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Title: Between you and I. Credit to Talena for coming up with wonderful title.
Author: BabyBunny
Category: M/L and others
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Rating: Um. No idea as of yet. I’m guessing R-ish.
Summery: Response to Talenas challenge. I hate giving away the storyline so if your dying, check out the challenge thread. *hint*-Max, Liz and a baby.
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Between you and I


Liz. Diary.

It hurts to open my eyes. It hurts to speak. It hurts to think. It just hurts so bad and I don’t know how to make it go away. I can’t even begin to write down the pain that I’m feeling. You always hear stories about poor women who are cheated on through circumstances, there’s always that sense of sadness, pity, but you never know the full extent of the inner pain until it happens to you, and yes it happened to me.

I walked in today to see my fiancée with another woman.

Others say they saw it coming, that Sean never treated me right. That I could do so much better then him. But I guess I was blinded by love, because whenever I fall. I fall hard. Mother’s words continue to ring in my ears. Why are you doing this Elizabeth? Why are you giving up going to Harvard, your career, your life? I always told her she was being silly, that I loved Sean and it would work out. I thought love was all I needed . . .But now I realise how right she was and how blind I was And I realise, no matter how much I try I can’t turn back time and change the past.

When I saw them together. I felt paralysed. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. How could he do this to me? In our flat, on our couch, when we were getting married next week. I had left everything for him. My family, my aspirations, my future. All because I loved him.

At first I couldn’t believe it. That Sean would do something like this to me. It was a shock to each and every sense. Then I felt so lonely and utterly afraid stood there in my own living room, because all of a sudden it occurred to me that it was over. That this relationship wasn’t going to last forever. It was as if I had been tossed to shore with nowhere to go. The most painful thing other then my torn heart was my broken dream. Our cottage house by the river, our terrier dog called Spot and two children that we’d love more then life was shattered to pieces and buried deep into the ground.

As I stood rooted to the spot with tears in my eyes, I vowed that I would no longer wear my heart on my sleeve, that I was going to be my own woman, live for myself and as for men-I didn’t think I’d trust one ever again.

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Between you and I

Chapter 1

5 years later

The office building was quiet and Liz sat comfortably, looking through the articles that would be in production as a magazine Divine Visions by tomorrow. She thumbed through all the features one by one, pasting bits, crossing parts out. She looked at the silver clock on the opposite wall and back down at her work. There was so much to do.

Though . . . she didn’t mind the late hours or the pressure of being Divine Visions editor, the magazine was something she enjoyed and overworking herself came part of the package. It didn't leave time for much else, which meant less thinking about the past. That worked for her.

The phone rang and Liz automatically picked it up on the second ring, continuing to shuffle through her work. “Hmm?” she rubbed her tired eyes.

“Miss Parker, there’s a Ms Guerin on the line” the voice of Julia, her secretary rang clearly in her ears.

“Yep, put her through”

There was a small noise and the instant high pitched, overexcited voice of her half brothers wife. “Liz Parker!”

“Maria Guerin—how is my dear sister in law doing?”

“Absolutely stupendous” came the reply, “and how is chief editor of Divine visions doing? Not overworking herself again I hope?”

“Of course not” Liz tried to stifle a yawn, but it came out louder then expected.

There was a haughty laugh from the other end, “Seriously Liz, do you ever not work? This time I didn’t even bother trying your apartment, I just knew you’d be at the office and big surprise here you were”

“I have to get this editorial finished by tomorrow,” Liz answered thumbing through her papers. Everything had to be perfect, and anyway, most people tried her office first. It was like her second home. “How’s little Marcus?” Liz smiled in remembrance of her little nephew born just a few weeks ago, weighing just over six pounds. Her heart had melted at the elation on her half brothers face when he had arrived and opened his large eyes and looked straight up at them for the first time. Michael hardly ever got emotional, and that night his voice had broken when he spoke. She remembered back with a little pang in her heart. Marcus was perfection itself.

“He’s fine” Maria’s voice softened, “absolutely fine, hey you want to talk to him? I’m holding him right now”

“Yeah” Liz nodded her head.

Maria held the receiver to the baby and Liz heard, rapid breathing little gurgling sounds on the other end. “Hello sweetie you there?. . This is Aunt Lizzie honey” she couldn’t wait until he was older, she was looking forward to the whole being an aunty part. Taking him out, playing with him and spoiling him to death.

“ He’s blowing bubbles at you!” Maria yelled. Liz could feel the other woman’s excitement speaking lengths even though she wasn’t there “Speaking of Marcus—there’s a little something that I need to talk to you about”

“What?” Liz sat up straight in her office seat. Paying full attention now.

“Ohh I’m too excited” she squealed “let your brother tell you” there was a shuffling on the other end and Liz could hear Maria calling out to Michael.


“Hey Michael”


“There was something you needed to tell me?” she questioned

“Yeah I don’t know why Maria couldn’t have told you,” he said distractedly, “we’re moving into the apartment across from you next week”

“Really? Wow that’s great!”

“Thought you might like that”

“I’d love that” Six years alone had been a pretty lonely struggle and she couldn’t think of anyone better then to live across from her.

She could hear Maria saying something else but couldn’t quite catch it “ Yeah Jesus im getting there …wait…” another shuffle. “And um…there’s something else” Michael continued as prompted.


“Maria and I talked about this before Marcus arrived— and we’d like it if you’d be his god mother”

Liz opened her mouth then shut it again, “Me?”

“Uh huh”

She wasn’t sure how to react, “I’m not sure what to say…”

“Yes might be a good start”

“Of course—yes . . .” Liz’s heart was almost bursting with joy “thank you Michael! I’d love that” happiness coursed through her veins. She had been looking forward to them moving to New York for ages and being Marcus’s godmother was another bonus. A great one.

“Nah—don’t thank me. It was a choice between pick you or become slaughter house meat”

“Too right” she laughed.

There was a pause. “Is there anything else Liz? I’m missing soccer here”

“Nope Michael. . And thank you again”

“Don’t mention . . .damn you ass, you could have gotten that goal!” Liz heard him yell at the TV. Before silence reverberated through her ears once again.

Slowly putting the receiver back on its stand, she looked down at the papers and began shuffling through them once again, only this time she couldn’t concentrate no matter how hard she tried. Marcus’s beautiful face and the look on Michael and Maria’s faces when he was born kept playing through her head repeatedly. It made her feel hollow inside, almost unfulfilled.

Groaning she pushed her work to the edge of the desk. They’d just have to stretch the deadline a bit longer.


Sighing tiredly, Liz pushed open the door of her apartment, to hear jazz music playing in the background along with the heated aroma of cooking food.

