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Chapter One

"Have either of you seen Liz?" Max asked Maria and Alex, who were
sitting at the counter at the Crashdown.

"Yeah. She went someplace. Told us not to tell you where." Alex
answered him shortly. Alex was still upset by this whole destiny thing
and he wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone.

"Thanks anyway." Max answered, deciding that he wasn't going to get
anything from Alex.

He was about to leave when Liz walked into the Crashdown from upstairs,
carrying a large cardboard box. "Liz, can I talk to you?" Max asked,
looking around. He was the only one of their 'group' in the Crashdown.

"Can't, busy. Maybe tomorrow." She said, occupied with what she knew
was in the box. Her mother had given it to her yesterday, her 17th
birthday. Nancy Parker had suggested that Liz go to the desert before
she opened it. That alone confused her and she was about to figure out
what was in it.

"It's important." Max added, knowing that, like Alex, she was trying
to avoid them.

"Max, I already told you I'm busy. Talk to me tomorrow." Liz said

"Fine. Tomorrow then." He said before walking out.

Liz followed him, getting into her mother's car. She drove to the
desert, got out of the car and walked the rest of the way, until she
was sure that no one else would be around and she opened the box.

She rooted around, looking for something recognizable. She finally came
to a palm-sized green stone with odd markings on it. It was the same
type stone that Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess used to talk to Max and
Isabel's parents. 'What's it doing in here?' She asked herself.

Liz remembers back to how they got the stones to work and she followed
suit. She concentrated on it, and was rewarded with the stone rising up
so that it was 5 inches above her palm. A few seconds later in a blue
haze type thing, two figures stand there.

Liz gasped at this. She didn't know these people, but something about
them seemed oddly familiar, and comforting.

"Adelle. I'm you mother Miranda and this is your father James." The
woman said, generally translating their names into what it would be on

Liz's eyes widened. "Huh.......Huh?" She said. "Uh......I'm not...

"Yes you are." Miranda answered. "You were sent to Earth a long time
ago. I personally 'directed' Nancy Parker to the area where you

Liz shook her head. "N........No..........You're wrong. Nancy Parker
is my mother..........I'm not...........I never......landed."

"Whether you believe it or not, the only person that can activate this
particular stone is Adelle, or would you rather be called Elizabeth?"
James asked, finally stepping forward so he was more in view.

Liz could feel tears coming to her eyes. She didn't know what to say.

"We told your parents not to give you the package until you turned 17,
so I want to say Happy Birthday. Have you found the others like you
yet?" He asked.

Liz tried to speak but couldn't. She simply gave a small nod.

"And your sister, how is she?" Miranda asked eagerly. That hadn't even
been sure that Liz's transport would work. She was the first person to
have been cloned from their planet.

"M......My sister?" Liz asked, confused.

"Yes, your sister. Ava?" James said, wondering why she didn't remember
her sister.

Liz gasped. "A.....Ava?"

"So you know her then. How is she doing?" Miranda asked, not noticing
the odd look on Liz's face.

"N........No.........She........Tess can't be my sister." Liz said

"Ava was 4 years younger than you were, that was, until you were
killed. That's why we chose you to be cloned, so you could still live."
Miranda said optimistically.

"Killed?" Liz asked. This wasn't good, not at all.

"That's a long story. You will have to discuss this with your sister.
She has the answers." James said.

Max stopped the jeep and got out, followed by Isabel, Michael and Tess.
They walked for a little while before they got to the pod chamber.

"Max, do you see the light up there?" Tess asked, pointing.

Max started walking, and he saw shapes start to form. One was obviously
Liz, and the others were surrounded in a blue haze. "Liz!" He called
out, continuing to walk towards her.

Liz was concentrating on her parents to hear Max. "What do you mean
she'll know?" Liz asked desperately. "Did........Did she kill me?"

"No. But she knows who does. You'll figure it out." Miranda answered.

Max rushed up to the area where Liz was. 'What did this mean? Liz, an
alien? She couldn't be, wouldn't we have known?' "Liz!" He called out
again, louder this time.

Liz heard Max. She turned to him, and gasped, dropping the stone.

Miranda and James disappeared when Liz dropped the stone.

"What was that?" He asked. Isabel, Michael and Tess finally caught up
with him.

"What's going on Max?" Isabel asked.

Max ignored Isabel and waited for Liz to answer him.

Liz looked at them. Her eyes landed on Tess. Tess. Ava. Her sister.
She wiped her cheeks. "I gotta go." She said. She grabbed the stone
and put it back in the box. She got up and started walking to her car.

Max rushed behind her and grabbed her arm, causing her to drop the box.
"What was that?" He asked. His day was just getting worse.

"It was nothing. Now if you don't mind letting go of me..." She said,
yanking her arm back and picked up the box.

"Sorry. I saw you talking to two figures that were covered in a blue
haze, like... Wait, are you an alien?" He asked, suddenly realizing

"No." Liz said quickly, maybe a little too quickly. She couldn't be
dealing with all of this at once. She still couldn't get over the fact
that she was Tess' sister. That was just a little too weird for her.

"Liz, why won't you talk to me?" Max asked. Of course he was desperate,
and frustrated even more so. "If it has anything to do with us you have
to tell me."

"When are you going to realize that the whole universe doesn't revolve
around you, Max? Now I'm going to leave and you're going to let me."
Liz said, vehemently. "Good bye." She said as she got in the car. She
drove off quickly, not looking back.

Isabel looked at Max. "What was that about?" She asked.

"You remember the one time we talked to our parents?" He asked and she
nodded. "Well, that's what it looked like she was doing. I even saw the
stone she picked up off the ground. It wasn't blue but it had the same
type of markings one it."

"But she isn't one of us, is she?" Michael asked, finally adding to the

"I don't know. She stonewalled me. That usually means that she knows
stuff and she isn't telling." Max replied, looking glum. Like he said,
this wasn't his day.

