she smiled at him.

Max looking at her with apprehension, wanting to savor the memories he had of her before leaving her life for good.

Liz hunched over when the images stopped flowing into her mind, taking lungfuls of air, finding herself staring into the depthless pools of Max’s amber eyes.

“Did it work?” he croaked out, feeling a little out of breath himself.

She nodded, flinging her arms around him. She buried her face in his neck, seemingly wanting to crawl inside him - inside his heart. The magnitude of had just happened sunk in, and she couldn’t find the words to explain what she was feeling.

Max Evans had let her into his soul - into his heart and it was the most beautiful thing she could think of ever encountering. Regardless of how monstrous or hideous he saw himself because of his differences, she would always see him as beautiful. He had a heart of gold and possessed a gentle soul. She didn’t care that he was different, because she was too. Their differences were what made them special. It was what made them unique.

Seeing things through his eyes made her see things in a new light, and she realized that they weren’t freaks. They were people just like everyone else, but they just danced to a different beat. And that certainly didn’t make anyone better than them, or anymore special.

Leaning up, Liz grasped his chiseled jaw in her hand, placing a tender kiss on his lips. She hoped that he could see through her eyes as well, so that he knew that the love was reciprocated.


Ok, so I lied. This was only M/L but I think that somehow you guys won’t mind. *wink* LOL.

mpls muse - yea, RL has been rearing it’s ugly head and it totally sucks, cos I have all of ideas for all of my fics, just no time to write it. LOL

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Part 40B


Max’s lips were unmoving - too stunned that Liz hadn’t run from the room screaming. But he felt tears prick his closed eyes as he felt her love for him pouring through him like a breath of fresh air - reviving him.

Slowly, he brought a shaky hand to touch her cheek as a shuddering breath ran through him when she leaned into him even more. He pulled back, breathing heavily, his forehead resting against hers as he tried to make sense of what was going on. But there was really no reason to do that, because he knew what was going on. He felt it coursing through his veins, pumping into his heart to the point of bursting.

The tears pooling at his eyes seeped down his face, not being able to let Liz see anything but the truth. He was blown away by what he felt coming from her. In the ten years that he had existed on this earth, he had never known a love like this. To have someone love him despite his differences, was an earth shattering experience.

The love she felt for him was unconditional, and what tore him down was that after seeing in her soul, he knew that she had loved him as much as he had loved her without having ever met him. It was like their souls knew each other - loved each other before coming face to face.

Liz tipped her head up, placing light kisses on his eyes as she brushed away his tears. “’s okay, Max.”

He nodded against her, his arms coming to rest at her waist before he pulled her into his lap for safe keeping. Having her not even at arm’s length wasn’t close enough. He wanted her closer still.

He buried his face in her soft nape, as he tightened his hold on her. He just wanted to disappear inside her - into her beautiful heart.

She continued to whisper sweet nothings in his ear, as she soothed his tense muscles with her lithe fingers. She placed loving kisses to his neck, her voice soft as she spoke in his ear. “I love you too, Max.”

Max pulled away a little so he could look into her eyes. He had to swallow past the lump in his throat a few hundred times as it tightened at her words. Hearing her say those three words was music to his ears, making his heart come alive.

Bumping their foreheads together, Max cupped her face in his hands. “I love you too, Liz.” He sighed dreamily. “I loved you before I even knew you existed.”

She nodded against him, her lips curling into a smile as his bangs tickled her forehead. His statement warmed her and amazed her at the same time. She didn’t even question the last part, because she felt the same way too. She knew now that he was the boy in her dreams. The scientist in her wondered how it was possible that this happened.

As if sensing her thoughts, he stroked her cheek softly with his thumb. “About the dreams-

Liz placed her finger to his lips, shaking her head. “Not tonight, Max.” She twisted in his arms so that her back was against his chest. She pulled his arms around her shoulders, her head turning to meet his lips for a quick peck. “We have the rest of our lives to together, to talk. I just want you to hold me tonight.”

Max nodded mutely, a smile touching his lips. The fact that she hadn’t stuttered the words about having the rest of their lives together made him beam. It was as if she was saying in no uncertain terms that they would be together for their natural lives on earth, but he had a feeling that they would be bound together forever, even after their human bodies withered away and died. Their souls were linked. And so were they.


Sorry....this part is a little weak. And short.

I know my posts aren’t as frequent as they used to be, but I just haven’t had the time to work on this and my other fics as much. I’ve been picking up extra shifts at work, that by the time I come home, all I have time for is studying for school.

I’m just feeling a little ragged and under the weather lately. Hopefully y’all understand.

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Part 30C


“See, it wasn’t so bad, was it?” Maria stepped away from Michael, her hands resting on her hips as she admired her work.

Michael tipped his head to the side as he studied his reflection in the mirror. He tried not to show that he had utterly enjoyed Maria’s lavish attentions. It was one thing to flirt with the girl that you liked, but it took a special kind of guy to let said girl give you a makeover. Michael hoped that Maria knew that he wouldn’t do this for just anyone.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

Licking his lips, Michael smiled crookedly. “Mmmm.....this tastes good. What is it?”

Maria reached for the little tub of lip balm, throwing it in his direction. “Mango, melon.”

Once he caught it in his hands, he opened it up, sticking his finger inside greedily. He spread it over his lips, smiling like an idiot.

Trying her hardest to keep a straight face, Maria toyed with a strand of her hair. “Would you like to keep it?”

His head snapped up so fast that he had to massage the taut tendon. He hadn’t anticipated her saying that, but it didn’t stop him from making a complete fool of himself. “Okay.” He took the tub in his palm, holding it tightly in his fist before slipping it in his pocket for safe keeping. He knew that he should feel like an idiot for accepting the lip balm and risk having Maria think he was fruity, but it really did taste good. Not to mention the fact that Maria had graciously given him something of hers. There was no way he wasn’t going to keep it forever, or until it ran out. Which ever came first, of course.

They would have continued grinning at each other shyly had it not been for the banshee wail they heard outside.

“What the heck was that?”

Without thinking about it, Michael grabbed her hand. “I don’t know. Let’s go find out.”


“You okay now? You had me worried for awhile back there.”

Isabel hid behind her glass of water. “Sorry. I’m not usually - this weird. I swear.”

Alex laughed at her comical conviction. “You’re not weird......different yes, but weird is something you are not.” He punched her shoulder in a friendly manner. “That’s what I like about you.” After finishing his sentence, he bit down hard on his tongue. He really needed to stop talking lessons for the Michael Evans school of love.

Isabel smiled dreamily, putting her glass down. Alex Parker had just said that he liked something about her. She was definitely swooning. And he actually initiated physical contact, making her bones feel like jello.

“I like that about you too. You’re different from all of the other guys that I’ve met. I feel like I can actually talk to you.”

Alex had felt his heart do a little pitter patter as she spoke. But the minute that she said that she felt like she could talk to him, he knew then that she didn’t see him as anything more than a friend. In his experience, whenever a girl said something like that, it usually meant that she wasn’t attracted to you, but wanted to make you her girlfriend as a consolation prize.

His chest heaved and for the first time, he realized that he had stopped breathing for a minute. He steeled himself then, not wanting his disappointment to show. After all, how could you be disappointed when you weren’t even interested in the first place, right?

Isabel frowned when she saw Alex’s playful mood change. A minute ago, he had been joking around with her, but now - it almost seemed like he was closing himself of. Had she done something wrong? She was about to confront him, but her attempts were interrupted by a loud screech from outside. It was so bad, that she had to cover her ears. It reminded her of someone scratching their nails down a chalkboard, making her cringe.

“What in the world?”


“Kylie Kyle.......I know you’re in there. Come out, come out!” Tess swayed on her feet, resting her hand on the back fence. She pulled up a half empty bottle of alcohol from her jacket, wondering where most of the liquid had gone. She had to hold a hand to her mouth, giggling when she realized that she had drank it on her way over here. She popped the cap, chugging the warm liquid, grimacing as it burned the back of her throat. Feeling a little woozy, she fell clumsily onto the grass.