A head appeared from the kitchen, it was none other then best pal and loyal confidant Alex. He leant his slim profile against her the doorframe and continued to wipe at his fingers with the tea towel “Parker—late shift again, I knew you’d mess up and forget our dinner date”

Liz screwed her eyes, “dinner date?” she threw her purse on the couch and shuffled off her stilettos as she walked past Alex into the steam filled kitchen, “What dinner date? --Woaah . . . I do want a kitchen after you’ve finished!” she began coughing and waving her hand in front of her face, trying to get rid of that searing smell that hit her nostrils, she reached for a window to pull it open. What the hell was going on?

Alex looked at her awkwardly and walked over to the cooking pot, reaching for the pot lid that was steaming at the sides “I’m not making any promises Parker- oh shi—“ the burning hot lid fell to the floor. “Jesus Christ” he shook at his burning fingers before sticking them in his mouth. “Is spinach soup meant to look like this?” he mumbled, looking pointedly into the pot and then shifting his head to the side as if studying something in a lab.

Liz cautiously peered over the pot before taking an instant step backward, as a stringent smell hit her nostrils, “no idea, but its definitely not meant to smell like that” she pulled a face and took another five steps back.

“Oh Jesus” Alex hung his head in defeat, “holy mother, looks like we’re banished to be stuck in an obsolete never changing routine, which spirals down and down in some never ending sphere”

Liz raised an eyebrow and she walked over and turned the cooker off, before the smell got any worse “Yeah it would be useful if either one of us could cook—I gave up ages back, I’m glad you’ve still got the spirit” she grinned and patted him on the back “I’ll get the ice-cream,”

“I’ll get the wine—“ Alex sighed, “what are we watching?”

Liz looked up from the freezer, “the usual”

Alex defeatedly pulled out a copy of Gone with the wind, Titanic and a few other tragic romances. When was god going to have mercy on him, so he could break out of this never ending routine of watching the same girly movies, eating the same thing and mourning over the same person day after day?

“Don’t like spinach anyway” he grumbled.

“Nor me” she replied.


4 hours later, various tubs of ice cream, bags of popcorns, bottles of alcohol and tissues sat around The Parker living room floor.

Alex sniffed into his tissue and Liz giggled and stretching out a kicking his side, “You wuss”. It was like a ritual. It happened all the time, they’d watch disaster romance movies and cry. It was relief, somehow watching their pain, made their own easier.

Alex pushed her away and crawled over to the nearest bottle of red wine and downed the contents, “Jesus Parker, what am I doing here, with you, at this point in my life?”

Liz twirled her hour around on her finger, “Thanks a lot Alex”

‘You know what I mean” he groaned and lay flat across the floor.

“Yeah” Liz crawled over and lay down next to him, “You should be with that busty, blond, beach babe, that fantasy dream walks you every night”

“Uh huh” he groaned. “Where is she? My fantasy woman?”

Liz sighed at the rhetorical question. “Right here”

Alex pulled a face, “You still on for marrying me if I don’t get a date by age 40?”

“I’d marry you right now—I’m just waiting for a proposal” Liz burped and then giggled at herself, suddenly realising how drunk she was.

Alex rolled his eyes and flipped over so he was lying on his stomach. “Utterly disgusting”

Liz giggled again and whacked him across the arm before taking her place next to him again. They both lay in comfortable, companiable silence, just staring at the white swirl patterns on the ceiling.



“Say if Jack had never died, do you think they’d grow old together, make loadsa of babies and live happily ever after, like forever?”

They turned to look at one another, unspoken feeling going through both, before speaking at the same time “Nah”

”That doesn’t happen in real life stupid…” Alex shook his head and scrambled up “want more ice-cream?”

Liz shook her head and curled over to the side, “I’ll hurl”

“You’re going to do that anyway” Alex looked at her pointedly and the empty bottles across her floor.

“Oh okay, Choco Chip”

Alex stumbled into the kitchen then reappeared with a tub and handed her a spoon. Liz took it cautiously and dipped into her favourite tub. She placed a little in her mouth, swallowed and paused until she was absolutely sure she was going to keep it down. Alex grinned and continued to gulp down at a fast pace.

Liz paused and licked her spoon. “Thanks for being my girlfriend Alex” if it wasn’t for him, she sometimes wondered what she’d do. They’d found each other at work and realised that they had much more in common then thought. The last five years had been a struggle for them both and Liz couldn’t be thankful enough for the strength that they had found in one another.

“Since I can’t get one, may as well do what I’m best at” he shrugged his shoulders and continued to devour the ice cream.

“Some people are just destined to be lonely” she sighed and looked down at her spoon, examining its shininess and the way her face came about all contorted, when she looked at her reflection in it.

“Not me” Alex looked up at her defiantly.

Liz giggled all of a sudden. Wondering where all the alcohol had gone, “Oh yeah? Then what are you doing with me every second night of the week, watching the same movies and having the same conversation?”

Alex gave her his serious look, “We’ve been cheated in the past, but it doesn’t mean that we cant start off over again, I for one plan on doing more then, spending rest of my life replaying my bad luck through tragic romance movies— ugh . . . what if someone at work finds out? “

“I won’t tell, I promise”

“Seriously Parker, give it a go” he licked off his spoon and leant back against the couch.

Liz knew where he was taking this, “We’ve been through this,” she moaned.

“Yes and we’ll continue this conversation, until you give in, he’s been dying to date you since he first time he saw you”

Liz grunted and twirled over reaching for the popcorn, “Love at first sight, how beautiful”

“Cut the lame try at sarcasm Parker”

“Rah, rah, rah”

“You’ve got to move ahead, it’s been five freaking years! Look-- give him a chance unless you plan to die a celibate nun, who thrill seeks by flashing by passer-by’s on the highway”

“Oh jeez” Liz rolled her eyes, when was Alex going to give it rest? and then grimaced at the image of a flashing nun flashed in front of her eyes.

Alex grinned. “He’s a law enforcer, a hard working police man, think how fit he’ll be, look . . .just imagine…that body”

Liz shook her head “Sometimes I swear your gay”

“Is that a yes?”

“ . . .May I answer later?”

“Is that a yes?”

Liz rolled her eyes; assuming she didn’t have much choice in the answer. She could tell he wasn’t going to give in, “Christ YES, but only one date . . .you hear?”

“Great I’ll ring Kyle as soon as I’m less drunk”

“Nuns have it easy” she muttered scathingly before burping once again.


After a few a more tubs of ice cream and a lot more alcohol Alex decided on going home because his personal curfew was at 3am. He opened the apartment door and stumbled outside singing ‘Livin Lavida Loca’ at the top of his lungs.

Liz was sure he’d get back on time, to remain true to his self inflicted curfew. After all, his apartment building was only next-door. Unless of course he collapsed before he got there. It had happened before. She found him on the pavement the next morning.