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Chapter 2
Liz pulled into the parking lot, braking suddenly. She got out of the
car and rushed into the Crashdown.

"Hey Liz wh-"

"Mom, we gotta talk." Liz said, stomping upstairs. She resisted the
idea of slamming her door at this time, but decided she'd do it later.

A few minutes later Nancy Parker walked into Liz's room. "What's
wrong? You've got Maria all worried."

"I'm adopted, aren't I?" Liz asked quickly before she lost her nerve.

"How did you find out? Did someone say something to you?" Nancy asked,
worried. She didn't want anyone taking Liz away from her.

"Let's just say I had a nice conversation with my real parents. Why
didn't you tell me I was adopted? Were you ever going to tell me? I
had the right to know." Liz ranted.

"All I was told was to give you that box the day after your birthday.
I don't know what was in it because I never looked." Nancy explained

Liz sat down. "But..........How could you and dad lie to me everyday
about this. Pretending I was your daughter, and everything, why?"

Nancy sat down at Liz's desk. "We didn't lie, you just never asked.
Your father and I found out a few years ago that we couldn't have
children, so when we found you, we adopted you." She answered. She's
expected this eventually and she'd been prepared for it.

"F........Found me?" She asked. "Where.......Where did you find me?"

"Jeff and I were on our way home from a business seminar and you were
just walking in the road. From the looks of it, you were coming from
the desert." Nancy answered.

Liz's eyes widened. "The desert?" She choked out.

Nancy noticed Liz's odd expression. "Is everything ok?" She asked.

Liz looked at her, she nodded softly. "Yeah....I just.....Uh...Did you
ever find out who left me out there?" She asked, although she already
knew the answer.

"No. I just found you there. A few days after the adoption was
complete, I found a box in the attic with a note written in Jeff's
handwriting. It said not to open it and to give it to you the day
after you turned 17, which I did." Nancy answered, wondering why Liz
was freaked out about it.

Liz saw her mother's eyes. " just amazed that
anyone would leave their child in the middle of the dessert."

"Yes. I suppose it was a little odd, but that's where we found you.
I'll leave you to think about all this." Nancy said, taking her exit.

Liz sighed and put her head in her hands. She couldn't take this,
tears came to her eyes.

Maria walked up the steps to Liz's room, she saw her crying. "Liz?"
She said. She sat down next to her.

Liz looked up when Maria walked into the room, not unable to hide her
tears. "Oh, hey." She said as Maria sat next to her. "What are you
doing up here?"

"I was worried about you. What's wrong, chica?" She asked, putting a
comforting arm around Liz's shoulders.

Liz thought about it for a second. If she couldn't tell Maria, who
could she tell. "I'm adopted and by all appearances I'm an alien as
well." Liz answered her.

Maria's eyes widened. "What?" She whispered in shock. She stood up
and shut Liz's door, making sure no one else could hear.

"I know. Mom gave me this box and told me to go to the desert, where
no one would bother me. I went through it and I find this nice little
green stone, like the blue ones that 'they' have. So, doing the same
thing that they did, it floated. It actually floated. Then these people
surrounded by this blue light are sort of projected and they tell me
I'm from Antar and a whole bunch of other crap." Liz paused, looking
up to see how Maria was taking this.

"Whoa." Maria said, taking a moment to take this all in. "That's..
Whoa." She looked at her. "Are you ok with all of this?" She asked.

"Does it look like I'm ok? And that isn't even the worst part of it."

"What do you mean?" She asked, sitting down next to her. "What, you
weren't like a skin-bad guy type of thing, where you?"

"No. Worse." She paused, this time not letting Maria say anything. "I
have a sister, named Ava. Isn't it just great?" She said, the last
sentence laced with sarcasm.

"Ava?!" She said. "Tess?! Holy shit, if that's not a Jerry Springer
episode waiting to happen."

"I know. And apparently I was killed on Antar and according to my
parents, James and Miranda, the only person with the answers is Tess."
Liz said, her head falling into her hands again.

"Dang." She breathed out. "Wait.......So, she knew you're an alien
and that you're her sister and she didn't tell you? That little skank
ass bitch!"

"Unfortunately from the way they were speaking, she doesn't know.
Something about shared memories and gaps." Liz said, vaguely. Of
course, to her it was vague.

"Oh." Maria said, retreating any thoughts she had of beating any
information out of Tess. "Are you going to talk to her?" She asked.

"I have to. Then there's the whole part of me hating her and that
doesn't make it any easier. She'll probably think of it as some way to
get Max back. And did I mention that I saw them in the desert? They
interrupted me and I dropped the stone." Liz replied. She was so not
looking forward to the conversation that her and Tess would have to

"Oh honey don't worry, we all hate her." She tried to make a joke.
"Think of it this way, the sooner you talk to that man stealing wench,
the sooner you get some answers."

Liz couldn't help but smile. "But what if they find out something
terrible and then they hate me because of it?" Liz asked, concern
fading her smile.

"Wouldn't it be better to know?" Maria said.

"Yeah I guess. Will you go with me when I talk to them?" Liz asked
hopefully. She needed some kind of support.

"Absolutely." Maria said. "If you need me, I am so there for ya

"Good. Now if I can just convince myself to tell them, we'll be fine."
Liz considered the little thought that popped into her head. "You're
ok with all this, aren't you? I mean, me being an alien is a big deal."
Liz asked uncertainly.

"Well, it is a big deal, but I'm ok with it. Hello, my boyfriend...
I mean ex an alien....I think I can handle my best
friend being one too."

Liz sighed, glad that Maria felt that way. She just couldn't deal with
losing her best friend over something that neither of them had any
control over. "Good. What do you think Alex'll think about this?"

"Probably the same. Remember, his ex is an alien too." She smiled

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean he won't react differently." Liz said,
knowing full well that he'd take them news as well as Maria did.

"He didn't freak out when he first found out about the others, like I
did, right?" She smiled.