“I know you’re in there, and I’m not leaving until you come out.” She wagged her finger in the air, then fell back against the grass as she resumed her drunken singing. “I don’t want, anybody else.......When I think about you, I touch myself!”


From inside the bathroom, Kyle continued to hide behind the hamper. He figured that he would wait it out in there until Tess left. But of course, he had to end up with not only a stalker, but a loud one at that.

Muttering a few obscenities, he stepped out from his hiding spot to open the window and jump out. He crossed his arms over his chest as he made his way over to Tess. “Do you think you could keep it down? The neighborhood dogs are starting to respond.”

Tess sat up at the sound of Kyle’s voice, her lips curling into an impish grin as she saw two of him approaching her. “The two of you came,” she said breathlessly.


Max rubbed his cheek against Liz’s, his hands playing in her hair as he felt a sense of peace wash over him. As much as he appreciated having the uninterrupted silence with Liz, he needed to know how it was possible that they had been dreaming about each other for all of these years. He had always known that it had to do with him being an alien, but Liz was human.

“Am I getting too heavy for you?” Liz teased. She had sensed that something was troubling him. She didn’t know how she knew that, but she had felt it the minute that his thoughts had drifted. Ever since he had opened up his soul to her, it felt like he had left a part of himself inside her. And she loved the feeling.

“God NO!” His hands ran over her slim arms, then carefully landing on her hips. “You’re already so tiny,” he said with a hint of awe. He smiled shyly. “But I think you’re perfect.” He tucked her head under his chin. “You seem to fit to me like-

“We were made for each other,” she finished for him.

She stroked his arm, hoping to soothe him. “Tell me what’s bothering you?”


She sat back, her hand cupping his cheek. She smiled at him. “Do you honestly think that you can let me see into your soul and I won’t know that there’s something bothering you?”

His eyes were wide as he realized that she still felt him inside her being, just as he still felt her. Feeling a little guilty, he swallowed hard. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that opening up the connection like that would do this.”

“No apologies. You gave me a gift, Max. You let me inside, you.” She touched his heart as realization dawned on her. “You still don’t understand all of this yourself, do you?”

He shook his head in the negative.

She took his hands, twining them in hers before she rest them between their beating hearts. “I guess that puts us on the same boat,” she chuckled lightly.

Seeing his lips open, she knew that he was about to apologize for bringing her into his alien world, no doubt. So she silenced him with a kiss.

“You promised that you would just hold me tonight. No serious talk until tomorrow, okay? I just want my dreamguy to wrap his arms around me and keep me warm.” She snuggled against his chest, turning her head to face him. “Can you do that, dreamguy?”

He had to smile at the cute way she said that. He rubbed his nose against hers, nodding. “I think I could manage that, dreamgirl.”


Alright, that M/L scene was extra cheesy. LOL. Gag me with a freakin’ spoon.

Edited to add : a couple of people have asked me about the numbering of this fic, since it's just jumping all over the place. LOL. sorry about that. there are no parts missing, it's just my inability to count. LOL. I really am that ditsy. *big*

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Part 30D


“You know, I was thinking,” Jeff fished into his front pocket, searching for his keys as he spoke to his wife. “I was talking to Matt Evans this morning, and he said that Max’s parents are going to be flying in tomorrow.”

Nancy listened quietly, a small smile playing on her lips. She could almost see the wheels turning in Jeff’s head. “And?”

Jeff pushed his key into the lock and jingled it. “And, well, once they get settled in, I was thinking that maybe we should invite them to dinner. You know, sort of a welcome to the neighborhood type of thing.”

Nancy slipped behind her husband inside the dark house, her white teeth glistening as she smiled. “So you like Max that much huh?”

“What? Huh? What?”

Wrapping her hand in his, she gave him a reassuring glance. “You know, it’s okay to like the boy that your daughter is currently interested in. There’s no rule that the girl’s father must hate the boy.”

He nodded thoughtfully, before shaking his head. “Wait a minute. You mean Lizzie likes Max?” He eyed his wife carefully. “She told you that?”

Nancy laughed. “Well no, not in so many words. But you can just see it in her eyes.” She sighed dreamily. “She’s got an extra sparkle in her eyes, almost as if she’s glowing from the inside out.” Pausing, she stared deeply into her husband’s eyes, feeling a wave of happiness washing over her for her daughter. “Max hasn’t been here more than a few weeks, and already he’s changed her. She looks at him the way I used to look at you when I realized that I was falling in love with you all of those years ago.”

Jeff was quiet for a few seconds as he mulled over their current situation. A part of him agreed with his wife that his little Lizzie was the happiest he had seen her in, well actually, he’d never seen her this happy like that before. Sure, she had a great time with her friends and family, but her eyes always held a hint of something missing. The other part of him was scared for his daughter. In her sixteen years of life, she had lived a sheltered one. She never got to go out with her friends, or go to school dances with her current crush.

As much as he liked Max, he was frightened that Max may just be interested in Liz for the moment and eventually break her heart. He hated to think that, especially since he had seen first hand that Max was more than your average boy next door. He was genuinely nice, and he actually liked the boy. Who better than Max Evans for his little girl to fall in love with? But Max hadn’t grown up in a small town. He had grown up in California where things were much more fast paced than the usual lazy day they had in Roswell.

He truly hated the word crush, because it meant just that. In the end, someone would end up being crushed. He coughed lightly, heading towards his daughter’s bedroom.

“Where are you going?”

Jeff held his hand up, waving. “I’m just going to check in on Lizzie for a second.”

Nancy trotted after him, her hand on his arm. “But Lizzie has her friends over.”

Shaking his head, Jeff continued on. “I just want to see her before I go to bed.”

Frowning, Nancy just nodded. She didn’t like the way he had changed demeanor so suddenly. She watched as Jeff knocked lightly on the door, waiting for a response, but got none.

Suddenly feeling panic flush through his body, Jeff opened the door, thinking the worst. What he saw wasn’t what he was expecting, but it ranked right up there with his fears. With his heart sinking, he felt Nancy slip beside him, her hand flying to her mouth as she let out a little gasp.


“Thanks for helping me bring Tess home.” Kyle stuffed his hands in his pockets as he nodded his thank you to his friends for accompanying him. “I really appreciate it.”

Michael wrapped his large hand against the back of Kyle’s neck, playfully pushing his friend. “It was actually more for my benefit than yours.” He gave Kyle a wicked grin as he stuck his finger in his ear, pretending to clear it out. “I think my ears are still ringing.”

Alex joined in the joking, grinning at Kyle. “True, true.” He winked, then ducked out of the way. “You sure know how to pick ‘em, my friend.”

“Don’t listen to them girlfriend.” Maria wrapped her arm around Kyle’s waist, letting him drop his arm around her shoulders. “If you ever need me to lay one on our resident albino stalker, I’d be more than willing to give her the famous Deluca left hook.” She squeezed Kyle as they continued walking. “You know, it’s been in our family for generations.”

Michael scowled as he watched Maria lay her head on Kyle’s shoulder. He knew that there was no reason for him to get jealous, but he just was. He wished that it was him with his arm around her shoulders, him with which she was leaning against comfortably. Walking ahead, he kept in stride with Alex and Isabel so that he wouldn’t have to look at Kyle and Maria. If he wasn’t careful, he might end up hurting his friend for something he wasn’t doing.

“We should get back to Liz.” Isabel said, checking her watch for the time. She felt bad for leaving her new friend all alone in the house, but Tess had turned out to be a lot more trouble for someone who was so small.

Maria snickered behind them. “Yeah, well I wouldn’t worry about Liz. I’m sure Max is keeping her in very good company.”

All heads snapped to look at Maria after her little comment. She scoffed, holding her hands to her hips. “Oh get your minds out of the gutter. I merely meant that the two of them were keeping each other occupied.”

When everyone laughed out loud, she threw her hands up in the air. “I give up. You guys have dirty minds.”


