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Title: My Karma Just Ran Over Your Dogma
Authors: Mollie (pr1ncessofdeath⊕ and Phoebe (crashdowngurlie⊕
Rating: R
Category: CC
Disclaimer: We own nothing, unfortunately. ‘Cause if we did Roswell would’ve ended up a lot differently…
Summary: What if everyone did die at graduation? And what if Max was right that he and Liz would share lifetimes together? Aka- Everyone is reborn on Antar, will they remember their past lives? Will they live past nineteen in their present ones? Or are they doomed to die an untimely death in every lifetime?


It happened quickly, but for me it was like a slow motion movie. Every one of us was killed. Max was first, on the stage in front of everyone. One second he was on the stage, giving his speech, and the next second he was gone. The shot pierced the silence, and Max’s body slid to the ground, blood pouring from his wounds. Someone screamed and panic ensued as everyone ran. But seven more shots followed, and all of them hit their marks. Michael was soon after. Mr. And Mrs. Evans died in each others arms, after watching the death of their son and his best friend. Then Kyle, Maria, Isabel, and finally me.
You see, we found out before hand what was going to happen to us. We knew, but we had no idea that they would attack us at our own graduation. We realized it when Bryce McCain was announced. We knew.
Max walked up there and began his speech.
“Hi, I’m, uh, I’m Max Evans. I thought I’d take this opportunity to uh, say a few things on behalf of myself and the graduating class.”
That was when he had dimmed the lights, allowing us to escape. But I couldn’t leave without him. Everyone, including me got up and left the auditorium, but I lingered at the door and listened to him. Listened to what this boy, this man, this alien freak that someone wanted to hunt down and kill, had to say to us all. I wanted to hear it.
“Some of us are, are here tonight to walk across the stage and get our hard earned diplomas and toss our caps in the air. But there’s another group here tonight. A group of people who are here for another reason all together, they’re here to say goodbye. Goodbye to their high school lives. Goodbye to their families and friends.
“You see, this, this group has been through a lot. And tonight is the night they’ve decided to call it quits. It’s been a long hard road for them. They have, a lot of wounds. They’ve lost people. People that were close to them. They’ve had each other to cling to, but tonight that’s all coming to an end.
“I’m a member of that group of outsiders. I always knew I was different. And for a long, long time, all I wanted was to be another face in the crowd. But in the end, it wasn’t possible; I guess it never was.
“So from now on, I’ll just concentrate on being who I really am. Some of you may not like that. Some of you may even find that frightening. But that’s not my problem anymore. I have to be who I really am and let fate take care of the rest. So thank you, Roswell. Thank you for letting me live among you. Thank you for giving me a family. Thank you for giving me a home.”
And he almost made it off the stage. If only he hadn’t paused that last second before climbing down. But he did, and that’s when they got him.
Michael was seconds too late as he roared through the doors on his motorcycle. I still stood and watched, my tear filled eyes unwavering. I watched as Max was shot, and as Michael tried to help him, but he was killed too.
And despite Mr. Evans’ attempts to stop her, Diane ran up the aisle, and her husband followed. Two ear piercing blows, quick and sharp, they were gone as well.

As I watched them being gunned down, all I could think of was how ironic the situation seemed. The reason they wanted to shoot us is because I had been shot before. Because an alien had healed me, and because we knew their secret.

Max Evans is staring at you again.

No way, Maria, that is so in your imagination.

I looked over at Max who was sitting with Michael in their regular booth at the far end of the restaurant.
Max Evans? This? No, uh uh. It’s not…

And with those cheeks! Preciosita tan linda!

Maria! And even if he is, I’m going out with Kyle. I mean, he’s steady, and loyal, and he appreciates me.

Sounds like you’re describing a poodle.

…You askin’ me to give you another day?! You’re runnin’ outta time!

He knocked all the dishes off the table and I cringed as I heard the clatter of them breaking. Vaguely I heard Maria shout my name.


I want the money today! NOT tomorrow!

He pulled out a gun, and the two of them struggled with each other. Everyone else dropped to the ground, but I just stood there, unable to move. And then the gun went off.

And I fell to the floor. I couldn’t hear Maria as she called my name.

It must have been then that Max got up to help me. Later I would hear about how Michael tried to stop him.

What are you doing? Let go of me!

Max, what are you gonna do?

I guess Max ignored Michael. Maria told me later he told her to call an ambulance. He knelt down beside me and ripped my dress open.

…Liz, Liz, look at me. You have to look at me…
I looked at him weakly, and he placed his hand on my stomach. And I just remember feeling warm. Cozy, like winter nights when the heat is on and you’re in your bed with the covers pulled up to your ears.
You’re alright now, you’re alright.

That was the day my life had changed forever. And there I was, about to graduate, knowing I wouldn’t make it. I ran from the auditorium, ran to my friends, but I was too late. More men surrounded them and I was forced to watch them being gunned down, one by one. I watched as all my friends died. I watched as the shots penetrated their bodies. And I waited for my turn to come. And when it did, my last thoughts were, he promised me lifetimes.


Well guys, what did you think?? Feedback please!!


Phoebe (CrashdownGurlie) and Mollie (HopefulDreamer)

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I just wanted to note that Max's graduation speech and the scene from the Pilot were not written by either me or Mollie and quoted directly from the show. Just making sure to take precautions with all the plagarism floating around... hehe. We're glad you guys like it!!

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Wow! Thanks everyone for all the amazing feedback! We're really glad you're all enjoying the story so much. And don't worry guys, it gets better. Everyone is alive again!! Hope you enjoy!
Phoebe & Mollie

Dedicated to: Jen, Morning Dreamgirl, Lilah, LuvRug, Qtygirl411, b4echtstarrynite, BANSA (!), AggieChick, Amy, Alexandra86, Choc79, FireflyDreamer, IceRose, wild_child_uk, PhoenixFlamez, marteloise, roswellluver, Shama, Becca, Mystical Light ML 4ever, Katie_Girl_05, LixMix5, Erin, and Sarah.

We love you guys!!!

Chapter 1

Cast List:
Zanier (Zan) Winters- Max
Rathious (Rath) Bolton- Michael
Vilandra (Lonnie) Winters- Isabel
Avalinda (Ava) Richardson- Tess
Talena (Lena) Bolton- Liz
Riannon (Ria) Wayland- Maria
Hamlin (Amli) Hollington- Alex
Lorden (Deni) Walker- Kyle
Serena (Sere) Hollington- Serena (remember all, Future Max mentioned her to Liz when he came back. So we decided to incorporate her into this fic… hehe)
Nolind (Nol) Winters- Max and Isabel’s half brother

Lena walked into the hallway and made her way over to her brothers room. She had just finished getting ready for the day and she needed a ride to the castle. Seeing as Rath always went to see Zan and Deni at the castle for training anyway, she figured he wouldn't mind her tagging along. She knocked on his door lightly, hoping she wasn't waking him up. Who knew how late he was getting up these days.
Rath pushed himself up in bed and slowly ambled towards the door. He opened it to see Lena standing on the other side through sleep blurred eyes. He gave her a small smile as he rubbed the sleep away. "What do you want?" He asked. He hadn't meant it to come out rude or harsh, but in his tired state, it had.
Lena shook her head at her brother's obviously sleepy demeanor. "I just wanted to ask you if you would mind taking me to the castle with you today. I have to talk to Zan, something about a favor. And besides, you know Mom's going to make you take me there for the party, I might as well go early and see Riannon, who’s having some big deal crisis. Right?" She explained.
Rath shook his head slightly at her mention of Riannon. That girl just got under his skin, rubbed him the wrong way. He didn't understand why his sister was best friends with her.
Lena looked up at him, the wheels in his head seemed to be turning, slowly yes, but turning nonetheless. "So will you take me?" She asked impatiently.
Rath stared at her blankly for a few more minutes, putting together the rush of words she'd just said to him. He finally nodded. "Yeah, I'll take you. What kind of favor do you have with Zan?" The question sounded almost suspicious, even though he knew Zan was all twisted up over Ava.
Lena smiled. "Oh just some secret sex plans he has for us." She informed him, not daring to look him in the eye. She loved to see her brother squirm. "You know I'm just kidding. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with Ava. Although, personally I don't know why he's so hung up on her." Lena shook her head again at the mention of all the Zan/Ava interaction, she just didn't know what to make of it sometimes. "Anyways, when will you be ready? I told Ria I would be down as soon as I can. She says she needs my opinion on her dress choices." She said. Her brother's face had gotten a far off dreamy look that meant she was talking too much, and he was in one of his stupors. This happened far too often for Lena's liking. She smacked the back of his head. "When can we leave?" She asked again, slightly annoyed.
"Right, leave," Rath reiterated. "Give me a few minutes to get ready real quick, okay?" He hadn't liked her joking about having secret sex plans even if it was with Zan, one of the few men he trusted. And he was sure the favor had to do with Ava. He closed his door and she could hear the scrambling to get ready, since it seemed like his sister was very impatient and couldn't wait to get to Riannon's side. He emerged, ready, twenty minutes later. "Let's go," he said, leading the way out of the castle.
"Wow Rath, I'd think you were a girl if I didn't know any better. The way it takes you twenty minutes to get ready in the morning, what do you do in there? Twenty minutes to get dressed like that... Man." Lena laughed, she loved teasing him. She really didn't have any idea what he did all that time in there, but she could tell he was annoyed when he walked down the hallway and she had to hurry to catch up. "Jeez, I'm sorry. Slow down, will you?" She asked, finally reaching his side again.
Rath slowed his pace, so that she could keep up, feeling a little bad for leaving his little sister behind, even though it wasn't like anything was going to happen to her in the house. They both got into the carriage and rode in silence to the castle. When they reached it, Rath silently climbed out, looking to Lena to see if she needed help.
She took his hand when he offered it. "Thank you for the ride." She told him, smiling. "I guess I'll see you and Lonnie later at the party, tell her I said hello." She finished and hurried off to find Zan.
Rath gave her a small nod. "Will do." And he watched as she scurried off into the castle.

Lena made her way through the familiar hallways of the castle and wondered what sort of favor Zan was going to ask of her. She made her way to his room and knocked lightly on the door, the same thing they had done for the past however many years of being best friends.
Zan opened his door and smiled when he saw Lena. This whole scene felt vaguely familiar, but he brushed it off. "Hey Lena," he said, moving out of the way and gesturing her in.
"So what was that weird phone call all about?" She asked him. "'Cause the last time you asked me for a favor, I ended up in the hospital."
Zan's eyes flashed with guilt. "You know I'm sorry about that," he said for probably the millionth time since it had happened. "I wanted to ask you for help with..." he felt a little awkward now, "with...getting Ava to notice me."
Lena shook her head and smiled. She'd never blamed him for the accident last summer, it was no one's fault, really. She sighed and continued their conversation. "Ava, hmm? I figured as much. What do you want this time then?"
"Well," Zan began, "I was thinking you and I could stage a 'break-up.' Maybe that would get her attention..." It sounded so lame now, but it had worked well in his head.
"Stage a break up? So basically act like we were dating or something, maybe flirt a little in front of her, and later you break up with me? Or maybe I should break up with you, then she'd take pity on you. Oh and probably end up hating me, which puts me in a wonderful position... I like it." She told him after much thought. "It has you and me written all over it, and even though it's crazy, well, that is why I say it has you and me written all over it."
Zan smiled at her reaction, "Great, so you're in then?" He was still a little nervous about it working, but if Lena was so sure, then there had to be something good about it.
"Yep. It's just insane enough to work. But why do I break up with you, Pookie?" She asked, teasing him, "I love you sooooooo much..."
Zan chuckled lightly as his brain ran in circles trying to come up with a viable solution. "Because you're in love with someone else," He finally suggested. It'd definitely work for the pity department.
"Oh, but I only have eyes for you!" She teased, "Oh, and Deni's gonna kill me for this by the way. You so owe me big time."
Zan nodded. "Anything you ever need," He promised her, since he would owe her big time after this. She hoped Deni wouldn't be too mad at her. "Should we tell him what we're doing?" He asked. Deni would surely be mad at him too.
"Maybe. I mean, if he notices something, he might screw the whole plan up. But you never know, he might have no idea. Deni's weird like that." Lena answered.
Zan nodded, "Maybe we should just explain afterwards then."
"Oooookay. Whatever you say, Boss."
"Yep," Zan said with a nod, "The Boss says we tell him afterwards." He chuckled lightly.
She laughed with him. "So back to the plan. At first we're all cuddly to make her jealous, and then I break up with you in front of a lot of people hopefully including Ava. Right? And then I leave. Right?" She asked again, trying to make sure the plan was correct and coinciding with what he had in mind.
Zan nodded, that was exactly what he had had in mind. "Right," he answered her, "And hopefully it'll work." He gave her a small lopsided grin.
"Well if it doesn't, then you know Ava is a cold hearted person who doesn't deserve you." Lena smiled as she leaned over and hugged him. They had been friends for as long as she could remember. When she was little, her mother would always make Rath take her everywhere, and Zan and Deni would always be so sweet and protective of her, they had all been good friends. And then Riannon had come to Antar, the famous Oracle. And to Lena's surprise, the two had become friends, along with Lena's cousin Amli, but that was another story entirely. And Zan, Deni, Rath, and Lena had sort of drifted, but they remained tied to one another, just not as closely anymore.
"Okay Buddy. So I'll meet you outside the party around 8:15. Be on time for once, please? I gotta go find Ria, chances are she'll kill me for being so late already, but what can you do?" Lena told him, getting up to leave.
"Alright, I'll be on time," Zan promised with a smile, "Thanks again." He laughed lightly. He knew how Ria could be if she was freaking out, or really thought she needed help with something right away. "Well then you better hurry." he noted.
"Yeah, I know. So I'll see you later, and don't worry about it all too much. Everything will turn out fine. Promise." Lena smiled at him. She knew he would worry anyway, but she had to tell him not to.
"Alright. I'll try not to worry," Zan said, sounding unsure and nervous about it already. He waved as she walked away.
"Bye!" She called as she ran down the hallway.

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Hope you like!!


PS- We still love all you guys who leave us feedback, and you lurkers too!!

Dedicated to:

wild_child_uk, mpls muse, Shama, roswellluver, Elemenopy, Choc79, IceRose, AMY!!, Morning Dreamgirl, Angelic, marteloise, Devious Dreamer, JEN!!, Mystical Light ML 4ever, Becca, ERIN!!, Sarah_helen, Sarah, Lilah, LixMix5, LuvRug, and angelbaby6977.

Thanks for all your great FB and BUMPS, BANSA Baby!!

Chapter 2

Ria peaked her head out of the door for the millionth time. Where was she? Where was Lena? She really needed some help here. There was a big dance tonight and she needed to figure out what she was going to wear. She knew Lena was going to say she was neurotic, but small things really seemed to stress her out and she didn’t even want to think about how bad the big things were.
Lena walked down the hallway quickly following the familiar path. Whenever she visited the castle she would go from one room to the other, so she knew every route by heart. On this occasion she took the shortest one for the obvious reasons, and felt awful when she had to ignore everyone saying hello to her. She figured she probably should've taken the back route at a run. But she finally made it to Riannon's door and poked her head in. "Ria!" She called, bracing herself for the attack provoked by her lateness.
"Lena," Ria said, relieved that she finally had help. "Where were you? Where have you been? You're so late..."
"I know, Ria." Lena answered, surprised her friend wasn't yelling more and storming around the room, tons of clothes strewn about the floor. "What did you need help with?" She asked, hoping Ria wouldn't have to throw anything any time soon.
"Okay," Ria said, looking around the room. Clothes were already strewn everywhere, but there were three definite outfits pulled to places on top of the rest of the clothes. "Okay," Riannon said, "I need to figure out what to wear." She gestured towards the outfits. One was a pink dress, one was a red flowing skirt set, one was a royal blue suit, and the other was an emerald green dress. "I was thinking the green, but..." she trailed off gesturing to the other three.
Lena sighed as she walked further into Ria's room, realizing she was disastrously wrong about the state of Riannon's closet. "Okay, well let's see. I absolutely love the blue, but I'm thinking the green will bring out your eyes. Now, the real question is, who are you trying to impress?"
"No one in particular," Ria lied smoothly. "Just whoever's attention I can get."
Lena glanced over at her friend. "No one in particular, hmm? Somehow I don't believe that."
Ria laughed, "Well believe what you want." She left it up to her friends imagination. "So which do you think would look better on me?"
"Okay, okay." Lena sighed. She knew Ria was neglecting to tell her something, and that bothered her, but she shrugged it off not wanting to fight. "I like the green dress." She answered finally.
"That's what I thought too," Ria said nodding her head. She'd more or less made up her mind, but it put her at ease to know someone agreed with her.
"Good. So when is Amli gonna get here? Did you call him?" Lena asked when Ria dropped the subject of what to wear.
"Yeah," Ria nodded about calling him, "He should be here within the next hour."
"Alright so what do we do until Amli gets here? I mean we have a while, he's always late." Lena reminded Ria. She sat down on Ria's bed and waited for her friend to reply. Glancing around the room she realized a lot had changed since the last time she had been there.
Ria finished generally cleaning up. "We could take a walk around the castle," she suggested with a smile.
"Sounds good, where shall we walk to first?" Lena asked simply.
"Maybe the pond?" Ria suggested with a grin as she started out of her room. She hoped she could avoid the couple question as much as possible though.
"Oooh, sounds good, I haven't been down to the pond in a while. It's so pretty down there." Lena replied.
"So where were you before you came to help me?"
"Oh, I was with Zan! We made up a plan for him to catch the eye of our very own, Ava." Lena told Ria excitedly.
Ria raised a skeptical eyebrow, "Oh really? And what plan is that?" She was doubtful that anything would work, but very curious to hear what they'd come up with.
"Well the plan is to pretend like Zan and I are dating and flirt a lot in front of Ava, and then have a huge long nasty break up in front of everyone so she will end up comforting him." Lena explained, happily anticipating putting the plan into action.
Ria laughed. It seemed like the plan definitely held up in the entertainment department. "And when are we putting this into motion?"
"Tonight at the party. I can't wait it's gonna be so hilarious! You know how I love to act. But personally, I don't know what he sees in her. We all know she's a bit of a slut, but apparently that hasn't gotten itself into Zan’s head. But I guess if she really is, we'll find out soon enough. Assuming the plan works..." Lena rambled on. "Rath told Zan he thinks Ava is totally the wrong type for him, but I guess Zan's not letting that stop him."
Ria watched her friend, amused. "Well for his sake I wish you all the luck in the world. You'll need it." She had nodded in agreement about Ava being slutty, and the completely wrong type. Nothing could be more true. "Rath said that, did he?" she asked curiously. As much as she disliked most of the soldiers, at least Rath had his head on straight.
"Yep. Contrary to popular belief, some soldiers, especially Rath, are very insightful. He's always talking on and on about how he knows everything better than me." Lena laughed. "But he usually does, so."
Ria laughed. "I don't know if he knows everything better than you," she said, "But he might know a little about some things." He was no doubt more experienced than Lena.
"Well anyway," Lena said, changing the subject away from her big brother, "What have you been up to lately? I haven't seen you in a while, you've been so busy. You haven’t been seeing someone have you?" She asked excitedly.
"I've been laying low," Ria covered for herself quickly, "I have a feeling something's going to happen soon. But no sign of it yet." She shook her head, "No one in my life yet." The answer didn't sound very convincing though.
"Oh." Lena nodded, not quite believing her. "You sound like Rath!" She laughed, once again bringing the subject to her brother, God only knew why. "He may know a lot about some things, but he's hopeless at his own love life." She informed Ria.
Ria laughed softly. "I'm sure he's not as hopeless as you think. Things are going good with Lonnie right?" she asked Lena.
"Yeah, I guess things are fine between them. He doesn't seem to do much with her though. I never see them together. I think the whole thing is more about status. It's sad really."
Ria nodded, "Well if it's all about status then it is sad." She thought for a minute, "But maybe he'll realize he's not really into her soon. That he's really into someone else." The statement sounded very suggestive she realized too late.
"Like who?" Lena asked giggling.
"I don't know," Ria shrugged, looking away from her, "Just someone." It sounded like she was backpedaling. And she was, but not in the way she knew Lena would assume she was.
"Oh my God!!! Ria, do you have a crush on my brother?!?!" Lena asked, an amazed but happy look spreading over her face.
Ria stared at Lena and could not hold back the shocked expression on her face. "Of course not. I mean he's cute, but the worst kind of cute." She answered. If she were operating just on looks she'd be head over heels, but the attitude needed work.
"Oh come on! He's really not that bad!" She exclaimed.
"You have to think that, he's your brother," Ria said with a grin.
"No really!!!" Lena argued, laughing so hard she could barely breathe. "He's protective and sweet and caring... and yeah he can be a jerk sometimes, but it's only because he thinks it's for your own good!"
Ria laughed with her, "Maybe he has his good points." She conceded. She just always felt like she was a tool for hire around him. As if she was only there because they paid her for her visions. And sometimes he demanded she have one, and that just wasn't how it worked.
"I know he's not the nicest guy to you sometimes...
But it's not that he doesn't like you, it's just that he gets nervous and weird around people he doesn't know really well..." Lena tried to explain, but it wasn't coming out quite right. Rath had often told Lena how odd he thought Riannon was, and it bothered Lena, but only to a certain extent because she knew he would feel differently if he got to know her.
Ria smiled. "Well it would be unfair to put you between the two of us," she said slowly, "So I just think we won't see eye to eye on your brother, but I'll keep the peace." she wouldn't start anything with her brother, argument wise, and she definitely didn’t want Lena to have to choose sides.
"Okay, so we’re dropping the subject then." Lena agreed. "What are we gonna talk about now?" She asked as the came to the doors at the end of the long corridor which led to the pond.
"How about Deni?" Ria asked with a raised eyebrow, still just trying to keep the attention off of her.
"What about him?" Lena asked.
"How are the two of you? Does he know about your plan?" Ria asked, smiling cynically.
"Oh, umm well things are going fine, but ah, no, he doesn't know about the plan. Zan decided it was best to tell him afterwards."
Ria nodded, "Hopefully he won't get too mad. I could try and distract him or damage control at least..." She offered. It would kill her time with Amli, but at least it might not ruin what Lena and Deni had therefore allowing Zan and Ava to have something.
"Oh that would be such a huge help!" Lena cried. "Thank you so much! But wait, are you sure you want to baby-sit him? He can be...well, a dog sometimes." She laughed.
"I think I can handle it," Ria said, "Even if I only stop him just before he causes a scene and explain things."
"Well, yeah. Good idea." Lena agreed.
"Alright, it's a plan then," she said with a smile, willing to help a friend help a friend.
"Great. Wow, it's already so late, I didn't even realize it. I left my stuff in your room right? I have to change and get down there early to meet Zan outside. Let's hurry, okay?"
"Okay," Ria agreed, "If you need to go ahead on back then we can scrap the pond."
"Awww, I'm sorry, I just really have to get ready if I want my debut to be convincing!" Lena said dramatically, placing her head over her head and leaning back as if about to fall over.
Ria giggled hysterically, "It's okay. I need to get ready too." She wanted everything to be perfect for Amli. "Come on," she said with a grin, leading the way back to her room.
"Great. Maybe we can go back to the pond some other time. Like tomorrow, are you busy?" She asked.
Ria shook her head, "Not at all, so tomorrow sounds great."
"Perfect, I'm so glad we're hanging out again. I missed you! It seems like I haven't seen you for months! I know when Amli, Sere and me went away to see our aunt for that week last month we had that big fight, but usually those blow over so quickly..." Lena reminisced. "So I didn’t know what to do. But no hard feelings right?"
Ria smiled and shook her head, "I've mellowed. You've mellowed. We're good." The fight had been a big one, but looking back it seemed stupid. She gave Lena a quick hug before entering her room.
Lena smiled as she realized everything was cool again between them. She could barely remember the reason they'd fought in the first place. "Can I change in your bathroom?" She asked, grabbing her bag off of Ria's bed.
"Yeah," Ria nodded, getting her things laid out on her bed. "You know the way.
"Thanks." Lena said as she walked into the bathroom and changed into her sparkling red dress. She pulled on her white-heeled sandals and came out. "What do you think?" She asked, "Too much?"
Ria had changed into the outfit they'd figured out earlier. She smiled when Lena emerged from the bathroom. "You look so hot," she approved with a smile, "Deni will die...and I guess Zan will too." She laughed about the plan Lena had with Zan.
"Oh come on! Zan so does not see me like that! He’s way too into Ava, and besides, he sees me like a sister practically…" Lena laughed. "But Deni will drool. You have to make sure he doesn't see me until everything's over. Then he can leech onto me like the puppy he is." She smiled. She meant puppy in a good way.
Ria laughed, "I've got you covered girl." She knew Amli wouldn't be happy about it, but as soon as Lena was done she'd have some time with him.
Together Lena and Ria walked down the hallway to the elevator and waited to be brought down. They arrived at the front doors at promptly 8:15, and Lena hurried over to where Zan was standing, beckoning Ria to follow.
"I’m glad you're on time." Lena stated, happy for once that he was making things easy. Zan smiled at her, she was so cute when she was happy.
"I'd never be late for this," he commented, moving a little closer to her. Lena smiled back at him knowingly.
"I told Ria the plan, I hope you don't mind. But she did offer to keep Deni out of the way, so that will be one less thing to worry about." She finished, glancing from Zan to Ria and back again.
Ria smiled as her name was finally mentioned, "Hey Zan." She said simply, she was paying more attention to Lena and Zan. If she didn't know any better, she'd believe the two of them to be dating, just from the body language. She noticed Lena’s looks at her and Ria explained. "Yeah, I'm taking care of Deni," she teased, "No need to thank me. So any sign of the target yet?"
Zan shook his head, scanning the area again. "Nope she hasn't gotten here yet, but Deni’s already inside." He told them absentmindedly. He was wondering why Ava was late, if she was okay.
"Oh Zan, you're not worried about her are you? She's a big girl, she can take care of herself." Lena laughed.
Zan smiled, looking down at her, "Well you're a big girl and Rath and Deni both worry about you." He brushed a strand of hair out of her face.
Lena giggled. "You worry about me too, I know you do. But, I never ask to be worried about." She smiled.
Zan grinned back at her, gently running his hand down her shoulder. She was right, he did worry. "I do worry about you," he admitted, "But nobody asks to be worried about. When you're close to someone, you just do."
Lena looked to her feet for a second, but quickly looked back at him and smiled. "I guess so." She agreed.
He chuckled lightly, "And thanks Ria."
Ria grinned, "Don't mention it." She knew Lena would tell her to go when the crucial time came so she could find Deni, but she was hoping to talk to Amli first.
"Oh look! Amli and Sere are here!" Lena shouted as she turned back to the entrance way.
Ria turned towards the entryway and grinned, "So they are." She wanted to talk to Amli, but it had to look casual. She couldn't let on to anyone that they were together.
"Listen, I'm gonna go talk to Amli and Sere for a second and ask Ria to head into the party. See if she can find Deni, you said you saw him go in already right? Well anyways, I'll be right back." Lena told Zan as she walked over to Amli, Sere, and Ria.
"Hi Ria!" Amli called as he walked over and gave her a hug, breathing in her beautiful scent. Ria smiled, taking all of him in as he hugged her, wiping it all from her memory as best she could as he pulled away. She noticed Lena walk over and turned to face her.
"Hey. Back again?" Ria asked, laughing with her friend.
Amli turned to Lena and hugged her as well, smiling. “Lena, it’s been a while.” He joked.
"Clever, Amli, clever." Lena smiled.
"You remember my sister, Serena, right Ria?" Amli asked.
Sere smiled at both Ria and Lena as they talked to her brother, "Hi." She said to them, looking to Amli.
"Of course I do." Ria answered, smiling at Serena. "So how goes life with Nol?" Ria asked her.
Sere blushed slightly. "Nol's great. We're really happy together. He's just perfect," she gushed, "And Amli likes him which is a plus." Her brother could be really protective of her sometimes.
“That’s great.” Lena smiled, not so fondly remembering Zan’s heated argument’s with her about his brother, Nol. The two of them despised each other. Lena couldn’t blame Zan for hating Nol, even though it was wrong. Nol was born after Zan’s mother had died. His father had remarried much too quickly and his new wife was soon with child, almost too soon. And Zan had completely freaked when his father died. Both his parents deaths and the war had really torn him apart. Lena was glad she had been there for him then, if she hadn’t been, God only knew what Zan might’ve done.
"So Lena, is it show time or what?" Ria asked.
"Oh well I told Zan I wanted to say hi, and I have to ask if you can go and make sure our guy is far away from Ava." Lena told Ria.
"What?" Amli asked them, confused.
"Oh our secret plan...." Lena laughed.
Ria nodded at Lena, "I'll go take care of that in a minute." She gave Amli a look that said they'd have to hold off their meeting. She might have time to explain, but maybe not until after the plan.
"Thanks, Ria. We really appreciate it." Lena smiled. "She'll explain later." Lena told Amli as Ria walked off. "I'll see you both later okay?" She said as she walked back over to Zan.
Amli stood there watching everyone walking away, thoroughly confused. "What was up with that?" He asked to no one in particular. "Come on Sere, let's go inside, I'm thirsty."
Sere took a look around and noticed Lena staying outside with Zan. "Or maybe if we hung around, we'd have a clue," she joked good-naturedly. But when Amli ignored her, she dutifully followed him into the party.