Liz smiled as well. "Right. I guess he should be there too. Of course,
there's always how they're going to react. It's going to be a very
weird experience." Liz commented, standing up.

"And what, our lives are just normal as can be already?" Maria

"Let's go downstairs. I have to figure out how I'm gonna tell them."
Liz said, walking to the door, but waiting for Maria.

Maria followed. "Hey, how about 'hey guys, guess what, we've all got
something in common.'" Maria giggled.

Liz smiled. That would be a nice way to put it, the basics in one
sentence. "Yeah, like that wouldn't cause them to feel weird about the
conversation." She commented, walking into the Crashdown.

Of course it was just her luck that Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess
were sitting in their regular booth and the new girl, Jessica, was
serving them.

Maria looked at Liz. "You gonna go talk to them now?"

Liz looked over at Maria. "I don't know. Should I?" She asked, turning
back to their booth.

Max looked up and saw Liz. He wanted to go up and ask her about the
dessert, and make sure she didn't try to walk away, but he just sat

"If you think it's the right time, yea." Maria said.

Isabel followed her brothers gaze and saw that he was looking at Liz.
"Think we should go talk to her?" She asked.

Tess nodded. "Yeah. She was acting weird earlier."

Max looked at them. "I guess." He said standing up.

Maria looked at Liz. "Well, ready or not here they come."

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Chapter Three:

Liz looked uncertain as Max approached her, then downright nervous as
the rest of the group stood up and followed him. "Umm... sorry about
the way I acted earlier. I over-reacted." She said.

Maria stood with Liz, saying nothing. Max looked at her. He shook his

"Liz," he said in a lowered voice. "I saw what I saw, so, tell me
what's going on."

Isabel, Tess, and Michael looked at her expectantly. "I don't think we
should talk about this here." Liz replied.

"Fine, where then?" Max said.

Michael looked at his friend, somewhat surprised at his urgency and

Maria looked at Liz and gave her hand a soft reassuring squeeze.

"The back room?" Liz asked tentatively. Isabel nodded, looking over at

"Ok, let's go." Max said as he walked to the back room. Michael
followed. Maria looked at Liz and walked with her to the backroom.

Isabel and Tess followed Michael and they were all standing there when
Liz and Maria walked in. "What do you have to tell us?" Isabel asked.

"Well, it's hard to start really. I guess I could start by saying that
I'm adopted." She started.

Max looked at her. "Adopted?" He said. "Liz, why didn't you ever tell
me?" He asked.

"She just found out, genius." Maria said, then instantly shut up,
feeling bad for not letting Liz say everything herself.

Liz smiled at Maria, thankful that she was standing up for her and even
more when she didn't say anything else. "I'm not going to tell you the
whole history because I don't understand most of it myself. You saw
what you thought you saw earlier, Max. It more than shocked me when
the thing actually worked. And this is where it gets confusing." Liz
continued, looking over at Maria, silently asking for help.

Tess and Isabel listened intently, both figuring that it would be wise
to shut up and listen.

"You can do it girl." Maria whispered to her friend.

"Do what? What's going on?" Michael asked. Maria looked at him, then
quickly looked away. She wasn't totally completely over the break up.
Which was why the entire summer she had been able to form a nice lil
relationship with his answering machine.

"I'manalien, tessismysister." She said so quickly that she hoped no
one was able to understand her.

"I think I speak for all of us when I say 'what'?." Tess asked.

Liz cleared her throat. "I said I'm and alien and Tess is my sister."
She said, averting her gave away from the group, waiting for them to
say something.

Max and Tess paled slightly. Michael's jaw nearly dropped. Isabel's
eyes held not so well concealed shock.

"Liz looked over at Maria. "I told you this wasn't a good idea." She
said, temped to walk out.

Maria looked at her. "Their shocked, it's a normal reaction hun."

"Wait. My sister? I don't have a sister. I think I would have
remembered it." Tess commented, her shock lessening just a little bit.

"Our parents said something about blocked memories and gaps. Said to
figure it out myself." Liz supplied.

Max looked at Tess and Liz. The girl he loved, and the girl he was
said to be destined to be with were sisters?

"How do we know this is true? Not some like trick given to you by the
skins or something?" Michael said.

"I wouldn't know, but I figure that if we could somehow combine
memories, since mine are generally blocked, we'd figure something out."
She looked at Tess. "Would you know how to do that?"

"Uh....I guess we just......Uhm....OK I have no idea." Tess

Maria looked at Liz. "Maybe if you two like touch that stone thing you
told me about, you'd get some info or something."

"Yeah. That might work, but should we do it here?" Liz asked.

"No." Max said.

"Anyone can just walk in here and see stuff they shouldn't see."
Michael added.

"So, the desert?" Liz asked.

"That works." Tess said.

Maria looked at Liz. "You wanna ride with me?" She said, knowing Liz
would feel weird riding in the jeep with the others. Max silently
hoped Liz would ride with him.

Liz looked at Max, then Maria. "I'll go with Maria." She said, walking
out of the back room. This was going to be one interesting afternoon.

Maria went and got to the Jetta. She got in and started driving to the

Max felt his heart sink. He sighed and got in the jeep. Michael hopped
in the back. Isabel sat in the passenger seat like she usually did and
Tess sat next to Michael. "Do you really think she's telling the
truth?" Isabel asked.

"I dunno." Max said. He started the jeep and followed the Jetta.

Liz looked over at Maria after she started the Jetta. "How did I do so

They soon got to the desert and they walked the rest of the distance
to assure that no one knew where to find them. "What do we do now?" I
sabel asked impatiently.

Maria stood with Liz. Max looked at Liz, they all stood waiting for her
to say something.

Liz took out the stone and held it in the palm of her hand. She looked
over at Tess. "Well?" Tess walked over and touched it.

Suddenly a screen like area was projected in front of the group. In
the first vision, a girl about 20 or so was talking to a teenager. The
older one looked almost exactly like Liz did. The teen was obviously
Tess. It skipped to somewhere in the near future.