Max listened to Liz’s deep and even breaths in the dark. She had fallen asleep in his arms awhile ago, but he couldn’t quite follow her into slumber. He could feel the way her chest rose and fell with each of her breaths, the way her dark head burrowed deeper against his chest as she sighed dreamily. Her small hands gripped the material of his sweater in her palms as she continued to snuggle closer to his warmth, her legs, tangling with his.

He doubted that he would ever get sick of this feeling. Having her wrapped around his being, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. In the span of just a few hours, he had shared with Liz, something he had never told anyone before. He had let her inside his soul, and he was beginning to wonder how he had ever gone without her inside him all of this time.

Brushing back the dark tendrils of hair away from her beautiful face, he sighed contentedly, never feeling more at peace in his whole life than right now. He traced the soft line of her face, his thumb lightly brushing past her lips. He leaned forward, pressing his lips against her temple. “I love you, Liz,” he whispered in her ear, causing her to wrap herself around him even more.

Just as he was about to close his eyes and join her, the sound of someone knocking registered in his ears before the door opened, revealing Liz’s parents. Feeling the air rush out of his lungs, he struggled to get up.

This was not happening.

Finally finding his voice, Jeff managed to croak out, “Max?”


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Part 30E



Holding up his left hand, Max tried to reason with Liz’s father as he tried to unsuccessfully disentangle himself from Liz’s tight embrace. But the more he tried to get free of her warm grasp, the more she gripped onto him tightly. It was apparent that Liz was a deep sleeper. She could probably sleep through an earthquake and not even realize it until after the damage was done.

“It’s not what you’re thinking,” he whispered, not wanting to wake Liz in the process. He didn’t want her to suffer any of the ramifications of their compromising position. If anyone was going to get into trouble, then it would be him. “Liz and I were just-

Jeff held up his hand, halting Max’s words. Instead, he beckoned Max with his hand to get up from his spot on the floor so that he could get out a few words. He wanted to speak to Max alone first, without Liz’s excuses tainting his perception of what was really going on. Max had been very straight with him before that he was hoping that Max was really the young man with integrity that he had been so keen on only a few minutes ago.

Max nodded silently, breaking free of Liz’s warmth. When she whimpered, he felt his whole being aching right along with her. Her sweet face was marred by a frown, as she sought out Max, only finding air. Deciding that Liz was more important than what her father might think of him, he carefully lifted her petite form in his arms and carried her to the bed. He gingerly lay her on the soft sheets, pulling the thick comforter over her chin. When she turned her body restlessly, Max thought to hell with it and brushed her hair off of her forehead before planting her skin with a light kiss.

Standing up to full height, he met Jeff’s stare and nodded. He knew that he probably just pissed off Liz’s dad even more so with what he just did, but he couldn’t deny Liz when she was in need. She was the most important thing in his life. She always had been, and he would face the consequences because everything he did for Liz would always be worth it in the end. He stepped past the two parents and made his way into the living room so that Jeff could start his reaming.

Nancy turned around, her eyes following Max’s retreating form. She was completely speechless. In many ways, seeing Liz snuggled up in Max’s protective arms was a beautiful sight to behold. But Liz and Max had only known each other for a few weeks. She had no problem with thinking of the two of them as long term, as she had sensed that they were above the usual high school romance. But things were happening so fast that it felt like Liz was growing up too fast for her liking. She wanted to be there with Liz, to help her through her formative years of adolescence.

In all honesty, she just didn’t want Liz to get in over her head. Max was her first boyfriend, and in her state of darkness to a lot of things, Liz still had a lot to learn. Not that she had anything against Max, nor did she think that Max would ever take advantage of Liz. It was all just happening so soon.

Turning to Jeff, she squeezed his arm, willing him not to get too upset at Max. It was obvious that nothing too physical had happened other than the two of them having their arms around each other. Their lack of undress had proved that, not to mention the innocence in which Max touched their daughter. There was nothing overtly sexual about it, merely someone holding the person they loved. Her throat ached as she admitted to herself what she had seen with her own eyes. She only hoped that Jeff would understand that too.

Squeezing her hand back, Jeff forced a smile on his lips, his voice coming out in a controlled whisper. “I’ll behave.” When he made a move to leave, Nancy tugged on his arm again.

“Don’t be too hard on him Jeff. He’s a good kid, and they were obviously doing nothing more than just sleeping.”

Jeff snorted. “So that’s what sleeping is nowadays?”

“Jeff,” She said warningly. She believed that Max and Liz needed someone to tell them to slow things down a little, but she cared for Max too much to let even her husband make the boy feel guilty about acting on his feelings. She didn’t want Max to be run away by Jeff.

“I was just kidding.” He gave his wife a reassuring smile, telling her with his eyes that he was just going to set the record straight with Max. There would be no blood shed tonight, or any other night. He kissed the top of Nancy’s head. “Give Lizzie a kiss for me.”

Turning towards the hall, he found Max standing rigidly in the middle of the living room. His slumped shoulders straightened when he saw Jeff move closer. Without waiting for Jeff to speak, he took the initiative, wanting to explain himself before Jeff could concoct the worst about him.

“Liz and I were just sleeping.”

Jeff crossed his arms over his chest, deciding to listen to Max before saying anything. It was obvious that Max was determined to be heard, so he just sat back and watched as the dark haired boy turned his piercing amber gaze at him. He was momentarily immobile as he stared back, thinking how strangely beautiful the boy’s eyes were. They were so beautiful that they almost looked alien.

“We were talking, and then we ended up on the floor, sleeping.” He took a breath, feeling like he was just repeating himself. But he persisted. “I would understand if you want me to stop coming over and to stop seeing Liz, but,” his voice cracked as he continued. “But please don’t keep us from seeing each other.” A thin sheen of tears covered his pretty eyes, making Jeff feel choked up with emotion. “We weren’t doing anything wrong.”

Max held up his hands in surrender. “You can put all the blame on me, because I should’ve known better.” He swallowed hard past the lump on his throat. “Please, Mr. Parker, you have to believe me that there was nothing going on.”

Having heard enough, Jeff spoke, silencing Max. “Look, I’m not here to point fingers or to get mad at anyone.” His eyes flickered over to the hall where Liz’s room rested. “Because I know better than anyone just how persuasive my own daughter can be, but,”

“But?” Max felt like his whole world was crumbling around him as he waited for Jeff Parker to drop the bomb on him that he was forbidden to see Liz ever again.

“I trust you, Max. I trust that you do care for my daughter and that you have no intentions of hurting her, right?”

Max’s head bobbed up and down vigorously.

“But I think that maybe, things may be moving a little too fast.” He chuckled lightly, hoping to show Max that he felt no ill will towards him. “The two of you just met. You have the rest of your lives to get to know one another and move onto a relationship if that is indeed what the two of you want.”

While he agreed with Mr. Parker that there was no reason to rush things with Liz, he had to disagree with him about he and Liz just meeting. He and Liz had known each other since they had been children. It was just now that they were together in reality. “I understand, sir.”

Jeff nodded, studying Max’s every move. “Do you Max? I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings between us. I admit, I like you. You’re a good kid, and it really makes me uncomfortable having this conversation with you because I feel like I’m reprimanding you when you haven’t really done anything wrong.” He stepped forward, holding his hand to rest on Max’s shoulder. “I’m not trying to be your parent and tell you what to do. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders. I think you’re capable of figuring out what’s right and wrong all by yourself.”

“I do sir, and I promise you it won’t ever happen again.”

Jeff tried not to laugh out loud at Max’s conviction. After seeing how his little Lizzie was unwilling to let Max go, he figured that there would be more than one occasion where the two of them would be in each other’s embrace again like that. But this was more for his peace of mind. He supposed that he should feel threatened that Max was looking more and more like the man that would eventually take his baby girl away, but he just couldn’t find it in himself to be mad. Maybe he was getting soft in his old age, but it certainly felt a lot better than being angry for the better part of his daughter’s adolescent years.

“Good. Now that we have that cleared up, I was wondering if you’d tell your parents to have dinner with us when they fly in from California?” Jeff smiled at Max. “It’ll be nice to meet them.”