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Chapter 3

Ria walked into the palace's ballroom, looking for Deni. She spotted him over in the corner with Rath. They were obviously talking about the war. She moved over to them. "Hey Deni," she said with a smile, giving Rath a simple nod in greeting.
Rath nodded at Riannon, she looked dazzling in her green dress. *Where did that thought come from?* He wondered. He shook his head and smiled tightly back at her. "Well, Deni, I'll catch up with you later." He said and walked away.
"Bye," Ria called after him, turning back to Deni. "How've you been?"
"Oh hi, Riannon, have you seen Lena?" Deni asked, not noticing her question in his annoyance with his girlfriend. "She was supposed to meet me here fifteen minutes ago."

Zan smiled down at Lena when she came back, but he was busy looking for Ava. Finally, he spotted her. "Okay, I guess it's time to put this plan in action."
"Oh, right. Ava's here. Good. Let's go say hi." She smiled, grabbing his hand and dragging him over to her.
Zan smiled at Lena, squeezing her hand as they walked over to Ava. "Hi," he said to her with a nod and a smile.
"Oh hi Zan!" Ava said, happy that he was noticing her. She had always had a bit of a crush on him, but he had never seemed interested until recently.
"Hi Ava." Lena smiled at her, this was going to be so much fun.
Zan wrapped an arm around Lena's shoulders, in a protective boyfriend manner. "How're you doing tonight?" He asked Ava, trying to start a conversation. She seemed actually happy to see him.
Ava glanced at the girl, Lena. If she didn't know any better she'd think Zan was dating her. But he couldn't be, could he? "Oh, I um, I'm fine." She answered, stumbling over her words.
Zan nodded at her response. She wasn't lending him any help here. "Well that's good." He looked down at Lena, "Shall we head in?"
"Yeah, let's go." Lena said smiling up at Zan. "It was nice talking to you, Ava." She stated slipping her hand around his waist and leaning her head on his shoulder as they walked away.
Zan gave Lena's shoulder a squeeze. "You were great," he said softly, kissing the crown of her head. Once they reached the top of the stairs, he turned around to Ava. "You coming?"
Lena giggled, "She is so jealous, she could barely talk, it's in the bag, Zan." Lena told him happily.
Zan smiled at Lena. "You really think so?" he asked, a little unsure. He really hoped so. Ava was all he could think about lately.
Ava had stood there, unable to move, watching the two of them. She couldn't believe her eyes. She vaguely heard Zan's voice and came out of her trance. "Umm, What?" She asked.
Zan grinned at her reaction, "You coming?" He repeated his question, indicating inside.
"You see?!?" Lena smiled, ready to jump up and down she as so happy for him.
But instead she flung her arms around his neck and kissed his nose. "It's totally gonna work."
Zan wrapped his arms around her waist when she kissed his nose, kissing her forehead afterwards. He was definitely beginning to believe her now. Ava was really out of it.
Ava smiled as he repeated the question and walked over to them, just in time to see Lena throw her arms around Zan and kiss his nose. She wanted to gag, but she forced a smile. "So you two are dating?" She asked as she reached them again. She was so jealous of Zan's strong arms around Lena's waist.
Zan turned to Ava and smiled. "Yeah, for a little while now," he said, looking to Lena. "How long has it been, Hun?"
"Oh a few months, almost six in fact." Lena answered. "And it's been great." She smiled, leaning into Zan's arms, which were now wrapped comfortably around her waist.
"Oh wow, well uh, that's just great. Listen, I'll see you both later, there's someone I promised to meet." Ava announced, grower sicker and sicker of their flirting. She was so envious she could've burned a hole right through Lena's head, but unfortunately, she didn't have that power.
"See you later!" Lena called after her.
"Yeah, bye," Zan called after her, as if he were too distracted with Lena to really pay her the attention. He smiled down at Lena. "It so worked." He hugged Lena to him, "Thank you."
"You're so welcome." Lena smiled, "It's already been a lot of fun. I almost don't want to break up with you." She laughed.
Zan laughed. "Well you better," he teased her lightly. "What are we going to fight about anyway?"
"Don't you remember silly? I'm in love with someone else! It's my dramatic debut." Lena explained. He laughed.
"Right," Zan said with a nod, wondering how he could've forgotten "So I guess the pressure's on." He smiled slightly. "So shall we head in, mingle, break up?"
"Yeah, I suppose the time has come." Lena sighed. She looked up at him and smiled evilly. She gave him her best puppy dog lip and said, "Are you sure I have to break up with you??? I'll miss you too much, Pookie!"
Zan laughed, "I promise you can still visit whenever you want to." He then pulled away, leaving an arm around her waist and leading her into the party. He knew he was in for something big with the fight later from the look in her eye. "So shall we dance?" He asked her when they reached the ballroom.
"Of course! What sort of couple doesn't dance?" Lena teased.
Zan laughed, "Okay." He led her out onto the dance floor, his arms resting in the curve of her back as he pulled her to him, moving slowly to the rhythm of the song.
Surprisingly, Lena was very comfortable with the whole situation, it didn't feel weird at all to her. When she was younger, she had always seen Zan as a sort of brother figure, so she had never thought about dating him before, but with this whole stupid plan, she realized that maybe she really wouldn't mind having him feel that way about her. She shook her head, that was the stupidest thing she had thought all night. *He likes Ava, and I'm with Deni.* She rationalized.
"Something on your mind?" Zan asked her curiously, as he noticed her drifting away.
"No, nothing important." She answered solemnly.
"Okay," Zan nodded slowly, not sure he completely believed her. He thought something might be wrong, so he pulled her closer to him comfortingly.
Lena put all romantic thoughts of Zan out of her head and smiled as he comforted her. He always knew when she felt badly and how to make her feel better. "So should we find Ava and set the stage?" She asked, mind blissfully clear again.
Zan looked down at her. "I'm game if you are," He agreed, moving away from her.
"Great." She smiled. "She’s over there, by the punch bowl."
"Alright, let's go," Zan said, smiling again at the sight of Ava. He placed his hand on the small of Lena's back and led her towards the punch bowl. He poured them both cups of punch, pretending like he had a good reason to be there, other than setting Ava up to hear the fight.
Lena smiled as a brilliant idea for the break up scene struck her. "Zan!" She said smiling. She reached up and brought his head level with hers and whispered her plan in his ear.
Zan nodded to her whisper and smiled as if she'd just said something that entertained him. He waited a few minutes before saying to her, "I'll be right back." He walked away from the punch table and out of the room, seeing Ria with her hands completely full keeping Deni away from them. "Thanks," He mouthed as he walked by.
Lena walked over to an unsuspecting guy at the punch bowl. "Hey, play along, would you?" She whispered, smiling at him.
He looked up at her, she was pretty, and he figured whatever she wanted to do couldn't hurt, so he nodded. "Whatever you say." He whispered back.
Lena laughed hysterically, as if the guy had said something so hilarious she simply couldn't help but giggle uncontrollably. "You are so funny!" She said loudly, hands all over him.
"I've been told I'm a regular Jerry Seinfeld." He smiled. By then she had her arm draped around his shoulders, her body insanely too close to his. "And hot, too. So what's your name, big boy?" She asked seductively.
"Masius." He answered simply. "What's yours?"
"Talena, but you can call me Tal."
"You wanna get out of here?"
"I’d love to, but I’d like it even more if you'd kiss me." She whispered, suddenly really sick of this guy. *The things I do for you, Zan…* She thought unhappily as he leaned in and kissed her.
"Where do you wanna go?" He asked as he pulled his tongue out of her throat. Lena resisted the urge to gag.
"It doesn't really matter because she's my girlfriend," Zan interjected angrily as he grabbed Lena and dragged her away. "What the Hell was that?" He demanded of her.
"Cut it out! What's wrong with you?" Lena demanded angrily, her eyes flashing with the fun of the game.
"What do you mean, what am I doing?" Zan yelled at her.
"I can't do this anymore! I just can't! I'm not in love with you anymore." She finished quietly, waiting for him to rebound, anxious to finish her performance.
He was cut short by the fact that she said she wasn't in love with him anymore. He froze, stared blankly, and acted like he was caught off guard. "What are you talking about? Of course you're in love with me." He sounded desperate like he couldn't handle her not being in love with him. "Who are you in love with then?" he asked, the fire entering his voice again.
"What does it matter to you?" Lena spat. "All you care about is being my owner! I used to love you, but, but--"
Zan move in to brush her cheek with her hand, tears welling up in his eyes. "I never tried to own you Lena. I just tried to love you," he finished, acting like he was too broken by her words to argue anymore.
Lena used the first name that popped into her head. "Masius showed me what real love is. He proved that he was a man and you are only a boy." She finished. Wondering vaguely if she'd have another comeback.
"Masius?" he questioned, "The guy at the punch bowl? You love him?"
Lena's lips trembled as she stared into his eyes. She looked down, vowing not to break her resolve. "I do. I love him." She answered defiantly, gaining the courage to look up at him again.
"Well then go," Zan told her, looking away, making his voice crack as he spoke, "Be happy." He looked at her one last time before she hurried out of the ballroom.

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Chapter 4

Lena moved away as quickly as she could, aware that all eyes were glancing back and forth between the two of them. She found Ria on the other side of the party and whispered that she was free. Ria nodded in response and headed out of the ballroom, hoping Amli would notice and follow her out. She couldn't wait to be with him.

Deni moved through the party over to Lena. "What was going on?" He asked her, confused, "Did you just get into an argument with the wrong person?" He prayed that that wasn't the case. That she wasn't breaking up with him for some Masius.
"Oh Deni, I'm so sorry about all this. I should've told you before I went through with it." Lena laughed.
"Told me what?" Deni asked her, thoroughly confused, but relaxing. It obviously wasn't a big deal if she was laughing about it. A prank or a joke.
"Well you know how Zan is obsessed with Ava?" She asked.
"Yeah," Deni said with a nod, "Who doesn't? Other than Ava herself, that is."
"Well, the whole thing with me being in love with Masius was a trick to get Ava to notice him. I pretended to be his girlfriend, and then I broke his heart, so she will come and comfort him, and they will get together. Make sense now?" Lena explained.
Deni studied her, taking in what she was saying. He nodded, "Yeah it makes sense. So I guess that's why Ria was acting so crazy, keeping me occupied." He laughed lightly at the fact that she'd actually done it.
"Oh, you noticed that huh?" Lena joked.
Deni laughed, "Yeah just a little. We actually had a discussion about the color of the punch. I guess it was just hard for her to keep me away from you." He smiled at her, leaning in to kiss her quickly.
"I'm glad it's hard to keep you away," She laughed. "I missed you tonight with all the commotion." Lena finished.
Deni smiled, glad that she really did like having him around. "I missed you too," he said honestly, pulling her closer to him.
"So how has your night been?" She asked, happy to be with him again.
"It's been pretty decent," Deni told her, "Despite the fact that I haven't really seen you yet."
"Well now you have me all to yourself. No more acting tonight. Although it really was hilariously funny." She laughed.
"It is now that I know what was going on," Deni said, admitting he was freaked at first. He grinned at the comment that he had her all to himself. "I like the sound of that," he said softly, leaning in and kissing her.
Lena kissed him back, loving the feel of his arms around her, loving everything about him. "I'm sorry I freaked you out, I should've told you before I went through with it," Lena replied.
"It's okay," Deni assured her, "Although talking to me next time would be good." He noted to her.
"Don't worry, silly. There won't be a next time. It worked, I can tell. Call it feminine intuition or what you will, but I can tell," Lena informed him.
Deni laughed. "So there's no next time? Well that's comforting," he hoped she was right, that it had really worked.
"Yes, the only boyfriend I have now, is you," Lena smiled, looking up at him.
Deni grinned, "Well I'm glad to have your undivided attention." He kissed her forehead. "I love you."
She smiled happily, she loved hearing him say that. It made her feel special and like nothing could ever separate them. "I love you too," She whispered back.
Deni smiled, feeling like the luckiest man in the world at that whispered comment. Sometimes he could hardly believe she had chosen him. Talena Bolton loved him. He leaned in and kissed her again.
She kissed him back, content to be there with him. They were talking about this and that when Masius walked up to them. "Uh oh." Lena said as she spotted him a few feet away and coming closer by the second.
Deni tightened his arms around Lena as Masius walked closer. He didn't like the situation already, and the guy hadn't even started speaking.
"That would be the punch bowl guy," Lena informed Deni as Masius arrived on the scene.
"So you're in love with me are you? That kiss was good, but I had no idea." He said, smiling. He had loved kissing her, he had been a willing participant in her little game. But something told him there was more to it, that she really did have feelings for him.
Deni resisted the urge to laugh in the guys face. He looked down to Lena, pulling away from her a little to face the guy more directly. He wasn't sure what to say to that comment though. "Hey buddy, just back off," he said, making it clear she didn’t want him. "It was all a prank."
Lena looked between Masius and Deni and couldn't help but giggle at the situation. She stifled her laughter quickly, however, because Masius and Deni were staring daggers at each other. *Oh. My. God.* She thought, amazed. *They're actually going to fight over me...*
Masius moved closer to Deni. "Look all I know is that she asked me to play along, and I want my reward. The kiss was only to tide me over. So step aside," He challenged.
Deni glared at Masius, moving protectively in front of Lena. There was no way he was going to get away with talking about her like that. She wasn't just a reward. "Don't talk about her like that ever again," Deni said challengingly, almost daring Masius to do it again.
Masius looked Deni up and down and decided he could take him. Masius was taller than Deni, but less built. "Look, she's in love with me, didn't you hear? I think that kiss really sealed it for us. So get out of the way!" Masius shouted.
Deni didn't need to argue with the guy about who she was in love with. He knew. Deni laughed lightly at the fact that the guy believed Lena was actually in love with him. He figured words were done and this guy was really getting under his skin. He just thought that Lena was some hot girl he could use. He pushed Masius. "Stay away from her," he growled.
"This doesn't have anything to do with you! Get out of my way!" He shouted pushing him aside and smiling at Lena.
Lena looked at him and shook her head, "Big mistake, Buddy," She informed him as Deni came up behind him.
"Sure it does," Deni shouted, "She's my girlfriend." Deni never attacked anyone from behind. It was the cowards way. He spun Masius around and connected a hard, solid punch to his jaw.
"What the--" Masius began but he quickly stopped talking when Deni's fist met his mouth. He shook his head and retaliated by punching Deni in the stomach, allowing him time to briefly nurse his bleeding tongue.
Deni got the air knocked out of him, having not been prepared at all for the blow to the stomach. He took in a few deep breaths and grabbed Masius, did a quick move, and flipped the boy through the air, smacking his back onto the hardwood floor.
Masius could barely move as he lay, defeated on the floor, everyone staring, waiting to see if he would get up. Deni seemed to think the fight was over, but Masius wouldn't give up that easily. He got up, back aching from the slam to the ground, and headed over to Deni, who still was paying no attention. He grabbed his arm and twisted it backwards until it gave a sickening crack. Masius kicked Deni’s legs out from underneath him. "That'll teach you to mess with me," Masius finished, stepping over him and making his way to Lena.
Deni groaned as he got back up to his feet. His arm was killing him. Hurt definitely, quite possibly broken. And there was Masius, gaining on Lena. He rushed up behind him, putting Masius in a choke hold. Squeezing tightly as his air supply lessened, but not too hard to kill him. This wasn't completely a kill him offense.
Lena gasped as she watched Masius squirming under Deni’s hold. She hated that she had caused all this, Deni’s arm was probably broken, and it was all her fault. She bit her lip as she watched Deni wrestle Masius to the ground, finally ending the stupid fight.
Masius found himself on his back once more, Deni’s body looming over him. He was pinned to the floor, wondering what was going to happen next.
When Masius was down, Deni got up, grabbing him by the shirt collar. He hauled him to the exit, throwing him out of the palace. "Just go home for tonight," he said, not really wanting to fight with him anymore. He hated whenever Lena saw the more brutal part of him. After he was sure Masius was leaving, Deni made his way back to his girlfriend. "You okay?" He asked, not really sure why, it just seemed like the right thing to do.
Lena was close to tears when Deni made his way back to her. "I'm fine, how's your arm?" She asked, biting her bottom lip nervously. She only hoped he was okay, she couldn't stand to think that the stupid plan had gotten him hurt.
"It'll be fine," Deni assured her. He noticed there were tears in her eyes and looked down at her, forgetting about his arm. "Are you sure you're okay?" He brushed some hair off her face a he wrapped his good arm around her. He didn't want her to feel responsible for this at all.
"I'm fine, really. I just hope you're all right. I didn't mean for any of this to happen." She told him. She allowed him to support her by leaning against him, sadly.
"I know you didn't," Deni said gently, kissing the crown of her head. "How about we get out of here for a few," he suggested to her, wanting to fix this with not so many people around. Maybe he could find Zan alter and have him heal it.
"Yeah," Lena agreed. She felt awful about everything. It reminded her of the time when she had landed herself in the hospital trying to help Zan. That had been terrible.
Deni nodded, leading her out of the ball room. "Hey," he said gently when they were sitting outside, "I don't want you to feel bad about this. It wasn't your fault." He caressed her cheek. He hated seeing her so upset, he'd do anything to put her back together again.
"I know, I just..." Lena trailed off. "I can't help feeling like if I hadn't gone through with the whole plan, none of this would've happened. It's all so dumb, you shouldn't have had to do that." Lena sighed, she wished she could make all of it go away. It was ruining her night, which before the fight had actually been pretty damn enjoyable.
He moved in closer to her, wrapping an arm around her. He nuzzled her neck. "I'd do that for you anytime," he said softly, not mentioning how mad the way Masius had talked about her made him. Then he whispered into her ear, "I don't want you to worry about it anymore." He lightly kissed her neck afterwards.
Lena smiled, she didn't want to worry about it anymore. She kissed him gently, happy that they were together, and knowing everything would be all right. "I won't, I'm sorry." She apologized, hoping they could just move on.
"It's fine," Deni said, leaning in to kiss her again.
"I love you so much, Lorden Walker. I just want you to know that." Lena told him shyly. She took his hand and entwined her fingers with his, looking up at him happily.
Deni smiled down at her, squeezing her hand, finding it cute how shy she sounded. "I love you more than you will ever know, Talena Bolton," he agreed softly, pulling her close to him.