In the second vision the older girl, Liz, was standing on a balcony in
the arms of a man who looked a lot like Max, gazing up at the stars
and looking at one another lovingly.

The third vision was one of a huge palace. It zoomed in to show Liz,
Tess, and two older people walking into the palace and being accepted
by Max and Isabel. It flashed to them having dinner together and then
in a different room talking.

In the fourth vision, Liz was walking hand in hand with Max on a sandy
beach. He turned to her and knelt in front of her and pulled out a
small box with a ring in it. Tears of joy came to Liz's eyes as she
nodded. Max took her in his arms and spun her around happily.

In the fifth vision Max was standing at the altar, watching Liz was
down the aisle is an absolutely beautiful wedding gown. He was smiling
as if it was the happiest day of his life, and it was. The scene
flashed to them exchanging rings and then flashed to them kissing. They
walked down the aisle. The scene flashed yet again and they were at
the reception, and everyone was dancing with someone, even Tess.

The sixth vision showed Max carrying Liz into their room. The two
kissed passionately, knowing they were together, forever. The scene
flashed to the two in bed, together. His hands and kisses on every
inch of her. Liz's hands on his back.

The next scene showed an obviously pregnant Liz walking in the gardens,
Isabel walking next to her. They were talking and Isabel was smiling,
but something flashed in her eyes. In the next second, she knocked Liz
to the ground and another guy came from somewhere and hit her over the
head with something, rendering her unconscious. He picked her up and
carried her off.

The following scenes were shorted than the rest. Liz was in a cell like
area. She didn't look like she was in that good of shape. The guy
walks in with his arm around Isabel. They talk for a while and them
Isabel leaves, but not before kissing him.

Max sitting with Tess, his head in his hands, crying. Tess tries to
comfort him but she herself is crying. The palace has just received
word that Liz was kidnapped.

Isabel sneaks into the area surrounded the cell, carrying a tray of
food, telling Liz that she needs to eat so she can have strength. Liz
smiles weakly and asks her why she's doing this. Isabel replied that
she was faking everything and that they'll escape together. Liz smiles
weakly, taking the food. She's so hungry that she doesn't notice the
odd taste until she's eaten almost all of it. She looks up and Isabel's
face has completely changed. It's no longer full of love and concern,
but of deceit and anger.

Liz stated choking as she tried to get to food out of her system and
Isabel said something with a grin. There's too much of it in her system
to help her now. Liz starts spasming and it's apparent that she's
having seizures, but Isabel does nothing to help, she just watches.
Finally the seizures stop and Liz is lifeless.

The next scene is more like single scenes put together. Max and Liz's
family stood at Liz's funeral. He stood by her open casket sobbing.
Tess walked to him and hugged him, both crying. The scene flashed to
Max and his father, the king, having a heated discussion, the king
saying how the wedding between him and Liz's sister was being arranged.
Max refused to wed another, but the king said he had to do it for the
sake of the people.

Then the whole scene changes. It about a year in the future and
everything has changed. The next scene is proof of that. Max looks at
Tess, obviously not wanting to do this. With one last glare at his
father who was making him propose in front of the family, he took the
small box out of his jacket pocket and knelt in front of her. She
looked over at her mother who nods remorsefully and she says yes.

Max stood at the altar, clearly unhappy as Tess walks to him. She is
somewhat happy because she has always had feelings for Max, but still
is sad it has come to this circumstance. They flash to the reception.
Max dances with her, not holding her closely though, and looks at the

On the honeymoon, Max sits on the bed, looking broody. Tess goes over
to him, but when she tries to touch him, he moves away. After a while,
she gives up. Max leaves the room and sleeps somewhere else,
unbeknownst to Tess who stays in the room.

In the later future, Max and Ava are sitting at a long conference
table. There are a few scientists and some advisors. They are
discussing the idea of cloning Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess, still
oblivious as to the fact that Isabel betrayed them, but knowing that
it was someone close. Tess tells the scientists to wait on their
decisions. They did after all say they needed a volunteer dead or
alive. Scene flashes to Tess' family home and Tess talking to her
mother, who's crying and nodding her head. The scene flashes again to
the same table. Tess volunteers Liz for the first test subject and
they decide that she would be perfect.

The screen disappears, leaving the six of them in the desert. All of
them speechless. The intensity of the scenes was too much for them,
Tess falls, slightly dazed.

Liz falls as well, just shortly after Tess. Everyone rushes over to
them, checking to see if they're ok. Everyone except Isabel, who's way
past shocked and into horrified.

Maria kneels by Liz. "Liz, hun, you ok?" She asks.

"Tess?" Max knelt by Tess.

Liz shakes her head, trying to clear it. Not only remembering those
particular memories, but she was being bombarded with about a thousand
smaller ones. "Help me up." She said simply. She just didn't think she
could stand on her own. Maria helped Liz to her feet.

Isabel stood back, she couldn't believe this. It was her fault, she
caused all of this. Tears came to her eyes.

Tess was pretty much content with staying there. Her head was filling
with other memories, family memories. She had always wondered why she
never remembered anything of Ava as a child. Now she knew why.

Max wasn't sure if he should stay with Tess or go to Liz. Michael
stood back, unsure what to do or say.

Tess managed to stand up, refusing to ask Max for help. Usually she
would but her mind was too busy for her to even think. She absently
noticed that Isabel was by herself, which wasn't really a good place
for her to be right now. She looked over at Michael. "I think someone
should be talking to Isabel." She said softly.

Liz looked at Max and Maria. "Well, I think that counts as proof." Liz
said lightly. She was shaking. It was as if her whole life was being
torn apart and rebuilt, her mind accepting all of this new stuff.

Michael nodded. Isabel shakingly went to the jeep. Michael followed.
"Isabel, Isabel wait." He grabbed her arm.