After hurling in the toilet for 15 minutes, Liz lay in her bed, tossing and turning. A coldness settling at the pit of her stomach. She was having second thoughts at that quick decision she had made about Kyle. According to Alex it was time to start going other men a chance, but really what was the point? She was numb, nothing mattered. Nothing excited her since that night on December 24th exactly 5 years, 6months and 2 days ago. Maybe Alex would forget by the time he was ‘less drunk’

She sighed and pulled the cover higher over her head, “Kyle Valenti” the name rolled off her tongue. He seemed like a nice enough guys and had a hand over others, a) he was totally besotted with her and b) He was a policeman. She guessed if she was going to start dating it may as well be a man in uniform. It kinda worked for her.


He pulled off his uniform and climbed into the shower. The water caressed his muscular back, he stood silently, letting shower release the tension from his muscles, he leant back and let the water fall on his hard chest. He closed his eyes feeling the water pinprick his eyes as he turned his head upward so the water from the showerhead fell directly onto his face. Finally he shook his head, the excess water spraying from his hair.

Stepping out, Max wrapped a towel loosely around his lithe thighs and made his way into the bedroom, he noticed his fiancée lying across the bed, wearing a see-through, very tiny nightie

“Tess” he smiled and walked into the walk in cupboard, pulling out a pair of pyjama bottoms. “thought you were asleep” he called out.

Tess slowly clambered off the beds and followed him inside, circling her arms around his torso.

Max jumped slightly at her touch and turned to look at her face, instantly recognising that look, she wanted something and he was pretty sure what it was. “You have to stop creeping up on me like that”

Tess pulled at a blonde ringlet and licked her lips seductively, “I can’t help it” she sighed.

Max grinned and pulled her arms away from his body, walked back into the bedroom and sat down at the edge of the bed. He watched her as she followed him back inside and sat down close to him. She was clearly in huntress mood.

His brushed his hand through his wet hair. Not that she wasn’t attractive he thought as he glanced sideways at those creamy legs, at times she was good company too, it was just that . . .sometimes he felt there was something missing. A certain spark . . .no one else seemed to notice though, especially not his father who had been intent on merging businesses with Mr Harding as far back as he could remember.

He felt a sharp nail claw down his back and he sat up straighter, “honey come to bed” she purred in his ear.

Max turned to look at her, and her blue eyes gazed back at him full of desire. Max wished he could mimic that expression. Her hand moved from his back to the front of his chest, still wet from the shower,her nail trailed down his bare torso and then down between his abs and he watched it trail slowly past his belly button and down further . . .Max grabbed her hand before it got to its desired location. ”Not now Tess, I’m really tired”

Tess pouted and leant back, “Your always tired Max”

“Sorry” he moved away from her and crawled over to his side of the bed, “It was a hard day at the station today”

“Yes . . and that’s why I’ve told you so many times -”

Uh oh. Here it was.

“Work for your father, he does well in the stock market—you could be making so much money, but instead you choose to spend day after day, working as an officer at some stupid station—I really don’t understand”

Max groaned, “I wish you would Tess, its what I like doing . . .I enjoy it. I couldn’t imagine working for my father--I’m more a hands on guy”

Tess pouted again. “Well you sure as hell aren’t acting like it!! And why do we have to go to New York? I like it here”

“We can’t leave with your parents forever, plus I have to move because I’m being transferred to the department over there”

“Ugh. I hate this”

“No ones forcing you to come with me”

“I have to! I’m your fiancée, we’re meant to live together, what will people think?” she screeched. Then she did what Tess did best. Threw a tantrum. Max closed his eyes and tuned out her ranting.

“You work at some filthy department . . .you kept putting the wedding date off . . .my plans are going to rot . . .New York is dirt . . .”


“It feels like we’ve been together for eternity . . .this ring on my finger . . .I’m a shame on the family . . .”

Max zoned out and didn’t even bother saying a word in defence, because he knew she’d cool down in a moment. Tess’s temper never lasted long and he guessed that she couldn’t help her outbursts. After all she was the only child of wealthy, corporate broker, Thomas Harding and she was absolutely spoilt to death.

“I’m going to sleep on the couch” she threatened “and when I get a bad back in the morning you’ll have a grouchy Tess to tend to” Tess glared at him, hoping he’d listen for once.

“Tess!” Max groaned, defeatedly sitting up, “wait”

Tess’s eyes lit up as she turned around, “what Max?” she clambered closer to him and let her hand rest on his thigh.

“I’ll sleep on the couch” he picked up his pillow and climbed off the bed. This wasn’t the first time the sleeping arrangements had ended up this way.

She folded her arms and watched him walk away, an expression of fury across her face.

Max didn’t notice as he closed the door behind him and made his way to the couch. It was almost as large as the bed and just as comfortable.


This was kinda the introduction chapter, trying to get in bits and pieces of the challenge. What do you think? Was it okay?

P-S: Just citing, cuz I’ve realised this isn’t a very Tess friendly board- Max being Tess’s fiancée was part of the challenge . . .so don’t kill me . . .

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Thank you for the feedback everyone! Thank you for reading- I feel so guilty for not updating sooner!

Cinders- Are you sure you haven’t read the challenge? I’m not going to tell you—but yeah. You’re doing quite well at the guesswork!

Between you and I

Chapter 2

2 weeks later.

“Yes you cute little tooty, wooty! Ahh you cute thing, yes, I’m talking to you! yes, you!!” Liz leant gently over baby Marcus and pressed her nose against his button like one, widening her eyes and pulling back slightly to see all emotions mimicked on little babies face. It was weird how they could do that. Copy an adult expression just perfectly. She poked out her tongue and saw him trying to mimic her by doing the same thing.

“Yes…” she bought her hand down to his belly and tickled him. She watched his legs kick that little bit higher before leaning into press a kiss on his soft forehead “Oh you like that don’t you?”

He was so wonderful, she thought with awe. She wanted to pick him up and squeeze the living breath out of him. “Grow up soon sweetie, your Aunty has lots and lots of things planned for you” She couldn’t remember how it had been without him. Marcus had become an enormous part of her life, since Michael and Maria had bought a house across from her, just two weeks ago. She couldn't imagine life without them.

“I wish he’d grow up,” Michael yawned from behind her, holding out the baby’s milk feeder to her. “I haven’t slept for three months”

“Michael! He’s hardly a month old,” Liz grasped the feeder from him and leant over the baby mat, propping on one elbow gently easing it into the baby’s mouth.

“Yeah. Well you didn’t spend the other two months sleeping with a heavily pregnant woman, who had sudden urges to eat grapefruit in the middle of the night”

“Someone talking about me?” Maria walked into the lounge and playfully hit Michael on the back, resting her hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah. You were grouchy during pregnancy” he accused and moved away from her, plonking himself down on the couch.

Maria rested her hands on her hips, “Pregnancies not the only time I’m grouchy Mr. G, believe you me—if you want another dose of my hormones then carry on like you are” she plonked herself down next him.

Michaels features flexed in horror, “Uh.oh. Is the PMS monster about to strike again?”