“Y-you want them to come to dinner?” Max asked, feeling a little spaced. He was half expecting to have Jeff Parker ban him from their household, or not to get near fifty yards of the place, that hearing Jeff’s invitation was a little overwhelming.

Jeff laughed good naturedly. “Well we’d like for you to come over too.”

Max’s eyes were ready to bug out of his head. It felt as though he had stepped into another dimension. It all seemed to good to be true. He was wondering when the other shoe was going to drop, because he had never been a lucky guy in his entire existence. He just prayed that his own parents would be as understanding when he explained to them how he ended up with a girlfriend in Roswell after being there for only a couple of weeks, considering he had hardly spoken the whole time he had lived with his parents.


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Part 31A


“Max, are you sure you can go to the airport by yourself?” Matt clutched his overnight bag as he watched his nephew closely. “Because I could always cancel my trip with your aunt and pick up your parents.”

Max waved his hand in an effort to shoo off his uncle. He was more than capable of picking up his parents at the airport. “Uncle Matt, I’ll be fine.”

“You know, you could always ask Michael to go with you. I’m sure Jeff wouldn’t mind letting him have the day off.”

Chuckling a little at his uncle’s insistence, Max smiled, revealing his perfect pearly whites. “Really, I’ll be fine. Besides, I can get Isabel to go with me.”

Sarah hugged Max before handing him her car keys. “Okay. Be careful sweetie. We’ll be home late tomorrow night.”

Max walked them to the front porch, waving as they drove off down the road. He turned, only to bump into Isabel. He smiled, dangling the car keys in his hand. “Wanna come with?”

Isabel’s eyebrow perked up. “Where to?”

“The airport. I’m supposed to pick up mom and dad.” He shoved his hands in his pockets, waiting for Isabel to say yes. Or so he hoped. He really didn’t want to be in the car with his parents for that long of a period. Not that he didn’t love his parents. In fact, he and Isabel had lucked out when they had winded up with the Evans. But if it were just him in the car with them, ultimately, all the attention would be focused on him. Sooner or later, they were going to ask how things were going with him since they got here, and eventually, he would have to tell them about Liz. Because he could never lie about their relationship.

It wasn’t that he was embarrassed of Liz. Far from it. He was just worried about how his parents would react to knowing that he had a girlfriend after only being in Roswell for a weeks. He wondered how they would take it, considering he didn’t even have a single friend back in California. He couldn’t even bring himself to call the place home because it had never felt that way. It didn’t matter that he had his parents there, or his sister for that matter. But he found himself thinking of Roswell as home. Not because of all the rumors about the so-called alien crash in ‘47, but because Liz was here. He figured that she was his home. It was ridiculous to think like that, considering they had only been a couple for three days, fours hours, thirty-two minutes, and twenty-five seconds. Not that he was counting or anything.

“I wish I could, but I promised Maria that I would go with her to Alex’s.” Isabel bit her tongue, feeling stupid. She didn’t know why she couldn’t just say Liz’s, when they were going to hang out with her anyway. It was just that deep down, she wished that she would have an opportunity to see and talk to Alex. After she had slept over, she had felt like they had moved two step backwards. She wondered what it was that she had done to get them to this place, when they were making such good progress. But in any case, she was beginning to become really good friends with Maria and Liz. At least she had that.

Max’s head shot up quickly. “You’re going to see Liz?”

Isabel just laughed. “Don’t even think about it Max. You can’t just leave mom and dad hanging at the airport. You said you would pick them up.”

He wiped a hand down his face as he began whining like a little boy. “Yeah, but that was before I found out that I would have to go alone.” He pouted as he crossed his arms, not even realizing what he was saying. “Besides, how fair is it that my sister is the one that gets to see my girlfriend, while I have to go-

Isabel stopped him mid-sentence. “Your girlfriend?”

Max’s eyes bugged out of his head, his ears burning as it dawned on him what he had just said. “Iz,”

Seeing the vulnerability in his eyes, she opted not to tease him. She could only imagine how delicate this new relationship was. But she didn’t want to make it any harder for them. What they had was special, and she couldn’t bring herself to make fun of it. Especially when she had witnessed her brother actually smiling voluntarily, and especially when he had his ear glued to the phone, acting like a normal teenage boy.

She tapped him lightly on the shoulder, giving him a smile. “I’ll tell Liz you’re thinking about her.”

As if on cue, Maria pulled up in her mom’s jetta, her face hanging out the open window, her sunglasses sitting on the edge of her nose. “Let’s go girl!”

Isabel hurried down the front steps, waving goodbye to Max. Following her were loud thundering footsteps, as Michael tried to hurry down the stairs. He was hoping to hitch a ride with Maria. Not that he couldn’t walk to the crashdown, but he would never give up an opportunity with being with Maria. “Wait for me!”

The three teens tore down the residential area, leaving Max to twiddle his thumbs. Feeling more anxious than he did before, he ran inside the house to make a quick phone call to calm his nerves.

With lightening speed, his fingers dialed the all too familiar number.


Max breathed a sigh of relief when he heard his angel’s voice on the other end.

“Liz,” he sighed.

Liz felt her heart melting on the other end as she heard Max say her name reverently. It made her stomach twist in knots, her palms sweaty as her voice shook a little. “Hey Max.”

Max glanced at the clock that hung on the wall. He cursed inwardly knowing he didn’t have much time. If he didn’t hurry, he was going to be late.

“Sorry to call, but I just really needed to hear your voice.”

Liz smiled against the receiver as her head banged against the headboard dreamily. She couldn’t believe that he just called to hear her voice. Max was just the sweetest. “Really?”

“Yeah.” He bit his lip. “Look, do you think I could stop by tonight? I really just want to see you.”

Being a little eager, Liz all but yelled “Yes” into the phone. She laughed at herself.

“Sure, I’d love to see you.”

His voice was excited as he spoke. “Great.” Looking at the clock again, his voice dropped a few notches lower as he felt remorse for having to hang up so soon. “I have to go.”

“Go,” she encouraged. “I’ll see you tonight.”

Nodding even though he couldn’t see her, he smiled. “Tonight.”


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Part 31B


Shoving his hands in his pockets, Max idly paced the baggage claim area as he waited for any sign of his parents. He was practicing what he was going to say to them when they asked about how he and Isabel had adjusted to the move. All he could picture himself doing was blurting out that Liz was his girlfriend. But as soon as he thought that, he started smiling like an idiot. Thinking about Liz, knowing that she was his girlfriend was just tickling his insides pink.

Disgusted with himself for being so sappy, Max ran a hand down his face. Maybe Michael was right. He was starting to sound more and more like a chick every second he had one of these conversations with himself. He was utterly hopeless.


Diane Evans wade through the small crowd clamoring for their luggage to get to her son. She was so relieved to see his dark head bobbing in the background. It would be so nice to be with her children again. Being gone a couple of weeks was torture.

Max’s head snapped up as he saw his parents come towards him. He couldn’t but smile at the way his mother was looking at him. She looked so excited. Without giving it another thought, Max met them halfway, his arms coming around his mother. “It’s nice to see you ma.”

Turning her head to look at her husband, Diane wondered what had spurred on Max’s sudden public show of affection. He was such a shy boy, that she sometimes had to pry a smile out of him. Having him show any emotion was like pulling teeth. He usually wore an aloof expression, even though his beautiful amber eyes told the story of an old soul.

Not about to complain about his open show of emotion, she pulled him tighter against her, feeling on the verge of tears as he let himself come closer to her, only to give her a near heart attack when he squeezed her shoulders softly before dropping a kiss on top of her head.

“I missed you guys.” Max smiled at his parents before giving his dad a quick and manly hug. Feeling as if he were under a microscope, Max scratched behind his ear nervously. “What?”

Diane cupped his cheeks, her voice tinted with friendly wonder. “Who are you and what have you done to my baby boy?”

Tipping his head downward, Max dug his toes against the floor as he felt his cheeks redden. “Ma....”