"I killed her Michael!" She screamed, turning around. Quickly. Michael
immediately let go of her arm. "I killed her!" She sobbed. Michael
pulled her into his arm, she cried on his shoulder.

"Shh, no, it wasn't you.....shhh." Michael comforted her.

Max looked up at Liz. He went over to her. "Are you ok?" He asked,
touching her arm softly.

Liz smiled faintly. "I'm about as ok as it's going to get, when I stop
shaking at least. So you believe me?" She asked.

Isabel sobbed. "But Michael, I killed her, no matter what lifetime it
was. I killed someone. Not only someone but my own sister-in-law- and
an innocent child that hadn't even been born yet." She managed to get
out. Michael simply held her, trying to comfort her.

"Of course." Max said. Before any side of his subconscious or brain
could stop him, Max took Liz in his arms and held her, very much like
how he had held her in the memories.

Liz relaxed in his arms, not only because she needed the support, but
because she missed being able to be held like this. "What about you?
How does this affect everything?" She asked.

"I don't know." He said. "But, it does prove something though. It
proves that I have always loved you." He said, laughing softly.

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Chapter Four

Isabel stopped trying to talk because her voice wasn't getting any
stronger with her crying, so she just stood there with Michael. In her
subconscious she realized that Michael was never good with a crying
female and look at him now.

Maria watched Michael and Isabel, and couldn't help the pang of
jealousy in her heart. She sighed and turned to Tess walking to her.
"So, you OK?" She asked. Tess nodded.

Liz smiled. "Yeah I guess it does. But it changes everything, you
know?" Liz asked.

"I guess." Max answered. What he was feeling was perfect. Liz, the
girl he loved above anything else, was right here in his arms. The
first person he was married to. He smiled at his next thought. His
true destiny.

Isabel lifted her head. It never took her long to shift moods and she
was thankful for that. At least she couldn't ruin Michael's shirt
anymore. "You'll have to get your shirt washed when we get back.

Michael chuckled softly. "Yeah, right. Looks like it."

Liz looked up at Max. "I think you should go talk with Isabel. I know
Michael is with her, but she's your sister." Liz told him. Who knew
exactly what Isabel was thinking right now and she didn't want her to
do anything rash that she couldn't recover from.

Max nodded. He reluctantly let go of Liz and walked over to where
Isabel and Michael where.

"Iz." He said softly. Michael decided to leave the two alone and
walked back to the others.

Isabel stepped back from Michael. She didn't want to have to face
herself and if facing Max was the answer, then so be it. "Max." She

Liz walked over to Tess and Maria. "So, I guess you're my sister after
all. Are you ok? That whole memory thing really knocked all the energy
out of me." Liz said.

"Are you ok?" Max asked. "I mean...I..." He sighed. "OK, let
me try this again. Isabel, I know what you must be thinking, but it
wasn't you Iz. It was Vilandra. You're Isabel Evans. You didn't hurt

Isabel shook her head. "But Max it was me. Just because I didn't kill
her on this planet doesn't mean I didn't there. It happened and I did
it. You saw it. Liz was pregnant. You were going to have a child and I
kill both of them. Don't you understand that?" Isabel asked, tears
threatening to come back.

Tess nodded softly. "I'm OK. It was just so weird."

Liz nodded. "But are you ok with the whole thing, not just that? I
mean, me, your sister. That's going to take some time getting used to
in itself." Liz said, for once finding it not too hard to be civil to

Tess looked at Liz. "It'll get some getting used to." Tess smiled.
"I've never had a this life...before."

Liz smiled. "Yeah. Me either. Think that there would be any way
possible that we could ever get along like we apparently used to?" She
asked, not really expecting a positive answer.

Max pulled Isabel into a tight, comforting hug. "No, Isabel, Vilandra
and Isabel are two different people. You can't blame yourself for what
she did."

Isabel shook her head again. "Sorry, Max but the blame thing only works
in theory. It's humanly impossible for me not to blame myself. Only
thing you guys can do is be there." Isabel answered. Max didn't know
what to say to that, so he just held her.

Maria walked to Michael. "So, is she gonna be ok?" Maria asked,
referring to Isabel.

Michael stood next to Maria. "I think she will be, given time. It
really freaked her out, the fact that she killed Liz on Antar."
Michael answered. "And I wanted to tell you that I was sorry for
ignoring all your calls and everything." He said the last sentence

Maria looked at him quickly. "Excuse me, what was that?" Not believing
her ears.

Michael scowled a little bit. She wanted him to repeat himself. "I
said I was sorry for not returning your calls. It was wrong of me." He

Maria bit back a smile. "OK." She said. "You're forgiven."

Tess looked at her. "I think that could be possible." She smiled

Liz looked amazed. "You mean we wouldn't fight anymore, well, not that
often or anything? And what about Max?" She asked, looking more amazed
by the second.

"Well, like he says, this proves he has always loved you. And we both
saw how you two where back then. You loved him more then air itself."
Tess said.

Liz's jaw was temped to drop, but she kept it in place. "So you're
saying that if he wants to date me, he can?" She asked calmly, though
feeling anything but.

Tess nodded. "Yeah, who am I to stand in the way of something that was
truly destined." She smiled softly. "Besides, there are other fish in
the sea for me." She said, her mind playing with the thought of Kyle.

Liz's smile widened and she rushed over to Tess and gave her a quick
hug and backed away quickly, obviously embarrassed. "Sorry." She said.

Michael looked a little bit more relieved. It definitely lifted a bit
of the tension. "So, how do you think this will all turn out?" He asked.

"I don't know." Maria said. "I hope all for the best."

Tess smiled and hugged Liz. Maria saw this. "Whoa, now that's
something I never thought I'd see. Those two hugging. I guess this did
change everything."

Michael nodded his head. "I know." He paused for a second. "Not to
sound romantic or anything, but what about us?" He asked.