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Chapter 5

Zan stood in the middle of the ballroom, unable to move as he watched Lena's back run away from him. She had been wonderful, amazing in fact. Very convincing anyway. It had bothered him that she had actually kissed the punch bowl guy, but it was her prerogative. He spun around, torn from his trance when he felt a small hand grace his shoulder. He smiled when he saw who it was. "Ava," He whispered, sadness still laced in his voice. For Lena the game was over, but for him it was only beginning.
"Are you okay?" Ava asked him gently, brushing her hand over his, feeling electricity run down her spine.
"I, I'll be fine," He answered with a slight stutter. He looked down to the ground, willing himself not to laugh. By the time he looked back up at her, he had composed himself again. "Thank you for asking."
"It's no problem. That was really harsh what she did to you," she said to him gently.
"I guess I was holding her back. Restraining her. I only want her to be happy. They say that if you love someone, let them go. And if they come back, that’s how you know they really love you. She just needed her space." He explained, trying to show her his compassionate, caring side.
Ava studied him. He seemed sincere enough, but not too many people she knew would be that calm about the whole ordeal. She nodded, "What if she does come back to you?" There was no need to try and put her heart into something if he might break it running back to Lena later.
"I don't think she will. I don't think I would be able to take her back if she did." He answered sadly, hoping it was convincing enough for Ava.
Ava nodded. "I'm so sorry," she said again. She looked up at him, "You want to go somewhere and talk?"
"I'd like that." He smiled. *Lena, you are my princess... my God forever... I will worship you till the day I die...* He thought, mentally reminding himself to thank her again later.
Ava nodded, slipping her hand into his and leading him away. She smiled at him as they walked out of the ballroom. She wondered if he'd even be able to talk about it, but ball was in his court.
"Where should we go?" He asked uncertainly. He was still ecstatic that she had taken his hand.
"You tell me," Ava said, "I don't know much about the castle..."
"Well we could go to the pond, but it's nicer there when the moon is full. The garden is beautiful at night. The sky turns dark purple and you can see the stars so clearly," He informed her as they continued to walk down the hallway.
"Let's go to the garden then," Ava said with a smile. He obviously had an eye for what was romantic, taking in the scenery like that. She smiled up at him.
He led her to the garden, walking slowly to enjoy the moment. He brought her outside and under the hopah where the lilies were in full bloom. He bent down and pulled one from the ground for her. "I hope you like lilies," He said smiling.
Ava smiled as she accepting the lily from him. "I love them. They're my favorite flower," She told him, the fact that they were standing under a hopah not lost on her. She looked up at him a little curiously. Was he actually interested in her? Did he want her? Or was she just the rebound girl?
Zan was happy to see that she seemed pleased to be with him. He felt badly about lying to her and wondered briefly if he should tell her the truth. "I'll remember that." He said instead.
"Oh yeah?" Ava asked him teasingly, "For what?" She arranged the flower in her hair as she spoke.
"Just for," He paused, "Future reference," He finished, laughing. He was feeling guiltier and guiltier about lying and so he decided to change the subject. "How did you like the party?" He asked.
"It was nice," Ava answered, "I had a pretty good time." She opted to not ask him, since she knew the answer. It had kind of ruined her night too, seeing him so depressed.
"I hope this whole thing didn't ruin your night." He said, as if understanding why she hadn't asked him the same question back.
"It ruined my night because you were so upset about it," Ava admitted softly, unable to look him in the eye as she revealed her feelings.
Zan sighed, angry at himself for doing that to her and decided she should know the truth. Their relationship would be better off if not based on a lie. "Ava, I have to tell you something."
"What?" Ava asked, looking up at him, attentively. She was a little nervous since he hadn't said anything. Was he going to try and let her down gently?
"Tonight," He paused, not wanting to ruin everything. But he eventually went on, set in his decision. "Everything that happened tonight wasn't true." Zan said slowly.
"What are you talking about?" Ava asked, moving away from him and glancing around the garden. Was it some big joke? Was Lena off somewhere laughing?
"Lena and I have never dated, we never broke up. It was all just a scheme, a plan that Lena thought up," He explained, only fibbing slightly. The words came out of his mouth, but for some reason nothing came out the way he wanted it to.
"A scheme to do what?" Ava asked, her voice shaking a little.
Zan sighed. What if he was wrong? What if she didn't care about him at all? What if all he was doing was setting himself up for downfall? "It was to, to get you to act on your feelings for me," Zan finished, hoping to God he was right about her.
Ava wasn't quite sure how to react. Did that mean he liked her? It still sounded bad. It sounded like he was using her, playing her. She sighed. "Maybe you should've just acted on your feelings for me then," she countered.
"It's not like I haven't tried!" Zan sighed, exasperated. "I've just, I've always really liked you. But before you were with Garlon, and when he left I didn't know if you were ready for another relationship. So I talked to you at the parties, hoping something would happen. But it never did. I had to do something. I have the strongest feelings for you. All I wanted was to know if you felt the same way."
The mention of Garlon made Ava shift nervously. Then she looked up at him when he admitted his feelings for her. A smile spread across her face. "I've always really liked you, too," she said softly, "Garlon was just a distraction because you seemed so unattainable."
"I seemed unattainable?" Zan asked, laughing. "I guess maybe I was. I'm sorry for all this, I didn't mean for it to make you feel bad. I just wanted you to like me," He told her.
Ava laughed lightly. "It's okay," she said to him, moving in closer and kissing him. Ava wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. She felt so much in the kiss. So many different things. And she definitely felt love.
Zan had felt such a passion in that kiss, it was amazing. "Come with me." He told her grabbing her hand and taking her to the other side of the garden, clear of trees where they were able to look at the beautifully clear sky.
Ava smiled looking up. "It's beautiful," She said softly. She looked to Zan wondering if it was just the scenery or something specific he wanted her to see.
"Tonight is the perfect night to see Vedran," He told her, walking behind her. He leaned down to whisper into her ear. "Right up there to the far left, see the brightest star? That's it, right there. I've only been there once, visiting my Aunt Fria, but it was gorgeous. You would love it."
Ava closed her eyes as he leaned down and whispered in her ear. She looked back up at the sky, seeing the place he was talking about. She smiled. "Maybe you should take me there sometime," She suggested.
"I would love to take you there." He told her kissing her from behind. "It would be a wonderful trip."
Ava smiled turning her head to meet his lips in a kiss. She really wanted to go with him, anytime he'd be willing to take her.
"Do you really want to go with me?" He asked seriously.
Ava turned around to face him and nodded. "You just say when," She replied with a grin. "Why, did you think I didn't?"
"No, I was just thinking that I have some time before I have to go back to the camp," He said, referring to the training camp he was in for war training. Antar needed all the help it could get in the war against Julvar. "And maybe we could go before I leave."
Ava looked down. She'd forgotten he had to go back to camp. "When do you leave?" she asked him softly. Then she focused on his other statement and nodded. "I'd like that." It would be really nice to have some time alone with him before he left.
"I could take you next week, unless that's too soon. I have to go back in three weeks, but I come home for weekends." He told her. He hated being away from his family when he went to camp, but he had his friends to take his mind off things.
"Next week sounds great," Ava interjected, stopping him from saying anything else. It wasn't too soon and it seemed like one of the few times they had. She smiled a little when he said he came home for weekends. "So we'll still see each other fairly often," she noted.
"Of course, and I'll write to you whenever I can." He told her. "I'm glad you want to go with me, I think it will be a good way for us to get to know each other better." He said smiling as he kissed her neck lightly.
A slow smile spread across Ava's lips as he kissed her neck, a lazy, happy look taking over her face. She nodded, "I think so too." She honestly couldn't wait. "Will you really write me?" she asked him softly.
"Would I lie to you?" He asked sweetly.
Ava smiled up at him. "I don't know. Would you?" she asked, teasingly, pointing out the fact that he just had earlier.
Zan shook his head, smiling his I'm-gonna-melt-you-into-a-puddle-if-you-don't-watch-out-cause-you're-so-adorable smile. "That was a one time deal. And besides, I came clean."
"Okay," Ava said softly, in an 'I approve tone', with a laugh. She really didn't think he was going to lie to her again, and if he did, hopefully he'd come clean about it. His smile was completely heart melting. She barely knew him and she already felt like she loved him.
"So should I make the plans then? Will you come with me to Vedran?" He asked, hoping she'd say yes.
"Of course I will," Ava answered him, completely overjoyed that she was finally with him and they were going to Vedran. Alone nonetheless. "I'd love to," She said honestly, trying to hold back her excitement, but not succeeding very well.
"Well I can't wait. We can leave next week, probably on Wednesday, if that's all right with you. That way we can stay for a week and a half. Before I have to be home."
Ava nodded. Anything was honestly fine with her. So long as she was with him. "That sounds great to me."
"So I'll pick you up then?" He asked. He was so nervous about everything being just right. He didn't know whether or not it would go well, but he would certainly try to make her feel as comfortable as possible.
"Okay, what time?" Ava asked him, so that she'd be ready. She could sense that he was a little nervous, but wasn't sure if she should ask about it.
"You tell me." He said, not wanting to pressure her. "We can leave whenever you're ready."
"Around noon," Ava suggested, "Or is that too early." She looked up at him, "Are you okay with everything?" He was definitely nervous, but she couldn’t blame him, she was a little jittery herself.
"No that's fine. I'll pick you up then and we'll go, all alone on the most beautiful planet in our solar system." He reminded her. He was starting to relax as he realized everything was coming together, but he was still somewhat nervous about being completely alone with her for such a long period of time. What would they do? Would she like spending time with him? What if they ended up not liking each other? Zan tried to chase the thoughts out of his head, but it wasn't working very well, so he concentrated fully on Ava. "You are so gorgeous." He whispered, barely aware that he was speaking, losing himself in her eyes.
Ava smiled. She couldn't wait to be all alone with him. "I can't wait to have you all to myself," she said softly. She heard his words and was slightly caught off guard. Her lips relaxed into a smile as she gazed into his eyes. She slowly moved in closer to him.
Zan's lips curved upwards as she moved closer to him and he took her hand, pulling her into his arms. "I've never felt this way about anyone else I've ever been with." He whispered softly.
Ava's arms moved to wrap around him. "I've never felt this way about anyone either," she admitted. Not even Garlon, especially after he'd hit her. She smiled softly up at Zan, leaning up to kiss him.
Zan kissed her back, feeling the tension the two of them had between them evaporating. "I'm so glad we're together now," He told her, running his hands down her back, keeping her body close to his.
Ava pulled him closer to her, moving to rest her head on his shoulder. "I'm so happy you finally said something," she said softly. She would've said something sooner, but she had been afraid. Of him and rejection.
"Was that an uncomfortable silence?" He asked stroking her hair. "Because, well, I didn't really notice anything but you."
Ava smiled, her fingers moving to play with the buttons on his shirt. "Really? Because I only noticed you. Even when I was with Garlon," she admitted.
"Is that right?" He asked, smiling. He watched her, eyes unwavering. The way the moonlight glistened on her golden hair, the way her eyes sparkled when she looked up at him. He couldn't help but be entranced by this girl, and he allowed her to do whatever she wanted.
Ava smiled and nodded, "That's right. You always seemed like so much more than he was." Her fingers had worked the first button undone.
"Did I? Because you always seemed like so much more than any of those girls at those parties. I only ever wanted it to be you next to me." He admitted, sliding his hand down to her hips.
"Well now I can be next to you forever if you want me to," Ava said to him with a smile. It was funny how they'd both thought the same thing and never said anything.
"I do. I always want you by my side. Forever." He told her, the buttons coming undone quicker and quicker as he talked. He wanted to ask her about Garlon, he had noticed things when he was around the two of them, but he didn't want to ruin the mood.
Ava smiled up at him as she continued unbuttoning the buttons, not really paying attention to it. She could stay with him forever and ever. Just with him. She noticed he looked a little distant. "What are you thinking about?" she asked him, her hands work slowing downward.
"I umm, just about that party. You know, last summer when you and Garlon were still together, and you two were at the party. And he was just, I don't know, just really over protective. Almost hurting you. He didn't... I mean, did he?" Zan stumbled over his words, not wanting to upset her at all.
Ava averted her eyes to the ground, unable to look at him as she answered his question. "He did," she said softly. She was ashamed of it. That he had done what he did, that she had let it happen.
Zan's head immediately snapped up. He had always hoped he had been wrong about that, and now he felt awful for not asking her about it sooner. "What did he do to you?" He asked softly, trying not to push.
Ava pulled away from Zan, sure he wouldn't want her after he knew. "Well he would always grab me roughly and he hit me a few times," She said, acting as if the dirt was suddenly the most interesting thing around. She hated this. She hated it happening, she hated telling him, she hated him knowing.
Zan felt awkward when she pulled away from him, sad that she had been through so much. "It's not your fault." He told her. He seriously doubted she had ever told anyone about it before, and he wanted her to know that she shouldn't blame herself. "There was nothing you could've done to stop him." He whispered, grazing her shoulder with his hand, hoping she open up to him.
Ava looked up at him cautiously. Did he really think that, or was he trying to make her feel better? He looked so lost, so desperate to fix things. He had to mean it, to believe it. She gave him a slow nod. "Thank you," she said softly. She'd needed to hear that. She wondered how much she should tell him. If she should open up and let the tears flow, or if she shouldn't bother him.
"Ava, I just want you to know that I'll be here, when you need me. Or when you want somebody to listen. I just want you to feel better. I don't want things to be awkward between us." He finished.
"I just felt so weak around him," Ava finally said, "So helpless." She looked up at him, "Do we have to talk about this?" She looked down at his almost completely exposed chest. She'd much rather cure her ills.
"No, of course not." Zan answered quickly. He hated that she had been through all that. "I'm glad you left him, and I'm glad you're here with me now. And I just want you to be happy again." He told her, taking her hand.
Ava looked up at him and smiled. "I'm glad I'm here with you too," she said softly. She loved being with him. She gave his hand a gentle squeeze, moving over to him again, leaning against him, her hand moving back to his buttons. "So tell me about Vedran," She said softly, wanting to be happily distracted.
"Well it's amazing there. It's so different from here, I can barely describe it with justice. The skies are always orange, and at night they get this beautiful dark red, sometimes with streaks of pink or yellow. And the stars are always so bright. And there is this lake, right behind my aunt's house. The water there is bright purple, it's amazing. So different from everything here, it's like an escape. Almost like you're breathing new air. It really is wonderful." He told her.
Ava smiled up at him, "It sounds like it." She leaned up and kissed him lightly. She pulled away slightly. "I want to be alone with you," she whispered into his ear. She hoped he'd get what she meant and lead the way to his room.
Zan bit his lip, not sure if they should go or not. He didn't want her to regret anything they might do. But he stood up and offered her his hand, leading her upstairs quietly.
"Relax," Ava whispered into his ear when they got to his room. he had gotten really quiet. Like he was nervous about something. And she didn't want him to be nervous about her. She just wanted him to make her feel better now that she was low.
"I am relaxed. It’s just, I want everything to be perfect. And I don't want you to feel anything but right about it." Zan explained, kissing her neck lightly.
Ava smiled, pulling his body closer to hers. One hand snaking up to his neck, holding his lips lightly against her skin. She closed her eyes, tilting her head back. "I feel right about it," She lied convincingly. She just wanted to feel right again. She wanted to feel good.
"If you’re sure..." He whispered, his voice husky. Zan continued to kiss her, hoping she was being honest about how she felt. He allowed his hands to roam freely along her body, her top lay forgotten on the floor. The two of them fell backwards onto his bed, and his lips moved up at first meeting hers in a hard, passionate kiss. And then the crown of her head, her lips again, and the nape of her neck, and then he followed the curve of her arched body, down, down.
A small moan escaped Ava's lips as he kissed her body. His lips felt so good on her skin. He felt so good to her. She ran her hands through his hair and over the skin of his back as he continued kissing her.
Zan lifted his head and smiled as she moaned. He loved pleasing her and only wanted to help her forget, even if it was only for one night. He placed one of his hands on her hip and let the other one move slowly up her body. He began kissing her navel lightly, wanting to do so much at once that he didn't know where to start. The heat of the moment was so strong that he was lost in her already.
Ava gently pulled him back up to her, her lips searching for his and finally finding them. She kissed him passionately, letting her hands roam down his body.
Zan moaned softly when she kissed him. He could do nothing but kiss her and be perfectly satisfied for the rest of his life. He slid her skirt down to her feet leaving her in only her bra and underwear and pulled off his pants leaving him in just his boxers. "Are you ready?" He whispered lightly.
"Completely," Ava whispered back, breathily. Her hands moved to the edge of his boxers and began pushing them down.
Suddenly the door swung open and Nol strode inside, stopping short at the scene in front of him and looking away abruptly. "Whoa, didn't know, Dude, sorry." He said, chuckling softly.
Ava looked embarrassedly at Nol and began collecting her clothes, Putting them back on. That was so far from cool. She didn't know if she' ever be able to look Nol in the eye again after he'd gotten such an eye full. She wondered if he actually wanted anything important.
Zan scrambled away from Ava, thoroughly embarrassed. He grabbed his pants and put them on and Ava handed him his shirt. He smiled at her thankfully, and regretfully at the same time. He turned back to his brother, his half-brother really, Zan usually wished they weren't related. Now was definitely one of those times. "Was there something you needed?" Zan demanded, his temper rising.
Ava turned her attention back to Nol as well, wondering what his reason for interrupting was. She sure hoped it was a good one for ruining that mood.
"Yes," Nol responded defiantly. "Mom wants you downstairs for the ceremony. The party is for you and the defeat at Mt. Carabol, you know." He couldn't help smiling as he watched the vein in Zan's forehead pop out in anger. He had forgotten something important, and all this was his fault. Nol smirked mischievously, wanting to laugh, but he stopped himself.
"Fuck," Zan whispered under his breath. He shook his head and sighed, throwing an apologetic look at Ava. "I'll be down in a minute." He told Nol, annoyed that his brother had had every right to come barging in. When it came to Laviette, Nol could do whatever he wanted.
Ava realized that this was true. That in leading him off she should've expected this. She sighed, slipping her hand into Zan's. "Let's go," she said to him smiling, pulling his hand gently in the direction of the door now that they were both clothed. She was planning on being on his arm for the rest of the night.