Phillip chuckled at Max’s bashfulness. This was definitely his son. Grinning, he lay a hand on Max’s shoulder. “Don’t mind your mom. She was just getting an early case of empty nest syndrome.”

Diane swatted her husband playfully. “You’re one to talk. I wasn’t the one on the phone with my brother every other hour checking on the kids.”

Laughing to get the heat off of him now that he was caught, Phillip held up his hands in defeat. “I’m caught.”

Max laughed at the loving exchange between his parents. He hoped that he and Liz would have as many years of happiness that his parents had.

Jangling the keys in his hand, Max reached for the suitcase his mother was lugging around. “You guys ready to go?”

Diane tried to keep Max from carrying her suitcase, but he was having none of it. As she tried to reach for it, he held out his hand to her instead, as he offered her a smile. Feeling her heart lighten, she put her hand in his as they made their way to the car.


Turning his head to look at his parents, Max spoke as he maneuvered his aunt’s car out of the airport parking lot. “Do you guys want to stop and something to eat first?”

As if in answer to the question, Phillip’s stomach growled. The three of them laughed in unison as Phillip answered.

“I guess that answers that question.”

Diane looked around their surroundings, realizing for the first time how lonely and slow everything moved. She loved the idea that she and Phillip were going to take it easy and move back to the place where he had grown up, but she worried that maybe the kids might have it rough. Going to high school was difficult enough, but being jostled to a different school was tough. She knew all to well how hard it was to make new friends and get settled in, having been an army brat. It worried her that her children would suffer worse than she had. In all honesty, she knew Isabel would be fine. She was always making new friends everywhere she went. But Max was a different story. He had always been a child who kept to himself. She had thought that it was because he had undergone a traumatic childhood, but as he grew up, Isabel had blossomed into an outgoing child, while Max seemed to take a few more steps backwards. He was the apple of her eye, that sometimes, she worried needlessly about him.

Leaning forward, she studied his profile in the front seat. His eyes didn’t wear anymore worry creases, and his lips were curled into a fixed grinned. She wondered what had brought all of this on.

“So where is Isabel, honey?”

Turning the steering wheel to make a left turn, Max answered distractedly. “She’s spending the day with my girlfriend.”

Surprised, although definitely pleased, Phillip guffawed. “You have a girlfriend?”

Max lost control of the wheel for a second before pulling the car to the side of the road. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud. But the thought that Liz was his girlfriend had been littering his mind all morning, that he had unconsciously spoken it without thinking. Gulping, Max looked to his flabbergasted parents as he tried to get his lips to work.



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Part 31C


“I...” He felt his face flush, his voice cracking in the back of his throat. He had been so busy trying to convince himself that he wasn’t going to say anything to anyone just yet, that he went and blurted it out like a fool. He wondered what Liz had seen in him, because he was a total doofus.

Max looked up to see his parents’ reaction, and he felt all of his worries disipate. They were both waiting with baited breath, and it made him feel special that they were really interested. He had always detested it when anyone tried to pry information out of him, but these people were his parents. They loved him like no one else would. And now Liz would love him like that too, only more intense.

Feeling a lump in his throat, he straightened his shoulders and smiled broadly. There was no reason to keep things from them, especially if Jeff Parker wanted all of them over for dinner. Besides, there had never been a prouder moment in his life than right now when he spoke the truth.

“I have a girlfriend.” He had to stifle a laugh when he heard both of his parents release the breaths that they had been holding. He grinned. “Her name is Liz, and she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” He scratched his head sheepishly. “I mean, the best thing next to you guys adopting me and Iz.” His cheeks took in a deeper color. “I don’t know where we’d be right now if you hadn’t taken us into your home.”

Diane leaned forward from the back seat to stroke Max’s hair. She touched his cheek as if she were seeing him grow into a man all in the span of a few seconds. Her baby was all grown and had a girlfriend. One who made his beautiful eyes twinkle just by the mention of her name. She made a mental note to thank Liz eternally for giving her a side of her son that she had never been witness to.

She smiled at him warmly, her eyes glistening with a thin sheen of tears. Tears of happiness that would make her heart burst at any moment. She would forever remember this day.

“I’m sure she’s very special.” She tilted his chin up when he looked downwards. “If she can make you smile like that, then I’m sure she makes you very happy.”

Phillip beamed like the proud father that he was. It was euphoric to see Max so open with them. Not only had he been more affectionate than he had ever been since they had adopted him and Isabel ten years ago, but he was doing it on his own accord. It was almost like there was an extra pep in his step. An extra glimmer in his smile that made his eyes glow with contagious happiness.

Patting him on the shoulder, Phillip chuckled. “Good to know that you’re interested in the other sex, son.”


Max ducked his head in embarrassment. Had Isabel been telling the truth when she said that their parents thought he way gay? Just because he didn’t date, it didn’t mean he wasn’t interested. But he was only interested in one girl. And all of the time he had spent waiting had come to fruition.

Diane’s soothing voice reached his ears. “Your dad’s just teasing you. Even when we were teenagers, he still had the lamest jokes.”

Both Phillip and Diane laughed, knowing that it was the truth. Phillip put the corn in cornball.

Max looked up, seeing his parents’ easy banter. It was like he was seeing them with new eyes. They looked so happy, so carefree. They looked younger around the eyes when they laughed. He smiled, eventually joining in with the laughter.

He would have to thank Liz later. If it hadn’t been for her love and acceptance of him, he didn’t think that he and his parents would ever have this. Liz was his special angel, and he only hoped that he could bring as much light into her existance as she had done to his.


Maria waved as Michael hopped out of the car, careening into the back door of the Crash so he wouldn’t be late. She smiled inwardly when he turned back towards her, giving her a small smile before ducking inside. She could just die right now. But there were more pressing matters at hand.

Turning her head to look at Isabel, she smiled slyly. “So, what’s the haps between you and Alex?” She waggled her eyebrows suggestively, laughing when Isabel turned beet red. She took one hand off the wheel to pinch Isabel’s cheek. “Is this a twin thing? Cos you and Max blush at the mention of the Parker siblings.”

Isabel held her hands to her cheeks to cool off the heat. “Maria,” she whined.

Maria laughed merrily. “I knew it. Kyle is so getting major brownie points for trying to hook you and Alex up.” She waved her hand around as she spoke animatedly. “I love the guy, but he honestly needs a chick who’ll treat him right.” She smiled at Isabel. “And I think you need someone as sweet as Alex.”

She banged her head on the front console. “I can’t believe Kyle told you all of this. I swear, the guy has like girl tendancies when it comes to this stuff.”

Giggling, Maria slapped her knee. “But you gotta love him. He’s the best girlfriend a girl could have.”

Isabel turned her head, finding a smile overtaking her face. As much as she complained about Kyle telling Maria, she couldn’t help but feel relieved to have somebody else know. A girl who saw things her way. Kyle was a sweetheart for helping her in the Alex department, but he might be a little biased seeing as he was a guy. Other than Max and Michael, she had no one to talk about this. Besides, if she talked to those two, they’d just tease her.

She breathed a sigh of relief, giggling along with Maria. A new friend in the making she thought happily. “I’m so glad you know.” She leaned her head back against the headrest. “I thought I was going to explode if I didn’t have a girlfriend to talk to about this.”

“Aww...” Maria smiled. “Girl, you and me are chiccas. Just like you will be with Liz too.” She grinned mishcievously. “And of course, Kyle too.”

Isabel pushed Maria’s shoulder. “Stop!” She howled loudly, clutching her stomach as the laughs continued to spill from her lips. She didn’t remember a time in her life that she had laughed this much. To her own ears, she sounded contented, happy.

Maria pulled up into the Parker driveway. “Now, to work on hooking you and Alex up.” She got out, talking a mile a minute. “I love Kyle dearly, but he is missing some finer points in playing cupid. I on the hand am very well equiped in that department. Plus, we’re going to enlist Liz on this mission, and who better than Alex’s sister to help make this happen?”