Maria looked at him. "What about us?" She asked. Part of her wanted
to just run into his arms and kiss him like mad, but the other part
told her to hold back, play it cool.

Michael sighed. She always made him say everything. Didn't she get the
fact that he wasn't all that much of a romantic? "I mean like dating
and stuff." He said vaguely, not really sure of what she expected him
to say. "Let's face it, me and Isabel just aren't going to happen."

"So, you basically are begging me to consider taking you back?" She
joked with a grin.

Liz smiled. "This is different. Maria probably thinks the both of us
are crazy. But then it's like wow, I have a sister." She explained,
knowing that Tess understood.

Tess smiled. "Yeah."

Michael smiled. "I don't beg, but the rest of it's true." He paused,
waiting for Maria to say something. "Well..."

Maria pretended to think about her decision. "Hmm.....I dunno, I
mean, there are so many guys who have been begging me to grace them
with my company, I really don't think I should disappoint them."

Michael frowned. "You are kidding, right?" He asked.

Maria tried not to laugh. "Maybe." She smiled.

Isabel backed away from Max. "I think we should be getting home. Who
knows how long we've been gone." It was actually starting to get dark.

Max nodded. "OK."

Isabel walked with Max back to the group. They were greeted with an
interesting site. Tess and Liz were actually talking without arguing.
Michael and Maria were talking as well, having what passed for more
than a civil conversation.

"Did we just walk into the twilight zone?" Max asked his sister.

Isabel smiled. "There's quite a possibility of that. But hey, we're
all getting along. That has to be a good thing.

"True." Max said.

Liz turned to Isabel and walked over to her. "Are you ok?" She asked

Isabel sighed. "I guess....OK as much as I could be, considering."

"You really shouldn't blame yourself. You aren't the same person you
were. The you that's here is totally different." Liz tried explaining,
but wasn't sure how well she was doing.

"I guess." Isabel said. "But I still can't help but feel.....
responsible...I guess."

"It will pass. I just want to let you know that I personally don't
blame you for anything." Liz told her. "At least I'm here and not
still dead."

Isabel gave a weak smile and nodded.

There was no way Michael was talking about his relationship in front
of the whole group, who had all generally gathered into a close circle.
He frowned at Maria and she only smirked.

Maria held back her laughter as she watched Michael.

"So, how is everything going to work from here on out?" Isabel asked
the rest of them. Michael's look at Maria wasn't lost on her, but it
on was everyone else.

"I guess, we just take things one step at a time, and see what
happens." Tess suggested.

Liz nodded, as did Isabel and Tess. "We should probably be getting
home. People are going to start missing us soon." Liz said, looking
at everyone in the group.

"Yeah. Mom and Dad are probably suffering heart attacks by now."
Isabel said.

"Who's riding with who?" Michael asked, hoping that he could ride with

"Ummm.. Maria, if you don't mind..." Liz said, indicating that she
wanted to ride with the others.

"Well, whoever's riding with me, come on." Maria said.

Max looked at Liz, silently hopping she'd ride with him.

"Not at all." Maria grinned. Max smiled.

Michael looked at Liz. "You can have my seat. I'll ride with Ria." He
said, glancing over at her.

Maria smiled. Tess rolled her eyes at Maria and Michael and got in the
backseat of the jeep.

Liz followed after Isabel and Max walked to the jeep. Liz sat in the
back seat as well and Isabel sat in her usual seat.

Michael waited until Maria had started walking before he followed her.
They both got in the Jetta.

Max looked back, kinda hoping Liz had taken the front. He started up
the jeep and drove off.

Maria got in the car and drove off with Michael.

Michael sat in silence for a few seconds. "Would you go out with me
again?" He asked, her previous statements bothering him more than he'd
ever admit to anyone.

Maria smiled. Then looked over at him briefly. "Of course, Spaceboy."
She said.

Michael smiled, relaxing in the seat. "So if I asked you if you wanted
to go out to dinner, you wouldn't turn me down." He asked, though it
was more of a statement than question.

Liz couldn't think of anything to say. She didn't know anything that
would be appropriate in this situation.

"Right." She said. "Are you asking?"

"Yes. Would you like to go to dinner tomorrow night?" Michael asked

"Yes." Maria smiled. "I'd love to."

Michael was happy with himself. "So 7 good?" He asked.

"How are you dealing with the 'I'm an alien.' deal?" Isabel asked.

"I dunno......It's kinda a thing you need to get used to or
something......I guess." Liz answered.

Tess looked over at Liz. It seemed so weird. One minute she hated Liz,
the next they were sisters. "It shouldn't take too long. There's
getting used to your powers and things like that, but it shouldn't be
too hard." Tess advised.

"I hadn't really thought of my powers. Do any of you even know what I
have?" Liz asked.

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Chapter Five:

Isabel shook her head. "I haven't seen you use any. What happened when
you used the stone the first time?" She asked.

Liz thought back. "It sort of lifted off of my hand. It was weird."
She remembered.

"Maybe that's what you have. Moving things with your thoughts. That'll
be interesting." Tess smiled.

"Maybe you should try practicing on something." Isabel suggested

Max pulled the jeep over so Liz could practice.

"What should I practice on? Rocks?" Liz asked, looking around.

Tess nodded her head. "Sure, why not?"

"Yeah. Start on some small pebbles or something first, then build
your way up." Max said.

"So I just concentrate?" Liz asked the other three people in front of
her. They all nodded. Liz focused all of her thoughts on a small rock
that was laying at her feet. After about a minute, it slowly rose in
the air.

Max said nothing, letting Liz keep her concentration on the rock. He

Liz watched as the stone continued rising until it was eye level and
she held out her hand and let it drop. "So, I guess that settle what I
have." She commented.

Isabel nodded. "Yeah. It's cool. And great job. It took me ages before
I was able to use my powers correctly." She replied.