Maria sighed exaggeratedly, flashing Liz a look. “You really have no clue Guerin”

Liz laughed silently as she continued to hold the bottle to Marcus, “Maria I don’t think he’ll ever have a clue”

“I guess I had my hopes up too high”

“I guess you did”

“HEY!” Michael looked from his wife to his sister, “stop the ganging up. I don’t need this right now. Rugby championship is on,” he reached for the remote and flicked on the TV.

Liz and Maria exchanged another unspoken look. Maria slowly nodded her head, giving Liz the needed signal. Liz nodded back, understanding. It was time.

She waited until Marcus was finished and reached for a baby wipe to wipe off the excess milk on his chin. She slowly sat up leaving Marcus on the baby mat.

“Um—Michael” she began hesitantly. Wondering the best way to tell him about the decision she had made.

“Uh?” Michael answered distractedly. Eyes glued to the TV now.

“There’s something I need to put past you”


“Well . . .” she began slowly, scared on how Michael would react to her confession. “This may sound kind of strange at first . . .in fact it will sound strange. But really, I have my reasons for deciding this and it definitely is something that I want to do”

“Sure” he answered face still glued to the screen.

“I’ve thought about this a lot and since you and Maria moved here, this thought has become more insistent—always at the back of my mind and it’s become something I want to make into reality, very fast”

Michael nodded his head, eyes following the rugby players.

Carefully asessing his reactions, Liz continued. “I’m, uh-- going to . . .have a baby”


There was silence for a few minutes.

Liz looked at Maria helplessly, was that it? Michael—was going to let it all pass that easily?

“WHAT?” the sudden response made Liz jump. “Whose baby? When?”

Here it was. That was more like a Michael reaction- delayed, yet strong. “That’s the thing Michael—“

“Is it that scrawny guy you hang around—is it his?”

“What?” Liz pulled a face, “Alex . . .oh, no! —He’s just a friend”



“Steve, your desk clerk!” he pointed at her, sure he had got it this time.

“Michael if you let me explain—“

“Carlos from the grocery store?”


“Whose is it then?”

“Guerin!” Maria rolled her eyes.

“Are you back with Sean again?” Michael continued to hammer the questions.

Liz gulped when she felt a sudden wave of numbness hit her. “No . . .”

Maria groaned, “Jeez . . .listen to her Michael!”

“What the hell do you think I’m doing?” Michael turned to Liz, “I’m listening”

Liz took in a breath of much needed air, “I’m not pregnant”

“You just said—“

“Listen Michael. I’m not pregnant . . . . Yet”

Michael screwed his eyes; “I’m totally lost here” he looked between the two women, face clouded with confusion.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you—if you let me explain,” Liz bit in, “I’ve decided to get a procedure done—to get pregnant”

Liz waited for it to settle in. Alex had reacted pretty much the same when she had told him. Telling her she was crazy, she couldn’t do something like that, that she had her whole life ahead of her and had no experience with babies. But, she had been adamant. Why couldn’t she have something she had desired for most of her life? Especially now that she felt truly ready. But she had known no matter what she did Alex would support her and he had . . .

“Get it Guerin?” Maria posted her face in front of her husbands “Look—“ she held out her both her hand to demonstrate “Here—male sperm, here—Liz’s egg” she bought both hands together, “baby!”

Michael glared at Maria, “thanks for enlightening me”. He turned back to Liz, “So your going to have some random guys baby?”

Liz groaned, “its not some random guys baby—“

“It is”

“Michael” Maria interrupted, “There’s this whole profile thing on the man, lots of information, hair colour, eye colour, background. Liz can choose what kind of father she wants, without having to deal with the hassle of knowing him. If you think about it, the idea absolutely rocks”

“Right,” Michael sat up stiffly, “and how does reading a profile, not make it some random guys baby?”

Liz groaned, “Jeez Michael you make up for mum and Dad not being here times two"

“Well someone has to talk sense into this family,” Michael looked between the two girls and shook his head. “This is a stupid idea”

Liz sighed, “Jesus Michael! I don’t care. I’ve thought about this and want to do this more then you’ll ever know. I’ve made up my mind. I’m having this done. I’m having a baby . . . okay?”

Just then Marcus started crying. Liz looked down at him with the usual pang of longing in her heart.

Michael shook his head in defeat. Still not happy with the idea, “Whatever Liz. Fine”

“Fine” Liz walked out of the lounge and into her bedroom.

Michael didn’t understand. Its not like she’d come up with the idea over night. This was something she’d planned for ages. She’d always wanted a family, even if it wasn’t working out the way she had planned originally, she was still going to have one. Michael would come around. He’d have to.

Maria watched Liz storm off and clapped her hands together, “Well that’s that then!” She rose from the couch to calm her crying baby.

Michael grumbled something inaudible and turned back to the TV. Well it was her life—even though he didn’t agree, he couldn’t stop her.

What a stupid idea.


Liz glanced through the menu again and tilted her head, looking at the vast array of foods and different dishes, wondering what to try.

Kyle had picked her up at eight and he had bought her to a highly regarded French cuisine restaurant. Liz felt rather under dressed in her jeans and tank top, whilst Kyle sat opposite her, looking rather cute in his formal dinner suit. She was feeling the awkwardness of the first date, especially since she hadn’t done this in ages.

She looked at him from the corner side of her menu, to see him staring right back at her. Caught off guard she looked away, then slowly bought the menu down to rest on the table.

“I’m sorry Kyle—I feel so incredibly under-dressed” she looked down at herself, “I had no idea you were going to take me somewhere so expensive”

“Liz,” Kyle leant forward reaching across the table for her hand, “You look great . . .really, this place is my favourite and . . . I always take my favourite people to favourite places”

Liz looked down at her hand, which was now covered with Kyle’s and back down at the menu. Favourite person?

She cleared her throat and unsuccessfully tried to read the menu.

“Um excuse me, I need the ladies room,” Kyle nodded and pulling her hand from under his, she made a rush for the bathroom.

She made her way into the nearest cubicle and took a deep breath. Kyle was such a sweet guy, maybe at some point she could feel something for him too . . .but right now, she was feeling a little overwhelmed.

Calm down Liz. She muttered to herself. This is Kyle. Kyle Valenti. You’ve known him for months now—stop acting like some nervous teenager.

Giving herself a mental shake, she walked out of the cubicle and straightened out her long hair, as she turned around she collided head on with a blonde girl.

“Hey watch out—“ the girl began, but then her eyes met with Liz’s and a smile appeared on her full lips “Hey I know you!”

Liz looked at the tall blonde and smiled, “You do?”

“Yeah—Divine Visions editor, Elizabeth Parker—right?”

“You got it in one,” Liz gave the girl a warm smile. This wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, people often recognised her. Especially avid readers of the magazine.

“I’m Isabel Evans” the girl raised her hand and Liz took it to shake. “Just moved to New York—“

“Really?” Liz asked, “What do you do?”