Following behind Maria, Isabel felt lightheaded just listening to her new friend. She didn’t even realize that a person could say so much in just one breath.

Fluffing Isabel’s hair, Maria hissed. “Here he comes.”


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Part 31D


Alex looked through the peephole, his eyes growing wider when he saw Isabel on the other side of the door. He felt himself smile, wondering how many times she had actually been at his place since she had arrived in Roswell. But then he sobered, remembering their conversation. Isabel had stated loud and clear that she just wanted to be friends. There was no point allowing himself to get in deeper. If she wanted a friend, then he’d be like Kyle, only minus the girlfriend title. It was hard enough to get chicks, that being labeled as one of the girls would further stunt the action he wasn’t getting.

He pulled the door open, smiling. “Hey, Isabel.”

Isabel felt her knees actually knock together. Was this normal? Feeling this way for someone she hardly even knew? But she didn’t really even have to ask herself that. She was far from normal, and this was just one of those things that were part of the deal. She only wished that he was head over heels for her, or even mildly interested. But he didn’t show any interest. If anything, it seemed as though he thought of her as a friend. Nothing more. It made her a little jealous to think that Alex was more inclined to touch Maria, but when it came to her, it was like he was trying to avoid it.

Maria watched from the sidelines the way the two looked at each other. They were so cute, but at the same time, hopeless. It was a good thing she jumped on the bandwagon when she did. Liz had taken it upon herself to snag her man, that she hoped that the new couple’s siblings would take the hint and follow suit. But fortunately for them, she was willing to help regardless of how much time it took. Besides, it wasn’t like she had a great romance of her own. While she and Michael were making progress, she didn’t want to rock the boat. She enjoyed the time they spent together, not wanting to jinx their relationship before it even got anywhere.

As Alex and Isabel continued to make gaga eyes at each other, she rolled her eyes, stomping her foot. She grabbed Isabel’s wrist, pushing her way into the house. “Nice to see you too, Alex.” On her way, she gave his shin a good kick, retaining the sugary sweet smile on her face.

Hopping on one leg, Alex scowled, his hand rubbing his shin delicately. If they didn’t have company right now, he was half tempted to do a wrestling move on her, then give her a noogie. But there was a time and place for everything. Besides, he was a little freaked out right now. Maria had that mischievous glint in her eyes that only meant one thing. Maria Alejandra Deluca was up to no good. The last time she had that look in her eyes, he, Michael, and Kyle had ended up half nekkid, covered with tar and feathers. He had to stay home from school, too embarrassed to be seen.

“What can I do for you ladies?”

Maria pushed Isabel to the couch, smiling widely, almost making her look like a freakish clown. “I’m so glad you asked, good friend.”


“What’s up with you?”

Michael grabbed a bandana from his apron pocket, wiping the sweat off of his forehead. Kyle had been perched on the swivel stool at the counter since he had arrived for his shift.

Breathing a heavy sigh, Kyle placed his chin on his hand, his elbow resting against the Formica finish on the countertop. “Nothing much.” His blue eyes lit up, a smile creeping across his face. “Did I make you feel sorry for me?”

Michael burst into laughter as he flipped over the hamburger patties on the grill. “Dude, this whole bipolar thing isn’t working out for you.” He dumped an order of space fries in a green basket, his heavy hand slamming against the bell, signaling to the wait staff that an order was up. He walked closer to the open window, sticking his head out. Holding out his hands, he batted his eyelashes. “Tell Mikey all about it, son.”

Kyle shook his head, throwing a frenchfry to his buddy. “Quit it. I’m practicing for Monday. I need an extension on my history paper, and I’m seriously hoping that Mrs. Baker will feel sorry for these baby blues.”

“I thought that Izzie was tutoring you?” Michael scratched the side of his head. “Isn’t that what the sheriff is paying her for?”

Coughing, Kyle let his eyes fall down cast. “Yeah, well, I’ve been a little preoccupied.”

“Preoccupied how?” His eyes narrowed as he stared at his friend. He shot a finger out when he spoke, causing all of the patrons to look his way. “Oh man! What crazy scheme did Maria cook up this time?”


Max looked over his shoulder to his parents. “So what do you guys feel like having? Mexican, Chinese, -”

“How about that place?” Diane pointed to the Crashdown. “That place looks cute.”

Phillip’s laughter filled the vehicle. “I’m feeling very hungry, and I don’t want to go to a place just because it looks cute.” He stuck his head out of the window, sniffing loudly. “I smell tacos. Let’s get some Mexican food.”


Liz sighed, staring at her clock. She fell back against her bed, wondering when Maria and Isabel were going to get here. She was in need of some female friend distraction. Otherwise, she would spend her whole day thinking about Max. Ever since she had fallen asleep in his arms, she couldn’t think of anything else. The closer they got, the more she craved his presence. They still hadn’t had a chance to discuss the reasons behind their somewhat physic connection.

Thinking about it, thinking about Max was making her whole body tingle. It made her toes curl wondering when she would see Max again. He had explained to her that he was going to pick up his parents at the airport today. He had promised that he would be by later to see her, but she had convinced him to spend the day with his parents. After all, they had the rest of their lives to be together, which he just smiled giddily at. It made her heart melt that Max reciprocated the same incredible feelings of love she had for him.

She knew that he was excited to see his parents again, and she didn’t want to stand in the way of that reunion. She just felt a little apprehensive about how his parents might perceive her. In her heart, she knew that there really wasn’t anything to worry about. His parents must be short of amazing if they managed to raise Max into a loving young man. Many people in Max’s position would have thought the world was against them, in turn turning bitter. And he was nowhere near bitter. He was shy, but definitely the most affectionate person she had ever encountered.

Despite how much she was aware that Max loved her and thought her special, she still couldn’t stop the nagging feeling that he deserved so much better than her. He deserved someone who could experience the most important things a young person should. She couldn’t even open the curtains open to see the sunlight. She had to rely on her imagination, and images she had seen in pictures and television. But as much as she felt that she didn’t deserve him, she didn’t want to let him go. How could she?

Her eyes fluttered closed, a slight yawn escaping her lips. She had no idea why she was getting sleepy all of a sudden.


Rubbing his neck to rid himself of his suddenly heavy eyes, Max stifled a yawn. He and his parents had been seated at a table and were awaiting their order. Maybe his lack of sleep from the night before was catching up to him. Deciding to close his eyes for just a few minutes, he let out a sigh, feeling her essence overwhelm him. A smile crossed his lips as he mumbled.


Phillip’s head perked, as did Diane’s. They gave each other a quizzical look before snapping their heads back to Max when they heard him moan, and whisper the name he had uttered just a few seconds ago.



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Part 31E


“Oh Max,”

Liz ran around the corner, hiding behind a palm tree as she giggled excitedly. Usually, it was Max that found in her in their special dream world, but today, it was she who had seen him first, looking all handsome and confused. Seeing him look so boyish and innocent made her heart pitter patter, which only made her knees wobble even more so when he scratched behind his ear in the most adorable way. She could just take a bite out of him, and that’s what she had done.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, she snuck up behind him, giving him a quick, amorous kiss on his neck. She didn’t know where her boldness came from, but she was damn glad it came in effect when she was around Max. She loved that she could feel free to be herself around him, despite the fact that they had only known each other no more than mere days in the “real” world. But their souls had been acquainted long ago, and it was only now that they were united together in the physical world.

She ducked her head, crouching down on the sandy bank as she fought to keep her breathing quiet. She had had to fight the urge to continue nibbling on his warm skin when she heard him moan her name, but at the same time, she couldn’t give up this playful banter.

Max whipped his head around when he heard a soft rustling coming from his right. He bit back a smile when he saw Liz’s luscious locks fluttering in the soft breeze. She thought she was slick, but he was going to get her back. And payback was definitely going to be sweet.

Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he pretended to go the other way, calling out Liz’s name.

Liz peeked around the side of the tree, only to frown when she didn’t see him. Chewing her bottom lip, she looked thoughtful. “Hmm, I wonder where he went.”