Tess nodded. "Yeah, and great going keeping it last. I remember one
time I tried doing a mindwarp on Nasedo to sneak out of the house to
go to a party, well, it lasted like five seconds. Boy was I in

Liz looked at her watch. "We really should be getting home though." She
told the group. As much as she was having fun, it was getting late.

"Yeah, your right." Max said. He got back into the jeep. Everyone
followed and got in their seats.

"I wonder what Maria and Michael are up to." Liz wondered. Maria and
Michael haven't talked to each other in ages and they were both in a
small car.

"Well, let's hope they're not killing each other." Tess commented.

"I doubt they are." Max said.

"Yeah." Isabel said simply.

The jeep pulled in front of the Crashdown and Liz got out. "I guess
I'll see you all tomorrow." She said before walking into the Crashdown.

"Yeah. see ya, sis." Tess said with a smile as she watched Liz walking

Nancy Parker had been pacing. No one had seen Liz for almost 4 hours
and she usually always called.

"Nancy, stop pacing." Jeff said. He was starting to get dizzy watching

Nancy stopped and sat down behind the counter.

Liz smiled at Tess' "sis" comment and watched the others drive away.
She walked into the Crashdown and stopped when she saw her parents.
"Mom...Dad. Hi."

Nancy stood up quickly, walking over to her. "Where were you? You
didn't call and we were worried about you." Nancy said, hugging Liz

"Uhm, I just went out with my friends and we lost track of time."
Liz said.

"Next time you might want to call us or maybe even say where you're
going before you leave if you expect to be gone this long." Jeff added,
walking over as well.

"Sorry." Liz said.

"It's fine. Do you have any plans for the rest of the night?" Nancy
answered before Jeff could.

"No, I don't." Liz said.

"You probably still have a lot of things to think about, so we'll just
be upstairs." Jeff said, walking upstairs.

Nancy smiled at her reassuringly. "You're ok, right?" She asked.

Liz nodded and said "Yeah, I'll be ok." She said.

"Ok. I'll be upstairs if you need me." Nancy smiled

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Chapter Six

Maria drove to Michael's house to drop him off.

Michael stayed seated and looked over at Maria. "So, tomorrow right?"
He asked.

Maria nodded. "Yeah, seven." She said.

Michael slowly got out of the car. He wanted to kiss her, but he
wasn't quite sure how she'd react.

Maria watched him leave. She had wanted to kiss him, or maybe have
him kiss her, but, apparently that was out of the question.

Michael walked slowly into the building, going to his apartment. Well,
he'd have plenty of time to kiss her tomorrow. He thought to himself.

Maria sighed and drove home.

Isabel sat in her room. She was still feeling a bit off about
everything she saw today. It unnerved her more than she wanted to
admit. She knew that it was her, exactly, but she still felt
responsible. She was interrupted from her thoughts by a knock on the

"Iz?" Max said. He opened the door. "You ok?"

Isabel looked up. "Yeah. It still feels weird, you know? I know that
it wasn't me, but that doesn't stop me from feeling guilty. But how
could Vilandra have betrayed everyone like that?"

"I don't know." Max sighed. He sat next to her.

"So what are you going to do about Liz?" Isabel asked, not wanting to
talk about her problems for the time being.

"What do you mean?" Max said.

"Well, from what I understand, she was your first wife, who makes
her your actual destiny, not Tess." Isabel pointed out.

"Yeah." Max said with a small smile.

"So what are you going to do?" Isabel asked. "I think you should go
see her. That is, if you want my opinion." She added.

Max looked at her. "I thought you might need someone to talk to."

Isabel shook her head. "I need to think before I can talk. I promise I
won't do anything drastic while you're gone." She said jokingly,
knowing that he'd worry all the same. That's the way he was.

"OK, fine." Max said.

Isabel smiled. "Much better. No go, get out of here. You have some
talking to do, cause I'm sure Liz needs to talk to someone about other
stuff." Isabel informed him.

Max nodded. He left, got in the jeep and drove to Liz's.

Liz sat in her room writing in her journal.

Max looked around and climbed up to Liz's balcony, knocking gently on
her door.

Liz looked up and smiled slightly. She put her journal down and walked
to the window. She opened it and stepped out onto the balcony. "Hey."

"Hey. How are you doing?" He asked, not knowing what to say. The past
weeks had been extremely awkward between everyone, even more so for
him and Liz.

"I'm ok, well, as much of ok as can be expected given the situation."
She replied.

Max nodded, sitting down in a chair. He couldn't believe that he'd let
Isabel convince him into this, this easily. "So, you and Tess were
getting along pretty well, huh?" He asked. "It was an odd sight."

Liz laughed. "Yeah, I guess. I mean, just yesterday I was imagining
clawing her eyes out, and now today we're sisters and hugging."

Max smiled. "She's really looking forward to tomorrow night. She
doesn't know how to react to having a sister. As you can tell, she
doesn't react well around people in general." He said, avoiding the
obvious subject.

"Right." Liz said.

Of course, she didn't give him anything to work with. She actually
appeared to be a bit nervous. "What did you and Tess talk about in the
desert?" He asked.

"Just, about the whole being sisters thing." She said. Looking at
him, she wanted to just kiss him, but she knew it wouldn't be
appropriate. She nervously played with her fingers.

Max watched her, unsure of what to say. "Liz..." He trailed off as she
looked up at him. "Liz, umm, I don't really know how to say this." He
said, standing up.

"Say what?" She asked softly.

Max walked over and sat in the chair directly across from her. He
gently took one of her hands, holding it in his own. "Liz, I love you.
I always have and I always will, not matter what." He told her,
waiting to see what she'd say.

Liz looked at him. "Max I........I love you too." She said

Max smiled. Now what? He asked himself. Well, he could always kiss
her, so that's what he did. He leaned over and kissed her.

Liz sighed happily as she felt Max's lips. Her eyes drifted shut.

Max leaned back in the chair and asked the obvious question. "Now

"What do you mean?" Liz asked, she pressed her lips together softly,
still being able to feel where his lips were.