Nol shrugged and walked back out of the room, still eyeing Ava, she was a nice piece of ass if he did say so himself. But he was perfectly content with Serena. And they might not be in love, but there were about as close as it was gonna get for a while. He walked down the stairs whistling as he rejoiced in ruining his brothers happiness.
"Don't let him get to you," Ava said to Zan softly, not wanting their encounter with Nol to ruin the rest of the night. it was still a perfectly good night.
"He's just so--" Zan began, but he stopped himself, not wanting to get into it. "Come on, I want to introduce you to my friends, and I suppose Laviette and Uncle Roper will want to meet you." He said smiling warmly.
Ava smiled at him and said, "I'd like that." She walked with him towards the main ballroom.
They walked into the ballroom together, and lots of heads turned their way. Zan had to hope that it was because of the scene with Lena earlier, or maybe because it had just been announced that he was accepting the plaque for the battle at Mt. Carabol. He just prayed it wasn't because Nol had already spread a rumor about the two of them.
Ava felt a little disconcerted that all eyes were on them. She looked up at Zan for some reassurance. She hoped as well that this wasn't a stare because they knew what had almost happened in Zan's room.
Zan smiled down at Ava and led her up to the podium where she stood beside him as he accepted the plaque for the rest of the troop. He stepped down and took her hand as he led her over to Laviette and Roper. "Hi Laviette, Uncle Roper. I'd like you to meet Ava Richardson."
Ava smiled trying to be charming, to win what he had left for parents over. "It's nice to meet both of you."
Roper nodded at Ava. "Nice to meet you too." The Richardson’s were a reputable family, so Zan hadn't done bad for himself.
Laviette looked the girl up and down and wondered if she was in fact a respectable member of the Richardson family. She had heard plenty about their reputation, including how many of the younger generation went through partners rather quickly. But perhaps that rumor was solely about Griselda. "Charmed, I'm sure." She stated finally.
Ava moved closer to Zan, subconsciously, not really liking his "mother" or the way she seemed to have to appraise her first. She smiled at them again.
Roper smiled at Laviette. He wished she'd be more gentle sometimes, but knew it was a fleeting thought. "So when did you two meet?" he asked, knowing that this must be a new development. They would've known if Zan was with someone and he'd seen Ava with that overbearing boy a few times.
"Well, we've known each other for a while," Zan answered. "But tonight has been a real turning point in our relationship." He informed them, smiling.
"Well that's good dear." Laviette said, dismissively. In her opinion, the conversation was over.
Roper nodded. "I noticed," he said, "Because I hadn't heard anything from Zan's end in a while." Not that Zan really talked to him, but that made no difference. He still hadn't heard anything.
"Hm. Well we'd better get going, I'll see you both tomorrow." Zan informed them taking Ava away. "I'm sorry, they can be very impassive sometimes. I think they liked you, though." He assured her.
Ava laughed, "How could you tell? Because they didn't throw their drinks in my face?" She looked over to Zan with a playful smile.
"Well, Laviette spoke to you, which is a sure sign she thought you weren't pond scum. She's very conceited, but I wouldn't tell anyone I said that if I were you. And Roper likes everyone." He told her. "Don't worry, their opinions don't matter to me. I'll love you no matter what."
Ava smiled up at him a little surprised he had used the word love. "I love you too," She said, smiling as she thought that their whirlwind romance only just beginning.

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Chapter 6

Vilandra sighed as she waited for the song to end. She liked Rath well enough, but she didn't love him, not at all. Not even close. Finally the song ended and Rath led her back to their table. "Thank you for the dance." She said politely as she sat down across from him. "Would you mind bringing me some punch?" She asked, smiling forcibly. He had just sat down and she could tell he wasn't pleased, but she just batted her eyelashes and giggled a bit. She found that could always get her what she wanted.
Rath sighed a little. "Yeah, I'll be right back," he said, standing up. Anything for his Princess. Or that's how he was supposed to feel anyway, but he wasn't in love with Lonnie. He wasn't even sure how much even liked her anymore, but it looked good for him to date her and it made sense. He grabbed a cup of punch and brought it back to her. "Here you go," he said as he sat down across from her again.
"Thank you." Lonnie said graciously, or with as much as she could muster. She never meant her thanks, why should she? Everyone did whatever she said in the blink of an eye. Even Rath, although at first she had had her doubts about him. But he was the perfect distraction. He had wonderful status, and kept the smarmy boys far, far away from her. He served his purpose and that was all she asked. "When do you go back to camp?" She wondered out loud. She hadn't meant for it to, but it had come out sounding like she wanted him to leave.
Rath cleared his throat, immediately feeling a little unwanted, but decided not to let it bother him. After all, he didn't really want her either. "In three weeks," he answered, "But I'll be home on weekends."
"Hm, well that's good. It'll be nice to see you on weekends." She said, deciding to finally give him a small compliment. She just hoped it wouldn't go straight to his head and inflate his ego.
Rath smiled at her. Maybe she would miss him and it wasn't so bad to be with her after all. He got a little cocky though, since she rarely said anything like that. "Yeah I know," he said simply, not noting it would be nice to see her too.
Lonnie rolled her eyes and assumed her less than amused disposition. "Hm." She nodded. "Will you write to me?" She asked, wondering what he would say to this, seeing as she had never so much as asked him for his thoughts on anything before.
Rath was caught a little off guard. he looked at her, taking her hand into his gently. "If you want me to," He finally said. She'd never wanted him to before.
"I would like that." She told him, wondering why she was softening towards him after all this time. But she looked down at the table, tightening her grip on his hand just slightly, and looked back up at him, a smile gracing her lips.
Rath was surprised at how much that smile made him feel, how happy it made him. He definitely liked her in moments like this. "Then I will, everyday," he promised, because it was what she wanted and what he should do.
"I'm glad." She said softly. She leaned over and kissed him, it was times like these that she enjoyed being with him. He made her feel protected and safe, like she was special, at least sometimes.
"Oh Sater! I can't believe you're taking me to Dylian, it's so far away, it must be so expensive!" A girl at another table, close to Rath and Lonnie's, squealed.
"I would do anything for you." Her boyfriend smiled. "We're going to have such a wonderful time together. This is exactly what we need, a vacation where we can be alone together. It's going to be perfect."
Lonnie shifted in her seat and let go of Rath's hand. She wished they could be a normal couple, she even wished that she could love him. But she had never let anyone that close before. And she didn't know if she ever could.
When Lonnie let go of his hand, Rath knew something was wrong. "What is it?" he asked her, trying not to push or sound gruff.
"Nothing." Lonnie answered quickly. As soon as she said it she knew it sounded too rushed. But she didn't care. "I was just thinking... about us." She finished.
"What about us?" Rath asked her curiously. Was she more serious than he was? Was she just scared to show it? Could he learn to love her? Or was this the good-bye part? The part his ego couldn't take, even though his heart could.
"I was just thinking that maybe we should try to, I don't know, be more serious." She suggested shyly. She had no desire to meet his eyes at that moment.
"Do you really want to?" Rath asked her tentatively. As much as he thought it was good for them to be together, and at times he even liked being with her, he didn't want to push her into anything, at all.
"If you do. I mean, it seems silly to have a relationship based solely on status doesn't it? Shouldn’t we at least try to make it something more? Don't we owe it to each other?" She asked, becoming more bold for reasons she could never have explained if asked.
"Well I guess so," Rath said a little unsure, already feeling cornered in by commitment. But if it was the difference between keeping or losing her, he'd do what he had to do. He nodded, "We can give it a shot."
"You do want to don't you?" She demanded, she didn't want to bother if he didn't really want to.
"Of course I do," Rath responded to pacify her. Part of him wondered if they could have more if they'd just let themselves try, or if things would end up more awkward than ever.
"Do you want to dance?" Lonnie asked, smiling again. "We might as well start tonight over, right?"
"Right," Rath said with a small smile. "I'd love to dance with you, Vilandra," he said, trying his best to keep her happy as he stood and extended his hand to her.
Lonnie took his hand and walked out onto the dance floor with him, just as a slow song began to play. She held him close to her and wondered if things would work out between them. She honestly hoped so. "Thank you." She whispered, looking up at him as they danced together.
"For what?" Rath asked, confused as his arms moved to her waist, pulling her body closer to his.
"For putting up with all my shit. I know I haven't always been exactly friendly to you, and I'm sorry. And for trying to make this work. And just, everything." Lonnie told Rath honestly. She couldn't remember the last time she had been this open with someone, and it was refreshing.
"Anytime," Rath said to her automatically, finding himself liking her a little more as she let him in, but also being a little frightened of being tied down. Which was odd because before he thought he would be tied down with her, just for the respectability of it all. He looked down and gave her a sincere smile, leaning down and kissing her neck gently.
Lonnie brought his head back up to her eye level and stared into his eyes. She kissed him deeply, wanting to get a reaction out of him. Her hands moved up his neck and into his hair and they kissed.
Rath's grip tightened on her, and despite himself his world was reduced to just him and Lonnie. He kissed her back softly.
Lonnie smiled as the kiss ended and she opened her eyes again. She found herself staring at him for the second time in two minutes and looked quickly at the floor, laughing slightly. "That was..." She whispered, lost for words.
Rath laughed a little too. "Different," he offered her a word, "But good different."
"Yeah." Lonnie agreed, laughing. A good time, Vilandra Winters was having a good time, with her boyfriend nonetheless. Any onlooker who had ever known Lonnie would be in shock. "So what do we do for the next three weeks?" She asked, wondering if he had any desire to spend them with her.
"Not sure, this whole closer thing is new to me too," Rath said slowly. He looked down at her, "What do you want to do?"
"I don't know, I kinda feel like getting away from here for a while though. The whole atmosphere has gotten really boring, you know?" Lonnie explained.
"Away from the party?" Rath asked, trying to pinpoint exactly what she was saying or meant. A trip farther might be harder to arrange, but maybe with Zan's help he could figure something out.
"That too, although I love dancing with you." Lonnie smiled. He made her feel protected with his strong arms around her, holding her close to him. And that kiss had been, well honestly it had been a little strange, but she hoped they could overcome that. Overcome this brotherly affect he had on her.
Rath grinned. Truth be told, he loved dancing with her too. And maybe it's time truth was told. He looked down at her. "I like dancing with you too," he said. He paused, "So you want to get away from Antar for a little while?"
Lonnie smiled and blushed a little as he returned her compliment. "It would be nice. Just the two of us, alone somewhere far away from here..." She described, eyes lighting up at the prospect. She hardly ever got away with all the hustle and bustle around the castle, social engagements left and right. She constantly felt like she was trapped and had no way to escape.
Rath nodded. "Doesn't sound half bad," He responded. He looked around. "I'll talk to Zan about it, see if I can't get something worked out."
"Well that will be nice," Lonnie said, thinking of all the possible places they might go. As long as she didn't have to deal with Antar, it would be fine with her.
"Anywhere in particular you want to go?" Rath asked her. If he was going to do this, it would be perfect. She would love it.
"Mmmm, surprise me." She replied, completely not caring where they went.
"I can do that," Rath smiled, slightly relieved. He could get whatever Zan was able to get for him, and Lonnie would be happy.
The song, which seemed to last an amazingly short time for Lonnie and Rath, finally ended and the two of them walked off the dance floor. "What now?" She asked, still holding onto his hand.
"Well if you want to get out of here, we could go for a walk or something," Rath offered, not sure what to do with her.
"All right," Lonnie agreed, leading them through the crowds of people, waving and smiling as they moved.
"So the garden," Rath suggested, trying to be as romantic as he could. Things still felt weird with her, but not because they were pretending...because she felt like his sister.
"Sounds good," Lonnie agreed. The night was turning out better than she had expected, but still something was tugging at her in the back of her mind. She just couldn't shake the brotherly love feeling from him.
Rath wrapped his arm around her waist, trying to make himself feel more for her as they walked. But it wasn't working. It just made him feel more awkward.
Lonnie leaned her head on his shoulder and wondered if she should say something. It's not that she didn't want to feel more for him, it's like she couldn't. No wonder they had kept the relationship strictly for show. Finally she stopped and turned to face him, his arm still lingering around her waist. "Rath..." She began uncertainly.
Rath got a little bit nervous with this beginning. This was probably the hit the bricks speech. "Yeah?" He asked, not wanting to hear it.
"This isn't working is it?" She asked.
Rath paused. He didn't want to hurt her. "No, not really," he said, looking away from her, "You're like a sister to me."
Lonnie looked down and smiled back up at him. "You're like a brother to me," She agreed. She reached up to hug him, "But thanks for trying." She whispered.
Rath hugged her. "That actually felt good," he said when they separated, to finally have called it all off. "And you know you can still count on me, right?" he said, since she was like a sister and she had shown him a little something that made him like her more as a person to tonight.
"You can count on me too," Lonnie promised, happy that everything was out in the open. But at least they had tried, and knew it wasn't possible for them to have feelings for each other like that. They were free to be friends and have relationships with other people, who they might actually have a chance with. "As long as you always protect me from the creepy guys who are, well, creepy, I will always love you," Lonnie told him, laughing happily.
Rath laughed. "I think I can handle getting rid of some creepy guys," he grinned. This was so much better and less awkward. He didn't know if he'd often need to go to her, but he would if he needed help with something.
"So do you wanna get back to the party?" Lonnie asked, wondering what would happen now that they weren't together anymore.
"Sure," Rath said with a nod. He wondered what he'd do when he got there. He couldn't possibly start looking for a new girl could he? Would Vilandra already be looking for a new guy?
Lonnie and Rath walked back to the ball together and she hugged him one last time before they went in. "Good luck," She told him. "And we'll always be there for each other, no matter what. Promise okay?" He nodded and she smiled, kissed him on the cheek and disappeared into the throng of people, leaving him to fend for himself.

And so begins the disintigration of the UC couples... more to come*happy*

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Pheebs and Mollie *happy*

(Oh and this is Amy posting. LOL, just wanted to let you know.)

Chapter 7

Ria smiled at Lena and Deni, watching them make-up from afar. They were so cute together. And so public. Something she wished she and Amli were. Since her job was done and she didn't want to spend the party with random guys, when her guy was here, she sought him out, looking around. When she caught his eye she simply gave an almost imperceptible nod as the all clear, let's go. She walked out of the ballroom and towards her room.
Amli waited a few minutes, finished chatting with Torrence Carmichel, and headed off the same way Riannon had a few minutes earlier. He hadn't seen her in almost a month and he had missed her so badly. He practically ran up the stairs and knocked once before opening the door to her bedroom and slamming it shut behind him, desperately trying to catch his breath. He looked up as he smelled her sweet perfume. Amli ran to her, enveloped her in his arms. "I've missed you so much," He told her between kisses.
Ria felt at peace finally inside his arms. "I've missed you so much too," she said. Kissing him again. He'd been gone for a month, and tonight, having to wait hours had been pure torture, all she'd wanted to do was be with him.
"I'm sorry it's been so long, after the trip with Lena and Rath, Serena convinced our mother to take us to Dylian with her and her new boyfriend. Needless to say, I wanted to stay here, be with you. But they forced me to go, I'm so sorry, I never wanted to be away this long," Amli whispered, his hands already moving to take off her shirt in the heat of the moment.
Ria made no move to stop him from removing her shirt, letting it fall to the floor. "It's okay," she whispered back. She knew he wanted to be with her. "You didn't have a choice," She reminded him. She couldn't exactly be mad that his family made him go.
"Oh I love you so much," He whispered as she pulled off his shirt and he moved his hands to her hips
"I love you too, Amli," Ria said with a smile, pulling him closer to her, her hands running the length of his back and then around his waist to his chest.
He held her close, kissed her with more passion than he thought he had in him. He let her go, and picked her up off the floor, smiling at her squeals of delight. He dropped her lightly onto the bed and climbed over her. "I want you, now," He whispered, not really aware of what he was saying.
Maria's breath came faster as he picked her up and set her on the bed. "I love you so much," she said to him as she nodded her permission for him to go ahead. She wanted him too.
"But not if it's too soon," He breathed, voice ragged. He didn't want anything to happen if she had any doubts it was right.
"It's not too soon," Maria promised him. She just wished that they could go public especially if they were going to sleep together. Ria closed her eyes, letting the pleasure overtake her as his hands gently roamed over every part of her body. She had never expected this much pleasure. It was perfect. The connection that was made wasn't a superficial one. It was complete, mind, body, and soul. And the flashes she had gotten were amazing. To him she really was beautiful. The most beautiful girl he'd ever seen even. And she could never regret what they done simply because she honestly knew how much he loved her. She just hoped what he'd seen had been just as good. She smiled over at him, rolling onto her side afterwards, ignoring any pain. She wasn't sure if there should be anything to say or not, but she didn't feel the need to speak.
Amli sighed, still amazed at what they had just done. It had been a wonderful experience, something like he had never felt before. And having it be with Riannon had made it all the more worthwhile. "Ria, I think maybe we should tell people. It's not fair to either one of us if we have to hide our love for each other. I want everyone to know how I feel about you," He whispered, moving her hair behind her ears and holding her face in his hands.
Ria started to smile and was about to tell him that she agreed. That she wanted everyone to know. That she'd shout it from the rooftops if anyone would let her get near a rooftop. Then the splitting pain of a vision ripped through her. Her head tilted back and she screamed in pain. Her eyes closed tightly against her sockets.
She saw ruin and destruction all around her, so many people and soldiers were dead. She saw the attack being led by Ava, Nol, and some man she didn't know. He was tall and built, with dark features and an emotionless face. She saw them kill everyone. She saw some of the strongest soldiers fall to their knees before taking in their final breath. And then she saw the satisfied smirks on the attackers faces before her body went limp in Amli's arms.
"Oh my God! Ria! RIA!" Amli shouted. He assumed it was one of her visions, but she had been in so much pain. And now she wasn't waking up, and that scared him more than anything. "Ria, Ria please wake up, please..." He begged, stroking her hair and kissing her forehead. "Someone!" He shouted loudly, picking her up and walking towards the door. He opened it with much difficulty and shouted into the hallway. "Someone please help me!" He shouted, his voice echoing across the empty hall.
Rath was completely sick of hearing people congratulate him over and over again about how great his victory was. While he appreciated the thanks, once was quite enough. He was looking for Lena, so that he could get the hell out of there, when he heard Amli, his fellow soldier cry out for help, almost desperately. He broke into a run until he reached Amli and rolled his eyes slightly when he saw that all the noise was just about Ria and another one of her visions. And then he wondered why that made Amli so distraught. "What's going on here?"
"She, she won't wake up, Rath, that's not normal. Not at all. And she was in so much pain, I don't know what she saw, but that vision was damn strong." Amli explained, his brow furrowed with concern.
Rath arched an eyebrow in confusion. "How do you know what's normal?" he asked Amli, but decided that that wasn't the most relevant point right now. "Well I guess we should lie her down. Wait until she comes to. Then we can know what she saw."
Amli was taken aback by his question, he supposed he had revealed too much. But that didn't matter since they were going to reveal their relationship now anyway. "Yeah, Should I get someone?" Amli asked worriedly.
"Yeah," Rath said with a nod, "I'm sure there's a doctor in the party. I can stay with her."
"Yeah, right. Okay. If, if she wakes up, tell her I'll be right back. And, uh, yeah." Amli babbled. He was so worried about her. He ran out of the room and down the stairs as quickly as his legs would allow.
Ria began to slowly stir. Before her eyes even opened she reached out and called for him, "Amli..." She needed him with her. She needed him to help her.
Rath moved closer to Riannon, he wanted to make sure she would be all right. He had heard her calling out for Amli, which struck him as odd, but he shrugged it off. "Ria," He whispered. "Come on, wake up." He said propping her up against the pillows on her bed.
Ria slowly came around, shocked to find Rath as the man sitting with her. Her brow furrowed. "What're you doing here?" She asked, trying to move, but wincing and moving back down to the bed from the pain in her head.
"Stop moving, you're obviously in pain," He told her, putting his arm over hers to keep her in one place. " Amli went to get the doctor. Can you tell me what you saw, please?" He asked, wanting to get this over with.
Ria's eyes narrowed. That was so typical of Rath. Why had Amli ever left her with him in the first place. She wouldn't trust him with a dog, unless of course she wanted it to attack people for sport. "Is that all you care about? What I saw? I mean really Rath, is that all that's important here?" She tried to sound angry, but her voice ended up sounding weak and pained, and hardly loud because it hurt her head. She paused and looked at him. She hadn't seen him, or any of the soldiers she knew fall in particular, but that didn't mean they hadn’t. "And did you ever think that there might be a time that you don't want to know?" she asked him more compassionately.
Rath paused and looked at her for a second, rethinking his approach. Maybe he had been a little insensitive. "Look. I'm sorry, but you don't look like you're very ill. And I have to know what you saw. It's my job." He told her, rather annoyed that she had contradicted him.
"No it's my job. And my choice to tell you, or not." Ria said slowly. "Maybe I forgot." She knew she was being a little bit more obstinate than necessary, but she was sick of being treated like a commodity.
Rath shook his head and decided to try one more time. "Let's start over, okay? Are you all right? Is everything okay? Because Hamlin explained that normally you don't pass out like you did just now. How do you feel?" He asked, hoping that he would get a better response now.
Ria sighed. He wasn't giving up, but at least he wasn't acting completely heartless. "Like a million bucks....put through the spin cycle." She answered sarcastically, cracking a small grin. She looked at him. He did have a right to know. "Look, I'd just be careful around here if I were you. Avoid big gatherings nearby. Keep the soldiers separated for a while..." She knew that wouldn't be the response he wanted. That he’d question her advice now that he had more or less what he wanted.
"Do you always feel that awful after one of your visions?" He asked, completely ignoring her warnings. He had never thought about what it was like to be the Oracle, he had always just assumed that the visions came and the visions went.
"It varies from vision to vision. Some wipe you out more than others. Some you just look like you're daydreaming till it's over, you don't feel a thing. This is worse than any one I've ever had," she admitted to him, "The most painful and powerful." She wasn't about to admit that the experience had scared her too.
Rath bit his lip, "So--" He paused, "You'll be okay right? I mean, was the vision--What was it that made it so awful?" He asked, wondering if he was reading the look in her eyes correctly, she seemed honestly scared.
"I'll survive," Ria said, not sounding too convincing. She sighed, "It was just more intense. More vivid. Like I was there." She paused, "And because I actually had ties to it's players. Some of them I don't want anything bad to happen to..." She looked away from him. That was the way things went though, really...people got hurt, people died. There was nothing you could do about it...even if you did see it first.
"Ria," Rath paused, he didn't want her to have to relive it all, but he needed to know. "Who did you see? What-did you see?"
Ria briefly wondered where Hamlin was. Where he'd gone off to, but then again, he was trying to find a doctor amongst all the people downstairs. "There was a battle. Here. And all of you died, or most of you died. I didn't see any of you in particular, but your attackers, well they looked pretty self satisfied. Pretty smug. And I'd be careful who you trusted. The people you count on may not be the people who should have your lives in their hands." She couldn't tell them it was Nol and Ava, no one would believe her. And there was time still, maybe whatever went wrong to corrupt them could change.
"What do you mean, who I trust? Who did you see, Ria?" Rath asked her, genuinely concerned, not so much for himself, but for all the others who might have to die. He needed to know who not to trust. And once word of this little death spree got out, whoever was planning on starting it would probably attack Ria first. She was their only way of knowing what was coming.
"It's unsure," Ria answered him vaguely. She knew he knew she knew the answer, but there was so much time. So much could change. Maybe it was truly the lack of trust that pushed them to their actions. She sighed, it was so hard to know just what to say sometimes. "Scrutinize everything," She told him, "Keep things truly important to yourself. Keep an eye on people you've never really been close to, and don't start getting friendly now."
Rath sighed and rubbed his temples. "Ria, please, at least tell me when all this is supposed to happen."
Ria looked up at him. Was he actually pleading with her? She reached out and took his hand gently. "If I tell you, promise me you won't put too much energy into waiting around for it," she said softly.
"I promise," He told her, looking straight at her, letting her know that he meant what he said. Surprisingly, it felt nice to have her hold his hand, almost comforting him from the current situation.
"In about two months," Ria told him with a nod. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion," She told him comfortingly, "And dying, so long as you’re fighting, is honorable." It was the best she could give him. She couldn't guarantee his survival, nor could she confirm his death. And she felt that it was odd that she should step into the role of comforting this man whom she'd disliked for so long, so easily. And that it felt almost right.
Rath looked down. "You have no idea who dies and who survives?" He asked desperately. "And you really don't know who you saw?" He was starting to feel scared, scared for his friends and family, scared mostly for this girl, who he had never thought about as even a friend before. He was afraid she'd be taken before any of them. He tightened his grip on her hand. "Please, Ria, it's important. We could save these peoples lives, your life--" He stopped abruptly mid-sentence. He didn't want to make her think she was in any more danger than she already thought.
"I don't know who dies," Ria answered honestly, "I just know it's a huge slaughter." She passed over the question of who she saw. She'd seen Zan's own brother, someone everyone held in high regard. Her boyfriend's sister's boyfriend. She couldn't just go pointing fingers. She knew it was important and she stop short of saying so when he mentioned her life being in danger. It might be, but it’s only the same danger that she was normally in anyway, so why stress this time? Why make it more important? Not to say she wasn't freaking out, but she couldn't exactly bear her soul to Rath. She would wait to freak out and cry when Amli returned. "Don't worry about me," Ria told him simply. If she was going to die, then that was what was to happen to her. Hell, she might even see it. Then at least she could prepare for the end.
"Ria, are you sure there's not more you're not telling me? I only want to help here. I need to know what I have to do, anything that might give me a clue, anything..." Rath trailed off. It sounded like this was becoming his own personal mission. "We can't just sit here and let this happen, Ria. Isn't that why you have your power? So you can help Antar, help everyone?"
Ria nodded, "Okay, you're right, completely." She sighed, "Just let me do some looking into our suspects first. I'll tell you when the time is right." He'd have to accept that, accusing who she'd be accusing was ludicrous until she had proof. "And as far as the battle goes, that's really all I know. It's a massacre of you all by three. And it's over power. The power of the throne." That was more than she should've said, but maybe he'd know what to do, better than she did.
"The throne? Zan and Nol..." Rath thought, mumbling under his breath. His voice trailing off. He looked down and realized his hand was still in hers, and he smiled. "I should go," He told her simply. "You'll be okay until Amli gets back?"
Ria watched Rath mull things over. He was headed in the right direction. She gave him a small, indiscrete nod, for him to catch or not, as he would. She pulled her hand away from his and nodded. "I'll be okay...."
"You're sure?" He asked again, watching her intently. He thought he had seen her nod hen he had mentioned Zan and Nol, but he wasn't positive.
Ria gave him a small smile. "I'm sure," she finished answering him softly. She'd survive until Hamlin got back, especially if he wanted to get away.
"You don't have any idea where Lena might be do you?" He wondered out loud. If anyone might know, it would be Ria.
"Last I saw her she was with Deni," Ria answered. The tenseness of having to keep everything secret was killing her, but she didn't want the wrong people persecuted. That was the thing with prophecies. You didn't know the whole deal. It could be that very persecution that drives the three to do what they do.
"Thanks. I'll, uh, I guess I'll see you later then." Rath said. He wished she would open up to him with this whole prophecy, but he decided what he had gotten out of her was enough for one day. He would find out more soon, and he'd just have to deal until then.
Ria nodded, "See you later." She was surprised at how much Rath had come around in one period of time together. She should've gotten a painful vision long before now, then maybe she'd be friends with more than just Lena and Amli.
Rath left and wondered why he had never become friends with Riannon before. It was true he had always seen her as the Oracle, this unattainable person who no one could get close to, and he guessed that why he had found her so different and strange. But now that he had really met her, he liked her, and he was glad. He waved goodbye and walked out the door and down the hallway, searching for any sign of his sister or her boyfriend.