“Well I’m a hopeful model, there are a lot more opportunities in NY so I’ve moved in with my brother and his fiancée who just moved here a few days back”

“Oh—a model?” Liz looked her up and down, spotting talent when she saw it. “Your brother in the same business?”

“Oh no—“ Isabel’s eyes widened and she shook her head, “he’s just been transferred to the Middleton Police station”

“I know Middleton, yes" That was where Kyle worked.

“Uh huh.” The girl smiled widely “I absolutely love your magazine—hip, yet original at the same time”

“I’m glad” Liz smiled, “I have a great team”

“Well—“ Isabel smiled largely again, “I better be getting back- it was nice meeting you Liz!”

“You too Isabel --You should give us a call sometime,” Liz reached for the back pocket of her jeans. Looking for a card. This girl definitely had potential and she knew that the magazine was searching for a model. This girl would even make a great cover model.

Phaffing around in the back pocket of her jeans she realised she had no card. “Um . . .” she looked around for a pen.

“Oh!” Isabel’s eyes twinkled and she reached for a pen in her handbag. Disappointed she shook her head. “Oh wait--I know someone that'll have one”

Liz looked at her confused. “My brother, he’s just out there—excuse me a moment” Isabel went off in a rush and Liz slowly followed her. She saw her walk past a few tables and saw her lean down and talk to the back of a dark head. In return saw him nod and pass her a pen.

Curiously she moved forward. She couldn’t help but wonder what Isabels brother would look like if his sister looked like that. She took another two steps forward and found herself two tables behind him, when she felt a sharp tap on her shoulder.


“Hey Liz—you okay?” he looked at her with concern in his eyes.

“Oh I’m fine” Liz smiled guilty, “I was just—“

Isabel reappeared with a pen in her hand, “Pen”

Liz wrote down her number on the napkin and handed it to her, “Give me call, I’m sure we can help you in some way”

“Of course—Thankyou Liz,” Isabel smiled greatfully and Liz watched her walk back to the table with the dark haired man.

Turning back to Kyle she began to speak, “I was just—“

“Giving out your number?”

“Uh huh. I’m a popular girl”

“I can tell” Kyle rapped. “So will popular girl be willing to give me the time of day so we can eat our ordered food?”

Liz nodded her head and followed him to the table. “Well since you’ve said it so nicely—I can’t say no can I?”


Max picked up the menu and looked at it distastefully as Isabel rushed back with a big smile plastered on her face.

“Looks like I’ve gotten my big break”

“Really?” he asked, putting the menu down. “So which guy have you talked into giving you a chance this time?” he asked curiously. He was always curious about Isabel’s dates. She hadn’t dated the best of men in his opinion.

“Hey” Isabel raised her eyebrows, “stop looking at me like that. It wasn’t a guy; in fact it Divine Visions editor. Liz Parker . . .”

“Liz Parker?” Max tilted his head. The name struck a chord but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“Uh huh. Major fashion magazine. Divine Visions. Come on, you must have read Tess’s copies. You used to peek into my magazines all the time!”

“Did not” Max denied.

“Did too—don't think I've forgotten those secret glances at the problem pages. Trying to figure out the inner workings of women"

Max shook his head, “Women are way too complex to be understood by any magazine”

“Ahh yes, Mr Simpleton—your quite right there, women in actual fact don’t let it all hang out, unlike men . . .”

Max cleared his throat, deciding to change the subject. “So this Liz Parker—what is she like? Tess would have loved to meet her”

“Well” Isabel began critically assessing the other girl. “She’s pretty, she’s friendly, but the clothes sense a big no, no—way to casual for a place like this and oh . . .she’s with a guy” Isabel casually tapped her fingers on the table “ I always thought she was a lesbian”

“Lesbian?” Max swerved his head, to look where Isabel’s eyes were looking. His eyes diverted past tables of people and somewhere amongst them he noticed a glimmer of dark, shiny, hair. Which was soon hidden by a waiter standing in the way. “Why a lesbian?”

Isabel shrugged her shoulders. “Never really seen her with a guy”

Max shook his head. “Just because she isn’t seen with a guy doesn’t make her into females”

“Yeah, well you never know—“ she was cut off by the waiter who asked for her order. After politely ordering nearly everything on the menu. Isabel casually turned her attention back to her brother.

“So will Tess by accompanying you to that dinner at your friends, tommorrow evening?"

I suppose” Max nodded his head, “though she did seem to be feeling quite down today, hope she can make it”

“Hmm” Isabel commented. “You do realise the real reason she was feeling down, right?”


“She went for a little visit to see her mother today”

“Oh god” Max ran his hand through his hair. Not Mrs. Harding. Tess always seemed to have a 180-degree personality transfer after she had been to visit her mother.

“Yes” Isabel looked right at him with her shining brown eyes, “Her mothers pressuring her to pressure you—so expect a little pressure when you get home”

Max shook his head and continued to stare down at the menu.

“I don’t get why you don’t set a date and get it over and done with, she’s a totally in love with you and you obviously want to be with her since you’ve been together for—god . . .like years” she pulled a face which resembled someone wincing in pain. Isabel couldn’t imagine dating a guy for more then a few months. In fact her track record was three. Three whole months of huge arguments, slagging off and smelly socks. It wouldn't be happening again any time soon.

Max continued to stare down at his menu.

“Max—Earth to Max . . .”

Max threw her a ‘drop it’ look. “Isabel not right now”

Isabel sighed and rolled her eyes. “How did I know you were going to say that?”


“So I once had this guys hold a gun to my head,” Kyle continued. “It was the most shit in your pants type moment- ever”

Liz’s eyes widened as she chewed on her food. “Wow, thats pretty full on”

Kyle nodded his head. “Something like that— he was some psycho child stalker but we have a great unit and thanks to them I'm still here"

"And I'm glad"

"Gee, I really thought that was the last day of my life”

“Wow” Liz repeated. “Nothing like that happens at my workplace—the only time I’ve been hurt is the paper cuts from shuffling through the written hand ins”

Kyle grinned. “Those can be pretty painful you know”

Liz sighed belatedly. “Tell me about it!”

Kyle’s grin widened and he reached for her hand. Playfully Liz pulled it back, but he keep a firm grasp on it. “Kyle!” Liz playfully hit him with other hand. “What are you doing?”

He bought his hand closer to him and opened up her palm. “Let me see”

“What are you doing?” Liz shrieked, trying to pull her hand back but continually kept steady by Kyle’s firm grip.

“My grandma was quite clairvoyant you know"

Liz stopped struggling and leant forward, “oh yeah?” She found the stuff quite fascinating. “Are you trying to tell me you have the gift too, Mr Valenti?”

Kyle raised his blue eyes to meet her. “Yes I have many, many gifts”

Liz laughed off his comment and, held out her palm wide. “Well then Kyle—tell me my fortune, what does the future hold for me?”

