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Title: What a Waste of Normal
Summary: A few weeks after Liz is healed, some things happen. Based only on the pilot episode. So think that nothing after then happened.
Disclaimer: Of course I don't own them or anything associated with them. This is for entertainment purposes only.
Distribution: Just as long as you tell me what you're going to do with it.

I should have the prologue up by later today, maybe tomorrow. I don't know yet.

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Thanks. I'm working on it.
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Liz sat up quickly on her bed, shaking her head. Great, yet another night of the exact dream. It kind of reminded her of a long lost memory, but she didn?t remember this. It was just an instinct of some kind. And because of this dream, she got very little sleep, enough to interrupt her work, her school, and her friends. She spent all her free time trying to sleep, instead of hanging out with Maria and Alex or studying.

Max had asked her out a few times and she?d had to decline because she was that sleep deprived. She would have probably fallen asleep 20 minutes into the date. Not a good thing.

Isabel and Michael were pretty much just starting to trust her and Maria, Alex still not having been told. It was kind of funny really, watching Isabel trying to be nice to them. She?d never be nice to them before, but things had been changing.

Michael and Maria were getting closer and Liz could have sworn at one point Maria had told her that they were going out. She dragged herself out of bed, but it was still a long time before she actually stood up.

It felt like Liz hadn?t slept in weeks, but she still did everything that she was supposed to do. She went to school. She worked at the Crashdown. She had kind of neglecting her friends recently, but when you needed to sleep you needed to sleep. There wasn?t anything she could do about it.

She walked over to the door and opened the curtains, squinting into the horribly bright light. Looking down at her watch she noticed that it was afternoon. It took her a full minute after that to realize that no, it was not a school day and no, she didn?t have to work. Her mother had been very worried about her lately and had given her weekends off so she could catch up on the sleep that she seemed not to be getting.

It was just another normal Saturday afternoon. She could do whatever she wanted. Yeah. Like that ever actually happened in her life. Well, it did happen like that before she?d been shot, but that was a whole new level of weirdness.

So there you have the prologue.

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You are very very welcome and yes, I plan on writing more soon.
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Be patient Mollie. That should be in maybe late chapter one or at any point in chapter two. I haven't decided yet.
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Hmmm, I'm thinking a semi-happy one. I don't know though. Kinda undecided.
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Sorry I haven't had time to update this fic. Truthfully I haven't even had time to write it. I'll get around to it, though. Eventually.
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I totally understand that. And thank you cause I do really need the time.
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Sorry I havent been adding to this fic, but I've been majorly busy and really haven't had the time.