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Mollie and Pheebs

Dedicated to:

Juzel, Ames, Kieran, Erin (Moonbean), Ely, marteloise, the better twin, NewYorker18, Sarah_helen, Becca, Devious Dreamer, Nya, and AggieChick.

Chapter 8

Amli ran back up the stairs, Dr. Tori close behind him. "She's in there, Doctor." Amli announced as the doctor went casually inside the room, Amli close behind.
"What seems to be the trouble young lady?" Dr. Tori asked, not noticing who he was speaking to. He looked up and glanced at Riannon and realized his mistake. "Oh, pardon me, Miss Wayland, have you had another vision?"
Ria nodded towards the doctor. "It was really bad this time though," She answered him, "Like migraine pain...five times over."
"Here, take these now, wait about an hour, and then take these, and go straight to sleep. No strenuous activity, just rest." Dr. Tori told her, handing her two sets of pills and wagging his finger in her face.
Amli stood by and watched, worried and hopeful that she felt better already. For some odd reason, he felt like her pain was his fault.
Ria laughed lightly at the doctor and nodded. "Okay, I'll do that," she promised and she would if it would straighten her out.
Dr. Tori nodded and left the room, he knew she would be fine if she simply did what he had told her to do. And even if she didn't, she seemed fine already. A good long sleep would fix her right up. And besides, he knew that the two friends would probably want to talk alone.
Ria smiled at Amli. "Hey," she said softly, moving into a sitting position. "Thanks," she commented on his getting a doctor. Being left alone with Rath hadn't been so bad after all.
"Ria, are you all right? I was scared when you had that vision, it seemed terrible and all I wanted was to help you, but I couldn't..." Amli told her, kissing her between his words.
Ria kissed him back softly and then gave him a gentle smile. "I'm okay now," she assured him. She didn't want him to feel responsible about this
"You're sure?" Amli asked softly.
Ria nodded,"I'm sure." She smiled softly at him, wanting him to relax. Knowing he felt responsible.
"So, what was it, umm, about?" He asked.
"There was a big battle," Ria answered him, unable to look him the eye, "And a lot of soldiers died..." She trailed off.
"Died? Who? What happened? Who led the battle? Which soldiers died? Was it on our side?" Amli let the questions fall out of his mouth, sure that every one would be answered promptly. He waited a few seconds and she still hadn't replied. "Well?" He asked again
"I don't know, there were so many of them dead, Amli," Ria said honestly. It killed her that he could be amongst them and she just didn't know. "You were attacked..." she trailed off. She wasn't going to give any more description.
"We were attacked? By who, Ria! Tell me, please, this is important!" Amli demanded, unable to believe that anyone could attack them and so easily kill all their men.
Ria glared at him, "I know it is! But I can't tell you...I don't know." She lied to him horribly, hating she was lying, but she knew he wouldn't let it go like Rath had.
"You don't know? You can't tell me? Or you just won't?" Amli asked harshly. "I can't believe you're doing this."
Tears came to Ria's eyes with the tone he was using with her. She looked him in his eyes and then looked down at her hands. "I can't," she told him barely above a whisper, knowing he'd be even angrier with her and she didn't want that.
"Ria! Stop it, what? I don't understand why you're lying to me!" Amli shouted. "What? Just tell me! What is it?" He finished, trying to calm down and make his voice softer.
Ria felt some tears trail their way down her cheeks. "Why're you yelling at me like this," she asked desperately, but still trying to keep her cool. "I can't tell you," she said, her hand reaching out to touch his cheek. Her eyes pleaded with him to let it go.
Amli pulled away from her hand. "Ria, it's so not like that. I just, I need to know. I need you to tell me! I know you know, so what's the big deal?" He begged. He was getting scared, and he just wanted her to confide in him, tell him the truth.
Ria pulled her hand back and stood up despite the slight spinning sensation she got. Why was he pushing? She said she couldn't tell him, so she couldn't tell him. "Amli..." she said softly, pleading with him to let it go. Maybe it'd be better he left. "I can't tell you yet, okay?"
"Fine, you know what? I don't care anymore. It's my responsibility to keep everyone out of danger! I'm a soldier, Riannon, those people are my friends, my troops. Zan, Deni, Rath, all the people we both love, and you can't tell me, of all people, who wants to hurt them? What's wrong with you? I can help! Don't you get it?" He told her, losing his temper. But she stayed silent and he sighed, ran his fingers through his hair and stood up. "I'm leaving." He stated. "Do what you want."
Ria watched after him, feeling the tears start to come more heavily now as she rushed out of the room and into her own. He was just leaving her? After everything that had gone on between them? She knew she had to talk to him, but she also knew he had to calm down first.

Ava walked into her house. She was greeted with silence, but that wasn't too strange. It was late. Whoever wasn't out was undoubtedly asleep. "Hello?" she called out softly, to make sure no other occupants were awaked. When she got no response, she set her bag by the door and began making her way to her room.
Khivar had been crouching behind Ava's door for what seemed like hours. Who knew little sister could stay out so late on a week night? But when he heard her voice, and her footsteps on the stairs, he quickly moved into position, ready to grab her as soon as she walked through the door. Because she wouldn't go willingly, no she would never understand. This was the only way.
The door swung open and he grabbed her, shoving a piece of old cloth into her mouth and throwing her onto the bed, face down. He tied her arms and legs together and picked her up, moving quickly so she could do nothing.
Ava tried to scream as she was bound and gagged, but not much noise made it out of her mouth. She looked around wide-eyed and terrified, trying to see her attacker.
He picked her up and carried her down the stairs and out the door. He placed her onto his horse and climbed up beside her, looking at her, for the first time, truly seeing his baby sister. Well not so much baby sister, he was only a few minutes older. But she was truly stunning. Beautiful in every way, golden blonde hair with perfect curling tendrils, and the face of an angel. She looked just like their mother. "Ava, don't you recognize me?" He asked softly. She whimpered through her gag and he wiped away the tear that fell from the corner of her eye. "It's me, Khivar, your big brother. And I promise, I'll always be there for you, from now on."
Her big brother? What was he talking about? Had he completely lost his mind? She calmed down a little though. He was pretty gentle with her and something about him was in a way soothing, but that in a way scared her more.
"You're coming home now. We'll be there soon." He told her, guiding the horse. "I'm sorry about the gags, but I was afraid you wouldn't recognize me, and I knew you had to come with me. You have to know the truth. I'll take the rag out, if you promise not to scream."
Ava studied him for a minute and nodded. She had so many questions to ask, if only she could get the words out.
He looked at her again, carefully scrutinizing every detail of her face against his memory of their mother. He noticed her nod and smiled approvingly. "If you scream, I will gag you again, and you may never find out the answers to all your questions, because you'll never get to ask them. Understand?"
Ava nodded her head. How did he know she had questions? Was he mind reader? She knew she was a mind warper. Maybe they had similar powers because they had the same parents...?
Khivar gently removed the rag from her mouth and smiled at her. She was indeed the spitting image of Kendra.
Ava looked up at him. "What do you mean I'm your sister?" The first question out of her mouth was that, she had never had a brother, and why should she believe this guy?
Khivar's smile faded quickly as Ava voiced her question. "I mean, we were born of the same mother, and, unfortunately, father. We're twins, Ava. Dont you see the resemblance? Our mother couldn't care for us both, and in the end she sent you away. But she knew I'd find you someday. She knew you'd be cared for and loved. She talked about you, hoped you were all right. She loved you so much."
Ava's brow furrowed in confusion. She reached out with her hand and traced the outline of his face as she studied him. There was an undeniable resemblance. She slowly nodded. She believed him. "But then why'd you kidnap me? And do you really think you can just pull me away from my life? And keep me to yourself?" She was confused. This seemed like a fairly violent action for a loving brother to carry out.
"I have to tell you our secret. You should know." He whispered.
"What is it?" Ava asked him gently, not wanting to set him off.
"Wait." He stated simply.
Ava gave him a questioning look. "For what?"
"For me to get you home."
Ava still wasn't used to the sound of that. She also didn't know if she liked the sound of that. She sighed and waited for the house ride to end and them to arrive at ‘home.’
He pulled down the dark lane to the small house his mother had raised him in. It was secluded and small, right in the heart of the forest. But he loved it there. It reminded him of her. Ava reminded him of her. They were both so beautiful. "Here we are." He announced and he stopped the horses in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere.
Ava's eyes darted around until in the dark she made out a small house and smiled almost with relief. It had a certain quaint appeal. "So this is it? This is home?"
"This was home. And it will be again, now that you're here with me." He explained, lifting her gently off the horse and carrying her into the house, where he placed her on the couch and untied her restraints.
Ava looked up at him and waited for him to start explain. She shifted her feet underneath her and sat more comfortably. "Okay, so what is our secret?"
"I'm sure you're acquainted with Zanier Winters?"
"Zan," Ava said with a small grin, blushing slightly, getting a far away look in her eyes. She nodded, "I'm familiar."
"I wouldn't get that look in my eyes if I were you."
Ava snapped out of it and turned her attention to her brother, giving him a small glare. "And why not?"
"He's our brother too." Khivar spat, disgust imminent in his voice.
"Our brother?" Ava questioned, feeling a little dirty for having put the moves on him. "A half brother, right?" That would at least make it not so bad, especially since she loved him so much, no matter what.
"However did you guess?" Khivar growled, still angry out the thought of Zan. "We share a father."
"Why are you so angry?" Tess asked him, not understanding his belligerence to Zan. Nol after all was a half brother and, wait no, he hated Zan.
"Our father," He continued, "Had our mother killed."
Ava's eyes widened, "The king, King Emen, killed our mother?! But he seemed so nice..." She was shocked and in a state of disbelief.
"Are you kidding? He had so many mistresses, you couldn't count them on two hands. The queen was never enough for him, never good enough. So he turned to multitudes of other women, including our mother, and, Lady Laviette. He chose to kill his own wife and his other mistresses, so his other illegitimate children could not be proven. Our mother swore her secrecy, and he had her killed. Laviette threatened to kill him, and he took her in as his 'new wife'. What does that tell you?"
Ava's mouth hung open as she gaped at Khivar. What did that tell her. Well it told her she was royal, first off, not that anybody else knew. It also seriously made her question things. Was Zan what he said he was? Were any of them? And her father was obviously not a nice guy. She didn't know what to think. In just a few hours she had gone from having a huge family to only having a twin brother and a mother killed by her father, the king. She didn't know how to soak it all in. "Well what are you proposing?" she asked him warily. He obviously had a plan, whether she was on board or not was apparently the question. She wasn't being educated on the family situation for no reason. And that fact that she had had all of this hidden from her and she found out she'd never known her family and now they were dead...well, it really wasn't sitting well with her. More than likely she'd help him with whatever. Even if it just meant living out in the woods with him as a family, or more.
"The plan, of course, is to reclaim the throne. It's the only, way, Ava. To kill the people who killed the people we need, the people we love. Bring them justice." Khivar explained, vigor entering his voice as he sounded his plan.
Ava looked up at him, wondering if she could really do it. She thought she loved Zan. Could she kill him? Could she have a part in it, even if she didn't deliver the deadly blow? The thing that scared her was that, so long as she didn't kill him, she didn't care. After all, in a strictly objective look at things, he did deserve it. She nodded at him, signaling her okay with it.

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Part 9

Rath, Lonnie, Lena, Deni, Zan, Nol, Sere, Amli, and Ria walked off the ship and onto the vast plains of Vedran. Rath, Amli, Zan, and Deni were there mostly for their boot camp, training was beginning early, but they had the nights off, so they had invited their friends to come along. Rath had invited Lonnie, since he knew how much she had wanted to get out of the castle. By now everyone knew that they were no longer a couple, and most everyone was relieved.
Zan went alone, he didn’t bother to invite anyone, because he had thought this trip would be taken with Ava. But she had failed to return his phone calls, and he hadn’t seen her since the night of the party. He didn’t know what was going on, but she was avoiding him, ignoring him, and he couldn’t figure it out. So he stayed secluded, away from everyone. Including his best friends.
Amli had taken his little sister, Sere. But that was only because she had begged and begged to go. After she found out Nol was leaving, she couldn’t bear to not ask. And ask she did, every ten seconds until Amli finally relented.
Nol was invited to watch and participate in some of the pre-camp activities, as were all the younger men of Antar. The new troops needed to be trained after all.
Deni and Lena went together, of course. No one was surprised about that. And Lena invited Ria. Because if she hadn't, Ria would've missed the trip completely, she and Amli were far from on speaking terms. And Ria hated it. But she hoped that the trip would give her a chance to explain things. Help him understand.