“Hmm” he peered into her hand a look of concentration on his face. “One things very, very, clear”

Liz tilted her head, “and what would that be?”

“Love is on the horizon—a dark haired, extremely handsome stranger is going to sweep you off your feet”

Liz raised her eyebrows. “ I hope this guys going to make an appearance soon. Looks like he’s worth waiting for” she winked at him playfully and pulled her hand away.

Kyle sighed. “Well it was worth a try . . .”

“Keep trying Kyle—you might actually get lucky some time”

Kyle’s eyes seemed to brighten in surprise. “Lucky?”

Liz blushed, when she replayed what she had just said. Did she just give him the come on? “Kyle—you are such a guy! I thought you were different,” she pouted playfully.

“Hey, I’m a guy and proud” he put his hand on his chest, “and I swear I’ll continue to honour being a guy throughout the rest of my guy life till the end of life”

Liz shook her head and fingered her food.

Kyle sighed exaggeratedly, silently peering at the menu again. “You on for some coffee?”

“Well as you’re offering . . .”

“At my place or yours?”

Liz’s mouth fell open as she scrunched up the napkin and threw it at him.


The car pulled outside Green-Leave Apartments and Liz looked over at Kyle, who’s profile was highlighted from the street lamp behind her. “Thank you Kyle—for the great time” Even though her nerves had been jangling incredulously. Kyle was pretty easy company, fun and very easy to get along with.

“No. Thank you” Kyle smiled sincerely. ““I was beginning to think at one point that this date would never happen again , I’m glad you finally decided to fit me into your busy schedule”

“Oh—that’s okay” Liz replied, “there were a lot of cancellations this week—my secretary managed to slot you in, you should really be thanking her” she grinned playfully and reached for the door handle. “Well I guess I’ll see you some—“

Kyle was already out already and in a gentlemanly way he opened the car door her. “I’ll walk you up to your apartment”

Liz stepped outside and stood facing him. “Oh no, you really don’t have to-”

“No Liz, its fine—I must fulfil my manly duties”

Liz sighed; as they began they began walking across the sidewalk and up the stairs that would lead them to the apartment receptions.

She turned to face him as they stood outside the door. “Thank you Mr caveman. I think I can take it from here”

“Not a problem. This is what I do. Its my job to keep people safe” he rubbed his hand together trying to keep out the biting air that was hitting them both now.

Liz nodded her head, knowing that he was waiting for something. “Well I would invite you in—but—“

“Aah” Kyle nodded his head in understanding. “But, there’s always one of those”

“I have so much to do. The whole magazine needs a thorough look through before it goes into printing tomorrow” She answered truthfully, and plus she never invited guys in after that first day. It was against her rules.

“Not a problem, not a problem” Kyle nodded his head. “I’ll see you Liz”. He leant in and pecked her on the cheek and Liz smiled up into his warm blue eyes.

“Bye” She watched him retreat the steps with a bounce in his step. Turning around she reached for her key.


“Kyle?” she turned to look at him through the half open door.

“I forgot to ask you—are you doing anything tomorrow evening?”

Before Liz could think she found herself shaking her head. “No”

“How abput you come with me to the balloon fiesta?”

“Um” Liz bit her lip. But then she saw the enthusiastic little boy expression Kyle’s face and couldn’t help but nod her head. “Sure- why not?”

Kyle scrunched up his hand in a fist and punched thin air. “Great. See you tomorrow”

“Yeah. Great” she muttered to herself. Waving him off as he drove off. Hoping that she hadn't chewn off more then she could bite.


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Between you and I

Chapter 3

Liz watched Michael skitter around the kitchen, with an amused expression on her face.

“Shit. Christ” Michael spat frantically, “Where’s the freakin . . . no that’s not it”

He jumped when another timer went off and he looked frantically around the kitchen for the appropriate thing to do.

Liz casually pointed at the oven, “the chicken”

“Oh” Michael looked at the oven and then at the amused expression on his sisters face “Your enjoying this aren’t you?” he glowered.

Liz grinned cheekily and nodded her head, “You were asking for it Michael, you really were”

“Well she said I ‘couldn’t’ do anything apart from sit with my ass plastered to the couch, I wanted to prove her wrong” he spat out and then tumbled around the kitchen trying to look for oven gloves.

“Good job Michael. Really.”

Michael hissed. “Shut up sis. Just shut up”

Liz raised her eyebrows, “hope this friend of yours is in to burnt dinner”

“Well he did eat enough of them back at college”

Liz tried to suppress a laugh as the timer went off again. Indicating that something else was cooked, ready to start, cut or put in. The only thing was trying to figure out what it was.

Michael was bearing the brunt of another Michael/ Maria bicker session. Which had resulted in Maria outright refusing to cook anything for dinner, where Michael had invited his college friend and now Marcus’ godfather.

Michael looked around in panic and Liz pointed to the microwave. “I think the ‘pot noodle type substance’ is ready now”.

“Aaah” Michael walked toward the microwave and pulled out his microwavable dish. Then leant down to smell it.

It was going to be an interesting evening. Liz could tell already. “What is up with that woman?” he muttered, “Why is she having a lesion over, me not picking up my dirty washing?” he shook his head in forlorn, “the woman’s absolutely crazy, she’s been with me for almost 5 years and never had a problem before”

Liz shrugged her shoulders, “I’m guessing that’s not what’s bothering her”

“What the hells that’s supposed to mean? She just threatened to burn every dirty piece of laundry I have”

“That would be about everything Michael” Liz answered dryly, “but still I don’t think that’s the problem, look a little deeper. What have you done, said? Or more matter of fact not done, said?”

“Huh?” Michael looked at Liz with his mouth open. The timer went off once again and in frustration he picked it up trying to look for the stop button. Unable to find it, he threw it to the floor.

“That’s more like it” he breathed a sigh of relief, when the beeping stopped. “So what are you talking about? I’m not a riddle kinda guy”

Liz rolled her eyes, knowing that there was more to this Maria rant then she let on. Just Michael wasn’t the most clued up guy on women. ”When was the last time you took her out Michael, made her feel special, bought her a present for no reason?”

“Well . . .” Michael looked upward, as if in deep in thought.


Michael opened his mouth to answer her. Why would she want a present for no reason? But he was stopped by a burning smell filling his nostrils. “Oh shit,” he groaned as he ran toward the oven. He had forgot to take the chicken out!

Liz got up and carefully wiped her hands on the towel beside her, “I would help you, but I can’t cook either—you should apologize to the only cook in this house”

“Never” he muttered stubbornly, prodding the rock hard chicken with a fork.


“These are the locker rooms,” Kyle pointed to the newly renovated rooms, to his new work colleague Max Evans. He had been assigned as his newest partner and now was showing him around on his first day. Kyle hoped he wasn’t like some of the moronic partners he’d worked with before and thankfully so far, Max Evans seemed like a nice enough guy.