Before she could even finish the sentence, a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist, lifting her up in the air and twirling her until she squealed with surprise. His deep laughter rumbled in his chest, the vibrations tickling her even further. “I’m right here, sweetheart.” He kissed the top of her head affectionately, his eyes sparkling with so much love that his heart felt like bursting into a million pieces. All in a good way, ofcourse.

He set her down on the ground, his hands lifting to curl in her hair. Standing here before her, he couldn’t not touch her. He bent his head, his cheek nuzzling hers. “I can’t believe how much I miss you already.”

A slow smile crept over Liz’s features, along with the stunned look on her face when he had called her sweetheart. For some reason, she couldn’t help but feel deliriously happy. He had just called her an endearment, and it tickled her all the way down to her toes. In truth, if any other guy had called her “sweetheart”, she would have been offended. She sometimes hated the fact that Michael continued to call her by her pet name, but with Max, she didn’t mind.

Realizing that she had yet to utter a word, Max pulled back, looking down into her face, concerned etched into his creased brows. “Sweetheart, are you okay?”

Liz nodded dreamily, the smile on her face, yet to dissipate. “That’s the second time you called me that.” Her hand reached out to finger his shirt button, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip shyly.

Max frowned, wondering what he had said. “Call you what for the second time?”

She looked up to meet his confused amber eyes, and she giggled like a silly school girl. “Sweetheart.” She paused, pursing her lips. “You called me sweetheart twice in the span of two minutes.” She held up two fingers to emphasize the two times.

When realization dawned on Max, he blushed deeply, his head lowering. He hadn’t realized he had even said it. Calling her sweetheart had been something that just rolled off of his tongue, almost as if he had been calling her that forever. He felt foolish suddenly, thinking he had moved too fast. “So-

Anticipating his apology, Liz lifted his chin up, touching her own gently to his. She felt his surprise and it only made her smile more. Licking her lips, she nodded. “I, I like it.”

His head shot up, causing him to bump his head into her. Both of them yelped, eventually falling into a fit of laughter. Max was the first to recover. He shook his head as he cleared his throat. “I have to apologize, I’m not very good at this.” He held up his hands. His voice was soft, almost bashful as he continued. “You’re my first.....” Despite his embarrassment, he looked her in the eyes, wanting her to see his sincerity. He wanted her to know the truth, even if it was a little overwhelming for the both of them. He swallowed, correcting himself. “You’re my only.”

Liz felt as if she had wings, her whole body floating in the air. She felt as though she were on cloud nine. Touching her hand to where his heart lay, she offered him a smile. “Same goes for me.”

They smiled at each other a moment longer, before settling down to the ground. Liz’s voice warmed his soul as she continued to speak. “We’ll just have to learn together, but I have to say, I know you.” She giggled playfully, batting her eyelashes dramatically. “I walked with you once upon a dream.”


Maria sat by Liz’s bed, her mouth hanging open. Here she was, telling her best friend of her genius plan concerning Alex and Isabel and just like that, Liz fell asleep on her. Holding her hands to her hips, Maria’s mouth fell open wider when she heard Liz saying Max’s name. Looking up to the heavens, she shook her head. “Oy vey!”

She tapped her foot impatiently on the ground, listening to Liz’s end of the conversation. She laughed out loud when she heard Liz quote Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. How fitting, she thought amusedly. Leaning forward, she gently shook Liz’s shoulder with a soft laugh. “Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!”


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Part 31F


Max jolted awake the minute Liz awoke from the dream. He looked around his surroundings, trying to figure out where he was exactly. His dream had felt so real, so tangible that he was sure that he would wake up with Liz beside him, her adorable grin on her face, her eyes teasing.

Phillip reached forward, his hand on Max's shoulder reassuring. The grin on his lips was unmistakable, the light in his eyes bright.

"Good dream, son?"

The heat in Max's cheeks threatened to burn him alive. He wished a hole would open up and swallow him. His eyes refused to meet his parents’, wondering exactly how much he had embarrassed himself.

“So how bad are we talking here?” He cleared his throat, his hand scratching his neck uneasily.

Phillip’s boisterous laugh caused the other patrons to look in their direction.

“Enough to know that Liz must be something special that you’re nodding off in the middle of a conversation with your mother and I.” He winked to make Max feel more at ease, but succeeded in embarrassing his son more.

Daaad,” Max moaned pitifully, hoping his father would take it easy on him. He wasn’t used to all of this attention and quite frankly it was a little unnerving. It was one thing to let his parents see a little more of the real him a piece at a time, but it was like he was stripped naked for all eyes to see. It was going to take some getting used to.

“Alright, alright,” Phillip chuckled. He couldn’t help but be tickled that he was witnessing a side of his son that he never knew ever existed. Max had been so closed off for so long that he was beginning to lose hope that he would ever see Max other than a quite and reserved young man. He had to admit, he was liking the idea of moving to Roswell more by the minute. It was like his son had done a 180 in the short time that they had been separated. Which served to make him wonder how his daughter was faring off. Had she changed as much as Max had?


Isabel shifted on the couch uncomfortably, wishing and hoping that Alex would look her way. But he was so immersed in watching television that she suddenly felt ridiculous. She didn’t know who she was kidding. She didn’t have a chance with him. She wasn’t his type and she would just have to live with that. No master plan would ever get them together. He was too good for her.

Alex crossed his arms, pretending to watch the screen but having a difficult time of it. He found himself watching Isabel out of the corners of his eyes and he cursed himself for being so weak. He had wrestled with himself internally, telling himself not to pine for her. And he wasn’t, not really. No matter how good she looked, or how nice she was, she had made it more than clear that she just saw him as a friend.

He slumped lower in his seat, wondering how in the hell Kyle could just be a “[I[girlfriend”. But then it was so much easier for his friend. Kyle wasn’t interested in either Maria or Liz. He on the other hand felt like he was in a torture chamber. It was like having a treat dangled tantalizingly in his face, only to have it ripped away when he deluded himself into thinking that he was actually going to get the treat. His life sucked in a major way.


Kyle made a motion with his hands to keep Michael’s voice down, in turn receiving the opposite effect.

Michael copied Kyle’s gesture, his face thick with sarcasm. “Dude, this....” He over exaggerated his actions. “Is something a librarian would do.” He sat back, eyeing his friend closely. “Maybe you should start hanging out with the girls less and start hanging out with the men.” He huffed his chest in mock bravado.

Rolling his eyes, Kyle snickered. “If hanging out with the guys involves holding hands with said men, then I think I’ll pass.”

“For the LAST time. Max was the one holding my hand!” Michael gritted his teeth, but Kyle only laughed.

“Sure, tiger.” He winked, doubling over with laughter as his eyes brimmed over with tears. He could actually picture steam escaping Michael’s ears. “Whatever you say, big guy.”

Sulking, Michael crossed his arms over his chest. He didn’t like where this conversation had gone. He hoped to turn it around somehow. “Anyways, you were saying about Maria?”

Kyle pat his friend’s shoulder soothingly. “Smooth. But don’t think I’m going to forget that easily.” He opened up his shirt pocket, pretending to put something inside it before closing it securely. He smiled wickedly. “I’m keeping this one for a rainy day.”



Liz rubbed her sleepy eyes, trying to keep herself awake. She didn’t want to be here right now. Where she really wanted to be was with Max. She sighed just thinking about him. She had just shared a dream with him, yet she was craving his touch, his voice, his smell.

“Don’t Maria me.”

Maria’s eyes were narrowed playfully.

“You spend one night with Max, and suddenly I’m not good enough for you to stay awake for?”

Liz blushed at Maria’s words. She knew that her best friend had meant nothing by it, but it didn’t stop a few naughty images from playing around in her mind.

Grabbing a pillow, Maria clonked Liz on the head, wiping away her friend’s cheeky grin.

“You HOOCHIE!” She laughed.

Liz ducked when Maria tried to hit her again.

“Look who’s talking.” She held the back of her hand against her forehead in dramatic fashion. “Oh Michael, I hate you. No wait, I looove you.” She giggled to herself, loving the stunned look on her friend’s face.