Ria waited outside where Amli had camp. She had to talk to him. She just hoped that he'd let her this time, and not push her away. She smiled inwardly as she spotted him leaving. She'd been waiting for over an hour at least, hopefully it would pay off.
Amli walked out of the locker room where he had changed from the pre-camp activities. He noticed Ria standing in the hallway and sighed. He wasn't sure whether or not he wanted to talk to her. He hadn't invited her for a reason, but Rath had taken it upon himself to invite two guests, making up for Zan. He wished things hadn't happened the way they did, but Ria lied to him. And if there was anything he couldn't stand, it was someone he loved lying to him.
Ria saw him and hurried over, hoping he'd at least hear her out. "We need to talk," She started, simply to see how receptive he was.
"Look, Riannon, I just want to get back to my hotel and sleep. I'm going out later, and I don't have time for this." Amli told her, trying to just brush her off. Unfortunately for him, Ria never gave up that easily, he knew from experience. He felt badly for doing this to her, he did still care about her, but what she did to him was terrible.
"Okay, look, Hamlin," Ria interjected, "I have been standing out here in this locker room hallway - Which is not a picnic, let me tell you - for the past few hours, hoping I'd catch you. The least you could do is hear me out." She'd gone through a lot to arrange this meeting, and more over she wanted him back, completely.
"Fine. Five minutes, and then I really have to go." Amli relented, feeling sorry for her. He knew what it was like where she had been waiting, and he also knew she was one of the most impatient people in the world. He led her to the commanders open office and closed the door behind them. "What is it?" He asked, icily.
Ria sighed. "What's wrong?" She asked him, "I mean what's wrong with us?" She looked at him pleadingly, "I want to fix it...if you'll let me."
"You lied to me, Ria! It was only a premonition! You know you have to tell someone, why not me?" Amli spilled, unable to stop the flow of words coming out of his mouth.
"I didn't tell anyone," Ria stated. Although that wasn't the point. He shouldn't feel left out because he didn't know. No one did. "Amli," She started, "you know I trust you. That's why I'm coming to you now." She paused. "I didn't want to point fingers and make everyone defensive towards the few." She explained.
"Ria, I just think it doesn't make sense that you didn't tell me up front. Just because you're telling me now, I assume that is what you're doing? But it doesn't mean I'm just going to forgive you." Amli told her. He wanted to, so much. Wanted to love her again. But he needed to trust her first.
"Could you try to eventually?" Ria questioned softly. She didn't see how this was such a big betrayal of trust. But if for him it was, then she could respect that, assuming he would eventually cut her a break. She looked at him and just blurted, "It was Ava, Nol, and some guy I didn't recognize..." She looked at him when she was done speaking. She'd meant to say it with more tact, but the pressure had just killed any chances of that.
"Ava and Nol?" Amli asked disbelievingly. "Ava, Zan's Ava, and Nol?" He laughed. "No way. How could they do that, Ria?"
"I don't know!" Ria exclaimed, "I have no idea. But that's what I saw." She looked at him. "And you're laughing," She shook her head, "Just forget it." She immediately regretted trying to talk to him. She just started hating him more and more in that painful way, where you know you love them anyway. She turned to move out of the room.
"Fine, that's what you saw." Amli agreed and let her walk out. He shook his head and wondered why she would lie about something like that. He picked up his things and realized he had left his warm up bag in the locker room, so he went back to get it. Deni, Rath, Uggar, Fritook, Julli, and Mergo were still inside. "Oh I'm so glad you guys are still here. Is Zan around?" He asked as he walked back inside.
"No," Deni answered shaking his head, "Why?" He looked at Amli inquisitively. Something was obviously going on with Ria and him.
"I just need to tell you something, and he can't hear it, at least, not for now." Amli replied.
"What is it?" Rath asked, his interest peaked. He and the other soldiers gathered around Amli.
"Rath, you remember Ria's premonition a few weeks ago. Well, she told me there was a huge war and most of our men died. But she wouldn't tell me who was leading the fight. And now she has, and, and I just don't think it's true. I think it's bull." Amli explained.
Rath nodded. He knew the vision. "Why do you think that?"
"Yeah, why would she lie to you?" Deni pointed out logically. But obviously something seemed off if he didn't think it was true.
"Because… because she said the leaders were Nol and Ava." Amli stated apprehensively. What would they think? He wondered.
Deni chuckled, " Nol and Ava? Why would they go after us?" The other soldiers joined in a chorus of raucous laughter at the idea, all but Rath. "She must be lying," Deni stated again with a nod, not sure why, but not wanting to voice the reason. It just really didn't seem like Ria, or what little of Ria he knew, or heard of from Lena. There was no way Ava and Nol could do this though.
"Exactly. She has to be lying, it makes no sense. Ava is too small and unimportant to start something that huge, and why would Nol ever turn against his own family, his own country? It's not possible." Amli reasoned, laughing with everyone.
Deni chuckled. "Exactly, I mean can you imagine being afraid of Ava," he joked. The thought made him laugh.
Rath shook his head slightly and left the locker room silently. If things were going to blow up in Ria's face like he thought they were, then she was going to need somebody.
"Maybe we should all go confront her," Deni began, "let ehr know we're onto her. And that we're not buying that Ava and Nol will be our downfall." He rolled his eyes again at the idea.
"Yeah, let's go. She needs to know that we don't buy this shit. And we want to know the truth!!" Julli shouted, with quite a few approving grunts from Uggar, Fritook, and Mergo.
Deni looked to Amli with a raised eyebrow, waiting for a response as he started out of the locker room.
"Right, yeah." Amli agreed as he walked into the line being formed by his friends. Ria had lied to him twice already, and he wasn't gonna deal with it anymore.
Mergo quickly took up the lead of the line because Deni dropped back to be with Amli. This couldn't be easy for him. "You okay?" he asked as they headed towards Ria's bedroom.
"I'm totally fine." Amli answered. He had his mind made up, Ria's lies would have to stop and now. Their relationship would probably be forever ruined in the next few minutes, but she had already done that successfully with the whole Ava and Nol ordeal.
Mergo knocked on Ria's door when they reached her room.
Ria slowly went to the door, opening it and spotted all the soldiers. She rolled her eyes. "Oh, what the Hell is this?" She demanded, exasperated at what her day had become.
"This, Riannon, is our way of telling you we're on to your lies, and we want the truth. You actually expect us to believe Ava and Nol could do damage to our squads the way you 'saw'? I'm beginning to think you're a complete fraud." Uggar answered.
Ria laughed sarcastically. "Unbelievable," she muttered shaking her head. She didn't like being attacked. And she hated that Amli had obviously started it. She had to be strong. No crying in front of the aggressor. "Well then. Won't you look shocked when you die," she answered them simply, not wavering in the fact that she was telling the truth.
Amli moved forward to confront Ria. "Look, we just want to know who's going to attack us so we can be prepared, all right? Your job is to help us help the people of Antar, and you're obviously not doing that by lying to us. So spit it out already." Amli told her, not bothering to keep his voice down or at a steady tone. He let his anger flare like he would with anyone else, let himself feel hatred for her lies.
Ria glared up at him pain and anger both flaring. "I've done that! It's not my fault if a bunch of ‘too big for their britches’ soldiers underestimate their enemy," she yelled at him. Her voice took on a more solemn tone as she said simply, "I hope death comes swiftly for you."
"You told me yourself you have no idea who dies and who doesn't. And as for underestimating our enemies, I suppose we did underestimate you. We thought you'd tell us the truth, save the lives of our families, but you don't care. You don't give a damn about us or anyone else do you?" Amli shouted.
"That's not true and you know it," Ria yelled passionately. "If nothing else I'd want to save Rath, for Lena," She said icily with a glare to match, to show that she didn't care about him anymore. Or was at least putting on a good act of it. "God, I can't believe this," She sighed, "Why would I start lying now. Nol, Ava, and the mystery man are going to massacre you. That's the way it is. If you find it too hard to listen to the person with the visions, then you all deserve to die." Okay, so she knew that was a little much, but it had all slipped out in the heat of the moment.
"God," Deni exploded, "Why don't you give it a rest? You're whole little 'honesty' bit isn't helping you anywhere." He said, knowing she'd know he meant with Amli. "And it's childish and petty," he said, "Especially at the price of so many lives."
Ria let out strained laughter. "Oh this is rich," She started, "First you yell at me for not telling you and now I'm getting yelled at for telling you. What do you want from me?"
Amli groaned threw back his head. "Just give it up, we all know you lied about Ava and Nol. Who did you really see?" He demanded.
"You already know," Ria replied stiffly and slammed the door in their face, locking it, just in case. She couldn't believe they thought she'd lie about this just to get Amli back. Or that she didn't care about people. She sank down to the ground against the door and tried to hold back her tears until she was sure they were gone.
Deni glared at the door, fuming. What was her deal? Why wouldn't she tell them? "Fine, Ria," He said, hitting the door, "Whenever you feel like growing up and starting to think about people other than yourself, we'll be ready to hear what you have to say."
Uggar, Julli, Mergo, Fritook, Deni, and Amli all left Ria's door and headed back to their own rooms. Deni and Amli had dates, Deni with his girlfriend, but Amli with his sister and her boyfriend. But neither wished be late.
Lena stood in front of her mirror admiring her new dress for her date with Deni that night when she heard her phone ring. "Hello?" She answered as she picked up the receiver.
Rath was glad his sister had answered so promptly. "Tell Lonnie I might be a little bit late," he said into the phone, hoping his sister wouldn't ask too many questions.
"Why are you gonna be late, Rath? What's going on? Is there something wrong?" Lena questioned, worried that something had happened to him or one of their friends.
"I'm not sure, but the guys seemed pretty upset about what Ria said she saw in her vision," Rath began, "I'm going to see if I can talk to her. They think she lied, but I'm not too sure."
"Who? Who thought she lied?" Lena asked. "What did they do to her?" Lena was worried, she knew how emotional Ria could get when people ganged up on her.
"All the soldiers," Rath answered, "And I don't know, but they left the locker room pretty heatedly. I just want to make sure she's okay."
"Amli and Deni too?" Lena asked in disbelief. She shook her head, already angry at the both of them. "Make sure she's okay for me please. I have to find out what they did. Bye, Rath." She said as she hung up the phone and ran out of the room.
Rath hung up his phone, wondering what Lena was going to do. But he shrugged it off, whatever it was, he would find out later. He walked up to Riannon's door and knocked softly, hoping she would answer.
Ria gathered enough control over herself, so her voice wouldn't shake when she spoke. She figured it was the soldiers back for round two. "Go away!" She yelled as forcefully as possible through the door.
"Ria! Please, just let me in, I only want to talk to you." Rath said, he kept his voice fairly monotone, so she would understand that he wasn't mad, that he didn't believe she was lying.
Ria's brow furrowed. Rath was here? Why? It didn't make any sense to her. She slowly rose to her feet and unlocked the door, opening it and moving so that he could come in. She tried to wipe the tears and make-up stains away before looking up at him. He didn't sound angry, but she wasn't taking anything for granted. "What do you want?" she asked guardedly.
"I believe you." He whispered. "That's all I wanted to say. "I wanted to make sure you were all right. I know how those guys can get." Rath hated to see her so sad, so torn, and so guarded. Amli, one of her best friends, had let her down. She wanted her to know she could count on him if she needed to.
Ria looked up at him suprised. "You believe me?" she asked softly. Unshed tears showing in her eyes. She shook her head, "I'm not okay..." She didn't know where to begin. They had all said so many hurtful things.
Rath looked at her, upset at what his friends had done. "I'm sorry, Ria. I shouldn't have let them go." He told her.
"It's not your fault," Ria answered him, "You didn't know what they were going to do." She looked at Rath, "They think I’m lying. Can you believe that?" She shook her head. Those men could be so stupid sometimes. She used to think of Rath as their leader, but apparently she had been wrong. "They told me I was just doing it because Amli was so upset that I was lying to him. That it was selfish. That I didn't care about anyone but myself. And that I could be saving people's lives if I'd just get over myself and come out with the truth..." She trailed off, thinking of the painful things that Amli in particular had told her, and tears sprang to her eyes. It had been horrible. She didn't want to burden him with all of this though. I mean it was like preaching to the choir. After all, he believed her.
"Oh, Ria, I'm so sorry. I should've told them they were all jackasses. I should've made them leave you alone. I wish they weren't so damn diluted! I know you and Amli were... well, umm close. I hope he didn't say anything too terrible." Rath let his anger out at first, but calmed down at the thought of how much Ria was hurting. For some reason he wanted to comfort her. Take her in his arms and just hold her until all their collective troubles disappeared. Like that could ever happen.
"I wish he hadn't," Ria said softly, to imply that Amli had, "Him and Deni.." She sighed," And Mergo said I was a fraud." She sighed, not really wanting to think about the whole thing anymore, wanting to crawl inside a hole and cry until she got it all out. She felt inclined to move closer to Rath, not knowing exactly why, wanting to be held in his strong arms as her problems slipped away, wanting a shoulder to cry on. She stayed where she was however, not knowing quite sure why she did that either.
"Is there anything I can do?" Rath asked. "I mean, to make you feel better?"
"Ummm, you mean aside from roughing them up?" Ria joked slightly, wondering if she should even ask. If that would be okay to do. She barely knew him. Then she decided what the hell. The worst that could happen is that she gets a little embarrassed. "Could you just stay for a little while?" She kicked herself for not asking for what she really wanted, so she added before she could stop herself, "Will you hold me?"
Rath looked at her, somewhat suprised, maybe even a little overwhelmed. But pleased, definitely pleased. He smiled slightly and took her into his arms. She felt so right there. It wasn't like with Lonnie, Ria was so much more than Lonnie, like that. Through his thoughts he hadn't noticed that she was crying. "Ria..." He whispered. "Please don't cry. They're not worth that." He told her, stroking her hair. He doubted that he had ever been this kind to anyone in his entire life.
Ria let out a shaky breath as another round of tears came. The only man she'd ever really shared anything with in her life had said the worst, most hateful things she could imagine to her and that wasn't worth her tears? She almost wondered what was wrong with him. But he was just trying to help. And if she weren't so upset it might have made good sense that Amli wasn't worth her tears. She buried her face into his chest as she continued to cry. Through it all she couldn't help but notice how good it felt to be with him, in his arms, against his chest.
Rath figured it was best just to let her cry, let her get it out of her system. She was hurting so much, and he only wanted her to feel better. So he held her tighter and continued to stroke her hair, head resting against hers, feeling her breath and tears on his chest.
Ria slowly calmed down as the tears came silently. Then as those tapered off also she risked tilting her head up to look at him, doing so tentatively, as if leaving the safety of his arms and chest might bring a new onslaught. It took a moment for realization of everything that had just happened to really hit her. She was in Rath's arms. It was the last place she thought she'd ever be, but it was better than anything else she could imagine right now. She ventured a small smile up at him.
He smiled back at her. "Feel better?" He asked.
"Yeah," Ria said with a soft smile gracing her lips. She nodded slightly. She just didn't know if she was ready for him to leave. If she was ready to let go of him. And she was sure he'd be ready to bolt on her after that. Then again, she nagged herself, he hasn't gone anywhere yet.
"I'll stay if you want me to." He told her. He wasn't quite sure why he said that and was worried that she might feel weird about it, but she seemed happy. "Do you want me to?" He asked.
"Please," was Ria's almost too quick response. She didn't know why she felt like she wanted him to stay, but she did. And she was never one to go against her intuition.
"Okay." Rath agreed simply, pulling her closer to his body. "I just want you to be all right." He whispered.
And oddly enough, being with him made her fell all right. "Thank you," She said softly to him. She hoped that the thank you wasn't necessary.

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I do know what you mean, we both do. Yes, this fic takes place AFTER Graduation. I know that they have the same enemy, and everything seems the same as last time, but they had the same enemies on Earth and on the show too didn't they? Not to be mean or anything, but it's not exactly polite to criticize other peoples fics, that's not what this board is about. I don't mean to offend you, and I hope you didn't mean to put us down, but I just want to explain things without giving a lot of our fic away. So to answer your question, yes, it DOES take place after Graduation, and yes, we know everything seems the same. However, Liz, Maria, Alex and Kyle weren't on Antar before were they?

Also, the couplings, as we've said NUMEROUS times, may not start out CC, but they will BECOME CC. *happy*

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Phoebe and Mollie

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Dedicated to: Juzel, Amy, Kieran, NewYorker18, Sarah, Erin, the better twin, Becca, Maroswellian, Nya, mlover25, Sarah_helen, and qt4167013.

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Chapter 10

Lena stormed down the hallway, already angry at Deni, hoping she was wrong about what she had heard from her brother. She reached Deni's room and pounded hard on the door. "Deni!" She shouted. "Open the door."
Deni jumped when he heard the pounding on his door. His attention turned as he realized it was Lena. Was she okay? He hurried to the door and opened. "Hey, what's going on?" He asked her, wondering why she looked angry.
"What did you do to her, Deni? What did you do to Ria?" Lena demanded, angrier than she had been in a long time.
Deni looked surprised. This was the last thing he'd expected. "Lena she's obviously lying," Deni said, trying to reason with her, "The guys and I just confronted her about it."
"How could you think Ria would lie? You've known her as long as I have. You've heard everything I've said about her. You know how important those visions are! She would NEVER lie about them!" Lena defended her friend. She felt awkward because she didn't even know what the vision was regarding, but she was certain Ria would never lie.
"But what she said, Lena, it's impossible," Deni defended himself, "It's laughable. There's no way they're 'bad guys'." He chuckled slightly again at the thought. "We just wanted to let her know that we knew that."
"Who? What did she say? Hm? Tell me." Lena demanded, refusing to believe that Ria would lie about the premonition. Rath also seemed sure, hadn't any of the others asked his opinion?
"She said that Ava, Nol, and some guy we don't know are the ones that'll kill us all," Deni said dryly. He didn't see anything to worry about, since obviously it wasn't true.
"Deni, why is that so damned unbelievable? There could be a million reasons Ria saw that, it does not mean she's lying! I can't believe you. What did you say to her?"
"Lena..." Deni began, reaching out for her, wanting to calm her down. He really didn't want to have a fight with her. "Little Ava and Nol?" Deni questioned still unbelievingly. "Why would they even want to?" He tried to miss answering the ‘what did he say’ question, but upon receiving the "I'm waiting" look from Lena he continued. "I said that she was lying. That we knew. That she should stop being so selfish and see this as a way to get Amli back, and tell the truth." He looked down, knowing that would make her angry. And that fact that it would make her angry at him made him suddenly feel bad about it.
"How-" Lena stopped and paused, looking up at him with contempt. "How could you even think that? You, you don't know anything for a fact, yet you still went and accused her of making things up. Why would you do that to her? Do you know how she feels when even one person doubts that her visions are significant? God! Deni, I don't know what possesses you sometimes! How you can be so cruel and heartless is completely beyond me."
Deni did know how she got sometimes when people doubted her or accused her of being a fraud. And he and his friends had done it in mass. He sighed. Even if they were right, they'd still undoubtedly broken the girl. And that did make him feel bad. He didn't like to think that he could've made her cry. "Lena..." he started, but it all sounded stupid. Shallow. Empty. He looked up at her, "I didn’t mean to." He was trying to make amends, but he knew she wouldn't take it, at least not yet. "And I'm not heartless," He said angrily. How could she even accuse him of that? "I'm just looking out for the people of our planet."
*Now he's angry? HE'S angry?!* Lena thought, amazed. "What right do you have to be angry at me for calling you heartless? Looking out for the people of our planet, my ass. If you were really looking out for the people of our planet, you would act on Ria's vision, instead of accusing her of something she didn't do! With NO evidence, nonetheless." Tears sprang into her eyes as she thought about everything. She had never known Deni was capable of this sort of thing. "I don't understand you at all." She whispered, voice choked from holding back her tears. She turned to leave and looked back at him one more time, shaking her head. "It's not right what you did and you know it. You haven't even said you're sorry."
The tears that his girlfriend was threatening to cry broke his heart. He ran after her and wrapped her up in his arms. Whether she wanted to be there or not, he knew she needed to be comforted. "Lena, I am sorry. I'm so sorry," he mumbled to her. Now with his girlfriend devastated in his arms he did feel heartless.
Lena struggled to get out of his embrace. When she did, she spoke in a soft tone, too tired of everything to try to yell anymore. The tears flowed down her face as she spoke, but she paid them no attention. She focused only on addressing Deni, because she was afraid she wouldn't do it again for a long time after what she had to say came out of her mouth. "You can't just say you're sorry because I'm crying and you want to make it all disappear. You don't believe her, Deni. I don't know why not. I don't understand it at all. But I can't stay here and be consoled by you, because right now I have better things to do. Come talk to me when you've come to your senses, and I hope you do. Because until then, I want nothing to do with you."
Deni floundered for something to say, but came up empty as he watched Lena walk away.

Lena walked aimlessly around the hotel, tears still welling inside of her, but she didn't want to let them out. She just wanted them to stay inside. She found herself near Zan's door and decided to see if he was there. She would talk to him, if not to anyone else, then to him. That was how their relationship had always worked, after all. She knocked softly on his door and waited for an answer. When none came after a few minutes, Lena leaned against the door frame and slid to the floor, finally letting the tears come again, unable to stop them. A few minutes later she barely noticed as the door opened behind her and she fell backwards onto the ground.
"Lena," Zan said softly. He was shocked, not only to see her, but by the state she was in. He helped her up and then helped her over to sit on his bed, closing the door behind him. "What's wrong?" He asked, wiping her tears away.
"Deni and I broke up." Lena answered simply. Lacking the strength to say anymore she just sighed and buried her face in her hands and ran them through her hair.
Zan was completely stunned. "What happened?" He asked, hoping she could answer. He reached out and took her into his arms, pulling her against his chest.
Lena collapsed against him and cried again. She felt so protected in his arms, like she could tell him everything and he would make it all right. "He's just... I never thought he would do something like that. I never thought he could be so cruel and indifferent. Like another person entirely." She confessed, "But I still... I still, I don't know. I'm so angry at him, Zan."
Zan rocked her back and forth a little as he stroked her hair. With how Lena was talking, he was getting a little worried. What had Deni done exactly? "What did he do? Did he hurt you?" Zan asked the last question, fire entering his voice.
"Not physically, if that's what you mean." Lena answered. "Zan, if I tell you what happened, you have to promise not to take matters into your own hands. Please, promise me." Lena begged. She didn't want him to be upset or go after Nol or do something stupid that he would regret later. And she knew he was already depressed about Ava. "Maybe now's really not the best time to go into this," She decided, pulling away from him and heading back toward the door.
Zan shook his head, standing and quickly walking over to meet her. He gently placed his hands on her shoulders. "I promise, Lena," He said lightly, wanting to know what was wrong with her. He couldn't help her if he didn't know. "Just tell me what's going on," He pleaded.
Lena looked up at him and bit her lip nervously, but let him lead her back over to the bed where she sat across from him. "You promised me, Zan. Remember that. Okay. Well, Ria had a vision on the night of the party. It was, well, apparently it was pretty brutal. She said she saw a massacre of Antar and most of the army. But she wouldn't tell anyone who was leading the war, because she was afraid no one would believe her. But Amli got mad and her for not telling him, so she decided she would, but, like she thought, he didn't believe her. And he went and told Deni and Mergo and a bunch of your other friends. And they decided to gang up on her and tell her she was a bitch for lying about something like that. But Zan, Ria would NEVER, EVER lie about something that important. Never."
Zan looked at her, startled, "They really did that?" He couldn't believe it, especially not of Amli. "I'm going to go talk to them," He said and then paused. "Okay, why did you tell me not to overreact?" He was a little confused. Yeah, that wasn't the best news he'd heard, but she should know him better than to think that he'd go off the handle about it.
"Umm, well, I knew you wouldn't flip over that. But... well, I think you might when you find out who Ria saw." Lena answered apprehensively.
"Lena, tell me," Zan stated firmly. He wasn’t trying to be rude about it, but knowing he had to know. Why didn't he have the right to know? Everyone else did.
"Ava and Nol." She practically whispered.
"What?" Zan demanded, shocked. He realized she wouldn't have any answers, and he knew Ria wouldn't lie. It had to be true. But how? Why? Why would Ava do that? His brother didn't surprise him too much, but... Ava?
"Yeah. But Zan, we don't know anything for sure, right? I mean, you've heard from Ava haven't you? Who knows, maybe the course of time has already changed. It changes every second, with every decision we make, even, even things like drinking the last sip of coffee or not. At least, that's what Ria says. So, maybe we have nothing to worry about, right?" Lena rambled, trying to get him to calm down, she knew he would not be very happy right about now.
Zan shook his head at Lena. "I haven't heard from her since the party," He said, dejectedly. So the story was completely possible. But it was also possible that she was just blowing him off, or that something else altogether had happened. He listened to Lena and nodded. "I guess it could have..." He didn't sound so sure. It sounded like he believed Ria, and he did.
"You're not going to do anything are you?" She asked desperately. Just because you know the course of the future doesn't mean you're supposed to ignore it." Lena warned. But when she realized that she was only worried about what he would do, and not his feelings, she stopped. It hurt her to see him in pain. "I'm sorry about Ava. I know you really liked her. I'm sure she liked you too, Zan. But, but maybe... I don't know. But it's not about you. You're wonderful."
"Are you saying I should try and change it? Try to reach out to a brother who won't talk to me?" Zan asked her, trying to make sense of it. Then he noticed her personality change. He smiled at her words. Did she really think he was wonderful? Had Ava?
"I wish you would reach out to him, Zan. He needs you. I know you two have never really gotten along, and I swear, I understand that. Maybe if you reach out to him now, maybe then things will change. But you don't have to, and I don't mean to push you. I love you so much, Zan. I would never want to lose you, especially if all it took to keep you with me was a good relationship with your brother." She confessed.
Zan looked at her, wondering exactly what her statement meant. Of course she meant just as a friend. He nodded and said, "Yeah, I wouldn't want to have to leave you either. Maybe I should go talk to Nol."
"Yeah, umm. You should." Lena stated, suddenly realizing that he was leaving and she was going to be all alone again. "I think I'm just gonna go back to my room. If you see Rath, tell him I'm not going to dinner." She could feel the tears reaching her eyes again, but she blinked them back, not wanting to cry anymore.
Zan looked at her. "Are you going to be okay?" He asked gently, taking her in his arms again, "Do you want me to stay?"
"I..." Lena began. She didn't want to be selfish here. She had no desire to keep him from the one person that could save both their lives, but she had every desire to stay in his arms and feel safe and happy. Who knew what she was doing if she asked him to stay with her. *This must be what Maria means when she says every single decision has monumental consequences.* "You should go talk to him." She said, unable to stop a single tear from rolling down her face. But she wiped it away quickly, and hoped he didn’t notice.
Zan noticed, but knew she wouldn't practically push him out the door, if she wasn't serious. He nodded. "Okay, I'm gonna go," He said, "You can stay here if you want..."
"Yeah... I mean, if you're sure you don't mind." Lena answered, happy that she wouldn't have to face anyone just yet.
"I'm sure," Zan said, giving her one last tight hug, before opening the door. "I'll be right back," He promised as he slipped out of it.
Lena sighed as she watched Zan leave. She walked over to the bed and sat down down, picking up the remote to see what was on TV. She found an old classic movie and smiled. She loved musicals. It was beginning to get cold in the room as night fell and the wind blew through the windows. Lena reached over and grabbed Zan's jacket. She slipped it on and could smell his cologne. She could smell him, and somehow, that thought comforted her more than anything else could have. She settled down on the bed thoughts of Audrey Hepburn singing about Henry Higgins in her head. With Zan’s jacket enveloping her, she slept, feeling safe and protected all the while.

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Long overdue, yes, we know!!! We're so sorry, really, but thanks for all the bumps, and please keep reading! It's been a little busy this time of year and all, but hopefully things will keep moving right along.

Dedicated to:

Maroswellian, Sarah, Juzel, Becca, Ely, NewYorker18, Sarah_helen, and Jen.