Kyle led him into a room with a few messy looking desks. “This is our office, my second home—we work on making it as homely as possible”

Max could definably see that. The room hardly looked like the office. The whole place was a tip and was made homely by being covered with pictures and photographs of the officer’s families.

Max could already tell he was going to enjoy working here. It was laidback. He liked laidback.

“Can I get you anything? Tea, coffee, biscuits?” Kyle came around to face him.

Max began to shake his head no, and then changed his mind. “On second thoughts, do you do donuts?”

Kyle nodded his head, “Sure . . .donut coming right up”

Max watched him walk away and sat down at the edge of his desk, the place was nice. The officers were friendly and he had a good team. Kyle, Mohac and himself, they’d get on well.

He looked at his watch, wondering if he’d be able to get off of work early today. He had dinner at Michaels, his college buddy. Michael had called him just a few weeks back now to ask him to be his son’s godfather. Of course he had agreed. Though one thing still surprised him.

Michael was a father, in all his days he had never imagined . . .well, it would definitely be interesting.


The smell of sterilization and chlorine hit her nostrils. The butterflies cascaded across her tummy and although she knew this was something that she was definitely going to do this, the first feelings of doubt were dying to drag her down. What if she was taking on too much as a single mother? What if she was a terrible mother?

Oh god, what if her baby hated her! She had to stop for a second to collect her thoughts, after all this was the biggest decision that she’s probably make in her whole life.

Maria continued her insistent blabber, “Michael never listens. I mean you really want to do this, but where’s his support? I swear one of these days . . .”

Liz was finding it harder and harder to keep track of what she was saying. “So here we are now chica . . .wow, how long do you think it’ll take? Do you know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl? Can you decide? . . . Liz? . . .Liz!”

“Huh?” Liz turned to Maria and then looked at the large white door in front of her labeled. ‘Jane Doe’. “Dr Doe that’s who we have to see” she whispered quietly, as if she a child afraid of being spotted talking in a classroom.

“Yes” Maria nodded her head, “ I just said that Liz, are you okay? You look kind of pale” she gave her sister in law a stern look. “You will tell me if something’s wrong, right?”

“I’m fine” Liz met the other girl’s eyes directly.

“Are you sure? If you need more time or anything . . .”

“No Maria, I want this” She said it with so much determination that Maria was automatically nodding her head.

Before anymore could be said, the door was flung open and blonde haired woman with sharp eyes of around 40ish was standing in front of them. “Miss Parker?”

Liz nodded her head, “that’s me”.

That older woman flashed her a mile, “If you’d like to follow me”

Liz and Maria exchanged another look before following the blonde women into her office. Liz’s heart beating hard in her chest.


Max flipped through the papers. He was sitting down at the office table trying to read through cases as Kyle explained the ins and outs of the station. It was pretty much the same as the one he had worked in before he had been transferred, just a little bigger and more efficient.

“And here’s the major case we’ve been working on for almost two months now” Kyle pulled out a paper from behind him. He was sitting on the desk with coffee in one hand the piece of paper in another.

“Lansdale Road, Eastville- It’s a drugs hotspot, run by the Bigowee’s. The crime is mega, two shootings resulting in deaths of two heroin addicts happened there last week. It’s all related, but these guys are as clever as hell. We can’t seem to get hold of any evidence no matter how hard we try”

Max nodded his head, motioning for him to continue.

“We’ve already done two police raids this week, but they manage to clear up everything, any piece of evidence before we get there, its all gone, rambled, finito” Kyle motioned with his hands.

Max took a sip from his coffee, “How is that possible? I mean they couldn’t know unless . . .”

“Yeah” Kyle pointed at him leaning forward from the desk he was sitting on, “unless they were getting insider information”

“You think that’s the case?” Max lowered his voice, even though there was no one else on the office.

“I never rule out possibilities man” Kyle slid off the desk and looked at his watch, I’d love to sit here and talk about beating the crap out of the Bigowee’s but I’ve got to go, I’ve got a date”

“Oh?” Max asked him curiously, sliding off his own desk.

“Yeah” Kyle fumbled with his jacket, “She’s been a hard catch this one and she’s a little bit special”

Max grinned, “Oh yeah?”

Max thought he saw Kyle’s cheek tinge, “Enough about that, you want a lift home?”

“Yeah. That’d be great” Max nodded his head, noticing Kyle’s quick shift in subject. Boy, the guy had it bad.


“After you’ve looked through the profile sand decided, we’ll take you into the operation room to get the procedure done. Its very simple really, nothing to worry about”

Liz nodded her head and Dr Doe continued. “Once its done, theirs an eight five percent chance of it working. It may take up to a couple of weeks to realize if the procedure has worked. You’ll have more the normal signs of pregnancy, morning sickness, nauseous feelings, change in hormones, sudden cravings etc. A normal pregnancy test should be able to determine the results, of if you prefer you may come in for a check-up”

Liz nodded her head again, “That sounds good to me” she was beginning to feel a little more confidant, now that she was more relaxed. Dr Doe was authoratativebut helpful and she great at assuring Liz that everything was going to be okay.

“That great” the older woman, smiled at her, “: We’ll be monitoring how your doing all the way through, now if you follow me I’ll show you the profiles”

Liz and Maria followed her to a side room on the opposite side to where they had walked in earlier. Dr Doe opened the door and the room was decorated with the length of a table around the edges, the table was covered in plastic covered papers.

Maria was instantly running inside and reaching for the nearest booklet, “Liz you get to choose the daddy of your baby!” she shouted excitedly.

Liz flashed Dr Doe an apologetic look and followed Maria inside.

“Stats-“ Maria read out aloud, she looked at Liz and raised her eyebrows, “5’10, hazel eyes, dark hair, career in the acting business” She peered at the paper, “Gee, your baby could easily be the child of Tom Cruise”

Liz rolled here eyes and moved onto the next profile. “I really doubt that Maria”

“Oooh” Maria peered over her shoulder, “Likes to work out, works for the navy... hobbies include break dancing…break dancing—always wanted to do that”

“Maria!” Liz sighed send moved to the next paper, wanting a little privacy. This was extremely important to her, she wanted everything to be right . . . and a little silence.

“6", dark hair, hazel/green eyes, son of a corporate banker, is in the police business” Liz read out loud. “Has no children, not married . . .”

She took a deep breath and stroked her hand through her hair. How on Earth was she going to decide?


Liz Diary.

It was strange. I’ve been planning this for a long time. As long since, well, I guess since, I broke up with Sean. Michael thinks I’m being stupid, that it’s all because I’m feeling a little motherly toward Marcus, but that really isn’t the case. I truly feel ready and after choosing a profile, which is now firmly carved in my head. I sat in the procedural room feeling more confidant about this, then I had felt about anything in my whole life. Surely that must mean something . . .right?