"Do you want to start dating again?" He asked simply. This was easier
than he figured it would be. He reminded himself to thank Isabel later.

"Yes." Liz said happily. "Of course."

"Of course I have to figure out what to tell Tess, but that will come
later." Max said more to himself than to Liz.

"Tess kinda mentioned this to me...She's ok with it. Something about
there are other fish in the sea for her. I kinda think she might have
a thing for Kyle." She smiled.

Max smiled as well. "Don't you love it when things work themselves
out?" He asked happily. "Maria and Michael are most likely half way
back together. We are officially back together. But what about Isabel
and Alex? Think they have a chance?"

"I think so." Liz said. "I mean, Alex has always loved your sister,
and I know that Isabel loves Alex, even if she doesn't show it."

"Yeah." Max said quietly. "She's never been really good at showing how
she feels. I mean before today I couldn't even tell you the last time
she cried. It must have really gotten to her."

"Yeah." Liz said. "I can just imagine. I mean, if I knew that I had
done something bad to anyone I cared about, ever, I'd be torn up about
it to no extreme." She sighed. "I just hope she can be ok."

"I'm sure she will be. I went in to talk to her and she managed to
convince me to come here instead of talking to her." Max replied. "But
that doesn't stop me from worrying."

"You needed convincing?" Liz joked. "Wow that's a confidence

Max smiled. "You know that's not what I meant. Isabel is a very
complex person. It isn't got for her not to talk about stuff,
especially things like this that she can't talk to mom or dad about,
you know?"

Liz nodded. "Right."

"I know this might be asking too much of you but maybe tomorrow, you
could, I don't know, talk to her?" Max suggested hopefully.

"Of course." Liz said, nodding.

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Chapter Seven

Kyle sat on the living room couch flipping channels on the TV, bored
out of his mind. "Crap..........crap..........crap" he muttered as he
flipped channels, seeing what's on.

Tess walked into the house, looking around and finding Kyle sitting on
the couch. She walked over to him and sat next to him. "Nothing on,
huh?" She asked.

"Unless you count total crap as something." He sighed.

Tess smiled. "Not really. How was your day?" She asked casually.

"Boring." He said. He looked up at her. "How about you?" He asked.

"I had a very interesting day, to say the least. I could say it's been
my best day in a long time." She answered. And it really had been the
best day.

"Really?" Kyle said. "Well, what happened?" He asked.

"Let's just say that tomorrow eight of us need to have a huge
conversation. It'll make more sense and it's not really my story to
tell." Tess answered vaguely.

"Oh." Kyle said.

Tess looked at Kyle. She bit her lip lightly. "So...Uhm...Listen,
I'm...uh...just so you know...I'm sorry for stealing your room...I
mean, if you want, you can have it back. I can sleep out here."

Kyle shook his head. "Nah. I really don't mind you sleeping in there.
I'm fine with the couch." He answered truthfully.

Tess nodded. "Oh..........OK." She looked at him. She wanted to just
reach over and just kiss him. But she decided not to. "So...Uhm.....
Are you going with anyone to Vicki Delaney?s party?

'What was up with the questions?' Kyle thought to himself. What was he
going to say, no? Of course it was always nice to wish that she might
want to go with him, but then again she did ask. 'But what if she's
just being 'sisterly', as Dad put it?' He sighed. "I haven't asked
anyone. Why?"

"Oh............uhm.............Just curious." Tess said, biting her
lip. "I'm not going with anyone either." She said.

And again with the hope. "That's too bad." He answered. She looked
nervous. As in really nervous. Maybe he should just ask her. The worse
she could do would be turn him down. Then again, it would be kinda
harsh. 'What the hell. Why not?' He thought. "So, wanna go with me?"
He asked as casually as he could manage.

Tess could feel her heart soar at those five little words. She smiled
casually, telling herself to play it cool. "Sure...That'd be cool."
She said, coyly flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"Great." Was the only thing he could think of saying at the moment.
'Did that mean...nah, she couldn't...hell, and she?s going on a date...with
you, get over it.' He thought to himself. He generally resisted every
urge that wanted to reach out to her, afraid that she'd freak, so he
was just content at the moment sitting next to her.

"So....uh..." She said. "Anything good on TV?" She asked to fill
the silence, even though she had already asked that.

Had he ever mentioned to himself how cute she looked when she was
nervous? He didn't think so. "Same things as before." He said, though
the TV was really the last thing on his mind. He wasn't even
comprehending the pictures that were flashing on the screen.

Tess looked at him. She casually placed her hand on his on the couch
cushion. "Oh." She said.

Kyle's 'watching' the TV was soon ignored as he turned to face Tess.
He took her hand in his. "Do you mind if I, uhm, kiss you?" He asked

Tess looked at him and smiled softly. "Not unless I beat you to it."
She said as she leaned in close to him and kissed him.

Kyle kissed her back gently. Of course it all ended way to soon when
Tess pulled away hesitantly. "This going to be a regular thing?" He
asked lightly, not really knowing what to say. "Cause I certainly hope

Tess smiled and pressed her lips together shyly. "Yeah, I'd like it
to be a regular thing." She said.

'Wow, Tess shy. That's a sight I could get used to.' He thought as it
seemed that shy was the only thing he could use to describe her at the
moment. "Yeah. Me too." He said, thinking. "Not that I'm not totally
enjoying this, but what happened to you and Max?"

"We realized that it really wasn't meant to be, at all. He loves Liz,
and I lo...." She stopped. They just kissed, she couldn't say she
loved him now, it would totally freak him out. " you."

Kyle just smiled. Of course he knew what she was going to say. Of
course it would be understandable to wait until they'd been on at
least a few dates and hung out more before they could really say that.
And he absolutely couldn't wait until that day. "And I like you too."
He answered. "So, this leaves us at an awkward moment." He said,
stating the obvious.

"Right....." She said. She kissed him again.