Chapter 11

Zan shut the door behind him, hoping Lena would be all right for the time being. She was really upset about what Deni had done to Riannon, and he intended on setting Deni straight on that one. Zan walked down the hallway towards Nol's room. What was he supposed to say? So. I hear you're going to try and kill us all soon, so I figure I'll say hi now, let you know I like you, kinda, and maybe you could spare my life? And those of my friends and fellow soldiers? Please? How lame is that? Just go with the flow, Winters. Go with the flow. Zan stopped in front of his step-brothers door and rapped loudly three times. Why do I feel like this is the dungeon? He wondered.
Nol heard the knock and strolled over to the door. He wondered who it could be, Sere wasn't supposed to be over until later. He was completely shocked to see his brother there. "Oh. It's you," he said icily. There wasn't really any reason to be nice to the guy.
"Hi. Umm, could we talk?" Zan asked, unable to think of anything better to say at that moment. It was times like these that made him wonder why his step-brother even existed. If it wasn't for all his fathers sordid affairs, and the fact that Lady Laviette was a stubborn bitch, who had gotten herself pregnant and demanded recognition, Nol wouldn’t be a part of Zan’s life at all. Zan shook his head of all thoughts. No way would he get anywhere with this if he could only think badly of his brother. It wasn't Nol’s fault he was born, or even conceived.
"Sure," Nol said, moving aside, allowing his brother into his room. As soon as he closed the door, he looked at Zan. "So...what is it? Why the sudden interest in chatting?"
"I just... I know things between us have always been sort of tense. But, I don't know. I mean, wouldn't it be nice to have a normal brotherly relationship?" Zan explained. Hell if this worked, he would really have to forget that Nol was the result of his fathers many imperfections.
Nol looked at him. As a child that was all he wanted. For his brother to accept him and act like a brother. But now he'd come to accept that it would never be that way. And he came to hate Zan and the ‘Holier-than-thou’ attitude he tossed around. It would be harder if even possible. "Well, I used to wish for that," Nol answered in a moment of unguardedness, "But between you and me. Do you really think we have a chance?" He chuckled at the whole idea, "I think it's a little bit too late for that, brother." He said the last word as if it felt foreign on his tongue and left a bad taste in his mouth.
Zan bit his tongue to keep from lashing out. Nol could be so arrogant sometimes. He closed his eyes for a second and opened them again, reviewing in his head what to say. "Of course we have a chance. We're always going to be brothers, no matter what we do. That will never change. I'm just sorry it's taken me so long to realize that." He explained.
Nol stared at him, not sure how to react. He seemed sincere enough, but he also seemed like he was holding back. "And how do you think we should do that? Start over?" He asked Zan. He was surprised that the edge had lessened. He was actually considering this.
"I, I don't know. Maybe a fresh start would be best. We could, spend more time together, I could help you out with school, and all that. Just, do things that brothers do." Zan reasoned.
Nol gave Zan a small half smile before nodding, "I'd like to give that a shot." He decided that all he really wanted was a close relationship with his older brother and he wasn't too proud to slam the door shut when that was being offered to him.
"Great, I, I'm glad. So whenever you need something. Anything even. You know where I'll be." Zan stated, getting ready to leave.
Nol grinned, "Yeah, and you know where I am." He paused. "Maybe we could meet for breakfast tomorrow before you go to train...." He was a little eager to get to know his brother.
"Sure. You can bring Sere along if you want, I'm sure Lonnie won't be around, but maybe Lena will join us." He smiled.
Nol nodded, "I'll bring Sere." He smiled. He honestly now felt like he had a brother. Like he had someone to talk to and share things with other than Sere. "Lena?" Nol asked with a raised eyebrow. Last he knew Zan was pretty into Ava.
Zan decided to ignore that comment. "And then you can watch the training. I bet Captain Carter will let you join us if you want."
Nol thought about his brother's other offer. "We'll see. If Sere wants me to stay with her..." He trailed off implying that he probably would.
"All right. So I'll see you tomorrow. We can meet downstairs at eight. That should give us enough time to be early for training." Zan said. He grinned at his brother, it was weird how well they could get along when they tried. Maybe Lena was right and he should have done this a long time ago. But he was doing it now, and that was all that mattered.
"All right, so I'll see you at eight," Nol said with a smile.
Zan nodded and made his way to the door where he was immediately confronted with Serena. "Oh, hey, Sere. I guess I'll see you both tomorrow morning." He said with a smirk. It was funny to watch the look on her face seeing him there. He walked past her, leaving her and Nol alone to chat.
Sere looked at Nol and back to the door as if asking for an explanation. "Is there something wrong? What was he talking about?"
Nol smiled at Sere as she entered. It was so good to see her. And now was perfect timing. "No, nothing's wrong. He just stopped in to say that he was sorry we'd been so distant all these years and we're going to work on being more brotherly." It sounded nuts now that he actually voiced it, but he still wasn't any less happy about it. "And I told him we'd meet him and Lena for breakfast in the morning. You don't mind do you?"
"I-" Sere began. "Wait a minute. Did you just say that you and Zan, as in, your brother, Zan, and you just had a friendly conversation? That you... you and I are meeting him for breakfast tomorrow?" She asked disbelievingly. "You need to learn the art of sharing, baby."
"The art of sharing?" Nol repeated.
"Yeah, sharing whatever the hell it is you're high on." Sere answered with a giggle.
Nol chuckled slightly. She was obviously more than a little confused. He wrapped his arms around her waist, staying far enough away that he could see her and nodded. "Me and Zan, as in my brother Zan," he reaffirmed. He still was unsure how she felt about breakfast, or about any of it.
"Wow. Well that's a mighty big turn around from, oh, an hour ago. But hey, if you're okay with it, I totally support you. I think it's good that you and your brother are communicating. And, as for breakfast tomorrow, I'd love to." Sere told him, giving him a kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. "I've missed you."
Nol nodded, "I am okay with it. He seemed sincere. And all I've ever really wanted was for things to be good with him." She seemed happy for him and he was glad. It would cheapen it if she wasn't. When she pulled him closer his grin spread wider, "I missed you too." He leaned down and kissed her, glad she had accepted the breakfast offer.
"I know it's always been hard for you, having him being so distant. I really hope you guys become good friends. I know you deserve that." She smiled. "So it is just gonna be me and you and him at this breakfast thing tomorrow?" She asked as she sat on the end of his bed.
"Me, you, him, and Lena," Nol answered as he sat down next to her. He was looking forward to it and his girlfriend being so supportive about the whole thing made it better.
"Lena? Last I heard Zan was pretty into Ava."
"Last I heard too," Nol said with a shrug. Who his brother was getting in the sack was really none of his business. And he didn't really care all that much. "I guess something changed... Or he's taking her since he's alone here and blah blah blah..."
"Yeah, I guess no one ever did find out about why Ava didn't come, huh?" She asked. "Oh well. It doesn't really matter right? So. What else is new? What are we doing tomorrow after breakfast?" She asked.
Well what did you want to do?" Nol asked her. "Zan invited me to go to training with him and the guys.... but I'll stay with you if you want." He studied her for a reaction.
Sere sighed and gave him her puppy dog face. Then she smiled. "I'm just kidding. You should go if you want to. I don't mind, I promise. Maybe I'll go shopping. I hear Vedran is a bargain city." She laughed. "When is training over?"
Nol chuckled, "Lena would probably go with you..." He suggested if she didn't want to go alone. "Around dinner time and there's a lunch break..."
"Well, if I do go shopping, I will lose track of all time until it gets dark. So maybe we can meet for dinner?" Serena asked.
"Meeting for dinner sounds good. How about if I pick you up from your room around seven," Nol said to her. He wanted to be sure he was ready. And he knew she'd tease him about being gross and sweaty if he didn't shower and everything first.
"Okay. But shower first, you know how I don't like nasty smelly sweaty guys. Even though I do like muscular hot guys... but they have to be clean. You know?" She teased. "So what are we gonna do now? I'm starting to get bored." Sere said.
Nol had a few ideas of what they could do, but he figured Sere might want to do something else. He leaned in and kissed her, his arms wrapping around her. "What do you want to do?" he asked her, hoping she'd opt to stay in.
"Mmmmm, staying here is fine." Sere agreed as she kissed him. She then reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the remote. "Is there anything good on tonight?" She asked as she turned on the tv.
"Why don't we see?" Nol asked as he stretched out across the bed to watch tv, bringing Sere with him, pulling her against his chest. With any luck they wouldn't actually be watching the television very long.
Sere smiled as he pulled her closer. He could be chauvinistic at times, but he was usually pretty sweet, and if she found a movie she wanted to watch, he would let her watch the damn movie, or she'd get medieval on his ass. "Oh look! It's The Truth About Cats and Dogs! I can't believe it! I love this movie."
Nol sighed inwardly, knowing he'd lost the battle. They'd definitely be watching the tv. It was her favorite movie, after all. And as much as some people may think that it was only her attitude that would keep him from trying much while it was on, it was also that he did care about her, and as even though he thought a movie didn't compare to anything they could do together, he wouldn't begrudge her it either. He tightened his arms around her and kissed her neck lightly.
Sere smiled and knew he wouldn't press the subject any further. She giggled a little as he kissed her neck, but she wouldn't allow him to stop for all the great movies in the world. "Awwww, watch this part! It's so cute when Abby and Brian are on the phone, oh my god. And I just love this next scene."
Nol spent most of the time pretending to be watching the parts she was indicating. But he was really watching her watch those parts of the movie. And a small smile couldn't help but cross over his face at the joy it brought her. He laughed softly as a particularly funny part caught his attention. "You know, this movie isn't half bad," He said, mocking her.
"You're so mean to me. I bet you want to find a nice blonde girlfriend just like Noelle, don't you?" Sere retaliated.
Nol laughed softly. He teased her back, "You read my mind. Brunette’s are so tired." He kissed her lightly to prove he meant no harm by it.
"Ha ha." Sere smiled and kissed him back. "You just want me to stop watching my movie. But I've got news for you. I won't stop watching my movie till I see Abby being pulled by the dog on roller skates, 'cause then I know everything's gonna be okay. Got it?"
Nol looked at her innocently. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I wasn't trying to make you stop watching your movie. I want to see Abby being pulled by the dog on roller skates just as much as you do." He sniggered afterwards.
"I'm sure." She laughed, making sure to throw the pillow she had carefully placed behind her back right at his head. "Take that!"
Nol grinned. "Now that was just dirty," he teased her fighting technique. He threw the pillow aside and began tickling her in her ribs.
"Aaah!" Serena screeched as she scrambled to get away from him, but she knew it was hopeless. Succumbing to the laughter was all she could do. OR! She moved her body into a sitting position and kissed him, distracting him long enough to grab another pillow, wack him with it and run, only to be caught seconds later, inevitably.
Nol laughed and jumped up, reaching out and wrapping his arms around her waist. When he caught her, he pulled her back against him. His hands ran over her stomach as he tried to control himself. He fell backwards onto the bed with her, laughing.
"You're lucky I'm a weak little girl, and you're strong as... I dunno. But if you weren't, oh I would so be hurting you right now." Serena threatened jokingly.
Nol grinned, releasing her from his grip. "I'm so scared," he said back to her with a grin.
"As well you should be. Because if strength was measured by attitude, I would so be like a hundred times stronger than you."
"Without a doubt," Nol agreed with a nod, and a small smile.
Sere bit her lip and looked up at him. She smiled and hoped she wouldn't get her heart broken by admitting the truth. "I love you, Nol." She whispered.
Nol looked down at her and blinked. Wow, that was really sudden. He pulled back from her a little. It's not that he didn't care about her; it was just, love was a pretty big word. It meant a lot and he wasn't sure that he could say it and not be lying partially. And he never wanted to lie to Sere.
Sere closed her eyes as she felt him pull away from her. *Here it comes,* She thought, shaking her head. She walked away from him, grabbed her purse and headed for the door, not wanting to even look at him again. She blinked back the tears that were threatening to spill and wanted desperately to say something to fill the void and make her feel less inferior. She wanted to say something that would sting him like the thought of him now stung her. But words failed her, for the first time in her life. And all she could do was walk faster, and hope he didn't catch up.
"Sere," Nol called after her, hurrying down the hall, hoping to catch up. To stop her. He hadn't wanted to hurt her, yet that was all he had succeeded in doing.
Serena stopped at the sound of her name, it wasn't that she wanted to or that she needed to even. She just did. Her face was already tear streaked, but she didn't particularly care. "What? What do you want?" Sere demanded, choking back a fresh wave of tears at the sight of his face. His face that looked so sorry, and so upset that he had hurt her. But tears blinded her view of that.
Nol reached out and put his hand gently on her shoulder. His other hand reached up and wiped some of her tears away. "I don't know exactly what I want, but I do know that I want you to stay..." His eyes pleaded with hers.
"But I-" Serena stopped and tried to calm herself down, she hated crying, despised it. It made her feel weak and defenseless, like she was a little girl all over again. She hated feeling that way. "I just told you something that was so difficult for me to say. I expressed my true feelings for you, all that I have in my heart for you. And you pushed me away. I don't want that. I don't want to know that I feel something for you that you are repulsed by. It's the worst feeling in the world, Nol. But obviously, you wouldn't know about that." She spat.
Nol wanted to be angry at her response, but how obviously hurt she was stifled his tongue. He stood a distance away, not wanting anything more than to wrap his arms around her and take it all away, but that wasn't possible. "I'm not repulsed by it," Nol began, trying to figure out how to explain things to her.
"Then what?" She asked, eyes begging for a straight answer. She just needed something, anything to hold on to. Some sliver of hope and maybe, maybe she could go back. Back to him, back to their relationship, back to some semblance of normal.
"Just give me a second," Nol said to her, knowing she'd understand. He wasn't very good with words. He usually ended up offending people when he spoke, so he really wanted to get this one put together right. He paused as he thought of the right words to say what was going on with him. "Okay," he finally began. "I'm flattered," he told her honestly. At the look on her face, he could tell that hadn't gone over too well. "No, not like that, or maybe a little like that," And he was back to struggling with his words. "I like you Sere. You're an amazing girl. And I really care about you," he admitted. It being hard for him to say that, he could only imagine how hard it had been for her to say that she loved him. Him of all people. "And when I tell you that I love you, I don't want to be lying...I would hate to break your heart that way..." He felt a little foolish standing out in the hallway of the hotel, spilling his heart out to her. And he was scared to see her reaction. He was afraid she'd walk away and leave him standing there like an idiot.
Sere bit her lip and moved closer to hug him. It was good enough, she supposed. He was someone that was worth waiting for in her opinion, and she couldn't honestly leave him if she tried. "Never ever make me feel like that again, do you understand?" She whispered, smiling slightly.
Nol closed his eyes as she came back into his arms. He was so glad and so relieved. He'd almost lost her. She'd almost walked out on him. He tightened his arms around her, holding her to him. "Never," He whispered as a promise to her.

I know it's not Max and Liz, but still. Breaks your heart sometimes huh? Lmao. Hope you enjoy!!

Pheebs and Mollie
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Dedicated to: Juzel, Ames, NewYorker18, and Sarah_helen.
Thank you for your continued support! We appreciate it.

Pheebs & Mollie!

Chapter 12

Ria stretched her body as she woke up. She quickly realized her body movement was restricted and opened her eyes to find out why. A small smile spread across her face as she saw Rath lying next to her. He had been so great yesterday showing up and making her feel better and then staying with her, no questions asked. She had really just needed to be held and comforted. She leaned over him and said softly, "Wake up sleepyhead."
"Hmmm?" Rath murmured as he buried his head under the pillow. "I'll be up in a minute, Mom..." He growled when he felt her shaking his shoulder.
Ria couldn't help but giggle at him. *Mom?* He was kinda cute when he was disoriented and didn't know what was going on. Okay, that was an unsafe thought to be thinking. Where had it come from? She moved the pillow back under his head. No way could it be comfortable the other way around. She watched him sleep a while longer. Then shaking herself out of it, she realized the only person she ever would've watched that way was Amli, and she decided she had to wake him up, but still part of her was enjoying playing with him. She raised her hand and traced it lightly down his nose and over his eyebrows. "Spaceboy," she said in a sing-song tone, hoping he wasn't a cranky riser.
Rath groaned and opened his eyes. He blinked a few times to make sure he was seeing straight, but sure enough, it was Riannon. He was waking up next to Riannon Wayland. He opened his mouth a few times before he sat up. He ran his hands through his hair and looked at her. She was smiling mischievously. "What? You've never seen a soldier wake up before?" He asked.
Riannon chuckled. "Actually I can't say that I have," She answered with a smile. "Are they always hard as death to wake up? And do they usually look so shocked?" She raised her eyebrows and grinned playfully. She wondered if the shock had anything to do with who he had woken up with. Or had he forgotten he wasn't in his own room alone?
Rath cocked his head to the side and looked at her. He doubted he'd ever figure her out completely. But hell, that was part of her appeal. "I'm not a morning person." He answered. "I guess we just fell asleep last night huh? I can go if you want. I mean, I probably should get down to practice."
Ria laughed at his slightly confused facial expression. Like he was having difficulty putting the pieces of a puzzle together and still came up missing one. "No rush," She answered about him leaving. Honestly, she wanted hi to stay, but she knew he had to go to practice. He had to train.
"Did you want to do breakfast or something first?" He asked, realizing his stomach was completely empty and had been since yesterday’s lunch.
"Sure," Ria said with a broad smile, "I'm starved." She tried to remember the last time she had eaten... maybe breakfast yesterday? She looked down at herself. The dress she had been wearing all rumpled from sleep. "Just let me change first..." She waited to see if they had time for that.
"Right. I don't have to be down for training until noon today. It's the weekend and all." Rath explained. "But I should probably stop by my room first, get dressed and all that. I can come get you back here in half an hour if you want. Or we can meet down at the restaurant, whatever’s easier."
"Come back for me," Maria said to him with a smile. She had a slightly nervous feeling inside her stomach, like this was a date. A date? That was ridiculous. Wasn't it?
"As you wish." Rath said with a smile and a turn. "Half an hour." He reminded her from the end of the hallway.

Zan smiled as he reached Lena's door. He hadn't quite figured out why he was so excited about seeing Lena, but he was. And he was hoping that she was doing better than yesterday after her fight with Deni. He knocked softly on her door, waiting for it to open.
Lena rolled out of bed, awoken by the sound of someone knocking on her door. *What the hell?* She wondered as she shoved her hair out of her face. She was so ready to kick whoever had woken her up's ass. She opened the door and was shocked to see Zan there. She slammed the door shut and shouted, "What are you doing here this early?"
Oh, God, he had completely forgotten to ask her ahead of time. He mentally hit himself. No way would this be good. "Well I talked to Nol and we're meeting for breakfast this morning. He's bringing Sere, so I thought that you might go with me..." He called through the door, waiting for a response.
"Oooh..." Lena groaned. "All right, can you give me like ten minutes?" She asked, running to the bathroom.
"Sure," Zan called through the door. "You can have as long as you need." Now he felt horrible about waking her and making her rush. He leaned back against the wall. Lena was a true friend, doing this on such short notice.
Lena ran to and from the bathroom and her suitcase, eventually just dragging it to the door. Honestly, she had no idea why she was even bothering to work so hard, just for breakfast, but she knew she needed to be supportive of Zan and his brother’s relationship. After all, this was her idea. And she had nothing better to do. After she had jumped into the shower, shaved, washed her hair, blow-dryed it, brushed it, and put it up, it had already been fifteen minutes. She brushed her teeth, changed into her clothes, and put on a little make up. She sprayed some perfume and checked the mirror. "Whew, finally done. Poor Zan must be bored out of his mind..." She whispered smiling. She opened the door and he fell towards her, forcing her to half catch him, which was very difficult. "I guess we have a knack for leaning against doors at the wrong times huh?" She laughed.
Zan chuckled as he found his sense of balance again with her help. "Yeah, it sure seems like it," He smiled at Lena as he stood. "Lena, I'm really sorry that I just sort of sprung this on you. And I want to say thank you for coming."
"Don't mention it. I don't mind being woken up at the crack of dawn and being pushed through my morning routine ten times faster than usual." She giggled. "No, really, it's okay. I got you into this thing with your brother, and I totally want to help you with it."
Zan laughed at her response. Then he smiled, completely relieved that she wasn't upset. "It was a lot easier than I thought it'd be," He commented about his brother. Then he wrapped his arms around Lena in a tight hug, "Thank you again. I do really appreciate it."
"I know you do." Lena smiled. But being in his arms only reminded her of Deni, so she shifted away from him. *Don't make this about you.* She thought shaking her head. "Let's go." She said finally.
"Are you okay?" Zan asked her gently, wrapping an arm around her waist and beginning to lead her to the restaurant.
"Yeah... just thinking about stuff." Lena replied. She should've known she wouldn't have gotten away so easily. Zan could read her like a book.
Zan looked at her concerned. Lena was rarely so distant unless something was really wrong. "Like what stuff?"
"Just, Deni, and I still haven't seen Ria." Lena explained. "I don't know how he expected me to react, you know? He knew Ria is my friend, and he knew... he knew that I would be mad. Sometimes I don't know what goes through his head."
"Well I'm sure he thought he was acting in everyone's best interest," Zan said, trying to comfort her. If there was one thing he knew about Deni, it was that he was loyal to the end. He just got things confused sometimes. "He meant well, Lena, I'm sure of it. He just went about things the wrong way. Jumped to conclusions way too soon."
"So are you saying I should forgive him? Just forget about what he did? I mean, I know he meant well, or at least, I hope he did. But sometimes I just wish he would think before he acts..." Lena shrugged. She didn't know what to think about her and Deni. She didn't want to just let it go, it wouldn't be right. But she wasn't sure she wanted to give up on Deni completely.
"I don't know what to tell you to do," Zan said slowly, "But if you don't think things are over...If you think it can be fixed somehow, then maybe you should talk to him. He can answer your questions."
"I don't want to talk to him. I always go to him, he never comes to me. He needs to realize that I'm not the one who should apologize." Lena spat. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be harsh, especially not to you. Let's just stop talking about it, okay?"
Zan nodded. It was obviously upsetting her and while she should talk about it, he wasn't going to push her. "Okay," he said finally, deciding to let it be. Maybe he'd talk to Deni. "I'm a little nervous," He admitted, to change the subject and take all unwanted attention away from Lena.
"Nervous? About what?" Lena asked, confused. Zan was hardly ever nervous, the thing with Ava had been an exception.
"About this," Zan answered, "About my brother. I'm not sure what to expect..."
"Zan, I'm sure it's not going to be so terrible. I'll help, I promise. Just pretend he's like any other person. Like, I dunno, like a new kid at school or something. Just get to know him." Lena smiled. "You'll do fine." She reassured.
Zan gave her a small smile, "Thanks." When Lena talked about it, it seemed so easy, bridging the gap, fixing the age old problems with his brother.
"No problem." Lena answered. "Where are we meeting them?" She asked.
"In the lobby," Zan answered, "And then we'll head over to the restaurant."
"Okay." Lena agreed simply. "So what do we do while we're waiting?" She asked.
"We could look around in some of the shops," Zan said, "If you see anything you like, I'll get it for you." He smiled at her. He knew she'd enjoy herself even if he didn't so much.
"You're so sweet. But don't think I'm not going to take you up on that." Lena warned teasingly.
Zan grinned, "I wouldn't have made the offer if I didn't want you to." He placed his hand on the small of her back and led her into the first store they came to.
After Lena had dragged Zan in and out of about five different stores, she finally decided that she wanted a necklace with a butterfly pendant. "It's perfect isn't it? And you don't believe me, but I swear someday I'll get a tattoo of a butterfly on my shoulder."
"I still don't think you will," Zan said teasingly. It didn't seem like Lena. He couldn't imagine her enduring the pain quietly, much less sitting still through it. "But if you say so." He began walking towards the register with her to pay for it.
"Thank you so much, I really love it." Lena smiled as he paid for her necklace. She giggled as he fastened it around her neck. "That tickles!" She protested. But before she had a chance to turn around and tickle him back, she spotted Nol and Sere outside the store. "I guess it's show time." She smiled.
Zan smiled back with a slightly nervous nod before extending his arm to her, "Shall we?"
"We shall." Lena agreed, slipping her arm into his. "This is too familiar," She laughed quietly.
Zan laughed softly. Oddly it did, but he had no idea why. "Yeah it is," He admitted.
Lena rubbed his arm and looked up at him. "Calm down, okay? You're much friendlier when you're not nervous. You're gonna be fine." She reassured him.
Zan swallowed more from nervousness at the sudden way he was feeling towards Lena than from the fact that he was meeting his brother. He gently placed his hand over hers on his arm as they walked and he tried to calm down about everything.