Afterwards when I was changing back into my clothes, I had to take a step back and breath. I had the weirdest feeling that my life was going to take the ultimate twist. God, I was going to have a baby, but more then the frightening thoughts that were going through my mind, I was sure I had made the right decision.

I just hope that Michael will understand. In my heart, I know he’ll come around soon enough.

Liz shut her diary and glanced up at the clock, she had half an hour before her date with Kyle. She was so tired after the emotionally draining day she had, had. But didn’t have the heart to turn him down when he had just called a moment ago.

After showering, she blow dried her hair and pulled on a red tank top with back drawstring pants. She pulled on a jacket and made her way across the street to see Marcus just before, she went. She was also intrigued into knowing how Michaels cooking was going. She had helped him a little, but then her and Maria had gone to the appointment, to Michaels dismay leaving Marcus AND the cooking with him.

She hoped he hadn’t had a heart attack. Michael already found the juggling task of watching the TV and talking hard enough.

Liz opened their front door with her spare key and trudged inside to the living room, “Its me!” she yelled, and was greeted with a wave from Maria who was sitting on the living room couch, nursing Marcus.

Smiling, she stroked her godson’s cheek as Maria held him to her breast. She inhaled a deep breath, thinking it wouldn’t be long, before she Elizabeth Parker was in Maria’s shoes, holding a little one to her breast just like that.

She wondered what was happening to her right now. Was it working? Was she carrying a life? Was a beautiful baby like Marcus going to make her a proud mum?

“How are you feeling?” Maria gazed up at her, whilst striking her babies forehead. Liz had been pretty quiet on the ride home. Though she guessed she was just adjusting.

“No morning sickness just yet” Liz grinned back, “where’s Michael?”

Maria nodded toward the kitchen, “I haven’t had the courage to go in there, be brave and don’t forget the safety goggles”

Liz walked into the kitchen, to see the worktop splattered with cooking substances, whilst Michael struggled with some flour and butter in a bowl.

“Our family must have lost the cooking gene somewhere along the line” Liz walked up behind him.

Michael grunted and pulled out a weird looking oddity from the oven. Looking disappointed he turned back to whipping the flour and butter, “ I need eggs” he groaned, “How am I meant to make cake without eggs?”

Liz was about to say that if she were him, she wouldn’t take the risk, but then decided to let it be.

Michael turned to look at her slightly, “going somewhere?”

“ I have a date with Kyle, I’m sorry I couldn’t be here to see Marcus’s godfather”

Michael shrugged his shoulders, “You’ll see him again, and he’s sticking around for a while”

Liz nodded her head, “You want me to go get you some eggs? I’ll be five minutes”

“That’d be good”

Liz began walking out of the kitchen.

“Liz,” she turned back to look at Michael. “How did it go?”

“What?” she wondered what he was talking about, and then it hit her because Michael still looked a little uncomfortable talking about it.

“It was fine Michael, everything went as planned” she replied with signs of a smile on her face “If all goes well, I’ll . . . probably be a mummy soon”

“Good” Liz thought she saw emotion flicker in his eyes but before she could put her finger on it and drag it out, Michael had turned back around, “ Good,” he repeated, “Now go get me the eggs”

“Aye, aye captain” Liz knew that this was Michaels way of telling her that he was going to stand by her. He may not have accepted her decision, but he’d be there. Absently she reached for the door handle, opening the door and finding herself face to face with the blonde girls she had met just yesterday at the restaurant Kyle had taken her to.

They both looked at one another, stunned. Wondering what the other girl was doing here.

“Isabel . . .right?” Liz tilted her head,

“Hi! Nice to meet you again Liz” Isabel removed her hand from in front of the doorbell and crossed them over her chest.

“Hi . . . “ Liz looked at the girl confused, why was Isabel at Michael’s front door all of a sudden?

Isabel peered at the door behind Liz, “ Well, this is the right door number . . . I was beginning to think we had the wrong address, you don’t know a Michael Guerin do you?”

Liz slowly nodded her head, “Yeah. Michael Guerin is my brother” What would Isabel want with Michael?

"Well imagine that!” Isabel smiled broadly showing off her set of white teeth. She turned to look behind her, “Michael Guerin is Liz Parkers brother”

“Yeah, he’s my half brother” Liz curiously followed her gaze wondering who she was talking to, she took a step outside to see a bundle of blonde curls walking toward her with a dark head . . .the dark head she had seen at the restaurant yesterday too.

Isabel’s brother.

Max looked up and his eyes caught the brunettes. “Liz?” he smiled and held out his hand, “It’s a small world after all, I’m Max, an old friend of Michaels—nice to meet you”

Mesmerized and not being able to turn her eyes away from his, she took his hand, “Hi” she smiled, “Your Marcus’s god father?”

He nodded and flashed her an awesome smile. Liz was unable to tear her eyes from his. It was a shame he wasn’t in the same business as his sister because he definitely had something . . .

“I’m Tess” a blonde girl appeared from beside him and. Liz nodded her head and realizing that she was still holding onto Max’s hand she pulled free.

“Uh hi, Tess”

Tess seemed to give her a once over and gave her a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. “I’m Max’s fiancée”

“You guys should go in” Liz opened the door further for them to enter, “Michaels in the kitchen, I’m on a mission to get some eggs for him”

Tess was the first one to disappear, followed by Isabel. Liz breathed a sigh of relief; there was something about that Tess that made her feel uneasy.

“He’s cooking?” Max glanced at her, “should I be frightened?” his incredible amber eyes never left her once, making Liz’s insides quiver.

“No,” Liz shook her head, “Its usually okay, if you swallow without chewing, really quick”

Max grinned, feeling totally at ease with a girl in front of him, even though he had only known her for that last 30 seconds. “Do you need a ride? To the shop I mean?”

Liz shook her head, “Its just across the block, I should be okay”

“Okay” max nodded his head and began making his way inside, still not being able to take his eyes off of her. “I guess I’ll see your eggs”

Liz’s eyes widened, “huh?”

Max reddened slightly.

Sheesh had he just said that? “I mean I’ll see you with you eggs . . . ” he scratched the side of his cheek absently, “Not your eggs. The ones from the store”

Liz tried to suppress the giggle that was coming on. Poor guy, he looked so embarrassed. “I’ll see you Max” she began walking away.

Something made her look back when she reached the end of the driveway, a small smile caressing her lips, and her eyes met Max’s. He was stood at the porch looking straight at her. Both feeling embarrassed as if caught doing something they shouldn’t instantly turned away.

For the first time in years Liz felt her stomach somersault.


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I have a confession to make, Unfortunately, this is going to be the last chapter for a while. I’m putting this story on hold because I have way too much on at the moment and I feel as if I’m slacking on both my fics. I’m trying to get my other fic- Marriage of Convenience finished, then hopefully I will continue this when I’m not so busy.

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