“Ooo, girl you’ve got it coming now!”

Maria jumped over the bed to attack Liz before they fell into a fit of giggles. After their laughter died down a little, Maria lay against the bed, trying to catch her breath.

“As I was saying, your brother and Isabel need to hook up.” She shook her head in disgust that they couldn’t just open their eyes and admit they had it bad for each other. “Why they don’t just drop all of the pretending and just get together is beyond me.”

Liz tried not to roll her eyes. She loved Maria like a sister, but sometimes Maria was so oblivious.

“Maybe you should start listening to some of your own advice.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

The question was rhetorical, but Liz answered with a question of her own.

“Do you really want me to spell it out for you?”

Maria’s playful demeanor disappeared the minute Liz had said the magical words. While they joked and joked about her non relationship with Michael, being serious about the subject was off limits.

“I don’t want to talk about it Liz.” She felt the need to say more when Liz just looked at her. “Michael and I are like different species.” She threw her hands up in the air. “We may as well be from different planets.” She sighed. “We have our moments, but that’s all there is.”

Liz nodded, not wanting to push the subject. While it was all and good that Maria wanted to play matchmaker, maybe it was time that someone did it for her.


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Part 31G


“So spill.” Michael untied his apron, making himself more comfortable on the vinyl seats at the counter.

Kyle swallowed hard when Michael took off his bandana, meaning only one thing. His friend was planning on staying a long while. Long enough to find out Maria’s latest scheme. He tried to be nonchalant, hoping the ribbing he had given Michael would have made him forget about the situation at hand.

“Aren’t you gonna go back to the kitchen?” He cringed when he heard his voice catch. Hanging out with Liz was not helping him in the lying department. The girl was too honest and sincere for her own good that she ended up rubbing off on everyone else. These days, he couldn’t pull of a lie if his life depended on it.

Michael gave him a smug smile. “I’m on my break.” He rest his chin on his open palm, indicating that he had all the time in the world. “In fact, Jose just came in to cover me. So, buddy, old pal. We‘ve got plenty of time for you to tell me what Roswell’s spunkiest woman has up her sleeve.”

Trying to hide a smile behind his hand, Kyle made a mental note to tell Maria about Michael referring to her as such. Maybe it would score him some brownie points. Enough so that he could weasel Vickie Delanie’s phone number from her.

“So what do you want to know?”


“So,” Isabel’s voice faltered when Alex turned his attention on her. She felt stupid now for even trying to start up a conversation. But she couldn’t just sit there like a dumb mute. “Uh, what are you watching?”

Alex shrugged his shoulders, playing it as casual as he could. In truth he had been staring at the screen intently, but his mind was elsewhere. He couldn’t tell her what was on the television screen anymore than he could predict the future.

“Nothing, really. I’m just trying to pass the time.” He gave her a goofy grin despite his earlier resolve. As much as he wanted to put up a front, he couldn’t be an asshole. Especially not to someone as nice as Isabel. She wanted to be friends. He could do that. Or at least he would try. She was related to one of his best friends. He couldn’t disrespect Michael like that.

“That’s the price you pay for living in Roswell.”

Feeling relief wash through her like a soothing balm, Isabel breathed soundly. She had been so afraid that she had done or said something to make Alex uncomfortable around her. She knew her instincts about him being one of the nice guys wasn’t wrong. She just wished that he would see her as more than that, because she didn’t just want Alex Parker as a friend. She wanted to have a real relationship with him. Not something just based on looks. While she had to admit that she was insanely attracted to his charming, boyish good looks, she knew deep down inside her heart that he was special. And if it took them awhile to develop that kind of relationship, she wasn’t going to complain. Seeing her brother with the girl from his dreams (literally) she couldn’t help but envy their relationship. She knew that even though they were together as a couple, they were friends first and foremost. She longed for that kind of connection. Looking into Alex’s smiling eyes, she wanted that connection with him.

All of her life, she had kept her true self hidden away. She had lived a facade, but she wanted to end all of that.


Enjoying the easy company that three of them shared, Diane smiled a big smile. The picture of Max and Phillip exchanging teasing jokes was something she thought she would never experience. The only thing that could make this scene any better was if Isabel was with them.

Jumping in with both feet, she tried to take advantage of the new Max. He had kept himself hidden from them for so long that she wanted to get to know him if this change was only temporary. But her “motherly” instincts was telling her that this was a permanent change. The way he smiled, she could actually see the pointy teeth he had in the back. In all of the years that she raised him, she wouldn’t have guessed he had so many teeth.

“So, are you going to tell us more about your lady friend?”

Max choked on a tortilla chip, still adjusting to opening up to his parents. Liz was so amazing that he could talk on and on about her to everyone and anyone that would listen, that hearing the excited tone in his mother’s voice only made his heart lighter. He smiled at his mom warmly, reaching out to grasp her hand that was lying on the flat surface of the table.

“Liz is great, but she can’t take your place,” he finished sweetly.

Phillip smiled behind his napkin, winking at his son discreetly. He never would’ve figured Max to be so suave with the ladies.

Diane squeezed her son’s hand. “That’s good to know. But really, I’d like to know more about this girl that’s got you smiling like a million bucks.”

Unaware that he was doing it, Max sighed dreamily. “She’s just the greatest person. She understands me in a way that I don’t think anyone else has before.”

Both Diane and Phillip stopped chewing, each sharing a pointed look at their son’s admission. They stayed quiet, intent on hearing more.

“I never really thought that anyone knew what it was like to be me other than Isabel, but with Liz, she just gets me. We have so much in common.”

Unable to keep quiet, Phillip regarded Max with a questioning look. “She’s adopted too?”

Max’s eyes focused again after hearing his father’s voice. “No, that’s not what I meant.” When his parents offered him a curious look, he elaborated as best he could without frightening them. He didn’t want them to think Liz was a freak like himself. “Liz, is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. She’s kind, she’s caring. She’s smart.” He smiled a little sheepishly, knowing that he could sit here and babble about Liz’s many wonderful qualities if he was allowed the opportunity. Stopping himself from sounding like a blabbering idiot, he tried to find a way to tell them that Liz wasn’t like any other girl.

“Did you guys find it weird that you found Iz and me on the side of the road that night?”

Taken aback by his sudden question, Diane reached forward to touch her son’s cheek. She had no idea what had spurred on his sudden question, but she knew that her answer was like a life or death situation for Max. Whatever her answer was going to be, was somehow going to have a direct impact on what it was he was contemplating of sharing with Phillip and herself.

“Max, when your father and I saw you and your sister on the side of the road all those years ago, words couldn’t describe how angry I was. How utterly disgusted I was.”

Max’s face turned pale, his expression uneasy as if he was getting ready to flee at any second. But Diane wasn’t finished. Every word she was saying was true. Up until this moment, neither Max or Isabel had asked questions about that night, or even mention anything about the life they had before they had come into their lives. She knew that the incident leading up to their abandonment had been traumatic, otherwise they would have remembered something. But the fact was, they didn’t. It was almost as if the two of them had been born that night in the bodies of six year olds. She wanted Max to understand her feelings.

“I was sick to my stomach that someone would leave two six year olds to fend for themselves in the middle of the desert.” Her voice caught in her throat as she continued. “I can only imagine what kind of monsters would do that to innocent children.”

Max felt tears well up in his eyes at his mother’s words. He could tell by her heartfelt speech that she did love him and Isabel. He wondered how she would really feel if she found out that he and Isabel were the monsters.

“Your father and I love you and your sister like you were born to us. Nothing is ever going to change that. Nothing.”

Wiping away the mist in his eyes, Max shook his head. This conversation was hitting a sore spot for him and he didn’t think he could take anymore before becoming physically ill. While Liz knew what he was and accepted him with open arms, he wasn’t so sure that anyone else would be so understanding. Liz was special and not just because she was different. His secret was going to have to stay just that. A secret. He was only beginning to know his parents like he had always hoped he would. He didn’t want to mess that up now.