Nol arrived in front of Serena's door with a smile. He couldn't wait to see her. And he couldn't wait to see his brother. He knocked softly, waiting for her to answer.
Serena had been up and getting ready for the past hour. In afterthought, it seemed absurd, but she knew it was important to Nol that the breakfast went well, so it was important to her as well. "Coming," She said as she walked from the bathroom to the door, desperately trying to find the hole for her earring. She opened the door with her free hand and smiled when she saw Nol. "Can you help me with this please?" She asked, defeated.
"Sure," Nol said with a small chuckle, kissing her cheek as he moved into her room. He stood next to her and easily slipped the earring in. "There you go, all set," he said, "And have I mentioned yet that you look always."
"Thank you," Sere blushed. He was so sweet to her, and sometimes she could barely understand why he wanted to be with her of all people. But she loved him, and she knew he cared for her, even if he wasn't ready to admit anything more than that. "So umm, oh, here, lemme get my shoes and we can go." Sere said, still flustered from her thoughts. She walked over to her suitcase and pulled out her shoes and proceeded to put them on. "All ready." She announced.
"Alright," Nol said with a smile, wrapping his arm around her waist. "Let's get going then," he began leading her to the hotel lobby.
"So tell me. How do you and your brother plan on making up for lost time?" Sere asked.
"Honestly," Nol said, looking down at her, "I have no idea. I guess just try and talk. We'll just end up muddling our way through something."
"I hope you guys get it right this time. It's so nice to see you happy about meeting Zan for once." Serena laughed. "Usually you two are at each other's throats, and I know how much you hate that."
Nol laughed at what she said, "Me too. I hope it all goes well. Being in conflict this time could really ruin everything."
"What? Because of the war? You think that's why Zan's being all friendly all of a sudden?" Serena inquired. She didn't quite see the point, even if Zan and Nol were enemies, Zan should know that Nol would never hurt the Antarians.
"No," Nol shook his head. "I just meant that with us actually trying to get along and catch up, if we end up fighting again, well then we pretty much have no chance of ever getting along again."
"Well I think you do have a chance. So go for it." Serena said encouragingly. By that time they were down in the lobby. "Do you see them?" She asked, glancing around.
Nol looked around, he was much taller than Serena, and spotted them inside a store. "They're over there," he said, "On their way out." He commented on the fact that they were headed out of the store.
Serena waved when she saw Lena and Zan heading over. "Hey guys." She said happily.
"Hey," Zan said with a nod to both of them, feeling more nervous by the moment.
"Hey," Nol repeated with a smile, hoping to break some of the sudden awkward tension. "Are we ready?" he asked about heading towards breakfast.
"I'm ready." Serena answered.
"I'm just about to starve." Lena said smiling. "I haven't eaten, God, since like yesterday at lunch."
Nol laughed, "Well we can't let the woman starve, can we?" He raised an eyebrow at Zan.
"Why didn't you eat last night?" Serena asked.
Zan answered, knowing Lena didn't really want to talk about it. "She and Deni had a fight."
"Yeah, we umm… sort of broke up. But it's no big deal, let's just go in, okay?" Lena said awkwardly. She didn't want this breakfast to become about her now that the news about Deni was out.
Nol nodded. He knew when not to press. Even if he didn't always have the good sense to stop then. He decided to let this one drop though. "Okay," he agreed, leading the way into the restaurant.
Lena leaned her head on Zan's shoulder and sighed. She hadn't wanted to think about Deni, it was still an open wound, and it would take time to heal, but sometimes it helped not to look at it. Not until later when the scar was all that remained. "Thanks," She whispered to Zan as they sat down, he had always come through for her, and he always would.

I came through! Told you so!

Chapter 13

Rath knocked on the door wondering if half an hour had given Ria enough time. "Ria, it's me. Are you ready yet?" He asked from outside the door. If she was anything like his sister, he'd be waiting for a while.
"Just a minute," Ria called back to him. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and inserted one last hairpin as she decided she looked decent enough to make an appearance. She quickly made her way to the door and opened it. "Hey," She said with a small smile, her eyes sparkling, "Sorry." She noted on the fact that he'd had to wait.
"That's fine. You look nice." He commented. It would've taken hours for Lena to do what Riannon had done in thirty minutes. But maybe he was just a biased brother. "Ready?" He asked, offering her his arm as a polite gesture.
"Nice?" Ria asked, "I was hoping it was a little bit better than just nice." She teased as she took his arm, "But I’m ready."
"Very nice, beautiful in fact." He smiled. If there was one thing Lena had taught him, it was how to recognize when women were digging for compliments. And just exactly how to reply.
Ria smiled up at Rath. "Well thank you," She said simply. She looked up at him again. He looked really good too. You know, in that masculine, I threw myself together in fifteen minutes and then waited hungrily until I could come and get you kinda way.
"So did you just want to go downstairs for breakfast?" He asked.
Ria raised a brow, "Well do you have any other ideas? I mean I've never been here before. I wouldn't know where else there is to go..."
"Actually, they found a pretty good hotel, the entire bottom floor is full of shops, and the restaurant is fabulous." Rath explained. "But we might run into people there is all."
Ria nodded, understanding what he was saying. She almost came to complete stand still as she thought it over. While it might break her to run into some people again, it might be good to see others. And while she wasn't looking forward to facing anything, it's wasn’t like she could hide from it forever. And it would be better to deal with it sooner here, then later at home, right? She looked up at Rath, studying him. He agreed with her. He trusted her. He thought she was telling the truth. And having at least one person on her side when she did have to face things would make it so much easier. "We can go," she finally said, "Here. At the hotel. It's not like I can hide forever." She was still a little reluctant, but knew it was for the best.
Rath smiled warmly. He had hoped she would say that, she had more courage in her tiny little body than most people had in a lifetime. "Actually, I think Lena said something about breakfast when we talked last night. She wasn't feeling very well though, so I'm not sure. But we should look for her." Rath suggested as they walked into the restaurant.
Ria smiled at Rath as he spoke. When what he was saying finally soaked in through the fear she she felt from thinking of facing people, her head snapped up and she smiled again, more relieved. Lena would believe her, right? "Yeah, let's do that," She said with a nod as she scanned the crowd.
Rath looked as well and finally he spotted his petite little sister. "There she is..." He began, but trailed off as he noticed who she was sitting with.
"Oh no," Ria said shaking her head, "There's no way we're going over there. Absolutely not." She began as she saw Nol there. Nol no doubt had to hate her.
"Oh come on, Ria. I seriously doubt he hates you. Did you notice who else is sitting there? Zan. Zan Winters. If Zan can sit with him, you sure as hell can too."
"Excuse me?" Ria demanded. "Don't talk to me like that ever again." He made her feel little, inferior. She looked away from him. "Of course he hates me," She said simply, "Wouldn't you if I accused you of attacking everyone?"
Rath stopped and tried to calm down, he didn't much like being told what to do. "Ria, it's not your fault you see what you see! Don't you get it? He has no right to be angry at you, even if he is!"
Ria softened a little. He was actually defending her in a backwards sort of way. "I know." She said to him softly, "I know he shouldn't be. If you want to go over there, go. And I'll go upstairs and order room service or something. I can't go over there and have him be mad at me. I don't want to be attacked anymore." She said revealing her true fear. And part of her wondered if maybe Lena and Zan sitting there might mean they'd be against her too. And she really couldn't take being attacked by Lena.
"Wait, Ria, we don't have to go over there. I'm sorry. Just stay okay? Please, I promise I won't let anyone attack you."
Ria looked up at Rath astonished. He really was a complicated character. Maybe that was part of what she found herself liking about him. "Okay," she agreed to stay. It took a lot to trust him with all of this. She looked up at him and then over at the others. He obviously at least wanted to say hi to his sister. She spent more time thinking things over and then she straightened her spine a little, gaining a few inches, raised her chin defiantly and braced herself for bad reactions from them. "Well I guess there's no reason we can't test the waters..."
"Thank you." He said simply. He took her hand for support and led her over to where Lena was sitting. "Well look who we found."
Ria smiled at them, trying to appear at ease, even if she wasn't. "Hi," She said simply.
Nol looked up and smiled. He'd yet to hear anything about the vision, so of course he wasn't angry about it. "Hey Rath, Ria," he decided being polite to Rath, at least would be a good move, since he was a good friend of Zan's.
"Ria!" Lena exclaimed, practically jumping out of her seat to give her friend a long overdue hug. "Oh honey, are you all right?" She asked gently. "We'll, umm, be right back." She finished, smiling back at the table.
Ria was glad to have been received pretty well and she smiled as she hugged Lena back and then followed her out of the room, wondering what she had to say.
"Rath told me what they did to you and I'm so sorry. Deni and I had this huge fight about it, and I still can't believe he did that to you. Are you all right?" Lena asked worriedly.
"I'm doing fine," Ria said with a nod, "Believe it or not, Rath's been a big help." She cast a glance in his direction. "You and Deni had a fight?" She hated the fact that she might've been responsible for it.
"Yeah, umm, we did. But I don't think it was only because of you. I mean, Deni and I are so different in a lot of ways... I don't know. I think this all came at the right time, you know? It was time for me to move on anyway I guess." Lena explained. "So Rath has been helping you, hmm? That's interesting."
Ria nodded, "Yeah he has. He stayed with me last night while I was a complete wreck. Interesting?"
"He stayed with you last night?" Lena asked, completely shocked. "Are you serious? Oh my god, you and my brother... are you... well, you know?"
Ria laughed softly, "I was as surprised as you are. Especially that he cared. But no, not like that." Ria said clearing her throat. "We're not together or anything." Oddly enough, however, she wouldn't mind being.
"Oh... because, I wouldn't have a problem with that." Lena said giggling. "Anyway, umm, you know how in your vision you saw Ava and Nol? I mean, it's possible that we can change that right? Because, I'm trying to get Nol and Zan to bond, maybe that will help with all this. Do you think?"
Ria blushed a little at the suggestion of her and Rath and the fact that Lena wouldn't mind. She looked at Lena and smiled, "Of course it can still be changed." She said honestly, "I'm really glad you're doing that Lena. It could make all the difference if it works. How are things so far?"
"Actually it's going kinda well. I think Zan and Nol can do this if they really try. There was never any real bad blood between them. Zan was just always so upset that his mother was forgotten so quickly after her death." Lena sighed. "I just want him to be able to have someone he can really count on, I want him to have a real family."
Ria nodded in response. "I think he just might. And he always has you... and Lonnie." She pointed out to Lena. Lena seemed to forget that Zan had very good friends, but it would be good if he was close to actual family.
Lena gave her friend a small smile. "Yeah, he'll always have me. But, I don't know, it's not the same I guess." Lena finished. "So will you eat with us? Please?"
Ria smiled and nodded. "I will," She answered, "Of course I will." She might've been scared at first, but now she felt secure in going over there. No one over there was mad at her, at all.
"Oh, umm, Ria... About Nol. He doesn't know. About the vision I mean. We haven't had the heart to tell him." Lena bit her lip and waited for Ria's reaction.
"You haven't told him?" Ria asked. "That explains a lot. No wonder he wasn't angry with me." She sighed, "Do you really think it's the best idea to lie to him? He may not like all the false pretenses when he and his brother are actually friends."
"I'm sure Zan will tell him eventually, we just didn't know how to bring it up..." Lena trailed off, somewhat ashamed that they hadn't told him yet.
Ria nodded, "Zan should tell him eventually." She tried to think of a way to make Lena not so upset that they hadn't told him. "But it's probably fine that he doesn't know now."
"I hope so." Lena said, smiling meekly. "Shall we head back to the table?" She asked.
"Sure thing," Ria said to Lena with a nod as she started back towards the table with her.
"Hi guys." Lena said to announce their re-arrival. She took her place next to Zan, "Miss me?" She asked jokingly.
Zan laughed, "Of course. How could I not?"
Lena smiled and turned to her brother, giving him a kiss on the cheek and a hug. "Thanks for taking care of Ria. I always knew you were a teddy bear inside all that muscle." She laughed.
Ria laughed softly as she sat down at the table next to Rath. She cast a glance at him, hoping he wouldn't freak out at the comment or the fact that Lena knew.
"Not a problem. But honestly, Ria doesn't need anyone to take care of her, she could do it all by herself if she had to." Rath said, it was an odd sort of praise, and he hoped Ria wouldn't take it the wrong way.
Ria smiled and raised her chin, faking superiority. "Well of course I could," She laughed gently as she looked at Rath, "Thank you." It meant a lot to her for someone to not only notice, but point it out.
Zan swallowed and cast a look to Lena. He wondered if he should tell them.
Lena looked at Zan and bit her lip nervously. Then she looked to Ria who nodded softly. "Well, umm, Ria had another one of her visions last night. Except this one was pretty big. And very controversial." Lena said, trying to avoid solid fact for the moment. Zan could go into that if he wanted to.
"Like what?" Nol asked curiously.
"She knows who attacked the army," Zan said to him, trying to hedge the subject also.
"The army was attacked?" Serena exclaimed, amazed she hadn't heard anything, and that everyone was so calm about it.
Ria couldn't take the whole avoidance thing anymore. If you were going to say something, you should just say it. She nodded, "The army was attacked and destroyed by three people. Ava, some guy we don't know, and..." She trailed off, not knowing if this was a good time, but too late now, "And Nol." She looked at Nol who looked a little pale at the proposition. "You can always change things," She said to him, "Just because I see it doesn't mean it's set in stone."
"Oh God," Nol said, feeling sick. There was no way he would ever kill the brother he was just gaining.
Serena took Nol's hand, hoping he wasn’t too upset. Riannon couldn't be lying about this could she? No. Riannon took her visions too seriously. "She's right, we can change this. I know you would never ever do anything like that on your own, unprovoked." She said, trying to be comforting.
Lena bit her lip and wondered if telling Nol had really been in everyone's best interest. She looked up at Zan for some sign of what he thought, but it was one of those very rare times when she couldn't quite grasp his feelings.
Zan was shocked at first, then happy that Nol knew and then crushed by the look on his face. He felt so many different emotions right then. He watched his brother intently and then said, "We all know you couldn't do it," He wasn't sure why he suddenly believed that. Maybe it was because he was seeing Nol in a different light lately. The way that only Sere had seen him until a few days ago. Or maybe it was because he was trying to do damage control. Or maybe it was because a part of him didn't want to believe that of his own brother, even if they weren't very close. After all, Nol was obnoxious, but not violent. Right?
Nol gave Zan a small smile and squeezed Sere's hand. He was still stunned to silence, but at least he knew that people weren't looking down their noses at him. That they didn't automatically assume he was some hardened killer because he wasn't always the nicest guy. "Umm, thanks," He said quietly.
Rath wasn't quite sure how to react, he had thought that Nol had already been informed, but obviously he was wrong. "Well, of course we all thought it was odd that Ava and Nol would join forces against Antar. It makes no sense really. But if Ria's visions tell it, then it must be true. So all we can do is try our best to change things, okay?" He said in true soldier form. Showing little emotion and stating the facts.
Lena frowned at her brother. She hated when he acted like that. She leaned closer to Zan and looked up at him again. All she could tell was that he was sad. Sad, she guessed, at the prospect of possibly losing the brother he had just barely found. Sad, perhaps, because of Ava. Sad because of the war... so many things could be bothering him, and Lena wanted to help. "Maybe we should just try to get on with it and order breakfast?" She asked, trying to break the tension.
"I agree." Serena stated simply.
"I second that," Ria said, picking up a menu. "After all Lena should eat before she passes out on us," She commented off handedly as if nothing serious had been discussed moments before. She was positive Lena hadn’t had a single bite to eat since her fight with Deni, Lena had always lost her appetite after fighting.
Zan looked to his brother, his eyes telling him that he didn't want things to turn out the way Ria had seen them go; not at all.
"Okay, I'm not that fragile." Lena said lightly, glad that Ria was turning the conversation around. "But I am hungry. Waitress!" She called. Once they all had ordered, another awkward silence dropped over everyone.
"So I heard you were coming to practice with us today." Rath said, "You'd better be ready for a rough day."
Sere started at Rath's words. The last thing Nol needed now was a rough day. "Maybe you shouldn't go today." She suggested quietly.
Nol sighed. She had a point, but he didn't know if he wanted to suddenly not go now. Guys weren't exactly forgiving of that sort of thing.
Ria looked at Nol. "I think you should go. Rough day or not, you can't let some vision rule your life. And if you suddenly start laying low or disappearing it'll look suspicious. And believe me when I say you do not want to deal with those guys when they're angry and ready to deliver persecution."
"You guys don't think the soldiers believe the vision now do you? I mean, with what they did to you, Ria, I don't think Nol should have to go through any of that." Lena said.
"They don't believe the vision," Zan rebelled, half hoping his brother would come, and have hoping he wouldn’t.
"Whatever. I'm sorry, but the soldiers tend to go with the crowd. And it seems to me that they took the threat pretty seriously to go to Ria and do all that shit to her. I just don't want Nol to have to get bitched at for something he may have no control over." Lena explained. She didn't like that Zan was ignoring her completely, and if not, contradicting her.
Ria rolled her eyes. She wasn't going to sit around this table and argue over a decision that was completely Nol's. No matter what any of them said, he'd still have to make this decision for himself. But they were talking soldiers here. They'd change their opinion in two seconds if there was good reason, and sometimes even if there wasn't. They weren't the swiftest bunch and a lot of them just followed the leader. The only problem with that plan was that their leader was often in question.
Nol nodded. He wasn't sure what to do. "I'm going to think on it over breakfast," He said, still mulling over everything his head. "Maybe I should just lay low though."
"It's your decision, Nol. I just hope those guys don't give you a hard time if you do go."
Zan looked over at Lena and placed a hand gently over hers to calm her down. He wasn't trying to make her upset in any way, but it seemed like he had.
Nol nodded. "Thanks Lena," He said, "You and me both." He sighed, "Maybe I will stay home today. I can go with you some other time, Zan, after this all blows over."
"Oh look, food." Serena announced as the waitress made her way back to their table. Sere leaned over and whispered to Nol. "I'm glad you're not going, I would've missed you too much." She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.
Nol smiled over at Sere and kissed her softly. "I would've missed you too," He whispered back.
Lena looked up at Zan and sighed. She knew he hadn't meant to make her angry, and he hadn't really. But just then all she wanted to do was eat.
Zan smiled at her and proceeded to turn his attention to his food as she did.
Rath glanced over at Ria and smiled. "See, I told you it would all work out. Aren't you glad you didn't order room service?"
Ria laughed softly. "I guess when you're right, you're right," She conceded that coming over here hadn't been terrible. "And I was only going to order room service if you deserted me," she said to him making note of the fact that the two of them could've stayed here, just not at this table.
He laughed lightly, "I would never desert you." He stated. And just watched as her cheeks blushed a light pink. It was like she had some odd sort of hold on him. He had never felt like that about anyone before, and he soon found himself wondering what it meant. Once everyone was finished eating, the conversation started up again.
"When is training over?" Lena inquired of either Zan or her brother.
"Well we have a short break at four," Zan said, "And then we're done around six-ish."
"Okay, well did you want to do something later or what?" She asked him as the other migrated off to have their own conversations.

"You wanna head back upstairs and figure out what to do today?" Serena asked Nol.
Nol nodded, holding his hand out for her, "Yeah, let's go ahead on up."

Zan smiled at Lena. "Sure I'm up for something later," he agreed with a smile.
"So how about I meet you by the locker rooms around six fifteen-ish? And then we'll figure out something to do. I hear the new Julia Roberts movie is coming out early on Vedran..." Lena hinted.
Zan chuckled. "You don't leave any room for doubt do you?" he said about her implying what she wanted to do. "We can go," He said to her with a smile, already promising it to her.
Lena smiled and hugged Zan. "Thank you, I love you!" She squealed happily. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Have fun at practice." She said, letting go of him.
"Zan leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. "See you later," He said, giving her a wink as he walked away.

"You gonna be okay all alone this afternoon?" Rath teased Ria.
Ria laughed as he teased her, keeping her cool. The thought, however, hadn't actually dawned on her until now. Would she be okay? Of course she'd be okay. What was she thinking? "Yeah I'll be fine," She told him with a small smile, "Thank you though. Having you with me really helped."
Rath smiled. "Glad to have helped. So I guess I'll see you later. Maybe tomorrow with Lena or something." Rath suggested casually.
"Yeah, maybe tomorrow," Ria agreed with a nod. Honestly that was a little bit of a disappointment. She wasn't quite sure why.
"Bye, Ria." Rath said and he walked towards the field for training. * Another long hard day in the troughs with my messed up buddies.* He thought sadly.

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No, Nol (Nolind) is Max and Isabel's step And Deni (Lorden) is Kyle. Alex is Amli (Hamlin). Hope that helps!