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Author: Suli aka Lisa
Title: Trouble
Catergory: mainly m/l
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: Don't own anything except what I created. The title comes from Coldplay's song "Trouble" off their cd Parachutes.
Summary: Post departure. I have another story by this name but I'm rewriting it since I don't like how the other one was going. Going to give it another go rather than just stopping it.

oh, quick note anything in ' ' is said in their head.

* Prologue *

It never changed.

Night after night the dream haunted her.

It began the same each time.

She was in the pod chamber. But there was something on the wall. She could sense it. She walked over, hesitantly, and waved her hand over the spot.

A handprint appeared.

She placed her hand over it and a door appeared. Slowly, she opened the door and walked through.

She was outside.

The door had disappeared.

She walked over to wear the others stood on the cliff. The breeze blew through her long black hair. Her dress flapped in the wind gently hitting her legs. She squinted as she looked into the morning sky with her eyes the shade of midnight blue. The sky was a bright blue, the ground the color of jade green. It was as if her vision was heightened, all the colors were brightened. She stood in a circle surrounded by seven other members.

There was no beginning and there was no end.

They were complete.

They were strong.

They were ready.

The past no longer matters. Only the future held hope.

She knew it had begun.

And it was far from over.

She woke up abruptly. She knew what she had to do. But before she could even get up she saw him standing in her doorway.

“You’re up.”

“Hafta pack.”

He lifted up a duffle bag. “Let’s go.”
She jumped off the bed and followed him to the car.

‘Road trip.’

Should I continue? Yes? No? Feedback please!

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woo..I'm finally 17...I have my driving test tomorrow...I hope I don't fail.. I need my license..I also need a car but whatever...I'm 17!!!!!*bounce*

* Part 1 *

“None of us can help the things life has done to us. They’re done before you realize it, and once they’re done they make you do other things until at last everything comes between you and what you’d like to be, and you’ve lost your true self forever.” – Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Liz spent the night tossing and turning in her bed. She just couldn’t sleep. She finally stopped moving and laid on her back staring up at the ceiling.

It was like this every night. The bags under her eyes were proof. Especially after everything that’s happened. She just couldn’t sleep. She was haunted by nightmares.

Nightmares where Alex was alive.

And she was still with Max.

They were married and had two beautiful children.

They had a chance to live out the American dream.

Tess never existed.

But Liz knew better than that.

She knew the truth.

But, sometimes Liz wished that she could know the lies, just do the pain could go away. But it never did. No matter how much she wished it away, it never went.
She got up knowing she wouldn’t get any sleep and walked over to her desk. She flipped the little desk light on and opened the desk drawer to get the aspirin. She knew there was none left in the bathroom, she used it all.

“Damn it.”

Liz took her hand out of the drawer and noticed it was covered in blood. She took her other hand and lifted up the pair of scissors that was also covered in blood.

Her blood.

She put the scissors down and watched the blood drip from her wrist.

Drip drop.

Drip drop.

It was mesmerizing.

She was too far-gone in her own mind to notice how sick this was.

She was slowly deteriorating.

She was numb.

Liz couldn’t feel anymore. Because if she felt emotions, then she was alive. But the guilt, the pain, the regret, the sorrow, the knowledge of simply knowing of what she could have had, but can no longer.

It killed her.

And she killed her love.

The only person she would ever love.

He was gone forever. And the continuous circle of the guilt would make sure she could never find him.

It will spin her round and round and round, until she could no longer find him.

Drip drop.

The blood was a bright red. It stuck out like a sore thumb in her world. A world that was gray, drab. It had lost its color. She remembered a time when the world was bright. She had dreams, aspirations, and goals. There was nothing left for her. She had lost all hope for the future.

Drip drop.

She felt the wetness on her foot but continued to stare at her hand.

It was amazing what could happen to a person.

When the wind blew her nightgown she finally looked up. She walked over to the window with the intent to close it. But before she got there she noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

But before she could scream and hand clamped over her mouth.

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hey all,
thanks for the feedback. it's greatly appreciated. I came up with this story over the summer and it went through a few different versions but they all ended the same. I kinda like the way this one was going so I thought I would give it a shot. keep smiling. hopefully I will be tomorrow. please please please let me get my license.

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hey all,
I would first like to say woooooooooooo! b/c I got my license. *bounce* so anyone in new jersey, I recommend you stay off the roads for your own safety.
and second of all I'm going to try to get the next part up tonite or tomorrow depending on how much homework and college apps I manage to finish.
keep the feedback coming!